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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am a mature, divorced bisexual man. I date women and enjoy sex with them but I really crave sex with men. I just do not have any romantic feelings towards men as I do towards women. Consequently, I keep my encounters with men discreet and secret. My main forum for hooking up with men had been craigslist. However, bowing to government pressure, craigslist discontinued their personal ads. That left me in a quandary. How could I arrange the encounters I craved when my vehicle for arranging them evaporated. Searching the web, I found a gay dating site that seemed to have quite a few local guys in my age range.

    I am in my early 60s but can pass for at least 10 years younger. I have kept in good shape and I have always appeared to be younger than I actually am. This has been very useful to me in my bi adventures since many gay and bi guys are very age conscious (or so it seems to me after perusing so many personal ads). My ad on this newest site drew a response from a 47 year old top looking for occasional hook-ups. The pictures he posted had me drooling. The only downside was that he lived 50 miles away. We exchanged some e-mails via the site and we both shared more pictures. We decided to meet at a town halfway between our two cities. We met for a drink at a bar just off the highway. He was a very handsome man in his late 40's, at least 15 years younger than me. He was tall, about 6'2" with jet back hair and very arresting green eyes.

    I had e-mailed him that I would be wearing a red polo shirt and he recognized me as soon as he arrived. He walked up to my table and said "hi, Tom, I am Jason." I was definitely thrilled to meet him. I signaled for the waitress to come and take his drink order. It turned out that he was a single malt Scotch drinker, which is my favorite adult libation. We chatted, a bit nervously at first. He was very charming. We soon decided to find a motel room - an easy task since we were just off the interstate.

    As soon as the door closed behind us, Jason took me in arms and kissed me. I am usually not that keen on making out with men. But, his passion thrilled me and I returned his passion. Our tongues swirled around together and we shed our clothes.

    We jumped into the bed and I went for his cock immediately. It was very thick and about 7 inches. I wrapped my lips around it and started to enthusiastically suck it. I thrilled to be worshipping such a beautiful cock. I let my tongue play along the head - it was a large mushroom head and I enjoyed every second as my tongue explored every single part of it. He began leaking pre-cum almost immediately and I enjoyed the taste and smooth texture of it. My tongue spread it all around his cock head and then I began to take more and more of his beautiful man meat into my mouth. After a few tries I was able to take his whole shaft down my throat. I lingered there applying more pressure with my lips and tongue - Jason moaned his enjoyment. Then I slowly worked my way up to the top again so I could let my tongue wander all over his cock head. Periodically, I would stop sucking and lick his shaved balls and the side of his shaft. I did not want him to cum yet.

    As much as I enjoyed feasting on his luscious cock, there was something I craved even more. "I need this cock deep in my ass!"

    Jason laughed and said "I can't wait to fuck you!"

    I applied a generous amount of lube to my manhole while Jason put on a condom. We began with me on my feet, bent over the side of the bed. Jason eased his man meat into my eager ass. But it did not take long for him to start pounding me. He would pull his cock almost all the way out and then slam it back into me. I get quite vocal during sex and I began to moan "I love your cock in me, fuck me! I love it!!" This seemed to excite him even more and he picked up the pace. His cock was ramming me and it felt so good!

    We changed positions and I lay face down on the bed with my ass propped up on a pillow. Jason entered me again and I felt his body on top of me. He kissed my back and was fucking me more slowly this time. "I love the feel of your cock in me!" I was lost in lust.

    Jason rolled off me and said, "ride me!" I straddled him and lowered my ass on his rigid pole. I leaned forward and began moving up and down on his shaft. My cock was bouncing up and down as I rode my new lover. Jason took it in his hand and began to play with it. I was oozing pre cum and he rubbed it all over my dick.

    Jason rolled us over while his cock was still in me and we were in the missionary position. He really began to fuck me faster and faster and I could tell he was very close by his expression. I started masturbating while he battered my hole with his tool. "Wow!" He yelled as he filled that condom with his seed. I had been furiously stroking my own cock and I squirted a huge load seconds later.

    I cleaned myself off and we took a break. I had picked up a bottle of cabernet and we sipped our wine and told abbreviated versions of our life stories. Jason's cock was semi-hard and I could not stop admiring it. "I want to suck you, now!" My lips surrounded his cock and my tongue wandered over his cock head. My ministrations soon had it rigid. Once again I swallowed his cock and felt it tickle the back of my throat. Very slowly my mouth moved up and down his shaft. I always paid particular attention to his cock head.

