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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Name's Eric, I'm fifty four year old happily married man, with three daughters and five grand kids. Yet for the past eighteen months I've discovered just how wonderful it is, to fuck a young guys asshole.

    In my normal working day I meet quite a few young guys (I work as a gymnasium installer/repairman) and with the growing status of the fitness world, I'm a busy man.

    Throughout my life I've had no problem having sex with females. And up until meeting my wife, I'd fucked many many women single and married, as I have a nine inch fat cock.

    Eighteen months ago I was fixing a weight machine (Cable had worn) wearing shorts. I'd had one of those days where nothing had gone right, and had even left off my underwear rushing to get ready being late that morning. A young guy was staring at me across from where he was doing leg curls. I looked down to where he was looking, and saw my cock was poking right out from the left leg of my shorts. Instead of getting embarrassed, I became turned on and found myself touching my growing erection. He winked at me, signaled for me to follow him, and in a side room ten minutes later, I unloaded my first ever cum load down a guys throat. It was an aamzing blow job, one we repeated a few days later in my truck. After he'd sucked me off, he told me he liked being fucked too, but I let him know it probably wasn't for me as I was straight and married. Nevertheless I met him again away from the gym and dwon a small dirt road, I first had him suck me, then as he was begging me to fuck him, I relented and watched as he mounted my cock in my truck.

    It was a seminal moment in my life. Not only did I begin to thrust upwards to meet him as he sank onto my cock, I also reached up, pulled him to me and we kissed. Still kissing him, I pummeled his fuck hole and it felt utterly awesome. He was moaning and groaning even as we kissed and I knew then as his hot cum spurted all over my stomach, I'd want to fuck him again and again. We stayed down that dirt track for the next hour or so, with me cumming twice up his beautiful little asshole. The second time as he leaned over the hood of my truck.

    From then on I found it relatively easy to pick out young guys, ones who wanted and seemed to like older men to have sex with. In one week alone at the beginning of all this, I met a young guy at a different gym, one at a large library, then picked up a young man at a cafe who I knew straight away would allow me to fuck him. And fuck them I did. In my truck close to the gym, on the libraries rooftop (Bizarrely). And down by a lake with the young guy I met in the cafe. He was such a slut, I fucked his his asshole twice before feeding him my ass juice covered cock to lick and suck clean.

    In the eighteen months I've now been indulging in some amazing gay sex, I've fucked nearly thirty young guys. This increased massively lately when I put myself/profile on a gay hookup website. Lots and I do mean lots of young men responded to my photo's and description of what I found sexually attractive.

    I still adore my wife and we do have sex occasionally, if and when she's horny (About once a month). Yet I now love fucking young men and their cute tight asses.

    One young guy has become a regular fuck partner, but I won't mention too much about that, as he's family. He actually saw my profile and knew who it was from a tattoo I have. He let me know that evening and I've been fucking him ever since.

    The strange thing is, I don't see any of it as cheating, as I'm not in any way going to leave my wife or even think of not including myself fully into and with my family. I'm getting my rocks off at a time in my life when most men settle for what they've been dealt with. And I'm simply loving it.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    Lo and behold one day I found myself in the arms with a close friend doing things that we shouldn't have been doing. We weren't a couple of kids or teens or even college students, we were late twenties professional women working for the same company and here we were going deeper and deeper into a well of behavior that neither one of us ever thought we would do. It isn't so much that we were drunk, we weren't. It is because we were on a company team building trip and we were sharing a room and we were sitting around in our nighties and it just wasn't something that we could stop.

    You see that when you realize that you are looking at her across the bed from you while you play cards and all you can think about is what is under her nightshirt, those nipples rubbing against her shirt and her tight panties under her crossed legs you are not thinking straight. What if, just what if you peek under her nightshirt? What if you reach out and touch one of those wobbly things under her shirt? What if you just casually put you hand on her thigh and you lean over and let your hand go up until you feel the warmth between her legs? What if you kiss her? All these naughty thoughts going through your mind and you can't pay attention to the card game and next thing you know you pushed her back onto the pillow and you are kissing her.

