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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Female / 53

    I was married twice and never had children but the only thing I have thats good is a thriving business. My sex life life is zero except for masturbation, mostly with my sex toys. Things have perked up since this past spring, not that I am having sex with anyone, but the stimulation I get from taking advantage of a young employee. Edward is only 23 and before Christmas last year I let him have a room in my house. He works in my packing department and within a few months I began to see how naive and easily manipulated he is. He is fairly handsome and very open minded telling me very personal things about himself and his family, friends and several of my other employees he works with. He reveals much more information to me that is none of my business and has numerous times told me very intimate events in his life. I wonder why he is so forthcoming with his health matters along with sexual experiences. In early spring this year he began telling me of his sexual encounters with the only two girls he ever went with then openly informed me how he masturbates and watches porn. There was one night in particular when it was like I was his confessor where he went on and on about why he doesn't keep in touch with family at first then detailed things about himself. He started that by saying he always shaved his pubic hair and that he has a small penis then apoligized for masturbating in the shower but assured me he cleaned the tub afterwards. I couldn't believe some of the stuff this young man was telling me and admit I found it amusing he would give me such personal information. I took for granted the fact I was so much older than him and perhaps my gray hair made me seem antique to him. I had seen Edward in his underwear a few times but because his room is at the very end of the second floor I seldom saw him at night. That same night is when he informed me how he had constipation all the time and often couldn't have a bowel movement for a week. At that I began telling him to get glycerin suppositories and he had no idea what I was talking about. I just told him to get them at a drug store or at least go to a doctor first. A few days later he came into my kitchen and put them on the table asking me what to do with them. I couldn't help myself and burst out laughing telling him to store them in the fridge. Edward had no conception of what they were for and had never heard of them in the past. I proceeded to tell him how to insert it in his rectum and mentioned that he had to push it in past his sphincter. He looked at me with a blank stare not knowing what his sphincter was and I am sure he thought they were to swallow orally. Being the horny old lady I am, without thinking about it, I asked him if he would be to embarrassed to have me do it for him. He just said I guess not.

    I went upstairs with him and he just asked what he had to do and instead of telling him he had to pull down his pants and underwear I told him to take them off. It was the first time I ever saw him blushing even though he had told me all those personal things about himself. We were in his room and I am sure he was reluctant but slowly stripped from the waste down. He did have a small penis and put his hand over himself to hide it from me. It had been years since I saw a naked man especially one so young and I confess it was arousing for me. I got him to lay on his side and intentionally had him pull up one leg where his testicles and anus were visible to me. Before I started putting the suppository in him I again asked if he was ok with me doing this and all he asked was I not tell anybody at work which I promised not to. I must be an obnoxious woman because even though this had nothing to do with sex found myself getting aroused by the sight in front of me. In all my years I had never done this to anyone, not even my x husbands. Once in him I told Edward to just lay there awhile before he went into the bathroom. I went down to the kitchen and about a half hour went by when he came down and told me it worked and he was able to go. We sat and talked for a short time and he said he hadn't "pooped" (his word) in almost a week. He did admit being embarrassed and to make him feel better I lied telling him I had done that to my x husbands many times years ago. I just told him not to be embarrassed about it and then without a thought told him his penis wasn't to small and he just smiled when I said that. I went to my room that night and masturbated with the thought of what a vulnerable position I had him in and had two orgasms which didn't happen very often.

