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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    The last time I visited their flat, I fucked them both. But usually it's just Alex I fuck. What and who am I talking about. Firstly I'm a plumber who works for himself. Secondly I've always enjoyed fucking both sexes. Thirdly and most importantly, my wife who's disabled after a severe stroke, knows all about, accepts and understands my varied sexual needs. Which includes over the past eight months, me fucking her son Alex and his gay sexual partner Neil.
    The first occasion I fucked Alex, was after completing some work for him and Neil. Alex basically asked me cheekily if he could pay in kind for the work. Stripping off right there and then in front of me, he seduced me by sucking on my cock in their kitchen, then taking me to bed and having me fuck him pretty much the whole afternoon. I was still fucking him when Neil walked in from work. He didn't bat an eye lid as he too striped off and got onto the bed with us. Getting Alex to suck on his dick as I fucked him from behind, Neil then replaced me as we both took turns to satisfy my step sons arsehole.
    Afterwards Neil quietly asked me if I would consider fucking him next time. The answer came so to speak the next day, when I fucked Neil up against the wall of my lock up garage. I text him to tell him I needed to see him, knowing he only worked five minutes away. It was so horny fucking him knowing people were passing by only feet away.
    And so from then on until only last week when I fucked them both in their flat, I've been fucking both boys as much as my work, home and social life allow.
    You might think I'm being cruel on my wife. But then you'd be wrong. As we first met in a kind of sexual free for all. I was shagging her then much younger boyfriend, as she was taking another mans cock up her arsehole only feet away. We hit it off weeks later at another sexual party and before I knew it, she was walking down the aisle to accept my marriage proposal. By then I already knew and had met her son Alex, and I also knew he was gay.
    And besides she loves it when I get between her legs and lick out her pussy and arsehole for hours. She can't take my cock anymore, but she sure makes sure I fuck Alex, and now Neil to satisfy my and their needs.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I was really horny last night, I was cruising craigslist but its too sketchy, so I downloaded grinder, posted that I was looking for an ass to fuck and the request started to come in. I 19 year old wanted to fuck so I went to pick him up brought him back to my place. I short at 5 foot 6 inches and didn't realize this twink was a taller stud. He gets in the shower and come back to my room clean as can be and blows me. man this guy could take all of my cock down his throat like nothing, he was amazing. he also had a big 8 inch cock and fat as can be with a huge head. he 69 and then I being to fuck him and man did he have a sweet ass. I loved being ball deep in him as I pulled his hair and held one on his hands back so had full control of fucking him as I wished we fucked for a good while and I came deep in him after fucking him hard in several different positions. He had such a nice big cock though that I wanted to ride it. I showered and came back and got to blowing his cock to make him hard and began to ride him. and holy fuck did I get the fucking of my life. a young 19 year old horny with a big dick and stamina let lose in my ass. it began with me riding him, then I got on my stomach and he began to pound me so deep I don't know how I took the fucking I relaxed all I could because If I tried to squeeze my ass muscles around his huge cock my whole insides would hurt. then he pulled me up to doggy style and had no mercy fucking my tight warm hole. I was so relaxed by this point I was begging and crying out to fuck my ass hard. I rode for a minute and he asked me to lay on my back and the fucking with that beautiful porn start cock continued. I feel completely filled up inside and stretched. I began to feel him pulsating in me and he came. OMG it was the best fucking sex night of my life so far, it was hot as hell, the clock work movement was there, it was hot it was sexy. I have one of those asses that are super hot inside so tops love it. I don't get fucked much because I have a bigger than average cock myself and most gay guys want to get fucked by it. but I do like to get fucked and man was yesterday night one of the horniest nights ever. I love a huge load in me. Man gay sex is do hot and fun I don't understand why people look down on it. last weekend I was fucking a brown, big tits, Latina, petite Mexican. and this weekend I was fucking and getting fucked by a tall white (Portuguese/Hispanic-mix of something) with a huge cock. Man sex can be an addiction.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    sadly, the Bijou theater in Chicago recently closed. i spent a good amount of time there in the late 80's and early 90's. I just sucked cocks, sitting on stool for hours waiting for any and all cocks to present themselves through the holes. On one summer night i was sitting with three glory holes and a doorway. I mus have sucked and swallowed 10 cocks in two hours. It was awesome. At one point there were three cocks sticking into my space and I couldn't suck them fast enough. Obviously some guys couldn't wait and moved on, but their places were quickly taken by other cocks. The Bijou was very close to the Cabrini green housing projects, so there was always a steady supply of BBC. I saw one very young guy, maybe 18, being gangbanged front and back in the open area. it was incredible. i remember thinking that there was no way I could take a cock like that up my ass, some were massive, rock hard black poles.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I know I'm now 56 year old guy, but I have now admitted my bisexuality to myself and feel more relaxed.
    I have always had a sexual fasination with guy's bodies.
    As young as 15, I used to frequent public toilets hoping to see other guys wanking.
    I would enter a cubicle that had a peep hole, drop my trousers, read the messages and wait.
    When a guy would enter the next cubicle and I would wait to see if his eye appeared at the peep hole.
    Which it would, then I would stand up allowing him to see my cock.
    Normally, if I bent down to look at him, he would stand to show me his cock.
    This was the start of a very horny and exciting game.
    We would take it in turns to watch each other get hard and wank for each other.
    Most times we would watch each other cum then it was all over.
    Eventually, I got braver and if I could kneel down low enough to get my cock under the divider, I normally would get my cock sucked.
    After a few months of sucking and being sucked this way, I decided I needed more interaction.
    I started writing little messages, inviting the guy round to my cubicle for me to suck his cock properly.
    Many guys would accept and I would unlock the door, sit back showing my hard cock.
    They would enter, young and older, lock the door and present their gorgeous cocks in front of me.
    By now, I had decided, that any guy willing to stand in front of me with his hard cock inches from my face, deserves to get a blow job.
    I would suck these guys to completion ensuring that I let them see my mouth full of their cum before swallowing it.
    This really got guys excited with a few asking me to fuck them.
    I proberly fucked about 5 guys during that period.
    This initial introduction as a young boy to cock fueled my addiction.

