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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I am a 45yo guy. str8 acting.

    At 15yo started sucking with schoolmates and at college/uni had guys fuck me.
    After that met a girl and got married. Now divorced.

    Seven years ago one of my schoolmates returned to the neighbourhood and we became friends again.

    The first time we were alone he talked about the fun we had together when we were teens. Few minutes later we were sucking eachother ...

    Now we meet about once a month, to suck, and I let him fuck me again.

    He is very special to me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My mom died when I was 13 in a car accident. My dad never remarried or dated anyone because he said it wasnât worth it. Alls I knew growing up is if his room door was shut in the morning or at night he was probably masturbating so I didnât bother him!

    It was my senior year of high school, I had sorta a girlfriend. Well she was just a best friend that I had sex with. I think my dad got kinda jealous. She is a nice tight body blond that is great all a round. One Saturday night sitting at home my dad asked when I lost my virginity. I said what made him think I did. He said well the cum filled condoms in the garage every time your friend comes over makes it obvious. I told him just this month. He told me your lucky, I havenât had sex since your mom died.

    So two weeks later it was a Friday night and I came home after the football game since I layer in band. Usually my dad was asleep by the time I got home but he was still up. He was sitting on the couch in just his underwear, drinking and on his laptop. Obviously he was watching porn before I walked in. He was sitting there in his briefs with an obvious boner. I was like whatever weâre guys do we get them. His red briefs really were showing a bulge.

    I got undressed myself, down to my white briefs. He looked over at me and said I have t had sex in 6 years and you now finally having sex makes me jealous. He said how about you keep daddy happy when he needs it. I was like how. He pulled his underwear waistband down and his hard cock popped out. He said go grab the lube out of my nightstand beside my bed and bring it out here. I grabbed it and he was stand there naked, told me to take my underwear off, bend over the couch Arm and spread my cheeks. He lubed my hole and said he was gonna plug my ass like he did his friends when he was a teen. He slowly pushed his cock in my butt and he didnât last long at all. He slowly fucked me, his big balls swinging around till he tensed up and cane in my ass. He gave a few light taps to my ass and said sex is way better than I remembered

    So every Friday night for almost a year heâd fuck my ass. I was okay with it because I looked at is as helping my dad out. He needed that to get off. Each time after fucking and cumming in me heâd tell me to put my briefs back on so I didnât leak cum onto the couch or my bed lol. We usually have sex then head to our beds to go to sleep.

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    Gay Male / 19

    Once a week (Thursday) I pick up then drop off my granddad at his social club. It starts at ten in the morning and I pick him back up at two pm. In between I stay at his bungalow and operate a "Open-door policy". Which basically means I get my self ready for about eleven and allow men of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to enter the bungalow. Inside they will find me either already sucking on a cock, or I'll suck on theirs if they're the first. Once they're ready to fuck, they'll don a condom and fuck me in any position they want. Yesterday was a very prolific day for me, as I took five different men's cocks up my arsehole and sucked off another two. All but one of the men are married and all of them have at least had me suck on their dicks before. After all the men had cum in my mouth or up my arsehole and left (They tend to fuck and go) I was about take a shower and get ready to pick up my granddad.
    Hearing a knock at his door, I answered it to a new older guy. He was the oldest of the day at sixty seven, and also had the biggest cock of the day. I would say about nine inches of beautifully thick man meat. I'd never seen him before, but he knew my granddad. He also knows one of the men who'd fucked me earlier. Sucking on his cock for a little while he asked me if he could fuck me in the shower. I was a little late picking up my granddad yesterday as the guy fucked me for over half an hour, in the shower then on the bed in my granddads guest room. It was by far the best fuck of the day and one I hope top repeat next Thursday as he's told me he'll join in with the others.
    What was also different yesterday and something which totally threw me, was my granddads comment in the car on the way back. He said "Hope you had fun today. Sid's just text me and said you're a great fuck, hope you didn't mind me letting him know about you". I knew my granddad was very liberal minded, but I never knew he knew all about me using his place for sex. Or that he'd be so cool about it. It turns out, Sid was at the social club when I dropped my granddad off. Next Thursday should be so much fun, I can't wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    The neighbor guy who is my age and I ha e sex often. Our wives have been friends since high school so weâve know each other for a while but we just moved back to my wifeâs home town so I started hanging out with him more often.

    One thing lead to another and we started fucking. I had only topped a guy so he got to be the first one to fuck my ass.

    Itâs fun and no emotions. Itâs just a hey bro, the wives are gone and lets get a load out.

    Weâre almost sure our wives know we do it but they donât say anything. I have very regular sex with my wife so having morning sex with my wife and then afternoon sex with him is just icing on the cake! Iâm feeling lucky

    Iâm getting hard thinking about his hairy tight hole!

