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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I just shit my pants, which gave me a boner so I masturbated while sitting in my shit filled pants

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    Straight Female / 23

    My rant on why I am sick of the royals flaunting and showing off when there are sad unemployed people and unhealthy sick people, and victims of crime living in poverty alone on welfare of some kind when these people flaunt and covort around like whores and fools making a fool of themselves. people are laughing openly at kate and william and harry and his s***. they laugh at how fat and pregnant and how bro-low-dog they are. the royals and celebrities think we are jealous but we not. its about equality and their spitefulness to be seen as special and their need to be envied. the best bounce up the duff and birth hole of these whores and d**** would be if we all had our own love life and money and jobs and never gave a stuff about them ever again. and they are so dumb they have not even worked it out that if they gave money to poor people and allowed those on welfare to have a life and love of their own we would feel happier for them. I mean spreed the love around, share the money around, share the limelight around. all they are doing is robbing others of love and money and a real life. when will the world wake up and see them for what they are. they don't like us. they don't like you. they hate you. they hate us. can't you see that. its just about them and their needs and s** and love and needing to be envied. no one would give a toss about these losers bro if we all had more of what we need. I just wish the whole world media would absolutely ignore them and their babies and weddings and tours and just try it for a few weddings and births and see how they like it. being ignored. being told to get lost and die. pushed away. no camera's chasing wedding dresses and babies and see how they react for once or twice. I would enjoy it. give the people what they want media, f****** ignore them for once as a game on them. we would love to see the looks on their faces in secret then. the public don't want to know about other peoples weddings and babies anymore.

    I am sick of hearing about weddings, especially celebritites and royals. I think they have a hide expecting the rest of the world to be happy for them, would they ever be happy for me to marry? no. so why should we care about users and takers and criminals ? I hope someone r**es them at their wedding and ties them to toadpoles and throws toads at them and cuts their genitals off for being so dirty minded. making love is not a thing or sexy and special. its just f****** and its dirty mind that even thinks about it and certainly sinning dirty souled people who f*** and marry and pull this game of "oh but we are so in love" you are just seriously dirty minded with a mental illness and should be locked away. what these celebrities and royals are doing is a crime against you. the media have to stop it. we owe these celebrities and royals nothhing of ourselves, they owe us.

    the bottom line is god said "do not worship false idols over me your god" !!! I have started ignoring all media coverage of royals and celebrities. don't give time or eyes or ears or heart to false idols over god.

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    Straight Male / 54

    I stepped outside last night to smoke. Took a big hit and got choked. When the coughing started, I was blowing some shit out with each cough. Didn't shit myself that much but I could feel it fall down to the back of my leg. Then I turned and started making my way back into the house to clean up. I also started thinking of the bullshit I read on here about people enjoying shitting themselves. Pulled my longjohns off and threw them in the sink to wash out. It was all nasty and smelled like shit. Go figure. I took no pleasure in except for the smoke. Finally got to write a confession. Can't really believe that there are shit eaters in the world either. Although, one of my ex wife's ate my shit once. Yep, I straddled the bitch to shit in her face, she took it down her throat. Fuck me

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    Straight Male / 28

    After being married for 4 years my wife and I arenât really grossed out by much anymore.

    Last night she had diarrhea all night after getting home from work. No idea why, she must have ate something. We were planning on having sex that night but I just laid in bed naked watch tv until she finally came to bed. We went to sleep instead of have sex.

    We wake up 3 hours early in the morning so we can get ready and spend a little bit of time together. I was laying in bed still when she went to the bathroom and she came out and said âsince we didnât have sex last night, want to do a quickie right nowâ. Me being me said well heck yes, I was gonna ask you for a blowjob.

    She laid a towel on the bed and I was already hard. She tossed me a bottle of lube and said anal this morning. I need it after last night. I asked if it was all cleared out and she said there might be some in there still, anal with help me relax to get it all out. No big deal for me so I rubbed lube on my cock. Put lube on her asshole and slide right in.

    Nothing pretty about this sexy. Doggy style with me just pounding away as it was a quickie. I could feel towards the end that she was very relaxed and it felt as if some warm was around my cock. I cummed and so did she. I pulled out and yep I had some poop on my cock. She got up, ran to the bathroom to push it all out. I went into the shower. A few moments later she was joining me in the shower since itâs made for two people. Did the normal hugging, kissing and soaping each other in the shower.

    Got out and got part way dressed. Was sitting on the couch in my button down shirt and my briefs. Told my wife Iâm a bit hurt. She asked why. I said my cum isnât in you anymore. She was like really. She came over. Got down in front of me and pulled my tighty whities down in the front. Blew me and I came quick. She swallowed and said there probably solved!

