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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 19

    My cousin Ricky and my uncle David have both been fucking me for nearly a year now. Neither as far as I'm aware, knows about the other fucking me. MAYBE it's time to let father and son know I'd love them both to use my asshole together. It's something I've been playing with in my mind ever since David nearly caught Ricky screwing me in their basement a few weeks back. Ricky had only just cum up my ass, when his dad walked down the steps. We made out we'd been wrestling, but I think my uncle kind of guessed what had been going on. I say this because later on with Ricky's cum still coating my asshole, Dave fucked me in the very same chair in the basement. Ricky was out at the store buying some food for a barbecue David was having for them and a few of his friends. Dave made a comment when he was fucking me on the chair. He said "Feels like someone got to your ass a little earlier" He didn't add to what he said, but he sure did give my hole a damn good fucking. Now I wish he'd had seen his son balls deep up my ass, just so we all knew where we stood. My only doubt, is making it bad between them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Sucking on both of my older brothers cocks when I was in my early teens was a daily occurrence, often twice daily with the larger of the two. Bret and Codey were extremely horny youths who when I first discovered them tossing each other off, were sixteen and seventeen respectively. Their response to seeing me watch them mutually wanking, was to order me into Codey's bedroom and open my mouth.
    It wasn't an unpleasant taste or feeling, but I didn't understand what they got from me licking and sucking on their piss tubes. However after around twenty minutes or so of swapping between each of their cocks, Bret then Codey showed me exactly what they got from it. As both boys came in my mouth.
    Some people say you're pre ordained to like or not like cum. I absolutely loved it. Not just the taste of their goo, but also the feel of it as it slid down my throat. The very same evening I went into Bret's room with our parents taking Codey into town for a new pair of glasses.
    Bret was already fully erect, so I immediately got to sucking on his wonderful cock. Only Bret pulled me up from his cock after only a few minutes and asked me if he could fuck my ass.
    I knew about gay sex and ass fucking, but only through what I'd heard of in school. The actuality of it was to me then, a total mystery. Bret saw my hesitation and told me, after the initial feelings of discomfort, I'd have the best feelings of my life.
    Bret was right about the discomfort, but and this might just be because of who was fucking me, I never once felt pain, well not in a bad way. His cock measures a little over seven inches and it's heavily veined. His bulbous cock head is normally covered by his foreskin, but after I'd sucked on it, the beautiful purple head shone with my saliva.
    That first feeling of it entering my body will stay with me forever, and I remember now thinking I hope it doesn't tear me in two.
    It didn't and the uncomfortable feeling as it slid futher and further inside of my asshole soon disappeared. To be replaced by what I can only describe as the best feeling in the world. every single nerve ending up my asshole and throughout my body was being stimulated it seemed. His cock was by then thrusting hard up my ass and I could hear him grunting behind me. Placing his hands onto my shoulders, my older brother pulled me backwards onto his cock and began telling me I was his fuck boy, and to enjoy it.
    Enjoy it was an understatement of the highest proportion. He was so right about it being the best feelings of my life, and then some. If being a natural cock sucker was my thing, then taking cock up my asshole surpassed that with flying colors. Each time his cock bottomed out, it became more and more amazing. And I was soon begging my brother to fuck me as hard as he could. Looking to my right, I could see him in the dark window pane of his bedroom and he was literally going at it like a demon. Watching him fuck me like that was weird, almost as if it wasn't me taking his cock up my ass. yet the feelings he was giving me were definitely real and definitely growing in intensity.
