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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 30

    I owe a guy a shit load of cash and he wants to collect, I am not working but my wife is and the bills are stretched so I can't pay him back.

    His solution is to drop my wife off at a motel just outside of town and have her picked back up in three hours. He said he would call my debt paid if I allowed him to f**k her in return for what Imowed him.

    She said no way, but he sent someone to my house to collect today. My wife called and told me her car would not start and was getting a ride home which is normal it needs work.

    However the guy who is a friend of the family messaged me and said your debt is paid in full when I get your wife into the hotel room..

    She left with him knowing he wanted to screw her and after saying no, I am glad my debt is paid.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 45

    After my marriage broke up I did some sex work for two years to pay the mortgage. My first place was in a massage parlour, doing a massage with a handjob finish. Sometimes I would let a guy play with my tits and sometimes I might go down and lick his cock for a short time. Strange thing is this made me hot. When I got home I used to masturbate.

    After a month or so of this,with another girl we moved on to a place that did massage and sex, mainly for the money and the fact that I willing to do more sexual things. I had never done a full blowjob before, just some licking, and the ladies laughed when I asked about it, but my friend told me all about it.

    At first I did blowjobs and sex with condoms, but after a while, especially if the guy looked really nice I stopped using them, the sex felt better. If I had a bad feeling about some one I always made them wear one. One day a guy blew in my mouth and I swallowed. I thought I'd be totally disgusted by it but funny enough I found it quite easy to do. I swallowed and it was gone, took a drink of water and that was it.

    After a year or so of this me and my friend decided to work for ourselves and we did an outcall service. We would go to a hotel or motel or even a house and give the client a massage and sex. I think this was the best time, we had some good clients, and we could give the clients a relaxed and unhurried time, we didn't watch the clock but gave a good service.

    One client I remember was a nice guy in his fifties and I went to his house. His wife was there but she was in a wheelchair because she was losing the use of her legs. She could walk a couple of steps but that was it. And she wasn't doing sex any more but was happy to let me come and service him.

    The strange part was she stayed in the room with us doing some embroidery and things at a table in front of the window. It was a spare bedroom not their main bedroom, and she would chat to him. Was it nice, is she she sucking you the way you like, are you going to cum in her mouth, she said you could, and don't forget the condom. Things like that she said.

    I was paying off my mortgage big time and the time came when I could stop. I was happy to give it a rest. I still liked the sex but not so much of it. I now had lots of experience with sex and I found a partner to take me swinging but I only do this about once a month and I'm real happy now.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    Four days ago, my sister and I took $1,000 from a man and let him watch us have sex. He knew we were sister and brother, and that we were both virgins. We took each others virginities that afternoon in a seedy motel bed. We had to kiss, undress each other, rub each other, he wanted her to suck me until I was hard, I had to lick her pussy while he watched. That made her cum I thought, and she said it did when we were on the way home. Then I got on top of her between her legs, she spread open for me and brought her legs up. I kissed her deeply, and I fucked her.

    He made me stop after a few minutes and interrupted us, he did this several times, I guess so I wouldn't finish so fast. After a total of about 20 minutes and about 6 of his interruptions, I shot inside her. I told her I would pull out and cum on her belly or the outside of her brunette pussy, but I couldn't, it felt too good and my instinct was to push in even deeper, not pull out. It ended up all going inside her. He was naked and jacking off while sitting on a chair close to the bed. He stood up and as pre-arranged shot into my mouth, not pre-arranged he was grabbing my ass cheeks until I swallowed his cum. He had her stand up with her legs spread and watched my cum leak out of her pretty pussy, then he got dressed, left and we got dressed and went home. She kissed me and held me before we left and again in her room when we got home. We haven't discussed it since. We do go more places together now, and find ourselves holding hands, and even lightly kissing each other more.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 54

    I want to meet a sexy and open younger couple.
    I want to meet once a month or so for maybe an hour or so.

    I want to watch them fuck until he cums in her c**t.
    Then I want to fuck her with his load in her while she sucks his cock.

    I want to start with this simple arrangement and be friends.
    I will help you with some of your debts in return and maybe in other ways depending on the situation.

