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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Jamie is nineteen, he's our neighbor's youngest son. And for the last eight months, I've been fucking the shit out of his tight ass, at least three to four times a week.
    His mom and dad don't know I'm enjoying his young cute hairless body and butt. But my wife does.
    I'm not saying she's around when I fuck him. Nor does she want to know anything about what we get upto. Yet it was her idea I accept his very obvious sexual innuendos and approaches to me.
    She's always known about my past. That I used to fuck guys throughout college, and into my mid twenties. So when her menopause came early and her libido all but died, she told me as I sat at our kitchen table "Why don't you invite Jamie over when I'm out this afternoon. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves. But don't hurt him".
    There was no danger of hurting him as Jamie likes to be fucked real rough.
    He's a definite cock slut who adores nothing more than to have me smashing his butt, as often and hard as I want.
    It's an arrangement I'm hoping lasts a long long time to cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    The first time I suck a cock I arranged to meet a man at an adult bookstore.
    When I got there I followed him into the video booth I sat down on the chair unzipped his pants and pulled out what looked to be a 7-inch cock.
    I immediately open my mouth and put that beautiful cock in my mouth sucking it for all it's worth and I had such a boner from sucking this cock.
    But I kept sucking this cock licking his shaft massaging his balls and licking his balls teasing his dick head with my tongue and sucking his cock some more.
    As I was sucking his cock I felt his cock start to throb in my mouth he was getting ready to shoot a hot load of cum I kept sucking it and sucking it I wanted that cum next thing I know I have a mouth full of his sweet come in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of it that was the first time I sucked a cock and I fucking loved it.
    And ever since that first time I have sucked I don't know how many cocks and I haven't even taken a few in my asshole that's the fucking best.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My landlord has the power of life and worse-than-death over me, thanks to a surprise visit during consensual sex with a young man who turned out to actually still be a few months shy of legal age. He filmed us, sent the young man packing, after verifying his identity, then locked the door, and came over to me, tied up and vulnerable as I was, and made sure I could be identified, before specifying the terms of our future 'relationship' Finding myself utterly helpless, both literally and figuratively, I had no choice but to cooperate with him, which involved my complete surrender to his desires, and those of a surprisingly large group of "friends" who took advantage of me, either as a "freebie" or for a fee, payable to him! I had an extensive collection of bondage gear, mainly of the total-enclosure nature, latex, leather, and rubberized fabric, the latter being mainly self-engineered, although the "pride" of this group was an actual Vietnam-era ex-army body-bag, sold by an Army surplus store, and used by hunters as a drag-bag for carcasses. The fat miserable bastard really preferred that to anything else, and I spent days, nights, weekends even, locked up in it, the zipper padlocked to a chain round my neck, and straps buckled tight round my waist, and knees. There was an added zipper at my mouth, plus two tiny air-holes right above it, and another zippered opening right at my crotch. Thus he had unrestricted access to everything he wanted, which involved endless face-fucking and cock-sucking, by him, and every last one of his "buddies" often one after the other, for an entire day, or even weekend! Some smart-aleck came up with a laboratory who would pay for refrigerated "pre-cum" in a glass vial, apparently for research into 'male enhancement' products, so I was milked and subjected to prolonged orgasm delay/denial, until they had gathered enough of the precious gunk, for a sale. It has been a year now, and I still have to let myself be treated this way, on demand, or risk a complaint from the 'victim' who would doubtless have been 'in fear for his life'.....the hard honest truth is, I have come to enjoy this treatment so much, that I think I am a true addict, and I don't think I even WANT to be free of it, if I could! Doesn't seem like there's much chance of escape anyway, as I have no job, no money, and not the guts to try to disappear into a "new" life, just in case it goes wrong. They delight in telling me how much "child m****ters" are hated and brutalized, in prison, and it seems better to accept this sort of brutalization, which at least comes with the bondage I crave so much. I have no friends or family, and nobody to advise me, although I'm pretty sure the only advice I would take, would be to embrace the status quo, and luxuriate in my humiliation and abject surrender to these demanding pricks! (in more ways than one!)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Back when I was a teen 17 years old and always horny I had a wild experience. My parents both worked I was the last child at home all my siblings had grown up and moved out married or living on their own. My parents decided to have some work done on the house so we had workmen coming in and out most of the time. I would spend my time in my room or the basement the few areas that were not being demolished or rebuilt. One day I got home from school and the hose was empty no workmen around and my parents would not be home until late. So I dug some porn out of my Dads stash and popped it in, It was a guy fucking a woman rough with a rather large cock. I lay back on the couch pulled my sweats down and started to jerk my cock.
    Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat it startled me it was right behind me. I jumped pulled up my sweats turned to see a young man about 20 or so shirtless in shorts and work boots very tanned and muscled body. I was blushing and did not know what to say. He spoke and said sorry I am Todd I am one of the roofers I di not think anyone was home came down to use the restroom. I stood there the porn playing with my cock hard in my sweats. I did not say any thing but I noticed he was hard in his shorts. He then said mind if I watch with you? I am the only one working today and its hot and I am horny. I did not know what to say still reeling from being caught. I said I guess. he walked over to the chair pulled down his shorts and started jerking his cock watching the man pound the woman on the TV. I stood there in disbelief but my eyes were fixed on his cock. He had a thick cock not long maybe a bit over 6 inches but mushroom head. I had seen guys in shower etc and seen hard cocks on porn but never one in real life this close. For some reason I was fixated on it. I sat down and started rubbing myself under my sweats. he looked over and said its cool if I jerk off isn't it? I said yes sure as I gulped my throat was very dry and my body was on fire. He said sorry dude did not mean to spook you and its cool if you want me to leave. I said no its cool as I let my cock free and started to jerk off. My eyes were not on the porn I was watching him. He looked over at me and smiled OMG he was so good looking so tanned his smile did something to me I wanted to be near him. I had never really looked at guys in this way but this guy was so perfect in everyway. He had a line of hair from his chest that led to his dork bush that framed his cock. He had green eyes his hair was shaved close on the sides but had a tuff of hair that was combed to one side. His smile melted me and for some reason I felt the need to touch him.
    As if he heard my thoughts he said to me you can touch it if you want. I did not even think I just got up walked over and put my hand on it. It was warm and felt good in my hand. He leaned back and spread his muscled tanned legs so I could get a good grip. I stated to jerk his cock. he moaned and said mmmm that feels good. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock. I said no, He said would you like to. I don't know why or what I was doing but I said yes.
    I put my face close I could smell him he smelled of soap sweat and a sweet odor I had never smelled before but I liked. I licked the head it had a salty taste that was not bad. I licked down the shaft and my nose took in that sweat smell. I licked his balls like I had seen the chicks in porn do. He moaned and thrust his hips toward my face. Oh God he said yes that feels good. For some reason that made me feel proud that I was making him feel good. My head was spinning I was lost in the moment and I just got lost in his smell his voice I just wanted to make him feel good.
    I said I have never done anything like this. he smiled OMG I melted and as he spoke his voice was deep and hypnotizing with each word he spoke he made me want to please him just that much more. he said kid its cool just do what you feel comfortable with its up to you don't do anything you don't want to.
    With his words I took his cock in my mouth all the way to the shaft. it felt hot on my lips and fit so perfectly in my mouth. I started to do what I saw the chicks in porn do. He lay back smiling down on me and telling me how good it felt. Each time he said how good it felt I just wanted to do all I could to make his cock feel good. My own cock was hard as a rock and was resting on his hairy leg. I sucked and sucked as I could hear the moaning of the people on the porn tape running in the back ground. I thought he would watch as I sucked him but he never took his eyes off of me. He placed his rough working man hands on my shoulders they were warm and his touch sent electric sparks through my body.
    I had sucked on him for a while when he said kid you are going to make me cum. he asked if I wanted to swallow it. I was so lost in what I was doing I did not even think about it when I nodded yes. I could feel his body tighten he moaned and swore fuck fuck fuck kid your gonna make me....... he never finished that sentence. He pushed his hips up took the back of my head and shoved deep in my mouth. Before I knew it he was bathing my throat with his cum. I gagged a bit at first but then I tasted him OMG it tasted so good like nothing I had ever tasted before. I started to suck at him like a baby with a bottle I wanted more all he could give me. As the last shot filled my mouth and I drank it down I did not want his cock to leave my mouth. I held him there while he went soft and I jerked my cock with his in my mouth.
