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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I want to tell you about the beautiful, but sad story of my awakening as a lesbian.

    I was a junior in college. I had been dating a very attractive atheletic guy for about a year and he had just given me his fraternity pin. To Greeks "pinning" is a big deal and considered the step prior to getting engaged. I should have been very excited, but instead I felt a sinking feeling. We had not yet been intimate "all the way". Now that we were pinned, I knew that Matt would expect sex.

    It should not have been an issue. I wasn't a virgin. Between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I had slept with an old friend three times because we wanted to lose our virgininty before going off the college. I hadn't expected much from the first time and was simply grateful that the pain was much less than I expected (more like a mild burning sensation than the searing agony my health teacher led us to believe). We did it twice more over the next six weeks at my insistence (surely I should have felt something more than just the fullness and an occasional twinge.) Having done it three times with the same guy, I was hardly a slut, but I couldn't really claim purity when it came to sleeping with Matt.

    About a week after pinning me, Matt called to say that his parents were going to Barbados for a four day weekend. They lived only 3 hours from the college and he suggested that we stay at their house which had a hot tub. He hinted that I wouldn't need a suit.

    I reluctantly agreed and began to look for an excuse. But the day came and Matt picked me up on Friday shortly after my last class got out at 2 PM. By dinner time we were pulling into his parents driveway. To our surprise, there was a red Mazda convertible already there. I looked at Matt who shrugged and said that he didn't recognize the vehicle.

    We got out and Matt opened the door. Inside the dark house, loud punk rock music played. We walked several feet into the living room before we spotted the bodies on the floor. A girl with platinum dreadlocks lay on her back as her black haired partner moved between her legs with urgency. I gasped and they looked up in shick just as Matt stumbled over the the lights and turned them on.

    The two lovers jumped up covering them selves with clothing snatched from the floor. I saw to my shock that despite the darkhaired person had short hair, both were female. Even more shocking, the blonde looked so much like Matt that I quickly realized that she must be Matt's younger sister Laurie. She was a college freshman at the state university.

    Matt began yelling and pushing his sister. Her lover tried to defend her and there was quite a bit of shoving. The dark-haired girl stumbled and hit her head on the coffee table. It shattered and there was blood and glass everywhere. We ended up at the emergency room.

    In the waiting room, I found myself comforting Matt's sister. as he was questioned by the police. The end result was that he was arrested. Laurie's lover Karen had severe facial cuts and a concussion. She had to spend the night being observed at the hospital. Laurie wanted to stay with her, but because she wasn't a family member she wasn't allowed.

    We drove back to Matt and Laurie's house. After a tearful phone conversation with her parents, Laurie opened a bottle of Jack Daniels. I joined her for a couple of shots and then crawled into Matt's bed.

    About 1 or 2 in the morning, I was awakened by wracking sobs from the next room. Laurie had crawled into bed drunk and was crying. She apologized, but said that she couldn't stop crying. SHe said that Matt and her parents would never forgive her for being a lesbian. She worried that Karen's face would be scarred and the girl would hate her for having to be outed to her parents as well by the emergency room staff. It had been the first time that she had sex with another girl and it had been wonderful until Matt and I walked in.

    To my shock she got up, walked across the room and hugged me. As I cradled her awkwardly, the memory of Laurie and Karen's intertwined bodies made me feel uncomfortable. But not the way that I thought it would. My nipples were stiffening beneath the t-shirt I wore to bed and other sensations were at work in my panties.

    I can't remember who kissed who, but I realized suddenly why my previous sexual experiences had left me unsatisfied. My summer lover didn't have breasts or a pussy. No wonder I hadn't been looking forward to sleeping with Matt.

    In a certain sense, Laurie and I just kissed that night. We kissed each others lips and faces and necks. But then, she kissed my breasts and stomach and between my legs until I melted. Then I returned the favor. We both cried some more. Laurie for herself and Karen. Myself out of joy!

    Laurie and Matt's parents cut their vacation short. They flew in the next day and bailed Matt out of jail. He and I left for school immediately. When we arrived at my sorority house, I told him that I was shocked by his violent reaction and didn't want to see him again. I placed his pin on the dashboard and got out of the car.

    I never saw Laurie again so I can't tell you if Matt and his parents ever accepted her as a lesbian or if Laurie's relationship with Karen was salvageable.

