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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    For two years I've been fucking a now 73 year old widow. She is very well maintained for her age, her C cup tits don't sag too much and she has a very thin, well shaped body. She has ash blonde hair on her head, and dark brown on her pussy, just a peek of gray pubes stray in amongst the bush. She was my first suck, my first fuck and the first buttfuck, as well as being the first pussy I ever ate. She gave me $100 the first time for helping fix some cabinet doors in her kitchen, but it was really for the sex I think. I did it for free, but she gave me the money anyway. After that she ended up having chores for me every week, and I got fucked several times a week. Actually I spent a lot of time at her place and was fucking her sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. But I always got $100 to $ 200 a week from her doing various things around her apartment. It got so we went naked around her place anytime we got together. Eventually; she let a friend come by, the friend got naked and I fucked her too. She was pretty fat, in her late 50s, not especially attractive but she sucked me as I was playing with her tits and pussy. My friend suggested I take her into the bedroom where I fucked her. She stuck around and I fucked her again. That week I had an extra $100. Eventually there were about 12 of her friends, I was fucking them all, ugly, gray haired, pretty, thin, fat, big asses, tiny asses, I even got one 80 year old who never sucked a cock or had cum in her mouth to blow me at her request.

    I drive a nice car, I get over $ 1000 a week, and my friend I'm sure gets that much or more. I still get to fuck her all I want in any hole, and some of her friends aren't too bad either. One woman only in her 40's is really hot but has a husband who constantly cheats on her so I fuck her as her "get even" vengeance. She has a super tight pussy, never had kids and doesn't get fucked that much. She is also very pretty though chubby.

    Yes, I do it for the sex, what other late teen kid gets to fuck all he can stand? But I also get the money so does my friend.

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    Straight Female / 25

    My husband and were married June of 98. We opened a home cleaning business and it was really starting to get busy. He hurt himself and then wasn't able to go up and down stairs and lift the vacuum cleaner. We continued to work but he was not able to do much. I would normally be doing the upstair thing while he did minimal stuff on the ground floors. Financially we started to get into trouble and I mentioned it to a few of our clients. Then one of them while talking to me about it upstairs said with your looks you could really be making alot of money. I was shocked at first but he went on to say that it would be perfect because I could even let people pay with a credit card on my square. I was in disbelief as he was talking. He says you get the $200 for cleaning the house and an extra $200 for extra attention to the home owner , he even said that he knows that the other men that he knows would jump on the opportunity. I was almost in tears as he approached me , and got really close and said well do you want to make the extra money today ? I could feel my eyes open super wide and said my husband is down stairs. He just shrugged his shoulders and said so. Then pulled his card out and handed it to me. Nervously I swiped it for $400 and then he started to touch me and strip me. Then we went to the bed were he and I had sex. Soon as we were done he started making phone calls to others. Just before the mandatory shut down for non essential businesses. My husband and I were talking about expanding because of how much money we were making. We have 12 regular customers and 27 ( special customers ) I told my husband let's just leave it for now. I feel so ashamed of myself. Men I don't even know do some of the most disgusting things imaginal to me. While my unsuspecting husband is right down stairs.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I dropped out of college and went to Las Vegas where I had friend. After a couple of days I got a job as a night clerk at a motel off the strip. All sorts of people stayed there, and there were lots of escorts male and female. We turned a blind eye unless there was violence or the guest complained that they had been rolled. We cooperated with the cops giving them all video or other information. Being the night clerk I got to know lots of the hookers.

    My friend, from Salem Massachusetts, told me he was an escort, kwasn't gay but he made so much money as an escort sucking off old men that he had just gotten used to it. He introduced me to this man that made all the arrangements, and to get started my friend told me I should suck on his cock, learn how to make him cum, learn how to fuck and get fucked, never kiss, it was all business. He gave me hints on condoms and lubes and I was sent out on my first escort assignment.

