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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 50

    I was 21 the first time I got married,it only lasted a few years but it was fun.She was a couple of years younger than me and had no experience whatsoever.I don't even think she'd kissed a bloke before me,during our first few weeks together we saw each other most nights and when we got down to being intimate I began to realise just how inexperienced she really was.For several nights we'd been on the couch and I'd end up with my hand in her pants,and be damp in no time the annoying thing was that every time she neared orgasm she'd run off to the bathroom,she was so naive that she didn't know anything about sex,when she was about to cum,she thought she was going to wet herself.Well one night I decided to bring the matter to a head and asked her why she kept running off,it was just as I had thought and she admitted she was frightened of wee'ing in her pants in front of me,
    We had a couple of drinks and sat there kissing,I never touched her tits or tried to put my hand in her pants. She got up as she said she needed a wee,that was when I seized the opportunity,I asked her to strip to her undies,she removed her top,then her boots and finally her leggings,I told her to put her boots back on and follow me into the bathroom,I got her to stand in the shower,she was a bit puzzled but did it anyway.She was squirming slightly by now so I asked her to wet her panties,it took a bit of coaxing but she did it.I told her that now I'd seen her wee in her pants there was nothing to worry about,she agreed and we went back downstairs,she laid down on the couch and I slipped a finger into her damp panties,I worked in and out of her moist hole and within a couple of minutes she had a massive orgasm.It was that week that she asked me to take her virginity.
    We married eventually and got a house together,over the next few months she'd have the occasional "accident" in her panties,initially it was after a few drinks but later on it just happened,she'd wear tight leggings most of the time and she'd be doing something then she'd giggle "oops,I've wee'd in my panties". I didn't mind and it made her randy,so I couldn't complain,I started to buy her really sexy clothes as she had a cracking figure (size 10)and shapely legs.One day I took her shopping and bought her some high heeled boots and some wetlook leggings and a nice top,we went to the pub that night and after a few drinks when I knew she needed to pee I said we were leaving.We were part way home when she stopped suddenly "I really need to wee" she said,it was a quiet side street,nobody about so I said "well just do it then" she looked at me suprised,"but you've just bought these pants" I looked at her "look if you want to wee in your pants I don't mind" she nodded, "you're sure?". I nodded "if you want to wee in your pant's just do it,I really don't mind" she still looked unsure "in fact I want you to", she smiled and there was a slight hissing noise, I looked down and there was a puddle forming around her boots,We went straight home and she just pulled down her wet leggings and said "fuck me" I took her over the couch and when I'd finished she wee'd in her pants again.
    She loved doing it and got even more daring as the months went on,one time I bought her some leather trousers and she really enjoyed them,she'd wear them tucked into her boots and quickly discovered that nobody knew if she'd wet herself if she was wearing them.One night she popped round to the shop and came back all smiles,"I just wee'd myself in the shop" amazed at her I asked where expecting it to be in one of the aisles "oh no it was it the checkout queue with a man stood behind me" she replied.She was one kinky woman and one day her mother was visiting,I went into the kitchen to make a drink and she came in in a fit of giggles, "I've just wee'd in front of my mum and she doesn't know" she laughed.I felt the front of her leathers and they were warm and damp,yes she'd wee'd alright,you could hear it in her boots,she went through a lot of boots over the years but it was worth it.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Over the years I've had a variety of jobs,I'm a qualified electrician,and a dog handler,hell I was even in a film once.Now it's suprising some of the things that happen,with the electrics there's always someone who wants a job done outside work, ( these are known as foreigners) whether it's the bloke over the road or the guy in the local pub,either way it's a few extra quid and comes in handy for holidays and the like,I never expected any foreigners with the dog handling but I got a few! A nightclub that was having a few issues,a warehouse that people kept trying to rob,even a riding stables.This is where the fun began,a guy wanted to build some new stables and wanted me to wire them,not only that but he wanted me to do a couple of dog patrols each evening while they being built,two sets of money for two jobs at the same place,has to be a winner.
    Naturally I had keys to this place so I could come and go at any hour,the bloke had another stables on the same site and most of the girls on there were quite pleasant and friendly.Now like most blokes I have a thing for girls in jodhpurs and long boots,there's nothing better than a shapely arse in a tight pair of jodhpurs in my opinion.Well one of the girls was very attractive,and I do mean very,Unfortunately she was also very stuck up,she hardly ever spoke to me unless she wanted something.Every night she'd arrive at the stables in her skin tight jodhpurs,her tight little arse jiggling provocatively and every night she'd look at me like I was something she'd trodden in.
    Now most of the girls arrived wearing their boots and jodhpurs,she wore the jodhpurs but kept her boots in the stables,she'd walk in take off her shoes and slip into her expensive riding boots,this gave me an idea.

