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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    As a fifteen year old kid I got the shit kicked out of me by a much bigger older semi drunk man, for suggesting he might like to suck on my large cock. It was after his mates had stripped me outside a pub for a prank. To save face he beat me up badly, but I saw the look he gave my cock and knew he wanted it.
    In July this year with him not recognizing me, I had him sucking on my dick. And then as he leaned onto a tree near to his golf trolley, I fucked his arsehole hard, just inside the woods his ball had rolled into. Cumming up him, filling his hole and watching it ooze out, he begged me to fuck him again as he pulled up his shorts.
    The whole summer I fucked him at various places, but mainly on the golf course. A golf course he's now the captain of. In a couple of weeks when he's presenting me with my golf trophy, I might just mention aside from his wife, who I am and how much it's been a pleasure to fuck his married arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My name's Max (Maxwell) I'm 19 and I'm seen by everyone who knows me as a keen sports person. I'm also supposedly an heterosexual young man, who's often fucked girls around his age and has indeed fucked eleven different girls, including girlfriend.

    The fact is I'm ultra attracted to older beefy men too, men who love to fuck young athletic boys like me.
    I adore nothing more than to have a fifty, sixty and sometimes a guy in his seventies stuff his fat cock into my mouth, and then up my arsehole.
    Since I first sucked a strangers cock in a local park, I've now enjoyed being used and sexually abused by nearly forty men. Not all have fucked me as I reserve that sexual act for my beefy men.

    I cannot tell you just how horny I get when I'm attracted to what some would call an overweight man. They're not obese, but are definitely not sports fanatics like me. In all I've had twenty six much older men stick their cocks deep inside my arse. Most have been in their homes, where I visit them after internet contact. But I have and do meet men outdoors for sex, and only last week was fucked by two men who regularly use me as a cum dump in the woodlands close to my home.

    It was raining hard as I was stripped naked before sucking on each of their cocks in turn, then fucked over and over again bareback, until both men had cum giving me their beautiful loads.

    I do have one regular man who finds it difficult to leave his home. He's wheelchair user, seventy one years old and enjoys nothing more than having me blow his long thick cock until he fills my mouth with his seed. He's such a big cummer, I find it hard to swallow all of his cum, but I do manage most. His wife Elsie knows about us I'm sure, but never says anything as I bathe her husband in their walk in shower. Working as a care assistant for him, I bathe him every other day and suck him off each time. Elsie brews up, smiles at me and tells me I make her husband very happy.

    One of these days I'm going to persuade him to stick that big cock of his up my rear hole. Until then I'm going enjoy the other men who fuck me for their sexual fix.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I was helping a male friend move a few weeks ago and saw some pictures I maybe shouldn't have. The lid had come off the box they were in and it easily contained a 100 nude pictures of guys. My friend doesn't know I had seen the contents of this box. I wondered why he had them and being curious started looking at them. I began to recognize a lot of the guys in the photos and soon came across pictures of them masturbating and engaging in sex. I then saw some of my friend doing the same. They were sucking and fucking each other. I never knew my friend or the other guys I recognized were gay but apparently they are. I now am concerned that he might have some ideas about me. We have seen each other naked before and on a couple of occasions he even suggested we tan naked together which we actually did. I wonder if he may have some photos of me somewhere because some of the photos I saw seemed to be of guys just causally nude and a quick photo of them snapped possibly without their knowledge.

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    Gay Male / 20

    Three married men and one younger guy who's engaged to be married are now fucking me regularly. And all live within a couple of minutes of my parents home where I still live.
    One of the married guys is my dads best buddy and lives across the street. One guy just happens to be the person who cuts my hair once a week (I haven't paid in over three years) And the last married man is a retired senior fire officer. He lives at the rear of our property with his disabled wife, and he's my most regular fuck. He's also got the largest cock of anyone I've ever had fuck me, by a long way.
    The youngest guy is only six years older than me and is engaged to my older sister. He's the newest of the men to fuck me and is still a bit nervous when drilling my butt. We've only fucked a few times and only when our home is empty all day.
    If I had to choose one of them, it would be the retired fire officer. Not because of his really large cock, but because I prefer much older men, silver daddies if you like. Plus he always always rims my asshole so good, even after shooting his goo up my ass.

