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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I teach literature at a small college in mid-Michigan. Each semester, I would be assigned a teacher's assistant, one for each class that I teach that semester. Jake was my TA for my 19th Century Literature class. He was a tall, good looking young man in his mid-20's who was working on a masterâs degree. He was married and had a pretty young wife, who I have met on a few occasions at university events and get-togethers. She was also working on a masterâs degree, I believe in Philosophy. I found her far more interesting than Jake, who was quiet and basically uncommunicative. He was one as a teaching assistant, but the students often complained about how boring his sessions were. I often talked with him trying to get him to open up about things, but I wasn't very successful in my efforts and Jake pretty much remained a mystery to me.

    I was married to a woman who had long ago lost any interest in sex that she had showed during the early years of our marriage. Our relationship was fairly testy at times, and as the years rolled by, we grew further and further apart. We slept in different bedrooms and found that when the sex ended, the desire that I had had for her dwindled and disappeared. We found that we had very little in common. She rarely read, spent her evenings watching mindless sitcoms, and her taste in cinema tended towards romantic comedies. I read and re-read the classics, watched a lot of foreign films with English subtitles, and preferred dramas and war movies. She had her set of friends and I had mine. Increasingly I would attend university functions alone so often that associates thought that we had divorced.

    I dallied in extra-marital affairs that were typically acutely passionate, but short-lived, and had taken to meeting other married men for sex. I really can't pinpoint when I became sexually interested in men, but it was years after we had stopped sleeping together. I have always had a thing for pornography and when pornography became omni-present on the internet, I found myself watching heterosexual videos, lusting after the women in those videos, fantasizing about them and masturbating while watching them. Somewhere along the ling my focus changed from the naked women to the penises of the men, and i soon found myself fantasizing about what it would be like to suck one of those thick, large, veiny cocks or suck those egg shaped balls. The fantasies remained fantasies until the advent of craigslist personals. I found scores of ads for local men looking to suck or be sucked, fuck or be fucked by other men. Soon, I found myself responding to the ads and striking up net conversations with men who were looking to have their cocks sucked. I made and broke several meetings with such men, before actually willing myself to actually meet a man.

    The first man was several years older than me, heavy set and quite hirsute. We met for coffee at one of the local McDonalds, and sat and chatted at a table near the rear of the restaurant, out of ear shot of other patrons. After finishing our coffees he suggested that we meet in the men's room, but the idea of public sex, where someone could walk in on us and see me blowing him was frightening to me. I told him that I was ready to suck his cock but not in a public place. He explained that his wife was at home, so we couldn't go there, and, of course, i was in the same predicament. He said that if I didn't mind, he had a storage shed that we could use, and I quickly agreed and followed him to the storage complex to his shed. We parked and I stood outside of the shed as he raised the aluminum door. The shed was about six by four feet. There were pieces of furniture strewn about and a propane space heater. We entered and he closed the aluminum door behind us before turning on an overhead fluorescent light. He motioned for me to kneel on the cement floor, unzipped his Levis, and fished his cock out of his turquoise briefs. "Suck my cock," he grunted and I paused, fascinated that I had gotten myself into such a situation. His cock was short and stubby, but had a thick mushroom head. I leaned over and opened my lips, engulfing the head of his cock. "Yeah, suck it, baby." It was a sour tasting thing, but I figured this was what I had been fantasizing about and continued to suck his cock, working my mouth all the way down to the root of his cock and pursing my lips around his shaft on the way up, swirling my tongue round and round his mushroom head and then working my way back down again, working his cock for several minutes in this fashion, before he groaned and then grunted several times before filling my mouth with his cum, which had a musky taste to it. I continued to suck his cock, swallowing the thick load of his creamy cum, before finally licking his cock clean, kissing the head of it. "Mmmmmmm, that was one helluva blowjob." Somehow his pronouncement filled me with an odd kind of pride, like I had been selected as the winner of some award. He told me that he would love to meet me again and that he would contact me on the net. I struggled to my feet, dusted off my Dockers as he raised the aluminum door. We got into our respective vehicles and drove away.

