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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Female / 31

    I travel a lot on business and I was away from home for a week and a bit lonely. I met this girl at the hotel bar and she was really nice. There was something about her that turned me on. After a few rounds of drinks, I ended up in her room.

    She started kissing me and it was very sensual - I went along with it and within a few minutes, we were both naked and she was going down on me.

    It was amazing !

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I was flying to Canada on business and the flight attendant was a young twenty-something guy with a terrific ass ! I mean the way his blue uniform pants wrapped around his buns was intoxicating. His pants seemed a bit too tight but hell did they every hug his amazing bubble ass. I watched him go up and down the aisle during the entire flight.

    I got to my hotel near the airport and it was a bit late. I thought I would check online if I could find someone nearby as I was horny from watching ass boy all day - to my amazement, there was a guy in an just next door - he was looking for oral so after exchanging a few emails I hurried over to his room.

    The guy opened the door in his boxer shorts - the room was dark except for the TV was on - to my surprise, I saw the flight attendant's uniform on the back of the chair - yes, it was sweet ass himself.

    I not only sucked him off but I pulled him over on the bed, put a pillow under his stomach - ass in the air and I devoured his ass for a good 45 minutes. Fuck that was delicious and HOT !


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Previous posts:



    Good morning readers,

    It's been a while since I've posted as life just gets busy, but I want to share my experience from this past Saturday night where I finally took a real cock in the ass.

    It was late Saturday night around 11:00PM when a guy I'd sucked off a few weeks ago emails me and says, "come over and let me use those fat lips". I wasn't doing anything and was horny so of course I responded that I could be right over. I reached his neighborhood and started walking up to his place. He opened the door and told me to be quiet do to his roommates sleeping.

    He led me upstairs to a matress and told me, "get on your knees and suck me off". I hungrily agreed and quickly had his 7 inch thick Latino cock in my mouth. I was deepthroating the entire cock and he grabbed my skull and started pounding my face. I made sure not to gag or cough since we had to be quiet. After five minutes of being facefucked he took his cock out and slapped me with it and I was beyond horny and was lusting for more.

    Now I've had strapon before from GF's and loved it every time but never surrendered to a real man. For me that would be the ultimate submission, allowing a man to fuck my ass. Just typing those characters have me hard right now.

    So there I was, on my knees, looking up at this man and his large cock. I decided to just ask him, "do you wanna fuck me?" Although it was dark I could see his eyes widen and he
    grinned. "Take your clothes off and lean over the table". I obeyed and so there I was, naked, leaned over, ass waiting to be fucked... Like a slut.

    He went downstairs to get a condom and lube and I was overcome with anticipation and lust. I was finally about to cross the threshold from cocksucker to a full-blown bottom boy. I was ready.

    He comes back up and he lubs up my ass and begins fingering me. The ultimate humiliation, allowing a man to finger your ass. I was pushing back on his finger and he laughed calling me a bitch. I was in my subspace now and he put me on my knees and told me to get him rock hard before he fucks me. I started sucking his big cock and rubbing his thighs, he slaps them away and starts brutally fucking my face for a few minutes. At this point his cock is HARD.

    He pulls me up, bends me over the table, suits up, and says (I will always remember this) "Daddy's cock is about to destroy you". I was nervous, horny, and absolutely where I wanted to be. I feel his cock pressing against my ass and he starts to push through and the head pops in. He quickly shoves the rest of his cock in and I just feel pain. He starts thrusting hard causing me to whimper and force his cock out of me. I'm panting and begging for him to be gentle to start and he tells me, "shut up and take it". For some reason that really turned me on and I leaned back over and spread my ass for Daddy.

    He applies more lube to my pussy hole and easily shoves all 7 inches of his fat cock inside of me. He gradually builds to an intense fucking and I'm moaning into my t-shirt and he's pushing my head down and whispering in my ear, "you love Daddy's cock don't you?" and "take this dick you slut". I'm completely helpless as Daddy is taking away the last remnants of my manhood. I'm pushing back against his cock and realized that this is what I am... A cocksucking bottom boy. I completely lose myself in this and start really enjoying this moment. He then goes balls deep and I feel his cock swell inside of me as me cums into the condom deep in my ass.

