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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Divorced after twenty three years I moved to another job with my company to change towns and get away from my ex-wife and all the drama around her. Our kids are in college so I thru with child support but of course I help my kids with their college expenses. I settled in, found a grocery store, a barber shop, a gas station, all the neighborhood services and for a pharmacy I settled on the CVS because of its location. I am only on medication for blood pressure and every month I went to get the refill and the pharmacist assistant was always nice and we had the proverbial two minute conversation.

    Then I ran into him at Starbucks on Saturday morning. At first it was hello and that's it but he came over and sat with me and I had no choice but to have a conversation. The long and short of it is he suggested, not asked bur really he asked, he suggested that maybe I wanted to try this seafood restaurant about ten mile away and he offered to drive. He drove a nice later model car and he was an obviously very experienced driver and we had lunch and after lunch he suggested, again it is not that he invited me, he suggested that if I wanted he would show me where he lived. At his place it was obvious that he lived alone, he showed me the place, the back porch, his garage and his collector car in the garage, we went back inside and he offered me a glass of wine, I don't drink wine but he didn't have any beer so I had to settle for a glass of wine.

    Siting there staring at each other he just came out and said he was gay and he wanted to show me how gay he was. He assured me that I didn't have to do anything, he would do the work and I would enjoy the results. Why not get naked, get in the hot tub. Why I followed I keep asking myself but I was naked in the hot tub with him and he was swimming over and grabbing my cock and swimming back and asking me if I wanted him to swim over under water. He swam over underwater and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me a couple of times really hard before having to come up for breath. This time he let himself sink onto his knees in front of me and he didn't let go of my cock which he gently stroked under water, dipping his head from time to time to take a long hard suck.

    He pulled himself out of the water and standing on the bench with a foot on either side of me he leaned forward offering he his cock to suck. He hit my face several times with his cock and when I opened my mouth he dropped it in and let me suck for a couple of minutes. He pulled his cock out and told me it was time to go upstairs and I would find out what men do together and he promised I would like it. He was inventive I guess, he used his hands and he made sure he kept me hard by stroking me and sucking me, he stayed hard and kept grinding against my leg or stomach or side, or against my cheek and letting me suck him. He took my face in his and said the coup de gras is to kiss and he kissed me and asked me if I was ready. He fucked me slowly at first, letting me get on my hands and knees but later asking me to get on my back and he fucked me keeping eye contact until he came.

    During the whole game, from the hot tub until he came with me I was in a world that I never knew. He definitely knew what to do, he was sure of himself but not overbearing, he gave me every opportunity to enjoy sucking him and once I got over being kissed he showed me how good that was. We see each other often, not that he is asking me out, he suggests that we get a hamburger, or drive downtown to go to the art fair, or go over to his house and enjoy the hot tub. We have sex, I am not uncomfortable any more and I do enjoy sucking his cock like he says and we do always finish with him fucking me. It is hard to explain but I look forward to it, its not sex unless we fuck.

    I did have a bit of a problem facing my kids but I cover it up pretty good and they don't know, they are into their college life. My ex who cares, she is dating a banker guy and he will learn what its like but not just yet, she is good at sex, but gets on your nerves after a while. In the meantime I get together with my Pharmacist friend when he suggests that we get together, which is often and I look forward to spending the weekend with him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I've always been turned on by some types of guys but I'd never done anything. I dated one girl over a year & we had a lot of sex. I still like her but she has another boyfriend now. Last year in 11th grade, I was hanging out a lot with a person from math class who is gay. I was helping him some with math & he liked a lot of the RPG I have from my dad. Those are all types of retro from 90s. We were doing those a lot. He doesn't like outdoor stuff so I was doing that with other friends. I'd noticed at school that he has a nice butt. That's what I notice a lot about other guys. I even masturbated thinking about that stuff & even about him. I like gay porn as much as straight porn but mostly the bb. I always end up wanting to do it to the one who is on top. After a few times coming to my house, this guy did come on to me. We'd watched a little porn just from my tab. He'd never done much but he'd had a bf & he said they did oral. He sucked on mine some & I felt his butt. I wanted to do it & he was going to let me. It wasn't so easy at first like it looks in porn. I had to use a lot of lube & it did take a while to get it to go in. It felt great once it was in & I did it how I'd done with my ex gf. That's the only way I know how to do it. He was liking it after it hurting at first. He was on his stomach & I was on top of him.

