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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My soon to be brother in law who is in his mid 30s told me before I could marry his sister I had to do him some favors. Of course I get along with him but didnât know what he meant.

    We got drunk one evening and I ended up getting my ass fucked by him. My ass was a virgin up to that point being I always considered myself straight. His thick 7â cock slipped in me pretty easy though once my cherry was popped

    To be very honest I enjoyed receiving a cock, did t know it felt that good! Heâs since fucked me around a dozen times always cumming in my ass. He swings by before his sister gets home when Iâm home alone. Get naked, get in the bed and he fucks me. Iâm uncut so my foreskin is filled with precum by the time heâs done. We get dressed after he cums in me and he leaves.

    Once my fiancé gets home which is his sister I ha ether ass naked in the bed and I fuck her till we both are screaming from pleasure. She always wonders why there is so much precum under my forskin!

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    Lesbian Female / 32

    I had just moved into a new apartment complex. It was a new complex with covered parking, a rec room, workout room, and other amenities. It was 30 minutes from work and I got home earlier in the evening than I had before. Across the hall from me was a girl, she appeared to be around thirty. We said hello and how was your day, and one day she asked me if I wanted to come over and have a glass of wine. Her apartment was nice, much nicer than mine, she had nice stuff and her veranda overlooked the pool below. She had a much nicer view than mine, and we ended up talking for a long time and she made sandwiches and when I left she asked me if I was dating anyone.

    She asked me for a date. She said she liked me and she wanted to date me. If I was uncomfortable she would understand but that she felt we should go out on a formal date. I stood there trying to answer, I finally said that I wasn't sure that dating a woman was the way I wanted to go. She put her hand on my cheek and kissed my lips lightly and said I was the first girl she had met that she wanted to get to know since she had arrived in Atlanta.

    On Saturday night, she came over to pick me up, she was dressed in a short dress and she gave me a small box as a gift. The gift was a pair of nice panties, very light pink, she said she wanted me to put them on and put on a dress and we had reservations at this French restaurant. When I walked into my room to change she followed me and stood there while I changed panties and changed into a dress. She came over and with one arm around my neck and kissed me and she touched me between my legs and said she couldn't wait to get back.

    All night, where ever we went she insisted we hold hands. We went to dinner and we went dancing afterwards to this club that was exclusively for women. She told me she had discovered that club when she first moved to Atlanta, a girl she dated then had turned her on to it, and it was a great place because you could just dance and be with your date and no one cared.

    Back at my apartment, she had me lay back on my bed and she took my new panties off and she went down. Maybe the night, the way she was, feeling her need, whatever but it was as electric as I had ever been. We spent the night together and got to know each other in the most intimate sense.

    I had not been with a female partner since my junior year in college. I had tried dating guys but I could never go there with them. We stayed together for a while, it was all sexual, like something you just had to get out of your system. At this all women's club I met another girl, she had gone to the same college as me, and we hit it off slowly, with her we really did date, soft stuff, movies, etc. She was more new to this than I was and it was my turn to take her hand and pull her into bed. I won't say I seduced her, I pulled her into bed telling her that I wanted to show her how much I liked her.

    My new girlfriend, she was truly my girlfriend, was younger than me, she was 23 and I was 31 and it was left to me to show her the ropes and teach her how to be together. I had never been the aggressor, but if I wanted to be with her I had to take on that roll.

    I remained friends with the girl across the hall and over time I met several girls that she was dating. Too much for me, in the end I was looking for someone more like me. I recognize that if she hadn't come on to me, I would never have gotten out there, and I wouldn't have met my girlfriend. I did learn one thing from her, I like to buy cute panties for my girlfriend.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Hey guys! Just here with someone thats something id like to try and see what you think of me.

    so, i think im bi but im not sure, ive had fantasies and dreams but always been with girls... but....

    sometimes i get off to being the bottom for another guy, or having his sweaty, shaved genitals in my mouth.
    I think id like that, i think just letting another man have full on sex with me would be nice, and the part that gets me and really makes me think im bi sexual is the fact that i want to taste another man in my mouth " his sperm " or have him ejaculate inside of me.

    so, basically i want all of that right now, in my head but when it comes times i dont know.

