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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Gay Male / 18

    Sandra the fat ugly jabba the slut. I am not you. Stop bullying me you whore. Sandra used people. She was constantly running away from her mother and granny and she was fat and ugly and a rich bitch with a professional mother and I don't have to like you, you never treated me that nicely. I wish I had never let you around me when my world was barely up because you bring it down to you and I am not you. Never will be you. So get off my path and go find you sex toys for your kids. Run home to raunch bitch mommy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Was having sex with my boyfriend yesterday during my shift at the hospital. Iâm a surgeon, had a few hours of personal time. Boyfriend brought food so we ate and then he wanted fucked before he went back to his apartment. Took my scrub pants and underwear off, he got naked and he bent over the bed in the room I slept in. Little bit of lube and I was fucking him. Felt great, was going great and I was cumming in no time. Needed that orgasm for sure.

    But as I was Cummings his stomach made some noises and I felt a warm rush around my dick. I thought maybe it was just my cum. I pulled out of his ass and saw my dick was covered in shit. I wasnât really grossed out, have to except it can happen with anal sex. Boyfriend has ibs so some days sex is risky. The food we ate just didnât settle right with him.

    No big deal for me, I wiped my dick off with baby wipes and he wiped himself up. He got dressed a d I just put my scrub pants on. Put my underwear in my pocket and walked with him to the restroom. Kissed him goodbye and could tell he was embarrassed. I went to the locker room to shower. Got all cleaned up and got dressed. Luckily no one was in there when I was washing my dick off.

    This morning I go home but stop by my boyfriends house first. He was still embarrassed and I had to tell him itâs fine. Heâs only 24 and weâve been seeing each other for 9 months, I took his virginity.

    Had sex with him this morning before he went to work and that helped calm him down. Weâve had bare sex our whole relationship, I was gonna use protection when i took his virginity but we were in a hotel in a different state and all I had was lube in my bag.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I recently read about a teacher who had been left alone with a teenage pupil. He tried to r**e her, and eventually settled for forcing her to give him a blow-job. Rather than swallow, she got herself tidied up, walked down the corridor to the main office, gestured to to the secretary to give her a glass, and spat his semen into it so that she would have evidence when she reported it. I know I shouldnât, but I get hard when I imagine her hurrying along that corridor with a huge load of warm, slimy jizz in her mouth. And can you imagine the weird game of charades in the secretaryâs office? LOL!

    I know it shouldnât turn me on, but putting that aside, deep down Iâm actually impressed. Can you just imagine her horror? Being forced to her knees, knowing full well whatâs about to happen.... he presses the wet head of his hard-on against her lipsâ¦and, to her disgust, she has to open her mouth, purse her lips tightly round that shaftâ¦and slide her head right down till her nose is buried in his pubes. He puts his hands behind her head and starts thrustingâ¦in and out, in and out, in and out...and she just has to keep her lips tightly gripping that hard shaft, with her tongue pressing against its underside.

    Jesus! Just imagining what must have been going on in her head during however many minutes this sex act took almost has me cumming in my pants! Then he starts to ejaculate and the first hot blast of jizz hits her in the back of her throat, then another, then anotherâ¦it starts to pool in her mouth and she has to taste his hot slime as it runs over her tongue, and all the time heâs still spurting more and more into her. And she STILL has the spunk (no pun intended) as he withdraws to keep her lips firmly shut to avoid spilling what heâs just pumped into her. She then has to take a few minutes to get dressed and make sure she was fit to be seen in public, and then walk the length of the school past God knows how many people, and then try to mime to the secretary what she needed..and all the time her mouth is still full of his semen!

    And, in the end, it got a conviction. God, this woman was made of strong stuff - Iâd love to meet her!

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    Straight Male / 31

    I recently did some time in jail, you usually here of men getting r**ed in american prisons but it happened too me 9 months ago, I'm pretty small in stature and weigh around 10 stone, I was put in this cell with another prisoner, everyone was in with someone else in there and sometime 3 to a cell, anyway the guy was absolutely enormous, his arms were at least the size of my thighs and stood just over 6 feet.

    The assaults started almost straight away, and I learned later her was a lousy sex offender, all I did was defraud an insurance company! and got 6 months!

