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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 44

    I was young, a new hire with nothing but stars in my eyes about being the next CEO. Of course I was the new hire and my job was delivery of items from the main warehouse to the subsidiary warehouses. I was a hot shot driver, not that I was a hot shot.

    At the warehouse where I was sent that day the manager was a fifty something, hairy, big belly type. Don't ask me why but I have always had a thing for big men like that, since I was too young to know what I felt. I got my delivery done and signed for and remembered his name. I watched him from the truck as he ordered his men to take the stuff inside. That night I masturbated imagining him naked showing me he was the boss. When I masturbate I almost always lay on my stomach and dream I am being fucked, if not that sometimes I dream I am sucking cock, but to jerk off I need to 'feel' that I am being fucked. This goes back a long time since before I got out of school. My man of my dreams was the swim coach at school, big and hairy and tough and he always wore a blue speedo. I dreamt that he was kissing me. Like I said my wet dreams go back to when I was very young.

    I masturbated that night.

    Over the next months I delivered to him at least once a week, he signed the papers and I had to leave. But that afternoon I was standing at the door of my truck and he was signing the papers and I was looking at him and I was thinking of what a kiss would feel like and he looked at me and asked me if I had a problem. He forced me into my truck with his stomach and looked at me straight in the face and asked if I was queer or something because I looked queer and I was always checking out the men. My only response was that I couldn't help it. Just a couple of inches more and he would have kissed me.

    There was a BBQ at the warehouse and he came along with another couple of men from his shop. I was put on the service line and he looked at me and asked if I liked hot dogs. It took me a couple of minutes, maybe seconds, but I felt like a couple of minutes before I realized what he was asking and I said I loved hot dogs. He asked if I had a set of buns for his hot dog and now I knew what he was saying and I said "oh yes I did". I was in the back getting more ice and he came up behind me and grabbed my ass with his hand. He was over my shoulder and asked if I was pretty queer and I had to answer yes. He asked to see what I had and pulled at my pants I let him look and he said that he never figured it out how a queer like me could have a big cock. He rubbed my ass with his hand and told me that he was going to be staying at the Holiday Inn Express and I should come by around ten and gave me the room number.

    I had never gone to a motel and I was breathing hard and my heart was racing but I knocked on the door and he opened it and said to step inside. He asked me again if I was queer and I said yes and he stuffed his cock in my face and I began to suck. Maybe his cock isn't all that big but I thought it was. I got naked he told me to lay on the bed and let him look at my cock. He stood beside the bed and bent over and sucked my cock and asked me if I thought it strange that a man wanted to suck cock and I said no. He put me on my stomach and ran his hands all over my back and butt and asked me if I needed to be slicked up and I said well yes and he said he would see if he had anything to slick me up. He spread my cheeks open and stuck his mouth in my ass and licked my hole, while he reached under me and grabbed my cock.

    I sucked cock again and he sucked cock again, we did that for quite a while, when he was going to fuck me and he had slicked me up I asked him if he would kiss me, he answered that I must really be a queer if I wanted to be kissed. He kissed me and it felt so good to be kissed, his hands playing with me before I got over on my stomach and he fucked me in my slick hole. Maybe he doesn't really have a big cock but it sure felt like it. I really liked his cock.

    I worked at the main warehouse and from time to time he would come over and we would meet at the same Holiday Inn Express and just fuck. For so many months I never had to masturbate, he jerked me off or sucked me off and of course he fucked me and usually when I am getting fucked I cum into the sheets on the bed. He liked to kiss and I liked to kiss and sometimes he just kissed me for a long time and felt me up. Of course I was never going to be CEO, he told me so, I was going to work in the warehouse where he could keep an eye on me. But I was young then and that's all that mattered to me at the time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Nearly thirteen years ago my friend and I were caught by an older man, sucking on one another cocks in my parental home. Within minutes of being caught, my friend was scurrying off home and I was left sat naked pleading with him not tell my parents. Half an hour later I was no longer an anal virgin, my asshole was stinging like crazy but I'd just experienced the wonderful feeling of a mans cum shooting deep inside my ass.