    The man I was sent to was a pasty white doctor from the Midwest, heavy set with thick glasses. He wanted pain and he had a case full of toys, for example he had me grab his nipple with a pair of pliers, dry fuck him with a large butt plug, suck his cock and jack off on his face. My friend told me it was par for the course, these men came to live their fantasy.

    Most of the clients just wanted gay sex, get a blowjob, get fucked, tip me and I would leave. My friend and I became gay lovers. We did it for the money, we were easily making ten grand a month, all of it under the table.

    After three years of being a male escort I had saved 100,000 dollars and my relationship had run it's course. I packed up and went back to my home town, told my family I had earned the money gambling, finished college, and settled down with Amanda who I met through my sister.

    There are days when I think of going to Las Vegas and hiring an escort, I dream of giving him a real big tip, make his day. But common sense prevails and I stay home, go with my wife and kids to my my sister's, play bunco, let the kids hang out with their cousins, pack up the family and go home.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 40

    Iâm 40 now but this happened in my teens.

    I recently divorced, this time of my life has always been on my mind because I enjoyed it very very much.

    I was one of those girls that developed at a very early age. When I was showering after gym class the other girls were making fun and laughing at me. Because I have a very hairy bush and it trailed up to the belly button and my pubesâ spread to my hips and very thick. I was so embarrassed crying I ran out.

    As I walked home from school I had to do something about it, I couldnât talk to mom about it. I decided to talk to Mrs. Rand she was like my grandmother and lived next door to us and watched me until my parents got home from work.
    I talked to her about everything that happens in my life.

    I asked her if I could talk about something and not tell my parents? She said she wouldnât,I told her how I was made fun of because of my pubic hair and needed her advice on what to do. She told me stand up and remove my skirt and panties so she can see the problem.

    When she seen it she said my you do have a problem and I know what to do with you she lead me to the bathroom and told me to remove my clothes and sat me on the lid of the toilet she used sissors and started trimming putting fingers on my clit squeezing it and rubbing it as she trimmed it felt sooo good I leaned back and slid my butt giving her better access she never looked up at me as she took her time on my clit. Then I was lathered with cream and she was shaving me still playing with my clit the cream felt very very good as she played. She asked if I wanted to be shaved clean all that I could give as answer was a moan and exhale and told her that I love what sheâs doing to me and donât care what sheâs does just donât stop she wipes off the cream.

    Without saying a word she used both her hands and furiously masterbated me saying that I had a very big clit and stopped. I told her please donât stop please donât stop! She asked if I like old women playing with me YES will you obey old women when she tells you what she wants? YES, anything thing she wants? YES I WILL Do EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING! Tami have you had sex with a girl? No. Do you want to be very very close friends with me? Yes I wanna be like best friends.

    Stand ing in front of me and lifting her dress and she had no panties on she said meet your new best friend pushing her pussy into my face and everyday after school till the time you go home you will be licking and sucking on your new best friend.

    I was her slave for several years she had me do her friends.

    I want to find the same kind of situation with an old woman that wants me as her pussy eating sex slave

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    College dropout confession...

    --About this confession--
    This confession is about a couple month period in my life ive never really share with anyone who I know personally. I didnt 'do it for the money' per say, but I did it for housing and rich boy food/booze. In hindsight it was alot of fun, although at the time it felt like a dark point. I got to live out a secret fantasy I think most girls have but never pursue due to the stigma. I have tried to break it up into a few parts if you want to skip right to the good stuff, or are looking more for the full story.

    I was not a good college student, I partied 4-5 nights a week, and half way through junior year, it caught up to me and I had been kicked out of the school. I lost my on campus housing, but was not ready to leave, nor did I want to tell my parents the truth. I got a ride back for the 2nd semester with a friend, so my parents wouldn't be able to come see "my dorm" that no longer existed. We got into town and I had told my friend I no longer had a place on campus, I also didn't have a job so I couldn't afford rent. Some of my friends had an off campus house that I stayed at for the first few days, but I hated the feeling of being a burden, and could also tell they wanted me to leave. To buy myself another night, I went out to the bars and figured I would try to find a guy to spend the night with.

