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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Where we use to live was a nice neighborhood with lots of trees and bushes in every yard and there we no lights on our side of the street. There was this guy who lived next door to us who went to our school. I was a freshman and he was a senior so we knew each other because we lived next door to each other and went to the same school but we never hung out or anything. One night I was outside doing something or other and I seen his light on in his room. So I decided to sneak up and peek in on him like a spy. I crawled up our block wall and slowly made my way across the wall from my house to his. It was a tall wall so basically I could see into his bedroom from the top of the wall. He had one window on the side of his room that was his side yard and a window in front. The side window had no curtains like the front window. It was perfect for viewing.

    I would spy on him talking on the phone and doing homework and shit like that. He was nice looking and I kind of had the hots for him because I had those feelings back then. I would never admit it to myself but yeah I was a homo. One night in particular I seen his light on so I went to my hiding place on the wall. It was perfect because the trees shaded me from any cars or people walking in front of our houses. I always hoped to catch him naked but never did. This night was the night. As I was watching him he hung up his phone and I watched him go to his closet. He pulled some clothes out and threw them on his bed. He took his shirt off and then he dropped his pants and his drawers. I almost fell off the wall. From what I could see through the window he had a nice dick that hung low. I got a hard on instantly. He threw a towel around himself and left the room. I figured he was headed for the showers but since I had no view of his bathroom I waited. Knowing since he left his clothes in the room he would be back to get dressed. He did. He returned. He closed his door. He pulled his towel off and was walking around his room while drying off his hair and turning on his cd player or radio. I got a full backside view. He had no fat on him whatsoever. He was lean with a nice ass. When he turned and faced my direction I noticed he had no pubic hair anymore. He must have shaved them off in the shower. This made his dick look twice as big as it was before. I started rubbing my cock inside my pants while I watched him dress. I came inside my pants.

    On another occasion when I was spying on him I caught him jacking off. I jacked with him. I had never seen another guy jack off so it was thrilling to say the least. He shot his cum all over himself. Then he rubbed in up and down his chest. I dumped my load all over his bushes. I wouldn't spy on him all the time but whenever I had the chance. Most of the time it was boring because he never did anything exciting.

    But the night I caught him with a banana was the night my life changed. I caught him playing with himself. While he had one hand down his pants he had this banana and he put the banana, with the peel still on, in his mouth and he looked like he was giving a blow job to this banana. Why would he do that if he wasn't into guys? Is he like me? Does he like cock? This could be interesting.

    The next morning we both just happened to be out mowing our lawns. He had no shirt on and so for the hell of it I took my shirt off too. When we made eye contact he nodded and I said hi. We finished and I started to trim the lawn and he was raking some grass. Some how or other we started talking about stuff and that talk turned to video games and we started comparing games we had. He was really cool. He didn't look down on me because I was a freshman or anything. He had just turned seventeen and he was telling me about how he moved up a grade because he was really smart. I figured out quickly that he was only a couple of years older.

    So he asks me when I was done if I wanted to come over and check out his games. Of course I said yes. I would die to be inside his bedroom. The room I've only seen from the outside. He said he was going in to shower and for me to come over when I was done. Damn daylight. I thought about crawling into my spy place on the wall but I had work to do and it was daylight.

    I brought over some games I had and we were in his room playing my games and his. His mom came in and said she was leaving to the mall and asked if he wanted to go. He said no. She said she'd be back later. Soon after she left he asked if I wanted to see some porn. Duh. He got online and pulled up a few porn sights. Chicks with chicks and doing all kinds of stuff. I looked up through his window and my spy spot and figured that there was no way he could see me there at night. He asked my age and I told him fourteen. He asked if I had ever been with a girl and I said no. He asked if I had ever done anything with 'anyone' and I said no. He teased me and said "oh is it because you have a small dick?" I said hell no it's bigger than yours. He said "how do you know?" Oh crap. He said "you've never seen my dick." I wanted to tell him yes I have. But I didn't.

    He goes "prove it." What? This went back and forth a few times and I wanted to show it to him. Hell I wanted to see his in person. I told him I would show him mine if he did the same. He said okay. The next thing you know we're standing there with our pants down. I'm hard and he is semi hard. It was kind of embarrassing. I looked down to see his dick. I seen it starting to grow like a water hose filling with water. By the time he was hard he had to have been a good nine inches. It didn't look that big from outside. I said let's put them together to see who is bigger. I knew his was much bigger as I was only about five or six inches hard. He told me to measure them so I grabbed his dick and put it next to mine. The head of my dick didn't even reach the base of his. That didn't matter. I had his dick in my hand. His dick was touching mine. I already had pre cum on my dick I was so excited.