    The following day, he called by again, knowing I was alone, as he and I both knew my parents would be opening up their cafe. There was no need for coercion or pretense when he flopped his large uncut cock out of his shorts. I instantly got on my knees and sucked in his gorgeous cock, making him buck forwards as he fucked my mouth.
    Expecting him to cum in my mouth, he pulled out, told me to kneel up on the sofa and I felt his hot breath on my asshole. Over the next quarter of an hour he licked tongued and probed my rear hole until I was good and ready to receive what I knew was going to be thrust up my ass. Sure enough using lube he'd brought with him, I felt his hard press against my hole and 'Pop' in slid his man meat right up to the hilt.

    I was his and he knew it. Fucking me like a rag doll, I soon began to push back onto his cock feeling my orgasm rising. Then wham, my cock let go and I was cumming all over the leather sofa. Not once did he slow down or relent in how he was fucking me and I knelt there and took every thrust.

    It was a long long fuck, one that I still sometimes refer back to when were having sex. Eventually he cried out, gripped my hips and slammed his dick deep into my asshole. His hot cum burst inside of me and I wondered if he'd ever stop ejaculating.

    Every day we could from then until just this morning, we've had gay sex. He's taught me everything and we've done just about everything over the years. This morning he shared me with a fuck buddy of ours, someone a similar age to him, but with a bigger cock. It took place in my apartment, an apartment he bought for me so we could fuck whenever we wanted to. And an apartment which has witnessed many many gay and bisexual parties and sex sessions.
    He'll be back later to deliver my birthday present. It's a car and I'm extremely grateful for his gift and kindness. But I'll be more interested in him fucking me a week after my birthday. A week in which my grandpa has fucked my hole every single day.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Me and a good friend are both on the college cross country running team. We are both serious runners with shaved muscular legs to prove it. One night after a long training run we were both kicking back with a beer discussing the run and how achy our legs were from it. I suggested we take turns massaging each other's legs to speed the recovery process. My friend agreed and decided he would go first.

    I will admit that I have had my share of gay fantasies but never have acted on them. The massage suggestion was strictly business and actually is beneficial for 2 guys like us. We decided we would remove our clothes just like a real massage. My friend removed his and got on the bed face down with a towel over his ass. As he laid there, I couldn't help but stare at his very sexy, smooth, muscular legs. I grabbed the oil and slowly went to work.

    As I massaged his legs I felt myself becoming a bit aroused. This was a very erotic scene and I am a bit of a leg man. I rubbed and massaged his smooth legs with everything I had. Enjoying the feel of his smooth, soft skin I rubbed and massaged his legs until I reached his ass.

    At this point, I asked him if he was enjoying it and he moaned and said it felt incredible on his achy legs and please continue. I then asked if he would like his ass massaged as well. After all, the ass is a very large muscle group that gets much use during long runs. He said yes, and quickly removed the towel covering his ass. He was now naked in front of me and had one incredible, tight, smooth ass.

    I slowly started to knead and massage his ass and my cock was now rock hard. Thankfully, he was face down and could not see it. It was so hard it was starting to hurt a bit. As I massaged his ass, I could see his tight little hole and it was only making me harder. He was moaning and commenting on how good this felt, saying how we should do this after every run. When I was done with his ass, I asked him to flip over so I could do his thighs. There was a pause, and he said don't freak out, but all your massaging has made me hard. I said not to worry, it's only natural and I was hard as well.

    When he flipped over, I was taken back by his beautiful cock. Shaved smooth, it was perfect. I could not peel my eyes away from it as I rubbed his thighs. He was noaning and his cock was pulsing. I wanted to reach out and massage his cock for him. The urge was so great, I risked it all and asked him if he wanted a happy ending. He said, are you serious? I said yes! He then said go for it. I grabbed his hard cock and started running my hand up its length feeling it's hardness. I was so turned on at this point and rubbing my friends cock was my entire focus. I was fixated and this was surreal. I stroked and rubbed his hard cock until I couldn't take it anymore. I said, dude I am so horny I need to get my cock out before it explodes in my shorts. He said, please do.