    At 17 year old, I realised that to fully enjoy another guys body, it would have to be in a more private setting.
    I rented my first flat at this time and took the opportunity of fulfilling my fantasy.
    In my local pub one night, I drunkardly invited a guy back for coffee.
    The guy was older than me and a student teacher.
    After a short chat in the lounge, I got very bold, excused myself to use the toilet, stripped naked and appeared at the lounge door.
    I let the guy get a good look at my body before vanishing into the bedroom.
    I was laying on the bed, naked when he appeared totally naked.
    This was the first time I had been totally naked with another guy.
    We were both very excited and turned on, and assumed the 69 position, allowing some serious cock sucking to take place.
    I came very quickly, filling his mouth, which he readily swallowed.
    He then asked if he could fuck me.
    My answer was to lay back, open my legs wide, allowing him between them.
    His hard cock probed my hole before slowly sliding inside.
    I now had another guys cock inside me and it felt good.
    I lifted my hips higher, pulled my legs up, and accepted his cock deeper.
    He began fucking me slowly, getting quicker and deeper.
    I wanted him to cum inside me so much, I rode his thrusts, tightening my muscles to wank his cock with my arse.
    Then he let out a deep sigh, I felt his cum enter me, and could feel it dribbling out.
    I had just been bred by an hard cock.
    That night I experienced every aspect of gay sex, even waking to being fucked.
    I was now officially bisexual.

    At 20 year old, I got married to Sarah and moved to a new apartment.
    I still had bi feelings, but they were now subdued.
    A friend of ours called Peter helped us move.
    The move took all day and ran into the early evening before we could settle down for a few beers.
    The drinks took their toll on the three of us and Sarah surprised me by offering the sofa for Peter to sleep on that night.
    In bed, Sarah felt horny and said the thought of us having sex with Peter in the next room was very exciting.
    I jokingly asked Sarah if she wanted Peter to join us and without hesitating said yes.
    I called out to Peter, telling him it was a lot warmer in our bed if he wanted to join us.
    As Peter entered the bedroom, I caught sight of his erect cock in the moonlight.
    With Sarah in the middle of me and Peter, all three of us naked, it was our first chance of a threesome.
    Sarah was naturally a sexy girl and wasted no time in allowing Peter between her legs.
    I was happily playing with Sarah's moist fanny when Peter's cock brushed my hand.
    I immediately took hold of his stiff cock and inserted it into my new wife's fanny.
    It was really horny feeling his cock slide inside her and hearing her sigh in response.
    After a short but sexy bit of fucking, Peter withdrew his cock and lay behind me.
    As I placed my cock inside Sarah I felt Peter's cock against my bottom.
    I lifted my leg and pushed back against his cock, which very easily slid inside me.
    With me fucking Sarah and Peter fucking me, we got our thrusts in sync and had the most amazing fucking session.
    That night Sarah sucked both our cocks, I sucked both of them, Peter sucked both of us and we all fucked each other.
    The bed and our bodies were soaked with a great deal of cum by morning.

