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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I have a younger brother who is 20, me being 24 and and elder brother who is 29 and married.. I have a gf and very happy with her but I confess at 16 my elder brother introduced me to porn.. Which soon ended up convincing me to jerk off and later making me sucking his cock while he watch porn.. It became a normal routine he would watch porn while I suck and sometimes he would pundits my ass and fill it.

    After few years when my younger brother was 17 I guess, I remember my elder brother saying to him how I was a fag and love to choke on cum and been his bitch for years.. He told me to suck my younger brother, he was intimidating and I compiled.. I sucked him for few mins a day he came filling my mouth which I swallowed. Once I was done my elder brother bent me over removed my track shorts and fucked me so my brother can watch how he cums in my ass. Watching it my younger brother got hard too and pounded me so hard that my ass was all sore..

    The same is going on till now.. Though elder brother don't stay together anymore.. He visits at weekend and make sure he and my brother take turns filling me all night..

    Though many won't agree.. But it's the best feeling to feel my brothers cock inside me and eat their cums.

    It will always be our family secret

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    Gay Male / 48

    I had a job working as a night clerk in college, the night manager introduced me to cock. I took to it like fish to water. Made him happy I guess, a college guy who enjoyed sucking him. Many nights I held on to the small desk in the front office and took it in the ass.

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    Straight Male / 51

    My wife died 2 years ago and both of my kids are in college so they live in dorms. Iâve been single since then and sexless too. Figured itâd be a good time to experience sex with a guy.

    Meet a guy around my age a few weeks ago, we hung out and I knew he is gay. So this past weekend I told him my desires and that my ass is a virgin. Well other than prostate exams.

    So we went into my bedroom. Stripped down to our underwear and then got naked. He had a nice 6â hairy cock. My cock is 7â and shaved smooth ( wife preferred it that way) Then I laid on the bed and he penetrated my virgin ass. It did hurt at first but felt so good once I relaxed. He came in my ass in a little under 10 minutes then gave me a blowjob till I cummed. Such a great experience

    Though I had a sore butt for a little bit afterwards and had some cum leak out of my ass into my briefs. We hung out, I cooked a few steaks on the grill and after he left I masturbated to the thought of what happened. Noticed quite a bit of cum dripped into my briefs. Had to bleach those underwear!

    No I definitely know what my wife felt when I was in her ass and I actually feel weird talking to my daughters after getting fucked for some reason. Planning on doing it again tonight

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    For many years growing up I always enjoyed being submissive and wearing silky satin men's underwear. They felt so good on me and i loved how they felt on my ass and cock. I started to think woemen had so many sexy panties and so many sexy things to wear and I thought to myself why can't I wear sexy women's panties and other outfits. So I began to buy panties and wear them 24/7. I loved the feel of panties on me and it made me want to buy more items of womens clothing and start to slowly turn myself to a crossdresser and it was so taboo and then I began to chat to gay men and other crossdressers and trannys and I even had some fag hags who supported the idea of me wanting to be a woman and also find a man to love me and treat me like a woman. I ended up meeting a woman and we got married and later on she found out all of my dirty little secrets plus she could see that having sex with her was not working for her or men she could see that I was not a real man and that she could tell I was turning gay. Long story short she began going out and dating men until she would find the right man that could please her and be a real man in bed for her Me on the other hand well I got dressed fully and went to a gay club with a lady friend of mine who was gay but, understood how i wanted so bad to become a woman. We went to a Drag show and I loved how all the drag girls looked so beautiful. Well after a long night having fun being dressed fully my friend she told me to call this black guy up and talk to him about my feelings of wanting to be a woman and be with a man. I called him the next day and he told me to come over his place so I did. I was dressed as a man but, wearing panties under my jeans. Long story short again he told me to come in and he seduced me and Dominated me and made me please his hugh black cock and then he took my cherry on all fours wearing just my panties and made me suck his cock and he fucked my virgin ass and came in my mouth. It was so taboo and so hot I loved it but, after I left him I needed time to think what I just did and to find out was I really gay and loved it and wanted more or did I need to be a man and go out and find a woman again because my wife at that time divored me.Years later I remarried to a sexy beautiful woman and we had mad monkey sex for the first year but, again that wore off and she could see I was a femmy sissy husband who wore panties 24/7 and she accepted it but, we stopped having sex because I could not cum for her or stay hard so we are still married to this day but, I crave cock so much and want to be a woman and I need a man or another Crossdresser or Tranny to love me. My wife is a good woman and I take care of her always but, I need the love of a man to care for me and love me like a woman. My email is kennerodn@@@@aol.**m I would love anyone to email me and turn me into the submissive little slut cock loving women I need to be.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I described the things that happened to me when I was 6 I was m****ted by a teenager in my neighborhood he told me if I told my folks he'd kill me so I kept my mouth shut and every day he'd go into the large bushes where we'd play and he'd take my clothes off and play with my penis and balls and finger my asshole I still had a small penis it wasn't developed yet then he'd show me his and put my hand on it

