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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Female / 20

    Have you ever wanted to with your best friend? My bff I have known since before preschool. We lived in the same neighborhood growing up, same schools, same church, same jobs at times. We have even had the same bf before. I love her like a sister and she loves me like a sister too, but the problem is that I think I love love her.

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    Gay Male / 31

    I get invited to a party at a coworkers house. It is a two story and party is essentially in the backyard on the deck, beer in the cooler, music, pizza and stuff. I go inside for the bathroom and it is being used so he says I can go upstairs and use the bathroom in his room. What I find is why I am writing this.

    I am nosey, I always have been and I open the drawer in the bathroom and find a tube of anal lube. I also find some butt plugs. I look around and I am his bedroom and I find this picture on the dresser of two guys on a fishing boat, with his arm around the other guy's shoulder. I am looking at that when he finds me. I don't tell him about the anal lube or the butt plugs, we go back downstairs to the party and everything is normal until people start to leave and he says he wants me to stay, maybe we can watch the Laker's game.

    After everyone is gone he tells me that he fancies himself an artists and he shows me this sketch book, of naked men in various poses, some classic like Greek others naked on a bed, other sketches of hard cocks, sketches of men embraced, men's behinds. He says that he only uses natural all American models and he would like to sketch me, maybe out on the porch, he saw me standing there and it just cried out to him that is where he wanted to sketch me. Naked.

    Not right then, to come over next Saturday when there is still sunlight and he would do the sketch, a sketch usually takes about an hour and then we an watch a game and get something to eat. But seeing that we were there maybe he could size me up and he grabs my crotch with his hand a when I pull back he says in this hard voice 'down boy'. He hold me by the crotch and sits down and pulling me over to him by my hips and unzips me and takes my cock out and sucks it down all the way, he gets me hard and strokes me with his hand, gets his sketch book out and quickly sketches my cock, sucks me some more and undoes my pants and drops them to the floor. I have to kick off my shoes and turns me around and while stroking me through my legs bends me over until he says to hold that position and sketches my asshole. He shows me my cock and asshole and grabbing me by my cock he pulls me towards the stairs.

    He is hung, personally I had never really seen a cock like his, he is hung and he goes to get his lube out of the bathroom and we get undressed and he has me suck his cock. We sixty nine for a while, we start to grind and he gets his lube and starts to prep me. It is not that I am a prude or anything like that, I know he is gay because of what I found in the bathroom, I just didn't think that I was going to be there and he was going fuck me the lube in the bathroom drawer and his cock. But he does and he is good and he knows how to make me feel good and when I am done and out naked on the bed he takes a pencil and a small pad he has in his room and sketches me naked on the bed. He is very good and he asks me to lay on my back and sketches me naked, cock and all.

    The Lakers won but we didn't see the game, I posed for him on the deck like he said, he bought a frame and put the signed sketch of my asshole in it and gave it to me and told me to hang it on my wall. I know what he keeps the lube for and the plugs, to train and sketch my asshole with a plug. He likes cock and balls and assholes, he has sketch books going back years of all of his friends and lovers. I like cock and balls and assholes, mine. The other ones not so much. I wish I had a sketch of his cock, that is something I would like to hang on my wall.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Out and about minding my own business at a small provincial train station, I overheard two guys mumbling something as I approached the little shelter. Getting up close, I saw one of them sucking on the cock of the other, as he was sat on the bench.

    Fourteen. That's how old I was when myself and Trev sucked each others cocks for a dare. I hated sucking his dick, but I loved the feel of Trev's mouth on my cock. Even though that was the last time I had a male suck me, I never forgot how good it felt and how I wasn't bothered it was another male. I even whacked off later on thinking about it, and also thinking past a blow job, and actually having thoughts of fucking him.
    Stood staring at them obviously enjoying themselves, the guy having his dick sucked looked up at me, didn't bat an eyelid and signalled with his index finger to approach.

