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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 28

    Any females curious or had try to put a hamster in their pussy ? I cant teach you how to do it iys very pleasurable

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    Straight Female / 46

    raw confessions send 10 hours of gay heman youtubes to sexual abuse victims and blocks them. @@RawConfession I have reported the site rawconfessions.**m for sexual abuse to adult victims of sexual abuse. I had ranted yesterday about these filipinos who have been stealing money from my sister and threatening to bash her son up and asked you redirect me to youtube (dot) com/w******==eh7lp9umG2I&t==9s I was talking about how cookie delirosarary-iogonal-ass took $300 of my sister rose at the treasury casino she won and how cookie was threatening to get her son nichass to bash up my nephew and to be honest I believe cookie is into some Filipino satanic occult and she has been stopping men from liking me and wrecking job opportunities for me and meeting new men. some person seems to have this strange idea that I make people gay, and I don't. I have no personal opinion on LGBT other then its not my thing and and I don't support gay marriage. I am a christian and went to christian church catholic school and I was sexually abused as a child for around 15 years and so were my parents sexually abused as a children and in workplaces. my mother told me she was sexually assaulted at the telephone exchange at southp in the 1950. I was sexually harassed at Rema and also I went to a legal receptionist job at a legal firm that was connected to a house and this interviewer who was a solicitor was actually openly masturbating himself in front of me at the other side of the desk and I found this overwhelming and fearful and left. I don't appreciate this abuse from rawconfessions (dot) com or rapist or any of the rottuks who were around in the navy. These people are sick. I have been abused enough! don't you think? and I don't want police coming to my house either!!as stated above I would make a formal statement to the police so long as it is not qld police and I would like to spoken to better just because I have ptsd from being r**ed and sexually abused doesn't make me less then anyone else and I dislike the way police treat me.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Any females into zoophilia ?

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    Straight Male / 28

    Any females curios or had tried zoophilia ? ever think to put a snake or a hamster in their pussy or fucked with a dog?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I've got a drug habit and love unsafe sex with anyone I love being a human toilet I drink and eat. I love collecting strangers shit from public toilets and playing with it. Last night I was used byvthree couples as there toilet and ate most of it onevwomen stayed behind and both ateveach others and smeared over the toilet and both licked clean tonight she made me a sandwich which I ate

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    About 6 weeks ago I moved in with another woman. A medical doctor with a very popular clinic that she founded, a huge mansion and I am now her "wife". I had no idea that this would happen. She was an experiment about 4 months ago when I was 19. She is 42, very pretty, nice body, no kids, trimmed pussy, naturally blonde, with D cup boobs. I on the other hand, am not that attractive, 5ft. 4in, skinny with barely A cup boobs, and a brunette. Nothing special, though for some reason she set out to seduce me. She did. I'd never made love with a woman before and I loved it from the first time with her. We've done it outside, inside, in front of open windows, in the car, even on a nude beach in the Caribbean in front of everyone. At first I was embarrassed being with her in public, holding hand, kissing, letting people know we were a lesbian couple. Now I don't care about all that. She likes to wear mens type suits (though elegantly styled for a woman) mostly she is in slacks, and I've seen her stand to go pee at the toilet.

    She was lying on top of me two weeks ago, and was talking about things she likes to do, kinky stuff. I told her I would try anything but didn't know if I'd like it. In my mind we were being kinky just by having lesbian sex. She laughed and got up, took me into the bathroom and with me kneeling next to the toilet she stood and peed into it. She asked if I'd ever truly watched my self pee, or another woman. She knew I'd never been with another girl/woman and I said no. I watched and as she finished that last spurt some dribbled down her inner thigh, she brought my head to the tiny yellow stream and I kissed and licked it up to the most beautiful pussy ever. She parted her outer lips and I licked her clean. Later that night she laid out a small blanket on the floor of the bath, and as she was lying on top of me on the blanket, she whispered to just let it happen and not move, not say anything. I felt the warmth of her stream flow over my belly and down my brown pussy hair and into my own pussy lips. She kept peeing as she was kissing me, squeezing my tits and nipples as only she can, and made me cum. Then she moved her pussy to my face and straddled me and I licked her clean and made her cum twice. Then she left me to clean up the mess and I did. Showered and fresh I moved into the bed and cuddled with my "husband".

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    Straight Male / 36

    My roommate is tweaking but doesn't think I can tell. She smells like body odor, cheap body spray and strong female odor. She frequently digs in her crotch to scratch her vagina. She is a gross pig that hooks up with random guys and brags about not using protection even though she is HSV2 positive and refuses to take her Valtrex.