    Throughout my working career, I have stayed in various motels and experienced many guys.
    The guys I have been drawn to have all been around the age of 18 to 21.
    I love the look of a younger guys body.

    The thing that's driven me to write this confession is, at 56, I have just experienced the most amazing sex with an 18 year old boy, I met recently.
    Now divorced, I'm free to choose my sex partners.
    Tony is the 18 year old I've met and the sexiest person.
    Within hours of us meeting, we were french kissing in my lounge.
    Tony stripped naked for me and allowed me to slowly kiss every inch of his body.
    The sex is fantastic, with us spending days naked in bed together just kissing, sucking and fucking each other.
    I still don't regard myself as gay, but god I love cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Back in my late teens and early twenties, I worked, moved on and worked again around Europe. I initially started out with another companion but he soon got homesick, so I carried on alone mostly with other friends sometimes coming to join me.
    Throughout I decided after a drunken night, I was going to allow mostly farmers who wanted to, to fuck me for a free room, free food and some money.
    The first farmer to fuck me, had me suck on his dick first as his wife was getting their kids to bed. He told me if I sucked him off and let him fuck me, he'd let me stay in their rental for free and still pay me the money he owed for the work. I was drunk on cider and decided what the hell. Sucking on his cock wasn't that bad at all, and I found as he said I was a natural at it. Taking his cock up my arsehole was a different story though as it hurt so much.
    It was on the fouth attempt to fuck me properly, that my arsehole gave way and it began to feel really good. From then on each day for about three months, we'd find time and somewhere to fuck.
    Moving on with all the work done, I got my next work at a machine shop in France. The owner made it pretty clear he wanted to have sex, so each night after the other men left, we went into his office and he'd have me suck on his little dick, then I bend over and take his twenty or so pumps up my arsehole, before he shot his load.
    France, Switzerland, Germany (Lots in Germany) Italy and back over to France via Belgium. Each town or rural place I got work, I also found there were lots of men (Mostly married) willing to fuck me to provide me with accommodation, food and money.
    By the time I went back home (Two and half years) I'd had sex with forty two different men. And to a man they all pretty much wanted me to stay longer. But I had itchy feet and as arsehole that wanted another man's cock deep inside of it.
    To this day I seek out married men and have sex with them. I'm now married myself and take precautions, which I never did as a younger man. I was lucky I guess, but then taking a cock bareback is far superior. And feeling their cum spurting deep inside my bowels never failed to get me off.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    One summer my parents put me on a Grey Hound to ship me off to my Uncles place on a Farm. I had never been away from home and I was 15 years old. I sat in the last seat on the bus and soon started feeling sick from the fumes of the bus. I moved to the middle of the bus. There were not a lot of people on the bus until we stopped at our next stop and it filled up fast. This young guy sat next to me thin and sort of girly looking and when he talked sounded feminine. He was nice but for some reason made me uneasy. I did not know a lot about gay people other than what I saw on TV and that was always some guy in pink talking and acting flamboyant. We talked and I soon fell asleep. I awoke to the guy putting a cover over me when I looked he said you looked cold. I fell back to sleep. I awoke again to the man under the cover with my cock in his mouth. It felt so good I did not say anything and acted like I was still asleep. he sucked until I shot my cum and he did not stop sucking until I was all done. He sat back in his seat and started to read a book. When I woke up he was getting up to leave as the buss pulled into another stop. It was the first time I had ever been sucked. He said have a good trip kid as he walked away. I sat there looking out the window and got hard thinking about it. I could not wait to get sucked again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    How I became addicted to sucking cock.

