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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 34

    The first person I had sex with was when I was 15, she was an elderly widow of 58. She was bold, beautiful, full of life, and taught me all about sex, and about kinks of all kinds. She made no issue of it and I didn't either just to get some sex, but she loved to pee and poop in front of me. I've gotten to where I love it when a woman will let me see her on the toilet. My current love, will even get on all fours and let it come out while I watch, then wipe and wash her clean.

    It's kinky I know, but that's what I learned with my first sex, and I still like it, and after many years I decided to be upfront with women about it, if they don't want to go along, then fine. But I know what I like and I'm equally open to any kinks they have too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Last night I had a dream I was fucking a sexy tgirl, I woke up with a pool of cum on my leg.....which I promptly ate.

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    Straight Female / 25

    my cousin has fucked around and I think she has done porn and I have seen some and her face has been masked up using all the technology, that is how they have all that money and she might continue doing that as well in a smaller village. but I just rejected my cousins and relatives offer out because they are just users who only talk about themselves and she is all so "OH EVERYONE SAYS LOOK HOW FAST SHE HAS MOVED ON" LIKE SHE IS SO CLEVER AND SKILLED AT LIFE, but she isn't. it could come back to haunt her and she jump from the fat into a pot and then bon fire. I hate being around them. I hate that she is such a false fake friendly fake happy person and few people have the balls to call her out for what she is, a user and . its all shits and bubbles and she loves herself big time but underneath the storms are brewing and I can see past her fakeness and cover now. she is not a nice person and she has cheated and she plotted all along to hurt everyone around her so it has to come back to her a million fold and no one will be there for her cuz she has never been there for anyone else. her kids are disgusting and its only gonna get worse with dadda pette molling the threesomes and that will kick her one ballout I hope to see. she the devils dog anyway. it has to happen to her. it just has to happen knowing the family genes and personalities. it has to be the only way it goes. sex basting!

    she has a daughter that is violent and I think she will be having sex young and she will be having daddy sex with her real father and also her step father. I am certain that is the game plan. my relatives are winners from doing bad. that is all they know in life. goodness is not in their game. kindness is not in their world or given to me without a price. my cousin is a backstabbing bitch who was going around bad mouthing me and saying lies about me and I guess it must have worked. I just wonder when that guilt will hit her right.

    also, she was fucking around having affairs on her husband several times and I am sure of it. she was planning this move ages ago and the dam was right about that. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear there real confessions and dirt because there is more there then we know. Its all plastered over smooth right now for the chameleon game that will go down between step father and daughters behind or with mother and these kids know how to use their pussy and shake it to get everything they want in this world cuz mother and grandmother does.

    yes grandmother still buys them alcohol at clubs and I wish she would get caught for it. I know that sounds mean but its not. I think grandmother needs a good kick up her asshole and all she does is steal others limelight and chase men young enough to be her son and she is a spoilt lying scamming man killer. everything is bedroom romp and does she love herself and she can do more then tap that thang like all of them. I think a lot of tapping that thang will be going down and I for one want to see them fall down and be a bystander like they are so mean to me. they steal men from girls and cheat everywhere so i think they have it coming to them. they have done so much bad. they give bad a new wrap like its a winner to be bad cuz all they do is win from their bad. that don't seem fair. I never do. so why should there be one rule for them and not for me as well?

    all this has to happen in time it will. it just has to pete out this way.

    my cousin has had lesbian experencies and more threesome and interacial and I think she is pregnant now with baby 3 cuz if she isn't now she will be soon and that will open the door for step parent sex and then daddy sex on vacation. I think she will video it as well. that is how they roll. play rough and die hard and dirty.that is so in today. no wonder I am a wowser. hope to see them all fall down. nasty of me but then they wanted that from me and they got it. so its their turn now to fall down.

    they are sexy and they know it type chicks and yet they are not really that sexy at all. is what I am saying.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I'm cotton Westmoreland..
    I Will get in a dumpster and got 3 or4. Shaking.. Smelly. Wet baby diapers out. I'll duck tape one on.
    Feels so good... And I'll put my face
    Down in one that's very soaked..and smelly.. Ooo smells so good.. I'll lay on my belly. And hump in the nice
    Soaking wet baby's diaper.. And rub my face in one ...till I cum..I'll do this. At any time.. And for anyone who. will force me to do this and more front of other's..
    then make me do oral..
    Or force me to suck on a baby's..
    Soaking smelly wet diaper..

    I'm on Instagram..
    I'm for real..
    Single s.. And couples..