    I am both disgusted and aroused by her. She oozes sexual filth and I am inexperienced with self confidence issues because I am hung like a baby. I secretly get off to SPH videos and have been lucky enough to endure the exquisite torture of being mocked or teased when a girl discovers my thumb sized boner. I even get aroused by laughing followed by disappointed pity sex and look of boredom. My neighbor texts or plays games on her phone when I have drugs she wants.

    But my roommate seems like too much risk and I wanted to see her reaction to my small size so I went in the bathroom and started slowly stroking myself while she was over at the neighbors fucking the guy for meth. The walls are paper thin and I listened to her beg him to fuck her harder and deeper because she wants to earn a big rock. He fucked her on a bed against the wall and they made no effort to be quiet as he finished inside her and she screamed that she could feel him cumming in her.

    I was incredibly aroused and went into the bathroom but didn't lock the door- I sat on the toilet and touched my throbbing thumb sized hard on as much as I could but even a slow stroke was too much and I wasn't ready to cum yet.

    I listened and waited. I was still extremely aroused when I heard his front door slam followed by my front door opening and shutting with a gentle push. I was sure she would need the bathroom, she always complained that doing meth makes her have to shit, but I hoped she would walk right in instead of knocking first.

    I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as I began to stroke my tiny dick. I heard the door open and felt the rush of air movement but continued stroking two Mississippis before "coming around" to see Sarah standing there with her mouth agape in shock that quickly turned to laughter and pointing. She kept saying she caught me and told me my penis was tiny and that I would never pleasure a woman if they can't feel it.

    I looked directly at her and failed to ejaculate like I planned so I stopped and pretended to hide myself and be embarrassed. She told me it was too late and I was caught, she walked over to me, hiked up her skirt and sat on my dick facing me. I exploded immediately and she giggled while I ejaculated inside her pussy. She asked me how I liked sloppy seconds and said I was pathetic before climbing off of me. I love how she looks at me now.

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    Straight Male / 32

    This isnât really gross to my girlfriend or I but might be for the hotel maid. My girlfriend and I were vacationing in Florida this past week. She wanted to go to a beach somewhere so I said letâs drive to Florida and stay there for a week and just hang out on the beach. Of course we did other things and being in a hotel sex happens every night for us since we donât have to deal with our normal schedules.

    Well hereâs the gross part, we were having sex the third morning there. She got on top of my morning wood to wake me and I was just letting her be on top for a while. I canât cum with a woman on top so eventually I held on to her and got her in missionary position. I was just doing my thing, kissing her and she felt very wet. Wetter than normal. I was just cumming in her all week which I normally donât do and I was cumming in her as I was kissing her. She orgasmed too at the same time. But when I pulled my dick out it was blood covered, she had started her period early. Iâm not afraid of period sex so No big deal for either of us. But when I pulled my dick out blood and cum got all over the sheets.

    So we went to shower together and after getting dressed the maid knocked on the door. We let her in and I broke the bad news to her just to be nice. I told her a little something happened and we werenât expecting it. She saw the stains in the sheet and said I know what that is and how it happens.

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    Straight Female / 40

    well its that tit and arse and pooooopy-wooopy smell times again for deformed inbred royals, why isn't everyone goooing and throwing fairs and fates parties everywhere in every city corner and town "wow aren't we so happy for the idol rich breeding and f****** sucking up love marriage vows when they don't allow us to and we are not even gay" cuz you can't have kids and marriages? so you live through their lives. why should you be happier for them then for yourself? answer me that? I feel that way about just about everyone too! I certainly don't want to see scuzzy royal weddings and chub bum bubs and s*** ass nappy s*** happy poopy time royals wallowing in pride and glory and self conceit. they make me sick. i wish they didn't exist. stop persecuting the world and allow us all to live dirty bastards and stop pushing yourselves on society that no longer want you. we don't want to see you. your didn't want to see me loved and married and with a kid so why should I have to put up with seeing your ugly ugly fugly faces and souls and all that ugly ego bouncing around. god it makes ya sick. any thinking person just wants out. just f*** off already and don't even send the press or photos to mags and media. people are sick of looking at your ugly kids and wasting their lives when we deserve marriages and kids too and all you do is show off and flaunt in everyones faces how perfect you are but your not perfect at all. your down right ugly! all of them. no more please. its torture, its terrorism. stop, just stop.Why aren't you counting on yourself and why aren't you in love with royals who get love and s** and money and you don't? what is wrong with you ? yeh, your a human who has needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! start making your life count over others.Well instead be happy for all the rich people who have someone to count on and love and enjoy their lives and forget about your own and your own needs and just be obsessed with royal media like us disability straight people who are envious of selfish sexual spoilt lazy royals.
    Why aren't you counting on yourself and why aren't you in love with royals who get love and s** and money and you don't? what is wrong with you ? yeh, your a human who has needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! start making your life count over others.

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