    Never have feelings been that strong. Never. I always prided myself in that I controlled my feelings and I was never impulsive. Maybe if instead of putting her arms around my neck and just letting herself be kissed she had kicked me off, but she didn't and the kiss became a kiss and words pored from my mouth about being in love with her and her answers of 'I know' didn't help or her answers of 'I love you too'. No, what happened is that the cards fell off the bed and we kissed and let our hands find things and more and peeking under nightshirts happened and hands went down into the warmth between the legs.

    Lovemaking with a woman is not like anything you know how to do. Who does what? We kept talking, you do this and you do that, touch me again, okay one more time, look at me and tell me again that you love me, am I your girlfriend now? We aren't virgins any more. Sure we had not been virgins in the classical sense for a long time but we were virgins in the lesbian sense. I mean putting your tongue in a vagina is pretty intense. So we made love, it went on and on, over and over, on our sides, our hands taking off everything we had on, our fingers going here and there and finding hidden places and pretending that you could actually be a man for a moment, but it isn't the same no matter how hard you want it to be, you just can't do it. So, after a while we just lay there and said that we might as well sleep together seeing that we had pretty much done everything you can think of doing and we turned off the light and tried to go to sleep.

    It wasn't just that night when we first had sex. We went home after the team building thing, we 'dated' if you want to call it that, actually started going out and setting time aside for being together, sure we never dated that we didn't sleep together but we weren't living together and you have to do that. It was one afternoon after we had gone to the zoo, you go to the zoo so you can walk around in the sun holding hands. It was that afternoon that we were walking back to the train and we saw this small Greek church and we decided to go in. It was in there and that we said maybe this was totally the wrong place to propose but it was a church so we did just that, quietly in whispers. No rings, just us, standing there looking up at the altar and our hands slipped together for just a moment, we didn't want to offend anyone there and we said let's do it.

    Our thing was done on a beach in Destin Florida, on the white sand dressed in white with flower girls dressed in white and with a male officiating, we wanted a man to marry us. Go figure. We wanted an ordained man to marry us, we were both in agreement about that. A man to tell us we were married and to go forth and multiply. And so it is that we got married.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My first time giving into an older man for sex was when I was 16. I was almost hairless, as I am today, just a patch under my arms and above my small cock. I laid down on the bed, lubed by the 42 year old man I was going to let fuck me. I was face down, he was on top of me as 7 very thick inches of cock slid into my virgin butt. He came inside me in less than 10 minutes and I was grateful as it burned quite a bit. He and I stayed naked, and as he was fucking me the second time we were about 20 minutes into it, and the door opens and in walks 3 guys. My lover shot into me again, and I wanted to get dressed and skulk out of the house, but soon one of the other guys came in and started playing with me. He jacked me off, and made me suck his cock. He was the first one to cum in my mouth, though I'd sucked the first guy just to get hard till he fucked me. The next came in, I sucked, he got hard and fucked my used butt. I got fucked by all four of them, and got cum shot in my mouth by two of them. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and cleaned out and went home with one of them kissing me in front of everyone, grabbing my used ass and called me cumbucket. I thought I would let this incredibly good looking man fuck me and I ended up getting gangbanged. After that I just let any guys fuck me, any time, any place, and any amount of guys. I was 18 before I got a piece of pussy, and I loved it. Though I fucked her in her virgin ass too. I still have sex with lots of men, and have had 2 girls.

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    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Before Russ ever caught me smoking his cigarette's, I'd already had run ins with my moms husband. I used to bum cigs off of my mom, but after her health scare, she'd given them up. Russ and I didn't get along too good, as he'd try and hit me when I'd done something wrong. But with him being my step dad, I didn't care and try to hit back.
    Telling me when he first caught me smoking his cigarette's, he'd make me smoke his cock the next time, I thought he was just trying to scare me. Russel caught me out back in the yard and my mom wasn't home. I knew straight away with the way he approached me, he intended to carry out his threat, but I was quicker than him, wasn't I.
    Not a chance. He had me up against the fence in seconds and in no time I saw him take out his cock. Pushing me at first, he then struck me and gripped my face so hard, it really hurt my jaw. Opening my mouth as he requested, I reluctantly let him slide his cock over my tongue. Laughing down at me he told me I could smoke his cigar as much as I wanted to.

