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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My grandfather has been grooming me since I was fourteen. He always said it was our big secret but this past weekend I dressed as a sissy maid for him and two of his friends. I sucked their cocks and they fucked me all afternoon. Grandpop made me redo my makeup three times. He took pictures and video and promised no one would ever see them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Last night and a little stoned, I gave into an older neighbor in my building and had my first m2m encounter, so I put bi in the heading. I let him suck me and I sucked him, we did it to each other twice. I've always liked girls blowing me but he was incredible. When it was my turn I actually didn't like the taste of cum, but hurried up and swallowed then took another drink real quick after. I stayed with him overnight and this morning about 6am with me on my side he pushed against me from behind and started kissing my neck and ears. I felt his thick 7 inches in the crack of my butt. He began pinching my nipples which is a weak spot for me. He coated his cock in Vaseline, and put some into my butthole then took a free hand and guided his cock to my now opening and closing hole. He slowly pushed into me. I was getting fucked for the first time, I was actually letting a guy fuck me. He lasted a good 15 minutes then picked up the pace for the last couple of minutes and I could feel every shot of his sperm coming out of his cock into my backside. The experience was incredible. I still want to fuck girls, but I told him I'd come back down this evening. I want to get fucked again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I have finally had a cock in my ass. Iâm married and I would have to say Iâm Bi. I have played with a childhood friend of mine for as long as we have known each other. He is married as well and from time to time we text about stuff we have done and what we want to do often sharing pics of our cocks and ass.

    We used to just get naked and rub each others cocks until we came. Eventually we sucked each other until we came and recently I had his cock in my ass.

    The last time we met I had brought some sexy attire which I like wearing. Some panties, leggings , garter belts , wig, and some other clothing. We first took turns stroking each other and sucking butt naked. I then got dressed in some sexy black panties , leggings , and garter belt with a fish net top. I wore a dark wig as well. This always gets me so horned.

    My friend couldnât keep his eyes and hands off me. Rubbing my hard cock and smooth bubble ass. I got on the bed on all fours to give him a view from behind. He walked over and rubbed by hard cock and balls from behind, rubbed my ass cheeks and crack , and gave me a little slap.

    He said I looked very inviting and asked if I wanted him in me. I said yeah letâs try. I lubed up good and pulled my panties to the side. He was rock hard and put lube on his cock.

    He slowly entered me while I was in the doggy position. Letting him know to take it slow. I could feel his cock creep in me inch by inch. He eventually grabbed a pillow to put under my stomach so he could get more leverage. I felt his cock head on my hole again and said thatâs it.

    I was looser at this point and very horny. His cock slipped right in and it felt sooooooo good. I moaned as he gave me his cock deep as he could. I could hear him moaning as well. I asked how it felt and he moaned and said amazing.

    Every time he pumped his cock in me I moaned and my legs would spread open further and I would wrap them around his legs. He said he was getting close and asked if I wanted him to cum in me or on me. I said on me so he pulled out and covered my ass cheeks with his hot cum. I felt like such a good slut and next time I want him to cum in me so I can let it drip out slowly.

    No one knows about us and we love knowing that.

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    Gay Male / 48

    orI got hurt in a car accident when I was a teen and ended laid up in a hospital bed at my mom's house. She had to do for me, including emptying out the bed pan and give me sponge baths, wash my hair using a bucket and bringing my meals to my room. At that time there was only one small TV in the living room, cable was nonexistent and getting around in wheelchair in my mom's small house was impossible, the doors were just not wide enough. So I laid in bed during the long hot days of summer healing.

    One of my friends from high school took pity on me and came over some afternoons to talk, bring me comic books, tell me about school and things. I wasn't taking pain pills anymore and with help he could more or less carry me to the bathroom, something my mom could just not do. He held me while I peed into the toilet, if I had to take a dump he helped me sit, I held onto the bathroom counter and after I flushed he would come in and help me back to my bed. It felt good for him to hold me, he put his arms under mine and held me up and walked behind me. I could feel his hips and waist and his belt against me with every step. If I had to pee I would ask him to stay and hold me up. It felt good to take my penis out with him there.

    One Saturday he was over and my mom asked him if he could help me into the shower, it was my first attempt at a shower since I got hurt. At first it was just wear a bathing suit but I convinced him that we should just be naked and he held me up, totally naked with my butt against his waist. I could feel his penis, I pushed back for him to hold me tighter, my penis got hard. It had been a long time since I had an erection and as soon as I got it, it would not go down. His penis also got hard. We laughed and kidded around but his hard penis against me felt so good. My erection hurt it was so hard and I kept rubbing it. When he got the towel to dry us off I asked him to help me, drying off was difficult since I couldn't stand.

