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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Finally got some body to cut my grass , mower broke down and its effin hot. scheduled it through the local college job dept . dude finally shows up in an older pick up with a push mower. ihave a really big back yard so he said it would prob be more money as the push mower takes forever as he was talking i notices his tight jeans nice ass and bulge and his thin t shirt was nearly translucent very nice body blond short hair and nips poking ou t so sure its worth it . i sat on the back deck and watched every move in my joggers.saw him swatting at something then come running over yelling bees. i grabbed the hose and began to squirt him down but he said he was still being stung ripped his shirt off and was swatting his legs then pulled down his pants stepped ourt of them in tighty whities which of course were now wet and see through . he had no bees left but was still freaking out so i began to put my hands on his back to inspect the damage or find more bees actually just wanted to touch him. he said to please make sure there were not any more on him. i rubbed my hands all over his body then sat in a chair so i could check his legs he stood in front of me facing away what a nice ass ass i rubbed his calves and thighs then groped his ass , i said good on this side so he turned around to reveal a huge boner clearly visible in those biefs. he obviously enjoyed the attention so i rubbed all the way up his legs to the big hard cock and rubbed that as well hooked a finger in each side of his waist band and asked should i check in hear he just moaned so i pulled them down he immediately rammed that cock into my open mouth and began to fuck my face luckily i have a privacy fence because i was not giving up this opportunity. he announced that he was gonna cum so i reached around and grabbed two hands full of very hard ass and pulled him into me and had to continuously chug all the cum he was shooting . he pulled out when he was done and finished off by humping my face with that cum covered cock and i licked him clean while i stroked my own cock cumming in just minutes. he now has a new customer and i tip him well

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    The moment I met Liam, I knew I was going to fuck him. It was obvious as he looked me up and down in the gyms showers, he wanted sex. At first he made it clear he only wanted to suck my dick, but in allowing him to go down on me as the water flowed over the pair of us, I was already in the mind set of sticking my cock between his tight looking buns.

    It was ten thirty at night, most of if not all of the other people using the gym had gone, and only my friend who manages the gym was around. Liam was a new patron and someone I'd noticed checking me out before. I thought at first it was muscle lust, as I'm well developed and fit. But the moment he stepped into the showers already erect and leering at my cock, I told myself, my wife of six years doesn't need to know.

    He by any stretch if the imagination isn't my first gay fuck. But he is my first for nearly eight years.
    With my cock pulsing and straining for release, I grabbed his shoulder length soaking wet hair and yanked him up. Turning him easily, he told me he only sucks cock. My dick was up his hole in no time and he stopped talking. His moans were of pain and concern, yet I didn't give a shit. He'd come on to me and I was going to have him.
    Pressing him into the shower wall, I encircled his chest with my arms and really began to fuck his tight arsehole. Every time he yelped or moaned louder than I thought reasonable, I thrust in deeper and harder.

    Five minutes or more of pumping into him from behind, the scenario changed suddenly. Liam stopped moaning with angst and pushed back onto my cock. I knew then he was mine and I also knew from previous gay fucks, once a guy allowed you to fully enter him, he was going to do anything you desired.

    Pulling his head back and around, I kissed him as well as power fucking him against the wall. It was so fucking horny and so of the moment, I didn't have time to pull out when I came. Spurt after spurt entered his bowels and I actually heard him through our kiss, moan with joy.

    Once I'd finished cuming up his arsehole, Liam moved me off of him, turned around and said "You've just taken my cherry". Thinking he was about to give me some grief about it, he instead dropped down, took my cock into his mouth and began to suckle on it.

    I'm forty eight, yet I still have no trouble in raising my loins. Liam's efforts didn't go to waste as I became ultra erect again. Only when I pulled him up this time, it was he who moved us.
    Joining him in the changing area, he placed a towel on the bench, lay down on his back and had me approach. Placing his feet on my chest, he asked me to fuck him. I didn't need asking twice.

