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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 19

    Two years ago I was 17 my friend was 15 and I fucked him. It was in his room at his moms house and I gave it to him full on. I shot off inside his hairless twink body, in his beautiful twink butthole. I never fucked anyone before, never even got to feel a girls pussy or tits, he was my first and I was his first. I couldn't get enough of fucking, and he let me do it as much as I wanted. I was soon fucking him in the morning before we went to school, after school before his mom got home, sometimes even putting him in pairs of his moms dirty panties (she had a super good smelling pussy). I really liked when we would find a pair of her panties she wore after she'd been fucked and had some dried sperm and pussy juice in them. I was getting off 3 to 4 times a day, he started blowing me too and I'd jack him off sometimes. He didn't expect to fuck me nor me to blow him (which I wasn't really wanting to do but probably would have just to keep a fuckhole going). Sometimes I'd jack him off, but usually he jacked off while getting fucked, or after, and eventually started shooting just from my fucking him. It's been so much now that after I fuck him his loose asshole just leaks my cum out of it and all over, he can't even keep it tight enough to keep it inside anymore. I guess averaging fucking 3 times a day x 2 years he's pretty used up now, though I still like fucking him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    This a true account of my life over the last six weeks and touches on what happened nearly two years ago.
    A couple of years ago I got into a bit of a brawl with two young guys outside of a shop. One of them had I thought, bumped into me on purpose. I made a comment about it and before I knew it, I was punched.
    The outcome was us all swapping blows, but I ended up the worse having my completely shut and blackened. Although the police was called, the lads disappeared and nothing was done.
    Six weeks ago I was out with our dog walking a different route to normal. Out of nowhere it seemed, a young man approached me and immediately said he was sorry. I didn't recognize him at all, yet he continued to say he was sorry and that he'd love to make it up to me. My puzzled look made him stop and then he said "The shop, the fight, I'm one of the boys who hit you".
    My memory instantly came back to me and I stepped away. He pleaded with me to say he wasn't there to cause trouble, but to make things right between us. It had been nearly two years since the fight, so I wondered why now.
    Before I could say anything he said "I'd love to give you a blow job and maybe more".
    I was out of there in no time, but on my way back to our home, I got an incredible hard on and my mind kept on thinking about not only having him suck on my dick, but also fucking him too.
    It was walking back I also remembered what I'd said to them back then. I said as they bumped into me "Watch where you're going, you faggots". It was wrong of me to say it, and totally the wrong approach to anyone, even if one as it's now proved, is bisexual.
    Three dayas later in the light rain, I took the dog out again, and purposely walked the same route. Sure enough at the same spot, the lad approached me. Only then looking around did I see a block of flats, which easily gave him the view and time to walk over to where we stood.
    The conversation I can tell you the second time, was different. Before he said anything I asked him if he wanted to suck my dick outside or in his flat. He looked surprised turning to look at the flats, then said "Anywhere you want".
    Even now I'm not sure why I lead us both into the tree line. Yet I did and I lowered my trousers and boxers. His huge smile and his actions next has altered my whole attitude to gay sex.
    Dropping down on the wet floor, he took hold of my cock and opened his mouth. Looking down at him as my dog sniffed around, I gripped his head and told him to "Suck it good boy". He did precisely that and had my cock pulsing so hard with his marvelous blow job. Every inch of my seven inches were licked, sucked and gently nibbled on. It took me back to girlfriends of old, and reminded me my wife hadn't sucked on my dick for years, nor had we fucked for ages.
    With the thought of fucking, I stopped him sucking on my cock, although I wanted to cum in his mouth. Lifting him up I said "You mentioned maybe more. I'd love to fuck you".
    It was my turn to look surprised as he stripped off totally naked. Removing his track suit bottoms, his lightweight jacket and t-shirt, then his trainers. He had no underwear on and no socks. Almost as if he knew we'd be having sex.
    Moving over to a gnarled old tree, he leant onto it, presented his arsehole to me, turned his head and said "Take out the fight on my hole, fuck me and fuck me hard".
    There was no need for him to say what he had, as in my mind I had only one thought, to thoroughly enjoy his fuckhole and have a real good time exploring a sexual side to myself I didn't know I had.
    Losing my virginity to Claire my first ever fuck, was ok at best. Losing my virginity to a young man who I'd once swapped blows with, was monumental is as much as my dick, my mind and my whole self was on fire with desire and total sexual energy.
    I didn't just fuck that young lad that day, I laid bare all of my misconceptions and gave him and myself a completely wonderful experience. I'm not sure for how long we fucked, but we changed positions twice. After sliding my cock up his arsehole from behind, I marveled at how beautiful my cock looked sliding up his rear hole. He moaned out load and told me it felt amazing, encouraging me to fuck him harder. Holding his shoulders and pulling him onto me, I withdrew my cock almost, and then sank it so deep into his arsehole, fucking him without cause for his comfort or pleasure.
    It was to me the best feeling sexually I'd ever experienced, and I kept on fucking him until he suggested we try something else.
    He lay down on the wet earth and rolled his legs over his head. His gorgeous hole was just there, so perfect for fucking, and I took him and it at my pleasure for next however long it was. I had to squat each time I thrust into him from that position, yet I could see his face and absolute joy he was getting from me fucking him. It drove me and I was soon giving him what he wanted, and I needed. Almost to the point of cumming, he moved us again.
    This time he had me lay where he'd been. Standing over me, he lowered himself and impaled his arse onto my throbbing, unbelievably hard cock. Putting his hands on my chest, he smiled down at me and we fucked.
    He bounced and bounced and bounced up and down on my dick, making himself cry out many times. Then when I was building upto my orgasm, he shook violently and his cock exploded. His cum spurted out all over my jacket, and some landed on my face, but I didn't care. Then like someone flicking a switch, my own orgasm ripped through me and my cock erupted up his arsehole. Thrusting and pumping out every drop up his arse, he finally sank forwards and we there.
    Our faces close and his cum on my face, he slowly licked it off. Smiling down at me, like we'd done it a thousand times before, we kissed. We were still kissing when the dog barked and we got ourselves together. Seconds later a guy walked past with his dog, just as I got mine restrained.
    It rained again the following day, but it didn't matter as I drove my cock up his arsehole again. When I came up his arse that afternoon, he said he was sorry and hoped I forgave him. We chatted afterwards about his involvement in the fight, and he told me uit was his punch that had blackened my eye. I questioned him about how he knew my eye had blackened. It was then he told me who he was and is to me.
    Even knowing afterwards who he is, I continued to see and have sex with Kyle. It turns out my sister who I've not seen in many many years (Long story) has a son. His name is Kyle and he adores having my cock thrust down his throat, but mostly deep inside his beautiful tight arse.
    Over the last six weeks we've had sex everywhere. In his flat, in the home I share with my wife and lots of places outdoors, as well as my car.
    Kyle is a wonderful thoughtful young man, and soon will be working for me. He'll also be moving out of his council flat and into a modern clean place that I just so happen to own. The tenants who occupy it now are moving abroad, and in their place Kyle will live in it. He'll also be keeping us both happy by welcoming me round to enjoy his bed.
    Why not his, as I don't share a bed with his aunt anymore.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I didn't know him he was really a complete stranger except for our mutual friend but now I felt as though I'd been set up or even passed on. I sat there in this guys apartment kinda shy and embarrassed his name is Robert and he was telling me how he knew all about my little secret the one our mutual friend had decided to tell him all ofcorse with my best interest in mind.