    Ten minutes early for my train, I did something then I'd grown out of essentially, I did something spontaneously. Opening my trousers and pushing my boxers lower, I got a hold of my growing cock, pointed it towards the guy sucking cock and watched as his mate had him take mine into his mouth.

    It was pure sexual gay filth and I got so hard, I felt my cock throbbing in his mouth straight away. Taking his young head in my hands, I started to fuck his mouth and heard his friend telling me to give it him. His comments, plus his mates undeniable talents at sucking cock, had me fucking his face and enjoying every moment of him blowng me.
    Between five and ten minutes I rammed my cock into his mouth and then my cock just blasted out its cum. There was no warning, no time to tell him I was cumming and no time to deny myself something all those years ago Trev hadn't done, and that was swallow my juice.

    Letting my cock drop, we all heard the trian approaching and I quickly got myself together. By the time it pulled up, the lads were stood up, walking towards the train and got on. I got on feeling totally sexually alive and walked past the two fo them sitting and talking. As I sat down a bit further up the empty compartment, the youngster who'd sucked my dick asked me if I'd like to enjoy myself again.

    Getting off, I took the piece of paper I'd written a number on and text a message to it. Thinking it was a bogus number, I was thrilled to get the reply "Yes, Yes, 7 o'clock tomorrow night. Same place". The questions I'd asked. "Want to meet again, where and what time. Do you fuck ?".
    Not only did we meet up the following night. And not only did I use the condom I had with me, but I also arranged for us to meet up again, along with his mate.

    It's been nearly fourteen months now and each week I meet either of them, or both together. The youngest K is the one I fuck the most. Yet as I've learned over the fourteen months, they both enjoy taking my cock down their throats and up their backsides.

    I'm a lucky guy that has rediscovered the delights of gay sex. Fucking a young guys tight arsehole is new and something I now can't believe I've not done lots of before. But believe me, I'm making up for lost time and am even taking K on a weeks trip soon. He won't be able to walk when we get back, because I'm going to fuck him stupid...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I r**ed another man. We were both staying in another city on business, I in a hotel he in a corporate apartment. We were there and away from wives for months. We met in a chat room, and after a couple evenings chatting I went to his apartment. Getting drinks and sitting down we eventually found his mouth on my cock, sucking me in the living room. Then we went to the bedroom and got totally naked. He had a very small, thin cock. It was about the size of my middle finger, or what I call my "fuck finger". He was jacking my 7inches which is pretty thick, and sucking me, but pulled away when I was coming letting it spray on his face and chest. He readily scooped it up and put it all in his mouth swallowing while smiling at me. I got up washed up and went back to the bed and jacked him off. He was so damn thankful that I got him off. I stuck around, we stayed naked he brought a couple of drinks into the bedroom. The lights were turned to a soft glow and he had some tranny porn on the television. He laid on his stomach and this very slight, short, hairless body I realized looked like a girl. His ass was one of the most perfect asses I'd ever seen. I was playing with his legs, and ass while we were watching porn, and he'd reach back and play with my cock. I put some of the baby oil he had on his nightstand on my finger and tried to slip it into his ass. Holy shit, you'd think I struck a match on a rocket. He bolted upright and turning over, said that he didn't do that. He'd never done it. So as we got more drinks, and watched more trannies getting fucked, and some fucking the other men and even women, I was massaging him paying particular attention to his legs and ass. I sprayed some of the oil over his legs and massaging them got him relaxed. Then worked on massaging his ass.

    I stopped for a bit lying next to him with him playing with my cock. I asked and he said OK, I got on top of him and rubbed my cock between his ass cheeks to get off. He kept telling me to keep it on the outside and I promised I would. Then spraying more oil on my cock and his ass crack, I held him down and put all my weight on him and pushed my cock inside him. He tried to move away and I wouldn't let him. I held it still but fully inside him. Whispering through his whimpers, almost crying, I told him to tighten up around my cock real hard then let go. It would help take the pain away. He was crying, and begging me to pull out but I then felt the hard constriction of his ass around my cock. This happened several times and I could feel his ass relax. Asking if that was better he whimpered "Better". After a few more minutes of him begging me not to r**e him, I started slow fuck motions and he started trying to pull away. Weight back on him, grabbing him I whispered to him, "DO you want to make love, or r**e? You want me to r**e you fast and hard or make slow easy love to you". The only word in response was "Love".