    He sat me on the toilet seat, he was naked and he dried himself. The bathroom in my mom's house was small and his penis was at my eye height, it was still somewhat hard and I reached out and took it in my hand. I held it for a couple of seconds before he pulled back and asked me what that was all about. At that moment all I wanted to do was put his penis in my mouth, the urge was overwhelming and I grabbed his penis again and leaned forward and put it in my mouth and I started sucking. I was falling off the toilet seat and had to hold me up, closer to me now he stood there while I sucked on his penis until he lost his control and I tasted my first cum and had it fall on my face.

    He was embarrassed and so was I, but the event had happened and if anything I wanted to continue to touch his penis. He got dressed but I asked him to just wrap me in a towel and help me back to my room and the bed. The door was closed and I lay there on my back naked letting him look at my penis. I reached out and rubbed his penis in his pants with the back of my hand. I started to get hard again and soon I was completely erect. Reluctantly after several times asking he took my penis in his hand and jerked me off. It felt good beyond anything I had ever experienced, not that I had experience but I had jerked off before on my own. I wanted to kiss him right then but he held back and told me that I was crazy and I should never tell anyone what had happened.

    It was many days before he came back. My mom was relieved it meant that she could go out for a while and he sat in my room with me. We didn't talk, he sat in the chair pushed back against the wall. Looking at him I just wanted to kiss him, to feel him against me. The silence hurt. I asked him to please come over and sit beside me, I asked him to help straighten out my pillow, I took his arm with my arms and held on tight and asked him for a kiss. He refused but I begged him and told him that is what I wanted more than anything so we kissed, first a short wet kiss and then a long wet kiss on the mouth. He fell onto the bed beside me and we kissed. He was ashamed, I was not ashamed but I was scared. I took his hand off my stomach and put it on my penis. It was several minutes before he grabbed my penis and held it while I got an erection. That afternoon he sucked my penis, long satisfying sucks, he used his hand to jerk me off and I came against his mouth and his face. He used the sheets to clean off his face.

    I had to pee real bad afterwards and he helped me to the bathroom, this time I asked him to let me sit and I held his hips with my hands and sucked on his penis in the bathroom. He was just as excited as I was and he came again in my mouth and face. This time I sucked on his wet penis until he just couldn't take it anymore and he gave me a towel to wipe off.

    We stayed friends like that for a long time, thru high school and beyond. My best memories were our memories of kissing while holding a hard penis in our hand. It wasn't until close to the time when we finally had to move on, he went into the service and I went to business school at the local college that we fucked. It was enormously satisfying feeling his penis penetrate me and cum inside of me. It's a feeling of satisfaction, or closeness that you just can't describe. But our lives drifted apart, he went to the service and then moved on with his life using the GI bill to go to college. I stayed and became a bookkeeper for the local movie theaters until they closed and then went to work for the local power plant. I still love sucking a penis, I always loved having a man fuck me even if I didn't know him that well, kissing I only did when I had an emotional attachment. My layup from the accident kept me in bed for eight months. Long enough to discover who I was.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Absolutely no one knows about this.

    In Albufeira, Portugal three years ago I was with my then girlfriend. We'd been there four days when after being out all night, she said on our return to our room, we had no cigarette's left. I knew there was a shop/kiosk open as I'd seen it on our way back, so I said I'd go and get some.

    On my way back I was punched to the ground and then dragged into a scrubby area. Only then did I see three large black and mixed race guys looking down at me. I instantly offered what little money I had with me and the cigs. But they weren't interested in money or cigs.

    Telling me in broken English I was going to suck their cocks, I told them to fuckoff. When my head stopped spinning, I saw three large thick cocks in front of my face and I was told again, I WAS going to suck them off.

    Fifty five minutes later I entered our room to find my girlfriend asleep and gently snoring. I didn't wake her, nor did I tell her the next morning why I had a bruise on my face. When she did ask later on by the pool, I told her I'd slipped walking up the stairs to the room after getting the cigs. She nodded, smiled and told me I needed to be more careful.

    What I didn't tell her, was during my time in the building site I'd been dragged into, I'd not only sucked on three strangers cocks, but I'd grown to enjoy giving them oral sex and even sucked off two of them a second time. Indeed by the time I was sucking on the last of their cocks, I was stroking my own to their encouragement. Feeling his cum slide down my throat, I came myself and even thanked them for giving me their seed.