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    Straight Male / 32

    I am confused and need, could use some professional help. This is not about me but a high school teacher, baseball coach, and a 17 year old female student.
    A short while ago, about 1 week, our news including TV and the daily newspaper described this coach/teacher as resigning because of sex with the 17 year old and the school learning about it. It sound like this may have been going on awhile before coming to light.
    Now, my problem which I need help on is: In my state, 17 is a legal age for consent, even sexual. Therefore, if this has been going on for a while with no complaint from the 17 year old as the news states, the affair has to have been consentaneous to have been going on for sometime, I think. In this case with no complaint from the 17 year old, how can the school and/or the county law enforcement, complain against the teacher? I think some illegal action is going on, not between the teacher and the 17 year old girl but with those trying to press charges. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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    Straight Male / 37

    I paid for sex for the first time in my life tonight. I gotta say, I would spend that much on a date, and may not score right away if a chick follows the three date rule...

    Tonight was as simple as finding a ho on an app that works similar to how backpage did or does in allowing solicitation through personal ads and hiding behind shaky legal loopholes.

    The escort was pretty cool. She was laid back and even let me call her a ho to her face without being slapped! In hindsight, I may have overused the word tonight tho- seriously, I may have used it (and the more formal 'whore') like every third word during sex!

    I can think of so many women whom I wanted to call that while banging them-- but the drama and fact that I sleep really hard after sex means I try to shy away from insulting someone that just has to wait 30 min and she could cut my dick off or something... nah, make sure she is satisfied and happy, nothing scarier than a pissed off woman stewing all night and has access to kitchen knives and bedroom. John Wayne Bobbit got his chopped off and she threw out of a moving vehicle randomly.

    Cool thing about the escort? She left when sex was over- I made a sandwich, turned on Netflix and smoked a fat joint naked and content with no awkward next morning. So the best part was my escort was totally down for anal- that's never an easy thing to accomplish and some don't do it at all. I was balls deep twenty minutes after she arrived. I just got divorced last year and don't want any attachment for right now so the business conducted in a "that was fun and sorry for the rugburns on ur knees- you shouldn't have told me not to stop, lock the door on ur way out please?" fashion is my cup of tea.... thanks hos!

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    Straight Male / 35

    Like many I fuck my wife daily. I have a pension for eating her ass because quite frankly she is hot with a model type figure. This morning was no different, I was tonguing her ass hole and suddenly she says I have to go poop. She went to the bathroom and I especially like to tongue her butt hole after she shits.

    She knows this and automatically gets in the all 4 position for me to enjoy her pink butt hole. I was anxious to get get at it when she said I have diarrhea which I responded I don't care. I could tell the taste was different and I could smell the difference as well but I pressed on.

    After sex was over she went back to the bathroom and returned with a wet wash cloth telling me to wipe my face as my face smelled of diarrhea. 3 hours later I am not feeling to well. Perhaps I went to far this time.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Im pathetic. Ever get jealous of your own shit? Just got done taking my morning dump. I look in the toilet and mumble to myself. "Why cant my cock be the size of that turd" I of course didn't measure it, but it was about 8" long and 3" wide.

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    Straight Female / 18

    how can these senile crazy old royals in uk marry this violent jailbag family? I can see those uk royals starting up their own kadashian tv show at some point.

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    1 / 38

    Should drugs have an age limit? How's 90 sound?
    Even regulated items like cigarettes and alcohol are tried by kids younger than legal age. After all, they want to fit in with those who are a bit older/mature. By decreasing the min. Age for even those would expose even younger kids to the influences. I can't imagine what would happen if we got rid of min. Age limits on just those less harmful items. Just think, kids get out of school and spend their lunch money at the bar.
    What is worse, the author of this question want no age limit on very harmful drugs like those that get injected. I look at those street corner drug dealers as scumbags that should be locked up for endangering the lives of not just adult but the kids they get addicted and the author would have them looked at as entrepreneurs for selling crack to middle school kids or even younger? They talked about supervised injection facilities. Tell me, how many teens would take their drug use/abuse public? It's not like only drug addicts will be present so they will see the risk of their secret being relieved. In other words, the vast majority of kids who do those drugs would opt for the alley instead. Another factor is those that did use it would likely be exposed to other drugs. Then lets talk expense. These facilities would need at least one medical person as well as at least one police officer for security. After all, drug addicts are not known to be law abiding. Because drug addicts do drugs whenever they need them, the place would need to be open 24/7. Not sure about other countries but in the U.S. people in the medical community and police have mottoes they go by e.g. "Do no harm." and "To protect and serve." How is a doctor going to openly aid kids in doing harmful drugs going to keep his oath. How are the police protecting when they assist in doing harm?

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