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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 48

    I was the only child of my mother's. My mother had me in her late thirties and never dressed me as a boy, she dressed me as a girl. I wore girl shoes, dresses, panties, blouses, pants, my hair was long and I had ribbons, pony tails, pig tails. I went with my mother to ladies room and she called me Denise. She would tell me to hide my penis, and that one day it would fall off and I would have a little hole, but some reason it had not fallen off yet.

    She liked to bathe me and when she did she washed my penis carefully, she called it a nasty little thing. I went to kindergarten as a girl and that is when I was called out as a boy, when I went to the bathroom and a girl saw I had a penis. Everything else about me was girl, my face, my clothes, the way I walked and talked and I had long hair. I was a girl, except I had a penis and the school called my mother and she came and they told her I had to be dressed like a boy.

    At school I had to be a boy, my hair got cut short, in those days boys wore crew cuts and boys wore blue jeans and sneakers. The girls wore dresses and usually had panties with flowers on them and ruffles. Those were the panties I had at home when I changed into being a girl.

    When I got older and girls started to bud out I stayed slim and flat. I wore a bra and all, but it was just for show. I had a wig that I wore because my hair was still short, but everywhere we went out of the house I went as a girl. I used the girl bathrooms in restaurants or other public places, but I always made sure that I went into a stall before letting it be known that I had a penis. I would tuck my penis between my legs and secure it with my panties, but sometimes it got out and I had to hold it up tight against my stomach. But wearing a skirt hid it.

    I was at a birthday party when I was seventeen for a neighbor and this guy was onto me and he kissed me and he put his hand in my lap and found out I was a boy and beat me up. I was 22 and I worked for Woolworth behind the snack counter, I wore a woman's uniform, by then I could let my hair grow long and I wore makeup and jewelry and I padded the bra and shaved my legs. A man that worked downtown would come in for lunch and he took me out and when he discovered I had a penis he just sucked it for a long time and when he had sex with me he knew what to do. He told me he always knew I had a penis and he couldn't wait to suck it. I sucked his penis too, it was my first overt act of sex. I enjoyed it and I enjoyed him having sex with me.

    We went out, he bought dresses for me and jewelry and at the clubs I was a woman and when we got back to his place we enjoyed being having penises. If was such a surprise to me to find out how much I enjoyed having him play with my penis and suck me and have sex with me. And I enjoyed playing with his penis and sucking him. I always managed to have a boyfriend.

    I have lived as a woman all my life. I live in Florida with my friend and we travel a little and I always go as a woman, I have never been discovered. My passport has my given name, Dan, I go by Denise. We used to go on cruises but now we go on land tours. I have a story about never having got married and that we are friends from a long time ago and that is enough for the other guests. I am comfortable and can wear women's clothes all day, including shoes and make up, although as I have aged I am less and less a woman in looks. I take care to wear makeup and wear a hat and loose clothing. We just got back from a trip to South East Asia.

    His friends, he was an law enforcement officer his entire career, have made comments about me but he tells them that I am just a big woman. He likes me the way I am and I like him the way he is, and no one knows what is between my legs.

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    Gay Male / 35

    It all goes back to when we were going through puberty. My friend from school was always hard and he liked to show me his hard dick. I liked his hard dick, that is the truth. He would lay with his head on my lap when we were in my room and push down with his head and get my dick hard and then put his hand over it and hold it tight. When I was really hard he would open my pants and play with my dick, examining it, taking it and rubbing my dick against his face. I started to rub his dick against my face and that is when I started to suck his dick. I wanted to suck his dick, to feel his dick in my hand, to feel his dick against my cheek, to feel his dick on my back, I liked it when he got on my back and pushed his dick into my naked crack.

    Later when we were driving we found this place behind the University that had no street lights, that is where the gay men would go to have sex in the car. We would watch, we went there to watch, we had our dicks out and we would hold and jack each other while we watched guys make out. We were regulars so our car was recognized and no one stopped doing what they were doing because we were there. We sucked each other out there in the dark and once in a while we could see a couple get out of the car and fuck against the hood or the trunk. The cops never came there. That is where we started to make out, that is where we had our first fuck in the back seat.

