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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Ever since being m****ted by neighborhood teen aged boys at 7 years old every day in the tall bushes and always likings it and wanting more then always looking for places to take my clothes off and playing with my dick and asshole hoping I'd get caught and get more cum in my Ass but it only happened a couple times

    But Id always get it like I had a sign over my head or sit in the back of a movie theater and offer to play with the boys they'd tell me to go outside so I'd go to the back of the theater and offer my boy pussy or suck them off but I always asked for them to cum in my Ass and they would even when I was married if my wife would go to her folks my ass was always filled with cum I'd use a butt plug to keep the cum inside me till I got home and watched it drip out while I banged my ass with my fingers

    Or shove a large dildo in my ass or use the bed post I almost got caught parked with my floor shift up my ass sometimes I wake up with my fingers inside my ass or use my fuck machine I use to get salami's to stick up my ass then a couple packs of hot dogs and keep them in for a couple hours

    My wife didn't know until after we divorced then I told her she got turned on oh well thanks for reading

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My wife is in the shower now. I've got 2 rigs loaded wirh a gram of meth between the two. After we're zoomin', she's gonna want to fuck me wirh a couple of dildos, then maybe her hand. If I'm

    Will she notice thr cum already in me? My connect & I usually hook-up on Wednesday mornings. He fucks me, I get a ball in return. (I'd let him fuck me any way thoough. This kid is cute but has serious daddy issues)

    Anyway, I get home 5 minutes before my wife arrives, unexpectedly. She took a half-day. So I show her the 8-ball, said "shots are on me!" and she's tap dancing in the rain locker now. I could clean up. But she knows Im bi, *probably knows* I mess around on the side but doesn't ask, and I'm always home when she gets home from work. I want her to jnow, I want her to make me tell her about our 27yr old drug dealer fucks me once or rwice a week.

    Its 11:45am. Time to party & play

    ***Update 3:40 pm***

    She loved hearing about it & wants to wach. Maybe join in.

    Cant wait til Friday!

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    Gay Male / 22

    I'm 22 & have lived in an apt for 6 months. Am gay but really very masculine type. I only dated one gay for two years. I was in love. I found out, I'm really a top type but we did it with me on bottom once. He moved for college when I moved in here so I was single. I'd never done a hookup or even had an app on my phone for stuff like that. My mindset was you fall in love when dating then spend rest of your life with a great person. That said, there was this hot straight guy when I moved in who goes to same campus I do. His bedroom is other side of wall as mine. I could hear him doing his GF a few nights a week. She was loud but he moaned some when he was getting off. I would fap & time it to him getting off. They would do it fast though 10 min done. She moved out two months ago after a breakup. I heard him sometimes fap from how his bed sounds & a light moan but not the slapping sound of it. I was so turned on by him. He had no idea I'm gay but he knew me & we started talking more after his breakup. He came to my apt or I went to his usually just talk or couple beers.

    I got nerve up to ask him stuff like how long has it been considering a while since breakup. He said he didn't do it any since then but was obviously horny. It ended up that night with me offering him some feel good time. It ended up as my first sort of hookup. I do know how to suck dick which means NO HANDS. A guy can go home & fap alone so ya don't do BJ using your hands or it's not a real BJ. I sucked him for over 30 minutes like edging him. He was moaning a lot of that time & he came so hard. I know he'd never felt that before so good. Since then, he asks me if I'd like to "do stuff" which means me suck his dick. I'm doing it four times a week now. He's fapped mine some but he likes to just get sucked. I love to suck him off & it's such a turn on to hear him moan. He moans more than my ex who is a bottom. I do have feelings for this guy but I know to be careful not letting myself fall in love since he is straight so this is only sex. I don't want to get heartbroken but we are both getting a lot of fun out of this. We are both clean & neither of us do drugs. We do drink a little beer is all. We are both in great shape but I think he looks better than I do. I just hope he doesn't get a GF anytime soon or if he does that he remembers how good this feels so he will still want it some. I love eating his massive loads & he even gets rimmed some which drives him crazy. I know he never had that done before. Some straight guys will do some things but I think it's mostly they like to get sucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I am a family man, father, husband, neighbor, and blessed with many dear friends. I love my wife of thirty-four years and we have three great kids and a couple of grandkids, I'm recently retired and still trying to figure what to do with my time, you can play only so much golf. Another thing I have to get used to is the business travel or lack thereof.

    You see, it was during my business trips that I indulged my deepest of secrets. Over the years I have bedded dozens of young men, many of them for their first time. A few I have seen several times over the years, most of them now with families of their own. I love to initiate a young man into gay sex, gently urging him through his fear, the thrill of guiding his mouth to my cock, his acceptance and then teasing his asshole a finger at a time, and the utter thrill of another conquest as my hard cock eases gently but firmly through his tense and throbbing sphincter. I am very gentle at first and ease him into the rhythm of mansex, pumping and grinding, my hands all over his nubile body, then invariably they all say, "fuck me!". By the time I blow my hot load deep in his bowels I'm pounding him pretty hard.