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    Straight Male / 55

    Unfortunately my wife went through menopause way early, it happened for her at 39! So I havenât had sex with my wife since she was 41 and I was 44. Itâs sucks no doubt.

    I was doing fine with just masturbating but over the last 5 years my hands have been getting arthritis from being a mechanic so masturbsying slowly has faded. I tell my wife this a d all she thinks is I donât need to cum! She doesnât understand the male boy at all! I couldnât even squeeze a handjob out of her.

    So not too long ago I found out my sons best friend is gay. My son was also kinda surprised by the news too. Heâs a great kid and excellent looking so kinda makes sense. My son and his friend are seniors in high school. Both turned 18 back in June so what ever sexual decision they make is on them.

    One night back in August it was a Saturday night and my wife was out with friends so my son and I were at home together just having got out of the pond that night. I was sitting on the couch with only a towel wrapped around me as when I got out of the pond I just hung my shorts up on the cloths line and put a towel around me.

    My son came out to the living room after showering and Iâm still sitting in just a towel. He strives a conversation with me. We talk about how we found out his friend was gay abd thatâs when he said he is kinda curious about sex with guys. I was like what kinda sex? He told me he had been having anal sex with his friend for the past month, giving a d receiving and he felt bad about it. I reassured him it was okay and if he enjoyed it who cares, itâs his body and his sex life.

    So it was a week later, I was doing my normal things at home. No one was home yet but my friends son pulled in the drive. He got out and talked to me. I told him my son would be home in 30 minutes or so. He said alright and asked if he minded if he hung around till them. No big deal to me so he did. So I just asked him straight up if he was coming over to have sex? He got all red and slowly said yes. I said nothing to be embarrassed about, my son told me already and Iâm fine with it, actually I think itâs cool. He said really and I said oh yes. He told me itâs his turn to bottom so hopefully they can keep the noise down. I laughed.

    Thatâs when he asked about my sex life. I told him Iâm not young like you anymore so my sex life sucks. Havenât had sex in over 10 years and I barely ever jerk off since my hand hurts by the end of the day. He said how much is barely? I said I jerk off maybe once every few months. He said Iâd die if I didnât jerk off or have sex!

    So he said look Iâll help you out a d give you a handjob right now here in the garage. I thought about it and I was like I donât know if thatâs a good idea, Iâm married and Iâm not gay. But he said itâs just a handjob, no one will know and it doesnât make you gay to get jerked off. After thinking about it I said what the heck. I told him just a handjob, nothing else. Plus I told him Iâm older so my co k wonât be as pretty as my sons lol. He laughed a d said weâll see.

    I undid my pants and they slid down to my knees. My briefs were still on as I pulled my undershirt of of my underwear. He kinda smiled and said dang tighty whities, I sure can tell your a dad. I was like well yeah Iâm a dad and this is all I e worn and for good reasons! I pulled them down to my knees too and my big balls fell out a d my cock was already hard. My sons friend said dang you got big balls! I was like told you I need briefs! I uncircumcised too so he took notice of that saying Iâve never seen an uncut guy. I said really? My son is circumcised so that makes sense.

    So he grabbed my dick bad started jerking, it wasnât two minutes later I was tensed up blowing a load all over the concert floor. I moaned pretty good a d he said damn you had to cut bad! I shoot big loads so he got to see ropes of cum keep cumming out. I squeezed my dick, shook it and pulled my underwear back up.

    All my sons friend could say is your cock is very thick and very hairy. I sad well thanks. He said he liked the thick part but this is 2017, everyone at least trims lol. I said well yeah but I donât have regular sex so no need for that. Plus I had never groomed my pubic hair ever in my life. That wasnât a thing when I was growing up.

    My son finally came home so him and his friend retreated to his room. I was very jealous they were having sex! I wanted sex bad but that handjob drained me. It felt so good, I had forgot what it feels like to have someone else touch you!

    Iâm thinking I want to talk to my sons friend to see if he will give me regular handjobs

