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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last saturday afternoon me and my friend were just out driving around, I got horny told him if he pulled off someplace he could exersize his dick. We're both growen males, I'm 25, he's 46, and this wouldn't be the first time. He pulled off into a small road side park, it was empty, we parked off to one end, got undressed, he has a mini van and the seats recline way back, almost flat. We were on the passenger side, he was on his knees on the floor, I had my lets pulled up, he was over me and had his dick buried full length in my ass. Just then this patrolman looked in the window, my friend is large, black, and has lots of body hair, Im white, much smaller than he is, and keep my pubic, ass and legs shaved. The cop could see that he had it in me, my friend started to pull out, but the cop said that if he did that he would have to arrest him for indecent exposier if showed the head of his dick. He told him to pull out all but the head, he wanted to see how much he had. This was embarrassing for both of us, but we were caught, when the cop saw the size and length of his dick he asked how old I was, 25, and how old are you, 46, well it looks like the old black stud has got himself a nice young white filly to fuck, so just go ahead and get with it. He said things to me like, you must like getting a big black dick in your ass, and I'll bet its its not the first time, and to my friend, is that shaved white ass hot and tight. Then he reached in and felt around my friends dick and my ass, he said as slick as you are you must of really wanted that dick. He told me to tell my friend to fuck me hard and fast, he told my friend to make me beg for more. He said your stud aint wearing a condom, so you're gonna get lots of hot cum to sit in when he gets done. When it was over the cop said you guys just stay right where you're at untill you hear me drive off. We did, and when we got out to get dressed, there was a streak of cum on the van door. The pervert cop had got his rocks off harrassing us, but we had to admit, other than being embarrassing, it was a very good fuck.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a dude and one night I got really drunk and went home with my best friend who happens to be gay. We fooled around and wound up sleeping together. He doesn't remember it happened (or he pretends he doesn't) so I don't think it will every happen again. The problem comes from my girl friend. She asked me one day if she could wear her "strap-on" to bed and I said yes. After about an hour of foreplay, she started having anal sex with me. It was the most fantastic thing I have ever done, but all I could think about was my best friend. I kept thinking how awsome it would be with his dick stuck up my ass!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What is the picture on the opening page of this section? I just cant work it out!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What does a "boiler suit" have to do with being a lesbian? I heard this on an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous," where Edina desperatley wants her square daughter Saffy to be a lesbian so she'll be interesting. Edina tells her to get a "boiler suit" and a haircut; is it a British slang for something?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm so fucking tired of not being able to walk down the street without hearing "fag!" yelled from some hick ass jerk's pick-up. Granted, I might dress differently than most guys do-I love wearing leather--pants, shirt, jacket, cap, boots, etc., but so what, it's a free world isn't it! I can't even go to the movies with my boyfriend (who also loves leather) without people snickering that we are queers behind our backs. It's so fucking rude! Why can't people except me the way I am?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    how does taking it up the ass give you an orgasm? is there a g spot up there or does it take other stimulation as well?? i'm just curious.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 26 and have beens a trooper the TA for a year now. I want to talk about an experience that happened on a training weekend back in the early summer on Sussex/Kent borders. I was with a mate,a guy of of my own age, and two of us in full combats, full combat dress without packs. We had to cross a small river to get back to battalion camp for the night. As a part of an after noon exercise we had been dropped some miles away from area of the main exercise to locate a camp for the following day. We had been expected to use initiative to get back. Blow that! we waded into the water and as we were half way across i just grabbed my mate and pulled him right under.We wresteld around in the water for some minutes going well under ,really grappling each other in arm locks,strangle holds,one coming up for air and getting yanked under. I got my mate in a throat lock and he got the message and went limp acting like a stiff (dead).I just floated in the water with his limp soaked body in my arms ,feeling the dead weight and the water around us.At that moment I came really hard and shot spunk. Pulled him ashore and collapsed on top of him.. He came to first really laughing and heaved me off ,and wacked me a harate chop on the nape of my neck in jest,picked me up and slung me over his shoulder all the wat back to base.This was not the real story we told on return!!!! This really did happen!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    After reading all these gay stories I decided to tell my story.

    I've known I was bi about the eight grade or so. I would get all worked up over the hot girls at school but I would also fantasize over the hot guys too.

    When I was a junior in high school I was dating this very hot blonde chick with nice tits and an ass to die for. Very cute. Blonde, blue eyes, smart and a family with money. We'd hang out at her house all the time because it was a lot nicer than mine. Her brother was a year behind us as a sophomore. He was like her in that he was cute, blue eyes, blonde, thin, like the perfect surfer dude.

    When we would swim at her house I loved watching not only her in her bikini but I'd also eye his nice toned body too all slippery and wet from the pool water.

    We'd play around in the pool as teens do and he and I would pretend to wrestle and stuff and I enjoyed putting my arms around him as much as her.

    She was the second girl I ever had sex with. It was good sex. Plain but good.

    So one day I go to her house and her brother Bryce answers. He said Tiffany got called in to work. He said I could hang out if I wanted to so I did. It's not the first time its happened.

    So we're just hanging out shooting the shit and he starts telling me about these new clothes he got. They're both a little spoiled. Anyway, he asks if I want to check them out. He tells me he'll try them on and then come out so I can see them. It's almost like a model show or something. But I'm cool about it. After a couple of shirt and shorts displays he comes out with just his new A/F shorts. They were really cool. But he has them pulled down so his hip bones are showing and I can almost see some of his pubic hairs. When I seen that I started to get horny man. He was hot. What a great body. Mine isn't too shabby either.