    I will find excuses to travel...I love this part of my life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Most weekday afternoons during the past summer, I cruised a well known gay hook up place for sex. In total over the whole summer, I didn't once walk back home without having my cock sucked, or fucking a guys arsehole. I'm well endowed and have a very high libido, which my girlfriend cannot match. Always playing safe I guess over the summer I fucked over twenty different men, and had twice that suck me off. Most of the men were older than me and I'd say at least two thirds of them were married men. It's slowed down now as it's cold, yet even now in the winter I meet up with regulars who suck on my cock, or men who take my cock up their arses. None of this is probably confession worthy I suppose, unless you now take into account who I've been fucking at least twice a week down by his old works sheds. He's someone I know well. I should do, I fuck his daughter most days, as he's my girlfriends dad. Catching him down by my regular cruising place sucking another older guy off, I basically asked him if he'd like to suck me too. I watched as he finished off the other man and then fed him my cock. Since then we meet up at a place he used to work at and I bang him until each time I bust my nut up his arsehole. It's an arrangement I hope carries on, as he's the only guy I'll fuck bareback. We'll see.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Because of an argument, I'd not had sex with my wife for weeks. Busy at work and also in the sport I love, I'd also not taken care of myself by masturbating either.
    In the showers after an intense training session, a young guy walks in, looks directly at my cock and for some strange reason, it became erect in seconds. He carried on looking as we showered, then told me I have a really nice cock.
    Even now I'm not sure why, but I told him if he liked it that much, maybe he should suck it off for me. Quicker than I've ever seen anyone move, he sank down and had my cock in his mouth, sucking hard on it immediately.
    It was then I should have stopped him. It had gone too far even in those brief few seconds. Yet I didn't. Instead I gripped his long curly wet hair and began to fuck his face.
    He moaned and groaned, took hold of his own cock and began to wank himself. Thrusting into his mouth over and over again not caring if he was enjoying it, I felt that all too familiar feeling of my orgasm rising and decided, he was going to eat it.
    Holding his head tighter, I began to cum and instead of him pulling away, he sucked harder on my cock. Gulping down my cum, I saw his hand moving faster and only a few seconds later he too shot his load, sending all over the shower floor.
    Helping him up, he told me name Alex and said he was new to the area. Finishing off our respective showers and walking back into the changing area, we chatted about what we'd just done and why he was so attracted to older muscular men.
    Fully clothed and and having swapped numbers I was about to walk out of the gym and into my car. My phone went and the message read "My parents aren't home until this evening". There was a short address and this last comment "I like being fucked too".
    Having been totally straight only hours before, I left Alex's parents home two hours later, minus two more cum loads, both of which ended deep inside his arsehole. We'd sucked and fucked for nearly two hours and I have to say right now, it's still the best sex I've ever had.
    Nine months on, I'm still fucking Alex and did so last night, giving him his eighteenth birthday present by fucking him outdoors overlooking a famous Loch.

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    Gay Male / 23

    My parents filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after losing their jobs. My father went to Texas to look for a job and my mother and me went to live with a friend of hers. I had to share a room with their son sleeping on the top bunk. He was sixteen and he jerked off at night. I kept quiet and didn't move but I heard and felt the bed move and I jerked off as quietly as I could. One night he stood up unexpectedly and caught me with my cock in my hand. He said he would suck me and he did.

    It felt so good, he rubbed my cock with his hand, my stomach and my thighs. He held his cock in his hand and gave it to me touch and suck. I got on his bed with him and we jerked each other, sucked each other, until he got on mu back to dry hump me and jerk off on me. We spent lots of time like that.

    When my Dad got back with a job in Beaumont we left and we had one last time getting together. That night he penetrated me and I got fucked. In Beaumont it took several months before I found a boy to fuck me. He was always horny and he fucked me and I gave him blow jobs all the time. By the time I graduated from High School in 2013 I was experienced and I was a confirmed bottom. I joined the Coast Guard and was stationed in Florida interdicting drugs.

    I had a couple of fucks on board but I kept my desires to myself, using my leave time to go to gay dance clubs to fuck and suck. I left the Coast Guard in 2016 and got a job selling phones. My fuck buddy from Ohio came down and we fucked for a month. I have a job now using electronics experience from the service and my boyfriend is working as a welder. We fuck until we just can't fuck any more. I guess I am fairly noticeable and he looks like he would never fuck a guy. He is a cock enthusiast and treats me to some in depth cock sucking before going for gold.

