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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 24

    I was with a somewhat older guy that I was friends with at the begiing of this summer. We were sittng around hisplace feeling bored and he talked me into getting naked and messing around with him. As he laid there on the bed displaying his erection he grinned and asked if I wanted to suck it. I had never even dreamed of doing anything like that, but I was feeling curious and brave and adventurous, so I tried taking hisnharddick into my mouth. It was very exciting doing that, and it made my erection absolutely rigid. After a couple of minutes he ejaculated fully in my mouth. I wasn't exact;ly wild about how that asted, but it such a fantstic turn on having another guy do that in my mouth. Since then I have given him several more blow jobs and have absolutely loved the experience!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 16 me and a few buds went camping for a week during the summer we all made a deal who ever draw the short stick had to crossdress the whole trip.

    As we got to the camp we draw I lost so after we put up are tent James Nick and Paul throw me a bag with 10 days worth of girls clothing and makeup and a wig.

    So I go doll my self up I come out and all them say damn if we didn't know it was you I'd try taking you home I smile and say you guys sure know how to treat a girl.

    After awhile we all start drinking I just got tipsy but they all where drunk as I bent to grab another beer Nick lifts my dress and I feel his cock on me and James and Paul had there cocks in my face I say about time we get to the real fun i start sucking them as Nick fucks me after few mins we all go in the tent me and we all just fuck each other.

    Then after we where done we passed out holding each other next morning I get up to pee I'm sill in the thong and bra I see a guy looking at me so I act like I'm sucking a dick to him and flash him my cock he smiles and we walk over to each other and we start talking few mins later I was blowing the DNR officer.

    And I let him fuck me God that man know how to fuck after he was done he covered my face with his jizz and tells me now no more flashing and put some cloth on you kids now day then he left I go back to camp all the guys see my face and ask what happend to me so I tell them they all laugh I tell them hey I just got some dick still with a big smile on my face.

    And all week long we fucked the whole camping trip.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Last weekend I lost a bet to my friend and it was for $100 dollars that I really donât have. I told him this hoping for sympathy but he said I would have to make it up in other ways, more embarrassing ways. He then stood in front of me and pulled out his cock to which I said âwhat the hell are u doingâ. He told me he would forget the bet if I sucked his dick for 1 minute and he wouldnât tell anyone. Idk why I didnât just say no but I agreed and got down on my knees and began. This is where things got weird, I obviously could have just bobbed up and down for a minute and been done with it but I decided this is going to be the only time Iâm going to suck a dick in my life I might as well have some fun with it. So I did just that, every little trick u see in porn, swirling my tongue around the Tip licking up and down the dick, spitting on it to make it sloppy, deepthroat all 7 inches surprisingly (found out I donât have a gag reflex). At that point the timer went off and I again donât know why but I simply turned it off looked at this big dick in front of me and realized this would probably be the only time Iâd be in this position and I honestly wanted to get a reward in my mouth. I looked up into my friends eyes with his saliva covered dick in my hand and said âif u ever tell anybody Iâll kill uâ and went back to work on his cock. I could not believe how much I enjoyed having a dick in my mouth and making someone feel good, it went on for another 15 minutes only because whenever he would get close Iâd pull off and slow down and just lick his balls and dick. Finally I got my reward a big mouthful of cum. I pulled off and swallowed in one gulp and looked at my friend and laughed and said âthank uâ we both laughed before I put his dick back in in my mouth to clean it up and get every drop.

    He came over last night for another blow job and I think I can get used to this.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    My name is josh and this story happened about a week ago when my friends and I went camping. To give some background Iâve known I was bi since I was about 17 and by bi I mean Iâm sexually attracted to women but I also love dick. Iâm an ass and dick guy all the way but Iâve never actually done anything gay before and people donât know Iâm bi because why would I say something if itâs only for dick? Iâm not attracted to guys in any other way (okay and if they have a nice shaved ass) so itâs only a sex thing. The only person who does know is my buddy Joe who actually was the one that made me realize it. Essentially what happen is we were talking over Skype one night and talking about sex and ass like guys do and Joe started saying he has a girl bubble butt and I obviously called his bluf, so he turned around and pulled his shorts down. I couldnât believe it he had a really nice ass. I told him how nice it was and I canât remember how it happened but eventually he just showed me his dick and I fell in love with it it was bigger than mine and just looked perfect. Like me he was perfectly shaved and I eventually admitted I liked it and he was really cool about it. We always would watch porn together on skype, not show anything but talk about what we were watching and what we were into and he was so interested in the fact that I didnât like dudes just Dick. This obviously led to me loving tranny porn which weâd always talk about and heâd even try to get into and watch but he just did not like dick. But he would always send me dick and ass pics when Iâd ask so I could jerk off to them he thought it was funny and was just a good friend. At some point I offered to start sucking his dick but he said he didnât even think heâd get hard which obviously I understood.