    There was gay porn on the TV witch wasnt my choice because I've always liked watching hot straight porn I have always enjoyed seeing those hot females takeing a good fucking used in every position and every hole being pleasured repeatedly to orgasm and then having the satisfaction of knowing there stud couldn't stand it anymore he just had to cum for her and she did it she made him cum so hard by submitting to his sexual desire. Thats what turns me on.

    Our mutual friend Steve was probably doing me a favor but how could he set me up like this without even telling me. Steve had been a good friend he knew of my need to Crossdress from time to time and that not another soul knew. Steve also knew I wanted to get fucked by a man just like the girls in the porn but Steve wasn't interested in intercourse he just liked kissing sometimes or short make out sessions with me dressed in sexy lingerie but that was his thing and he never aloud it to go any further.

    Steve had called me to meet at his place for a little make out fun that I like so much but when I arived Robert was standing at Steves door and said since Steve was not there we should wait at his place a few doors down the hall but once inside Robert made everything clear and explained that he was a dominant gay male who loved taking care of sissys like me.

    Now I had never been called a sissy or even thought about myself like that but it kinda turned me on some and now as embarrassed as I was Roberts desire and dominant position was encouraging me to submit to him and I truly felt so sexy knowing that under my clothes soft silky lingerie streched around my tinder nipples and ass covering my love front and back as thigh high stockings tightly wrapped my long thin legs... How would Robert feel about this? Would he like it?

