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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    I won't say how old we were, but we were out of school. In school I had been a cheerleader. On the squad with me was this girl who always had something new and she showed it off, lots of clothes and accessories. She also walked around with money. I asked her how she got the money because she came from the same neighborhood and I knew she didn't have money.

    After a lot of asking and swearing to stay quiet, she told me that there was a lady who helped her out, but that if I wanted her to introduce me I couldn't say no. I asked her if it was drugs and she said no, it was a lot of fun if you wanted to enjoy it. She pulled up close and whispered that if you had sex with men you could make more money than your parents did. She asked me if I was game, because she had already told me too much and I needed to go with a man that afternoon. Plus you always got more money if you were a new girl.

    We went to see this woman at this house and she acted like nothing was going on. My friend told me to show her my boobs and show her my pussy and tell her that I had never been fucked, which was true. After she looked at me and I had gotten totally undressed she asked me if I was willing to fuck an old man, because she knew an old man who would pay very well to fuck me. I said I didn't care, I wanted to know how much money I would get and when she told me I agreed.

    She drove me to this house and told me to around the back and go in, not to wait around, just go in and not to let anyone see me. He didn't even take off all my clothes, he just took off my pants and fucked me and then he wanted me to leave and he slapped me on the face. He called the lady and she was waiting for me.

    The next man wanted me to be naked. He had me suck him but I couldn't get him that way so I got fucked and he kept me there naked for a couple of hours. They were all different, and I got a lot of money.

    One day my friend came by and asked me if I was willing to do a party, we would be paid double. Three other girls and the two of us went to this house and we went in through the garage. There were a couple of men there and they just looked at us and we were told to go into this den and they locked the door on us. We waited for a while until the other two men had come and they came in and locked the door. They told us to wear these soccer shirt without pants or panties. The lights were turned off and they put on masks and they told us that if they caught us they would fuck us, but the girl that didn't get fucked got a prize.

    After a while one of them yelled out 'Goal' and one of the girls shouted out in pain. Then another 'Goal' and another girl screamed. The sound of the furniture being thrown around, the sound of the girls screaming and crying, then 'Goal' and another girl screamed. I felt a hand grab me and pull me down, my head was put in a head lock and I could feel his penis against me as he tried to bend me over, I finally fell to my knees and I was bent over and he fucked me and he yelled 'Goal'. A second later I felt this painful burn on my thigh and I yelled, it hurt so bad, he told me he was going to burn me on my pussy. I was burned again on my leg and then the lights came on and one girl was standing by herself. Those of us that were caught were put in a chain around our necks and she was given a large amount of money. The party lasted all night, she was never touched, she just watched what they did to us.

    Before sunup they had us picked up. The lady treated our burns, the burns had symbols, we had been branded. We got double our normal rate. I never agreed to do another party. I met a man who wanted me and I quit after eighteen months to go with him. I miss my own money, but I am scared to free lance and he would probably kick me out if I did.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I've always been emotionally detached when it comes to sex. I think it has to do with the fact that my first few times having sex were with my uncle, who r**ed me, while I just laid there and took it. When I did start having consensual sex, either it was good or it wasn't. Really hasn't mattered who it's with or what kind of connection there is. If it's good, it's good. If it's not, it's not. No stress either way.

    When I was 16, a man offered me $100 dollars to suck his cock in the back of his car. After refusing at first, it dawned on me that I could actually make good money doing this, and again, I don't really care who the guys are. I ended up accepting his offer, and never looked back.