    As time went by and we got older and busy we stopped really doing the jerking off on skype thing especially because like myself women were in love with his dick and he was fucking women constantly. I did okay Iâve been with about 4 women and I was really good in bed so they were all multiple times. Deep down I knew I wanted to try a dick and jerked off to the thought of his which Iâd still see time to time when weâd piss outside together and he knew I loved it.

    Okay fast forward to last week me and about 20 friends a mix of guys and smoking hot girls had a 3 day camping trip in an isolated part pretty deep in the woods next to a lake it was fun and beautiful. Now the catch and what ultimately leads to the cause of this story is of the 9 girls there 5 had boyfriends and 4 were people we had been friends with since elementary school and it was unlikely of hooking up with them. So a bunch of dudes just had to ogle at these beautiful women in tiny bikinis all day leaving us horny with no release.

    On the last night me and joe went for our classic drunk midnight walk in the woods. We actually stumbled onto this path we hadnât gone down and traveled deep into the woods which was probably stupid but we were just talking and didnât care. We eventually started talking about how hot the girls were and how horny we were agreeing the 1st thing we were doing when we got home was jerking off. At this point we were about 25 minutes away from camp when we stumbled upon another little area leading right into the lake. We both decided to go skinny dipping which joe suggested probably cause he loved showing off his ass and dick to me which of course I was all in for seeing. He stripped down and I didnât even hide it I locked my eyes on his big soft dick. We joked about it and he spun around to show me his ass which I immediately slapped he laughed then went on the lake at that point I took my shorts off and followed. We swam around a bit and it was like old times with him asking curious questions about what I would do with a dick and having me explain why his dick was so nice to bump his ego Iâd assume. I jokingly said his dick was small which led to him essentially betting me he was bigger than me and we agreed to compare.

    Now we had both seen each otherâs dicks a lot but never both hard in person. I knew he was bigger than me for sure but I wanted to see up close and Iâm not sure if it was because he was drunk or horny or both but he was in and said we should make a bet. He tried to bet money but I played it off saying he still owes me from another bet, I realized with those 2 factors of him being very drunk and horny this was my shot. So eventually I got him to agree that the one with the smaller dick has to jerk the other guy off. I was so excited I was shaking we got out of the water to do this I was got rock hard right away and admittedly I have a small dick only at 4.2 inches to be exact. I noticed joe having trouble getting hard so I just started talking about how nice his dick was which got him there. I knew because he has told me before heâs 6.7 inches and his dick towered over mine. He laughed and said to pay up.

    My dream was coming true I went right to work jerking him off on my knees face inches from that beautiful dick. He was trying to get into it and telling me he knows how bad I want this dick and I just kept agreeing with him and telling him how much bigger he is than me and that I was a beta and he was alpha he definitely loved it but the fact he was getting jerked off by a guy definitely set in and he began going soft. He said he wasnât gonna be able to cum but he appreciated me trying. My moment was slipping away and I wasnât gonna just let it go. I told him let me try one last thing and without saying anything I wrapped my lips around his dick finally. To my surprise he just looked shocked. I rolled my tongue around his tip and could feel him getting harder. I told him to lay down on his back which he did while looking confused, I went to his side and went back to work on his dick but this time I showed off my secret weapon I had worked so hard on, my big tight shaved bubble ass that I had spent 2 years working out to crest so when the time came to get fucked I would look hot from behind. I never would have dreamed it would be used for this moment, I poked it straight up in the air and wagged it. Within seconds Joeâs dick grew to full size in my mouth. I felt his had smack against my ass and I nearly came. He clearly didnât want to talk he just wanted to focus on this incredible blow job and ass shaking. I was in heaven it was roughly 10 minutes of a dream come true, I realized we had gone this far and I thought I could convince him to fuck me doggy style. I was technically a virgin anally but I had a dildo at home so I was loosened up and had lake water to use as lube. I knew he said before he canât come from blow jobs and I told him I didnât want to leave him with blue balls and got on all fours in front of him. Hesitated at 1st but finally gave in and just said not to tell anyone which I said obviously too. It honestly felt so right be face down with a man with a bigger dick that me fuck me and slap my ass around. I came 3 times in the next 15 minutes which he loved that he could make me do with out touching it. I felt his pace quicken and begged him to finish off owning me forever by cumming on my face, he made me beg and tell him he owned me which we both loved and then pulled out and I swung around mouth open Tongue out and was greeted with 3 days full of cum that covered my face. We both sat there catching our breath and me swallowing and licking his cum from my lips and letting the rest drip on my face. We looked at each other and just laughed our asses off. He told me he couldnât believe how good he was and said my ass was a game changer. He said thatâs free ass and he can obviously have it whenever which I assured him it was his. As we walked back I laughed and kind of seriously told him that he absolutely owned me I was his beta, I said âu literally had a way bigger dick had me on my knees sucking your cock and my ass in the air I while he took my ass and finished it off my cumming on my faceâ he agreed and then stopped pulled out his cock and told me to get on my knees. I happily listened.

