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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    i get off on men telling me i'm ugly and gross. i like when men make me hate myself. it makes me horny to hear that i'm inadequate and unfuckable and stupid and annoying and repulsive.

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    Straight Female / 20

    A friend of mine went to mc donalds earlier today and brought back mc chickens. He gave me 3, and after i took a bite, i noticed it tasted weird. So, with said friend looking on nervously, I popped open the top to find copious amounts of cum, very poorly mixed in with the mayo. It was gross, but not wanting to say anything, i put it back in the bag. Pulling out the second one, i opened it too, finding much more of the same with a cum to mayo ratio of about 2/5. Another friend asked if there was something wrong, and i said no.I put the bun back on and bit in, I could immanently taste it, seeing my friends nervous looks and semi viewable erection. It was gross, but in some sick way it made me feel dirty, so I semi reluctantly ate all three, telling myself I just didnt want my friends to eat them. Since then, this dude has been cumming in every fucking thing i own. My shampoo, my toothbrush, my socks and panties both used and clean, my refrigerated food items, even my feminine care products. Either he knows I now but he wants to keep deniability, or has just as dumb as he is horny. A week and a half ago, I was asleep at his house since he i and two others where hanging out. But the other two went to the store for a little, leaving me unknowingly with him. Now, i didnt know about this until the others got back, waking me up. but when i was asleep, this guy managed to open a crack in my pants and cum inside my them. Why he didnt cum in my pussy is beyond me, but im glad he restrained himself. I also found out after putting them on that he came in my boots as well. So i had to walk around with this weirdos cum all up in my private places.

    Tldr; My weirdo friend keeps cumming in all my stuff, and hes getting braver.

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    Straight Female / 21

    Car poo

    My name Stacie and I had really bad diarrhoea in my boyfriend's car last night. I felt embarrassed to do it at work and I convinced myself I could hold it until I got home. When my boyfriend picked me up I was desperate to go and I was beginning to wish I'd gone at work because I wasn't sure if I could make it home in time. I told him to put his foot down as I was going to poo myself if he didn't. He said he couldn't do that as there were speed cameras on the dual carriageway and I would have to wait. I told him I couldn't wait and he though for a moment. He said there was a car wash kit in the back of the car and there was a bucket with the kit. I told him I wasn't going to poo in a bucket and he pointed out that it was better than doing it in my knickers and there were some napkins in the glove box to wipe with. He did have a point and as it was dark outside I decided to use the bucket. I placed it in the front footwell and pulled my trousers and knickers down and squatted over the bucket and relaxed. I released a huge amount of semi solid diarrhoea with some pee into the bucket and it was such a relief I didn't care about my boyfriend seeing me. I wiped my bum and dropped the napkins on top of my creation and pulled everything back up feeling so much better but the smell was awful. As soon as we got home I emptied the bucket down the toilet and washed it out with lots of hot water and bleach and I was so glad I'd managed to avoid having an accident in my knickers.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    My girlfriend has recently started watching Japanese fetish videos consisting of some pretty bizarre things.

    She has gotten so turned on by several of these kind of videos that she insists upon incorporating many into our love making. Some are hot. Some I can take or leave. But a happy wife makes for a happy life so when it comes to sex I just let her do what she wants.

    The first thing she wanted to try was licking my eyeballs. I didn't know that was a thing. I was nervous about it but let her try. I cannot tell you how erotic it is to have a girl lick your eyeballs. The sensation is sensuous as hell. But there are risks as I found out. I got a minor infection and had to go to the doctor who recommended we discontinue. Then I pointed out my wife to her and told him "I can't say no to that." He takes one look at her and then offers some preventive eye drops he said should reduce the risk dramatically and then said we should abstain for about six weeks. He then said she needed to brush her teeth and use mouth wash then rinse her mouth with salt water after that for five minutes each. After that we had no problem. She now licks my eyeballs all the time without incident.