    Then like a cork popping, I had my first real orgasm. Not the little dribbles of cum that I'd managed to get from my cock by "Rubbing one off", but a violent orgasm that tore through my entire body, making me shake and cry out with absolute joy. The orgasm was so strong so overwhelming, I actually cried from the sheer pleasure and Bret later told me, he felt my asshole tighten around his cock making his cock erupt inside of my body.
    My orgasm and his cock spewing out it's cum load, all made for the best start you could ever wish for from being fucked. That and it being your beautiful older brother who you looked up to in so many ways.
    Bret pulled out of me and lay on his back. He told me to lay my head on his chest, so I lay there panting and recovering from my first ever fuck. After a few minutes Bret put his hands onto the back of my head and pushed me downwards. His cock was coated in his cum and my anal cream, yet I still sucked in his flaccid penis, making him groan with pleasure.
    That night I slept soundly, dreaming of both of my brothers taking turns to fuck me. It was a dream that unfortunately never came true, as Codey just would not entertain fucking my ass. He thought it was fine for me to drain his balls by sucking him off, or by masturbating him. But he wouldn't fuck me. Bret had no such hang ups and we soon began to have anal sex whenever and where ever we got the opportunity.
    After a coupple of years of taking Bret's gorgeous cock up my asshole every chance we got, we finally got discovered by our mother. She caught him fucking me in our kitchen. It was going to be a quick fuck, but she walked in on us.
    That was that. Bret got a beating from our father and I was grounded for months.
    Codey had left home by then living at his college. Bret was made to work with my dad, and I saw little of him when they got home each night. However when at the age of twenty he moved out and took on a well paid job, he also got himself a small place of his own. I'd sneak out there most days and we'd make out in his apartment, or on those wonderful sunny spring, summer and autumn days, we'd have sex down by the river which was secluded from prying eyes.
    Bret is now married and very happy in his life. So is Codey for that matter. Codey is now one hundred percent straight and sometimes decry's what we did as youths. Yet Bret doesn't like myself see it that way about our past younger days.
    I'm in a relationship too, but my relationship is with a very open minded bisexual woman who has watched me being fucked by other men.
    Bret and I no longer have sex together (Unfortunately), but I do know he still fucks and enjoys fucking a young guy who lives close to his home.
    If he ever split up from his beautiful and adoring wife, I would in a heart beat seek him out for sex. Yet and it's a loving yet, I see them as a perfect couple and would never intrude on their happiness.
    Life, brotherhood and circumstance made me the way I am. I'm not sure entirely that if Codey and Bret hadn't had me suck on thir dicks, that I wouldn't now be a totally straight individual. What I do know is, I'm so thankful that they did have me taste their hot semen and that Bret saw fit to fuck me so many amazing times.
    I am a true bisexual man who thanks his past youth and brothers, for making him such a happy guy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was 13 I went to my dad's office to wait for him to come in from the field where he was an engineer. The office was empty but for two middle-aged men. One of them chatted me up about my pageboy blonde hair and pretty face. I thanked him. The other asked if I had ever kissed a man. I said, "No, I have not." In around 15 minutes I had $200 in my pants pocket on the floor while these two business men were sucking on my body like a lollipop. One had my entire hard cock in his mouth, holding my balls, and the other was fucking my asshole and rimming me at the same time with his tongue.

