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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Although this happened many, many years ago, when I recall the event I get a stirring in my groin. I worked for a major US based corporation and in my early 40's I was promoted from from National Manager to International Liason which meant - I traveled out of the country frequently, in additiona to US. I had been on a 12 day jaunt to China and Japan and flew back into San Francisco to change plans for a 2 days conference in Reno, Nv.

    The flight came in a few minutes early, however, customs were swamped and I was concerned I would miss my domestic connections which flew out of a domestic terminal. By the time I cleared customs and walked the 30 minutes to the gate I saw where the flight has been delayed due to fog rolliing in. Fanally all flights were cancelled not ecpecting to resume until the next morning. Being familiar with San Francisco I hopped on Bart for the downtown Greyhound Bus station because I called and they had a bus for Reno which I could make.

    With my overnight bag and briefcase I boarded the bus scheduled to arrive in Reno at 1:15 am. I headed to the back seats are the front was full and only a few passengers ewere boarding. When we stopped in Sacramanto the bus almost emptied with only a few people boarding. I very arrtactive young man settled in the seats across the aisle from me and said hello with broken English. When I responded in French he moved from the wondow seat to the aisle seat and we began a conversation.

    Just as we hit I 80 East he moved to the aisle seat beside me, as I was at the window seat. It didn't take long before his knee was rubbing mine and I knew he ws interested. The second time I rubbed my knee back on his he reached for my crotch and I scooted up so he could feel it. The closest passengers were sever seats up from us so I felt safe in the dark bus on a night ride up the Neveda Sierra's. He wanted me to take it out and I wanted to too, so we unziped my suit pants and out popped my Italian Sausage. He gasped, licked his lipes, smilled and bent over taking my dick head in his mouth. Mother of God, that man had the hottest mouth I have ever benn in, Perhaps because my fick fdick had not been in anyone's mouth since I left the states, but he sure was good.

    I was pulling his back as I was about to blow and he pushed my hand from the sides of his head, so I flooded his mouth. Not sure when he has unzipped but as he set up I saw him stroking his dick. I reached to help and shorlty was rewared with a hand full of his cum. He moved my hands to his mouth licking my hand clean of his cum. That was erotic as hell and my dick was hard again and he saw it. Now he's back sucking me again the second time in 5 minutes and after a while I gave him a second load.

    We puts our cocks up snd he was resting his hand on my leg as I laid my head back and closed me eyes. He moved his hand abruptly just as I heard something just as a man was walking to the bathroom in the back of the bus. When he came out he set in the seat directly across from us. I put my head back ready to doze when my new friend elbowed me and when I looked he looked across the aisle and the guy was sitting against the window with his leg on the other seat and rubbing his crotch. The guy beside me reached for my crotch as he looked across the aisle. THe bus was dark with faint highway kights casting light enoung to enhance the activities.

    The otber man unzipped his shorts taking out his cock and stroking, The guy beside me took hs and and so did I. When I did the Fech guy went back down on me and the younger guy leaned out the aidle trying to see. That is when he got up and went behind us. We were in the last aisle seat on the outsde of the bus with the bathroom on the back wall behind the seat across from us. THere was a 3 person bench seat behind us and that is where the guy went to set down. The Frech guy was back there like lightening and his knees sucking the guy, who was in his mid 20's.

    The young guy asked me to come back and sit beside him and the French guy on his knees between us sucking one hnd stroking the other and then switching. We had begun the decens on the est side toward Reno, so I knew we only had a hour of so remaining. The the young guy swapped placed with the ing him and I. I was not about to miss my opportunity so I took me turn sucking both of them. Finally the yung guy got me nut and he moaned when I white wached his tonsils. Then the French guy gave him a load too.

    We sucked some more and the young guy told us he saw the French guys hand on my leg as hbefore we knes he was even out of his seat. Fortunatley no one else needed the bathroom as we three sucked and jacked each other for a long time. The young guy zipped up and went back to his seat without a word and we went back to the seats we were in, We chatted and he learned I came to France occasioanlly so we exchanged names and addresses. We staying in touch unt I went back to France over a year later. He and I sucked and fucked each other and some of his friends for the nect 15 years until we lost contact. Not only did he have a hot mouth he had could milk my dick with the ass ring muscles like no one else. Whomever locked onto that guy was very fortunate, I am sorry we lost conrtact as I think of him and our Greyhound Bus threeway riding across the Nevada Sierra's. The most memorable sex adventure in my life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    My sex life started very young with my brother. He is 7+ years older than me.