    I slump down to the floor and clean his cock off like a good bitch. He laughs at me again, slaps me, and tells me to get out. Used and tossed... Like a cheap whore. It's around 12:30 AM as I reach home and I immediately masturbate to this experience and have a massive orgasm and drift off to sleep.


    I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Every word is true. I'm gonna be seeing Daddy again this week. I can't wait ;-)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    A few years ago at a dinner party with friends we made aware that their son then sixteen had come out to them. Distraught and angry his father to this day does not acknowledge his homosexuality. He loves his son and they work together in the family business, but his gay life is not ever discussed.
    Fast forward six years and I run into young Jerry at the airport. Turns out we are both attending separate conferences in Las Vegas. I was in first class so I invited him to join me and used some of my miles to upgrade his seat. We had a few drinks and Jerry began to soften his protective shell. I point-blankly told him I had no problem with his sexual orientation and we got on well the remainder of the flight.
    He accepted my offer of a ride to his hotel and we jumped into the back of the limo. I immediately turned on the privacy screen and pulled out my cock. His eyes went wide. Just semi-erect it looks like a beer can. He was all over it, giving me a mind-numbing blowjob and swallowing a massive pent-up load. We went straight to my hotel and I had the bellman take his bags to my suite. I had a massage lined up after the flight so I told him to go up to the room and dress for dinner.
    About an hour later I got to the suite and was pleasantly surprised when Jerry greeted me in a tight red mini-dress, spiked heals, and full makeup. He was nervous that I wouldn't approve. To the contrary I assured him. I would prefer that he dress as woman. Other than his time at the conference Jerry was en femme. I convinced him to stay through the weekend with me. My cock was in his mouth or very cute ass most of the time.
    We both agreed that what happened in Vegas should stay in Vegas...but my wife is taking the kids to her mom's beach house for a month...a month is a long time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Once a fortnight I travel over to the other side of town and enter an apartment.
    The criteria of being invited, and you have to be invited through and by recommendation, is to be over fifty years of age, have a beefy, but muscular physique. Have a cock when erect, that measures no less than eight inches and is fairly thick. You also have to once a month visit a clinic and get a clean bill of health. A clinic which one of the boys works at.
    Once at the apartment I join a regular ish set of men, usually around five to seven of us, who are indulged sexually by three young men.
    Adam, Corey and Tristan are all under twenty five. Each of them are totally versatile sexually and each love to be fucked by "Daddies" with large cocks.
    The largest of the men is Danny. He's fifty six, built like a tank and has a ten and half inch slab of pure man meat. I'm not too far behind at nine and bit, but neither of us match Eric's cock for girth. He's the same age as me, has an eight and a half inch cock, yet it's far thicker than any cock I've ever witnessed. It's nearly seven inches around.
    Condoms, lube, sex toys, cock rings and little blue pills are all available, and all three boys get well and truly fucked during the usual three to four hours I spend having the sexual time of my life. And it's now been eighteen wonderful months of sexual discovery. Ever since my wife Helen made the choice of born again church life, to keeping me happy in the bedroom.
    Around once a month the person who put me in contact with the sex club, joins me at the apartment. He's Corey's friend and just so happens to be my wife's nineteen year old nephew. He's bisexual like myself and the reason I only visit once a fortnight. That's because the rest of the time I'm fucking him when we get time at my home. During our time alone we have a more sensual type of sex, but I love watching him take Eric's thick monster up his asshole and seeing Eric demolish his fuck hole. And I have enjoyed eating many cream pies out of his gorgeous little ass afterwards.
    It is the time of my life sexually, I just wish I'd have fucked lots more younger men when I too was young. I guess I'm going to have to make up for it now, especially given Helen's begun to do missionary work abroad. For the first time in my life I woke up this morning to the beautiful face of a young man, a young man who I fucked all over again in one long slow extremely sexy fuck.
    Life's good!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    By the age of 17 I had fucked 6 girls and been sucked off by about 5. I was sort of a jock in school on the football team basketball and baseball teams. I have blonde hair and a good build. My cock is 7 inches cut but had a bit of skin that covers my cock when its soft. I was one of the first to sprout pubic hair and my chest was hairy not full but had a covering over my chest and a trail down my stomach. I have green eyes that many say can hypnotize people. I never though I was all that but the girls in school all chased after me.
    There was a kid named Dave I had know since kindergarten he was small and got picked on a lot. I always defended him and hated how people treated him. In the summer he and I lived close so we would pale around ride bikes climb trees etc. He had slept over at my house many times and I his. His family had a pool and we would spend hours swimming then walk to the store and get soda's and sit outside and watch the cars go by. he knew every car make and model. Our last summer before graduation some kids started yelling fag at him I chased them off and told him I was sorry. He got real quite I asked if he was OK? He asked if we were good friends? I said hell yes I have known you most of my life. He looked up at me like a little puppy and said what if I told you those guys are right? Right about what I said? he looked frightened and blurted out in one long breath I AM GAY! I laughed and said you are not. he looked crushed and said yes I am. I was floored I had known him all this time he never came off as gay to me. he was smaller and weaker but still I never saw anything gay about him. He looked at me and said now you hate me? he started to run away. I ran to him and grabbed his arm and looked right at him and said how do you know. He stumbled with his words and said I have had a crush on you since Kindergarten. I was floored I said you mean you look up to me? he said yes that but also have other feelings toward you. I did not know what to say we walked for a while not talking. He said I am sorry I told you I said no I am glad you did we are friends I never knew you felt that way.
