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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Female / 45

    i was bought up like in the "children of the sun" way, you had no choice but to obey the rulers for format and you did good over bad. and to me its like Bruno talking in an interview about hilters fashion and politics "whether it was right or wrong" but look, why should I cry for alcoholics when I need to cry for me first. I need to be more about me then anyone else. you just don't consider doing bad or against the rules for the sake of the rules and format of the structures need. I can't help who I am based on how I was bought up. I have moments when I too slip into not wanting to do things and I just care more about me then anyone else now.

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    Straight Female / 45

    I am sick of having no husband. I go to al annon because my dad is a problem drinker and alcoholics have been in my family a few generations impacting my life with abuse, sexual assault repeatedly and unemployment and loss and unneeded suffering.

    last week I felt completely insulted when an old man told me I should go to a AA meeting to hear from the side of the drinker, well I don't want to know. I don't look down on them. but I have more then enough of my own pain and suffering and it will serve me no purpose at all going to hear drunks and druggies full of self pity because no one puts a gun to their head forcing them to drink alcohol.

    me, I admit I have my own "isms" and not perfect, only drank maybe 2 handful of times and over 30 years span at the most never a serious regular night clubber and I was about 30 when I started going to night clubs with friends and I actually never liked champagne as a teen but as they were cheap and they would have a free or happy hours before 8pm I would buy maybe 3 champagnes maximum and we would go out maybe once every few months because I was so busy studying and working I would have the occasional binge drinking night and regretful when so ill and I knew I had to stop so after about the 3rd time that was it and I said to them "my body just can't process the drink they way your body can"

    I would sooner spend $100 on a massage and clothing then night clubs because its not like a guarantee date or even sex and one night stand (which is not me anyway).

    I am sick of people putting demands on me and their values.

    then the real offence came with Leanne there and then theus talking about some sponsor saying "get up make a cup of tea sit on neighbours fence and tell me what you see in your house and who lives there as they would"/ how do I know what their value system is and their yards are not perfect and nor are their physical appearances or personalities and laziness and lack of parental responsibility over their shitty stinky ugly sludge kids. you want to know what I see in them if they see me as scum?

    they are dirty, selfish, rich, lazy, never do any flowers and gardens in their yard, do the bare miniumum to own a yard and house, never see or hear them cleaning much. don't look after their kids right, or pets. fat, ugly, old, fakers trying to put on a show for the world that is not even true.

    don't even try that line of judging me on my body or clothing or education or house cuz when everything was immaculately perfect when I was a teen it was still not good enough and no one liked us because it was all too perfect.

    fuck al annon. only gonna go when it suits me and will be expresing dislike for comments and persons in group. don't like chris, don't like Rough, don't like Crylin, scotty leanne, don't like theus, all of them a complaining self pitying knowalls.

    this is what happens when a nations allows drunk brat n***ars to take over your nation and not give the white people jobs.

    I am sick of fucking black scank smug islands and their bullshit scammy full of themselves act like hot shot jays.

    my brother was like that, spoilt thinking it was cock-a-hoot at 16 and flashing around in a sports car too young when he needed to learn self discipline and self order, set backs and hurt, like me and my sister. we were never full of ourselves over things.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I will confess

    I marry in the morning and wish not to take the guilt into my marriage

    I have been dating my soon to be wife since we were 16 and I have been in a purely sexual relationship with her mother since I was 16

    Simply at the time my wife's father worked in the mines and was away a lot. Durning one of the many spa sessions her mother by accident touched my penis no one else knew and by surprise I got a smile the woman was about to get out but after that she asked her husband to bring her a drink and sat back down beside me and placed her hand under the bubbles right on my cock and jacked me off while everyone had fun and their whole family were about plus the spa was full of people and I cum like thunder for this unique woman...

    From that point I knew she was serious about sex when she jamed my hand up her c**t a pissed in the spa while casually chatting to her duaghter and the rest of the crowd in the spa with us.

