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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    The man was 66 years old, dirty and fat that smelled of booze and BO. I was walking down a well known street and alleyway that is known for homeless people but it was late at night and i felt horny so i started walking up and down trying to find a man that caught my attention. I finally found him and started talking to him and no later than 3min into my conversation i asked him how long it was since he had a blowjob and right away i saw him getting hard and i told him i wanted him to face fuck me and maybe more and of course he was more than ok with that.
    Just being around the scent and seeing how dirty he was turned me on sooo much! We ended up walking to this abandoned van that we go into and as soon as he closed the door he got super dominant and told me to get naked right fucking now so i obliged, he then ended up undressed and told me to get on my knees and to start sucking by then i was super turned on and i told him he had full consent to abuse or r**e me whatever he wanted so i he got super abusive and roughly face fucked me for 10min until he was ready to fuck me. I was told to get on all fours and get ready to get fucked so when i did we didnt have lube so he spit on my hole and fingered some into me and just stuck his not too long dick and super thick cock in me with no warning so i naturally pulled away but he just pushed me on my belly and held me down with his weight and roughly fucked me for 30min to 45min until i could notice him slow down and push a few deep deep thrusts and loads into me he fell in my back with his dick still inside me until he went limp.
    He got up and said thanks and to stay put so i did. I was really sore but still horny but i did as i was told and he came back and fucked me 4 more times until he was completely satisfied, we fucked for hours and hours and i loved ever moment of it even tho i hurt for a full day i became his little obeying slut! We agreed to do this weekly and i am meeting up with him in a few days and im looking forward to it!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    The feeling is simply amazing. What am I talking about, well it's the feeling of having an eight inch cock thrusting up your asshole.
    My wife and I have always experimented with sex. Outdoors, public, threesomes, toys, lesbian sex for her, and finally after her pegging me for months, last month she invited a guy around who we'd met a bar.
    He was obviously interested in fucking me, so I said yes when my wife said she'd love to watch.
    His cock is awesome, and it's so thick and heavily veined. Once I'd sucked on his dick for time, with my wife encouraging us to get down to the fucking, he slid his manhood deep inside my ass. I thought it would be the same as the dildo's and the vibrator my wife had used on me, but it's totally different in its feel and how his cock made my asshole react.
    If you rate a scale of one to ten for being anally fucked using toys, then I guess for me it's about a six or a seven. With the older mans beautiful cock fucking me so deeply, yet with a softer more easing feeling, then I'd have to say it was for me, a nine out of ten.
    The only reason it's not a ten, is nothing is perfect. But and its a very close but, I would say being fucked by a guy who knows how to fuck you, is far superior to a sex toy.
    The reason I'm here confessing, being as my wife was there watching us and masturbating herself. Is that night, isn't the only night the forty six year old has now fucked me.
    Most weekdays since, I've driven over to his apartment and had him fuck me until we've both orgasmed. And with each new fuck, it just keeps on getting better and better. I've evn begun to deep throat his cock, something I couldn't so at all a month ago.
    He tells me I'm the best fuck he's ever had, and who am I to say otherwise. What I do know, if you haven't been fucked yet guys, then get out there and experience something you will never regret.
    By the way, if you're wondering if this will separate my wife and I, it won't. I have already told my male lover it's purely sex between us.
    His response last week, was to fuck me over the hood of his car in the national park close to our home. Making me suck in his cock afterwards to clean off any remaining cum. Another new exciting taste and experience I now enjoy.
    Why did it take so long in my life to experience being fucked. Boy I wish I'd have been fucked in my teens now. I9 certainly had the chance, but that's another confession.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Woke up yesterday morning with an arm across my chest, and instantly recognized the fact it wasn't my bed. It took a a couple of minutes to register my thoughts properly, but I soon began to recall why I was there and who's bed I was in.
    My wife was away on business and I'd gone over to her brothers home. It was his bed I'd slept in and it was his arm across my chest. His movement brought me back to my self and he casually lowered his arm and stroked my cock.