    After it was over I felt shocked and a bit embarrassed. He smiled and said I had done great and that seemed to make me feel better. I turned off the porn and asked him if he wanted something to eat for lunch. he said sure. We went to the kitchen and I made him lunch. he sat there eating shirtless and looking so damn sexy. I was drawn to him maybe puppy love I guess. We talked and he was very nice and funny and I melted ever time he smiled. When we got done eating I asked if he wanted to do it again I could not believe I had said that to him it shocked me as the words rolled out of my mouth what was wrong with me. I did not know what he would say but it seemed to make him happy and he said sure. so you liked it he said? I blushed and said yes I did very much. We went to my room he took off his boots socks and shorts and lay on my bed. his cock was hard and I was ready to taste him again. I put on some music and lay next to him. He took my face in his hands and kissed me OMG he was a great kisser and my cock jumped in my sweat pants. He rolled me on my back and lay on top of me kissing me and grinding his cock against mine. He propped my head on the pillow and moved his hips over my face and lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened and let him in. He started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth as I jerked on my own cock. he took some time to cum but I did not mind I liked his cock fucking in and out of my mouth. he started to pump faster and deeper into my mouth gagging me a bit but it felt good. I heard him moan and he arched his back thrusting deep in my throat. I felt the first shot of his cum and that set me off I started to cum shooting all over his tanned back. I could see in the mirror on the dresser his white ass pumping towards my mouth and his tanned legs and back stiffen as he emptied his cum in my mouth. God he tasted so good I shot such a huge load as did he. He pulled out fell next to me on the bed and gasped saying damn that was so good. I ran my hands over his hairy chest and pulled myself close to him. His musky smell was intoxicating I just wanted to be near him to smell him to taste him I was hooked.
    For months after that day we met up and I would suck him off and he would hold me and kiss me. later we went farther and I let him fuck me but that is another story.
    Years later I got married and had a house of my own and had to have some roof work done I made sure to call the place he now owned to do the work. Could not wait to see him again and maybe have some fun like we did when I was 17.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Last month I woke up with a hangover and a mans hard cock pressed up against my ass. I would have freaked if it wasn't for the fact my head hurt so much. Turning over, I saw it was an older man who my brother had drove over with to my thirtieth birthday party. It was only then I realized I wasn't at home, but in a hotel room.
    As I turned over he woke up, smiled at me and asked me if I was okay. I didn't really know what to say, so I just nodded. Without saying anything else for a while, he moved up and pushed me downwards. My face leveled at his cock and he thrust forwards sending his cock head in between my lips. I didn't resist, I didn't question why I was allowing him to do it, I just opened my mouth and let him slide his erection over my tongue.
    Sucking on his cock, I began to feel a whole lot better. It was if he was offering me an antidote to my hangover and I took it, or more to the point I gave him it. A blow job that is. As far as I knew and was concerned, it was my first ever, but I later found out his cock was very familiar to me. And not just my mouth.
    He came in my mouth holding my head firmly forcing me to accept his cum. Then without mentioning anything, he got up and entered the shower. By the time he walked back into the bedroom area, I was sat with a robe on and was making us both coffee. Only then did he speak, telling me I was a fantastic fuck and he'd love to see me again. It took a few seconds to understand what he'd just implied, and when I did register it, I asked him to explain. Getting his phone out, he showed and let me watch a fifteen minute segmented video of us having gay sex. At first I was sucking on his cock, and licking his balls and ass. Then it cut to him being behind me and me encouraging him to fuck me harder. Which by the looks of the footage, he certainly did. The last part similar to waking up earlier, was me accepting his cum down my throat, as he tossed himself off above me as I lay beneath him.
    I sat there astounded I'd been so accommodating and so into gay sex. Yet it was there on his phone and by my actions when I'd awoken. Did it mean I was gay, did it mean I would say yes to his query about seeing me again. The answer to those questions is, yes I have seen him again for sex, and yes it means my sexual orientation has definitely changed.
    Although being married, I have had to mask my sheer delight at being fucked each time, by such a horny and ever willing increasingly demanding fuck buddy. It also helps I've known him all my life.

