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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Not sure anymore who or what I am, in terms of my sexuality and my life with my wife and children.
    A little over a year ago my wife made a statement which nearly drove me wild with sexual frustration. She basically told me sex was no longer a thing she enjoyed and only suffered me fucking her, to keep me happy.
    I was so shocked by her comment, I laughed but she was deadly serious. The reason I laughed was only weeks before, she'd booked us onto a very liberal break, where she knew other couples fucked one another.
    We both indulged in lots of sex over the three days and nights, with me I must admit finding a young guys mouth and arsehole a wonderful new sexual experience. So much so, I spent a whole night sucking and fucking with him on our last night there.
    Nothing at all happened at all after the three days trip and I genuinely thought, given my wife and I were fucking pretty much all the time, everything was fine. Then she came out with her statement, adding she'd felt that way for a while and wanted the trip to be a testing ground for the both of us. Her to see if it was me who was all but stopping her sexual drive, and to see if I'd want to fuck other people, given the chance.
    The fact I fucked the young guy only added to her lack of interest and that was that.
    For a while I stayed totally faithful hoping she would work through her sexual disinterest, but nothing would make her want sex. Then around two months ago, the very same young man got in touch with me out of the blue. I didn't know how he got my contact details, but the same evening we met up at a cafe, and then I drove us to a beautiful spot I know.
    In the open air with night falling, we stripped off naked and walked into some woodland. He told me he hadn't had sex since we fucked at the sexual event, and had missed my cock immensely. As soon as he said it, he sank down, took hold of my erect cock and sucked it into his hot mouth. After such a long time without sex, his mouth felt amazing and I every nearly came within seconds. Only him squeezing my balls kept me from doing so and I gained my stamina back. Fucking his mouth, holding head tightly, I was soon sliding every inch of my seven inch cock down his eager throat. It was so thrilling to have sex with him outdoors under the stars and swaying trees, I told him we'd have to fuck more often like this. The phrase "fuck" made him rise and he said holding his arse cheeks apart "If you say so".
    I didn't need a second invitation I can tell you, and seconds later without using lube or a condom, I slid my dick up his rear hole and loved watching it disappear up his sweet tight bum.
    Every thrust was so intense in as much as we both wanted each other sexually, so badly. I cannot describe truly in words just how amazing it felt to be fucking an eighteen year old lad, under the stars and to be so incredibly horny for him. If and I genuinely mean this, I could have stayed all night fucking him, I would have, yet i knew I had work the following morning and I also knew my wife would worry where I was. Or so I thought.
    Drilling my cock into him time after time, he screamed out he was cumming and I held him tightly around his waist as he shuddered violently on my cock. Not slowing down or removing my cock at all, I screwed him harder and drove my dick as deep as it would sink up his fuck hole. I was gone sexually, and totally into giving us both a fantastic experience, I didn't and didn't want to change position. So when my climax built to such a degree, I just pummeled him forcing him to take my cock stood up as he propped himself against a tree.
    My cum literally flooded his hole, and I was sweating profusely by the time I withdrew my dick from his backside. My cum dripped out as he turned his head and told me "I think I'm in love with you".
    It was an hour later that I sat across from my wife. The kids were already in bed and she sat there with a quiet knowing smile on her face. My wife then said without any kind of anger, jealousy or remorse in her voice "So you and Jay met then". It was an open question and answer at the same time. Her next comment told me everything "Got in touch with him, told him you're missing fucking someone and he got straight back to me. I take it you fucked him tonight, I hope you did and I want you to know I still love you".
    I'm still fucking Jay, almost daily. Sometimes we have sex in our home, but mostly we now have sex in his new flat. He now works for me and he earns his wages in ever way you can imagine. My wife actually helped him move into the flat and also cooks for him sometimes when our kids aren't home. They're both older than Jay, but my wife and I think it's not time to tell them of our "Arrangement" yet.
    And that's my problem. I just don't see myself explaining myself or my sexuality to my children. I hope they'd react positively and be cool with their dad being bisexual, but I'm not sure. Not sure enough to ruin my relationship with them. Yet I have a huge amount of feeling for Jay, maybe not love in the conventional sense, or maybe it is. But I do know, I don't want to lose him either.