    It kept feeling like mine was going to get off in him. He kept telling me to try to hold off longer. I thought he needed that to make him get off at the same time but he wanted me to pull out right before so he could suck it when it was get off time. I was so horny from how it felt that I didn't think anything about it so I told him it was about to go & pulled out fast. He had to turn over fast & I had to move up so he could go on it in time but he did get it in his mouth before it started. It was intense how it felt when it was getting off & he was doing his then so it went at the same time. After mine got off, I started to think about how he got turned on doing that when mine had just been in his butt. I didn't say anything though. After that, we did it like that a lot but sometimes it was just getting off in his butt. Other times he wanted to just suck it. We still do it sometimes & I like it but after it gets off when it's pull out so he can finish it in his mouth, I don't know how that part turns him on. I did find some porn where guys do it that same way so it's not just us but I can't figure out how that part turns him on. It's not like there has ever been anything on my penis pulling out other than pre stuff. He's always clean but it's just this weird idea that I get. I do like how it feels more when inside his butt than my ex gf the other way. It feels tighter & some reason it makes me more turned on hearing him moaning when I do it. Whatever it is about, I'm bi but I've been doing more gay sex for almost a year now with him. We are both 18 now & will be done with school in a few months. I don't know if we are dating or if this is just sex only but I think he likes me more for a bf. We never kissed but I know he wants me to do that. No one knows about this. My parents think I'm straight. None of my other friends would even think I'm doing stuff like this with him.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I started a job for a pipeline construction company and the first day I was sent to orientation. It was an all day affair and we had to take two hours of harassment training and there was a whole hour of be nice to your coworker lecture. All for a job where there were no women. I got hired to work on the pipeline project. The guy that sat beside me was the same, going to the pipeline. We sat together when we had our lunch and he was also a vet and we talked shop a little and after lunch we both ended up at the urinals. It is a wink in the eye sort of thing, a smile and I looked over and he held it out and he looked over and I held it out. There are times you just want to suck on a dick.

    We were both staying at the Holiday Inn across the street from the orientation and we got together for dinner and we went back to his room. I sat on the bed and he let it out and I spent a good five minutes enjoying his dick in my mouth. He suggested we get naked so we took our clothes off and he wanted to hump, he was hard and he was ready so I told him to do it and he was in and he slow fucked for a little while and then hard fucked and he came and pulled out. I laid back on the bed and jerked off slowly until I shot my stuff onto my stomach.

    It was the beginning of a year long relationship. He was definitely driven to top and I am definitely driven to bottom and we were natural, a chance encounter at an orientation, we asked to be sent to the same camp and we worked side by side for almost a year. We bunked together and stuck together and the hard work just made us want to get together and fuck some more. We parted company after a year, he took a job in Denver and we had one last night and he was gone the next morning. I have to say that he is the one I miss. The others come and go but I don't think about them. It has been 20 years this month and I still have good thoughts about him.

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    Gay Male / 20

    Monday to Wednesday, they visit our apartment between three and five in the afternoon. Usually after they've gotten off work. Invariably I'll already be waiting on our bed, kneeling and lubed up. Some want me to suck on their dicks first to get them hard, but most are already erect. Putting on the condoms I supply, they coat their cocks in lube and proceed to fuck me.
    Some of the men take no more than a minute or two, others take longer. Only two regulars fuck me long enough to make me cum without me having to touch my own cock. Fucking me for as long as it takes, the men all know I like it rough and to a man they fuck me hard.
    Depending on the man or my sexual mood, I'll have them fuck me doggy, or missionary. The two older men who take the longest, pretty much always insist on fucking me missionary, and they both like to kiss. It's not normally something I do, but it gets them off quicker and stronger as they thrust into me.
    When each of the men have shot their load up me, filling the condom, I remove it, suck their cocks clean and offer them a clean towel. Before they leave, they drop their "Fee" into my jar and that's it, they go.
    If two show up together, which sometimes happens, it's their choice. Either one waits and fucks me afterwards, or they take turns to fuck me. If they want to spit roast me, or in some cases double fuck my ass, they pay more.
    No one calls after five, as I get myself cleaned up and ready for him returning home. He's normally home by six thirty and I'll have his meal ready for him. After eating he'll have me relay everything that I've done, leaving out no details. And then my "daddy" will fuck the shit out of me bareback.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Lost nearly all of our money. No bank cards and we've just had two nights of our fortnights holiday. My girlfriend who I'm on the island to propose to and make my fiancee, doesn't know I've lost the money, nor do I want her to know as she'll be so disappointed. She's sun bathing by the pool and I'm fretting with what little we've got left. With no where to go and not an idea in my head, other than asking her parents to bail me out (No fucking chance), I speak to the hotel manager. Who in turn speaks over the phone to the owner. Telling my fiancee I'm nipping out for an hour to sort out a special night out, She smiles at me and says "Ok" touching my cock through my shorts.