    So I began slowly and he stopped trying to get away, resigned to his fate. I fucked him for about 20 minutes and at the end I apologized for it, and for having to go faster but he said "just do it". I fucked and pumped my cum into his formerly virgin ass. At the end I kissed him and he kissed back. I pulled out of his just fucked ass, and got up telling him to stay there. I got a warm wash cloth and a towel and cleaned his ass and legs of the oil. There was some sperm that came out when I pulled my cock out, I took that on my finger and put it in his mouth. He swallowed it. I pulled him up and standing in front of me, two naked guys one very thin, womanly who was just made into a woman who has been fucked, we kissed and held each other. He went to the toilet, and coming back out put on a robe. I put on my clothes and he asked me not to leave. He ordered food, I made him answer the door and affect a very gay demeanor with the delivery boy, even bending over to show his just fucked ass. I was in boxers only, it was apparent that we were a gay couple and he's the one taking cock up his ass. I spent the night in bed with him fucking him twice more missionary, and in the morning made him take my cock and cum in his mouth, no pulling away this time.

    From there it was a short hop to shopping for nighties, lingerie and then outer clothes. He was very passable as a girl. We went on several dates as a man/woman couple. On trips home I made him take naked pictures of his wife and show them to me. He turned into a total crossdresser GURL. We fucked for 4 months and when I had to leave we stayed in touch. He eventually realized he liked being gay and left his beautiful wife. I fucked him a few times, got BJs from him but haven't seen him now in over 5 months. He lives as a woman, full time and fucks like a total slut, and I was his first fuck. I r**ed a man who turned into a gurl.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I never been with a guy till this past summer. I been flirting with the idea having gay sex for years but the last 5 years it became a strong urge. The wife after menopause stop having sex lost her drive. It's been 5 years of no sex with the wife. I am in the closet mild cross dresser, I say mild because I only wear panties, thigh highs, bras or pantyhose. I some times wear then under my street clothes and get a trill going out. I all so have a couple of dildo's I play with. Love the feeling of them sliding in me.
    This past summer the family was away. I stayed behind as I had to work. I put a add on double list the new cl for personals, a few months before. I been flirting with a guy on there for a while and he wanted to come over and suck me. He asked me to wear thigh highs and panties for him. Gave him my address and all set to meet. I showered dressed and put porn on the big TV, a bisexual one mmf. He came in sat in a chair I got him a beer he sucked about half of it down said ok come here lets see what you got. He pulled my panties down under my balls went to town on me. I went from flaccid to hard to shoot a load down his throat in 5 mins. I said ok my turn he said no he wasn't clean as he just got off work. I said want my ass or u could hump between my cheeks if u like turning showing him my big butt. He asked if I had rubbers I said yes I will go get them. When I came back with the condoms and lube he had his shoes and pants off stroking his cock. I took my panties off knelt on the sofa he got behind me played with my ass cheeks lubed my hole up slide a finger in. He then out the condom on and pushed in me. Finely after years of just dreaming about it I finely was getting fucked. He started out slow holding my hips. I looked over my shoulder said oh yea thats it fuck me harder faster. It felt so good better than I could dream of. He started pounding me the room filled with skin slapping on skin sound. I was hard as a rock and was stroking my self. I was moaning yes yes oh fuck yea. I started cumming right after he started cumming. He laid on my back whisper in my ear I was his bitch. He slipped out of me. We cleaned up he left we did it a few more times and I finely sucked my first cock and love it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    This began when I was 40, living in NYC. I worked in lower NYC. I found in Screw Magazine a gay sauna close to where I worked. After work I planed to try it. I took a 100 mg of viagra before I arrived at the sauna, I was very nervous but wanted some cock. I paid my fee and got a towel,lube and key for my locker. By this time I was ready to suck and fuck a cock. I found my locker, the area was almost dark. In front of my locker I took off my coat, then my shoes,pants and briefs. I saved my socks for last. I shot the lube up my asshole, then bent over to remove my socks putting on a slow show for anybody that wanted to see a clean shaven hole.
    I went to the shower with my towel on but my cock was starting to get hard it looked like a tent. I took a nice hot shower to be sure my cock,balls and hole were clean. I then went to the sauna where I saw one man sitting by himself, he appeared to be tall and lean. i sat about two feet away from him. To my surprise he undid his towel to expose his cock. It was about 7 inches long, cut and not even hard yet.
    I got up and dropped my towel on floor, I bent over to pick it up and gave him a nice look at my hole. He looked smiled and told me to join him on the bench and I did. I put my hand on his cock and bent over and started sucking it, he was still soft so i was able to deepthroat all of his cock. It was wonderful.
    He told me he had a private room and asked if I would like to join him. I said I would love that pretty cock in my mouth and deep in my asshole. He made me walk in front of him on the way to the room, he was finger fucking me while we were walking under my towel. I felt like a real dirty slut. We got to the room and he removed both our towels. He was very dominate in the room. His cock was rock hard by now and about 10 inches long. he told me to get on the bed on all fours. I could hardly wait to get fucked like a whore. He said spread your cheeks c**t your about to get a huge cock up your slut ass.
    He began with the cock head up my ass and then he just started shoving the huge cock up my ass, I came on the bed because it felt so good. this went on for 20 minutes, it felt great. He said he was going to come and get on my knees. He stuck his cock into my mouth, this went on for 5 minutes, I was sucking and loving it, He shoot a load into my mouth, I swallowed as much as i could. What a great day.