    Not frantic as the first fuck had been, but with a more constant rhythm I entered him missionary and eased my cock all the way in. It was an amazing fuck and one I will never ever forget. He didn't once take his eyes off mine and in doing so, drove me crazy with lust for him.

    Moving his hand to mine, he placed it on his cock and moving my hand, had me masturbate him as he began to move in rhythm with me. It took no more than five minutes for his cock to erupt and it sprayed everywhere in small drops. Seeing him cum like that had my cock twitching and seconds later it seemed, I came again.

    When we showered for second time, we stood under the water kissing and holding one another. It was so wonderful to have him in my arms, I wanted to carry on kissing him forever.

    However we parted and Liam said he had to go. Drying off and getting dressed, we swapped numbers and I told him I'd love to spend lots more time in a more private place, getting to know him better.
    And getting to know him I have over the past eleven months. We very occasionally have sex at the gym, but more often than not he visits our home when my wife's working.

    Our sex life ended years ago, even if I was still asking her to indulge me sexually right up to meeting Liam. I don't ask her anymore and I think she's grateful I don't. Having sex with Liam has opened up my sexual world and I figure if Liam stops wanting my seven inches, then I guess I'll now always find a young guy who will.

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    1 / 39

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    We attended the concert even though I definitely didn't want to go. My wife's choice of artist, so I got bored. Leaving her to it for a while in the large venue, I went out of the arena itself and got myself a beer in the vip lounge bar. The young kid who served me, asked me if I wasn't enjoying the artist. When I told him it was my wife's choice, he seemed a little put out.
    "Anything wrong" I asked him. His reply and it was very matter of fact "Oh, only I was going to ask you if you wanted a blow job instead".
    Not one to miss out ever, I told him the toilets five minutes. He told me "No behind here now".
    My dick was in his mouth within less than a minute and it was I have to say right now, one of the best blow jobs I've ever had.
    He licked my balls, nibbled on my cock shaft and sucked in the entire length, seven inches, and swirled his tongue endlessly around my cock head. After only a short time I wanted to cum and told him. Instead of pulling back, he sucked harder and deeper, held my arse cheeks pulling me into his mouth and I shot my load there and then.
    Cumming so strongly and with so much cum spurting out of my cock, I held his head until I'd drained every last drop, forcing him to swallow.
    Finished and removing my cock from his mouth, he smiled up at me, said wow and thank you, then rose up to casually walk back behind the bar area he'd been in.
    Grabbing two free beers, he told me if I wanted a repeat performance to text him. We swapped numbers and I left him stood smiling at me as if it was perfectly normal to suck off one of your concert guests.
    Back with my wife she had hardly noticed i'd gone. Sitting down, I text the numbe and got an immediate reply "Yes, lunch time (And an address)".
    What I'd asked him, was does he take cock up his young arsehole.
    The following day, I drove over to his parents address where he opened the door naked. Throughout the morning and into the afternoon as I was supposed to be playing golf, I had an amazing time sucking and fucking with a very active young eighteen year old lad.
    Eighteen months on, I'm still fucking him and it only gets better each time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    This is a cross between events in my life, what happened and my imagination of what I really wanted to happen.

    I hit rock bottom a few months ago, started with being laid off as boss couldn't afford to keep us on with the lack of work coming in.

    At first I was okay, had some decent savings no real debts bar paying the rent so figured i could get some steady work as a labourer or odd job man till a better job came my way.

    Fuck that it seemed, it felt like fate was pissing on me and laughing it up; no real work, savings taking a big hit and then my van breaks down.

    So I'm renting a single room from an older bloke i met through a work mate I was seeing at the time, seemed ok and rent reasonable; he kept odd hours as his store opened late and all I had to do was pay my share and keep what I used tidy.

    To be honest it was good, little interaction and not much chit chat so I really didn't know much more than that he was a decent bloke that had a room to rent. I knew he ran one of the more adult stores in the city, but I had never been to it before.

    One morning he came home and asked how I was doing, I told him the truth things were getting harder and I may have to give him notice that I would leave soon.