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    Straight Female / 44

    just because some woman has a sideways vagina doesnt mean she has to worshiped. I won't kiss her ass. Its not that I hold a thing against people with deformity of any kind, its just that it doesn't make her more worthy of love or care from a man given I have my own issues I have faced worse then that. I was told in my 40s I had a neurological brain issues in some veins and it was probably due to me being born premature or other factors as a child, no doctor had picked it up before and I was told it was all basically in the range of normal but slightly unusual for my age but not to worry and that was during a serious life threatening illness that I was close to dying and I will not have someone put me down over minor issues!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    About a year ago I got my then 16 year old girlfriend to start peeing in front of me. That graduated to her kneeling in the tub and me peeing on her, and her peeing in the tub, then we had dirty sex. She is 17 now and I got her to leave the door open and even turn around on the toilet when she shits. She has the most perfect, beautiful ass you could imagine, and seeing it opening up for her shit coming out is incredible. I don't know why I'm so attracted to this kinky stuff but I like knowing and seeing everything about her.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Any females are interested in live animals insertions in pussy like mice or snakes or had done this ?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I have been trapped in a sexless, passionless marriage for almost twenty years. Approximately six years ago, tired of constantly beating my meat watching free porn on the net, I began scanning the personal ads on craigslist. The women who posted or responded to the ads were almost invariably hookers looking for another pay day. But there were many, many men, mostly married, but divorced, widowed and single too, that were looking to have their cock sucked. The idea of sucking cock had been one I'd considered since my teenage years, but had somehow always managed to forego.

    But watching endless hours of porn and focusing on the often mammoth, monstrous, cocks shooting endless supplies of thick, creamy, gooey cum, had me fantasizing more and more of sucking dick than of eating pussy or fucking a woman. The photos in these craigslist ads had also captured my imagination. Were they real? Were these men really looking for a blow job? Were they really disease free? Would they be discrete? These questions worried me, and yet, the urge to submit to a man and suck his cock became ever stronger, ever more all-encompassing for me.

    There was one particular ad that captured my imagination. The man was a widower, in his sixties, but his cock was not only extremely large, but thick, with a large flared purplish head, and a thick shaft crisscrossed by blue, green and purple veins. How many times did I sit and stare at his photos with my pants pulled down in my easy chair jerking my cock to extraordinary orgasms as my wife slept in her own bed? The ad had a telephone contact number and I had raised the telephone to call him several times, both on lunch break at work and at home when my wife was out, but I never completed the phone call, canceling it after having pressed three or four numbers of his seven-digit telephone number.

    Each time I would cum, as soon as I had achieved the relief that an orgasm brings, my desire to suck his cock ebbed and I was happy that I hadn't called him and set something up that I would back out on. And yet. . . and yet as time elapsed, the desire grew greater and greater and I realized that I would never be satisfied until I had made the call and met him, to see if the act of fellatio in reality was anything like the fellatio in fantasy.

    One day, at lunch, I sat in my car in a shopping parking lot and made the call. His voice was gruff in answering. "Hello?" I paused and asked, "Is this Frank/" the name in the ad. He said, "Yeah. Whoâs this?" I told him that I'd seen his ad on craigslist. Again, there was a pause, before he responded, ". . . and you want to suck my dick?" Humiliated, blushing, I admitted that, yes, that was why I was calling him. He asked a few questions: my age, my height, my weight, could I get it up, had I ever sucked dick before, questions of that nature, and I filled him in. He grunted and asked when I could come over. I explained that I would be able to leave work early this afternoon and we agreed to 3pm.

    A thousand times between noon and three I told myself that I couldn't go through with it, that this was dangerous, that I didn't know him, that he might be a killer, or diseased or secretly filming our little rendezvous, and a thousand times the desire and urgency drove me past every objection, every fear.

    His home was a single floor blue painted house with a small porch, kind of non-descript. I literally shook as I exited my vehicle and slowly walked up the concrete walkway and three steps onto his porch and then hesitated before pressing the buzzer. I waited a few moments, but it felt like forever, before a grizzled older man with gray-white hair answered the door. He was wearing a bathrobe. "John?" I nodded, and he opened the door to let me in. "I'm Frank," he said. "Follow me." I followed him through the living room down a hallway to the rear of the small house. He walked into a rear bedroom, one of two. There was an unmade bed there, men's pajamas and athletic socks strewn over the frayed dark carpeting. The room had that distinctive scent of underarm sweat and a sourness to it. I was beginning to regret my decision, but not so much to allow me to walk away from it.

