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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Up until I was 15 all the way from my childhood, I had a friend living close to me and we hung out almost daily in the small town we lived in, with the other kids in the neighborhood. He was a pretty nice guy, played football, liked computer games and had one girlfriend during that time. He was mostly normal, MOSTLY. When we grew a little older and started hanging out just the two of us, I remember getting a hard crush on him. I was figuring myself out and was 100% closeted, determined to never act on any of my gay thoughts and never to come out of the closet (typical scared kid), but it didn't stop me from fantasizing about having sex with him.

    As I said, he was mostly normal, but when the two of us were at his house, he occasionally did some not-so-straight things. He liked flashing his dick and asshole to me (he also did it when we were in a group of guys, but we all just played it off as funny). One time I was playing on his Xbox and he wanted me to stop, so he walked in front of the tv, pulled down his pants, bent over and stretched his cheeks, winking with his tight hole. I stopped of course, but nothing more, he just pulled up his pants and that was it. Another time, we were eating food in his bed and we were goofing around, saying mean things to each other, but not in a serious way. One of the things he said, was "eat my ass" and I responded with picking up the knife and fork and saying OK. Then he proceeded to say alright, standing up, just a few centimeters away from me and doing the same routine as before. I protested of course, but a very half-assed. Nothing happened again, but a few moments went by and I could here him whisper under his breath "fuck my ass" and looking thoughtfully into the distance. I did not comment on it. To this day I fantasize about just doing as he said and sticking my face between those cheeks and eating his winking asshole and what I missed out on.

    Another time we were playing Pokemon and the looser in the pvp match had to do a dare. We started off with plain things, but things escalated. One dare was that the looser had to show his erect penis to the other one. against all odds I won, and as soon as the game ended he pulled out his dick. He was half erect and had to hold it up with his hand. I said OK, and he put it back in his pants, that was it. He was known among our friends as "bamboo-cock" and it was not a lie, very nice and juicy for his age. We didn't go further than that, but one of the suggested dares was "holding the other's cock", his suggestion, but then he deemed it as "too gay"

    I am now 21, and have little to no contact with him, we occasionally meet at parties,but nothing more. I still masturbate to him, wishing I'd gone further.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I'm a Deer Hunter and I yank off while I wait on my next kill. Over the years I've taken my wife's dirty panties on a hunt and cum on them and the sucked my cum out of rhe crotch!! When I'm not in the tree stand I swap videos and pictures with other hunters. A few times we have ass fucked one of the younger guys! I confess, the feel of his right asshole is way better than my wife's pussy. She won't swallow anyway, but guys do

    My dick is getting hard just thinking about my shop foreman giving me a blowjob, he's the best I've ever had.

    I love my wife but she's a shitty fuck. She needs training and one day... one day that skinny c**t will get the 'proper training' she deserves

    -- Anon from Alabama

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    Straight Male / 27

    One afternoon I went over and helped a friend move in some new furniture. It was just the two of us and we were very tired after the task. We decided to sit out by his pool and relax. He offered me a beer and brought me a wet rag to wipe my face. I have been friends with him for a few years and never minded that he was gay, and he never made me feel uncomfortable.

    It was very hot outside and I suggested we jump in the pool. He agreed and he went to get us some swim trunks.
    I went inside , changed and realized that he was a smaller guy than me and his trunks fit really tight.
    I went outside while he was still in and went ahead and jump into the pool. He came out shortly with shorter trunks. He teased around and bent over in front of me.
    That's when I couldn't help but notice that he had a good looking ass. He got in the pool, and we just continued to talk and drink. He started to complement me on my shoulders and asked if he could massage them. I said sure not really thinking beforehand. As he was massaging me I started to lean back against him and that's when I felt his erection.
    He apologized to me and was embarrassed. I felt bad and said not to worry about it. I could tell he was embarrassed so I , hey you want a massage? He smiled and I started rubbing his shoulders and neck.
    He was between me and the edge of the pool. I was rubbing his shoulders that turned into rubbing the chest. I suddenly felt his leg wrap around mine.
    Neither of us talked and that's when I started feeling myself get a Erection. Before I could fight it off it was to late. It was pressing right up against his ass. He started grinding up and down on it. I ran my hands down his chest and he was rock hard.
    I reached into his shorts and pulled his dick out and started rubbing it. At the same time my other hand was grabbing his ass. I was so hard, I couldn't control myself. He whispered to me to fuck him.
    I pulled down my shorts, then pulled his down. He grabbed my cock and helped me stick it in him. He was so tight. He started breathing hard, and once I was all the way in I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.
    I started thrusting faster and faster. I then reached around and started stroking him fast. Seconds later he yelled out "I'm gonna cum!" And a jet over semen shot in front of us. I wasn't far behind. I had a death grip on his thighs. I moaned out oh fuck I'm getting close.
    He told me he wanted all my cum in his ass. He kept saying fuck me baby. I couldn't last any longer and exploded inside him. As I was cumming I was squeezing his balls.