    Sure enough, I received an e-mail from him that same night, seeing if I could meet him at the storage unit the following morning. I readily agreed. After that, we met regularly, always the same scenario, my kneeling on the shad concrete floor and him standing in front of me as I sucked his cock to completion. We typically met 3-4 times a week. He never offered to reciprocate and I never requested that he do so. This continued for a couple of years. The last time that we met, after I had blown him and my mouth was full of his cum, he told me that he and his wife were moving to Montana. Apparently, he had been left some land there and they were relocating out of Michigan. "I'm going to miss your blowjobs, that's for sure." I knelt there wondering what the future had in store for me. He reached over and touched my face. I looked up at him. "How about another one for the road?" And with that, I began sucking his limp cock. It took him several minutes to achieve another erection, and almost thirty minutes of increasingly intense sucking on my part before he came again, the load, far more watery than the first. With that we parted company.

    Over the course of the next few years, i met several guys, most of them other married men whose wives either weren't having sex with them or refused to suck their cocks. I had no such compunction. I sucked dick their homes when their wives were away, sometimes in the very bedroom where they slept together and on several occasions with photos of their wives watching me sucking their husbands. I knelt and sucked while they alternately stood or sat. i sat for some as they stood. I lay between their legs in the beds they shared with their wives, licking their balls and sucking there cocks. The dicks alternated between stubby short ones and long thick ones, straight ones and bent ones, cut ones and uncut ones, white ones, brown ones, black ones and on a couple of occasions, yellow ones. Some of the men wanted to fuck me, but I had no interest in that and feared the possibility of AIDS too much to submit to anal sex. Other ones were looking for me to rim them and again I had no interest in licking anyone's asshole.

    When craigslist personals were shut down in the early part of 2018, my sexual life took a huge hit. I continued to suck a few regulars, but over time, one by one, they dropped off and there were no new ones to replace them.

    One day, Jake met with me in my office to discuss the upcoming midterm exam. Always quiet, on this afternoon, Jake appeared distant, almost lost. I asked him if there was anything wrong. He turned his head away from me and stifled a sob. "Jake, what's wrong? Is everything okay at home?" I asked, now quite concerned. Jake began sobbing and only little by little did I get him to tell me what was troubling him. Apparently, his wife had left him for the arms of another man, a professor at the university, a real asshole. I was shocked. I had always felt that their marriage was a strong one, even though they were quite different. But for her to run off with an asshole twenty years her elder? That just didn't make any sense to me. "What made her take up with that prick?" I asked. Jake was sobbing so hard it was difficult to make out what he was saying. The gist of it was that she found him boring and apparently a poor lover. I urged him not to take this to heart. That she would either return to him, or that he was young and good looking and that soon he'd have a string of women going out with him. "But I'll never have another one like her," he sobbed. I tried to comfort him, but he was inconsolable. I told him to go home and get some rest, that I would complete writing the essay questions for the midterm exam. He walked out of my office bent over, his eyes red-rimmed, a defeated man.

    I worked until ten that night. I had completed the exam questions. Before leaving the office, i called Jake's cell to make sure that he was okay. It rang several times before connecting me with his voice mail. I was concerned and decided to stop by his apartment to make sure he was okay.

    I knocked on his door. There was no answer. I knocked again, louder this time, but still no response. "Jake? Is everything okay?" I asked, my level of concern growing. I heard footsteps within his apartment and he slowly opened the door. He was dressed in a wife beater t-shirt and s pair of sleep shorts, the barely concealed an obvious erection. He yawned and I could see he had been sleeping. I apologized for my intrusion but told him that I was moored about him. He managed a smile and asked me in. My eyes were focused on the large bulge in his shorts. I followed him in and he sat on the divan and I sat on overstuffed chair opposite him. I was shocked at the apparent size of his penis. It was larger than any I'd encountered over the years that I'd been sucking cock, larger even than the horse-cocked porn stars who flaunted their wares in the porn videos that streamed endlessly on the internet. Instinctively, I felt my cock becoming erect. I tried to think of something other than the size of his cock, but like an electromagnet my gaze repeatedly returned to his crotch, my desire to suck him growing by leaps and bounds. I'd never even thought about Jake in that way prior to having seen his barely covered large erection, and now, moments later, his cock and my desire to suck it were all I could think of, all I wanted to do.

