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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I've gone from totally straight, to being a proud cock sucking anal slut faggot. There is nothing wrong with that.

    The problem is I'm also a compulsive exhibitionist. I can't stop myself, I don't want to. Expose me as the faggot I am.

    I've been posting pictures of me sucking cocks and being fucked on the internet for years.I'm disappointed more of my friends and family haven't seen them. I need your help to share my pictures and identity more.

    I know I will be terribly humiliated if and when they see them, but that doesn't matter. It's only fair they should know I service cocks with my mouth and ass.

    If you visit the Glacier National Park area, I will suck your cock and you can fuck me.

    I can't help it.

    I'm addicted to cock.

    My name is Ric Carter, from Somers, Montana. Email me at [email protected]@g***l.**m for my pictures to share.

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    Gay Male / 22

    Looking back I could see what I was tagged as "Gay-boy" or look its "Cock Lord". Though I was not gay when they all began, I was just picked on.

    I wasn't exactly one of the lads, I had more girls in my group and only one other boy that I hung out with; I wasn't sporty or well-read so I didn't fit in academically with the jocks or nerds. I was just me, a slightly chubby teen with issues.

    I was soft, quite timid and did not stand up for myself unless truly backed into a corner. I didn't wear fashionable clothing, I wore what my father could afford.

    Now the boy I hung out with Matty, he hid that he was gay even from me when my own bullying began; though when I did cotton on I didn't blame him.

    Now Matty was slim and tall, well spoken with a love of theatre and acting; I was often conscripted to help with his little productions and usually I was the back stage help at school shows.

    Matty and I spent a lot of time together, probably too much but his mom didnt seem to mind me being at their house and I think she was glad we had each other to hang out with.

    Over time our adventures went from simple boy-hood games to more risky thrills.

    We liked fantasy games, roll play etc...

    So we started tying each other up, daring the other to escape nothing sexual just see how far we could go.

    We often just used things like some bits of rope, some tape or a belt etc...

    Now we were in our later teens, 17 and still acting like kids until one night where it all changed.

    I'd lost my baby fat and was now quite healthy, not toned but I had worked hard to be more fit; one of the things I did was kayaking and rafting so I dressed in a shortie wetsuit, which fitted me well.

    Matty dared me to let him tie me up in it; nothing unusual we had been playing houdini for years.

    It was as he tied me to the chair, I realised just how rigid the ropes and belts were it went far beyond our old games and I really struggled.

    Matty started rubbing my cock through my wetsuit, I begged him and pleaded with him to stop but he kept going.

    I really was uncomfortable as my cock grew harder, I was wierded out that I was becoming turn on my begging turning to moans as he kept on stroking it.

    Matty was licking his lips as he stood and stripped off, taking his cock and beginning to wank he kept on smiling.

    He brought his cock right up to my lips, pressing its tip as he pushed it through my squirming lips until I parted me teeth and then he basically fucked my mouth.

    I sawllowed a lot of cum that night as he kept me like that, fuck my mouth, suck my cock until I was a moaning mess.

    WE ended playing lots of different games over the next few months and despite how it began I'm still a cock sucking whore.

    I got bullied a lot during school but in college I embraced who I am, I am a big supporter of Pride both in life and work.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Last week end I was at a party at a Mexican friend's home and booze and other things ere plentiful. I got a drink from the bar and in no time my body became rather feeling funny and getting turned on in the worst way.
    This big Black came up to me started in just talking, but I was having a hard time understanding what he was saying to me and he led me to a couch and we sat side by side soon his hand was on my thigh rubbing and it felt good and he asked if I would rub his thigh and I started but somehow I started in rubbing his dick which was along his thigh.

    In no time he was hard as a rock and massive he turned to me and started in kissing my neck and the next thing I know I am nude and he's fingering my ass and I am letting him why I don't know god he was deep in me rubbing something that was turning me on to no end.

    He smeared something on my ass and started in shoving his coc ck into me , it hurt like hell and he whispered into my ear just relax and kissed my neck again pretty soon he was shoving his massive cock deep into me and I started in cumming, cumming like I never have before and he just kept fucking me deep and hard and when he started in cumming in me he rammed himself deeper than he was and it hurt but he held himself there and filled my ass with his Black cum.