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    Gay Male / 29

    I took part in a Pride day recently, a couple I know invited me to go with them and a friend I travelled to their city to stay with them.

    I got there by train on the Friday night, they met me and we went back to one of their friends who was putting me up for the weekend.

    It was a fairly tame night as we all wanted to be in the best shape for the next day so they left leaving me with the guy putting me up for the weekend, when Jay the guy who I was staying with asked what outfit would I be wearing; whether I was dom or sub, was I a pup or just into the clothing.

    I was a bit shocked and chooked on my drink, until he explained they were all part of the local bdsm scene and figured I knew as I was invited to go with them and that they would all be kitted out for the day.

    He was a bit shocked that no one had told me but figured what the hell, they had enough between them that I could borrow.

    So they were all in bdsm, took part in regular meets and play with each other and no one thought to bring this up!

    I was a little pissed off and quite frankly was contemplating getting the next train home in the morning.

    So after a small rant, some hand gestures and walking probably a mile on his carpets I calmed down.

    Offering me another drink he started to explain everything, who he was what role he played and what the others enjoyed. He apologised and said he would have words with the others as this was not something you just spring on someone out of the blue.

    He had hoped I would play the submissive as he was a dom and needed a sub to complete the look.

    I asked if he could show me what he had that I could wear, not that I had commited to going.

    So he took me into his room and opened up one of the large cupboards, one side was lots of different outifts and the other side toys and accessories.

    My jaw had dropped, I'm not shy and I've played with toys but not like this, he ahd a whole part of his life dedicated to it.

    I was getting a little buzzed off the beer and was starting to enjoy myself when he said that it could be a onetime thing and a great memory to have.

    So I watched as he found what could fit as I was a couple of inches shorter and slightly thinner but not by much.

    He choose some leather trousers, a black sleeveless top and then asked about restraints and whether I wanted people to see my face.

    Considering everything and what he slowly showed me and explained I decided to try the leather hood and cuffs, with a leather chest to waist harness.

    So there I was with a guy I was just getting to know being dressed in leather and about to try the bondage gear on.

    The trousers needed a belt but were quite comfy when I got them on, they were soft but tight in the right areas. I noticed a zip that ran down the centre of my arse.

    The top fit okay and I was quite pleased with the look, I wasnt defined muscles but it didnt look wrong on me.

    So he showed me how the wrist cuffs went on, settled the harness before tighening the straps; the look was quite good.

    I was realising how much fun I was having, the booze getting to me probably helped me along.

    He showed me the hood he wanted me to wear, a heavy black lace up hood with belts and built in collar with D rings.

    I sat there a bit nervous as he pulled it over my head and settled it all into place; the laces being tightened until the hood felt like a second skin.

    I felt the collar being tightened and the two belts over the back being buckled into place.

    The eye wholes would take a bit of getting used to but overall I could see rather well.

    Asked how I was feeling and I said good but a little claustrophobic, I got a chuckle in response and told that tomorrow I would wear this with my black boots.

    Jay explained how to act, how to be around others and at no point to accept anyone else to be in control of me; to stay with him and we would all have a laugh. If at any point I was nervous I could ask for the gear to be off and just enjoy the day.

