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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Female / 45

    i would have been so happy in love with glen who looked like nicholas (actor from uk) that year in drama, I think I would have felt so complete and in love like I was in heaven being successful as well as loved and thin. it would have been a fresh sweet thing for me. but I was never sort after. then there was tony I liked him he was big but too big if you get me even his ego was too big. then robert it could have been good and other guys. each time I prayed to god to give me a love and romance like others that you didn't have to die or be killed for. to be waiting so long til 29 to have first time sex was crazy all these ugly creepy old men demanding time with me was unbareable. being r**ed by a ugly disgusting smelly vomit bucket was demoralising and he made me ill. it wouldn't matter to me if he had owned russian palace or scotland castles he was wrong for me and I still don't like or love him. I wanted someone like nrowe, and very sweetly young suited educated teen. but they rejected me or ignored me. I liked a lot of my teachers too. a law teacher who was so beautiful but what could I give someone like that? so many new pretty young things and i liked rick. no man has lived up or been good enough and all so vomit ugly and stupid. now can you see where you all went wrong and can you now see why you made so many mistakes and can you now see how selfish you were, and can you now see how a liar con scank you are. i will murder him alright if it comes near me. I will make it get to hell, we were never supposed to meet. you got that. I aint your property and god never wanted us to meet. we were never supposed to meet.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    My fondest memory of my late mother was the day she let me serve as her toilet.

    I put this in the catagory of "gross" because most people would say it is but I don't find it that. I loved having my mom shit in my mouth. I was 15 years old and mom caught me sucking on the hashmarks of her dirty panties while jerking off. She yelled at me at first then got quiet and then ordered me to strip and lay down in the tub. Then to my amazement she took off her panties and told me to sniff them. I sniffed the part that was on her ass not the part that was on her pussy like most little perverts might. Not me. I wanted to inhale her shit smell. Then she lifted up her skirt to reveal her massive black pubic bush and squatted over my mouth and lowered her ass hair onto my mouth. She said one word "LICK!" I obeyed and did not stop until I had a huge fat putrid turd half way down my throat sticking out like an obscene big black cock. I sucked on it or a few minutes until my mom said "chew." I chewed. It was dryer than I expected. It took half an hour to manage to chew up and swallow about half of her turd. She spent the entire time squatted over my mouth low enough for her asshole hair to tickle my lips. The stench was overwhelming but inspired the hardest erection I'd ever had. I continued chewing slowly when mom re-positioned herself and peed between the turd and my open mouth. It dribbled its way down my throat making the turd easier to chew which also brought out the intense putrid flavor of the turd. Finally after about an hour of chewing and working it slowly down my throat with the aid of her bitter salty piss, I finished swallowing the last morsel of shit. Then Mom commanded "LICK!" She made me lick her clean. That took another fifteen minutes or so.

    After completing my new duty as her human toilet she gave me permission to jerk off with my tongue up her ass.

    From then on every morning I had toilet duty. I wanted to eat all her shit all the time and drink all her piss as well but Mom said I'd get sick if I did that. So I was limited to being her full time urinal and my tongue was now the only toilet paper she ever used but I only got to be her full toilet once a month.

    On my 16th birthday mom had a surprise for me. My birthday was on a Monday. That Friday she said I was visiting her sister and that we would celebrate my 16th birthday there. My aunt was well off financially. I don't mean she was a billionaire but she probably was a millionaire. She lived in a mansion and had a Mercedes and a small yacht and a beach house so she was well off and she always gave the very best gifts.

    So when Mom and I arrived she greeted us out front and led us inside. The moment I was in the house Aunt Joan loudly command "Strip!"

    I looked at my mom and she shrugged her shoulders and said "if you want to be our toilet I suggest you strip.

