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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Female / 23

    I took the Bus to get to the Mall one time because I didn't want to pay for a Cab, and as I was on the Bus, I noticed a terrible odor, I looked around to see where it was coming from and I immediately got sick to my stomach when I noticed a Man sitting with his shoes and socks off, clipping his toenails on the bus. What kind of disgusting trash goes on a City Bus to trim their toenails? Dude couldn't you have trimmed your toenails at home away from everybody on a public bus? I was so disgusted that I pulled the cord to stop the bus and got off, luckily the Mall was close for me to walk, but I still couldn't get that thought out of my head of a man trimming his toenails in a public bus, seriously i lost my appetite to get anything at the Food Court, and I was too grossed out to go inside Payless, seriously people if you're going to trim your toenails, do it at home, not out in public in front of other people.

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    Gay Male / 49

    Hooked up with a cute 20 year old off Grindr. First time I had sex all year after recovering from testicle cancer surgery, different story for a different time. Yes I only have one nut now.

    But finally after a year and chemo being done I was ready to find someone to fuck. I wasnât looking to bottom yet so wanted a younger tight bottom to shove my dick in. Found a cute 20 year old, perfect! He is 5â7, 140 pounds, shaved ass and cock( sexy to me!) and mainly a bottom.

    So after I invited him over I told him it would take me about 45 minutes to get ready. I hadnât had sex in so long so I needed to groom. I shaved my nut sack since that hadnât been shaved in a year, shaved my face and was taking a shower. I was looking at my pubic hair realizing I hadnât groomed that since it was shaved off for my surgery a year ago. Normally I let it be natural but I hadnât had sex with a guy in his 20s in 10 years so figured I better groom. Jumped out of the shower and rubbed my nads hair removal all over my pubes and shaft. Waited the required time before jumping back in the shower. Rinsed my pubes right down the drain. Grabbed my razor getting the few it didnât get. So I now had a bald crotch! Never before had I had a bald crotch expect for when I was shaved for surgery.

    As Iâm putting on clean underwear my doorbell rings. That is him! I go answer the door in just my underwear, let him in and he gives me a look over. First thing he says is my dad wears tighty whities too. I told him Iâm 59, thatâs what all guys my age wear. He took his cloths off. He had on sexy bikini briefs. He pulled my briefs off and went down on my cock. Iâm nothing special, just 6â cut. He could fit it all in his mouth.

    I have him get on the bed where I lick his hole and suck his cock. I get up, walk to the bathroom to grab the lube. I start fingering his hole. I could tell he was tight and he was moaning. So I lube my cock up and try to slid it in him. Buts heâs too tight! Finally after a harder push my head pops in. I pull it right back out and apply ore lube. Then this time I shoved my dick in balls deep. He fore sure moaned loudly but said that felt great. I held it there for a few minutes while we kissed.

    Then started fucking him. I laid down so he could get on top. He really knew how to ride a guy because in a few minutes I was cumming deep in his butthole! He was then cumming all over my stomach as he still rode me.

    After getting off of me he said he wondered if I could still cum with only one ball. I said of course a guy can, you only need one. He asked for a towel to wipe his butt off with and I told him he could use the shower or push the cum out if he liked but he said no he gets turned on carrying it. So he wiped his crack off, got dressed and left.

    It was 8pm so I took a shower to get his cum off me, laid in bed naked to watch some tv and ended up falling asleep! Sex put me out it seems. When I woke up I was loving the feeling of having no pubic hair.

    The 20 year old messaged me today saying heâd love to hook up again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Disgusted but can't stop.

    A bad habit.


    All of the above.

    I am talking about messing around and sucking cock with strangers, and more. My work in sales took me from town to town, and at night the desire got out of hand and I would go out and be available at hotel bars, sometimes at truck stop diners, make friends and suck cock, and more.

    I am now retired and living in Arizona with other snow birds. I leave home around eight thirty and drive the two hours to Phoenix, I go to clubs and bars, sometimes Walmart or Home Depot strike up conversations and suck cock, and more and then drive back home before sun up.

    I feel disgusted, but four, maybe five days, and I go out again. I don't want to mislead you, I only make a connection about a third of the time. I have been desperate enough to resort to a homeless man.

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    Straight Female / 20

    In college, now at home because of the 'virus'. Bored, tired of Netflix, nothing new to share with my friends. I went into the backyard and the neighbor lady came over to talk. She is divorced and her kids are grown. She wants to talk, and so do I and after a couple of days she gives me the lowdown on her sex habits, she told me she got into it after she got divorced. She showed me what she uses to entertain herself. Pictures on the internet do not reflect the anatomical reality or size of these things. The colors are too good to be true. All her 'toys' are canine, Gross.

    When I got home and thought about it, I had held them when she handed them to me. And they had all been where I never want to go. Gross! Yuck!

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    Straight Male / 46

    Last year in July I went out to a bar with a few friends to celebrate ones birthday. Ended up meeting a 20 year old college girl there who was there with friends. After my friends left I end up sticking around to talk to her. At 2am I took her back to my place.

