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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 27

    When I was in 5th grade, I would hang out at my friend's house all the time. He had an older brother who was 18 or 19 at the time, and was gay. He knew I was to, and would hang out with me sometimes. He showed me gay porn once, and asked if I liked it, and told him yeah.

    He asked if I ever wanted to try any of that stuff, and I agreed. We started by kissing, and letting him touch me. He liked how hard I got, even though I was scared and shaky. I told him how I liked to put things in my ass and move them around and how good it felt. So, he stuck his finger in me and slowly moved it around and my cock was rock solid. He helped me take my clothes off and he did the same, and asked me to suck his cock. I remember it was so huge in my mouth, and I wanted to do what the guys did in the porno.

    I asked him to suck me while I sucked him, and my legs were shaking and twitching till I finally came. I never throbbed like that in my life, I came so hard, even if it was my first ejaculation. This made him cum in my mouth, and it tasted so good. He lifted me onto the bed, where he began to eat out my boy pussy and finger me.

    I whispered to him to stick it in me, and he pulled out a jar of Vaseline, and rubbed some on his cock before slowly sticking it in me. It hurt so bad at first, but the pain went away after a minute. I just remember my young ass being stretched, and how uncontrollably my legs squirmed as he penetrated my 10 year old ass. I had to moan into the pillow it felt so good. I was so shaky and sweaty we used a belt to help hold my legs back while he plowed me.

    I didn't want it to stop. His big adult sized cock in my tiny young ass at the time... I wish I could go back to how I felt him throb with every thrust in me. I felt his cum shoot every where in me while he sucked my nipples. He pulled his cock out and there was shit on it. He told me not to worry, but I told him that I liked it. He asked if I wanted more, and seeing his cock get hard again, I couldn't resist.

    So, he left the shit on his cock and began smearing it on my ass before sticking it back in me. My hole was already beginning to tighten up while he was out, but feeling his shit covered cock felt so good, I came while he was fucking me. He then rammed me so hard I almost threw up from trying to breathe, and came in me again.

    My legs were so numb after all that, I couldn't move. I cleaned up and went home later. I loved how I could feel his cum escaping my ass when I walked. If I could only be fucked like that again... Just want a huge massive cock enter my tight hole, and penetrate me till I shit and not stop for anything...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My name's irrelevant. what is relevant is the amount of married men who love my large cock down their throats or up their assholes. I'm single and like staying that way. I do have a girlfriend who I stay with as often as two to three times a week. My sexual appetite however needs satiating every day. And married men I've found are the perfect partners for my needs and my big fat cock. They never want anything other than sex and they never want me to become their long term lovers. It suits both sides that I adore fucking their tight married butts, and often do so in their marital beds. You'd be surprised by just how many so called straight married men, love cock. This isn't bullshit. In one samll area I like to visit, which isn't too far from my workplace, I've fucked or am still fucking nine different married men. Admittedly three of them was at a party a guy held when his wife was away, but all the same it's a great little area for sex. Even my ex wife's new husband has tasted my cock and cum, but I'm yet to persuade him to let me fuck him. There's time I guess, and my cock just seems to want more and more married men.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Is there a better feeling than when a prick pops into my arse .Just had a lad do just that he shot his load as soon as he was in.But hes young and hard again we will fuck longer this time