    We talked for a long time and I told him it was Ok and we would always be friends. It was a few weeks later things got strange. Dave came over while I was cutting the lawn in my shorts and no shirt he sat on the porch and watched me. I was being funny and teasing him flexing my arms and shaking my butt at him. He laughed and flipped me off. I had gotten done with my mowing and came to sit next to him on the porch I ruffled his hair and asked how he was doing. He said under his breath god your gorgeous then blushed I said you are such a fag and punched him in the ARM. tHE MORE I KNEW HOW HE FELT ABOUT ME THE MORE I GOT aroused when I was around him I noticed my cock getting hard when he was close to me.
    He was over at my house one night and I asked him if he had done anything about the gay thing sexually. He said he had jerked a guy off and told me who I was shocked that guy is so straight. Dave said it don't make you gay if you let another guy do stuff for you. My mind was processing this I loved having my cock sucked and I had this kid who thought I was gorgeous. My horn dog mind was working over time and once again I felt my cock getting hard. Dave looked at my shorts and could see I was hard. He looked away fast I grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground my hard cock against his little ass. I held him down and asked if he liked it. He laughed and said yes. I let him up and we got on our bikes and went to the store. On the way back we took the bike trails and stopped at a clearing to drink our soda's. I was stretched out leaning on a tree when he said can I jerk you off? I looked at him and said sure if you want. He pulled my shorts down and wrapped his thin fingers around my cock it was hard already. His hands felt good on it he worked it until I cam his hand covered in my goo. He smiled and said thanks.
    I asked him if he wanted to have a sleep over I was plotting in my mind to get a blow job from him. He said sure I will call my Mom from your house. His Mom said fine and we ate played some video games. I could not wait for bed time. I had a single bed and when Dave stayed over he slept on the cot. This time I did not set up the cot but put extra pillows on my bed. he seemed happy to get into my bed. Mom came up and said good night and sort of looked shocked we were in the bed together. I lied and said the cot was broken. Mom said goodnight closed the door. My thought were on getting my cock sucked. my room was on the far side of the house so no one could hear anything that went on unless standing outside the door. Dave and I talked for a bit I made sure my body was pressed up against his. I felt him shiver I asked if he was cold? He said no. I just came out with so you want to find out if you are really gay? he gulped and said what do you mean? I said well you could suck my cock and see if you like it? he lay there silent his thin body was shaking and then I felt his hand go inside my boxers. he played with my hard cock then pulled the covers back and went down to my crotch. I felt his mouth on my cock god damn it felt good. he sucked on me and played with my balls his hands running all over my body. He was doing much better than any chick had done. I started to pump upwards and put my hand on his head pushing him farther down on my cock he gagged a bit and that seemed to turn me on. I lost it and started to fuck his face. He was gasping for air but I did not give a shit I wanted to cum. he tried to push up off my cock but I held him down with both hands and soon was dumping my spunk in his little mouth I could hear him gagging but I did not care I was loving the nut I was having. it was the best I had ever had. He at last was able to pull away choking and coughing. My mind came back to earth and I said OMg bud I am sorry. He said through his coughing its ok. No dude I mean it I am sorry. He looked right at me and smiled and said it was great just like I thought it would be. I laughed and said well I guess we proved that gay thing. He laughed and said yes we did. he crawled back under the covers and hugged me tight. I fell asleep with him holding on to me like he was going to fall out of bed. the next morning I woke up to him sucking on me again and I fed him my morning cum. after I got up went to bathroom and took a piss.
    He sucked me off everyday and many times two or three times. One sleep over he brought some mags he had stolen of guys fucking each other in the butt. He gave me those doe eyes and asked if we could try that. My cock jumped at the thought of planting in his little pucker hole. So we made plans for that night. I got some lube from the folks room and after they went to bed I had Dave on his stomach his little butt lubed up and my hard cock poking at his pucker hole. He bit the pillow as I eased it in and in no time watched the last inch sink into him. I asked if he was ok he moaned yes. I then started to fuck him god I really went at his hole again lost all thought of him just wanted to pound my seed deep in him. His ass felt so fucking good it gripped my cock almost sucking on it as I pumped it in and out. He was moaning so loud I put the pillow over his head and for some reason I said shut the fuck up fag. I pounded at his hole until my toes curled and I felt my cum pumping him full. After I started to pull out but his ass muscles clamped down like a vise. I lay on top of him until my cock went soft then got up. He whimpered and said don't stop. His voice and his begging made my cock hard again so I got back on bed and slid my cock back in I must have fucked him 4 times that night and every time he begged for more. We at last fell asleep. His hand wrapped around my cock as he fell asleep.
    I fucked him all summer and he sucked my cock. I had no clue he was in love with me for me it was just getting off. The last time we did it he was on his back and I dumped my fluids in him he looked up at me and said I love you. What I said? he said I love you. I got up and sat on edge of bed and said Dave your my bud but I don't love you. He sat there as if I had punched him in the face. He said but you make love to me all the time. Bud I said I just like busting a nut I thought you knew that. he cried I felt bad I ruffled his hair and said you will always be my bud. he left that day and became very distant. I missed his friendship and god damn I missed his ass but I was not in love with him. I hope he found a guy who did and who ever that is will be one lucky guy.