    I said 'you win.' He said 'oh yeah what do I win?' I said 'whatever you want.' He said 'I guess I'll have to suck your dick.' I said 'okay.' He backed me up against the wall and started sucking me. I looked down to see the top of his head going back and forth. I seen his lips on my dick. He started pulling on my balls. Then he reached down and started jacking himself off. When I got ready to blow I reached down and tried to push him back but he just moaned and started sucking me harder. I started pumping my hips faster and harder and came in his mouth. He stood up and said finish me off. I got down and his cock was so big and so fat and I remember the head on his dick looked like a door knob. I started blowing him. It was more difficult than I thought. I suck as much of it as I could. Then he pulled me off of him and turned and I watched from up close as he blew his wad all over his floor. It seemed like a half a gallon or something. It just kept coming and coming.

    As we started dressing I told him I had a confession. I told him about my spying on him. He didn't freak out. He was like 'why didn't you just say something.' I said I thought you would kill me. We just laughed. He said now you don't have to spy. Just come on over. Needless to say I started spending lots of time over his house. The excuse always being we were going to be playing games. Only the games involved lots of sucking. This eventually turned to me discovering that I was a pretty good Top and he was a pretty good 'Bottom.' We tried flip flopping but he was way too big for my little hole. He is planning on going to college in California next summer so I've only got about six more months with him. I'm going to make the best of my time. We will keep trying to get our chance of him putting that monster inside me. We've got six months to work on it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm not what most consider 'out' and so this makes my life miserable at school. I pretend the be the cool macho dude that all of my friends seem to be. We talk about the hot chicks and what we'd do with them etc. Only I don't want a girl.

    I spend lots of time on the internet chat rooms talking, and occasionally trading pics, with guys my age. I can't stand older guys trying to get me to send them my pics after they send me theirs with their pot belly and balding heads. Sick. Occassionally I'll find a teen to talk to and it doesn't always involve pic trading and/or cybering.

    Well I met this boy online who goes to a different high school than me but in our same region. We had the same likes and dislikes and we decided to trade pics of each other. He was so hot! He also liked my pic. He asked if I wanted to trade nudes of each other and he convinced me that he has never traded nudes before but he really was starting to like me after talking for a while. I felt something for him and didn't want to turn this into a picture trading only relationship. So I declined. He was fine with that and actually respected it.

    We continued to talk for a few weeks and would send pictures of each other (not nude) but occassional a tease photo like one with me facing the camera backward naked with only the top of my ass showing and all my back and head. Or with my boxers pulled down the very top of my pubic mound and my stomach flexed. He would do the same.

    We finally decided it was time to talk so we ended up calling each other and talking on the phone. He was so cool. We decided it was time to meet. So one Friday we had planned to meet at this pizza place that was the middle point of where we live which was about a 15 minute drive for both of us. I told my parents I was going to meet some friends and left. The whole drive over I kept asking myself if this was a good idea. What if someone totally different (in looks and personality) showed up. I got their first and waited for him. He said he would be driving a blue honda and what he would be wearing. Suddenly I seen a blue honda pull up and park. My heart started beating fast. I quickly did a look about to make sure no one I knew was in the place. When he got out of his car he looked exactly like he did in the pictures. Even hotter if that's possible. He walked in the door and we made eye contact. He nodded at me and I nodded back and he made his way over.

    "Josh?&quo t;

    "Yes. David?"


    By the look on his face I could tell he wasn't disappointed. I surely wasn't. We ordered a pizza (both like plain cheese ;). This was a first for both of us. Meeting someone from the net that is. We talked about school and cars and sports and just chit chatted. It was so cool. We laughed about all our emails and pictures. It was a blast. We were there about an hour or maybe later. I asked him what time he had to be back home and he said whenever. I said "Cool me too." I asked him what he wanted to do and he suggested we go. He suggested we drop my car back off at my house and just take his and go driving around and listen to music and talk. I thought that sounded cool so we did.