    Our family was far from rich so he and I had to share a bed as kids. When he was 16 or so, I remember seeing his dick and,to me, it seemed really big compared to mine. I had seen my dads dick because we had a shower in the basement, and I would sometimes watch him shower innocently. The first thing that I realized is dads cock was not circumcised but my brother and I were.

    Anyway, after seeing my brothers cock and how big it seemed to me, I waited until he came home after playing ball and drinking beer, and he came to bed nude after his shower and was asleep in no time. When I was sure he was really out, I picked up his dick in my hand and felt it. The more I felt it the more it grew, and soon it was hard and standing strait up. Fascinated, I kept rubbing it and the next thing I knew, it was shooting white stuff straight up and all over him and me.

    Scared the hell out of me, and it just slowly went soft. What an experience, but I wasn't finished and I licked the cum off my hand. I liked the taste, so I licked it off his belly too.

    Nothing was said and a few days later, opportunity presented itself again the same way. When he was asleep, I started playing with his dick again. This time, however, I knew what to expect. When he was really hard, I put his dick in my mouth. I licked and sucked and soon he was shooting that cum in my mouth and I was swallowing as fast as I could.

    When he started to go soft, I let it fall from my mouth and when I looked up, he was staring at me. I thought I was in trouble, but he said thanks and went to sleep.

    After that night, he would ask me to suck him off and I would gladly. I loved sucking his cock and the taste of his cum. His cock was 8 inches because we measured it.

    This went on for some time before Mom caught us. She did not say a word to us, but I knew we were in deep trouble, and I was panicked anticipating the punishment I knew was coming. Nothing happened. I was amazed, so after a couple of days, I was back to sucking him off again.

    One day on the weekend, Dad was down in the basement in the shower and I went down and watched him shower. He started soaping his cock and this time it was different. His cock got hard like my brothers, and the head was beginning to show. I watched and he stroked. He rinsed off but his cock was now hard and sticking strait out when he turned off the shower. He said come suck my cock like you do for your brother.

    I quickly realized that Mom had told him, and I was not in trouble at all. I sat on the stairs and he walked over to me and I just started sucking his cock. Wow it was really different than my brothers because of the foreskin but I loved it and sucked and sucked until it filled my mouth with cum. I loved the taste and just sucked until he got soft and fell out of my mouth. Finally, he said "don't tell your mother, and you can do this again". I didn't tell mom, but I did tell my brother.

    A few days later, my brother and his friend Eddie got me alone in the woods where we played, and the next thing I know Eddie had his cock out and told me to suck him off. Guess my brother told him, but anyway, his cock was like dads, uncut and really big. He was 2 inches longer than my brother, but not as fat. Next thing I know it is down my throat and gagging me. Somehow I adjusted to that and liked it and I was a natural at deep throat.

    As time progressed, my brother got married at 20 and I was home alone with mom and dad. Now I was older and had a nice cock of my own. One night I heard noises in my parents room so I went to investigate. There was no door to their room so I could see clearly in and I saw dad fucking my mother with his big cock, and I started playing with my cock as I watched. Soon I had a hand full of cum and went back to my room licking and eating my own cum.

    For weeks after that, when I would hear them, I would go watch. One night I am watching and jacking my cock and realized my mother was staring straight at me. She whispered in dads ear and he kept fucking her, only harder. All the time she was watching me. He filled her pussy with cum and I watched until it fell out and I went back to my bed.

    I was laying on my back stroking my cock, when mom came in and before I could react, she was on top of me and my cock was in her pussy and dads cum leaking all over me. What a feeling. This just fucked pussy is fucking me (my first) and it is so sloppy and wet it is hard to describe. I quickly shot my load into her. When I went soft and it fell out, she quickly took my cock in her mouth, sucked and licked me clean until I was hard again and she fucked me some more until I gave her another load.

