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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 35

    Like many I fuck my wife daily. I have a pension for eating her ass because quite frankly she is hot with a model type figure. This morning was no different, I was tonguing her ass hole and suddenly she says I have to go poop. She went to the bathroom and I especially like to tongue her butt hole after she shits.

    She knows this and automatically gets in the all 4 position for me to enjoy her pink butt hole. I was anxious to get get at it when she said I have diarrhea which I responded I don't care. I could tell the taste was different and I could smell the difference as well but I pressed on.

    After sex was over she went back to the bathroom and returned with a wet wash cloth telling me to wipe my face as my face smelled of diarrhea. 3 hours later I am not feeling to well. Perhaps I went to far this time.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Im pathetic. Ever get jealous of your own shit? Just got done taking my morning dump. I look in the toilet and mumble to myself. "Why cant my cock be the size of that turd" I of course didn't measure it, but it was about 8" long and 3" wide.

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    Straight Female / 18

    how can these senile crazy old royals in uk marry this violent jailbag family? I can see those uk royals starting up their own kadashian tv show at some point.

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    1 / 38

    Should drugs have an age limit? How's 90 sound?
    Even regulated items like cigarettes and alcohol are tried by kids younger than legal age. After all, they want to fit in with those who are a bit older/mature. By decreasing the min. Age for even those would expose even younger kids to the influences. I can't imagine what would happen if we got rid of min. Age limits on just those less harmful items. Just think, kids get out of school and spend their lunch money at the bar.
    What is worse, the author of this question want no age limit on very harmful drugs like those that get injected. I look at those street corner drug dealers as scumbags that should be locked up for endangering the lives of not just adult but the kids they get addicted and the author would have them looked at as entrepreneurs for selling crack to middle school kids or even younger? They talked about supervised injection facilities. Tell me, how many teens would take their drug use/abuse public? It's not like only drug addicts will be present so they will see the risk of their secret being relieved. In other words, the vast majority of kids who do those drugs would opt for the alley instead. Another factor is those that did use it would likely be exposed to other drugs. Then lets talk expense. These facilities would need at least one medical person as well as at least one police officer for security. After all, drug addicts are not known to be law abiding. Because drug addicts do drugs whenever they need them, the place would need to be open 24/7. Not sure about other countries but in the U.S. people in the medical community and police have mottoes they go by e.g. "Do no harm." and "To protect and serve." How is a doctor going to openly aid kids in doing harmful drugs going to keep his oath. How are the police protecting when they assist in doing harm?