    It really wasn't pleasant at first with it being my first ever time sucking cock, but Russ had no thoughts to how I felt and just rammed his dick into my mouth over and over again. Six inches, that's how big my cock is. Russ's cock is eight and half inches long and at least twice as thick as mine. It didn't matter none as he fucked my face, telling me I was now his when he wanted sex. Tasting his pre cum, I actually thought he'd cum and it was all over with, but he had other ideas. Punching me in the stomach, making me double over, he lifted me easily onto the saw bench he uses and pulled my shorts right down. Next my boxers were ripped clean off and I instantly felt his warm breath on my asshole. It was hot out there, but even so his hot breath made my asshole feel kind of good, and so did his tongue as it snaked out and licked my butt hole.

    The sensation of his hard thick cock entering me will remain with me for the rest of my life. It felt like a hot poker spearing up my rear and it carried on feeling painful for some time. I don't quite remember now just how it changed for me. What I do know is, as the feeling changed from pain to total and utter joy after maybe ten minutes, I looked up and saw my mom looking down on us from their bedroom window. There was no anger or hate in her face, only a resignation of allowing her husband to fuck her child. And fuck me Russ did.
    Moving me from the reverse fuck position we were in. I was willingly placed on my back on the table, and he looked up at her when he reentered my asshole. The smile they exchanged was one of love, and I knew then they spoken about him chastising me this way. Moving his cock in and out of my ass, then grinding it deeper and deeper until finally and without me noticing, my cock throbbed a few times and cum spewed from it. Russ never once stopped fucking me, yet he did let out a yelp of pleasure, seeing me cum.

    Holding me down roughly, although by then he didn't need to my moms husband of three years sank his cock right up my shit box and came flooding my insides with his sticky mess. When he withdrew, he looked towards our home and said "Your mom thinks you'll learn now". That to me was confirmation of their collusion in him fucking me.
    The very next day, I took his whole cigarette pack. I figured if he was goiing to fuck me, then I was going to make sure it was for everything I could take from him. Waiting for me like a prowling lion, he walked past my mom as I entered and gripped my arm. Leading me into the kichen, I was made to sink down as he forced his flaccid cock into ym mouth. Only he didn't need to force it that hard, as I'd already resigned myself to giving him head.
    The kitchen table was lower than his saw bench, so it gave him much more purchase when he fucked me. Unlike the day before the pain only lasted a minute and after wards I found myself telling him to fuck me harder. And so began our real fuck. Having bounced up and down on his cock facing away from him, in the last part of our fuck, I saw mom stood in the doorway. She grinned said nothing and went back to watch whatever it was she was viewing on the tv.
    I'm now twenty. I could have moved out by now, but over the last three years he's ben fucking me, almost daily, i've grown to to love his hard thick cock up my asshole. Mom and he hardly if ever sleep together now, and I doubt given her health, she'd be able to satisfy him anyway.

    Russ is still just as abrasive as he's always been, only now it's me who seeks him out for his cock. Oh yeh, and his cigarette's.