    I was fascinated at the size he had to be 10 inches long and 3 inches thick I kept playing with then he told me to suck it so I put my mouth on it and sucked him until he came in my mouth it was alot and it shot out of my mouth I had to lick the come off his cock and lick his balls too

    After about a week he spit on my asshole and fucked me I was scared and it hurt he came in me and when he pulled out it was like a lot of cum shooting out of my ass so he fucked me for a couple weeks by himself then his friends showed up and took off my clothes and dropped their pants and I sucked them but they wanted my ass

    I was ok with it cause I thought it was normal so I ended up doing up to 14 guys I started putting things up my ass to make it wider and doing that felt good and I always wanted cock but I acted like I didn't
    Like it

    That went on for 3 years but I was always looking for it I'd go to the swimmingpool and in the lockerroom I'd see some nice cock and some guys would show it to me we'd go into the showers and I'd suck them and ask them to shoot it in my Ass or in the movies if someone was jacking off I'd come up and suck them and theyd fuck me good so all threw my life o love cock and I'd always get it but now if I watch brother sister porn I imagine I'm sucking the cock and taking it up my ass and I still play with my asshole bUT I no longer have sex with men but always look at cock

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    Straight Male / 42

    Donât really know where to post this but this seems like the best category.

    I spent the first two years of adulthood out of high school in prison. Went to prison when I was 18. Dumb me I know, still regret it. Being a small white skinny 18 year old and in prison didnât mix. Spent my first night there getting my ass plowed by my cell mate. He was a middle age Mexican guy with a huge thick dick. I hating life at that point. I just learned to take it because I was too small to fight back. First few weeks he fucked me every night then he slowed down and did it every few nights. That went on for almost a year till I got a dig cell mate. His dick had to have been like 9 inches and very thick. All I know was it wasnât pleasant

    Next cell mate was a older white guy. Big and beefy. Nothing happened the first few nights, I thought my ass was finally going to get a break. After a few nights he asked if my ass felt like it tightened back up after the last dick I had? I was kinda shocked when he asked. He pulled his pants off, briefs too and showed off his thick dick. Had to be 7 inches long. Very hairy too. Told me you know the drill. So I ended up getting fucked by him, once he came he washed his dick off and got back in his bunk.

    That guy fucked me till I was released. The last night was very rough, he fucked me very hard and a few times that night.