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    Gay Male / 42

    I do have a confession to make, and this has been going on for just under a year now. A little about me so you can picture whatâs up, Iâm a 42 old male with a slim build and brown hair, look a little younger with a nice seven inch cut cock and shaved balls. I have a young black lab pup that I have to walk twice daily around my enclosed neighborhood, so when you do this you often, you get to know all your neighbors. I met my neighbors young son who is in his freshman year in college and we struck it up to be fast friends, he is just 19 yrs old also with a slim build dark hair and a really pretty mouth and a dimple on his left cheek. He would walk with us sometimes, more often in the evenings and we would talk about his school and things like that, but he then started to talk about sexual things like he would get hard during the day and would beat off looking at me when I would walk by his parentâs house in the mornings with my puppy. I was like thatâs normal, boys get hard all the time and Steven said he would like to try and suck a cock sometime, that he has been thinking about it for a long time and wants to try because he watches a lot of gay porn, loves to look at the hard man cocks. I asked him if he wanted to suck my cock? Yes. Steven has a imps mouth very sexy looking slight up turn on the corners, a nice place to slide a hard cock.
    I wasnât totally taken a back by this, I knew something was up with this kid, so I agreed and we walked back to my house , we went into the kitchen and I had Steven sit at the table while I prepared to feed my dog, and I asked again if he was really serious about sucking a manâs cock. Yes, as he started to rubs his cock through his shorts, I stood right next to him after I put the dog food down and took his hand and rubbed my cock through my shorts to get it nice and hard, as he was rubbing me I let my shorts fall and standing now with no underwear on and a hard cock pointed right at his mouth. He looks up with his big blue eyes and smiles as I put my hand to back of his head and lead him to my cock. He parts his beautiful lips and takes my cock in. A nice slurping sound going up and down like he has done this before, I slowly withdrawn my hard cock and have Stevie suck my balls and lick under my sac, very close to my asshole he might even licked it several times, I couldnât be sure that is how good it felt. After what seemed like and hour I really needed to cum, I stepped back to catch my breath and he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth at the same time rubbing my wet slobbered balls and running his hand under my sac and touching my wet slobbered asshole, my first burst of cum was very hard so too was two and three, Stevie was moaning as he was swallowing my cum, taking me down to the root with his mouth. I was spent, totally. Standing and looking down at him with his red face and a little cum on the corners of his mouth and said he did a great job, really Stevie you were wonderful, and if you want to suck me again any time, well almost every day now this past summer I have been sucked and licked by Stevie.

    What I wanted to confess wasnât so much that because I just wanted you to know I have a great cocksucker, but what I have been doing every morning before that and during that, is I get up in the morning âI only sleep in a tee shirt by the way no under wear- and make coffee, after it is brewed I rub soft butter on my cock and balls and usually have a smoke and drink my coffee at the kitchen table while my dog licks my cock and balls. It isnât like I get totally sexually aroused but while drinking my coffee and smoking, I just sit and think about the day ahead while the dog licks me. I have been doing this with all the dogs I have had for several years, and this dog just loves it to. This always happens only in the mornings before are walks and before she is ever feed. This way she feels she is being rewarded with some butter. I usually donât cum, but it is more of a nice way to start your day with a hard cock. Nice clean cock and clean balls. But, Stevie has been sucking my cock right after this each morning after our walks, I donât want to change my routine and there is the dog to think about too and Stevie hasnât said anything about the taste of my cock and seems happy to have a mouthful of cum too. So I figure we will just go along this way. I know it sounds strange and all but it is really nice and the dog and I have bonded really well. Stevie feels like he is doing something dirty and can go home after and beat off like he always has, to me this has been just normal, like today nothing new same old thing. Feels good and no tension or anything. Stevie is a wonderful young man who really likes to suck cock , but what if I stop the dog from licking my cock and balls and when Stevie heads back to school in august I will have to retrain the pup. So Iâll just let it go along.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    i started having sex with men about five years ago, and now i'm pretty much addicted to sucking men's dicks and getting fucked in the ass.
    family, work and friends do not know about this, but virtually all my spare time is devoted to cruising the internet for older guys who will let me come to their house and have my mouth and ass used
    last weekend i went to a guy's house on friday night. he face fucked me while i was on my knees and held my face in position to shoot his load in my mouth
    i was out with the family on saturday thinking about cock. when i got home i had missed an invite from a stranger. i arranged to visit him on sunday morning at nine. i went to his house as arranged. he wasn't very tall but he had a beautiful big cock. i sucked him off while he licked my hole, then fucked me very hard and very expertly while i sniffed poppers. he made me cum all over his bed as he fucked me and i was shaking by the time he finished with me.
    still, later the same day i was cruising again and ended up driving to a man's house in the evening. his cock was so thick that it took him ages to get it into my tight little hole. when he did get it in he gave me a good, long, hard fucking as he reached round and jerked off my little cock until i came again
    this was the first time i gave been screwed by two different men in the same day or had three men in one weekend.