    I got naked and laid on the bed next to him. He immediately grabbed my cock and we stroked and kissed each other passionately. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was never so turned on. We spent the rest of the night feeling, touching, sucking and exploring each other's bodies. By morning, we had sucked and fucked each other silly.

    This was the beginning of our friends with benefits relationship that lasted through college. I will never forget it, and how naughty and sexy the whole thing was. No regrets here!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Myself and a friend were in southern Spain recently. After only a few days and because of my friends mouth, we got into a fight with some other tourists. We'd been drinking, so we didn't do too well. My friend who had started it all, legged it and left me to fight three guys. Thankfully, but being a little battered and bruised, I was pulled away by a very pretty young woman. Ushering me down a side alley and on along a narrow unlit road, she told me I could stay at hers for a while until everything died down. Half way down the unlit road, she stopped us, put her arms round my neck and kissed me hard. I responded and was soon kissing her as roughly as she was kissing me. Putting her hand down to my crotch, she began to massage my cock through my shorts and I was soon erect and very horny. As I went to reach down to put my hand up her short skirt, she broke away and said in her Spanish accent, we should move along to her apartment.
    Inside of her apartment, she washed my face with a warm cloth, cleaning off the blood from my cut nose. Then sitting next to me, she asked me if I thought she was good looking. I answered her by kissing her again. We kissed for some time with her hand reaching inside my shorts and my boxers stroking my cock. I was dying to release my dick, so I moved and lowered both my shorts and my boxers. Immediately she went down on me and I'm not lying here, it was easily the best blow job I've ever had. Not only did she suck on my cock forcing me to the brink and then releasing my throbbing dick, but she also deep throated my cock, the first girl ever to do so.
    I swear by the time I was ready to cum, I could have spurted my juice up to the ceiling.
    Standing up in front of me with my cock pulsing like crazy, she removed her skirt, her top and shoes. Leaving her bra on, she finally slid her knickers down and out sprang a perfectly formed erect little cock.
    My saviour wasn't a female at all, she was a he and he wanted me to fuck him. And what's more I didn't care. By then I would have just about fucked anyone, but he, sorry she, was so beautiful anyway. Her, his looks alone would have had my cock inside his arse.
    Kneeling up past me, she turned her head and said "It's your time to decide".
    My dick was up his arsehole in less than five seconds and I couldn't have cared less if anyone would have witnessed me fucking him. I went at it like a mad man and the more I understood I was fucking a young guy, the more horny I became. Eventually I reached in front and began to toss him off at the same rhythm I was fucking his tight Spanish arsehole. Backing onto me after we'd been fucking for about five minutes, he grunted and he spasmed on my cock. He'd cum and his tightening hole around my cock forced me to unload, sending my cum deep inside his arse.
    As soon as my cock slid out of his backside, he spun around and sucked in my dick. It was amazing feeling and something that I'd never experienced before. Easing me back onto his couch, he carried on licking my cock and balls and sucking away on my dick. It wasn't too long before I was erect again.
    Looking at me, he pulled me on top of him, kissed me and guided my cock into his slippery cum coated arsehole. In the missionary position still kissing him, I fucked my Spanish shemale and loved every second of it.
    When I came for the second time, filling his hole once more, he cried out in Spanish and then kissed me harder than he had before.
    We sat, drank beer and talked about ourselves. It was then he showed me he'd had small breast implants. Apparently he paid to fly over to eastern Europe to have the surgery and it had been a success.
    Over the next few hours, I was taught all sorts of new sexual experiences. Sucking his cock, licking his arsehole and having mine tongued too. Then with my dick aching and hard again, he sat astride me and looking down at me, he fucked me so slowly, it hardly seemed he moved at all.
    Once I'd cum a watery load, he climbed off my cock and moved upwards. His cock was already pulsing when it slid over my tongue, and it only took seconds for it to explode in my mouth. There wasn't much cum, but what there was, I swallowed.
    I got a taxi back to the apartment I shared with my friend. He was still asleep when I got in at seven in the morning. A cleaner let me in as my friend had the key, so I left him asleep and showered. When I got out of the shower, he was awake. He went to say something and just got out "I'm sorry". But I cut him off and told him he should never have run off and left me. My left eye was blackened and my lip was cut. My nose hurt and my left lower back was hurting from being stamped on. Yet all I could think about, was the beautiful horny guy I'd had such an amazing time with.
    All that day we spent around the pool. And all that day I just couldn't stop thinking about my gay lover. My friend had begun to drink heavily again and by six o'clock, he was pissed out of his head. Practically dragging him up to our room and putting him in bed, I got changed and walked the two miles to the apartment I'd spent the night before in. When I knocked, a very cute looking young man answered. No make up, no women's clothing and no pretense of being female.
    In the five hours I spent in his apartment, I made love to Juan countless times. And by the time the sun was rising I was again entering his arsehole with my hard on.
    My friend and I did spent two more nights out, but each night I'd make my excuses early and visit Juan. On the second night, he dressed up as he had the first time I met him. It was really weird, but also really amazing being out with him as a girl. When a local guy asked him in Spanish if I was his guy, he kissed me and told him in English "I'm all his, honey".
    The night before we flew back, my friend got himself fixed up with an Irish girl, who fleeced him when he fell asleep in our apartment.
    Myself and Juan were having our own fun time on the outskirts of the town down by the sea. Totally naked and in among the rocky shoreline, I had sex with Juan and learned being fucked wasn't for me. Nevertheless I did learn one thing, I'm now a true bisexual man, one who just knows he's not going to stop enjoying other guys, if I get the chance to have fun.
    Oh as a footnote, I've already booked to fly over to see Juan on my own in late July. It's only for five days, but in those five days I think my cock will be easing its way up a very eager Spanish arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    My day started like almost every day, get up have breakfast and then get in the shower.
    Usually when I'm in the shower I will form a plan for my day, which includes driving to town and running errands today, with my Wife. Then I washed up, soaped up my junk and once I'm hard, I jerk off, Every day!

