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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Female / 40

    A lot of the people who come on this site are sexual deviants and mentally ill worse then you could ever be just worrying about your poverty these people are constantly a slave to their uncontrollable sexual impulses and deviant criminal activity and terrorist sexual coding for sexual thrills, love. so just ignore their insults. most of them are p**os, prostitutes, druggies and sex addiction is their primary trigger for all things so they probably can't hold down jobs or normal relations or if they do they are highly sexually corrupt in the workplace and highly sexually promiscuous and they don't have the mentally ability to empathise with your problems about poverty because the nigra on a trigger of sexual addiction and drugs is a downward spiral and they can't see that and never will see your side. just find a better site to vent because these sex code terrorists from isis are making money out of evil and sexual acts. no point trying to help these sex nuts, they can't be helped. they are on a downward spiral and can't see it.

    most of them have graduated to fuckbook and also chatterbate for sex exploision isis chit-chat sex code isis talk.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Ginger Girl

    I'm an 18 year old girl. I'm 5' 1" with blue eyes, freckles and I have ginger hair. I have a dirty secret and it might sound weird but I like to poo my knickers on purpose.
    I first started doing it when I was 15 and it wasn't exactly on purpose but I could've avoided it if I wanted to. It was always a fantasy of mine to do it in my panties but I didn't have the confidence to make it a reality until I was walking home from school once. I hadn't been all day and I was busting for a poo even when I got to school so I was practically pooing myself by home time. I know I could've gone at school but I love the desperate feeling when I get when really have to go and I can't get to a toilet. I walked straight past the toilets on my way out of school and I did think about using them but I decided to wait until I got home from school for that feeling of maximum relief. As I walked home the need to go got steadily more and more urgent and I was clenching constantly. I wasn't sure if I could make it home in time and the thought of doing it in my knickers crossed my mind. It gave me a thrill but I was too scared to risk it and I tried to forget the idea. The more I walked the more I wanted to poo myself and I was so desperate I stopped clenching until felt it trying to come out. I panicked and clenched hard against the urge to push but I wasn't quite quick enough to prevent a small piece falling into my knickers. Now I'd pood myself I relaxed again and clenched at the last moment and I let out a golf ball size lump before clenching again. I was so excited I forgot about the embarrassment of it and I relaxed again but I didn't stop at the last moment. I just let it happen and filled my knickers. I peed as well and it felt so liberating. It was such a relief but the reality of what I'd done scared me. When I got home I let myself in with my key and ran up to the bathroom without getting caught and locked the door which I never do. I pulled my knickers down and thankfully it was a solid poo so my bum wasn't messy and I was able to wash out my knickers in the sink so no one found out I'd pood and wet myself.

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    Transsexual Female / 22

    One night, my current boyfriend and I were at his place, just relaxing like normal. We were both naked while he was giving me a delectable rub down with lotion. One thing lead to another and before long, we were commencing in epic sexy times. Eventually, he starts hitting it hard from the back, propped up on his elbows. After a while, he decides to rest his body weight on me, still pounding it. We both are getting hot and sweaty by now, so whenever he would shift around, my back would stick to his belly due to the sweat. (Gross, but it happens!) At one point he pulls up completely, adjusts himself, then lays back down. AS HE DOES, the loudest, most grotesque sounding body fart ( our sweaty skin coming together) is made. He tries to keep going like it didn't happen, but I on the other hand am dying with laughter. I was laughing so loud and hard I had tears coming out of my eyes. I tried to stop but I couldn't. He tries to shush me because his roommate is across the hall. He starts laughing at this point, which makes me laugh more. Before I know it, we're both on our backs in hysterical tears for about 10 minutes. It was such an awkward moment turned hilarious!
    Makes all the difference in the world if you have someone who will laugh with you at that kind of thing. Hope you guys got a laugh out of this like I did!

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    Straight Female / 45

    i would have been so happy in love with glen who looked like nicholas (actor from uk) that year in drama, I think I would have felt so complete and in love like I was in heaven being successful as well as loved and thin. it would have been a fresh sweet thing for me. but I was never sort after. then there was tony I liked him he was big but too big if you get me even his ego was too big. then robert it could have been good and other guys. each time I prayed to god to give me a love and romance like others that you didn't have to die or be killed for. to be waiting so long til 29 to have first time sex was crazy all these ugly creepy old men demanding time with me was unbareable. being r**ed by a ugly disgusting smelly vomit bucket was demoralising and he made me ill. it wouldn't matter to me if he had owned russian palace or scotland castles he was wrong for me and I still don't like or love him. I wanted someone like nrowe, and very sweetly young suited educated teen. but they rejected me or ignored me. I liked a lot of my teachers too. a law teacher who was so beautiful but what could I give someone like that? so many new pretty young things and i liked rick. no man has lived up or been good enough and all so vomit ugly and stupid. now can you see where you all went wrong and can you now see why you made so many mistakes and can you now see how selfish you were, and can you now see how a liar con scank you are. i will murder him alright if it comes near me. I will make it get to hell, we were never supposed to meet. you got that. I aint your property and god never wanted us to meet. we were never supposed to meet.

