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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 24

    I work at a large upscale hotel and I discovered that guys cruise the basement bathroom. There is this young guy that hangs out at the basement couches in the lower lobby and gives you eye contact. He follows you in the stall, and provides amazing HEAD.

    He can really suck a cock !!! I wish he could give my girlfriend a lesson or

    Every night during my break, I go and pump out a load in his mouth ! I love it !

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    Gay Male / 51

    I'm a horny big-dicked man in my fifties and my "wife" Carmen is a panty fag who I had anal sex with in a men's bathroom a few times. I live in a small, prudish town and queers in panties are unheard of around here! We've lived together for a couple of months and pretend we're a married couple, but I'd be so embarrassed if anybody knew my wife has a big dick in her panties! The first time Carmen pulled up her skirt for me was outside a men's bathroom. When I got a peek at a hard cock and balls bulging in a pair of pink nylon panties, I realized he was a queer and that I had a big hard-on for him. Nobody was around, so we went into the men's bathroom together and he sucked my cock in a toilet stall. I'd have been so embarrassed if I'd been caught with some fag in panties with my penis in his mouth! But he gave me such a good blow-job! And I gave him a creamy mouthful! He wanted me to suck on his hard cock afterwards, but I didn't want to be caught sucking off a panty fag.

    One thing led to another over the next few nights in the men's bathroom and I ended up with my cock in a panty fag's bottom, and I fucked him and came inside him. I fucked him doggy style right there in the men's bathroom. With my hard cock stuffed between his bare buns, I happily squirted my warm sperm into his hot, sweet asshole. When I was finished, I left a creamy mess between his buns and I was his fucker. It was my first time fucking a fag in panties in the ass and I liked it a lot! I was his "boyfriend" after that. We made wet, creamy love in the men's bathroom a couple of more times until we nearly got caught, and then I had Carmen move into my apartment with me.

    I love to go to bed with him when he's wearing a frilly little nightie! He's so flirty, and when he pulls down his panties and his big pink boner is sticking up between his stockinged thighs, I get so hard for him! We don't kiss or anything, we just suck each other's dicks there on the bed until we're good and horny. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I like having Carmen's cock in my mouth. He gets too excited sometimes and squirts in my mouth almost right away. He loves it when I eat his cum and lick his penis off afterwards. And then it's his turn. He lovingly takes my cock in his mouth and sucks on me. Panty fags are such good cocksuckers! I'm always afraid I'll squirt in his mouth before I get to butt-fuck him! Carmen gets on his hands and knees and I cuddle up behind him. The next thing I know my hard, throbbing cock is inside his bottom and we're grunting and fucking just like any pair of fags in love. Carmen's creamy-soft buns jiggle and bounce in front of me. I squirt and unload my balls in that panty fag's ass almost right away.

    I'll bashfully admit that Carmen's put his cock in my ass and fucked me a few times. He likes it when we take turns fucking each other. I never expected I'd feel some queer in panties squirting his warm sperm in my asshole!

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    Lesbian Female / 39

    I was 38 and had just ended a ltr that had turned sower. I was looking to get out of town and do something different. I saw an add for a morning manager of the coffee shop at a winter resort. I applied and after a phone interview I went out to the resort. The job included pay, tips, and most importantly a room in the employee quarters free of charge, with laundry facilities. I took the job.

    Not long after I got there I found out that during the high season, invitations for various positions at the resorts were sent all over the country to colleges and universities, for men and women to fill the various jobs, from bell boys to waitresses. When the high season started the place was inundated with young men and women. I had never been surrounded by so many young women, they were all there, and like me they stayed in the employee quarters, two to a room.

    Lots of hormones and lots of young women and I started to get my interest back in a sexual relationship. Basically I got horny. My preference has always been towards artistic types, I like girls with an opinion but not an attitude, girls who want to look like girls. I have never been attracted to girls who are neither this or that, and not to girls who want to look like men. And here I was surrounded by a hundred young women, and I had one of the few single rooms.

    Competing against me for the attention of these girls was Brad. Brad was a ski instructor, 23 and very handsome, and he had a way with women, he could get a young women to be just about as fast as I had ever seen. His goal was never to sleep alone at night.

    One evening I found Brad outside and I stopped him and started a conversation. I told him I was like him, I liked them young and just off the vine. I needed him to help me identify girls who would be interested in advances from me, a girl who didn't want to get along with a man. Sort of separate the wheat from the chaff. I had to spell it out to him, I liked young women, I ate pussy just like him.

