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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    After high School I joined the army and before I knew it I was in basic at Fort Dix. I had never had a sexual experience other than feeling up a girl I dated back home. I did notice I was checking the other guys out in the shower before we hit our bunks and lights out. At night just a small amount of light would be visible in the room from the lights in the bathroom at the end of the hall. I was in a 8 man room and at night you could hear the other guys beating off. One guy in the bunk across from mine threw his covers off and just went for it. I could see him in the dim light as he beat on his cock and would arch up in the air as he shot. It made me hard watching him but still had no clue why.
    When ever we had to be transported from one place to the other we either marched or would be piled into what they called cattle trailers. They would pack us in like sardines all pressed up against each other. The one trip to the riffle range was long and bumpy. I noticed the guy behind me had pressed his hard cock against my ass and was humping it I could not move we were jammed in there so tight. Each bump his cock slammed against my ass. We had on our PT physical training clothing on just shorts t-shirts and running shoes. I felt him tugging at my shorts and soon felt his cock on my bare ass. We would change into our uniforms once at the range because we were running late. So there I am trapped and feeling this guys cock sliding between my ass cheeks. He did not fuck me just used the wet sweat of my crack to cradle his cock as he humped me. Soon I felt something warm and wet running down my back and buttocks. He did not even pull my shorts up I was shocked about what had happened but in some ways aroused. I was not even sure who it was as I could not turn around to see. Once we got to our destination I was able to pull up my shorts. Once out of trailer we got our gear and changed right out in the open. No time to think as the Drill was yelling and telling us to move and how worthless we were. As I slipped my shorts off there was a ton of evidence the back of my shorts were soaked.
    Later after a long day at the range we were loaded back up in the cattle trailers and packed in like sardines again. I heard some guys laughing and saying really you just used him and shot on his ass. I became afraid hearing this I thought no one would know. I had made sure once in cattle trailer to be up against the wall. On this trip I felt a hand on my crotch and once again my clothing being pulled down I was in my BDU uniform I then felt something warm and wet on my cock I was pinned against the wall by other sweaty guys some standing up sleeping. My cock got hard and the wet warmth kept up. I shot my cum and heard someone groan and say thanks. I reached down to feel a shaved head bobbing on my cock as I let my cock unload. I was able to get my BDU pants back up before we got back to barracks. I never knew who it was who used my ass to jerk off or who sucked me off. God I have never told about that to anyone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Before five months ago, if you would have told me I'd be fucking a nineteen year old lad most weekdays and sometimes at the weekend, I would have laughed at you, or possibly hit you.
    But if you said today, I'd tell you to be quiet as my wife might overhear. But I'd also ask you how you knew.
    That's because five months ago I met our new neighbors and their cute horny, ever eager for sex, cock loving son. He's so into my cock, I would say over the past five months I've fucked him more than I'd fucked my wife who's four years older than me, in the last eight years. I'm not joking when I say I fuck him two to three times a day most weekdays. And if my wife is playing golf, which she does most weekends when the weather allows, I suck and fuck with him until my wife has me pick her up. And if you knew my wife, her golf and her after game chats with her golfing ladies lasts for hours and hours.
    What's more, the more I fuck him, the more I want his cute arsehole and his little cock bobbing up and down in front of me, as he mounts my cock. And as of a couple of weeks back, I'm also now having fun with one of his pals from college. I'd not long fucked him in the morning and he told me he'd be back later that day. Only he didn't turn up alone. With him was a lad around the same age, but far more feminine looking. Only his cock as I found out, is enormous. Yet he too enjoys being fucked just as much as he enjoys fucking other boys.
    The threeway we had lasted nearly too long as they'd literally just gone by the time my wife came home from work. It was the best sex of my entire life, and that's not over stating it either.
    I fucked both boys one after the other and watched my neighbor being fucked by his college friend at one point. What was different and really why I'm here. Is that as I was fucking my neighbour again missionary, his friend got up behind me and very slowly inserted his cock up my arse. It hurt quite a bit, but I was so horny and so into what we were all doing, I let him carry on.
    After I would say about ten to fifteen minutes, his cock slid all the way in and the feeling throughout my whole body became sexually electric. I'm not sure now how long we all then fucked, but it was by far the best feeling sexually I've ever had. My arsehole just accepted his ful length and it sent wave after of pure unadulterated pleasure right through my entire being. It was so overwhelming at one point, I actually cried out from an orgasm which ran right inside my arsehole. Or that's what it felt like.
    With my cock pounding my neighbour, with each thrust of his friends up my arse, we all pretty much reached our climaxe within seconds of each other. It was perfect, so immensely perfect, I cried out again and heard that shout echoed by all of us, all at once.
    Both boys now visit my home, and both boys give and receive everything I have to offer sexually. The neighbours son is my special fuck partner though and he knows all he has to do, is offer me his cute looking tight arse and I'm rock hard in seconds.
    And how did this all start. It was my wife suggesting we invite our new neighbours around for a drink as she knew they played golf. They turned up with their son and he in turn slipping into our bathroom as I took a pee, offered me a blow job and his gorgeous arsehole to fuck. The very next afternoon I took him up on his offer, and the rest they say, is history.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Having spoken with others it seems at the very least I am a bi male.