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    At a time when I was at my lowest ebb in life, I found myself again through sex I never ever thought I'd indulge in. I was homeless, beaten and without a friendly face to turn to.
    Finding my wife in bed with two other men, was the start of my spiral into loss, hurt and self loathing. We were soon divorced, and not long after witnessing her taking a cock up her pussy and deep inside her arsehole, I lost my job too. Things soon began to get out of hand and I found myself sleeping on a friends couch. Only he and his wife were having marital problems also, so I basically began to sleep rough.
    The city was a relatively good place to find food and to beg for money, but it was unsafe at night. Beaten up once already for not giving up my sleeping place to another vagrant, I was then severely beaten up by a group of pissed up men out on one of the stag do's. The following day after leaving A&E, by pure chance I came across a tent and a few other things in the back of a pick up truck. I stole them I'm now ashamed to say, but it gave me the opportunity to sleep elsewhere.
    Not too far outside of the city, there is a trail that leads into the countryside. I found a place, a clearing where I could pitch the tent in thick woodland. Commuting almost into the city during the day, I slept at night in my refuge. Doing this for nearly a month, I was walking back to my hideaway in torrential rain. Thinking no one would be venturing out in the weather, I didn't as I usually did, remain vigilant and it cost me.
    Two men had followed me with one thing on their minds, having fun with my mouth and arsehole. Getting to within around three hundred yards from my tent, and just about to skirt past a fallen tree I always rounded, I was jumped on from behind. Before I knew it, I was struck, tripped and slammed into the tree. In a matter of seconds it seemed with the rain still falling hard, I was stripped naked.
    Feeling a hot finger enter my arsehole for the first time will stay with me forever. I tried to fight back, but I was too weak and cold to offer anything in the way of meaningful resistance. My arms were then pinned and held straight up and out over the tree trunk. Looking into the face of the younger man, I had my arsehole plunged into by the second.
    You can take any analogy (Appropriate phrase), or any description you want from any gay first time sexual encounter. Mine was from the first thrust totally and utterly thrilling. I'm not sure why or what happened to my body, but right from the his first push into into my body, I felt only sheer sexual exhilaration. My arsehole opened up and just accepted his cock. It also began to send waves of pleasure right throughout my body and I was soon pleading with him to fuck me. Some who I've spoken to recently have said it's because it was my first human contact for a long long time. Some say I was always "Naturally" gay. But I myself put it down to totally giving in. I relaxed to the point it no longer mattered to me what they did with me. I was there's and they and I knew it.
    Noticing my cries of pleasure and want, he began to fuck me much more forcibly. Pulling me onto his dick making my body shake with absolute lust. Telling me I was a dirty bastard and that I should be wiped from the earth, I let my emotions clear and told him to shut the fuck up and fuck me. The man holding my arms laughed, rleased my arms and dropped his trousers, pushing my head down he offered me his cock and I greedily accepted his warmth into my mouth.
    There is no answer to why I became so sexualised that evening. All I know is for nearly an hour I became a human fuck hole for two men who took turns to have me suck on their cocks and then to fuck me. Once they'd both cum inside my arsehole, they had me suck on the dicks all over again. We were all soaking wet, but by then it didn't matter to any of us. They'd stripped too and I felt for the first time in a long time, human. I felt wanted and I also felt strangely attracted to them.
    Getting the larger man to lay on the leaf coverd floor, I mounted his cock and took hold of his friends. Sucking it in I bounced up and down and was soon reaching my first orgasm. When I came I shot my load all over the chest of the man who I was fucking, and he couldn't have been more exstatic. Thrusting harder into my bowels, I first felt the man fucking my face cum flooding my mouth, then felt a torrent of cum fly up my arsehole as I sank right down.
    They were both spent, but my cock had remained hard. Not asking for it or expecting it, the smaller younger man went down on me. I was by then leaning onto the fallen tree trunk, and I stood with my knees shaking the whole time he devoured my cock. Telling him I was about to cum, he carried on sucking me until my cock let go and I was cumming down his throat.
    Given my clothing back, they both apologised for hitting me and then as quick as I'd known they were there, they were gone. I didn't know their names, who they were or why they'd picked me. What I did know is, I'd enjoyed everything we'd done together and knew I'd want more.
    Over the next month I found out about, and then met another homeless man. He was older than me by at least ten years. And like me he wasn't overly fine with being in the city at night. Risking my hideout, I let him accompany me to it one night knowing we were going there for sex. We spent a whole night inside my tent having some of the most erotic sex I've ever had. It was him who I first kissed and it was him who helped me back into the life I have today.
    His life mirroed mine to some degree, and we found as a couple, as two like minded men we were safer, more able to cope with being homeless. We didn't drink unlike many many homeless people we knew. and we didn't brutalise others to get what we needed either.
    Through his power of self belief, we both got jobs in a warehouse and soon my life turned back around. The tent which I still own to this day, was stored in my new flat and my older gay lover moved in, but only for a year. He moved back to his native city after an argument over a female colleague of ours who wanted to date me. He wasn't really bothered by then, but I suppose it gave him the reason to leave. My colleague who I started a relationship with, became my second wife and we now live comfortably in our home. She knows everything about my life, with me not leaving out anything in my response to her wanting to know.
    And because of our honesty we've become amazingly close and true with each other. In life you sometimes lose hope, but life has a funny way of giving back to those who truly realise what and who they are.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Visitng family in upstate New York was a pain. We lived in Brooklyn in a nice neghborhood, subways, baseball stadiums, lots to do. All Fabius had were three houses: the farm, the big house in town and a one bedroom cottage for family visitors. And cows, and sheep and horses and trees and goat shit. I wanted cock that summer.
    The pisser was that the city gave me a lot of hot cock to suck. There were italians and Polacks and black guys, young and old men. Priests, of course. I started wrapping my lips around cock with some buddies who talked about it. Next thing was the older guys who would treat me nice but insist that i suck their cocks. I was embarassed and reluctant at first but the teen cocks were beautiful hard and shot pints of cum so I accepted that I loved it. I probably had six cocks a week, three new, others regulars. One jock buddy played straight but came to our apartment when i was alone. We rimmed and fucked and spent hours doing 69 until we both swallowed at the same time. We ended up as lover twenty years later and are still seeing each other whne his family is away.
    anyway I wasn't in my Aunt's house an hour getting ready for boredom when this nice looking teen girl came in to meet me, the big city kid. She was flirting with me immediately. I remembered then that my cousin had told me to watch out for Loretta, She had hot paints and would let you touch her pussy and nice tits. Like I would care. However right behind Jill was her brother Lucas soon going off to bootcamp and hanging out in town until it was time.He had on a white t shrt and stood about five eleven. His 501's were well worn. The bulge under the Levi buttons was significant. We shook hands and he smiled. His body was hotter than hell, I could feel the heat he gave off. Every single chance I found I touched him someway. I saw he got what the city boy wanted because his bulge grew and the outline of a breathtaking big head on an ever hard stretched down his pantleg like a dream in cocksucker heaven.
    Lucas said he would like to talk to me and could we meet that evening and the guest house. I acepted right away.
    "How much you like sucking cock?" lucas asked e as we went in the guesthouse. I figured the truth and I answeredd, "Fucking love cock and suck it like a pro) lucas smiled and said, "I bet you do."
    The sweet guy told me his sister had a romantic crush on city guys, He said if i would be the perfect boy friend for the two weeks I was upstate, make Lorretta feel happy and horny and fuck her when she asked for it., if I did that he wouuld let me suck his cock. I could even lick his balls and ass after he sweated working out of doors.
    Ten days later Loretta, Lucas and I did a threeway beynd compare. I came to like pussy and love a cock that has just been in one. Tastes great. Loretta and I took turns sucking Lucas. Then Loretta sat on my cock and her brother sat on my face, all wet he slipped his thick meat into my throat. In the four days we had left we had a fine time. Lucas introduced me to his pastor at the Methodist church. He watcehd as I sucked lucas off. He was jerking away when i finished swalowing Lucas's big load and then he stood up and shoved his big pastor cock all the way down my throat where it exploded.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I wouldnât say I really enjoy receiving anal up I found guys will do anything for it.