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    Gay Male / 45

    Reading other posts I guess I was a late bloomer when it came to sex. I was raised in a ultra religious home we did not have a TV or computers in our house. I first saw TV at a friends house it was some made for TV movie can not remember the name. My friend was the first friend my parents had let me hang out with most of my growing up years was spent with family or my siblings as we were home schooled. Once I was 18 and moved out on my own the world was strange place to me I felt very out of place. I got my self a job working at a Lumber Yard the guys who worked there would play what they called grab ass sneaking up behind each other and acting as if they were humping the other guy. They seemed to think it was so funny. I had not dated a lot in the past only went to one function with a girl from our church and our parents were with us. I had learned about being hard and pleasuring my self not with my hand I humped my self on my pillow until I would get that feeling. I was told it was a sin but I could not help it it felt so good. I was really like a lamb put out for the slaughter in a world I knew almost nothing about.
    I had noticed feeling for other guys in the youth group growing up and once at Bible camp while in showers got to see them all nude. I like the look of their bodies and felt tingly inside seeing them. Once on my own I made an effort to see as many men nude as I could. I bought a Play Girl mag and would masturbate to it. I had learned to use my hand from seeing it done in a mag I bought. I was 19 and left my job at lumber yard and got a job at a Gym mostly so I could see men nude. I worked cleaning up and folding towels etc. It gave me a chance to look at men walking around nude.
    One day I was out at the store and a man walked up and asked me if I worked at the Gym? I said yes and he smiled and put his hand out to shake my hand and said his name was Jake I told him my name and as he walked away said see ya at the Gym. I remembered him and had seen him nude many times. I still had no clue why I wanted to see men nude but I was loving my job. After meeting in the store Jake would always hang around the showers nude and put on a good show for me. I noticed I started to get hard when ever he was around. One night near closing Jake was still there getting dressed. I finished up my work and walked Jake to the door to close up and lock the doors. I was the last one out and as I started to walk home Jake pulled up and honked his horn yelling out to me do you need a ride? I walked over and leaned into his car and said were I lived. he said it was on his way hop in. For some reason I felt drawn to him he made me feel tingly inside. As we drove he asked a lot of questions and many very personal. I let him know I had never had sex that seemed to make him smile. He asked in disbelief you never? I said never I was not sure why I had told him that I felt comfortable talking with him. he said well we may have to do something about that. I told him I was waiting to get married. HED id not push the issue.
    We started to hang around each other more and more and at work I got to see him nude in the shower. He had a nice body and his penis hung low and his balls also. It would swing a bit when he walked my eyes locked on it often and I am sure he noticed. About 3 months after we started hanging around with each other he invited me to go camping with him said we could go fishing and just have a nice time in the woods.
    So we got all packed in his car and headed for the woods. We sat up camp and went to rent a boat. While on the lake I noticed his penis hanging out the side of his shorts I so wanted to touch it not sure why but I did. We fished for a bit and he lay back sighed and as he did his dick shifted and fell farther out of his shorts. I was glued to it with my eyes. He lay there for a bit me looking and then he popped up and looked right at me. Getting a good show he asked? I blushed turned beat red. He said it was fine if I wanted to look. With that he stripped all his clothing off. I loved looking at him. He jumped into the lake and begged me to follow. I stripped at he watched and jumped in. We swam and he would come up to me and rub against me in the water. Then I felt his hand on my cock I was hard as a rock. He said I knew you liked looking but maybe you would like to touch. I did but was afraid to admit it to him. he laughed and splashed me. We got back in the boat it was late and the moon was glowing off the lake.
