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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once I was in school when I was younger, I had to pee really bad. I was in 8th grade and the class smartie. I always had "A" Honor roll and never did anything wrong. WE were working on a science project in the gymnasium.

    I was almost finished way ahead of all the other kids. So I offered to help a kid who needed a volunteer for his project.
    First he had me drink coke and take a test. then i had to eat a cracker and take a sip of water.

    Then I drank pepsi and took another section of the test.

    I drank 7 different liquids. Ms. Tomas tells us we have 1 hour left to work on our project. So another boy asks me for help. so me being so close to being done offers to help.

    "Uh... Annabelle since your so smart and perfect and stuff yo might mess up my project.. but I'll try anyway." Andy Yelner says/
    He tells me to say the first word that comes to my head when he shows me pictures.
    I don't remember all the pictures he showed me but i remember what I said.
    "maki ng"
    "potty&qu ot;
    No not really. but thats what I was thinking.
    1/2 an hour left.
    I thought I could make it. After all I was perfect right?

    I sat working on my project, my bladder fuller than it ever had been before.I was jittery sitting on the edge of my chair.
    when the teacher told us it was time to leave I could barely move. Sure i was jittering and dancing, but I mean how much could an eighth grader hold?

    I was about to find out. I slowly packed up my science project. I thought momentarily about letting the urine flow in my pants but then thought about my status as and A student.

    Jitter ing uncontroloby, I tried to run to the restroom 4 stories above without my teacher seeing me. but she caught me.
    Annabelle, she said "I am ashamed"
    I told her embarrassed,
    "I need to use a restroom very badly"
    "Annabelle you'll have to wait until the end of school. It is only 2 more hours. You are a very bright girl"
    I mumbled to my self, So what if I'm smart? it doesn't mean i can control myself from pissin my pants.

    My bladder was contracting 500 times a minute.
    I knew I was going to pee my pants and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
    I was in the young child stance. Knees locked together and hand cupped. I shifted my wieght and hovered to the ground.

    We walked out side. I stayed. Hidden behind a tree in the snowy weather I struggled to get off my pants. But I couldn't. I strained my muscles and tried to squeeze back the urine that was forcing push out from inside me.

    I gave my self a purposely wedgie also going up my lips to hold back. It helped me run to my math class. I sat down and quietly hoped and prayed that i could hold it back for just 20 minutes. my prayers were not answered. I was called up to do a problem on the blackboard. I asked if I could please use a restroom. He allowed me to... after I finished a problem. I was under stress which made it worse. here was the problem:
    7+9to the 9th power(2*92)sqared/16=?
    I worked for maybe 3 minutes. I could absoulutley not hold it anymore. I begged for him to let me. I was not allowed and was forced to let my pants be soaked. It spread all over my pants and made a pool on the floor. I was crying and was still forced to do the problem. I n my last class I was still having trouble concentrating because everyone seemed to be staring at me. all of a sudden diareah comes squirting out of my shorts. I cry and run out of the school all the way home. I was suspended for 3 days and lost my title as "a smart kid" and became "a whiz kid"

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day We were caught in a snowstorm at a buisness meeting. So they had to group all us girls in one room to share. This girl in our room... I'll call her Sherri had to pee. But we weren't supposed to leave the room because we would have to go through the guys room and we would have been fired. they would have thought we were gonna start making whoopee or something.. So there was Sherri practically peein her pants when all of a sudden she stands up and looks like shes humping a corner. She was peeing on the wall! We all started laughing and the guys heard us. they peeked in and there was shari realiving herself on the wall. A guy I will call bob says... "so who ever said women can't pee standing up" Then one of the guys... Joe started laughing. then he stood in a corner and started peeing too. then bob, mike, and rob had a contest to see who could hit the cieling with there urine first. I peed my pants from laughing, and the boss comes in. Oh boy. that was soo embarrassing. We were suspended from work for a week!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once I was at a party and I had to pee so bad. but the person who had invited me was talking to my crush and I didn't want to ask where to take a piss in front of him.
    I was desperatley trying not to pee all over. I just couldn't seem to help it. I was talking to him and I peed all over. he saw and I turned beet red. I don't know why I am soo stupid though. I kept drinking pops and stuff, which caused me to have to pee more. When I figured out where the restroom was I got there. there was a line of like 5 people. I was shifting my weight from side to side hoping for the will power to hold it in.

    But of course my wish was not granted. I rushed into the bathroom and tried to unzip my jeans. But the zipper was jammed. I despretely groped at it trying to pull it out.

    But it was no use. I pissed and crapped all over. My pants were now soaking and there was a huge lump. But I walked out. everyone looked at me very strangley.