    We have a place of our own, have good jobs and live where gay is o.k.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    True confession:

    We live on the north east cornor of a sky rise condo with ocean and intercostal views. I exercise (power walk) the ocean every work-day mornings with my wife. On Saturdays I cross the intercoastal bridge to a park on the northwest side of the intercostal known for gay activity in the wooded area by a 2 block long drive into the park from the highway. Wooded areas on both sides of that drive have paths with ocasional activity. At the end of the drive is the parking area, 2 fishing piers into the intercostal and a bathroom. Loads of benches and sitting areas on the end are a frequent place for locals unaware that the wooded area is providing gay activity.
    I walked over early on a Saturday morning where I sit on a bench as the sun came up. There were a number of people fishing and a few runners/joggers around the parking lot and drive into the park. The parks north side ends at a causeaway drawbridge, which means the only entrance and exit to the park is via the driveway or through the woods between the driveway and highway. On the left side (east) of the 2 block drive are trees, sea gr**es and undergrowth which hides a large open soccer/football field between those woods and borders on the intercostal with a line of trees with view of the water - north of the parking lot.
    There is a trail on the edge of the trees and intercostal providing shore line fishing for those who desire to walk the 2 blocks...ending at caruseway bridge. That morning I decided to walk the path before heading home as the sctivity seemed to be limited to fisherman and joggers. Once I reached the end of the path I stopped to watch some boats crusing south under the draw bridge. When the bridge had closed I turned behind me looking through some trees to the north end of the the soccer/footbal field. I decided to walk through the trees to the north end of the field, the woods by the road taking a new shortcut to the entrance/exit.
    Having never taken this route as I approached the edge of the trees I noticed a concrete building, which housed a pump for faucets, a water fountain and shoverower. The building is maybe 2 x 5 feet about waist high with a slanted roof. The shower is maybe 10 feet from the pump and the water fountain is on the other wide of the pump house. The top of the pump house is solar panels and in the right side of the pump house is a pipe, on the outside, with a faucet about 28 inches from the ground...I think to water animals. On the backside of the pump house (facing the north east woods and intercostal) is another pipe on the outside which goes to about a foot over the top, turns out with a faucet.
    As I approached the pump house from out of the trees I noticed 2 legs up in the air on each side of the water pipe with their feet back over a head. I walked quietly and realized the water was on and that faucet was pouring water directly onto the up-turned ass of a man. He was jacking his dick to the pleasurre of water pouring hard from that faucet directly onto his hairy ass hole. I stood in awe as a very well built man was enjoying himself with the facuet water poundding his ass.
    I mean he was getting into it big time when he opened his eyes, tilted his head looking back and saw me stnading there observing his kinky ritual. Rolling his feet back over his head and with his hands pushing himslef up with his back to me. That is when I realized he was very tall, muscular, hairy and when he turned with his hand over his hard on, he was handsome as hell and youner than me. He began to apologize as he reached down for his shorts and tank top. I said, "don't stop because of me. This is a new wrinkle in my hat, but you were enjoying yourself, so resume your postion and I will be your look out." He stood speechless and frozen for a minute or two, so I pushed my shorts down and begab stroking me semi hard cock.
    He laid back down strategically placing his hips on the side of the pump house with his legs over his head and adjusted his ass until the water was, once again, pounding on his ass. He asked is I wanted a blow job or rimm job and if I did to strip his the shower, as it was hot and I Was I did. Then I go back kneeling beside his head and he took my cock into his mouth. The water, which was warm is now bouncung off his ass splashing on my side. Then he said, kneel over my face so I can tongue fuck your ass, which I did to the best rimm job of my life. After a few minutes I laid over his face and fucked his mouth white washing his tonsils. This guy was moaning like a whore on Saturday nigh and my cock was still hard, so I bent down and took his cock into my mouth with water splashing all over my head and he blew no sooner than the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth. I slipped my tank top on and my shorts and when I turned around he was half way across the north end of the soccer/football field naked, with his shorts and shirt in his hand headed to he woods and a short cut out of the park.
    I thougt that must be one hell of a turn on, so I stripped took his position with the water pounding me ass and it felt good but did not effect me like it did him even thought I did jekr off in that postion. Different stroke for different folks. I've been back many Saturday and Sunday mornings and never saw him again. Last Sunday night my wife and I were in a restaurant and I saw him, his wife and kids. I had an instant boner as we shared eye contact and a wink or two. I will be at the pump house when the sun somes up in the morning.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    As relatively young as I was, I was still the best cock sucker he'd ever had. Or that's what he told me. Before school, sometimes during school hours and definitely after school, we'd meet up and I'd suck him off. He always power fucked my mouth and I always swallowed his load, taking every inch of his enormous cock down my throat.

    Anal didn't happen until I finished school. But when I say finished, I mean literally the day I finished school. We waited until everyone had gone and in my old classroom, I sucked his dick until it was throbbing. I then leant over my old desk with my bare ass showing, as he eased his lotion covered cock up my asshole. It felt awesome after such a long time wanting it to happen, and within minutes he was fucking me for real.