    I usually use my memory of the sex I've had with My Older Sister, Niece, or some young stud to get off. Then I squeeze not to let any cum out while I rinse the soap off and catch it in my hand, then suck it down. Been doing it for years and love it.

    Well my Wife gets a call and they're really busy at the hospital so she has to go to work, so I have the day to myself.

    I drive to town and the adult book store is in clear sight, so I decided to stop.
    I drove around to the back and parked and thought they may be closed, only one car there. I went in and a young guy ( Andy on his name tag) with long hair and a ring in his eyebrow was working behind the counter, he said hello and went back to what he was doing.

    I went back past the magazines and toys towards the booths in the back corner, but the lights were off back there. He saw where I was and said he would turn on the lights and machines. He said the don't get a big crowd in the morning.

    I've been here many times and it's a great spot to meet College boys in the evening, during the school year.

    He got everything fired up and I found a movie with an older guy facefucking a young gal and that was gonna do it for me. I took my hard dick out and started jerking and looked toward the door and young Andy was standing there watching. I asked if he wanted some of this and he came in and knelt down in front of me.

    He took ahold of my dick and squeezed hard as he pulled on it slow, and the head of it just shined with precum.

    Then he wiped the tip over his lips and I could see them shine with my juice.
    He then started jerking me off like a wild man, his face inches from my dick, just staring at it not blinking.
    He put his other hand around my thigh and said " I like watching your balls swing" and then "cum for me, I want to see you cum" His hand was getting hot on my dick and he must have noticed too, he spit on it once and then again on his hand.

    I was looking down on petite Andy, wishing I could just spin him around and fuck him, and that pushed me over. My legs were getting week and I told him I was gonna cum.

    He stuck my dick in his mouth and put both his hands on my asscheeks and pulled me in.
    When I came, I could feel the top back of his throat with every twitch of my dick.