    He offered me a deal, two months rent free if I helped him out with some favours. I snapped it up but he told me to let him finish.

    He said he needed a male model/ assistant to do some advertising in his store, I asked what kind of modelling and he said fetish.

    I froze up as honestly, this was not something I had any experience with; sure there were a few clubs and such that catered to this in the area but I had never given it a thought.

    He saw the look on my face and he said it's okay and we can see what we can do about the next months rent.

    qu ite a few minutes went by while I considered the few options I had and in the end I quickly assured him that I could do this, but I reserved the right to back out at any point.

    I asked what had happened to his old assistant, he told me straight up that he had got a better paid job and didn't give much notice.

    "Look if you want to do this then first you need to shower, be clean shaven and make sure your body hair is shaven or simply gone. We need to leave at lunch if you are going to learn the ropes"

    I thought whats the worst that could happen, I just needed to model some gear and help in the shop; maybe sort out stock.

    I hurried through showering and shaving, thankfully I have little body on my body; I work out a fair bit but I am far from buff, I guess my body could be describe as average build, im only 5ft7 so not super tall and my skin is tanned from the outdoors.

    Roughl y an hour later we left and took the main streets into town, then detoured round the back of a side street to the bay behind his store.

    The store itself was a basemsnt store, with an access stairs on the side of the building with a gay pub above it.

    We headed down and the first thing I noticed was the lack of advertising, just a simple light saying open and a warning on the door about age and what the store is.

    The windows were blacked out up to eye level and the rest was blurred, I waited as my new boss opened up and called me in.

    I took a shocked step back as I took in the store for the first time, rows upon rows of sex toys, clothing and dvds.

    It was tastefully decorated with black metal shelving and rigging, with red and blue walls and mood lighting. The store seemed very professional for what it was.

    It was a classy fetish establishment would be the best way to describe it and as the boss took my arm and began to highlight everything of relevance I started to become very turned on.

    "So Danny, you'll be in the showroom area whilst Jim my other assistant mans the tills later. I'll need you to help demonstrate the furniture youll be helping to model."

    &q uot;Wait,, what?" I asked as product demonstration sounded a bit more than I thought I was agreeing to.

    "Yes, model the furniture. I need an assistant to show how products like the chair or bench work; you'll not be recognised as you'll wear a mask so dont worry"

    Taking a deep breath I followed him through to the showroom, it was a demo area of dungeon furniture and equipment.

    &quo t;Have a look round whilst I sort out your outfit" he called out as he left me to it.

    I ran my hand over the leather padding of what resembled a bench, but with 'leg holsters', I saw a cross attached to the wall with obvious points with which to secure someone and I sat in rather mean looking chair covered in belts and leather.

    I stepped into the cage and imagined the door locking shut, I was becoming more engrossed and turned on; the smells of the room, to the lightning and furniture were all building a picture in my mind and I really wanted it to come true.

    As i looked at a few more things that I couldnt honestly guess what they did, the boss came back in with several garments and accessories in his arms.

    putting the rather large pile on the table in the room, he proceeded to explain his choices, talking me though the stuff so I could understand and getting my overall measurements to narrow down the choices.

    In the end we well more he had decided that the rubber catsuit would fit best, explaining how the suit worked and what I needed to do put it on.

    So this was it, I ad to commit or get gone as he needed to work and teach me or plan something else for tonight.

    I nodded and said to basically get on with it, he then point black told me to strip and put my gear in the bag he handed to me.

    Well its not like I havent been naked in front of a guy before and with a hurry I quickly stripped and chucked my stuff in the bag and stood waiting.

    He commented that I could follow an order well enough and proceeded to inspect me like and comment on the state of my body, nice firm arse, cock a little small but not important, body decent but could do with more definintion.

    He walked around me commenting and then started to give me orders, handing me some oil and told me to rub my body in it, focussing on legs, arms and upper body whilst he did the same to the suit.

