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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    My wife travelled on a bus with two French people going to a market this morning. I'm just recovering from fucking the French families son, who are staying in the next apartment to us. He's called Jean, he's seventeen years old and an effeminate gay lad.
    He first came onto me a couple of nights back as his parents were chatting to my wife in French. He told me he liked muscular older men. Then said he'd suck me off, if we could get away.
    Telling my wife and his mum and dad, we were going to look at old shipwreck close to the shoreline near our apartments, I actually lead him into the scrub land close by.
    Without a pause he sucked in my cock when I dropped my shorts, and wow did the kid suck cock like a pro.
    He was so good and so ravenous sucking on my dick, I only lasted about five minutes. But by then I knew I wanted more. The next day after lunch, we snook off across the beach and I had him blow me behind some huge rocks. Again he was so into it, when I came I flooded his mouth and throat.
    This morning he cornered me, saying he'd love me to fuck him. Waiting until his parents and my wife were boarding the bus, telling his parents I'd look after him round the pool, I invited him into our apartment and we quickly got to it. Sucking in my cock, he spun around and I got to see his spindly cock for the first time.
    It's also the first time I've ever sucked cock as we got into a sixty nine. His cock felt strange at first, but I soon began to enjoy the taste and feel of his little throbbing cock in my mouth.
    Eventually as I was getting that feeling, I stopped him and I had him kneel up in front of me. Bending down I did another first. Gripping his arse cheeks, I pulled them apart and stuck my tongue straight into his delicious arsehole. Devouring his fuck hole I thought about I was going to use as lube. That's when Jean said "please fuck me" in his cute french accent. Getting up I quickly went into the kitchen and returned smothering his arsehole with margarine. Seconds later I put my cock head to his hole and thrust in.
    It was an amazing feeling and I just knew the fuck was going to change my life.
    Hearing the young man moan with absolute pleasure, I found myself fucking him with force, telling him how good his fuck hole felt. Jean reply was "Tu es mon premier".
    The virgin he was, was no more.
    I didn't know until later what he'd said. Even so I sensed a true feeling of enjoyment and real need in him. So I plunged my cock from its head, right down to my balls time after time, and was rewarded with a young seventeen year old French lad cumming like an express train.
    His cum coated the top cover and I could see it in small cum loads everywhere. Leaning over him, I kissed the back of his neck and my cock exploded. Each and every spurt filling his hole making me tell him he was amazing.
    It didn't end there. I was still so turned on, my cock remained hard. Maneuvering us around I had Jean mount my cock and watched as the boy thoroughly enjoyed himself on my cock. His penis remained soft as he fucked himself on my dick, yet he still managed to cum with a milky watery load dripping from his young cock. Once he'd cum, Jean fell forwards and it was then I first kissed another male passionately. His mouth circled mine as we embraced, and I came for a second time.
    Lay together kissing, we only realised the time when my wife text to say they were on the bus back. By the time they got to the apartments, myself and Jean were by the pool, having only just dunked ourselves in.
    I made up something about us viewing the shipwreck and then taking a walk along the shore. My wife said I should show him more of the area in the morning. Jeans mother and father said that would be too much of my time. I responded "It's fine, Jean wants to do some snorkeling".
    Knowing this area and coastline well, I already know where I'll take Jean tomorrow to fuck him all over again. I just hope the weather holds out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Got game and left my number on the wall of a toilet block got several text messages just saying hi .I text a reply and have met with two we have mutualy sucked each other off I want to be fucked but its hard to find a place

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    Gay Male / 38

    In the middle of my senior year of high school my parents got divorced and I moved with my father into an apartment, which meant that I had to change high schools. In the apartment complex lived a kid that was also a senior and he had a car and he offered to give me a ride to and from school in return for gas money. He and I became friends.

    We were out one night and we didn't know what to do so we stopped in the parking lot of this gas station to strategize our next move. We didn't know of any parties, we didn't really have any money, and we were bored, so we sat there and talked. A man came up to the window and said he had seen us here since he had stopped for gas and wanted to know if we had car trouble. We said no, we were bored and we didn't have a party so we ended up there talking. He was quiet for a minute and said that he was on his way to a party and maybe we could follow him, he was sure there wasn't going to be any problem if he brought us in.