    I was naked in half a second. In keeping with the mood I thought it best to drop to my knees and bow my head. I saw that in a bondage video I once jerked off to. It was the right thing to do. Aunt Joan put a slave collar around my neck and led me by a leash down to her basement where I'd never been before. when I got down there she led me to a dark room. She turned on the lights and there sticking out of the wall was a black box that looked like a coffin on a short platform. She opened the lid and told me to get in head first. I did naked. I was shackled into place with rubber shackles. The entire compartment was lined in black rubber. There was a soft cushion under my head. The "coffin" was at a slight incline with a drain hole at my feet. There were holes in the sides for my legs to stick out of. She had me put my legs through though they were wrapped in the rubber lining. I felt restraints attached to my ankles and legs and thighs. Then I felt them lifted up. A bright light accompanied the sound of a door opening and I could see down between my legs as a rubber harness was attached to my balls causing them to protrude. Another rubber harness was put on my cock and that had a metal rod at the end that inserted about six inches into my pee hole. I later found out it was hollow. A butt plug was lubed and inserted up my ass. The door was closed leaving my legs up in the air and my ass in a position ready to be fucked if that was the plan. I heard the door to the room close and I was left alone with my excited and slightly scared thoughts.

    A moment later a bright light exploded onto my face. After adjusting my eyes I realized I was looking up from the under side of a toilet seat the cover having been lifted to a vertical position. Aunt Joan showed my mom how to work some controls and my head was lifted up and down and the entire box shifted with me in it so my mouth would be in different positions under the toilet seat. Then the seat cover was lowered to within a quarter inch of my nose. The lights were shut off and the door was closed.

    I have no idea how long I was there but some time later the light exploded onto my face again as the lid was opened and my mother very casually lowered her panties and lifted her skirt and sat down over my face. The controls re positioned my mouth to her pussy. In a second piss gushed into my gaping mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but I missed some. I was given the command to lick so I licked her pee hole clean. When Mom was satisfied with my performance she dropped the toilet seat to within a quarter inch of my nose again leaving me to enjoy the intense flavor of her piss. Then I heard a loud flushing sound and water sprayed on my face. I could feel it flow down the sides of my naked body and drain down at my feet.

    Some time later Aunt Joan needed to take a shit. My mouth was positioned under her ass. I didn't need to be told to open wide. Her shit was a bit softer and easier to eat than Mom's usually was. It also stunk far worse but she gave me ample piss to rinse her shit down with. I think it took me half an hour to eat her turd.

    Mom took her turn shitting in her new toilet some time later but then many hours passed and I fell asleep.

    I was woken up by another bright explosion of light over my face. A woman's ass that I never saw before descended onto my mouth. The control lifted my mouth tightly against her asshole and in a moment an explosion of diaria gushed down my throat. I thought I could handle anything but I almost puked it up until she followed it with a lot of piss.

    Almost as soon as the mysterious woman left Mom came in to take her morning shit and that was followed by another different strange woman's asshole followed by Aunt Joan followed by yet another woman's asshole. A total of five women used my mouth as their only toilet repeatedly. Thankfully most of the visits were for pissing. I did get a huge amount of satisfaction serving as a full toilet eating all that shit and being treated as though I was nothing but a plumbing fixture to be used and if possible used up by a bunch of women with very active colons but there are physical limits to being a human toilet.

    I had now way of telling the time. I could not tell you while it was happening if I'd been there an hour or a week. When you have few external stimulation you lose track of time easily. I guessed it was about a week I'd been there attempting to count the number of times the women were shitting down my throat. I'd also lost track of who was shitting in my mouth only caring about consuming as much as I could looking forward to each load rammed down my grateful throat. I lost track. All of a sudden there was a whole run of women shitting and pissing down my throat. One right after another more and more women none of whom I recognized took a shit down my throat. Periodically Aunt Joan tossed odd items down her new toilet that seemed like odd snacks. During the entire ordeal I almost continuously shit out of my ass and almost as if by magic every time I did I felt a cool burst of water spraying my asshole clean. the butt plug was hollow. I peed out of the rod in my dick. But I stopped paying attention to all that. Towards the end women I didn't know periodically poured pitchers of piss onto my face or down my throat but mostly I could not sallow but a fraction of the piss poured into the toilet I had become. If I had to guess I would have guessed that maybe towards the end twenty different women all shit down my throat. Aunt joan gave me something that pretty much kept me in a constant state of shitting diarrhea out my ass and I think my cock was a yellow fountain.