    We were quiet for a few moments and then he explained that she'd simply up and left him for this other man almost two weeks ago. At first, he panicked as he didn't know what had happened. She refused to take his calls, refused to see him. The shock of coming home to a half-empty apartment, with her things gone, had rattled him. He couldn't envision a life without her. He couldn't imagine going on with life. After several attempts to contact her had failed, she finally answered her cell and agreed to meet him at the apartment that they had shared. It was then that she advised him that she had grown to loathe his embrace, that she felt nothing when he made love to her, and that she couldn't and wouldn't continue acting as if it were nothing. He begged her to return, but she was vehement in her refusal. In the end she left him, telling him that they were done, and that he ought to "accept it, get over it, and get on with your life." He had watched as she walked out the door, watched her lovely rounded bottom as it said left and right as she walked out of his life.

    I didn't know what to say. What does one say when a colleague wrenchingly opens his heart in such a manner? I stared at the floor, struggling to say something, anything meaningful; afraid to life my eyes to that incredible erection that raged beneath the thin covering of his shorts, the crotch of which was stretched out grotesquely in a futile attempt to hide his tumescence.

    "I miss her, Gus, I miss her flashing dark eyes, I miss the way she would stamp her foot when she'd get mad, I miss the curve of her ass, the swell of her breasts, the softness of her mouth as she would suck my dick when we'd wake up in the mornings. I miss her awful cooking, even the coffee that she'd burn so it would be undrinkable. I don't know what I'm going to do without her."

    I tried to reassure him, that things have a way of working out. "Why don't I believe that, Gus?" I told him that she must have been crazy to tell him he was a lousy lover, gesturing towards his erection, I added, "Lots of women would kill for a cock like yours." He sheepishly looked down at his erection. "Sorry, I can't get the damn thing to go down when I'm thinking of her." I kidded him that he was a stud, but he shook his head, "I've always been a lousy fuck. I never could keep a girlfriend. After a few weeks, they would be gone, and whenever I got them to explain why, it was always the same thing, I was a lousy lay." I looked at him and chortled, "How can you be a lousy lay with a horse cock like that? Gimme a break." Jake answered, "No. It's true. I fuck too slowly, I never could fuck them fast like they like it. And my dick is so big that it hurts them." He paused and then, "Jenny had this way of sucking my dick that was like velvet heaven. I always had a helluva time humming while fucking her, but when she would suck me, I would shoot off like a volcano." When he said volcano, i almost came in my pants.

    "So you haven't cum since she left?" He looked at me, "No and I really need a release."

    "Why don't you beat off?" I asked.

    "It's not the same thing, Gus, not the same thing as having her soft lips sucking my cock, feeling her throat close up around me, her tongue wrapped around my cock."

    That was it. I couldn't listen to another word. "If you like, I could suck your cock." I didn't realize that I'd actually spoken the words until I saw him staring at me in surprise. The thought had become real. Jake said nothing, but he rubbed the front of his shorts before pulling them down and then completely off. He stood and his cock swung to and fro, up and down, left and right as he stepped over toward me, his ball sac swinging in tandem, his balls heavy with unspilled cum. I slipped off of the easy chair and down to my knees, mesmerized by the thick serpent before me. I kissed the head of his cock, and then licked round and round his great cock head before working the tip of my tongue inside his piss slit and then darted the tip of my tongue in and out of his piss slit as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. I wrapped my lips around his massive tool, my jaws stretched out, my tongue tracing the thick veins that stood out on his cock. My mouth sank lower and lower on his cock, but the damn thing was far larger and thicker than any cock I'd ever sucked, and I could only get it maybe half way down before the head of his cock was bulging against the back of my throat. He pushed further and I could feel his cock head bounding against my tonsils, as I tried to breathe through my nostrils, my mouth and throat sealed shut by the velvety smooth, iron ridged thickness that i now had lodged deep inside of my throat. Jake began fucking my throat, his hands pressed on the back of my head as he cock dug deeper and deeper inside of me. The longer he fucked, the deeper his cock sank inside of my throat. He'd half pull it out and then slam it ever deeper, his strokes becoming shorter, more rapid, harder, until I heard him gasp, before spraying the inside of my gullet with his seed. Volley after volley of thick, coddled cream, until his cum spilled down my throat, coated my tongue, filled my sinuses, dripped down the corners of my mouth and even dripped out of my nostrils. I had sucked a lot of cum but nothing like this. Slowly he removed his now semi-flaccid cock from my gullet. As he pulled it out, I sucked the head of his cock, sucking down a few more dribbles of his cum before his cock exited my mouth with an audible pop.