    After about 10 minutes Jason began to fuck my face. I loved it. My tongue and lips were wrapped around his cock as he slammed it in and out of my eager mouth. "I'm going to cum!" he shouted. My lips kept their grip on his cock and he shot a big load which I swallowed. I kept sucking him so I could wring every last drop.

    "Wow! that was intense."

    "I love the taste of your cum."

    We had some more wine and talked for a while. We decided to go to dinner and then come back for more. There was a nice seafood restaurant a few miles away. We are both seafood lovers. We each ordered grilled mahi and shared a bottle of chardonnay.

    Ja son was a dentist and he told me he often fantasized about his patients while he filled cavities and implanted crowns. He would look at their mouths and think about sticking his cock down them. I laughed and said "you can put it in mine anytime."

    We returned to the motel and we were out of our clothes in a flash. We lay on the bed and watched some porn on my laptop. One lucky guy was being fucked from behind while he sucked a huge cock. "I've done that, it is an incredibly erotic feeling to have a cock at each end." Jason asked me if I would like to do that with him and another guy. "Abso-fucking-lutely!" We posted an ad looking for another top on the gay site where we found each other.

    Meanwhile, I began sucking his cock again. After a few minutes of this I told Jason I needed to be fucked again. He was happy to oblige. Once again I felt his thick cock invading my ass. This one lasted a long time. I loved feeling his balls bang against my ass. Jason would fuck me very slowly and run his hands over my ass occasionally spanking me which made me feel like such a slut. I loved it! He would have me lying face down while he held me close from behind and kissed my neck and back. Feeling his body on mine while he lovely cock fucked me put me in a state of bliss. Finally, Jason told me he was going to cum. "I want it in my mouth!" I cried. I fell to my knees and opened wide. Jason pulled off the condom and I began to suck his cock while fondling his balls. His cock erupted with a stream of hot, juicy cum and I slurped it all up.

    We were pretty well spent at that point. We decided to check if anyone had answered our post for a third. A guy named Larry had responded. He was 55 with a nice looking body - not that tall but built like a linebacker with a very thick 6" cock. He had never been in a threesome and said it was on his "bucket list". We replied to his post and provided my e-mail address. Evidently he was on-line because he answered within 15 minutes. Larry was divorced and lived about 5 miles from me. We exchanged phone numbers and set a date for us to meet at his house the following Saturday.

    I arrived at L's address and I was already leaking pre-cum in anticipation of what was to follow. J's car was already there. I rang the bell and heard a loud "Come on in." There was a pool in a screened enclosure. A naked L walked into the room holding a bottle of wine. "We're in the pool, get in .. he said. L settled down on one deck chair and poured wine into glasses. We toasted each other and talked for a bit but I could hold out no longer. I knelt by L and took his thick man meat into my mouth. Was it ever thick, it really stretched my lips As I was worshiping his magnificent cock, I felt someone playing with my ass. J was behind me probing my anus with his fingers. I was on all fours now anticipating being filled at both ends. J applied some lube to my ass and donned a condom. Then I felt his cock push its way through my anal sphincter.

    It had been quite a while since I had taken on two guys at once and once more that incredibly erotic thrill overtook me. I loved being used like this, it made me feel so slutty and so sexy. L's cock was tickling my throat while J's was pounding my ass. Suddenly my mouth was being filled with hot, juicy cum. I swallowed every bit I could out of L's throbbing cock. J meanwhile had grabbed my hips and began slamming his meat in and out of my ass. He finished and then told me to suck the rest of the cum out of his cock. I eagerly complied. "Well, that was a great start'." I said. We drank a little wine and cooled off in the pool for a bit sharing stories about our past sexual adventures. L suggested we dry off and meet in his bedroom. We enthusiastically agreed.

    As we entered the bedroom, Larry said "it's my turn to fuck you." "Can't wait." I bent over the bed and L began applying more lube to my ass. J lay down in front of me so I could take his cock in my mouth. I began sucking and a few seconds later my ass was being stretched wider than it ever had. L knew his cock was too thick for most guys to take very easily so he would gradually push it in, pause and let my ass adjust. It was a little painful at first and it had been quite a while since my well used ass felt any pain from a cock going in it. Bit by bit he eased his fat shaft into me. My ass made the adjustment and the pain receded. I had never felt so full in my life. I took my mouth off J's cock long enough to say, "Fuck me with that tool of yours. I love it!"

