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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    A friend of mine and I went to a party and of course we got wasted and ended up crashing at his house since my parents would kill me if I walked in drunk at home. He only lives with his mom and I don't know that she gives a shit really what he does. Sad but that's not my story.

    Nothing 'happened' between us that night sorry. Jacob (Jake) slept in his bed and I slept on this huge pillow in his room. However the next morning I woke because I had to piss bad. I noticed Jake wasn't in bed and as I got closer to the bathroom I heard the shower running. Knowing that it was just him I was going to walk in and take a piss. As I pushed the door open I could see him in the shower and my eyes opened wide when I could see that he was jacking off in the shower. I could see his hand moving fast up and down his dick as he his head was tilted back. We've all done it so I didn't want to embarass him so I started to back out of the bathroom and let him 'finish.'

    When I did that I accidently backed into the door with a loud 'bang.' Just then Jake opened up the shower door and yelled ''what the fuck were you looking at fag?'' I wanted to say "I was looking at you stroke that big cock and wouldn't mind getting in there with you and finishing you off myself.." but I just started apologizing. I felt bad and embarassed for both of us. He said ''well just close the door then'' and he backed into the shower and closed the shower door. I couldn't believe it. I had always had this thing for Jake but I had never done anything with a guy other than cyber in chat rooms and it never occured to me that he would be into guys.

    I closed the door and was shaking as I dropped my boxers to the floor. I keep in good shape playing sports and all but I was nervous because jake has like zero fat and is pretty hot. I walked up the shower door and opened it. ''What the fuck are you doing'' he started yelling at me. ''I didn't say come in and close the door I meant leave and close the door.''

    I could have died on the spot. I got this ache in my stomach like Mike Tyson punched me in the gut. I grabbed my boxers and ran back to his room naked. I quickly put them on and thought about what I had just done. I thought he meant to close the door and come in and.....oh what a fricken dumbass I was. Now who was embarassed?

    I would just left if it wasn't for the fact that I live too far away and needed Jake to drive me home. I sat on his bed and turned on the TV thinking about how I could explain to him that I'm NOT gay and that I thought he was done showering and I was going to get in that sounds stupid. I would tell him......

    I was thinking about how to get out of that mess when Jake walked in. He closed the door and I thought he was going to beat the shit out of me. He said ''dude what were you thinking?'' I told him I had a brain fart and that I must still be drunk or something. He said ''didn't you see my jacking off?'' I said ''yeah, I meant no." He started laughing and so I started laughing.

    He says ''what the hell were you planning on doing, sucking my dick or something.'' I shook my head 'no.' ''Cause I would've let you,'' he says. I looked up at him not knowing if he was joking or not. Just then he pulls off his towel and tosses it on the bed. I looked him right in the eye because I didn't want to look down. He just starred at me. Eventually I started looking down until my eyes caught the view of his half hard cock half arched from his pubic hairs.

    He then says ''besides if you're still drunk you won't remember it anyway.'' I semi smiled. He then stepped up to me as I sat there on his bed and stopped when he was about a foot away from me. I was eye level with his stomach. Without saying a word I reached out with both hands and pulled him closer to me. I grabbed his dick which was getting harder and harder and put my mouth over it. All I could smell was the fresh scent of soap. At first I just began moving my lips over his dick and after a few pumps I started using my tongue and sucking a little harder. I sucked his dick in until it touched the back of my throat which made me gag a little. I reached over and gently took a hold of his balls and caressed them in my fingers. When I did that he said ''oh fuck that feels good'' so I thought I must be doing something right.

    After about a minute of sucking he told me to stand up. As I stood he looked me right in the eyes and reached inside my shorts, fumbled through my boxers and grabbed my dick. At that point I said ''wait I have to piss'' and I ran to the bathroom. I pissed then looked in the mirror and started thinking about what the hell is going on! What the hell are we doing?? Honestly a part of me wanted to stop but then I would think about that dick of his and what a nice ass he had that I would love to kiss and how his balls hung so low and my hormones made me go back to his room.

    He was laying on the bed face down when I walked back in. I closed and locked his door. I looked at that hot piece of ass of his and thought how perfect it looked. I walked up to the bed and got between his feet which were hanging off the edge of the bed. I crawled up between his legs figuring he would turn over and I would be back sucking his hot cock but he never turned over. I took the opportunity to lean down and put my lips on his ass cheek and give it a nice kiss. I squeezed his ass and kissed one then the other. I'd seen pictures of guys licking other guy's ass on the internet so I thought what the hell. He did just get out of the shower and he smelled really good everywhere. So when I began to pull his ass cheeks apart he started raising his ass off the bed. His balls just hung and then it occured to me that Jake has no ass or ball pubic hairs. Does he shave? Who cares I thought. Well here goes nothing.