    Jake smiled at me, and then with a sense of relief in his voice, he said, âI never had a clue that you do that.â My eyes were watery and now my voice was hoarse as if Iâd spent a couple of hours yelling at a basketball game. âI started a few years back, but havenât sucked cock in almost a year now.â He patted my head and thanked me, adding, âYou have no idea how much I needed that.â I smiled, âFrom the gallon of cum that you filled me with, I think I couldâve guessed.â Jake laughed. It was nice to hear him laugh. âI never had a guy suck me off before. That was really nice.â I joked, âA mouth is a mouth, right?â He smiled again, still, âYeah, I guess so, but Gus, that was really nice.â I was still kneeling before him, his cock now fully flaccid, still longer than mine was hard. âIf I had a gold star, I would give you one.â That made me laugh.

    I struggled to stand up, wobbly from the wooziness of having been oxygen deprived during the act. âItâs late. I better go.â He shook his head. âStay. . . please?â I called my wife and let her know that I was spending the evening in my office, completing the exams. She couldnât have cared less. It wasnât my first lie and it certainly wouldnât be my last one. He took my hand and I followed him into his bedroom. He was only wearing his wife beater, which he quickly shucked off and I quickly disrobed and we got under the covers together. My cock was rock hard. I ducked under the sheets and began sucking his temporarily soft cock, my oral ministrations working his cock into a state of semi-tumescence before his cock became rigid again, a twelve inch billy club, a remarkable thing of exquisite beauty, a bludgeoning weapon, a totem of adoration. This time though, once he was fully erect, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and reached over to the nightstand where he had a tube of KY Jelly. âItâs the only way I could ver enter her,â he explained before slathering the gel into my anus. I realized he was going to fuck me and I feared that he would split me in two, that there was no way that my anus and rectum could ever accommodate the thickness of his cock. But before I could think this through, I felt the massive head of his cock pressing against my anal opening. He slowly pushed forward and it felt like my asshole was being ripped open, as he slowly, inexorably pressed forward. I was on my side with my left buttock lying on the bed and my right knee pulled upward, allowing him better access to me. I felt his thickness entering me, setting fire to the ring of my sphincter, the walls of my rectum, ever pushing forward, until it felt that his cock head was lodged deep, deep inside of my guts, an alien invader, yet part of me. Once he was fully in, he began fucking me, slowly at first, and then harder and harder until the friction of his cock inside of me caused me to cum, again and again, without my ever having touched my cock. His massive balls were now slapping against my sweaty ass, a drumbeat of lust. He continued pounding me until he came deep, deep inside of my, his cum washing the walls of my rectum with his seed. When he withdrew his cock from me, the fullness receded and the fire returned.

    I reached back and touched my fingers to my anus and could feel the stickiness there, a cocktail of sweat and cum and blood and shit. He got out of bed and said that he was going to wash up. I joined him in the shower as we washed the stain of sin off of us, then toweled each other dry and returned to his bed, sleeping spoon fashion, his cock pressed between the cheeks of my ass. We awoke the following morning, made love again, showered and then I drove him to the university.