    Very slowly L began to fuck me - he is always slow and relaxed in fucking. Meanwhile I was swallowing J's cock. I loved having two cocks in me at the same time. I sucked deep J's cock and fondled his balls while L attacked my ass. He was another slapper and that turned me on. As we went along it became easier for L to move his cock in my ass. He began to fuck me faster now and I was in heaven. We changed positions. I got on all fours on the bed. L went back to pounding me and I resumed sucking J's cock. Before long Larry began to fuck me harder and harder. Grunting and cursing hard L really went at it faster and faster until he erupted with a loud moan. I even came without touching myself, something that had only happened once or twice before and not for a number of years. It didn't take much longer for J to fill my mouth with his spunk. As usual I made sure that I did not miss a drop and kept sucking his cock until it went almost limp.

    We all cooled off in the pool and drank some more wine. Both L and J each fucked me one more time. This went on for quite a while since they did not have that much cum left - we were all middle-aged after all. I felt so slutty and so fulfilled after being used by two really nice guys with big dicks. We all agreed that we would have to get together again soon. L asked me if I would like to wear panties and some lingerie next time. This had never occurred to me but as soon as he said it I knew that was what I wanted. I asked them to get some used ones from their slut wives.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 16 I was at a party where I meet my first boy friend his name was Adam when I first meet him he was talking to my friend who was throwing the party I walked over to my friend Tom who told me Adam was his cousin then we all started drinking.

    Tom went to talk with other guest and me and Adam started talking I asked where he was from what he did for fun if he played sports he was from California and he did play soccer in his all boys school then he blushed and wispers in my ear he loves getting fucked and sucked for fun.

    I was kinda turned on thinking about him naked getting fucked I was curious about how guys had sex so he smiled and grabbed my hand and we headed to the garage and locked the door behind us he had me sit on the couch then he kissed me I kissed him back.

    I felt my cock getting hard as we kissed then he pulled my shorts off and sucked my dick then he handed me a condom and layed on his back so I put it on and started fucking him he was moaning so loud I thought people might hear.

    After a few mins i had him get on top and ride as he was riding I watched his cock flap all over then he cummed while riding my cock I had his warm jizz on me then I had him get on his back again then before he did he licked all his cum off me and swallowed it.

    Then he got on his back and put his legs behind his head I started fucking him again and kissing him his cock got hard again and this time he was blowing him self as I fucked him when I was about to cum I pulled out and took the condom off and nutted all on his cock then we passed out on the couch.

    Next day I asked him out we dated for a couple years he even moved in to my house I told my mom he was a good friend so she let him stay

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Turned me out! Curiosity can be the devil. I always was curious what it feels like to have sexual relations with a dude . So my journey begin, I'm a very masculine guy , who works out 6 to 7 days a wk. Being hit on by guys is the norm , so after so many Times of being hitting on , I finally got the courage to react to those advancements. I'm guessing judging from my size I seem to attract bottom dudes who love to suck , and get fuck by a muscle dude. I always wonder what it feels like to be fuck, I play with my anus with toys from time to time but It was not really satisfying Well after checking out a few gay sites. I ran into to this dude who caught my attention. Not his looks , never was I attracted to a dude , but his dick was big and fat ! So I ways like ðð We chat for month, and I finally mustard up the nervous to cum to his crib. Still nervous as hell we converse in Small talk, he can see I was nervous and stalling. So he begin to take control . Judging from his aggressiveness I can tell he done this plenty of times before . He begin to undress me, he whispered in my ears relax, I got you. Took of my shirt and start rubbing my six pack and told me how nice of a body I have , and then start playing with my nipples. Oh shit I said ððð that so happens to be my spot . His watery tongue caressed my nipples as the nervousness quickly disappeared, replace by the sound of moaning. Damn Daddy I said that feels good. He laid me on my stomach , took my underwear down bent my over . I'm like oh shit he about to fuck me! Nerve start to creep back in ,as he took his wet tongue and inserted in my boy pussy. Oh shit it feels good ð¤ð¤ moaning
    in ecstasy Wow I scream. I didnt want him to stop.As he continues to eat my pussy I felt something cold being inserted in my pussy . It was a 6inch lube up dildo, I'm like yes! This is plenty. After playing in my pussy for what seems about 5 minute he laid me on my back , he begin to take his clothes off . I'm waiting in anticipation to see the big monster, he pulled that dick out, I'm like wait one minute ð¶ð¶ð¶ you're not putting that 8inch of per muscle In this little as hole . He said. I'm sure am . Just relax I will go very slow . After what seem to be internity he was able to get the head in . I'm yelling my ass off .saying to myself I'm not doing this shit ever again . We took a little break , and try again this time more relaxed, his dick fit like a glove. I'm like oh shit daddy he begin to talk shit as he fuck the shit out of me . Calling me all types of fag ! At first I didnt like that , than i said fuck it, i guess that turns him on . He fuck me all types of ways , and then he took his belt and tied my arms to his bed post I said oh shit âºâº , laid me on my side and begin to fuck me, I scream out fuck me daddy fuck me. he said are you my BITCH ! I said yes daddy yes I'm your bitch , he than reach around and started jerking me off . I said oh shit daddyð¤ð¤ as he put that big dick deep inside me. He yelled this pussy is good! you're mines . I yelled take it daddy take it I'm all yours . Not even a minute later I tell him about to cum he start going deeper and faster . I yelled out in ecstasy! DADDY IM CUMMIN CUM YOU BOTTOM FAG ! he scream. I never cam so much in my entire life . Thinking lawd have mercy this was good. He said weren't done . Still tied up he insert that big dick of his in my mouth . Never have I suck a dick before, and he could clearly tell , he said relax I'll do the work, and begin to fuck my mouth until he exploded. All over me .ððð I've been with over 200 woman in my life time However this was the best sex I ever had . I'm been bottoming for him ever since .smfh