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    Gay Male / 53

    I am a 63 yr old quiet divorced white male who finally came to terms with his sexuality and feelings a month ago.It happened unexpectedly but I suppose fate intervened.I have spent an adult life dating women in the straight world and one marriage that did not work out.For 6 months in 1995 as a 39 yr old I had a secret affair with a gay man 10 yrs older than me.Even though the sex passion and intimacy were satisfying and intense I broke it off with him as I was scared of living a gay life.He was upset but let me go.I often have thought of him since and masturbated imaging we were together and trying to control the love feeling I felt for him which would be rekindled when i daydreamed about him.

    I had forgotten he lived in the west end and I had moved so he did not have my number.So to my surprise one day last month when i saw him smoking a cigarette on a park bench in a west end park.He had aged quite a bit and now had thinning white hair was still tall and a bit hunched over.I nervously sat down near him and he looked over and smiled.He took a very deep suck on the filter of his cigarette just like I remembered about his smoking,a deep pull in which his mouth engulfed half the cigarette.I found it sensual then and it started having the same effect on me.My cock stiffened in my pants as i recalled the many times he sucked my cock and swallowed my cum greedily.It always gave me the desire to suck his big cock back with need and insistence until i had his load of cum in my mouth.I could feel myself get hornier than I felt in years.Inside myself I felt lust and this growing sense I was still in love with him no matter how old and decrepit he had become.I watched him smoke slowly and let the feelings take me over.This time I realized at 63 I was now ready for this if he still wanted me.No one was around and I suppose he sensed my willingness.He moved close and gave me a slow smoky kiss.I did not care who was around and kissed him back with a sense of urgency and mounting passion.We necked for a long time.I knew we were back in that special place the one I should never have left.

    Al took my hand and said let's go back to my place,it is the same small basement apartment I lived in back then.We got back to his place with my heart pounding.He lit up one cigarette for me and passed it to me.As i took a deep drag I could taste his wet saliva on the filter and it made me suck more greedily on it.He lit a cigarette then made us 2 rum and cokes.The rest felt like slow motion but I recall being in his bed as his white haired head bobbed on my stiff cock until i cried out and unloaded down his throat.I then wrapped my mouth eagerly around his 7 inch cut cock and sucked it passionately until I had my reward which I also swallowed.After we lay kissing and smoking.Later that night as I was falling asleep i felt my asshole being lubed up as Al turned me over,guided my ass into the air and took me from behind like he used to do so well.I was surprised a 73 yr old man could be so hard and fuck me vigorously for almost 10 minutes before cumming inside me.We lay again side by side and told each other that we are so in love with each other.Needless to say that old goat has bred me pretty well the last few weeks.I will never let go of him again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I live in the Midwest USA. I knew this guy who is divorced in his early 40s from work. I've been to his house when he and his wife were together and she came out of the shower totally nude in front of us both. I got to see her and she was a total knockout. D cup tits, brown nipples, great shape, black bushy pussy hair, and a great looking butt too. I was only about 16 then I'd go a few times and he would show me naked pictures of her, much of them getting fucked by him or others. Plenty of that hairy bush with sperm leaking out of it after getting fucked by lone guys and sometimes by as many as 14 guys. That pussy was a mess during that time. He knew I'd not been laid yet and he even arranged for me to have a couple hours and lose my virginity in her juicy pussy. Then they got divorced, and I still looked at her pictures with him.