    Brad said he couldn't be of much help, and he just didn't know what to do with the information that I had just given him. I said to him, I am and have been since my earliest days, a girl who finds the company of girls to her liking. But now I was approaching 40 and most of the girls liked hanging out with other girls, not a 40 year old dyke. But a 40 year old dyke likes a young girl in her prime, no different than a horny ski instructor. Help me find that girl.

    The girl he flagged was a quiet type, she worked in the main dining room, she had a good reputation as far as I could tell, she worked nights and I worked days and that was a problem. But I zeroed in on her and found moments to talk to her and make her my friend. She was there to earn money for college, the tips in main dining room were always good. She had worked there the winter season of the year before. No she wasn't attached, what between school and working she didn't have time.

    When I touched her hand she asked me what was I doing? I apologized, but took her hand just the same and told her she had nice hands. I touched her hair, I put my finger on her lips. I told her that I had a single room. I told her I was attracted to her. I told her that there wasn't much time or space to get to know her, so I was inviting her up to my room when she got off and she could get in bed with me and I would show her why I liked girls and why I liked her. During my speech she didn't take her hand away from mine. When I got up to leave her I told her in a forceful but quiet voice, this was a place where girls like her and me needed to stay together, we needed to sleep together.

    I felt that I had come on to strong. But I was surprised. She came by my room when she got off work at eleven. She was prettier to me at that moment. She was uncomfortable, a bit shy. I told her that we needed to get together, to get naked, to make out and eat some pussy, we needed to fuck and was she ok with that. She let me undress her, and she let me lay her on my bed, and she let me go down on her. She let me kiss her, and she let me pass my hands all over her. I asked her if she was all right.

    She was quiet and had a hard time giving back. But she allowed herself to touched and kissed and allowed me to eat her out. She liked some stuff, and some stuff made her hold back. She didn't have much experience, some but not much. I took it slow, and she went along. For the rest of that winter season I had someone to sleep with. When I got up early to go down and get my morning shift started she would go back to her room to sleep. We had those few precious hours between around 11:30 and 3:30 in the morning. As the season went on she got more and more comfortable being naked with me and me being naked with her. She allowed herself to be kissed and to have her breasts touched, kissed and massaged. She allowed herself to be eaten, where at first she held her legs closed tight. She told me about how it was when she was in school and how the girl she liked never paid attention to her. She told me that she had not met anyone at college. I told her that was all fine, now when she went back to college she would be ready to let some dyke have her and eat her all up. And when our season was over she went back to college and I went back to L.A.

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    Gay Male / 42

    I had to sit out a year from college for lack of funds. I got a job working in the mail room of a large bank. The head of the mail room was a man in his fifties, he always wore a shirt and tie. One afternoon, I was sorting mail and he walked up behind me and reached up over me to grab some mail to check to see how I was doing. He pressed against me, holding me against the table.

    One of the other guys who had worked there for a while told me to watch out, he wanted to fuck me, so watch out.

    The days went by and one afternoon I told him that I was looking for a vacuum cleaner. He said that he had one that he wanted to sell, I could come by and look at it. I went over to his apartment on Saturday afternoon, he was in casual clothes, shorts and a shirt, and he showed me the vacuum cleaner, an upright and said he wanted a hundred dollars, but I could pay it off at twenty a week.

    I was holding the handle when he grabbed my cock. He said that a nice boy like me could pay it off another way, he had grabbed me hard and pulled me towards him and he tried to kiss me. He had my cock in his hand and he said to settle down, he kissed me, and he said we were going to get to know each other really well. He sat down on a kitchen chair and called me over and unzipped my pants and took my cock out and he gave it one long suck. He undid my pants and pushed them down alone with my underwear and started sucking my cock.

    I was hard, and him sucking my cock didn't help. He told me to get my shoes off he wanted to see me totally naked. While I got undressed he took off his clothes and he called me over to his bed. He told me that he liked to kiss, so he got me on my back and kissed me while he stroked me. He was hard and I could feel him against my leg. He bent down and sucked me, and got around so I could suck him too. His cock was hard when I put it in my mouth, I liked it, he was hard and I could get a good amount in my mouth.