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    A year ago I was traveling for work. I stopped at a motel at about 4am but the office was closed. As I walked back to my car I passed a room where I heard a man yelling from inside. I knocked and turned the handle. The door was open and I peeked in. Inside was a naked guy with all four limbs restrained and a giant hard on. He was very relieved to be discovered. Apparently his tinder date tied him up and robbed him. He had also taken a bunch of viagra expecting a lengthy erotic session.

    I had always fantasized about sucking dick and realized my chance. I told him Iâd help him out in a little bit. I started touching his penis. He squirmed and called me a faggot, threatened to beat my ass. I took a ball gag on the bedside table and strapped it in his mouth to shut him up. I locked to door, got completely naked and proceeded to suck that erect penis for the next 20 minutes. He didnât want his dick sucked by a man but the pills kept him hard. I couldnât get him to cum though. I thought maybe if I sat on it then at least I would cum.

    Against his will I rode his cock and came onto his abs. Determined to finish what I started I jerked off his dick hard until it blew its load all over his stomach. I sucked up every last bit of cum, mine and his, that has mixed together on his naked torso.

    With my asshole still tingling and semen on my face made an anonymous call to the police and left town.

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    Gay Male / 35

    I am Married with 2 daughters 9 and 11...For years I had been curious about sucking a nice hard man cock,,I have jerked off hundreds of times thinking of a cock in my mouth and also jerked off looking at hard cocks being sucked on porn sights wishing it was me sucking those cocks..I even wished my wife had a cock ..I first noticed that cock kinda turned me on in straight porn the more i watched cock in straight porn with my wife the more i was getting hard looking at the mens cocks and not the womans tits or pussys. my wife believes it's the woman that turns me on but it was the mens cock and butts... I use to get so hard my wife thought I was taken Viagra .I was fucking my wifre harder and I was thinkking about fucking a tranny..if she omly knew...only the cock was missing..I finally started watching tranny porn omg it was so hot..seeing a cock on a girl..and they looked so sexy...I started watching tranny porn as often as I could..i even talked my wife into watching trannys sucking and first she did not like it but I was in my glory ...After a month of watching mostly shemale porn she was starting to like lookking at the shemale porn ...That is all we watch now and we both admitted she gets turned on by woman with a cock,,..Then one night she asked me to ware her panties..OMG i han never thought bout that ..It sounded so erotic...we went shoping together to buy the panties ..she picked the ones she wanted me to ware. and also bought a negligee and nylons .I thought she bought those for herself but when we got home she told me they were for me.. I told her i did not want to put them on but she said no one would know aad we could have some fun pretending I was a tranny..OMg once i put on the negligee I was surprised how much the negligee felts SO NICE... how nice it felt over the panties ..My butt felt so girly in them..I then realused I wanted to be a cross dresser...A year latter I still have not sucked sa cock but I became a pretty cross dresser my wife started to look for a couple who wants a hot woman an a sexy she boy for both of us ..Two week ago we e brought home a beautiful woman for my wife and a man for both of us. I was so nervous my heart was beating so fast.. we had two rooms in the basement with king sise beds full of adult toys and everything we would use, the girls went together too one of the rooms me and a man name John stayed where we were I was dressed sexy for a man My cock was getting so hard .so nervous..I told him I had never sucked a cock or had anal sex..He was a real nice guy he said do you really want to have sex with ,,He was cute and i said Ihave been waiting for this for years .he dsaid I will take t slows.I want to please you..I just thought I went from being a 80% straight guy to a cute shemale...he came..John came over to me and laid me down and started to kiss me....It was so nice kissing him OMG so nice i was feeling so girlyi kissed him back and we started to kiss harder my heart beating so fast felt tis hand on my cock through my negligee and panties..ummmmmmm he took my hand and put it on his hard cock .It fels so big through his pants he asked if it felt nice..I said so quick "OMG YES", he smiles and got up and took off all his cloths..THer he was naked his cock thobing like mine...he came onto the bed and kneeled next to me he got up on to my IHe said "Man you are so hard" he said yous is nico to ..He aske if I was ready ..I said yes so nervous he Pushes up closer and his cock was rubbing against my face..He said Kiss it all over I started kissing it licking I heard him moan..he said open your mouth..I did and felt it against my lips then go into my mouth slowly..I started sucking his cock as he put it into my mouth omg it felt so nice so normal to be sucking on his cock ..He then started to put in in and out of my mouth omg he was fucking my mouth so nice'' His cock felt so soft but hard at the same time just hearing him moan I knew I was pleasing him..I strated to moan as i sucked his cock faster.I was like in heaven..I did not want it to end But my jaw started to hurt..I found out sucking a cock is hard work.but worth it....He pulled his cock out of my mouth he lied on his back and said I want to suck your sissy cock while you suck my man cock ..I eold hom I may not last long "I an so hot allmost reardy to cum .To thin about 20 nin.ago I became a cock sucker sissy for life.I held baxk doing 69 so we both came together and we let him cum in my mouth and i camein hiis ..I came so hard so die he I allmost gaged there was so much cum .it tasted great I wish i kept some of his cum being the first man i made cum My next story will be about the whole 4 of us together and my first time with anal so i can be a real sissy