    After he fucked me out there he brought me a pair of his sisters panties and told me to wear them because he was the boyfriend and I had to be the girlfriend. I loved wearing the panties, he stole three pair and I would wear them all day. I hid them between the mattress and the box springs. They were pink with a little bow on them and they were tight and held my dick and balls in and when I walked my dick would rub against the soft fabric. We were fucking by then, fucking all the time.

    When we got jobs I used my money to buy panties, I had a whole collection and I wore panties every day. I left home in briefs and changed into panties at school. I sucked dick and we fucked, that was our life. Being older we started to get along with other gay guys, some of them we met out there at the hang out and others we met by mistake, some college guys and some older guys. It was one of these guys, an older guy who was a lawyer who took out his bid dick and told me to suck it. My boyfriend said go ahead so I did. His dick was big and when he fucked me it hurt but in a good way. That is when we became part of the boys club and we went to people's houses for parties, my boyfriend was looking for new guys and I was the lawyer's boy toy. We were seniors in high school.

    Over the next couple of years I fucked several men, I liked men who were older who liked to fuck me. By then my childhood boyfriend and I were no longer fucking, we were just friends. He was finding new guys to hang around with and I was going home with some of the older men. It was the glory days for us.

    When we got through college it wasn't so easy, the older men didn't want me anymore and my boyfriend had a hard time hooking up with guys so we went back to being together and fucking the night away. I always enjoyed fucking with him, he had his way, he knew how to make me feel good. It was several years before I hooked up with a man who wanted me as his boyfriend and by then my childhood boyfriend had landed a guy of his own.

    I wear panties, that's my thing. I love panties and older men.

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    Gay Male / 52

    I was lonely and I hung out at this park. That evening it was already dark and this man came up and started talking to me. He told me he had a dog but the dog was back in the bushes. I went with him and when we got back in the bushes he had this small dog on a string. He kissed me and I let him take my pants off and how he managed to fuck me I will never know, but he got his cock in all the way. It hurt but it felt good too and I just let him fuck until he was done. He patted my head and kissed my face and told me to get on home before I was missed.

    Sometimes I go across town when I have nothing to do I go sit at the park and reminisce. After sundown I watch the people, there are hookers now and couples slink off into the shadows. I don't talk to anyone, when the hookers come around to talk to me, I tell them to move along.

    There is a spot in town, over in my neighborhood where you can go and get laid for the night. I like clean men, with clean hair who will give me a good time. It's expensive but less expensive than having to support someone. I tried that, but I don't want to deal with all the issues and the expense, so I go down to my spot, find the right one and take him home and send him on his way. Plus, if I really want to feel good I go the park across town, it always feels good to sit there and watch the evening come and the hookers work the park and think about my first time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My family consists of my wife, my step son Jason and our two dogs. My wife of fourteen years is no longer in love with me, or sex for that matter. She now worships food and all that being fat brings. I don't need to feel loved by over eating as she obviously does, but I do need my sexual desires met. Jason was only five when I married his mom, and through the years I knew he was going to be gay. His needs it turned out were having an older man like me teach him, he could take a large cock up his sweet ass. And ever since he turned seventeen I've been showing Jason just how much I enjoy his gorgeous butt. We fuck daily, and we no longer hide our lust for one another. I'm not the only person fucking him either, as he does have a boyfriend his own age called Matty. The difference is, Jason's boyfriends cock measures just over five inches. I know as I've sucked on Matt's cock enough times. And mine, well lets just say it's bigger. Much bigger. I fuck Matt too sometimes, but he's no where near as cute and as horny as my step son. And besides as I now sleep with my step son every night, I'm usually worn out if and when Matt calls by.
    My wife by the way couldn't give a rats ass that I'm fucking her son. Indeed her response when she walked in on us the first time was "Change the sheets after you finish. And oh, my car needs new tires". I'd just cum up Jason's ass and it was oozing out all over the sheet. Downstairs when we both walked into the kitchen, Jason's mom was making herself some food and smiled at us. It was as if she'd just witnessed us saying prayers together. Since then we've actually fucked in front of her on the couch, and in Jason's bed and she's not bated an eyelid. We're not your usual family, yet we are a very close one in many ways. Jason's mom even helped us shp for a new bed last week. It was weird hearing my wife saying "It'll be quieter when your fucking".