    I want to try it, but not sure how to start.

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    Straight Male / 24

    Look guys, I need help on my sexuality and what Id like to experiment with.

    I was just broken up with by a girl who took my virginity in High School, back then I felt just as strong towards her and then I found out she went to town cheating on me as I caught her red handed in bed. We stopped talking for ten years and then tried dating again, only to be left broken badly, and blindsided so much that I was in a very dark headspace. she infact out of nowhere blocked me out of her entire life after being together for a few years so that was cold... but now I'm single and thinking.....

    I'm a good looking guy and well being single ive taken time to think and to figure out a few things and to look at every option to fulfill any or all of my inside desires.

    Ive noticed guys in public who are attractive to me but its a very slim few so far.
    I do know that I I don't like muscles or manly dudes so this must mean something that ive come to know this, its just about their personalities that catch me and that's where I find my main attraction.

    If the guy has that then I look at sex appeal and if he has that to, I feel like id enjoy having sex with him if we were to be together. Id feel best as a bottom as it fits my personality and how I feel inside.
    I kind of always felt that need to be the one to be sexy, or the play toy in the relationship or the one that pleases.

    So, after being through that bad relationship where she mentally and psychically abused me for things as simple as wanting to see my friends I want to seriously give this " side of me " a try and or another guy a chance in my life to see what happens. I'm having a hard time with being afraid of judgment and what my family, friends will think.
    I know that I shouldn't at all, but its there.

    How could I get over this irrational fear ?
    I really do not want to miss out on this experience because I have one life to live so I'm okay with trying even if its not what I thought .
    I'm me, everyone is different and should freely express their own unique character and I feel like its worth it.

    S o, please could you help me with this?
    How do I go about the fear of being judged ?
    Should I try a hook up or try to find a date first?
    How do I meet a guy or where ?

    Any advice or pointers ?

    Thanks everyone, I'm bi curious and thinking I could be bisexual but I want to find out for sure!

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    Straight Male / 22

    I just got back from a week long camping trip with a friend,his dad and his uncle.

    We all had our own tents. On the second night my friends dad came into my tent. I was wondering what he was doing, he was in only his underwear. He took his underwear off right after zipping the tent up and rolled me onto mt stomach. He jerked my underwear down and spit on my asshole. He said into my ear that he needed a tight hole to cum in.

    A moment later his hairy cock was rammed into my asshole. I bit my blanket as I felt my ass stretch. It didnt last that long, within a few minutes he tensed up and i could feel him pumping cum into my ass. He got off me, pulled my underwear back up, put his on and left saying he'd be back tomorrow night.

    The second time was done just the same and felt way better than the first time.

    In all he fucked me four times. I guess i should say im bisexual now since i do enjoy a cock in my ass. His dad already has told me to drop by his house a few times a week if i like

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Sat in our home on the lounge settee, I was whacking one off thinking my mom and my step dad were asleep in bed. Looking at porn on my lap top, I didn't see Andy my step father. When I did see him he was stood watching me toss myself off whilst stroking his cock. Not saying a word, he walked over knelt down between my legs and took hold of my cock. Lowering his head he let my cock slide over his tongue and began to suck me off. I was too shocked to say anything, and he was so good at giving head, I just let him get on with it. After a short while I felt myself cumming and told him, but Andy just carried on sucking me, so I came in his mouth. Swallowing what I spurted into his mouth, he eventually let my cock fall, stood up and proceeded to toss himself off as he looked down on me. After maybe a couple of minutes, his cock let go and his cum sprayed all over my chest and face. Flicking the last drops he put his cock back into his boxers, went into the kitchen, then walking back upstairs he said "Next weekend I'd fuck you, if you like".
    It's now next weekend. My moms out tomorrow night and Andy has all week been saying he can't wait to feel his cock up my cute ass. I've never before had any kind of gay sex, before he blew me, but I am so looking forward to this weekend. Can't wait to find out what it's like to be fucked.