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    Gay Male / 50

    The year was 1984 I was in High School and on the football team. I had not done anything with another guy but fantasized about it and beat off to a fantasy off sucking off the whole football team. I loved after practice watching all those cocks flopping around and showering. It was a battle for me not to get hard. One guy I was really hung up on and would be sure to shower the same time he did. His name was James and he was so sexy and I just could not get enough of looking at him nude or in his clothing. He had dark hair blue eyes just so perfect to me in every way. He had a thick bush around his cock his balls hung low and swung when he walked. His cock was thick and hung well from his toned body.
    One day after he left for the shower I took his jock strap and hid it in my bag. When he came out of shower he did not notice his jock being gone. As soon as I got home that day I ran to my room and pulled it out of my bag and stuck it to my face. OMG it smelled so good. I noticed it had dried cum spots on it and I licked them. I slept with it under my pillow for months.
    James and I had become good friends and spent a lot of time after school together sleep overs and camping and just running around together. I wanted him so bad it hurt. Having him stay at my house sleeping in my bed in his underwear was killing me. I wanted so bad to touch him and feel his body. We would wrestle around some times and God I loved it. once he pinned me to the floor his crotch was in my face and I could smell his maleness. It took all I had not to lick his underwear.
    It was about half way through our senior year and James and I went camping with his parents. We stayed at a camp sight in the mountains. The first day after setting up camp we James and I took a walk. On the walk James kept talking about sex and how horny he was. I joked with him about it and we laughed. about mid way on the trail James got a look in his eyes I had never seen very serious and wild. He looked in my eyes and said dude I am so horny lets jerk off over here in the woods.
    We went off the trail and before I knew it his cock was out and in his hand. He was hard I had never seen him hard before. I could not take my eyes off of it. James must have noticed me looking he said so what do you think of my cock?
    I was shocked and I turned red blushing by his question. he noticed me blushing and he stepped closer to me took my hand and placed it on his cock. OMG I was touching him my cock jumped in my shorts. He felt so warm in my hand I just stood there holding it. He said well you going to help me out or just stand there? I felt like I would pass out my head was spinning as I went down on my knees and put my lips to it. James leaned against the tree as I pulled his shorts down and his cock bounced out for me to lick it. As I licked he made groaning noises. I took his cock into my mouth I was shaking my whole body was on fire my face felt like it was burning. As his cock slid into my mouth he said oh yes buddy yes suck my cock. with that I started to suck hoping I was doing it right. his cock felt so right in my mouth like it should have always been there. I was in heaven sucking on him I looked up at him and noticed him looking down on me. He smiled at me and put his hands on my face. he held my head as he began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I did not gag like I thought I would it just slid in and out with ease. I could taste him leaking cum it was sweet and sticky but I liked it. Suddenly I smelled a bleach smell and I heard him groan and thrust himself deep in my mouth all his 7 inches of thick meat and then I felt something hit the back of my throat he was Cumming OMG he was Cumming in my mouth and I loved it as he pulled back another shot hit my tongue it was thick and lots of it. He loaded my mouth so full I pushed some off to side in my cheeks so I did not choke. As the last spurt came out he groaned and left his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked on it making him groan and buck his hips towards my mouth.
    After he was done I did not want to let him go I had wanted this for so long I never wanted it to end. he pulled it away from me and laughed saying fuck buddy your killing me. I said I was sorry he laughed and said don't be that was great. he pulled up his shorts and we went back to our walk. that night in the tent he zipped our sleeping bags together and took off his clothing and got in nude. I was hoping for more and looked like he was also.
    Once in the sleeping bags I went down inside and placed my face in his crotch smelling him and licking him. He was hard and ready so I started to suck on him. He took longer this time to cum but when he did once again he filled my mouth with his sweet jizz I was loving it. After he held me resting his stiff cock on my ass.
    He whispered in my ear damn dude I wish you had let me know you wanted this a long time ago. He never sucked me and I did not want him to I just wanted to take care of him he made me feel good to make him feel good. After he feel asleep I went to the bathroom and beat off. That week I sucked him everyday and many times each day. I wanted to just stay on my knees for him.
    After High School we ended up at same University and worked it out to be room mates. I spent the next four years taking care of James needs. He soon asked about fucking me I was frightened about it but I wanted to do anything he wanted. he was very easy with me to start and it hurt some but I did like it. After I got used to it he would fuck me hard and rough and call me names it made me so horny. I would cum while he fucked me he seemed to like that he could fuck the cum out of me.
    After Graduation James got married and had some kids but I got an apartment close by and 3 to 4 times a week James drops by and lets me have what I crave. he always kisses me on the forehead after and hugs me telling me how much I have made him happy. I like things this way I am a happy person loving my James time.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I just fucked a tranny about an hour ago.
    I live in a very small and boring town but I was surfing through Google looking for escorts. I am somewhat paranoid about showing up to an escorts place and being arrested by cops. Most of the females looked fishy so I didn't hit up any. But then I found one single transexual. She had long brown hair, tall, wide hips, nice round butt and a nice big rack. I really wanted to get my dick sucked so I said fuck it.