    He got me another drink and I downed it fairly rapidly and my whole body started in want5ing him again and again and soon another joined us and now two big black cocks servicing my needs. All of a sudden there was 6 and I never had so much cock stuck in me both holes filling my body with their cum over and over again for about seven hours and man I was sore but they kept fucking me. my body was covered in drying cum and they kept fucking my ass and mouth
    I passed out and awoke at 3 in the afternoon I took one look at my body and thought tom myself what the fuck happened to me just then my friend sat beside me and he started in telling me about last night how I took on 11 of the biggest blacks you ever seen and how I wanted more and more and he reached over and blew into my ear telling me I had the wildest time he's ever seen and kissed my neck. I told him I don't remember a thing after talking with the one3 Black I remember somewhat. His hand went right to my nipples and began playing with me and kissing my neck and when he started in rubbing my hard cock I told him stop, don't you ever stop, the next thing I know I got his cock in me and he's fucking me hard and when he came he bellered like a bull moose during runt.


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    Straight Male / 18

    I'm 17 years old, have a really hot 16 year old girlfriend. We have sex, she sucks and lets me fuck her. I have only gotten her to have a finger in her butt however; she regards her butt as dirty and won't let me fuck her there, she objects to my finger. A couple days ago I was a little high with a married man who is 36. I sucked his cock.

    I really don't know why, I am not attracted to men, but our cocks were out, porn was on, and I did it. I laid across the couch with my head in his lap and started sucking. He was fingering my butt. I have tasted my own sperm and I hated it. Thank heaven my girlfriend doesn't mind my shooting in her mouth. Quite frankly I can't see how she takes it, it's horrible. But this guys precum was flooding my mouth, and it was hot and sticky I didn't mind it. He had so much precum I thought that he was shooting already but he hadn't. When he did shoot it was welcome and I didn't mind the taste.

    He kept me there laying across his lap, and started massaging my prostate as he called it. It felt great, I got hard immediately. He changed position so he could do that and put my cock in his mouth. He only did a couple of strokes and I shot off in his mouth. Two days later we did it again, this time he kept naked pictures of his wife around so I could see her when we sucked some more.

    I really like fucking my girlfriend, and didn't want to be gay or anything. He says it's no big deal, to have someone who can help you get off is a great friendship. He wants me to fuck my girlfriend a couple of times then come over for a BJ so he can taste her pussy. He says he'll do the same with his wife for me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    This is a true story however I have had to make some very minor changes to protect the privacy of others.

    Last Saturday began in a pretty average way, but then it all started to go crazy. During the afternoon I made a purchase on an internet buy/swap/sell page and all I had to was drive to another suburb and pick it up. Well when I got there the lady invited me in to make sure I was happy with what I bought and she said she was alone in her house. She looked about 55 and I doubt that I was there more than 20 seconds and she starts telling me that she works as a sexual massage therapist. I was surprised that she was so upfront about her business and when she asked me what I did for a living I told her what I did before I retired. As it turned out she knew a lot of people that I knew, and I knew her ex husband. She talked a lot about sex and what she does and doesn't do and I definitely got the impression that she wanted to give me one "on the house". Remarkably I decided not to get involved because she seemed to much like a crazy blabbermouth but we did talk for 30-45 minutes. She reminded me of some crazy people I have met where there moods can flow from one extreme to another, or something minor will cause them to have a complete change of personality. Anyway I negotiated the asking price down by 25%, paid her and left.

    I got home about 4.00pm and was feeling like I needed some sexual release so I knocked up a quick advert and put it on a Personals website. My ad started to get some replies from the usual assortment of idiots,no hopers and time wasters. Although, there were a couple of replies that held some promise. Several hours later I found someone that sounded interesting and we agreed to have a NSA meeting and if all seemed satisfactory I would then take him back to my place for a jolly good fucking .He was a mature guy the same age as me. We met about 10.30pm and he had already let me know that he'd only done this a couple of times before. He seemed okay but quite nervous so anyway I invited him back, I drove home and he followed in his car. When we got back to my place he seemed very uncomfortable. I offered him a drink and he swallowed it in one gulp and he just didn't act like he wanted to be there. I led him through to the spare bedroom hoping that he would start to loosen up and then he seemed to have a panic attack or severe anxieties and said things about not being able to do this and what if someone found out about him and some other stupid mumbling, then he quickly walked out got in his car and drove away. What a waste of effort that chickenshit bastard was.