    Two nights later Edward and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking and I began telling him how safe the glycerin suppositories are and that he could use them everyday or at least every other day. I said he ought to know how to do it himself but if he wanted me to do it for him I would. Then I asked him if he went to the bathroom since the last time and right away he said no. All I had in mind was to see his genitals again still not understanding how he could allow me to do that to him. I started by saying why don't you get a hot shower and put a towel around you so I can give you another suppository assuring him how it would make him feel better. Then I said to let me know when he was ready not giving him a chance to say no. About 20 minutes went by and he yelled that he was ready. When I got to his room he had the towel around him and I had him lay down on his side. I was then able to unwrap the towel and there he was completely naked on the bed and he didn't try hiding his penis this time. Rather than position him to put the suppository in him I started talking to him mentioning how he did shave his pubic hair and asked him how often he did it. Again I told him his penis wasn't really that small and lied again saying one of my husbands was smaller than his. He acted like he was at ease but his face was red and I knew he was embarrassed again. I inserted it in him again telling him to lay there awhile before going. That was in the beginning of this past May and since then I give him a suppository every other night since then. Each time since that night I began brushing my hand against his scrotum and one night convinced him that rubbing his testicles would also help him. He let me put Palmolive cream on his scrotum and then I began rubbing it on his penis as well. By the beginning of June I have been doing this before I insert the suppository and as soon as Edward gets an erection I have him masturbate as I insert the suppository into him very slowly. I have Edward convinced that ejaculating while having the suppository in him helps his bowels also. I think he believes everything I tell him and I can't remember when I have masturbated more myself in many years. I used to ask him if it embarrassed him to have me see him masturbate and he just says not anymore. When he has an erection his penis is about 5 inches but I never tell him it is small. I would love to strip down and masturbate in front of Edward but I am to ashamed of my body anymore. It seems he trusts me without question and there have been weeks where I give him a glycerin suppository sometimes six times the same week. I always tell him to take a shower and as soon as I do it seems he anxiously awaits me to get to his room. Just by the expression on his face I know he likes it when I put the Palmolive on his scrotum and penis. I rub his testicles as I touch his penis but don't masturbate him so far and I like to watch him get excited as I do this with him not knowing how aroused I am. I know this sounds disgusting but as I put the suppository in him I try to do it as he is ejaculating and often keep my finger slightly inside his anus to help stimulate him. For as small as his penis is the amount of semen is huge and I keep assuring him how healthy it is for him. And, he believes me.

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    Transsexual Male / 40

    I must confess I have a scat fetish I'd love to share with someone, have eaten it before but now it

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    Transsexual Male / 40

    Got a guy gonna use me for drugs abuse me all night, piss and shit all over me, feede his shit, I love filthy

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I'm only calling this gross because most people would say it's gross. I found it beautiful.

    When I was 15 I spent the summer at my best friend's grandparents farm. It was love at first sight the moment I laid eyes on Summer. Summer was a big dark brown stallion with a cock the size of my leg. When I found out that Summer was a stud horse and that they "milked" him frequently to sell his sperm I was all over that chore volunteering every chance I could get. It was a team effort. Several people had to hold and keep calm the horse while one person essentially jerked him off into a trash bag size condom which was emptied into a big jar. The sperm was then packaged and shipped to the buyer. One day when I was supposed to be brushing him in his stall I just couldn't help myself. I'd sucked off a couple of boys before so I figured no big deal. Sperm is sperm right? Well I got in there and Summer by then was used to me jerking him off rather frequently so it was nothing for me to get my hands around that giant horse cock. I put my mouth to the end and started licking his pee hole. I held onto the end while I slid my hand up and down. I was humming the whole time hoping the vibration would help him along. It did. In about two minutes he was gushing sperm like crazy. It tasted about as gross as you could imagine and while keeping the end in my mouth and trying to swallow as much as I could as fast as I could I frigged myself to the best orgasm ever! I was so friggen horny I'd have let him fuck me at that point. I did that a dozen times that summer, secretly of course.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Ive tried this last week at a church. To confess and was phyiscally chased out by the priest himself, which shattered my want to confess. Untill i found this site

    At 15 i was presured into sex in a bathroom by an Aunty. She was drunk and had walked in on me durning what i thought was just a shit, there was a party i was in the house, she walked in on me stood there drinking her bundy and coke and plainly said to me,,," the outside toilet was full could she share", then locked the door, then handed me her drink as she stood infront of me pulling up her skrit, she rubbed her pussy from the outside of her panties and then teasingly pulled them to the side,,,,

    My jaw dropped as i gazed apon her fine flaps, she grabed my head from the back and forced my face into her sweet flaps then i felt it,,,,her pee flooded my face, up my nose and a hard spray into my mouth as i couldnt help it and it felt natrual to begin licking her c**t deeply as her warm piss flooded back out of my mouth and down my front.