    It rose quickly, and just as quickly he went down on me. Maneuvering around, we got into a sixty nine and began to suck on each others cocks. After only a few minutes he stopped sucking me and asked "Will you fuck me again".
    Not bothering to react to his question verbally, I spun him around and over, then plunged my rock hard cock straight into his beautiful twenty four year old ass.
    We fucked for over half an hour, changing position twice, ending up with me kissing him as I fucked him missionary. Cumming deep inside him as I had the night before, he groaned his own orgasm as he too came in between us.
    When we showered together a little later, he sucked on my dick again and I had an almost dry climax, cumming slightly in his mouth.
    Eating breakfast, we chatted about this and that, then I decided I only had him for the rest of the morning before I had to pick his sister up from the airport. When I unloaded up him again on his couch, it wasn't a dry fuck and I made sure I fed him my cream, after licking and sucking it out of his juicy ass.
    My wife goes away on business again next week. Dylan's mouth and asshole will mine all over again, I can tell you.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    From the age of Sixteen to Seventeen and a half, my dad sold my mouth and ass to older paying guests of our home. They'd stay for days at a time, or sometimes for a couple of weeks. During their stay I'd either visit them in their room and suck them off, or if they paid more, I'd sleep with them and they could fuck me.
    One time a married couple arrived, who were about to take jobs and arrange permanent accommodation. In the meantime I had my mouth and asshole serviced by the guy as his wife watched on. On one of te nights I lost my virginity to her, fucking her missionary as he fucked me from behind.
    Only my father dying in a car crash stopped our unusual way of earning extra money. Even so, when I moved in with my uncle Tony, I gave up my mouth and asshole to him for free.
    I don't live with my uncle Tony anymore, but every so often he visits our place and we end up having sex. He still loves to fuck me with his bent cock, and I always swallow his load before my wife gets home.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I love the taste of cock! Want me to suck you off? Pull down your pants. Oh you want to finish on my face go ahead! Want me to clean your dick after you fuck your wife/girlfriend? Yes please! Iâll lick the load out of her after I please you! Oh I can fuck them as I blow you? YES!!! Want me to be your little side slur? Oh daddy! Shemale? Letâs take turns being the bottom bitch! Comment on this and letâs talk so I can drink your cum

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Today is my 26ty birthday. Always been curious about guys so I finally jumped on it. There is a older gay guy that I meet on daddy hunt. Nice big dick too.

    Went to his house, got naked, bent over his bed and he popped my cherry. It hurt at first but then it felt great! I am surprised how good anal feels. Sex lasted about 20 minutes, he came in the condom

    I got dressed and left, my butthole is a little sore but nothing to worry about.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Fucked my first arsehole at the age of fourteen (Just, I was very nearly fifteen). He was a relativly young (42) stand in teacher who made it perfectly clear, he enjoyed boys with large cocks. My dick measured nearly eight inches then, it now measure just over nine and a half.
    Sucking me off first in the corridor behind the gym, he then invited me into the showers where I lost my virginity, fucking him like a madman.
    The second piece of arse I had was a fellow student. His sister was all over me for weeks and I was going to fuck her, only she really kept on saying we should wait until she was sixteen. Instead her brother and I got it on in her bedroom one afternoon. I fucked him as he screamed into her pillow when she took a bath. A few weeks later I did fuck her, but she was no where near as good a fuck as her brother, and by then I was screwing him every chance I got.
    It was an older man who I next had a five month sexual affair with. I was sixteen by then and he lived across the street from my parents home. His wife was so frigid he practically begged me one evening to fuck him, just so he could have some form of sex. It was an amazing night and he taught me lots about slowing down my sexual energy. In essence he really taught me how to fuck a guys arsehole for real. I also had my first threesome with him and another young guy I knew back then.
    By the time I was twenty, I'd fucked over thirty different men, mostly from a cruising spot near the beach we lived close to. I'd also begun a long term affair with a married woman, someone who literally couldn't get enough of my cock fucking her mouth, pussy and arsehole. Her husband was disabled, so when she wanted sex, she'd walk their dogs and we'd meet up, or even when he slept from his meds, I'd nip into their home and fuck the dirty bitch.