    I really had to fight my libido as naked, oiled and rather turned on was going to end either very good or bad from both his and my points of view.

    Overall it took almost 15minutes to get me into the suit, with the zips on the sleeves and legs being done up to form a good seal, but when he pulled the main zip running up the back it really felt good and tight.

    It was a bit weird as I strached and walked on command, as the boss admired my look.

    He told me I look great and we needed to get a move on, so on came a chest harness as he explained its function; it acted as way to facilitate restraint and allowed for ropes, belts etc to be attached.

    He helped put on a simple rubber hood, eye holes and open mouth with a zip lock on the back that he then padlocked to the zip on the suit, I was startled but he explained that customers noticed the details.

    Now we got you basic kitted out, he then showed me more of the store talking about the products very professionally, that we do not judge or comment on the clientele and any problems he would handle.

    It turned out that by the time he had shown me enough, we still had 2hours till opening and if I wanted the toilet before he strapped me up for photos.

    A quick detour and poop later, I was up against the wall being posed as he snapped away some basic shots; he encouraged me to be submissive, told me the best angles to kneel or pose in.

    Then came the biggie, the bondage chair; over 20minutes of belting, adjusting and securing before I was as immobile as he could get me; I was rather enjoying the sensations and feelings it was invoking in me.

    More photos were taken as he gavc a running commentary on how I looked, what was going to happen next etc...

    Then it happened, I moaned, a deep gutteral moan; which had him smiling and putting the camera down.

    "I knew you'd be a fucking good boy at this, I bet your itching to get to your cock arent you?"

    &qu ot;Please, I need to wank"

    "Tough fucking shit, your not getting to your cock anytime soon mate" as he walked out of the room, I shouted for him and was told to shut the fuck up, models dont talk back.

    It was not like I was going anywhere so I just had to wait.

    A few minutes later, the boss came back with a few more toys and still ignoring me he began to prep for whatever he planned next.

    He then acknowledged me and asked if I was comfortable, I bit my tongue to fight of a sarcastic reply and said comfy but frustrated.

    He chuckled and said to enjoy it, he then offered me a deal a wank now or if I wanted to wait then a fuck later.

    I really wanted a wank, but the thought of fucking was worth the wait.

    I agreed and he explained he was going to leave me for one hour whilst he set up for the night and if I behaved he would fuck me sensless.

    I willingly agreed and he slipped a blindfold over me and left me to it.

    I later spent an hour being fucked by him and spent ages over the next few months learning the ropes, i have a full time job and the rents pretty good.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    If this isn't irony, then I don't know what is.