    As for me, I stayed closeted for the rest of college. But I never dated a guy again. After graduation, I moved to New York and met a wonderful woman. It was just a coincidence that she had platinum dreadlocks.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    theres something I want to add to my question about my friend being gay. it's about this other guy, his friend that I think they are gay for eachother. about 1/2 a year ago this other guy was making a major play for me and I got really interested and we slept together a couple times. and then he would not call at all and acted really freaked out if he ran into me. so I guess this could mean a lot of things. and basically I was really surprised by his reaction and admitedly quite crushed. ok- but going deeper, most often in my life I know that the guys I sleep w/ are very very excited about our sex. I'm a sexy girl- it's one of my plusses- I'm a terrible speller so it balances out. but this guy didn't really cum w/ me and seemed incredibly nervous. I thought maybe he was nervous cause he really liked me or something. but doesn't seem like the case on reflection. the one time he got really hot when we were together is when our friend- friend A- the guy I wrote the previous confession about- left us alone in his apt. for an evening. and suddenly at one point we thought we heard him come home- oh, friend B had lured me onto friend A's bed for some heavy petting. so then friend B. goes and stands in the doorway of the bedroom looking out into the dark actually empty living room for sign of friend A. I come up behind him and start stroking him off- why not- and he gets sooooo hot- and then is like "do you think that thing we just did was dirty?" and I was like "no...?." but I wonder months later if he worried it was dirty because it was in the context of the possible presence of the other guy. anyway. then after that he didn't speak to me again for a long time. he called recently but I snapped at him to get lost. no more of that for me. but after licking my rejection wounds- and spending time w/ other guys. I think back about it all and the two of them. and I think they are gay for eachother. am I just protecting my ego or am I on to something?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I think my long time male friend is gay. we've been friends for nine years now. met early in college. I've seen him have lots of girlfriends over the years. happen to have known most of them quite well- I think often they sought me out to be friends because I was his best female friend and I think they wanted to be on the inside of that sort of thing. and back in college I slept w/ him a couple times casually during some transitional period but I never felt any sparks. I don't know exactly why I think he's gay. but I really do. I think he wants to date women because of the image of it. I don't think he really falls in love with the women he is with, and it seems to drive them nuts. hmm..why else do I think he is gay....because he makes kind of homophobic comments. but he is otherwise pretty liberal. and he gets wierdly uptight sometimes...when something sort of dealing with his masulinity comes up w/ some interaction w/ somebody at a party for example. and he is a writer but there is some emotional connectivity that never works in his writing. and he is kind of verging on being an alcaholic. and he has got a best male friend- I honestly think they are in love with eachother and can NEVER admit it to eachother. I think if he realized he was gay and embracd it- he might not be always smoking dope and drinking and his writing might blossom. cause he will not be supressing this part of himself. he has a very main stream square conservative family. but also two uncles who are gay - and I don't know if they are still alive but both got sick w/ aids years ago. and it's like this unspoken secret in his family. so I feel like that might contribute to why he feels like it is totally not ok to be gay. I don't know- I could be totally wrong- and he could be just an emotionally repressed alcaholic straight guy. but I feel like he is really a great person and there is something in him that is this block. and over recent years it's become worse. any of you gay men- take a long time realising you were gay? I want to help my friend, I could be wrong, but if I'm right what do I do? I can talk about so many things with him. but if I asked him if he ever thought he might be gay. he would probably throw a wierd tantrum , down a bottle of wine and glare at me for a couple hours. which I could handle but I don't know if it would be helpful.

    an advice?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am in love with life

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was hanging out with one of my buddies one afternoon at his house during 'senior ditch day.' No one was home but us as his parents and his older brother were at work. Well his older brother is gay and we found a gay dvd that he had. We were all like 'that's sick' and whatever but he goes should we put it in and I said yeah.

    So we put it on and started watching it and we were both going "sick" and "that shits nasty" but we kept watching it. This guy was blowing this other guy and it was sick but at the same time I was getting kind of horny watching it. He put a pillow over his lap so I figured he was getting a boner just as I was. He asked if I would ever do anything like that like on a dare or if I was drunk or something and I said I don't know.

    Then the two guys on the video went into a 69 position and I said that I would probably only do something like that because both guys could never tell anyone because they are both cock suckers and neither could tell anyone that so and so sucked so and so. So he goes well do you want to do that right now. I was so horny at that moment watching those guys plus the fact that my friend was a nice looking in shape guy so I said sure.

    So we go to his bedroom and close his door. My hands were shaking I was so nervous. We looked at each other and started laughing nervously. I begin by taking off my shirt so he took off his and we started undressing. He got naked first and laid on his bed. I finished and crawled up on the bed with him and we were both trying to hide our hard ons. I go now what and he said do you want to be on the top or the bottom and I said I don't care so he told me to be on the bottom and so he put his leg over my head and I was looking straight up at his balls and ass. I finally let go of my dick and reached for his balls. He leaned down and I could feel his cold hand on my dick. He scooted back a bit and he goes okay lets go at the same time.

    Then he says go and he lowered his hips and I grabbed his dick and pulled it towards my mouth and as he lowered his dick in my mouth I could feel his mouth on my dick. I kind of had to move my head up to get his dick in my mouth and he was sucking on me.

    It was so hot. I reached up grabbed his ass like the guy in the video and inched my finger towards his ass. I spread his ass apart and push a finger on his bunghole. When I did that he stopped sucking me and didn't move. I thought he was pissed. So I stopped and he asks if I want to switch and I agree. So we basically just rolled over. It was easier being on top because I could get all his dick in my mouth with no problem.