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    Gay Male / 52

    I sucked my first dick when I was 11 he was 16 it was at summer camp. The first night of camp I went to the outhouse late one night and caught the other boy jerking off in the stall. He pulled me in and made me suck his dick. I sucked him off all that summer camp every night and sometimes during the day.
    When I came home with this new skill I started to crave sucking it became an addiction. I sucked a boy in my church youth group he was 14. But the best was my Dads High School friends son he was 17 they came to spend a weekend with us and the son slept in my room in my twin bed. The first night they stayed I waited until he fell asleep and then I went under the covers and let his cock out of its holding place in hi boxers. I had never seen one that big and I played with it to get it hard. Once it was I started sucking I did my best to make it hard and wanted his cum he stirred and spooked me I stopped lay there still then went back to my work. He must have been heavy sleeper as he did not seem to wake up until it was too late and I had him almost there. He reached down grabbed the back of my head and proceeded to fuck his cock in and out gagging me with it. He ground his hips and rammed that big thing deep in my throat. I heard him moan then felt his cock pulse and he blasted his load in my mouth. I lay there sucking on it for a while until he went limp. I fell asleep with my head on his leg. I woke up with his hard morning wood pressing against my lips. I had no time to think when his hand grabbed my head and shoved me down on it. I was sucking on him when my Mom came to the door to announce breakfast was ready. I was so glad she did not open the door to find he angel with the companies cock down his throat. he pumped my mouth and dumped his load got up without a word and got dressed and walked out.
    I sat at the breakfast table flushed and the taste of his cock still in my mouth. My Mom touched my head and said I was hot maybe I was getting a cold. I told her I was fine. I had no idea the monster I had awoken, this guy could not get enough of my mouth he flopped that thing out and pounded my throat every chance he got. He seemed to have a never ending supply of cum big loads every time so much it choked me to take it all. The end of the weekend was coming up and I heard my dad convince his school chum to stay the week. I saw his son get a shit eating grin as he looked at me and pointed to his crotch. As the week went on he got rougher and started calling me names and making me beg for it. he became very sadistic and would try hard to choke me pushing deep in my throat. By mid week my throat hurt and my lips were sore.
    Friday we were in the barn I was on my knees and he was skull fucking me and I heard the side door open and the light from outside flooded in like a spot light on me with his cock deep in my throat. I heard a man clear his throat the guy pulled his cock back as his Father walked in. I heard him laugh and say don't stop on my account. With that his son went back to filling my throat with his cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his father unzip and RELEASE HIS cock it was as big or bigger than his sons. His son short his load and backed away as his dad stepped up to get his cock serviced. he was semi hard but soon was full on hard and forcing his monster down my throat. His son was egging dad on telling him I was good at it and could take it so just go for it. With that i soon could not breath tears running down my cheeks and fighting to grab a breath when I could. When he came it shot up my nose and out my lips as he pushed it deep in my throat. As he pulled out I gasped to breath. They walked out leaving me there with both of their cum on my face and running down my chin. I heard them laughing as the walked back up to the house.
    After the evening meal and chores where done I was met in the chicken coup by them both telling me to get my faggot whore mouth to on their cocks. I did as I was told the son went first then the Dad. That Sunday when they left they told my Dad they would love for me to come spend some time with them that summer at the lake house. My Dad said I think he would love that seems to get along with your boy well. I was wore out my jaw hurt little did I know what a can of worms I opened up sneaking that first suck. I never did get to go to the lake house but I jerked off a lot with that as my fantasy. i love to suck cock and never never never can get enough. I also fantasized that dad and I went to visit at the lake house and I sucked the 3 of them off.