    Not to be deterred by the last no hoper I was straight back to my advert and connected with a guy in Spole street West Town. He was a tradesman in the building industry that was here doing insurance repairs and staying at a guest house. He invited me over so just after 11.00pm I pulled a cold 6 pack from the fridge and headed off, the drive there took about 15 minutes. I had a little bit of a hard time finding him but he saw me slowly cruising along the street and waved me down with his torch. He was very easy to get on with and for the first half hour we sat on his balcony drinking beer, talking and pissing over the balustrade. He showed me his hard cock, the length was unspectacularly average but the girth was very thick and so sitting in the darkness we took turns sucking each others penis.We then went into his bedroom and simply indulged ourselves with sucking, caressing, rubbing, nipple play, massage and wanking. By around 2.00am we had done more or less what we wanted, he had cum while I sucked him but I hadn't blown but I was not disappointed by it, and we decided to call it a night. I'd had a good time with him and I was happy.

    I was back home before 2.30am and saw that I had left the computer on, I thought I would just re-read some of the replies I got before crashing in bed. While I was doing that a new reply popped up and there was something intangibly different about it, anyway I said hello and we talked for a while. He asked me what I thought about Cross Dressers and I told him that it was my secret fantasy to fuck one that was wearing high heels,stockings, garter belt, basically the whole shebang. He said that he likes to dress up and be called "Totty" and be completely dominated and was I interested. My dick had gotten hard again while chatting thanks to the magic of a Viagra that I preemptively swallowed many hours earlier. This seemed like a dream cum true. He gave me his address, I grabbed a cold bottle of cheap wine from the fridge and was heading back to West Town no more than a few hundred metres from where I had been less than an hour earlier.

    From this part of the story on, things might seem a bit confused because I am going to use the terms he and she to describe the same person, this is meant to convey my feelings, mood and emotional involvement with what was going on. I arrived at the house a bit after 3.00am and saw an interior light was on but so were some other houses in the street and I was naturally wary that it could be a prank setup. As I started slowly walking down the drive way I saw 2 or 3 beware of the dog signs but no dogs were barking so I quietly called out her name into the darkened area beyond the carport. "Totty" I called but no answer, another half dozen steps and I called again "Totty" but still nothing. My hard cock was urging me on and overcoming my fear of being eaten alive by the carnivorous guard dog plus I had my bottle of wine as a weapon (I could throw it behind me while running away). For the third time I gently called "Totty" and then she appeared from around the rear of the house and walking towards me. She was absolutely stunningly slutty gorgeous and I couldn't believe what I was seeing just a few feet in front of my eyes. Without consciously saying it I heard myself say WOW and she heard it to and that immediately broke the ice. She welcomed me in a voice like an angel would have and sweet as chocolate and cherries. She led me to the patio out back where there was a table and chairs where the light was better and I could soak up her sex appeal. It was hard to tell but she looked like she would have been in her late thirties. She was only about 5 foot 8 inches tall in purple high heels and black stockings held up with a lacy red suspender belt. The tiniest blue denim micro mini skirt almost but not quite covered her brilliant red string sided panties, however it couldn't quite keep her balls captured. Above this was a perfectly fitting black bustier and to complete the outfit a long wig in a sort of reddish brown colour she was of thin build, almost like a boy and around 60 kgs. She had a Scotch and coke on the go so I started on the wine. He laid down a couple of ground rules, like not taking off his wig or high heels and to keep the mood he had to be treated like a slut and be totally dominated and humiliated. While telling me this she was actively encouraging me to feel her all over and everything was fair game. She told me that I was handsome and that was something I had not heard for a few decades, many times I complemented her on her sexual attractiveness and I meant it. I didn't have to butter her up, it was obvious from the beginning we were going to fuck like rabbits.