    it's saturday morning now and i'm at it again. i'm messaging with a guy who wants to call me names while he fucks me. i think he is genuine and am optimistic that it will happen. i've got a hard on for him and i'm jerking off, being careful not to cum. i want to orgasm as he plows me and calls me his faggot slut.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I was in my 20's when this happened. I was at a college party and was getting pretty drunk. I remember going into one of the bedrooms to quickly rest. I fell asleep and woke up hours later on the floor of the room. I was in a space between the bed and a wall which no one would check to look unless they were specifically looking there. I heard some some sounds from the bed and lifted my head up to see 2 naked guys kissing. They saw me and were not too surprised. I stood up and had difficultly keeping my balance and even fell onto the bed. I think they realized I was drunk and they told me to lay down on the bed for a minute. I did as they suggested and once again I fell asleep. This time when I woke up all my clothes were off and the 2 guys were taking turns sucking my cock. Usually when I get drunk I always have my wits about me but this time I don't know how I ended up naked. I had always been curious about making out with a guy and now two of them were making out with me. The two guys stopped and began kissing me. I didn't resist and even kissed back. They lay down on their backs and I did something I had never done before, I began to suck them. These two guys seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. I heard a sound behind me and I see 3 girls standing at the door watching. I don't know how long they were there but I was too drunk to care and continued doing what I was doing. The two guys stopped me and the two of them went back to sucking me off. The girls continued watching us and saw as the guys caused me to cum. The guys got dressed and left right after this. I was left naked and cum covered on the bed. One girl grabbed some tissues and helped clean me up. They told me they never would have guessed I was gay but I surprised them. This was a time when being gay was not the norm and acceptable. I told them I was not gay but they didn't believe me and from what they witnessed they was no denying I was. I figured this would haunt me but it had its benefits. The girls told me seeing us guys doing what we did was a big turn on. One privately told me that she could help fix me and make me straight. I truly was straight but I went out with the one girl who tried to turn me straight. She wouldn't listen to what I was saying but her idea to turn me straight was to have sex with me. I decided to play along and had her having sex with me regularly. I decided to no longer deny anything and had a steady fuck for the next year while she thought she was fixing me. She was willing to do anything I suggested sexually as she thought it may "Fix me". She was reluctant at first but always gave in. It was a fun year.

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    Transsexual Female / 22

    I always knew I was not well endowed as a young boy. My erect penis was about as big as my thumb. It was hard enough to find girls interested in a 5ft. 9in. 130lb guy who didn't play sports. I did date girls, and quite frankly got tired of being laughed at or pitied because of my penis size. I only succeeded in getting three girls either naked or who would let me pull down my pants with them. One just laughed and jacked me off "to see if it shoots", the other two didn't say anything but I could tell from their lack of comments and almost refusal to look at me they weren't happy. Soon the laughing girl spread word around the school and neighborhood and the other girls verified the story. I had no sexual outlet, and even jacking off was difficult for me.

    After a while another boy started hanging around me. He was a full on jock, muscular, tall, fit, and though I wasn't attracted to other guys he was a good looking kid. We hung out a bit and once in his car at the river he got me to take off my pants to go skinny dipping, and he said he heard I was small and it didn't matter, but he wanted to see. I guess I "modeled" for him and soon he took off his shorts and underwear and I saw an 8 incher hanging down between his legs. He opened the back door to his car and grabbed me, putting me face down on the backseat with my legs hanging over the outside, my feet on the ground. He fucked me. He didn't ask, didn't do anything to indicate that he was going to r**e me, but he started fucking me and didn't stop till he shot his load inside me.

    He pulled out, I was crying and he asked why. I told him why, that he r**ed me and how could he want to fuck another guy? He said I wasn't a guy with something that small, and he couldn't do that to girls, as they'd call the police, and he wanted to fuck someone and cum inside someone and that he'd now do that with me. I told him I didn't want him to fuck me in the first place much less do it some more. All he said was "you'll get used to it". After all the talking and crying about a half hour had elapsed and he started stroking his cock again. This time I knew, I just laid down on the backseat, further inside so anyone passing by couldn't see my r**e. He got on me and pumped away again, this time taking almost half an hour before he shot off inside me. "That felt good" he said, then threw me my clothes and told me to get in the front seat. I had to poop very badly and went behind a tree, he followed me and watched as I shit his cum and some poop out of me. I noticed some blood on the ground. He took me to a gas station bathroom, gave me some change and told me to go into the girls room and get a kotex out of the machine so I didn't bleed in my underwear. Like a fool I did it. He gave my ass a nice squeeze when I got out of his car at my house, pushing on that kotex.