    So after just a bit of play, me being lead around on a lead, showing me how to kneel etc... the gear was off and I passed out on the couch.

    The following day was a bit of a weird start as we took turns in the shower, I took a bit of time to get myself rather clean incase I hooked up but then again going as someone sub meant I probably wouldnt.

    Jay helped me into the gear, this time adding a set of padlocks to the collar, hood and cuffs saying others would expect them and that he had keys with him.

    He dressed to impress, heavy black leather biker trousers, Doc Martins and a balck shirt.

    He had a black leather backpack with him that he said had essentials and some fun bits for us to play with.

    I was getting turned on by how strong he looked.

    It then shockingly dawned on me that I had to get to Pride first dressed like this, with a slap to my leather covered forehead I asked the dumbest question of how do we get there.

    I got a full on belly laugh, and then told the others are taking their car and we would be parking just a short walk away in another friens work yard. I grabbed my hoodie and pulled it on and the hood up for now.

    So meeting my friends who I had a few words with, their response was we didnt think you would come if you knew; youre a bit of a stick to what you know kind of guy and we need to loosen you up.

    I joked that I was in restraints, kind of the opposite of loosening up; so the drive there became back and forth banter whilst I thought over their outfits.

    Dave was dressed quite similar to Jay, except he had a muscle shirt on and a set of military styled boots.
    His partner Michael was dressed like a pup with a fucking dog like leathe rmask on.

    Talk turned to plans on what they were going to do after the parade and said they would head to their usual haunts, followed by a club later on.

    The parade was fucking brilliant, I walked alongside Jay as he held a lead pulling me slightly if I stepped out of pace; the atmosphere was euphoric with the people hyped up, the music was great and so much cheer going on.

    Eventua lly we ended up in a club, full of leather men taking part in very risky but fun times.

    Jay got asked a few times if I was available to play but he insisted that I was under his protection and still learning my place.

    To be honest I didnt fancy playing with a stranger anyway, towards the later part of the night Jay asked if I wanted to play with him.

    I gulped and knew full well what he meant and deciding that it couldnt hurt to find out, I nodded.

    He dragged me with him to a corridor and stairs, leading up to what he said were private rooms and that my friends had one already.

    In the room my friends were already playing as it were, with Michael tied to a frame being whipped.

    I said I didnt want to be whipped but wouldnt mind a bit of restraints and bondage.

    Jay smiled and said he would only do what I wanted.

    He pointed out a bondage frame that looked quite like a bench with leg supports.

    I laid over it with my hands holding onto the other legs, whilst my feet were lifted into the holders.

    I could feel betls being tightened and soon I was bent over at the waist, belts over my back holding me down as he clipped the buckles on my cuffs into the anchor points and then belted my elbows.

    Overall I was very secure, head forward, ass in the air like it was being presented.

    By this point Dave and Michael had stopped what they were doing and after Mike being untied they came over and admired me saying how good I looked.

    They went on how they thought me and Jay would get along, wondering if I had the guts to go through with it.

    So Jay then said what should we do next, as he layed his hand on my head and drummed his fingers like he wasa tapping away a tune.

    I offered my mouth and arse up to Jay, and over the next hour I was fucked sily by him as Dave and Michael fucked in front of me.

    I dont know if I am willing to do more of this again, but it will be a great memory.

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    Gay Male / 53

    At 22 I had to drop out of college and get a job. A man I knew who fixed musical instruments old me to go see his friend who worked at a large hotel. He gave me a job as a night clerk. The night manager was nice and taught me my job, I caught on fast and the night auditor asked me to help him. I got a raise and was the assistant night auditor and back up night desk clerk.

    Then one night I went to the men's room, I went to the men's room near the back entrance because I needed to take a shit. In the other stall were four shoes, I recognized them, they were dead silent, I sat there seeing who would leave first, took my shit, wiped and flushed, but didn't move. I listened and the breathing was obvious, the shoes barely moved, my dick was so hard, I couldn't help it. Finally I caved, I got up and left. What I never though of was that my shoes also gave me away. I had tripped on my boss with the night security guard. My boss kept to himself. Our relationship was formal but no longer personal. The security guard kept his distance too. My job sucked, I was frozen out.

