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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    A a married man with a young son, I shouldn't have a preference in men, but I do. I shouldn't want to satisfy older well built "Daddies" but my sexuality and my asshole says different.
    That's why every chance I get, I take great pleasure in entertaining a certain set of older men at a hotel we now use almost weekly.
    We're all golfers which helps, as my wife hates the sport, or it's associated socializing in the 19th hole. She see's it as a bunch of old men playing with their balls. How close to the truth she is.
    We all play at least twice a week, and on one of the days we'll book into the hotel for the afternoon. There's usually four of us. Two sixty + year old's, one fifty + year old and me. One of the sixty year old's is versatile like me, the other two are most definitely tops. Occasionally we'll invite another man to join us, but he's a busy business man, so he only joins us about once a month.
    Over the years we've al benn having sex, i guess I've sucked them off at least a couple of hundred times each and taken all of their cocks up my asshole countless times. I do occasionally fuck one of the guys, but I'm mostly pushing out their creamy hot sticky loads from my asshole, by the end of the afternoon.
    None of us would be seen as athletic, yet I like it that way and we're all comfortable with each other. I'm especially comfortable sucking on their cocks and taking their big fat lengths, as many times as they can manage up my ass. Something I've now been doing for over sixteen years.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Why is dick so addictive?

    Let me take you guys back to the age of 12... No father, living with my mother, started puberty, Just discovered porn, full on homophobe,or I just loved girls at the time somuch.

    Just got a girlfriend and we started to do things at this young age. Her parents always worked so after school we would be by here house and just fool around, she would suck my dick, I would eat her out and we would fuck. She loved it rough and I could basically make her gag on my dick and fuck her as hard as I liked...

    One day while we were busy, I was fucking her throat and we never heard her father get home. The sound she was making with my dick on her mouth was that if choking and gaging and I guess her father heard... He burst through the door and found his daughter with my Cock deep in her mouth. I was frozen, the fear had me paralyzed, her father was a black huge ass sports loving guy, a muscled bear basically... This guy took me by my hair and dragged me into his man cave in the garage while shouting at his daughter and locking her in her room.

    So I'm a 12 year old naked boy fear stricken and have no idea what his about to do to me... First words he said to me was "so you like gaging little girls with your dick?" just there he pushed me to the floor and unzipped his pants and took out this 7 inch uncut soft black Cock (the only way I can explain it) and told me to get up on my knees and lick his dick... Now I still don't know why I did it but I licked his head and it tasted salty and had a strong odour but I couldn't resist.

    His dick was growing in my hands and he just took my head and pushed his dick straight in my throat and just there I was hooked... I hated it but I loved being able to do nothing and just be his slave if I can say that... He made me suck on his dick for so long, I was gagging and crying but this just made him go harder and faster until he just let out a huge moan and spuirted his nutt down my throat, so much leaked out on the floor and on him but he made me lick it up off his shoes and pants and told me from now on I'm his bitch and he owned me

    I just said yes to get out of there... Me and my Jessica (the girl I was seeing) stopped talking and we were never the same, I tried ignoring the memory for days but the fantasy just had me... The taste and smell of his Cock was in my head... But I just stayed away for about two weeks when the Friday he came to the school and told me to get in... I just obeyed and followed his every word, he told me that he had spoken with my mother and asked if I could join his family on a camping trip for the weekend and she agreed since she knew about me and his daughters relationship...

    Little did she or I even know that there was no camping trip or family with us on the road... We just drove to a beach house his family had and he told me this weekend I was about to find out what a real man is...
    That weekend he made me gag on his dick for hours on end, he tied me up, pissed in me, made me drink his piss, he made me stay naked whole weekend, he just dominated me everyday... But the Saturday was the most hectic of all...

    He basically fucked my mouth for hours, I was crying when he said it's time to become a real slave... He fucked me in the ass raw for the first time, was the worst experience of my life, first dick in my ass was a 9 inch thick black Cock and it Hurt like hell and he just fucked me rough and hard until he bust inside of me... I cried and screamed the whole way through... My ass was aching whole day full of cum and swollen.

    He fucked me again that night and this is where I just fell in love with the feeling of Cock on my ass...