    This was a homosexual party, men with men. To us older men, suits and ties and young guys being kissed by the older men. The man who took us there introduced us to the man that owned the house and he asked a bunch of questions and told us that we could stay but this was a private party and he didn't want any problems. After a few minutes this man came over to me and started talking and touching my pants and the owner of the house saw what was going on and came over and told me that to stay we had to play. The man kissed me and grabbed my cock in my pants and told me he wanted to get going with me because he had to leave early and get home.

    He sat me on the couch, there was another man with a young guy and they were making out and they were holding each other's cocks and the man started to kiss me again and getting my pants open and zipper down and he took my cock in his hand and sucked it for a long time. I could see the young guy next to me, the man has pushed his pants down and he was getting put into the position to get fucked and then I realized that the man that was kissing me had gotten his pants open and he wanted me to hold his cock and suck him. He had my cock in his hand and he helped me get my head down and I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him. But I wanted to watch the other guy get fucked so I raised my head and held on to his cock and watched as the old man fucked the guy next to us on the couch.

    He noticed me and said that he hadn't thought he had enough time, but if I wanted to play like that then we could go to one of the rooms and fuck. With our pants in our hands we walked back to a room and he told me to get on my stomach and he put a pillow under my hips and dropped a lot of spit on my butt and massaged my hole and fucked me.

    That was my night of initiation. I got the urge once I was there, I don't much recall ever having had the urge before, but I was young at the time. My friend wasn't so interested and he had set himself off to one side and basically watched. When I came out of the room he mentioned that he didn't think I liked that sort of thing and I told him I didn't know that I liked it, but I did.

    My friend didn't want to go again, but he had the car and for me to go I had to convince him to drive. He got his cock sucked and I sucked his cock in the car. He watched for the longest time until this one man got him interested and he got fucked. He blamed me, he kept repeating to me that he wasn't a homo and it was my fault. But he never pushed me away when I wanted to suck his cock. He fucked me because I asked, he fucked better than the men at the parties, he fucked me and he was angry that he was fucking me. We went to the parties, they were held at different houses and even though we were by then known faces, we still had to go through this interrogation at the door. We were young and we didn't realize that they were pretty scared that one day the cops were going to bust them.

    I liked this one man, I liked sucking his cock and kissing with him. He wasn't hard, not in that way, but he was very masculine and when he held my cock he held it with a firm hand. I guess with him it was more like making love because he liked to get on the bed and get all our clothes off and suck and make out before fucking. He also brought KY with him and that made it easier and slippery when we fucked. My friend and I, we fucked in my apartment because my father didn't come from work until six thirty.

    To this day he accuses me of turning him homo. He doesn't like being gay, he cruises gay bars and picks up young guys because he says his urges make him do it. I have never heard him say he likes it and he doesn't like going to gay parties and when he does he stands in the corner and watches.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    This was some years ago I was laying naked at the edge of the sand dunes watching the sea .When a young lad walked past. He came back a minute later closer this time asked me the time i got my phone told him the time. I asked if he had to be somewhere No he said ,would you like to join me I asked.He said he would , when I said he could strip off if he wanted he went bright red.

    I realised he had a hard on, I told him not to worry I was starting to get hard too.He stripped revealing a beautiful c
    ock I reached over and slowly stroked him then got down and suck him till he came in my mouth.That didnt take long,

    I lay stroking myself then he just started sucking me he wasnt the best but he made me cum.We met at the same spot till he must have found better he fuck me but wouldnt let me fuck him.That didnt bother me as even now I love to be fucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I have always been bi-curious. When I was 12 I started stealing and wearing my mom's lingerie. She had a pair of black silt thongs with pink bows on the hips that were my favorite. I used to wait until she would wear them and steal them out of her laundry hamper, I loved to sniff them and masturbate. Then one day she caught me wearing them when she came home early from work.

    Luckily she was cool and explained that this curiosity was normal and she would support me no matter what. The next day when I came home from school she had bought me several pairs of women's panties and stockings, with a note explaining that now I had my own stuff to wear. And once a week I would find a pair of her dirty panties on my bed.