    One of the young men, saw me two days later outside of a shop and approached as my girlfriend was buying some sunglasses. He told me who he was and asked me if I'd like to repeat what I'd done for him two days before.
    We just so happened to need cigs again that night. But instead of being forced to suck his dick, I got on my knees and willingly gave him head. As I sucked on his cock, he mentioned something about fucking me, but I wasn't having it, and he soon came in my mouth anyway.

    I didn't see him or the others again, but I knew once we got back home, I'd want to see if my acceptance of sucking their dicks, was a sexual change in myself.

    It has been. But not in the way I thought it might be. I've found I'm attracted to older men's cocks and not only that, but men who are lets say burly men.

    I'm no longer with the girl in my confession. Not because of my new found love of cock, but because her sister found her bouncing up and down on her husband's cock.

    I still enjoy having sex with girls, but I'm also now enjoying meeting up with older men for oral sex and recently one guy who's married, to have him fuck me.

    I'm still in the closet, yet maybe soon I will be totally open and free to be myself.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    The final decision, if you want to call it that, was made when my wife said no for umpteenth time to sucking on my dick. I love having my cock sucked and I also love fucking a nice tight hole. I'm not sex mad, but I guess I have a high libido. It also added to my frustration, that I have a reasonably large cock (8.5 inches) when erect.
    Mentioning my wife's refusal previously to a guy I attend the gym with, he wasn't very helpful at the time and said I should abstain for a while. I tried and failed miserably.

    Since I was about fifteen I've always kept myself in shape by lots of sport and attending the gym. But as the health industry has increased, so has those who like to go to the gym, and during normal hours the gym I use gets packed. So
    I began to go either later on or more often early in the morning. It was an early morning gym session that has changed my life.

    My wife refused to suck me off again when I awoke with a morning glory, so that very day I went to see my doctor. I thought it might be me and something to do with my penis. It wasn't. Funnily enough, I was very tempted to ask my doctor when it became semi erect to give me oral relief, as he was known for being homosexual. Nothing happened then, other than him admiring my cock.

    The following day, frustrated and feeling a little angry, I attended the gym even earlier. It was a Saturday morning and the gym was, other than myself and a young guy, completely empty. I got through my workout and decided to shower.
    Stood in the shower minding my own business, I realized suddenly there was someone stood watching me. Turning around, I saw the young guy who'd been in the gym earlier not only naked and watching me shower, he was also stroking his erect cock.

    Normally I would have told the little fucker to do one. Yet seeing him tossing himself off and knowing instinctively he wanted to play with my cock, I instead asked him if he liked what he saw pointing at my cock. In less than five seconds he was in front of me, knelt on the shower room floor and taking hold of my quickly hardening cock. And only a second later, I was receiving my first blow job in months.

    I didn't think about it, I didn't react in any way whatsoever, other than enjoying the way the kid was sucking on my dick. It didn't bother me he was a he. Nor did it feel repulsive that I was thinking about fucking him as he gave my cock such a wonderful sucking.

    It wasn't me however who mentioned anal sex, it the young man as he stood up spun around and pulled his ass cheeks apart. Only then did I ask him if he wanted me to fuck him. Not looking at me, he didn't say anything, so I figured he stil wanted my cock up his ass. Yet I had no condom and didn't have any lube.

    The wait must have triggered him, as he turned around and mumbled something about me fucking him, now. His voice was one that I instantly knew he was deaf. As he turned back round holding his ass cheeks again, he blurted out in a louder mumble "Fuck me, I'm ok".

    My dick was up his shit box in no time. It was clear I wasn't the first to fuck him, but it was also clear he wasn't used to my size of cock as he graoned loudly and tried to move off my dick at first. However I had hold of him by then and was determined to fuck that ass of his. Pulling him onto my dick, I finally shoved every single inch into his asshole and he gave out a huge sigh of pleasure.

    Thrusting into his rear hole as if I'd not had sex in months, which I hadn't, I just went of for it and took out all of my latent frustration on his asshole.

    It wasn't long drawn out fuck, but it was one of the most intense and weirdly intimate ones as he turned his head. I kissed him then totally on pure animalistic instinct and was still kissing him when I came up his shit hole. Withdrawing with our mouths still entwined, we carried on kissing and holding one another. Only when I felt him shudder violently, did I realize he'd ben tossing himself off and had cum.

    We talked in the changing area as best as we could. I found it difficult at first to fully understand him. Yet I did understand he wanted to see me sexually at least, again. Giving the nineteen year old who I found out was called Aaron my number, we arranged to meet up the very next day.

