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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 37

    I'm unemployed for over a year and I get financial support from a fat widow of 72 years in exchange for weekly sex.

    She likes all positions but her favorite is to ride me on top.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 29

    I recall when I was 15 starting High School and strapped for cash. I did not have a work permit but
    the janitor, a lady in her 50's with a tired look on her face, said she'd give me a fiver if I hauled
    out the heavy garbage bags at the end of the days for a week. Since she was not terribly attractive
    and probably older than my mum I ignored her most of the time and just did my job.
    I had been doing it for a couple of months looking forward to my fiver on Fridays.

    One Friday, she noticed my boner under my pants and made a comment. I apologized and told
    her it was automatic and I could not help it. She said, "Here, at least get some use out of it."
    and pulled up her dress, pushed her tattered drawers down and bent over a desk. I had never
    even seen a woman's bottom outside of videos. I had no trouble getting my shaft up to full attention and
    when I moved in closer, she reached behind and pulled on my joint, then slipped it into her.

    At first I was amazed, but very quickly, it started to feel damned good. I knew what to do and began to
    hear her moan and wheeze with pleasure which drove me faster. Our fucking became a daily after-
    school thing and neither of us could get enough.

    One evening, I went to pick up a dictionary in the main library and heard sounds. It was a loud
    slapping and moaning. I sneaked up to the sounds behind a stack and there was my nerdy English teacher
    fucking the daylights out of the janitor lady who was bent over a chair. His eyeglasses kept slipping
    and he'd quickly lift them with a free hand. I watched for some minutes, jerking off.

    I never said a word but until I graduated I kept up with the old lady. I must have done her close
    to 1,000 times and in many instances we both came together and we never got caught (that I know about). I sometimes think of her, get hard and jerk off. It was just pure, overwhelming lust and we seemed to be destined to fuck each other. After her, most women became more interesting to me and their looks took a back seat.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 28

    I'm married but once in a while I have sex with guys for money. My man doesn't know and wont know. I learned how to do it a few years a go when we were really hurting for money a lady who I knew showed me what to do. She found a picture ofa girl with a nice ass and posted saying $100 for an hour and her phon enumber. She talked to the guys who called. She had sex with the first 4 guys and I was in another room listening and she told me everything to do. The next guy I had to do it. I was scared but the guy who came next was old like 50 but really nice and in really good shape so it was good.

    I told him what he could do and then we made out, he sucked on my tits for a while then asked if he could eat my pusy and I said ok so he did it and really liked it. I liked it bc he was good making me cum but I think i turned him off bc my legs shaked too much. He was like whats worng. I told him nothing it feels good but i think he thought I was too sensitive.
    So after I sucked his cock for a long time just like slow and steady and he loved it said he could just relax and let me make him cum that way but after like twenty minutes i really wanted him to fuck me so I asked him to and he was ready. I put a condom on him and i got on top and rode him until I came after i was out of bfreath so he fucked me mish and i came again he fucked hard for a long time which I loved bc he was ion such good shape he fucked reeally good. he finally came and was really happy he gave me $120.

    That weeked I fucked six more guys and made alomost $800. Then the next few weekends I did it with her and pretty much was paying my rent and bills with my pussy for a few months before i stoped getting with her and didn;t do it any more.

    But now Im married and live with my grandmother. The apartment above hers is empty tho. The house is a shit hole and my cousin lived there but she is in like a year long re-hab after getting out of jail. I was thinkinh one day when we had no money so when my man was working ovcer night i did an add with a girl with a nice ass like before and had guys meet me in the stairs on the sid eof our house. I took them to my cousins place and fucked them. i loke sucking their cocks and the ones who like to eat pussy like me becauise i am into that then i fuck em and thye alway cum. even guys who lose their erecsion end up cumming bc i just keep using my mouth and hands til they do and they like me. I dont let them cum in my mouth but the ones that like too i let them cum on my face just not in my mouth so guys like that too.