    His honda was a stick or manual. While we were driving I reached down to change the station. When I found the one we both liked I pulled my hand back and laid it on top of his hand which was on the stick shift. I wasn't sure what his reaction would be. After about two seconds I started taking my hand back and he grabbed my hand in his and we just held hands. We drove to the top of this hill that overlooks this baseball field where there was a game going on. We both like baseball. We stopped and got out of the car and sat in front of his car on the gound on this grassy hill. I remember looking at him to ask him something. He turned to me and our eyes caught each other's eyes and neither said a word. I leaned in and he leaned in and my eyes closed and I felt his lips on mine. At first it was a quick peck then we kissed. My head got dizzy. I think I stopped breathing for a few minutes.

    There was no one around us and we were pretty much sitting in the dark so it was perfect. We would talk a little more then kiss. Talk. Kiss. Then our hands started exploring each other. I reached under his shirt and felt his awesome bod. I could feel his hand on my leg and up to my crotch. When he finally found my dick it was harder than a baseball. It was still in my pants but hard. I had to find out if he felt the same so I reached down and felt him. Yup. Hard too.

    Just then another car pulled into the lot that we were so we quickly stopped and pretended to watch the game. That damn car pulled right in next to us. It was none other than my friend and his girlfriend. I panicked.


    &quo t;Hey Brandon what's up?"

    He kind of gave me this look like 'what the hell are you doing up here with him?' I quickly said "hey meet my cousin David. He is visiting for a couple of days and he wanted to check out this game." He bought it. He tells me that this is a make out spot so we may want to find another spot or people will start talking and he started laughing. So did we.

    We got back in his car and left. It was getting late and I told him I had to go. We drove back to my house and I was already late. I could see my mom in the house. I told him thanks for the good time and he said "it doesn't have to end now?" I said what do you mean and he said that we could hang out in my room for a while. I said no way. I'm already in trouble for being late and I couldn't just show up with a new friend at this hour. (You don't know my parents).

    I couldn't take a chance of giving him a good-bye kiss in front of my house so we squeezed hands and I told him I would get online (computer in my room) and wait for him to get on when he got home. Surprisingly I didn't get in trouble from my mom. She said good night and went to bed. I went to my room and looked out the window. David waited to see me then he waved and drove off. I hurried up and turned on my computer. Then I laid on my bed and started thinking about what a great night this was.

    I finally changed into my sweat pants and sat at the computer. Then I heard this knock on my bedroom window. It startled me. When I got to the window I seen David there. I quietly opened my window and said "what are you doing here?" He said he couldn't wait to get home to see me again. I told him I would be so busted if my parents find him. He said "let me in." Against my good judgement we took off the screen and he crawled into my bedroom. I turned off the computer because of the bright light and I turned off my lights and turned on the radio. Unfortunately I don't have a lock on my bedroom door so I just closed it.

    We found each other in the dark and started making out big time. I was only in my sweats and I was hard as a rock and he felt it. Feeling his hands on my body was immense. He reached inside the back of my sweats and ran his hands down inside my boxers and onto my ass. OMG!!

    He then slid his hands up to my waistband and started to pull my sweats down. I immediately grabbed his hands. I couldn't think fast enough. I let go of his hands and he slid my sweats and boxers down so now I'm standing in front of him completely nude. I quickly reached for his pants and started unbuckling them as he's pulling his shirt off. I pulled his pants down to the floor. He still has his socks and shoes on but he's nude. We were both standing there with our heads buried in each other's shoulder and our hands were exploring.

    He finally sat down and took off his shoes and socks. We laid down on my bed and were kissing and feeling each other. He smelled so good. Neither of us is hairy so that was hot. We're both in good shape which means slim and we both showered before our meeting because I could smell the soap on him still.

    He rolled on top of me and the feeling of his weight on me and his dick on me and the feel of his breath on me and his ass in my fingers was undescribable. I rolled over on top of him and then 'went down on him.' I grabbed his dick with one hand and said what the hell. I put my mouth on him like I've seen in pictures. It was warm and hard. I slid my mouth up and down. I did this for a while then I moved up to kiss him. We kissed. Then he returned the favor. That was the greatest feeling on earth! His mouth on my dick.

    He moved back up and I rolled him over again because I was about to blow my load. So now I'm on top of him and we moved under my covers. My chest on his felt great too. I reached down and put my arms under his legs and pulled his legs up. If I knew what I was doing I probably could have driven my dick up his ass but I was only fucking his balls and dick. Just then my bedroom door opened!

    We both scurried under the sheets and covered ourselves. Then the lights came on. "Josh!" Shit it was my dad. I wanted to kill myself. If I had a gun I would have. I pulled my head out and said "yeah dad." He says, "you and your little girlfriend are done. Get dressed and get her home before your mom finds out." "Okay."