    The next thing we did was more in line with the theme of this category. She wanted me to blow my nose into her mouth and then let her insert her very pointy tongue up my nostrils to lick the inside of them clean. This turned out to be much less risky though far more gross. But after a few times I have to confess that blowing my nose into my wife's mouth to let her eat my snot and buggers and occasional nose hairs is very erotic, especially when she licks up inside there.

    After that she got an even more bizarre and gross idea. She showed me a video of two Japanese women vomiting into each other's mouth. That was just plain gross and I didn't want to do it. But then she had me go 24 hours without consuming anything but water. That was not pleasant and I got really hungry. Then she made me a huge chocolate milk shake. She told me to drink as much as I could in about two minutes which I did. Then she laid down on the kitchen table and had me lean over her. My mouth was above her wide open smiling mouth. Then she inserted two fingers in my mouth and reached them to the back of my throat. After a few tries I had this uncontrollable urge to puke. With my stomach already purged of food from my 24 hour fast the only thing in my stomach was a small amount of stomach acid and about 12 ounces of still cold chocolate milk shake. I puked it right up and vomited it forth into her gaping mouth and she swallowed as fast as the stream of brown puke gushed into her mouth. I thought it would be completely gross but it was strangely erotic. There was no usual puke taste in my mouth like all the other times I ever threw up. Instead all I tasted was ice cold chocolate milk shake. I repeated this until I had consumed and puked back up half the two liter milk shake down her throat then I drank down and kept down the rest. She finished by licking the inside of my mouth clean. She said it was the best way to drink a milk shake. I don't know about that but it was pretty sexy to do.

    Finally she wanted me to piss and shit in her mouth. But my wife doesn't do things half way. She made me about a 5000 calorie meal and had me eat it all. Then she had me sit on an adult potty chair from where I watched a very long football game without getting up. Meanwhile she got under me laying down on a custom made bench and putting a plastic covered pillow under her head adjusting the height until her mouth was right up against my asshole. She then reached around and massaged my belly continuously until that helped move things along. I thought for sure we had taken things too far and I was also certain that I was not going to be able to tolerate the smell much less the taste when I kissed her next. Well the meal she fed me was specially formulated to a perfect balance for consistency and flavor, not just what I tasted but for what she would taste when she ate the meal after I was done with it. She licked my asshole for nearly an hour just to relax my sphincter. Not long after that I felt the urge to poop. It started out as farts then developed into wet farts and then turned into turds oozing out of my ass. The turds got harder and harder until finally there was one huge hard thick log that felt I was being fucked in the ass by a horse from within. I never felt such intense constipation nor have I ever experienced such a satisfying dump after experiencing the relief of it finally emerging from my bowels. My wife obviously could not handle all that mass of shit squishing out from between her mouth and my ass but she was a trooper and worked on it for the next two hours and managed to get every morsel swallowed. Then she went to work licking me clean. I have never felt such intimate power over another human being as when I shit down my wife's throat and feel her suck the turds out of my colon, chew them up and swallow them followed by the exquisite sensation of her tongue digging out the last bits and then licking my asshole clean which never ever lasts long enough. I don't think any human being has ever uttered the sentence: "OK, I need you to stop licking my asshole now."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Iâve always had kinky taboo fetishes but over time Iâve added more and more fetish fantasy. I guess what Iâm confessing is my absolute perfect dream sexual encounter. There is a video titled âdeflated whoreâ where a skinny old woman with an extremely wrinkled body fucks a dude. Although most would consider her one of the epitome of ugly, I find her to be one the sexiest women I ever saw. My dream night of passion would be the following:

    Firstly she would have to not bathe for a month. The more body door on her the better. Her would have a large log in her bowels and I would fuck her in her ass. Her shit would coat my cock and I would pull out and she would suck my cock. I would kiss her passionately tasting her shit thatâs more all over her lips and face. She would have a yeast infection and I would plow her cream cheese filled pussy. Also I want her on her period and she would paint my body red and brown with shit and blood. We would end the night my spooning with my crack firmly planted in her ass. I would hold her skinny wrinkled body close to me. Heaven would be repeating that night like Groundhog Day for eternity.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I met a girl a few months ago, her sex drive is insane. We can fuck half the night and then she's sucking my cock as soon as the sun comes up the next morning.

