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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I just watched Gia.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i cant say i am gay nor bisexual but i went crazy one day a friend of mine is gay(lez) and i made out with her talk about a scary past

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't know what that photo just above is; do you?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day some friends and I were Drinking and having fun you know all the normal things people do to have fun... Well as time flew by my friend (lets call him Duce) Duce has drinking I guess he wanted to show off... We all decided to drink... It was on of those nights well I was the most sober one of them all... My friend Duce became so drunk he started to say all these Weird and different things... he kept saying all this stuff to my other friends(girls) about how hot they were and what not... Then He wanted to go out and get some food... During all this everyone was laughing at his Slured words and enability to walk straight he kept wanting to go outside... and so we(duce and I) went outside... as this occured... he couldn't walk down the stairs... He ended up stumbbling down and FINally after god knows how many tries we got to the bottom... we walked down a block.... JUST so he can sit at the sheltered bus stop(mind you time was around 2 in the morning duce wanted to head to McDonalds) well as we sat he told me about how horny he was....
    WHAM>>> >>>>
    He then said You're gay right...? as I answered he said man I want to F*ck you up the ass really hard... I want to do you in the back room of Mickey D's ...(mcdonalds) and all this weird stuff... I Get freaked out...
    As I get to thinking I thought... well I might as well just do it so I can get laid....(mind you this is what I haven't told people when I told them this part of the story) So I said so you would let me suck you off then right...? he was so drunk he dind't know what that ment.... so he said sure then I Thought well I might as well touch him.... SO i made the....
    Seconds later I was touching his swin suit area.... NOT KNOWING what I was touching he giggled and said "that feels good" "do it some more I like that" so i continued....
    i started feeling him up more and more... "I like that... DO it more... I like it when you touch my balls..." duce was saying....
    I liked it.. I did it more... I felt him up more and more he started to get a hard on then the moment came...

    should I jack him off or shouldn't I????

    Then it hit me WHY NOT HE'S NOT GONNA REMEMBER.... then it was clearly obvious .... that WE WERE OUTSIDE.... AT A BUS STOP..... then... well We got up and went back upstairs to my apartment...

    THanks for reading this tell me what you think.... and if this has ever happend to you...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have only ever been with men, never even considered or entertained the thought of other women- that was up until about a year or so ago. I was stuck in a relationship I didn't want to be in and at some houseparty we had I kissed a girl, no big deal at all, everybody does it these days apparantly (oh it was because the guys wanted us to) I usually don't conform to such things but I thought what the hell.

    Since then I have been bi curious wanting to satisfy my curiousity with a woman, if only once to see whether I could go through with it and secondly if I enjoy it. I confess I fantasize about trying it with a friend, I really don't know what to think anymore.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am a straight guy but have always had a fantacy of being gang fucked & forced to suck cock while other guys watch! i fuck myself in the ass with all type of toys but have been craving the real thing!!when i jack off i always eat my own cum & have been wondering if another mans is as good as my own!!i go to rest stops & watch the action while i jack off wildly but stop just short of joining the fun!!i am thinking of going to a glory hole place i heard of for my first real experience,i am craving to taste a cock & feel dick in my ass and lots of it!!i have been getting totaly naked in public rest rooms while i jack off hoping to get caught & forced to have sex with some guy who will treat my like a slut and take me to a club,while still naked,and force me to have sex with every one there!!if my little secrect were found i i would ruined in my town but i am to the point of not caring!! so what do you all sugjest i do??i have been married for 25 years & am bored to death!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Im male and SO turned on by men. I masterbate to pictures of men and fantasize all the time.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    what is the "g-spot"