    Everything changed for me when I met my wife at the age of twenty four. She blew me away with her looks, charm and her extremely sexual attitude. It was as though we were meant to be a couple.
    Six years I've known her, four years married to her and not once in those years had I seen a picture of, let alone met her father. Then in March this year, he re-appeared in her life after a very bitter divorce from her mother. We met in a restaurant and I instantly knew him.
    My old relief teacher now fifty eight years old, but still incredibly fit looking stared back at me and we winked at each other. More as if to say I know you, than in any other way. Yet my cock stirred and I saw him later on looking at my crotch.
    Nothing happened for a while as they got back to having some kind of relationship, yet I felt all along he wanted me sexually. Then last month as he visited our home, my wife had no choice but to go into work. He basically walked into the lounge after going to the loo, naked. His cock was erect and he simply said "I'd love you to fuck me, again.".
    Over the next two hours I had some of, if not the best sex of my entire life.
    We did everything sexually gay you can imagine and then some. The ony thing we didn't do was scat, but I did piss on him, I did abuse his mouth and arsehole and I did cum deep inside of him three times. Once down his throat forcing him to take my load, and then twice up his willing eager arse, as he almost grovelled for me to unload up his gorgeous cum dump.
    And so it has been since then, with us fucking at every opportunity. I know we shouldn't be fucking, but he is going back over to New Zealand shortly, and I won't see him until this time next year. It should hopefully give the chance to get back on track with his daughter, but I know for sure, I'm going to miss him and his wonderful ways.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I'm a recently divorced white British male who lives in an area known for gang culture. Yet my ex wife and I never had or have any problems. That's because quite a lot of the local gang banger's, call by my home to have their dicks sucked to completion. They pretend their all hard and tough, but when I've got their big black or white cocks in my mouth, they're only too willing to show me their softer sides, if not their soft cocks. Some now have even taken things sexually further, fucking me when "They're in the area". My wife and I didn't split because of my gay activities, she already knew, so we're still good friends to a point. It's just that her new guy has a nine and half inch cock, and mines only four. I know his is that long, because unknown to her he's been fucking me this past five months, just like many of the so called hard lads of my city.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    One year on and I'm now going over how things all began for me and the new exciting sexual adventures I've had. This is how I remember it all began.
    My wife drove out of the driveway and I had a decision to make. Earlier at breakfast, Ryan her seventeen year old son, my step son, had propositioned me. He'd said, once his mom left for work, he'd join me in the shower and I could finally fuck him.
    This had all come about because Ryan had seen me watching porn a few weeks earlier. Purely and I genuinely mean this, by chance, I'd clicked on a video showing a married couple having sex with another guy. I was at the time looking to spice things up with my wife, who I'd been with for nearly eight years.
    Watching other couples fucking, I thought then in my mind, would be the right thing for us. Ryan just happened to walk in when I had my fully engorged cock in my hand and the scene on the porn film had switched to the married guy fucking their much younger guest.
    He put two and two together and came up with forty three (My age).
    From that point onwards, Ryan secretly flirted with me and even flashed me his cock and asshole. He constantly told me he'd dream't of me fucking him and now he knew I was at least gay curious, I could fuck him whenever I wanted to.
    I already knew he and another young guy he was friends with, had fucked. As his mom had kind of caught them having sex in Ryan's bedroom. But after we (Ryan's mom and I) discussed it, we both decided to leave him to his own sexual discovery.
    The morning my wife's drove off in her car, I suppose I'd already made up my mind. Climbing into the shower, I left the bathroom door unlocked and began to wash myself. Within a minute the door opened and a naked step son walked in. He joined me int eh shower and we immediately kissed like long lost lovers. It was such a passionate kiss, I remember our teeth clashing a few times as we went at it like ravenous sexual dogs.
    Both Ryan and I had our hands all over each other, and I was soon holding his tiny cock and his tight white soapy ass. I didn't know then just how small his penis was, as I'd only had very brief flashes of his cock, and that had been with clothing surrounding it. Yet it didn't matter to me as I wanted something else from him, I wanted his mouth and his gorgeous tight asshole.
