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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 21

    In high school one of the custodians started talking with me a lot. He was an older, black man. Very nice. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Until we ran into each other on a weekend at a convenience store. He asked if I get high and offered to smoke a joint with me. We went to his apartment and got high. Two seconds later, he was sucking my dick. He blew me until I came and he swallowed my load. From then on we would meet up, get high and he would give me head.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I work as as a pt for a local med co. New patient came in with arm injuries on both sides. after assisting him to change into gym cloths ,basically muscle shirt and short running shorts and after some light stretching where i was able to see and feel his body quite a bit some light weights then swimming. He said he had brought a speedo pretty considerate for the 19 yo fairly smoothe great shape guy. I stayed in the cubicle as he changed and held him for stability. mmm nice cut cock light pubic hair. we go to the pool alone and i have him rest his torso on a float and wave his arms in the water. I tell him i need to hold his legs up in the back for the right angle. so im right in fromt of his tight speedo clad ass arms under his thighs. i tell him im moving up higher for stability so basically his cock n balls are on my arm . i sask is that ok he says yea its good as he begins to get hard and hump on my armes. i them move my hand down to grpoe his cock and he moans so i begin to stroke him. hes rything with pleasure so i pull down the speedo and begin to kiss his rock hard ass he says hes gonna cum so i go under and take his cock in my mouth as he pounds it in and shoots stream after stream of cum in muy moiuth. I come back up and flip him over to finish cleanuing him up and he regains his erection so i suck him with great fervre he cums again and ive never seen dso much cum

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Anything Goes â Bi-Sexual Male / 47
    I got my first blow job from a guy when i was 15 he late 20's best blowjob I've ever had to this day, i just kept pumping my sperm into his mouth as he kept fisting and sucking my cock, i was able to push it out of my head for 15 years until one day i saw a picture of a chick on her knees holding a beautifully sculptured 8# cut Cock it looked like she was kissing his knob or sucking the cum out of it like a straw, but it set something off in my head, within a week I was sucked off by another guy also went to a porn shop with a gay back room, i so wanted to be Fucked, wanted to feel a mans hands on my waist, as he positions his big Cock before deflowering me taking my virginity, i eventually got taken into a room by a short old Italian man, he pulled out his 8# cut cock which did not fit his small frame at all, i immediately dropped to my knees in lust for that Cock it so reminded me of the picture that started it all for me, i was hungry for his Cock, wanted it so bad wrapped my hand around it and went apeshit thought I was Linda Lovelace, i was actually trying to gag on it ramming my mouth down over his Fucken Huge Cock, was only sucking him for about 2 minutes when he pushed me back holding my head and said me Fuck you now, i was dizzy with lust I let him pick me up off my knees he pushed me over the end of the bed on my stomach next thing I knew he was smearing some goo on my hole and forced 1 then 2fingers inside me withdrew them then said I Fuck you now, you ready, yes please Fuck me Fuck me I remember pleading, he held my waist as his knob was pressing against my hole then pushed popped his big knob in and continued pushing slowly in then he stopped backed up a little then again pushed and repeated this until i felt his big old saggy ball sac slapping against mine, i was in heaven no stories or being told about the good and bad by others on chat lines hsd prepared me for the feeling I was having I didn't want him to stop, I found myself begging him to Fuck me harder, even though I knew he had his whole Cock inside me I wanted more, i started pushing back as he thrusted into me, i could hear him breathing faster like he was having a heart attack, then he began moaning Real load, then I felt all warm inside my hole and felt something running down the
    insides of my thighs. Fuck yeah that was awesome he just tucked his monster Cock back into his old man shorts and left me there, as soon as he stepped out another man walked in and calmly pulled out his smaller 6#cock and said ready for more, i was undecided whether I could handle another cock in my hole which was feeling a bit open, i could almost feel a breeze in my gaping hole he just pushed me back down said times up and shoved his slightly fatter Cock all the way in me and held it there, oh he dumped a big load in you for an old guy didn't he then he started fucking me in and out getting faster and faster all i could hear was a sloppy wet noise as he Fucked me for about a minute then said I'm Gunna cum inside you now bitch, then I got the same warm feeling as before but the sloshing sounds made me horny for more as he continued sliding his Cock in and out of me as I felt it getting smaller until he fell out of me I turned around expecting to see his Cock covered in my shit but all i could see was a cum soaked, dripping shriveled up Cock I dropped to my knees pulled him close and began licking his Cock like it was a dripping I've cream cone, Fuck I was so hot for Cock and Cum right then I would have stayed all night if i could have, he ended up getting hard again and i finally had a Cock in my mouth as it grew fatter and spurted in my mouth it wasn't the big load I was hoping for but i did lick him clean before sucking him. Hope you enjoyed my first time story as much as I did..Yummy, if your thinking about sucking a Cock you have to try it at least once.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I can not get enough of my business partner's young son's ass. He's a handsome young buck, nice kid, good athlete and student. He's a senior in high school and like last summer he will be working for us over the summer. He approached me on a business trip the first night of a four night stay. I had never been with a guy before but he wouldn't take no for an answer. The sex was like magic, his ass is perfect and he didn't spend a single night in his room. It hasn't been easy to get together over the school year, but we have managed a few quickies, one with my wife just upstairs in the kitchen. We are looking to a summer of fun this year

