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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 46

    I am a married but gay male...I am going to Hong Kong for business tomorrow and can't wait...guilty, but excited...I will engage sexually with as many men as I can...offering my anus and mouth to men is saunas, spas and gyms. I will also have a "bought" male to give me a prostate massage. So bad but so wonderful...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I've got this problem. I'm 16 and date this real great freshman. Well, my problem is that her dad whose almost 40 got me to have sex with him. I suck him like almost always now and he even has been fucking me too! He says I'm kind of pretty and have a really nice ass for a boy and that there's nothing wrong with it. He says that it's normal for boys to experience sex with men, I'm not sure though?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    My wife will no longer suck me off. Citing it hurts her jaw too much to suck my dick and she's no longer interested in sex.

    The fact is I'm having more blow jobs now, than I've ever had in my life.

    There are two seventeen year old lads/friends who live close by, that are sometimes daily visitors to my home. And they both love sucking on my eight inches. And as I've discovered recently, there's a scenic area close to our home where gay and bisexual men meet up for oral and anal sex.

    The two lads I met through another older gay boy, one who was sucking me off before he and his parents moved to Spain. They had bizarrely always walked past our home, yet I only met them nine months ago. And once they understood I'd had another youth sucking me off, they were only too eager to show me just how much they enjoyed an older mans cock.

    I'm yet to fuck either of them, but the slightly older of the two has only days ago told me he'd love me to take his cherry. Yet I have been fucking a married man, who I meet on my walks in the scenic hills and valleys close to our home. He's only twenty nine himself and has been married two years. In the last couple of months I've been fucking him in my car or near an outcrop he loves being banged over.

    It took me fifty years to realize I love having my cock sucked by, and then fucking a guys arsehole. I'm going to make up for it now though.

    And it's fucking amazing.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I remember back when I was 14 and I was upstairs with a neighbor who was 42. His wife was in the kitchen making us lunch, we went to their bedroom to change from our swimming trunks into our clothes. I was bent over holding onto the dresser while he took my virginity and was fucking my ass. He came, I had to shit he wouldn't let me. I sat there across from his beautiful wife in her bikini while his cum was slowly dribbling out of my whorish asshole. I let him fuck me and I sucked him for many years. I found out later she was well aware every time. He would show me pictures of her naked as he fucked me. It wasn't bad, I enjoyed it.

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    Gay Male / 47

    For some time now, especially because our good friend CL is no longer with us, I have depended on a couple of websites to find friendly faces to partner up with on a NSA basis. Truthfully it is a lot of work, when CL was still with us it was easier, meet up at this bar, I will be the guy at the bar with a green shirt and he will be the guy at the bar with a red shirt and if it looks interesting you talk, you follow the other to Motel 6 and you get on with your routine. On these other websites it takes quite a bit longer.

    But that said, I was cruising through the site and I was in Florida and decided to see what was in the zip code and came across Octavio. Octavio said he was 66 and he liked to fish and get offshore and his type of guy was a guy who liked to fish and go offshore, same age or a bit younger, etc. etc. He more or less described me, I like to fish and being from the Gulf Coast I like to go offshore.

    We hooked up, we had a couple of beers, he is tanned way beyond just being Cuban, he has real estate and a big boat, and he likes to go offshore where he can't be bothered. Bring a couple of young men to handle the boat and the service and hang out for several hours, do some fishing, and get naked. He is tanned from head to foot. Just looking at him and talking to him I had a hard on. The idea of having a couple of young men along at first felt like it wasn't necessary but in the end he was right. We got our stuff together and headed for the boat and out to sea.

    We got out about fifteen miles and he dropped his trunks and he had what it takes to make most men happy. I am not a spec****st but he is thick and hung. I dropped my trunks, ashamed to say I am not tanned from head to toe, and I am certainly not hung like him. He called the 'boys', a couple of young Cuban boys who work in a club he knows and he had them drop their drawers and let us have an appetizer of young Cuban dick. Oh it was so good, something about the firmness of a young dick, so hard to find. Why go fishing?

    Like my host they were tanned from head to toe, offshore wasn't a new gig for them. They got about their business preparing the rods and reels and serving up a couple of cold beers and snacks, the younger one is an experienced mariner and we set off to get some naked fishing going. I will break here, let me tell you that on a boat like this everything is first class and the master of the vessel standing there with a first rate rod and reel and right under him the most magnificent specimen I had seen to date. So grand in plain sight and just about an arm's length away. I got hungry.