    It all started when I got a summer job as a teen working for a roofing company. I was the gopher I got tools nails etc. for the guys so they did not have to climb up and down off the roof. I brought them coffee and lunch etc. what ever they needed. One day I showed for work and there was only two guys working the rest were on another job sight. I went right to picking up the junk and putting it in the dumpster. It was hot as hell so we all had no shirts just shorts and work boots. Danny the one guy was only a few years older than me. Sam the other guy was older and left early to pick up his kids from school. This left just me and Danny working. It was a new house being built so we ate lunch inside out of the sun. Danny was a toned tan guy very good looking with dark hair. He had a hairy chest and legs and the sweat made his hair show up more on his body. I was medium build blonde hair and more smooth as my hair had not grown in on my chest.
    I had watched him often thinking how sexy he was. I had not had sex yet, any kind of sex other than with my hand. Danny teased me about being a virgin all the time. As we sat and ate our lunch he sat on a pile of dry wall and I was on the floor. He sat with his legs spread wide and as I looked I could see the head of his cock peeking out from his shorts. I must have been staring at it because he moved his leg so it was more visible to me. I looked away but caught him smile as I guessed he knew what I was doing. Danny started talking about some chick he was fucking and going into deep detail about what they had done. I listened and laughed as he told his sex stories. He asked me to hand him a Coke from the cooler as I did I tried to hide my obvious hard on. As I bent over to get the Cole he whistled and said damn nice ass there virgin I said fuck off and laughed but inside I was feeling my sexual nerves getting to a boiling point.
    He talked about getting his cock sucked by some guy in a bathroom telling me it was the best blow job he ever had. I was burning up sexually hearing him tell this story and in my mind I was the guy sucking him. Before I knew what was happening he stood over me and pulled his shorts down flopping his cock out right in my face. He said dude I see you watching me so if you want to see it here it is. I looked at him then his cock. I was not sure about size back then but it looked big to me all swelled up hard hanging there. I tried to play it off and told him to fuck off you are dreaming bud I said. He laughed and said no bud this is your dream I can see it in your eyes. I went to push him away and he grabbed my hand and put it right on his cock. Fuck I thought to my self this is not real his cock is in my hand. It felt good hard and warm so I kept holding it. He looked down at me I was sitting on a 5 gallon paint can. He started to pump it in my hand so I wrapped my hand around it as he pushed it in and out of my fingers circling his cock. In no time he shot his cum all over much of it on my chest and arm. He shot thick white globs and they ran down my tan skin. He pulled back from my hand and pulled his shorts back on.
    He acted as if nothing had happened and went back to talking about what he was going to do for the weekend. I just went along as if nothing had happened I whipped the cum on a drop cloth from the painters and we went back to work. The next work day Danny showed up at my house to give me a ride I walked or road my bike to the work sights because I had not gotten a car yet. I was just on my way when I saw him pull up. My heart started to race when I saw him pull up in his truck I had beaten off many times thinking about his cock and him shooting his cum on me.
    Climb in Virgin he said I will give you a ride. We drove off he told me about his weekend and other chit chat. He sat there in the seat looking so hot and sexy I was really drawn to him and hoped he would let me touch him again I really liked it. we got to work and started the day he kept winking at me all day and smiling it was making me blush and a bit afraid he would tell the other guys what I had done. After work he said hop in I will drive ta home but first he had to stop at his place to pick something up. We got to his place and he incited me in. He lived in a single wide trailer in a trailer park. We went in and he gave me a beer and asked if I was in a hurry to get home? I said no so we sat on the couch and drank beer. He picked up the remote and turned on the tv instantly up popped a porn of some chick sucking a guys dick. We sat and watched and I was getting hard. I could see he was also and was not shy about rubbing on his under his shorts. He said fuck man I am horned up I need to bust a nut how about you. I felt a bit uncomfortable but I really wanted to see his cock again. He peeled down his shorts and his cock popped out and slapped against his hairy tummy. I looked over his cock went all the way to his bellybutton. It was thick and uncut and his balls where large and hung way low. He started to pump on it so I pulled my shorts down I was not as big as him and felt a bit inadequate next to him. I started to jerk acting like I was watching the porn but looking at him from the corner of my eye. He reached over took my hand and put it on his cock I instantly started to jerk on it. He leaned back and let me play with it. I did so for a while then he asked if I would like to suck it.