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This happened on monday of this past thanksgiving week, I was going to montana for thanksgiving with some family members. Now to put the story straight, I'm white, 23 and have a steady buddy, but he'd been out of town for 2 weeks. I was wearing girls lowrise jeans without a belt and I know when I bend or stoop down that people behind me can see that I also wear panties. Just west of Mitchell SD an almost new cad hit the shoulder with a flat, I pulled over and backed up to help, the driver was a middle aged black guy, the woman was a to die for blond, and there were 2 salt and pepper girls 6 or 7 that looked like twins. He was glad for the help, and stood behind me most of the time, I knew what he could see and it made me hot, although I have a steady buddy I've had 2 one night stands with a black and liked it. When I put the flat in the trunk he stepped up against me and humped, I liked that, then he asked if I had somebody or was looking, I said looking. He said they were staying in Wall SD at the super 8 tonight and if I was interested, I wouldn't be dissipointed. I was interested, but asked about the woman, he said thats my wife and she don't care. I didn't tell him that I also had a room at the same motel, just said I just might stop. I pulled into Wall about 6:60, checked in than pulled around to my room, and there was the cad sitting in front of the next room. I took my stuff in and came back out to lock the truck and him and his family came out, he said well hi there, glad you made it, she and the girls and going to the famous wall drug store, how about you and I get aquainted. She gave me a sort of knowing smile and pulled out. He said I'll be over in a few, I went in and got undressed, sitting on the bed I was thinking I really wanted to get fucked, he was a stranger and black which really didn't matter, but for some reason, mabey it was his size, but I felt a little inferior to him. Just then he tapped on the door and I stepped over and opened it, I was naked, he was in flip flops and sweats, he looked at me and smiled, he kicked off his flip flops and pulled off the sweats, he looked like a black bear, his face, hands, and feet were the only things not covered with thick black hair. I could hardly see his cock for the hair, he was much larger than I am, and at least a head taller. He didn't waste any time, he said lets take a shower, he soaped me, lingering between my legs, then I soaped him, he was still soft, but I could tell he would be big when hard, his nuts felt like baseballs, I wanted to get him hard, but he pulled me to him and put his mouth straight on mine, I'd never been guy kissed before, but I liked it, then he pushed his tongue between my teeth, and I pissed right between his legs. I reached for his dick but he pulled back and said, naw naw, this is my treat. We dried off and he layed down on the bed on his back and had me lay belly down on him, he started mouth to mouth and then stuck his tonque in my mount again and I pissed on him. After a bit he rolled over with me on the bottom, I spread my legs and pulled my knees up, but he made no attempt to take me. A bit later he sat up on his knees, he was still soft, then he took it in his hand and started pissing, it was a strong hard stream, it hit my nuts, went between my legs, hit my thighs, and splashed on the belly, the bed was soaked. When he finished he lowered himself down over me, put his mouth on mine again, I felt him getting hard, after a few minutes he raised up,thats the first time I's seen his cock hard, it was magnifecent, smooth, glossy black, and hugh. He picked up a tube of KY, applied a liberal amount to my ass and fingered me, his fingers were long and strong and it felt good. He picked up a comdom and rolled it on, then leaned forward and I felt his cock touch my ass, then he slowly slid it in untill his massive nuts were touching my cheeks. He came down over me and that pushed every bit of him inside me, he kissed my nipples and my neck, then put that lip lock on me, I could feel him flex his massive cock inside me and I milked him, I pulled my knees down and that pushed my ass up to him. when he pushed his tonque between my teeth he pushed against me hard, like he was trying to get his nuts in along with his dick. He did this 6 or 7 times, then he started to fuck me, he never did take long or fast strokes, only slow short hard ones. He didn't fuck for a real long time like I expected him to, but like he promised, I wasn't dissipointed. He emptied his nuts with 7 or 8 super hard thrusts, then relaxed, and raised his head up, I was gasping for breath, I felt him going soft and milked him. He raised up and pulled out, I felt something warm run down over my tail bone and between me and the pillow, he looked down at where he had just been and smiled, then got up and walked into the bathroom. I was coverd in sweat and weak as a kitten, I lowered my legs down, I heard the water running, then I opened my eyes and he was dressed and standing by the bed. He smiled and said, that was for changing that tire for me, and walked out. I heard his room door shut, then I heard the blond say, I know you fucked him, I came back for my camera and heard it, I tried the door between the rooms and it was unlocked, so I pushed it open and watched for a little while, was it as good as you thought it was going to be, he said every bit that and more, he got hot so fast I could have fucked him in the shower, but I wanted to get him in bed so I could really stud fuck him. She said well it sure looked like you were, he said I know he's been fucked before, he took everthing I gave him, but I don't think he'll want any more tonight. He was right about that, I got up to shower, then I smelled cum, it was between my legs and the pillow was wet with it, just then I heard him laugh and say, I shot my load so hard I blew the end out of the comdom, she said did you tell him, hell no, he'll find it out, he wears the prettiest little panties, and I'll bet the've smelled like cum before. I went on to thanksgiving dinner, had a good time, when I got back my buddy was so horny he almost fucked me raw, and I like it, but while his dick was sliding in and out of my ass all I could think of was that monday night in the super 8 motel room and that massive black cock between my legs. I sure would like to change another flat for him someday.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One night during summer break in high school a buddy of mine and me were hanging out. As usual one of us would spend the night over the other's house. This time he was at my house. We ran around, rode bikes, shot hoops, usual stuff. That night we ended up in my room and decided to play some cards.

    The night got long and the card game turned to truth or dare. We each flipped over a card and the higher card had to do "truth" and the lower card had to do "dare."