    I picked him up outside of a library and drove us to a beautiful spot I used to walk when I was kid. I knew hardly anyone went there and I also knew of a secluded place. Naked, erect and feeling so alive and horny, myself and Aaron had over an hour and a half of gay sex. Sex where I tried and enjoyed my first of many gay sexual acts. Tossing off another guys cock, frotting, rimming his ass, and sucking on his small cock. I also learned from our increasingly easier talk, that I was only his third gay experience. The other two being, well that's not for me to say really.

    It's our second summer coming up and I fully intend on it being my last as a married man. My wife has totally gone down the route of not giving me any sexual relief. It's fine now that I've realized she's no longer interested in sex, and it's fine that we'll soon be parting as husband and wife. I just wish I'd have had gay sexual experiences before now. If I had, I think I would now be a much happier guy and someone who'd probably be living with a another male.

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    Gay Male / 24

    Recently I've become disgruntled with women, and decided to try homosexual sex. I'm 5'3, and 140 lbs, with a 3 inch cock erect. I've had women I've hooked up with laugh at it. A one night stand said "is that it?" As I was doing her doggy style... I was tired of the humiliation, and decided maybe I should hook up with a guy.

    My redeeming attributes are that I have a cute boyish face, wavy thick hair, and a big butt. From years of football, and wrestling I presume.. So I installed Grindr to look for validation, and experiment. At this point I had already experimented with my sexuality. Dressing myself in thigh high stockings, arm sleeves, corsets, bras, panties, and using dildos. So when the day came I dressed up in my stockings, and corset, and invited the guy over. He was 6'4 and a country type with a red beard. He looked like a viking pretty much.

    I bend over the bed, and he worships my ass. Slapping it, pinching it, and rubbing it. He licks at my hole, and penetrates my ass with his tongue. It was shocking to me, and yet I couldn't get enough of it. I moaned like a chick, and pressed my ass back towards his face. He lays on his back, and I sit on his face. It felt so good to get my cake eaten by this guy. He didn't even mention my small cock at all, or even touch it.

    He demands I lean forward to suck his cock as he plays with my ass so I do so. It appeared 6 to 7 inches, and was really meaty, and thick. Just looking at it filled me with doubt. I placed it in my mouth, and immediately gag. I try, and try again to overcome the gag reflex, and I finally get to a point were I can bob my head, up, and down his length, and suck his cock. It wasn't exactly pleasant to me. It was meaty, had a fleshy taste I didn't like, and it was intimidatingly daunting to do this hard chore. After words it was back into doggy position for me, and after some more of him eating my cake he put on a condom, and tried to press in.

    It was too painful, so he grabbed the lotion off my nightstand, and lubed my hole. He pressed into me, and started thrusting. The bed shook, and creaked during our hot homosex, and my ass clapped against his thighs as he roughed me up. I was surprised with how pleasurable anal was. My prostate felt so good having his meaty cock dominate me. After he fucks me for an hour my thighs were quivering, and I couldn't get up out of bed so I just laid on my tummy. He spanked my ass, and rubbed it, and left out the door.