    I hit her up and drove to her hotel nervous as hell due to my paranoia. When she opened the door, she looked better than in her pictures. She had told me she would only suck my cock through text but when I got there, I quickly realized she had more in mind.

    I got completely naked as she requested and got on top of her nude body. It was smooth, her cock was about 6 inches and was thicker than mine. I began kissing her neck as we both began to moan. My cock was poking her hole and I could tell she wanted me to fuck her raw but I was hesitant. She put a condom on my stiff 6 inch uncircumcised dick and I shoved it inside her. I began to thrust and oh boy, this was the best ass I had ever had my cock in. It was so tight and no girl I've ever fucked in the ass, made my dick feel that way. I was pounding that ass and she kept telling me to cum as I kissed her lips and neck over and over.

    After fuckin her for a good 20 min, I pulled out, took my condom off, and stuffed my cock in her mouth as she was laying down. I face fucked her and her tongue felt so good too. I had my cock in and out of her mouth as I slid my finger inside her asshole. She was stroking her own cock while she blew me and I could her how wet and sticky it was as she stroked. It was so hott. After a while I was ready to cum so I pulled my dick out of her mouth and jerked it until I shot my load all over her tits. She kept stroking her gorgeous dick as I finger fucked her ass. She came all over her stomach and a stream even landed on her breast. It was beautiful.

    If she wasn't an escort, I would've probably fucked her raw. I know it would've felt so much better. After we were done, she got up and cleaned herself and I had a cleat view of her bare ass. I wanted to eat it so bad but I knew we were done. Maybe next time I will, and maybe I'll even suck her off. We hugged and I left. If I ever find a transexual who was very cute and nobody would know that she had a dick, I'd probably date one and possibly marry one. God damn.

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    Gay Male / 55

    I got to thinking about the strangest places that I met someone to hook up with. On this particular occasion I was home visiting my mother and we went to lunch. A couple of doors down from the little bistro was an art gallery and she wanted to go in. What do you do? she is your mother and if that is what she wanted to do, then I went in with her.

    She looked around and asked a lot of questions. The shop owner was a bit older than me, and he and I struck up a casual conversation while my mom did her snooping. I was standing a bit close to him and he just ran his hand over my stomach, which is quite large, and mentioned to me that there was going to be an art showing at this local pub and that I should come, he was going to be there and he could show me around.

    I had an early dinner with my mother and excused myself and went down to the pub. Lots of artist types, and the lady artist that was showing her stuff. I found the man from the gallery and we chatted it up. While we talked he would touch or rub my stomach. Going from painting to painting, he had the brochure in his hand, he would swat me from time to time, asking me if I liked this painting or that one. I stopped to look at this one painting, the price was right and I decided to buy it for my mother. My new friend put his arm around my shoulder while I paid for the painting, and when the transaction was completed, he hand ran down my back and over my butt cheek. He squeezed with his hand, then his hand went up over my shoulder again and he asked me if I wanted to go someplace else, before I spent any more money.

    We went to another pub, had a beer, we came close to kissing several times. We sat on the stools at the bar and while his hand was on my thigh I put my hand on his, but did not move his hand away. At that very moment, I had this desire to kiss him, so I did. We finished our beer, walked out and went back to where our cars were parked, I put the painting in the trunk of my car and we left in his car and went to his condo.

    The sex was electric, he liked to kiss so we spent quite a few minutes kissing while our hands did their work. I had to break off the kiss to lean down and kiss something so much more important. The moment I took him in my mouth I surrendered everything. I wanted him to know that what I was doing came from deep inside of me, I took as much as I could in my mouth as he gently caressed my cheek.