    Since then weâve spent several nights together and countless afternoons where I fellate him in my office or over in the stacks in the university library where he has a locked cubicle with venetian blinds concealing our sexual crimes from the students and scholars using the library for legitimate reasons. My wife thinks that Iâm having an affair, and in a way sheâs right. She has no clue that the affair is with Jake, whom she has met at events, whom she found to be a bit of a bore.

    Jake is over the loss of his wife. In many ways, I have taken her place in his life and in his bed. Me? I feel safe in his arms, natural in his bed, fulfilled as he fills me with his cum. I donât know what the future holds in store for us. I guess none of us ever know that. I never imagined that I would serve as another manâs woman, but as long as he rocks my world his his cock, I can live with that and so can Jake.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Spent a lot of time lurking on here getting hot readimg all the sexy confessions. Never had a gay experience, never wanked off with friends when i was younger etc.

    So on a recemt work trip an opportunity came about with a guy in the hotel bar amd he asked me back to his room. In a bad place in my marriage and decided to go for it, spurred on by amazing sex everyone talks about on here.

    He gave me head it was alright but very awkward. He asked me to suck him and i thought why not.

    I have to say the fantasy was way better than the reality, neither of us shot a load and i decided this wasnt for me.

    Ever since ive beem wracked by guilt over the betrayal to my family.

    Now 3 weeks later i have an appointment at the clinic as i've developed tue worst sore throat. Heres hoping its nothing but iim certain ive got an std to go along with the guilt.

    Each to their own and hats off to everyone having fun with the casual sex etc but for me i wish id let the fantasy as exactly that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    After all his talk of beating the shit out of gays, and of hating anything homosexual, I'm now fucking my neighbor. He lets on to the world he's straight and he's a mans man. Which when he's not with me, he probably is. He's also married and brags how his wife loves his large cock. And again I guess she does, as he does have a huge cock.
    Yet I know different about him, after I caught him tossing off, then sucking on a guys cock in a park notorious for men picking up other men for sex. I was there to meet a guy to fuck him. Only he didn't show. Some married men don't. Watching him suck cock and knowing it wasn't his first timeas he expertly sucked the guy off to completion, I waited until he'd licked his lips from swallowing the mans cum. Walking up to him, I asked my neighbor if he liked younger guys cocks too. He was so shocked to see me, but being caught out, he only had one real answer, and that was "Get your dick out then". He sucked me off as the other guy got himself together and then watched for a little while. Holding the forty one year olds head, I fucked his mouth, then let him know I was about to cum. He held me tightly and accepted my load like he'd done to the previous guy. Two days later, I got the first text off him. We'd swapped numbers in the park, and his wife he said had left for work.

    In his front room, I had him licking my balls, my cock and my asshole. When I was as hard as rock, I didn't bother to ask him, but instead turned him around, smothered his ass with anal lube he already had and plunged in. Fucking him doggy for a long long time, he came as he beat his meat, then watching his cum spray everywhere, I emptied my balls up his shitter. He absolutely loved it and told me to keep my cock inside of him. Working his ass, he ground onto me slowly for some time. long enough to have my cock rising again. Once hard, he pulled of my dick, told me follow him and lead me upstairs. On his marital bed I had sex for over an hour with him, culminating with me kissing him as I fucked him missionary. Once more I came inside him, this time only seconds after he came all over our stomachs as we squashed together.

    He still makes out he's a tough guy, and looking and knowing him, he most definitely is. Yet most weeks from our first fuck, I fuck him at least two to three times a week. And each time he wants me and my dick more and more. Last week as I fucked him spooning him from behind. kissing his neck as my cock slid in and out of his hole, he told me "I'm falling in love with you". I already kind of knew, as I'm beginning to feel the same way.

