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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I had fucked two guys before I turned 16. One went on for a year, the other was 2 times. Then I met my first girlfriend and she let me have her mouth first, then her butt (she feared getting pregnant) and then finally her pussy. A few more girls followed, and even though I'm very small framed and no muscles, I got a few really good looking girls who loved to fuck. I really never thought about the guys I fucked at 14 and 15, it was just some way to get off. But in a way I never stopped thinking about that kind of sex. I got a great job, great money, have a super apartment that is bought and paid for, and then got a years assignment in Amsterdam. The company paid for my apartment there, language lessons, the works, plus they paid extra for being out of the country so long. Not knowing anyone there, I found a girl to fuck a couple of times, but it wasn't too great. I went with a couple of those hookers in the windows and got a nice skinny slut who took it up the ass really hard and fast. Then I even tried a crossdresser hooker and fucked him/her in his ass. I went back to "her" a few times she was very femme and was really cute with an incredible ass. She mentioned a couple of bars she frequented and out of curiosity I went to the gay bars. They were also CD and trans friendly. Being away and no one knowing me I had the urge to take the simple route to getting laid, and try gay sex again, and with no one knowing me I could be free to be gay while in Amsterdam. I picked up a tranny or two and had great sex with them, even dating one several times, she was totally passable and went out as a man/woman couple. I was the top in those encounters having pretty satisfying orgasms in their asses. The tranny even had full A cup tits to munch on.

    On evening at a gay bar a very attractive, masculine man approached me grabbing my ass with both hands put his mouth to my ear and with a kiss, took me on the dance floor. He was rubbing against me so hard he was dry humping me in front of everyone. No one knowing me, I decided to go for it. I let everyone see him doing me and even when sitting back down I sat on his lap and even started rubbing his hard cock through his pants. We moved to a dark area in the bar and he pulled out 9 inches of fat cock and I jacked him off. As he was about to cum he pushed me down under the table and put it in my mouth. I swallowed it all, it was the first time I've ever sucked a cock much less let a guy cum in my mouth. We stayed for a few more drinks, our dancing became him standing behind me while I moved around to slow music while he pumped me from behind in front of everyone. It was very clear that I was the bottom tonight. We weren't the only ones doing that either. He even opened my shirt and was sucking my hairless chest and nipples in front of everyone. Another guy or two grabbed and pinched my nipples, one even taking time to suck them in front of my new friend, Jan. Back at his apartment, I was in the dark, on my back, with my legs wrapped around his hips while drove that big dick into my formerly virgin asshole. I was getting fucked. I knew then that it was OK, no one in town knew me, I could be as gay as I wanted, I could be a bottom, I could let guys fuck me as much as I wanted, anytime I wanted. He fucked me 2 times that night, and once when we woke up. He showed me the kitchen and I fixed him and me breakfast. It was a Saturday so no need to rush to work. I looked for my clothes and didn't find them, and he presented me with a pair of womens' underwear. After breakfast in the sexy undies he fucked me again and I went back to my place after he finally showed me my clothes; the last load of cum dribbling out of me as I walked with a bit of a feminine swish to my ass. I didn't care if people knew I was gay and a sissy that just got fucked. I kept the undies.

