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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 33

    I have always prefered and enjoyed the freakiest kinkiest sluttiest women. My first sexual experience with a woman was after watching this chick literally give BJs to over a dozen guys who covered her entire face and upper body in jizz, which was right after she had 6 other guys run a train on her, no condoms. This was back when i was 16, she was 17. I told her how i loved her sexual freedom, and would love to be the last guy of the evening, to which she was more than happy to do, as she grabbed my head, and spit some jizz in my mouth, and told me to swallow it, and she would sit on my face, and if i licked out and swallowed all the jizz, and licked her clean, sharing some with her, she would both blow me and let me get her used gaped jizz filled pussy. I obeyed her every command, turned on by her dominance. She was friends with my best friend at the time as well. She told him how i enjoyed her after the party, and how she wanted to see what she could make me do. One evening, we all went out to see a movie. She was stroking is both, and would give us teaser BJs, but after everytime she went down on him, would tongue kiss me. After the movie walking around the complex, she asked me if i enjoyed how her mouth tasted of my friends cock, to which i replied that it was kinky as hell, and how i enjoyed watching her suck his cock. We talked and hung out a little longer, then walking back to my car, she told us to go with her to this one place nearby. There she pished my friend against the wall, and starting sucking him. After a couple minutes, she told me to come to her and give her a good kiss. I did, and she asked if i liked how his cock tasted. I told her i loved how her mouth tasted, and the fact his cock was in her mouth moments before. She then told me to kneel next to her, and lean towards my friends cock, she wanted to kiss me literally as soon as her mouth came off his cock. She did it twice, asking me if i enjoyed the flavor of his cock. I told her i loved how her mouth tasted of his cock, and watching her that close, literally i was breathing onto his cock. She told me she wanted to kiss as she sucked his cock, i said ok. So we kiss as she leans us towards his cock, opening the side of her mouth letting his head in, as her tongue and mone were rubbing around each other, which inevitably my tongue was licking his cock. She kissed me deep, and asked if i enjoyed the taste of his cock on my tongue. I told her it tasted good, like her mouth. She then told me to try suckong on his cock, and pushed my head towards it. I opened my mouth as she chuckled, and moved my head back and forth and asked me if i was enjoying sucking cock. I mumbled with my friends thick cock in my mouth that it was a turn on her making me do this, while humiliating, that i am sucking my friends cock. She told me if i wanted her to suck me off i had to suck him off. I sucked him off, made him cum twice, swallowing the forst load, and the second she wanted it on my face, which she said i looked like a good cock sucking slut now, as she blew me, and snowballed me. She told me she wanted to see what she could make me do, where i would draw a line, but i told her, i would try and do anything.

    She knew i wanted to do anal with her, so she told me first i take a cock up my ass. She told me my best friend would gladly fuck my ass, if i suck him off daily. So i said ok, lets do it. For a year, i got sloppy seconds with the slut, and my best friend i would suck off and get fucked by daily, and she would tell me to hold his cum in to prove it when she was not around, which i did.

    2 years later, in the military, done woth initial training, report to my first unit. My 2 roommates learned of these things from her, as one was her cousin. He and the other roommate both would be fine using me to get off. One day she came to visit, and while there she told them to ambush me put of the shower, and use me like i was their personal slut. They did and i enjoyed it even more than with my best friend. For 2.5 years i had at least my roommates using me a few times each every day. Some days the awesome slut and my roommates would have another guy or several more guys joining in.

    I may not be attracted to men, but damn, having two or more men fucking my ass constantly felt so amazingly good, and the humiliation of actually having an orgasm, and ejaculatong totally flacid and hands free as my awesome slut friend mocked and ridiculed me over, and told me how she was proud she made me a little cock craving gay slut was so sexually degrading, but i enjoy sexual degradation immensely. To this day, i get fucked by men. Usually the same 2 or 3 for a year or more. In fact while my lady is spendong the night getting fucked by two guys, the 4 guys at my place who ran a train and gangbang on me for 4 hours already are taking a brief break.