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    Straight Female / 45

    i was bought up like in the "children of the sun" way, you had no choice but to obey the rulers for format and you did good over bad. and to me its like Bruno talking in an interview about hilters fashion and politics "whether it was right or wrong" but look, why should I cry for alcoholics when I need to cry for me first. I need to be more about me then anyone else. you just don't consider doing bad or against the rules for the sake of the rules and format of the structures need. I can't help who I am based on how I was bought up. I have moments when I too slip into not wanting to do things and I just care more about me then anyone else now.

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    Straight Female / 45

    I am sick of having no husband. I go to al annon because my dad is a problem drinker and alcoholics have been in my family a few generations impacting my life with abuse, sexual assault repeatedly and unemployment and loss and unneeded suffering.

    last week I felt completely insulted when an old man told me I should go to a AA meeting to hear from the side of the drinker, well I don't want to know. I don't look down on them. but I have more then enough of my own pain and suffering and it will serve me no purpose at all going to hear drunks and druggies full of self pity because no one puts a gun to their head forcing them to drink alcohol.

    me, I admit I have my own "isms" and not perfect, only drank maybe 2 handful of times and over 30 years span at the most never a serious regular night clubber and I was about 30 when I started going to night clubs with friends and I actually never liked champagne as a teen but as they were cheap and they would have a free or happy hours before 8pm I would buy maybe 3 champagnes maximum and we would go out maybe once every few months because I was so busy studying and working I would have the occasional binge drinking night and regretful when so ill and I knew I had to stop so after about the 3rd time that was it and I said to them "my body just can't process the drink they way your body can"

    I would sooner spend $100 on a massage and clothing then night clubs because its not like a guarantee date or even sex and one night stand (which is not me anyway).

    I am sick of people putting demands on me and their values.

    then the real offence came with Leanne there and then theus talking about some sponsor saying "get up make a cup of tea sit on neighbours fence and tell me what you see in your house and who lives there as they would"/ how do I know what their value system is and their yards are not perfect and nor are their physical appearances or personalities and laziness and lack of parental responsibility over their shitty stinky ugly sludge kids. you want to know what I see in them if they see me as scum?

    they are dirty, selfish, rich, lazy, never do any flowers and gardens in their yard, do the bare miniumum to own a yard and house, never see or hear them cleaning much. don't look after their kids right, or pets. fat, ugly, old, fakers trying to put on a show for the world that is not even true.

    don't even try that line of judging me on my body or clothing or education or house cuz when everything was immaculately perfect when I was a teen it was still not good enough and no one liked us because it was all too perfect.

    fuck al annon. only gonna go when it suits me and will be expresing dislike for comments and persons in group. don't like chris, don't like Rough, don't like Crylin, scotty leanne, don't like theus, all of them a complaining self pitying knowalls.

    this is what happens when a nations allows drunk brat n***ars to take over your nation and not give the white people jobs.

    I am sick of fucking black scank smug islands and their bullshit scammy full of themselves act like hot shot jays.

    my brother was like that, spoilt thinking it was cock-a-hoot at 16 and flashing around in a sports car too young when he needed to learn self discipline and self order, set backs and hurt, like me and my sister. we were never full of ourselves over things.

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    Straight Female / 24

    He had sex with me, out and out sex. He made me swallow his dick and he gave me sex through my butt as well. When he got up the next morning he told me I was his bitch, he used that word, I was his bitch and don't forget it.

    After that night, which was like my wedding night except I didn't get married, he kept me around to sleep with him and take care of him. I was a freshman going to Florida State and he had an import/export business. Taking care of him was a full time job and I struggled to stay current with my college work. Every once in a while, not very often, he would take me again up the butt. It was like his reminder of where I belonged.

    When I graduated from college, as a gift he took me down to the court house to sign a marriage license. I got married at a small ceremony with some friends and family. On my wedding night I had to swallow him again, and I got it up the butt again.

    Why does a man who has you as his wife/girlfriend for over five years need to make a point of shoving his dick down your throat. I understand better the need to give it to me up the butt, I get that. What is the point of making me swallow him?

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    Straight Female / 45

    I was sexually abused as a child by a very old man and he often liked me to lay next to him on the bed or on top of him on the rare occasion and I just became accustomed to this. then I was on top of my dad as a child of 6 and I think that was when they, ie mum and dad were worried what had the old guy living with us taught me. but they did nothing, sometimes only asking me was there anything wrong but never being specific.

    he was a big big man very tall and broad shouldered. I was afraid of him but learnt to be sharp and wised up on what or when he would try to approach me. it took time to get confidence to protect myself. its just sometime I never talk about to anyone.

    i had a sexual intimacy with this old man for at least 10 years that was rotten. I was pained and I still am by it. I never wanted those things as a child. It was frightening. I feel so angry.

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    1 / 36

    Hello. And Bye.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I like to eat my cum everytime i masterbate, i also drink my pee daily. I haven't done this yet but i am thinking about eating my own poop.

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