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    Gay Male / 50

    The year I turned 15 my parents split up and I was sent off to live with my uncle so they could work the divorce out. My uncle was 27 and had just gone through a divorce of his own. his wife got the kids house etc so he was living in a small one bedroom apartment. I flew out to California from Ohio and was met by him at the air port. As I got off the plane I saw him standing there waving to me. He was of medium build worked out and looked younger than his age. He had brown hair and tanned body I thought to myself as I saw him just how handsome he was. I was not sure where I stood on my sexuality at the time but knew I looked at both sexes.
    We got to his car after a hug and hand shake. He smelled so good when he pulled me in for the hug like soap very fresh. I looked in his face as he smiled at me and noticed his piercing blue eyes. I remember thinking if I was his wife I would never have left him. He sort of grinned as if he knew just what I was thinking. Stopped on the way and got something to eat and chatted. he asked if I was doing ok with the divorce. I said yes and in many ways I was I hated my father and hopped I would be living with my Mom.
    Got to his apartment he had cleaned out a few drawers in a dresser in his room so I unpacked and put my things way. He said he was going for a swim and asked if I wanted to join. he stripped off his clothing to put on his bathing trunks. I watched as he stripped and was in awe of his body and his cock that swung and banged against his leg as he tugged off his jeans. I had not packed a pair of trunks so he loaned me a pair of his. I noticed he had retrieved them from the floor so he had worn them it sort of turned me on as I slipped them on. We walked down to the pool and jumped in chatting and swimming then got out and lay in the sun to dry. My eyes kept checking out the bulge in his trunks. He talked to me as if I was an adult not a kid.
    We went back to the apartment and watched a movie. He feel asleep in his chair kicked back reclined as he slept he got an erection I could not stop checking it out. I went to the bathroom and jerked off. When I came back he had thrust his hand down his pants and his fist was wrapped around his stiff cock. I sat and watched TV and fell asleep.
    I awoke to moaning and looked to see him jerking in his chair I acted as if I was still asleep as I watched him pump his cock until it erupted all over huge globs that ran down his cock shaft and shot into the air I could hear the globs hit as they landed. he got up and headed to the shower.
    When it came time to go to bed I expected to sleep on the couch but he had set me up to sleep in his bed. I slept fitful that night wanting so much to reach out and touch him and feel his hard cock run my fingers over his hairy chest.
    He had to go into the office that morning gave me a key and said he may be home late. I watched some TV swam in the pool and found his porn collection and watched and jerked off. I went to bed around 12 he was still not home. about 4 in the morning I heard him stumble in he was drunk off his ass. I heard him stumble and fall a few times. I went out to see if he was ok and helped him to bed. I took his clothing off down to his underwear and noticed his cock straining in his tight jockeys. I took advantage of his drunkenness and ran my fingers over his semi hard bulge. I could feel his meat quiver a bit as my fingers ran over it. He mumbled something and rolled over on his belly giving me a view of his muscular ass. He was beautiful laying there. It took all I could to not take advantage of him in this state.
    I dozed off only to awake later feeling someone on top of me. I opened my eyes and it was my uncle his cock probing and pushing against my tight pucker hole to find a way to penetrate. I still had my shorts on so I reached down and pulled them off I had never been fucked I had been fingered licked but never fucked. As my shorts came off his throbbing cock found my opening and he plunged into me I held back a scream and pushed my face into his chest He started to pound my hole like some sort of animal grunting and mumbling his x wife's name calling her a bitch and that he would show her what she was missing. I gathered he was still drunk or asleep and thought he was pounding the x. I placed my hands on his firm ass cheeks digging my fingers in to let him know I wanted him to go all in. OMG I felt a pain shoot up my spine my whole body felt like it was bring ripped apart. My uncle swore fucked deep said I was his bitch and no one could fuck me like he could. He fucked me hard his body slapping against me slapping and his grunts and cuss words. I was feeling pain but some sort of pleasure also as his cock hit a spot inside me that felt like I did when I was cumming. soon I started to meet his thrusts and could feel my own cock dripping. I heard him yell that's it you fucking whore FUCK TAKE IT his pace sped up and he was pushing me into the mattress and then he let out what sounded like a wounded bear growl groan grunt that went grrrrrrrrrowwwwwf grrrrrrr owfffff fuck fuck fuck yes. Then he collapsed on me still in me. I lay there trapped under him his still hard cock in me and his cum oozing out around his cock. I did not want to wake him so I fell asleep with him still rock hard inside me.again I was awaken to him thrusting into my once virgin hole but this time felt different his cum had lubed me so his thrust did not hurt.
    As his cock plunged into me my body was feeling electric shocks of pleasure he grabbed me by my throat and started choking calling me names and telling me or her he was going to fuck her to death. I for a time thought he might. he shot his load in me again and rolled off me and soon heard him snore. I got up went to bathroom and cleaned myself up. Went back to bed and as I got in he pulled me to him and spooned me his warm nude body pressed to me. I fell asleep in his arms. the next morning I awoke to the shower running. I got up made some toast and coffee. He came out in a towel and sat at the table. he looked up at me and looking ashamed and asked if he had done anything stupid last night? I said stupid? like what? He said well I woke up nude holding you. You did I said? I don't know I helped you to bed and you fell asleep. he seemed to feel better about things and said we should go sight seeing.
    we had a nice day and I never did tell him he had taken my cherry that night. I still wonder if he knew or was so out of it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    One summer when I was in 5th grade new people moved in next door. I watched out my window to see if they had kids. We lived on a dirt road in the country and not many kids my age around. I saw a boy around my age taking boxes into the house. I walked over to say hello and find out his name etc. He had long hair mine was buzz cut as my Dad said only fags have long hair. We talked some but he seemed to not be interested in knowing me. I went home sort of pit out by how he had acted so rude to me.
    A week later he showed up at our door asking my Mom if I was home. She called me and I came to the door. I joined him outside and we went for a bike ride. He talked a lot about sex and how horny he was. I did not know much about sex and his talking about it made me blush something he teased me about. he was 3years older than me and sort of a tough guy they had moved from the city. I was shy and very clueless. That weekend he asked if I wanted to sleep over I asked my folks and they said yes. I had never been to a friends house for a sleep over.