    He finished his Scotch and I emptied my wine glass onto the garden and so we headed to her bedroom, as I followed Totty to the bedroom I could see this house had been fully renovated I wouldn't even begin to estimate how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it would have cost. Someone spent a truck load of money doing this place up. Anyway she led me onto her king size bed and I strip off as she lays down. I tell her to call me Daddy and I will address her by any dirty ,filthy whore shaming name I fucking well choose to call her, she loves it. Very early on during the foreplay I can feel something in the crotch of her knickers, I thought it was some kind of ring shaped device to hold her cock down between her legs that would make him look more female shaped. Just after arriving I did see and play with his cock, it wasn't particularly thick but his cock while soft was still considerably longer than mine when hard. She was sucking my dick and making sweet noises and promising to be good in the future and when she spoke it was always in a soft feminine way. The object in her panties turned out to be the base of a butt plug that she put in to stretch and prepare her arsehole for my cock. It was a brilliant night of sex for me and she was happy being humiliated and dominated. When ever I felt like it, I would tell her to lay in the middle of the bed and while I straddled her face she was to spread my bum cheeks and lick my arse and try to get her tongue into my arsehole, it was just magnificent. Once in a while if I didn't think she was trying hard enough I would lay her face down and spank her buttocks. When I wanted to suck his cock I would tell Totty that I was licking her clit or if I wanted to give the balls a work out I would say to her that I'm licking and sucking on your labia It was just full on sex. We sucked and wanked, I bit her nipples,she was on fire with passion, I left love bites on her buttocks, we nibbled on each other ears and licked necks,the more that I made her gag on my cock the more she wanted it, we 69'd, Christ knows how many times she "needed" to be spanked and I would only stop when my hand would begin to tingle, we fucked, I buggered her again and again with her butt plug, when we kissed it was like she wanted to suck my tongue right down her throat, I made her massage my prostate, I made up stories of her deceiving me and then verbally abused her and she still wanted more. And then I would spank her again. We carried on like this until around 6.30am when we realised that it was well after sunrise and natural light was entering the bedroom.

    The way he stayed in the character of Totty was amazing, even after we finished fucking. He got up to have a piss and while I was laying on the bed I clearly could see him in the ensuite. She put the toilet seat down then lowered her panties with that cute sexy hip wiggle that women have when removing tight clothes then sat down to piss. I was fascinated watching this happening and he was giving me the best performance that he could. Thirty seconds later I watched him count off five sheets of toilet paper and carefully dab the drops from his penis. After flushing it was the same sexy wiggle as the panties came up again. It was a fantastic night of fucking, I had never done anything like this before and I seriously doubt it will ever happen again, the magnitude of this fuck will remain with me and be one of the happiest memories for the rest of my life. Lastly what was odd was that at no time did Totty ever get as much as a glimmer of an erection. Before leaving we again sat outside on the patio looking up to the hillside and listened to the morning bird calls and just talked about life in general. He told me that he'd had a good time but also indicated he only does this once or maybe twice a year and so far never with the same person twice. It really was time to leave now so everything had been said and I shook his hand and walked back out to my car and drove home. My regret is that I didn't kiss her goodbye, he was gorgeous.

    Twenty four hours later and its Monday morning and I was still horny and basking in the sexual odyssey of Totty. I sent a friend of mine an email asking if he wanted to screw. He's a shift worker so he can be ready to fuck at different times due to his roster, he's the same man that gave me my first and only prostate orgasm. As luck will have it he was winding down after a night shift and said a nice fuck would put him straight to sleep. I went over and we had a nice relaxing session. He is mainly a bottom so I penetrated him in doggie style, but very quickly I felt the forces of ejaculation approach, I withdrew in time and we had a nice lazy session together. Finally I came in his mouth and he came while I wanked him. It had been a relaxing morning session between two friends with no pressure to perform.