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    Straight Male / 27

    So im just gonna come clean i cant keep it inside any my whole life ive kept secrets i have experimented with guys since i was a teenager and recently well things went further.... well my friend got me to suck his dick when we were younger, and last year it finally happened he had picked ne up and well for years we talked about it and it finally happened he was in the bathroom smoking and called me in, he shut the lights of, both scared we got naked staring akwardly at each other.... i made the first move and went to touch his cock, he stopped me and turned on the shower, i was shocked but he led me in there and started rubbing me so i rubbed back, eventually i started to suck his dick for awhile whennhe turned the water off and opened the door, got out and got on his knees and he literally looked at me crying and said "i dont want to so this but.... and poured flavored lube on my cock i looked down at him and he was literally crying leaning in forward slowly he stuck his tounge out to touch the tip when i heard a deep breath still sobbing he finally opened his mouth and in went my dick when i heard a mumble, he llooked me in the eye with my cock in his mouth and asked "does this make me gay" and i didnt know what to say i let him continue just for a bit and finally he stopped and said, its not gay if your girl... i didnt know what he ment or if he wanted to continue when he started pushing me to my knees kinda rough and took my hair out of a pony tale, i started to suck his cock when he said im ready.... again curious as to what he ment he looks me in the eye and says "we talked about it for years so get on your hands and knees to nervous to say no he lead me while putting on a condom.... and i felt the tip he stopped and asked "can you live with yourself theres no turning back, i didnt say anything as i felt him push in.... at that moment he went balls deep slowly and started to fuck me shortly during i came all over the floor without knowing and he told me how much he loved fucking my ass. I got tired and he led us back in the shower i sucked him till he came so hard. We got out akwardly and while getting dressed he says i was the best sex he ever had.... we did it again only this time it was fast we got in the shower i sucked his dick and started to finger him when he says i want your big cock, so he positiona himself and i go to enter and he cries, he went back to touching mw when he turned me around... and well no condom on he started to fuck me. Luckily he pulled out.... but after that i feel in love and he dissapeared so i got on craigalist.... this guy came and got me at 4 am no talking led me in his room and i sucked his dick when he bent me over his bed and fucked me till he came,,,i dont know what came over me but i grabed his dick and put it back in me.... another creampie.... but im gonna skip a couple experiances.... recently ive been curious about cross dressing, and well it happened i met someoneone on craigslist and he handed me a pair of panties and a girly top, and he fucked me till he creampied me since then i wanna be a slutty little girl again....if you can keep a secret in denver co leave an email...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    He's seventeen, five feet six inches tall, slim and has the cutest ass on the planet. He sucks cock like no one I've ever known, and he really really enjoys having me fuck his tight asshole. I first fucked him when I discovered him reading my diary, and a section where I admitted to fucking a young neighbor of ours only weeks before in our kitchen. Telling me he'd have to think about whether he should tell his mom or not, I challenged him on why his cock was erect in his boxers. His reply "Maybe because I wish it was me in the kitchen".

    Not waiting for him to alter his mind set, I walked over, took out my dick and pretty much forced it into his mouth. That's when I knew the boy was born to suck dick. His technique was flawless and my cock responded immediately. Licking, sucking down deep and almost vacuuming my cock until I decided before I burst, to fuck him where he'd read about me fucking our young neighbor.

    If fucking his mouth was awesome, then sliding my cock up his asshole, after first rimming that sweet hole of his, was just amazing. Yes he felt pain, yes he struggled at first to accept the girth of my cock. But within minutes he was backing onto me and calling for me to fuck him deeper. An inch or so more and that boy was going crazy for me and my dick.

    From then on we fucked, and we fucked real hard. I absolutely hammered his fuck hole, and he took it in a state of near orgasm. Right up until he arched backwards, screamed out he was cumming and I witnessed such a beautiful sight of his tiny cock spurting out his seed all over the kitchen table.

    Never one to miss a trick, I pulled out instantly, got him to kneel and tossed on my cock in front of his face. It was my seventeen year old step son who opened up his mouth, drew in my cock and sucked on my erection that hard, my cock exploded in seconds. As my balls drained and I convulsed with the pure pleasure and strength of my orgasm, he carried on sucking and swallowing my cum.

