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Little explanation is needed here ... these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a pee story. A puking your guts out after binge drinking confession ... you get the idea. No holds barred.

If you or someone else got totally grossed out, wants to hear about it!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    It was my freshman year in college. I had just gotten used to the campus during orientation. I desperatley needed to go to the men's room and release my "Big Guy" for a much needed pee. My bladder was contractiong so fast. Me pee was about to come squirting out. It turns out that the only men's room was out of order, so I had to use the coed bahroom. I am a very shy pisser and had just gotten over my shyness of pissing in front of other guy in a urinal. I was so desperate that I went ahead and decided to let my "Big Guy" free. I walked in and the bathroom had mostly guys in it taking a leak in the urinals with some girls in the stalls. I thought that I was pretty safe. I started peeing. I felt so relieved. The urinals that the college had were the ones that droppped all the way to the floor so any male of any size could answer nature's call. The bathroom became more crowded and all the stalls filled up with girls as I had began my pee. A moment later, a very outgoing girl by reputation had come into the bathroom cupping her crotch. he hobbled in because her knees were locked together. She looked like she was about to burst. She glanced around and noticed that all the stalls were taken. I guess she couldn't hold it any longer because she stepped up to the urinal next to me and dropped her pants. She looked like she was humping the urinal as she was relieving herself. Since the urinals dropped to the floor her piss went in to them. She was groaning with relief. I stood there in amazement and embarrassment. She was exposing her whole bottom to men and women, and I had just gotten over my fear. From that day foward, I felt proud and wasn't embarrassed by pissing in front of others. Th next day I even saw a few of her friends and her pissing in the urinials.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am retired police officer. The most embarrassing moment of my life happened when I was still on the force.

    On the weekends, during the early morning day shift, things were always very slow. It was customary for several of the local cops to get together at a local donat shop (where else?) and consume vast amounts of coffee.

    One such morning I had had about 5 cups of the brew at the donut store, before I drove to my beat. As you can imagine, I had a call of nature. And it was urgent!

    Unfortunately there were no bathrooms nearby, just a closed portion of a freeway that had been under construction for the last 10 years. The location was fairly secluded, out of public view.

    There was an opened portion of a full eight-lane freeway overhead. The two opposing sides of that freeway were separated by a large open area, approximately 20 feet wide and 100 feet high. It was impossible for anyone driving up there on the freeway to see anyone down below, so I felt I had the privacy in which I could take a leak.

    I parked my patrol car in the area below the opening, and with great haste I answered the call of nature. I feltsuch bliss! I used to take great delight in pretending that a certain part of my anatomy was a "fire hose." And while I was standind there, relieving myself, I was proud to see I could spray my "hose" a great distance. I was even making sounds, pretending to be a fire truck. The five cups of coffee took about five minutes to relieve. It was one of the most refreshing pisses of my life.

    When I was finished, I zipped up and began to walk to my car. I heard a voice yelling: "Officer! Officer!"

    I looked around, but couldn't see anyone in the immediate vicinity. I was puzzled. Again I heard the voice: "Officer! Officer!"

    I kept looking around... nobody there. Then I glanced upward, and saw a young man and his attractive wife standing in the center of the divider portion of the open freeway overhead. They were looking down at me, waving!

    The man yelled: "Officer, we ran out of gas. Could you use your radio and send us a tow truck?"

    With all the dignity I could muster, I inquired if they needed regular or unleaded gas. I noticed that the wife had a very amused grin on her face. I realized that they had been watching me the whole time while I had been doing my "fire hose" routine! Not wanting to disturb me, they had patiently waited until I had finished playing fireman.

    Normal ly there was no way to see me down here from inside a passing car up there, but after running out of gas, these people had leaned over the little wall of the center divider and looked down for help.

    It was a one in a million chance that they had run out of gas at this location and I was down below playing Fireman Bill!

    I was so humiliated! Good thing they weren't any closer or they could have seen that my face was about the same shade red as a fire truck. Oh well, it could have been worse. It could have been a bus load of Nuns.