    I could tell she was a city girl not used to small towns but thatâs okay. In my bedroom we both kicked off our boots as we laid on the bed kissing. I took my shirt off and pulled hers off. She wasnât wearing a bra, fine by me! She had some nice tits too. Very nice body too, little chubby but fine by me. I push my jeans off and was down to just my jockey briefs. Think she was a bit surprised to see a guy wearing white briefs but she had to remember that I am in my mid 40s. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. No panties underneath but a big thick bush! That surprised me, every women Iâve had sex with in the last 15 years has been shaved. I definitely love a bush though.

    So I start to go down on her and realize there is a string in her bush. I ask what it is and she says I didnât know how to tell you but Iâm on my period. I stand up, Iâm still wearing my briefs, my cock is rock hard in them. She was saying how sorry she was and that sheâs give me a blowjob. I reached down, pulled the tampon out. Walked to my garage where my garbage can is and threw it away.

    Walked back into my bedroom and went to my closet to get a condom. She said I reminded her of her dad walking around in my tighty whities. I took them off, put the condom on and fucked her. It was messy. Period blood got in her bush, my bush and some on the sheet. But I blew a huge load in and around her mouth.

    After showering she said she had to go to her car to get a new tampon. So she walked outside naked. Hopefully my neighbors didnât see that! Her bush really was visible! She cane back in and she stayed the night. I gave her a pair of my bikini briefs to wear to bed figuring they fit more like her panties only because she was on her period. Normally she slept naked she said. I slept naked as usual.

    In the morning she was laying on her stomach. I fucked her tight virgin ass. Blew my load in her ass and she left with my load in her and a sore asshole.

    One of the hottest fucks Iâve had

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    Straight Male / 19

    Currently in college at Ohio state. After going out a d doing some shopping and getting something to eat last night I definitely was very horny. Girlfriend and I have sex very often, pretty much daily. So in her dorm around 9pm we were fucking. Weâre probably the odd people in college because we do t shaved out pubes off, weâre both pretty natural.

    So my girlfriend is on top and pit my dick in her butt. Weâve had anal plenty of times so sheâs riding me nice and hard. Each time we change positions Iâm applying a little more lube to her butthole on on my dick. We always lay a towel down on the bed since we live in the dorms, just Incase things get messy or wet.

    So Iâm fucking her in missionary, Iâm standing up and her ass is at the edge of the bed. Sheâs giving off soft moans. At that point Iâm in her balls deep, I only got a 6â dick so nothing impressive. But Iâm getting close to Cumming and itâs starting to feel much warmer in her butthole and she definitely looks like something is wrong.

    At that point Iâm blowing my load in the condom ( yes we only have safe sex) and I know something definitely isnât right. I look down and there is shit at the base of my cock and some on my pubes. Guess I fucked the shit out of her lol.

    She tells me to pull out slow. I grabbed the roll of paper towels and got a few off of it. Held them under my dick as I pulled out. The condom definitely was shit covered, definitely why we use a condom for anal! She grabbed her baby wipes and we both cleaned up enough to go take a shower. Lucky for her she could just put a sun dress on and head for a shower. I had to put my jeans on before heading back to my dorm for a shower. Definitely wasnât going to put my underwear on, white briefs and shit in my pubes wouldnât be a good mix!

    Since weâre both 19, things like that donât bother us. She gave me a blowjob this morning. She pulled my dick out the leg hole of my briefs and went to town on it! Luckily she swallows! Though we are both thinking that if we continue with anal we might need to shave our pubes for easier clean up in case that happens again

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I hate Indian Women. Reason? I am working in contract based construction company. I moved a lot. Everywhere I go I fuck girls. I have fucked countless girls from Africa, Asia and Europe. But India was nightmare. Indian girl's are rude, mannerless, pathetic and religiously sick. Fuck Indian bitches

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I hate Indian Women. Reason? I am working in contract based construction company. I moved a lot. Everywhere I go I fuck girls. I have fucked countless girls from Africa, Asia and Europe. But India was nightmare. Indian girl's are rude, mannerless, pathetic and religiously sick. Fuck Indian bitches

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    Straight Male / 54

    Was fucking my wife in the ass Valentineâs Day morning before work. It was kinda a spontaneous thing because I had to leave in 30 minutes and she had to get the kids up for school in 20 minutes. And as I was going to start the coffee she told me she wanted her ass fucked.

    So back in the bedroom I went, I already had morning wood in my briefs so I was ready to go. She was in doggy position on the end of the bed, I lubed my cock up and pushed it in her ass. Her asshole is very tight.

    Iâm fucking her ass hard towards the end. Itâs pretty loud too, the skin slapping was a big turn on for her. She got onto her back and I started fucking her hard and playing with her clit. Just as I was cumming in her ass she orgasmed too. And I could feel it get very wet and sloppy. I look at my dick and there was shit on it and all over her butt now.

    I asked my wife when was the last time she pooped and she said a day ago. Guess my cum loosened things up. I pulled out and got the shower started. She cleaned herself up and went to get the kids up.

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    Lesbian Female / 25

    I hate to admit it, but, i think i like boys. No, not the gender as a whole. I mean little boys. Not old enough for this site. I've been a lesbian for a long time, so, i dont know where this i coming from.

    Their cute faces, squishy ass cheeks, tiny little dingles. God, i need therapy... or shota porn.

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