    We spent the day together rode bikes climbed trees etc. that night we slept in the basement on a full sized bed. He told me he slept nude and stripped in front of me. I left my underwear on and climbed in the bed. We talked for a bit and watched an old black and white tv some old horror movie was on. I felt his leg touch mine and after all his sex talk for some reason sent tingly feelings through my body the side of his nude body soon was pressed against mine. His body was hot like fire I moved my hand because his bare ass cheek had touched it. he laughed and asked why I had moved my hand I blushed and did not know what to say. he grabbed my hand and put it down on his crotch and his hard cock I tried to pull away put he used both hands to gold it there. He was hard and much bigger than me and he had hair soft hair around his cock. For some reason I started to touch his cock and play with the soft hair. he asked me to jerk it for him. I asked what that meant so he showed me how. my own cock was hard and I was shaking as if I was cold. he pulled the covers back and I worked my hand up and down he talked to me told me what to do. He had me put my other hand on his balls. So there I was jerking him and playing with his balls and my body was on fire like I had a fever. Soon he started to buck his hips toward my hand and then he moaned and said oh fuck. I felt something leak from his cock down on my hand I started to pull away and he wrapped his hands around mine and made me keep jerking.
    After he said you and I are going to be good friends. he handed me his T shirt to clean the clear liquid stuff off my hand. he rolled over and soon was snoring. I lay there hard confused and shocked about what I had just done. He woke me up the next morning to do it again for him. Me jerking him off became a regular thing when ever we had a chance. the jerking went on for a while always me jerking him off and often I would ejaculate just helping him without touching myself. Then one night at my house him staying over us sleeping in my twin bed he said he wanted me to do something for him and not just jerking him off. He said friends do things for each other and he saw me as his good friend. I asked what he said lick his balls while he jerked by this tome I did what ever he asked so I went down and licked as he jerked. he moaned and the cum ran all over some on his balls that got on my tongue. It really did not taste bad but had an odder to it. He ruffled my hair which I had let grow out some my father not happy but it was the style. he smiled down at me still licking his balls and said dang that felt amazing. I felt so happy that he liked me and that I made him feel good.
    the next day he took me to the shed out back of their house and shut the door. in the dark I reached for his cock and he put his hand on my head and pushed me down so my face was down by his cock. he was hard and in a gruff voice he said suck on it. He gad shown me one of his dads porn movies a lady sucking a mans cock so I started doing what I saw her do, he was sitting on the riding mower his pants around his ankles and I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. It was hard and the skin was soft in my mouth. I licked the head it just seemed so natural. soon I was sucking away he was instructing me as I worked on him. He made me slow and speed up and seemed I was sucking him forever but I did not mind. He put his hand on the back of my head said he was going to cum then forced his full length in my mouth. I felt his cock buck and twitch in my mouth and soon he was pumping in my throat choking me. I tried to pull off but he used both hands to hold me down as he pumped his juice. I could taste him and liked it but was fighting to breath. At last he let me up and said I was a good cock sucker for never have done it before. so now I was his cock sucker he would drop over to my house everyday sometimes 3 times for me to suck him. I got good at it and could take his full length he had an upward curve to his cock I liked it ran along the roof of my mouth before it poked down to my tonsils and fed me the juice I was becoming very fond of. he never touched me or did anything to me just me sucking him. this went on for a few years until I was in 9th and he was in 12th.
    That last summer he had a cousin visiting and asked if I wanted to sleep over. I said yes and that night we all got into the bed in the basement. his cousin watched as I sucked him off and then after he came he told me to do the same for his cousin. I did his cousin was just a bit bigger than him and thicker and leaked the whole time so I was tasting him all the way through me sucking him. When the cousin came it was a lot so much I almost was not able to keep it all in and swallow but I managed. that summer I spent all my free time with my face between one or the others legs sucking and drinking their cum. the cousin went back home and the day after he left out in the woods alone I sucked my friend off slowly seemed he took for ever to get off. Once I was done he told me I was a fag and he did not want me coming over anymore. I tried to talk to him but he just kept calling me a fag I grabbed at his hand as he was walking away and he turned and punched me in the face ge pushed me down on the gowned pinning me yelling at me that I was a big cock sucking fagget freak and he never wanted to see me again. I was left there stunned and confused. I guess word had gotten out that I sucked cock and for my next 4 years of High School I had no shortage of guys needing to be my friend. I guess I did not come off as what people thought was gay so guys felt safe and not gay by me sucking them off. unknowing to me The guy next door had trained me to serve and ask nothing in return. To this day I have never been sucked and still cum hands free in my pants when sucking a nice cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    My brother in law Samuel, Sam, is a pure animalistic gay slut. He loves nothing more than having my cock slide over his tongue or up his always eager asshole. He knows his sister who loves him dearly, hardly ever gives up her mouth, pussy and ass these days. And he also knows because he's my wife's much younger half brother (Sam's twenty), he's able to stop over whenever he wants. After the first time I fucked him in our basement, I made sure nothing happened again for some time.
    We'd been watching a movie together in the snug I'd built down there and Sam being Sam, he offered me a blow job. Which after a long time without sex, seemed like an awesome prospect. Once my dick was rock hard from his amazing oral knowhow, he said he hadn't been fucked a for a while and would I like to try. Not only did I fuck him over arm of the sofa we were on bareback, and came up his hole, I fucked him again as he rode me, once he'd sucked my dick back to life.
    But I bottled it a little when my wife said her brother had really enjoyed the movie and the entertainment on offer. I thought she'd picked up on the fact I'd fucked him, but she said nothing more.
    It was nearly two months later when my wife invited him over specifically to keep me company, as she was staying at her moms for a couple of days. Her last words before driving off, and I can still remember her saying them very clearly, were "Make sure you and Sam clean up after yourself. Oh yeh change the sheets". I didn't get chance to answer her as Sam came rushing in, but I did hear her say to him "Enjoy yourself and don't wear him out".
    We didn't bother to watch anything when his sister left, going straight upstairs to bed. We spent the whole night having for me, amazing exploratory gay sex. And it was then I first sucked on a mans cock. It was all new to me and I found I was so in tune with his needs and my own, I was always ready to try anything he wanted. By the time his sister arrived back home, I'd fucked Sam any which way you can imagine and I'd also done something I'd never of thought of. In our bathroom as we showered together, Sam had me use some hair conditioner to smooth his asshole and then had me insert all my fingers, then fist up his asshole. It was one of the dirtiest sexual things I've ever done and I instantly adored the sensations it gave to me, and him. When I fucked him standing up in the shower that day, it was an awesome feeling and I stayed hard even after cumming deep inside of him.
    My wife's comment when she came home was "Hope you boys enjoyed your fun. Sam will be round more often if you'd like". She's never said anything directly to me, but I now know my wife knows I'm fucking her half brother. After all as the other night proved, it would hard for her not to know. She slept in our bed as I fucked Sam in our guest bedroom. It was my wife who brought us coffee in the front room, and then said to Sam "Don't use up my hair conditioner anymore, use the lube you've ordered".

