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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Male / 19

    Well I found out my girlfriend canât deep throat. For the first time I was face fucking her. Weâve been together for 3 years now. We just got our own apartment so we were ready to ha evsime good sex since we ha e all the privacy now!

    We were taking a shower together for the first time and I told her I wanted to face fuck her. She said sure letâs try it. Thatâs why I love her!

    Started face fucking her, made her deep throat. What do you know, my cock is in her mouth and puke just comes out all around it. I was laughing and she was embarrassed as heck! Needless to say I didnât get to cum that day. I cleaned my cock off and helped her clean up.

    The next morning we had sex before finishing moving all of our stuff. I told her no more throat fucking. Luckily she said sheâd still give me oral but sheâd have to be in control. Iâm fine with that, donât need puke on my cock again!

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    Straight Male / 30

    Because my wife and I ha e a great sex life we like to try new things. Weâve tried quite a bit.

    But this one is the most nastiest thing Iâve done.

    She wanted to take a shower so she got in the shower with me. Iâm usually hard in the shower so we were both standing under the water and she told me to fuck her ass. I normally donât get in her ass too often so I jumped on that opportunity. I learned back against the wall and she slowly backed up onto my soap covered cock. She turned up the hot water to get some steam going.

    I was enjoying her working her asshole on my cock but really I had to pee bad. I did t wa t to pee in the shower when she was in there so I held it. She was fucking her ass with my cock for a good five minutes a d I told her we need to stop so I can pee really quick.

    Of course sheâs moaning and said no Iâm feeling really good right about now. I said let me piss or Iâll piss in your ass. She got this smirk on her. So I grabbed her hips, hekd her on my clock tight and I filled her ass with piss! Damn that felt good.

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    Straight Male / 24

    So, Ive been using this site to get a lot off my chest and it wasnt until now that i had something to admit that has me incredibly happy right now.

    Ive been talking a lot about my past relationship with my cousin who we will call " Roxy "
    Well for the last few weeks ive been talking to her and slowly working with her to let her know
    that i still think there is a good chance that we deserve one more chance.

    today, she had called me and told me that she wanted to give it a try as well and that she still has feelings as well and believes that now that were older and set financially that things will be a lot better.

    Today after the call i told her to go ahead and come over, and i took her out all day today downtown and spent all day together, at the end of the day we made it official again.

    Im so excited, not only because she is incredibly hot, beautiful or gorgeous but because i have a special connection with her thats unlike any other. I know it may seem odd to a lot of you but thats just an attribute that makes it all the more amazing to me.

    I want to tell the world, to be as happy as i feel inside and not hide anything.
    I mean, wed walk around in public like we always have, just like anyone else as if nothing were different, because its not.

    Were just like any one of you, do the same things and sleep the same.
    the only thing we cant do is have kids, and thats okay.

    I really hope this works out again, i love her a lot.
    im really lucky, and plus shes probably the most attractive girl ive been with .

    and no... no banjos or backwoods. we are good looking people with careers and an education.
    and another PLUS? Id have to bet that our intimacy, or sex is fifty times that of yours, think about that and what connection you cant really find with anyone else, but someone who has been there your entire life :]

    well, were going to bed.
    wish me luck,

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    Straight Male / 23

    Instead of posting separate confessions im just going to make a list of first things/things that me and my cousin experimented with while growing up together before finally dating.

    Side info : we did have a serious, committed relationship for a few years in our late teens and into our earlys 20's

    so, firsts!

    . I took her butt V card, I remember she jumped when it first went in using spit. this is one of my favorites with her because i cant ever forget what her butt looks like with that cute freckle on the cheek

    . she was my first real make out type kiss.

    . first girl to hold hands with

    . she gave me my first Blowie.I remember she was worried about her braces hurting me but didnt.
    she didnt really enjoy the taste at the end.

    . I gave her, her first head, unlike her this is when i knew i loved eating out.

    . she gave me my first handie.

    . I touched her first as she did to me.

    . We lost our virginity together which is one of my favorite times in my life.
    we did have one pregnancy scare before she went on her IUD before our relationship

    . my first foot job, I remember that she was so confused on why i liked it.
    shes the main reason im into feet in general

    . I ate her bum first, actually its my favorite thing about her.