    We got back to camp still nude and sat around a fire it was warm out so it felt good to be nude in the open. We talked and he said time to hit the sack if we want to get up and fish early bird gets the worm he seemed to find that funny. We crawled into the tent and he had zipped our sleeping bags together. we got in it was snuggly our nude bodies were so close and touching it made my cock spring to life. I started to doze off when I felt his hand on my chest it startled me then his lips were on mine he was kissing me. I liked it his kiss felt so soft. He moved close to me and I could feel his hard cock on my leg it felt big and heavy. He humped it on my leg my own dick got hard and soon his hand was wrapped around it. I started to shake from fear and excitement. he whispered in my ear to stay calm he would not do anything I did not want to. He rose up and lay on top of me his kissing became rougher and I found myself kissing him back. Our dicks were grinding against each other I found myself grinding my hips to feel him closer. He kissed down my chest and soon was face to dick with my swollen dick. I could feel his hot breath on it and soon his wet mouth as he took my full length into his mouth. his hand cupped my balls his hands were warm and made me twitch and pump my hips toward his wet mouth. he made moaning noises as his mouth went up and down on my dick. He came back up and kissed me placed his hand on the top of my and pushed me down to his dick. I could smell his sweat and a strong musky odor that I liked I was not sure what to do so I licked it. It tasted a bit salty I opened my mouth and took the head in. I heard him moan and say yes that's it. His words made me take more of his cock in my mouth he was thick and it pulsed and sort of jumped in my mouth. I tasted something sweet later I would learn it was pre cum I liked it so much I started to suck at him to get more. He leaked a lot so I was able to taste him the whole time he was in my mouth. He pulled me away saying he wanted to take our time. He lay on top of me again and ground his dick against mine again. I put my hands on his back and explored his body. I felt his strong ass my fingers digging into his flesh as he kissed me hard.
    I was so lost in what he was doing I felt so alive my whole body was electrified I had never felt like this before. His strong body pushing down on me felt so good so right I did not want it to ever stop. His leaking had lubed our cocks and they slipped around on each other. He started kissing down my body again but went right to my balls he put his hands under my legs and pushed them up in the air and then he did something that almost made me cum. He started to lick by butt hole it sent shocks through my body I started to shake again the pleasure he was giving me made my head spin. He lick me there for some time then reached for a tube and I felt something cold and slippery on my butt hole. He got on his knees bent to me and kissed me and said I want to try something if you don't like it tell me to stop. I WAS LOST IN HIS voice my body was like jelly. I felt his dick against my butt hole and for some reason I wanted him inside me. He pushed it slow and the head went in I winced he asked if I was ok? I said yes I wanted it to happen I wanted him in me why did I want that? he slid a bit farther it felt like my ass was being torn. I sort of screamed out muffled by his kisses. he whispered in my ear it will hurt at first but it will feel so good once its in. I bit my lip and let him keep going I wanted to feel the feeling he said. Every thing so far had felt so good. He pushed a few more times and I heard a popping sound as my ass hole clamped his dick and air forced out. I laughed and said I think I farted he laughed and said no just air baby. I like him calling me baby.
    Soon he was all in I felt full and some pressure but it felt good. He said for me to relax and he put a small brown bottle under my nose and said breath in. I did as he said I think by this time I would have done anything he asked. My head spun and my blood rushed and he started to pump in and out it hurt I wont lie but the stuff in the brown bottle made it bearable. As he pumped slow it started to feel less painful he gave me another breath of the brown bottle. Then he started to speed up I moaned in pleasure and in pain. Before I knew it I was grasping at him pulling him to me I wanted him deep in me. He started to talk dirty calling me names and driving deeper into my ass. I could hear my self calling out oh god oh god. My dick was being smashed against his hairy tummy my whole body was on fire. The longer he worked in and out the better it felt he was hitting a spot on my inside and each time he did my body would shake. he was really pounding me and I was humping my hips to meet his thrusts. He growled and said here it comes baby you want it. I really did not know what he meant but I yelled yes I want it. He sped up his thrusts and I felt something warm inside me and my own dick leaped under him and I started to cum all over us soaking his tummy and mine. He made some groaning noises and said fuck fuck fuck god damn your ass is so tight. He fell on me sweaty my cum squishing between us running down my side.he kissed me and lay there still in me.