    One day I arrived at the stables to do some electrical work,I arrived early as I was going to be there for several hours.By mid morning I had had several drinks as it was hot and was bursting for a pee.Then I had a brilliant idea,I wandered over to the other stable block and went in,sure enough miss snobby's expensive boots stood in the corner,tall and shiny,just the way she liked them.I walked over to them and unzipped my pants,I pulled my cock out and pissed into one of her boots,I pissed long and hard and when I'd finished it was almost half full.When I'd finished I sloshed it around and poured it into the other boot,then tipped it out,by now both boots were soaked inside,but I figured that since it was hot they'd be dry by the time she arrived.Just then one of the horses dropped a steaming pile of dung,it was firm,steaming hot and smelly! I grabbed a shovel full and poured it into the boots,and left it.
    The rest of the morning passed uneventfully and at dinner I took a walk back to the stables,the boots felt quite warm although they had stopped steaming,I tipped the dung into the muck pile and placed the boots back where she'd left them,I finshed the job and left.
    That evening I returned to do a security check and the girls were all tending their horses,I stood by a fence and lit a cigarette,it was a warm evening and I was enjoying a pleasant ten minutes admiring the girls in their boots and jodhpurs,out of the corner of my eye I spotted a familiar figure walking across the yard, a dark haired slim figure in a tight top and skin tight black jodhpurs,on her feet were a pair of long black shiny boots! If only she knew what I'd done to her boots that morning,she was strolling around the yard,little miss snobby,walking around the yard in a pair of boots that a few hours earlier I'd pissed in and filled with horse shit.

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    Straight Male / 50

    There's a woman who works with my wife,I've known her for the last 16 years,she's the same age as me 50 but looks at least 10 years younger.She's about 5 feet tall and very slim absolutely stunning,anyway she was telling me about how her husband wasn't very interested.One day she came home from work early and went to the bedroom,stripped naked and put on a black basque,black skimpy panties,stockings and long black boots with high heels.Her husband came home and all he was bothered about was if his tea was ready! Well the other week they took the dog to the beach and it tripped her up,she was wearing tight jeans a top and those black boots,as she hit the floor she wee'd in her jeans,she was lying face down and couldn't stop.When she got up the front of her jeans was soaked and all her husband did was moan about her getting in his new car with her pissy pants on.If she'd have been with me those pissy pants would have been down to her boot tops and she'd have got what she needed.

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    Straight Male / 19

    There's a bunch of slutty women who live or hang around below me in the flats I hate living in. They're always having guys around to fuck them, even though they're ugly fat skanks.
    Last week I was on my balcony and heard the bitches below arguing about some guy and which one of then was going to have his cum fill her arsehole. I just wanted to read my book, but their arguing got louder and louder, so thinking I'd go in to read, I realised I was getting a boner. Taking my cock out, I flipped through my phone, put on some good looking porn, with attractive girls getting fucked and began to stroke my cock.
    Five minutes later, I wanted to cum, so I stood up put my cock over the top of the balcony rail and shot my load. The next thing I heard was "What the fuck was that, ugh! that's fucking gross, I think a bird has just shit on my head, ugh! fucking gross man, ugh no! I think it's cum" Then I heard another one of them say "Why don't you lick and swallow it, you're always telling us you swallow". There was lots of laughing from the other girls and I burst out laughing myself.
    Back inside I cleaned myself up a little before taking a shower. The next day in the shops close to my flat I saw one of the skanky girls buying shampoo. I couldn't help but think, I'd shot my wad onto her head and burst out laughing again.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I know it sounds cliche but the first time I dated someone I met on line she turned out not to be what she said she was. Her description: 19 years old, five feet tall, slender, DD tits, long pretty blond hair, pretty face and blue eyes and she was a nursing assistant for a pediatrician. She even sent me a photo of herself and she sure looked the way she described herself.