    He swallowed every drop, just as the buzzer went off because somebody else entered the building.
    He got up and left the booth, I put my still half hard dick away and walked back up front to leave.
    As I got upfront the new customer was looking at toys.
    Andy ripped a piece of paper off the register receipt and wrote his number on it. He said thats the first contact he's ever had with a man, but would be willing to maybe try more at a slow pace.

    I told him thanks, and that I would be calling him. He said great, I already know who you are, I just graduated with your grandson!
    I said what?? He said they played baseball for quite a few years when they were younger, and he knew me and my Wife were good people. He told me who his parents were, and then I remembered, his dad is a local dentist. I'd gladly bang either one of his parents, but right now I think I have a better chance with Andy.

    My dilemma is, am I already in too deep? Is this kid gonna say anything to another kid? I don't want this getting back to my family or Grandson. Nobody knows this part of my life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    When I was a teen my uncle found me a job with a guy who made lead light windows. He had a house and a workshop on a few acres of land, and I was to help him out and learn a few things; soldering, welding, metalwork and carpentry, doing decorative wrought iron gates; even learnt to drive - and I still have a bookcase I made there - plus a lot of other things. He had some sheep and chickens too, you get the idea.

    He was married too, a good looking woman,'Daphne', in her early forties, short hair, nice hips, wore glasses and smiled a lot. Their two sons were away, one in the Navy and the other, about 14, at a boarding school in the big smoke, so everything that happened was when there was only the three of us there.

    I liked him, 'Dick', he wasn't tall, thin but very muscular, and had snow white hair and a young-looking round face. I more than liked him I fancied him, when he came close to me, instructing me on something I got an erection. I used to wank and dream about him.

    He told me he and his wife had an open marriage so they could fuck other people which gave me enormous hope but I was still too shy to express my feelings so I waited for him to make the first move, if indeed he wanted me.

    Daphne often made us lunch and we would eat in the kitchen up in the house. It wasn't unusual for Dick to be away for the day, buying materials, chasing clients and attending auctions for example. He was always on the lookout for more work and money.

    One day, about three months into my job, me and Daphne were eating together at the table and I said there wasn't much to do in the workshop and she said we could always go into the spare bedroom and pass the time. I said what if Dick finds out and she gave me the open marriage agreement that said she could do what she wants, and Dick fucks around too, getting all he wants. I said what about condoms and she said we'll go natural. She said do you always use condoms and I answered honestly I'd only had sex with two different girls and had used condoms every time. 'You want to try it without rubber ?' and I said I'd love to see how it felt.

    So we undressed in the bedroom and laid on the bed. She gave me an excellent blow job and I cum all over her nice soft tits and their big brown nipples. She said eat my pussy before we fuck so I went down on her. I must admit I didn't find it very pleasing, and I licked all around her labia and vulva before she pointed out her clitoris and indicated that I should concentrate on that, which confused the hell out of me since it didn't look much and was well away from the hole I'd been trying to stick my tongue into. That's how young and stupid I was. Still I think I did a good job and she did seem to enjoy it.

    Then we fucked, it was the best bit. She wasn't tight but it felt so good, wet and warm and slippery and I could pump her steadily without blowing too early. Those tight pussies, I orgasmed so quick.

    Afterwards we chatted, lying there naked, her hand on my soft cock. She told me about her teen years when she was so bi she couldn't get enough youthful wet snatch to munch on. What about you she said, ever fancy a guy, it's only natural I suppose ? I don't know why but suddenly I was spilling out my secrets, my lustful thoughts of naked horny men. She was very sympathetic and hugged me and said not to worry, all perfectly normal and join the club.

    The next day Dick came into the workshop and shouted out 'What's all this about you fucking my wife you dirty filthy bastard?' which scared the living shit out of me. I was a split second away from making a run for it when he started laughing and saying look at your face. Why are you looking like that, didn't I say we have an open marriage. You horny little prick.

    I smiled but I was still shaking inside. The next thing he's talking about some job or other. I also wondered how much she'd told him. Everything?

