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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in the car with my gal pals and well we were all laughing so hard we all ahd to pee at once. We decided that we should stop at a gas station. We went to pull over and I went to get out of the car... but I knew if I stood up pee would gush out and I didnt want that. So I stayed in the car with legs crossed. My friends brought tons of bottles of water. Dumped them out and told me to pee in them. Linly sat next to me... my best friend. I stripped my pants and started going. .... It started to fill up up and more was coming. So I turned to the ground only to pee all over LINLY!! She was totally grossed out. But then she started drinnking it! She said it tasted good and when I was done we all took turns finishing the bottle! it was a fun night!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 14 and I was in a car pool with all my friends, Two girls and three boy. We were going to a bball game but decided it would be more fun to go down town and hang out! So one of the boys ( was a junior ) drove us around and we were all laughing and my crush said something really funny and I started laughing so hard I had to pee! I thought it was gonna come out. So I told Mark ( the junior ) That I had to pee. He said O.K. and stopped to let me out..... ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! I asked him to stop at a gas station but he said no this would have to do because there wasnt a gas station that he " liked " I dont know but I had to go so I didnt argue anymore. I jumped out got on the side of the wipped down my pussy and let it all go out. My crush watched me as I let it all come out. He was fascinated. When I was finished I jiggled a little and let the rest dribble out. I scored a date with this guy a week later!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One beautiful sunny day I decided to go cycling with my boyfriend. We went to see the country- side with all its picturesque landscapes. We stopped by a fast-food restaurant to have a snack and drink some juice. Then we took off to go on cycling. In about ten minutes I felt I had to pee, all the juice was getting to me. And to our horror there was no toilet around. We started looking for the place.
    There were already tears in my eyes, I didn't cycle anymore, I could hardly walk! "Where can I pee? Damn it!", I cried.
    Eventually we found something like a small park, looked around to make sure there was nobody near by and I released everything that had filled me up to my throat. It was a moment of relief and satisfaction. Some people were walking along the path and staring at me but I didn't care anymore...
    I just watched the yellow gush flowing from my privy part. My boyfriend was looking at me and smiling. He bit his lip and I understood he had the same feeling as I did. It seemed like he was getting turned on by the sight of this golden liquid wetting the ground, which desperately absorbed the puddle I was making. Finally I stood up, pulled on my panties and was ready to continue our trip, but my boyfriend didn't think so. He wanted me like he never had before. So, we went to the nearest motel and had a hardcore sex till the next morning...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in the back seat of our car with my 13 year old brother ( I'm 15) and my dad driving us home. Sunday traffic was awful and we were already about a half hour behind. Suddenly trafdfic came to a totalstop and we just sat. After 45 minuted I really had to pee but there was nowhere to go. I whispered my problem to my father, but there wasn't much he could do. After another 15 minutes I was ready to burst and told him I couldn't hold out. "Well your not stick your naked ass out the window are you? There is an adult diaper under your seat that I keep for grandma as a spare. If you can't wait put it on and use it."
    I felt my face turning red and I wanted to crawl under the seat. Now David knew my problem. "Dad, David is here, how can I do this." My dad pointed out that it was better to let David see me than to let the whole world see me go out the window. He made David promise not to tell anyone. David whispered to me that he'd let me diaper him if I let him diaper me. It felt naughty but I told him to go ahead. So I let him pull down my panties. lay back and he slid the diaper around me and tied the flaps. Then I put my panties on over the diaper. David looked at me: "OK sis, now you can go he whispered", with his hand on my crotch. I had no more reserve. I let it all go while he felt my warmth. I was all hot and embarassed at the same time. There was no other diaper in the car and 20 minutes later David whispered to me that He had to pee too; would I let him pee in my diaper? I did! Wow! Next morning was payback time so while he was on the toilet I came in and sat facing him on his lap and let my piss run down his cock and balls and we've palyed games like this ever since, for the last five years.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had been out drinking the night before with my buddies. We were chowing down on the happy hour food - hot wings, mini tacos, etc.