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Hello I been married for 15 years. I never in my wildest dream thought this would happen to me. About 10 years ago I had to worked nights. The only job that paid good I could fine. I worked night the wife worked days. A year after I was on nights my next door neighbor, Jay retired and we started hanging out for a few hours. We would have coffee a hour or two talk about sports and what else with guys sex. I would go do the shopping then watch some porn jerk-off get ready for work. Jay was only 52 when he retired he worked for the state do I need to say more. I am a cross dresser in the closet. After about 2 years on nights Jay came over for coffee brought a package said I signed for this what is it. I said I picked something up for Donna (my wife) for the bedroom. We had coffee he left. After he left I opened the package it was women's red heels a women's size 15 for me. I was excited went took a shower got out dressed in my hot out fit a red corset with black stocking attached the garter straps and put my heels on with a red thong. I got my cam out connected it to the computer got on chaturbate got on line. I was chatting with a few guys I had my tiny cock out the side of my thong stroking it but it wasn't hard. After about 40 mins I jumped out of my skin when I heard Jay's voice say wow didn't know you were a faggot.
    I said ah um he said save it I don't care and walked over to me. He looked on the screen seen I was on it said u like showing your fag side? I said what are u doing here. He said he wanted to asked if I would like him to cut your grass but like this better putting his hand on my shoulders. He was wearing shorts and was inches from my face. He pushed the back of my head to his crotch till my face was between his legs. I did not resist as I was no stranger to gay sex. He said release it. I did as I was told undoing his shorts pulling them with his surprised red panties. I looked up at him and smiled. His cock was uncut thick but not long. The foreskin completely covered the head. I took him in my mouth licking and sucking it. His manly smell hit my nose making me harder. I peeled the skin back licking the head. That was all he could take felt his shaft get bigger the tube under the shaft got bigger then he exploded in my mouth crying out in pleasure telling me to suck it all up. I was jerking mine hard and shot a load after he was spent going flaccid in my mouth .

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Lost after I was downsized I found work in retail and in food service, a far cry from being a corporate sales manager for a manufacturing company. I was told by more than one person that a 68 year old sales manager was not going to be hired. I went from job to job and ended up at Home Depot selling lighting. By then I had gone through my savings and was out of my house and renting an apartment on the not so good part of town. I worked part time, I don't think anyone really worked full time.

    I started drinking, first a little bit here and there, going to lunch when my shift started late or to dinner when my shift was during the day, ordering a beer and then two beers. I became a fixture at this small bar and grill and the bartender stopped asking me what I wanted, he just served it up. Another man sat next to me at the bar and started a conversation and bought me a beer. Soon his hand was on my thigh inviting me to go sit at a table. The bartender called me back to the bar, he knew my name and told me that guy was an undercover cop and he was setting me up, he busted lots of gay guys that way.