    If anything the kiss became more and more passionate and we were soon parting to catch our breath. Then as we parted again, I instinctively pushed him downwards and watched my step son suck in my cock, as if he'd done it a thousand times before.
    The feeling and sight of his licking and sucking on my dick was simply one of the best sexual moments of my life. I can still to this day envisage it perfectly, and sometimes wank to the memory of it. It was perfect and it and he looked awesome blowing on my cock.
    Ryan as I've said had I think, probably (I will ask him actually, never have) been fucked before. So after some considerable time sucking on my dick, I raised him up and we kissed again. Putting my mouth to his right ear, I said "I want to fuck you". His reply was "Never thought you'd ask".
    No condom, no lube and no longer any inhibitions about fucking my seventeen year old step son, I turned him around, spread his legs a little and put my large bulbous cock head to his asshole and pushed in.
    It took some time, but eventually his asshole popped and my cock slid into his tight opening. Boy did it feel so special. I'd fucked lots of female asses, but his, my step sons asshole, was the first guys and it was fucking awesome.
    Ryan instantly pushed back once my cock entered him and it gave me the go ahead in my mind to fuck him how I wished. I was already so sexually charged, so holding his left shoulder and his right hip, I thrust forwards and slightly upwards and buried my cock deep up Ryan's very willing and accepting ass.
    As soon as my cock bottomed out, he turned his head and said "Knew you wanted me, NOW FUCK ME".
    It was like a red rag to a bull. I kissed him hard and then plunged my cock up his asshole time after time. At first I had his well being in the back of my mind. Once he told me to fuck him the way he did, I went for it and screwed that young man like he was some common whore. And to his credit, Ryan took the pounding with only brief moans of discomfort.
    I'm not too sure for how long I fucked him from behind, but my orgasm was rising and I had one thing in mind as I felt my climax coming. I wanted to his face as I came up him. Pulling out of his ass, I didn't tell him what I had in mind, I just did it. Dragging him out of the shower I pulled his along to his bedroom, flung him on his bed and shoved his legs over my shoulders. Looking into his eyes, I put my cock to his asshole and drove it hard up his rear. He yelped as I didn't wait for his to get used to it and it made me want to fuck him all the more. Ryan looked int my eyes and I saw only love and sexual need.
    Thrsusting as hard and as deep as I could, I moved his legs apart, lowered my body and kissed the teenager as I would have his mom. In that position, still kissing him, I unloaded like I'd never cum before and it felt so so right. Ryan's asshole twitched as my cum filled him up inside and then as if a little volcano was going off, his cock erupted and his sperm spewed out between our bodies.
    We carried on kissing for some time and only when my cock slid out of his ass did we part. I was totally gone, totally spent, yet Ryan moved me off him, slid down my body and licked in and suicked on my cock. He was stil sucking on my cock when I heard my phone ringing in his moms and my bedroom next door. Only then did I fully realize how paper thin the walls were.
    Ryan had once said he could hear everything next door as he put it. What he meant was, he could probably hear every thrust I made up up his moms pussy and ass, and wanted some himself.
    We both showered separately after some time and I was sat in the kitchen when he reemerged. Ryan walked over to me, kissed me full on the mouth and said "From now on, you can fuck us both".
    And so I have. Probably, actually there is no probably, as I have fucked Ryan far more than his mom this past year. He's insatiable and its a good job I have a very high sex drive. Yet Ryan isn't the only young man I'm now fucking on a regular basis. Ryan has a friend who we sometimes (Eight times this past year) have a threesome with. I fuck them both, although his friend is fully versatile with a large cock too. There is another young man I'm now fucking too. He's a new employee for the company I own, and one Ryan sent my way when I said I needed a young person to help out with my paperwork.
    In everything else he's a very shy individual. But as soon as we get it on, whether that's in my office, or outdoors as we frequently do nowadays, he's a real dirty little fucker who loves my cock deep up his shithole. Ryan knows about him and I fucking, never says anything but always makes sure I've fucked him wearing a condom.