    Without a word ever exchanged, she simply got off me and went back to bed with dad. I got up and went to the door and there she was fucking dad again.

    After that I fucked her anytime she wanted it, or I wanted it. She loved watching me suck dad off and told me she never like the taste of cum until she tasted our combined cum that first night.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Ten years ago. Wow I can't believe it's been ten years, but hey I guess life moves on.
    I'm talking about a time in my life when I was practically homeless. I had siblings, but they had lives of their own, my parents were dead and I had a choice to make. Either as I was, remain sleeping rough, or take the offer of a guy called Les, who I knew (?) liked boys.
    It was raining every day and I was becoming ill. I had sounded out staying at my sisters, but her fella was a real twat, so I stayed where I was, which was in a local park.
    Midnight. I'm set upon by a group of drunken idiots, but I get away and end up in the area where I know Les has a flat. He has his home with his wife and kids, but keeps the flat to entertain young lads he (I believed) liked to fuck. Knocking on the door after buzzing the intercom to be let in, a young guy answers and smiles at me. I nodded at him as if I meant to be there and he simply side steps and lets me in. Before I can say anything, he says "Les said to get you bathe and sleep, he'll see you tomorrow, it's N isn't it". I acknowledge him and he tells me to take off my clothing as I'm not entering the flat with "Tramps" clothing on.
    Naked and feeling a little stupid, he leads me to a huge bathroom and I wait until he fills the bath. Smiling at me he walks out of the room and says "Take your time I'll be waiting in bed for you. There's food in the kitchen when you've finished bathing".
    You just think about that little sequence of events for a while. I'm in a relative strangers flat. I know/suspect he eventually wants to fuck me and I also know there's a young guy waiting in bed to have sex with me. I'm straight as far as I knew (I hadn't even lost my virginity) and I'm about to take a bath to cleanse away the days and days of rough sleeping. Do I carry on, or do I leave and take my chances back on the streets. It's warm, it's safe and I'm very hungry.
    I've bathed for nearly half an hour and I'm wonderfully warm and clean. I've eaten the sandwiches and drank the coffee which was burbling away. Having already brushed my teeth with a new toothbrush which was on the side with some toothpaste, I'm apprehensive but desperately in need of sleep.
    Entering the bedroom, the young guy is lay on top of the duvet. The flats heating is on and he's slowly stroking a really big erect cock. My face must have looked shocked as he tells me it will be okay, and then invites me onto the bed. Asking me if I'd ever had sex with a male before, I shook my head and his grin grows right across his face.
    Asking me to turn around, he tells me I'm very slim and then helps me settle beside him.
    My cock which has never reacted to a guy before, stirs as he puts his right hand onto it. I was about say it might not be for me, when he ducks his head and sucks in my dick. It feels amazing, it feels like nothing I've ever achieved from wanking, and my body raises to meet him. He looks up at me, releases my cock and tells me I can, if I want to, fuck his face. I don't exactly know what that means, but by natural sexual occurrence I begin to fuck his mouth anyway.
    I'm almost to the point of cumming, when he releases my cock, spins me over like I'm a doll and buries his face between my arse cheeks. Pulling my cock through my legs at the same time, he begins swapping from my arsehole to my cock over and over again. Before I know it I'm on the verge of cumming again, only this time he doesn't stop and my cock erupts into his mouth. My body shook with the power of the orgasm I'm having and he carries on sucking me. I tried to move but I was pinned and he just keeps on sucking on my cock. He's swallowed my cum already, yet his mouth doesn't leave my cock and I'm growing hard again. As soon as my dick felt rock hard in his mouth, he stops and tells me to "Service" him. Kneeling up in front of me, his cock is inches away from my face and I realize I'm going to have suck this young guys massive cock. Holding my head, he tells me there's no going back now and I open my mouth.