    I need a slutty woman in my life, one who constantly has other mens jizz inside her, and makes me clean it up woth my tongue. But i also need several big dicks to remind me how great it feels to be a dirty cock craving cum guzzling slut.

    I am str8, but i prefer getting fucked up the ass raw bu hung men.

    Anyways, about to get back to being a cock craving slut, gonna be getting my ass DPd, in everu conceivable combination. The smallest cock is 8" long and as thick as a 12 oz redbull can, the largest is 10.5 and as thick as a standard soda can. Feels so fucking good being stretched to the extreme, and having dozens of loads of jizz in my ass, and all over me. Anyways, gotta get double fisted before two guys fuck my ass at the same time.

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    Gay Male / 23

    When I was younger I had my first time with a guy. I always liked guys but pretended to to be straight back then. There was this guy I found really sexy but he was a bit of a bully. He was a grade above me. I was never an athletic kid. Very thin and weak but I was a manager on the football team. One time when they were showering I got a look at his cock.

    I got hornier than I had been in my life. It hung over his balls, so veiny, thick and long. I felt my heart skip a beat and I couldn't help but stare. When I finally looked up I saw that he was watching me look at his cock. I quickly looked away and went to the other end of the locker room.

    This guy who I will call Jeremy lived a block over from me. That weekend after. He came to my door. It was very unsual cause as I said we weren't friends. I was a bit nervous cause he was never nice to me.

    I stepped outside and closed to door. He said that he saw me looking at his cock. I signaled for him to keep his voice down as my parents were home.

    He told me to come with him to his place then. I was very hesitant at first. He seemed like the type to beat me up for looking at him. It wasn't until he broke the silence by saying he would show me again.

    We got in his car and drove there. It didn't take long since he was so close. He seemed to have the place to himself.

    We went to his room and instantly he dropped his pants. My cock grew hard instantly. His started to twitch, slowly growing. My heart was racing watching it. It had to have been at least 8inches. Which at the time seemed insanely HUGE. He broke my daze by telling me to get mine out. I dropped my pants and my much smaller cock which was about 5.5 or so flopped out.

    He instantly busted out laughing. He said his was bigger soft and that might as well be a clit. It was odd but him saying these thing made me more horny. My cock was twitching like mad. He said "You like it don't you, faggot?"

    That was it for me and I dropped to my knees doing my best to fit him in my mouth. After my feeble attempts to do so he started forcing it deeper, making me gag like crazy. Drool was pouring out of my mouth. Precum oozing out of my cock.

    He finally let me get a breath and pulled it out. He told me to bend over his bed.

    Powerless to his cock I did as he asked. He was nice enough to start with his fingers. He got three in and then started rubbing his head on me asshole. I'll never forget feeling him slide in. Even with the fingers it hurt pretty bad. He pushed my head down against the mattress and I bit the blanket cause of the pain. After a bit the squeals of pain became moans of pleasure.

    He continued with the name calling and cock shaming. Calling me a girl, faggot, etc. I felt cum shoot out of my cock onto my belly. Not long after that he shot his load in me. It was one of the best moments of my life.

    He graduated that year so I didn't get to fuck him for long but since then I've become a slut for dominant men ever since.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Finally dig up the courage to try having sex with a guy. Was out at the bar with some friends, they all went home so I went to a different bar.

    Was there dinking for a bit talking to this older guy in his 40s. 48 to be exact. He is a local banker, we talked for a while. I got this vibe he was hitting on me so I kinda tested it and said I was gonna get out of the bar for the night go him a good look in the eyes. He asked if he could join me and I said sure my apartment is just down the road.

    Got to my apartment and I took off my shoes and coat. We sat and talk some more and I asked if he was gay. He said yes a d I find you very cute! I told him my situation, I had never been with a guy and I was curious.

    He was thrilled and said well only one way to find out. He started kissing me as we undressed. He gave me some of the best oral Iâve ever had!