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    Gay Male / 25

    I met Jamie at a bar about a month ago. He was the stud I had heard about. A young chiseled body and when he pulled off his pants he had a cock of Adonis. Eight inches of thick cock just made for fucking.

    Before we had sex I asked Jamie if he would just jerk off for me. I never had been with a guy that had a cock like his and I wanted to see exactly what that beast could do.

    Jamie seemed pleased to stroke his cock while I sat close and looked on. After a few moments his cock reached it's full length and girth, veins protruded around the thick shaft. He oiled up his cock and began to masturbate.

    Soon his hard cock began to throb, releasing his hand and watching his cock bob up and down with arousal. I could see the precum dripping out of the pee hole moments later.

    About ten minutes later Jamie began to groan, his head tilting back as the pleasure built up between his legs.

    Jamie's hand moved faster, his voice moaning a bit louder. I heard him say "oh fuck" and then his eyes closed.

    Jamie ejaculated a moment later. "Fuck!" he said loudly. The first squirt of cum was like a rope shooting out of his cock. His hot load shooting about a foot and a bit more, the rest of his cum shot out in large gobs of white sprinkles and it went every direction. Jamie milked his cock until every drop of cum was spent.

    We made our way to the bed and I waited for Jamie to reload. I thought I would lose my mind waiting to have my hands and mouth around his beautiful cock..................

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I use Grindr daily to see what I can find. I got a message from a Canadian truck driver last night. He was good looking and is 46 so I figured what the heck. Started chatting and two hours later he asked if I wan to hook up

    So I asked the whole top and bottom question and he said total top and heâs bi too. He has a regular woman in my area he fucks when heâs here but sheâs unavailable. We exchanged pics and I went to pick him up. He was parked in the Walmart parking lot.

    Brought him back to my place. We wasted no time, we got naked. Now I just figured he probably would have a average cock size but when I came out of the bathroom he was standing g there hard and I was like fuck me! I asked how hung he was and he said 10 inches! I told him I donât know if I can bottom for that! He said donât worry Iâll take my time and open you up.

    Soon he started rimming my ass and then I sucked on his dick for a bit. Eventually I got in doggy position since Iâm most relaxed in that and had my ass hanging off over the edge of the bed. He lubed me up and lined his dick up. He told me to breathe and he slid right in. He kept pushing in till he as balls deep. I sighed and said fuck this is gonna be rough. He didnât move for a bit till he felt me relax and slowly started pumping his cock.

    Got to the point where he was doing long deep strokes in and out of my ass. Heâd pull it almost all the way out and put in back in balls deep.

    He lasted around 20 minutes. By that time I had already cummed all over my sheets and finally he blew a load very deep in my ass. He pulled out very slowly and laid in the bed beside me. He asked to take a shower and I told him to help himself! I could feel my ass was definitely stretch after his dick was in it.

    After coming pit of the shower I said you can sleep here tonight if you would like and Iâll drop you off at your truck in the morning when Iâm headed to work. He said alright and climbed in bed.

    We both woke up at 6am. I went to get ready for work. Obviously my ass was sore but it felt great. I went in the bathroom and did my business. When I came out he was still laying in bed naked with his big morning wood. I told him if he could cum in 10minutes or less Iâll let him take care of the morning wood. He said okay

    So I bent over the bed in only my button down shirt and my briefs around my ankles. He lubed up and fucked me. He cummed deep in my ass again and we both got dresssed.

    I dropped him off at his truck and he said next time heâs in town heâll send me a message. I said Iâd like that

    So here I am typing this at work with a load deep in my ass and my ass feels stretched and sore. But it feels great. If only the women at work knew about my ass and what was and still is in it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Can't say I'm proud of myself, and I can't say that he would have been any kind of sexual choice beforehand. Yet here I am, a twenty seven year old married man who not too long ago, secured his and his wife's future.
    My wife and I both knew if I hadn't have gotten the job, we'd have been in real financial trouble. We also knew the bank was sniffing to repossess our home. Maybe my desperation came through in my interview or just maybe I might have given off some kind of sexual vibe to John. Whatever it was during the latter part of my interview, he told me the job was mine, if I went the extra mile for him every now and then.