    Pretty soon afterwards I was wearing them to school, hoping some other guy would notice and maybe it would draw in someone to experiment with. It finally did my sophomore year. The freshman that lived next door came over one day to chill and I bent over and he saw the top of my thongs. He asked if I was wearing panties and I admitted I was. Come to find out he had been doing the same thing I had, stealing and wearing his mom's underwear... I told him I was bi-curious and had been doing this for years. He smiled and said he would be right back.

    He returned several minutes later with a gay porn on DVD and handed it to me. Borrow this tonight and let's talk tomorrow. I watched the DVD that night and for the first time fingered my ass. I loved it!!! The next day the kid next door came over and asked what I thought about it. I told him how hot it made me. Me too, he said, and closed my bedroom door. "Let's try it" he said slipping off his gym shorts to reveal a pair of red silk g string panties, barely concealing a rock hard 6 inches. I gazed him up and down, he had a nice body and was clean shaven, and my cock got hard pulling the panties and wedging them deeper between my ass cheeks...

    "Ok" I replied taking off my jeans and shirt. "Will you dominate me?"I asked. "I want to be a bottom for the first time" he agreed and I dropped to my knees in front of him. Pulling his panties aside and taking his cock and guiding it into my mouth. I began to Bob my head up and down as he moaned.. I reached behind him and pulled the g string out of his ass and began to massage his asshole.. I could feel his cock stiffen even more as I did this. After a minute or 2 he pushed my head off of his cock and pulled me to my feet, bent me over the bed and began to eat my asshole... I began to moan uncotrollably, "eat my stinky ass I begged, while I began to rub my dick through my thongs.

    Then we moved to the bed, I got on my hands and knees in front of him and spreed my ass cheeks to expose my tight virgin asshole. As I did this I noticed the pair of dirty thongs my mom had left for me next to my pillow. I wrapped them around my head so I could smell the ass on her thongs. He mounted me from behind and began to work his cock inside me.

    It took a few minutes for him to get all the way inside, it hurt but felt so good at the same time. He began to slowly fuck me, I began to moan as he slid in and out and I started to gape. Mmmm, I began to moan as I felt him start to push in harder, I put my face on the mattress so I could hold my cheeks open for him,

    "Fuck my tight little asshole baby" I begged "make me your little butt slut" I commanded him. He began to fuck me harder. "You like fucking my tight little shitter with that big cock?" I asked. "Oh yeah, he moaned "be my little butt slut" he replied.
    I began to sniff those dirty things harder, the sweet smell of ass in my nose making me so hot.

    He pulled out of me and took my panties off of me and pulled me on top of him."Ride my cock he commanded and held his dick up for me to sit on. As I began to bounce up and down on him he took my cock in his and and began to Jack me off while I rode him. "Fuck my stinky asshole" I begged him. "I want you to blow your load in my poop chute" I begged. " I want you to fuck me first he" said.
    "Let me eat your asshole first" I asked. "I love the smell of a stinky asshole, it turns me on so bad. He got on his hands and knees and I pulled his thong aside. His tight little asshole was perfect, I began to lick it and gently stick my tongue in and out of it. He began to moan, I reached around and began to tug his cock as well. He began to moan harder. At this point I could t take it anymore. I spread his cheeks and began to rub my cock on his asshole.

    I had never been so turned on in my life, I began to push my cock inside his virgin asshole he moaned a little and began to push back against me. His tight little stink hole gripping my cock. It felt amazing. I began to stroke his cock from behind. He began to gape as I jerked him and fucked him harder. "Your asshole feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock" I moaned. You are gonna make me cum so hard." Then I felt him shoot his load in his panties and that made me shoot mine .

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    Gay Male / 48

    In my former job I traveled to Porto Alegre Brazil three or four times a year. I had a cab driver there who I got in with and told him I liked men and I needed his help to hook me up. He was my first in Brazil, he was so good. And through him I met several other men who liked being together. Brazilian men are very affectionate, they like skin and hugging and kissing and sucking and fucking. Not like Americans who just want to get to the act and get it over with. The men my cab driver friend brought to the room were like him, working class who wanted to have fun, and free beer or a drink, some stuff to nibble on and a naked get together was enough.