    On Friday I went over to his place, and he showed me some of her gangbangs on video. He acted like it was no big deal to get hard and took off his clothes and started rubbing himself and eventually, mostly due to the drinks, I did the same. Soon we were jacking then sucking on each other. Some of the porn movies had him sucking cocks that had just fucked his wife. Some showed him eating his wife after as many as 6 guys had cum inside her. It actually got me even hornier as his mouth was now on my cock. I shot and he said it tasted just as good as it did when he'd lick it out of his ex's pussy. I actually wanted to zip up and leave but, I resisted and sucked him. It was the first time I'd had anything to do with another guy. In fact his wife who I'd fucked and been sucked by on 4 occasions (two to three times each) was the only sex I'd had. He blasted in my mouth saying it would make him last longer during the sex. I knew at that time I was going to let him fuck me. I can't even explain why I just knew that this thin, 8 inch cock was going to shoot it's next load up my butthole. I was going to let him do to me, what I'd done, and he'd done to his wife.

    After some pot, more drinks, he took me into the bedroom and made love to me, nice and slow, nice and easy, being very respectful of my first time butt. It hurt a little, then got over it, and his pumping me was heaven. He pulled out, rolled me on my back and pulled up my legs over his hips and started in missionary. He was playing and sucking on my nipples and his hairy chest against my hairless body was incredible and topped only by the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me. I was letting this guy use my body for his own pleasure, not caring anything about mine, I began fucking him back. I was moving like his wife did me when I fucked her on those few occasions. I started moaning like she did, and I meant it. The first time he tensed up and pounded those few deep thrusts into me with each time shooting a rope of sperm into my now boipussy, I couldn't help it, I kissed him. I apologized and he kissed me again, saying that if a girl is going to get fucked she should get kissed too.

    I got fucked once more that night, he sucked me again. In the morning I woke up expecting to get fucked again, but he wasn't there. He'd gone out for some food, and left one of his wifes negligees on the bed with some make up and a note. I don't shave yet, never had to, I'm baby smooth except for some hair above my 5 inch (when hard), very thin cock. I shave that into what looked more like pussy hair even let the top round out in two mounds like a heart. Then put on some makeup, foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, did my lashes, and went to the kitchen. I made him coffee and he came in with some pastries. We ate, and I got fucked again. This time I the daylight, no hiding in the dark night with no lights on in the bedroom.

    I spent all of last weekend with him, sleeping with him, cooking for him, dressing for him, letting him fuck me and sucking his beautiful cock. I'm back at my parents house in my room, they thought I was with another friend for the weekend. All I want is to wake up tomorrow in lingerie, and get kissed and fucked by my boyfriend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 20 I went ice fishing with my dad and his co worker we ran out of beer so my dad ran to get more beer what was an hour away.

    As my dad left his co worker throw me a porno mag so we both started jerking off then he asks if I wanna jerk him and he'll jerk me so I agreed.

    As we where jerking each other I couldn't hold back so I started sucking his cock then he started sucking mine.

    I started cunning and he swallowed it then I let him fuck me as I was riding him my dad called so I answered the phone trying not to moan as he told us he was on his way back as soon ad he hung up his co worker busted all in me we got dressed and never told anyone

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    On my honeymoon me and my wife where in the spa this hunk was giving me my massage in a different room then my wife.

    As her rubbed me my cock got hard he seen my cock hard I apologized he smiled and started jerking me off and sucking my dick.

    Before I know it I was standing and fucking his mouth like he was a common whore as I nutted my cock down his throat he swollwed every drop.

    As he got up I seen his cock was hard so I repayed the favor so I sucked his dick tell he nutted and I swollwed every drop.

    Then we kissed and I left best spa ever

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    Gay Male / 47

    You never know. I spent my summer between the sixth and seventh grade with my aunt and uncle while my parents were remodeling our house. My aunt had several children but none were my age. One day I took the bike and rode around and it was a nice day and I rode out to this park that was on the other side of town. At the park I rode back and forth and decided to stop and rest on one of the benches. I were sitting there and a man came by with a dog. He spoke to me and soon we were in conversation and he was letting me pet his dog. I was petting the back of his ears and the man started to rub my fingers and smile at me. He was nice and he complimented my bike and when it was time to leave he squeezed my hand and said it would be nice if he saw me again.