    Releasing my dick, he licked his lips, told me from then on HE was my only boy and that I was going to teach him everything. Before I could answer, he stood up reached up and pulled my head down. We kissed with such passion and desire my cock began to rise. It was then I knew for definite I'd carry on fucking Rygial and I also knew, he wouldn't allow me to stop.

    Three months on. Rygial and I are traveling over to Europe, Italy soon. It's his eighteenth birthday and he wants to spend it in Tuscany. His mom was a bit annoyed at first, but she's seen how close we've become lately and loves that he's now fully accepted her husband. She hasn't got a clue (I think) we fuck almost every moment she's working, or at her golf club. She also doesn't know part of the reason we're going to Italy, is because my cousin lives there. And it's he who I first had gay sex with. Rygial wants to experience being the meat in a gay sandwich. Something I and my cousin are only too happy to oblige him with.

    There is absolutely no pressure from me to further our sexual relationship, but my step son makes sure we do by seeking me out to force my cock down his throat, or deep up his ass. Even with his mom at home these days. My wife did make a comment the other day, which is why I went back in my confession just now to put (I think). Her comment was about the so called smell of sex in our basement. I'd not long fucked Rygial over the weight bench down there, and she'd gone down for something or other. After her comment, she smiled at me and said "Love the fact you two are getting along so great. He needs you right now, you know that don't you". I smiled back and heard her say as she walked away, "Just make sure you're both safe".

    At first I thought she was meaning our trip to Italy. But three days ago I saw a leaflet on our kitchen counter, the kind you find at the doctors surgery. It was about safe gay sex, and how to maintain a clean healthy gay relationship. Rygial and I hadn't put it there. So.....

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I am very addicted to big black cocks and eating there cream pies out of my wife's pussy. My wife also loves big black cocks she loves the way they fill and stretch her pussy they make her cum so hard then cum in her and on her big tits so I can eat the cum out of and off of her succulent breasts. The very next weekend I rented a hotel room and my wife and I picked up a willing black man from a bar, he made some calls and we had six black men in the room with my wife and I which I was wearing thigh highs and high heels ð¡ there was big black cock for all in all holes that night. Me wife got about 3 loads of hot jiz in her stretched out pussy which I gladly sucked all of that cream out of her pussy. When I felt the head of the third man's cock enter my tight ass it was painful for a few minutes until it finally started feeling good, then great and by the time he was ready to start cumming I said "Filler up please stud" and he did just that it was so wickedly awesome, I ate so much cum and took so many bulging inches in my poor ass, but it was truly unforgettable! Next time I want to be gangbanged by 10 huge well hung throbbing black cocks any takers ??

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    Gay Male / 52

    I am old and senile. I don't put up with nonsense and have a hard time with liberal idiots. I also am a cock sucker and a sissy, which is not what you would expect from a red neck Republican asshole.

    This isn't a new thing, I have been a cock sucker since I was spending the summers on my Grandfather's farm. I started sucking cock with the man who helped my Grandfather, I guess I was fourteen at the time. I guess I should add that I also liked getting laid by him. Back then you didn't talk about being gay or even queer, I was just a sissy who liked cock and being the girl. My Grandfather called me a sissy because I hung out with my Grandmother and didn't much want to be outside but I am pretty sure he knew I was sucking cock. I learned to hide it in high school and I played baseball in high school and I dated this girl who wanted to get married but I got out of it by joining the Coast Guard.

    I learned electronics during my four years in the Coast Guard. I kept my identity under cover because on board a ship you can't really hide so mostly it was when we had shore leave that I went out and found a club where I could be a sissy and get laid. At most of these clubs you could tell the cocksuckers because their pants were dirty from getting down on their knees outback to suck cock. There was also a light pole or a fence post out back that you hung onto when you were a sissy and got it up the ass. I guess being a nineteen year old sailor helped land a cock and a trip out to the fence post. Those old men loved sailors.