    I made friends with the morning shift cook, a Mexican man in his forties. I wandered over to the kitchen and talked to him. Jose was nice, he did his set up and we talked. One night he asked me if I needed a radio, he wanted to sell his to buy another one. I went to his apartment to pick it up, he was in his briefs, nothing else. His dick was obvious and I couldn't help staring at it. We looked at the radio but he put his hand on mine. Putting the radio down he pulled me over to him and asked for a kiss. He took my hand and put it on his dick, he grabbed my head and kissed me. Like a zombie I let him walk me to his bed where he took his briefs off and got in the bed and asked me in. His dick was hard and I just looked at it while he undid my pants and pulled my pants down and sucked my dick. That afternoon I sucked his dick and he fucked me after greasing me up.

    The word got back to my boss, he had his turn with me, I got invited to a gang bang party and I sucked eight dicks, and got fucked twice. I was back in good graces, I was mainly Jose' but he shared me with my boss.

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    Lesbian Female / 30

    I am the eldest of eight children, four female and four male, in that order. Being the eldest, and this applies to my sisterâs as well going down the line, we had mom duties with our younger siblings. I donât want to sound weird but when I was in my teens with my baby brother I tried to nurse him, but was dry as a bone for obvious reasons. I still liked having him suck on my tit.
    I went to college at a mostly all womenâs school and I was assigned a roommate from Kentucky, nice girl with good values and all, but an only child. She had a hard time understanding my homesickness and separation from my sisters and younger brothers. I was homesick, like sick and stayed in my room. She mothered me, or babied me, depending on how you want to look at it and I got the urge to nurse on her, suck her tits. It wasnât a tiny urge, it was a great big urge, and when she touched me I got this urge for her to put her hand on my pussy. And while I am confessing I wanted to kiss her too.
    First came the kiss, and quickly before she could get away latching onto her tit like my brother latched onto my tit when I pretend nursed him. She said it hurt and to stop but I had her tit in my mouth and I wasnât going to let go, not till she spoke to me in that mom type voice. When she stopped me she was leaning over me of course and she had her hand on my stomach and my pussy was crying, sweating, just begging to be grabbed that I moved her hand down until she had her hand on my pussy. She then let me suck on her tit again, but this time she held my head and kept her hand between my legs.
    She was a gay girl and that is why she went to that school because it was famous for all the gay girls that went there. And it was our luck to be thrown together and she knew what to do and we were soon cuddling naked in bed and making love at all hours of the night. It turned out that I was the instigator and she was the receptor and she let me instigate. I learned that I liked pussy and she liked having me like her pussy. I mean, we were both gay, we were just learning about each other and it seemed that pussy was the place to be, hers and mine. Of course I liked sucking her tits and kissing with her but what I am saying is that once the heat was on you go down and down and down.
    Being the eldest my mother had plans for me, marrying a lawyer or doctor and settling down with eight kids. It was a huge disappointment to her when I told her that I might marry a doctor or lawyer, but it was going to be a female doctor or lawyer, but most probably a female girl that wasnât a doctor or lawyer. I sat at the kitchen table and promised her that I would still have kids, maybe not eight, maybe four.
    My path has led me to this woman who likes kids and we settled on two apiece and we live one block from my mom. The father of our kids is anonymous, but not to us. Itâs donor sperm, but we know him and he agreed to be the man in the equation. Of all of my momâs kids I am the only gay one, one out of eight.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I keep myself in good shape, mildly muscular still at my age. I am thin, have a smooth body and have been married since I was 22. About 12 years ago the ED started and the pills around did the trick. After about 4 years the pills stopped working. Went to the doc and didn't want pumps or hydraulics nor did I want to stick a needle in my cock. The wifes' wants waned many years ago and she was willing just to help me and take care of me. So that wasn't an issue, I could barely jack off and I still needed sex, but I had a limp cock.

    5 years ago I let a younger man, married of 45 fuck me. He was my second, the first was another boy who took advantage of me when I was 15, he had a very small cock and it only lasted the month he was visiting from out of town. This mans cock wasn't tiny at all. It was 9" long about an inch and a half thick. He took his time, worked into me slowly and fucked me, depositing his sperm inside my very willing ass. It felt so good to finally have sex again, to be naked with another person, even though it was another man. I just needed the contact, the nudity, the atmosphere of sex. It was pretty easy to jack off with his cock moving in and out of me. I didn't tell him about the incident when I was 15 so he thought he was my first, and I was tight enough for anyone to believe it.

