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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm 18 and bi male, but am very small in height and in cock, I look like I'm several years younger, I don't even shave yet, I do have pubic hair when the man in question lets me grow it or shape it, though it isn't a very big patch. He is now 40 and has been fucking me since I was only 15. He paid me a lot of money my first BJ then my first fuck, even him giving me my first BJ. Then he paid less but I was making a good amount off him and a couple of his friends.

    As of last year he has a feed on a sex streaming site, and people pay to watch him fuck me. We normally do it 2 times a day sometimes 3. I am always dressed and made up in girls undies, long hair styled, and always get a bareback creampie that I let ooze out of me for the camera. Sometimes he will inject saline into my chest to make me have small boobs. That's when we make the most money. It takes about 3 hours spread through the day, and I get a guaranteed $100 sometimes with extra tips I get up to $ 200.

    Last week he had me get with this really fat girl who I don't think every had sex before. She had a pretty face but was only 5ft. 2in. tall -I'm only 5ft. 8in - but she weighs about 175lbs. I fucked her on camera live streaming. I shot my load outside her then pushed it into her an inch or so to shoot the rest, this allowed her to push it out. There was a little bit of blood, but I don't know if she was doing it her first time or was just starting her period or ending it, she was incredibly tight. The only other pussy I've had was a 55 year old woman my man friend had me fuck several times. The fat girl got embarrassed when I asked, and walked out of the room and went to the toilet while I recouped for round two in front of the camera. She was natural blonde with blonde pussy hair, I really liked fucking her, it was really tight and she kisses great, nice soft tits too. Two days later I fucked her ass. I still get fucked a couple times a day while dressed like a girl, sometimes with boobs and sometimes not.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 28

    I have a naturally well formed, fit physique, not a knock-out, but trim and shaved. Two of my girl friends do life modeling (nude) at a famous art school in this large city. I have been to nude beaches with them in Europe so when they urged me to join them in modeling for life class. I applied and got the job. Nudity in women, today, is fairly common.

    It's harder work than I thought because our movement is painfully restricted and also the nudity but not what you might guess. I notice both men and women students giving me salacious looks and some the men are obviously sporting boners under their pants. Again, not what you might reaction, I become horny as hell and have to excuse myself to go to the women's room too many times to wipe my soaking, dripping pussy dry. I'm going to have to quit the job.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    So Iâve always worked in the restaurant business I like the cash tips at the end of the night and the atmosphere. Along the way I learned what shifts are better sections etc. I got a job at a local seafood spot a few months ago and noticed my manager was always checking me out. Heâd constantly watch me walk away (my best feature is my ass) Iâm not gorgeous but Iâm pretty for sure. Iâd catch him taking glances at my chest from time to time too. Being the new girl I wasnât getting the best shifts or tables and seating so I decided to wear more revealing shirts that still fit uniform criteria. Iâd purposely find reasons to seek him out and make sure he noticed me and my outfits to the point where he would start coming to seek me out and find reasons to call me into the office. So one night it was slow and he asked me to rearrange some items in the downstairs dry storage area which I did. I was down there for awhile and heard someone coming when I turned around I saw it was my manager so I started leaning down to show my cleavage from my shirt and would look up to see if he was starring which he was. I did this for awhile and he started asking me random questions like so how long have you lived in town do you have brothers and sisters did you go to college do you have a boyfriend just non related random questions. He began to help me put some stuff on the shelves and there wasnât much more talk. He asked me to put something up too and showed me the step ladder he offered to hold it so I wouldnât fall even though it was literally 3 steps. As I was coming down and turned around he was right there so I decided to just plant one on him and kissed him softly but then open mouthed. I felt him get hard almost instantly and kissed him harder I stopped and told him to grab my ass which of course he started to. I walked towards the door and shut it after a few minutes and pulled my shirt and bra down enough to expose my breasts and nipples he said are you sure you want to do this and I said of course no one should come down here right? It was still during service and it was slow so no one should come down. I walked back towards him and started to undo his belt and zipper and started stroking him as we kissed some more and Iâd throw in some occasional words. Eventually I got down on my knees and started giving him a passionate blowjob all the while making eye contact to see his enjoyment. At some point he took my chin and guided me back to my feet and pushed me up against the wall and undid my pants. I turned around and grabbed his dick to put it inside me and let him have his way with me. Iâm not sure how no one heard ya because I got really into him being so much older and married me having a boyfriend and letting my manager fuck me had me so turned on. I mustâve came numerous times as Iâd clench up with him in me and start to shake. I told him unless he anted to father a love child to pull out. I let him finish on my ass and got dressed. After this experience I started getting better shifts and tables plus more hours and ever since then we usually fuck at least 2-3 times a week at work. I donât want to leave my boyfriend and I know he wonât leave his wife and kids but I love knowing I can get this older married man off whenever I want. Sometimes I go out with him instead of working and weâll go an hour or so away so we can publically appreciate being with each other without his wife or my boyfriend finding out. Besides the looks we get when they see this 50 some old year man with me at 26 is priceless.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 28

