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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 22 y/o lesbian and my fuck partner is my 38 y/o boss. She licks my pussy and masturbates me in her office every day.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a gay guy, who's 40 now, but when I was 18, i had a room-mate J.bastien, he was a native indian guy, he used to smoke pot , and screw chicks in the apartment, he didn't know I was gay, but 1 day he broke into a lockbox in my room and found a love letter from a guy that was written to me, when I got home we got into a really nasty wrestling fight, punching kicking etc, I whooped his ass, when I flipped him it hurt his back, the fighting stopped.
    He was on about the fact I was a fag, and that I was probably spying on him in the shower, (which I hadn't done!)
    anyway we talked about me being gay, he said he didn't like fags and he would be moving out, which was fine with me!
    as he lay there he complained that I had really hurt his back, I was in massage school at the time this happened, so I offered to give him a massage, he agreed so long as I didn't try any fag stuff with him, so I started to give him a massage on his back, as I worked my way down to his lower back..he was getting antsy, ( I decided to have a bit of fun with him)
    I started really working his lower back, and sliding my hands onto his buttocks, he started to get a hard on ( I could tell) I started to work more on his ass, then while my hand was all lubridermed up, I slid my hand under him, I was now stradled on him on his bed!, he was really getting hot! his ass was grinding into my crotch, I was jacking him , he was huge!, and I undid my pants, lubed his hole, and fingered him, and as he was getting close I shoved my Hot Hard cock into his hole...He came, I pulled out, and said to him , NOW WHO's the FAG!, he was pissed off, he got up to shower and for the 1st time i saw his cock, it was at least 10-12 inches, and perfectly straight!, I have seen many cocks since then , none as huge, or straight.
    as an addendum about 2 weeks after this john came to my room, with a botl of vaseline, and asked for another "massage", I blue balled him this time, he went crazy, and smashed a few things, and the next day he moved out.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My freshman year of college was a memorable one. We had a huge party in our room (dorm). My roommate and about 9 other people. I had to work that night so by the time I got to my room where the party was going on, most everyone was prety wasted. I started drinking to catch up to everyone else. I was getting a pretty good buzz on but my roommate passed out. At this point there were two other guys and this girl left and someone suggested we strip him down naked for laughs. I was against it since I knew he'd be pissed off when he woke up in the morning but stupidness, and drunkness prevailed.

    They stripped him down naked and we were all pretty amazed at the size of his dick. It was soft but had to have been about five plus inches long just laying against his thigh. At that time I said that's enough and tossed his covers over him. We drank a while longer until everyone left. I sat down and decided to finish off the last piece of pizza. As I'm eating and finishing off my beer I couldn't help but think about my roomy's huge dick. I don't know what came over me but I had to see it again. I turned off the lights except for the bathroom light. I walked up to him and gave him a shake but he wasn't budging.

    My plan was to take down his covers and check his thing out again but if he happened to wake up and catch me I would tell him that I was going to put his underware back on because those other guys stripped him naked. I pulled his covers down real slow as to not wake him. First his chest then his abs then I paused when his blonde pubic hairs appeared. I'm not even gay but for some reason I realized I had a hard on. Maybe it was the beer I don't know. Since he didn't move I slowly pulled his covers down exposing his long schlong and hairy balls. I had never seen him naked even though we were roommates. Of course we had only been in school for just over a month.

    By now my dick was throbbing. I decided to measure his dick to see just how long it was. I grabbed my ruler out of my backpack and laid it next to his dick but since it was kind of curled it wouldn't be a true measurement. So I slowly took his dick in my hand and laid it against the ruler. It was five and a quarter inches long. I jumped into my bed as fast as I could when some people walking by our room became loud and someone banged on our door. I could hear them as they made their way down the hall. As I looked over at him he had rolled over on his side towards the wall. Seeing him lay there with his legs somewhat pulled up exposing his ass and balls got me even more excited. I waited about a minute (which seemed more like 30 minutes) but got the nerve to get up and go over to him again. I couldn't see his dick so I gently tried to pull him back on his back. When I finally rolled him back over I almost fainted when I saw that he had a hard on. Of course I measured it again and this time it was nine and a half inches long, maybe a tad bigger I wasn't really sure.

    His dick was laying flat on his belly and the head of it was higher than his belly button. I had to touch it. I grabbed it and couldn't believe how big it looked in my hand. Some gayness in me took over or something but I decided to kiss it. I leaned in and kissed his dick. He didn't move but his dick throbbed in my hand and I could see the head of it enlarge even bigger. I decided to put my mouth over the head of his dick because it was so huge. I opened my mouth wide and put my lips over the head of it and when the head of his dick was in my mouth I closed my lips. Then out of nowhere he slowly raised his hips and his dick started moving further into my mouth. I had had enough of this. I opened my lips and as I started to bring my lips over the head part I felt his hand on the back of my head and he was pushing my face back down on his dick.

    My whole body froze but he didn't stop. My head was completely still as his hips moved up and down moving his dick back and forth in my mouth. I gave in. I closed my lips back down and started sucking him on my own. Even as I put as much dick into my mouth as I could I could still see he had more to give. When his dick touched the back of my throat I gagged a little bit but didn't stop sucking. He finally moved his hand off of my head but I was so into it by now that I kept sucking and sucking. By this time I had taken the base of his dick in one and was moving up and down his dick with a steady motion.