    That was my first story. If you enjoyed it I am at [email protected]@@@g***l.**m

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I woke up fuzzy headed from drinking and with a dry mouth. As my mind cleared I realized I was naked and with a yawn I slid my hand down my smooth thigh and up cupping my boys and even my boyish flaccid cock. At that moment I could feel him pressing against me. Hairy chest,legs and coarse pubic hair against me and his cock nestled between my cheeks. I gasped as the night before cleared in my mind.

    I'd just turned thirty, I was recently asked not to come home from my out of town job because my wife had met someone else. Yes, married and three kids under ten and I'd slept with another man who picked me up in a bar. Jealous of my wife's indiscretions I went to the bar to pick up a woman, any woman. It was a man who was twenty-seven who said I had a nice ass and he was a steward in town between flights stay at a group of stewards crash pad. He was Portuguese and slightly thickly built in every way.

    I'd sucked his relatively short but thick cock as if I knew what I was doing and squealed like an adolescent boy when he took my ass. Fucking me twice he called me his hot boybitch each time he came. He thought I was in my early twenties, lol. Telling me every young nice looking kid with a great ass like mine needs a good fucking. I'd told him that I hadn't been with a man before and he said he's gonna take good care of me.

    We'd abstained from condoms."who cares, my life was ruined" I'd said to myself. I slid out of his bed and pulled my clothes on as quickly and quietly as possible. He woke up and with his accent said "Hey, let's have c6, I've got some!"
    He said with amazement how good of a fuck I was for my first time and how could my cute of an ass still be fresh!?" He then told me that he was flying out tomorrow night and that some of his friends were going to be here tonight and that they're going to love to meet me.

    I spent the whole day thinking about the night before and decided to go for it. It was an orgy of cock all various sizes colors there to meet this fresh fuck of a guy who was supposed to be in his early twenties. That glorious night I was so excitedly submissive to black, brown and white cock, sucking, fucking, whatever they wanted.

