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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    When my wife has her period, she wears pads rather than tampons.
    When she changes her pad she rlls it up and puts it in the trash.
    I am ashamed to admit it but I have, occasionally rescued the pad from the trash (while its still frsh and wet), particularly if it was a heavy period and sucked on it while masturbating.
    My mouth full of menstrual blood as I cum isd a turn on

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    Straight Female / 18


    This happened a few years ago in year ten and there was a girl in class and it was clear from the way she was fidgeting around she needed to go to the toilet really badly. I thought she was going to have an accident and after a while she did and it stank. The girl just sat there sitting in her mess until the 3:20 bell went and when she stood up it was all over the chair and bits were falling on the floor. The back of her skirt was wet and as she walked out of the room she stopped in the corridor and pood herself again and she was wetting herself. When she finished she didn't go to the toilet and she ran out of school crying.

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    Straight Male / 23

    My girlfriend is 39 years old. I know she's a lot older than me but age is only a number. She is sexy as hell. But we did something the other day that ended up pretty gross. She was sitting on my face which I love and I was eating out her ass, something I started to do recently and she accidentally shit a big pile of diarrhea in my mouth.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I was at a bar and this chick starts talking and touching me. She tells me she wants to give me a blow job. I can see she had a few but who was I to turn it down. We left the bar and went out back to a stairwell that was nearby. I am standing there and she is undoing my belt and zipper and pulling my pants down. So there I am now with my pants and underwear just below my knees and her beginning to suck me. Anyone passing by would have caught us but I didn't care as it was about 1:30am with no people around. She then goes to deep throat me and the next thing that happens is she begins to puke. She is puking right into my pants and all over my shoes. She finally says she can't do this anymore and just runs away. I am left there with nothing available to clean myself off. I couldn't go back into the bar but remembered there was a park with a fountain in it about 2 blocks away. I pulled my pants back up and walked 2 blocks with puke totally covering me in them. I get to the fountain and decided the best way to clean myself would be to just jump in. I jumped in and realized I had take everything off to get myself and my clothes clean from the puke. Off came my shoes, socks, pants and underwear. I thought my shirt was clean but it too had some puke on it now so off it came too. I was standing naked in the fountain taking each piece of my clothing and rinsing puke off the best I could and wringed out the water. I put each piece on a nearby bench to dry. I then began to wash my body. I was surprised to hear a woman's asking if I was trying to mimic the statue. She was referring to the nude boy statue in the center of the fountain that was peeing into the fountain. I explained I was puked on by someone and was just cleaning myself off. I didn't mention the blowjob but she seemed to buy the reason for being naked. She saw my clothes on the bench and grabbed them. She told to follow her and she would drive me home. She put my clothes in her truck and closed it. She told me before I get in to get my drive home she wanted me to do something. She told me to masturbate. There was some silence before she reminded me I was naked, she had my clothes and I had no other way to get home with little exposure. I started what she asked and she snapped a few pictures. She was true to her word and did give me a ride. She took my clothes out of her trunk and told me I would be best not to put them on. It didn't look like any neighbors were awake as it was about 3:00am now so I agreed. She jumped in her car and I began walking to my door naked. She then decided to be a bitch and started honking her car horn and went as far as to point her car right at me with the headlights on high beam. I saw some neighbor houses lights come and I don't know if, or how much, they saw of me but at that point they most likely would have seen everything. I quickly unlocked my door and went inside. That was the last time I take any offers of blowjobs at bars.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My name is Chris and there really is a creator. I was created back in 1976 and given an identity that goes along with cryptographic and mathematical patterns found in the universe and this language. I am symbolic of God(good) and a woman named Erin was created as my goddess.

    No one told us this stuff and the Canadians forced themselves a part of our lives sexually in forced brain washed relationships. They wanted Canadians to be first to experience a desirable woman and so forced themselves on us and in doing so made her one of the most ruined disgusting women in the universe

    So, now the human race is lower in the chain of life than fecal matter and I have to go on with life everyday looking at ugly slob pig Canadians that think they're chosen, welcomed and wanted a part of our sexuality. A gross rapist country with no morality at all that think we are for their amusement.

    They child abused, m****ted, r**ed and mutilated my body for their sex ritual story and so earths 2 soul mates (me and Erin) are the most ruined humans in the universe.

    All because the ugly majority of humanity wanted their revolting existences and less than pig genitals to be a part of our sexuality.

    The women of this world are actually lower in reality than AIDS infested blood clots, shit, and horse cum leaking out of a retarded homosexuals torn asshole. All because Canadian males seemingly lack the ability to realize how revolting they all are and keep m****ting others.

    This species is actually lower in the chain of life than animal shit.

    And I still can't get anyone to help me find my soul mate Erin because they want to pretend it's okay to ruin her existence too

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    Transsexual Male / 40

    I got a chic coming over later to feed me her shit fresh from her then once covered I get to the her up and r**e her, I will do everything to her gag her on my knickers soaked in piss and hold her down a d abuse her

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    Transsexual Male / 40

    I love being used as a toilet have done lots but just started eating it from a guy I've got to stage where I don't care as I enjoy it that much, we always have unsafe sex anyway, drink his pee prefer him unwashed for a week before he sees me. He came round earlier sat over my face and I see his arse open wide so put my lips around it and sucked it ended up eating some and smearing rest all over me then I shit on his cock and wanked and smeared all over then sucked him off, am addicted to it now, he said how about a TV he knows who loves it to join in soon, I've only ever eaten mine but enjoyed it now I love others, I know its sick but only live once. Could never do a we womens prefer men and sucking very smelly cock, tasting his farts to. Would love a full timer with HIV so we can both do what ever for rest of our life's I love being filmed shitting in cotton panties to and sucking used tampons from bins

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    Transsexual Male / 40

    I've got a fetish I've shared with one guy as his sissy I lived with him and made to dress girly everyday. He use to use me as his toilet everyday, use to love his shit smeared all over me and sometimes in my mouth, I use to do everything filthy with him used as his toy, unsafe sex always, he use to take me put dressed and made me stand in public as a sissy with nappy etc on, he use to be a good daddy and change me before he fucked me, problem was he got found put by his wife so we split, would love to find another in the UK if any. I adore toilet fun and filth so that u must like. I'm single and live on my own.. Please email me hollynaughty40@@outlook.**m.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I share an apartment with my cousin (we're both college students). My cousin sometimes gets constipated because his poop logs are usually big and solid. Yesterday he was constipated. He read somewhere that when you're constipated, you should poop lying down, so he pooped lying down. He lay down and spread his legs wide apart in the air. He put his legs on his shoulders and I held his legs in place. He grunted each time he was pushing out a log (he grunted, curled his toes, and twisted his face). Each time he pushed out a log, he moaned with relief and said "ohhhhhh". I saw his poop hole stretching and his big logs coming out. He grunted like a bull while pushing (he said "nggggg, sweet Jesus, nggggg"). He farted a lot too. His logs smelled so bad. After he grunted out all his logs, he said he felt so good. He grunted out 5 big solid logs.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I'm pooping. I grunt when I push my logs out because my logs are always big and solid. I grunt, curl my toes, and crunch my face when I push. My poop hole is stretching. I'm about to push a log out. Nggg...ohh...ngggg..oooohhh yeah. Another one ohhhh nggg yeah. My crap stinks.

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