    Then we moved to my bedroom where he had me lay on my back and he ate my hole. That felt great too. Finally I gave him a condom and lube. He put the condom on and lubed up my ass. He fingered me for a little bit till he finally lubed up his cock.

    The initial entry hurt. He said relax and breathe. Took about ten minutes till he was able to actually fuck me. He lasted about 20 minutes till he cummed. He blew me to make me cum

    I found out I did t enjoy getting my ass fucked at all!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    For years my step dad would wait until my mom had crashed out from too much drink, then enter my bedroom and suck on my cock. I'd always pretend to be asleep, but we both knew you can't get an erection and pump someone mouth full of cum fast asleep.
    I'm not going to say at what age he began to suck me off, needless to say I wasn't yet sexually active. Having said that I wasn't totally behind the door either.
    One night as he was sucking on my dick, I couldn't hold off anymore and gripped his hair forcing him to take more of my cock. Which given its size wasn't that easy. I literally face fucked him for about five minutes, busting my nut down his throat, forcing him to swallow every drop. When he rose up, he smiled at me and told me from then on, I could fuck his mouth anytime I wanted to.
    It was the start of our real relationship, and I took full advantage of it by fucking his mouth as often as I could. Often sneaking in quick blow jobs with my mom only yards away. Then one shitty rainy day with my mom nursing a hangover, I lead my step dad into the garage, made him lower his shorts as he leaned onto his work bench and rubbed hand cream all over his asshole. He knew I wanted to fuck him, but didn't think it would be so soon. Putting my cock to his hole, I pushed in and the rest they say is history. He moaned like a bitch at first, telling me he was an anal virgin, but I genuinely didn't give a shit. I wanted his ass, and boy was I going to have it. Either that or tell my mom what he'd been doing with me for four years.
    Making him grit his teeth, I thrust into his asshole over and over again until I was nearly ready to cum. Then screaming out my most powerful orgasm I'd ever had, I pumped every single sperm up his quaking ass. Only after i'd pulled out of his ass, did I realize he'd cum all over the garage floor.
    He sought me out from then on, not only to suck on my cock, but also to have every inch of my dick fucking his hole. And it's still my hole to fuck to this day. I no longeer live with them, but I do call by most days. Some days we'll not het the chance as my mom has sobered up. Yet with my suspicions she now knows we fuck, she'll go out for a walk with the dogs and give us at least half an hour to enjoy the sex I'm now addicted to.
    My step dad isn't the best looking guy in the world, nor does he have a great body. What he does have is a very willing expert mouth, and one tight ass that takes every inch of my dick. Something not too many gay and bisexual men have been able to do..........

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I was out of town and called for a masseuse to come to my room for a massage. The service sent a guy instead. But since I wasn't necessarily looking for a "happy ending" I didn't care. I got on the table naked and the guy was in his shorts, took off his shirt and began the massage. After about 15 minutes he was at the front of the table his crotch pushed near my head and a nice size cock right at my hand but inside the thin material of his shorts. He was great at massage, but I turned my hand so his cock rested in my palm. I squeezed a little he got harder. He continued his massage and would come back to that position near my head and hand making sure I could feel his growing cock. Then when he was working on my lower back, upper legs and ass he put more oil on and stuck a thumb in my ass and held it there massaging my prostate with continuing with my ass cheeks. I didn't say anything. I'd never had any kind of homosexual act before but I was letting this stranger stick his fingers in my ass. This continued for several minutes and when he returned to the front of the table he pulled his cock out over the top of his shorts and pulled them down a bit. While he massaged me, I massaged his cock, then took it in my mouth. He leaned in, putting about 8 of his 9 inches in my mouth and throat and stuck two fingers in my ass and began pumping me in both holes. I've never felt another guys cock much less had one in my mouth. I am married with older kids and while I'm not a big romeo I've only had sex with a couple of women and never even touched a guy. Here I was, married, in a hotel with a cock in my mouth and a guy finger fucking my ass. I took his cock out of my mouth and only said two words which started it all. "Fuck Me"