    My mind started racing with excitement and as he walked to the couch I stood up to meet him looking up into his eyes I softly bit my lip in a submissive sexy way. Robert reached around with his left hand grabbing the back of my neck he pulled me to him forcefully kissing me his right hand groped my croch squeezing and tugging feeling me up between my legs then he covered my ear with his mouth wispering how simply making out was not what he expected of me that he was planning to be my first.

    He was taller than me and out weighed me by probably 30 pounds he was more muscular and ten years older I am 32 and naturally thin with nice curves very little body hair mostly smooth. He reached with both hands pulling my shirt up over my head and off of me with little effort exposing my skin my pretty pink and purple laced bralette covering my upper half hiding my sensitive nipples that tingled and hardened from the excitement and cooler air.

    Oh just look at you! Why do you do that? I bet your wearing panties to arnt you? I was frozen I just stared at him as he started to laugh smiling down at me I couldn't help it my mouth opened I said just forget it trying to push away from him your shaming me! I feel like your shaming me as I pushed against his muscular chest trying to free myself from his grip why would you do that to me? But he was stronger and in a firm swift downward motion with both hands he grabbed a hold of my pants at the waist pulling them down to my ankles and then me to the floor he removed my jeans without even taking the botton loose or unzipping them my shoes came off with the jeans.

    Now he stood over me looking at me from top to bottom he was still smiling he looked hungry and desire filled his eyes. I was completely exposed my sexy silk laced panties streched covering my shaved smooth dick and balls just a little mound in front purple lace softly traveling between my legs up under and around to my ample pear shaped bubble butt hiding under the pink silk my long thin legs softly covered in silk decorations of white thigh highs smooth and sexy.

    Your just fine baby if you want to dress up like a girl thats your business in fact im really starting to like it get up on your knees baby ive got something for your sexy mouth and up on my knees I went whithout saying a word. I watched him pull off his shirt and drop his pants no underwear.... Oh my... It was so thick not more than 8 inches long but so thick and as he stepped forward I gasped out loud watching his thick massive beast sway back and forth inches from my face I looked up at him making eye contact my mouth watering with anticipation of his taste.

    His left hand slid around my head urging me forcefully forward he said come to daddy baby suck daddys cock good like a good sissy.... My eyes watering as his big cock head pushed against the back of my throat my lips and mouth opened so full of his thick hard manhood in my mouth he was using both hands to guide me slowly working my wet warm mouth with his cock. At times he would pull me forward and push with his body stuffing as much into my mouth as possible then holding it there making me gag on him then he would pull out and rub that thick slippery cock all over my face I could feel the heat of it on my face I liked being used like this as my tongue traced every vein on his rubbery shaft then back in my wanting mouth he would moan with pleasure and his cock throbbing.. I loved it and made yes sounds to let him know.

    He pulled he up by my hair to my feet and leading backwards to the couch sat me down pulling my hips he positioned my ass just over the front of the cushions for easy access then pushed my legs apart he nelt down between them. He had lube in his hand but I dont know where it came from my head was swimming in the moment as lustful delight made my thoughts fuzzy.

    Before I could get my thoughts focused he said its time sweetheart lets have some real fun and I felt my panties being pulled aside my legs being bent and spread to each side exposing my tightness to him. My mind raced I had used small dildos over the years but now he was real Robert was getting ready to fuck me he was preparing me he was going to stuff me with his oversized dick and wanted it.

    Oh Wow Oh Oh! His freshly lubed thumb pushed into me very quickly and all the way not giving me any warning or caring if it would hurt it was inside of me causing me to buck and arch my back almost instantly as I moaned painfully but he reached up caressing and pinching my sensitive nipples inside my lacy bralette with his free hand soothing me and talking me down to relax as his fat thumb explored my tightness I began to stretch for him just enough for the pleasure of motion up in me to take over. Thats it baby you like me fingering your sexy hole dont you? Im going to fuck you until you cum from anal sweetheart im going to ruin you baby do you want my cock now sissy girl?

    I couldn't stand it I said yes and please and even called him daddy as he pulled his thumb out of me and lubed his cock up good placing that big cock head against my butt hole he started shifting his weight and there really wasnt any escape my thoughts raced uncontrollably I moaned out as it began to enter sliding slowly up my tightness my tiny hole could not give way fast enough he was soooooo fucking big and thick. My mouth opened wide as if that would help my ass strech faster to accommodate his rock hard intruder it was half way in now and I was paralyzed by him moaning and winning out loud I knew he was just getting started as he probed himself up inside me making me cry out and sqirm with each thrust.