    His penis feels weird in my mouth, yet in a funny way, it also feels comforting. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I begin to lick and suck his dick and he begins to moan. He shuffles about as I suck on his dick and then a bright flash happens. Again there's a flash and another. Telling me look up slightly, I do and see he's taking my picture with a phones camera. Thrusting into my mouth as if telling me to carry on, I hear him texting.
    I must have been doing something right as he begins to moan out loud, gripping my head tightly he tells he's cumming, then, wham his spunk hits the back of my throat and I'm swallowing it without having much of a choice.
    Finally he withdraws from my mouth, but I feel at this point elation and a sense of loss. Not for my straight dignity, but for not having his cock to suck on.
    We lay side by side and it's then he tells me his name and who he is.
    Lee is Les's youngest son. All the bullshit about Les liking boys is total crap. The flat was bought and beautifully renovated by Les and his building/security systems company. His son Lee was the only person who lived there permanently and as he tells me all this, he pulls me to him and kisses me.
    Lee when I first met him was twenty years old. He knew he was gay and he also knew of me from around the area. It was he who's told his dad to make contact with me and for him to try and persuade me to visit his flat.
    Lee then told me something I didn't know about myself back then, he told me he'd seen me around and just knew I was at least bisexual. He also hate the fact I was sleeping rough and wanted his father to find me and offer me a chance to be safe.
    Getting out the phone, Lee showed me the pictures of me sucking his cock, then delete's them. I told him they looked good and he shouldn't have gotten rid of them, he smiles at me and tells me "We'll make lots and lots more". Then scrolling through his phone he shows me the text he's sent to his dad. It read " N's here, Thank you, he's safe now and were getting along fine. He'll be staying if he wants to, Lee x".
    I thought throughout he was getting me ready for Les. I stupidly thought I was going to be used and abused by uncaring thugish men. I couldn't have been more wrong.
    With tears in my eyes, Lee kissed me and I returned the kiss. We began to make out again and I lost myself in his arms. We sucked one another time after time and I felt him penetrate my arsehole with his tongue and fingers. Telling him if he wanted to after a long time of loving one another, he could fuck me, Lee told me "Not tonight, maybe if and when you want to in a few days, we'll break that cherry of yours, if not no matter".
    It was three nights later after we both shared a bath, and I'd lay there with Lee tonguing my arsehole for over half an hour, that he without a condom first entered my arsehole with his gorgeous cock.
    This is a true account of my life back then. Or as true as I can be remembering it. Lee and I have become partners and have lived together for ten years this coming weekend. We have had bad periods, but on the whole it's mostly been wonderful. He's most definitely the dominant person in our relationship, and I've loved our growing passion for each other. Occasionally we/he have invited other "Tops" men into our relationship, but only when Lee wants them involved. I've never sought out other men and probably never will, with or without Lee. I have had a very brief holiday sexual time with a female, and I must admit to enjoying fucking her. But other than that, myself and Lee are very much together.
    I might return here and relay how our first fuck went, and how after a few months Lee involved a second cousin of his into a threesome. But that's not for now. Hope you enjoyed, Bye.