    We had foursomes, that was the magic number, I rented a room with two double beds and we spent the evening together. In Brazil you can get Viagra off the shelf and my friend made sure there as a good supply of Viagra and we could stay up for a good long time, even after we ejaculated, we could keep a hard on. But it wasn't only about the hard on, it was about getting naked, about laying on the bed and being rubbed down, feeling a man on your back humping your crack, about kissing and jerking off together. And the best part it was a party, no one got paid for it.

    I miss those parties, I have not been able to get anything similar going here. Like I said, Americans are in it for the moment, the specific act and then it is get the hell out of there. Not much for all nighter parties.

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    Gay Male / 18

    Ever since my Dad got drunk when I was ten and made me suck his cock, I've known I was gay. I liked it. I liked the look of his huge (when you are ten a 7 inch long 1.75 inch thick uncircumcised cock seems huge) and his big bush of black pubic hair. I loved the feeling of his hands holding onto the back of my head. I liked the sensation of his wiry black pubic hair scratching my face. I adored exploring between his foreskin and glans with my tongue. I enjoyed licking deep into his pee hole. I loved it when he rubbed his balls all over my face. But mostly I absolutely adored it when he rammed that thing all the way down my throat until I choked and gagged and cried and when he took it out thinking he had gone too far I reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him back in. My little cock was throbbing hard. That was unfortunately the one and only time I enjoyed the privilege of chocking down my Dad's delicious cock.

    Up to that point I felt I was asexual having no interest in girls though to be fair most ten year old boys are not yet interested in girls. I didn't get to enjoy my next sexual encounter until I was 12 and it was the first day of 7th grade at our junior high and high school. We all had gym class together, all grades and we all showered together too. That was the highlight of my school experience. Twice a week I got to be around 50 boys, mostly gorgeous and then I got to take a shower with them all. Ever see a 12 year old gay boy take a shower with 60 boys age 12-18? Ever see a 12 year old naked boy try to hide a hard-on from 60 other boys? Ever see a 12 year old naked gay boy stop giving a shit who knows then proudly strut to the showers showing off his 3 inch boner hoping that another gay boy would notice and ask him out on a date?

    Well guess what. It worked. A really hot senior with a cock much bigger than my Dad's grabbed my ass in the shower and then in the locker room when nobody else was looking he grabbed my balls and gave an almost painful squeeze and then winked at me and smiled and went to his locker. I wanted him to take me right then and there. I was desperately hungry for that cock of his and went home and jerked off to a video from the internet of a twink who looked too young to be making legal porn getting gang banged roughly by about twenty guys. The whole time I wished I was him. In fact I toyed with the idea of inviting some guy to my place to make illegal porn just so the whole world could jerk off watching me get fucked.

    Peter, yes his real name, sat down across from me at lunch the next day and told me I had a pretty cock and wanted to know if I had a boy friend. I said no but hoped I would soon. He then asked me out and I stuttered a very enthusiastic yes. I wanted to be his well fucked bitch so badly.

    Of course I didn't tell my prude parents. They didn't even know I was gay. They still don't know. I made up a convincing lie and Peter parked two blocks from my house and I got into his car informing me that I had four hours. Peter wanted to get all romantic. He wanted to wine and dine me. So he took me to a nice restaurant followed by a romantic comedy movie which I detest. I'm gay but I'm still a guy.

    When we were done we barely had an hour. He drove to a deserted parking lot and leaned in for a kiss. I practically inhaled his tongue while desperately searching for his tonsils with mine. I didn't ever want the kiss to end except possibly to suck his cock.

    After a while Peter just drove me to within a block of home, kissed me good night and I walked the rest of the way home. Peter and I dated for about a month before I was finally able to convince him to let me swallow his beautiful monster. It was even better than I had hoped. I'd been practicing on cucumbers so I had no problem swallowing his entire cock. I was only disappointed that I only got to suck it for 15 minutes before he came. It took another month to convince him to fuck my ass but finally he did.

    Peter and I dated until he graduated.