    I brought my mouth to the crack of his ass, pulled on his ass and started running my tongue around the hole of his ass. Then I would flick my tongue over his hole and then back around his hole. He reached back and grabbed a hold of my hair and just started moaning. I would reach under him and run my hand over his balls and stroke his dick every now and then. Then my thoughts turned to actually fucking him in the ass. By now I was so horny.

    I got between his legs and put my dick on his hole and it was so slick from my saliva that the tip of my dick slid in with almost little effort. But he fell back on the bed. As I tried to put my dick in his ass he kept squeezing his ass hole closed so I figured he didn't want to do that but damn I wanted that ass. So I laid on top of him and laid my dick along the crack of that ass and started moving up and down that ass. I looked down and seen my dick sliding up and down the crack of my friends ass and I couldn't take it any longer. I started cumming like a mad man. Cum shooting up his back and running off the sides. I pushed down and squeezed the last drop of cum out of my dick.

    Then I colapsed on top of him and rolled off his side. Then I pulled him towards me on his side. I reached around and grabbed a hold of his dick which was still hard and just a little wet. I rolled him completely over and scooted down so my face was level with his dick and then pulled him on top of me. He kicked his leg over me and just like before, raised his ass in the air. Only this time he put his dick in my mouth and started 'fucking' my mouth with his cock. I grabed a hold of it so he wouldn't choke me and was basically stroking and sucking him as he fucked me. I could see my cum running off his back and down his sides and dripping on the bed.

    He started panting real fast then all I felt was a hot gush of cum in the back of my mouth and I just started swallowing. I never thought I would be a cum drinker but it just happened so fast that I just did it.

    He stayed on top of me as his dick began to soften. He said ''I guess we could take that shower now huh?'' We got up and both walked back to the bathroom and got in the shower at the same time. We both pretty much washed ourselves but as the last of the soap ran down our legs he turned to me and we just hugged. We stayed in that position for a couple of minutes. Then he slowly knelt down and took my soft dick in his mouth and started sucking me. I got hard almost instantly. Just then the hot water started running out and it was getting cold in there. He said ''damn it's cold. We need to get out of here.''

    We stepped out and started drying off. Both of us drying off as our hard dicks were sticking out but neither of us cared or were embarassed. He said that he better take me home before he wouldn't want to ever take me home. As we drove home he turned down the cd player and said ''maybe next time I'll let know and maybe you'll let me....'' I just smiled. I knew what he meant.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A bully at school used to call me queer, so one day after PE, while we were in the showers, I came up behind him, I covered his mouth with my hand so he couldn't shout and waited until everyone left. I slid my other hand down and groaped his balls, to which to my surprise he got turned on at, I roughed him up (punched and kicked him a bit) and told him I would tell everyone that a "queer" as he called me, beat him up if he didn't follow my instructions. I made him suck on my dick and play with my balls, then I stuck it up his ass so far, I enjoyed every second of it. A few times after that I made him do other stuff. The best thing was, the hottest lad in the year that every girl wanted to be with was not the hard man that he made out, although he did have a big dick!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am seriously thinking about having a gay experience, say a blow job to begin with - but several things are holding me back.

    First, the best way to find someone to do it...

    Next,the different chances of getting AIDS or other disease with different forms of gay sex? It seems to me that you can get it with practically any contact. Is this true?