    After a while, he told me to lay on my stomach, he squeezed some lube between my cheeks and used his finger to get it into my ass. He told me he liked it if I was flat on my stomach with a pillow under my hips. He got on and fucked, it went in like a piston and he started to fuck. I was used to guys more my age, but he had a manner of fucking all to his own. When he finished fucking, and pulled it out he was still dripping cum, and I had shot what I had into the pillow under me. He told me that there was lots of cum in that pillow, that's why he liked it under me, he liked young boys, they came a lot and he liked his pillow that way.

    I did OK in the mail room, I spent Saturdays or Sundays with him, I never took the vacuum cleaner, I just borrowed it from time to time. He loved to kiss and fuck, and from time to time I would suck him off. My coworker had been right, he wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to fuck me, from that first day when he rubbed his cock up against my back. He had a lot of practice, and he loved to have me fill his pillow with cum, God knows how many guys had filled his pillow, it was his treasure trove of cum. He slept on that pillow every night. A couple of times that he got me to cum out in the open he licked up every drop. He said that the smell of cum gave him strength, which was OK with me. Any way I could help, he was strong, and he liked to fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I caught a friend of mine who is 16, dressed in his mothers used underpants, a bra that was stuffed with other pairs of her used panties, a slip, skirt and see through blouse. I came in through the backdoor as I usually do and he didn't have any call or anything, I just stopped by. He stood frozen when he heard my voice and when I looked in his mothers room he was standing there. He has long hair, had a couple of berets in it and had on some of her lipstick, eye makeup and other makeup. He looked really good, and really feminine. He started to say something but I stopped him. I pushed him on his moms bed, and could smell his moms pussy from all the panties in the bra, and pulled down his panties (could see some stains in them and smelled his moms pussy as I got harder) lifted the skirt and fucked him.

    He said it was his first time, it was my first time not only fucking another guy but, my first time fucking a butt - it never dawned on me to do that to any of the girls I fucked. Though, I'm thinking now I may have to do it with them too. I really liked the feel of his butt around my cock. I'm hooked on anal, and quite frankly don't care if it's his ass or a girls. I liked it. I shot a big load up his ass. I'm going back today after school, his mom won't be home until about 8 tonight, I told him to be dressed and made up by the time I get there at 4. I'm fucking him and getting a BJ a few times tonight.

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    Straight Male / 51

    Iâm a straight guy but sometimes you have to do things you donât want too. My daughter got involved in drugs, sheâs not doing them anymore and I put her in rehab. Thank god I finally got it through her head she doesnât need them. Now she can get back to finishing college.

    But the guy she bought the stuff off of still wants his money and Iâm not about to get money together that I donât want to spend. Still have loans to pay off. So instead of money he said my ass would do. At first I was thinking hell no.

    But because I love my daughter I have been getting my ass fuck by a big black dick. It hurt like hell the first time but now Iâm kinda used to it. Made a deal that my ass would get fucked regular for 6 months and everything would be settled.

    Weâre on the 6th month now. Heâs been fucking my tight white ass almost daily. Talking about a thick 8â dick in me everyday almost making me go home with cum in my ass. Not really how I pictured life.

    I havenât told anyone what I am doing and never will. Looking forward to this being over so my asshole can tighten back up and no more dick or cum in it.

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    Gay Male / 47

    I went fishing with a friend of mine down to this small lake. Usually you didn't catch anything, but it was a way to spend the afternoon and not be in the house. That afternoon we saw these two guys and one was on his knees sucking the other and then the guy on his knees got up and leaned against a tree with his pants down around his ankles and we saw the second guy get behind him and fuck him.

    We watched, we stayed quiet and watched the whole thing. That night I really masturbated, I think it was the first time I got an erection thinking about sex. Usually I got an erection and then rubbed myself against the sheet to masturbate.

    It was weeks later and my friend and I were out by the lake, this time we had just ridden our bicycles down there and were talking about stuff. We started talking about the men we saw that afternoon. My friend was laid back on his back, and he got his dick out and started stroking himself. He told me to do it and we would jack off together.

    We were laying on our back and we both had our dicks out and he just leaned over and sucked my dick. It wasn't like a suck and then quit, it was like he sucked and sucked, he grabbed my dick with his hand and he sucked me for a long time. He maneuvered around until I was able to grab his dick and hold his dick while he sucked me. After a long time, he stopped and he asked me to do the same. So I sucked his dick for a long time while he grabbed my dick.

    It was something we would do. As it got cooler in the evening he told me there was a mattress stuck up in the attic of his house, so we would go hide up there and suck each other. One day while I was sucking him I though he had peed in my mouth, but it wasn't pee, it was cum. After that the goal was to get him to cum. We had figured out that if you held his dick in your hand and squeezed it up and sucked on his dick hard he would cum. I kept my mouth tight around his dick when he came, and he came in my mouth. I swallowed his cum. It was a while before I could cum when he sucked me off, but same thing, he swallow it.

