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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 22

    Went to a party a few weeks ago, everybody got pretty wasted. One of the girls there, never knew her name became the life of the party when she got drunk. Guys were literally waiting their turn to take a shot at her.

    One guy had the girl on her fours fucking her when suddenly she began to spew, almost like Linda Blair spewing! The guy never missed a stroke, he fucked her as she hurled her stomach contents all over the fucking bed.

    The line suddenly disappeared........... LMAO

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    Straight Male / 24

    I don't really know where else to go with this ". I'd rather it not get deleted since I'm not advocating anything I about to post about. Exact opposite, actually. I'm pretty suicidal, man. I don't think I deserve to live. The shit that gets me sexually aroused is just too fucked up. Young girls. Not, like, eight year olds, or anything. But girls that just hit puberty or have been going through it for a few years. Like, I'm twenty five, man. I shouldn't be able to find 12, 13, 14 year olds attractive. I'm attracted to adult women, too, but the fact that I can see a girl that young and see anything sexual about her just really fucks me up. I don't download k********n, or anything, but I've had fantasies. I'm so sick of knowing what a piece of absolute scum I am. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I can't. I can't write music anymore, I can't hang out with friends anymore. All I do is drink and think about ways to end it now. I just want peace. And I can't have that here knowing that I'm a piece of shit human being. I don't want this. I hate this. And it's all I can think about day in and day out. Every time I think I'm okay, I get reminded that I'm a sick fucking bastard and I just go right back to sulking. I just wish I was never born, man. This is fucking miserable.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I'm a 25 year old woman and I love having a really good poo after I've been holding it all day. I hate going in public toilets or other people's toilets but if I'm really desperate I will as it's better than doing it in my knickers.
    I did it in my knickers once in my dad's car. I was 13 and we were on the way home from a day at the seaside and I'd been holding it since the previous morning. I was busting for a poo all day and we got stuck in traffic for 3 hours. I was desperate to go and my mum told me to put the blanket from the back seat under my bum in case I had an accident as it was washable. I said I could hold it but I still put the blanket under me as I wasn't 100% sure I could hold it. After half an hour we moved about 50 yards and my dad turned the radio on to get some traffic information. Within a minute the traffic news broke into the music that was playing and it was reporting severe delays on the motorway due to a serious accident. I was about to have an accident myself and I told my mum I couldn't hold it any longer. She told me it was OK because the blanket was on the seat but what I really wanted was to be sitting on a nice toilet. I felt my face getting hot as I relaxed and allowed the poo to come out into my knickers. I felt so dirty and naughty doing it in my knickers but I was so desperate I just had to go. I wet myself at the same time and the blanket soaked it up but my bum still got wet. The relief was incredible but having to sit in my own mess for the rest of the journey home wasn't pleasant especially the smell. When we got home I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself up but as I got out of the car I felt all the poo that had mashed up between my bum cheeks slip down into my knickers which felt interesting.