    When I went off to college, I met a "friend of the program", aka, a sleezy booster, at an NCAA D-1 college. I started getting paid to blow and fuck potential recruits, and current football and basketball players. No, I won't tell you which university, so don't ask. Needless to say, I made thousands and thousands doing this. They pay very well for the sexual services and to keep me quiet about it. I don't know how many guys came and went, and I never really gave a shit about whether the recruits came to our school or not. It was all about the money. Sometimes the sex was amazing, and sometimes it was shit. Most of those guys were completely arrogant and they all think they're God's gift to the earth. But again, it never mattered to me. As long as they followed the rules and wore a condom, I was good. I even continued to do it for a year after I graduated, because of the money. I walked away when I got tired of being around college kids too much of the time. I've been taking time off right now, which hasn't been a problem financially.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was a young teen I used to pose for a local photographer and a couple of his close friends,These were of course naked photos in various positions and situations, Mostly I was alone sometimes with another boy or a man obviously these were for hardcore photos, I was introduced to him by a schoolfriend who knew my family were poor and I'd like the money, After a few tame test shots he gradually got me to undress coaxing and flattering me about my body turning me this way and that teaching me how to pose, That first time he didn't touch me sexually that came after a couple more sessions with him but he did pay me £20 a lot of money back then, It was I thought easy money and I was eager to earn more next time in fact I arrived early the next week at his home/studio keen to earn more money, As time went on and the poses became more graphic and pornographic the money increased from £20 to £50 and more if I did shoots with other boys or men, A couple of shoots involved women too who obviously were heavily into young boys in fact one was disappointed that I wasn't much younger but she carried on with the shoot anyway, I don't have any regrets about what I did in fact I enjoyed it a lot especially the money which helped my mother a lot although she never asked where it had come from she obviously knew I was doing something wrong to get it, Obviously the photographer was making much more money than I was but I couldn't complain as he was fair and always paid me well enough even if he just wanted sex he paid me well, So there you go that's my confession I was a model/rent boy and I did it for the money.....mostly.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I grew up with a single mom and a couple of younger sisters. Money was always an issue and we went without most everything. But this was the same for everyone who lived in our apartment complex.

    I was sixteen and hung out with other kids from the complex. One day this man came by and asked to speak to me and this other girl. He told us that if we wanted to model he could help us get a job. We said sure so he told us to get in the back of the car and we left with him.

    We went to this studio and this woman told us to show her our tits. She asked us if we did stuff together, that they paid extra if we did stuff together. We asked what kind of stuff, and she told us we had to kiss and eat pussy. We put on these cheerleader outfits without pants and we posed and then the woman asked us to kiss and make out and to finger ourselves. When we were getting really hot she told me to eat out my friend.

    I had never done that and but I was ready and so was she so I went in and tasted her for the first time. I didn't stop until the woman pulled me away and told us to change up. When we left we had money and a job.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 19

    I am 19 and work in a brand name coffee shop to help pay bills. I have been giving oral sex to my boss in his car for about 3 months a few times a week or so. He is in his 30's and married. At first I was doing it to get the best shifts and to get raises and a bonus here or there.
    It started when he use to give me a ride back to the dorm after close. He hinted that I was pretty (and I am and very popular) but i had no idea what he was hinting at because he is in his 30's and married so i never considered him that way. I kept ending up on close, he kept driving to the dorms soon he made more clear we could do each other favors and before I knew it I was nob gobbling in a parking lot and he was promising my pick of weekends off.
    I doubt i am the first girl he has done this with. He was not nervous at all hinting at it. And he well knew how to have car play. There is only so much perks you can get working in a coffee shop so I think i am still doing it because this is the first time I have used sex like this and well it is a turn on to have an older cute married man want me this bad. He has not tried to fuck me yet, oh but I sure would let him. He has to ask, i am not offering, i want some dignity in the exchange but I really want it and hopes he will. I get plenty of sex from guys at school if and when I want it but i can't explain how hot i get with an older man who is my boss and cheats to be with me. Sick huh?

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I posted earlier that I let a much older couple have sex with me for $ 300. I really needed money and still do. The old male fucked me twice without his wife knowing (or so I thought). He said I could come back for more anytime and while I don't have a steady girlfriend, it is nice to have a pussy to fuck, she too is much older and not really attractive. However; I saw him and he invited me back for $ 500, his wife told him to make it $ 600 since she got what she wanted and he was fucking me. So she knew about it. So last night I did it again, I fucked her three times, ate her out before and after fucking, they both sucked my cock, and I sucked the man who shot in front of his wife into my mouth. The next time I was between her legs, he got behind me and stuck his cock into my ass. So as I fucked his wife he fucked my ass. She kept calling him names and telling him how good it was to have a stud in bed. I guess that was their thing. I don't like having to get fucked by him, nor really being at the whim of an old woman for sex. But as the title says . . . I did it for the money.
    She said that she is going out of town for a week, and if I wanted to stay over with her husband I could, they'd pay me $1,500.00 but I'd have to stay and be his "wife" for the 6 nights she'd be gone. She even tried on her nighties and some regular clothes on me. I don't know