    As he was sucking me from the bottom he did the same thing with his finger to my ass and even though I didn't want him to finger me I also didn't want him to think I was pissed at him. So as he started pushing his finger into my ass I just kept sucking. He only put half his finger inside as he was moving it in and out and it kind of felt good.

    I tried making him cum by sucking his dick harder and faster but it only made my jaw sore. So I got up off of him and I said do you want to try something else and he said like what. I said you could lay on top of me and we could rub our dicks on each others so he agrees. I laid in the middle of the bed and opened my legs and he got between them and put out dicks on top of each others and he laid down on top of me. I wrapped my legs over his and put my hands on his ass and we started just moving up and down on each other. He head was on the side of my head. As were doing this he picks his head up to move it to the other side of my head but stops as soon as he is facing me and without notice he starts kissing me. It was just pressed lips at first. Then he sticks his tongue in my mouth and we start kissing like mad men.

    This rubbing dicks wasn't doing a lot for either of us at this time. That's when I said we could try something else and when I suggested he could fuck me he immediately jumped up and went and got some baby oil or gel or something. I asked him if he had any condoms or anything and he said no but I was so horny by now and so I just said go ahead.

    He rubbed it on his dick and told me to pick my legs up and so I pulled my knees up to my chest and he poured some on my ass. He said stay like that then he got up next to me and he put his dick to my ass. I clinched my teeth as he started to push himself inside of me. He went real slow and when he stopped I reached down and could feel only his pelvic bone so I knew he was all the way up inside of me. I wrapped my feet around his head and he started moving in and out. Honestly it didn't feel that great but when I opened my eyes I looked up at him and he was biting his lower lip and had his eyes closed and the motion he was making while he was fucking me was awesome. He started moaning 'o shit o shit' and going faster and faster then he pulled out of me as my legs dropped to the bed and he started wanking himself and started cumming all over the place. I watched my friend cum all over me.

    Even though my ass hurt I was still horny and I started jacking myself to erection. After he stopped breathing so damn hard he put his head between my legs and started sucking my dick. In only about a minute of sucking I was about to cum so I reached down to push his head off my dick but he kept going. I couldn't take it. I grabbed a hold of his hair and pushed my hips up to meet his face and started cumming.

    Afterwards I went and sat on the pot then jumped into his shower. He went and showered in his parent's room. We dressed and he went and put his brothers video back. We just sat on his couch watching the tube for a while.

    It was the weirdest feeling in the world after something like that. Nevertheless we continued to sneak his brothers dvds from time to time and started acting out scenes from them on each other. This went on for about a year before we moved to Texas. I came to the conclusion that I was bisexual. Although I never talked with him long after we moved I did meet some Texas guys in college here. For the most part everything IS big in Texas.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am agay guy, I am a teenager. I love men from the below of my heart. I also love to see my sexy dad naked! I have crushes on my friends too. I would rubb(up and down) my dick by my self. Im sexy, I'm trying to have a sexy guy to have sex with but I'm not finding! please e-mail me if you are sexy for sex!! Love ya fucken fuckers! You gay guys! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Lived in Poland in the 1980s...loved getting into fights with young drunken Russian soldiers.Used to throw these goosesteppers around like they were rag dolls and would steal their knee high leather jackboots off them when they were sprawled out drunk and limp.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was raped forcibly in jail 20 years ago and over a 10 month time frame 125 dicks had my ass. At first it was rough, but later i accepted it, and it went to the point where i could get turned on.I havent since, but i somehow get into a mood where if it was with a right clean gentle man who took care I might consider giving my ass a fuck. no kissing ,etc. is this something i should try???

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i think i have a crush on my friend's bestfriend. i know that she is lesbian but i have never thought about it until today. i happened to sit across her today and accidently gazed into her eyes. i think i'm attracted to her. my heart beats super fast too. today two of my friends almost made out in the 4th floor toilet,but they didn't. that's because one of my friends hit my other friend hardly on the head until she suffered a mild concussion. so that kinds put an end to the whole make out thing. i dunno. it feels kind of weird liking someone of the same sex as you. and i know that this doesn't immediately make you a lesbian. but i am afraid. i don't want this to happen. i dun want to like her. i dun want my friends to make out in school either. being in an all-girls school, is kind of complicated.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm gay and a few months back I had sex with this married man for the first time. What I resent is the fact that he is married and yet pretends to be straight. I purposefully had sex with him the first time hoping that his wife would find out about us but so far she hasn't. Last month he called me when he was drunk for a repeat performance and like a fool I consented. Another reason why I resent him so much is because we went to high school together and he pretended to be the big straight jock while I got contantly teased for being a homo. When we get together, I humiliate him and do disgusting, peverted things to him like peeing on him, slapping him around, and so forth but it only seems to turn him on more. The last time I whipped his bare ass good with my strap but to my surprise he seemed to love the experience. I know I should tell him to go fuck himself when he calls but I guess I'm too much of a pussy to do so.

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