    He looked at me and asked if I was Ok I smiled and said yes. He lay on me until his cock came out of me with a popping noise. I felt empty I missed the feeling of him in me. He snuggled against me and kissed my neck I lay there in disbelief of what I had just done. We fell asleep holding each other. I awoke the next morning with dried cum all over my tummy. As I opened my eyes he was looking down on me smiling a sparkle in his eyes. How are you baby he asked? I yawned and said Im great. He rolled over and lay on me with begging in his eyes and asked if we could do it again. I said yes so he lubed me up and with less effort planted his dick in me.
    We have been together for many years he is the only person male of female I have ever been with I love him and love having him inside me and he still calls me baby.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I never knew my father I was brought up by my Mom up to the age of 6. My Mom met a man named Joe and dated him for some time. I liked Joe he smelled good like pine trees and was very handsome tall muscular man he seemed like a giant to me at my young age. He soon moved in with us and became like my Dad. Mom seemed happy and her and Joe loved each other very much. Joe was always good to me and I started to call him Dad. I would lay on the couch in front of him and watch TV as he held me. I would often turn myself to face him and put my head against his chest and fall asleep. I would always wake the next day in my bed. I did not know it then but I was developing a boy crush on Joe. I wanted to spend all my time with him. We showered together all the time and I began to check out his nude body he was hairy on his chest and legs and arms his but was smooth and strong. He would hold me in his big strong arms and I felt safe.
    He never did anything to me sexually but around the age of 12 I wanted him to I began to want to touch him and feel his naked body. I would jerk off thinking about laying nude with him touching him. When we showered together I would purposely brush my body against his. He taught me a lot about life etc and anything I asked him about he would tell me. I asked about sex he explained it with no problem always open and straight forward with me.
    When I was 14 I told him I loved him he said he loved me too I said no I love you like Mom loves you. He seemed to be a bit thrown off by this. He looked at me and said no son you don't understand what you mean is you feel love for me but not like your Mom feels. I said no I love you and want to be with you like Mom is. He told me he loved me but not that way he saw me as his son.
    When I turned 15 my Mom got very sick with cancer. She fought hard but a year later she was gone and that left me and Joe alone in the house. Joe was a mess without Mom I tried to do things like cook and keep the house clean. Joe became depressed and did not talk a lot. He would go to work come home eat and sleep. He would always tell me he loved me and that he missed Mom but was glad I was there. I so wanted to be there in everyway for Joe.
    One night Joe came home drunk he never drank other than a beer now and then he was smashed falling down drunk.
    I got him in the house and got him in bed. I took off his clothing and as I did I could feel myself getting hard looking at his body. It had been some time since I had seen him nude. As I was pulling the covers over him he reached out and grabbed my arm pulling me into the bed. Stay he said its lonely in this bed.
    I was in my boxers he pulled me to him spooning me my back to his front side. It felt so nice to feel his warm body against mine. He kissed my cheek and then I heard him snoring. I lay there loving the feel of him pressed against me. I could feel his penis resting against my bum it felt so good.
    I lay there for a time and then reached my hand back and slipped it down to his penis. I held it in my hand and felt his pubic hair. As I was touching him it started to get hard. I loved the feel of it in my hand. I had played with a friend a few times imagining it was Joe in my mind I had sucked the one guys dick. I wanted to suck Joe. I slipped down under the covers and soon my face was there in front of his hard cock. I licked it and smelled his manly scent. I licked his balls and then started to suck his dick. He shifted in the bed a few times but was out. I sucked for a long time then I heard him moan and call out my Moms name and then he shot his cum in my mouth. I loved it and was so happy I had wanted this for a long time. It was my first taste of cum and it was sooo good I wanted more but his penis went down. After I snuggled up to him and fell fast asleep.
    The next morning I woke to the sound of the shower. I was laying in the bed alone. I walked to the bathroom and called out to Joe he pulled the shower curtain back and looked very frightened. He said something I did not hear I asked what? he said when I get out of shower I will talk with you. I wondered what was up.