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I have just had a quick visit to Auckland New Zealand.
    I love Centurion...a gay sauna. My visit to Centurion could only be brief between meetings. I stripped and took a shower and went through to the wet area in a little towel. On entering the steam room which is very dark I saw two guys in the gloom. I got close and established they were in the middle of a standing fuck. A muscled black guy was deep in the other guys anus. I crouched behind the black guy and put my hand between his legs and up so I could fondle his huge balls and then, as he pulled his thick cock out ready for another plunge, ran my hand the length of his huge was bare and very wet.
    I pulled my hand back and started to play with his anus...first a finger working the rim of his anus and then I slowly inserted my finger fully so I could massage the inside...he moaned and tightened his anal muscles around my finger and started fucking the guy harder and faster.
    I then slid a second finger up inside him and really worked his anus.
    I was really turned on knowing he was bare up in the other guy and I masturbated while I was finger fucking him.
    After about 15 minutes of massaging the inside of his anus he started to shudder and as he ejaculated his anal muscles really gripped my fingers. I ejaculated over his hot muscled ass and watched my white jizz run down his trench...there was a lot of it... as he kept fucking I pulled my fingers out and pushed my jizz up inside his hot anus...then I started to eat him out...
    I left them to it and took and shower and then took some time out in the sauna. I lay on my back working my nipples and slowly working up another 55 it takes a little while to get hard after ejaculating. As I lay masturbating my now fully erect penis a young Japanese guy came into the sauna. He sat quite close and the started to play with his own penis. I turned over and lifted my ass up off the bench and asked him to fuck me. He was small but very hard and he entered me easily, ejaculating in me after only about 5 minutes. I returned the favour pushing my penis deep into his tight anus and after about 15 minutes had my second ejaculation.
    A quick but VERY hot visit...