    It took a number of days after the spa nite before we got to meet and decus terms of sex and it's been fun to explore with her

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Figured after getting a divorce from my wife I'd take a different route and I got a boyfriend. This was my first time being with a guy. I definitely enjoyed the sex we had. It mainly was just a fwb thing I guess. We'd work on things, watch sports and go hiking too. But at the end of the day we'd have sex. Just some good quality man sex

    One evening after doing so yard work we were both horny so we went inside to have sex. I am strictly a top so he always bottomed.

    I was going at it and I was getting ready to cum when he made this weird face. I blew my load in his ass as usual and upon pulling out he said I need to go to the bathroom right away. I pulled out bad my dick was covered in shit! Didn't really gross me out that much but he was freaked out. I went to the kitchen and cleaned it off

    He got dressed after going to the bathroom and said I'm sorry that happened and left. I've tried calling him and texting him and no answer. Kinda sad it made him feel that bad. I told him it was alright. He's 29 so I guess he just got nervous after that.

    Guess I'll be without sex for a while till I can find me another fwb

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    Straight Female / 24

    He had sex with me, out and out sex. He made me swallow his dick and he gave me sex through my butt as well. When he got up the next morning he told me I was his bitch, he used that word, I was his bitch and don't forget it.

    After that night, which was like my wedding night except I didn't get married, he kept me around to sleep with him and take care of him. I was a freshman going to Florida State and he had an import/export business. Taking care of him was a full time job and I struggled to stay current with my college work. Every once in a while, not very often, he would take me again up the butt. It was like his reminder of where I belonged.

    When I graduated from college, as a gift he took me down to the court house to sign a marriage license. I got married at a small ceremony with some friends and family. On my wedding night I had to swallow him again, and I got it up the butt again.

    Why does a man who has you as his wife/girlfriend for over five years need to make a point of shoving his dick down your throat. I understand better the need to give it to me up the butt, I get that. What is the point of making me swallow him?

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    Straight Male / 25

    Just a few things that I absolutely love that some females do or traits they may have that may be " different" to some

    First id like to admit that I've always been a huge fan of all natural females.

    I love girls that have a little hair in their armpits or sometimes more. For some reason that has been one of the biggest turn ons for me especially if she wears no deodorant and has armpits smells and pays no mind to it. It's very alluring.

    The next thing I love is a girl who also loves natural body scents and smells just as much as I do and is open about it and care free with it herself, even if the person she is attracted to is sweaty she still loves "getting in there" and taking a big smell or sweet kiss in the pit. Something about this seems so right, primitive and seductive.

    Something that is not so natural but something that gets my engine cranking Iver hard are girls with dreads-locks and if she has the entire package that's massive to me.
    Dreads on a girl show creative,artistic and seductive expression and personality.

    Next, this is something I've never been comfortable with telling anybody because it sounds weird and may make me seem like a creep but its one of my biggest sexual desires and fantasies and this is a place to PUT it ALL ON THE LINE.

    That is having a girl with all or some of the alike traits"or any attractive girl at all "that I mentioned above wearing a cute butt plug, one with a cute diamond all day long without removing.

    At the end of the day she would slowly remove it from her booty hole and from under her cute panties that helped hold the plug in " preferably a thong" and then she would putting her sweaty, smelly buttplug directly in my mouth while getting undressed down to her panties and then put those into my mouth.

    Is that really nasty or creepy of me?

    These are my all time favorite things I'd love to have in a girl if I were dating a girl even if she just " tried " it out for a few days and went back to doing her normal thing.

    If I were single right now I'd love to meet and eventually date a girl with natural traits like listed but have no idea where to look for a girl like that, I see girls that are punkish with dreads but want a girl with hippie style and personality and actually live out my biggest sexual fantasy. I only came close once at a EDM festival and met her once again a few days after at the gas station. :(

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    Straight Male / 42

    I say I'm straight but was always curious about sex with a guy. So I meet a guy that was 24. I meet up with him and told him I was curious about guys and wanted to have sex with a guy. In no time we were back in my hotel room with him naked on the bed and his ass over the edge.

    I don't brag about it but I am gifted, I pulled my now hard 8" and thick cock out of my underwear and he looked at it and said no fucking way! At the moment I thought he didn't want to have sex but he said let's go! So I put a condom on, lubed up my dock abd his ass and in no time I was fucking him. It felt so good! I knew from that point I was definitely bisexual.