    Iâve been having anal on and off since I was a teen. I started doing it because a a friend and me were to shy to talk to girls but we were comfortable having sex with each other.

    Well I had to order an engine at the ford dealer. Well it was a engine my friend needed for his truck. Little over 5 grand for this engine. Now I heard that the owner of the dealership was bi and would do favors. He was there when I was ordering the engine for my friend and I talked to him as well. Heâs a caring owner so he talks to loads of his customers

    I have my way with words so I was able to meet up with him after the dealership closed, he told me to come back in an hour when they closed. He would be the only one there. So I went back and he told me he would order everything at dealer cost if I did him a few favors. I told him I as bi and said what do you want

    He said perfect, sitting in his office chair he unzipped his pants, fiddled with his underwear and pulled out a average size cock. I got down in front of him and sucked on his cock. Didnât take long before he told me to stand up and drop my pants.

    I let my jeans fall around my ankles, I was going commando so I was ready. He undid his pants and his cock was out the fly of his white briefs. He opened his desk drawer, grabbed a small container of Vaseline and put some in my asshole. He fucked me for 10 minutes or so. Finally cumming inside of me.

    We got our pants back on and he ordered the parts! I went back to pick them up a week later and he did indeed give me dealer cost. Upon picking them up he told me to swing by after hours. He fucked me once more and that was it

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    When I was 16 I was having very regularly sex with my friend. Well one day we had sex after school, we flip fucked usually. I topped him cummed in him and he topped me and cummed in me.

    I got home after that, didnât take us long and mom said we need to go, I said where. She said you have a physical at 4. I had no idea!

    On the car ride there all I could thing about was I just had anal sex!

    Of course the nurse prior to the exam asked if I was sexually active and I said no.

    I stripped down the my underwear and put a gown on. I didnât have time to take a shower and wash up so my uncut dick smelt of ass and lube. My butthole was lubed up still.

    During the exam came the testicle and penis exam. I lowered my underwear and the doctor checked my foreskin. It was all wet underneath with lube and cum and I was right it smelt of ass. He asked if I was sexually active. I finally told him yes, with a friend. He then told me to make sure I clean up after sex to prevent infections.

    After he left after the physical I asked if he had any tissue I could clean up with. He got some wet ones out and said help yourself

    Damn that was embarrassing. But oh well we all have sex

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