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    Gay Male / 28

    In my early twenties I moved in on a friend's couch. Just for a while. I was unemployed and without a car so the only job I could get was part time at the small grocery store in the neighborhood. The butcher was an older man who became my friend from the beginning. Once he learned about my living arrangements he offered me a room in his house. My friend told me to take it and with my clothes I moved.

    I paid the butcher $25/week. One day not long after I had moved in with him he asked me to sleep with him. If I wanted to, no offense taken if I said no. I said no, and I asked him if that is why he offered the room to me. A couple of evenings later he asked again but if I said no then I should find another place. I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to have fun. He lowered his zipper and pulled out his dick and said he wanted me to massage him and suck him.

    My mind clouded and I touched his dick and then grabbed it and sat down on the kitchen chair and sucked him. His erection made me suck harder and massage him with my hand. He stopped me and invited me into his room undressing as he walked. It was my first time, he helped me take my clothes off and invited me to sit on the bed. We fell into a mutual dick sucking, massaging our dicks and it went from there. He was determined to fuck and I went along.

    For seven months I slept with him until I decided I needed to move on. Of the several men I have been with I think of him the most. I shouldn't have moved, but that is water under the bridge.

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    Gay Male / 21

    Iâve had my fair share of older cock, I just love older guys. The sheriff in my town is 62 years old. I just love a man in uniform, itâs hot. Under his uniform he wears a white short sleeve shirt, white Hanes briefs and white socks. I think the all white underwear look is hot especially his white Hanes briefs. Lots of guys donât wear white briefs anymore.

    But in his briefs he has a 8â thick uncut cock and nice big low hanging balls. Now you know why he wears briefs! Heâs fucked me on his desk st the sheriff office more than a few times and in a holding cell. Made my fantasy come true when he fucked me in the holding cell bent over the bed! Kinda feel sorry for prisoners, they have to wear white boxers. Those suck, no support and sucks not wearing briefs after taking a dick in the ass!

    Need to mention that the sheriff also shaves his pubic hair off! Says itâs nicer wearing briefs with no pubic hair! Mines permanently gone so he loves me being smooth

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    17 m, not 18 like it says. I've been letting men and other boys fuck me or I suck them since I was 13. It was a first for me this weekend. Saturday night I was staying at a friends, or so my parents thought. Instead there was a big party and I was staying the night. When I got there, there were about 25 people there, about 5 were paired, straight/bi couples. A couple of guys were getting sucked off in front of everyone already, these were gay guys sucking other men. My friend who is 38 came over to me when I got there and yelled out, the party is here, and as he handed me a drink he pulled my shorts and underpants off. I was walking around totally exposed on the bottom. One guy got to his knees and sucked me, he was good and I hadn't cum in 2 days so it happened pretty quickly. After that I was pretty much the roving bottom, fuckboy for the party. Through the night men or boys would bend me over, lay me down then get on top of me and fuck me. A few fucked me missionary. I would wander into the toilet to empty as I needed, and I needed a lot. My first fuck was at 8:30 and the last one was at 4:15 in the morning. Well that is until I went to bed with my 38 year old friend.

    All around he says he doesn't know how many times I got fucked but I did get 23 different cocks. I had to have been fucked around 40 times, and while that is unusual for me I've only let 6 different guys fuck me in a gangbang before, that is not the first for me. A man/woman couple who were in their early 40s took me into a bedroom and the woman and man both got naked, and while he fucked me she fed me her tits to suck on. Through the whole thing the man and woman were talking about how hot it was that they could share a boy. She would ask him if my ass was a good fuck and he said it was really good, as good as her pussy. Then after he was done, they kissed hard and long, and while they were doing that he took my hand and put it on her pussy. I was fingerfucking a woman. She got on top of me and inserted my hard cock into her pussy and fucked me. I shot into her pussy. That was the first time I'd fucked a pussy. I never got to do it before. I'd been fucked by probably 12 or more guys already and my ass is loose from all the cock and she's got mine going in and out of her pretty, pussy. I loved it, my first pussy and I want more.

    I told my older friend about it as he was fucking me from behind after everyone left and he told me their names and that he could arrange for me to get together with them, that they liked young guys. I want more pussy, and more cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Always thought I was a straight male - till I went swimming with a friend's teenage son!

    Actually it wasn't the swimming - although I did keep taking a look at the bulge in his trunks. It was when we got back to the changing rooms. We were the only two there - and after he had dried himself a bit with his towel, he pulled off his trunks to reveal a semi-erect cock. Rubbing it some more with the towel led it to stand fully to attention. It was beautiful - and I was transfixed.

    As I pulled off my trunks, so my cock was now standing upright too. Then I noticed he was looking at me like I was looking at him. I'm circumcised, but his cock was uncut. As we rubbed ourselves dry, we concentrated on our cocks, watching each other. He was the first to cum, and the sight of his teenage cock firing set my much older cock off too. But because I was watching him, some of my cum fired over his naked body.