    Cumming first from his thrusts so deep inside my ass, he then told me he was about to cum. I told him I wanted his cum inside of me, and then felt the rush of hot semen flooding into my bowels. I was totally at piece with him fucking me and totally enthralled about being his sex partner.

    We met anywhere and everywhere after that, fucking each and every time. And every time it just got better and better. Then as he and I were having sex in his car near the dam, we were caught by security. Within days our liaisons were ended and my father visited him. He moved away immediately battered and bruised and my life was left empty and devoid of the man I truly loved.

    Life, marriage and a career followed. I knew my old ways were gone and I also knew I'd hurt my father. That no longer matters now, nor does the stigma of it all. Even if my dad shielded me from most of it. What does matter, immensely to me, is how society judged us, or more the point him. You see I was the instigator, I was the one who wanted him. I was the one who chased his cock and his beautiful athletic body.

    The reason I'm here ?. He's back in my life after attending the funeral of my father, the funeral where my wonderful ex wife finally understood why I wasn't totally happy without him. She's a good person, a damn good person and she knows I'm grinning and loving again with joy.

    He's forty six now, and just as fit as he was back then. He's also just as horny and hard too. Something I'm now enjoying on a daily basis, as we make love in our own home.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Lets say I'm a mature, twice married, now divorced, typical guy next door type (or so you would think). Like most other guys, I have had my share of women. Had older sister so there were always undies somewhere, hanging on the shower rod, over the radiator, in the hamper, sometimes on the floor, so i was exposed to panties all the time. Discovered sexual attraction very young, experimented a bit, nothing too intense, you know, my best pal and I found a couple of nudie mags in the basement of our apt building, we were thrilled, then we found a black and white mag that showed full frontal, bush of course but there it was!! Had an older next door neighbor who wanted to teach me how to masturbate, that was fun. There were some very sexy married women in our building too, good jo material. Married young to the neighborhood slut which i happened to love about her.

    Even at such a young age the thought of other guys fucking her was a turn on. So, yes, I'm a bit of a perv and like some kink. Whenever i watched porn with my buds, it was the cum shot that turned me on more than anything else. Two marriages and 25 years later i found myself in a situation while hanging out with a friend of a friend. Yes, there was beer and porn on the tv. We talked about what was on screen, wives, girlfriends, sex in general and the room got hotter, it was like being 14 again, we decided to at least jerk off. then while on the bed, knees touch, stomach churning with that 'im turned on' butterflies in the stomach.....then we reached for each other's cocks, i was nuts with lust and got the balls to ask if i could try oral, he lay back, spread his legs, put his hands behind his neck and said, go for it. And did i!! I had never been that close to another cock in my life, i licked and sucked like it was my job!! When i felt his legs tense up and he started to moan i knew it was time, and im thinking, ok, now what the fuck do i do? i backed off a little and i could see the precum start to ooze, that got my heart beating faster, i tasted it, then i went back for more. Mmmmmm, i liked it, i liked it a lot. I was licking the underside of his head when he let go, still being unsure, i just kept licking as he came. i had cum all over my mouth and could def taste it. then i took it in and kept it in my mouth until it went soft. I could not believe i had actually done it. I gave a guy head!! Holy fuck, i just sucked a cock! i felt a bit uncomfortable and after ten minutes i left. So, now what do i do? This was a friend of a friend, very discreet so i was not worried about anyone find out about our little episode. I filed it away and figured i got that curiosity our of my system, now its back to c**t. But, i found myself thinking about it over and over.

    About 4 years later i was chatting with some dude on CL and after about three weeks decided to meet. No biggie, meet to chat and the guy was the type that gets off showing other guys nude wife pics. We meet, nice guy, chat a bit and he uses his ipad to start the pic show. Nice blond wife, good pics, fucking sucking, etc. Then he asked if i mind if her jerks off, i say go for it. he pulls out this 7 inch uncut beautiful cock! im nuts again with lust, i say, can i jerk it. he says ok, so im stroking his cock.Then i say, can i taste it? he says no, just jerk it. I figure no sweat. after another minute i ask again, this time he says ok, nice mouthful, and im sucking and he starts to moan, i back off and watch the precum ooze, fuck it, i go down and eat it. W were in a parking lot and all of a sudden, it got busy, headlights all over the place, no doubt, we had to stop.

    Anyway, over the last 15 years I have had 5 experiences with guys. I finally took a whole load about a year after the second guy and about 2 years ago hooked up with a local married guy with 7 inches uncut (really nide) and have blown him 5 times.

    While im stil very much into pussy and simply love the taste and smell of it, i cant stop thinking about sucking cock. And I'm actually in the hunt for the right person, someone sane, safe and hopefully pretty nice too.

    So, til the next one!!

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