    I only do it when my husband is working or is out all night so i get to meet with 5 0r 6 guys most times so i get $500 to $600 and put the money away to pay the bills and things like that. My husband doesn't know but I am careful and he likes that we are not broke i dont think it dawns on him where the money comes from anyway.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Back when I was 1 my 16 year old girlfriend and I were away for a "camping trip" and really went to a large city for the weekend. The car broke down, we couldn't afford anything but a fleabag motel. She sold her pussy and mouth for money and one of the older men wanted me and her to do it in front of him. We did it, he then waited till I recouped and offered us a lot for me to take her anal virginity. He watched, she cried, and I pumped her full of cum. Then he offered all we needed and I let him fuck me in front of her. We got enough, got the car fixed, and went home. We never told this to anyone, and we never mentioned it again.

    We are still together but there is tension there.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    Sold my mouth, pussy and arsehole to a debt collector last night. He basically told me if I covered my husband's debt with my body, he'd let me pay off the debt in nine months, without it costing our family anymore money. Thinking of my children, and my husband who's now out of work, I said yes. And I have to say the sex with the fifty two year old was amazing. He had me climaxing from the moment he licked my pussy and arse, to the final moments as he fucked my rear hole. Every week from now on until we've/ I've paid the debt, I'll be visiting his home to pay off another part of the debt with my sex.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 45

    I'm here to confess I'm a kept woman by my Boss. I'm 45yo and he is just 30yo. He helped me financially and emotionally when my life fell apart when my husband left. Jeff is married and I feel horrible that I'm fucking her husband.

    He basically took care of everything and kept me from losing my home. He has given me money many times just to keep going. I have some health issues and Jeff lets me take time off to go to the Doctor when I need to.

    We had a Christmas party and when Jeff and I were in the office kitchen alone he kissed me and told me with a shorter skirt and higher heels I would be a knock out. I let it go because Jeff was drinking and even though I enjoyed his mouth on mine, I thought tomorrow he wouldn't even remember.

    I was wrong! New Years Eve came and there was two packages waiting for me when I got to the office. There was a note saying "NOT" to open this at the office. I didn't see Jeff at all at work that day but I didn't open the boxes until I got home.

    The first box was a leather skirt and a very nice blouse and they were my size! The second box was a pair of heels, black patent pumps and also my exact size. I knew it was from Jeff and realized he was fully aware of what he was saying at the Christmas party.

    Sudden ly there was a knock on the door and there stood Jeff all dressed up in a tux and a bouquet of flowers. I was stunned and Jeff came in and looked at my attire. He told me I had to get dressed we had a party to go to at 9pm.

    Well no this wasn't going to happen and we both knew why. Jeff told me his wife had gone to her folks for the holiday's and he didn't want to be alone. We went back and forth and finally I gave in. Even as I got dressed I knew it wasn't right.

    We got to the hotel downtown and I got compliments on how I looked right away. Jeff took my hand and we began to dance. I couldn't remember the last time I had gone dancing. We had drinks and celebrated at midnight. We kissed like teenagers until someone said we needed to get a room.

    I excused myself to the restroom and almost ran there in my sky high heels. I was almost panting when I got inside. I looked at myself and my lipstick was mostly gone and suddenly I realized my panties were wet.

    We got to my place and I knew what Jeff was going to do. I tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn't listen. He kept telling me how sexy I was and how much he wanted me, then he kissed me again. I fought him at first and then my body betrayed me and his wife. I let his mouth do what he wanted. I was soaking wet by the time Jeff's hands were squeezing my breasts. His mouth on every hot spot I had and I realized I wasn't going to stop him from taking me.

    Jeff entered me before I even undressed. Blouse, stockings, heels, and my leather skirt pushed up and then I was filled with his hardness. It had been a long time since I had sex and I won't lie to say I didn't enjoy this feeling.

    Jeff wasn't huge but he was bigger then my husband and I loved his hard cock inside of me so much. He fucked me hard and then slowed so I could feel every inch moving back and forth inside of me. I clawed his back and shoulders as he slammed his cock into me again. I came once, twice, and several more times like NEVER before.

    He flipped me over and I knew what Jeff wanted. He lay on his back and I crawled on top of Jeff and lowered my hips down on his hard cock. I rode him like a schoolgirl and cried out again as another orgasm hit me again and again.