    While jerking themselves, they sucked and tongue-bathed my crotch, thighs feet and entire ass like hungry harpies. I felt my orgasm coming on and started breathing hard when one of the men lunged for my cock and actually sucked on and swallowed my sperm as it shot out. By that time both had their cocks out and I had a hold on both, jerking them off. I loved it and did not need their money but I kept it and by the time dad showed up to meet me, the men had made me come twice (the first times I came where it was not just me wanking). I jerked them both off and thought of sucking them but the clock was telling us all to stop.

    After that, I tried to get something going with them but was never able to do it. I think of them even today and masturbate to the memories.

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    Gay Male / 24

    This past couple of months I've been fucking my boyfriend a hell of a lot, in many many different places. That's because we both adore having sex outdoors. Around six weeks ago however as I was giving him every inch of my length up his arsehole, I turned round to see a very familiar face watching us as the rain began to pour down. We were in a beauty spot my boyfriends dad had told us about months before. And from what I could see through the driving rain, my boyfriends dad was masturbating.
    Saying nothing to his son, I carried on fucking him until I came up his sweet tight arse. Only when I turned back to look, his father was gone.
    Four days later I got text message from my boyfriends dad to meet him at the same beauty spot. It was a much better day when I pulled up, and he was already there. I went and sat in his car and we spoke about him watching us and why. He told me he'd always been bisexual, but had only a few brief encounters with men, mainly he said because he really really had to fancy them before he had sex with them.
    I asked him if enjoyed watching me fuck his son. His reply was "Yes, I wished it was me taking your cock up my arsehole". He then went on to say "I'm here to see if you will.....fuck me that is".
    I sat and thought about the consequences, then felt his hand stroking across my cock through my jeans. It didn't take too long for my thoughts of "I can't" to change to "I'm going to fuck you so hard".
    My boyfriend is a good cock sucker, but his father is in another league all together. The sheer pleasure I got form him sucking on my cock in his car alone, was easily as good as anyone had me feel from all the sex I'd had. It was so good, so intense I very nearly came in his mouth within minutes.
    Looking up at me after releasing my cock, he asked me if we should walk to where he'd watched me fuck his son. Ten minutes later I had my cock slipping in between his arse cheeks, and on into his perfect ripe for fucking arse. It took me only a couple of minutes to get fully into my stride and boy did he want it. I've fucked well over twenty different older men, as well as lads my age. Yet none of them, including his son, have wanted it more. With the view of the reservoir before us as I pumelled his rear hole, and the sunshine flashing through the trees we were under. Plus the incredible feelings I was getting from fucking suck a dirty horny yet physically fit older man, I found myself screaming out how good his fuck hole felt on my cock. He responded by backing onto me and we carried on fucking for such a long long time. When I finally did cum up his wonderful hole, he shuddered violently and came himself, all over the leaf littered woodland floor.
    Back in his car after cleaning ourselves up, I told him I didn't want it to be a one off. He told me he'd never felt so sexually alive, and wanted more. And more sex is exactly what we've done together. I still fuck his son, but it's now nowhere near as much as I want to fuck his beautiful mouth and arsehole.
    I've fallen in love with him in many ways and I'd love to able to have him alone to myself. Yet I know his wife and son would be hurt. So I guess I'll just have to console myself with fucking him, whenever and wherever we can.

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    Gay Male / 27

    I was home from college for the summer and my Dad insisted that I go help with the church project, which was building a new youth center. I was never good with my hands, and I hated outdoor work. I went, but I won't say I helped. I ended up working in the office checking materials and other paperwork. I got to know the youth minister.

    He was 35 and he was hung. I now because I saw him at the gym, he walked out of the showers and he was hung. I got close to him and spent time working on him and getting him to trust me. One day I 'accidently' walked in on him while he was in the bathroom. This time I was close, at most three feet away. He was pissing into the toilet. I closed the door behind me and unzipped and took out my less than impressive cock and started to piss with him into the toilet.

    He finished and was in a hurry to get out of there, but I grabbed his cock and held it and said not so fast. I bent down and kissed it and put it in my mouth. I lowered the seat and lid of the toilet and sat on it and sucked his cock. If he wanted to break away I didn't feel it, I just sucked him and held his cock in my hand and tried to masturbate with my other hand.

    He had gotten hard, and I masturbated his cock while I sucked on him, and I got him to cum. His cum was thick, and tasted a whole lot different to any I had tasted before, but I swallowed it up showing him that it was going down my throat. I asked him to beat me off, but he was past nervous by then and all he wanted to do was get out of the bathroom.

    He loved having his cock sucked, he was sinning, but it wasn't stopping him, and he got to the point of beating me off so I could cum too. We didn't do it at the church, we met at the city pool and then got in one car and went from there to this secluded spot right out of town. One day I brought a tube of anal lube with me and I told him I was it all. I lubed myself up and bent over and held on to the hood of the car and waited for him to get up the nerve, but once he started to fuck I knew it was worth the wait. I loved getting fucked by him, especially I think because we always fucked outside, out in the open, which unnerved him but got me hotter.