    Some times I just fucking well amaze myself. What do you think?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Iâm a 39 year old married man, but also bi-sexual.
    Every Saturday my wife takes my daughter out for the day, from 11 in the morning until 8 at night.
    This is me time, and usually I by some illicit drugs (cocaine) to see me through. One Saturday I had gone out and bought my drugs and settled for the day as usual, mid afternoon was quickly upon me, so i ruses a bit, it was here it started to go wrong!
    My stepson (17) caught me taking the drugs, I was mortified, and attempted to make up excuses, he on the other hand knocked them all back, until I said i would do anything if he didnât tell his mum.
    I was shocked when he started undoing his shorts and pointed to his cock. I knew what he meant, so as to not rock the boat I reluctantly, yet excitedly took his swollen dick in my mouth until he splurged in my mouth. This has continued for a couple of weeks, until one Saturday he waited for my wife to leave, grabbed my waist and bent me over the sofa, slamming my boi pussy hard until climax.
    It has continued for the past 6 months, but Iâm racked with guilt, only with anticipation & excitement for the next week.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Iâm a 39 year old married man, but also bi-sexual.
    Every Saturday my wife takes my daughter out for the day, from 11 in the morning until 8 at night.
    This is me time, and usually I by some illicit drugs (cocaine) to see me through. One Saturday I had gone out and bought my drugs and settled for the day as usual, mid afternoon was quickly upon me, so i ruses a bit, it was here it started to go wrong!
    My stepson (17) caught me taking the drugs, I was mortified, and attempted to make up excuses, he on the other hand knocked them all back, until I said i would do anything if he didnât tell his mum.
    I was shocked when he started undoing his shorts and pointed to his cock. I knew what he meant, so as to not rock the boat I reluctantly, yet excitedly took his swollen dick in my mouth until he splurged in my mouth. This has continued for a couple of weeks, until one Saturday he waited for my wife to leave, grabbed my waist and bent me over the sofa, slamming my boi pussy hard until climax.
    It has continued for the past 6 months, but Iâm racked with guilt, only with anticipation & excitement for the next week.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I'm still not 100% on why it happened but it did! I remember it all despite the booze and still cant get it out of my mind.

    I went to the local Oxford pride UK as it was intended for all; straight, gay, bi whatever...

    There were families enjoying the open air concert and food, stalls, outdoor drinks etc...

    I just thought it would be a laugh, never intended to do anything with anyone in any shape or gender.

    Several shots, a couple of pints and a cider later and I'm being touchy flirty, then my old co-worker appeared hadnt seen him since we worked in a local supermarket when we were early 20's, he is slightly older and if im honest quite fit.

    He bought us some more shots and asked what I was doing here as he said to his knowledge I was never into men.

    I told him I came here for a laugh and just to enjoy the day, he kept pointing out that I was at a gay pride event and why did I come if I wasnt here for the men.

    I think it was a lot of the alcohol speaking but I told him I never been with a bloke but it must be fun if so many others do it.

    He chuckled and by the next shot he had his left arm around my waist and started to stroke my side, telling me its worth a chance and to come home with him., he dared me to try it out saying how I was always up for a dare at work and never back down.

    His right hand now on my knee as he started to slide it up my leg, I gulped and swallowed as he kept his fingers just outside the edge of my shorts.

    "Come on, come back with me" he whispered and I'm still not sure why I agreed but I did, within minutes he had us in a taxi and on his way to his.

    He put his hand down the back of my shorts whilst we sat in the back and I really had to stop fidgeting so the driver wouldnt work out that his fingers were stroking my hole.

    10 agonizing minutes later we were in his house and I was being pulled to the bathroom, he got me quickly undressed and in the shower; I was so nervous as he stepped in behind me and wrapped his arms around me, his cock pressing into my arse as he began to slowly stroke my chest and kiss my neck.

    After a minute or so he spun me round and kissed me hard on the lips, as our cocks slappped together; a heavy moan in his mouth had me opening mine as his tongue shot in and started to duel mine into submission.

    TO be honest he was enjoying it more than I was, I was used to being the male as it were and he was treating me as the woman, he led the dance and I followed his every step.