    Despite being married with kids I find myself addicted to men, specifically sucking their cocks. I have secretly registered on several gay forums to meet for no strings cock sucking. I also visit known cottaging locations on a regular basis to suck cock.

    I enjoy the thrill of trying to work out if someone wants their cocky sucked in the first place. After that the pure horny lust that comes from sucking a strangers cock until it is rock hard and working it until they are close to cumming is amazing. Even better is the look on their face of gratification when I tell them not to stop and cum in my mouth.

    Just remembering some of the huge loads of cum I have swallowed in public toilets makes me stiff right away. The taste and texture just can’t be beat.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    My friend and I were talking and ended up discussing potentially jacking off together, he told me he was bicurious only and i had told him the same.

    He asked me if i ever been with a guy and i said no, which is a lie because ive slept and had sex with one guy more than a few times with a condom, sucked him off which was amazing, hand jobs, blow jobs, hes fucked me and i loved it and ive fucked him " something about looking down and seeing your dick about to go into another guy and his dick is just right there, its soooo hott " hes even jacked me off with his own cum as lube before and so forth so i know im bi for sure and love dick...

    so tomorrow night, ill pretend im shy... get it going and let go once comfortable.
    he has no idea i have full plans on getting that dick in my mouth and taking that load of his.
    Eventually i hope we have some sex, but who knows. all i know is that i get some dick in my mouth tomorrow
    some cum in my throat so im good.

    love me some pussy but sometimes I just need a good dick and a hott load to get me straight lol,

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    Gay Male / 23

    I have an obsession with big cocks. I've pretty much known I was gay as soon as I could get horny. I first realized my love for big dicks in my first gay experience.

    I was about 17. I had a best friend at the time I hungout with everyday and had so for the past year or two.

    We would watch porn a lot and had jerked off in the same room but with blankets covering us. I'd always be looking at the men in the porn but pretend I was into the girls.

    Any way the night we first fooled around I was staying the night at his house. It was late and we were laying in bed. He had a bunk bed, he was in top bunk, I was on the bottom. We were talking and I finally got the nerve to tell him I had a bisexual curiosity. This of course was I lie, I knew I was full on gay.

    To my surprise he admitted to have had a guy suck his dick once. The guy he named was a not very attractive fat kid so I felt a little better about my odds with him. I asked if he wanted to fool around, he agreed and my heart felt like it was going to explode. I was literally shaking.

    He climbed down to the bottom bunk. He slept in his boxers but I was still in my clothes. He told me to take my pants off and whoever was smaller had to suck the other first. I agreed and slid my pants and boxers off. My fully hard cock flopped out. It being only 5.5 inches. He actually laughed and pulled down his boxers, his cock wasn't even fully hard and was already bigger.

    I gasped out loud and he laughed again. I had never seen a cock that size in front of me. He said "I guess we know who's the girl." I was surprised how rude he was being but my cock twitched when he said this.

    I did as agreed and started sucking him. His cock grew in my mouth. It was thick and veiny. My tongue explored every inch. It tasting better than I dreamed. After a while he began forcing it farther down. I could barely fit it and gagged when it was only about half way but that didn't stop him from trying. After that he came pretty quick. I savored every drop.

    He sucked me after liked agreed. He could fit my whole cock no problem as I am fairly small. I came in about 10 seconds. He laughed at me for that too which turned me on more.

    He told me to get on my knees on the bed and arch my ass up. I knew where this was going and was scared but still did as he said. To my relief he stated with a finger, adding more fingers slowly.

    Even still when he put his dick in my I screamed in pain. He pushed my head into the pillow to muffle it. It was one of the worst pains I ever felt but I was still rock hard.

    He offered me words off comfort as he slowly slid in and out. I loved the mix of his soft comforting tone but him still ramming his big dick in me without stopping. After a while my screams of pain turned into moans of ecstasy. I had my first anal orgasm and came the biggest load I had ever done on his sheet. He came in my ass shortly after and kissed me on the back of my neck.