    It was after Christmas, before New Years, it was cold but we went up into the attic. We wore our clothes and didn't get much out but enough for us to suck dick. We did it very chance we could. That afternoon, he decided to rub his dick against my ass, to put it up against my anus. I liked it immediately and told him to keep on, he got on me and started to hump on my bare ass, which his dick in my crack and he came all over my back. I had cum in the mattress.

    Several tries later and we got it down on how to get his dick in my anus. It wasn't hard really, it was just a question of relaxing and letting him push in. At that age an erection is harder than steel. I liked it, I liked it a lot.

    By the time we got our driver's licenses we were experts.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    For the past few weeks I have been having a torrid affair with the 24 year old crossdressing son of one of my closest friends.

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    Straight Male / 28

    From a young age I had a fascination for women's lingerie. The look and feel were so feminine and sexy I would imagine myself wearing it and feeling as good as the models showing it off.

    At around 13-14 I found a pair of lace boyshorts and hold-up stockings in a draw at a friend's house due to my inability to stop myself snooping.

    I would wear them at night feeling sexy and turned on as the material would strain against my cock and the stockings would run against my bed sheets this continued for many years until I turned 19 and moved in with my long term girlfriend.

    I once told her about my love of lingerie which she accepted but didn't like the idea of me wearing it . I stopped wearing any lingerie during this relationship until 4 years later when I met my now wife.

    She loved to dress up and would use any opportunity to do so which I would never complain with. One night she caught me wearing a pair of her lace panties and instead of flying of the handle so to say she calmly asked how long I had been wearing them and why.

    Satisfied with my answer she would then day by day tease me more and more during sex about my love of lingerie, often commenting on how much harder my cock would be as she teased me about wearing her panties and hold-up stockings.

    One night before bed she produced a pair of open toe black high heel shoes, a pair of black lace boyshorts and a pair of black hold-up stockings complete with red bow and red seam. I commented on how sexy she was going to look in them before she informed me I would be wearing them for the night.

    Slightly embarrassed and without much arguement I shyly slipped into the clothes she handed me and quickly hid in bed where she joined me. Running her hands up my legs making me release a noise I couldn't describe from my lips.

    Feeling happy with herself she moved her hand to my now painfully erect cock feeling my precum through the fabric and teased me about how turned on I was dressed like a slut.

    Needless to say that night I fucked her longer and hard than I was ever able to before and never remembered falling asleep instead waking up the next morning still in my panties stockings and heels. Feeling embarrassed I quickly undressed and avoided the situation for a while.

    One night she text me to let me know she would not be coming home due to her being severely drunk. I took the opportunity to dress back in the black slutty clothes she had made me wear and laid in bed running my hands over my lingerie and feeling extremely sexy.

    Not wanting to ruin the outfit I slipped my feet into my black sexy heels and tried my best to navigate our small flat. This only turned me on more as I felt the cool air against my stocking clad legs and loving the feeling of my panties against my skin.

    Feeling brave I started to rummage through my partner's drawers in search of more panties only to find the dildo I had purchased for her. Suddenly I was caught by a wave of thoughts and found myself staring at this flesh coloured "monster".

    Up till this point I had never had one single thought of ever penetrating myself or being penetrated by anything, but standing there in my lingerie and heels holding her dildo I found myself wanting to feel what a woman felt whilst they moan in exctasy.

    Finding the lube I used to fulfill her anal fantasy's previously I applied a generous amount to her 8" dildo with was generously girthy and began rubbing my asshole with it, enjoying the feeling of this cock at my asshole I pushed gently and remember the pain as the head slipped inside me catching me off guard and causing me to clamp down on it.

    Once I had calmed down I began to enjoy the feeling of this thing inside me despite feeling shame at the idea of being dressed in lingerie taking a dildo to the ass, needless to say I was soon struggling to fit her dildo inside me and was relieved once I had managed to lower myself down it's entire length.

    I came harder than I very had and could feel myself clamping down on the thick long dildo in my ass, feeling empty as I pulled it from my ass and proceeded to clean it not wanting my partner to find out.