    Finally the toilet seat opened up and as many women as could fit in the bathroom all crowded around the toilet and looked down and together they sang happy birthday. Not one had spoken a word since I had been shackled into my little prison. I was certain it was almost a week past my birthday but as it happens it was only about 3 in the afternoon on Monday, my birthday. Aunt Joan and Mom informed me that I would continue to be a toilet for the rest of the day and that many more friends would be over to use me and many of the women already there hadn't taken a turn yet. About a dozen more dumps were taken in my mouth and half a dozen one gallons pitchers of piss were poured onto my face and in my mouth. Finally my mom sat down to take the longest shit of her life. I'd swear it seemed like ten pounds of shit and two more gallons of piss were poured between her legs as I tried desperately to eat all her shit. With my eyes burning with shit and piss and my nose and ears filled with it and my whole body covered with all the piss and shit I couldn't quite swallow, I felt the door open up. The plug was pulled from my ass only to be replaced with a larger hollow plug that permitted the river of sewage to continue to flow out my ass. Then I felt a vibration and a tingling warm sensation deep up my ass. Clamps were applied to my balls and I felt a vibration and tingling there as well. Finally a larger diameter rod was inserted in my cock. I felt it all the way down into my bladder. I felt a stinging shocking sensation inside my pee hole. It wasn't strong enough to make me scream but it was sharp enough to hurt just enough to turn me on. Vibrating buzzing clamps were attached to my nipples. I later found out that all that were electrified and were shocking me at various intensities. But I paid little attention to any of that. I was desperately trying to chew and swallow all that turd my was shitting down my throat.

    Then I felt the surge. I was half way through eating Mom's massive turd when I came. I felt like I was convulsing. My whole body shook. I thrashed about to the limits of my shackles and thought I was going to choke to death on all that shit and surprisingly I didn't care and the thought of choking to death on mom's shit while drowning in all that piss as I was cumming made me all the hornier and cum even harder.

    Finally I was done cumming. I still had a third of the shit to finish eating. It took me an hour to complete that and drink as much piss as I could. A hose was turned on and I was sprayed clean with a warm gushing of water like I was being pissed on by an elephant. The door to the room opened and the coffin was opened up and the shackles undone and I was removed. A light turned on and that is when I noticed there was a shower in the corner of the room. I finished washing all the piss and shit off me. The smell of shit never left my hair. I didn't mind. I pulled my long hair over to my face and inhaled every time I wanted to smell shit.

    I was led out of the basement and up the stairs where I found about 30 women, most I had never seen before all standing around applauding me. I was still naked and now 16 and I would have been humiliated were it not for the fact that I lad licked shit out of every one of their asses. There were no birthday gifts. I had eaten them all and no birthday cake, I'd eaten what served for birthday cake. They already had sung happy birthday to me.

    I was sat down on a rubber upholstered chair in the middle of the room while all the women came up to me one at a time wishing me a personal happy birthday. Most told me things like how well I had served as a toilet. Many told me what a disgusting little toilet I was or how putrid I was or how I belonged flushed down the toilet to live in sewage in a septic tank and other words I think were meant to make me horny again. Only my mother, aunt and two women who later admitted to enjoy serving as toilets in my aunt's special bathroom kissed me. One of those two women stuck her tongue in my mouth and pronounced it delicious. She said she could still taste shit in my mouth and on my breath. We made out for about twenty minutes while the others chatted.

    At that point aunt Joan presented me with the one and only changeable gift I got that year. she put a chastity cage on my cock and balls telling me I would get to come again on my 17th birthday after I spent an entire week servig as a toilet to her, my mom and a hundred of her closest friends.

    She was true to her word though I was not able to keep up with all that shit. At 16 I had spent three and a half days serving at first just two women then five and finally thirty on my birthday. On my 17th birthday I had served as a human toilet already for 11 days for 100 women. Between them they produced over 500 gallons of piss alone in that time and no I could not even come close to swallowing all that piss. They had actually set up a urinal up stairs and had a pipe running down to me gushing a constant stream of piss onto my face. When I wasn't struggling to eat turds it simply flowed constantly on my face, over my eyes, into my ears and nostrils and especially into my clamped open mouth. The urine and shit that built up every few hours had to be flushed through the recently modified compartment to keep it fro all backing up. But I was pretty much constantly covered i piss and shit and yes in the end I had an all over diaper rash but I didn't care. In reality I probably consumed about ten loads of shit a day for those twelve days. Then on my birthday itself I had the butt plugged pulled out and I got ass fisted by my aunt. Mom had been practicing stretching me so aunt Joan's significantly thicker muscular arm was able to work it's way up my ass without making it bleed. I came with the sensation of her knuckles grinding against mey teenage prostate as mom took her final massive dump in my still hungry throat. That cum was even better.