    There is this bar that I frequent, it is an after work bar. I am on the hunt. I am a blow job artist, and I charge a modest fee. I just need to make rent. If I have to swallow then the fee is higher.

    What I don't like is guys who are all about themselves, too skinny who work out all the time. I leave them alone, not interested even if I have to pay rent. I don't do gay men either. What I do like is the guy that is in there because he doesn't want to go home, has a wife who is a bitch and needs a blow job. He is usually there alone, or stays after his buddy has to go home to his bitch wife and is finishing his drink. You can't be subtle about this, I go sit next to him, slide a piece of paper in front of him, offer him the blow job, if he is interested I flash four sets of fingers for twenty bucks, when he is in my mouth I offer him to completion and knock the price up to fifty bucks. They go for the fifty bucks.

    The bathroom is a bad place, so I usually suggest his car and to go park it beside the building next door, it is dark and private and I can go to work. It takes about ten minutes, I swallow it all, take the fifty and go back inside to see if I can make a hundred that night. My goal is two a night, five hundred a week, two thousand a month which supplements my 47K job as a teacher in junior high.

    It's just business, I am not gay, I like girls and fuck girls, I have a girlfriend who teaches with me at the same school. I just need to make ends meet.

    My girlfriend titty dances on weekends or Thursday and Friday night and we have the weekends to go out. It's just business, tits and ass for a couple of nights, pick up a couple of grand a month. It is the same thing.

    The real culprit here is the State of California that doesn't pay a teachers enough to live on.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    I was 24, divorced with 3 children and needed a place to live. My co-worker saw me crying and wanted to know what was wrong and I told him. He offered to pay my rent, but balked when he found out that it was $4200 in arrears. I asked him if I could do anything to make him change his mind and he said that I could become his sex slave and do whatever he says and l agreed. He told me not to agree so fast, but I was desperate, so I told him ANYTHING!and EVERYTHING!

    He took me to his car in the parking lot and pulled out his dick and said, let me see how skilled you are with that mouth? I began to suck him and he stopped me after a minute and said, I want a dick worshipper, not a regular dick wicker and he told me to use my tongue,lips, saliva, suction, jaws and throat on him. Told me to lick, kiss and suck on the sides and length and that when I bob up and down on him that my lips should always be touching his balls as his dick enters my throat. He facefucked my throat and mouth, forcefully grabbing my head up and down on to his dick
    When he was cuming, he held my head still telling me to swallow every single drop! Afterwards, he asked if I still wanted to be his sex slave. Of course I said yes.

    That was 5 years ago. He paid all of my bills off, brought me a car and moved me and my kids in with him. I have since given him 2 kids and all the sex he wants and desires, no matter when he wants it or how he wants it and as often as he wants it and I do this without hesitation.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    A self admitted confession. My boss made a pass at me and my first instinct was to kick him in the nuts. But I had a moment of reflection and I let the pass connect. For four years I milked it, but stupid me fell in love. Now who is the fool, washing his sox and cleaning his toilet.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Pre-teen, I was taken away by the authorities as my neighbors turned in my parents who were both drug addicts. I was taken, a bit later, at 13, to the home of an attorney and his wife, then in their 30s. I recall eating my first fantastic meals with them, roast chicken, fresh steamed vegetables, home made soups, gorgeous apple and other fruit pies a la mode. I had never even seen food like that. When they gradually started to come on to my little body I let them both have all and whatever they wanted.

    Eventually, they sexed me together, naked, and in what I now realize was hot, erotic ways, like fucking each other with my little nude body between them, and so forth. They both liked going down on me at the same time and with each other while I watched. They loved him fucking our mouths, pussies, one after the other. I liked doing it and watching a lot.