    In the 8th grade I got to experience what the older boys when seeing a bunch of 12 year old boys naked in the showers. I was 13 and mike Jason was 12 when we hooked up. But that only lasted until Halloween when he realized he wasn't as gay as he thought he was.

    It wasn't until after Thanksgiving that I got hooked up again and boy did I ever. Three boys, two were seniors and one a junior and all on the football team invited me out to a spot in the woods known as a gay cruising place only I didn't know about it. They passed me around which I certainly didn't mind and then they pointed out to me all the gay adult men who came there just to hook up. They said I could probably have my pick of them if I was interested. Most were nasty old men but a really cute guy with long blond hair and muscles you would not believe sat down on a rock and just sat there waiting. The boy whose cock I just finished sucking the piss out of suggested I strut past him in my tighty whiteys. So I stripped down to them and my socks and I worked my cock until it was nice and hard so he would notice and I strutted right pat him within three feet of him and then slowed down really slow when I got about 8 feet away on the other side of him and I stopped and bent over to show them my ass while pretending to pick up a rock to look at it. He whistled and I turned back and looked over my shoulder and gave him the sexiest inviting smile I could and he got up and walked up to me and asked how old I was. I told him I was 15 lying of course and he saw right through me saying I looked more like 12. I almost turned and ran off when he told me I was very pretty and would make a nice girlfriend and asked if I liked to suck cock. I answered by dropping to my knees, crawling on my hands and knees through the leaves and unzipping my jeans with my teeth. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes than he yanked down my underwear, bent me over and shoved it in hard and fucked me hard. Within a minute my three new boyfriends were over there joining in. I had twice as many cocks than I had places to put them. One up my ass, one down my throat while I held onto the other two jerking them off. I took two loads in my ass and two in my mouth.

    After we got to talking and the hot boy in the woods told me about how I could make money with him hooking. He said he gets a lot of older guys wanting really young boys and he'd split the take with me. By the time I graduated last May I had enough for college but I'm taking a gap year. I'm having too much fun being gang banged by cute guys who pay me $300+ every night to do what I would pay them to do to me if I had plenty of my own money.

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    Lesbian Female / 52

    I followed my aunt and went to Parson's School of Design in New York. My family had a small apartment there, a one bedroom but it served them when they traveled to New York on business. I roomed with three other girls in a small two bedroom apartment. My roommate came from Massachusetts and liked to party. She and I ended up in the smaller of the two rooms and after a week of crawling over the two single beds we agreed to swap out and take a double from the landlord and we would sleep together.

    She was a busty girl and it was hot during the late summer and we went topless in the room. I loved her breasts, she had a full set, with brown nipples. I stared at her breasts all the time. One night I was already in bed and she came out of the bathroom and took off her robe and was completely naked. She came over to my side of the bed and took the covers off of me and got on the bed straddling me and lowered her breasts into my face. She rubbed my face with her breasts and asked me to open my mouth and she put one of her nipples in my mouth.

    After letting me suck on her nipple for a while she moved down on me and asked to see my pussy and took off my pajama pants and panties and ran her finger up and down inside my pussy. She told me to open up and she got down between my legs with her arms around my thighs and ate me into an orgasm. She then asked for me to go down on her and we became lovers and roommates.

    She knew she was a lesbian and had been in an affair with our English Lit teacher. She told me that they had talked about me and wanted to know if I was one of them. After than night she knew I was one of them. My only early experience was with a French nun in high school. What made this different is that we were both the same age.

    We enjoyed being together, making love and we lived together and had the same room and one bed. Something many young lesbians just didn't have and it was all acceptable because we were going to college.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I guess I am still bi but no one knows it. I've been married for 8 years, and she is very sexual, does anything and everything possible, and in any place possible. My sex life is very exciting but I still miss getting fucked in my ass. I was 19, my first job in New York, I got out of college early, and when I interviewed the owner who was very attractive, very fit said that he would fuck me, did I still want the job. He made it clear that he figured I wasn't gay, and that he was bi, but he didn't make it a condition of employment that I was going to get fucked. He said I would ask him to fuck me and he would oblige.