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    Straight Male / 40

    About to be evicted for non-payment of rent, at eighteen, I foolishly made a deal with my sleazy, dirty, obese landlord, to let him tie me up and "wank me to death" as he put it, once a week, in lieu of rent. This took place on Friday nights, and involved him zipping me into a latex sack, from head to toe, enclosing me completely. He tied it at the waist and neck, and there were two small nylon zippers, one across my mouth, and one at crotch level. The only other contact with the outside were two small holes right over my nostrils. The bag was snug but loose enough for comfort, and some movement, although it was all internal. He pulled my goodies outside, through the lower zipper, and snugged it tight round the roots, holding my package outside, exposed and utterly vulnerable. Such helplessness was oddly exciting as well as scary, but this disgusting man was amazingly good at what he said he was going to do, and as the hours passed, in a welter of sweat, slow suffocation, and ever-increasing need to come, I pretty quickly grew absolutely addicted to this treatment! Unable to speak, tied round the neck, and waist, with just enough air for life, none left over for the luxury of speech, I answered his questions with nods and shakes of my head. "Like this?" Nod. "Want me to stop?" Shake. "Want me to let you out?" Emphatic shake, to his amusement. He crawled up onto the bed, unzipped my mouth, and slowly and irresistibly pushed his rock-hard cock into my mouth, then sprawled on top of me and resumed his caresses. I felt sick and revolted at first, but there was nothing I could do, so I made the best of it. This state of affairs lasted the entire weekend, on and off, and he questioned me endlessly when I was at my most intense arousal, and apt to babble the 'naked' truth uninhibitedly, which, it turned out later, he was recording carefully! By Sunday night, I was half-crazy with desire, and sloshing around in my own waste products, and his copious semen, some of which I had to swallow, or choke! When he finally allowed me to come, it seemed to go on forever, as he slowly milked every last drop from me, until the intensity made me scream almost silently in the heavy rubber. He untied my waist, reopened the top zipper, and pushed me back inside the bottom one. I gasped in the cool air, gratefully, and said "Please Mister Wozniak, can I get out now?" He snorted, yawned and said "What the fuck for? Give me one good reason!" I replied "Sir, I'm filthy, worn out, and I don't like it any more!" He chuckled malevolently and said "And I would care about that, why, exactly?" I whined on and on, and he finally sealed me back into silence. "Tell you what, shit-for brains, I'll let you out as soon as you don't want me to! Not until! And I'll take a lot of convincing that you're not lying to me! We clear?" Puzzled and worried, I nodded my agreement. He got up, said he had a big football game to watch, and he MIGHT be back after it ended. Then he left, locking the door carefully with his pass-key. Hours passed, it seemed, I peed some more, hungry, thirsty, sloshing in sweat and piss, and already getting hard again. This time, I had to do it myself, but it felt good, as I slowly "wanked" myself, rehashing the events of the weekend in my confused mind. I wasn't sure how I really felt! I mean this was absolutely disgusting, bizarre, and scary, but at the same time, I had experienced arousal, and a come that I had never dreamed remotely possible! Some deep down sick part of me, actually wanted to be kept like this, and made to do it all again! After a while, that is exactly what happened! He was in a foul mood since his team lost, and had been drinking, and he couldn't wait to shove his massive cock back into my mouth! He wasn't interested in me though, just that, and I remained sealed inside the bag, pleasuring myself carefully, so as not to come and ruin everything. Finally he half-drowned me in semen, and collapsed on top of me, and fell asleep, still filling my mouth to capacity. And so we spent the night like that, him in a drunken stupor, face-fucking me on and off, still unconscious, all night! In the morning, he woke, pulled himself out of my mouth, and rearranged himself so he was sitting on my face! I fought for air, and to my horror, realized that my mouth was filling with hard, endless shit! When it had crammed in to capacity, he rolled off, and worked the zipper tight shut, as I frantically tried to spit this nauseous gag out! Most of it joined my own mess, before I choked on it, and I soon realized he was gone again! Now I was really disgusted, with myself, with him, with the whole awful thing! But, I realized there was still this deep dark sick part of me that focused single-mindedly on how aroused I had been, and still was! There was something wickedly primal, utterly humiliating, and yet incredibly exciting about the mess I found myself in, literally! I knew I would have plenty of time to think things through, and my throbbing erection was waiting for me!

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    Straight Male / 36

    I feel so embarrassed, it's bad enough that I secretly fantasize about my wifes sister and cousin, but I can't believe I even did something like this.

    The cousin, 23 years old and huge tits, was over at our place for a few days. Naturally i've been secretly going through her suitcase and admiring her undies, even rubbing my cock into them.

    While that's disturbing what I did is even worse.

    I make a great latte, and when the cousin asked for one, her latte was a little more special than usual.

    I managed to jizz into her coffee, watched as she drank it. I know it was a terrible thing to do... but I was mesmerised watching her gulp down my cum.

    Fuck I am disturbed

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    Straight Male / 20

    My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 months and fuck alot. I go down on her sometimes and finger her as I eat her pussy. The other day while I was doing this I snuck my finger in her ass too. She was telling me to stop but I could feel her asshole tighten and loosen as I kept eating her. It took a while but I soon had the shocker going good, and as I bit down a little, she either pee'd or squirted a little in my mouth.

    I thought she was going to stop me but she told me to keep going. While I was licking her, I got a second finger in her ass and she stopped moving. Then she moved me and told me to try fucking her ass.

    I never fucked a girls ass, so I went and got some baby lotion she keeps on her dresser and rubbed it on my cock and dripped it on her ass. I fingered her some more with the lotion and slowly tried to fuck her. It took a while for her to relax enough to get the head of my cock in, and when I did she started crying. I stopped and she said it was ok, just go slow. I tried to push as slow as possible and after a long time I think I got about an inch in. I could feel her trying to loosen up, so told her that I would stay still and she could move.