    I was seeing Jan a few times a week, and still hung out a gay bars but now letting men pick me up to fuck me, I was the bottom instead of the top. I even started dressing in womens underwear and stockings all the time under my clothes, and had some lingerie to dress in with certain men when they fucked me, Jan was first on the list and I loved his big cock. I'm almost through with my assigned time and though I have fucked a few women, even fucked a few guys, I've had two girlfriends from the USA come over for a week each and fucked them senseless. I've basically been a gay man for the last year. I've sucked 36 cocks - Jan got my virgin mouth, and been fucked by 29 cocks now - Jan got my anal virginity too, and ... I still like pussy. I think back in my "at home" life I'll go back to being my bi self, basically no one knowing the "bi" portion of my life except for those two guys back when I was in my teens. I have enjoyed this and if they offered me the opportunity to stay for a while longer . . . I'd take it and more cocks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    This is something that began back in August 2017, during a golfing trip with two friends and one of their nephews.
    One of the original group couldn't go, so the young nineteen year old who's called Lee took his place. Because I was originally sharing a room for the two night stay in Scotland, with the person who couldn't go, I had Lee my friends nephew in my room.
    Playing golf on our first day, we all went out afterwards for some food and a few beers, then back to our hotel. As usual before bed I showered and was drying myself, when I saw Lee staring at my cock as the towel accidently slipped away. He smiled at me and said "That's one big piece of meat". Without commenting, I smiled back at him. I didn't give him a come on, or say a word. Yet a few seconds later he was knelt in front of me and taking my cock into his mouth.
    I'm not sure even to this day, why I didn't stop him, but I just let the kid carry on sucking on my cock. And to be totally honest, it had been well over two years since I'd had my wife suck on my cock.
    Lee by the sounds and look of it, as I gazed down on him, appeared that he was enjoying himself immensely. And so was I. Holding his head I began to fuck his mouth, and after a while really began to build up some forceful rhythm. Hoping to blow my load in his mouth, Lee abruptly stopped then stood up. He quickly took off his boxers and t shirt, knelt on the edge of the bed and said "Well are you going to fuck me, or not". It's a statement I'll always remember. That's because, again without thinking about it at all, I walked over, spat on his arsehole and slid my cock into my first male fuckhole. It felt utterly divine as his arsehole enveloped my cock, and I knew straight away no matter what, I was going to give the lad all I had.
    It was obvious I wasn't the first man to fuck him. His confidence and the way he'd sucked my cock, plus how all eight inches of my dick drove right up his rear hole, told me he'd had cock up there plenty of times.
    Fearing I might be hurting him as he moaned so loudly, I slowed down and only gave him half my dick. Lee turned his head and told me to fuck him as hard as I could. Hearing him say the words, I buried my cock up his bum over and over and over again. Forcing deeper up his shit box with each thrust.
    Backing onto me, I heard him cry out with shrill moan and saw him ejaculate from his small fully erect penis. Seeing him cum only added to the whole sexual event, so it didn't surprise me as my own orgasm ripped through me. I came so hard, I heard him groaning loudly as each thrust sent more and more of my semen deep into his bowels.
    Once I'd fully drained my balls I pulled out and lay down on his single bed next to him. We both looked at each other and laughed a dirty knowing laugh. Lee waited a minute or so before rising on one elbow. Then as casually as you like, kissed me hard on the mouth. I responded as if I'd always kissed boys and found myself holding him tightly as we kissed. Pressing my hands over his tight buttocks, I then inserted a finger up his cum filled hole, fingering him until we stopped our embrace.
    Lee took a shower, brushed his teeth and I thought was going to get into his single bed. Instead he grabbed his pillows, brought them over and got in with me.
    During the night/early morning, we had sex twice more. Lee had me suck him off, something I'm still not very good at, even so I drained his balls and swallowed what he spurted out. Then just before the alarm went off to rouse us for our early golf tee, I slid my morning glory up his sweet arsehole, spooning him. He'd guided it in as he'd felt it pressing on his back. So for the next ten to fifteen minutes we had a long slow fuck. I came in him for a second time and left my cock up his bum to soften, then eventually slip out.
    We joined his uncle and my other friend for breakfast, both saying nothing of our night of sex.
    We played golf again on a different course, ate lunch and decided to go to a local range in the afternoon. During our time at the range I needed a pee. Lee just so happened to need one too. Quickly nipping into a stall, Lee sucked on my cock until it exploded in his mouth. He swallowed every drop before rising to kiss me. It's the first time I'd ever tasted my own cum.
    That night we didn't fuck as I was too tired, but again I awoke with a morning glory to have Lee mount my cock, forcing us both to cum relatively quickly as he tossed himself off.
    That days golf was amazing and I scored my second best score ever. It might have helped looking at Lee's perfect arse in his tight fitting golf shorts. It certainly helped as we returned to our hotel room to get ready for the long drive back home. Showering together I fucked Lee for over half an hour and was still fucking him on my bed, when his uncle text to say they were nearly ready to go. I dumped my load up Lee's arsehole and had him lick and suck my cock clean. On the way back down south, Lee commented on how much he'd enjoyed the trip. His uncle turned around in his front seat to say "I'm sure (me) took good care of you. Just like I have in the past". He didn't add to it, or day anything at all afterwards. Still hasn't. But each time we've played golf since, Lee has played and we've found a place to suck and fuck. Even over winter I played rounds with just Lee, then drove to a place to fuck him in my car. Or avin the past couple of months, used his uncles place as he's in South America working until mid spring.
    I now know my friend, Lee's uncle has fucked Lee. I also know he knows I'm still fucking him, and in his home. He made a promise not indulge with Lee again to his late wife, but he hasn't denied his nephew fun with me. And I doing so I've found fucking a young guys arsehole is far more pleasurable, than fucking a woman's pussy. Plus in my humble opinion, men suck cock much better than women.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I'm 56, 6' tall, 200 lbs. I'm happily married but since I was 18 I've been obsessed with cock. Recently my wife was out of town so I went down to the local park. It was dark and pretty much the only people there at that time of night are guys looking for cock.