    The decision wasn't really a hard one to make.

    An upgrade to the hotels best room. The rest of our holidays spending money sorted, and an invite back free of any expense, if I suck off the owner Giorgos and let him fuck me whenever he wants my arsehole.

    We're back on the Greek island in May. It's been booked and paid for by Giorgos and my fiancee couldn't be happier. However if she knew just how many times during our September holiday last year, Giorgos had me suck on his dick and fucked my arsehole, we wouldn't be getting married in June.

    The first time we met in his huge home, I got on my knees as he lay by his pool stroking his long thick cock. Opening my mouth, I closed my eyes and thought of the money and keeping my future fiancee happy. And surprisingly not only did I find myself enjoying the feeling of his pulsating cock in my mouth, I also learned I was quite good at giving head. Giorgos held my head that afternoon and pretty much forced his cock down my throat, and I took the lot. I even swallowed his cum load when he came and heard him saying how good I was.

    My girlfriend wondered how I'd gotten so much more euro's as I'd counted it earlier on our new hotel rooms bed, but didn't press it as I tongued her pussy and clit. The night out by the way, was at one of Giorgos's two restaurants and it was all paid for by him.

    During the rest of the trip, after I'd proposed to my girlfriend that night in Giorgos's place, my fiancee who obviously said yes, was over the moon. And Giorgos was fucking mine, daily. My future wife loved sun bathing on our private sun roof and long spa afternoons which were all arranged and paid for by Giorgos. I during that holiday apparently loved keeping fit and jogging each morning and early evening. Or in truth I visited his villa and had the large Greek man shove his cock down my throat and up my arsehole, as much as he wanted to. Some days it was a relief to swim in the pool or the sea, just to relieve my arsehole from the pounding it had just received.

    We are back in Greece in May, and I already know Giorgos is looking forward to having his little English lad bounce up and down on his cock. By way of preparation I've been jogging again, plus I've also been learning some Greek. All the words Giorgos spoke when fucking me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I really was fortunate to discover my sexuality at an early age with another (older) boy who was so tender. I was friends with him for a while and had a young boy on a older boy crush. I had no idea what sex was let alone gay sex and when it happened it was a real sweet surrender. He talked me through the penetration calming any last minute reluctance and made my first fuck a wonderful experience. Laying beneath him all in inside of me and the slow rhythmic fucking feeling his balls tight between my smooth inner thighs was as memorable as the two warm pulsating orgasm that flooded my innocence.
    I definitely felt different afterwards and it is something I have a difficulty explaining. I'm sure other guys who enjoyed their first experience as much as I did understand completely.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Okay, it's kind of weird? As a kid I experimented with a few other boys and actually went all the way with one of them. It was an adolescent thing and as I got older I focused on girls. Two years ago just before I got married I slept with a guy. He was substantially older and convinced me to be with a man before I was married. It made sense, he knew nothing of my boyish curiosities and just the same went for it all partying with him and his friends. It became a very embarrassing situation and I was forced to look for another job right afterwards. My wife has no idea!
    It's recently happened again not once but three times. I love my wife and sex with her is phenomenal but submission to another man is something wonderful also???