    With that I was on the bed, on my back he was sucking at my nipples and squeezing my pecs like a womans tits and entered me. I was letting a guy fuck me, I had sucked his cock. I told him I'd never done it before and he asked if I wanted him to shoot inside me or outside. I asked him to shoot on my face and tits. He had enough to shoot all over me. I walked to the bathroom got a warm washcloth, and towel and washed his cock while leaving his cum dripping on my body. I paid him, with a good tip he got dressed and at the door, stopped, turned and wrote his cell number on a paper with his real name. "Call me, for no charge. You were fun" then he kissed me.

    I was left standing there with an empty feeling in my just fucked, formerly virgin asshole, cum dripping down my chin and chest and wanted more. The rest of that 10 day trip Chaz came by several times when he wasn't working. I got free massages and he got blowjobs, a piece of ass to fuck, and I got great handjobs and blowjobs. Chaz even started shooting in my ass which I loved. Once he took me to a gay club and while there in a dark corner, I jacked and blew him and when he shot on my face he didn't give me time to clean up and just took me back to the lighted bar and tables with his cum all over my face. Everyone knew I was his gay slut.

    I've been home for a week now, fuck my wife, even fucked her up her asshole, pulled out of her mouth and shot on her face and made her keep it unwiped while having dinner. I still miss the feeling of a nice big cock inside me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Always known I fancied both males and females, and have had lots of sex with both sexes. With girls I like to dominate them and fuck them hard, but with guys I'm the complete opposite. There's nothing I like more than a well endowed man's cock deep up ym asshole.
    Out with a friend around a month ago, we decided to go into a gay friendly sauna to hopefully hook up with a couple of guys for sex. My friend immediately got with a young guy who he'd had sex with before. But I don't like the guy so I hung back and decided to go into one of the viewing booths. Watching gay porno after removing my towel, I saw a guys flaccid cock appear through the glory hole to me right.
    Dropping down, I took hold of the guys dick and sucked it into my mouth. Within a couple of minutes he was moaning loudly and his cock had grown to around eight inches. Telling me through the thin wall with a rough voice, he'd love to fuck me, I picked up a condom which was in a dish, and some lube which was next to the dish. Unwrapping the condom and then sliding it along his full length, I smeared lube all over my ass and backed onto his cock.
    It had been well over a month since I'd last been fucked so his cock felt tight up my ass. But once his cock bottomed out and he began to fuck me for real, I soon began to enjoy the feeling I always get when being fucked. His body was slamming against the wall, as his cock pounded into my asshole and I was loving every thrust of his dick so deep up my ass.
    Like many many times before, I came within a few minutes without having to touch my cock, and then herd him groaning loudly he was about to cum. Seconds later I felt his cock pulse hard up my rear hole and he filled the condom whilst still fucking me hard.
    Pulling out he said "Hey thanks dude, that was awesome". I heard him moving around next door and wanted to see who'd fucked me. Opening my booths door (They're never locked) I witnessed someone exiting who I know extremely well, walking out the next booth. We both looked shocked seeing the other and it was him who said "Oh my god I've just fucked my nephew". It was moms youngest brother Jimmy, who'd fucked my asshole so good, and who was stood like me with only a towel wrapped around him.
    It was awkward I can tell you, stood looking at a man who I'd grown up thinking he was straight. Jimmy's married with two kids, and looking at him with his muscled physique and tattoo's you wouldn't think of him as gay. But as I've since found out, Jimmy enjoys fucking young men just as much as he does fucking a nice piece of pussy. if not more so.
    We walked back into the lounge area, where we sat and talked about what had just occurred between us and what we were going to do and say from then on. We both decided it was fine between us, but nothing would be said. Jimmy also said If I wanted to I could forget all about it and we'd move on from there. But if I wanted to I could call by his home the following day, if I wanted to look into the face of the man fucking me.
    Knowing his wife would at work, and his kids at school, I called by around ten in the morning. By ten past, I was on my knees sucking in is gorgeous cock and stroking my own. Jimmy and I fucked all morning and on into the afternoon. His cock didn't flag once as he'd taken Viagra, and my asshole was well and truly fucked by the time I rode home on my motorcycle around two ish.