    We had fucked almost the entire weekend, I admit my cock was pretty spent. I could barely cum by the last few times we fucked.

    Monday afternoon and she called me during lunch, she was practically crying she said her pussy was dripping wet and needed to be fucked.

    I'm thinking to myself how the hell could any woman be so fucking horny, especially after we fucked all weekend?

    She was waiting for me when I got home, jumping into my arms, her legs wrapped around my waist. We made it to the bedroom, she practically ripped my clothes off. She lay on her back and spread her legs for me.

    Stroking my cock, I was hard within a few moments. I knelt between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. I was a bit shocked, I could feel this soaking wet pussy swallow my hard cock easily.

    I just fucked her like I wanted to hurt her. She screamed with pleasure, her long nails digging into my arms as I slammed my cock into her. Then suddenly there was this "aroma" of something I hadn't smelled before.

    It was strong, overpowering smell. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and almost gagged, the sight and smell of blood dripping off my hard cock. She looked up at me when I stopped fucking her.

    She saw my face and realized what was going on with me. She tells me to stick my cock back into her pussy and keep fucking her. My hard cock began to wither, I had never fucked a woman on her period before.

    She begged me to fuck her like her life depended on it, I was trying to keep from throwing up honestly. I don't know how I did it but I put my bloody cock back into her pussy. She cried out, wrapped her legs tightly around my waist.

    I slammed into her pussy, she clawed me like a tiger, cumming more times than I could remember. I finally emptied my load into her pussy and for once glad it was over. I got out of bed and practically ran to the bathroom. I couldn't look at my cock until the hot water from the shower had rinsed off most of the blood.

    She joined me a few minutes later, thankfully I was clean enough to let her have the shower to herself, I didn't want to see anymore blood.

    She came out a short time later, stood there and let me watch as she inserted the tampon into her pussy. She put on her panties and came over to the bed, I was stripping the sheets off the bed. She just smiled and told me that having her period made her even more horny than usual.

    Not sure I'm going to be able to fuck her during her period, it's so damn gross!

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    Straight Female / 37

    I shit on my husband while he jacks off. He shoots his sperm on my poopy asshole. I tolerate it, he cleans it all up, including me, and I don't have to have sex with him when I do this. My sex drive has dropped of terribly in the last 5 years, but I will have sex if he wants, when he wants. Right now, if I do this and pee for him he's content, so am I.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I have started sucking my thong string after the gym...

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    Straight Male / 18

    when I was 9 I r**ed my dog with a shoe up his cock, it happened by accident so I just let him after it til he was over it. we just laughed but I see stupid about it now. it must have been watching from on the farm how they extracted animal fluids to put in the female farm animals. pass the shoe cuz its not comfortable remembering all the abuses I did from being abused as a child.

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    Straight Female / 45

    my masturbation sessions involve me using my hand or object and rubbing my clit and watching porn with horny couples in weird settings fucking. for some reason its way sexier with bed noises and longer the better. more baby more. do deep that's it love hearing her ride and moan.

    I go find a few good porn shows and put them on all at once and then grab a picture of my crush and touch myself til I cum.

    I wish I could see him. We are worlds apart cut apart by class and wealth and intellect. He is a wealthy surgeon and I am a welfare loser studying crap and a nobody so the other women tell me. "as if he would want you"! they say. so I left. and been fucking him in my daily life via masturbation for other 5 or more years. he probably has long forgotten me and would see me as fat ugly old sag bag.

    I still blame that indian slut for this. she didn't want me to have him and made sure as she sent me to him as a doctor I would never be able to have a relationship with him. cunning whore slut indian dogbeasts. I hope they all die in hell soon. They re so rude indians.

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