    But I was naive. What showed up for our date was over fifty, over 300 pounds, about five feet six inches tall. She had a military style buzz cut, the uggliest face I have ever seen on anyone and I am including all species of mammal here. She had said she was a non smoker on line but she was chomping on an old stogie. And the stench was stronger than any homeless sewer worker you've ever encountered. It took every ounce of self control to keep from puking all over her when she came to my door three hours early for our date. She had insisted she come to pick me up in her new Mercedes. When I opened the door and she told me who she was (glad I didn't tell her who I was right away) I told her that she had the wrong house. She insisted that I must be her date because I matched the description given to her by her on line date. Like she should be critical in that department. I told her it must have been one of my buddies pranking me and apologized and lied and said I had a girlfriend and was therefore unavailable. After that I closed my account with that service and never went on their website again. It was a few years before I tried internet dating again.

    I don't think a desperate middle aged drunk homeless person would go out with her. I don't mean to be mean. I know I'm not perfect. I'm not even especially attractive but I make due with what I have and keep myself in shape and I attend to my hygiene.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Went to a party last week and there was a gal there named Janine. Very quiet and shy until she had too many drinks, and became the center of attention. She was so drunk that one guy took her to a bedroom and began fucking her. When he was done another guy fucked Janine also.

    There was almost an informal "line" waiting their turn at Janine. I admit I wanted a turn as well but I had no condom and the guys were just pumping her full of jizz and it poured out of her as the next guy in line fucked her savagely. I did join a few other guys to watch, and I started to have second thoughts about fucking Janine.

    Sudde nly another guy pushed his cock into Janine and she screamed and threw up at the same time! It was projectile vomiting and it shot out of her mouth like a geyser. That pretty much ended that party!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    i love to eat cum, I want to eat cum from 10 asses or more in a row does not matter if it is male or female ass while I am being fucked in the ass. I also want to be fucked in the ass by as many dicks ass possible and clean the cum of of each one as he finishes and then catch their cum in a cup and drink all of it. I don't like kissing a man only eating his cum and being fucked by him in the mouth or as or both at the same time. Yummy! I also want to eat cum from women's pussy and ass as many as possible in a row.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Ever since i was a teenager i've had a fetish with cum. My sisters who are older than me and they would have sex with their boyfriends. I used to sneak into their bedrooms and find the used condoms. I would go back into my room, get naked and pour the cum from the condom on my cock and use it as masturbation lube. I also would sometime put on the condom still with cum in it and masturbate. I am not gay but just love the feeling of cum on my cock.

    I have some gay friends at school and i've asked them if they would consider jerking off and cum on my cock. At first they would say no because i was not gay. But then one day we had a group homework assignment so i was put in a group with two guys who were gay. I went to the house we did our homework assignment and started to talk to them about if they have had sex with each other. They said that they have sex all the time. I also asked them if they cum on each other and they told me that usually cum in their mouths and in their ass. I asked them if they were going to have sex today and they said 'why, you want to watch' I said 'yes' They got naked and started kissing and blowing each other off. I asked them if they would consider cumming on my cock and they said that only if i were naked. So i undressed and lay on the bed. They played with each other on top of me. They played with their cocks rubbing each other then they grabbed my cock and all of our three cock were touching and being masturbated with one hand. The fist guy blew his load and and covered all of our cocks with warm gooey cum. At this point the second guy started to cum, it was more liquid but was loads of it, While he was cumming i started to cum at the same time and could see all our cum mixing together into a big blob of cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I like to drink my own pee and eat my cum

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    sometimes when i leave the house, I will wear an adult diaper, I will go to a department store, walk around for a bit til I really have to go to the bathroom, then I will wait til the time is just right and I will poop in the diaper on purpose and keep walking around the store like nothings wrong, just feeling the poop in the diaper as I walk around gives me a boner, its even better with the diaper full of pee too.
    there was one time I went to the store with out the diaper, and oh man I really had to pee, so I peed my pants right there, I had a big wet spot running down the front of my jeans

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