    I am nice, cool, unselfish, respectful, and fun.
    I live in Dallas.

    Leave a comment.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    So I am always reading stories on here about young women having affairs with older married men and sometimes even their male and female bosses who eventually give them money or other things in return. And here I am thinking where do they find these men because I have been searching for a similar type of relationship and I can't seem to find any of these sugar daddies/ mommy. Now before you judge me I'm 24 I live on my own I work two jobs and attend school and shit gets hard sometimes so finding an older person who I could have benefefical sexual relationship with would be so great. I don't really have time for a full on relationship just want something that can be mutually beneficial with no extra feelings or any of that other crap. I'm a good looking light skinned girl 5'5 around 125 pounds nice boobs firm ass and all. Any advice or any one interested can comment and leave email and I'll contact them.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Don't ask me how it all started but my boss, a librarian-looking woman in her 50's, pays me $30 to eat me out. She does it every Friday after everyone has left the office. Sometimes she reaches a climax while doing it. I'm not attracted to her but the money is good. I suspect that part of it is her paying me the money. We started at $25 some months ago.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    Most Friday afternoons and sometimes during the week, depending on his work load, I used suck off my boss and occasionally allow him to lick me out. I got paid a bonus which I collected at the end of each month. It was always paid through a legitimate bonus scheme, and I was always made to earn it by swallowing his seed. He's not the best looking guy in the world, or in the best shape, but he does have a really big fat dick. Three months ago, after I'd had him lick me out (Boy I was horny that day) on his desk, and he'd shoved his cock down my throat making me swallow his cum, he asked me if I wanted to earn a higher bonus. Telling me through a breathless voice he'd like to fuck me. I told him I'd think about it and left him still half naked in his office as I left. The next day I visited him just before he went home to his wife, and sucked him off in the gents bathroom. Making sure I gave him an extremely long and especially good blow job, I told him I'd let him fuck me for a promotion I was aware was about to offered out on the company's website. Which I knew would essentially add an extra thirty five per cent onto my salary. And I also told him I wanted my monthly bonus doubling, the one I already got for my services. Once I'd told him what my demands were, he immediately and happily said yes.
    What I didn't know was, he'd already been given the go ahead by our company to promote someone, me, to the position I now have. My boyfriend and I have been able to put down a deposit already from my first three months, on an apartment. And this girl now has all the sex she can handle. It might have originally been an arrangement for me to gain a better salary and more money from a "bonus". But this last few weeks I've really begun to enjoy having my boss fuck me, in and out of work. Indeed over the past week, I've not stopped lusting after his thick cock and his amazing skills at tonguing my pussy and ass.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 39

    To help support our children growing up, and to support my husband who was working all hours to keep our home, I would invite round and suck off four different men each week. They'd each pay me for giving them a blow job and I'd get more if I swallowed. None of my three kids went without, and our home was always clean and tidy, even if we didn't have much ourselves. The mortgage was paid and my husband never wanted for a horny wife to satisfy his needs.
    My libido to this day is stil much higher than my husbands, but these days because the kids are all of an age I can work, I don't have to suck men off to keep our heads afloat. What I will say is, I miss one of the gentlemen quite a lot, as he often gave me extra money to buy myself something nice. I never did spending the money on the kids, but his cock was one cock I loved sucking on.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    To make sure I got the best possible bonus this morning, from a deal I was trying to complete, I sucked off a client who's in his fifties, married and has a daughter who I sometimes go on nights out with.
    I basically asked him if his wife offers him little extra's to keep him happy. When he asked me what I was going on about, I told him if he signed off on the deal today, I'd offer him a little extra by sucking him off.
    It took five minutes to empty his balls in a side office, sucking on his stubby fat cock. He even began to fuck my face at one point, just before he shot his cum into my mouth. I swallowed the lot, but not before I showed it to him first, swilling his semen around my mouth.
    My friends dad signed the deal, and I got to add an extra five hundred pounds to my bonus fund for the year. It's going to be fun when I call by his home on future nights out with his daughter.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 31

    I'm not gay but early on, thanks to a slimy uncle who was a conniving, con man and pervert to everyone but me, taking an early liking to me, I became a bit of a male whore. His bother, my dad, was a natural jock and played and won in every conceivable sport. He had a natural physique and thanks to genetics, passed it on to me. By the time I was 15 I was wise beyond my years, 6'4" and with a man's physique and erection.