    I wasn't gay, but it didn't matter I had to leave and find another place to go get dinner or lunch and a beer. I landed at a Mexican joint, Tio Pepe's and started drinking Margaritas. I went through my meager wages and got behind on my rent. One night at Tio Pepe's a man came and sat in a booth and ordered dinner. I watched him from the bar, he looked like he was driving through. I got up and went to his table and asked if I could sit down and ordered a la carte. We talked, he was a talkative guy and sure he was driving though on his way to Panama City. He was staying at the Super 8 and he asked me to come over. I went and when I was in the room I said I needed fifty bucks.

    For fifty bucks I sucked him off. He wanted to roll around and he wanted to leave his mark. In that one night I sucked off a guy and let him fuck me, all for fifty bucks. That's how I got started, hanging out at diners and restaurants by the highway, the Holiday Inn bar and making eye contact and easy on the conversation and I got several men to pay for some company for the night. I actually enjoyed it, the more I did it the more I liked it and I particularly liked getting on all fours and getting fucked. It felt good, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the whole thing.

    One afternoon selling some track lights to a customer we agreed on meeting up after work and ended up at his apartment and this time it was out and out sex, which ended up with him fucking me. But by then I had given him a blow job, had a hot shower with him, let him finger me and pinched his nipples while he kissed me. I didn't go home that night, I stayed with him. We became friends with benefits, we had sex regularly and got to know each other and I stopped hanging out by the highway. I looked forward to seeing him, to sucking him off, to letting him get me in the mood and fuck me. He liked that and so did I. I guess he was a natural top and I was a natural bottom and we fit like hand and glove.

    Maybe all along I had this gay streak in me, who knows but it didn't show up until I found myself in desperate straights. My new friend had me move in and that solved my rent situation and my drinking was more social, no more drinking alone. I work my job, do the best I can on my shifts, and go home to my new roommate and give him whatever he wants. I'm easy, because I like it all.

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    Straight Male / 48

    Itâs been three years since my wife has past away unexpectedly. She was in a car accident so that was a rough time. So Iâve been left by myself raising all three of our kids. Two girls and one boy. One daughter graduated high school this year, other caught starts her senior year this fall and my son starts his sophomore year this fall.

    Since my wife pasted away, Iâve had no sex. Yeah, any guys can understand how rough it is with no sex. Raising kids can be stressful so you need that release.

    So on Memorial Day when we had my daughters graduation party, a neighbor guy was helping me clean up. Iâve known him for 15 years, he moved in next door and has been there since. He was asking how Iâm going to handle my daughter moving three hours away to go to college and what not. Then we began talking about relationships Iâve had since my wife pasted away. He was surprised to hear I told him I had none.

    Next question he asked was you e went without sex this long? I just told him yep, itâs rough some days. Thatâs when he said not one woman wants you, your good looking. Just told him Iâve never tried getting any. Was kinda embarrassed to admit that I masturbate every night in bed before going to sleep. Need that release so little lotion and I rub a quick load out every night. Pull my underwear back up and go to sleep.

    Shortly after talking about sex he says you know Iâm gay, right. I honestly had no idea he was, even all those times weâve hung out I never noticed any signs. So he put an offer out, said if you need a release you can call me or come over to my house. Just trying to be neighborly. I actually appreciated the offer because I had been curious about gay sex when I was younger and especially even more in the last two years.

    A few hours after we were done putting everything away we were still talking and I honestly was getting more comfortable to ask him for a blowjob. Finally I asked, I said how about that release you offered. He looked at me and said sure. I followed him into his house, took my shirt off as soon as we got in. He was loving my fit body. Soon enough he undid my belt and undid my shorts. They fell to the floor and my white Calvin Klein briefs were all exposed now. He said I always took you as a tighty whities guy. I e always worn white briefs a d didnât know they were a turn on but him rubbing them got me hard. As he pulled down my briefs, my 7.5â cock sprung out and he looked surprised. Said nice and hung, nice low hanging balls and very hairy! I hadnât groomed in three years.

    Then as he began blowing me he pushed me to sit on the couch. I forgot how good oral felt. I cummed within a minute and he swallowed. I pulled his shorts off, he was wearing no underwear a d began sucking his balled cock. It was about 6 to 6.5â cock. First time sucking one and I liked it. After a few minutes of sucking it he suggested we go to his bedroom. Thatâs when he asked me if I ever though about getting fucked by a guy. Honestly I had a d told him Iâll try it. My wife used to finger my ass and I enjoyed that

    So laying on my back he lubed my hole, fingered it then put a condom on his cock. Took probably 10 minutes for him to get it in my butthole but when it popped in it hurt. The pain went away and he began fucking me. After 15 mind blowing minutes he cummed in the condom. He pulled out and we laid there for a few minutes. He was asking how I enjoyed it and I told him I actually loved it. I didnât know taking cock was that pleasurable.