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    Gay Male / 22

    I am going to come out and say it. I am a spineless waste of a human being. I have always been spineless and I am gay, I can't stand up for myself. One of my first experiences was when I was seventeen and I was working at the Jamba Juice at the mall. The shift leader was a guy in his late twenties and he would grab my ass or grab me by the hips and hump my ass. He would put notes in my pants pocket, like 'I like a tight ass', You are going to suck and you know it', 'You're going to swallow', 'I have a dick for you', 'I am going to fuck you, fuck you, fuck you', 'You love dick, admit it'. I have all the notes.

    One night I was waiting for my mother to come pick me up and he found me standing beside the dumpster at Macy's where my Mom picked me up and he pulled me behind the dumpster and told me that it was time I showed him love. He opened his pants and told me to suck, suck, suck, to make it worth his while, to show him why I loved dick. I was scared my Mom was going to come by but he was pushing my head down so I sucked him dick and he told me to lower my pants so he could fuck me.

    The next day he was fired and I was fired because the security guard saw him and me. He came to my house and he got his revenge making me suck him again and this time he fucked me. I was embarrassed and didn't tell anyone.

    After I graduated from high school I took summer courses at the community college. An old man was taking the same courses and he took me to his car and I sucked his dick. He also made out with me and jacked me off. During the whole course I went to his place and sucked him and he fucked me and he liked to make out. I really liked it when he fucked me even more than sucking him and I liked making out with him while he jacked me off. I wanted to go live with him but he didn't want that.

    I dropped out of college and went to work as a waiter in a pizza parlor. The restaurant was owned by this Italian guy and I sucked him in the office almost every day I worked and he liked to fuck me, even more than that the man from the community college. I really liked getting fucked. One night I got off work and I saw this man who had been in the restaurant sitting in his car and he called me over and asked me to suck his dick. I got in his car and we went to this empty parking garage and I was able to suck him, he didn't make me stop and it was the first time I got to swallow a complete mouthful. I wanted to make out with him but he didn't want to.

    I moved to Chicago where I live now and I work at the Whole Foods and I make contact there with men who want to go out with me. I love to suck, I love to fuck and I love to make out. I just can't say no, I am a pushover for a dick, a spineless gay pushover. I stay in shape but I will suck any dick, I am not into just one type.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    This time last year, I attended a Christmas company outing to a few bars, then a club. On my way home I decided to walk rather than take a cab, and initially regretted it. Walking past the entrance of a park, I was grabbed forcefully and thrown into a small wooded area. Before I knew it I had two much larger men stripping me naked, whilst another one removed his own jogging bottoms. Pushed down and held firmly, I felt a warm wet mouth on my arsehole and then felt the mans tongue lapping at my hole. It only lasted about a minute before he moved up my body and I felt his hardened cock poke at my arsehole. Seconds later I was no longer a anal virgin, and half an hour later after all three men had fucked me, I was no longer a stranger to gay lust. By the time they'd all cum over me, I was literally begging them to fuck me, as my whole body was alive with sexual desire. It was so good, I gave one of the men my number, my real mobile number.
    No one knows about my ordeal, or that I met the man I gave my number to back in the park a week later. Up against a tree close to where he and his mates had fucked me by force, I greedily accepted his cock up my arse all over again, after sucking on his dick first.
    I'm still straight to all who know me, except for Alex the man who now fucks me whenever he wants at short notice.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I put bi but never had a girl yet, but want to. I am 17 now.

    My parents always spent 2 to 4 weeks every summer at nudist resorts. When I was 14 this 16year old boy and I pal'd around a lot together. We were both there overlapping over a 3 week period. It started off with us sucking each other, he was the first to cum in my mouth, I later did it to him but he didn't like it so he'd jack me and I'd shoot and clean it up. After two days of that, I spent the night at his cabin and during that night he fucked me. It hurt I tried to get him to stop but he was determined to get off and there was no stopping him. After about 3 minutes it stopped hurting so bad and I took it, he shot in only a few more minutes. I wasn't mad, I didn't stomp out and off to my parents cabin. After all, how could I explain why I left in the middle of the night? When his 7 inches flopped out of me though, I wanted more. I couldn't believe how empty I felt. He gave it to me 2 more times that night. After that it was crazy, I was getting his cock up my hole 4 to 5 times a day. It was a relief almost when he took a blowjob from me. I really got to enjoy it though and looked forward to it.