    I said I did not know I had never he said he would tell me what to do. I did want to but the whole thing was freaking me out I mean I had never but even in the air conditioned room I felt like I was burning in a fire. My face felt hot and my cock was so hard. He put his hand on the back of my head and guided my face towards his swollen cock. He lifted it up as it lay tight to his toned six pack and guided the head to my lips. He said just lick on it to start. I put my tongue out and licked at the skin covering his head. He took his other hand and pulled back the skin and the head popped out from under it. As I licked he had leaked and I could taste it not bad I thought like nothing I had ever tasted before. I instinctively took the head in my mouth like I had seen them do in porn. His hand on the back of my head pushed lightly to guide his cock farther into my mouth. I could smell him his sweat and a bleach like smell that turned me on for some reason that mixed with beer and sun screen was driving me into a sexual frenzy. I slid my mouth down farter on his cock it felt so good in my mouth it was hot on my lips and soft on my tongue. Suddenly like I had been doing this all my life I started to suck on him. He spread his legs and put my hand on his balls. I held them jn my hand as I sucked. He lay his head back and would moan to let me know if I was doing it right. Soon he was calling out telling me to suck his fucking cock and his dirty talk mad me work harder on it.
    I sucked for a long time my jaw was starting to hurt as I took more and more of his cock. I was so lost in sucking him and feeling as if it was just so natural for me to be doing this. I heard him say he was going to cum. His hand clamped down on my head pushing his cock deep in my mouth locking me there as he shot off in my mouth. I was surprised by this but as his cum filled my mouth it tasted good so I just let it happen. He let out a large load and some ran out of my mouth and down my chin. I flicked my tongue on the shaft wanting to milk all I could. He pulled me off let out a yeee haaa fuck dud that was great he said. There I was on my knees his cum running down my chin feeling so warm and happy. He looked right at me and said you did that before didn't you? I said no never he seemed to not believe me. I swear I never. he said then you are a natural dude that was the best ever. I felt proud and happy inside to hear that. He wiped off on a shirt he had laying on couch then took his finger and scooped up the cum from my chin and pushed it into my mouth. I sucked it off his finger and he said watch it dude or I will get hard and make you suck me again. I smiled and said cool love to. He laughed and said Oh fuck I may have created a cum monster. he pulled up his pants got me another beer and we sat chatting. I was still hard but he did not seem to care about my needs just his own. My cock went down but it hurt from being so hard. He drove me home and said anytime you want to come over or what ever your always welcome. I ran in the house to my room and beat off to what had happened.
    I took him up on his invitation and was pretty much sucking him off everyday after work and sometimes on the way to work or at work when it was just us. I was Danny's cock sucker and I was happy to do it it was not love just two guys giving each other what that wanted. I wanted cock to suck and he wanted his sucked. I even sucked off some of his friends and his cousin who came to visit. I would always suck him off first then who ever he had around who needed it. I sucked off his landlord a few times when he was running late on the rent. Yes I was in love in love with sucking cock it was like I had been born to do it and it got so I could not get enough. Danny moved away I later got married my wife is bi also so we have our side stuff her with a chick me with a dick. She loves to watch me suck cock we are perfect for each other. I wonder where Danny got to and what he looks like now would love to suck him again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I am a male 6" cut, been married twice. I have a male cousin in Fla., my Momma's brothers son. when he turned 8 or 9, I knew he was gay. When he was in middle school 11 or 12 yrs old he would always sit in my lap and and try to kiss me in my mouth, hugging on me all the time. My aunt and uncle would all the time yell at him to leave Sean(me)alone. I never thought much of it, at that age,14, I was still a kid too and did crazy things as well.