    We went back to the park then next day but we did not see the man. For several weeks I would leave the house after lunch and go ride the bike, I got to know the town from one end to the other and I always took a ride around the park. And one afternoon I saw the man again. I went over to talk to him but he was not interested and my feelings got hurt. He got up and told me to ride over there, across the park to where the tennis courts were. Over there the tree line was thick and he invited me into the bushes and when I got there he showed me his dick. I froze and he told me to hold it and he took my hand and put it on his dick and he told me he wanted a kiss on his dick and I kissed his dick. He put his hand in my pants and got my dick hard and sucked me really hard. He told me to keep my mouth shut or I was going to get him in trouble and when I came to park I needed to come back there and leave my bike behind the storage shed.

    I spent my summer going back to the park and he had a large dick when it was hard and I held it in my hand and I kissed it and he held my dick and he kissed it. Summer was over and I went back home.

    It was a long time after that, I was out of college and I was working for a developer. The piece of land that I was sent out to get familiar with was past the outskirts of town, but the developer was sure that the highway was going to be widened and one day that land was going to be worth a mint. Right now he wanted it surveyed, with a critical eye for development. I stopped my car on the side of the road and walked across the fields, looking at it from the view of how houses would be sitting on the land. I walked towards the back and came up on a wooded section and a man who was sitting there, obviously homeless. We talked.

    He had a big dirty dick and I sucked it as hard as I could. He came and I got my first taste of cum took my handkerchief out to wipe my face. He wouldn't suck my dick but I didn't care. The next time I went out there and sucked his dick he wanted to fuck and I got fucked holding onto a tree. I brought him wine and money and sucked his dick and he fucked me many times. I got him to suck my dick but he was really a hard ass when it came to sex and his place was with his dick in my ass. One day he wasn't there and the next time I came he wasn't there and I never saw him again.

    I outlined what the developer should do with the land and I kept that area of the woods where I met with the homeless guy as a park (I know his name but that is not important really). Today the development is complete with 300 homes and a nice big park where the trees provide a nice park for the community, probably the best selling point of the development.

    My third lover is a cop. He lived down the street from me and I ran into him at the supermarket or at the pizza place or sometimes out in front of the house. I bought a Harley, the thing to do when you are fifty years old and I was learning to ride it and one day he said he rode bikes and he would teach me. He got an older Harley from a friend and we went out to ride. It was on one those rides at a roadside rest stop that we slunk off into the trees to pee. He saw me looking at his dick and offered it and I took it and was on my knees, it had been over twenty years since I had been with the homeless man in the bushes on my first development job. I was hungry that afternoon and he suggested that maybe we had to go back to town.

    At his place he let me suck his cock. This time on his bed, both of us naked while he stroked my cock. He was meticulous and he used a condom and he had lubes and it was a great fuck. I told him about the homeless guy and how he fucked me holding onto a tree, bare ass no condom. We became friends, close friends who got naked and sucked cock. I met several other guys that he knew, most of them cops and others who worked at different jobs. We had parties and it felt good to have his arm around my shoulder, the message was clear, I was off limits to anyone else. It was several months later that he lubed me up and he didn't use a condom, I swear it felt better and he fucked with an enthusiasm that I had not felt before. And I got that feeling that comes from having him cum inside of you. He is a cop and that should say it all. His friends are mostly cops and that should say it all. If your the boyfriend you make friends with the other boyfriends.

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    Gay Male / 21

    So I've been a closeted gay man for many years now. But I really want to try something.

    I kinda wanna get into an orgy and have people record me to post online, even on my Snapchat ððð¤¤

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    this happened many years ago a irish queen
    fucked me 4 times in one day.
    I did not realise at the time he was stealing odd things from.
    I stopped seeing him.
    just now I got this black neighbour who said hello to me.
    I have to explain on this estate you not see any one for a while.
    I am so desperate.
    I now go downstairs at a certain time to see if he comes out of his flat.
    male orr female I am not bothered which will come first.
    I also met a female neighbour same as above.
    I do not know what flat she lives in.
    I am bisexual with my womens clothes sex toys etc.
    thank you.

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