    I got fucked a couple times a day by him, then started realizing that it was better to be in contact with someone sexually, to feel someones skin next to mine, to make someone feel good sexually, even if it wasn't a girl. I started letting boys and men fuck me. Most were me lying on my stomach for a quick pump, or bent over for an even quicker pump, I gave lots of blowjobs to completion to young teens up through old men. Not that I liked homosexual sex, I would have preferred being with girls, but I knew that wouldn't happen and I didn't want the embarrassment anymore. Sometimes the boys or especially older, married men would jack me or even blow me. I started finding guys who would make love to me, not just fuck me. For many I was lying on my back with my legs wrapped around them, face to face, kissing and hugging as I pleasured them. I was 19 and living on my own, fully realizing that I was openly gay. I found Martin. He was older, married, and gave me an expensive car, an apartment, and asked that I start living as a girl. I dressed completely for him, even started hormones, and on our outings to the islands, was quite passable in a tiny bikini. Martin and I eventually split, though I still let him fuck me occasionally.

    I date a few men, live totally as a trans woman and I still think what it would be like to have a normal size cock, if I'd have found my way to my femme side or not.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Over the last several months I have been seeing the son of a good friend on the side. Patrick is a very handsome young man and for some reason he is in his words "extremely attracted" to me and my big dick. We try to hook up about once a week. We are very secretive and protective of our growing relationship. I genuinely care for Patrick and he feels much the same. Our sex is supercharged with intensity and passion. I adore his boyish face as my thick cock stretches his lips as I gently but firmly fuck his throat. He is quite athletic and he likes to ride and stride on my cock. It is utterly sensual and erotic to me when I am fucking young Patrick. I am struck with the pangs of love and devotion that I used to feel for my wife when I ate her pussy as I penetrate his handsome tight ass with my tongue. I shake with nervous anticipation each time I mount him and penetrate his sexy young hole. He loves when I fuck him with long deep strokes. I see stars and feel overwhelming joy and affection as I cum inside him. And as a loving reward I blow Patrick and swallow his sweet cum. Wow, well that where it is right now.