    --A bit about me for context on why I am the way I am--

    College was a pretty eye opening experience for me. I came from a small town and was in grade school and high school with the same group of about 45 people in our graduating class. I was a fat little girl in grade school, and even though I got in really good shape doing cross country in high school, all the guys always seemed to think of me as that fat little grade school girl. I went out of state for college, and now I am a fit blonde with the chest of a girl who was fat during puberty. I had mostly C's but also a couple D Bras because depending where I was in my cycle, the c's would get uncomfortable. I always felt like I was not attractive because of the small town I came from, I was always considered the fat one. All of the sudden at college, I was an object of desire. My first night of college, minutes into my first party, I had a guy giving me beers and hitting on me. I ended up making out with him and going to his place. I was still a virgin after that night, but by the end of my first semester I had slept with 7 guys. I started to realized that I was actually attractive enough to draw the attention of the guys and wouldn't always go for the first guy hitting on me.

    By my sophomore year, I was a self proclaimed and full blown slut. I loved sex, and I loved this attention I was getting that I never got before. I had saved phone numbers and could seem to pick up new guys at will. Whenever I was horny, I could usually have a guy within a couple hours. Once I booty called a guy when I was drunk, and he said his buddy from out of town was visiting. I was a bunch of long islands into drinking and said they could both come. That was my first experience with group sex. By the time I failed out, I probably had sex with around 60 people.

    --College, and finding a place to stay--

    I was not a good college student, I partied 4-5 nights a week, and half way through junior year, it caught up to me and I had been kicked out of the school. I lost my on campus housing, but was not ready to leave, nor did I want to tell my parents the truth. I got a ride back for the 2nd semester with a friend, so my parents wouldn't be able to come see "my dorm." We got into town and I had told them I no longer had a place on campus, I also didn't have a job so I couldn't afford rent. Some of my friends had an off campus house that I stayed at for the first few days, but I hated the feeling of being a burden, and could also tell they wanted me to leave. To buy myself another night, I went out to the bars and figured I would try to find a guy to spend the night with.

    I had to find a guy to take me home, so I wouldn't be spending another uninvited night at my friends place. I went out to the bars... on a Tuesday... I ended up meeting a guy who was buying me drinks, anything I wanted he put on his tab. He spent a lot on me, I don't know how much, but he was decent looking, and spent a lot on me and I needed a place to stay, so I went home with him. We made out for a bit, and I bit his hear gently and whispered to him, "Treat me like a sex toy." He bent me over, put me on my back, and also acted like his dick accidentally started to slip into my ass, quickly pulled out an tried to gauge my reaction. I didn't mind Anal anymore, so I just said "Don't stop." He put it back in my ass and only lasted a few more strokes before I felt him shooting cum into my ass. He was wearing a condom but I could tell it broke as soon as the first jet of warm cum was shot into me. He pushed as deep as he could and I felt his shaft pulsing into me. I spent the night there, but then the next morning headed back to my friends to change, where I had my duffel bag of clothes.

    Through the next week or 2 I was either texting guys, or going out to find a place to stay, and only using my friends place for a spot to keep my clothes. One night I met a guy at a bar, went back to his place, and it was ironically the same place as the guy from a couple weeks ago that came in my ass. I had found one of his roommates. There were 4 guys living in a large and nice house off campus. They were all being put up by big time "daddy money." These guys all came from rich families and were going to leave college without a cent of debt. I decided to share my situation with them and offered to be like a "Live in maid." These guys were coming from so much money they had 6 bedrooms in this house with 4 guys living in it. They seemed open to the idea but also very hesitant. I needed some consistency so I knew I had to sweeten the pot for them and I said, "If you let me stay here, I can provide other benefits than cleaning." They conferred a bit more but before they could finish discussing, I didn't want this chance to get away and made my offering more clear. I said "If you guys ever need a booty call, I will be right across the hall." The guy who came in my ass said "you can have the smoke room." I went and grabbed my bag of clothes from my friends place and started to settle in.