    I went in to the restroom which was only lit by a light outside and stood at the urinal and stroked my dick. Pretty soon the stall door opened a few inches. I went right in. There was another older guy and he went down on me as soon as I walked in. He sucked me for several minutes and then stood up and pulled out his cock. He had a nice cock, at least 7". I returned the favor and went down on him. When he was good and hard I decided I needed him to fuck me. So I got his cock sloppy wet with spit and then stood, got some spit and my finger and lubed my hole, and backed my ass up to his cock. He got the idea and pressed the head of his cock to my asshole. I made him go slow until he was all the way in and I had loosened up. Then he fucked me with nice long strokes and after about a minute he pulled out and shot his load on the wall. He zipped up, said thanks and left.

    I decided to take a walk through the park and see what other action there might be. There were some other guys but I didn't make any connections.

    I went back to the restroom and there were 3 guys, 2 standing at the urinals and one was waiting. It felt as though I had interrupted something. So, I pulled out my cock and started stroking. Pretty soon we had a circle jerk going. All 3 had nice cocks, small, medium, and large. The smallest was about the same as me, the largest was a little bigger than the guy I had just fucked.

    So, I dropped my shorts to my ankles and then squatted down in front of all 3 of them. I spent several minutes sucking each cock, alternating from one to the other. They were all good and hard and I stood up but stayed bent over with "medium" still in my mouth. I stood so that my ass was next to "small". He started rubbing his cock up and down my crack. I was all prepped from earlier and pretty soon "small" slid himself all the way up my ass and started fucking me hard and telling the others how hot my pussy was. All the while I had "medium" in my mouth and was stroking "large". I only stopped long enough to ask them not to cum inside me. "small" didn't last long and pulled out and blew his wad across the floor. As he gathered himself and left I moved my mouth to "large". "Medium" took the hint and moved around behind me. In an instant he had his cock inside me and was fucking away. I sucked "large" with long slow strokes hoping not to make him cum. About this time another guy walked in and immediately had his cock out and was stroking away. He was not as long as "large" but was thick. I reached out and grabbed his cock and started stroking. So again I had one in my hand, one in my mouth, and one up my ass.

    Like "small", "medium" pulled out and shot his load across the floor. Now I moved my mouth to "new guy" and "large" moved behind me and rubbed his big cock on my ass. I had worked my way up to this one and couldn't wait to take him inside me. He was big but with all the other action I took him in fairly easily. He fucked me hard and I was really into it. So I was giving "new guy" the best head I could. When "large" pulled out he came on my ass and I guess this did it for "new guy" as I felt his cock swell and he shot his load into my mouth. I held onto his cock, sucked down hard on his head and swallowed every drop.

    We stood there for a few breathless seconds and then as they left I went into the stall to clean up. I had never been gang banged before and felt like a total slut. It was a good night.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Been hanging out with this 51 year old divorced dad for 4 months now. Heâs bi too and wanting a steady thing between us. So yesterday I decided to take it further and started getting all touchy when we were out on his farm. He has horses so we were out in his barn.

    I undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Had him standing there in his button down shirt wide open, his white fruit of the loom briefs with his jeans around his ankles. Thatâs when I saw his bulge and about cr**ed! He said he struggleg to find a guy because heâs hung. Heâs 8.5â and thick to be exact. I pulled his briefs down and started blowing him.

    After a few minutes of that he said letâs go inside. He pulled his underwear and pants up and we headed inside. He didnât have his kids this weekend so we had privacy.

    He undressed me and start eating out my ass. I knew sex was coming. I was feeling pretty good and relaxed. He undressed fully and was completely hard. He walked over to his night stand and grabbed his lube out of there. He put a lot of lube on his cock and my butthole. He then told me this might hurt or feel uncomfortable at first. He started pushing his cock in and it did hurt. Never had one that big

    Fast forward 20 minutes later, his cock was all the way in me and it felt great. He fucked me for a good hour, changing positions many times. Finally I was on my back and he was going at a steady pace and he said heâs ready to cum. His cock swelled up and he blew a big load deep in me.

    He slowly pulled his cock out and my hole was gaping and cum leaked out onto his sheets. I laid there letting my hole tighten back up and he grabbed a towel to wipe my butthole off with.

    Now today Iâm a little sore but I found I like having sex with him. Iâm going over to his house again tonight to have sex again. And I learned my lesson yesterday to not wear boxers again after see, wearing briefs today since cum leaks afterwards. This guy is nice, hard worker and a good cowboy type. Plus he has a big hairy cock, all a plus to me. Probably will be my last cock in me forever, I want to top him now.