    Eventually, he pushed me away and had me lay on my back and he started to kiss me where it really feels good. His hands were magic, his white hair was soft as I ran my hands through it, he had broad shoulders, he was wonderful with his mouth. Before I lost control, he stopped and we went into the shower. After soaping ourselves down, and using our hands to wash each other, he turned me towards the side of the shower and he hand me extend my arms and bend over as he got down behind me and he kissed me and used his tongue and lips to treat me to an over and above experience.

    We went back to the bedroom, wrapped in huge soft towels, he laid one down on the bed and put me on my back near the edge of the bed, got some enhancer creams out of his nightstand and using his fingers he started me on the way to receive his wonderful manhood. He was gentle and firm and soon he was totally part of me, slowly and deliberately penetrating and withdrawing and penetrating again. He used his hand while he worked to entertain my feeble manhood. The rhythm picked up, bent over all the way to get a kiss, and finished with all his glory.

    55 years old, a bit over the hill, but thanks to my mother's curiosity I hooked up and had a wonderful time, great sex and made a new friend. It's a hook I know she set up for me to come and see my her more often.

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    Gay Male / 31

    In town over the weekend I decided to take a cab and go to the auto show which was in town. I walked around, saw the cars, spoke to some of the sales staff. I had arrived later in the afternoon, and it was getting towards closing time, when I went to the men's room.

    Standing there minding my own business the man beside me started up a conversation. I fended it off, I didn't even look his way, he leaned over and told me he liked what he saw. He said, "let's get to the point, for fifty bucks I will give you a blow job". It was the first time I was propositioned by a man. I declined, but not before he stood back from the urinal and flashed his cock at me and repeated the offer "for fifty bucks he would let me give him a blow job". I must have stared at him, first he was going to give me a blow job and now I was supposed to give him a blow job.

    He was between me and the door, and other than the two of us the men's room was empty. He was standing in my way, with his cock at full mast, stroking himself, he then said "let's get to the point here, give me a blow job right now and you wont even have to pay". He more or less pushed me with his free hand, back towards the stalls, back into the handicap stall, once inside he told me to just suck away. I sat on the toilet and he stood in front of me and I took his cock in my hand and I sucked away. Once I got started, I could not quit, so I sucked him and handled him until he managed to ejaculate, which I used to lubricate him some more and continue to jack him off.

    He fixed himself up, and not hearing anyone in the restroom, he walked out in front of me. When we were on the convention floor he walked beside me offering for us to get together. His insistence eventually wore me down, and I agreed to go with him. He was an in town fellow, and we went in his car to his house.

    He lived well, much better than his dress would have led me to believe, he got completely naked and called for me to do the same. He was well prepared and he was stocked up on condoms and lubes of different varieties. Now, naked in his bedroom with good lighting I could see that he was well groomed, he was ready to start, he wanted me to get him back into a full erection and he wanted to get on me and fuck. Certainly not my first time, but it was my first time with a total stranger. I agreed on the condition that he used a condom and he used lots of lube.

    He was experienced, he did it all the right way. The sex was over the top, considering my past experiences, I liked having sex, but it was a hit or miss thing, but not with him. This man knew what he was doing, he was far more experienced than me.

    We got some other things going, and around 2 a.m. he drove me and dropped me off at my hotel.