    I found myself calling him the next day and was disappointed when he would only meet me in another 3 days. This time we had a suite in a very upscale hotel, on a high floor looking over a beautiful cityscape. Floor to ceiling dr**es were opened, and he insisted we both get naked and walk around naked with anyone seeing through the windows, he even had room service bring up some wine and cheese insisting that I accept the order naked. He put on a robe, sat on the end of the bed and I kneeled at his instructions and proceeded to suck his cock. In the middle of sucking him the room service arrived. He pulled the robe across his cock and insisted I answer naked. There was an obviously gay young man bringing up the cart. It was very obvious that I had been sucking my friends cock. Afterward I resumed and got my first load ever in my mouth. After he recouped he fucked me twice before we left the suite. The first time was bent over a table in front of the windows, and the second was in bed with me on my back.

    He and I fucked as much as he would, he had to satisfy his wife as well, many times I sucked his cock reeking of his wifes pussy juice. I love pussy so I didn't mind. Eventually, without his knowledge I met another gay man, closer to my age and was getting fucked by him any and every day I wanted. I know had two cocks fucking me. In the 5 years since I first turned to other men for sex I have now been fucked by 18 cocks. The best is Tony, he has the most incredible cock it literally is the size of 2 soda cans stacked on top of each other. He fucks me raw everytime. I have told my wife, well after she found out by seeing my butthole after 4 years of being fucked silly. She is okay with it after some explanation, and I have found a whole new sex life with a limp cock.

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    Gay Male / 23

    I walked in on my boss at the urinal. There is an written rule about bothering him in the men's room. I had to push through and took my place next to him, at the kid's urinal. And nothing happened, I froze up. He looked over and asked what my problem was and then went into a whole thing about the Navy and pissing on board, showering on board. He looked and shook his head, called me "small fry". I was humiliated.

    He came up behind me when I was getting a drink order ready and he passed his hand across my ass. When I was getting ready to leave he asked me if I had ever thought of the Navy, where men were men and the small fry were scared. I left and he followed me to the subway stop and offered me a ride. In the car his hand was on my knee, he escorted me into his apartment, he stopped me and asked if he could kiss my teeny weeny.

    He let Mr. Wonderful out and asked if I wanted to get personal. I put MR. WONDERFUL in my mouth and showed him why I was his for the night.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Some people call it flash backs, others mental recall. Me I call it my lucid past reliving itself outside of my mind walls.
    What I'm talking about, is waking up most mornings now with a rock hard boner, knowing I've been dreaming of taking my brothers cock up my arsehole.
    It's so clear and so vivid a dream, I at first woke up thinking I'd just been fucked by him. But then as my brain relapsed time after time, I realised I had.
    It was a couple of months before I put two and two together and allowed myself to go over my dreams in detail. Only then did the wall fully collapse and I saw the truth for what it is.
    Col is older than me by four years. He's what many would consider to be the archetypal hunk and he's had plenty of women to prove his status.
    Yet I know another side to him and I also know at the age of, well that doesn't matter, he fucked me nightly for over two months.
    I'd blocked it out. Sent it to the furthest reaches of my mind. And only a comment from a colleague brought back a chink of light to that memory. Knowing what I did, I searched my mind for the reality of our past sexual relationship and found I loved the growing memory of it.
    The initial pain, the distrust and the hurt of his anger if I resisted too much. Then the feeling of joy filled me and I knew I'd grown to love his hardened penis touching my insides. It had become a beacon of our love and I treasured those moments. Looked forward to them even.
    And then he was challenging me to give myself completely. It was bare sex, hard sex and I adored him for it. His cock, his long thick cock entered me each time with renewed force and I became his under his spell.
    The sense of my youth, didn't know it wasn't exactly right, yet it didn't matter even if I did sometimes question it. What mattered was giving him pleasure and ultimately receiving his seed deep inside my bowels.
    Cumming, it's a strange word and often used to debase a sexual act. Yet cumming with his cock buried deep inside my asshole, was the essence of me achieving my nirvana with him.
    We'd never talked about it, not until recently. Then as I raised it, he became defensive. I was his back then, and he still turned that situation to control the narrative between us. He didn't need to as I explained my wall collapsing.
    The wall has gone. My memory increases each day and each it grows ever more beautiful. My brother visits and we journey back to the days when his manhood entered my love hole.
    We're obviously older now and understand our roles much much better. Only I indulge myself within him sometimes these days, and take my own exultation from his ass.

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