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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    My wife was out for the evening earlier this week, attending a church recital. I stayed at home for two reasons. One because church isn't my thing, and the second, is so I could fuck the shit out of our neighbors son Kyle.
    He's a very cute nineteen year old kid, and someone I've been screwing for nearly two years now. He's bisexual like myself. And he's also just as much into receiving cock up his ass and down his throat, as I am to give it to him.
    He's not my only young male fuck, but he is my regular fuck and a young man I have fun with almost daily. My sex drive is just as strong now, if not more so, than it's ever been. So my wife avoids that kind of interaction with me, claiming god gives her what she needs.
    Well my two young bucks who adore my cock deep up their shit boxes, are my salvation right now. And I don't intend on stopping anytime soon. Oh by the way, the second young man I get to empty my balls into, just so happens to be the pastors son. When he knows he can with my wife at church, he joins myself and Kyle.
    Things get really hot and dirty when they're together and I cannot resist just how beautiful it is to see them make out, before I fuck them both.
    In our world, my cock is their idol and by Christ do they worship it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have been with many women and they all think Iâm good I love making them cum. So how I got with a man at 52 I was doing a job for a customer after he was smoking a stogi and asked if I wanted one I said yes and we had a drink and a stogi on his back beck. He had told me his wife had past away 5 yours ago as we talk we started talking about sex and women he said he had gone out here and there but nothing came of it. He was 63 I was 52 he was a strong looking man as we talked I could see he was hard I told him we better talk about other things that he was getting to happy he said he had not had sex with and one in 6 years I told him no way how can you go that long he then pulled his dick out and boy was he big and he started giving himself a hand job he said this is how I get off. I could not stop watching him as I looked at him he was looking at me out eyes locked and he said places me and if I had ever been with a man I said no then the next thing I know I was on my knees between his lags playing with his dick after about 10 min he put his hand on the back of my head and he put his dick in my mouth.

    I loved the feel of his dick in my mouth and how he was feeling all I wanted to do was make him happy I have him head that night two times and I stopped over about 5 times a week to get him off. Then one night he had womenâs things on the bad and he asked me to put them on and I did what I was told he has power over me. He loved how I looked he said that is how he wants to see me from that point on and my names is Becky he then said he was going to fuck me I said donât hurt me and boy did he fuck me. I still see him 5 nights a week he has told me he loves me he is the only guy I want I still see women but for him I am the women he calls me his wife and he is my husband he fucks me 3 nights a week and I suck him the others all I want to do is make him happy

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    In high school I played soccer and volleyball because I was crushed on the coach. She was the most perfect specimen of woman, tall, blonde and blue eyed, with muscular legs and arms, and a tight muscular butt. She wore sports bras so it was hard to know what her breasts were like, I like breasts. On the team was a sophomore catcher, her name was Liza Vargas, brown and solid, solid. In the dressing room I saw her tits, they were nice size, with nice nipples. I came out to her, told her I loved her, asked her to go out with me, went to her house to see her, forced a kiss on her. Liza Vargas didn't want me. It didn't matter I got a thousand kisses from her, I laid her on her back and got on her and kissed her and sucked on her tits. I got my hand between her legs too. She didn't want to be my girlfriend but I didn't let her not be my girlfriend. I made her go to prom with me, and I made he dance a slow dance with me. Liza Vargas was my first all around girlfriend, when I finally got her to let me eat her pussy I knew that I was never going to suck dick. Liza didn't want to be queer, but she never had a chance. She was my queer girlfriend in high school and after high school. She tells me she is fluid, but she has never touched a dick, sucked a dick and no dick has ever gotten close to her pussy. Liza Vargas is not fluid, she is queer like me and she knows it. I love her and we don't do dick.

    Liza Vargas, I love you. I never thought I was going to fall for a Mexican. But I did.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Two points in my life.

    I went to a military boarding school when my parents were stationed overseas. The assistant headmaster slept in the dorms and kept order. He was an old Arab or Turkish man, very dark with facial hair and hairy chest, arms and legs. He showered with us and we were over impressed by his heavy hairy dick. When he caught your eye he would soap and lather his dick and slowly wash it, letting it slip in and out of his hand, sort of masturbating or jacking off. If there was only one of us in the showers he insisted on lathering us up, washing our hair and soaping up our dicks, getting us hard and hugging us up to him while he jacked us off. He liked me and he bathed me and when he was through, after wrapping me in my towel, he would kiss my mouth. His lips were soft and sweet and hot. I loved being kissed and held tight against him. I guess I was his favorite at the time.