    My uncle sat me down one day and said, "Kid, you have an impossible body, an Adonis, learn to take full advantage of it while you got it because it just will not last." Honestly, in the beginning, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. Being me, a virtual kid needing his nose wiped, I did not have a clue. At the gym, he walked me to the mirror and said, "Turn around, look at you muscular butt cheeks, your incredible thighs and arms. It's not just powerful looking but beautifully formed. I get sick looking at you as I did looking at your father's fucking undeserved, natural body. Part of me hates your fucking guts. That said, you are my nephew and I will push you ahead of your time."

    Until I was 17 I had no real clue what my slimy uncle was saying but as sneaky and shitty as he was, I admired him. He took shit from absolutely no one but would rob the poor. My dad had the body and face but was wimpy by comparison. Uncle told me to "go up to the edge but don't cross over, sell yourself but only to those who can really afford you." Still, I suppose I was not Einstein's little brother but only by the time I was 18 with my rat-prick-fuck uncle rapping tirelessly did I begin to "get it."

    Uncle had me print cards at school and I was a senior so teachers gave perks to us. My print and craft teacher was obviously gay, a highly popular man of wit and humor. When I asked him to help me print some business cards he quickly offered to do it himself, for free. He said, "Just let me lick your asshole, you hunky senior boy." I said, "Let me think about it," and called my uncle. Uncle said, absolutely but don't fuck him else you will cross the road. Cross it only if you want to attain the lifestyle of Bi or Gay." Soon enough, I was after school, locked into my print teacher's office after hours. He went down on me and it felt odd but not bad. He licked my ass, rimmed me, as I later understood, and I found myself erecting. My cock came out to its full length and the teacher lost his breath looking at it.

    Teacher grabbed my cock, his face never departing from my muscular gluteals, his tongue now darting in and out of my orifice as he jerked me off. He stopped and asked me if he could suck on my now granite hard pecker. I went ahead with it and in minutes started firing into the grateful man's throat. In a few days, he handed me 500 cards that said, "household work to perfection," my uncle's words. I went to the top of society homes in the county and knocked on doors, often getting doors slammed in my face but, as uncle said, "Just one taker and you are IN, sonny boy."

    The "one" taker turned out to be a middle aged lady who had been sunning nude by her pool. She came around and took a card while her eyes carved my body up. She was tall, around 5'10" but in nice shape. I later found out she was 52. She had a flat chest but her ass was something to behold. It excited me just being there. She called later in the week and asked if I could clean out the junk in her pool. I showed up with needless tools because she had everything I needed in her garage. She wore a terry cloth robe but seemed nude underneath. Much of my uncle's years of teaching rose to the fore. I asked if she and her husband were retired and she countered with, "No husband but a few obviously parasitical, worthless male and female friends."

    This was my first such experience and I did not want to screw it up. I approached cautiously. As I soon realized caution was completely unnecessary. She took me into her garage, where it was cool from the high summer. She said, "I already have a good pool cleaning service. I just wanted to know you better." Her hand touched my waist and suddenly, my shorts tented at the crotch. She touched the tent, then caressed it. She began to kiss my neck and asked "How old are you?" I told her 18 and she sighed, "Incredible" and continued to tongue bathe me. My mouth enveloped hers, her tongue already flying around. She turned around and dropped her terry robe. I dropped my shorts but first, remembering uncle's instructions, buried my face into her crotch and licked as if the world was about to end. She stifled her screams. After a few minutes my brain was on fire with the thought of entering her and I stood up and slowly drove my cock into her vagina until it was all inside. She began to thrust back, still facing away from me, and she was fucking me, hard, her hips flying like Circus acrobats.

    This turned out to be my audition. By the end of the summer, gaining a half dozen clients, I had my college tuition almost paid off. Reporting it all to uncle slime-ball, he said, "Being your flesh and blood, I will ask for no commission." I began to reform my opinion of him.

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