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    Straight Male / 26

    I identify as straight. And in spite of this last week I still do, but with some doubts.
    I did a conference for 4 days. I have read stories on this site for ages and always thought a lot of fiction is written and nothing like this ever happens to me or anyone I know.
    The conference was in Florida. I had never been before and my boss got sick late so sent me in his place. He told me I would be rooming with a guy he had roomed with before and he was a good guy. My boss is 45 and has a wife and a couple of kids. Jack, my room mate is 35 and also married with a daughter and son. I am single but have had a reasonably steady relationship for the last 13 months.
    I arrived early and settled into my room. Jack arrived late about midnight so I was already in bed when he came to the room. I had left the table lamp on for him
    I usually sleep in the nude but I had been out and bought some pjs knowing I was sharing.
    I sort of woke up but though I would pretend to be asleep as I was too tired for a whole lots of introductory chat.
    He got sorted and started to undress. When he was nude he went to the bathroom and did his stuff and then came back into the room. He had an amazing body. Really toned and muscled. His cock was huge and hung in front of him like a porn star.
    So, first alarm bell...seeing his body and especially his cock, I got an erection. Just no way I could stop it.
    I watched him get into bed, nude and then get out again to turn the lamp off.
    He got back into bed and turned over and went to sleep. I was really boned and so quietly masturbated and shot into my pjs. Holding my breath as I ejaculated. Then feel to sleep.
    He was not in the bed when I woke.
    He came in a few minutes later in his gym gear, all sweaty and pumped. Second alarm bell, I boned again.
    He said hi and held out his hand to shake mine.
    Said he was sorry he has been so late and hoped he hadn't woken me.
    He peeled his lycra top off and stood in tight lycra shorts. I was busting to take a pee and more and thought how the hell do I do this? He was chatting and I was still hard. He then just said hey if you have a woody no worries I have seen plenty. We are sharing and will have to accommodate each other , right? If you had been awake you would have seen mine earlier, and laughed. Don't mind me. So I pulled back my covers and got out of bed. Boned as fuck. He gave a little wolf whistle as I went to the bathroom. I was so fucking embarrassed. He then,
    jokingly, I thought, said if you need a hand give me a call.
    Alarm bell 3, it crossed my mind that actually I would love a hand. I started to masturbate. Totally without thinking I gasped and must have let out a moan of some sort. The door opened and Jack was standing in his jock strap looking at me jacking my throbbing cock. The pouch of his jock was bulging hugely. He didn't say anything just walked up and knelt in front of me and took my cock down his throat. I ejaculated immediately his mouth took me down.
    I haven't said much about me so far.
    I am 26, very toned, naturally quite smooth, and have an 8 inch uncut cock. I also have a huge tan and a very defined speedo tan line. I guess I look ok in the nude with a full erection.
    Frank pulled off me and walked back into the bedroom, gently closing the door.
    I took a crap and had a pee and got myself a little together, still semi boned.
    When I got back in the room Jack was nude on his bed, with his huge erect cock in his hand. He was smiling.
    I started to say I wasn't gay and wasn't he married and what about my boss and a whole lot of shit. He said nothing. Just kept smiling as he masturbated. My cock started to harden again and I felt totally defenseless. I walked over and got into bed with him. He gently took my anal virginity and I felt for the first time the incredible pleasure of pushing my cock up into a very tight anus, and the sensuality of kissing a man.
    We attended about half of the sessions. The rest of the time we spent in bed.
    He went home to his wife and family.
    I went home alone thinking what the fuck was that. I haven't called my girl friend yet.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    My story began on my birthday, my wife had organised a family and friend party to celebrate me turning 35. After everyone had left my wife had passed out on our bed, leaving me and a friend of my brothers (we will call him Kevin), to finish our drinks and tidy up.