    David goes "girlfriend?" I said dude don't worry about it lets keep going. I started humping on top of him again and David reached down and started pumping his fist on my dick until I came all over him. Then I reached down and finished him off. Then a knock at my door. "Josh right now!" "I am dad."

    We quickly got dressed. I let David clean himself up with one of my shirts. We debated about whether to go out the window or not. I opened my door and seen my dad headed to the kitchen. We quickly ran through the house and out the front door. He got in his car and drove off.

    To make this long story short, I want to confess to my dad (even though he'll never read this) that it was David in my bed and not a girl. Thank goodness.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 32 year old straight female and I have a gay male friend. He always asking me to go to this gay club with him but I never got around to it. Well, last week he told me they were going to have male strippers so I figured why not go see some half naked men. So I went and was surprised at how many women were there. The show started and like 8 guys came out and started dancing in there G strings. I am used to the guys stripping down but this was cool too. All the guys were great looking and had great bodies. My friend called on dancer over,whispered something in his ear and pointed at me. He came over and started dancing. I reached down and groped him and told him nice package. He then pulled down his G string and exposed his dick. I freaked at first then I grabbed it and started stroking it. My friend got a couple of other dancers to flash me. After the show, I was happy I went. I had a great time and got to see some dick.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Why is it there are so many gay people that are racist? isn't that contradicting? You hate homophobics etc and people that snicker against you but yet some of you discriminate and are point blank Racist.


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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last saturday afternoon me and my friend were just out driving around, I got horny told him if he pulled off someplace he could exersize his dick. We're both growen males, I'm 25, he's 46, and this wouldn't be the first time. He pulled off into a small road side park, it was empty, we parked off to one end, got undressed, he has a mini van and the seats recline way back, almost flat. We were on the passenger side, he was on his knees on the floor, I had my lets pulled up, he was over me and had his dick buried full length in my ass. Just then this patrolman looked in the window, my friend is large, black, and has lots of body hair, Im white, much smaller than he is, and keep my pubic, ass and legs shaved. The cop could see that he had it in me, my friend started to pull out, but the cop said that if he did that he would have to arrest him for indecent exposier if showed the head of his dick. He told him to pull out all but the head, he wanted to see how much he had. This was embarrassing for both of us, but we were caught, when the cop saw the size and length of his dick he asked how old I was, 25, and how old are you, 46, well it looks like the old black stud has got himself a nice young white filly to fuck, so just go ahead and get with it. He said things to me like, you must like getting a big black dick in your ass, and I'll bet its its not the first time, and to my friend, is that shaved white ass hot and tight. Then he reached in and felt around my friends dick and my ass, he said as slick as you are you must of really wanted that dick. He told me to tell my friend to fuck me hard and fast, he told my friend to make me beg for more. He said your stud aint wearing a condom, so you're gonna get lots of hot cum to sit in when he gets done. When it was over the cop said you guys just stay right where you're at untill you hear me drive off. We did, and when we got out to get dressed, there was a streak of cum on the van door. The pervert cop had got his rocks off harrassing us, but we had to admit, other than being embarrassing, it was a very good fuck.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a dude and one night I got really drunk and went home with my best friend who happens to be gay. We fooled around and wound up sleeping together. He doesn't remember it happened (or he pretends he doesn't) so I don't think it will every happen again. The problem comes from my girl friend. She asked me one day if she could wear her "strap-on" to bed and I said yes. After about an hour of foreplay, she started having anal sex with me. It was the most fantastic thing I have ever done, but all I could think about was my best friend. I kept thinking how awsome it would be with his dick stuck up my ass!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What is the picture on the opening page of this section? I just cant work it out!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What does a "boiler suit" have to do with being a lesbian? I heard this on an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous," where Edina desperatley wants her square daughter Saffy to be a lesbian so she'll be interesting. Edina tells her to get a "boiler suit" and a haircut; is it a British slang for something?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm so fucking tired of not being able to walk down the street without hearing "fag!" yelled from some hick ass jerk's pick-up. Granted, I might dress differently than most guys do-I love wearing leather--pants, shirt, jacket, cap, boots, etc., but so what, it's a free world isn't it! I can't even go to the movies with my boyfriend (who also loves leather) without people snickering that we are queers behind our backs. It's so fucking rude! Why can't people except me the way I am?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    how does taking it up the ass give you an orgasm? is there a g spot up there or does it take other stimulation as well?? i'm just curious.

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