    Been living my life good since then, working and keeping to myself. Single too, I was a virgin when I went to prison and still am a virgin. Well other than what happened in prison. That kinda ruined my sex life, I still masturbate but kinda emotionality damaged from prison sex. Only person that knows that happened is my mom.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Recognizing you're gay or bisexual, as opposed to fighting your true sexuality, is a beautiful and fundamental way of accepting who you really are. Feeling his cock slowly slide up my asshole, then hear him tell me just how much he loves me, was one of those moments in life, you cherish forever.
    The who in this, is myself obviously and another man, a man who I'd secretly wanted to fuck me for years. He'd always as long as I'd known him, denied his true self. Yet I knew from my mothers own words before she died, he'd in his younger days had a sexual relationship with another college boy.
    It was nine months after the death of my mother I first let him know bout what she'd told me. At first he denied everything and even shunned me for some time. Then like a man who's life needed the cogs to turn in the right direction to live, he text me and told me to visit his home.
    It was freezing and it was snowing when I walked to his front door. He welcomed me in, gave me a brandy and told me he was sorry. Within seconds of the brandy warming my inside, his mouth was on mine and we kissed.
    Our hands were searching each others bodies and I let him undress me. Naked along with him, I marveled at his physique and knew for a man in his forties, he was probably fitter than most guys my age. His cock stood proud and erect and I wondered only for a second, if I could take all of it.
    Kissing again we sank down and so began the long winding duel of sexual exploration between us. Oral, kissing, oral, rimming, oral, more longer deeper rimming and then with him lying on top of me, he slid his cock into my backside. He knew I wasn't a virgin, and I knew he was going to satisfy me in every way.
    The pressure of his cock penetrating my hole, only lasted a few strokes and then...... and then.
    My world changed, everything I had been told was wrong. Everything was perfect as he fucked me into sexual oblivion. We shared moments that I'd never experienced before, and he carried on giving me new chapters in my sexual world. It was the best sex I'd ever had, and he wasn't supposed to be giving me anything.
    Like two lovers who'd shared a lifetime, we moved and changed from one carnal position to another. And each time his member delved deeper into my sexual soul. I was his and within those walls he knew it.
    Hearing his voice through the delight of my own building orgasm, I heard him whisper in my ear, he was cumming, he was about to ejaculate inside of me and I couldn't have been more delighted.
    His sperm oozed out of me as we spooned. His words were all the words I wanted and needed to hear. His penis rubbed on my buttocks and i knew he was becoming erect again. I knew within minutes I was going to be mounting his shaft and I also knew as I looked down on him, I would call him for who he was.
    I would tell my uncle, I would tell the man I'd loved with all my heart for years, I was his and he could be and do whatever he wanted with me.
    I am the person who this dictates to, I am the nephew who's life is now surrounded by love and a wonderful man who has always secretly loved me too. We're not fake, we're not anything wrong or false. What we are, are two adults who share a growing and perfect love. And we'll share our passion, with or without societies say so.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    The pastor at the church I go too has been using my ass for a while. Bends me over his desk, drops his pants around his ankles, pulls his tighty whities down and fucks me till he cums in my ass. At first I hated it, my ass was sore, my hole felt funny, I would leak cum but I started to enjoy it. That made me realize Iâm bisexual. Pastor has a 7â uncut cock with a decent thickness. Natural pubes too so itâs hairy. Compared to my pubic area and butt that is always shaved smooth, I donât like pubic hair on my body. Iâm a briefs wearer too which he thinks is such a turn on, thought I havenât worn white briefs since I was 12. Iâve only seen him wear white briefs and I just say he fills them up! Huge balls!