    That next morning I was the only one awake making coffee in my briefs when I heard the knock at the door. Answering it still groggily with hickeys all over me there was two amazingly beautiful boys who were fifteen and best friends. Having missed the party their obviously gay wanting became my first ass fucks, alternating between one sweet little ass to another I came in both of them and sent them on their way.
    My cell phone rang and it was my oldest son who said that mom wants me to come home and that she's made a mistake and is too ashamed to talk to me. Just come home, please!
    Wow! Has my life changed!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Eighteen months ago I asked my older brother Brad if he'd fuck any hole, as he was always sticking his cock into any bitch that opened her legs. His answer was "It's not only female bitches I fuck". When I asked if he meant he fucked guys too, he smiled and replied "Take your shorts off and I'll stick this (Pointing at his cock bulge) in your ass". Telling him I wasn't gay, he very quickly added "Neither were most of the other guys until I fucked them".

    In my bedroom with him encouraging me to undress, I took off my clothing, watched him take his off, then gawped at the biggest cock I've still to this day, ever seen. Bending me over my own bed, he tongued and licked my rear hole for ages, asked me if I was ready, then smeared some of my moms hand cream all over my asshole. Putting his dick to my hole, he slowly pushed in and that was it, I was no longer an anal virgin.

    It was painful and it took a long time for my asshole to fully relax, if at all that first time. Yet when he finally sank his cock pretty much all the way in, I began to kind of enjoy that full feeling. The growing feeling of elation grew and grew until without any notice or me touching my own cock, it erupted all over the quilt in front of me.
    My brother whooped and told me from then on, I'd be his only male bitch. And then he really started to fuck me. He didn't let up once for about ten minutes, then like he was trying to stick his cock as far up my bowels as he could, he made a low moaning sound and came up my asshole.

    That was that for us. Any time aftwer that he was feeling horny or just wanted to dominayte me sexually, he'd pull me into his room or push me into mine. We'd fuck nearly every day, with my ass getting more and more attuned to him fucking it. Eventually I began seeking him out for sex and also began to blow his cock too.