    First night he started talking about sex, I didn't really want to know but he kept on talking anyway, I tried to go to sleep although it was hard in there and he yelled at me, are you fucking listening to me! I don't usually get terrified like this but I was shaking with fear, next thing I knew he was standing over me with his cock in his hand saying I was going to suck it and he better enjoy it.

    I was given no time to react as he forced his cock into my mouth, com on suck it he said slapping my head, his cock was gagging me it was so big and disgusting I couldn't speak, never fucking mind he said, he held my head down and fucked my mouth until he came, I nearly puked at his rancid taste, he took his cock out and said, now you my fucking personal property and bitch and you better not grass me or I'll fucking kill you, and I believed he meant it.

    This went on for 5 month, every night I was forced to suck his cock until he came, he made me swallow his cum too, one night the same as usual, I decided I'd had enough, I never said a word to the officers but I did have a plan, he came over to me holding his cock, I decided to be nice about it for once and took his cock in my mouth without any complaint, he stood there enjoying what I was doing then I struck, I bit down as hard as I could, he started punching me like hell but I held on, he was screaming to get get of him but I clamped my teeth around that rancid cock of his, my mouth started filling up with blood too.

    With his screaming the prison officers came, the door opened and they were greeted with us on the floor with me with my teeth grinding away at his cock, there was blood everywhere, I got knocked about quite a bit by him and the officers got me to let go, I was covered in his blood and he was still screaming, I had nearly got through all his cock! about three quarters I was told later.

    There was obviously charges laid against me for assault and I put my side of it, fortunately they believed me but i had to spend another couple of months in there while it was all sorted out, they called it self defense and I was basically given a slap on the wrist, I was asked why I never reported it, I said I was afraid for my life and believed he would actually carry out his threat, I was very lucky there was only him assaulting me, if there had been two or three it would have been unimaginable, I just wish I had done it sooner rather than later, I learned later all his cock is good for now is pissing through, I don't care, he deserved it and much more, he was lower than whale shit and not human.

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    Straight Male / 49

    There is a p**ophile that has never been punished for having sexual intercourse with girls under the age of 15, when he was in his 30's. This isn't his only crime but, as far as I am concerned this is the one that he should have had to pay for.

    He moved here to Jackson from Compton, CA. several years ago.

    They say birds of a feather flock together. And him and his friends were always flirting with underaged girls.

    They saw nothing wrong with messing around with these young girls until one of their 'friends' was finally sent to jail for m****ting a 6 year old.

    He now is all high and mighty with the things that young people are doing that is nowhere near as bad as what him and his friends did.

    These young girls will be scarred for life.
    Those young girls that they took advantage of will also never get any justice.

    But, it is time that he no longer can hide his crimes in the shadows.


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    Transsexual Female / 37

    My mom was a professional dominatrix. We lived in a big old brick Victorian building that was originally built to be our town's town hall and later became the town library before the town sold it off to help pay for new versions of both. By that point my mom had made a lot of money professionally and so she bought the place and turned it into a gorgeous home. The basement and part of the rear wing were transformed into dungeon space and the rest was our home. I never met my dad. Mom says that he was a client that eventually got a sex change and then died of AIDS.

    I had a pretty good idea what Mom did for a living by the time I was seven.

    Also I would like to point out that Mom never wanted a boy. She always wanted a girl and made a point making sure I knew. That said she always showed me great affection. I just to maintain a feminine persona in order to receive that affection.

    By the time I was ten I was regularly spying on my Mom with her clients but I also had tacit approval from Mom. She knew I was there, scolded me for being naughty, gave my balls a gentle swat and told me to go to my room and jerk off. That is all the trouble I would ever get into when spying on her and I now know she got off on knowing her preteen son was watching her do bad things to naked me.

    One day when I was 11 I watched from a dark corner as she squatted over a man's faced and shit into his mouth and made him eat it and lick her clean afterwards. I was intrigued. I did not immediately acquire a desire to have my Mom poop into my mouth but I was fascinated watching her do that to men.