    The 'boys' stayed busy and in between one errand and the next if you wanted to suck a little Cuban dick well then go ahead, it was there for our pleasure. I did my fair of Cuban dick that morning as the sun got high. We were successful as far as fishing goes, the Master of the vessel got hot and heavy with one of the 'boys' and soon had him sprawled and speared through and through. Not me, the cabin 'boy', but not me. They went down to shower and came back smelling like sweet rose shampoo. I had to content myself with the other 'boy's Cuban dick, which is fine, but really? 'Boy' dick? When 'Man' dick was on board. I came out there for 'Man' dick, 'boy' dick as an appetizer but the main dish? I will be honest about that time I was disappointed, I needed some attention for myself.

    We had a bite to eat, all good stuff and properly served by swinging dick waiters and yes you can lean over between courses and get a little of Cuban 'boy' dick, but the heavy meat was there it might as well have been a hundred miles away. The 'boys' cleaned up and we sat out on the rear deck talking about this and that and my host said he was going in out of the sun for a while and why didn't I join him. He laid back on a sofa while the 'boys' were up top and said in a matter of fact voice, it was available if I had an appetite for it. To tell you it is amazing is not to say enough, a handful of such a treasure, a mouthful and then some, whether or not he had taken something to help I don't know but he was hard and getting harder and he was hot and getting hotter and his hand on my shoulders were getting more and more insistent, and try as much as I did I could not get him to cum.

    He backed me off and his hot hard dick swung into action, he said that the eyes say it all and he bent me backwards under his weight and with his hand he took a few minutes to get me all lubed up and he went to work slowly with deep thrusts and maintaining eye contact the entire time, in deep and deeper and relax, in deep and deeper and relax, once again in deep and deeper and relax, until he bends down hard on me and with a long kiss he goes in so deep I thought maybe he wanted to suck on his own dick he goes off. I expected it to be a small affair given that he had given it to the cabin 'boy' early on, but he was full and he passed it all onto me.

    It had been a long time to be frank about it, a long time since it had been so good. He is not only the Master of his boat he is the Master himself. It took a bit of time for things to calm down, he called the 'boys' to come down and work me off and they did a great job and then we relaxed as we cruised the open waters until the sun started to come down. All in all it is not he same as our dearly departed CL, where things were fast and furious, this method takes a bit more time, but the rewards are there if you use it wisely. And yes, having a couple of trim nicely tanned 'boys' to look after things was a nice touch, but in the end it is about two men and not 'boys'.

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    Lesbian Female / 22

    I have always had a great personality, which translates into being chunky and thick. I do have a pretty face thank God and I have always been in good health, but I am not slim and petite, I am chunky and thick. I play softball the proverbial softball for lesbians in school and college. My assistant coach is a lesbian, she is chunky and pretty just like me and she has the hots for me. The idea of licking her pussy makes me sick at the stomach but I have to lick her pussy so I do. Yuk!.

    She likes what she called titti play, you suck my titties and I will suck your titties, I will pinch your nipples and you pinch my nipples, I will grab and grope your titties and you grab and grope my titties. And the we will eat pussy. It was pretty much the same every time, let me wash your pussy first and you wash my pussy and then let's eat pussy.

    I don't even understand why you have to eat pussy. It is just gross. I wouldn't eat my pussy why do I have to eat her pussy? Isn't it better to just kiss and hug and play with our titties? I love titties, yes I like gentle pussy play especially gentle clit play but not all wet and messy and gross so why do I eat her pussy?

    To be truthful I don't understand why guys eat pussy, I won't say it is fair that I don't understand why girls suck dick, I will never suck dick, but then again my hormones don't take me there. But really, stick a nasty dick in your mouth? Come on, can't you just kiss and hold each other and if a dick has to be there then let it go get its business done in your business but don't suck it for God's sake.

    I want you to think of this, two chunky twentysomething white girls eating pussy at the same time. How can that turn you on? We have pretty faces, wouldn't you rather see two pretty faces gently kissing? I would. Wouldn't you prefer to see a pretty face sucking a nipple? I would. Why would you want to see two chunky women with their whole business open to the world and their faces lost in there licking pussy? It is gross, that is what it is.

    And let me remind you, chunky twenty year olds get their period, and so do nice petite pretty fifteen year olds and it is gross and when you have your period the last thing you can stomach is the idea that some chunky girl had her tongue in you the night before and now you are letting her gently kiss you tit and your lips.

    I don't understand chemistry and I don't understand hormones. I simply cannot understand why when we get naked I peek at her pussy and know that in about five minutes after we have kissed for a few minutes, groped and sucked our tits, we are going to be deep in our pussies, licking and slobbering and tonguing and fingering and it feels so good that you keep on doing it until God punishes you and you die because every nerve you have is on fire.