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    Gay Male / 22

    For a couple of years I'd dreamed, fantasized and wished he'd fuck me, but then everybody and everything said he couldn't. I'd already been fucked by a couple of lads my age, and had older men than him, stick their cocks deep up my arsehole. Yet he was off limits.
    Ever since I walked in and watched him fucking her with his huge cock, I wanted him and it inside my mouth and arse. He was straight though, and straight men didn't fuck young boys like, especially him.
    At the age of sixteen I went to work with him at his timber yard. It was there I grew up in many ways and even had an older employee of his fucking me during our lunch breaks. Even so I longed for his cock and wanted so badly for society to understand it was ok.
    Two years flew by and by then I was confident bottom. I understood my role during sex and had a few guys who I entertained regularly. Cute, good looking, handsome, even drop dead fucking gorgeous are all terms that were aimed at me from other men, usually married men. Yet the one man I wanted so so badly, wouldn't or couldn't fuck me.
    I'd left my cash card at work. Knowing I was out that Friday night, I needed it and drove back. The lights were on, which wasn't that surprising given he was at the yard most Friday evenings around that time.
    Not thinking anything other than getting my cash card, I let myself in with my keys and saw them straight away. He'd taken on a young guy called Scott only two months before. Scott, as everyone who knew us both, was a spitting image of me at that age. And he was naked fucking Scott's arsehole so hard over his desk.
    I was instantly jealous and instantly turned on at the same time. I was also confused. He was straight right?. He loved her, yet there he was balls deep up a sixteen year olds arsehole and by the look of it, it wasn't his first time fucking a young guys arsehole.
    I stood and watched for about a minute or two with my cock bursting in my trousers. Only when they changed position and he had the young man mount his enormous dick, did they both notice I was stood there. He knew it was too late to deny anything, so pumped his cock upwards deep inside Scotts hole whilst looking directly at me. Asking me what I wanted as Scott tried to climb off his cock, I told him I'd come to get my cash card, and if he was really asking, his cock up MY arsehole.
    Scott left ten minutes later in a taxi. He left with a couple of hundred quid for his troubles and flea in his ear from me about returning back to work. He'd gone to put his clothing back on, but I'd told him to remain as he was.
    No sooner had Scott left in the taxi, I moved over to his desk, undressed completely showing him my erection and listened to him say something I will always remember my entire life "I've wanted to fuck you for years".
    The moment I heard those words I dropped down, took hold of the one erect penis I'd always wanted and devoured it. I sucked on his dick, the like of which I'd probably never given anyone else that kind of blow job. Tasting Scott's anal juices on his cock didn't dissuade me either. I'd wanted, longed for him to have sex with me, and there I was on my knees sucking on his beautiful hard on.
    He was fucking my mouth after only a shrt time and I knew with him fucking Scott earlier, he'd probably be close and I wanted him to fuck me. Rising up quickly, I lay face down on his desk, looked back at him and told him to fuck me.
    If you're a bottom like myself, you'll understand what I mean when I say, receiving his cock, after he'd spat all over my rear hole, when I was fully prepared, was in itself for me right then and there, the most most wonderous feeling you can ever have. His cock immediately sent waves of intense pleasure throughout my entire body and I knew from then on he and I would become lovers.
    It might not have been the movie version of how you'd think you would want to be fucked by the man you love most in the world, but with his powerful thrusts up my arsehole, and it being who he was and is to me, it could not have been better.
    As soon as he gripped my shoulders pressing me down harder onto leather lined oak desk, I knew he was about to cum. Reaching under myself I was about to grip my own cock and toss myself off. That's when his cock erupted inside of me and instead of me touching my cock at all, it too erupted below me and I was cumming as his semen filled my arsehole.
    He lay on top of me breathing hard for a minute or so. Then kissing my right ear, he told me to stay where I was.
    There was a bright flash and I realised he'd just taken a photo of me and my fucked arse.
    Thinking that was our first fuck finished, I went to retrieve my clothing. He sat in his leather seat next to the desk, looked me in the eyes and told me "Oh no, if you're going to be my fuck boy, then you'd better learn, I need you to clean me off".
    He held my head down there for over quarter of an hour, frocing me to kiss, lick and suck his cock and balls. He took control, total control and I loved every second of it. My mouth was being fucked mercilessly by his rising cock and it was everything I'd ever wanted with him. Once his cock was rock hard again, he told me to mount him.
    No lube needed as his cum was leaking out of my hole. Kneeling either side of his legs, I gripped his cock shaft and lowered myself onto his dick. It slid in all the way until I felt his pubes touch my tight little arse cheeks. He put his hands up to my face then. Looking at me as I slowly rose and fell on his cock gasping each time, he told me we would be fucking from then on, and that we'd obviously need to keep it from her.
    I never made it to the club that night. We eventually drove down the same driveway one after another, and walked into our home. His second load of cum was oozing out of me still, yet I didn't care.
    He'd taken control again once he'd spoken, holding my face as I sat on his cock above him, we kissed. But not as we had all my life up to then, but as lovers, passionate and sex hungry lovers. The long slow way he fucked me, never once releasing the kiss we shared will stay with me forever. His cock if anything, was even deeper inside of me than before. And I couldn't get enough of how good it felt to have him finally inside of me, fucking the very hole I'd longed him to fill for years.
    I blew my load first that time. It filled the slight void between us as he carried on pumping hs cock upwards into me. And then like he'd cum inside me all my life, his cock felt like a rocket exploding inside of me and I had a series of small dry orgasms.
    She wondered why I hadn't gone out, but I passed off the comment with an excuse about my head hurting. He kissed her as she rose and they both walked into the kitchen. When they returned with a glass of wine each, I told them both I was heading up for a shower.
    My mum looked at me, then him and said "Remember when he was really little, you'd both jump in the shower together after football". laughing she went on to say "Those were wonderful days".
    We do shower together now. Only it's not to get the mud off our bodies. It's so we can fuck and enjoy the sex we've been having for four wonderful years now.
    It's funny, it doesn't matter to me what society thinks anymore. I love him, always have and always will. And I also love how he fucks me with complete passion everytimne we can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Iâve always been bi curious but never acted on. Iâd been talking to guys online but never met up.