    It was clear in how he acted that I was not the first he had done this to, I felt skilled hands on my arse as he squirted shower gel quite heavily on to my cheeks and then it happenned a hand rubbing the gel onto my hole, a finger slowly working the shower gel in as he made stand still against the wall; the water slowly washed the soup away but his finger didnt let up, it worked the shower gel deeper as he cleaned my hole.

    I was enjoying the attention when he said to brace myself and I felt the tip of the shower pipe being pressed against my opening, the water quiclky filling me up. He tolf me to hold it in and dont let it out, the pressure I felt was weird, it was like being pushed apart then rapidly filled.

    He made sit on the toilet and pass the water out, saying it would clean me real good; my first douching.

    This went on for several times as he waited until all I passed was near clear water; each time I felt it easier, the stretching hurt but relaxed after a while, by the forth time the hoze easily slipped in to the hole and by the sixth he said I was fine.

    I stupidly asked why it was only me and he said only bottoms need this, as he was a top. I realised by that point only I was getting fucked; I thought that if I did fuck a guy then i'd be the one doing the fucking.

    It was clear what he intended as he got me to dry off as he grabbed something from the bathroom cabinet and too me to his bed.

    looking back I realised that he never asked me if I was okay at this point, it was not r**e or forced but maybe I was a bit too relaxed after the booze, he took my initial consent as if all that was needed.

    When we were on his bed, I became quite hard as he slowly teased my cock with his fingers; stroking, circling and quite suprisingly a few slaps really got me going.

    I really got into the swing of it and the kissing became heavy, instense and I was soon a very willing guy looking to please.

    My hand wrapped around his very impressive cock, 8 hard inches of meat that was quite thick and looked like it packed a tank of cum.

    He leaned back and began coaching me as tbis was my first cock I had ever touched besides my own, he gave pointers on stroking, on not leaving out this balls, making sure to carress them whilst I pumped his dick.

    Then came the big moment for me, I felt the urge to suck his cock down my throat; it was gentle at first, my tongue reached out to swipe a taste as I brought my lips closer and stretched my jaw wide.

    He was praising me, saying I had courage to do this on the first go; saying how good a cock in your mouth felt.

    Onehand on his shaft, the other keepine me balanced I took him for the first time that night; I slid down a few inches, trying to get used the sensations as I focused on the job.

    I slowly slid my mouth off and then down again, a little bit more going in as I allowed my mouth to relax further, breathing quite heavy through my nose as I held it there a for seconds.

    It turns out I couldnt take him all the way, but he said I was doing great; I kept up with working his shaft with my hand whilst sucking him in and kissing his upper shaft and head.

    I honestly never considered how much goes into a good blowjob, it was fun but you needed to get used to the multi-tasking. I really owed my exes an apology for not appreciating them more.

    After a few more minutes, he told me stop; thinking I had done wrong he quickly reassured me I was good.

    But he said it was cum in my mouth or my hole, and he honestly wanted my hole more than anything.

    I grew quickly nervous as I had never done anal with anyone, and with some reasssuirng attention I was soon lying face down as he said he was going to relax me first.

    I laid there head on the pillow, my hands fisting the sheets as I felt his tongue slowly circling my hole, his breath hot on my cheeks as he used his hands to hold them open.

    Wierd didnt quite cover it, a guy I knew was tonguing my hole; it at first was quite unsettling as he started to further press against my entrance.

    It didnt last long as he then lubed my hole, slipping a finger in for the first time he slowly let me stretch and relax before adding the second.

    I felt pressure and pain, but also pleasure; as his fingers slid in and out, the pace increasing as I relaxed.

    He kept re-assuring me and whispering how good I was being, how he loved men who complied with his wishes.

    Workinf and adding more lube he kept up until he said I was ready, he pulled his figners out and I heard the tell tale sound of a condom packet being opened.

    I waited, hands curled into the sheets as I spread my legs further apart as for the first time a man entered me.

    His cock slowly worked in, the pain giving way again to pleasure as I was filled; taking his time he guided it until he was fully inside me.

    Laying over the top of me, he left it there as he kissed my neck; letting me adjust to the feeling, not retracting he started to simply push and hold, push and hold as the intense feelings grew.