    He's left home now and lives in an apartment. It means I travel over each and every day he texts me. And on those days we spend most of the day having sex. He still has girlfriends, but I am his only man fuck, and I love him for it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    For those of us who are bisexual, married and closeted, much of our admiration for hot guys is from afar, and hidden from view. I am 42 and have been married for 15 years. Our marriage is great both physically and emotionally and so there is no need for me to look outside of it for sexual gratification...except that I can't help the very real urges I get when I see a really attractive man. It can be in a bar, a gym, at a hotel or on the street. Anywhere.
    There are men in my life who have no idea how much they turn me on sexually. Well there is one now.
    He is a little younger than me. He and his wife are very good friends of my tennis partner and we have meet a few times on the court, or at parties with mutual friends. I didn't think of him as a friend but more an acquaintance. But he absolutely turned me on my head sexually when I saw him or thought about him. His name is Henry.
    I travel a lot for business and I do manage to engage sexually with men when I am away. Maybe once a month I get to sleep with a guy. I have never strayed sexually with another woman and have no urge to.
    I was recently in Australia, thousands of miles from home. I had been in Sydney and had 3 days between meeting there and in Brisbane so decided to take some time out on the Gold Coast, a little ways from Brisbane.
    I checked into my hotel and took a shower and freshened up. It was warm and so I put on some shorts and a T shirt to go for a look around. As I walked out onto the street I saw a guy on the other side stepping out of a bar. He looked really familiar, as in he looked just like Henry. In fact ridiculously like Henry. I was just about to call out when another, equally stunning guy came out of the bar moving quickly and caught him up. They obviously knew each other and when they were together the guy who looked like Henry put his arm around the other guys butt and pulled him in a bit, as I might do to my wife. I followed them up the street thinking it was insane that it could be Henry and even more insane to think he was with a guy, as in really WITH a guy. They reached another bar, which had a rainbow flag above the door, and went in.
    I was so fascinated I crossed the street and went into the bar. I was thinking it couldn't possible be Henry so I would just get a closer look, maybe have a drink and leave.
    I casually looked around the bar and saw them at a booth. I got a beer and went and sat on the other side of the booth, out of view but within earshot. When I heard the name Henry I froze. When he replied his American accent and voice were absolutely familiar. The other guy was Australian, but spoke without a strong accent. Just enough for me to pick he wasn't American. I listened for a while as they discussed sorting out where they would meet some people for dinner and then Henry said he wanted to make sure they had time to go back to his hotel before dinner. They finished their drinks and Henry paid the check while the other guy went to the wash room. I don't know what got into me but I stood up and did a wide loop around the bar and came from the back right passed Henry. We eye balled each other at the same time and he abruptly stood up and said hey, hey what the? Tom? no couldn't be. It was Henry, my Henry and yep its me Tom I said. He was totally shocked and started to stammer some words about what and how and when did I get there and was totally not like the Henry I knew. Cool, calm, collected, sophisticated etc. He was like a school kid who had been caught masturbating.
    He quickly got himself together and said hey we are grown men, this is fucking weird, and let's just park this for the moment and catch up for a bite of lunch tomorrow at my hotel. Meantime Tom this is just between you and me right? Right? I touched his elbow briefly and said sure, see you tomorrow. Which hotel? It was the same one I was in but I didn't tell him that.
    I left as his friend was coming back from the wash room.
    And then I went back to my hotel and masturbated.
    I stayed in my room until lunchtime the next day, and then headed to the lobby. Henry was drinking a cocktail and stood up as I approached. We made some small talk, I ordered a cocktail and then he just said well fuck Tom, seems like you and me share a secret. Were you meeting someone in the bar? Then it dawned on me. I was in a gay bar. Why? He just figured I was in there with someone or looking for someone. It didn't occur to him that I had followed him in. So in his head, it wasn't just him who had some explaining to do. My mind raced. Tell him what had actually happened, or confess to this stunningly hot guy I had admired so much from afar, and masturbated thinking about, that I was bisexual. He clearly was.
    And so I did exactly that. Over three cocktails I told him what had happened, and that I had seen him across the street and saw how he had been intimate with the other guy and how much that had turned me on. I told him I followed him into the bar and had overheard him saying that he wanted to fuck with his buddy before dinner. I told him how much I had been aroused by him each time we had met. I told him I had gone back to my hotel and masturbated, imagining the two of them in bed fucking. I told him a lot about me and where I was sexually.
    He listened without interruption.
    When I had finished he said he didn't feel much like eating and suggested that since I had done all the talking we should go to his room and fuck and then he would share some stuff with me about his sexuality.
    We did and he did. He was sensational in bed. He consumed me, orally and anally. Kissing me deeply long and firm.
    His nude body was stunning. And when he asked me to fuck him, entering him sent me through the roof. His tight muscular ass was incredible. He took me balls deep and gripped my cock with his anal muscles like I had never felt before.