    That next fall I started high school and a lot of the older boys would tease me in the shower, snap towels at me, grab my butt, my little cock. I'm very small, still am there was nothing I could do to get back at them. One day 2 boys were in the locker room. They made me strip and get into the shower where they both fucked me. They told everyone I was a fag and took it up the ass. That's all it took I was getting fucked by 3 to 5 boys almost everyday then entire school year, and into the summer boys would drive by my house and pick me up and take me out and fuck me or get a BJ. By then I'd had 38 cocks in my ass, another 11 in my mouth only, some of them were really big ones. I'd been fucked hundreds of times. The only time away from them was when we went to the resort and I saw my first fuck there for a couple of weeks. I was still getting it a lot, everyday but at least it was 1 guy and 1 guys sperm, though after he left I did let one older man fuck me a few times.

    I don't remember what her excuse was but my mom came in the bathroom when I was showering to get something, and as I bent over she saw my asshole. She literally screamed in shock. I realized no one had seen me except the guys fucking me. My asshole had a swollen ring around it, sort of like pussy lips, some of the guys would tease that I had a pussy back there. The hole itself was now about 2" long when closed up. Two of the boys who fucked me had put their whole hand inside me. My mom was totally shocked and asked what I was doing to get like that. I explained, and she calmed down and asked if it started that prior summer at the nudist camp. I told her about Phil my friend there, and she said she thought we were having sex because a few times she would see what she thought was sperm coming from between my cheeks, and one time I left a little bit of it on a beach towel. She convinced herself it must be something else. Now she knew. She asked if I was gay I told her I wanted to be with girls, but this just happened, and I had no choice. I was embarrassed as hell and made her promise not to tell my dad. After the rest of that year she transferred me to a private school, and wouldn't let me go out with any of the boys who came by in their cars.

    Still no girlfriend but I've only been fucked by one guy several times, since I left public school.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    In an hours time my wife will be going out to her friends, as her father and I watch football. Only I won't just be watching one ball, but three. As I'll also be sucking off my fifty eight year old father in law. Can't wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I never told anyone this happened to me, not even my ex wife knows. It's the first time I ever had sex.

    When I was a teen in New York, I was only 5ft. 9in, never been laid, thin, no facial hair and wasn't old enough but I often made my way into some of the porn shops on 42nd street. I liked to get tokens and go to the booths and watch porn movies. I liked it all but straight porn, even saw a woman fucked by a couple of dogs. All girls with hairy pussies back then and usually if they made it on camera they had big tits. I was engrossed watching about my fourth movie and pulled my pants down and was jacking off when a long cock came through a hole in the side of the booth. I didn't know what to do, and had no intention of touching it but I did reach out for some reason. I grabbed it in my hand and it instantly got hard, it was thick and at least 8 inches maybe 9 inches long, which looked massive to my little thin 5 incher. I let go as I came to my senses and the guy bent down and told me to suck it and pushed his hard cock through the hole again. I didn't do anything this time. Then after a while his hand came through and grabbed at my butt and my cock. I pulled away. Again I heard "suck it" and he stuck his hard cock through the hold. Another guy on the other side told me to suck the other guy. I was surrounded. I pulled up my pants and unlocked the door to my booth to leave.