    Sitting here I now know they were way ahead of me every step of the way.

    Days later when Dick was so happy about some stuff I'd finished he came up behind me saying 'Well done' as he put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. Our bodies pressed together and I felt his erection against my arse. Impossible to say how much of a thrill went through me.

    Short time later we were outside the workshop, Dick sitting on a bench, his back against the wall, in the sun. I sat in a chair facing him. He told me to stand so I did. 'I know Daphne gave your cock a good suck; you young bastards are always horny. I tell you what drop your shorts and I'll give you one too.' I was too stunned to move. 'Well' he said,'If you want it get your shorts off or sit down. What's it to be ?'

    So I pulled my shorts and undies down. My cock was rock solid. 'I want to drink your cum,' he said,'Give it all to me.' And he took my cock in his mouth, licked it, sucked it, tongued it, then up and down the shaft, around the scrotum, so fucking good, far better than his wife. I felt dizzy with pleasure, tried to make it last and finally blew a big wad of cum into his mouth.

    We went into the bathroom up at the house, both naked. I'd told him I wanted to experience everything, be fucked by him. He was surprised I never been fucked yet. I didn't tell him I'd experimented with a few various objects up my arse just to see how it felt. However he taught me how to do an enema. He also put some lube on his fingers and inserted them in my anus. I put my arms around him and kissed his face. We were both hard and rubbing our cocks together. Hmm you like this he said. He gave me a butt plug and told me to use it for a while,stretch the opening for him, which I was happy to do.

    One day, two days, I can't remember but it wasn't too long and we were in the spare bedroom,and Dick, slowly, carefully, gently was sliding his fat stubby uncut cock into my arse, and this was the sex I'd been waiting for all my life.

    There was a movement at the open door and I saw Daphne spying on us. She watched for about five minutes, caught my eye and smiled. Then left. I thought if a woman saw a man she fancied being sodomised her estimation of him would diminish, as he wouldn't look so manly and dashing any more but I was wrong. Within the week we had a threesome and she wanted me to fuck her. She displayed her c**t to me and indicated all the major points of interest, even giving me a run down on the clit. Dick and I did some cock play but it was mainly the pair of us pleasuring Daphne. That's just the kind of gentlemen we were.

    So I was there for a year and three months. I left when Dick found me a real job in boat building for which I am forever grateful. He seem to age quickly in the following years but he has and will always have a willing fuck buddy in me whenever he wants.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    For the past three years, myself and two other married men have been meeting up every week to play golf, or that's what we tell our wive's anyway. Because we supposedly play twice a week, we actually only play once and have sex the other time. Each week we all chipped in and booked a gay escort, someone who loved to be a bottom slut. But as of the past few months, we've been inviting a young golfer who's father is the club Captain. You see each of us has a reasonably large cock, and all of us adore fucking younger eager men, among other sexual acts. Indeed my sexual fetish at the moment, is for all of us to use our youthful golfer as a cum dump, fucking him as much as he can take. Then I adore felching him until he either cums, or I'm rock hard again and fuck his freshly tongued arsehole some more. Out of all of us, I'm the most energetic and have the biggest cock, something my young nineteen year old captains son craves. We've begun to fuck outside of the weekly meets and he tells me he's falling in love with me. But I think he's in love with my large heavily veined cock, which absolutely adores being deep inside his cute arsehole. Tomorrow we've arranged to meet up near a local reservoir. I'm going to fuck him in the woodlands nearby, and look over the water as my cum pumps into his bowels.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Back when I was 15 I was working for an older woman on our block. She had no husband and was a friend of my moms. I spent a lot of time with her helping work around her yard and house. She was 44 years old, 5ft. 9in, weighed about 135lbs. I remember that she looked very pretty, and I liked her body. I got to see more and more of it, sneaking peeks at her through her partially opened bedroom door when she'd come out of the shower and change. She had small B cups for tits, reddish nipples that weren't too big. Everyone once in a while I'd sneak a peek at her black haired bush. We'd spend a lot of time in her pool her in a 2 piece, and me in my underwear. Eventually she told me I could go commando in the pool. She had a large privacy fence so I thought it might be a way to see her naked more and did it. She eventually took off her top and we would touch each other some times. She never let me touch her pussy, I told her I hadn't had sex and really wanted her to teach me.