    He just smiled - and said: next time let's help each other.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I went to a gay sauna for the first time last week. I found a cubicle with three gloryholes. I locked myself in and within a few minutes the first cock came through on of the holes. I was so nervous but so horny I took hold of it and soon took it in my mouth. With massive tingling in my stomach I decided to push a condom over the cock and let it slip into my arse. Hmmmm it went in quite easily but I guess that's cos it was slim and for years I've been fucking myself with a much fatter and longer dildo. So while he was pumping away another cock came through the hole in front of me so without hesitation I took it in my mouth. For the first time ever I was being spit roasted. Soon through the third hole a hand came through and started walking my cock. I came in seconds. It's naked no towel day at the sauna tonight. I might just visit again

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Not so long back, I was asked by a priest, why I thought it was ok for me to enjoy sex with another man. Specifically why I'd told him personally, I enjoyed being fucked hard.
    My answer was "Have you forgotten the room behind your old library". He looked at me with a renewed vision and said "Tommy *****". I smiled at him then told him, his cock is still the biggest to have fucked my mouth and asshole. And I was fifteen when he first entered my body with his nine inch manhood. Or as he called it back then "My religious wrath".
    The fact remains, it was him inducting me into gay sex, is why I still adore being fucked. His church really was for all cummers...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Sucked on my first set of cocks at the age of thirteen. They were so called older friends of mine who cheated me into sucking their dicks from a spin the bottle game. I lost every time and ended up with five loads of cum over my face or in one case, down my throat. What they didn't know and I made out it wasn't so, is by the second cock, I was actually enjoying giving them head.
    Nothing else happened until that story came out (No pun intended) to a uncle of mine. He was told by one of the lads, and asked me when I was round at his place to watch the football, if I still sucked dick. I was fifteen then and hadn't even seen another guys cock. We didn't watch much of the game that day, as I spent most of the match with my mouth full of his cock and suckled him to two huge loads of cum. Each time him having me swallow it all. Over the next few months I visited my uncle daily, and drained his balls over hours sometimes, or if he wanted a quickie, in minutes as he fucked my face. Only a week before he went inside (He was, still is, a mean mother) he rimmed my arsehole before sliding his cock into my bum hole.
    I was it turns out, a natural arse bandit. His cock slid in and although I did find it hurting for a brief period, I was soon having the most wonderful orgasms as he pounded the shit out of me.
    It was the friend who told my uncle I sucked him off when I was thirteen, who next took a shine to my arsehole. He guessed he told me (I later found out my uncle told him) that my uncle was fucking me, and wanted to know what it was like to fuck a guys arse. My sixteenth birthday was largely spent being fucked by him in his bedroom, and that lad can still fuck for England, trust me.
    Most days after my birthday, we'd find time to have sex and he'd fuck me like I was just a hole to him. A year later he joined the navy and I didn't see him again until I was twenty one.
    Women, or girls should I say. They apparently loved my cute looks and I became a bit of a pussy magnet. I'd grown sharply and my love of pussy grew and grew like my body. Girlfriend after girlfriend, sometimes two at a time and I loved every one of them over the next few years. Sex was like a drug to me and I couldn't get enough of it. Then I met Jenny, an older woan (31) who when I was fucking her one afternoon, managed to thrust her vibrator up my arsehole. She and I both came to the conclusion, I appreciated it up my arsehole more than she did.
    She and I developed a very kinky relationship, one where she'd have me fuck her, before or after she'd fucked me with a dildo we bought from the internet. The dildo was replaced by a strap on and eventually she wanted to see me being fucked by a guy. That happened when she invited a friends husband around. He thought he was going to just fuck her, but he ended up solely fucking me. His name was Greg and we ended up having an eight month affair, where he wanted to fuck me every chance he got. He's now divorced and living with a guy in Spain.
    Life moved on and I found I loved both sexes at different times. My need for cock though is almost always the overriding drive in my sexual life. As my future wife will tell you. She's a good person and enjoys sharing me with men, much older men which is now my new found sexual taste. Indeed it was my fiancee who introduced me to a person who used his tools of the trade (Handcuffs), to lock me to a bed as he fucked me into the dawn light, whilst she watched everything.
    I've been lucky in attracting women who like me to used and abused by men, but then I suppose I let them know I'm into cock right from the off. In my normal life, not a one of you would know I enjoy men and their desire to fuck me. That's because I'm six feet four, extremely muscular and have a job which requires, lets say a bit of male testosterone.
    Life's good folks. Get out there and enjoy yours, which ever sex you want to indulge in.

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