    He fiddled with the VCR and soon a porn movie was playing on his 32" television screen. There was a mature larger woman sucking an older man's cock. When I looked back at him, he began undoing the belt on his teal teri cloth robe, before asking me, "What are you waiting for?" And then when I continued to stand there, he added, "For fuck's sake, aren't you going to get out of your street clothes?" I blushed and looked at him sheepishly and began laboriously stripping off my "street clothes." When his robe opened, I saw that the photos of his cock that he had posted were quite accurate, although, his penis here was still flaccid, but showed lots of promise.

    He caught me staring at his cock and smirked. "Get those fuckin' clothes off and get over here and suck this dick." I finished disrobing and walked over to him and knelt at his gnarled feet. His long thick cock dangled between his white skinny legs. And I reached over to grasp it. "Fuck that! If I wanted to get a hand job I could have jerked it off myself. Use your fuckin' mouth, dumbfuck." Again, I blushed. My face now having a crimson warmth to it. On my knees I leaned over and took the head of his penis between my lips and began sucking it. "That's it. Suck that fuckin' pecker you cocksucker." I leaned further forward swallowing more and more of his penis. I could feel his cock slowly swelling in my mouth, moving left and right and upwards as it lengthened, as it became engorged with the old man's life blood. The head of his cock felt smooth and spongy in my mouth, and as it stiffened, it veered further and further back until I could feel it pushing against me gullet making me choke a bit, but not too badly. "You never sucked dick before?" I couldn't really answer with his dick bouncing off my by now bruised tonsils, but managed to nod my head. "You are a born cocksucker!" he guffawed while placing his right hand behind my head and shoving his cock deeper into my yaw, brutally fucking my mouth and throat. I could feel his shaft sliding forwards and backwards against my tongue, his balls now bouncing off my chin as he continued fucking me orally. The taste of his cock which was somewhat musky and gamey when I first slipped my lips over it, was now saltier, and it seemed to be leaking a sour viscous seminal fluid, as I was savoring the taste of his pre-cum, first droplets of it, then more copious amounts. "Oh fuck, I'm going to fill your fuckin' pansy mouth with my cum," he yelled at me, and I could feel him tense up and groan as he shot volley after volley of cum into my mouth, down my throat, and on my tongue." He was holding my head viselike and shoving his thick cock deep as he came, uttering guttural noises that were indecipherable, like the grunting of a baboon at the zoo. Each push forwards shot decreasing amounts of his cum into me, until he was just shoving his spent but still semi-hard dick deep into the opening at the back of my throat, before letting go of the back of my head and pulling his spent cock out. He wiped it across my lips and across my cheeks, leaving a slimy trail wherever it slid. "Mmmmmm. . .you suck dick pretty good for being such a fat fuck and never having sucked dick before." I sat back on my haunches, my mind reeling over what had just happened.

    I wasn't sure what I was to do next. Should I thank him for the thrashing he had given my mouth, lips, tongue and throat? Should I just get up and get dressed and leave? What was the etiquette? I had no clue, so I continued to sit there watching his cock and plum sized balls swaying to and fro before me.

    The taste of his cum, which had felt like thick gruel as he had exploded in my mouth, overpowered my taste buds so that all I could taste was the musky, sour, salty, ammonia-like taste of it. It was so overpowering that I feared that I would always taste it, that it would always be there inside of me, no matter how long I was to live.

    He sat on the side of his dingy full-sized mattress as I arose for my knees. "It takes me a bit to get hard again," he said while winking knowingly at me. The idea of a second assault on my throat was a bit more than I could grasp. I mumbled something to him, but whatever I was trying to say it sounded more like undecipherable mutterings, as my mouth and tongue was recovering from the prolonged r**e that it had just undergone. He swung his legs over and looked at me saying, "Get on the bed between my legs." When I hesitated, standing next to his bed, he kicked me in the balls with his right foot, doubling me over. "Are you deaf?" pronouncing the word as if it rhymed with reef. My balls ached, and I felt a trace of nausea as I slowly straightened up and climbed onto his bed placing my face between his chicken-scrawny white alabaster thighs, ready to suck his flaccid cock again. "Now lick and suck my balls." I leaned forward and began licking his hairy balls so heavy with cum, they tasted sour. "Yeah, that's the way," he said as he moaned. "I love having' my balls liked and sucked." I pulled them into my mouth one at a time and sucked on them as he moaned. He arched his back and his cock and balls rose up. "Get in there," he said. There was nothing about the skinny ass that now rose off of the mattress that appealed to me. This had never been part of my fantasies. I demurred and continued licking his balls. "Get your motherfuckin' tongue up my asshole," he said sarcastically. When I continued to suck his balls, he reared back his foot and kicked me in the face with it. I was stunned. This wasn't what I had had in mind. He pulled his butt cheeks apart and now I could see his asshole, and worse yet, smell his asshole, and it was smeared with the vestiges of his morning shit, and the odor of shit was overpowering. Enough was enough, this wasn't what I had signed up for. I began pulling back on the mattress. "Where in the fuck do you think you're going?" I said, "Sorry but this isn't what I had in mind." He laughed derisively, and responded, "Who the fuck cares what you had in mind. We're just gettin' started here, you cocksucker." Before we are done today, you will have licked my stinkin' asshole, licked my smelly feet, and I will have fucked you up the ass and cum in your bowels and you will lick your own shit off my cock, before leavin' here with a fuckin' ear to ear smile on your fat fuckin' face.