    Then without a word he put his boxers on and went back up and fell asleep. We did this again several times. I tried topping another guy not long later but found to much prefer dominant tops. To this day I love to find guys with bigger dicks to shame my small size and fuck me hard. I haven't talked to my friend in a while but I hope to get back in touch and fuck again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Last night I invited a 24 year old over for sex. he looked in the picks we exchanged an I though he would have a big dick because he is 6'4" tall and it looked big on the pic... I let him know "I'm game to be fucked tonight". He shows, I turn off the lights. we get naked and start making out. As I feel for his dick he feels small for his big size. I'm a 5'6" short dude and have a close 7" cock, uncut, tan and contrasts with my white body. anyhow I am not judgmental so lets rock and roll. he started to fuck me and it felt amazing I had to really pull my legs back so I could open up and be exposed so he could keep his average 5"/5.5" cock in me and man was it amazing the cock wasn't big, but we fucked and we fucked good. it was perfect size to massage my prostate and perfect size for my ass to squeeze his cock to cum a big load. man a young 24 year old with an average cock of steel is just as good as a big cock, he was one of the very few men that were able to make me cum while they fucked me not touch my self and that just makes me more horny in the days to come. HORNY! now, lol. I Was impressed, not to say a big fat cock isn't nice last weekend I got fucked by big cock and that felt great too, completely different feeling... but no matter the size I love it when a good fucking can make me cum without ever touching my cock. I guess size doesn't matter after all, it really is the motion of the ocean, hands down.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I really want to suck the cock of one of my better friends. He's married, about 60, church goer, non-drinker. You get the picture. But I really fantasize often about sucking his cock... and swallowing his load.
    Problem is -- I do not want to lose him as a friend. But, I don't know what to say nor how to go about it.
    I'm certain he would like cumming in my mouth if he would just do it a few times.
    So -- some of you guys who have successfully done this with your friends... please give me some advice --- one cock sucker to another. Please guide my mouth onto his cock. Thanks--- I look forward to what you post.

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    Straight Male / 46

    College boys first Gay sex.

    When I was young, Jr. High and High School, I used to go into restrooms, read the writing on the wall, get horny, get hard, and jack off. I didn't really understand how it all worked and I never saw any action.

    When I went off to college I went into the arena locker room one day and went into one of the stalls to check out the graffiti. There was a big hole between the stalls and I could see that a guy had gone into the stall next to me and taken a seat. Through the hole I could see that he was stroking himself. He was not huge but he was hard and I was getting very aroused and just wished I knew what to do. I start to stroke my own 6 an a half inch cock and got hard as a rock. I could tell he was looking through the hole so I leaned back and my cock was standing straight up.

    He stuck his finger through the hole and again I was clueless as to what to do. After a moment had passed he handed a note through the hole. It said "If you want a blowjob stick your dick through the hole or meet me at the back of the locker room". I looked at the hole and it was a bit ragged and I was afraid of cutting my most prized possession, so I headed for the back of the locker room. This was something I had fantasized about but never done. My cock was so hard I thought I might rip my pants out.

    The back of the locker room was isolated but still public and the risk really added to my arousal. I waited for him at the end of one of the benches and soon he showed up. He smiled and nodded acknowledgement but didn't say a word. He was a little older than me and a little chubby but I figured that didn't matter for a blow job. He straddled the bench in front of me looked up at me and put a hand on my hard-on. I just stood there and left everything up to him. He undid my pants and pulled down my briefs enough for my cock to jump out. I was a swimmer and had a rock hard body. He took my cock in one hand and rubbed his other hand over my belly. He looked up at me and smiled.

    He then licked the head of my cock and I shuddered at the sensation. This was my first blowjob and I was afraid that I was going to cum before it even started. But without hesitation he took it in his warm wet mouth. It was such an amazing feeling. He sucked it in and out of his mouth and bobbed his head up and down on my rock hard cock. I knew it wouldn't take long and I wasn't sure if he would want to swallow it, so as I felt the pressure build I breathlessly got out the words "I'm gonna cum". At this he went all the way down until his bottom lip touched my balls...and that did it for me. I shot my load down his throat and he kept me in his mouth until the spasms subsided. He tried to keep sucking but I was so sensitive that I couldn't take it any more and had to pull away.

    As I zipped up he finally spoke and said "Nice cock." I sheepishly thanked him and hurried out. That was my first sex with another man. Over the years I learned about public toilets and cruising spots and all sorts of sex in all sorts of places...but those are stories for another time.

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    Gay Male / 47

    Next door to us lived a Chiropractor. Middle aged man, in decent enough physical shape. He was quite and came and went and no one was the wiser. One day he asked me to help him empty some books from his house and donate them to the library. He had the boxes, he just needed me to help box up the books and carry them downstairs to his car.

    We were boxing away. He was nice enough and asked all the appropriate questions, when was I going to graduate, what was I going to study, did I have a girlfriend, as I answered I kept putting the books in boxes. All of a sudden he says 'not those, I don't think the little old librarian is going to like that'. These were paperback novels, with suggestive titles, with good looking guys on the cover. I put them aside, and kept boxing until we were done.