    I don't now if he ever did anything with any of the younger boys, that summer I was his more than willing partner. He got angry with me in the fall because I sent him a hand written letter with a description of what I liked him doing and describing his cock. I didn't send him another letter, but for Thanksgiving I met him a motel about 15 miles out of town and we fucked and we fucked and sucked until we were both done. He told me that was the last time, he didn't want to lose his job, he said again.

    I let him off the hook. Back at school I had met a senior Marketing major who was just as good as the youth minister and he didn't have any guild or a problem getting together and fucking the night away.

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    Straight Male / 47

    So no idea really where to post this but been wanting to get this off my chest for years. 48 years Ago when I was 19 in 1970 I was a dumbass smartass kid. Got into some trouble with a few buddies and we each got a year in prison. Not happy about that but itâs in the past. The judge told us heâd make sure we learned out lesson and had us sent to the old Ohio State Reformotory. That was known as a mean place.

    The saying in there was get tough or get fucked. Which only inmates of the old reformotory know. Now my two buddies and I were 19, looked young and were skinny. Bad way to be in there. We each ended up getting fucked within the first two weeks there. My one buddy got it first and was acting all weird. I found out why he was acting all weird after I got fucked a few nights later.

    So all three of us got fucked which definitely made us regret getting in trouble. Iâm pretty such the judge knew went on in there. But for the remainder of my year in there I got fucked by a few different guys. No idea what my buddies did with the remainder of their time but I spent my year in there getting fucked by the same guy for months till I got released.

    This is a true story and not even my wife knows about it or my grown kids

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I'm a 53 year old married man that has not had sex with my wife or another woman for years. I've been frequenting rest stops recently looking to have gay sex with men.i find it more enjoyable and less drama. I did have some experiences in younger years with other boys, so I guess those urges stuck with me. I get there and sit in my parked car. I get approached sometimes and if I feel comfortable and have interest, I will engage in gay sex acts. I have a small smooth shaved 4" cock and I keep my hole shaved too. I find guys don't care about size. They just want to have fun. I found I like to service guys more. I guess from my younger years. I like masterbation while on my knees, or being bent over, being fingered to loosen me ans being slid into. I don't even get hard or have interest in pussy anymore.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Most days now when I'm off work, I walk alongside a well known canal. Often entering the wooded area's that grow alongside the canal. The reason I do this is to cruise for sex with men. In the four year I've been doing it, I've had well over two hundred different men suck me off, and have fucked in excess of seventy of those.
    My wife cannot keep up with my libido, which right now is sky high and has me seeking out willing mouths and arseholes to fuck. I considered myself to be most definitely a top, or at least I thought I was until I met a guy called Mick last month. He's new to the area with a lilting Scottish accent, and loves nothing more than to get to grips with a like minded guy like me. Only Mick is a giant of a man and has an enormous cock. He's what you might call a gentle giant who loves to fuck younger men. And to him I'm twenty four years his junior and ripe for sex. After having him suck on my dick for some time, he switched roles as the heavens opened up and had me suck on his cock. I wasn't averse to sucking cock, as I'd done so many many times before, but his cock was by far the biggest thickest cock I'd ever seen and sucked. The fact was, as soon as he was good and hard from my attempts to suck on his cock, he wanted to release his sexual tension. Telling me in a way that brokered no argument in his voice, he pretty much ordered me to put myself over a half fallen tree.
    Pain is something I thought I knew, but taking his enormous cock up my arsehole nearly had me passing out. There was no easing of his cock into me either as the rain fell in sheets. Then like a dam bursting, my arsehole gave way and I realised in an instant why so many men I've fucked in the past have wanted me to fuck them time after time. The pain was replaced by what I can only describe as the best sexual pleasure I've ever felt.
    My whole body seemed to become sexually turned on, and Mick just carried on plowing into my arsehole as if I was a piece of sexual meat. I knew that feeling entirely as I'd often fucked men like they were nothing to me at all. Using their arseholes as repositories for my spunk. The feeling only grew too, and I found myself backing onto his cock. Which in turn had Mick calling me a slut and made him fuck me even harder. Then as my body hummed from the pounding he was giving me, my cock exploded and I came like I'd nver cum in my entire life. The orgasm was total in its form. And by that I mean I was lost in the orgasm entirely. Nothing mattered to me other than the feeling flooding through my whole being, and I accepted his cock as deep as it had been inside of me. Mick groaned then and I felt his cock erupt so deep inside my bowels, it felt like he was cumming in my chest.
    He went to pull out, but not before he leaned over me, crushing me a little and kissed my mouth. I wasn't a kisser up to then, but feeling his cum and his cock still inside of me, I returned the kiss and knew I'd want more. His cock slipped out, then I turned around to see his cock covered in his own spunk. He looked down at his dick and I knew what he wanted. Sinking down I took his still very large cock into my mouth and began to lick and suck it clean.
    It was three days later when my arsehole finally relaxed enough for me to say it felt relatively normal. Id not cruised at all and by then I was horny as hell. Walking thr canal I found a young guy who was looking for cock, and throat fucked him in front of two other older men. Once I'd drained my balls I left them to enjoy his attentions and met Mick entering the canal system.
    We chatted as we walked, and I decided to accept his offer of going to his flat the next day. The following day was the start of a whole new chapter in my life and a confession maybe for another day. Needless to say Mick and I have now become constant lovers, with him fucking me to his hearts, cocks and my arseholes total content.