    We were going to move on from high school and he called me in to his room. I had been there many times before, this time he closed the door and held me and kissed me and told me he didn't want to see me leave. He undid his pants and had me hold on to his dick while he kissed me. His dick was big and I loved holding his dick. I had kissed it many times, but that day he told me that it was time for him to give me something for me to remember him. He undid my pants and sucked my dick, turned me around and fingered me with a cold slippery gel. I knew what was coming, I let him finger me deep with a finger until he felt I was ready and he put me on the bed with a pillow under my hips and got on me and his dick seemed to take a long time to get all the way in.

    If I had tears in my eyes, it was from the shear pleasure of it. He did make it all the way in, I could feel his balls against me as he shoved in and out, when he stopped he rested his chest on my back for a moment, got up and pulled his dick all the way out, waited a few minutes and kissed me. I was naked without my pants and his hand went all over my dick as he got me up and worked me into ejaculating in his hand. I was leaving high school fully prepared for the wide wide world, his words telling me be careful. I went back the last day before I left school and we had a quick fast fuck before I left. I would never again be the favorite.

    Aft er college I married a girl from my hometown, not so much because we loved each other but because our parents wanted it that way. A perfect couple, a college graduate with a job and recent high school graduate with a pretty face who was ready to start a family. She was all virgin on our wedding night. She came to bed with all these instructions from her mother on what to do and what not to do. I fucked her hard that night, and fucked her face. I liked fucking her face, getting my dick in her mouth and fucking her face. It was a bad thing to do, but she was so pretty that forcing my dick in her mouth made me feel good. She was a producer and soon we had three kids, we had bought a small house and I worked and she took care of things on the home front and socialized with her high school crowd and her parents. They weren't my type of people so I mostly worked and only got together when the occasion demanded it.

    She did her part, unfortunately she was afflicted with ovarian cancer in her early thirties, had a complete hysterectomy, chemo, but she died two years later leaving me with three kids to finish raising. She left a hole in my life and I never found another woman to take her place.

    As I grew into my fifties I started playing golf. At first with some guys from work, and then slowly I made friends at the club and joined other groups. Among them was a retired group who took a trip every year to some far away gold course to play. By then I had a bit of money, and when they asked me to go with them to play in the Bahamas I signed up. The resort is quite expensive so we shared rooms. My roommate, a sixty nine year old man worked out and kept in shape, he was hairy with silver hair on his back and chest, he was tanned, and he walked around naked in the room. I was sitting in the one easy chair and he walked over, his dick at eye level for me, big and dark with a bushy silver mane. I just leaned over and took his dick in my mouth and started to suck. His only comment was that he saw that I liked it. Soon he had me on the bed and with only a little bit of spit he shoved his dick up my ass.

    I remembered my days in high school, but in the moment his felt larger and more menacing and it felt so good. He was a hard top, like me a widower who lived alone. His preference was 'nailing' young kids he met at the golf club, caddies, bellhops, waiters. But he didn't mind having a good time with me on that trip to the Bahamas. It had been a long time for me, but the feel and taste of his dick, holding his hard dick in my hand, feeling his dick slide into me, I just liked getting fucked when I was at the boarding school, and I liked it more now. He wasn't much for kissing but he knew I wanted it and he agreed. For me it is important.

    After a few months we decided to live together, on the excuse that we were going to save money. For appearances we have different sides of the house, but we get together to suck and fuck. We have a large backyard jacuzzi system, we get in there naked and spend an hour or so kissing and jacking each other off. I've been fucked so many times leaning over the edge of jacuzzi I lost count. We keep a couple of outdoor cushions handy for me to lean on while he does his magic.

    Thanks for listening, it feels good to let it out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Im still a teen im horny all the time I jerk off all the time am i freak. Ive been with a couple girls but for years Ive been giving head to guys as well It makes me feel ashamed and dirty but it really turns me on I worry that im young and ive already have done nasty stuff.I started giving head to my best friend at a young age.he even stuck it up me a couple times when we were drunk.once we got coked up and 69ed on my neighbors bed while watched.later that night he took turns sodmizing us for a long time my friend didnt like it.but i stayed up all night sucking and fucking this older man ive known for a decade or so.the next morning I followed him into the shower and gave him fellitio while his wife slept.I feel ashamed yet i love be man handled by older men

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    Gay Male / 54

    When I was between jobs before going to college I took a short job helping with this moving company in town. The driver was a 35 year old Mexican American guy named Diego. We went on this one small job to move an office from one location to another. After we were done and we were straightening out the back of the truck, stacking and securing Diego pulled the back door of the truck closed and came up to me and grabbed me from behind and started to hump me telling me that he was going to make sure I enjoyed it.