    Now all of the fantasies were coalescing. This nasty old man could see right through me. He knew the type of depravity that my heart ached for, even if I hadn't been able to admit it. I was trapped by my own deepest shame, but wants and desires I had never even admitted to myself let alone to others. He had seen through me and realized how deeply depraved I really was, that I would serve his darkest sexual desires and return for me. That I was willing to plunge to the deepest depths of depravity, and that I would submit to his every command, his every whim.

    I leaned forward again, and slowly brought my face closer and closer to his filthy asshole. This scent of it made me want to heave, but I couldn't even do that. My tongue lathed his hole and I could taste the sweet acrid residue, the dried-up bits of shit that he hadn't quite wiped away that morning after his morning shit. The odor made me dizzy and the knowledge that I was debasing myself in such a manner, gave me some transient vertigo, but I plunged deeper, using the tip of my tongue to plumb the recesses of his anus, licking and sucking, and then slipping deeper to lick clean his rectal walls until his nether hole was squeaky clean and mostly odorless. "You lick asshole better than any bitch I've ever been with," the old man uttered triumphantly. Apparently, he had deemed me a keeper. Before the afternoon was through, I had kissed and licked his sweaty, horribly smelly feet, between his toes, the soles of his feet, the gnarled yellow toe nails. He had made me kneel at his feet as he pissed short bursts of urine in my mouth, making me gargle his salty foul-tasting piss before swallowing it. And he had fucked side to side, me on my back with my legs over his shoulders, and doggie style with him fucking me deeper and deeper with his weight on my back and his bearded face next to mine, grunting as he came, shoving his thick tool ever deeper into my bowels before shooting whatever was left of his cum deep, deep inside of me.

    Before I left he had me suck his cock one last time, his cock covered with my very own anal fluids and bits of residue. As I limped out of his home, my asshole on fire, my jaws aching, his cum still dripping out of my asshole dampening the seat of my briefs, I stumbled to my vehicle. The old man was at his doorway, waving to me. I rolled down my window and attempted a smile, but I was far too tired, too defeated to manage a smile. As I back out of my space, I heard him yell, "How's tomorrow for a repeat performance." As I drove home, my eyes filled with tears because I knew that I could never turn back.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Any females curious or had try to put a hamster in their pussy ? I cant teach you how to do it iys very pleasurable

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    Straight Female / 46

    raw confessions send 10 hours of gay heman youtubes to sexual abuse victims and blocks them. @@RawConfession I have reported the site rawconfessions.**m for sexual abuse to adult victims of sexual abuse. I had ranted yesterday about these filipinos who have been stealing money from my sister and threatening to bash her son up and asked you redirect me to youtube (dot) com/w******==eh7lp9umG2I&t==9s I was talking about how cookie delirosarary-iogonal-ass took $300 of my sister rose at the treasury casino she won and how cookie was threatening to get her son nichass to bash up my nephew and to be honest I believe cookie is into some Filipino satanic occult and she has been stopping men from liking me and wrecking job opportunities for me and meeting new men. some person seems to have this strange idea that I make people gay, and I don't. I have no personal opinion on LGBT other then its not my thing and and I don't support gay marriage. I am a christian and went to christian church catholic school and I was sexually abused as a child for around 15 years and so were my parents sexually abused as a children and in workplaces. my mother told me she was sexually assaulted at the telephone exchange at southp in the 1950. I was sexually harassed at Rema and also I went to a legal receptionist job at a legal firm that was connected to a house and this interviewer who was a solicitor was actually openly masturbating himself in front of me at the other side of the desk and I found this overwhelming and fearful and left. I don't appreciate this abuse from rawconfessions (dot) com or rapist or any of the rottuks who were around in the navy. These people are sick. I have been abused enough! don't you think? and I don't want police coming to my house either!!as stated above I would make a formal statement to the police so long as it is not qld police and I would like to spoken to better just because I have ptsd from being r**ed and sexually abused doesn't make me less then anyone else and I dislike the way police treat me.

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