    She leand over and flushed then got on all fours placing my cock down her throat and just got into pumping herself onto it, tip to sack as she smiled at me, her left hand made its way up my leg to my thigh then my balls which she grabed and stretched out beyond my limits it hurt but felt good at the same time i moaned and she got even hornyer

    Next thing their i was sitting on the toilet begin deep throated and expriancing two fingers up my arse hole,,,,it was heavenly. I was thier for a good ten minutes. I had a watch on, and my aunt had a sweat up getting that load out of me.....i for the first time cum anally and i loved it so much i accepted her offer to continue exploring by way of using her anywzy i pleased. Aand for 4yrs i practiced nearly daily

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    Straight Male / 22

    Went to a party a few weeks ago, everybody got pretty wasted. One of the girls there, never knew her name became the life of the party when she got drunk. Guys were literally waiting their turn to take a shot at her.

    One guy had the girl on her fours fucking her when suddenly she began to spew, almost like Linda Blair spewing! The guy never missed a stroke, he fucked her as she hurled her stomach contents all over the fucking bed.

    The line suddenly disappeared........... LMAO

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    Straight Male / 24

    I don't really know where else to go with this ". I'd rather it not get deleted since I'm not advocating anything I about to post about. Exact opposite, actually. I'm pretty suicidal, man. I don't think I deserve to live. The shit that gets me sexually aroused is just too fucked up. Young girls. Not, like, eight year olds, or anything. But girls that just hit puberty or have been going through it for a few years. Like, I'm twenty five, man. I shouldn't be able to find 12, 13, 14 year olds attractive. I'm attracted to adult women, too, but the fact that I can see a girl that young and see anything sexual about her just really fucks me up. I don't download k********n, or anything, but I've had fantasies. I'm so sick of knowing what a piece of absolute scum I am. I don't enjoy anything anymore. I can't. I can't write music anymore, I can't hang out with friends anymore. All I do is drink and think about ways to end it now. I just want peace. And I can't have that here knowing that I'm a piece of shit human being. I don't want this. I hate this. And it's all I can think about day in and day out. Every time I think I'm okay, I get reminded that I'm a sick fucking bastard and I just go right back to sulking. I just wish I was never born, man. This is fucking miserable.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I'm a 25 year old woman and I love having a really good poo after I've been holding it all day. I hate going in public toilets or other people's toilets but if I'm really desperate I will as it's better than doing it in my knickers.
    I did it in my knickers once in my dad's car. I was 13 and we were on the way home from a day at the seaside and I'd been holding it since the previous morning. I was busting for a poo all day and we got stuck in traffic for 3 hours. I was desperate to go and my mum told me to put the blanket from the back seat under my bum in case I had an accident as it was washable. I said I could hold it but I still put the blanket under me as I wasn't 100% sure I could hold it. After half an hour we moved about 50 yards and my dad turned the radio on to get some traffic information. Within a minute the traffic news broke into the music that was playing and it was reporting severe delays on the motorway due to a serious accident. I was about to have an accident myself and I told my mum I couldn't hold it any longer. She told me it was OK because the blanket was on the seat but what I really wanted was to be sitting on a nice toilet. I felt my face getting hot as I relaxed and allowed the poo to come out into my knickers. I felt so dirty and naughty doing it in my knickers but I was so desperate I just had to go. I wet myself at the same time and the blanket soaked it up but my bum still got wet. The relief was incredible but having to sit in my own mess for the rest of the journey home wasn't pleasant especially the smell. When we got home I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself up but as I got out of the car I felt all the poo that had mashed up between my bum cheeks slip down into my knickers which felt interesting.