    Since then every year including this day I have celebrated by serving as a human toilet to a large group of women. I have been lucky not to ever have gotten sick but then I was conditioned from a fairly early age and I do still serve as my Mom's toilet every month for a weekend.

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    1 / 38


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    Straight Male / 25

    I was at a girls house I know, she texted me and wanted sex. We skipped the oral part and she got on me to ride my dick. Her pussy felt extra wet this time but I just let her ride me. She got off of me so we could go to her bedroom and I noticed my dick was really wet and smelled like cum. I asked and she said she just got fucked a few hours ago. I got grossed out, washed my dick of in the sink and left. Is that odd?

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    Straight Female / 45

    i was bought up like in the "children of the sun" way, you had no choice but to obey the rulers for format and you did good over bad. and to me its like Bruno talking in an interview about hilters fashion and politics "whether it was right or wrong" but look, why should I cry for alcoholics when I need to cry for me first. I need to be more about me then anyone else. you just don't consider doing bad or against the rules for the sake of the rules and format of the structures need. I can't help who I am based on how I was bought up. I have moments when I too slip into not wanting to do things and I just care more about me then anyone else now.

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    Straight Female / 45

    I am sick of having no husband. I go to al annon because my dad is a problem drinker and alcoholics have been in my family a few generations impacting my life with abuse, sexual assault repeatedly and unemployment and loss and unneeded suffering.

    last week I felt completely insulted when an old man told me I should go to a AA meeting to hear from the side of the drinker, well I don't want to know. I don't look down on them. but I have more then enough of my own pain and suffering and it will serve me no purpose at all going to hear drunks and druggies full of self pity because no one puts a gun to their head forcing them to drink alcohol.

    me, I admit I have my own "isms" and not perfect, only drank maybe 2 handful of times and over 30 years span at the most never a serious regular night clubber and I was about 30 when I started going to night clubs with friends and I actually never liked champagne as a teen but as they were cheap and they would have a free or happy hours before 8pm I would buy maybe 3 champagnes maximum and we would go out maybe once every few months because I was so busy studying and working I would have the occasional binge drinking night and regretful when so ill and I knew I had to stop so after about the 3rd time that was it and I said to them "my body just can't process the drink they way your body can"

    I would sooner spend $100 on a massage and clothing then night clubs because its not like a guarantee date or even sex and one night stand (which is not me anyway).

    I am sick of people putting demands on me and their values.

    then the real offence came with Leanne there and then theus talking about some sponsor saying "get up make a cup of tea sit on neighbours fence and tell me what you see in your house and who lives there as they would"/ how do I know what their value system is and their yards are not perfect and nor are their physical appearances or personalities and laziness and lack of parental responsibility over their shitty stinky ugly sludge kids. you want to know what I see in them if they see me as scum?

    they are dirty, selfish, rich, lazy, never do any flowers and gardens in their yard, do the bare miniumum to own a yard and house, never see or hear them cleaning much. don't look after their kids right, or pets. fat, ugly, old, fakers trying to put on a show for the world that is not even true.

    don't even try that line of judging me on my body or clothing or education or house cuz when everything was immaculately perfect when I was a teen it was still not good enough and no one liked us because it was all too perfect.

    fuck al annon. only gonna go when it suits me and will be expresing dislike for comments and persons in group. don't like chris, don't like Rough, don't like Crylin, scotty leanne, don't like theus, all of them a complaining self pitying knowalls.

    this is what happens when a nations allows drunk brat n***ars to take over your nation and not give the white people jobs.

    I am sick of fucking black scank smug islands and their bullshit scammy full of themselves act like hot shot jays.

    my brother was like that, spoilt thinking it was cock-a-hoot at 16 and flashing around in a sports car too young when he needed to learn self discipline and self order, set backs and hurt, like me and my sister. we were never full of ourselves over things.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I will confess

    I marry in the morning and wish not to take the guilt into my marriage

    I have been dating my soon to be wife since we were 16 and I have been in a purely sexual relationship with her mother since I was 16

    Simply at the time my wife's father worked in the mines and was away a lot. Durning one of the many spa sessions her mother by accident touched my penis no one else knew and by surprise I got a smile the woman was about to get out but after that she asked her husband to bring her a drink and sat back down beside me and placed her hand under the bubbles right on my cock and jacked me off while everyone had fun and their whole family were about plus the spa was full of people and I cum like thunder for this unique woman...

