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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 25

    Went to a party last week and there was a gal there named Janine. Very quiet and shy until she had too many drinks, and became the center of attention. She was so drunk that one guy took her to a bedroom and began fucking her. When he was done another guy fucked Janine also.

    There was almost an informal "line" waiting their turn at Janine. I admit I wanted a turn as well but I had no condom and the guys were just pumping her full of jizz and it poured out of her as the next guy in line fucked her savagely. I did join a few other guys to watch, and I started to have second thoughts about fucking Janine.

    Sudde nly another guy pushed his cock into Janine and she screamed and threw up at the same time! It was projectile vomiting and it shot out of her mouth like a geyser. That pretty much ended that party!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    i love to eat cum, I want to eat cum from 10 asses or more in a row does not matter if it is male or female ass while I am being fucked in the ass. I also want to be fucked in the ass by as many dicks ass possible and clean the cum of of each one as he finishes and then catch their cum in a cup and drink all of it. I don't like kissing a man only eating his cum and being fucked by him in the mouth or as or both at the same time. Yummy! I also want to eat cum from women's pussy and ass as many as possible in a row.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Ever since i was a teenager i've had a fetish with cum. My sisters who are older than me and they would have sex with their boyfriends. I used to sneak into their bedrooms and find the used condoms. I would go back into my room, get naked and pour the cum from the condom on my cock and use it as masturbation lube. I also would sometime put on the condom still with cum in it and masturbate. I am not gay but just love the feeling of cum on my cock.

    I have some gay friends at school and i've asked them if they would consider jerking off and cum on my cock. At first they would say no because i was not gay. But then one day we had a group homework assignment so i was put in a group with two guys who were gay. I went to the house we did our homework assignment and started to talk to them about if they have had sex with each other. They said that they have sex all the time. I also asked them if they cum on each other and they told me that usually cum in their mouths and in their ass. I asked them if they were going to have sex today and they said 'why, you want to watch' I said 'yes' They got naked and started kissing and blowing each other off. I asked them if they would consider cumming on my cock and they said that only if i were naked. So i undressed and lay on the bed. They played with each other on top of me. They played with their cocks rubbing each other then they grabbed my cock and all of our three cock were touching and being masturbated with one hand. The fist guy blew his load and and covered all of our cocks with warm gooey cum. At this point the second guy started to cum, it was more liquid but was loads of it, While he was cumming i started to cum at the same time and could see all our cum mixing together into a big blob of cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I like to drink my own pee and eat my cum

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    sometimes when i leave the house, I will wear an adult diaper, I will go to a department store, walk around for a bit til I really have to go to the bathroom, then I will wait til the time is just right and I will poop in the diaper on purpose and keep walking around the store like nothings wrong, just feeling the poop in the diaper as I walk around gives me a boner, its even better with the diaper full of pee too.
    there was one time I went to the store with out the diaper, and oh man I really had to pee, so I peed my pants right there, I had a big wet spot running down the front of my jeans

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    Straight Male / 24

    Years ago when i was 17, this guy I know, his girl and i were on the bus after a party. His girl took out his dick and started playing with him and he just passed out.

    I was sitting across them and took my dick out and said to his girl what's up? She came over to my side and gave me head. I busted right in her mouth and told her not to swallow to go kiss her man and wake him up. She did, he didn't wake up but he got a full load in his mouth. It literally ran down his chin.

    He still doesn't know about it but a few times around him and to him I said it turns me on Cumming in girls mouth and watch em kiss their man.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I'm pretty confused on this one and a bit grossed out and not sure what to do next? I thought the delicate setting on the clothes dryer was going out, my panties have been wet for about a month now but I don't want to dry them hot because they'll shrink and they're damn expensive!

    I don't feel the wetness when wearing them after a few minutes and have been dealing with it. However I found a pair of my "clean" panties on the floor of the guest bathroom last weekend and I'm pretty sure it's cum in them because it's very wet and well, you know has the look. I'm now pretty sure my brother in law has been using ALL of my panties for his pleasure! My sister and her husband are staying at my apartment while their house is being built and that's all I can think of.

    He would have to know they're mine and not hers, I'm an xs size and she's a M to L. I have no idea what to say or do, I've basically been wearing panties covered in his stuff for a month! It's been a few days and where I was very pissed, I had to admit that it kinda turns me on to think he wants me that bad he's being that gross?

    I don't know....UGH....guess I'll put on my cum wet panties and go to bed....if you have serious advice, say so in the comments and I can give you my email.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Last Friday night I went out to a bar and found a woman to take home for sex. We got home and went straight to bed and had some pretty decent sex, her tight pussy contracted in the most delightful way when she came. When it came time for round two I decided to switch it up a bit. I fucked her in her c**t unprotected from behind for a while and she was very wet. So I took my cock out of her pussy and slipped the tip into her butthole. She gasped slightly but didn't say no, so I slowly slid it all the way in. Then I just went to town, making no effort to fuck her anus gently. I came hard then rolled over and went to sleep.
    I woke up in the morning to find my hands tied to the bedpost with two of my ties. She had taken a carrot from the fridge, lubed it up (mercifully) and stuck it my rectum. I also had a big long turd and semen on my face; she had shit out my cum and her poo onto me. She had also used some of her own fecal matter to smear the word "bastard" on my chest. She obviously didn't enjoy sodomy as much as I did.
    After a while I got myself untied, during the process of which I managed to push the carrot out and cleaned myself up. Then I had the most intense wank I've ever had in my life. To be used and violated like that was a massive turn on. I've had two wanks every day since then thinking about that night/morning and each orgasm is as strong as the last.
    I really want to find her just so she can treat me like that again.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Work hired a girl from S. Africa who has not been in the US very long. She cleans the lunch room and the offices. I saw her walking to work and picked her up, then drove her back home after work. We talked and she told be about her life before coming to the US. the fears and how horrible it was. Her family saved money to get her out of that area before the terrorist made a wife or sex slave of her.