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    Straight Female / 40

    you see these cutesy poses of enduring and endearing fondling duping delights and sick puppy looks that look so childish and lack restraint in her. every shot of hers to every member of the family to seek to win their approval like some puppy hungry for approval and lapping up the big sausage with glutton mind and a rather over endowed ego that so many women do today. She talks over the top of him and tells him brazen words to not say much and you can clearly see the look of irritation about being asked questions and like he is straight annoyed. so he ought to be for the rest of his life with her.royals will be royals. may those two like his sibbling before him rot in hell with their tacky unclassy wives. the only reason I can believe is she has been welcomed into the family eariler because they are actually already married and what is real news? she makes her news happen with her publicity manager. my guess is this guy has played around and secretly married a few and its the sneaky cunning ones who make up a line of "oh I think I am pregnant and its on for push to marry so they often do marry secretly as I have seen photos that look that way and then the real wedding is a plot of conniving. anyways, a niggo woman will always be a gold dinger. wait til the marriage gets boring like it does for all of them. wait til the hot new chicks come on the scene in media and the fatties they turned down look amazing after her wedding. i mean its all down hill for her from here, she can't wear hollywood and be normal as a royal. she will be like princess grace she was a bit attractive more so then this hollywood one but she got fat old and ugly very quick and stale. i don't think she could hold a candle to diana or grace, the one thing I liked about grace was that she said modestly she wanted to be remembered for being a decent person that cared. well this one dosen't care. any decent woman would have said "I have been married it wouldn't look good to the media and world for you to marry a older previous divorced woman when there are so many single young british women or other women who don't need the hollywood limelight to be worthy of being royal. infact the hollywood part makes her look so tacky. but good luck to her she got what she wanted all the women who are single and never married envying her guts out but he is not much of a physical or mental catch like the other one. so they will need her money. and half her sneaky ass luck. i wouldn't stand a chance with him cuz i am too old and not rich but i think i have more general class and know who i am not play acting characters and being barebum for money. i would fit in with a more modest older money set and select set from other royal cultures then theirs. I am too fuddy duddy for any young royal. I hope the queen knows what she is doing. its confusing people what she has allowed, but the times they are a changing in heaps of bad ways. what will it be like in ten years time. and I wonder when the real genuine people of this world will be rewarded and loved and get money and great jobs and find their loves when all the queens brood have taken all the best and spat them out buggered up after a dose of royal rock n roll around the bedroom you would come away rattled and shattered to say the least. I am too shy and too modest, too humble as well. all I am saying is megan is no class and no beauty and no catch and those pathetic sweet cute longing looks she gives the older royals is gross. childish and lacking in personal grooming manners for outings. its like the found her at the dump or pound and threw her in the family at christmas and he has to comfort her. and the silly photos are so black and white candids rather then traditional royal portraits but look they had to change if they bring in some one as different as her. i just am sick of black people doing their black thing with bling and no modesty. and the tongue sticking out is so hollywood but not monarchy as my mother said "you can tell brash young breeding, and new money"! royalty copying miley ray cyrus ? what next? definately a pre-nup needed cuz i really don't think this marriage will last as they are all getting some on the side and also the queen undercuts nicer girls for men for her own brood of brumstucks grrruls in the family. the nicer girls don't stand a chance against beatrice and bea and hiltons and all the other bitches out there. and harry has broken a few guys hearts stealing girls from men. that is a book all in itself that the royals could have writen on them all, how they stole other peoples husbands and wives and boyfriends and lovers and chicks. cuz they all guilty for it even when married they are at it. anything half way quality they try to steal from nicer women who are more modest and shy and its like the movie says "the crown must always win" in bed and at work and at being the best fake nice people sucking up to press and making all other women and men feel cheap, common and less and ugly and trashy when actually its them who are trashy and they are fake royals not true bloods. I think Prince Charles is doing the right thing however planning to not live at BUCK PALACE when the queen dies because it should be used to make money and give back to its subjects that went without for all that gold laced over everything.

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    Straight Female / 40

    I had a suspicion that my husband looks at porn on the internet while I am not at home because the history is always erased. Then I found one time he forgot to clear it. I was pissed off and of course he made up some lame excuse and said he doesn't look at it all that often. But the history is still now always cleared. Last Sunday I had to go to the grocery store and take our kids somewhere and he randomly kept asking me when I was leaving so I had a suspicion he wanted to look at porn. I was pissed off because he didn't want to go to the store with me and I knew why. So I took my phone and turned the camara on video and put it under the desk at the computer and left it at home to see if he did. When I got home I got the phone and went to the bathroom and watched the video to see what he did while I was gone. Sure enough within almost a minute after I left he sat at the computer and once he started it up he pulled his shorts down and started jacking himself off. This went on for just over 20 minutes. I wish I could have seen what exactly he was watching and I admit it was very erotic watching someone not knowing they were being watched. I sat in the bathroom and watched the part when he came all over himself three or four times and masturbated myself and had a pretty good orgasm. I even watched it again at work the next day in the restroom and masturbated at work for the first time in my life. Part of me wants to tell him what I did to embarrass him but for now I've decided not to say anything because I don't want to start a huge fight. What would you do? Would you confront him about it?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I met this older woman at a diner. She was my waitress and I was working in her small town for a couple of months. We hit it off despite the fact that I am 22 and she is 38, or maybe because of that. She is what I grew up hearing called "trailer trash". She lives in a trailer behind the diner, and she fucks in ways that I never even dreamed of. I never thought of doing super kinky stuff before but I was buttfucking her last night, she pulled me out of her ass, shit without running to the toilet then stuff my cock back in her ass till I shot off inside her. The she cleaned me, the bed, and was walking around with shit smeared on her butt. I loved it for some reason. She liked that I liked the scat play and promised more that just that "mild" version. I'm never going to be the same when I leave this town.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I've been been friends with my wife since middle school. We didn't start dating and having sex till we were 23. Then we got married when were 24. Now she is the second woman I've had sex with and I can't complain. The sex is great

    Ow she never wanted period sex until we were in our honeymoon and her period came. We weren't just not going to have sex so when her period started she told me and said I really want to have sex so if you don't mind a little bit of blood. I'm a man, blood doesn't bother me so I told her we'll try it out. I'm up for sex on her period but she didn't know how she felt about it.