    All of a sudden I felt his hand reach up my leg until it found my own hard on inside my shorts. He pulled my belt lose and unbutton the top button of my shorts. As he tried to lower my shorts down on one side I let go of his dick to help him with the other side. As soon as my shorts reached the ground (I was kneeling beside his bed) he reached up and took a hold of my dick and started squeezing and stroking it. I was getting ready to cum so I put my hand over his fist and started moving it faster and faster until I came all over the side of his bed. This made me even more horny. His hand fell to towards the floor as I squeezed out the rest of my load. Then I took a hold of his dick and started stroking the base of his dick with one hand sucked all that I could from the top.

    He started to breath harder then he grabbed my shoulder and squeezed tight and he started pumping faster and faster. I knew he was about to cum so I took my mouth off of him and stroked him faster and faster. He blew the largest load of cum I had ever seen all over his chest and belly. I slowly squeezed all he had to offer onto his belly.

    It was a hot scene. Now by now my dick started to get hard again and I was ready for round 2. Only he pulled his shirt off the floor and still with his eyes closed, wiped himself dry, pulled his covers up over himself, rolled over and fell asleep.

    I decided to just get into my bed without dressing in hopes of something happening in the morning.

    After about one minute I was out like a light.

    When I woke up the next day, after I gathered my thoughts, I looked over and noticed he was not in bed. Then I heard the shower. This was going to be one hell of an awkward moment. I just proped my head up on my pillow and waited for him to come out of the bathroom. I wanted to see what his reaction was going to be. Just then he comes walking out of the bathroom without his towel. He was butt naked. The first time he had ever walked naked in our room. For either of us. He said 'morning and I said hey. He tells me that he left the shower running for me but I had better hurry before the hot water is gone.

    As soon as I pulled my covers off I realized that I went to bed nude. I quickly looked up at him and he just smiled at me as said hot water, hurry up. I felt weird but sexy walking naked in front of him to the bathroom. I was still a little drunk from the night before. I got out of the shower, dried myself off and brushed my teeth. I didn't throw a towel around me when I left the bathroom either. As I walked out into our room he was laying on his bed, face down, still naked. He sensed I was standing there because he suddenly ever so slightly spread his legs exposing his nut sack.

    Even though my head was pounding I went over to his bed and slightly touched his ankle waiting for a reaction. When he didn't give one I crawled up on his bed and just laid down on top of him pressing my dick on his ass. I rolled off of him and we laid facing each other. We both were looking down. We began to fondle each other's dick. My little six incher looked so tiny next to his. But his hand was warm and smooth. He took his hand off my dick long enough to feel my hip and reached back, played with my ass a little then pulled me closer to his dick. At that point I looked up and our eyes met. I smiled first and he smiled back.

    Then he started moving down my body. He kissed the middle of my chest then put his head on my abs. I slowly placed my hand on the top of his head. I ran my foot over his dick. Then from nowhere there was this banging on our door. We both jumped up quicker than shit. We're yelling who is it...

    Unfortunately our friend were back. He tossed on his underware and shorts and I threw on my sweats and wrapped my blanket around me to conceal my hard on. We ended up going to football game that morning with everyone and played it very cool.

    I guess you could say we became lovers that freshman year. We remained quiet about the whole ordeal. Our sex soon became more and more and we experimented with anal sex too. I was always the top as he loved getting fucked by me. I really loved it when we did the sixty-nine position but the best was when he would lick my ass after a shower. The feeling of a hot tongue on your ass is awesome.

    He was from North Carolina and after our freshman year his parents made him move back. I was crushed. I still think it was because he may have told his parents that he was gay or something on spring break but he said he has never mentioned anything of the sort. Because after spring break when he parents would visit they didn't even look at me. Who knows. Maybe they just had problems.

    I went on to pass that experience off as "my experimental phase." I have not been with another guy since. I've been dating my girl for two years now. That's not to say I don't jack off from time to time thinking about that freshman year of college.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    if you're gay.. can you tell me do you have any sexual attraction to any females? (not including chiks dressed as gyes) i mean ANY AT ALL? im real curious!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ima chik and i have this gay friend, i mean he acts more like a gurl than me!... anyways he hooked up with this girl that dresses like a man an well really considors herself a fella but she still has the female bits if you know what i mean... does that still make him gay cause its realy confusing me!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What's the biggest human cock you've had? What did you do with it?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    How do you come on to another due if you're still in the closet and how would you know if they're gay?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    does it mean i'm gay if I enjoy getting a BJ in a public washroom, this is as far as mansex has ever gone, and aside from getting the BJ, i don't give it back, my wife has no idea..i don't see myself having any other sex with men, but I love losing my load this way.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a lesbian and I love gurls if ur a lesbian do u wanna fuck me??????

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have two questions please dont think they are stupid. does the anus feel much much tighter than the pussy?
    also, when having sex in the anus, will shit come out or smell of shit be on my dicK?

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