    Pussies are gross, there is no other word for it.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I've got to admit that I was pretty naive about it, boy/boy sex, but became a curiously shy participant at a really young age. A really sweet faced pretty kid with a gorgeously tight perfect little ass I am and still cute though a little older. Going home a little late with teenage boycum seeping into my jockey boys underpants happened weekly more than once too. I also learned to suck and spoiled my dinner coming home with a tummy full. Mom eventually discovered boycum in my underpants and really wasn't that upset that I was experimenting, that's what she said it was and that I'd most likely out grow it???
    I'm sixteen now and haven't out grown it at all???

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    Straight Male / 34

    Attended a stag night for a mate of mine in mid December and ended up, waking up in my own bed. The thing was the sheets were absolutely full of semen. Not remembering hardly anything I rang a few of my mates, who all seemed a bit vague and to the point of being dismissive. Not finding out a thing until last week, I was finally told I'd been chatted up by a young guy who apparently said I was his ideal man. Getting in touch with him only two days ago, he told me we spent all night having sex, and that I spunked over and in him four times during a whole night of gay sex. He even said I sucked him off, but couldn't swallow his cum, so I spat it out all over the bed. It was his cum along with my own, that was all over my sheets. My dilemma is he said we had an amazing time and he'd love to me to fuck him again, only with me being sober and not taking any pills. It was only then I knew one of my mates had given me something. What's weird is I've been getting erection just thinking of fucking the young guy, and am now actually considering texting him to find out if we really are good together sexually. God I'm all freaked out right now.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I'd been getting paid to do yard work in my area since I was 15. Every fall, leaf cleaning after summer doing yards, grass cutting. I do some painting & minor repairs. I've saved lots of money doing this stuff & bought a nice Honda brand new. I've learned a lot in how to do a lot of things like even some minor construction all from my parent's house. I still live with my parents but the basement is like an apartment & I pay rent. I'm 19. Last October, I was clearing leaves & cleaning gutters for a guy who lives three houses down. I've done work for him since I was 15. He's real nice & was married but his wife left two years ago. I've painted for him & helped build shelves in his bathroom & even got his TV up on the wall for him. I put two ceiling fans in also. I had help on that since some electrical I don't do yet. Before it turns cold with snows, he cooks out & always makes a steak for me too. He's invited me to eat inside in winter before. He never said anything sexual. He asked if I had a GF which I did until last October. This gives you an idea of what was going on.

    Last October, I got his yard ready for winter & even put Halloween lights up for him. He wanted matching shelves of the bathroom in his bedroom too. I was working on that project. He loves blue & brown so I was painting too. I was 18 then & I noticed he was for the first time, talking differently with me. Asking stuff like how often do you have sex at your age. He's 35 so he's a lot older. I told him I'd not had sex in about two months since a breakup. He asked if I looked at porn & what type I liked. After I told him, he turned porn on when I was done working that day & had invited me to eat with him since he was cooking my favorite lobster. I love lobster but seldom get to have that since it's expensive. I stood there watching some porn a while. He was just sitting there going from one video to another asking what I thought. It was straight porn but he started adding in two men with one woman & then he asked if I'd seen two guys do it. I had but he put gay porn on too. I was already getting hard in my pants from the first porn. I was embarrassed he might notice so I was trying to hide it. I was standing about 1 ft away from him but had my hands folded in front of me. He told me he knew it was hard & it's normal & then he just reached over & put his arm around my waist from the back & pulled me in closer. It seemed weird & I didn't expect that but I didn't say anything. When he pulled me in some, he lifted my hands I had in front of me & put his other hand on that area & started to rub it.

    T hat evening, he ended up pulling my penis out of my jeans & he got my clothes all the way off. I didn't even have socks on. I was standing totally nude while he sat in a chair with his clothes on. He kept holding me around my waist & pulling me closer. He went down on my penis. It felt good but it felt like it would cum & I didn't know what to do since my penis was in his mouth. I told him it was close & I tried to pull out but I felt his hands touch my butt then & pushed me all the way back in. I knew he wanted me to cum in his mouth. It was maybe 5 minutes he sucked it & I came hard. He kept going until the entire ejaculation was out. He sucked it just that one time that night but the next night he sucked it off two times. Since then, every time I go over there no matter if there is work to do or not, he's sucking my penis. I like how he does it. It feels really good & he has been pulling his out & getting his off too when my starts to cum or just after he makes his cum. My parents wouldn't like it if they knew but I'm legal age so I can do it if I want. No one knows. My best friend doesn't know. I consider myself straight but I like going to his house. It's not just getting sucked. I like him & we talk about all kinds of things but I really like getting my penis sucked by him. I feel real comfortable now when he does it. Maybe it means I'm bi. I don't know. This is the only time I've said anything about it but no one here knows my name. I wonder if other straight guys do this or if it's just something maybe pretend on porn so I'm the only straight guy getting sucked. I know there are guys on porn pretending to be on a hidden cam then getting sucked but I don't believe in real hidden cams so is fake imo I hope it is fake but I know the guy doing mine isn't recording anything.