    They had an older, adopted daughter, Rory, then in her early 20s, living away and attending law school, visiting us briefly, she would join us, sexually. She enjoyed them but really turned on to me and fucked me a lot to make me into a firm bi-girl. Her mouth, tongue, pussy and lips would take me to huge orgasms. Rory humped my legs and body with her wet pussy and even the moisture turned me on.

    Eventually, I got used to it all and enjoyed whatever they did with me. I ended up putting on a few pounds and by my mid-teens, looked like a normal, well fed girl. As it turned out, also well fucked. When I turned 21, they adopted a third, preteen girl and started her on her own indoctrination. They invited me in but for some reason, I did not join in with the new, little girl. I can't say why I did not. By then, I was seeing Rory on the side and still do. We can't stay away from each other.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    We got married young and are still very much in love. Through financial difficulties we'd begun to struggle really badly. My wife worried a lot about our situation, especially when the company I work for were seeking redundancies.

    One of the joint owner's approached me, a man called Roy. He's fifty seven now, slim and still very much into cycling. When he asked to speak to me in his office, I thought this is it, I'm getting laid off. Instead Roy gave me an option to not only stay with the company, but to be promoted.

    That day I returned home telling my pregnant wife I had a much better paid job, and was now a manager.
    What I didn't tell her, is Roy had sucked on my dick, then had me fuck him over his huge oak desk. In all after I'd cum up his asshole the first time, with him telling me to, Roy had me fuck him twice. The second time, when he'd sucked me back to a hard on, my boss rode my cock on his office's carpeted floor.

    Cumming again up his ass, he gave me the rest of the day off, telling me to report to him every afternoon at four o'clock. Using the showers in the gym across the road, I went to tell my wife my job was safe. And that we'd have an extra fifteen hundred bucks a month coming in.

    Our financial situation is totally different now. We've recently moved into a new home with our baby daughter, and I've just changed our twelve year old car for a nearly new one.

    Eighteen months on, I'm still fucking Roy most week days, and have even sucked off the Co owner, Chet, a few times recently. He's married, but has a big cock like myself and enjoys it being sucked for a long time. Something his sixty year old wife will no longer do. Chet isn't like Roy, as he's completely against anyone getting near his ass. So I'm restricted to sucking him off when he's around.

    The reason I'm confessing this today, was my wife's reaction to me confessing to her two weeks ago.
    I told her everything. Her reaction was "I know, I spoke to Roy the week before your promotion, telling him about our situation. He told me he LIKED you and I should expect you home a little later".

    I was stunned at first. Not only did my wife know about me and Roy, she'd helped set it all up. I was wondering a few weeks ago when Chet had me sucking on his cock, he'd said something about my wife, but I'd misheard him. It was about her agreeing to something or other. That something, was allowing and knowing her husband's two senior bosses were having sex with her husband.
    So far I haven't confronted her, maybe because I'm now enjoying fucking Roy so much. But even more, I'm really getting off on sucking off Chet's big cock. I'm even swallowing his load these days. And having said what I have previously about him and asses, he mentioned the other day if I'd go along with the possibility of him fucking me. When I mentioned Roy, he smiled and told me "I won't fuck my brother".

    I swear, I never even knew they were related.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    I got divorced and I moved into a small house with my son. My kids was in fourth grade and one evening this man came to my house and asked to speak with me. He was with the local scouting group and he told me that they had been told that my fourth grader might want to join the cub scouts. This was the first I had heard about it but he assured me that he had told a boy who was in scouting that he would want to join.

    My son joined and although he was just a cub scout there were plenty of activities that were hard for me to do with him, among them camping. The man, I will now have to call him John, John offered to take him camping with him and his son. John offered to help me clean up the back yard of my house, using our sons as labor. John took my car into the shop for me to get the struts fixed so I wouldn't have to deal with the mechanics. John helped me find a tutor for my son. John had me suck his penis.

    Yes I sucked his penis one afternoon in the bathroom when the boys were at a den meeting. John fucked me in the bathroom. John called me his baby doll. John liked to grab me from behind and feel me up. John liked to grab my tits. John came over at odd hours and fucked me. John liked me to get on my knees in the kitchen and suck his penis. On my knees, unzip his pants, take out his penis and suck him in the kitchen. I got the message.

    John helped me buy another car. John arranged for me to use the miles he had accumulated with American Airlines to join him on vacation in Florida. John stood on the balcony overlooking the pool and I kneeled on the floor and sucked his penis. I bent over the balcony in the evening and he fucked me while we looked down at the pool. John bought me a nice necklace while we were on vacation.