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    Gay Male / 39

    I sat beside him on a plane. He and I were staying at the same hotel. We crossed each other at breakfast so we sat and ate together. That evening I went down to the bar for a drink and to watch the game, sometime later as I was getting ready to leave he stopped by. So I sat and had another drink. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant.

    I t was late and he knocked on the door to my room. He had a bottle of Scotch with him and asked me if I wanted a night cap. I let him in. I was in my boxers and undershirt. He was in a hotel robe.

    I sat in one of the chairs and he served two glasses of Scotch and brought one over to me, the robe wasn't on too tight and I could see he was naked underneath the robe. He stood up, he could see that I could see. He undid the belt and let the robe open up. There was a long silence, he lifted his glass to his mouth, he put his hand behind my head and pulled my head towards him.

    I just opened my mouth and took my hand and held his penis and I started to suck, to lick, he dropped the robe of his shoulders and I felt his penis getting hard in my mouth.

    We went and got on the bed and he got my boxers off and we sixty-nined for a good while. Holding each other's penises in our hands, we kissed on the mouth, we held on, we were both pretty hard, he asked me if I wanted the cue de gras. He went to the robe and came back with a tube of KY and said that it was better if we saw eye to eye and he lubed me up, laying on my back I took him in.

    We met again the next night, and then we were on our way for the rest of our trips. I was 33 then, and I did what I had wanted to do since I was old enough to think about it but was never able to work up the nerve.

    Life is good now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Since I was old enough to have sexual attraction, I have found myself a straight male in all but one case. My best friend, all my life, is the only guy that I have ever had any sort of sexual attraction for. Finally, recently, I decided to act on my desires and found that he was actually bi-curious but had been afraid to ask anyone. From then on it was easy for us to experiment. It started with sucking each other's cock that first night. Since then, it has grown to include skilled blowjobs and amazing anal sex. We started about two months ago and have met almost every day to do something. The first day we spent nearly six hours in his bedroom learning how to properly suck cock on each other even after each of us had already came multiple times. We were just so eager and horny we found it difficult to stop.

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    Gay Male / 18

    My stepdad makes me beg him to fuck me , and I always do because I love his big hard cock so much . Today when he was satisfied that I had begged for it enough he told me it was time to get rough with his little bitch and I begged him to make it hurt ,He told me I might regret it and told me to strip and walk down to the basement and bend over the arm chair he had me bring down earlier so I waited bent over the back ,he tied my wrists to the arms and ankles to the legs ,then climbed on the front and ordered me to suck his cock . He told me my spit was the lube so do a good job .After I had his cock rock hard he walked behind me and told me to beg him to r**e me and I did immediatly and got what I begged for. It hurt so bad and I screemed when he rammed it up my bitch ass and cried as he pounded me good and hard but I never asked him to stop . My Daddy r**ed my sissy ass for real ,it hurt but I really liked the pain and feeling of total helplessness and couldnt help from telling him so. From now on my mouth and ass is his to take when and where ever he wants because I am his bitch who craves his hard cock

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I am a 23 years old boy from south asia. I always have fantasies of having sex with men having thick cock. I want internet sex with 18 to 40 years old having 6 to 14 inch thick cock. I have read alot about these confession and I want to see your cocks and ass and also want to show you mine. I don't know about many sites.
    I am leaving my email id. plz do contact me on g***l or facebook. itssamkhan2017@@g***l.**m

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    After I got divorced from my wife last summer I havenât been interested in women since. Kinda just been done with the stress they put on me.

    So back in September of 2017 after I dropped the kids off at my ex wifeâs house since she asked if she could have them for the weekend because she was going to her parents house, I said no problem. I normally have them every weekend but I donât stop her from letting them see their grandparents.

    So that Friday night I was just sitting on the couch wearing my briefs and a t shirt watching tv with the dog. Also was kinda looking at porn too since no sex means Iâm very horny. That night I ventured into gay porn. First time looking at it and I was curious. My ex wife had shoved her small dildo up my ass a time or two before but that was when we were in our 30s

    So I ended up taking the dog outside in just my underwear and a shirt. I was sitting in a lawn chair and it was dusk so it was almost dark and wouldnât you know it my neighbor walked around back of his house. We have a small fence in between our property but he could see everything. Heâs older than me by 4 years and he said lazy Friday night in your underwear I see. I stood up and blurted out oh tighty whities day too I see. I said yep, wear briefs to work and just was too lazy to put shorts on when I got home.