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    Straight Male / 26

    My future boss (Complicated and boring) told me last week, if I transfer over with everyone else, he's going to be looking forward to fucking me. When I told him I wasn't gay and have a girlfriend, his response was "That's fine, I don't mind fucking cute straight guys like you, too". The thing is I got incredibly turned on by his comments, and I also overheard him later telling someone over the phone, he didn't think I'd be able to handle eight and half inches. After a brief pause to whoever he was chatting to, he then added "He gets a boner when I'm around him, and he's always looking at my cock bulge". Thinking about his words, I realised he was correct and that I do check out his package. Truth be told, I have had thoughts in the past about gay sex, and also rugged looking handsome men like my future boss. Like some of those times before, I'm now going to masturbate imagining my possible future.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I went to Denver and called Uber to pick me up at the airport. The man was nice and polite and handled my luggage and drove me into town to my hotel. He gave me his card and offered his services if I needed him while in town or for a ride back to the airport. I had my meeting the next day, went to dinner with the businessmen, and in the bathroom I called the Uber man and told him to pick me up at the restaurant to get me to the hotel. I thanked my guests and they were on their way and the Uber man showed up and I got in.

    On the way back to the hotel he asked me if I had anything I wanted to do. I laughed and said thanks but truthfully I was a cock man, strip joints were not my thing. He laughed and said well as things went he was a cock man too and he knew of a couple of places where I might hook up, what did I like. I told him I was pretty low key, to me a man of words, older, heavier, non smoker, top, my age or older. He laughed and said that he thought I was describing him and I said well as a matter of fact I was, from the time I had met him at the airport the day before.

    My Uber guy turned out to be the best one night stand I have had. He dropped me off at the hotel, turned himself off for the night, parked his car and came up to my room. We were without anything to drink but then again we were not there to drink, standing he was a couple of inches taller, heavier by some 20 pounds, my age with large hands, I have a thing for large bellies and hairy chests, for a man that likes to kiss. We stood in the middle of the room and kissed for a good long while, first with small kisses to get started but then with a long French kiss and some belly rubbing.

    For an Uber man he was endowed with a wonderful cock, he was hard and he was big and he was sure to let me know what it was all about. I sucked him, savored him, I love big cocks and hairy balls and a hairy ass. I love to stroke a cock and kiss around under his balls and lick and smell his ass. I guess I was just about as horny as you can get, I licked his ass and he liked that and turned over and let me stroke him under his belly and lick his ass to my heart's content. More than kissing ass makes me horny, makes me want to be nasty, makes me want to get fucked. And he enjoyed it.

    We cut off and kissed some more stroking our cocks, and slipping down for some nipple kissing now and then, some fingers slipping in between my legs and anal massages with deep French kissing. There was no hurry but it was building fast, his cock was rock hard and I sucked him as hard as I could but that wasn't going to do it, I gave him some of my anal lube and he lubed me up and fingered me and pressed me hard he could tell I like that, having my prostrate massaged, but that night was about something more than that. Usually I prefer to start in the face down position, but that night I got on my back for him and took him all in. You want to believe that his size made a difference but the truth is it more about just how hard he is and how he maneuvers, and he was hard and he maneuvered and he was a big man and he fucked with pleasure and he came with pleasure. Later, when we were both recovered and laying there just talking about how good it was to meet up with a stranger, he gave my cock some attention and he got me to cum slurping it down.