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    When I was 24 my mother wanted me to get pregnant with her third husband. I hesitated until she offered to pay my student loans. She just felt we would make a pretty baby, which we did.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    At work over the past year I've come to spend time with one of the women there. We have coffee, sometimes go shopping, just general stuff. I'm not attracted to her, and quite frankly she has an OK body, but chubby, but she is 38 years old and I'm only 21, and she is very unattractive. Over the last week she told me she had something very personal to discuss with me, something that would be profitable for me too. She knew my mediocre salary and had a clue about my debts and knew I could use money. Intrigued we met at her apartment for coffee and she laid it out. She wanted me to get her pregnant, with no responsibility for the baby, it would be all hers, she just needed a sperm donor. I thought at first she wanted me to go to an office and jack off for her, but she said that all those ways were very expensive. She had $ 3,000.00 for me if I get her pregnant, $1,500.00 as long as I tried and adhered to the "rules".

    The rules were pretty simple.
    1. I can't fuck anyone but her for 4 weeks. With no girlfriend I was fine with that, at least I'd get some steady pussy.
    2. I can fuck her as much as I wish or need, but at least once per day, at a time when she could lay back and pull up her legs to let the sperm rest in her pussy on her cervix.
    3. I would move into her apartment with her for the 4 weeks so she and I were around and available. She would pay for food, do my laundry, cooking, etc.

    So I thought about it for a day and phoned her to meet and discuss one more time. I asked that we have sex a few times before we begin, so that we get used to one another, and discuss what we both liked etc. She agreed to that so I asked her if she would get naked for me while we were in the apartment. She did and then asked that I get naked for her. It was the first time we'd seen each other naked, though I did get a glimpse of her hairy pussy once in a changing room while she was wearing see through underpants. She is 5ft. 3in tall, weighs 130lbs, she is pretty shapely just a bit chubby around the middle. Her tits were more saggy than I thought a woman of that age would be, they were probably full C cups but sagged a bit. She had pretty big areolae, a dark pink in color, with really big nipples. Her nipples when not erect were about 1/2 inch wide and at least that long. I was to find out later they grow to almost an inch poking out when she gets aroused. Her pussy was fully grown (which I actually like), and not trimmed a bit. She told me she would trim or shave completely as I wished. I told her to keep it just like that. She had really dark brown pussy hair and a lot of it. Her pussy itself was actually pretty small, her outer lips only about 2 or 2 and 1/2 inches from top to bottom, and a clit that stuck out about an inch. I found this pretty intriguing. So naked, sitting on her couch, we continued to discuss the arrangement. I figured I may as well enjoy the sex even if she was unattractive I'd try to make sure she orgasmed during whichever time made her pregnant. I also said that I would like to have her suck me to completion with her swallowing my cum before we start trying to get her pregnant, and since my favorite sex is anal, I wanted to fuck her ass at least twice before we started. I was very surprised when she readily agreed. Of course, at that age she was no virgin or anything, but I thought maybe she'd only had a lover or two, and was probably only fucked in the mouth and pussy, but no. I guess ugly, fat, skinny, any girl with a pussy can get laid.

    So she leaned over on the couch and started sucking my cock till I blew in her mouth. Then she told me that while we get stoned and I recover I could decide if I wanted to make today one of her ass fuckings or a pussy fuck. I did her pussy first, then did her in her ass. The worst part is having to look at her and kiss her and be all romantic. We're just not that way, but she really is unattractive to me. But . . . it's not for love, it's for money and a baby.

    I move in tomorrow and we start getting her pregnant. She's never been on birth control so there should be no problem. I got 4 1,500.00 yesterday and hopefully in a few weeks I'll get the rest, and the 38 year old woman will get her baby.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I let an older couple have sex with me. They paid me $300 to spend the night with them. I am 19 they are 54 for her and 62 for him. They are chubby, not good looking, and she has the hairiest pussy I've ever seen. I had to lick her pussy, fuck her, let both of them suck me and then the wife left to run to the store and the husband fucked me. When she came back he said not to tell her and I had sex with her again, oral on her and in her pussy. Then I went to see some stuff the guy had downstairs and he fucked me in my ass again down there. Repeatedly telling me not to tell his wife. I left with $300, an exhausted cock (3 loads in her pussy, two in her mouth), and two loads of cum in my ass.

    The husband said to come back in a couple of days, but I told him it would cost more if he fucks me again.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    My confession is that I've been giving older guys blowjobs for money. I'm making 75-100 bucks a pop, depending on where they cum, and if they want me to swallow, lol. I'm making very good money, and I love sucking cock, so it's win-win for me. And I don't mind them being a little rough.

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