    Well a few nights later I was looking for a guy for sex again and this guy around my age hit me up. I told him I only have topped once but he want me to bottom. So being curious I said okay.

    He came over, things were feeling good, it hurt at first but felt really great once he finally was pushing it in a d out. I wasn't a virgin anymore for sure now. I kinda was having second thoughts about letting a guy fuck me but it's whatever, it felt good.

    Then I started getting this weird feeling. My stomach started feeling funny and I told him to take his dick out of my ass but he said not yet I'm gonna cum. As soon as I felt him flood my ass with cum I just shit all over him. He pulled out fast and I ran to the toilet.

    I came out of the bathroom and he was laughing, he said I told you I'd fuck the shit out of you. Good thing you laid a towel down! Ever since then I haven't bottomed for a guy.

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    Straight Female / 33

    for 2 years I was doing home exercises with 1 hour on the rebounder in HIIT training and then 150 strokes on the rower and stretch exercises for sides and back and air walker was so boring (as boring as the treadmill) so do like 5 -10 mins on that and basic step and weights for about half an hour and then more on a harder step lunge machine, boso ball and gym ball balancing and twister and resistance cords sometimes doing 6hours a day training out of boardem. and then I bought a bike and other exercise machines that I have not even opened up yet to use. its just that exercising at night helped me get into a better sleep pattern after being sick so much and medications evened out. I get down and my muscles ache if I don't exercise. I just feel all I have is exercise, college study and my tablets to live for. I hate the neighbours watching me and want more privacy and I want to put in a salt water warm Jacuzzi as well. its not like a man is going to love me or that the likelihood of work is great. what is there left to do but holiday and refurbish things slowly. if I had the energy. after I come home from the gym and half a days walking for more exercise I am so tired so all I do is study at night because no one I know knows where the best night clubs are or dating and I rarely return phone calls or emails and I never answer my mobile anyway.

    I am so bored. so bored bored bored. need to get out more.

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    Straight Female / 45

    I was sexually abused as a child by a very old man and he often liked me to lay next to him on the bed or on top of him on the rare occasion and I just became accustomed to this. then I was on top of my dad as a child of 6 and I think that was when they, ie mum and dad were worried what had the old guy living with us taught me. but they did nothing, sometimes only asking me was there anything wrong but never being specific.

    he was a big big man very tall and broad shouldered. I was afraid of him but learnt to be sharp and wised up on what or when he would try to approach me. it took time to get confidence to protect myself. its just sometime I never talk about to anyone.

    i had a sexual intimacy with this old man for at least 10 years that was rotten. I was pained and I still am by it. I never wanted those things as a child. It was frightening. I feel so angry.

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    Straight Female / 42

    so Jerk would call me and text me every 2nd day asking how I was and booking our appointments was my excitment to look forward to seeing his beautiful body and tall strong masculine physique and eyes was a turn on. the way he would touch me when I was weight lifting and he was so strong but not as big muscled as the manager who without a shirt was like arney full on bulk six pack and shoulders like a god, but I am strange as I like men with dark hair sometimes and just thin and tall pretty face looks but Jerk was strong anyway. he had me doing pelvic floor lifts to dirty music and wanted me to do that for him, and he laughed when he seen my underwear which I didn't do deliberately in the gym at all. my fantasy was to have sex with him in the showers. I still miss him. I hate and like him which is weird. but he is my perfect guy apart from the doctor I liked who also jerked me around after vaginally examining me. I am so convinced men are weird and unhuman. they always give confusing mixed messages unless the girl is drop dead gorgeous. love is so trife and like mayday, mayday, then they want out and later regret all the hurt they caused the serious girl who wanted the love over all the sex. so many guys have jerked me around. yet the guy who r**ed me was the worst I never loved. i just want to have sex with a guy I actually like. that sounds mind blowing, I think I would have given JERK at the Gym a blow job if he had asked, such a idiot that he didn't anyway, thank god he is gone.

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