    Soon he began moaning to he was encouraging me to just relax and take it as he fucked me silly calling me a sissy making me call out for more and then whimper because he was so big it hurt he liked it I was his fuck toy and he felt so good inside of me soon the pleasure was overwhelming and began to move my hips with his thrust taking more and more of his love pole inside. Oh yes that it you dirty sissy Robert called out to me. Then he stopped and pulled out he stood up and instructed me to turn around you know doggie my knees planted on the seat of the couch and my hands gripping the top of the back of the couch.

    This time I arched my back pushing my sweet ass up high in the air for Robert I wanted him to fuck me good I wanted him to breed me I wanted to please him in every way. So he pushed my panties aside again and slapped my ass hard making me cry out then he grabbed ahold of my pretty panties and completely ripped them off of me. I dont know why but this completely turned me on! My little butt hole started throbbing my nipples began to ache wanting his touch as he reached out grabbing a fist full of my hair he pulled my head back stuffing my pretty panties onto my mouth saying your my little slut now baby and just like that he stuffed me full of cock this time hard and fast my legs turned to jelly as he grabbed my waist firmly holding me in place I began trembling from the passionate fucking he unleashed on me my little cock was bouncing off of the couch with each thrust of Roberts desire the air filled with moans and the ever increasing slapping sound of his body slamming against my ass over and over suddenly I lost it and the world seemed to stand still in slow motion my hands tightened on the back of the couch my butt hole pulsating around Roberts thick hard dick Overwhelming pleasure rocked through me and cum gushed out of my slippery limp dick all down my legs soaking my thigh highs I felt like such a slut and loved it my legs gave way but Robert was to close to stop now his weight forward on me penning me face down to the couch feeling him tensed suddenly deep inside of me his seed releases filling me with hot slippery cum he pulled out still throbbing guiding himself to my mouth to taste his heavy load yes baby eating his sticky spunk.

    I swallowed for Robert and licked his cock treating him right with my mouth as he twitched with desire and expessed his pleasure with me. He was right he did ruin me because once a guy like me cums like that with a cock deep inside you its something Ive needed over and over and once I felt the satisfaction of knowing my sex just made him cum. Wow its pretty awesome.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Just like Jamie I'm married. Also like Jamie I've had a secret all my sexual life, and that is I adore gay sex. Or more to the point I love to fuck younger guys.

    Most weekday mornings I drive over to his home, let myself in and strip off. Walking into his lounge, he'll already be waiting for me and usually has his asshole lubed up. I'll either have him suck on my dick for a while, or if I'm already fully erect, I'll just drive it straight up his gorgeously tight ass.

    Jamie is twenty six, and married his long time girlfriend three months ago. A week before he married her, we got together from an internet site, where he explained he wanted one last gay fuck. Only it hasn't turned out like that, as Jamie absolutely adores me and my eight inches fucking him.

    His wife fortunately has a very regular shift pattern, and he works from home most days. It allows me the time and the place to indulge in something sexual I've always loved. And that's dominating young men with my big dick. To me there's nothing better, even superior to fucking a hot pussy, than fucking a guys tight asshole.

    In my humble opinion, men suck and fuck far batter than women. And they hardly ever want dating or long explanations before or after sex. Indeed, In my time of enjoyment with young men, some as young as sixteen even now, I've fucked them in all kinds of different places. Yet I have come to find recently, married or so called straight guys, are just as horny and want just as much fucking.

    Jamie is a prime example of that, yet he's not my only regular gay sexual partner. I have a young guy who visits the company department I work within once a week. Invariably when he calls by now, he'll give me a text and we'll end up fucking any place we can find.

    Since I was seventeen I've been fucking young guys who want to be topped by a dominant guy. As I've gotten older, I've begun to enjoy men in their twenties and thirties too. All of them have to be sub, and all of them have to able to take my cock the way I love to fuck them, and that's damn hard.