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    Gay Male / 39

    Growing up all the kids knew where the make out place was. On Friday and Saturday night we would ride out bikes up there and watch the couples make out or fuck in the car. The cops would drive by once in a while and check to see how old the girls were but would otherwise let people make out and fuck. We figured out the best place to watch and masturbate.

    One night we took a new friend up with us. We found this one car where they were fucking in the back seat and we got our pants down and started to masturbate. Our new friend, he lived in another neighborhood, with his dick hard in his hand said he knew of this place near where he lived that the queers went to fuck. He gave us descriptions while we all pulled on our dicks about how the queers made out and sucked dick and fucked. After we had cum he suggested we sit there with our dicks out and enjoy the breeze and he told us more about the queers.

    At school the following week he asked me if wanted to spend the night with him on Friday night and we would go watch the queers. I got permission and his mom picked us up after school and I went to his house. His neighborhood was more in the city, he lived in one of the row houses and there was a lot of industrial buildings around. After dinner he told his mom we were going for a walk and she told us to be careful and we left. He told me that the queers usually showed up around ten or eleven.

    We walked several blocks to this parking garage, we climbed the stairs to the third floor and while we were still in the stairwell he pulled his dick out and said this is where the queers make out. He told me to suck his dick, but to suck him good. He was very insistent, my mind was on off, and he had his dick in my mouth and he was telling me to suck him, to make it count. Sometime into having his dick sucked he told me to get my pants down and he fucked my ass using spit to lubricate me while I held on to the banister. I had to bend over a lot for him, and using force he pushed his dick in, how far I don't know. Enough for him to cum in my ass.

    He let me get my pants up and he told me there were two types of queers, boy queers and girl queers and I was a girl queer and not to forget it. We then went out into the garage and snuck around to the back where it was dark and there were some cars there and the queers were making out and blowing and fucking. We watched for a long while and he told me that we would fuck again when we got back to his house.

    At his house, he slept on the top floor and his parents slept on the second floor, he got naked and had me get naked, he sucked my dick for a while and had me suck his dick again and he said since I was the girl queer that I needed to be called Suzy. Sucking his dick while we were both naked felt good, he was rubbing me with his hands telling me to make him happy and asking me if I was ready to get fucked because he was ready. He put his arms around me this time, naked to naked and pushed himself up me with his hard dick seeking my asshole, he spit in his hand and I bent over more and more and he lined up and started pushing and pushing until he made entry and I could feel him this time until I felt his balls against me. He fucked slowly and it felt like nothing I had experienced and he told me that when they fucked real girls you fucked them in the pussy but since I was a queer girl it was necessary to fuck me in the ass.