    . first gold shower - mentioned above -

    . first 69

    thes e are just a few.
    once we got into college was when we started dating seriously, and honestly id love to go back to her.
    Even if i was already in a relationship and she wanted me, id cheat because she and i had a very special bond.
    I had to let it out.
    these thoughts make me way to excited

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    Straight Male / 23

    One of the memories that has stuck with me the longest from when my cousin and I fooled around was when
    we were down in the basement away from everyone I had asked her to pee on me. " we grew up experimenting a lot "

    I remember her squatting over me while on top of me and feeling something warm and beautiful, i remember the smell being awesome. Come to think of it, thats another first time and only that ive shared with her.

    After, all of her pee had went on the carpet and left a odd smell in the air.
    My mom or anyone down there would always ask what that smell was and only I knew....
    it was by far one of the best moments in my life.

    now only if they knew!

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    Straight Male / 31

    I developed a fetish from my first lover. I was 15 she was 43 and very dominant. She would let me do all the sexual things possible to and with her, and she to me. However; she started my leaving the door to the toilet open when she pissed and shit. Eventually she insisted on me joining her in there. Then wiping her clean. She withheld sex to me eventually until I began letting her sometimes pee on me in the tub, and eventually I had to lay on the bathroom floor while she pooped on my pubic hair, then she'd take my cock and sit on it either pussy or ass, but once inside her she'd lay on top of me and be very still, while talking about her shit being between us, and the smell, the feel, how hot it was then she'd move on my cock and she'd cum in less than 5 minutes. I'd shoot up her and I was tasked with cleaning her and me before we hit the shower. Other than those kinks, she let me know everything possible. If I thought of something to do, she did it. Anything she wanted, I did for her. She would let me write things on her, she would expose herself in public and show her pussy, her tits, her ass. I even fucked her in her ass in a park once with a few homeless guys watching.

    I could never bring myself to talk about this to a girlfriend or my wife. I still can't. I sought out a 55 year old when I was 25 and got her to admit she liked pissing but nothing with poop. So I put ads out, and now I see a young woman who is a single mom and needs money. I pay her 2 to 3 times a week to usually just shit on the toilet and let me watch, to piss and let me watch, usually in the tub where I see it splash. Sometimes I get in the tub and she will shit and piss on me. I then clean up and leave. She has let me eat her pussy after she pees or poops but no sex. I wish I could bring it up to my wife and do this with her. That first woman, lasted until I was about 23 years old. I had 8 years of piss and poop, and all kinky things I ever thought of.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I guess I learned my lesson about hooking up with young 21 year old at the bar. She was out celebrating her 21st birthday and I was just out having two drinks with some friends.

    Her and her frikeot eyeballing me. I took notice after my friends left. One cane up and talked to me. First she asked how old I was and I told her 34. She asked if I wanted to give her friend a 21st birthday present. I said like what she said she needs some bar cock.

    So I approached her friend. A nice tight body blond. She was very good looking. Eventually I took her out into the parking lot in the back of the lot behind my truck. Had my pants around my ankles and her on her knees. I didnât have a condom so there was no going in her pussy there. I was getting a blowjob from her. I pretty much was face fucking her because she was enjoying it. Good thing I shaved my pubes a few days before that! I had my uncut cock in her throat and she made a funny face and sound. I felt a warm substance go around my cock a d just my luck she puked all over my cock. I pulled out and she turned around to puke more.

    I said fuck Iâm sorry! I looked down and my underwear and pants had puke in them. I took my pants off, tossed them in the back of my truck. I got in my truck, got in my gym bag abc put my gym shorts on. I picked up my briefs and threw them away in the dumpster. Good thing I wore cheap white briefs that day.

    She said sorry and she had to go. I said no big deal, your drunk. I gave her my number and said donât be embarrassed to call me.

    I got home and took a shower. I got in the shower and pulled my foreskin back. There was puke underneath my foreskin. I washed up real good and went to bed.

    A week later that 21 year old called me and apologized. She asked to come over so I told her where I lived. She came over and we had sex. She said she wanted to have sex with me as a way to say sorry lol. I was like well I learned to keep my dick out of first time drinkers mouths. Told her I had to wash puke out from under my foreskin. One good thing is we have had sex a few times now

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    Straight Male / 53

    he was the ugliest man they could find to blind r**e and rip her vagina, and nothing good come along since. you'd be fucking angry too if it was you or your kid. all she has missed out on.

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