    From the age of 12 till 18 I was his slave until I moved away and no one knew anything I think... And now all I crave is a dick in my mouth and ass... It fills my mind everyday, I just want to be fucked but am so scared to reach out to anyone...
    I need him to fuck me again

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    Gay Male / 19

    "Out" is where I've been all my sexual life. From sucking on my friends dick at the age of fourteen, to last night when I took an eight inch cock down my throat and deep up my asshole.
    The confession, the new scenario or the reason I'm here, is who fucked me last night.
    I'm no effeminate gay boy, and in fact are seen as straight by most people who don't know me intimately. I'm an athlete, a gymnast and somewhat of a physical person. In other words I don't back down from a fight. Yet when it comes to sex, I utterly adore sucking cock and getting fucked hard. Something nine months ago, it wasn't lost on the person who came into my bedroom, removed my quilt and stuck their tongue deep up my ass.
    I'd been out at a party, got home around midnight and crashed out in bed. About an hour later, I awoke to the feeling of having my butt licked and tongued. Disorientated at first, I thought it was a tutor of mine and I was round at his place again. Only when I opened my eyes and realized I was at home, did I feel nervous.
    That nervousness went as my cock was pulled back and sucked on and then I felt a warm wet finger slide up my ass. I was lost in sexual need by then, so I allowed the scented man to move up my body, put his cock head to my asshole, then enter me as he kissed me neck.
    I knew his scent, his cologne. I should do, I'd smelled it all my life. I'd even seen his cock numerous times, sometimes fucking his wife. But that night it was my turn, my asshole was his and he'd wanted it for years. What had changed was my acknowledgement of his sexual position.
    His cock felt utterly amazing inside of me and he fucked me gently at first. His kisses didn't stop either, nor did his soft words of love. I succumed totally to his will and let him fuck me harder and harder. Yet always keeping things as quiet as possible.
    Pinnin gme face down to the bed, I eased my legs apart and that's when he rose up and thrust in much much deeper. It was so intense and such a beautiful introduction for us both, my cock spasmed a few times as his delved deeper. Then I came as quickly as I'd ever done in my life.
    He groaned and thrust maybe a dozen more times making me sink into my bed, then his cock exploded up my asshole. And that was that, we'd finally done it. We'd finally admitted to one another what we wanted, and it was awesome.
    He left my room that night and went back to his wife, who to this day takes sleeping medication.
    We suck and fuck like married true lovers these days and I'm utterly in love with him. But then I've always loved him my whole life...............I should do, as he's my father.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I have just fucked my son

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    Gay Male / 43

    First I confess that I come here to read the confessions or stories of gay men. I like to hear what other men feel or experience, some of the times voluntarily and at other times involuntarily. Everyone has a first time and I guess that most of us never planned on having a first time with another guy. Having another guy's cock in your mouth is both exhilarating and scary at the same time.

    I was eleven and I was spending the night with a boy from my class. His room had two single beds and after lights out we talked and then he got up and came over to my bed and showed me that his cock was hard and told me he wanted me to touch it. Touching a hard cock does something to you inside, his cock was hard and he asked me to suck it for him. Sucking a cock the first time does something to you inside, not to mention that you don't want to stop. His cock wasn't that big and I could get his entire cock in my mouth, just remembering gets my cock hard now. I guess I loved it. After a few minutes he sat on the bed and leaned back and I sucked him until he 'peed' in my mouth, actually he had a small orgasm and ejaculated into my mouth. I liked that a lot.

    After that sleepover whenever I slept over I would suck his cock and jerk him off with my hand. We showered together and in the shower we would line up with him behind me and he would pretend to fuck me. He was my first and you always remember your first like it was yesterday.

    My second was an older boy who mowed lawns for a summer job. He was tall and blond and he mowed with his shirt off. One afternoon he was mowing our yard and asked if he could use the bathroom and he came inside. He stood at the toilet in his shorts and tennis shoes and I watched him pee in the toilet. He turned to me and asked if I needed to do that because it freaked him out a little. I asked what freaked him out and he said watching him. I said sorry but he asked me if I liked that, watching guys pee. Any ways I sucked his cock that day, it was his first time and he liked it, I was pretty hungry for his cock so I sucked him pretty hard and held his cock with my hand. I sucked him for the rest of the summer. Later the next year I had anal sex with him in his room. He was pretty homosexual and he liked to have sex and I liked to have sex so we got along pretty well.