    I made some eggs toast and bacon for his breakfast. He came to the table in his robe as he always did. He sat and as I went to get his orange juice he grabbed my arm and said I am sorry about last night. I said sorry? for what? he hung his head then looked up at me and said I woke up nude next to you in bed I am sorry if I did anything I should not have. I told him he was drunk I helped him to bed and he asked me to lay with him that's all. He seemed relieved by that and perked up. He said oh man I feel awful I should never drink. We laughed and he went to lay on couch and watch TV.
    I wanted to tell him and let him know I loved what happened but I saw how upset he was. I never told him about it but always dreamed it would happen again. I can still feel his warm body and smell his scent I wanted to be his everything and make him feel good. Later when he was ill and about to die he took my hand and said I love you son you have made my life so much better by being in it. I cried that day as he slipped away if he only knew just how much I loved him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    As my wife and I don't have sex and I am very sexually active with men I guess more gay than bi but I am married...and did manage to bring myself to penetrate a random vagina a few months ago and sort of enjoyed it...I also penetrated her anus which was far more pleasurable but that's another story.
    I have a lace underwear fetish...thongs and bikinis, suspenders and hose but never a bra...always thought a bra on a man rather unattractive.
    My fetish started years ago when I was at a conference and one thing led to another with a guy in my focus group and we ended up in his hotel room. We undressed slowly making out as we did...when his jeans came off I was amazed that such a masculine muscled guy was wearing a lace thong...edged with a frill. BUT OMG he looked SO incredibly sexy.
    We had an awesome time in bed...with his lace thong on the entire session. I rimmed and fucked him in it, sucked his penis through it and eventually when it came time to fuck me he just tucked the by then very damp pouch under his ball sac so as I pulled him deeper inside me was able to play with the lace string in his anus with my fingers.
    After that I started to masturbate looking at guys wearing lace and porn with guys fucking in lace. I bought lace thongs and bikinis from sex shops and when I travelled which was and is a lot I always wore lace under my suit to meetings and under jeans at night. I also started wearing a suspender and hose under suits to meetings.
    I searched for video porn with guys who had thong tan lines...vintage porn...guys like Joey Stefano.
    Eventually I decided I wanted a thong tan line myself. I had bought a couple of male thongs and my wife had been a little surprised but was sort of ok with it...she is pretty conservative. On a holiday I started to sunbathe in a thong while my wife was shopping
    She came home and said OMG you will have a gay tan line and started teasing me about it. By the end of the 10 day holiday I was very tanned and my tan line was very pronounced. She made comments like what will happen if you go to the doctor and he sees you looking gay? Or if you have an accident...And so on...
    So for the last 20 years I have had my tan has become my "Ãï¿&f rac12; am gay and want to have sex with you" announcement when I am nude in gym showers, hotel and resort spas, or on a nude beach...all this happens when I travel alone.
    I travel with my lingerie...bought now on line...and leave a sheer lace thong in obvious places in hotel rooms if I know the housekeeping staff are men. I Abu Dhabi recently my little "invitation" led to a rather enjoyable 30 minutes with my penis buried in the anus of a rather cute young Arab wearing my thong who came back to my room to ask if there was anything he could do to make my stay more enjoyable. OMG YES!!!
    When I get changed in locker rooms I ALWAYS spend a little time just in a lace thong or I will shave nude so my tan line is on show.
    I look at images of men with thong tan lines or wearing thongs when I masturbate and I love to spend time in menswear departments looking at the thong range with a bulge in my pants. That has had some interesting consequences over the years. I also love to visit women's lingerie boutiques and ask if they have a mens range. In Port Vila, Vanuatu a few years ago I saw from outside that there was a gorgeous young guy a lot of people in Vanuatu he was French. It was Saturday and they closed at 1pm. By 1.30 he was in my bed fucking me in my new lingerie.
    Guys...if you are knocking this story and me...why don't you give it a is very sensual having sex in lace...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 52