    Unfortunately I did not have the smart idea to remove the items of lingerie I had been wearing and was caught in the morning by my partner. With a little encouragement she convinced me that it was just a link of mine and was happy to let me wear any of her lingerie whenever I wanted , which was handy due to us both being on the shorter side and both being roughly a size 14 I jumped at the opportunity.

    Regularly wearing stockings panties and heels around the apartment I began to feel more and more feminine and as sexy as I viewed the models who drew me to the life of wearing lingerie till one night my partner introduced the idea of pegging me.

    Upon hearing this it was very hard to hide the raging hard on that had been growing under my lace boyshorts of which she noticed, at this point she knew the idea turned me on and had already begun sifting through her draws producing the dildo I had previously met and had continued to play with any chance I was alone.

    She had me lay on my stomach and placed a pillow under my pelvis to raise my ass slightly making it stick out slightly she commented on how good my ass locked in her panties before telling me to remove them so she could slip a thong on me. Feeling my ass cheeks spread slightly she placed the thing string against my ass as she began reading my stocking clad legs running her hands to my heels back up my thighs to my ass cheeks.

    I could feel my asshole opening slightly as she press my ass cheeks and tried to hide me excitement as much as possible. I heard her grab the bottle of lube and felt her hand remove the thong string from covering my asshole leaving me exposed as she poured lube all over my ass and asshole rubbing and grabbing my ass, she spread some of the lube into my asshole and set to work lubing up my secret friend.

    A moan escaped my lips as she gently pushed the dildo against my asshole which by now was very accustomed to her 8inch dildo, groaning as with little effort she was able to push her dildo deep inside me.

    She commented on how horny I must have been as I took her large dildo so easily something she was not easily able to do in her ass. Which then embarrassingly I confessed of my solo play sessions giving great detail as to how I would sit on her dildo pushing down as hard as I could to feel it push deep inside me.

    To my suprise she was not angry but instead told me that watching me take her dildo was the sexiest thing she had ever witnessed and made me feel the wet spot she had left under her pussy. Shamefully I asked her to continue and felt her withdraw the entire dildo from my ass before ramming it deep inside me again smiling wickedly as she made me moan.

    She took full control of the situation and had her dildo ramming repeatedly deep inside me making me take it like I had given her so many times till I begged her to allow me to fuck her and release the frustration I had built up.

    She made me remain wearing my lingerie and heels and began questioning me as to whether or not I was gay to which I replied no I just enjoyed the feeling of anal stimulation.

    Feeling she accepted my explanation i attempted to remove my lingerie to which she told me sternly no as she enjoyed me wearing feminine lingerie, this led to me wearing some form of lingerie nightly to bed and around the apartment so she could comment on how good my ass and legs looked. The comments had no started to become more regular and she took pride in knowing I was wearing sexy panties and would grab my ass whenever she could.

    This continued for many days until one night she told me to dress up in my usual lingerie along side a black lace baby doll which made my cock instantly hard. Once I had slipped the badyboll over my head I was in heaven and loved the way I looked in the mirror.

    She told me to lay down and proceeded to hand me her phone playing a porno video, she took my extremely hard cock in her mouth as I realised the porn video playing consisting of extremely well hung guy and I mean very well hung having his cock sucked by the sexiest and most convincing transvestite I had ever seen. I found my self enjoying the blowjob I was reviewing despite watching a TV sucking this huge cock.

    I told her I wasn't comfortable with what I was watching to which she replied she didn't care as my cock seemed to enjoy the show, she continued to deep throat me as the video took a sudden turn. The guy had now bent the shemale over a bed conveniently positioned in the background and was now running his hands up her thighs. Shocked I began to wonder what that would feel like and could feel myself enjoying the assault my partner was performing on my now straining cock.

    Without warning the guy thrust his huge cock into the shemale and I felt a strong desire within want that cock to be penetrating my ass as I was bent over, my girlfriend sensing how turned on I was picked up her pace and my cock exploded in her mouth bringing me to my most intense orgasm ever.

    After she cleaned herself up she asked me if I liked the video, although incredibly disgusted with myself I told her truthfully I did but that I found the act of penetration uncontrolably sexy and that I was not interested in the guy apart from curious about his huge dick.

    She teased me about being a secret cock slut for a while often talking about getting a guy to fuck me like the slut I was when I would fuck her from behind telling me I want it badly, this led to me fantasising about such situations alot and I began to feel like it was her who wanted me to take cock.

    Weeks passed and she kept up her relentless onslaught of teasing by ramming her didlo into me while I was fully dressed in her lingerie calling me a whore telling me she'd love to watch a cock fuck me, which both scared me but turned me on so much as she would tell me how good cock feels and that I would love it alot more than her dildo.