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    Gay Male / 22

    I found my sexuality very young. I could not stop masturbating, and was caught several times. I spent most of my time locked up in my room. I was trying to find tips about anal play online and found an old school forum. I began chatting through the comments sections, and then skyping with some of the other members in my area. Most were much older, but I didn't care I was a lonely kid. When I lost my anal virginity I caught it with my webcam and showed it to my older friends. With in a month they all had fucked me. Its as if they didn't care about my age. Just if I was a virgin.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    In June of this year, my son in law Kevin caught me fucking a young guy who lives across the street from our home. He'd called round three hours early for a scheduled afternoon of fishing. He didn't say much, but what he did say has changed everything for me. Firstly he told the young man to go, then he told me the fishing trip was cancelled. When our neighbor had gone, he undressed as if it was perfectly normal for him to do so, and told me to offer him my then limp cock to suck on. When after a long period of time of him sucking on my dick, I became rock solid and began leaking pre cum, he told me to follow him. In the shower over the next twenty minutes, I pounded my son in laws asshole and couldn't have been happier. Eventually I needed to cum and was about to withdraw, but he ordered me to cum deep inside his ass. When I withdrew, he spun around, dropped down and began tossing himself off as well as licking and sucking on my cock all over again. My son in law visits our home a lot more these days.

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