    It's weird in some ways, as I thought I'd be worn out with lots of sex. Yet the more I get, the more I seem to want. And Ryan certainly gives me lots of wonderful sex.
    There is more to my past year, yet here is not right now the right place to express that. Lets just say Ryan's world has opened up new (Legal) fuckholes and experiences I would never have enjoyed without him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Back in my early twenties, I was homeless for about three months. At first I stayed pretty much where I'd been brought up, but after a few weeks I moved down south. I'd been sleeping in a park during the hot summer we were having, and walking into the city during the day for food and to see about work.
    On one of the nights, as I was asleep on a bench, I was awoken by being punched. There was a few guys surrounding me so I curled up and took the beating. Only it stopped fairly quickly. Then like I was piece of sexual meat, I was stripped and made to bend right over the back of the bench.
    Over the next three quarters of an hour I was fucked by one then another and then another. On and on it went until I lost count of how many times I'd been fucked, but by then I was totally and utterly enjoying/loving what they were doing to me.
    Each cock that entered my arsehole felt so amazing after the initial guy. His cock hurt and hurt bad, yet even his after a few minutes began to feel strangely good. After I'd say about half an hour of stopping and starting again, I was slapped by one of them and turned to see five white men laughing at me. Three of them walked off pulling up their boxers and shorts. But two of the men stayed.
    Pushing me down on the gravel pathway, I was told to lick and suck off their cocks. Doing what I was told fearing another beating, I took in the first cock and tasted cum and my own anal juices. It wasn't unpleasant, and I soon found myself giving him what I later learned was a fantastic blow job. His mate soon wanted some, so I was made suck off both, giving each a couple of minutes before switching.
    Then one of the men told me to lay face up on the bench and I was entered again. Only he fucked me like I was a woman. Holding me tenderly, he bent forward and kissed me. That more than anything that night shocked me, yet I still kissed him back.
    However the second man wanted my attention so as I was being fucked missionary, I was made to suck cock too. Both men having already cum inside of me, then did so again. Only after they'd ejaculated their cum down my throat and deep up my bum, I was given my clothing back and some money.
    No more than a minute or two later, they were gone.
    I sat there not really knowing what to think or do. Getting dressed I waled out of the park, went to an all night burger place and got myself some food and a drink. The following morning as I awoke from my park bench, there was guy sat nearby.
    He stood up as I awoke and walked over. Sitting down next to me he immediately said he was sorry and I was to report him and his friends if I wanted to. He went on to tell me they'd been on a stag do and the groom was the first to fuck me. Only afterwards did they think about the risks involved both ways, and only when he woke up in his flat, did he feel an overwhelming feeling of guilt.
    We chatted for some time and I went with him to a cafe for breakfast. He paid and he paid again for me to have a shower (Local baths) and even bought me some clothing from a charity shop. He stayed with me pretty much all day and only when I said I needed to get back to the park to claim my bench, did he say "Stay at mine".
    I did consider going to the police, but instead took his advice and offer and stayed in his flat. In a safe cosy bed, he got up behind me and slid his cock deep into my arsehole. He also had me turn my head and kissed me. Fucking me for some time, he came deep inside my body and stroked my cock until I came too.
    Two weeks more I stayed at his place and by then had the results back from the clinic. We were both clean (I already knew) and he couldn't have been more pleased for me. After my second week of safety and wonderful sex, I moved into a place a care worker had gotten for me. It was shitty place at first but it was mine, and my bully of a step dad couldn't hurt me there.
    A couple of weeks after moving in I got a job and opened the door to the guy who's flat I'd stayed in.
    I won't mention his name, But I will say it was he who got me the job, it was he who contacted my care worker and it was he who first showed me that not all men are bad. And oh yes, it IS he who now shares my life and who has been my lover, my rock and my salvation for the last twenty six years.
    We no longer live in flats, but now share a house, our home. His ex wife visits all the time and I'm very fond of her. She still enjoys sex with her ex husband and sometimes that involves me too, hence the bisexual tag. But I receive his long thick gorgeous cock up my arsehole most nights, and some day times too.

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