    Jeff flipped me over and took hold of my heels and put them over his shoulder. He slammed his cock into my vagina, I almost screamed with sexual agony. I barely heard Jeff speaking over my own groans of pleasure, but suddenly I realized what Jeff was saying. I felt it inside of my loins, a hot fluid jetting into me. Jeff was cumming, filling me up and I urged him to keep fucking me while he came.

    We passed out on the bed a short time later, I was too spent to do anything. That blissful sleep when you have been sexually satisfied. The next morning I woke alone in bed, I pulled the covers away to see I was still dressed, well sort of. The leather skirt was bunched around my waist, my satin blouse open and no idea what happened to my lace bra. My heels we at the foot of the bed under the covers as well.

    I still had Jeff inside of me I knew and took a shower right away. I got to the kitchen and there was a note from Jeff saying he would see me tonight. I called and text him all day to say not to come over but he wouldn't respond. At 8pm Jeff showed up with another box in his hands. I told him NO, what happened the night before was a big mistake and we both knew it.

    He opened the box and I saw this beautiful lingerie outfit. Again I said no and told Jeff he should go. He ignored me and came onto me again. I resisted and even fought him until my body gave in.

    I put the black lingerie set on, a teddy, matching panties and even a garter belt. Jeff held the patent pumps in his hand and even put them on for me. We fell into bed and repeated every thing we had done the night before, I loved every inch of him literally.

    So now it's been a few months, Jeff and I are lovers. I have a collection of lingerie and sexy shoes to wear for Jeff when we have sex. I'm not happy about this, but I can't resist being his sexy mature woman either..............

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I work in a very spec****sed field in the antiques business. I joined my original boss direct from university and learned from scratch. After a few years I knew more than him about my spec****sm and became more widely known across the business. My boss exploited me for the last few years as I was doing high quality work for not much more than the minimum wage. I realised that the only way to break out was to go freelance.

    Earlier, I met a man who was a big deal in the business, with an even bigger ego. Once, when I got caught alone with him, he cornered me and put his hand up my skirt. I clamped down on his hand with my thighs and tried to wriggle away, but the act made my thighs part and he got his hand up to my pussy and began to pull my panties aside. He got the tip of his finger right in to my pussy and I started to lose the desire to get away. He clamped his mouth on mine and forced his tongue in and this made me lose strength and immediately he had two fingers right up my pussy and started really pumping. I couldn't breathe until he let me and when he pulled his mouth away I gasped and moaned enough for us to be overheard and he reluctantly let me go.

    After that I avoided him whenever I could. I was shocked at first but after a few weeks memories of what had happened began to intrude and I masturbated over them. I would do it morning and night going over the incident obsessively in my mind.

    But when I decided to finally go freelance I thought of him again and how he could put a lot of work my way. I eventually decided to approach him. Once my mind was set on this I masturbated frantically at the prospect of being alone with him again. I promised myself that I would do whatever it took to make a success of my career.

    I approached him and he invited me to dinner at a hotel. I knew that he would have booked a room ready. I was so nervous I thought that I would wet myself the moment I saw him but just about managed to keep it together. I set out my demands over dinner and we eventually agreed on an initial package of work. After we finished the main course he asked me a bit pointedly whether I wanted dessert. I declined and about 30 seconds later we were in his room.

    He went straight back to where we left off - mouth clamped on mine, hand up my skirt. This time I relaxed and let him get a couple of fingers in my pussy without struggling. He pumped me and then pulled out pushed back in with one finger up my pussy and another slid straight up my bum. This was totally new to me but worked a treat as I came hard on his fingers and slid down out of his grasp. He pushed me on the the bed and stripped me completely, lying beside me as he did what he wanted to my mouth, boobs, pussy and anus. I came again and lost all strength to resist.

    He got up and began to strip his clothes off. He was a grey haired man, mid fifties, with a neatly trimmed beard. He was about six feet high with a big chest and belly, not flabby but bulky and powerful. As he stripped I was anxious to see his cock and it turned out to be of average length but thick, with a bulbous head. He was almost fully erect and I couldn't help but reach out to cradle it in my hand. He crashed down onto the bed and turned towards me, but I got up on my elbows and he rolled onto his back. I now took the lead and kissed him, pushing my tongue in, while wanking his cock to hard erection. I went down on it and put the head in my mouth, sucking and wanking the shaft. He seemed to be nearing orgasm so I pulled away and straddled him, putting the head to my pussy and forcing it inside. I started to ride him and knew that he wasn't going to last long, so I fingered my clit to ensure I got my third orgasm. I think the sight of this pushed him over the edge and he shot inside me, and I finished myself off a few seconds later. I stayed on top of him for a few seconds as we were both dazed by what we had done.