    Also is there anyway to easily tell if someone else is interested. Its easy with women, you can feel their interest, but with a man...well?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ok i am a female and my male friend ben used to go out with my other friend christie like 2 years ago. THe thing is recently i found out that my friend ben was messing around and doing crap with another guy. That did not really shock me much bc i always figured he was a lil bi, but what i found out that did shock me was that ben had been messing around with another guy named chris while he was going out with christie. NOw i don't know whether i should tell christie, bc she knows about his recent things, or just let it go... plz give me your advice...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I got up this morning with an aching back, so my wife put on some of that "mentholating creame".
    I got to work this morning and was talking to the boss. He started sniffing and said "Ben Gay?"
    And I said, "no, it was just an innocent kiss in the men's room."
    He did not find that funny.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a roomate who has a very nice figure (butt, abs, penis,..) and he always strips naked to change into his sleeping boxers. I get very turned on but he is straight and I am not outwardly gay. After a couple of months of watching him undress and then masterbate, thinking about him later, I bought a playboy and showed it to him before going to bed. I acted like I was so aroused I could not contain myself so I began to masterbate pretending to look at the pictures. As he shook his head and begin to strip, I watched and blew the biggest sack you've ever seen by the time it was all over watching that beautiful ass appear out of his Calvin Klein boxers. He had to tuck his penis into the loose boxers he wore to bed which was my climax.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a male, and I have a question, how can one guy tell if another guy will play with their dick, or better yet let them fuck him. I don't know how many times I've been in a rest room taking a piss and a guy will be there, and ask if I want to hold his dick while he pisses. More than a few times one has said, if you want to fuck that stalls empty. Now I am bi and will sometimes hold a dick, other than my own, and I have went in a empty stall, but I don't go looking for it, so what gives one guy the idea that another guy will go, or do they just ask hopeing to get lucky?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm single and work in the maint dept at this factory, my screw buddy is married and works in the shipping dept. We work mon thru fri day shift, his wife works at the clnic day time and has fri and sat off, so on sunday he comes over on his harley, picks me up and we head up the coast to out secret retreat, where he takes care of our wants. Now and then his wife will take off on sunday so we can't get togather, when this happens I just head over to his dept, mid week, get his attention, and head for the bathroom. I go to the last stall and in a few minutes he comes in and does what a good screw buddy does best. Sometimes I do this even if we did get togather on sunday. His wife was off last sunday so monday I got what I needed from him at work, on thursday I was sent over there to fix a fork lift, got done about an hour before quitting time. I walked in the bathroom just as he was coming out, he said I've got time if you do. When he got done I headed back to my department, put away the tools, then my crew headed for the shower. Got undressed and this was when I got flatassed embarrassed, I was in front of the others when I dropped my soap and wash cloth, when I bent over to pick them up I heard all kinds of laughter behind me, I thought wtf. I walked on in and started to shower, all the guys kept laughing and snickering, the loud mouth of the crew said, now we know why you're always going over to the shipping department. I said wtf are you talking about, almost as one they said, you've got a condom sticking out of your ass. I reached back to feel and sure enough there was, it was there and I just rinsed off, dried, dressed and left still hearing laughter when the door shut. Friday was a hell of a day, the guys ribbed me all day, guessing and asking who the stud is that I go visit, I can't quit my job but I can tell untill it wears off they are going to have lots of fun at my expence. I have already made a note on the invisible note pad, to check for a condom when he pulls out.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    While my next door neighbour's were out of town I was looking after their house. As far as I knew all of the family went, little did I know that they had an older son who was going to come back from university half way through.

    About a week into there holiday I went in as usual, and I could hear panting and voices from up stairs, so I went into my shed and got out my baseball bat and reentered the house, I slowly creep up the stairs and into the bedroom where the action was happening and to my suprise, there were two men in their early twenties naked and f*****g each other. After discussion I found out that the athletic one was my neighbours' oldest son.

    He begged me not to say anything, I told him it would cost him, that he had to get himself cleaned up and sorted out and come over to mine, wearing his 13 year old sisters bikini. 30mins later there was a knock on the door. It was the kid in a long trench coat, he came in, I closed the blinds, and asked him if he had done as I asked, he undid the ties on the trench coat and he had done one better he had come over naked. I bent him over the chair and f****d him hard, and he did the same to me. Since then whenever he is back in state from university, he comes over and we do things.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was bored as hell last night, and decided to roll some ecstasy that I had saved up for a special occasion. Now, ecstasy isn't something that I do on a regular basis, maybe once every 6 months or so, I don't want to cheapen the effect of it. Anyways, I had a very vivid fantasy of giving a male friend of mine a full body massage, no sex, just giving him some TLC. His girlfriend cheated on him and left a few weeks ago, that bitch. He works on an oil rig so he is very tense. Now, my little massage fantasy is something I have had for a long time, I'm not sure where it came from, I think it has something to do with wanting to make someone feel better. I've given a few females a massage and they said that I am great at it. Anyways, now I have this fantasy raging through my brain, with no way of getting it to come true. I decide to call him and tell him that a female friend of mine and I went to a weekend massage class and that she needs a guy to practice on (yeah, I know it sounds corny.) He said that he would love to get a massage, and to hook him up. I told him that my friend is a small girl and she may need my help on some parts like his back and feet, he said he has no problem with that (paydirt!). So this week, he will be coming over to my house for a massage from a woman that doesn't exist. I figure that after a few shots of whiskey, we will probably be loosened up enough and I'll get to give him that massage. I will post on here after it happens, to let everyone know how it went. If anyone has a suggestion or even a flame, all comments are welcome.

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