    From that point I knew she was serious about sex when she jamed my hand up her c**t a pissed in the spa while casually chatting to her duaghter and the rest of the crowd in the spa with us.

    It took a number of days after the spa nite before we got to meet and decus terms of sex and it's been fun to explore with her

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Figured after getting a divorce from my wife I'd take a different route and I got a boyfriend. This was my first time being with a guy. I definitely enjoyed the sex we had. It mainly was just a fwb thing I guess. We'd work on things, watch sports and go hiking too. But at the end of the day we'd have sex. Just some good quality man sex

    One evening after doing so yard work we were both horny so we went inside to have sex. I am strictly a top so he always bottomed.

    I was going at it and I was getting ready to cum when he made this weird face. I blew my load in his ass as usual and upon pulling out he said I need to go to the bathroom right away. I pulled out bad my dick was covered in shit! Didn't really gross me out that much but he was freaked out. I went to the kitchen and cleaned it off

    He got dressed after going to the bathroom and said I'm sorry that happened and left. I've tried calling him and texting him and no answer. Kinda sad it made him feel that bad. I told him it was alright. He's 29 so I guess he just got nervous after that.

    Guess I'll be without sex for a while till I can find me another fwb

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    Straight Female / 24

    He had sex with me, out and out sex. He made me swallow his dick and he gave me sex through my butt as well. When he got up the next morning he told me I was his bitch, he used that word, I was his bitch and don't forget it.

    After that night, which was like my wedding night except I didn't get married, he kept me around to sleep with him and take care of him. I was a freshman going to Florida State and he had an import/export business. Taking care of him was a full time job and I struggled to stay current with my college work. Every once in a while, not very often, he would take me again up the butt. It was like his reminder of where I belonged.

    When I graduated from college, as a gift he took me down to the court house to sign a marriage license. I got married at a small ceremony with some friends and family. On my wedding night I had to swallow him again, and I got it up the butt again.

    Why does a man who has you as his wife/girlfriend for over five years need to make a point of shoving his dick down your throat. I understand better the need to give it to me up the butt, I get that. What is the point of making me swallow him?

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    Straight Male / 25

    Just a few things that I absolutely love that some females do or traits they may have that may be " different" to some

    First id like to admit that I've always been a huge fan of all natural females.

    I love girls that have a little hair in their armpits or sometimes more. For some reason that has been one of the biggest turn ons for me especially if she wears no deodorant and has armpits smells and pays no mind to it. It's very alluring.

    The next thing I love is a girl who also loves natural body scents and smells just as much as I do and is open about it and care free with it herself, even if the person she is attracted to is sweaty she still loves "getting in there" and taking a big smell or sweet kiss in the pit. Something about this seems so right, primitive and seductive.

    Something that is not so natural but something that gets my engine cranking Iver hard are girls with dreads-locks and if she has the entire package that's massive to me.
    Dreads on a girl show creative,artistic and seductive expression and personality.

    Next, this is something I've never been comfortable with telling anybody because it sounds weird and may make me seem like a creep but its one of my biggest sexual desires and fantasies and this is a place to PUT it ALL ON THE LINE.

    That is having a girl with all or some of the alike traits"or any attractive girl at all "that I mentioned above wearing a cute butt plug, one with a cute diamond all day long without removing.

    At the end of the day she would slowly remove it from her booty hole and from under her cute panties that helped hold the plug in " preferably a thong" and then she would putting her sweaty, smelly buttplug directly in my mouth while getting undressed down to her panties and then put those into my mouth.

    Is that really nasty or creepy of me?

    These are my all time favorite things I'd love to have in a girl if I were dating a girl even if she just " tried " it out for a few days and went back to doing her normal thing.

    If I were single right now I'd love to meet and eventually date a girl with natural traits like listed but have no idea where to look for a girl like that, I see girls that are punkish with dreads but want a girl with hippie style and personality and actually live out my biggest sexual fantasy. I only came close once at a EDM festival and met her once again a few days after at the gas station. :(

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