    I've never kept count, but my best guess would be around eighty willing young guys who I've fucked over the years. And long may it continue. Jamie certainly thinks so, don't you.... He's just took my cock into his mouth and Hmmmm YES.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Even though I've put myself down as bisexual, I don't see myself in my "Normal" world as anything but straight.
    In any other scenario, I am in fact only attracted to females. Yet as a way of forwarding my career, I allow and I must admit, enjoy, having various older men fuck me.
    In all, five different men use my mouth and arsehole for their enjoyment. And I rarely go a week without having at least one of them use my sexual skills at a hotel my company uses for it's clients.
    I'm twenty four, yet I could easily pass as being in my mid teens. I have a slim body shape and very youthful face. It helps I guess, that I have feminine looks too, although my cock is nearly eight inches and fairly thick.
    The men who I deliver a very good service to, are all only interested in fucking me though. And I only occasionally get to have my cock sucked by any of them.
    Every so often I become the main attraction in a group session, whereby three to four of the men all take me anyway they want. One such occasion took place last weekend and I have to say, it was an amazing sexual experience.
    I'm moving up in the company I work for and I've also saved every penny of my "bonuses" when I spend time at the hotel.
    I'm not going to get rich being fucked by the men involved, but I am having good time and I'm also cementing my position in the company too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Hey guys... Bi guy whos only been with around 4 guys... Well when i was a kid my other friends and i would chill and for some reason i recall a lot of times expierimenting or something and having theor penises in my mouth.

    Anyways... Here to admit... I love clean,smooth skin, shaved good looking dick and low nice balls.

    Im bi.. Love guys more than girls
    Mostly bottom but top only one guy

    So far only my close bestfriend has been allowed tp ejaculate in me bare and i loved it. I truly did... No sorry dad...

    Maybe im gay... Idk i mean after all i want dick in my butt cumming... Love sperm everywhere like using his as lube for a Hj soo hmmm

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    Gay Male / 52

    There is no denying that prison changed me. At twenty-two I had not had many sexual encounters with women before my incarceration. Being young, horny and curios, I couldn't stop gazing in the showers. At first it was mostly butts. Some men have really nice asses. I quickly took more notice of the swinging peters. What really got my attention were the big, hard dicks. It didn't take long to put women out of my mind and re-focus my interests into homosexuality. I got a cheap thrill hearing all the talk about butt-fuckin' and dick-suckin' all the time. I told myself many times that I wouldn't be the first guy to get lock-up and suck a dick. As much as seeing them turned me on I figured that I am not as straight as I once thought.

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    Gay Male / 52

    I was in my early twenties when I was put in prison for a lenghty sentence. Having heard all the talk in the county jail about what happens in prison made me question my sexual identity. I was not put off by the stories of man to man sex. Quite frankly, the showers in prison made me think less about women and more about having sex with another man. Being honest with myself, I knew that I wouldn't hestitate getting my dick sucked by another man or fucking another man in the ass. I wasn't sure at first if I could being myself to suck another man's dick. I was open to the possibilty. That changed the day I walked to my cell and seen two guys going at it. That night I had the hottest fantasy of sucking a dick as big as the one I had seen earlier.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Last weekend I was out walking our dogs on my own. My wife had a bad headache, so instead of just walking the dogs close to home, I drove over to a place I grew up and walked all around the countryside there. Whilst walking the dogs, I almost stumbled across two young men having gay sex. They couldn't have cared less that I'd seen them fucking, and even beckoned me over.

    My background is straight, my sexuality is straight and all my adult sexual life I've only ever been interested in females and pussy. So why then when I was offered a young seventeen year old's arsehole to fuck, did I bury my rock hard cock up his very willing hole, after both boys had took turns to suck on my dick.

    I did on their insistence wear a condom, but nevertheless still slid my achingly hard cock up the youngest's shitbox, and fucked him like I'd been screwing guys all my life. Even the dogs, which were tied to a tree, began to get a little excited as my orgasm grew. I let my load go and shouted out my joy of cumming up his arse, as his friend tossed himself off in front of him, and came all over his face.

    Within minutes I was on my way, minus a cum load and the very real thoughts of wanting to do it all over again.
    I have both of their mobile numbers and have told them when I'm next free to visit my old area. That day is tomorrow. I'll, if I go, let you know how, when and what if anything we got up to.

    Man it was so fucking amazing fucking a young guys arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I must travel extensively for business. Our clients are demanding and we are very well paid for our security consulting services. I love what I do for a living and my company saves our clients millions of dollars a year. We also design protection protocols for executives and their families. I am on the road about ten nights a month. My wife and kids live a privileged and comfortable life which I love to provide. My wife Kim is a wonderful lover and terrific Mom. I'm a lucky guy.

    There is always a catch however.

    When I'm on the road I often enjoy the company of young men in my hotel room. I'm in my early fifties and I'm a well maintained 6' 2", 205 lbs. I like guys early 20s mostly, the more inexperienced the better. I love nothing more than taking a young man's cherry. I love to to watch his eyes go wide as I cum in his mouth. I like to help them get through the worry and guilt afterwards, often having him suck me off again and I love to clean my dick off on his face. I'm not looking for love, just some intense man-sex with young men.

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