    I had a flight the next morning, but not until after breakfast so we enjoyed a cup of coffee at a Denny's on the way to the airport, I kept his card but my travels never took me back to Denver. But I remember him, I remember that night, a chance encounter, a one night stand, sex with a total stranger, all of it is true. But the truest part it was just about the best sex I have had, if not the best.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Just a quickie for you.
    I'm forty three, very fit and big. My cock that is. I'm also a highly sexed married man who's wife can't match my need for anal. Mind you even before I met her I was fucking guys.
    During a few days off last week, I decided to go into town and do some shopping for clothes. Whilst trying on some trousers in a shop, I noticed through the gap in the curtain, a guy who I guessed to be about my own age, staring at my cock bulge.
    Never one to be shy, I popped my head out and asked him if he'd like to join me. Within seconds I had my cock out and in his mouth. He'd sucked cock before, even though I saw his wedding band and believe me he was good.
    Asking as he sucked away on my dick, if he'd like to take it up his arse, he stopped sucking me, looked up ans smiled.
    Removing his own trousers and lowering his boxers he turned around and offered up his hole. I spat on my cock, then on my fingers and wiped his hole with them. He shuffled about, but I wanted to fuck him and just put my cock head to his boy pussy and thrust in.
    It was furious, fast and it was rough, yet I didn't care what he wanted and took him. We both moaned with lust, but kept it as low as we could. Even so I heard a young shop worker say "I think he's fucking him". I still carried on though and heard him groan again as he told me it felt amazing. Gripping his hair I pulled his head back, kissed him and shot everything I had deep up his arsehole. He pulled off my cock, spun and tugged his won dick a few times and shot his load all over the floor.
    A few minutes later we both walked out with him wiping his hole with a tissue I gave him. Passing two young male shop assistants as I'd paid for my clothing and was exiting the shop, the youngest looking said "Call in again soon sir, you can fuck me next time if you'd like". I smiled and said I'd be in next week.
    I'm back there tomorrow.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Last summer I attended a music festival and had a great time. Not only listening to some amazing music, but also hooking up with a young guy (17) who lives close to my home town. He was in college at the time, but told me he was starting with his uncles company at the end of summer. On the first night there, I had him sucking on my cock, before fucking him as he had his head out of the tent. Passers by knew he was being fucked, yet the freedom the festival gives people, nobody gave a shit. Over the next two days I fucked him during the day and at night, and during one part of the last day, I actually fucked him right next to one of the out lying stages.

    In work in October of last year, my boss told me he was having a real problem at home. He kind of broke down letting me know he'd been found watching gay porn clips by his wife, and she was thinking of ditching him. I responded by telling him I'd take the flack for him, by sending him some more gay porn clips, and then apologize for sending it out to the wrong person. It worked when I sent the email admitting my error which his wife read. She apparently persuaded him not to sack me, as I'd been open and honest.

    The following day, after the email, he called me into his office when everyone else had left for home. My boss asked me if I'd done what I had for a promotion or his favour. My response was very of the moment and totally ad lib. I told him if he bent over his desk and allowed me to fuck him, I'd be thrilled.

    Not only did he rise up from his desk and then strip right there in front of me, he had me do the same, before he expertly sucked in my cock and blew me for over ten minutes. It wasn't by any stretch of the imagination the first time he'd had cock in his mouth, and his talents were obvious.

    With him bent over his desk, then as I lay on his office floor rug and him mounting me. And finally as he lay on his back on his office sofa as we kissed, I fucked him until we both came. Him in between us as I buried my cock up his beautiful arse, then I came filling his backside with long shuddering cum spurts.

    I've continued to fuck him most weeks when and if we get time to indulge. There is nothing arranged as our work commitments only allow us to have enough time when things are fluid and clear.

    What has emerged fairly recently, is a young man who I fucked at a festival last summer, caught us fucking in a side room. He's started work later than expected, as he wanted time off to go enjoying himself around Europe and America. When he caught us, he didn't scream out how wrong it was, he closed the door, locked it, as we should have and removed his clothing.

    It was my first threesome (Gay) and one that all three of us had a wail of a time sucking and fucking. It was kind of strange watching an uncle and nephew fuck, but then again I'd fuck mine if I knew they were open to receiving their Uncle B***'s cock.

    All three of us indulge as much as possible now, and it's become a grat place to work and have fun. We're very conscious to keep our professional heads on when we need and have to. But in those moments of fun we do have, it's very sexually intense and always a fantastic fun fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I got a job the summer I finished high school working at the country club in the accounting department. I filed and did menial paperwork. The only other male in the department was an old man who was called the auditor, I had no idea what he did. He smoked, which in those days was permitted and he always had an ashtray full of cigarettes. His office was a small room next to the office supplies, he was the only one other than the controller that had an office, everyone else was in an open room at desks.

    I had worked there maybe three weeks and the auditor called me in and said the controller had given him permission to help him and he gave me this large box of receipts and told me to go through them and organize them by date and by department (he showed me the department number on the printout). I spent all day doing that and when it was time to leave I went to him and told him I wasn't finished and he told me that was tough but I had to finish because the outside auditors were coming in the next day. So when everyone left the only two people in the office were the auditor and me.