    She told me r**e is a big issue there and I told her its a big one here is she is in the wrong place. She told me she had been cut as a young girl to keep her from being a wild girl. It took a few weeks before she pulled up her dress and showed me. She had her clitoris completely cut off. Just a hole below and that was it. I ask if sex feels good? she told me she did not know, she had not experience it. She lives in a hotel thats converted to apartments and I ask to go inside and see it.
    was a single room and bathroom. a bed and a small frig and microwave. Over time I got her to let me see if sex would feel good or not. It slid in nice and was tight. She squirmed under me and worked it, she said it was a bit sore but she got past that.
    I have been doing her a few times each week when she fixes us a microwave dinner and we drink a bit of wine. I enjoy the look of her black body and the way it looks matched up to my white one. I find she does not have a clitoris, but I can lick the lips and stick my tongue in her, she will lay back and moan, have an orgasm.

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    Straight Female / 26

    The reason I hate Darren so much is because of what I allow him to do and for over a year continue to pretend I think the pills he gives me once or twice a week are sleeping pills. In reality those pills are date r**e pills and the first time he gave me one he did sneak into my apartment and had sex with me. Its true we have keys to each others apartment and I always trusted him since I moved in here 3 years ago. It was July of 2014 on a Friday night the first time he offered me one of the pills knowing I was having trouble sleeping. He came in my bedroom I think about midnight and had sex with me. For some reason I knew what was going on most of the time but never tried to stop him since I was so aroused and know I orgasmed several times. I am not exactly a very attractive woman and never had too many dates even when I was a teen. At the time there were only two guys I ever had sex with and I think because of that I never complained or said a word to Darren about it. He is 51 and a fairly attractive guy and we took a liking to each other when I moved in never expecting something like this to transpire. The following weekend he offered me another pill to supposedly help me sleep. Now I admit I suspected he would come in and a few times almost took the pill but never did. Sure enough about 1 am I heard him come into my apartment. He didn't at all try to be quiet about it and even turned on the lamp once in my bedroom saying my name several times. He just stood there for a short time then uncovered me and began removing my night shirt and panties. I do admit it was a little embarrassing for me but I honestly wanted him to satisfy me. I intentionally fained sleep as he felt my breasts and began fingering me. As soon as he began giving me oral sex I was so aroused I didn't care what else he did. I just laid there letting him positioned me however he pleased and actually peeked at him as he put on a condom. He rolled me on my side and had intercouse with me doggie style while his one hand kept holding my breasts. Honestly, I was so aroused I don't know how many times I had an orgasm but know I reacted to them with sounds and the way I moved. I was so afraid he would realize I was awake I simply slumped acting like I was asleep. He got up and rolled me on my back again and as I squinted I could see him take off the condom and put it in a plastic sandwich bag which almost made me laugh but I was to afraid to make a sound. He then gently put my panties back on me and then my nightshirt covering me with my sheet.

    This has gone on since then at least one night ever weekend and often on both Friday and Saturday nights. There have been many times that he has already had sex with me on a Friday and I am the one who calls and asks for another pill on Saturday. If he is suspicious that I know he comes in he has never said so and I'm almost sure he thinks the pills are resposible for making me not remember since in all this time I have never even hinted anything about it. He does about the same everytime he comes in often making a lot of noise but does different things to me often. He has me hold his penis sometimes and just looks at me laying there naked as I feel him getting an erection. He almost always gives me oral sex and most of the time screws me doggie style. He seems to like me from the rear and after the first few months started having anal sex with me which I don't prefer but don't mind. I do believe he thinks I am oblivious to it all because sometimes he pulls my legs off the bottom of the bed getting behind me for the anal sex. I have a good job and work long hours during the week and look forward to it every weekend. Even when I masturbate I think about it. What I'm doing is letting a man take advantage of me but at the same time I encourage him by asking for another pill. I don't know how many I have flushed down the toilet and shamefully am inviting him to have sex with me. He's been dovoriced for a long time but I have met his son who is 2 years older than me and one of his daughters several times who is a little yoounger than I. I am always fearful he will tell me one day that he knows I don't take the pills. There have been times while I am having an orgasm that I can't control myself very much. I try not to over react when he gives me oral sex but I feel myself shiver as he is doing it. We talk often having coffee or a drink but we never talk about sex and its mostly all small talk. I can't believe sometimes how I purposely let this continue trying to make this man think he is the sole guilty party. He could be a pervert but I so much enjoy it I don't want him to stop. Right now its 5:20 Friday night and Darren will be home by 6. If he doesn't offer me a pill I'll call and ask for one and suppose now I'm just as responsible for this as he is.

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