    I was immediately pushed back into the booth by a massive guy, I recognized the thick, long cock that was hanging out with his pants down below. He got in the booth and locked the door and pulled down my pants and underwear. He said "You don't want to suck, then that's fine with me, but I'm gonna get my nut" He rubbed some lotion on my butthole as I was starting to cry, I begged him not to do this. I couldn't move he had me pushed up against the wall on one side. Then I felt it, begging him, offering to suck him, did not good. He was r****g me inside that booth. I could hear the guy from the other side encouraging him to "give it to him, give it to him good the little tease bitch". Then I felt a mouth on my cock, I was at one of the holes and someone had gone into the booth and was sucking my cock as I was getting r**ed by this massive man. The pain was terrible, I was crying and moving, begging him to stop, offering him anything. By now he was whispering in my ear as he was kissing my neck and ears. He whispered dirty, terrible things to me. Called me a cocktease, a bitch, his little sissy boy, his cumhole as the r**e went on and on. The pain eased and especially when I shot down the guys throat that was sucking my cock. After what seemed like an hour but was probably only 10 to 15 minutes the rapist picked up his pace and was pounding in and out of me so hard it was making the walls shake. Then one final thrust and I could feel him shooting his cum in me. As he pulled out of me he just said "Don't tease real men anymore baby and it'll go easier on ya". With that he unlocked the door and left, and two other men came in. I resigned and they both fucked me and I could finally leave.

    I made my way home, and once in the apartment, I took out the trash right away and put it down the chute in the hall. I did it because I had shit, cum and blood in my underwear and didn't want anyone to see it and have to explain what happened, and why I was in that place anyway. I went back in two days and nothing more happened, the third day I let a guy suck me off through one of the holes. A couple days later I went back again and I recognized my first rapist. I turned to go away and he came up to me and grabbed my arm. Pulling me to the end of the row of booths, he said he liked me and that he wanted me to "help him out" again. I didn't want to and told him so, his reply was that we could do it rough and I get hurt, or easy and I just take it. All I said was "easy". He told me to pull my pants down below my butt and to hold this little jar of Vaseline in my hand and go down to the middle of the booths with him. So exposed with guys laughing and pointing at my small cock, and everyone realizing I was going with this guy to let him fuck me, I picked a booth in the middle and he told me to lube up. With the door open I lubed, he dropped his pants and told me to bend over. He fucked me with at least 5 guys watching through the open door and another ran around and stuck his cock in my mouth through the hole in the wall. He came in my mouth and was replaced by another who did the same. Then it was time for the rough punishing moves in my ass followed by that final grunt, and again I felt a release of his sperm inside me. He left his cock in me for several minutes talking very casually about how he was my first and telling everyone what a good sissy I was, that I was his cumhole. He took out a marker and wrote CUM on one of my ass cheeks, and HOLE on the other. Then he pulled out whispering for me to be there again in two days. As he left the guys were lined up for their turns.

    For almost 2 years I went to that place, and got gangfucked almost everytime. My first guy was there till I stopped going, and he stopped fucking me after I got fucked by so many. I would suck, get fucked, got sucked a few times, and was everyones sissy whore. When I was 17 I got laid by a girl, and loved it, loved pussy, loved her mouth, and then I pushed and fucked her in her ass. She wasn't willing and that ended right then. After that I met a few girls, was getting laid and didn't go back to the theaters. Soon it was aids all over the news, and I stayed away from those booths, and other guys.

    I've been divorced now for almost 2 years, no pussy in site and I'd like to get fucked again just to have sex of any kind. But that was my first sex, no one in my life knows about it, just me and the several guys who first r**ed me then just participated in my gangfucks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I gave my first blowjob today. Iâve been fantasizing for years, finally got up the nerve. Heâs a black guy, Iâm white, heâs gay, Iâve only been with women. I knew him from another gay guy I used to work with, we were drinking beer, and I just asked him if I could suck him off. He laughed and said sure. We went inside to his room (he has roommates) he unzipped his pants and it was the biggest dick Iâve ever seen. He was limp, I kissed, stroked and licked him til he was hard. When he was limp he filled my mouth, hard he was so big I could only get the head in my mouth. I sucked the head and stroked him for about five minutes but couldnât make him cum. He had some lube so I greased him up good, I started jacking him off ( using both hands) while the head was in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the head while I jacked him, finally I felt him get harder, his legs and abs tensed up, without saying a word he shot a huge wad to the back of my throat, I kept the tip in my mouth and stroked him faster swallowing as fast as I could. I lost count but I think he pulsed 6 shots, it was a lot, warm and sweet tasting not salty like Iâve heard. I swallowed it all, and continued til he was limp, I licked every drop that formed. He said I can come suck him anytime I want and heâll be patient while I get better. I canât wait to do it again, I still like girls but Iâm a cocksucker now for sure. And I love the taste of cum!!!

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