    So I got dressed and went back to my house. Walking after anal was funny to me and my hole was sore. I also had a big hard erection in my shorts! In my bedroom I got naked and felt how loose my hole was.

    Since then weâve had sex a few times. Each time it feels better. I honestly feel a little awkward being around my kids after being freshly fuck but starting to think Iâm gay. He fucked me last night in my house in my bedroom. Only my oldest daughter was home and she was sleeping at the time. Hopefully my daughter didnât see the used condom in the trash!

    Plan on getting my pubes waxed off tonight, hopefully I donât get hard! Then Iâm gonna take the neighbors guy bare cock, ready to get my cherry fully popped.

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    Lesbian Female / 39

    My girlfriend and I bought a house and moved in. We were still unpacking when our next door neighbor knocked and introduced himself. His name was Joe. He walked in uninvited and after walking around he asked us if we did the rhumba together. Same room. We didn't just admit things to strangers but that afternoon I answered and said we were more ballet girls, girls like us didn't rhumba.

    That weekend he mowed our lawn when he mowed his. I asked why he did it and he said he figured we were more doily girls than lawn mower girls. The thing was we liked Joe, nosy and tripped over his tongue but friendly and helpful. He walked around our house with big black pencil marking large X on boards, sills, deck boarding, all signs of rot which he changed and fixed until our house was ship shape.

    One night we fixed dinner and had him over and he asked how we did it. Like I said he was curious and didn't mean to be bad, he was curious so we told him we danced together, naked, rubbing our bodies together until the fireworks went off. No shit, we did not rhumba, we did our lovemaking in a dance. And to hit the ball home we told him guys can't do that, their dick gets in the way.

    Joe adopted us, he remodeled our house and made something modern out of something old. We were complemented every time we had someone over. He worried because we were girls, he took care of our cars, and one night after a party we were too drunk to drive and Joe picked us up and put us to bed. We got familiar enough, we kissed and hugged, held hands, used our pet names and said the L word in front of him, something we never did in front of straight people. He settled petty squabbles, kept us on the straight and narrow financially, was ramrod straight when it came to money. We gave him a key to our house, named him as our next of kin in the event of a health emergency, and he had power of attorney so he could look after us.

    We were two ladies who for the first time in our adult life got emotionally tied to a man. He was our man and we were his girls. When Joe passed on he left us his house and some savings. Believe us, Joe loved us and we loved him. Every girl needs Joe in their life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Im a mostly straight male. I love women and I live with my girlfriend. Im not really attracted to men or masculinity, but ever since puberty I found that nothing turns me on more than cock. I would fantasize of sucking anonymous penis and taking load after load in mouth, usually while pretending to be a girl.

    I havnt had much opportunity to experiment with cross dressing until my girl left for a week for work. I bought some cheap heels and thigh high stockings, put on a bra and a tight dress from her closet, even found a wig from a Halloween costume of hers and a choker. I felt so sexy and fucked my ass with a dildo for hours, gobbling up gobs of precum. My orgasm was incredible.

    The next day at work it was all I could think of. I wanted go even farther and had the idea to wear the outfit in the woods near our place. Id been there a dozen times and never saw another person, so I felt pretty confident I wouldnât get caught.

    As soon as I got home from work I put the outfit in a bag and touched up my face with a bit of makeup. I walked to the trail immediately got naked and put on my girly attire. I felt so sexy looking down at my chest and my heels, which not only made my butt and legs look good but forced me to walk like woman. It was hot strutting around with my cock out, dressed like a whore, in a public space with no privacy.

    I was in a daze of horniness, and made it to where two trails met. No joke, to my absolute shock I see a guy coming toward me! We both froze. Not only am I dressed like woman, my dress was pulled over my ass and my dick was in my hands. He was a normal blue collar looking dude, probably 35-40. I felt a wave of embarrassment and my first instinct was to run. I could get in a lot of trouble for this. But I was also really turned on by being seen.

    For some reason he apologized with a slight smile and turned to walk away. I wanted this to last a little longer. âWaitâ I said, âits okâ. He stopped and turned back to face me. I seized the brief moment of being watched and starting rubbing my dick. I had never masturbated in front of a stranger and found it to be exhilarating.