    If you are a man's wife everyone expects you to suck his penis. If you suck his penis and you are not his wife then you are a mistress, or a sugar baby, or the very best thing maybe a girlfriend. But when you suck his penis and take his money you are whore. He paid me, or gave me money. I sucked his penis because he gave me money, I felt obligated to do something. The more I sucked his penis and the more I let him fuck me the more money I got, including the car and the vacation.

    I got called out by my sister. She is the one that calls me a whore and stop pretending that I was his girlfriend and I sure wasn't his mistress. After so many months the whole thing cooled off, the money stopped, the gifts stopped, the help stopped, I had to make arrangements to get my son to scouts, we had a casual arrangement. His wife was back in the picture and the affair was over.

    In the neighborhood I was the girlfriend, I never considered myself a mistress because he was separated, and I wasn't supported so I wasn't a sugar baby. What I was, was a whore who sucked his penis and fucked him for money. If he had never started to spend money on me I would never have gotten on the bathroom floor and sucked his penis. If he wasn't offering to pay for my car I wouldn't have gotten on the kitchen floor and sucked his penis. If he hadn't paid for the vacation I wouldn't gave gotten on my knees and sucked his penis overlooking the pool.

    My sister didn't call me a whore because it was my first time. It is not the first time I was a whore, I have a weakness for men with money. My son's father was my sugar daddy, and the baby was a major inconvenience and he still holds it against me. He pays child support but he doesn't want much to do with my son. Out of site is out of mind.

    I have always gotten men to pay for me. And when they do I have sex with them.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    My husband and I divorced after a few years. I should have known it wasn't going to work out but I was stupid in thinking he would change. My ex husband was a heavy drinker, he couldn't do anything without a drink or at least a beer in his hand.

    I was trying to go to school to get my degree, so I had no job when we divorced. I started to rent a room from people, since that's all I could afford. I got a job that would at least pay for a room.

    I was really struggling to keep the job and study, I was falling asleep in class and then at work. One day a co-worker told me about a guy that would give me a room in exchange for cleaning his house.

    I shrugged it off until I failed one of my mid term exams. I didn't even remember studying for half of the questions. I asked my co-worker about the guy that she told me about. She made a call and told me the job was mine if I wanted it.

    I got a ride to the house, it was rather large two story Victorian. I knocked on the door and a guy in his mid forties answered. He was a bit rough looking, meaning he looked like he just belonged working outside. His build was solid, large hands and a big smile.

    His name was Alex, he was a engineer. Alex traveled a lot and he wanted someone to take care of the house when he was gone, and make sure it was kept clean. Everything was kept nicely, there wasn't junk sitting around anywhere in the house.

    There were two requirements for the job. Alex would do a background check and I had to take a drug test. I was more than happy, I didn't do drugs and I had never been in trouble with the law. Alex said he would get back to me when he got the information back. I told Alex my story and I didn't have a car to get around very easily. Alex picked my up from where I was staying and took me to the clinic for my drug test.

    Afterwards he invited me to lunch and asked me to "spill it" meaning he wanted to know about me. I told him everything, I was pretty deflated morally anyway. I was a better person than my situation had put me in. Alex seemed to understand and told me I was welcome to take the job, this was before he even got the drug test results back. He also told me that he wasn't a guy to take advantage of or take anything from. I told Alex that he wasn't going to have any worries about me stealing anything from him. He looked at me and smiled. We drove over to where I was staying, he helped me pack my things and took me to his house.

    I had only been at the house a few days when I realized why Alex wanted someone to clean, the house seemed to breed dust. It was an old house and I spent a lot of time dusting the floors and furnishings. My bedroom was big and I had a nice view on the second floor. Alex found a desk and brought it to my room for my laptop so I could do my studies after I got home from class.

    Alex went out of town about a week later, he gave me money for food, more money than I really needed. I stashed it away and Alex never questioned me about it. Things went along pretty well for several months. Alex came and went and I studied my ass off trying to get my degree.

    Alex was very smart and sometimes I would ask him about a few classes I was taking. One night he even helped me study for a upcoming exam. Sometimes Alex would go into his office, which was a converted bedroom. He would be in there for a couple of hours, sometimes I would walk by and put my ear to the door.