    I'm still fucking the old lady, but my mind remains on Patrick.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Got into an argument at a hotel bar, with some 'rough and ready' guys about my same age, while we were all snowed in during a blizzard. I left for my room before it got violent, and thought no more of it. I've always been a rubber 'freak' and love latex. Anyway, I have a heavy latex sleep sack, with gloves, socks, hood, all built in. I like to slip into it, and sleep like that, although I can't zip it up fully at the back. It's enough to feel like I'm helpless, while still being able to shrug it off my shoulders, and get out of it, when necessary. Anyway, I had it laid out on the bed, and was bare, and ready to get into it, when there was an insistent knocking at the door. Wrapping a towel round myself, I went to see who it was. A voice said "Room Service, with your order" and I foolishly opened the door without checking the peephole. Turned out it was three of the guys from the bar, even more liquored up, and they pushed their way inside, and yanked my towel off at the same time. Then they spotted the latex sack, and my fate was sealed! They had me fully zipped up in it, in what seemed like a few brutal seconds, with my arms in the inner sleeves for the first time ever, and I was more helpless than I had ever dreamed of, and pretty scared too! The hood had two clusters of tiny holes, almost invisible, over my eyes, giving me a faint fuzzy image of what was around me. Another small cluster of tiny holes lay right over my nostrils, and there was a three-inch zipper of airtight black nylon across my mouth, presently sealed tight shut, silencing me, with access to mere 'survival' air - not enough for the luxury of speech! They slapped me around pretty hard, for ages, as I staggered to maintain my balance, then pushed me to my knees, jerked the zipper open, and took turns face-fucking me, lazily and taking all the time in the world, free from any threat of interruption. This was something I had never even dreamed of - all my fantasies were about voloptuous older women - but I had no means of stopping them, as they held the back of my head, and thrust in and out, slowly, intensely, endlessly, until the gag/swallow reflex was triggered by a long spurt of hot thick gunk hitting the back of my throat! Seemed like by the time the third one finished, the first one was ready again! By the time they had each come twice, the helpless humiliation and air-scarce sensory deprivation, had slowly made me totally erect, to my humiliation. Then the zipper right over the mound I was making in the heavy rubber, slid open, and all my goodies burst out of the tight latex, into the open! They tied something tight round the roots, and began to maul my testicles, painfully, squeezing, yanking, slapping, with hard brutal fingers, as I writhed helplessly, in the comfortable but inescapable rubber. I was dimly aware of others entering the room, gradually, until it seemed like there were maybe seven or eight of them, all anxious to add their contribution to the pint or more of jizz, lying uneasy in my stomach. The pint gradually became a quart, and I had to concentrate hard on not vomiting, which would probably have killed me! Gradually my whole sense of self was changing, and it slowly dawned on me that there could NEVER be a more intensely arousing event, if I lived to 90! I no longer hated what was happening to me, and instead began to wish it would just go on for ever! Be careful what you wish for, they say......Eventually they all left, and I fell asleep, exhausted. When I woke, the rear zipper was open enough for me to make my usual escape. Hours later I went into the bar again, and found the entire group sitting round a table, drinking beer. "Want some more, bitch?" was what met me. "Only if you put some fucking effort into it this time! The snow won't last for ever....." So we all returned to my room, and they put me back in the sack, as before. Then one voice said happily - "you don't know this, but we are a work crew with a six month contract just down the road, so we ain't going NOWHERE, bitch, and neither are you! We read your diary, know you don't work, and can stay wherever you want for as long as you want! So, you are here, just like this, for that whole six months, just as soon as we get off shift, every day! Oh, and there are two shifts, so you'll have a few hours to clean up, eat, and relax, before the next bunch comes off and puts you right back in that bag! We will even pay your room bill, and there will always be a 'do not disturb' sign on your door. and the housekeeping crew will be paid off to stay well away from your room! So, basically we own your sorry ass, for at least six months - maybe more, because they're negotiating a follow-on contract, a mile or two in the other direction, and THAT one will take at least a year! So, smart-ass, whaddya think of THEM apples? Think you'll get enough cock to suck, in maybe eighteen months?" Another voice added "Yeah and if that's not enough, we can take him in the motor-home, just like that, to wherever we go THEN!" Much laughter.......

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    There's a huge parkland area close to where we live and it's there I meet the young guys who I now fuck or have suck on my dick most weekday evenings. My wife works late shifts Monday to Friday, so I take the opportunity to indulge in a sexual passion I curtailed for many years. Walking our new dog this time last year, I met a young teenager who literally offered to suck on my dick and swallow my load. I was so horny within seconds, I found myself in a small wooded area with my shorts around my ankles and his warm wet mouth giving such a wonderful blow job. No more than five minutes later he was taking every drop of my cum down his throat and he couldn't have been more happy.
    Telling me I had a big dick, he asked me if I'd ever fucked a guy. Telling him as I got myself together, I had once had a string of gay sexual encounters as a teenager, he then asked if I'd be willing to fuck him the following evening. It was a Friday so I arranged to meet him on the Monday. Taking lube and condoms which I got from a chemist, I met him near to the same point we'd met the previous week and walked ten minutes to a place I knew of. He sucked on my cock again, but then I did something I loved to do when I was younger, I rimmed his musky smelling sweet tasting arsehole. With it dripping wet from my saliva, i smeared some lube on his arsehole, slid a condom over my cock and then plunged it up his tight hole from behind, as he leaned against a tree. It was so amazing to be fucking a guys arsehole again after all the years without, I didn't last to long, but long enough to see him cum all over the leaf littered floor. And so it has been most weekday evening since then. I always wear a condom and I always make sure the guys, young and older, are clean and well presented. If they're scruffy or not to my liking I won't entertain them.
    Since this time lat year, I've had well over fifty different guys suck me off, and I've fucked more than thirty different young men too. My wife has a well kept happy home, a husband who takes her on holiday three times a year, and also one who turns a blind eye to the fact she's been fucking her sisters husband whenever they get the chance.
    Happy days all round..............................

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    This time last I was partially involved in a bit of a fight. I was with some mates of mine on a mediterranean island. Because I was drunk, I didn't run when the police came, so I got locked up.