    He finishes and says that's all the clothes he has. He goes "well I bought some new Joe Boxer whities but I'm sure you don't want to see those." I told him I wouldn't mind seeing what he had. He said "oh okay cool. I'll be right back." He comes out with these tight and I mean tight ass Joe boxers shorts. I could see the outline of his cock in them. I said those are nice, turn around. He turns to give me a good look at his ass. Wow! Now I'm trying to hide my 'excitment.'

    He asks if I want to see the red ones so of course I said yes. Only this time when he comes out of his room he's walking backwards which I thought was odd. He stops about five feet in front of me and puts his hands behind his head like I'm a cop arresting him or something. My eyes are locked on his ass. So he slowly turns around and I can see his dick is as hard as can be inside his shorts. I mean it looks like it goes from one end of his hip to the other.

    I didn't know what to say. Do I keep starring? My own dick is throbbing at this point. He says he has one more pair to show me. So he goes back to his room. He comes out with a towel around him. He said this is a special pair he wanted to show. He tells me to close my eyes. I do. He says open your eyes.

    When I opened my eyes my jaw dropped to the floor. He's standing there buck ass naked with his dick pointing right at me. He says "do you like this?" I slowly nodded my head yes. He said "do you want a closer look?" Again I nodded. He walks to where I'm sitting and pauses for a second. Then he straddles me and sits down on my lap!!!

    He goes "I've wanted to do this since the first time you came over" and he leans in and we start making out! I'm running my hand down his back and plant them firmly on his ass and start squeezing them. I reach around with one hand and start squeezing his dick and stroking it. He reaches down and feels my hard on and says "I knew you liked me too."

    He pulls my shirt off then gets off me and I undress faster than I had ever undressed before. He walks up to me and we press our bodys, and our hardons, up against each other. Our hands start exploring each others body. I kneel down and put his dick in my mouth and lets out this moan. As I'm blowing him I start thinking about Tiffany and then my mind turns to 'I hope no one catches us.'

    He stands me up and then he goes down on me. Tiffany gives good head but this guy must have some experience because he was going to town on me. I could've blown my wad right then but I'm thinking I have to make this last. So I stop him and he stands up. I turn him facing away from me and pull him back into me so my dick is laying up the crack in his ass and I run my hands down his tight stomach and to his dick. He reaches back and grabs a hold of mine and we start stroking each other. He pulls me down to the ground and straddles my head. I open my mouth and his balls fall right in. He has very little blonde pubies, from shaving them (I later find out) not from being only a sophomore.

    He then goes down on me and we roll on our sides with our legs up in the air in the 69 position. I'm trying to give him the best blow job I can without coming first. I start thinking about school and what's for dinner and stuff like that. We were sucking so long my mouth was starting to cramp up. He then pulls off my dick and starts moaning saying "ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh" and I could feel his dick pulsating in my mouth and he starts coming in my mouth. I'm swallowing as fast as he's putting it out. He starts pulling on my dick and I couldn't take it. I blew my wad. When I finished coming my breathing slowed and I realized I still had his softened dick in my mouth. I took my mouth off him and licked around his dick head and then we fell on our backs and laid there for a second.

    I think it hit us what had just happened. He cleaned his face and neck of my cum with his towel and we both dressed. We got something to drink, made small talk, etc., without saying a word at what just happened.

    He then says "what's going to happen now?" I said "I'll just hang out and wait for Tiffany" and he goes "no I mean with us?" Huh? What? With 'us?'

    "What do you mean?" He goes "are you going to break up with Tiffany?" I said "no." He runs to his room and slams the door. I'm like "I'm outta here." I leave. The whole night I'm thinking "there's no way he's going to tell his sister what happened right?"

    So I'm freaking out. In the end he never says a thing. Although he and I start having sex at their house when my girlfriend is working. So I'm having relations with both of them and neither know about the other of course.

    Bryce and I even had anal sex with eachother. We've rimmed each other too. I love licking that ass. It got to the point where he and I were having more sex than me and Tiffany. I've fantasized about doing them both at the same time but that ain't ever going to happen.

    There'd be times when he and I would lay on the couch together and make out while Tiffany was showering upstairs. When we were all in the same room my attention was totally on Tiffany. But if she stepped out of the room Bryce and I would kiss or grab ass or something. I actually thought I loved them both.

    Then one night Tiffany is crying and I thougth our cover was blown and she finally tells me that they're moving to Massachusetts. I cried too. Tiffany and I and Bryce and I got together a few more times before they moved. Tiffany and I had a big crying brou ha ha before they left. The night before Bryce come to my house and after we sucked and fucked each other for the last time he and I cried too.

    Looking back it was kinda funny. Stupid teenage stuff. I tried to keep in touch with them but that stuff never works out anyway.

    I'm 23 now and still playing both sides of the fence. But I'll never have a year like I did when I was a junior in high school.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My friend is always trying to get me to do things with him. Everytime I go to his house after school he always wants to play truth or dare or strip poker. Other than that hes a really cool dude. So to get him to shut up I agreed to play truth or dare with him. The very first dare he said I dare you to let me suck your dick. So I pulled down my pants and he started sucking on me. It felt great. He kept saying mmm its so big. He sucked me off for a long time and I finally blew my wad in his mouth but he never stopped. He even came in his own pants when he was blowing me.

    Since then I let him blow me almost every day after school. I have no intensions of blowing him. It's a great feeling during the blowjob but every time afterwards I feel ugly about it. Until the next time.

    When the last bell rings at school I start to get a hard on knowing what's next at his house. A great bj. Some days I knock, he lets me in, we go to his room, I take down my pants, he blows me and I leave without even saying a word.

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