    The day came and she sat me down in the kitchen having just come in from the pool. I was naked and hard, she was topless. "I would really want you to fuck me David" she said, "But you wouldn't want to, because it wouldn't be the way you think" she added. Not knowing what she was talking about and being puzzled I didn't know what to say. Then she said "You will probably not want to come by anymore after this, but if you still want to, you can have as much sex as you ever want, anytime you want it. . . but you must promise, even if you run out of here, you won't tell anyone what you are about to see". I promised and she further made me promise to sit there for at least 5 minutes and talk to her after she took off her bottoms.

    Her legs together, she pulled down her swimming bottoms and I could see her black hair on her bush and I was getting even harder. She turned around and showed me the most beautiful butt ever. Spreading her cheeks with both hands she said "This and my mouth and my boobs are all yours, and you never have to even touch me in front". I still didn't know what she meant. "I was born a boy, like you, only I felt and looked like a girl". Her beautiful bush was right at me then she spread her legs and out popped a little cock. It was only about 2 or 3 inches at most with a tiny little sack. When she had it pulled up between her legs, it really looked like a pussy. "Stay for the 5 minutes please, I'll do anything and answer anything you want" she said.

    I stayed. I asked her a few questions, then asked her if she meant that I could have sex with her. The reply was yes. To me she was a woman, she'd been on hormones for many years, her small b cup tits were all natural, she had a very womanly figure, feminine voice. We went to her bedroom, she sucked me till I blew in her mouth swallowing it all. "You taste great" she told me. She kept playing with my cock and I never went fully soft, and when I was hard again, she lubed herself and me, and laid on her back and I got between her legs, which she wrapped around my back and fucked her. I fucked her several times a day, staying overnight to help her "work" as much as possible. My mom thought it was great I helped her so much. One day she went with my mom, my sisters, and me to the pool. I thought it was all up when they went to the changing room but they all came out without a care. She later told me, it's just like when she used to let me peek at her in her bedroom, when she's tucked in, no one can tell.

    She was my sole source of sexual relief for almost 3 years. I finally got a date with this slutty fat girl when I was almost 18 and got my first piece of actual pussy. She was so damn used up and loose it was OK but slightly disappointing. When I wanted to stick it up her ass she thought I was nuts. I eventually popped her butthole without her consent. After than I thought that she wouldn't go out with me, but for some reason she thought we were boyfriend/girlfriend just because she'd never had a cock up her ass before. I finally got rid of her and a good thing too. The next poor bastard to fuck the slut was a dweeb who didn't stand a chance at getting a girl, and he dumped in her and knocked her up (On purpose on her part she told me). After that I still fucked the older GURL, and eventually got real girls my age or a bit older to let me fuck them too. I fucked her up until I got married. I wanted to fuck her some more but she wouldn't do it. I was off the market.

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    Gay Male / 29

    I have been in the supermarket business since I got out of high school. I got a job as an assistant manager for a Wynn Dixie and moved closer to my job, renting an apartment. At the supermarket one of my employees was Jose (not his real name, but Hispanic) who worked in the meat department. Jose was in his fifties, heavy set and always seemed to need a shave. He was always helpful and always had advice that sometimes got in the way of getting the job done because he was talking. One afternoon Jose and I met up in the restroom and I could help but notice that he was hung, thick and hung. He caught me staring and asked me if I wanted to suck him, holding his dick in his hand. I sucked Jose that afternoon in the stall, the only place in the store that did not have cameras. I sucked him and couldn't stop, I sucked him until he lost his control and I got a mouthful of his cum. His cum was thick.