    About to ask him what that meant, he rose from his desk, walked around it and undid his trousers. Taking out the single fattest cock I've ever witnessed. And seeing as I'm on a few sports teams, I've seen some cock in the changing area's. He very casually and simply said suck it for me today and you go home with a large salaried job.
    This is where I should be saying I doubted myself. I hesitated and thought about my wife and the sexual act I was being asked to perform. In reality and in those moments, I didn't hesitate and I only saw a piece of meat which I just knew I could suck on.

    Dropping to my knees, I took hold of his hardening cock and opened my mouth. It felt and tasted strange at first. I expected it to feel rock hard in my mouth, yet it kind of felt silky, hard and soft all at the same time. The taste was a little salty, yet not unpleasant and I was soon trying to give him what my wife had given to many many times, a damn good blow job.

    Hearing him moan out loud and then telling me I was a born cock sucker had my ego boosted like I never thought in my life, it would be. Listening to his heavy breathing and my own mouth slurping away on his cock soon had mine rising. But it was the feel of his length in my mouth that really had my cock responding. I'd begun to take nearly all of his full manhood down my throat, and I shocked myself at just how easily I'd gone from a straight guy to one who was thoroughly enjoying sucking on his future bosses dick.

    For his part he began to hold my head and then fuck my mouth. I was in his hands literally in more ways than one and I wasn't complaining, one bit. His cock began to pulse hard over my tongue and I knew he was nearing his orgasm. Not wanting him to doubt me in any way, I sucked even harder when his cock exploded in my mouth. His cum spurted all over my tongue and then on down my throat. It's taste wasn't too bad either and I found myself gulping it down as well as carrying on sucking hard on his dick. John was telling me over and over the "The fucking jobs yours boy, the fucking fucking jobs yours".

    Pulling his cock out of my mouth, he was about to move away, but I instinctively did something my wife always does to me after sucking me off, I lifted his cock and sucked gently on each of his balls. It made him shiver and retake my hair into his grasp. Moaning to me how good it felt, I finally released his cock and rose up.

    That was it I thought, I'd done more than enough to get the job, but John wasn't finished. Telling me to drop my trousers and underwear, I did as he wanted and turned when he asked. Leaning over his desk, I had done to me something that no one had ever done to my body. Moving my ass cheeks apart, John squatted down and instantly drove his face between my butt cheeks. Within seconds he was lapping away at my asshole and it felt fucking awesome. On and on he licked my rear hole, then reaching up and through my legs, he took hold of my cock and began to toss me off at the same time, still licking at my asshole.

    I didn't last too long I can tell you. No more than a couple of minutes before my cock let go and I came all over his desk. John tugged on ym dick a few more times milking out every drop from my cock and then let go. We got ourselves together and John buzzed through to his secretary. After around a minute she entered and gave John a very knowing smile. Looking down at the small pool of cum on his desk, she said "I take it he's our new employee". Looking at me before Joh n could answer, she said "Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'l be perfect for us......and John". Smiling again she did what John wanted, then let us alone.

    I've been working for John and his company for nearly nine months. In that time we've staved off the bank, and even gotten ourselves back in the black financially. My wife knows nothing of how I got the job, or that on at least two days a week I have sex with my boss. And it's not now just oral sex. As of three months ago I've begun to take john's thick cock up my asshole. The initial fuck only lasted for about two to three minutes. But it was enough for me to understand, not only was it going to secure a promotion and a much higher salary, but also that I knew I'd enjoy his fat cock fucking me whenever he wanted to.
    In the past three months I've had John fuck me once or twice a week, depending on business time. It's never a loving fuck as he likes me to take his fat cock hard and quick. And for a man in his early sixties, John certainly can fuck.
    My situation isn't unique I know that. And I also know things could go wrong. But john is a fairly stable guy who enjoys my mouth and asshole immensely. He's already begun training me up for a more senior position in his organization. One which will not only improve my status within the company, but also with him.

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