    About 3 in the morning we stopped in at a local chili house for a late night bite before heading home.
    I dragged myself to work at the office by 8:00 feeling like hell.
    About 9:15 my stomach started churning. I was trying to make a brisk walk to the john when my bossed stopped me to ask about an account. I was squeezing cheeks by the time I made it to the bathroom.
    I got my pants part way down when the runs hit. I had crap all over my pants, shoes, legs, toilet, walls, & floor.
    Too make matters worse, I had to walk all the way through the office to leave. Several co-workers saw my messed pants.
    I now have the nickname of "chili - man" since I ate the most chili, and blew out the most!
    As if this wasn't gross & embarrasing enough, whenever the janitor walks by my desk, she just glares at me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It was sick.Hannah and I never spoke of it again.anyway,heres what happened.
    I'm Marina,and hannah is my friend from colledge.we were both about 23,at the time.It was mid spring,and we were taking a road trip together.We were driving from new jersey to Massachusetts.
    It was the second day of our trip,and we were having pure fun.We laughed and told jokes,but it would have been more fun if I wasnt driving!
    It was broad daylight,about 4:15am when hannah confessed to needing to use the toilet slightly.I said okay,and that I would find a stop,but we had just passed the last gas station before we got on the freeway.Hannah said that she could wait,I don't remember her exact words,but that was basicly it.About an hour and a half later Hannah started squirming.When I asked if she had to pee ,she said,"no",and"I can hold it".I was begining to get a little worried when she said"Do you need to pee ,M?"She was obviousely asking for some understanding,but I just barely felt pressure in my bladder.I had at least two hours left.
    It wasnt long when I noticed her slip her hand in between her legs,lifting up her little black mini,slightly and pressing on her pussy ,to hold in the pee.
    "Are you okay ?"I asked.I remember what she said.
    "I'm alright,but I'm not.I cant hold it.when is the next exit?" I could remember a sign i saw not too many second before,that said:next exit 5 miles.
    "soon"I said,trying to spare her of the reality.
    Out of the corner of my eye,I watched facinated as she scooted her skirt up a little more,and shifted sideways a bit,probably so I couldnt see her light blue panties,but I saw them clearly.Then she sat back in the chair and stuck her right had into her panties.I watched her hand's outline go deaper and deaper int her panties until it stopped,and began to rub.
    I could tell she knew that I was watching,but she didnt seem to care much.
    The next sign said something like:next stop 2 miles.
    unfortunately,Hannah saw the sign,and softly wimpered.
    She said she couldnt hold it anymore,and I noticed as I saw the crotch of her panties become a darker blue,but then she stopped."HELP"she cried.
    I did not want her peeing on the seat,so I shoved a coffee cup into her hands,and promised not to look,but again I gazed out of the corner of my eye.She lowered her panties to about her knees,andplaced the cup unter her,on the floor of the car.I could hear the pee gushing quickly into the small glass cup,and I could hear it overflowing,pee sinking into the carpet.The car smelled awful,but we still went to the rest stop,and poured the cup into the toilet.I did it actually .Hannah was too embarrassed to leave the car.It was digusting.I hate road trips.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 14 years old (I'm 20 now) and I was at the local grocery store hanging out and blowing my allowance on candy. Anyway, before that, I went to a water-n-ice store for a thing of Hawaiian shaved ice. My #1 mistake was getting the blue, bubblegum flavor. The stain on my lips and tongue would not come off. I tried brushing it off, but to no avail.