    Only bad thing we knew was that we were in a hotel and the sheets and towels are all white. We said screw it, laid a towel down so we didn't mess the bed up and started making out. Now she always has heavy periods so when I stuck my cock in it was extra slippery and wet. I took it slowly, kissing her the whole time until I finally cane in her. When I pulled my duck out it was blood covered and my pubic hair had blood in it too. I looked my wife and said well shit, normally you don't leave any body fluids on me but I'll take it! We showered together and cleaned up. The next day she had cramps real bad and we had sex again. She found my dick in her took care of the cramps! So for most of out honeymoon we had period sex!

    Now fast forward to now, we still have sex on her period. She even gets on top during sex while on her period. It's a bit more messy but she enjoys being on top. My dick is always blood covered when finished and blood on the base of my pubic area. Ever since the honeymoon I've shaved off my pubic hair to aid in the clean up of period sex

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    Straight Male / 46

    My second wife is great, does everything I want. She is 29, gets to stay at home during the day. She is very submissive and that is why I married her, in addition to a killer body, beautiful face, and being a great fuck taking cock and cum in all 3 holes, plus all over her body. Before I leave for work every morning I change her nighttime diaper and clean her up, and put a fresh, new diaper on her. When I come home at noon to change her it's usually only a lot of pee in her diaper, sometimes a bit of poo. I clean her up, eat her pussy and fuck her or get a BJ. When I come home at the end of the day it's pee and usually a load of poo. Some pee again before I fuck her at night, then change her for the night.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    So this Confession is where my love for watersports began I would have put this in "Wet Stories" but it has sea sickness in telling it in order.

    ___________ ______________ BACK Story

    I was 17 at the time this took place. I had this friend of sorts, lets call him Mark. He was an odd guy to say the least he was " OK " looking but was the son of a wealthy Lawyer and had all the cool stuff. His dad bought another boat so he gave his old one to Mark. It was a metal boat that had one of those soft canopy canvas tops that covered the whole boat. I'm not sure how big it was but it had a CB radio and solar panels but to the point. . .

    He had been asking me to go out on the lake/river for a while. He lives off a huge lake that feeds into a river that flows from the next town. So after a while of begging me I reluctantly agree. Perfect time to show off the pink bikini I bought. I was 5,5 skinny ish at the time, I am a red head ready to party C - Cup boobs (still growing then)


    My dad was a ranger and I grew up used to the outdoors and rugged life!

    The day arrived and I was excited for our adventure even though I knew he was going to screw it up somehow. . .
    Packed a lunch and snacks fishing gear because I was bringing back dinner! We had a blast and I caught 3 Fish!!
    Somehow things were looking up Mark was HOT without a shirt on and he hadn't screwed things up until now so I don't know if it was the adrenaline or something in the air I was Horny all day! So we had been on the lake a few hours at this point. The wind was starting to blow a storm on the horizon so we started to head back. . .

    That is where things went from bad to worse (or good depending on your opinion), Mark being the oaf he is forgot the reserve gas tank and we ran out on the way back. We were on the river and the current was pushing us in the right direction but it would take ages to get back at this speed. Mark was more worried about the storm on the horizon and getting in touch with his parents on the radio. We were able to tell them our location and situation. His Dad was going to try to rescue us before things got worse.

    It was like 3 pm the sky was gray and overcast and it was obvious it was about to STORM! Low hanging clouds loomed in the distance and the rumble of impending doom muffled with the pitter patter of rain just starting to fall. We got a message on the radio from his dad to drop anchor and wait the storm out because it was going to be too dangerous to go out! He said he would head out as soon as the weather permitted him to. So We got the canopy tight and zipped the vynal windows and listened to the drips of rain hitting the canvas above our heads as it got heavier and heavier. The thunder was frightening and wind howling as we sat useless waiting. We hear a warning over the radio from the weather station saying this is going to be a bad one and to expect heavy winds and maybe hail.