    Needless to say, I never played "Fireman Bill" again in this location.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Me and my long term girlfriend were walking through the woods in a park when I felt the urge to pee. I was a big boy so I held it. A little while later, my girlfriend asks if we can stop cuz she hasto pee, I was thankful and said of course. I began to open my fly nd she looked at me and asked if we could both pee seperatley in private. She said that going tho thrid is not the same as peeing to gether i was in such dire need that I didnt care anymore. She crouched behind a bush and I heard her piss hitthe leaves on the ground. I then began peeing also but not on the tree but right next to it in midair. I hate pissing up against things. I heard my gf finish and then I smelt something. It turns out I had pissed on a skunk and he had sprayed me. I was in mid piss so my gf ran over while i was peeing and had to shoo away the skunk. Our roantic ight was riuned b/c we both smelt like skunk.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was working late one night, and had just finished. I was walking down a what I thought was a desserted street late at night. My bladder started acting up and I knew that it wouldn't be much longer till I pissed my pants, but I waited anyway. As I was waliking, I saw a homeless man wake up, stand up, unzip his his pants and take a leak right there next to his "bed". I was so tempted to join him. I then saw a stray dog piss on a fire hydrant. My bladder was about to burst. I walked quickly down an alleyway, opened my fly and relieved myself. I just couldn't take it anymore. What simple pleasures make people happy i life. In the middle of my piss, I see a man walk down the alley way. As he gets closer, I se that he is a police officer. I thought that I was going to get arrested. As I desperatley tried to hault my piss, the cop grew closer. Since I was trying to stop my pee, my bladder felt fuller than it had before I started peeing. Igave up and began urinating aain. Instead of arresting me, the police officer stood next to me also unzipped his pants and also answered nature's call. I was amazed. He then turned to me and said that he felt as free as a bird and then wrote his name on the wall with his piss. I smelt on his breath that he was drunk. I finished and then he did. I helped him back on to the main street and he then found his other partner. The partner appeared sober so I let them go off together. The next day I saw the same police officer totaly sober and could not even look into his eyes.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a truck driver and wa crusing cross country with my co worker. We had just had 3 super size sodas. I pulled the truck over under a desserted overpass (it was like 1 in the mornin) we both got out and started pissin before we could even reach the privacy of the wall. When I reached the wall, i had to hold on because felt so much relief. You know when your groaning and shit. It felt so great. My friend started coping me so i pissed on his leg. Then he pissed on me. we stepped back from each other and were aiming our pissat each other. We stopped fighting and began peeing on the wheels of our truck ( the pee was still coming out) I reached a wheel and began peeing on it. I then burned my dick on the hot wheel rim. I had a blister on it for a week. We fnally finished and got back in the truck. Like 10 minutes later, we had to piss again. nstead of stopping, my frend took out two super size cups and gave one to me. We both filled the cups up with piss but still had more coming so we held or bladders, which is really hard when ur driving. We dumped the piss out the windows and filed the cups again. I still had to go but my friend was done so I stopped the4 truck finally and pissed right outside the truck. Finally I was fully relieved. I think. I later had to pee but so did my friend I guess all of our piss was backed up cuz we peed most that night more than any other night the whole 2 weeks.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once I was in a restuarant and I had to pee so bad. I had justdrank like 5 glasses of soda. I went into the men's room and all of the urnal were taken, but I was almost ready to burst and my pants were getting really tight, so I cut everyone on line, went up to te sink, unzipped my pants and pissed right into the sink. Oh man I felt sooooooo relieved. The other guys on line saw me and I guess they had to pee too so they all came to the sinks and pissed too. Since the line was so long, some even started peeing on the walls( but there were drains on the floors). All he men ten started having contest of who could piss farthest. I won. I've peed like that ever since.

    I also did this once at a party. I had the same scenario but my best friend was in the bathroom (who is a guy) and he was like pissing for like 5 minutes so I opened my pants and peed in the sink. My other friends thought it was hilarious and joined me next to the sink.

    Try it sometime. Peeing on walls and in sinks is great because you are not as confined as peeing in a urinal. I hate those things. Oh man now I have to pee. Maybe this time I'll try a garbage can or on the side of the stall.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once during third grade I felt stomach cramps late in the day. The teacher frowned on bathroom visits, so I tried to hold it...but couldn't, and I made a load in my pants. Horrified, I prayed nobody would find out(kids can be real cruel). Soon the bell rang to leave. I lined up, and a girl behind me said "phew, it smells, and right here". For some reason I turned around and looked at her. Sensing what happened, she then loudly said "You made in your pants, didn't you". Another girl then walked up, sniffed, and said.."yeah, you stink like my little brother when he poops in his diaper." I panicked, knowing that soon the whole class would know that I filled my I bolted the line, and ran the hell out of the class....I was so embarrassed....but there was no real "proof". I denied everything to the two girls the next day...but I knew that they knew!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day I farted and my crush heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so embarrassed!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was with my older sister at the mall. I really had to pee. I was 13 and she was 18.

    So there i was walking like a freak, while my sister gracefully trutted along.

    We walked into a nike outlet and she started looking around. I told I really had to pee, but she said to hold it in.

    She examined shorts as i tried to contain the pee beneath my shorts.

    I said with gritted teeth, I'm gonna pee my pants.

    She finally agreed that if I wouldn't tell mom she stole that thing last week (i saw her take it) she would let me go by myself.

    I agreed with no argument.

    I ran around looking for a bathroom. Finally embarassed, I asked a lady where they were. She said I wouuld have to wait because they were fixing the womens toilets. I said thank you and walked out the door even funnier, trying to think of an idea.

    I found my sister and she saw me. She was with her boyfriend. I was shifting my wieght with my hand shoved up between my legs, which were crossed.

    She muttered to me, Just hold it in dork.. if you embarrass me in front of him...

    I got an idea, even though it wasn't a very good one.
    sneaking away from my sister, I ran in to a store an d bought a box of pads.

    I went in a dressing room, ripped open the box and as fast as I could stuck them on my panties.

    I started to walk out of the room and slowly release the urine. After only 4 or 5 seconds the pad was soaked. I was once again forced to hold in the pain in my bladder.

    I walked back with were my sister was and my b/f was their too.

    i told him i really had to piss.

    He started laughing at me. Big help, huh?

    then i soaked my shorts. I was so embarrassed

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was takin a dump in the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen and then this business guy was havin a meeting w/my dad and i didnt realize they were in the kitchen talking and i started farting really loud and makin other shitting noises then i got up and started singing and i walk in the kitchen and my dad and the business man just looked at me! I was so embarrassed that I just ran to my room!!!! Isn't that embarrassing??? :)

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