    My mom thinks Iâm really close to the pastor and he helps me. But she doesnât know that Iâm in his office after church every church night so he can fuck my ass and cum in it! This has been going on since my 18th birthday. 18 birthday was on a school night too, I remember that night. The next morning I went to school with a sore asshole! My mom is single and Iâm sure sheâd love to have his big cock to play with, I told the pastor he could probably get in her panties.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Not overly sure now why I went around to his home that day. What I do know is, it has changed my life and I think/know it's for the better.
    I was seventeen, cock sure of myself and very angry individual. I genuinely thought I could beat anyone who wanted to fight me. And as a physical specimen I had few who matched my body and or my cock size.
    The one person who still "worded me up" (A dickhead phrase I used back then) was my uncle Joe. He was and still is a very fit and active guy. He's ex forces and very much a mans man. Still, I was taller and knew I could take him if I wanted to. That's what I thought anyway.
    We got into an argument over something I'd said to his sister, my mother, then I'd struck her (I still to this day hate myself for that) and he wasn't best pleased. I'd been at his home half an hour when my mom had phoned him, and straight away he was on my case, trying to word me up. I told him where to go and then punched him as he tried to stop me from leaving.
    He hit the floor, but he was up in a flash and then my head spun. I'd been hit lots of times in the past, but never had anyone made me fly through the air. When I hit the deck, crashing through his coffee table, all the air in my lungs left me and I was left dazed and feeling totally out of it. I felt blood flowing from my nose and my mouth and knew instantly my nose was broken.
    Kneeling over me, he put his hand to my face and "Click" my nose was somewhat straightened. It hurt like a bitch and brought me out of my daze. Trying to hit him, he spun me around and held me there.
    I was bigger than him, I should have been able to easily throw him, I had in the past with other bigger, so called stronger men. But he was far too strong for me, so I tried to reverse head butt him. That's when his words cut me to the core.
    "You've been a bitch with my sister, your being a bitch with me now, so lets make you a bitch".
    My shorts were down in seconds, and seconds later my asshole was filled with pain. Pain the like of which I'd never experienced in my life. I tried, I genuinely tried to get up, but I was pinned and there was no going anywhere. Joe began to thrust into me and my mind finally said "You're being fucked, you're actually being fucked".
    It was such a shock to have my uncle fucking me, I laid there looking at his front room carpet and listened to his grunts as his cock buried itself up my ass.
    Then in an instant my sexual light came on. That's how I describe the moments my asshole switched from pain, to numbness, to pure and utter pleasure. I went from a young thug who thought the world owed him everything, to a guy who's asshole was being given the beautiful joy of gay sex, and I immediately embraced it.
    Al of my anger, all of my life's little frustrations left me at that time and I found myself easing backwards onto Joe's cock. He felt my acceptance and knew himself I was like a broken horse.
    Pulling me up so I was kneeling, he put his hands onto my hips and then rhythmically fucked me for the next ten minutes. My mind had gone into a place I'd never reached in my life up to then, and that was pure ecstacy. Not the trivial crap I'd gained from smoking pot or even beating someone up, but the very real joy of having a man give me his cock and drive home his sexual needs up my asshole.
    I gave myself completely to him. Telling my uncle at one point I was going to cum. His response was to fuck me harder and grip my hair, pulling my head back. As soon as my cock spewed out its milky contents, sending me wild with the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, my uncle Joe rammed his cock so deep up my asshole, I felt the tip of his cock enter my stomach. He shouted out loud he was cumming, then I felt his hot liquid fill my insides.
    Settling down onto my back, he put his mouth to my ear and said "Your my bitch from now on". Raising up then slapping me hard across the back of my head "He put his mouth back to my ear and added "Don't you ever touch her again".
    I never have, and I've sincerely regretted striking my mom ever since. Joe invited me into his home two days later when I text him to say I wanted to call by.
    There was no need to force himself on me the second time, or anytime after that. My uncle taught me a few lessons that day. One of which was never to raise your hands to your parent/s. Another was, true understanding of who you are and acceptance of your sexuality, is the only way to control the anger or hate within.
    I now live with my uncle Joe, not as uncle and nephew, but as lovers. And in a very real way, he's been the rock who my life's gone forward from.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    All my family and friends and certainly my girlfriend think I'm straight. The fact is, it's all a sham as I have a gay sexual kink. I absolutely adore fucking much older men. And not just older men, but men who are lets say burly. Not fat per say, but may have a beer belly or are barrel chested. And I've been fucking them since I was sixteen. I'm fortunate enough to have an eight and half inch cock, and most if most all of the men I've fucked or had suck on my cock, have adored my length.

    It used to be a lot of outdoor sex when I was younger, and I still enjoy fucking a guys arsehole outdoors. But mostly nowadays I fuck them in their own homes. Many of the men that I fuck or have suck me off, are married, and they have to be discreet. So when I visit their homes I always wear work gear and look like a tradesman. You'd be surprised by how many times that has helped me and the married man in question, when their wives have arrived home without notice over the years.

    I have a regular set of older men who I fuck weekly, and then there are the one off's who I meet when I'm out cruising. Something I like to do when my older girlfriends away with work. She's been away all week this week and so far I've had a guy suck me off in our local park. And I've fucked an older fisherman down by the canal, when I asked him if he'd caught any fish. We chatted for while then he asked me if I'd like him to check my tackle. It was only ten minutes later with the use of hand cream, I lubed up his arsehole and fucked him yards away from his rod and reel.

    I might I guess be considered good looking and have a muscular physique, and I get lots of admiring looks from young women my age. yet my desires sexually have always been towards horny older men of a certain type, and I guess it will always be that way.

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