    While I waited for him to finish, look around to see if that was all I grabbed one of the paperback novels he had held back. The one I had in my hand was titled "The Schoolboy". He saw me and said that if I wanted I could borrow it and if I liked it, I could borrow some of the other ones. We took loaded the boxes in his car and went to the library to unload and when we got back he said thanks and I started to walk back home. Then 'Hey, you forgot your book'. He gave it to me and said 'these are special, very special, not everyone likes them, but if you do you can borrow the other ones to read'.

    I had never masturbated. Reading the book had me in an erection, the vivid description of penises and penetration and boys sucking each other. I could just imagine myself being one of those schoolboys in the English boarding school. When I got to the part that Johnny confessed his love and Jack took him and penetrated him with is hot iron penis, I read that chapter over and over, jacking off with my hand until I came.

    He gave me that book, and loaned me the others, one by one I read all about the young actor who was seduced by the stage manager, and about the college boy who found out that he was the love interest of his professor, and about the boy who would see the veterinary doctor. I fantasized about being any one of the characters, of the hand of the man working through my hair, of my penis exploding, of the feeling of having sex with the sailor back from duty. I could picture those penises, and I masturbated to the books, chapter by chapter.

    The Chiropractor had other books to lend me, these were comic books of gay sex, large penis pictures, boys crying, I loved them, all of them. I got my first kiss one afternoon, he said he was happy that I liked them, he had liked them when he was growing up, he knew what those books meant, because he liked nice boys.

    His penis was large to me, in my mouth it felt really large, we would look at a comic book and I would do what the boy in the comic book did, my first fuck was good, real good, I was so ready and he knew just how to do it. He was slow and hard at the same time, it just felt so good as his penis went into like a hot iron rod. He had lubricated me, something that the comic books didn't show or the books didn't talk about, but he knew to do. His penis just went in, and it felt really really good.

    He had a Jacuzzi in his bathroom, and he would have me get naked and bathe in the Jacuzzi and when I got out he would kiss me, and either have me suck him or he would fuck me. I liked being naked.

    It is impossible to say how many times he fucked me before I went to college. I was very experienced and I wanted to meet that professor from Chemistry class that tutored young men and they would suck his penis. I learned quickly that there were parties, off campus parties, where some of the football guys got together. I learned that I played catch and they were the pitchers. I played blind taste test, with my eyes blindfolded and sucking dick after dick to see if I could identify who was who.

    It wasn't the Chemistry professor, it was the Sociology professor, and he was mean and he fucked you hard and he called you queer. I never took any of his classes, but I got fucked by him, and he would say 'swallow my cock bitch'. I didn't like the word cock, I preferred dick and I preferred the word queer to gay. College was fun and also the place where I grew up. By the time I got out of college I knew I was headed for New York and the Village.

    I got a chance to work with an interior design firm and I went back for a masters degree and worked in Interior Design my whole career. My youth was misspent, I have managed to collect a good number of paperbacks of the era, which I still read and give me great pleasure and I have been known to masturbate even today. Our neighbor the Chiropractor passed away many years ago and took his secret with him, leaving only those of us who walked across into a fantasy world with him to remember him.

    Gay is gay, that is what I say. I see lots of young fellows, who look like I did back in the day. But I play catch, and they play catch and that is no way to play ball at all. I like the sailor or the longshoreman, or the cop, or building superintendent who likes go give the boys what for. That is what I like, if they can pitch, I can catch, that's what I tell them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    First time I was fucked it was for a bet as I camped out with some mates. I was fifteen at the time and my mates all chipped in with some money (About twenty pounds) and two, two litre bottles of cider. The bet was for me to take an older boys cock (he was seventeen) up my arsehole doggy style, and to move in and out for two minutes. Not only did I easily do the two minutes, but I also had him fuck me until he came up my arsehole. They all thought I was in pain from my moaning, and at the start I was. But after only a relatively few thrusts of his cock up my bum, it began to feel amazing. By the time he came deep inside of me, fucking me for real, I was actually beginning to cum myself.
    One lad saw the sheer look of delight on my face, and challenged me later as we moved away from the camp fire. He asked me if I was secretly gay. When I told him I did it purely for the bet, the money and the cider, he pushed me down and told me to suck his dick. I did as he asked and we were soon joined by another, then another of my friends. In all I sucked on five cocks, making three cum on my face by sucking them to completion, and two tossed themselves off, after only briefly sticking their dicks in my mouth.
    Two days later in one of my mates homes with his parents out, he first had me suck on his dick, then he fucked me as his little sister at one point tried to watch. It felt much better than the first time, and I actually did cum from being fucked.
    Throughout the years, from then to now, some of my mates who all claim to be straight (Some are now married with kids), still fuck me when they think no one else knows. I too am married but have no children, yet. However most weeks, I allow one or two of the remaining fuck buddy's to have me anyway he wants. It's an arrangement all of my so called Straight friends still want and say they need.

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