    You know where this is going right? Of course you do.

    The questions came first. "How often do you jack off?" "How do you jack off?" "Have you ever jacked off with another guy?"

    This lead to the dares. "I dare you to..." 'pull down your pants for 10 seconds' and 'swing your hips back and forth with your pants down.'

    Now when you get two horny teenage boys whose hormones are already at a peak getting naked and asking strange dares of each other, you get bi boys for a night.

    I was the one to break the ice that we both wanted broken that night with my dare of him to "grab my dick and put it up against yours to see whose is the biggest." This is the first time he or I had had another guys hand on another dick other than our own. My dick pulsated as soon as he grabbed it. I'll never forget that feeling of his hand on me.

    Lots of measuring dares from biggest balls to smoothest ass to thickest dicks, etc.

    At one point when I was measuring something on him he oozed out some pre-cum and it shined on the head of his white cock head. I rubbed it's stickyness around his cock and it was warm and exciting.

    He then asked if I had any coming out of my dick and I said I didn't think so. He said "I'll check" and he grabbed my dick and leaned over to get a closer look. Well I had these mirrors on my closet door and when he bent over he gave me a nice shot of his hanging balls and smooth ass. As I was looking at his pink pucker hole I felt this warm wetness on my dick and looked down to see my cock disappear inside his mouth.

    I didn't move as he continued to give me my first ever blow job. Right before I came I told him to stop. I said I want to do the same to him. So he stood up and I knelt down in front of him. I grabbed his dick and moved my head closer to it. I could see more of his precum on his dick but as I was just about to wipe it off he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his dick in my mouth. I could taste the saltyness but that soon disappeared and now all I could feel was the heat of his cock.

    After probably a couple of mintues of this he says "I dare you to let me butt fuck you." I stopped sucking and with his dick still in my mouth I looked up at him and nodded yes.

    One thing lead to another and I'm now on my back on my bed and he is pumping lotion in his hand and is starting to finger fuck me. It did not feel all that great. He told me to relax and it would feel good. I almost killed the deal right there but I looked down and his hard cock sticking out and for some reason I just wanted to feel that inside my ass. I closed my eyes and relax as he pushed more fingers in my ass.

    Then the finger came out and I kept my eyes closed as he climbed between my legs. He pushed my legs up and I felt his cockhead bump up against my ass. I heard the lotion bottle as he pumped a couple more times and assumed he rubbed it on his cock. Then he leaned over me and guided his cock inside me real slow. I just grabbed a hold of my sheets and held on.

    He said "I'm in." At that point I reached down and felt my asshole. He was all up inside me. I looked up at him and I remember smiling. He smiled back at me then he leaned down and kissed my lips. He pulled back a little and I reach up and grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him back down for more open mouth kissing.

    After a little kissing we stopped as he began moving in and out of me. I'm sure it was more pleasure for him than me but it was nice anyway. He moved faster and faster but not making a lot of noise. My ass had become almost numb. I finally opened my eyes and looked up at him. He arched his head back and had this ahh ohh look on his face.

    Then he says "do you want me to cum in you or on you?" I said "I don't care" and after about 20 more seconds he pulled out of my ass and started jacking off and came all over me. It was hot to see another guy jacking off but double exciting to see him jacking off on me after fucking me.

    After he came we both had this embarassing aura about us. Without saying a word he got dressed and said he was not going to spend the night but head home instead. I said ok and he left. I pulled the covers over me because I couldn't really move very much. I laid there and started crying.

    Crying because of what had just happened. This was a life changing moment. I gave my virginity to my guy-friend. I felt used and stupid. All that excitement turned to gray ugliness.

    We never really seen each other for the rest of that summer. I think we both felt bad and embarassed afterwards.

    We didn't hang out much for a while even after school started. A nod hi every now and then. It wasn't until Homecoming night (of which I didn't go to but he did with his now-ex girlfriend) did he stop by my house. It was around 9:30 that night and I was home hanging out when the door bell rang. It was him. A little drunk. He just said "dude my girlfriend is a bitch. Can I hang out with you tonight?" At first I didn't want to but I said yeah.

    You guessed it. He ended up fucking me again that night. Only this time we didn't become strangers. He still dated that bimbo but he would always come by and we would fuck. I thought we might have something because from after they broke up he would hang out with me all night and we would end up on my bed making out watching T.V. It didn't always end in sex but a lot of times it did.

    He ended up going to senior prom with her and after that we never got together again. He left me a note that basically said "sorry but this has to end."

    It was a time I'll always remember. I think I'll always love him in some way and I think he'll always remember me.

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