    Then we were playing spin the bottle. I got my crush and we walked into the bathroom together. He told this hilarious joke. I started laughing all over. then i realized I had to pee again. But still laughing I peed in front of my crush..
    I was so embarrassed.
    But my crush... well he doesn't like me any more.!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well i worked at this paint shop during the summer and theres this nice guy there named Marcus and that day i decided to wear my favorite shorts and so one day i was in the middle of painting i had to go really bad!! But i thought why risk looking stupid in front of my paint shop partner so i held it. When i reached the top of the house and i am short so i asked marcus to give me a boost so i was painting the top f the house while he was giving me a boost and all of a sudden i started peeing uncontrolobly! It drenched my favorite shorts dripped down my legs and right on his face!!! TOTALLY EMBARRASSING! well lets just say for the reat of that summer i hung up my paint brush and started working at a convienience store with these stuck up snobs that are stupid compared to marcus!!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    While walking with my husband we both wanted to pee. We went into an almost empty bar and straight to the toilets. The women's toilets were out of order and I was in si much hurry that I said to hubby that O was going to the men's toilets with him. The only cubicle was occupied and I could hardly hold my pee. After a moment's hesitation, I dropped my pants and my underwear down to my ankles, abd held my lips open to pee standing up next to husband. It was a bliss! Suddenly, the toilet door opens and two men came in and saw me peeing with my pants down! I couldn't stop peeing and had to hold my lips wide open because it started dripping down my legs. It took me a minute or so to finish, it seemed an eternity. They obviously enjoyed the show because they came to stand next to me and looked straight on my exposed genitals. Finally, hubby gave me toilet paper and I wiped myself in front of everubody. I was all red in the face, it was the most embarassing moment in my life.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well I have a pet frog, shes a girl and shes a really nice frog so I named her after what ahe loves the most (Lillipads duh!) well I usually take her to the lake every sunday afternoon to hang with her buddies and croak and once she started peeing on her friend frogs and I was like Lillian--- STOP PEEING! cause you know like she is trained so then a whole crowd of people saw this but nope they had to idea I was talking to Lillian so I ran away from there and since I knew those people they knew all about me so it was hard to dodge them so I had to move to Dakota with my Aunt till this day I hope they never find me,,,, yes yes I know I was dramatic about that but come on did I mention Lillian not really a frog--- she's my little niece that lives with me at my own home---- get the point now????????

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well i wet the bed like you know, evry day (i mean night) and this one night i totally fell asleep peed the bed you see and so i woke up the next morning on my b day and every one came in and saw the humongus wet spot on the bed! Horrible Terrible OH No! i was so scared i wet the bed again although i wasn't in my bed i was eating cake in the kitchen!

    P.s. did i mention i always pee in boxes?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 13-old enough-when I started playing hockey. There weren't many girls playing back then in the 80's, so I had to play with boys, and many were much bigger than I was. Well, during one game, I had a full bladder, and could barely skate, I had to wizz so bad. Suddenly, this huge boy, slammed into me-laid me out on the ice. I flew and landed in the corner, where I felt the pee uncontrollably drip out of me. I was horrified, realizing I was pissing my hockey uniform!! I couldn't control it, though. I had to play the rest of the game with a damp crotch. It happened again in another game, too. Soon, I realized that ya sweat so much playing hockey, you get dripping wet and stinky, anyway, so it didn't really matter. Anytime I had to pee on the ice from then on, I'd just let it go right in my hockey pants. Gross, hah? At home, I'd just spray perfume on the crotch of my pants and let them airdry. That seemed to suffice.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once when i was out with my boyfriend we were walking into a fancy diner. We were holding hands and being affectionette
    while at the same time i had to pee.i decided to hold it for as long as i could. we stopped walking right before the door cause we were so in to it. on accident i peed my pants a lot but thought he wouldnt notice and kept going then he gabbed my butt and thighs and jumped back wiping his hands on his pants. i started to ask whats wrong when i knew that he had found out. i touched my thighs and i was soaking so much!!!i was so humiliated and my boyfriend was nervous around me so we just went home to change and we didnt get to eat at that place.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    it was prom night. i went to it with a girl i really liked named amy. during the course of the night we had alot too drink. some would say too much. well we ended up in the pool, which ultimately led us to kiss and then get naked. well, to make a long story short, i farted by accident and a little present came out; actually a big one. i hadn`t noticed. as it floated around unoticed by us, we began to wrestle. somehow it ended up in her cleavage. i kissed her breasts and found what i thought to be a raisinette in my mouth. being drunk and all chewed it and realized too late that it was pooh. my pooh! i puked on her and everyone saw. that was the best night of my life. :)

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