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    Straight Male / 18

    This is a confession but also a question. I know what causes people to end up in closets. I'm 18 last year HS but my parents are doctors. I know that the only gay people in closets are those from homes where one or more parents have acted like gay is wrong or a sin. Kids with parents like mine if they were gay or bi would say so & be encouraged to date same sex if they wanted. My parents would have said I need a boyfriend if I had been gay. Really, my dad for sure would have said find a nice boy your age to date but I'm straight. As said, if I wanted to or was bi or gay, I could date another guy no problem at all. This means, I don't know how to state it clearer, I'm not gay or bi.

    I have four close friends from school that I've known for years. One is gay. I've always known that. He's never been in a closet. His parents are cool with it all. They aren't dumb or religious freaks. Like my parents, they are Atheists 100% with the once dead, it's forever so live life to fullest. We are the type of guys who were abused with a fake hell everlasting if we were bad boys. We don't believe in the Easter Bunny or any other bullshit fiction. Every friend has stayed at my house. One time all did but my mom won't allow it since she's always saying we run around & someone will get hurt. I don't agree but it's her house. Three weeks ago just like times before, my gay friend stayed over. We played video games late. My room has a bathroom & French Doors lead to his room. Both have other doors to a hall but I leave the French ones open in case he has to piss late at night. I've always gone to my underwear at night & sleep that way so I've been around him like that many times. We've looked at both gay & straight porn. We divide it up some. I know what gay guys do. I think it's nice but I wasn't ever turned on by it as in wanting to do things that way. Most of the porn he showed me is one guy making love to another. It looks just like a guy with a girl in how it goes imo unless the two are sucking each other off but that's still oral which a guy does with a girl too just she doesn't have a penis. I always jerk off before I go to sleep. He can't see that from his room. You can't see one bed to another. My room is large so it's a long ways one bed to another room's bed. I thought he probably jerked off too but he calls it fap. I never thought he had the hots for me because he's very verbal about stuff. He told another boy at school that he liked his extra phone stuck in his pants because it looked big. That's a straight boy too. He's not as gay friendly but that's why he said that. I'm still very protective of him because a couple of years ago some other boys were bothering him. I had to get in between that & risk a real fight. They backed down because I'm bigger. I'm the taller boy who does work out a lot so no one is likely to mess with me at school. My gay friend is a skinny boy & he's only about 5'8". I'm 6'2" so I'm in the taller range at school. I play sports hard but my friend hates sports. We both like video games.

    Anyway, 3 weekends ago after looking at a little porn, we went to bed. I waited a few minutes then got my lube that I jerk with. He walked in right then to the bathroom. I hide my lube under my covers so he wouldn't see it. I didn't want him to know I was going to jerk off. Same as if he was one of straight friends. When he came out of bathroom, he said he saw my lube. He then asked why I needed to DO THAT. I didn't know if he meant use lube or jerk off. I said I like lube but don't have to use it. I can do it without that. He freaked me out a little. He said that I knew he liked me all that time & that I know he's gay so with him there, why do I need to do anything when he's right there. I was like oh shit. I reminded him he knows I'm straight & not a straight guy hiding from being straight lol You know I care about you dude. We are like brothers but I didn't know you liked me that way. We ended up talking a long time. After that, I ended up getting my dick sucked three times over an hour. I heard him in the other room moaning so loud when he went to bed. I knew he was going to jerk off but I'd never heard another guy moan around me. He was so loud & I knew he was thinking about me when it happened. I felt so bad. My question isn't if I'm gay too. Only the person knows their truth & mine is I'm straight but yes it felt really good getting my dick sucked like that. Question is, is this hurting him? I don't ever want him hurt. I'm talking about emotionally. Is he in love or if I keep letting him do this will he fall in love with me? He has sucked it since then. Once in the bathroom at school when no one was around & two other weekends. I can't say no when he wants to do that. I like how he makes it feel & I know he likes to do that but does he really want more? Do you think he wants me to make love to him like guys do in gay porn? I'm sure from how he is that he wouldn't want to make love to me so it's either that or does he feel real love for me? I need help to say no if this is going to end up hurting him. If he's okay, it's good as it is. Thanks. My name is Bradley or just Brad. This is serious thing & is true going on stuff.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I'm currently in a 5 year relationship with a great woman and I plan on spending my life with her. What she doesn't know is I secretly like to buy cocaine once in awhile and spend the entire weekend watching pork, stroking my 7 " cock, and having guys come over from manhunt and silverdaddies.**m and feed me there big thick cocks. I get so horny on cocaine that I cant get enough. Love to suck off big blsck cock the most, simply becousd it's so taboo. Nothing better then being in panties, on your knees sucking big cock for fun or face down getting fucked and feeling like a dirty slut. Going to do it sunday, it's been awhile, I secretly love big cock and being told what to do. Give it to me daddy!!!