    One night Alex had a few glasses of wine and he had a buzz going on I could tell. He went into his office and closed the door a short time later. I walked by his door as I was coming down the stairs. I thought I heard a woman's voice, it was a weird sound and then I heard the familiar moaning from a female. I knew Alex was alone in his office, then I heard Alex's voice but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

    Alex came out of his office a little while later. I was in the kitchen, he asked me why I didn't have a boyfriend. That was the first time Alex asked me about why I was single. I told him I wasn't going to be distracted from getting my degree, there was time for relationships after I graduated. Alex started to ask me something else, he seemed to catch himself from asking the question. I had the feeling he was going to ask me if I ever got horny, I don't know what I would have told him.

    Truth was I was horny, it had been almost a year since I had a man inside of me. There were times I would take my pillow and put it between my legs at night and cum into my pillow. I would moan softly into the mattress as I came. I tried to put sex out of my mind but Alex's question seemed to hit a raw nerve. Alex said goodnight and went to bed, I went to bed after a read a few chapters of my book. I took the pillow and placed it between my legs and masturbated feverishly.

    I don't know why but I had a sensation of not being alone. I flipped over onto my back and there stood Alex at the door. He was wearing his white bathrobe, he walked over to the side of my bed as I covered myself with my blankets. I tried to say to him to get out but nothing came out of my mouth.

    Alex sat at the side of my bed, he smiled and reached out and caressed the side of my head and my cheek. His other hand pushed the blanket away, exposing my breasts with my nipples still hard as stones. He caressed each one softly. I didn't want this but I couldn't get the words out to tell him to stop.

    He pushed me down gently, crawled onto the bed, put his fingers into my wet pussy. It had been so long and I cried out with instant pleasure. Alex fucked me with his fingers, I was cumming like crazy. He went down on me, his hot mouth licked me until I begged for release.

    Alex knelt up, removing his terry cloth bathrobe quickly. Omg his cock was beautiful, it was about seven inches and a delicious upward curve. He gabbed my legs and pulled me against him quickly. I clawed the sheets as he pushed his cock into my wetness.

    Alex took his time, fucking me slowly. I squirmed and moaned with every thrust. His body leaned over me, his hard cock began to fuck me harder. I was out of my mind with desire, Alex lowered his head putting his mouth on my breast. He started to bite my nipple and I clawed his back savagely. I begged Alex to fuck me and he didn't hold back. His hips slammed into me and his cock drove deeply into my pussy.

    I came so many times I was about to lose my mind. My ex husband never made me cum the way Alex did. I wrapped my legs around his back and Alex pounded me into the mattress. I was screaming with pleasure as another orgasm ripped through me. Suddenly Alex grunted, I felt it deep inside of my pussy. He was shooting his hot load into me as his hips slammed into me feverishly.

    I clawed him savagely, my scream fell silent, my mouth was open but no sound came out. Alex kept pumping into me for several more moments, all I could do was dig my nails into his back and hold on as we both climaxed together.

    Minutes later it was over, we lay in my bed breathing hard. Alex pulled his spent cock out of me and I moaned with pleasure and disappointment it was over. He pulled me against his warm body and I fell asleep within minutes.

    I don't know how much time had passed, my body was being rolled over onto my back. In the darkness Alex was between my legs once again. His hard cock speared me again, I was still soaked with his cum, he slid inside of my pussy easily.

    He fucked me slowly for a few moments but then his hips began to thrust with urgency. My hands went to his broad shoulders and dug my nails into his flesh as he rammed his curved cock to the hilt. I could only gasp with pleasure as Alex fucked me like a rag doll, another orgasm tore through my loins.

    Alex Fucked me hard and fast. I was a fuck toy to him now and I didn't care one bit. I had never been fucked so good in my life, I wasn't about to tell Alex to stop. I dug my nails deeper into his flesh, wrapped my legs around him again, he buried his cock into my pussy so deep I thought I was going to faint.

    I barely remember Alex cumming inside of me, I was out of my mind with lust. I lay on the bed breathing like I had run a marathon. Alex lay down next to me, pulling me against his sweaty body, we crashed out within minutes.

    We fucked like newlyweds the next few days. I hated when Alex went on his business trips but we texted as much as possible. Alex left me money to buy more than food. I bought sexy lingerie and then we would face time while he was gone. When Alex gets home from his business trips we go right to the bedroom. I may be getting financial benefits but I really do love being with and having Alex fuck me.

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