    He regained control before me and lifted me off his shrinking cock. His spunk and my juices dipped down onto his balls and arse and he told me roughly to clean him up. I went to get a towel but he stopped me, and told me that he meant with my mouth. I had never done this before and panicked a bit but was now under his control so it did it, lapping up our juices from his balls and buttocks and swallowing them.

    He gave me the option of going home at this point but I had no way of doing so without a taxi ride I couldn't afford so he let me stay. He fucked me again, this time with me kneeling on the bed doggy style and him standing behind me. This time he lasted much longer and I came twice, losing all my strength and letting him hold me up as he pounded me until at last he shot inside me.

    I then had a sleepless night jammed against him on the bed as he snored the hotel down. He woke early and began to make love to me as I was semi asleep. I just had to get used to being his property as he climbed on top and fucked me with very little foreplay, me cumming multiple times as he fucked me long and hard.

    That was the start of our business relationship. The sex I have with him is far and away the best I have ever had and the fact that I am whoring myself to him is an added turn on. I only consent to be fucked when there is business advantage for me but luckily he is still keen enough to put worthwhile opportunities my way.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 36

    So my friends and I went to a party one night and they got plastered and drank hard liquor and took xanax drove back home at 5am parked in front my Indian friends house that sells pot.
    So they all passed out in the car and I was awake and sober and mad that they didn't drive me home. So I took a shot of cognac they had in car and hit some weed they had as they were all out cold. That's when I got hard thinking about my friend hot whore mother asleep upstairs alone and his big stash of pot in his room. Then I saw he dropped his keys on the floor so I picked them up and got out the car quietly open the front door to his house and went in.
    I'm finally inside close the door. As I walking to his room to steal a lot of pot I saw his slut mom sleeping in her bed thru a crack in her door. I went into his bathroom and got a pair of her pantys out the hamper and some Vaseline I dropped my pants right in front her door put her dirty underwear on my face and licked her stains clean and jerked my cock hard while calling her dirty names and shot my cum all over her floor. Then I went in her room and emptied her jewelry box while I pissed all over her blanket over her.
    Then I went into my friends room and grabbed about 150 dollars worth of pot. I closed his door stole some more her panties went outside put the keys back in the car called a cab went home and smoked his weed and sniffed his whore moms pantys while i jerked off.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    Although it was initially my husbands idea, it's now me who chooses which young men stay at our home. Renting out the rooms has helped us enormously as we were getting into debt, but are now earning very very good money. Our home is large and with a bit of money loaned from my mom, we turned three large but ordinary rooms, into rooms for let for university students. The reason I say I now chose who rents the rooms, is because I always choose the wealthier, more inclined young men who'll want their parents to pay the rate I want. My husband very much knows and accepts how I guarantee they want to stay too.
    Once a week I'll make a personal visit to each young man, and spend at least a couple of hours in the room. With the charms I was given sexually, I make sure they're well and truly sexually taken care of, by the time I leave them to rest and recover.
    I'm five feet nine inches tall, slim with long wavy brunette hair, bright hazel eyes and large but very firm breasts. My ass is tight and my legs are long and slender. In all with my good looks, and I am very good looking, I don't have too much trouble getting the young guys to pay more, quite a bit more for renting in our home.
    And the way I ensure the young men have the choice of my charms, is taking their parents, but usually just dad, into the room first to show him or them, just exactly what their sons will be receiving in our home. And believe once dad has tasted what's on offer, the rate I want for the room is paid.
    You could say it's just business, but then I have extremely good fun making sure my boys are kept very happy, and that their fathers/parents are "kept up to date" once a month.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 29

    These college bitches in my town are dumb as fuck. They're easy as shit, I'm getting my dick sucked left and right as long as I give them some free weed. Some of them are even my "weekly customers" if you know what I mean. I get depressed as fuck over the summer breaks when they all leave town :(

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