    Jimmy's become my secret lover over the last eighteen months. We now meet up at a motel most times as he often works for the owner fixing up the place. The owner accepts Jimmy will use one of his rooms for sex, and just thinks I'm a kid Jimmy likes to fuck. He has no idea I'm his nephew, but then given Jimmy wouldn't like him to say anything anyway, the motel owner wouldn't dare say a thing.
    It's not something I guess that is acknowledged as normal, but then neither is many other things that happen in the US. As far as we're concerned we're just two guys enjoying sex, who just so happen to have the same woman as family.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    At the age of twenty I shared a flat with a mate. Coming back in from a night out at our local pub, we discovered a young guy trying to burgle our home. My friend quickly subdued him and decided he was going to teach him a lesson. Instead of phoning the police or giving him a slap or two, he stripped him, got him to oepn his mouth and stuck his cock in there. We were both a little drunk, so watching him receive a blow job I got turned on. Following my mate I took off my clothing and offered the young man my cock too. He took it in turns to suck on our dicks, then without giving the guy any chance to protest, my friend pushed him over the arm of the settee and drove his cock up his young arse. The lad screamed out loud, but my friend put his hand over his mouth and carried on fucking him. Not lasting long, my friend turned to me and said "Go on fuck him, or I'm going to bea the shit out of him, your choice".
    I could see the terror in the young lads eyes fearing a beating, so I walked over put my cock to his already cum laden hole and thrust in. Unlike my friend, I lasted for some time with the drink inside of me, and fucked the young guy for well over fifteen minutes. Finally cumming as the lad was beginning to back onto my cock and tell me to fuck him harder. With my cock still in him, he shook a few times and we both watched him cum all over the arm of the sofa. My flat mate made him lick his own cum off the arm and then kicked him out of our flat naked. Tossing his clothing to him from one of the bedroom windows, we both couldn't stop laughing.
    The next morning my friend and I had hangovers and a new secret we both decided not to tell anyone. No one has ever heard my account of what happened that night until now. Yet that night hasn't been my only time fucking a young guys arsehole. Although I'm now married with two kids, I still enjoy every now and then dipping my cock into a willing tight hole and fucking the young man as if he too had tried to rob me. The young man who we fucked that night, also felt my cock up his arsehole on many more occasions too. He's no longer around, as he's serving time at her majesty's pleasure (Probably getting fucked), but for about a year and a half afterwards, I secretly met up with him mostly outdoors and screwed the shit out of him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I'm just wondering if anyone else is like this?

    I'm in my early twenties, married to a gorgeous girl and our sex life is great. The thing is when I was younger, actually a kid, I slept with other boys. I was a cute kid and boy's were always hitting on me and I eventually gave in.

    Sure, I can't say I didn't like it, it did feminize me somewhat. I took to wearing really short shorts like girls wear so boys could see what underpants I had on. My mom was worried and when I started dating girls in highschool she told me how she was concerned about my younger years.

    I met this great girl at church and we got engaged. The guys from work threw a bachelor's party at a hotel, got me drunk and as a joke set me up with a gorgeous tranny (without me knowing) and they all left. I was bombed up in my room with this gorgeous"girl" who was all over me. This beautiful thing gave me the hottest balls deep fucking I'd ever had. Not once but twice that night and again in the morning before she left.

    Sure, I can live with it though it was strange it was kinda special too. We got married, the guys at work didn't have any clue what really happened and everything is fine. Except I've kind of reverted to my younger years when boy's were tapping my tight little ass. I've started going out, first once a month, now weekly. I go to gay night clubs or answer CL ads. I like to get fucked wearing tighty-whitie underpants like I wore when I was a kid. I tell whomever I'm with that "I'm virgin and just want to try being with another man." They fuck my tighty-whitie little ass till it's numb with cumm.