    Kevin wasnât particularly a good looking guy, but was very confident and easy to talk to. As we chatted, the subject quickly moved on to sex and past partners, etc.
    Before I knew it, we was down the side of my house, with my trousers around my ankles with Kevins cock deep in my ass, as he was about to cum, I pulled away and swiftly took his throbbing member in my mouth, swallowing some, spitting to the ground the rest.

    He left shortly after, and I went to bed. But all night I could not stop feeling his pulsing cock inside me.

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    Gay Male / 52

    Throughout my adult life I have suppressed my gay desires for the most part.I have mostly dated women with occasional periods of gay sex.However I mostly find myself thinking about old men's thick juicy cocks and what it would feel like to pleasure them.Lately I find the desires intensifying and taking over.

    Today the desires just consumed me so I had to act on them.I know that in my old apartment building in the eastern part of the city there is a lonely old gay guy around 80 who takes early morning strolls hy the lake in a secluded area.I know this because i discovered him sunning himself naked on a warm day a couple weeks ago while I was walking on the trail.I coukd nit take my eyes off his thick erect cut cock which was swaying in the wind.He never saw me but that image of his cock was etched in my mind.I jerked off a few times since picturing it.It was early and I knew he would be there.I was wearing jogging pants and a light sweater.I lit up a matinee and smoked my cigarette as I made my way to where I thought he was.There was a hit feeling inside me growing.I then saw him naked with that sexy cock in a relaxed position hanging down.I lay down and stripped off my clothes and lay naked near him.He heard me and opened his eyes.He was bald and had a big round tummy that protruded.He smiled and said I know you you live in my building.This is a great spot isn't it?.I said it is yes.I lit up a cigarette and took a deep drag with my lips sucking the smoke in.He got up and moved beside me.He said let me caress that slim body of yours as you smoke.His hand explored me all over then rested on my increasingly hard 7 inch cut cock.That is a lovely cock you have there he said.He caressed it up and down and cupped my balls.As ge stroked my cock he gave me a wet lingering kiss.I gave him a smoky kiss back and he said smokers often kiss sexy guess they are used to something between their lips.We kissed some more then I reached over and touched his thick 6 inch cock.He got erect and I caressed him like he did me.I stared at it and thought I need that old cock in my mouth.I leaned over and sucked it beteeen my lips.I gave him slow head savoring every moment.Gradually my cocksucking aroused him to the point where he wss losing control and going to cum.I sucked deeper and more insistent.He cried out and shot a small load of salty cum into my mouth which I greedily swallowed.Then i lay back content.He said I needed that baby.I wished you had done that years ago when you moved into our huilding.But now we can make up for lost time.Afterva few minutes od rest he then turned to me and gave me a very loving blowjob ending me spurting a huge load down his old man's throat.After he had emptied my balls he gave me a cumkiss where he slipped some of my cum into my mouth.I consider you mine now he said as we have exchanged our seed.I lit up another cigarette and my head wss swooning.When I looked at him again it eas strange.His face had softened and he looked so sexy.I realised he wss starting to grow on me.He noticed me looking and gave me another deep wet kiss.You are sleeping at my place tonight honey.ZLUN

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    Gay Male / 41

    When I was 14 years old there was a sports complex that my family belonged to. One day over spring break I had decided to go for 30 minutes before it closed. After I finished playing basketball I went to the locker room to shower. I got done started drying off. I thought I was the only one there seeing no one through my workout. Anyway as I was drying off my legs I was bent over and when I stood up someone grabbed my mouth and whispered in my ear that he would beat me up if I screamed. I nodded and he told me to bend over, I said no way.

    He then put his fist up in that threading way and I said ok Iâll do it just donât hit me. I then felt his wet finger enter my anus. It wasnât to bad. Then I heard him spit and cover my mouth again. I felt his dick push against the opening of my hole and I squeezed it shut. He hit me in the back and told me that if I did that again he would beat me to death. I just let everything loose and let him squeeze in. The pain was so much. His cocktail finally got all the way in and my ass started to stretch. But still so much pain. He started going out and back in each time I felt more and more friction down there. Then I felt ripping and the wet warm substance started to drip in my ass and down my legs. My blood became our lube. He fucked me for no more than 7 minutes before he came in my ass. He then called me his slut and that I was a faggot queer. I was crying in pain and in embarrassment. He started to put his pants on and I said I was going to call the police. I immediately felt scared as he came over to me and hit me in the head. I fell to the ground and he punched me again. I was knocked out. When I woke up he had his dick in my mouth. I tried to scream but it was muffled as his cock was in my mouth. He told me that this was my punishment for threatening to tell. He told me if I did it again he would take me to his house and fuck me every day.