    In the meantime I met his incredibly gorgeous wife, and couldn't believe that with this pussy, ass, mouth and those D cup tits that he would still fuck a guy. After a few months and many times being alone with him and no problems, we were the only ones at the office. I went to the toilet and was standing at the urinal and he came in and pulled out what can only be described as 2 beer cans stacked on top of one another. This was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. He left it out in the open, and I couldn't help but stare. "Hold it for me" he said. With a little more coaxing I did it. I could feel the pee coming out from this monster. I commented that I'd never seen one that big, and he said that once I have it I wouldn't want anyone else, they'd never "measure up". He took me to his office we had a couple of drinks with his cock hanging out, then he stripped completely. I told him I didn't want to, and he said that he knew I really did want to. I don't know why but I stripped and he looked me up and down, turned me around and played with my ass. I told him that I'd never done anything back there and that there was no way a cock that big could get in me.

    "leave that to me" he said as he pulled me down onto his lap. He started sucking and pinching my nipples and it felt great. I couldn't believe it but I knew I couldn't get fucked by that monster. Soon I was getting my prostate massaged by 2 thick fingers, while he was jacking my little thing off with his other hand. My orgasm was the best I'd ever had, I shot all over the place. I told him again that he couldn't get that thing into me. He pushed me down on the floor and spread his legs and I got between them and tried my best to suck this thing. I licked, and jacked mostly, putting my mouth over it as much as i could. All he said was "This is the first step, I'm gonna fuck you". He warned me he was cumming and told me to put my mouth over the head and I swallowed as much as i could. I don't know if it was his size, the size of his balls, or what but he came so much it was incredible. What dripped out of my mouth I licked up and I swallowed it. He pulled me up on the couch as I laid on top of him my little cock against his growing set of beer cans. I drifted off a bit, came too as he woke me. "Tomorrow night we're checking into a hotel" I again told him that his cock wouldn't go into my virgin asshole. "It will, and it won't hurt, you'll end up begging me for it".

    The next night at 7pm we checked into the sheraton with his arm around my waist like I was his girl/boy friend. Once there I sucked him again, he used his fingers on my prostate and jacked me. He gave me a muscle relaxer and I was feeling really good. I was naked on the bed, on my back with him on his knees feeding my willing mouth and hand his cock. He was lubing me I knew that, but didn't really feel it too much except when he'd hit my prostate, unknown to me it was with 3 fingers this time. He spread me finally, pulled up my knees as he got between my legs and after some discomfort and slow going, I could feel his cock hair pushing against my balls, and ass. He was inside me totally. I'd never felt anything like it. He fucked me for 30 minutes then shot that huge load inside me. He pulled out and I was gaping open, and his sperm was flowing out of me. I got up, emptied myself, and took a wash cloth out to clean him up. After a warm shower, I went back to bed and he was there, hard again. I got on top of him facing him and reached behind me to get his cock and put it in my ass. "Not yet, you're not ready" he said. I replied I was more than ready, and he said no. I literally begged him for his cock "Please fuck me". "NOW, you're ready he replied. He reminded me that I would be begging for hit like he told me 6 months before. Here I was the fucktoy, former virgin, of a married man.

    He fucked me for about a year, then turned me out to 5 of his friends at different times. A couple had pretty big cocks but nothing like his. I kept going to his office begging him to fuck me. He finally consented but only at his house, in his bed, with his naked wife watching. He knew his wife got me hard all the time, and he knew she'd never fuck me if she knew I took it up the ass. I did it anyway.

    I only fucked two other guys after that, one for a couple of months the other for about 9 months. I fucked a girl who was very adventurous, had a virgin butt,at least for a little while and was a bit demanding. She liked me to beg for it, especially to fuck her ass. We got married, but I still dream about the magic of having that huge cock moving in and out of me, making me orgasm from the inside and outside.

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    Gay Male / 52

    Finding that I liked it came as a surprise. I grew up in a conservative middle class home and I never expected to find myself doing what I did. I went to the local college and got a degree in business and after a couple of jobs I went to work for one of the large auto parts retailers as a junior internal auditor. The company had stores all over the country and audit teams of two were sent out regularly to test for compliance and from time to time to deal with a possible theft or other unwanted activity. I was assigned to an experienced auditor a man in his late forties who still wore a suit everywhere he went.