    What going back to "boy's white cotton style briefs" is all about I'm not sure. All I know is that I love it. Does anyone else experience this, if so I wouldn't feel so weird maybe?

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    Straight Male / 21

    I met this gay guy and spent a lot of time with him getting close with him, we became bestfriends.
    we would drive around alnight and party.

    one night, shockingly he touched me and I let him.
    It grew from there from him blowing me, and then into the bedroom where i tried blowing him.
    I wasnt that comfortable at first so I couldnt get off but her could.

    Eventually I was, and I asked him to have sex with me in my butt, im sure he loved this as it was my first time.
    Even unprotected, i never thought about telling him to pull out and he came in me.

    Well, from there i gave him blow jobs and swallowed him a few times and developed the kink for swallowing his cum as it was so dirty or forbidden.

    then, he got a long term serious BF.
    Well, lol his BF left for a while to take a movie back
    so he and i, fucked, i rode him and he finished and then we got dressed and he came home not knowing.
    we had a lot of affairs....

    then, we all had a threesome, yep.....

    then all of it stopped and i always get so horney but i cant seduce him anymore or he is a chicken.

    eh, ill keep trying until one day i can get him to regret fucking me again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Went for a first fitting last weekend of my wedding suit. Being measured up with only my boxers on, I couldn't stop my penis from rising as the young junior tailor kept on brushing past my cock. Eventually I became fully erect and it felt incredibly uncomfortable. About to say something the older senior tailor walked into the room, looked at me then his young assistant and said "Luke, don't leave our client like that, service the man".

    Without getting chance to say something or stop him as the senior tailor left us alone. Luke lowered my boxers and took my cock into his mouth. Now I'm no gay man, or at least I didn't think so, but Luke's mouth instantly got mine and my cocks attention. He instantly took every inch of my eight inch cock down his throat and began to give me the sucking of my life.

    I'm no prude, not by any stretch of the imagination, but when the older tailor walked back in, I had my cock down his junior tailors throat and I was after all being measured for my wedding suit. Not batting an eye lid as I sheepishly shied away, he walked over and said "Nice to see our clients completely looked after". Turning around with myself not knowing what to say, he told me "Fuck him if you like, he enjoys it rough".

    No sooner had he totally left the room and closed the door, Luke stopped sucking me, stripped off as quick as I've ever seen anyone bcome naked and then offered me his arsehole as he bent over the fitting desk.
    I have to say here and now, I was extremely sorely tempted to fuck him, especially when he told me where the condoms and lube were. But something inside me, guilt maybe, stopped me. I moved to turn away and saw Luke drop back down. Taking hold of my cock again, he sucked on it as I allowed him to give me head the like of which Ive never had from a woman. He literally made love to my cock with his mouth and throat and by the time I nearing my orgasm, he was sucking on my dick that hard it felt like it was being sucked through a vacuum cleaner.

    My balls let go and I filled his mouth and throat with my seed. Just then the door opened and in walked the senior tailor. I was too far gone to stop so I just kept on pumping my cum down his throat. Smiling as huge smile at me, he took the measurements from his junior and walked back out.

    Stood waiting for him to enter the reception area, he sent Luke who told me my second fitting would be in a months time. But if in the meantime I wanted to pay them a visit for whatever reason, to feel free to do so. I'd turned to go not fully understanding how why and what the fuck had just happened when Luke said "I've got your mobile number, I'll text you when we're not busy. Maybe you could pop by and settle some of the bill".

    I've since learned Luke is in fact the nephew of the senior tailor. And with agreement some clients have paid off some of their bill by fucking Luke. I'm not sure what his uncle gains from the deal, but I'm now seriously thinking about paying them a visit before next months fitting, and fucking his nephew.

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