    He kept messing with my pants trying to get them unbuckled, I could feel his hard dick against my ass crack, I helped him get my pants undone and pushed them down, felt his naked dick against my ass. He told me to bend over and lean on against the wall of the truck and he spit and told me that this I was going to like. I remember the real good feeling of his dick rubbing against my asshole and then him shoving it in further and further. He kept saying something like 'Oh God your tight, you like this? It's good isn't it'. It was good, he got all the way in and put his arms around my waist and banged away until he lost his load. I turned around and he was holding his dick in his hand, my dick was limp and I could still feel my asshole. He wiped his dick clean with his shirt and gave it to me to suck. I sucked him for a while, he got hard again and he sucked me and jacked me off until I lost my load.

    Diego was my first and he fucked me. Even after I quit the job to go work at the plant I kept up with Diego and he fucked me. I loved getting fucked back then, I loved sucking his dick. I didn't have much experience with queers but I learned that Diego was a top and I was a bottom. I never wanted to fuck him, but I really liked him fucking me.

    I was never a flaming queer, I liked serious older guys who fuck and like to get sucked. During my senior year at college I worked the projection room at the local theater and the owner/manager fucked me in the projection room all year long.

    Memories of course fade, but my memories of those early years seem quite alive today. I work as an HR manager for a small manufacturing business and my husband is a retired cop and owns and operates a small restaurant and gift shop in town. Times have changed and we are recognized and no one seems to give a damn. Not like those early days when you got labeled queer and cock sucker and you smiled and shot back that they were jealous because they wanted to fuck you but didn't have the guts to come out and take it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    As a teen I got a few BJ's from a guy. Got married at 20 and until a few years ago was faithful to my wife. After she left I dated a bit but don't trust woman any longer. I started fantasizing about gay sex. So on Craigslist I went (closed personals now) when I was on a three night stay in San Diego, lots of options there.
    After exchanging a few messages with a guy I decided to hook up with him and his partner.
    I was very nervous and unsure so I asked they just take control. Both were masculine and fun. The one guy dominate by nature so he took the lead. I was taken to their downstairs playroom. I was told to shower and use the enema attachment. They were in the play room messing a bit and getting ready for me. There we are all naked, and I am just looking at his cock. I like THICK cut cocks, and he had that 7" really THICK, and I'm just staring at it. He says what do you want, that thick cock I said. He told me to blow his partner and while I was he started using toys on my ass. Lubed me up well and started small and then used bigger toys getting me ready to be fucked. My primary desire is to suck cock and I had fun blowing them both. They put me in a sex sling. Arms and legs restrained I felt so vulnerable and it was hot, so different then fucking my ex wife. One guys starts fucking me, THICK cock if feeding me his dick, there I was getting it in both ends. Anal hurt a bit at first but then it felt great. My cock was hard and throbbing from the feeling. The guy fucking me cums, second later the other guy blasts a big load in my mouth and I came without being touched.
    I hope to find on hot top here in my town to train me as his cock-sucking bottom. I can't wait to wrap my mouth around a THICK hard throbbing cock again.
    Any hung mature tops in Chico CA USA??? LOL

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Honestly I'm straight but lately I've wanted to fuck a guy or a shemale.

    Any takers? I'm just curious.

    Put ur email on here n I'll hit u up.

    Please no one over 40

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    i been hooking up with this older black dude from work. it started out pretty cool, watching sports, drinking beet, just hanging out but he worked on my horny fast and had me sucking his dick. Now tho, since i let him fuck my ass his attitude has changed. Like he's getting off being kinda mean, making me kiss his ass, but not a in hot way cause he knows im not into it, but its like he don't care at all anymore he just does what he wants to get off. The weird thing is his indifference is even hotter, even when he gets pissed or kinda abusive this whole thing is disturbing but im really attracted to this guy and hate that i love the way he treats me.

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    Gay Male / 29

    I've got a roving eye and find myself able to love men of all kinds. Sure I got ruff preferences, my old go to types of guy. but truth be told even those get stale after awhile. I got a thick head of hair blue eyes, kinda a pretty boy so I usually find opportunities to fall into, but not as many as if I was a top. The guy hooked up with was my height and a bit bigger, he had a smooth sexy afro fade, a hot tub, and he was real laid back so he went to the top of my list. He really seemed to enjoy giving me massages, and even thou I mostly bottom, I worked up a fuck or to for him more than a couple of times. We kinda settled into a easy going fuck bud wrestling relationship. He really got hot physically dominating me. He wasn't real mean about it, but he loved to pin me, make me cry uncle and that kinda stuff. I got off on it pretty bad too, mostly because he got so hot about doing it. We hooked up at his place Friday and he says he has a friend coming over so i needed to be cool. So we bullshit, play around a little until this guy shows up. Now this is getting interesting, checking out his super dark Luke Cage looking friend. The guy never said a word, he just eyes me looking an pulls out a fantastic growing uncut dick. I ain't had no pride at all, just knee dropped in front of him, and started dicklicking his beautiful pole. It went crazy after that, they did everything you can think of with me and I enjoyed all of it.

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