    One night that same summer, he would try to get in bed with me, we had twin beds, so not much room. He would get back in his bed and tell me he just wanted to cuddle with me like he use to do with my auntie. he seemed really depressed so I let him in my bed. I rolled over with my back to him and he put his arm around me and hugged me up.
    I woke up middle of the night and he was jacking my cock and came around the bed and started sucking me. It took me aabout 2 min of that and I came, hard, very hard. This was my first ejaculation other than mu own hand job.

    This happened every night for another 7 or 8 dsys. I started sleeping on my back and soon as he thought I was sleep he would pull my dick out suck on it and jack it, I would lie there pretending to be asleep and let him have at it. finally i couldn't take it no more, he was relentless and kept on jacking and sucking so I turned him over on his side and rammed my cock in his ass. My first fuck and it would have to be a cousin, Bobby!

    Believe it or not we never talked about this and we never did it again. Next summer in Fla. he had 2 buddies that hung out with him all the time, and I was a little dissapointed, no ass for me.

    I'm now married with kids, but every so often I'm looking for some cock.

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    Gay Male / 18

    My older brother is bi and started me out when I was a number of years younger than the posting age above. I went to a party with him and we made a deal that I was open for a train in the smaller bedroom.

    My little butthole was virgin, an underage twink with a curious butthole. My brother did his job and the guys started coming in as I was on my stomach on the bed. One after another, they entered the room, fucked me, leaving my asshole hot and wet for the next. I lost count at 15 and did not know if there were repeats or not. I sensed that two had returned more than once due to their large sizes.

    My butthole was dripping with cum and that seemed to make them hotter since one or two mentioned that my hole was nicely used. One said, what a lovely bubble hole. I'm going to be able to dump consecutive loads into this. He then did just that.

    We went home and my brother said, that he counted 22 with repeats. My hole was sore and pulsating but soon enough hungry for more.

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    Gay Male / 49

    When we were teens we roamed the streets. As we got older we would sneak out at night and go find a place to talk. That is how we came upon the spot where gay men would go to make out in the car. Watching them kiss made me want to kiss. I snuck out alone to go watch the gay men make out. I would sit behind this small wall where I could watch and masturbate while the gay men kissed.

    It was like a lightning bolt the day I realized that when a head went down they were sucking each other off. I would hold on to my hard cock and imagine, because I had never seen a man suck off another man, so I would imagine how they did it. All summer long, and later in the fall, I would sneak out and go watch. At night, I had trouble because if I got to thinking about it, I would masturbate in my underpants.

    One day at school I was in the boys room when the maintenance man came in and he stood at the urinal beside me and peed and I got a good look at his cock. I memorized it. After than I had a cock so suck when I fantasized about it and masturbated. I started taking my time when we went to the movies, hanging out in the men's room after the show, getting a good look at men when they peed. Some men held their hand over their cock, but others just stood there and peed and was able to get a good look.

    It was in the movie theater, during one of the shows that I got up in the middle of the movie to go pee, that I was standing beside this man and he caught me looking at him. He told me to let him see, to back off of the urinal and let him see. He grabbed my cock, and he told me to grab his. There we stood, in the men's room, with my first cock in my hand, and he said that now we were friends.

    He would watch the same movie I did, and he would get up in the middle of the show, and I would then get up and we would meet in the men's room and wait until we were alone and he would suck my cock. He had to be fast because we didn't know if anyone else would come in. But even if it was just 30 seconds, his hot mouth on my cock felt like an hour. Sometimes, while he was taking a pee he would let me hold his cock. He told me when I was older he would let me suck his cock, if I wanted.

    The movie theater was a problem, so he told me where to meet him after the movie. I would ride my bike after the movie, and go meet him behind the bank where there was an empty lot and he would suck my cock for along time. He would also kiss me on the mouth, and hold my cock in his hand.

    It wasn't until I got into the army that I had my first chance to suck another soldier's cock. He was from Alabama, and he let me, because he said he knew there were just some guys who needed to suck a cock. We did basic together and we were deployed together, we both went to Korea. In Korea we found other guys who liked having their cocks sucked and other guys who like to suck cock and we partied together. In Korea I became an all around queer. The guy who got to me the first time was a farm boy who told me he had been fucking since he was sixteen. I didn't care, I just wanted him to fuck me and he did.

    By the time that we got back from our term of service, I was trained in communications and was pretty good at running radio equipment and other communications equipment. I stayed on the west coast, found my way into television, and got into the scene there. It was regal, lots of guys were flocking to the west coast and being that I had experience, I was able to flag those that liked other men. That was the golden era.

    Of course, life takes its toll, and along the way you get to want a companion, and in my early fifties I settled down with a roommate who was a carpenter. We both had our pasts, we reveled in the stories, and he liked me to tell him about my friend I had made in the movie theatre when I was a kid. There was something about that man sucking me off that turned him on, so the story took on a life of itself and has become a part of my daily conscious thought. I can close my eyes and remember those kisses and how he worked my cock in his mouth. I know now that he really enjoyed it, and so did I.

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