    This one guy I was talking to, told me about a gay sauna in town. Pay a few quid in get a towel and then everything goes.

    So one night when my fiancé was away for work, I was out for drinks with fiends. I made excuses and left in search of the sauna.

    Paying on I was so nervous. Locking my clothes in the locker I felt like running away but didnât.

    I wandered up stairs and caught the eye of a cute Asian guy maybe about 23/24. We started talking and got in the jacuzzi together. We started to rub each otherâs cocks. We kissed were kissing when two older fat guys asked us to go with them. We refused and went to a private room.

    We giggled and began rubbing our wet bodies together. I took his little Asian cock and stated to suck him off. Fingering his tight little ass too.

    As he came in my mouth, he pulled me up and started to kiss me with my mouth full of his cum.

    Rick hard I pulled on a condom and lubed up his ass. It was my first time with a guy but not this guys. He bucked his ass into my cock and worked it like a pro. As I came he pulled off the condom and licked up every drop of my cum.

    We showered together after. Playing with eachotheres asses a lil giving the older guys a show.

    Thatâs my first gay experiencez

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Sam hardly ever stays more than half an hour, but by the time he's leaving, he's normally fucked me until my asshole is gaping and a little sore.
    We invariably fuck in the shower as he loves taking me up the ass there. Plus he loves having the water flowing over his shiny black cock, as I suck on his huge length.
    He's married like one of my other regular fuck partners, yet Sam calls by most weekdays, with my other fuck buddy only available at weekends, if my other half is working.
    My girlfriend works late's at the local hospital, so we always have enough time during her shifts to fuck. And boy does Sam give it to me. He's not one for loving sex with me, and tells me I'm his relief fuck. Someone who can take every inch of his mammoth cock up my asshole.
    The best part for me though when he's screwing me so hard, is just how violently I cum each time, without ever touching my cock.
    When my weekend fuck buddy is available, and we have time, he normally likes to fuck me on the couch or in bed. And with him it's more of a loving fuck. Having said that, he can be just as horny as Sam ,only he's nowhere near as large (Cock wise) as Sam.
    My girlfriend has no idea I enjoy being fucked, yet she does occasionally tongue my asshole for me. It's usually when she's sucking my cock and drifts downwards, but it's not all the time.
    Sam visited me yesterday and was in our apartment only twenty minutes. Within seconds of him entering, he ushered me into the bathrom turned on the shower and had me remove my bathrobe. I knew he was calling by so I had been waiting with nothing on, but the bathrobe. He stripped quickly, stood us both under the warm water and had me suck in his flaccid cock. It wasn't flaccid for long and within five minutes I was being lifted up.
    Spun around with my asshole full of soapy water, he entered me from behind and I welcomed his huge cock, backing onto him. Sam held my shoulders tightly, and rammed into me like I was a rag doll. His sheer size and powerful arms drew me onto him and before long his cock was literally in my stomach.
    Telling me I was his little cock slut, he power fucked me and wham, his cock exploded up my asshole. It was the first time ever I'd not cum with him fucking me. And it was the first time, with him, I'd had Sam go down on me after he'd cum.
    Not lasting more than a couple of minutes, I told my black lover I was cumming. Only to have Sam suck harder on my cock and keep my dick inside his mouth as I came hard. Every single drop, that beautiful black man sucked out of me and swallowed the lot.
    Dried and opening the door for him to leave, Sam said "I'll be blowing you more often from now on". Slapping my bare ass, he smiled and left.
    He's not been today, but he's text. Tomorrow he's told me he's got two hours free. I cannot wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    This is a confession my neighbor should be making, as I'm single, if you don't count my on off female fuck friend. My neighbor Martin is thirty six, married and his wife is stunning.
    They do have sex, yet each and every time Martin and I get chance to, he jumps over the low fence which separates our back yards and joins me in my small bottom floor apartment.
    And Martin only joins me for one thing. To fuck the shit out of me with his big fat cock. He tells me its ok fucking his wife, but she's no where near as horny as I am, and I can take every inch of his eight and half inch cock deep up my ass.
    Martin also tells me, mostly when he's fucking me, I'm the dirtiest fuck he's ever had. I will try everything once, and lots more if I like it. And there'e not much I don't like sexually.
    Valentines day today.
    Martin's wife drove off to work at seven. By ten past I was sucking on his cock having just gotten out of the shower. He took me back into the shower to fuck me before I'd had the chance to "Clean myself". (If you're a gay bottom or top, you'll know what that means) It was bit messy, but we both didn't care and it was I have to say, one of the best fucks we've had together.
    He was late for work himself, as he didn't leave until gone nine o'clock. And by then he'd unloaded up my asshole and down my throat. By the time he did leave, I was hoping he might take the entire day off and spent it fucking me.
    Greedy I know, but then he is out with his wife tonight's Valentines dinner. And then their away tomorrow for few days.
    Here's hoping he saves some of his beautiful cum for me when he gets back. I'm sure he will.
    Ps, Martin owns the apartment I live in. Rent free.