    He was my only Adonis. I grew up to like other types of men, as I grew older I developed an aversion to the body culture and men who spent all their time strutting around. I was more of the type that liked sucking off the man at the Seven Eleven and getting fucked in the store room. I just developed a like for older heavier men with beards and dark skin. Not blacks, but Latinos, Pakistanis, Turks, those types. In our neighborhood there were many Arabs who were running the small businesses and they traded stories and it was a good bet to go down to their store and get to suck them off and sometimes get fucked. And they didn't care that I was still in high school.

    I have never been interested in a close relationship. I am closeted in that I am not out there and there is no reason for people to believe I am gay unless they know me. I have a close group of friends, I run a downtown restaurant and bar that caters to the after work crowd. The area is pretty mixed, we have Greeks, Palestinians, Lebanese and Turks. I have a bartender that comes around to my place, he is Lebanese, after we get off work. He knows how to make me feel good, he enjoys having his cock sucked and likes to have sex too. I never got over the feeling of having hot cum or pee in my mouth. It is the million dollar prize to have a hot stream of pee hitting your open mouth and he indulges my offbeat desire.

    Well I hope this gives you some pleasure, we are all alike in the end. We all have a dream of a horse cock but in the end we settle for a hard cock to suck and a man who gets off by fucking you. I would like to hear about your first time, or your dream cock. It makes me feel good to know that some of you out there enjoy it as much as I do.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    Im bi and I once fucked my best friend's brother while we all slept in the bed together or rather I should say he fucked me I was 13 and he was 16 and he had a big cock already even then.He pretended to be asleep but i knew the game. I positioned myself next to him after sucking his cock and getting it wet and took him inside me. He moaned called out some girl's name as he pumped my ass with long deep slow strokes until finally cumming deep inside my little fag ass. It was awesome and that became our usual routine when I would spend the night. Moments like this and many more made me the cock loving guy I am today. I like pussy too , don't get me wrong but the make bod when fucking in on another level.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I got divorced in my later forties and never remarried. The reason for the divorce was irreconcilable differences, I just didn't want to be married anymore. After my divorce I moved to a condo and have lived there ever since. The neighborhood is changing and lots of gay men have moved in. I guess some lesbians too but I don't care about them. I love sucking cock, always have, started early and never stopped. My neighborhood is now cock friendly and I get together with a couple of guys I met getting a drink.

    I attended my first ever cock suckoff, any hole is a good hole, give it, take it, suck it, fuck it, all cock orgy. I call it an orgy, four guys just sucking and fucking like crazy. It's not like it is my first fuck, I let myself get fucked here and there but this party was suck on a cock and get fucked at the same time. Or maybe they just wanted to initiate me, but who cares. I am sucker for big guy with a hard cock. I sucked him and he fucked me. I reciprocated fucking one of the other guys who loved having the three of us swapping in and out. I found out that they are party animals, and they like to get out and find friendly guys to fuck with.

    I don't consider myself homosexual, I am not into a living with another man, I am a cock sucker for sure, enjoy a fuck once in a while and hanging out at the bar or a ball game, or if necessary a ball game party at some guy's house. I won't say that I am part of the animal crowd, I am really more of a closet cock sucker, meet a guy, get friendly, find out if he wants his cock sucked type of guy. At least that has been my M.O. for the longest time. Now that the neighborhood is going cock friendly there is much more cock to suck. I just don't want a boyfriend.

    That' s about it. I really only wanted to mention that I had been to all guy fuck party and went home drained dry.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    My day so far.

    Up at seven, kissed the wife goodbye as she left for work and immediately text Roy. As I was taking a shower my phone buzzed on the side near to the sink. Reaching out of the shower I see it's Roy. A quick text "I'm in the shower".
    Two minutes later I'm looking at the beautiful older man striping off and his cock is already hard. He tells me he hasn't got long, so I lean against the wall as he enters and I pull my arse cheeks apart. Using hair conditioner all over my arsehole, he tells me he's fucking horny and stuffs his full length up my arsehole in one delicious thrust.
    Holding my shoulders he fucks me continuously for about five to ten minutes and then dumps his hot sticky cum up my arse. Pulling out, he drys himself off, says he'll see me later and picks up his clothing as he exits our bathroom.