    Accused of something I was legally informed, could lead to a custodial sentence, I was shitting myself. I'm five feet seven, slim and have been described as cute, bordering on effeminate looking.
    Not gay and not seeking to enjoy a guy in prison busting my anal virginity in a violent or even base way, I decided rightly or wrongly, to pre empt my possible sentence. Going out to gay bar I knew of in the city I live close to, I went late as I was dithering as what was best to do. Within ten minutes of me being in there, two guys approached me and asked me if I wanted a drink. A few drinks later the two men who looked like brothers, wanted to know if I'd like to join them back at their apartment.
    With some dutch courage from the alcohol and the knowledge this was MY best way in my mind, to deal with the possibility of being sexualised in prison, I said yes.
    A drink, some poppers I'd never had before and watching them kiss, suck cock and basically getting it on, they had me strip naked.
    I spent the whole night with them, kissing, fondling, cock sucking, rimming and finally when my cock was aching for release, I was entered in the missionary position.
    It hurt, I won't lie. And for a some time I doubted I'd be able to go through with it. Yet I knew if I was going to able to cope with prison, I'd have to grit my teeth and let them fuck me.
    REVELATION...Once my arsehole popped like a cork, the sensations up my rear hole changed and for me it was like the sexual flood gates opening. Both men, who I now know are versatile lovers, fucked me. And fucked me over and over again until I was the one craving their cocks up my arsehole.
    Three times I took one or the others loads up my backside and loved the feeling of it. The following morning waiting for a taxi, I blew off the slightly older of the two as his younger lover tongued my sore arsehole. I camr that way and in that sexual act I knew no matter what happened in court, I'd be fine.
    It never got to court. Three days after spending one of the best nights of my life being fucked by two wonderful sexual men, my case was thrown out.
    Where did that leave me. It left me with the knowledge I'd thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock, and being fucked. And it also informed me I was tougher in mind than I thought possible.
    With no one to confide in, or no one I knew immediately, I got back to my 'normal' life and even dated a girl for a short period afterwards.
    But I realised I missed being fucked and ached to have a cock deep inside me again. That's when talking to my uncle opened a whole new episode in my life.
    He's openly bisexual, leaning more to guys than women.
    We chatted about my near miss in regards to prison, and then I let him know how I went about trying to ready myself. I told him everything, and I do mean everything. At the end of my detailed description, I noticed he had an erection and he made no attempt to hide it.
    Asking me if I wanted to experience gay sex again with him, I lowered my uncles shorts and showed him what I'd learned two months before. Sucking in his larger cock, I reveled in the fact he was telling how good I was/am at sucking cock.
    Once I was naked we shared his sofa, his carpet and his bed as he fucked me throughout the night. And my uncle is still fucking me to this very day. This morning in his shower, I took his gorgeous cock up my arsehole before he went to work. He filled my bowels with his cum, and I understood just how much I'd changed and how surreal life can be.
    If it wasn't for that court date, I would never have gone down the route of gay sex, but boy am I so glad I did.

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    Gay Male / 53

    I live my everyday life as a 63 year old heterosexual man however for the past 49 years Iâve had sex with literally hundred of men.
    My attraction to other males began a a young boy. It grew stronger in junior high when I saw many other naked guys in the locker room. Thankfully I was able to control my desire and not get an erection looking at the other guys beautiful cocks although I did get a serious burning in my loins the day a guy I was really fixated on bent over inches from my face exposing his hairless asshole.
    My first orgasm was with a friend a couple years younger. Weâd 69 and both cum but while I ejaculated he was not quite there and had a dry orgasm. We played now and then until I thought I was into girls.
    Girls were attractive to me and me to them but I never really got into vaginas. I began my own anal exploration at age 15 although I never lost my anal virginity to a real cock until I was 44. Up until I was 44 my gay explorations were confined to glory holes and adult book stores.
    Then I found the internet. It has enabled me to fulfill my pent up true sexuality. I am very oral, bottom but versatile and love group sex. I possess great recollection of many of my hundreds of homosexual encounters and I will document them here.

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    Next door to us lived a lesbian couple. Early thirties. My mother cautioned me about talking to them, she more than cautioned me she prohibited it. She didn't want me around that. Of course the ladies next door were real nice and they never did anything outward and when I did talk to them they were always interested in my school and when was I going to college and what was I going to study. They were real nice ladies and my mother had to stomach that. For my high school graduation they gave me a real nice jacket, real nice and expensive from a real nice boutique.

    I got to college and I roomed with a girl from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was one of five kids, her parents owned a small factory and they seemed to have money. Unlike me she was not inhibited, being one of five. I was and always dressed and undressed in the dark. She laughed at me and told me we were both girls and she stood around naked so that I would get used to seeing her naked. She stripped my bra from my hands and forced me to show her my boobs. She shoved me back onto my bed and stripped off my panties and spread my legs open. She got on her bed and leaned back against the wall and spread her legs wide open and she asked me to come over and finger her. Either finger her or eat her. I did nothing so she got up and pushed me down on my bed and got on me and started kissing my face until she got my mouth and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She grabbed my boobs with her hands, she pushed herself down over me and got her face and mouth in between my legs until she was able to get her tongue in and eat me out.

    Then she got back on her bed and spread her legs and told me to eat her out. I kneeled on the carpet and I ate her. After a while she let me sit up and get beside her and she held me and felt up my boobs while she kissed me. She told me that the best part of messing around with another girl is that you didn't get knocked up.