    We slept naked that night, he had locked his door so when his mom came up to wake us she had to knock.

    It was a good long while before I really understood that a girl had a hole in her pussy. But it didn't matter, he and I were queers together, he stole panties from his sister and had me wear them when we went to watch the queers, I sucked him off in the stairwell to get him ready for when we saw queers fucking, we slept naked, and after a while we made out and jacked each other off. The days of riding my bike up to the make out place went away, every chance I had to be with him meant we could make out, suck dick and get fucked.

    When we see each other he still calls me Suzy and I still get a buzz out of sucking him dick.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    As a sixteen year old kid I was always tugging on my cock. I had then and still have a very high sex drive, which was added to by being blessed with a large cock. I'd find different places around the farm my parents owned, to masturbate. And it was during one of the wonderful sessions, my uncle Tony discovered me in a back tool shed.
    He made out I was wrong to be doing what I was. Yet he didn't take his eyes off my fully erect cock, nor did he stop touching himself through hs clothing. Telling me he'd say nothing to my parents, Tony immediately dropped his work overalls and I saw he was naked from the waist down.
    I'd heard of and knew some things about gay sex, but where we lived back then, it didn't enter my world. Turning himself around and leaning onto the work bench, he offered me he asshole and told me in no uncertain terms to "Slide that monster up my asshole". It was a term he used quite often after that.
    I wasn't too shocked in a way, because Tony had always seemed a little odd to me. Even so I was a virgin, and fucking another guys ass wasn't what I imagined would be my first sexual encounter. The deal clincher if you like, was him saying "Look boy, you fuck me good and I'll pay for your skiing trip".
    It was something I'd wanted to go on for a long time. But even more so, once I knew a girl I fancied was going to be there with a couple of her friends. Without thinking of the possible outcomes of my actions, I stepped up to my uncle, put my cock head to his rear hole and pushed in.
    The feeling of my cock entering his hot asshole was amazing and I instantly began fucking him. I'm not why or how it slid in so easily, what I do know is Tony instantly said "Oh fuck yeh boy that's it fuck me". It was like someone giving me the green light to enjoy myself and I went for it. There was finesse about how I fucked him that first time. Only the sheer delight of having my cock deep inside another person. I'm not sure now how long I lasted fucking him from behind. What I can remember is naturally moving my right around him and taking hold of his erection. As I continued to fuck him hard, I also began to toss him off, to the joyful delight of my uncle.
    It was a real and honest experience for me in every way. I was with family, and I was having sex. Sex which I must admit I'd not thought about. Yet even so, it was so horny and so fucking animalistic, that I hammered into his asshole time after time.
    Tony made some comment about cumming and I thought he'd had enough and wanted me to unload, but it was he who was cumming and I felt his cock pulse in my right hand moments before his cock erupted all over the sheds wooden floor. Within seconds of his cum spurting out, my own orgasm began to rise and I went to pull out. But Tony was having none of it, telling me to cum inside of him. Bucking up and deep into his bowels, my cock let go and I came like never before as my cock exploded up my uncles asshole.
    Drained, yet feeling so elated, so full of sexual energy, my still erect cock wanted more. So holding his hips tightly I went for it again. And I would have fucked him all over again if it wasn't for us both hearing my dad shouting Tony's name.
    When my father entered the shed, Tony was showing me how to attach a chain on a chain saw. My dad spoke to us both, but didn't say anything other than about the work that needed doing.
    That winter I did take the skiing trip, and I did end up losing my hetro cherry with the girl I fancied. I also went on to have a two year on and off relationship with her. Throughout those two years and well beyond, I continued to fuck my uncle whenever we got the opportunity. In a way I enjoyed fucking him more than I did my girlfriend and that's why our relationship was so on and off.
    Tony is now forty nine years old and still very much into having his asshole fucked. I know this because at least once a week I visit him a his place and drill his wonderful asshole until I spurt every ounce of semen up his ass. It's never a loving sexual thing between us, yet I do love my uncle in so many ways. Not least now as he lets me cum down his throat.

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