    So Iâm standing by the fence talking to him aware my bulge is on display. After about 20 minutes of talking he looks down and says your packing in those. I laughed and said nothing special, have big balls. He knew I was single but asked if I had a girlfriend or anything. Thatâs when I told him Iâm done with women. I asked him if he was single and thatâs when he told me he has been gay his whole life. I never knew that about him and honestly it never crossed my mind. He said heâs more if the manly type that people assume heâs straight.

    So after talking he asked if I wanted to come over to his garage for a beer. I said Iâm in my underwear and he said who cares Iâll be in just mine in a bit watching too. I rarely drink so one beer was all I had and we were talking. Then I got curious and asked him about gay sex. He asked what I wanted to know. I said well how does it feel and what position do you prefer.

    So after a bit of talking he asked if I wanted to come inside. I followed him in and he took his pants off and he was wearing briefs. I said oh you give me crap for my white briefs and your wearing them too. He laughed and said I just like to tease guys about them and your good looking so you needed the excitement. Thatâs when I told him I hadnât had sex in a year and a half and was wanting to try sex with a guy.

    He took me right to the bedroom and said I wondered when your curious ass was gonna ask. He pulled my underwear down and took ahold of my cock. Saying nice thick one you have and your shaved! I said yeah, ex wife hated pubes and I just got so used to shaving that I canât stand pubes on myself anymore. Iâm a good 6.5â hard and uncut. He took his underwear off and his big low hanging balls hung and his cock is 7â. I have low hanging balls too which I loved having played with.

    I straight up told him I want to get my ass fucked, been curious about it. He had me lay on the bed and he rimmed my ass. Now that felt great. Then he got up, grabbed lube and lubed up my asshole. He asked if I wanted him to wear a condom and I said up to you. Weâre neighbors, Iâm sure I can trust you. He hadnât had sex in a while so I said just go bare. So once his cock was in my ass and fucking me it was such a great feeling. A feeling I thought Iâd never like. I laid on my back jerking my cock as he fucked me. All that prostate stimulation was overwhelming.

    I couldnât take it anymore and just started cumming all over myself. He stopped fucking for a minute as my ass was clamped down on his cock. Once I finished cumming, he spread my legs and started pounding in my hole. I felt his cock grow and swell till he was morning abd I felt warm hot cum spraying in my ass. He pulled out and my hole was gaping for a minute. I laid there as he gave me baby wipes to clean up with asking if I liked it.

    Heck yes I liked it and every since that night we have sex once a week to three times a week. But I did feel funny at first knowing I was taking a guys cock and cum in my ass. Now on the weekends when I have my two teen daughters and young son I still will have sex with the neighbor guy when they go to bed at night. They have no clue their dad likes cock. Well I suspect my one daughter knows. Just the other weekend I came back after getting fucked and was sitting on the couch in my underwear thinking all the kids were asleep. Was sitting there in my white Calvin briefs still with a hard on just rubbing it and my daughter walks up behind me. She said jeez dad, still a tighty whities guy and dang out some pants on! I covered up with a pillow to hide my erection till she got something to drink and went back to bed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My wife is going through the change and her sex drive has fallen of the face of the earth. She doesnât crave sex at all and weâve discussed it. She was giving me daily handkobs just to keep some sort of thing in the bedroom going and she hates when I masturbate.

    She knows when I was a teen I had sex with a guy and she told me a month ago I can get a fwb as long as it is a male. No women fwb. I agreed to the terms and asked if she wanted me to wear a condom. She told me as long as heâs clean and itâs just us two having sex then no, cum in him if you want. Oh and she wanted to know everything time we had sex and would like to watch on occasion

    So the kids were staying at her parents this past weekend. I had been having sex with a 20 year old college boy for two weeks. Told him what I was looking for and he was into it. When I told him my wife wanted to watch he said heâs gay and that doesnât bother him at all.

    Invited him over Saturday evening and my wife was surprised I found a cute looking 20 year old as my regular. He was completely smooth and a tight body. I had him in just his briefs sitting in the couch as I got undressed down to my briefs. He pulled mine down quickly to start blowing me. My wife said that was very hot. She wanted to see us compare dick sizes. Iâm a good thick 7.5â and the 20 year old is 6â. My wife asked the boy how does your ass handle such a big cock! He told her Ive had bigger ones and itâs just easy for me to take them once Iâm used to them.

    Bent him over on our bed and fucked his ass. My wife was actually fingering herself at that point. Them my wife asked if I get fucked. So for the first time since I was a teen I was getting fucked. That 20 year old rarely topped but he sure was good. He came in my ass and then I flipped him over and came in his ass.

    After he got dressed and left my wife was very turned on. I ended up having sex with her for a few hours. The whole time she was saying how hot it was that I had a guys load in my ass

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