    I admitted to her that the idea turned me on but that I was not comfortable with the idea of a guy fucking my ass as I was not gay neither did I want to suck his cock.

    It seems she had ignored everything I said apart from the fact it turned me on as she would then have me ride her dildo asking me if that's how I want to fuck me, taking every opportunity she could to whisper in my ear she wants me to feel what it's like to be fucked like a woman and feel a guy cum deep inside me. Asking me if I wanted a big cock deep inside me while she sucked and fucked me to completion

    Fast forward to my 28th birthday and she bought me a pair of nude open toe fuck me heels, black stockings with backseam and lace tops, a pair of lace crotchless boyshorts, and a black lace trimmed corset to which the stocking attached too.

    She confessed she wanted to make me feel like a sexy feminine woman for my birthday as I often wondered how it felt to be a sexy wanted woman, she encouraged me to remove what little body hair I had and took great pleasure in helping me into my new outfit. I felt amazing the feeling I felt was unlike any I felt before and despite being a male I could almost imagine how incredible it must feel to be a sexy slutty woman taking cock in multiple holes.

    It was at this time my partner confessed as to why she bought me the outfit and revealed that she had invited round a guy to fulfil my desire to be treated like a woman, I did not take well to this and regrettably forced her to call the meeting off while we spoke about it.

    I confessed that although the idea turned me on I was scared at the prospect of a being with a guy as I had grown up in a very conservative background and all of this was seen as very taboo but deep down that I wanted it more than anything. As to not ruin my birthday we had a night of amazing sex and she had fucked my ass harder than ever before which in my new lingerie felt incredible.

    During this night of amazing sex she would fuck my ass and bring up again the idea of a guy fucking my ass teasing my stretched hole with her dildo telling me how had a guy would love to fuck my sexy ass and that my lingerie would drive him crazy.

    Deep down I really want to know what my girlfriend feels when I hear her moaning from me dominating her and fucking her hard and deep, and she has begged me multiple times to let her bring guys round to fuck me but part of me is scared and part of me is freaked out that guy on guy sex is gay and I'm not gay but the thought of dressing and pretending to be a woman so a man can fuck me turns me on so much I can barely control it

    So that is my fantasy and confession of some sorts. Please let me know your thoughts and wether or not my thoughts on the situation are justified and I would love to know what people's opinions are on letting my partner have her way and let some guy use me as his fuck toy

    Thank you for reading

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    Gay Male / 35

    Out of school and without any means of support I took a job working as a night porter in a hotel. The job was really not very good and there wasn't much business so the tips were bad, but I did have a job. The night desk manager was a man from the Middle East. He was a nasty fuck, and he treated me like dirt.

    One night I caught him masturbating behind the front desk. He had this rag he was using. He was embarrassed and he offered to let me join in, we would masturbate each other. He was an expert, he took my meat in his hand and he had me going. He loved playing with me, but it took a while before I got used to holding him by his stick and wanking him off. But, it didn't matter, he would wank me off every night and then he started licking it, and then he got down and took it all in his mouth.

    I got to the point where I liked having my meat out, so he could touch it, wank on it and suck it. He had his meat, which he insisted that I treat the same, took a lot for me to get down and put that thing in my mouth and suck him good. But all is fair and love and war, and if I wanted it, I had to give back.

    It was a good while, several weeks at least, before he started hinting that he wanted some arse as well. Well finally, not knowing how to get out of the problem, I leaned up against the front desk and he got on with getting his meat in me. Well, what do you know, that was not as bad as it seemed. I loved it and it became part of the night time activities.

    Someone smarter than us should have suspected something because they told me they had found a night porter to take my place and I could work the morning shift when people checked out. I stayed on as a night porter, and we kept it up. After a good long time, many months into our thing at the hotel, he invited me up to his place, a small flat.

    He wanted it all naked there, not a stitch on, he took his time, I serviced him well to get going, I had never had a chance to go for it with his pants on, but now I could swallow as much as I could. By then I was comfortable with his meat in my mouth. I could have gone on and gotten him to let it all out in my mouth, but he had me there and we set up for a great fuck. For a small man he was big, and what a great fuck it was, that morning in his flat, he was able to get it all in and he did what I liked the best, a slow long, fuck in and fuck out, and fuck in until he filled me up.

    Great memories, really. Lousy job.

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