    As the semester progressed we spent all our time together, we went to the football games together and after one game as we were walking back to our dorm she took my hand and we held hands. When we got back to the dorm she faced me and asked me point blank if I was playing with her or was it for real. If it was for real once in a while I should kiss her or grab her hand or put my arm around her, if it was for real why didn't I get undressed for her and get on the bed and go down on her and show her I was for real. If I was for real why had I never just given her my boobs to kiss and suck.

    Well, if it wasn't for real after I started to kiss her first, hold her hand, get over her and let her kiss and suck my boobs it became for real. That afternoon when I was leaning over her and she was just biting, and kissing and sucking lightly on my boobs she looked up at me and asked me if I loved her. She then quickly said I Love You and I had to say it back to her.

    We didn't tell her parents or mine for two years, we were just good friends at college, and after our freshman year we moved into an apartment together. When we did tell my mother she said it was because of those lesbian women that lived next door.

    I know how the lesbian couple lived next door to us, you don't show things in public. As far as the world is concerned, except for those closest to you, you are the best of friends. After we are alone we find time to make out. I may have kissed her in public a dozen times, maybe. We hold hands, that's about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    We moved because of my work/business commitments and to be closer to my wife's parents. The move meant for practicle and for sporting reasons, that I changed my golf club. After being at the club around three months, one of the members asked me as we were playing a round, how things were going after the move. I told him business was good and my wife seemed happy enough being close to her mum and dad. Not meaning to, I also added in an offhand way "Pity, she doesn't keep me happy". Before the words had chance to focus in his mind, I already regretted saying it, but I had said it and the response I got wasn't exactly what I expected.

    "If she's not keeping your pecker happy, I'm sure Jay will". I'd heard of Jay, a young man who's not afraid to show his gay side, even on a golf course. Jokingly, and I was kidding, I told my golf partner "Maybe I should let him blow me".

    The following Friday afternoon, I was practicing close the chipping area. Hearing my name being spoken, I turned to see Jay walking over with a huge smile on his face. He said he'd been looking for me for a few days and if I wasn't busy, could I join him down by the eleventh green. Asking him why, but knowing the answer before he said anything, he replied "To improve your shaft control".

    At that point I could have ended any chance of us having any form of gay sex. At that point I should have been thinking of my wife and our marriage. Yet all I could think about was having a hot mouth sucking on my cock, and my dick was already telling me to say ok.

    The eleventh is at the far end of the course. There is a short cut if you walk through the tree's and down past the stream. Taking only my putter, wedge and a few balls I let Jay lead the way. Half way through the tree's he halted, turned around and asked me if I'd show him just much work my ball control needed. Not able to hold off any longer, I lowered my trousers and boxers and out sprang my hard on.

    I'm no Adonis, nor do I have a huge cock. But it is seven inches and fairly thick. Jay took one look, walked over and kneeling down sucked in my entire length. It had been nearly a year since I'd had a blow job, something my wife only did when I almost forced her to. There was no need to force Jay as he couldn't get my cock down his throat quick enough. On and on he sucked away on my dick, making me shake with desire and a growing feeling of needing to cum. Leaning against a tree, I took hold of his head and began to fuck his mouth and I guess he understood I was about to blow. Releasing my dick, he said "Not yet" and stood up. Not saying anything he walked on and I had to hurry to put my cock away and catch up. By the time I did we were at the eleventh green.

    Knowing there wasn't anyone else on the course at that time, I let Jay guide me to the far side of the green. Having hit a few balls into the tree and bush line there, I knew there was a weather hut to one side. It was in there that Jay stripped off naked. Now knowing him, I now understand he loves to be fucked naked and he loves being fucked outdoors. Moving out of the hut, he asked me to release my cock and not to cum, yet. Sucking on my dick for the second time in a matter of minutes, my cock was still semi hard. When it began pulsing in his mouth, Jay stood up leaned over the hand rail outside the hut, turned his head and said "Fuck me as hard as you like".