    My first assignment with him was to the Florida panhandle and we started in Tallahassee and would move east as we completed the store audits which usually took a day or at most two days each. Once on the road my mentor and teacher told me that we would be sharing a room at the various motels along the way. I didn't know any different and it didn't really surprise me. After we completed our first audit we spent the evening going over the paperwork at the diner so that I could learn how to prepare the reports. We got along fine, we sat in the booth and he sat beside me and with his left arm around the back of the booth he used his right hand to point things out to me.

    When we were done he affectionately gave me a hug with his left arm before we got out of the booth and walked across the street to the motel. In our room he turned the television on a bit too loud and quickly took off his shirt and pants and stood in his underwear asking me if I was going to get ready for bed because we had a long day coming up. He went into the bathroom and peed and brushed his teeth without closing the door. I was a shy, I had just gotten shy and all I had taken off was my shirt when he came out and he saw me still with my pants on and he asked me if I had a problem.

    I took off my pants and took my toothbrush and toothpaste out of my suitcase and went into the bathroom and closed the door to brush my teeth and pee before bed. When I came out he was laying naked on the bed with the covers pulled back stroking himself. He asked me what took so long, to come and sit on the bed with him, if we were going to be together for ten days then we needed to get to know each other better.

    His dick was hard and he was stroking it, he had a tube on the bed and while he looked at me he squeezed some of the lube out and continued to stroke himself. The whole scene was out of this world for me, the television still on too loud, he was naked and I was standing at the foot of the beds and he told me to take my shorts off and to come over so he could show me how much he enjoyed being with me. I stood there and he got up still holding on to his dick and came over and took me by the shoulders and walked me to his bed and helped me get my shorts off. He took my dick in his hand and sat down and started to suck me.

    He sucked me for quite a while, getting me into a full erection before he started to rub his hands up and down my thighs and then he took me with his hands on my naked butt and pulled me closer to him as he swallowed me making noises as he sucked. He stood up and grabbed the tube and said he was more than ready and lubricated his dick and reached behind me to lubricate my ass. He told me it wasn't going to hurt, those were lies, it was going to feel good and he promised me that I was going to like it. He had pushed me onto the bed and he was pushing his finger in and out of my ass when he put his dick against me and he slipped it all the way in asking me if I liked it.

    At that point all I could do was like it. We slept in our own beds because the beds were small but from that day on he and I fucked and I learned to suck him and he sucked me. He was a good mentor to me and he made sure that I was promoted to auditor and eighteen months later to senior auditor. We were a team and from time to time when there was a difficult situation we were sent out together to look into the problems. For those years I was exclusively with him, we kept our activities to ourselves, but we had so many opportunities to travel together that we were able to fulfill our needs without anyone being the wiser.

    Careers being what they are I moved on to an internal audit job with an aerospace company and he and I remained friends but we grew apart. On one assignment I took a young man with me. He reminded me of myself. He was easy to talk to and after a long day on the road I invited him to my room to go over the day's activities and plan for the next day. I told him I was going to get comfortable and I got undressed except for my shorts and undershirt. I went to pee and brush my teeth and I walked out with only my undershirt on and walked over to his chair. My dick was getting hard and I stood close to his face and I told him to do what he wanted to do, to be a good boy and show me that he appreciated the attention I was giving him at work. By then my dick was erect and I was touching his face with it and I moved his mouth over and put my dick on his lips and after a telling him to open up a few more times he did and he tried his first dick.

    I knew that night that he was as unprepared for it as I had been that night so many years ago. He just needed help to get over his inhibitions. I was prepared, always travel prepared and I got him on the bed and sucked him almost too much and just like had been done with me I lubed him up gently reassuring him that he was never going to regret it, that I liked him very much and we were going to be friends. He was my first totally inexperienced young man, my first virgin and I have to admit there is a buzz when fucking your first virgin. He stayed with me that night, I got him into the shower with me and we had a very good time. He is my favorite auditor and he travels with me all over the world. He's my boy and he knows that I like it too and he is more than willing to help me out. Maybe because he is a young man but he gets a real hard dick and a real hard dick feels so good.

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