    I submitted and took his cock down my throat I felt it twitching and then his load dripping on my tongue. I laid there as he got up spit on me and told me next time I was to not struggle and to enjoy it. This happens twice more until my dad got new job offer and said we where moving I was so happy to be away from this man. Now as I think about it, it is probably the reason Iâm gay and love to get fucked. Wow this feels good to finally get off my chest.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I had a roommate, and we shared a car. The car was in my name, and we carpooled to work together since we were both in manufacturing. One night on our day off I told him I'd be in the town over with my girl going glow-bowling, and spending the night. Howbeit my axle blew on the way there, so I called a tow, and took it to a mechanic. I got a taxi service home, and to my surprise, an aesthetically alternative emo looking twink was in the apartment as I arrived. My roommate was both flustered, and irate, and I put the pieces together.

    After explaining the situation he decided to fix the car on his credit since I didn't have the funds to. I would pay him back was the deal. Over the course of months it grew into arguments, and he punched my glasses off one time. He got used to getting physical with me pinning me against the wall, holding my throat, and even hitting me sometimes. I felt trapped because I couldn't just leave, and I felt obligated to pay off the debt. I didn't want the cops involved either because I relied on him a bit to live.

    I couldn't take it anymore, so one day I proposed that I would do anything for him to stop hitting me. I don't know what frame of mind I was in.. But seeing that twink, and getting roughed up all the time probably had something to do with it. So immediately I'm sprawled over my bed on my tummy getting my pants removed. Once my rear was bare it was getting spanked, and caressed. I let myself loose with moans to pacify him in hopes this was the key to not being treated like absolute dog shit anymore.

    I'm in doggie position, and he eats my butt, and gives me a reach around. I glance at my alarm clock, and after 30 minutes of the ass play, and reach around I still haven't came... So he putts me on the floor on my knees, and I see his cock. It couldn't have been more than 3 inches. It was laughably small. But girthy as it was thick around. He says I'm sucking his cock. I rebuttal "not without a condom" The condom goes on,and he's more passive now. Leaving me to do the work. I take him into my mouth, and use as much tongue as I can. I bob, short little bobs on his stub, until he starts thrusting into my mouth. I could feel drool leaking out my mouth, and down my chest, and stomach. I can't stop looking at the clock this goes on for an eternity. His cock is soaked in my spit, and once again he orders me doggy style on the bed to be fucked.

    My butt is somewhat bubbly, and it's just not going in. He's thrusting, but it's not actually penetrating.. So.. Not to humiliate him I improve, and start moaning. I rock myself back into him, and my butt starts clapping his hips. This goes on for an hour before he's done with me. At this point he switched condoms, and orders me on my knees again...

    I suck him off for another 45 minutes, and he cums into the condom. My tongue at this point tastes like burnt rubber. It was really a strong, and bitter rubbery taste in my mouth from so much friction on the condom. Our relationship escalates because he blackmails me because I have a girl-friend... So now I am an exhibitionist for him, and he takes nude pictures of me on his phone.

    I was getting roughed up still, but at least not beat up. I'm out of the situation now it was years ago. But I find myself thinking about our sessions as I jack off today.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    17, not 18. When I was 15 I got drunk with some guys at a party. I was spending the night so didn't care and got plowed. I woke up on the floor the next morning naked with another guy naked next to me. When I stirred it woke him up and he grabbed me and tried to fuck me. I said no and pulled away. He asked why I pulled away and I told him I wasn't gay. He said that I was last night and got fucked all night long to prove it. I looked at the puddle of sperm that was underneath me, and could feel more leaking out of my butt. I got up and went to the toilet, I had to go and a lot of sperm came out with a little poop. I looked at my butt in the mirror and it was red, and kinda opened up. I wiped up and went back and there were three guys there, all wanting to fuck me "again". I said no, and asked for my clothes, then they played a video and showed pictures they took of me getting fucked the night before. Turns out 7 guys took turns on me several times through the night. They said that if I didn't let them all fuck me again they'd spread the pictures and video around to everyone.

    I submitted and got fucked three more times. I got my clothes and left. The next day 2 guys showed up at my house and took me out in the car and fucked me at a secluded spot in the woods. After that I knew that I was the type of guy that just gets fucked by other guys. 2 years later and I've let 22 more guys fuck me. I've been fucked by guys from 13 to 50 years old, single married, whatever.

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