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    Gay Male / 25

    I have loved cock ever since I was old enough to masturbate. I may not be that great looking but I was blessed with a rather large cock. I have fucked girls when I was younger but after I saw my first gay porno video I knew what I really wanted.

    What I really want is to jerk off on another big cock like mine. I have no desire to be fucked or fuck another guy. It's his big cock that holds my interest. The two of us standing face to face, stroking our cocks, taking turns stroking each other until we can't hold back and just shoot our hot cum all over our cocks.

    Then one day I would meet someone online that would take my kink to a whole new level of excitement. His name was Jim but his online tag was "Foreskin Fucker." Jim sent me a picture of his cock, it was ungodly big! Jim was also uncut, I had never been with a guy that hadn't been cut.

    Jim was a long haul truck driver and he traveled all over the country. Jim told me if I was interested he would let me know if and when he would be near my city and maybe we could hook up. I told him yes and I gave Jim my phone number. It would be many months before I would hear from Jim.

    When Jim called me I had no idea who it was. Foreskin Fucker, was all he said and I remembered him instantly. Jim told me he would be driving through our city and would be staying at a hotel near a truck stop on the interstate. I knew where he was going to stay and I met Jim at the hotel two nights later.

    When I arrived at the hotel, Jim had just showered. I could smell bath soap and aftershave as well. Jim had a white terrycloth robe on and untied the belt and let the robe fall open. My eyes just stared at Jim's massive cock hanging between his legs. It was beautiful and not a hair on his big cock or balls to be seen. My cock began to twitch inside my jeans.

    I undressed and Jim and I stood toe to toe and began to play with our cocks to get them hard, which didn't take either of us long. The head finally protruded from Jim's foreskin after he got nice and hard. When he stroked his cock he could make the head disappear back into the sheath of thin skin.

    We took turns stroking each other, his thick cock felt wonderful in my hand. We did this for many minutes and my cock ached for release quickly. Then Jim took my cock in one hand and his in the other, guiding the head of our engorged cocks together. Already the precum from my hard cock trickled out and Jim smiled.

    Then Jim let go of my cock and took the foreskin of his and stretched it open, telling me to push the head of my cock into the foreskin. I looked at him and he just smiled and nodded at me. I did as he wanted and after some work and some spit the head of my cock disappeared into the foreskin of Jim's big cock.

    He pushed my hand away and he pulled and pushed the foreskin downward. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was like our cocks became as one, joined together in this erotic way I never ever imagined.

    Jim wrapped his hand around our cocks and began to slowly masturbate us both. My legs instantly turned to jello, the feeling was unbelievable. I just watched his hand go back and forth and I felt my loins on fire with excitement. Then Jim nodded at me, wanting me to take the place of his hand with mine.

    There are no words to describe the feeling of holding both our hard cocks within the foreskin of his huge cock. I began to stroke us faster, Jim closed his eyes and made a sound of pleasure. I couldn't control my desire, fisting us a bit faster, squeezing our hard cocks a bit harder.

    Jim didn't try to stop me or slow me down, maybe he wanted to cum as much as I did. I wasn't going to last much longer I knew that. Then Jim made a little grunt and suddenly the head of my cock was drenched in hot cum. I squeezed our hard cocks tightly and thrust my cock into the foreskin as deep as possible.

    Only a few thrusts and I released my pent up load into Jim's foreskin. Globs and strands of cum squeezed out and rained down onto the towel we stood on. I pulled my cock out of Jim's foreskin and jerked my cock feverishly, Jim did the same also.

    Both our hard cocks coated in cum, a few squirts and I felt the warmth of his cum just above my belly button. I returned the favor almost as quickly, both of us jerking our cocks and spewing cum in every direction. When that intense moment finally passed, we switched off and stroked each others spent cocks for a few more moments before it was time to get cleaned up.

    I was hoping Jim would stay another night but truck drivers don't make money unless they are on the road. Jim told me if he was ever passing through again he would let me know. It's been months and I cannot get that night out of my mind. When I think about it my cock gets hard and I masturbate and visualize that night all over again......

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