    I'm supposed to say how difficult it was to engage sexually with a guy. How I'd not thought about gay sex before and how repulsive I'd once thought of it. The second two would be correct, but seeing his little puckered hole staring back at me as he spread his arse cheeks, I moved into him, spat on his arsehole and my cock and pressed the head of my dick to his fuck hole.

    With a popping sound, my dick entered his arsehole and I literally went for it. No sooner had my cock slid all the way up his hole, I gripped his hips, pulled him onto me and fucked that kid for all I was worth. It had been an eternity it seemed since I'd fucked my wife and in those minutes of primal lust I had with Jay, I took out all of my sexual frustrations up his shit box, and fucking loved every second of it.

    I'm unsure to how long I fucked him for. What I do know is he came well before I did, spunking all over the leaf littered floor. then as he was shaking still and telling me how "Bad" I was as a married man fucking a seventeen year old lad, my orgasm rose and my cock burst up his shit pipe.

    I'd never cum like that before. An orgasm where you just carry on cumming even though you know there's no fluid left to shoot out. Still with my cock up his arsehole, I held Jay tight to me, turned his head and kissed him. It was done purely on a level of sexual gratification, but I knew that probably more than fucking him, meant I'd be back for more and he knew it too.

    The very next day we repeated my eleventh green fuck. Only on that occasion we were disturbed by a two ball passing through. We were lucky they didn't want to use the hut or nearby for a pee, but I was pretty sure they didn't know we were there. Again I fucked Jay from behind and again the sex was amazing. When I came in him, instead of us getting cleaned up and leaving, we moved out of the hut, sat in the tee line and I allowed him to suck on my still cum coated cock. I became erect pretty quickly and then lay back as Jay mounted me. His little cock was bobbing up and down as he fucked me and I couldn't stop thinking of how weird it all seemed. I came again filling his arsehole and made Jay's cock dribble out another orgasm.

    Nothing has been said by the gent who mentioned Jay to me, over the last fourteen months I've been fucking him. He's nearly nineteen now and still adores me screwing that tight boy pussy of his. My wife I suspect, knows that I'm getting my sexual relief from somewhere else, as I'm a more relaxed person these days. I doubt she'd think it would be a young man, but then I also doubt she'd give a shit.

    There has been a new situation arise recently. Something I never thought would happen with me. But then I never thought I'd fuck Jay. That situation happened on a golfing weekend away. I shared a room with another member, a guy only two years younger than me. It appears he enjoys having his married arsehole fucked, something we did on both nights away. It's for another confession, but I will say the sex was in a way much more involved as we kissed a whole lot more. And he had me fucking him the second night in many many different positions, well into the early hours.

    Thank you for reading my confession. One I hope will educate some of the fact, you never know in life just what is around the corner. So enjoy what you can, while you can.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Over the last five months I've been visiting my dads workplace when he thinks I'm at college. It's because five months ago I found out he and some other people at his workplace, were possibly going to be made redundant. Knowing his bosses desires towards me previously, I called by and told him that my mom and our family desperately needed my fathers wage. We worked out a plan to move my dad's position in the company and save his job. The price I've paid for that, is taking my dad's bosses cock down my throat and deep up my asshole as much as five times a week (usually three times a week).
    We more often than not meet on the south side of the large industrial site, where there are a few sheds and a storage container. My fathers boss has equipped one of the sheds with boxes and a relatively new mattress, and the container with a sofa bed.
    I'm never there for more than an hour, and often only there for as long as it takes for me to suck him off, or receive his copious amounts of cum up my asshole. He always fucks me bareback and he always dumps his load down my throat making me swallow it, or deep inside my bowels.
    At first it was a kind of a chore to help my family. Now I love having him fuck me, just as much as he obviously loves fucking a young guy like me. After all I now get a 'Wage" too, every Friday afternoon in an envelope. That and a damn good fucking each day he wants and needs my ass.

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