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    Straight Male / 23

    My dick went gay on me two months ago. I'd been married four years & had a good sexlife with my wife three of those years. We were doing it a lot. My dick was used to getting off. All you guys here know the big difference between getting yourelf off & blowing a load during sex. I can relate to you top guys on that most but I'm sure it's similar for bottom gay guys or maybe the same. When my wife got pregnant, she didn't want sex & was refusing even to give me a blow. It was like when I was single. Back to jerking off when I couldn't take it anymore. I'd been on the same job for over five years then since I was 18. There was a gay guy in my office about two years. I knew him from work & even saw him at walmart a few times & at a Christmas party. He'd had a live in boyfriend from what I heard. November last year he was in a car wreck. His car destroyed but he was okay. No one hurt. His insurance would not replace it & only paid one week rental. We were all talking about who could help him out & an older lady ended up taking him to work & he lives on my way home so I said no prob at all for me to drop him at his apartment. That first day, I got to know him more in 20 minutes than in the two years work. That's how it is when in person out of work talking. I found out he didn't have a boyfriend in months. He was having all types of financial problems. I felt bad for him since he was having a lot of hard times. On the fourth day taking him home, the conversation went to not dating & I mentioned how I could relate. It was to me as if he was straight too just man to man talk. I told him how I was like a single man too in the not getting off area too because of my wife reacting to pregnancy & continuing after she gave birth.

    I was technically talking about sex but not thinking about sex. That's how it is with two straight men. You can talk sex but you're not thinking about it. Maybe that's how it is if two gay guys who are both top or both bottom types talk. I realize now how sexual things can happen between a straight & gay guy by chance. While I was talking of things in one way, he was obviously thinking in another way. I think he thought I was hinting for favors. It turns out I know he likes my looks & always had. In my car that day, we went from talkative to total silence. After I'd said I could relate to being single he asked how long since I'd got off. I told him & it had been a few days since I'd even played with it. That's when his hand went between my legs & he was rubbing. Total silence. It was like slow motion for me. I was really shocked by that but my dick got hard fast. I wasn't sure if he wanted to just jerk it for me or if he wanted to blow it off for me but remembering how good orgasm feels from blow, my mind went to that. He was messing with my zipper so I pulled it out for him. I turned down a road to take a back way & helped him get my pants off so I could sit back with my legs spread wide instead of that feeling with your pants in the way. I didn't say suck it but he went down on it because that's what he'd wanted all along. He was sucking my nuts & he went to my dick. His face was buried between my legs & his warm mouth felt good. It was a point where I wanted to feel orgasm so bad from good blow but at same time, I didn't want it to blow off too fast so I was trying to hold off but it felt so ready. When I couldn't hold off much longer, I thought maybe I should warn him in case he doesn't want it to blow in his mouth but I didn't want that part to just get jerked off instead so I didn't say anything. I felt my orgasm about to start & for some reason I was trying so hard not to make a sound but as I felt that powerful ejaculation start, I did moan. There we were two men going down the street, one with his dick in the mouth of another moaning & one with a big dick in his mouth. That's pretty gay imo It was the best blow I'd ever felt. I'd never had it from a guy before. Maybe it was just how he did it or maybe gay guys really do it better. This went on a few times in my car but a few days later, we went ahead & started doing it at his apartment.

    Since then, there hasn't been much sex with my wife but that's not bothering me much. He's been both blowing it off for me & he really loves to do that so it's not just that I like how it feels. I've seen his dick a lot of times now because he jerks it when mine is about to blow. I've felt it & jerked on it some but he seems to like to do it himself. Maybe I don't do it right. I don't know. I don't mind jerking it off for him. I like how it feels to hold another dick. First dick I've touched other than my own but I get the feeling he really likes it how we are doing stuff instead of anything else. I like it too.

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