    In the twenty four hours I spent in jail, before being put on plane home I had to pay a fine. I also had no choice but to give up my anal virginity to two very large eastern European men. I'm not sure how it happened, probably on purpose, but I ended up in an eight bed locked dorm with two of the men my friends had decided to fight.

    The choice, not that I had one, was to suck their dicks or find out what it felt like to beaten to nothing by them.
    Even when I told the guy, whoever the fuck he was, who was supposedly guarding the place what was going on, he smiled at me and said in broken English "Your own fault boy".

    I was dragged into a corner, made to kneel and then had one very thick hard cock shoved in my mouth. Both men over the next twenty minutes or so, took turns to stuff my face with their cocks, each taking turns to fuck my skull whilst laughing. And then when they were both suitably horny enough, I was pulled over to a spare bunk and had my entire clothing ripped off.

    Using god knows what it was, my arsehole was smeared with something cold and I felt the first of their cocks sliding up my arse.

    It fucking hurt like nothing else I'd ever felt, and it kept on hurting for a some time as both men took out their pleasure up my bum. They'd been fucking me for about fifteen I would guess, when I was moved from the position I was in, to one where I was on my back and had my legs on the shoulders of the man fucking me.

    I don't know why, but my cock became so hard and so throbbingly horny, it began to leak pre cum. And I began to enjoy the feeling of the guys cock up my arsehole. When he pulled out to allow his friend to enter me, I found myself saying "No keep on fucking me". They both did and I seriously wanted them inside of me by the time the first guy emptied his balls up my arse. As soon as he pulled out, his friend reentered me and I found myself pulling him in, making his cock go deeper inside of my arsehole. A few more thrusts of his cock and that was that. I'd cum and it was easily the best most thrilling orgasm I'd ever had. Moments later like his friend before him, his cock erupted deep inside me and I felt his hot cum fill up my bowels.

    Both men left me alone then. I lay there with cum leaking out of my arsehole and eventually the door of the dorm opened. It was meal time and our food was brought in to us. I got dressed, sat right next to one of the men and ate what wass in front of me, not really tasting anything. All I could think about was how good it had felt to be fucked, and by the time I'd finished eating my arsehole was twitching.

    That night both men visited my bunk separately. It was almost as if they fucked me a second time to say sorry, as when they fucked me I was kissed by both men. I returned the kisses and even had one of them change position with me to fuck me from the spoons position we were in, into the missionary so we could kiss more passionately.

    Morning brought a new cock my way, but the two men fucked the old drunk off and I was left alone. left alone that was until I was told I was going home early. The biggest of the two guys, sober like myself then, asked me if he could fuck me again. Literally by the door of the dorm I leaned against the wall and received his cock up my arsehole. He hammered into my arsehole, pushing me hard into the wall until his cock let go and I eagerly accepted his load up my tight arse.

    When I got the airport only one of my friends was prepared to go home with me. The rest said they were staying as they'd not been caught. We were boarded first by security and told not cause any trouble. We didn't, well not in that way anyway. On the three hour night flight home, I told my friend some of what had happened to me. His response was to ask me if I'd enjoyed it. When I grinned and told him it was fucking amazing, he took out his cock and asked me to lower my head.

    A steward caught us, just after he'd cum in my mouth. He said he'd have to report us, but he never did. My friend knows everything about what happened now. That's because over the past year he's been fucking me. I never knew he was bisexual like me and I also didn't know until last week, he'd booked us on a short break over to a certain Greek island which is known for gay guys to enjoy themselves.

    What a year, and what a start it was to a whole new part to my life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    For the second time within a week Scott was sent into my office for a disciplinary. I'd already told the eighteen year old he was on thin ice for his last case, so when he entered, he asked me if his job was finished.
    When he walked out, he knew his job was safe (For now) and he also knew for the forseeable future his asshole is mine.
    I'd had him suck on my dick, then without a condom or lube I'd taken his gorgeous boy cherry, fucking him over my desk. He's not the first young pup to feel my cock slide up his cute ass this past year or so, nor I know doubt will he be the last.
    Our town has little work, yet I know the young guys we employ love to risk their jobs anyway. It's relatively easy to pick out the ones who are going to be generous with their fuck holes. And this married father of two who's marriage is sexless, loves to indulge his new found passion for emptying his balls up a young man's ass.
    I now have two regular fuck sluts and Scott as my new addition. My sex life has never been so expansive, and although I do kind of take advantage, the boys all secretly want my eight inches. Or they do after I train the assholes.

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