    I guess.. I am gay? Or bi at least, and it was a good experience.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Three years back my driving test took well over an hour to take, rather than the normal forty to fifty minutes it should. The reason being I sucked off the test examiner behind an old industrial area.
    He asked me right at the beginning if I really wanted to pass. When I said I'd do almost anything to get my full driving licence, he told me if I as cute younger guy, helped him with his desires, he'd do his upmost to see I got what I desired.
    I'd not had form of gay or anything close to gay sexual activity. So when he lowered his trousers and showed me the thickest already fully erect cock in the car by the old industrial area, I very nearly jumped out. We'd already driven about two thirds of my test by then, so when he said "If you help me, I'll definitely help you". I lowered my head, opened my mouth and thought of all the places I could drive my girlfriends to.
    Sucking on his fat dick, wasn't anywhere near as bad as I first thought it was going to be. In fact after a couple of minutes of letting him face fuck me, I began to enjoy sucking his cock. When he gripped my hair tightly and began to say "Oh fuck yeh, I cumming". I thought he let me rise up. He didn't and I felt the rush of his seed flood my mouth. Having no other option as he carried on cumming, I swallowed his load and sucked down the rest of his jizz.
    Thanking me for being such a good cock sucker, he told me to drive slowly back to the test centre. However on the way back I couldn't help being totally uncomfortable, as my cock was bulging in my trousers. I was turned on, there was no way I could just get out when we finished.
    We pulled over again in a side street close to the centre and it was his turn to drop his head. My girlfriend always gave me great head, but he was in another league altogether. I lasted no more than two minutes before my cock erupted, and like myself earlier he sucked down my cum, swallowing every single drop.
    My driving instructor smiled as we arrived, and then asked me if I'd made sure of my pass. Telling him I hoped to have. His response was "It was well over an hour, I'm SURE you have".
    I passed and immediately opted for the advanced test. My instructor asked me if I was going to start immediately, and if I was, was I going to want him as my instructor. He drove us to a place we now visit a lot when I instantly said yes. It's a place where slate mining used to take place and one where hardly anyone goes to now.
    Throughout my previous lessons I never once thought or was indicated to the fact, my instructor liked younger men. I learned that afternoon in that old metal shed, not only does he enjoy and like younger men sucking his dick, he also likes if he can, to fuck them too.
    After stroking his hardening cock as he leaned against the corroding metal wall, I then sucked on his six inch cock for about five minutes. All this before I said yes to him teaching me the delights of being rimmed first, then penetrated some twenty minutes later. It was painful for some time as his cock entered my arsehole. But he took his time and I began to understand everything I'd ever heard about gay men loving being fucked. The feeling grew slowly up my arsehole, then like a light switch being flicked on, so was my anal delight. It was so amazingly fantastic, I cried a little from the sheer joy his cock was giving me. In and out he drove his hard cock and I was struggling at times to stay upright from the growing intense feeling passing right through my entire body.
    Then wham, I came like never before and it was if my whole being was having an orgasm. A few grunts and thrusts later, and my instructor finished off his fuck by cumming deep inside my backside.
    In one magical day my sexual orientation had changed and I learned a lot about myself and what I liked sexually. I'd also passed my test and as promised that weekend, I drove my girlfriend and I to the coast. We had a great day out, and then I fucked her in the back seat of my car, down by an old slate mine on the way back.
    Now three years on being an advanced passed driver, I still enjoy myself at the old slate mine. Only its cock I get there now, and only cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    So today i woke up needing a hot load to swallow. So while at lunch i figured id check out c/l and see who was available for a quick draining.
    Found a few ppl. Came across one who had a nice big thick cock. So shot him a message.
    Lucky for me he was not far from where i was. We chatted for a few min.
    Then i said lets meet right now i need and want your load.
    So within a few min. He was at the closest fast food place parking lot.
    I got in his car and wasted no time pulling his fat cock out and wrapping my mouth around it and sucking like an animal.
    It felt like his cock kept growing and growing. I had a really hard time taking it all. But i did it.
    The fun part was being day time in a lot where we could get caught, that excited me

    I could feel my cock leaking as i inhaled his beef. I could not get enough of his meat.
    I have to admit i really enjoy finding a random guy to drain.
    No names, very little talk
    Just get what i crave. A hot thick load to savor in my mouth.
    Anyway it took me about 15 min. To get him to cum. And damn he could cum.
    Had a hard time keeping it all in my mouth. It was nice and thick to. The stick to your mouth thick.yum. I kind of wish i got his number, i really liked his huge meat in my throat.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Went golfing with my best friend yesterday and instead of 18 holes we decided to call it at 9. We cooled off in the clubhouse with a couple cold ones, then headed back to his place to pick up my wife and car. Neither were there.

    We figured they had gone off to the mall shopping so Frank suggested some time in the pool to make up for being lazy on the course. He got me a spare suit and we dove in. I came up and climbed out to use the board, Frank joked about the suit clinging to my junk, and I caught him looking. He got out too and I saw he was sporting wood.

    He fetched a couple beers from inside and we sat down waiting for the girls to get back. His wife is a major babe, and I have caught him looking over Anna too. It wasn't long until we were talking about our wives.

    Frank stoppec and looked over and asked: ever get do a mmf threesome? I never had and told him. He told me doing it with another guy and his wife was the best time he'd ever had, then he looked at me and asked, "Want to?"

    "Want to what?" was my reply. "You know. Do it. While the girls are gone " he was serious. "I'll suck you, or you can suck me "

    He was over and pulling my trunks off before I could blink. His lips covered my cock head and I lost all reservation, he could really suck cock! He slipped his hand under me and pressed his finger into my ass. I instantly shot into his mouth.

    We went upstairs and he bent me over the bed. It felt like he was ripping my ass open when he started fucking me, but each time he thrust in, I dribbled down the side of the bed. It felt like I needed to cum and I exploded. He must have felt it and nutted his full load into me. I just laid there. I knew I had just been his bitch and I so wanted more.

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