    To my surprise and delight, the man looked around and started to rub his crotch! I was thinking please please take your dick out. Sure enough,zip, flop. Not only was this my first time seeing a real penis in person, but it was being aroused... by me.

    We stared at each other for a moment, stroking, then I slowly walked towards him. I gently reached out to touch it and he let me. At first with my finger tips and as it got harder, wrapped my hand around it. I had my hard cock in one hand and a complete strangers in the other. My whole body was flush with excitement it was incredible. I knew I was going to suck it and make him cum and the anticipation took my breath away.

    I got on my knees and kissed the tip. I slowly slid his round head in my mouth. It tasted just as I had imagined, like sweat and piss and old semen. I felt like a such a whore, like ive always wanted to feel. I sucked it down deeper into my mouth, to the back of my throat.

    In and out, sucking hard, up and down. I could feel it slide over my tongue and his balls swing against my chin. I could feel my tight dress and sexy heels, my knees grinding in the sand. It was heaven and I didnât want it to end. But I knew the end would bring the best part.

    I love the taste and texture of cum. I would watch oral creampie videos and wish desperately that I was on the receiving end. I would taste my precum but it was never enough. Eating cum was my ultimate fantasy but I honestly thought I would never get to experience a cock unload all of its jizz in my mouth, but here I was.

    I could feel his dirty cock get harder. The head swelled and he breathed heavily. I knew it was coming. I sucked faster and moaned. Bam. The first volley of hot gooey semen shot into the back of my mouth. Pump after pump of warm silky cum filled my mouth. Time slowed down. His load was incredible. I wouldnt be able to shoot that much even if I didnât cum for a week. Some of the watery part dripped down my throat but I didnât swallow. I sucked every last bit dripping from his swollen cock.

    He pulled back and pulled up his pants. I savored the huge load of ejaculate in mouth. Swirling it around and blissfully enjoying the taste. I jerked off while doing this, so incredibly aroused by my viscous mouthful of a bodily fluid. I could feel myself getting close so I slurped that massive load down into my stomach. I could feel it sticking to my mouth and throat and the taste became more pronounced.

    He watched as my cock spit with throbbing orgasm, outdoors, dressed like whore, my lips dripping with cum. âHoly fuck that was hotâ he exclaimed. When I stood up he stepped closer. Looking at my mouth he grabbed my ass. I felt vulnerable but I liked it. His pants still unbuttoned, he squeezed me into him. I could feel his cock was still hard against my now floppy naked satisfied penis.

    I realized this man, much more virulent than myself was still horny. I pulled down his jeans and got on all four. He got down and spit on my asshole. I was scared but too turned on to think straight. He pushed his tip against my tight asshole until it opened up, letting in the whole head of his penis. Every soft thrust went a little deeper. I could feel his hands on my hips and up my back. He got about half his dick in and started fucking me for real. I no longer had an ass and mouth. I only had fuckholes whose sole purpose was please mens cocks. I felt like a woman, like a dirty slut to be used and discarded.

    These thoughts turned me on more, opening my fuckhole, allowing his cock to slip deeper into my inside. Now hitting my prostate, his thrusts began giving me pleasure all over my body. I couldnât help the girly sounds coming out of my mouth. Having cum just moments ago, his cock was able to fuck me for what felt like an eternity. I no longer worried about being exposed or someone finding us. My brain was disabled by pleasure, my lust fueled by a belly full of semen.

    I came hard again. Not an average orgasm from my dick, but a whole body orgasm. What I would expect a woman feels like when she cums. It was life changing. He made a sound and pumped my hole harder, and came again. This time deep inside my slutty fuckhole.

    After pulling out he thanked me. Buttoning up and wiping the sweat from his forehead he took off in the direction he came. I laid there for a bit, sweating, trembling and filled with not one but two loads of cum. Ive never been so happy before or since. I decided to wear my dress and heels and wig on my walk back home. Before I was afraid of being seen by a neighbor. Now I was hoping to be seen and maybe even used by another filthy cock. I wasnât that lucky but I enjoyed strutting the ten minutes home as cars passed. My flaccid dick visible through the tight dress, cum trickling down my leg.

    Efforts to relive that experience has so far failed, but I will never forget, as I relive it over and over in my mind when I masturbate. I dream for the next time my girlfriend goes away. I need to make that happen again. Maybe at a gloryhole? Maybe it will be someone Im close to on the other side? Maybe it will be my girlfriends father? Maybe it will be you?

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