    Slowly she was grinding and pushing back and forth. She was so tight I had to grab my cock and hold it still for her. I poured some more lotion on the back of her ass and let it drip down and she tried to fuck. I was almost 1/2 way in ! Then she just leaned forward until I almost fell out and pushed back into me again. The next time she pulled away all I could see on my dick was pink lotion mixed with poop! I almost puked on her back. I pulled out and a little bit of poop and lotion dripped on the bed. She asked where I was going, and I ran to the bathroom and came back with a wet towel. It felt good, but we need to be better prepared!

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    Straight Female / 30

    My name is Angelica and I have IBS which means I get constipated for a few days and afterwards I have an urgent need to have a bowel movement.
    I was in a meeting in a large hotel conference room last week and I hadn't been able to poo for about five days until I felt a desperate need to get to the toilet. I had no idea where the ladies were and I was nearly pooing myself. I had to ask at reception for directions to the toilets which was really embarrassing and as the young lad was giving me directions I started passing wind making it obvious I was desperate for a poo. I felt my face burning red with embarrassment as I fought to control my bowels. He wasn't very good at giving directions and I got lost trying to find the ladies and I was running out of time as my IBS isn't very forgiving. I saw a mens toilet and went straight in as in my desperate situation, any toilet would do. It was full of guys peeing at the urinals and both cubicles were occupied. I couldn't hold it any longer and I completely filled my knickers in front of them. I was so embarrassed and to make it worse I was wearing beige coloured trousers and I had a huge poo stain right across my bum and down my legs. I couldn't go back to the meeting like this so I texted my boss to saw I wasn't well and I was going home. Even more unpleasant was getting into my car. I got in and gingerly lowered my bum onto the seat, squishing all the poo all over my bum and up my back.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I was 16 and my girlfriend was 15 at the time. We were walking home from and Wendy said she was desperate for a poo. I told her to do it in her knickers, but I never imagined that she would actually do it. She said she'd always wanted to do that in front of a boy but she was afraid I'd think she was weird. I had a hard on and she looked down at the bulge in my trousers and said it looked like she was wrong. We kissed and she put her tongue in my mouth while she felt my erection. I put my hand up her skirt and felt her bum and Wendy warned me I might get a handful of of poo if I carried on. I said I didn't care and Wendy told me to finger her. I put my finger in her pussy and fingered her until she came and she started filling her knickers. I was so excited I came in my pants and Wendy told me she wanted me to make love to her but I didn't want to do that until she turned 16.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Sat here on the computer and chatting to a mate on the phone,suddenly I needed a massive dump,I got off the phone and went to the bathroom.On top of the washing basket was my wifes bikini bottoms,she was wearing them the other day,I took a massive dump in them then threw them in the washer with some other laundry.It's going to be so funny next time she wears them and me knowing what I did.
    The other day she left her boots in the bathroom so I shot a load of spunk into them and left it to dry.Sometimes I'll piss in a pair of her boots then put them back in the cupboard to dry,she hasn't got a clue.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I had been in a relationship for about 6 years,we lived together and it all seemed to be going fine,then one day it all fell to pieces and she went off with another bloke,well went off isn't strictly true,she threw all my gear out while I was at work and changed the locks.
    I got myself a flat and having nothing to do started spending all my free time in the pub,one night I was getting pleasantly drunk again when a cousin of mine arrived,he decided the best thing would be for me to have another woman in my life and had conveniently brought one with him,I was pretty smashed that night and don't remember much except that when I went back to my flat she came with me.She wasn't exactly the prettiest bird I'd been with,in fact to be honest she wasn't my type at all.I got into bed and was lying there thinking about how bad I was going to feel in the morning when she started to suck my cock,she was an expert and even though I'd had a load to drink I soon came in her mouth.
    At this point I guess I was feeling bitter towards woman and this is where it all got rather wierd,although in a kinky way.I was lying there and she was lying on the bed beside me when she spoke, "where's the bathroom,I need to pee" for some reason I don't know why I replied "just piss on the floor" she got up off the bed and headed toward the corner of the room, "ok no problem" I heard her start to unfasten her pants "I didn't tell you to get undressed" I growled "piss your pants" she fastened her pants again and I heard the familiar muffled hissing sound,then she lay back on the bed and I went to sleep.The following morning I woke up and she was still there,"fuck me" I told her,she took off her damp pants and rode me until I shot my load,afterwards she went down and licked my cock.She got dressed and wandered off in search of the bathroom,I followed her and she lowered her jeans and was about to drop her panties to use the toilet, "do it in your pants" I didn't know or care what she was going to do,all I did know was whatever it was she was damn well going to do it in her knickers.She sat on the toilet and pissed through her pants,pulled up her jeans and went back into the lounge.