    Iâm betting no sex from my wife at home so I decided to venture out I guess. I never though much about being with a guy till recently and the craving was pretty strong.

    There is this guy that lives a few houses down from me that I always see guys coming and going so I kinda suspected he is gay. Well found out talking to him one day he is and he was kinda hitting on me saying he loves a married guy. He is a year older than me and we got to talking.

    To make a long story short I told him I didnât feel comfortable fucking a guys ass and that I would just like to get my ass fucked to see if I enjoy it. He asked when I want to do it. I told him Iâm free right Saturday as my wife has to work and my daughter and son will be out with friends most of the day.

    So come Saturday afternoon I went to his house, he was out in his garage. We talked for like an hour while he was finishing up some stuff and then he said well letâs go in and get to this Iâm horny. He grabbed a bag out his truck saying he went to the store today and bought condoms and more lube.

    Upon entering his house he led me to his bedroom and he started getting undressed. When he slid his shorts off he was already naked as he wasnât wearing underwear. He said itâs summer time, I donât wear underwear under shorts most of the time. But he had a nice body, little bit hairy and shaved pubes.

    So I was gettin undressed. Took my shoes and socks off, shirt off and he said oh your a hairy guy. I like that. I started to take my jeans off and my white briefs were exposed now. He said I knew you were gonna be wearing those, all you married guys always seem to wear plain white briefs. I said have all my life as I find the support necessary plus I canât wear the boxer briefs that my son wears. They have too much fabric for me. So I took my briefs off and I was fully naked now.

    I have never once in my life groomed my pubic hair so Iâm completely natural and he said oh a hairy cock too, I love that. I said yeah Iâve never groomed there. He said he shaves because it makes him keep cooler down there and he prefers it that way on him. He asked how my wife prefers it and I said natural and her pubic hair is natural too.

    So once we got that out of the way we got down to business. I layer on his bed and he started blowing me. Now i missed blowjobs! I havenât had one in about 20 years! I told him that as he was blowing me. I just laid there and enjoy hen he started rimming me. I never had that done before and that was some intense pleasure

    Finally when it came time for the real stuff he put a condom on and put lots of lube on my butthole and started fingering me. Fingering was normal as I had my doctors finger in my butt before so I know what that felt like. Then he started to push his cock in. There was resistance and he told me to relax. Once he got the head in it hurt. He held it there and slowly it turn from hurting into pleasure. So for 10 minutes Iâm getting fucked by the neighbor guy and I feel a pressure building up. I told him and he said your gonna cum. So after 20 minutes of sex I cummed all over myself and he cummed in the condom.

    That was a great experience. It really opened my mind up. So ever since then I go to his place on Wednesday and Saturday for sex as my wife works late those days. And ever since December heâs been going bare and cumming in me. Now I do feel a little weird being around my kids and wife knowing there is cum in my butt. And to be honest itâs a good thing I wear briefs because cum sometimes leaks out. I should mention that this neighbor guy has a decent size cock too. And while he fucks me I just lay there and stroke my uncut cock.

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