    It was late, around nine and I hadn't finished and he stood over me. He pushed some of the papers on my desk aside and he sat back on the edge and unzipped his pants and took out the ugliest, longest, fastest, hairiest penis I had ever seen. He told me to suck on it and it was going to make me feel good. He put his big hand behind my head and pulled me towards him and he bent down and whispered that he wanted me to do it right, and right meant to take his penis in my hand and hold it while I sucked him, to suck him steady and softly, savoring what I had in my mouth and if I did a good job he would take me to get a hamburger.

    His penis was much bigger than my hand, at first I barely touched it, but he kept insisting that I take in my hand and put my hand all the way around it and hold it up to my mouth like an ice cream cone and suck him gently like he had said. His penis felt like a large hot worm, soft but also firm and his naked penis head was large and he had this drop fo what I thought was pee coming out of the slit. I closed my eyes and started to suck him softly and he kept talking to me and telling me what a good job I was doing and if that didn't make me feel good nothing would make me feel good.

    He lit a cigarette and leaned back and kept my head down with his and after while I was sucking much more of his penis and he was no longer firm, he was hard now and his penis felt like a monster alive in my hand. Softly he would tell me, use my tongue, suck and lick, he took my hand and he started to jerk himself up and down. He got hard, harder than he was earlier and he was starting to move back and forth when he stopped me and he said it was going to be a whole lot better if I just let him fuck me. He stood up and stood me up and said to push my pants down and lean across the desk and hold the other side of the desk, the papers fell to the floor and he got behind me and rubbed his penis against my virgin hole. He tried several times to get it in but he wasn't successful.

    He left me there and told me to wait and not pull my pants up and he went to his office and came back with a jar. He took a large amount out on his fingers and rubbed it into my crack and my anus hole and he took some more and he greased up his pole. He got behind me again and this time he got it in and he fucked me for a long while, whistling and stopping for a moment and standing up straight and then leaning over and fucking me again. He lit another cigarette and fucked slowly in and out, asking me from time to time how I liked it, he said he was famous, he had fucked cowboys and truckdrivers and sissy ass queers at the hotel. It felt good, the more he did it the more it felt good, he put his hand square on my back and held me down hard against the desk and he shoved in and out real fast and he came.

    He pulled out and sat back in my work chair and told me to stay still, gently rubbing my cheeks with his hand, and then he announced 'here it comes' and he took his finger and wiped some of it up and showed me his cum. He kept me like that for a few moments and told me to get dressed and we would go get a hamburger and come back and finish and then he would take me home.

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    Gay Male / 53

    No kidding, my mother made me a queer. She always wanted a girl and that was me. She dressed me as a girl and treated me as a girl and I learned to love being a girl. My first cock was when I was fourteen and a man talked to me at the bus stop and took me with him to this construction yard and I got my first cock. I am a cock lover, a lousy dirty cock lover. I guess that I had to grow up, and I had to get out there and dressing up as a girl got more and more difficult, but not being in love with cock. That was easy, still is. I do dress up from time to time, but I do that for me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    At the age of sixteen I let two men fuck me, so they wouldn't inform my parents I'd tried to rob items from their car. They caught me in their garage and within minutes I was sucking on the older of two men's cock. Telling me it was either that or the police, I chose their dicks. I didn't initially choose to be fucked, but once they striped me, had me bent over a work bench and applied hand cream, I didn't really have much choice. The stupid things was, I'd picked the wrong house to try and steal anything from, as the men were door supervisors/bouncers at a gay club.
    I was taught a lesson over a half hour period, with both men having me suck on their dicks and fucking me until they cum all over my face and hair. What's more, is I enjoyed them fucking me after the initial pain. So much so, they both told me I could visit again once they'd made me shower and clean up. Eight years on, even though I now have a girlfriend, I still visit one of the men who fucks me regularly. And just to set the record straight, I'm now a reformed character who after that first garage fuck, has never been in trouble since.

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