    Okay, back to the grocery store. I was going there to blow my allowance on candy when I saw a particularly cute guy from school. I shot him a smile and he looked at me real weird. After I made my purchases, the clerk told me that both my lips and tongue were blue. I had forgotten ALL ABOUT that! Needless to say, that was gross and humiliating.

    To top it off, I didn't shower in two days and my hair was like, really gross and oily (yes, I have better hygiene habits now and the reason why I didn't shower because it was the weekend and I wasn't really doing anything important).

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I met a girl in a bar. We went to my car for a little action.
    I moved down between her legs. Her string was hanging out!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    a couple of weeks ago,me and the girls had our 10th official "Girl's Night Out".It was me,Daniel,Suzie
    Tonya,Marie,Darling M. and Rhonda.We are all about 20-ish,thats one of the reasons we bond so well.
    We went to a night club(I wont mention the name)and partied for atleast 4 hours.
    We left the club,and Rhonda was the designated driver.(It was her car anyway)Her honda only has 5 seats,so 2 people had to sit on some one elses lap.That night it was me and Tonya because we got to the car last.I was sort of slow because I drank too much.
    I sat on Darlings lap because we liked each other and love to spend time together and occationaly flirt playfully.
    Darling was wearing a short short black miniskirt and a short tight pink tube top.
    The best part of the night was being crammed in a car with your best friends.after an eternity of driving we all confessed to having to pee,extremely badly.It was a bit awkward-being in a car of bladders about to explode.we were on the freeway and the nearest gas station was about 2 miles away.By that time,we were all holding our full pussys with 2 hands,hoping there was somewhere to pee.Our clothes were way too nice to mess up ,so we all agreed to take off our clothes and stuff them in the trunk,even Rhonda.
    It was even more awkward now because we had less self control and were staring at each others bodies.It was extremely exiting too,I made several obserevations;Suzie had slightly small breasts with petite nipples sticking out,Darling had big round full breasts,with lovely pointy bulging nipples,sticking so far out ,they were almost in my mouth,Daniel had her legs spread revieling a beutiful pussy with blonde pubic hair all around.Rhonda pulled over by that time.She was affraid if she kept driving she'd pee in her car.Rhonda edged the car into the woods next to the road,so no one could see us naked.
    Suzie said that she was about to pee,and couldnt help it
    ,so ronda begged her to stck her bottom out of the car and pee on the ground,she agreed,but she had to climb over all of us to get to the door on the left side.Just as she climbed over Marie's chest we could see pee begining to trickle from her pussy,getting wetter and wetter."oh,no!!!I'm sorry--I cant stop!".she gasped.Or something like that.More and more golden pee flooded out of her pussy onto me Marie and some of Darling.That made us all scream and shout,drawing attention to the time Suzie got out the door,there wasn't much pee left.The last of it tricked slowly from her pussy and down her legs.
    The sight of her peeing made us all just about lose it.Darling struggled under me as I let go,and Peed on her lap and pussy.
    when Marie tried to climb over us she tripped(poor marie)onto her her back and gave up,letting Hot golden pee gush and flood out of her pussy and onto the soft fabric of the car.Rhonda was disgusted and angry,she hissed about how she got out of the car to pee. If I remember correctly,we wiped ourselves with paper towels from the trunk.The car smelled terrible for the rest of the night ,and Rhonda is still furiouse about what happened to her car,even after we cleaned it and sprayed it with our best perfumes.(wich was a big sacrefice)Now Rhonda never has to be designated driver.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work at a job placement orgonization.The women work on one side of the building,the men,at the opposite site.Our building was created like that so the offices would be the right size and shape to fit males or females and make every thing more comfortable.anyway,Our sections are devided by age.20-30,31-40,41-50 and 51 and up.
    Im in 20-30.Im in the same room with 10 other females my age.
    Well,about 2 weeks ago,we were split up to work on team projects.I was pared with a 25 year old woman,who we call Sal. Sal is very pretty,with long brown hair.
    We like each other a lot,so we had no problem working.

    It was saturday night when we decided to work late,and finish our project before every one else.It must have been about 12:00,but we werent worried because our boss gave us permission to stay in the building.We worked and drank tons of coffee and water.since we were the only ones in the building,we decided to have some fun.

    Sal layed on the desk and I took off her shirt,to see the bulging bra underneath.I took it off,revieling the huge breasts and large pointy nipples.then she laughed as I sucked them.

    "I have to use the toilet",she said afterwards."badly"
    I said okay.when we walked to the door of the bathroom,we were shocked to see that it had been locked.The janitor must not have known that we were still in the building.

    Sal gasped and rambled on and on about how she needed to pee.I told her I did too.We decided to go into the janitors closet,were we were sure no one could see us.
    So there we were,alone in a closet.I stood up and pulled the string connected to a light at the top of the closet.

    Sal was sitting nearly on my lap,jamming her finger into her full pussy,and mine.she took off her skirt,panty hose and panties,leaving her completely naked,bouncing up and down,trying to hold in her pee.I took off my skirt and panties,exposing my pussy and pubic hair.

    Sal said she really couldnt hold it anymore,that was when I rubbed my cheek against her warm pussy and felt the pee come gushing out ,running down my face and neck.It was so wet and hot.I rubbed her pussy for more until she was finished.
    I told her I couldnt hold it and she layed under me as pee came flowing out of my pussy onto her her breasts,neck and face.We played in the closet for about another 20 minutes,then we dried off and went home.I love working late.Now we do it all the time,at work and at home.

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