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    Straight Male / 40

    About to be evicted for non-payment of rent, at eighteen, I foolishly made a deal with my sleazy, dirty, obese landlord, to let him tie me up and "wank me to death" as he put it, once a week, in lieu of rent. This took place on Friday nights, and involved him zipping me into a latex sack, from head to toe, enclosing me completely. He tied it at the waist and neck, and there were two small nylon zippers, one across my mouth, and one at crotch level. The only other contact with the outside were two small holes right over my nostrils. The bag was snug but loose enough for comfort, and some movement, although it was all internal. He pulled my goodies outside, through the lower zipper, and snugged it tight round the roots, holding my package outside, exposed and utterly vulnerable. Such helplessness was oddly exciting as well as scary, but this disgusting man was amazingly good at what he said he was going to do, and as the hours passed, in a welter of sweat, slow suffocation, and ever-increasing need to come, I pretty quickly grew absolutely addicted to this treatment! Unable to speak, tied round the neck, and waist, with just enough air for life, none left over for the luxury of speech, I answered his questions with nods and shakes of my head. "Like this?" Nod. "Want me to stop?" Shake. "Want me to let you out?" Emphatic shake, to his amusement. He crawled up onto the bed, unzipped my mouth, and slowly and irresistibly pushed his rock-hard cock into my mouth, then sprawled on top of me and resumed his caresses. I felt sick and revolted at first, but there was nothing I could do, so I made the best of it. This state of affairs lasted the entire weekend, on and off, and he questioned me endlessly when I was at my most intense arousal, and apt to babble the 'naked' truth uninhibitedly, which, it turned out later, he was recording carefully! By Sunday night, I was half-crazy with desire, and sloshing around in my own waste products, and his copious semen, some of which I had to swallow, or choke! When he finally allowed me to come, it seemed to go on forever, as he slowly milked every last drop from me, until the intensity made me scream almost silently in the heavy rubber. He untied my waist, reopened the top zipper, and pushed me back inside the bottom one. I gasped in the cool air, gratefully, and said "Please Mister Wozniak, can I get out now?" He snorted, yawned and said "What the fuck for? Give me one good reason!" I replied "Sir, I'm filthy, worn out, and I don't like it any more!" He chuckled malevolently and said "And I would care about that, why, exactly?" I whined on and on, and he finally sealed me back into silence. "Tell you what, shit-for brains, I'll let you out as soon as you don't want me to! Not until! And I'll take a lot of convincing that you're not lying to me! We clear?" Puzzled and worried, I nodded my agreement. He got up, said he had a big football game to watch, and he MIGHT be back after it ended. Then he left, locking the door carefully with his pass-key. Hours passed, it seemed, I peed some more, hungry, thirsty, sloshing in sweat and piss, and already getting hard again. This time, I had to do it myself, but it felt good, as I slowly "wanked" myself, rehashing the events of the weekend in my confused mind. I wasn't sure how I really felt! I mean this was absolutely disgusting, bizarre, and scary, but at the same time, I had experienced arousal, and a come that I had never dreamed remotely possible! Some deep down sick part of me, actually wanted to be kept like this, and made to do it all again! After a while, that is exactly what happened! He was in a foul mood since his team lost, and had been drinking, and he couldn't wait to shove his massive cock back into my mouth! He wasn't interested in me though, just that, and I remained sealed inside the bag, pleasuring myself carefully, so as not to come and ruin everything. Finally he half-drowned me in semen, and collapsed on top of me, and fell asleep, still filling my mouth to capacity. And so we spent the night like that, him in a drunken stupor, face-fucking me on and off, still unconscious, all night! In the morning, he woke, pulled himself out of my mouth, and rearranged himself so he was sitting on my face! I fought for air, and to my horror, realized that my mouth was filling with hard, endless shit! When it had crammed in to capacity, he rolled off, and worked the zipper tight shut, as I frantically tried to spit this nauseous gag out! Most of it joined my own mess, before I choked on it, and I soon realized he was gone again! Now I was really disgusted, with myself, with him, with the whole awful thing! But, I realized there was still this deep dark sick part of me that focused single-mindedly on how aroused I had been, and still was! There was something wickedly primal, utterly humiliating, and yet incredibly exciting about the mess I found myself in, literally! I knew I would have plenty of time to think things through, and my throbbing erection was waiting for me!

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    Straight Male / 36

    I feel so embarrassed, it's bad enough that I secretly fantasize about my wifes sister and cousin, but I can't believe I even did something like this.

    The cousin, 23 years old and huge tits, was over at our place for a few days. Naturally i've been secretly going through her suitcase and admiring her undies, even rubbing my cock into them.

    While that's disturbing what I did is even worse.

    I make a great latte, and when the cousin asked for one, her latte was a little more special than usual.

    I managed to jizz into her coffee, watched as she drank it. I know it was a terrible thing to do... but I was mesmerised watching her gulp down my cum.

    Fuck I am disturbed

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