    After my term of service I went to night school and got a certification in electronics and went to work for Boeing until I retired. I spent a whole lot of years surrounded by liberal assholes and when I retired I moved back to Georgia to be around my own kind. I travel a bit, to Florida mostly where I can hook up with an asshole and go for it. I am a big cock sucker now and I am pretty familiar with the right bars to hang out in. I have a travel trailer that I pull and set up at an RV park and rock the night away. In my business I run into a whole lot of liberal assholes so I have to keep my voting preferences to myself. God knows how much liberal cum I have had shoved down my throat, but I still vote Republican and I always salute the flag when I am sucking on a liberal's cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    For the past two years my wife's son Davis, who's now nineteen, has been trying hard to get me to fuck him. Davis has been flirting heavily with me right in front of his mom, with his mom just telling me "It's all just harmless fun".
    What she hadn't seen, even though she knows her son is obviously gay, was the times when her son was offering up his asshole to me. Or when I'd fallen asleep downstairs these past couple of months, and he'd managed to release my cock and suck on it.
    Until I spoke to my wife very recently, I did nothing about it, other than tell Davis it wasn't right. But her comments made me realize she probably doesn't care if I'm fucking him. One comment was "Look if Davis fancies you, and feel like obliging him, then who am I to tell you what to do. You might just enjoy fucking him. I'm sure he'd enjoy it".
    Literally hours after that comment with his mom having left home hours before for her late shift at work, he walks naked into the bathroom where I'm showering, and enters the shower with me. He grips my cock, tells me it's time and then drops down to begin sucking in my dick.
    I was a straight man, married to his very beautiful mom, and there I am allowing a nineteen year old kid to sick my cock, and it feels fucking awesome. I don't know whether it was his mom kind of giving me permission to do so, but having Davis so eagerly sucking on my cock and balls, it became such an intense blow job. So much so within five to ten minutes I was blowing my load straight down Davis's throat. And he just carried on sucking my dick.
    Hard again within minutes, his tongue and mouth working wonders on my flaccid cock, making it super erect again. Davis stands up, tells me it's his turn to cum and turns around. Pulling his ass cheeks apart, he looks back at me and says very calmly "Now fuck me".
    My cock measures just over seven inches, and every single inch slid up his gorgeous asshole, right up to my balls in one long thrust. And wow did that boy want it. Backing onto me right from the word go, I began to fuck the little man with everything I had. Davis took everything and kept on telling me to treat him like a slut. Holding him tightly, I plunged my cock into his fuckhole over and over and over again. Then building up my pace and depth up his ass, Davis turned his head and we began to kiss. It purely instinct to kiss him back and even though our mouths were locked kissing, I heard him grunt out his orgasm as my dick sank deeper up his ass. Still kissing my step son, I came up his ass and pumped away until I stopped shuddering from the intensity of my climax.
    We washed each other, dried off a little and then I took Davis to bed. It was on the bed I've fucked his mom countless times before, I licked and sucked my first ever cock, as we sixty nined on top of the quilt.
    Moving us around I saw the clock and realized his mom would be home from her shift within the hour. Telling Davis, he lays on his back, puts his ankles on my shoulders and says "Please fuck me one more time". My dick is as hard as I can ever remember, so I ease it up his hole and drop down to kiss my wife's son.
    We fuck more slowly and with more control. Davis grinds onto my cock and I feel my orgasm rising. Lifting my head he jerks suddenly and I felt his cock pumping out his cum between us. It has me feeling so horny I cum within seconds, but because I've cum twice already, it's a weird feeling of pure elation throughout my entire body, rather than just my cock.
    Cleaning ourselves up, Davis and I are in the kitchen having a coffee when his mom enters. We both must still have looked flushed, because my wife said "You finally fucked him then". Davis smiled, I probably looked guilty and she added "Never whist I'm at home".
    It was all she said, and Davis and I have been fucking ever since. I still have amazing sex with my wife occasionally, but if she's not around and we're both horny for it (All the fucking time) myself and Davis get it on.
    I'm not sure it's because I'm six years younger than my wife, or if it's because she's just allowing her son to enjoy me too. But I'm definitely having the time of my life, and boy am I loving fucking Davis's gorgeous asshole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I have just taken the sheets off the bed in our spare room as my wife left on a business trip yesterday and I will do the laundry...our 19 year old nephew is staying. Mixed up in the sheets was a very cummy little sheer black lace thong...I have just masturbated and ejaculated onto the pouch...and then sucked the pouch and the string. I am going to wash and dry it and leave it neatly folded on his pillow. Next time I ejaculate on that lace I want his sexy young body in it.

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