    It wasn't long before I was going to Jose's apartment to suck cock and get fucked. Jose liked to fuck, he liked fucking any way, spread out on the bed with a pillow under my hips, on all fours, on my back and Jose on top. Jose could fuck, he liked to fuck and I liked to fuck and we fucked every chance we got. One afternoon at work Jose showed me his phone and he had a picture of me with his cock in my ass, that picture didn't have a face but the next one did, my face and his cock in my mouth. He also had videos, every time we were at his house he had a camera going and he filmed us fucking. Jose wanted a raise.

    I put in for Jose's raise but got turned down. I apologized and Jose said no raise no cock, no raise and maybe the videos or pictures would be somewhere, no raise and maybe I needed to think about sharing my salary with him by paying for his apartment. Jose got part of my salary and he continued to fuck me and I continued to suck him. I knew that everything I did was being recorded but the more I got recorded the more I liked it, after an afternoon of fucking and sucking, rimming and making out, he would put the recording on the television and we got horny all over again. I had always liked videos of gay sex, especially penetration sex and watching myself getting fucked was better than anything I had seen.

    We uploaded a couple of videos on a web site, body videos only. It wasn't enough I wanted to upload videos of me sucking him, I put on a mask and sucked his cock and we uploaded the video. Watching myself with his big cock in my mouth made me wet my pants. Eventually we uploaded videos without a mask, it was time to come out.

    Jose got a raise and I shared my salary with him and we shared many videos and stills on this website. Watching us fuck or watching me suck him with the original video wet my pants, but watching the videos from the website wet my pants faster. With the stain showing on my pants we would go out and get a beer, I liked standing around and having people stare at my wet spot on my pants. One day at Chili's I sucked Jose off behind the dumpster. We got caught by a camera and they called the cops. The event caused us both to lose our jobs.

    I got probation and so did Jose but part of that was that we had to see a phycologist and do community service. I have a sex addiction, but I have a Jose addiction more than a sex addiction. It is Jose that makes me behave this way, he is the one that started with the videos and taking shots with his phone. I'm supposed to take responsibility for my own actions. Jose is working as an assistant cook and I am working as a desk clerk in a motel. Jose gets off around 1 a.m. with an attitude and I am at the apartment waiting for him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I had a gay friend who was kind of a flake, Aaron. He never kept a job, apartment, or boyfriend very long. He was much younger than me, but we had met at a security job. We became pretty good friends and would hang out playing video games. Asron ended up leaving and moving 4 hours up north. For several months he had been bringing over this super small, extremely feminine twink named Dev. Dev was really nice and extremely naive.

    When Eric bailed it was predictably short notice and a quick breakup for poor Dev. He was really broke up about it. He texted me a few times. Mostly it was to ask if I had heard from him. I felt bad and invited him over to hang out and play video games. Dev did not drive, so he took a bus over. I went out and got some pizza, whiskey and herb. When dev came over we played classic mortal kombat. We then had a few shots followed by a few bowls. Dev was having a good time, but something reminded him of Aaron and he got kinda mopey. I told him he was a super cute boy and there were plenty of fish in the sea. He then started joking around about how he was a great cock sucker and now that he is single he is going to be a total cum slut. I was joking that I thought that would be a great idea. He, I think, was joking as he got on his knees and opened his mouth. I probably took it too far when I took out my dick in front of his face.

    He laughed and said it was bigger than he thought but he always pictured it would be uncut for some reason. Then he reached out and took it in his hand. Slowly he wrapped his hand around it and looked up at me. I hesitated not sure what to do, but drunk lust took over and I put my hand on his head as I stepped forward. Dev began sucking my dick. I was a little in shock but overwhelmed buy pleasure. It had been awhile for me. Guy or girl. As he sucked I found time to sit down and he curled up on the couch next to me patiently working my dick. My judgement got hold of me, and I stopped him. I told him he is too young and I am too old. He looked up at me and grabbed my dick with his hands slowly stroking my slobbered dick. I want you to fuck me is all he said. My judgement was out the window again. He had an extremely cute and extremely small butt. I blew so much cum in Dev. It was incredible. He came over off and on for a month until he found a new regular boyfriend.

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