    So after doing that a few times I felt compelled to seek out a pair of Mom's dirty underwear. Now I don't mean just worn but it had a big fresh shit stain on them. It seems her toilet slave hadn't done a sufficiently thorough job licking her clean and so some of her poop got into her panties. I sniffed the crotch and got turned on from the odor of her vagina mixed with dried pee but it was impossible to avoid the smell of her poop. It was gross and disgusting and sickening to smell and yet my little cock was throbbing hard. I held the dirty panties to my face and breathed deeply to saturate my lungs with as much of my Mom's filthy essence as I could stand while furiously jerking off. Just as I was beginning to squirt Mom caught me. She flew into a furious rage, started calling me "miss toilet" and dragged me to a part of her dungeon I never knew existed. She strapped me into what was a sort of coffin shaped box. Then she lifted a lid from above my face and that is when I saw the toilet seat above my face.

    "You're so interested in Mommy's shit you are now going to experience it first hand you filthy little pervert!"

    At that point she sat down, ordered me to open my mouth wide and she took a dump right into my throat. The giant putrid turd flopped over and covered most of my eyes and nose. I could barely breath. She ordered me to eat the entire thing which was very challenging and helped me by pissing into my mouth from time to time to make it easier to swallow. Then she commanded me to lick her thoroughly clean. I did. I wanted desperately to jerk off but my hands were tied and I couldn't . When I was done which took nearly 2 hours, Mom put a chastity cage on my crotch and told me I was not allow to ever cum again.

    Later I found out that I was set up. Mom deliberately wanted to catch me jerking off with her filthy panties to my face and she did. I have a particularly long tongue and mom likes her ass cleaned and she likes the empowerment of using a human being as a toilet and it turns out I like it too. No. I love it. I adore being Mom's toilet. I get to serve her this way for a three day weekend every month since I was eleven and once a year I get to do it for a week.

    Bui I also mentioned that Mom always wanted a girl. When I was ten she announced that I was going to grow up to be a girl not a guy and she gave me "magic vitamins" that made me grow breasts, have softer skin and hair, a high pitched voice and made my cock and balls shrink. But at the same time she periodically slipped me some testosterone to make me horny. Believe me I was one delightfully confused and fucked up little kid.

    Today I am still my Mom's little sissy toilet slave.

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    Straight Male / 43

    My wife and I have done anal play since we were dating.
    A few years back we were feeling frisky, and after some teasing and resisting, between us.
    My cock head was parting her shitter, lubed up dick working her asshole.
    She was sideways on the bed, on her back, ass hanging over, Iâm leaning in stroking slowly, going balls deep with each stroke, her hands on my shoulders fingernails digging in.

    We had the lights off, she was grunting a bit as I slid in ass pipe, and I realized I problably should apply more lube. One thing over the years of ass fucks, tearing her shitter would get me banned!

    Suddenly it got slippery again, I continue my assault on her asshole, sheâs moaning and grabbing my shoulders. With the new slipperiness my cock slides out, I canât see where to aim so I reach over and turn in the lights.
    The sight and smell hit me right away, her asshole, ass cheeks and pussy are covered in shit!
    I look down and see a shit coated cock and balls, shit matting my pubes.

    She had no idea, I had no idea! I literally fuck the shit out of her. Now the bedroom smells of shit, I run over and open our window, never mind thatâs is the middle of winter. We jump in the shower both embarrassed.

    W orst of all, Iâve got to give my cock a really good clean, which is still raging hard.

    She wad so embarrassed there wasnât even a consoling hand job to release the pressure....

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    Straight Male / 52

    I was at work. My asshole opened up to about the size of a quarter. Warm air gently swooshed out.
    It smelled like every chemical, dead animals and rotten food Iâve ever smelled.
    The guy downwind started retching.
    Fucking nasty

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    Straight Male / 35

    I always known I liked pissing... I've pissed on a couple of women before too, but nowadays I'm finding myself watching vomit and scat porn and wishing I had someone to puke on my erection and shit on my cock while having anal

    I would love for a woman on her knees gagging on my dick until she puked on her tits and rubbing my cock on her vomit and her face... Valentine's coming soon!

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    Straight Male / 35

    I' ll make this quick... I beat off to lesbian scat porn, or just simply watching solo women take a shit wishing they'd do it on my cock, and wash it off with their piss

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