    ______________ _(The Good Stuff starts around here somewhere)

    So there I was sitting in a boat in "The Storm of The Century" with a shirtless muscly guy, its hot and sweaty and I'm Horny. To make things worse, now I have to use the bathroom! He was more chilled out than I was, He brought Uno a card game. We played for a while as I was getting more and more desperate. I think he caught on along the way and asked if I was okay and tried to calm me down. I told him my situation, and with a chuckle he opened one of the hatches and pulled out a small bucket and a half damp roll of TP. I refused and lied to myself I could hold it. The rain wasn't letting up and the sound of drips falling off the canopy were about to drive me over the edge. He said to make things less awkward he would go first.
    (I had never seen a penis in real life only crude drawings of them)

    He pulled out his member and he was "packing"! I wanted to touch it but my bladder wasn't having it I couldn't take my hands off my vagina. He filled the bucket a good amount and dumped it over the edge. He took the bucket and placed it between my thighs I was all wet and squirming and squirting. All I could think of was relief and flooded my bottoms over the bucket and all over his hands and ruined my bikini. I was embarrassed but the relief was too good for me to care. I got what I could in the bucket and dumped it over the edge like he did before. Embarrassed and defeated I gave him a blowjob and let him finger me while I hung my panties over the edge of a railing to dry.

    I was feeling gross and the wind kept blowing the canopy open and letting in the wind and rain as the storm battered on. We both were getting nauseous from the back and forth motion of the boat in the storm. He was the first one to go but I soon followed him. It wasn't fun, right about then the nausea was over and I felt that feeling, you know the one. Where your ass taps you on the solder and tells you to run! It was either the bucket or hang over the boat, I chose the boat and it was a wise decision. Nothing pretty about that situation at all. He was too busy to notice me shitting my colon out over the edge.

    After an hour and all we both start to feel better and lay side by side, He was still in his bathing suit, me just a top on. He has his hand between my legs just slowly stroking when out of nowhere I start peeing again. he puts his hand over my pee hole and stops the flow my bladder aches and needs to be emptied. He got up and put his mouth over my pussy and just told me to let go and drank the rest of it. The feeling was too much and I came in his mouth and face. He asked if I was into WaterSports and just said why not we are both covered in it anyway.

    Some people have their kinks I guess and this story is about water-sports so. . . He pulls out his penis and is about to let go but then I have a better idea. I put it back in his bathing suit and get into his pants facing him his dick is on my stomach. I take off my top to not get it dirtier and lay him down me on top of him, My boobs are on his chin and tell him to relax and it out, and slowly I get this warm sensation on my ribs and under my boobs. It feels so nice and without knowing it I start dry humping him. Now getting horny, and as he is going it slips in from me dry humping. Now he is literally peeing in me and I can feel the warmth ballooning in me im cumming he is cumming and like a balloon it pops out and all of the urine and cum are washed out in a sticky smelly mass of warmth between us we get up and jump into the river in the poring rain to wash off and jump back in the boat freezing cold. He took the bucket and filled it with river water and dumped it on the floor where we made our mess and turned the pump to get the rest out. Cold, Wet, and tired we both lay there listening to the rain on the canvas canopy separating the never ending rain from the cold damp atmosphere of breath and sex. Occasionally the wind would whip the leaky canopy open and blow the rainy weather in.

    One thing was sure we both were tired . . .

    ________________ ____________________ [ Epilogue ]

    The thunder faded and the rain slowed to a pitter patter as we lay on the wooden floor of the boat naked, hot, wet , and spent!
    The boat swayed back and forth with the current as I slowly lost consciousness like a baby in a cradle ready for a nap. . . I was awoken to a boat horn in the distance and the sound of another engine. It was his DAD! I scrambled to get my bottoms wich now strongly smelt of urine back on, as he did the same. just in time for the wind to blow open the canopy and a fresh night breeze to freshen the stale air and smell of sex. His dad was nice and gave us gas and noticed the "yellow stain" on my pink bottoms and I was so embarrassed Mark told him I got scared and had an "accident" in the storm and promised him not to tell my father or anybody else.

    Up until this day I have not told a soul about this story or my love for WaterSports.

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