    I whispered that I wanted more, quickly he began to pull back; not all the way out but enough to feel the differnce as he slid back in quicker, building pace and pressure he started to truly fuck me.

    Moans escaped my mouth, as he got me up on all fours and holding my hips he really fucked me hard; the sound of my arse cheecks slapping against his thighs as he gripped tighter; he started to tell me he was gonna cum, it excited me as I slammed back on his cock, matching his thrusts I kept pushing back until he came with my name on his lips.

    I shivered from the come down, the adrenaline and excitement cooling as I slipped forward onto the bed, his cock pulling free as I passed out.

    Over the night he fucked me twice more, never cumming in my mouth always in my arse.

    WE are still chatting and he is keen to get me in bed again, I honestly dont know if its what I want; I spent a week or more arguing with myself as to why I did it; was it the booze, did I like cock or simply that I may at least be bi-sexual.

    Talking with him has helped as he told me fisrt timers can get the chills, the depression and start to question why.

    He told me others have had the next day freak out, but he thought I was handling it quite well.

    I dont think I would have a full on relationship with a guy, but I am willing to have fun and see what happens.

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    Gay Male / 19

    For 6 years now my friend (he is 46) and I have been going to the cruising areas in local parks - we first met in a park toilet. I get naked in a secluded area and get on all fours and when he sees a few men cruising nearby, he unclips the leash on his Great Dane. The dog knows how to use me and in just a few minutes, he is on top of me fucking my arse. Usually it happens that men stop to watch and they enjoy it and some will fuck me after the dog finishes or have me suck their cocks during the dog fucking. On the odd occasion, men are out walking with their dogs while cruising and will ask my friend if their dog can fuck me too. I like sex in public, especially when it involves a dog and men watching me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My neighbours son Jason is nineteen and gay. My wife who I've been married to for sixteen years, thinks having sex once a month nowadays is sufficient. My mind, my body, but most importantly my cock doesn't agree with her.
    So when we had a party for my wife's forty fifth birthday in April, Jason appeared in our kitchen and asked me if I'd like to go outside.
    Just hopping back a little here. He'd earlier told me he thought I was handsome, in an older sort of way and if I was so inclined, I could fuck him. If not he'd suck me off anytime I wanted to empty my balls.
    What started all this was a comment I made to him the previous week as he saw me walking out of the local gym. The comment was innocent enough, and it was "Your arse looks so fuckable in those tight shorts". I'd meant it as a joke, as he'd earlier near our homes, told me my cock bulge looked good enough to eat as I'd set off to go to the gym.
    Not only did I go outside, but I had the young man sucking on my dick within seconds. And it was such a relief to have someone who genuinely wanted to be pleasuring my cock with their mouth.
    Knowing we wouldn't have lots of time, I asked him if he fucked bareback. Telling me not usually, but that he knew I was a clean living guy, he handed me a small tube of what I later found out was lube.
    As my wife entertained her guests and family. I moved Jason to the rear of the garden shed, bent him over so he was leaning onto the panels and slid my cock up his arsehole. He made lots of soft noises, but didn't cry out. And we were lucky he didn't, because one of my sister in laws was stood at the back door having a cig.
    Slowly, but ever so wonderfully, I fucked my nineteen year old gay neighbour. And knew instantly my life would never be the same again.
    No sooner did we hear my wife's sister go inside, Jason told me to fuck him harder. Holding his left shoulder and his right hip, I thrust harder and deeper into his arsehole and listened a few minutes later as he told me he was cumming. As he came his arsehole tightened up and within seconds I came filling his back passage with my cum.
    We parted and I was about to pull up my boxers and trousers, when Jason sank down and sucked in my dick. No one had ever done that for me, and watching him as best I could in the near darkness, I just knew I'd want to fuck him again and again.
    In the two and half months I've been fucking my beautiful young male neighbour, I've probably had my cock in his mouth and or arsehole over sixty to eighty times already. It's been an absolute onslaught of my cock burying itself up his fuck hole, and Jason has taken the lot with ahuge smile on his face.
    If I have a regret, it's only that I didn't find out sooner in my life, just how amazing it is to have sex with, and to fuck a young guys arsehole.

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