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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Straight Female / 42

    so Jerk would call me and text me every 2nd day asking how I was and booking our appointments was my excitment to look forward to seeing his beautiful body and tall strong masculine physique and eyes was a turn on. the way he would touch me when I was weight lifting and he was so strong but not as big muscled as the manager who without a shirt was like arney full on bulk six pack and shoulders like a god, but I am strange as I like men with dark hair sometimes and just thin and tall pretty face looks but Jerk was strong anyway. he had me doing pelvic floor lifts to dirty music and wanted me to do that for him, and he laughed when he seen my underwear which I didn't do deliberately in the gym at all. my fantasy was to have sex with him in the showers. I still miss him. I hate and like him which is weird. but he is my perfect guy apart from the doctor I liked who also jerked me around after vaginally examining me. I am so convinced men are weird and unhuman. they always give confusing mixed messages unless the girl is drop dead gorgeous. love is so trife and like mayday, mayday, then they want out and later regret all the hurt they caused the serious girl who wanted the love over all the sex. so many guys have jerked me around. yet the guy who r**ed me was the worst I never loved. i just want to have sex with a guy I actually like. that sounds mind blowing, I think I would have given JERK at the Gym a blow job if he had asked, such a idiot that he didn't anyway, thank god he is gone.

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    Straight Female / 46

    on part disability pension at 35 and unemployment and told to go home and lay down (but in other words what they really ment was "lay down and die bitch" so I stay in bed all day every day and don't look for love or self improvement or jobs or anything. no point. i will die a sad old lonely lady young if I don't find a way out of this doom box corner they put me in where I never asked to go. gave up on love a long long long time ago, bitter confused disappointed and hatered of men, I do savage things to all men now. I aint the sweet nice thing I once was and didn't get this way alone. bashing's by women and men and pushed out, sure I chose loneliness over being abused. I walked on on bands and friends cuz others walked out on me over and over stole my goals and dreams and I don't give a shit anymore about anything. I have no ex's of any kind at 46 which feel fucking fantastic and never known romance and love. and who fucking cares. i fear i am a chronic backstabber and no one seems to be safe with me not even my parents. LOL. I really should have hit them all over the head with my grandfathers zemaframes ages ago to make a stalker fucking scared of me. I still fantasise about people being injected with paint striper. so many ambulance drives to hospitals and just wanted one to hug me would have probably helped cure half the problem. I worry i will be like that mongrel hated street cat who was ginger everyone hated and never petted and he died in a persons arms the only time ever touched by a human.

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    Straight Female / 44

    I was placed in a threat today of abuse so I made a new complaint about threats and abuse I refuse to worry about and refuse to tolerate. so its not my problem now. I dobbed a grossly negligent person in.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    This confession involves me and my cousin who is a girl, im a guy.
    We are both good looking people, and keep good hygiene and much older today than we were then but still come froma wealthy family.

    Everything that happened was years ago, was willing/consented curiosity experimentation on both ends.

    She has light sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and is pretty tall, nice body, has a cute face.
    Im Average weight, green eyes, tall, long stylish brown hair and good looking too,

    When we were younger she and eye did our experimenting on one another and we did this for a long time.
    Eye played around with her body parts and areas, and she played with mine.
    We played doctor all the time, and house too, we were always the parents.

    Eye remember, she actually peed on my "you know what" one time and my mom almost caught on to the smell.
    We'd pretend to play " tag " chase her around the house and downstairs where wed stop, kiss and try a few things.
    we came close to trying to date for our first bf and gf thing.... but we didnt date and if we did things could have gone much further so thank gosh it didnt.

    last thing eye remember is that eye took her "back door virginity" on my bed, willingly and this time of legal age.

    Somehow everything between us stopped, eye was still attracted to her and she wasnt which led into dirty panty/sock thieving for personal pleasure and taste. sometimes getting dressed in her complete outfits while laying in her bed...

    Eve rything is over now,
    its just a messed up event in my life that I want to let go of.

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    Straight Female / 46

    as I am someone who has had a lot of depression, anxiety and panic disorder and ptsd, I really feel its about time I told people that the whole psychology and medical system is letting people down with these illnesses. so many people are battered down by abuse and bullying and personal insecurity and doctors are just ripping off the ill. therapy can help but it needs to be integrated with more social support, like joining social clubs and getting out and having a purpose to get out of bed even if you don't have a job or partner or kids. most people who have depression end up alone most times, they rarely have relationships. and most people who fake depression and disorders are the cause of the real depression in others cuz their in relationships and jobs and there doing fine on easy street. most people without a romantic interest are depressed. lack of sex and work while young is the main factor for depression in youth because it is biological then it shifts into marriagelessness and a single life in 40s and you look back and you know you never had one real sexual good experience or one real good job where they liked you. so the pharmacy companies are making money, the doctors and therapist are making money. and to be sure I am not even aware that counsellors exist anymore.

    but I know you don't need to be a honors degree graduate in psychology to do charity counselling and there is a lot of lies about non-profit groups and their no so non-profit for someone anymore but the depressed and alone who probably dropped out of university anyway and are still unmarried no children still and have no sex other then with a pencil or vibe once a fortnight and still live with mom and dad at 40, and oh yeh, we are told it all our own fault we are pathetic losers for being bullied or mugged or r**ed or m****ted as kids.

    even welfare just want us to go away faceless.

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    1 / 36

    Hello. And Bye.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I like to eat my cum everytime i masterbate, i also drink my pee daily. I haven't done this yet but i am thinking about eating my own poop.

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    Transsexual Male / 40

    Hi I just confess to having a filthy mind that when I take drugs I do anything unsafe and risky including being used as a toilet, I love outdoor humiltion as a sissy with nappy on, I love sharing my stuff on porn forums. I'm filthy I love anything used and unwashed like dildos, panties, toilets and drinking enemas from guys

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    Straight Female / 21

    One night I was masturbating in my bed, I felt a strong urge to poop but I let a small fart slide out. I continued with my vibrator until I came. I felt the rush in my body, felt myself squirt, then felt a warm feeling on my was. I had just shit myself from cumming too hard. Needless to say I had to wash my sheets. I told my mom I spilled something on them haha

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    Straight Female / 18

    Usually posts here are really sexual and probably fake but this literally just happened to me.
    So I was listening to some heavy ass metal and playing on my PS3 and I start to get gassy and it's fine because that's normal, people get gassy sometimes. So I go to fart and it's not a fucking fart. I straight up shit myself lol. And it wasn't solid it was like diarrhea. So I run to the bathroom to clean up. Honestly what the fuck did I eat I mean holy shit. Literally holy shit. Ugh, I hate my body.

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