    Afterwards we lay nude and close and talked about our sexuality and our sexual needs and desires.
    We have become lovers meeting at least three times a week. Sex with my wife is better than ever. When I fuck her I do it without any feelings of frustration. I enjoy her body for what it is, not what it might be if she was a he, some random guy in a hotel room. When a need a man I have Henry. Crazy but wonderful.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    When a gay friend of mine offered to put me up for a while, this after I'd had a massive argument with my wife. I never for one minute thought we'd end up fucking. But then again I never thought a mans asshole could be so sweet.
    His name is Chris, he's twenty six and he's always had a thing for me. So when I asked him if I could stay over for a few nights to let my wife calm down, he instantly said yes. We went out the same night and drank in local bar, before returning to his apartment. Asking me earlier in the bar why we'd argued, I lied and told him it was over finances. But in truth, it had been because I'd wanted to have sex, and she didn't, AGAIN.
    In his apartment I corrected the lie and told Chris the truth. Looking directly into my eyes, he said "I'd never refuse you sex. in fact if you want to fuck me now, you can".
    I wasn't in anyway shape or form gay. So even as I stood over him offering up my hardening cock, I didn't understand why I was doing it. All I knew as he'd posed the offer, I'd become erect and Chris saw my bulging shorts. His cheeky grin and his doe eyes enticed me and I flopped out my cock right there in front of my sitting friend.
    Chris took it imediately, opened his mouth and sucked it in. It was though I'd done it a thousand times, and it just seemed so natural to have a guy sucking away on my cock. And by Jesus is Chris amazingly good at sucking cock.
    By the time I was brimming to cum, with Chris taking to the point of ejaculation, then releasing my cock to suck on my balls, I was so ready to fuck him.
    Knowing I was desperate to cum, my buddy of eight years told me "If you want to cum, it'll have to be up my asshole". As soon as he said it, he removed his clothing, knelt up on the couch in front of me, smeared what I later learned was lube all over his asshole and turned to me. He smiled, told me he was safe and then spread his cheeks.
    It wasn't even a contest of wills. I stood right up to him, put my throbbing cock head to his asshole and thrust in. His asshole gave way instantly and my cock drove all the way into his body, as he sighed with acceptance and I guess, sexual relief.
    The feeling and sight of my cock disappearing up a guys ass, didn't in any way look of seems abhorrent. It felt utterly awesome and I loved how his hole enveloped my cock. Fucking harder and harder with each thrust, my friend turned his head and said "You cannot believe how many times I've tossed myself off, thinking of you fucking me like this. Now fuck me!".
    Three times. That's how many times I came inside of Chris that night. I didn't last too long fucking him doggy like that, as I'd been taken to the brink too many times previously. Yet Chris and I just carried on. once I'd cum inside of him, he trurned around and gathered me in. Lay on top of him, he brought my face to his and we kissed. Our hands roamed over each other and still kissing for an age, my cock rose again. Without thinking about it, I slid my cock back into him as we lay missionary kissing, and I beagn to fuck my best friend all over again.
    It has to be one of the, if not the most intense, most intimate sexual times I've ever had during that missionary fuck. Not once throughout the entire fuck did we break off from the kiss. It's the first time I'd ever done it and it turned me on so much. Building upto another orgasm, with my mouth almost eating his, Chris humped into me, murmured and I felt his hot sticky cum coat the tiny gap between us. As I felt his hot cum slide in between us, I felt my orgasm rising. It was then I heard my phone buzz and I came for a second time inside of my new lover.
    leaving everything where it was, we moved into his bedroom. It was there I did something I now adore doing with Chris, I went down on him sucking his cum coated cock and knew at that point there was for me, no going back to just a hetro lifestyle.
    We'd fallen asleep with Chris snuggling into me as I hugged him from behind. It was in that position in the middle of the night, I woke up with a hard on. Slipping it into his ass from behind, I heard him say "Fuck yeh" and proceeded to fuck Chris spooning and kissing him at the same time. When I came inside his ass yet again, he arched his back, and told me "Now you're mine too".
    The following morning he was up and about before me. I asked him to bring me my phone and looked at it as he went about sorting out some breakfast and coffee for us. Looking at my phone, I saw a load of massages from my wife, and most of them were messages of her sorrow at our argument and her basically apologizing for not wanting sex. I did feel slightly guilty, yet I also knew no matter what, there would be no going back for me.
    A shower, breakfast and one of the longest most amazing blow jobs I've ever had later, Chris and I went out just to get out. I stayed at Chris's one more night. A night where we had sex which was even more involved than the night before. I did something I'd not even done with my wife, I rimmed his asshole before fucking him, and found I absolutely adored his sweet tasting ass.
    My wife and I are back together, yet her need for sex has if anything, diminished even further. We no longer argue about it, as I'm now visiting Chris when I want. He only has sex with me, so I know I'm safe. All the aame I get myself checked out, but only to reinforce my mind about fucking him bareback. I know if you can ever know anyone, that Chris would never risk us. So with my wife settled and happy with not having sex, I'm more than happy to fuck Chris whenever I need the man love I now adore.

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