    I'm in work by eight thirty. My boss Charlie tells me I'm doing the meeting in the afternoon and to prepare my presentation. I know She's relying on me to pull out the stops, so I get onto it right away. Ten fifteen, I'm almost finished when Charlie pops her head in and lets me know she's going out. And that Mark has arrived early.

    Still in the meeting room, I see the door open and in steps Mark. He closes and locks the door and I know then what he's after. Dropping down as he approaches, I open his trousers and take out his small but thick cock. Thrusting his growing cock at me, I open my mouth and accept his fully hard penis over my tongue. Sucking on his dick like I would a fat lollipop, Mark begins to fuck my face and gets really into it as he tells me I'm his natural born cock slut. On and on he fucks my mouth and I begin to struggle as he hammers his cock into my orifice. Thankfully just as I'm beginning to think he ain't going to cum, his cock explodes and I taste his cum as it slides down my throat. Suitably satisfied, he tells me the deals done and the presentation is just a formality.

    I arrived home an hour ago (Early). My wife due in another hour and then she's going out to a concert with two girlfriends. As soon as she leaves I'll be texting Roy again. We've arranged a small group gang bang and I'm the one being fucked. Roy, a guy he works with and another older guy will be here for about eight thirty. Hopefully by nine o'clock, I'll have had all their cocks in my mouth and beginning to take their cocks up my arsehole.

    Fifty two, fifty five and Roy who'd sixty one. That's the ages of the men who'll be using me tonight. Lets hope they've all had their pills.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I list bi but the question is there, am I or not? I work in a huge company that takes up five stories of a large building. The building itself has a restaurant on the top floor. The restaurant is hosted by a fellow who looks like a teenager but it known to be 21. Bruce is slim and has blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkle. He also has a winning smile so everyone likes him. I don't know him very well but he behaves as if there is a bond between us.

    After some months I was waiting for a table and while he handed me a menu he whispered, "I think you are gorgeous, I want you so badly. Are you offended? I Want your cock in my mouth. I hope you don't mind my saying so." I was taken aback but I managed to smile a bit and tell him I was flattered. Nothing else has taken place but right now as I write this I know I'm going to let him at least suck me off. I never did it before but he is special.

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    Gay Male / 38

    Since pretty much all my life I have been attracted to being around men, boys when I was young and men once I got older. I am a bottom, pretty much always have been. The first man I fell in love with was my Karate instructor but he was not affectionate and I got over him. My second love was my piano teacher, he was very affectionate, I loved being hugged by him, he would touch my face and smile at me and he had me sit very tight beside him during my piano lessons.

    My third love was my History teacher. He made me feel good and I got my first kiss and I touched and sucked my first penis. I was hungry and he pushed me away and hurt me. After he pushed me away I fell in with a series of men becoming more and more comfortable with being gay and being a bottom for them.

    But I suppose everyone has that one time when things just happened and the sex just won't erase from your mind. For me that occurred when I was in my early thirties and I was sent by my employer to a two week training in Miami. There were people from all over the world, the company I worked for had a worldwide operations. I met this man there and we got along. He was from Portugal, fiftyish, tanned, with large hands and short beard. He took to me early and we had breakfast together and then dinner the first night we were there. He invited me up to his room.

    It was my first encounter with an uncut cock, he was big and he got very hard. It was my first experience with a 'true' man and he fucked me into submission. I suppose I was always a bit submissive but not like that. The sex was always hard, he ignored my cock completely. He sat on the bed and I got on the floor and sucked his cock. When he wanted to fuck he expected me to be Johnny on the spot and let him fuck. For the two weeks we were in training I was his lap dog, his errand boy, his fuck toy, his cock sucker.

    His assignments were primarily in Africa and mine were primarily based in the USA. I didn't have money to travel and he wasn't interested in traveling to see me so I had to accept that he had fun with me while we were in training but he didn't develop any feelings for me. I never felt rejected, not like I did when my History teacher rejected me, I felt lost. But I had discovered what made me feel good. I searched out 'true' men that I could serve, be their cock suckers for sure, their fuck toys, their man servants. I believe I am truly a submissive type, I like being the queer.

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