    I got dressed and she asked if I'd give her a lift home a she lived in another town about 10 miles away,now as bad as I had treated her there was no way I could send her home with piss stains on her jeans and her knickers full of piss,so I took her back and dropped her off.She gave me her number in case I wanted to see her again,yeah right like that's going to happen I thought as I drove to work!
    That day I couldn't get this woman out of my head,I'd treated my ex like a princess,bought her everything and she'd run off with another bloke,yet I'd known this woman less than 24 hrs and in that time I hadn't even bought her a drink yet she'd blew me twice fucked me once and degraded herself yet apparently wanted more. That night I went home and thought long and hard about the situation,she wasn't the type I'd tie myself down with permanently but what the hell.she'd do for now.
    I rang her the following day and arranged another meet,she was really keen and we ended up back at my flat once again,I decided to carry on with the kinky stuff and find out exactly what her limits were.
    We had a few drinks and every time she needed to piss I made her piss in her jeans,then I made her blow me,she didn't object,ok lets take it up a level,"I want to fuck your ass",she took off her jeans and panties and I did her roughly up her arse,still no complaints! "suck my cock" I said when I'd finished ass fucking her,she went down and did as she was told,I then fucked her normally and fell asleep.The following day I took her back home and dropped her off.
    I decided to leave things for a few days and it was the following week when I rang her again and told her I was taking her out and that she was to wear a skirt,I picked her up and drove to a holiday resort about 45 miles from home,we got out of the car and I looked at her,"I need to pee" she said quietly,there was a toilet block about 20 yards from where we were parked,"ok piss your pants" I said,and she just did,all night I kept groping her and every time she needed to piss I made her do it in her pants,even in the pub,I told her she could go to the ladies but there was no way was she to even touch her knickers,no matter what she needed to do I wanted it done in her pants.
    This went on for weeks,her sucking me,me fucking her in every hole and her pissing herself,to be honest it was getting a bit boring,then one evening I picked her up from work,she was just about to leave when she said she needed to use the toilet."You know the rules" I replied and she just nodded,she stood still for a couple of seconds then closed her eyes,there was a crackling sound and then she relaxed, "ok lets go" I looked at her uniform and it was still dry, "I thought you needed the toilet?" I asked "I did" she giggled but not any more,seeing the puzzled look on my face she laughed "it's ok I took a dump in my pants" we got in the car and went back to her house,she blew me off then went to clean up!
    The following day we both had a day off and spent it at her house,around lunchtime I was sat on the couch drinking beer and she was drinking wine. "Blow me",she got off the couch knelt in front of me and unzipped my jeans,I,d had quite a lot to drink and knew this was going to take a while,she licked and sucked and soon had me hard,she'd been going for a good ten minutes and I was nowhere near cumming,she asked what the matter was and I replied that I really needed a piss,then without warning I began to piss in her mouth,there was loads of the stuff and it began to come out of her mouth as she couldn't swallow it fast enough,I pulled out and tore open the front of her blouse and pissed all over her tits,her bra was soaking as was her blouse.I finshed pissing and it went straight back into her mouth!She began to suck but she was having trouble concentrating,apparently she now needed to piss,well there was no way I was letting her stop.not when I was moments away from shooting my load,she squirmed and she squirmed,eventually I lost my rag, "just piss your damned pants" she nodded and relaxed,within a few seconds I shot my load down the back of her throat.She sat there on the floor looking at me ,boy was she a mess,there was spunk dripping from her mouth her blouse was torn and she was soaked head to foot in piss,we had a few more drinks and then I decided I wanted to fuck,she took off her piss soaked jeans and lay on the floor I pulled her knickers to one side and went straight in,I fucked her c**t for a few minutes then pulled out and told her to roll over,she knew what was coming next,I took her up the arse and there was quite a bit of resistance this time,obviously she was quite full,I could feel myself hitting her load.I pulled out again and she turned over and I went straight into her sopping c**t,As I was hammering away she moaned "stop stop! I need to shit" I carried on "that's what your pants are for" I felt her stiffen slightly as she began to load her pants,and I shot my load,She just lay there and once again I got her to suck me clean.For some reason it was one of the biggest turn on's I have ever had,her lying on the floor with my cock in her mouth,her tit's hanging out of her piss soaked bra and a great big load of shit in her knickers.

    Eventually I met someone else and moved on and she later married one of my cousins,she must really have had a thing for that kind of sex,because some years later she told a mutual friend that she'd done all kinds of things with all kinds of blokes but sex with me was some of the best she'd ever had,It helped me hearing that as I didn't feel so bad over how I'd treated her.

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