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    Gay Male / 24

    In college I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid. I went to school and I went back to my apartment. I was so lonely, I was homesick, I had no human contact. There was a park between my school and the apartment I was living in and I would go sit there and watch people walk by. After dark I would go back to my apartment.

    A man came by one day and asked me for the time. I answered, he asked if I was American. He sat down and started a conversation in English telling me about the time he had gone to Florida. We talked about a lot of things, he asked a lot about my school and if I liked it. When it was dark he suggested that if I wanted we could go to this small restaurant and have something to eat.

    On the way to the restaurant he put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to the restaurant. It was early and we had something to eat, the owner was the waiter and he offered us wine and he bought the wine and we had a couple of glasses of wine and he whispered that maybe we should just go and instead of walking back to the park so that I could go home we walked down this alley and then this alley and then another alley, I was totally lost and we went to his small apartment.

    The washbasin was in the room and the toilet and the small shower inside the bathroom. He washed his face and brushed his teeth and offered me to follow. After I had washed out my mouth using my finger he put his arms around my waist and tried to kiss me. He didn't let go and he kissed me. He didn't talk, he started to kiss my face and to grab my behind, he walked me in small steps and pushed me onto the bed and kept on kissing me. He lay on me as he undid my pants and took my penis in his hand and grabbed it and worked it so that I was half hard before he bent down to suck me. He sucked me hard for a long minute and then got up and took off his clothes and dropped his shorts to the floor. His penis was hard and big and dark.

    He took my head in his hands and put my head up against his penis and with his penis against my lips I opened my mouth and sucked him. Then it was easy, he undressed me until we were both completely naked, the window was open to let in the air, the sound of people on the street, he was kissing me and jerking me and sucking me, he was oblivious to the sounds. I sucked him again before he put on a condom and had me turn over and he pushed his finger in me using some sort of lubricant and then got on me and I pushed my back up to let him get his penis in.

    For the first time since I was in Madrid I felt good, I had never been with an older man, I had always thought it was gross but right then it felt good, I grabbed the pillow and held it tight and let him do what he wanted to do.

    He walked me back to the park and asked my name again and told me that he worked at the bank and maybe we could see each other again. I waited for him several days but he never showed again. The rest of my semester was a disaster and I went home and I have nothing positive to say. My only real memory of my semester abroad was that night. I am not totally over him yet, I wish I knew why he never came back to the park.

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