    This was the first total stranger pick up for me. It is also the one and only stranger pick up for me. But on the high side, the sex was great, ranks among the best experiences that I have had. I know what to ask for now and I think I picked up some pointers for the next time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Over a period of around eight months last year, my wife Andrea was in and out of hospital, with some stays lasting nearly a week. I'm not going to go into why she attended hospital so much, but needless to say I'm now happy she doesn't have the health issues she did.
    During the time she was on her longer stays, after around two months, she asked Chris her son, my step son to stay over if he wanted so we could "look after" one another.
    It wasn't until the third longer period of hospitalization that Chris came onto me. I'd not long gotten out of the shower and he was supposed to be having one himself. Instead I found him lay on his side naked on our bed, and he was slowly but very deliberately sliding a slim dildo up his arse.
    Going from our relatively staid platonic relationship, to seeing him obviously wanting sex, I froze on the spot. He smiled at me, told me he'd wanted this for a long time and asked me if what he mum had told him, was true. As he spoke he didn't once stop sliding the dildo up his arse and it was all I could do, to take my eyes off the sexual scene and look into his face.
    Answering my step son, I told it was true that in my college years I had had a relationship with a first year college student and I was the dominant active partner. In other words I fucked him. I also told him I'd had a brief fuck buddy relationship with a married man just before I met his mother, but that was it.
    Chris's face lit up and he told me "Then if you'd like to when my mum's in hospital, I'll stay over and you can fuck me".
    There was then a longish conversation about the morals and sexual implications of me fucking my wife's son. With each comment all Chris would say was "It'll be fine, don't worry". The deciding factor that day was Chris opening his legs as he rolled onto his back. the dildo slid out, but it wasn't the dildo that got my attention, it was his tiny slim cock.]
    Chris is six foot two and very athletically built. He's very much a lads lad, but as I've learned, he loves being fucked. And the reason for that, is his cock doesn't keep girls around too long.
    The one major thing that had my cock raging when I fucked the college boy, was his tiny cock. It's atill this day a total turn on for me to fuck a guy who's cock is so little. So seeing Chris's I jumped on the bed and immediately sucked in his small but very hard dick. My bath robe came off and within minutes we were in a sixty nine with my step son sucking on ym cock like his life depended on it.
    With my didck craving his tight arsehole, I asked Chris if he had any condoms. I fuck his mother bareback every time as she cannot get pregnant, so I didn't have any. Chris released my cock and told me he was healthy and trusted I was. I knew I was so I rose up, spun him so he was kneeling up and slid my cock slowly into his already used arsehole.
    Fucking him was a revelation. It had been so long to have a guys tight arsehole enveloping my cock, I at first took it easy. But Chris soon had other ideas when he said "I won't break, come on **** fuck me hard". It was like opening the swee shop door to a kid. I went for it and I drove inch of my cock into his fuck hole and took my own pleasure on him, forgetting about his and any pain he might be feeling.
    Doggy, missionary, then spooning him as I stroked his little prick. But it was as Chris mounted my cock facing me, that I really got into the whole scenario with him. As I've said we'd had a hands off relationship up until then, but watching him bounce up and down on my cock, and seeing the pure joy in his face, I put everything I had into giving us both a wonderful fuck. Chris began to grind down too and before long with him tugging in his tiny cock, he convulsed and arched back spurting his cum all over my stomach, chest and some flying onto my face.
    It was a catalist for me and my cock pulsed too. I told him I was wanted to cum thinking he'd have me pull out. Instead Chris sank right down and squoze his arse muscles. My cock exploded and I thrust it so deep up his shit box, he screamed out "Oh fuck yeh man, that's amazing".
    Both of us were sweating as we lay side by side. Again it was Chris who instigated the next move. Moving over, he lay over me with one leg and held my face. Looking directly into my eyes, he lowered himself and we kissed. It was the first ever time I've kissed a male, yet it felt right, it felt normal and so sexy.
    Kissing for such a long time, Chris began to massage my cock and balls. After whatever time it was, I became erect and Chris slid down my body and took my cock back into his mouth. Sucking on my dick for a long long time, I eventually pulled him up to kiss again. With our moths locked together, I moved his legs right up and entered him again. Fucking him face to face, we slowly ground into each other making our breaths laboured with sexual need.
    Chris pulled away and asked me to fuck him from behind, so we got int the spoons and I reentered him. Slowly as I could I fucked Chris and reached around to stroke his cock. Arching himself and turning hjis head, we kissed and carried kissing as my cock began to throb. Holding him so tightly, I came up his arsehole for a second time, and felt his cock pulsate in my fingers. His cock let go and his cum dribbled onto the duvet beneath us.
    Chris pretty much moved back in with us for the time period his mother was attending hospital. But only stayed for lengthy periods when she was in hospital for days at a time. We fucked every time, and it got better and better between us. We tried everything you can think of sexually and enjoyed most if not all. Chris and I were fantastic lovers and it felt so good fucking him. But things come to an end and my wife, his mother, finally got through her health issues.
    She sat us both down not so long back and had a conversation with us both about her being well and fit. She didn't directly mention us having sex, but she did say "Chris, when I'm not here you can still visit, if you know what I mean. But you will not enjoy my husband when I'm around". She turned to me as my mouth dropped and said "What did you think it was Chris's idea".
    My wife and I have a good sexual life, but she alos knows and accepts her son takes my cock too. It's almost become "Normal" in our family and Chris even pulls his mums leg sometimes, making me feel a little awkward. But I'm not complaining as I get to fuck two very exceptional people, who love each other completely.

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