    --The initiation--

    On my first day there, the guys asked if they could do an initiation. I didn't want to say anything to risk getting kicked out already, so I agreed to it. Initiation was strip poker... I was expecting them to be a bit more forward and just have initiation be to fuck me. I had never played poker, so I was awful and before long I was also naked. I didn't expect the game to continue once I was naked, but we did play a couple more hands. I was bored of the game and so I asked "so you guys just want to see me naked?" They said "will you give the winner of this hand a blow job?" I had imagined that initiation would be each of these guys fucking me, and at this point had been excited for that to happen. I said "How about I go lay on that couch, and if you want something, come do it to me." They ended up forming a line for me to suck their dicks. I sucked the first guys dick for a few minutes, and I felt him pull the back of my head towards his waist as his cock shot sperm down my throat. Once he was done cumming, I swallowed what was left and the next guy stepped up in line.

    I was hoping that I would get something out of this other than just 4 dicks in my mouth, but I also didn't want to upset my new 'landlords' so I said "if you don't want to wait, I have more than a mouth." The guy who had cum in my ass stepped out of the line and kinda got between my legs. I got on all 4's on the couch and he knelt behind me, pressing his dick into my pussy. The guy who was next in line pushed his cock into my face and I sucked him while getting fucked. The guy fucking me felt good and was making me feel warm and wanted. My favorite part was the feeling of being so desired by this many guys at the same time. The guy I was sucking quickly pulled his dick out at one point and grabbed the tip saying "O fuck, I almost came but I want to fuck you." Apparently he pulled out a bit to late because he followed that up saying "never mind i'm cumming, and put his dick back into my face, the first jet of cum shot out while his dick was headed back into my mouth. It hit just beneath my lips and rolled down my chin. By the time he got his second shot out, his head was in my mouth and filling it with cum. Seeing this was enough for the guy fucking me to go over the edge, and I felt him pull out and start spraying warm cum ropes onto my back. The last guy stepped up for me to blow him and after only a few seconds of blowing him, I felt my hips get pulled back up into the air, the guy who just came in my mouth still wanted his shot at fucking me. only a few minutes later I could feel him adding to the cum ropes on my back, turning it into more of a cum puddle that was running down my sides at this point. The guy in my mouth pulled out, pinching the tip of his dick and then slid it into my pussy. He was only 2 or 3 thrusts in and I felt a shot of cum in me before he pulled out, the rest adding to the puddle now running down my sides.

    --Life after the 'initiation'--

    I spent a little over 2 months living with these guys essentially living as their sex toy. They did gang bang me a handful of times when they were drunk, but most commonly I would 'help' one of them at a time, at watching porn. When they were sober they didn't seem to like things as a group. usually I would be getting fucked by one while they watched porn, another guy in the house would hear and as soon as I was done with one, the next guy would ask if "I wanted to watch some porn?" asking me to watch porn was their way of saying they wanted to use me. At first they were mostly very careful about cumming in me, and usually wore condoms. Eventually I started to tell them they could cum in me and they got a big stock of plan B, and would fuck me raw and cum in me.

    On average I would say I helped each guy cum about twice a day. I personally enjoyed when they would cum inside me, the 2nd most popular spot was my face and that was less fun for me. I started to love the feeling when I had cum in me, I could feel it getting pushed around by the next guy but If one of the other guys had just cum in me, and it was super obvious, the next guy was usually more likely to just go for a blow job. I made a little game for myself of trying to get the most cum inside me as possible. I came up with a little trick when one guy would cum in me, after he was done pumping me full, I would give him a quick suck or 2 and rub his dick across my cheek or chin, while running my thumb from base to tip of the bottom of his dick. This usually got a few more drops out that happened to then smear onto my face. The next guy would see the little bit on my face and think I just gave the previous one a blowjob, and then felt more comfortable fucking me and cumming in me. My record was a day when all 4 of them were super hungover for pretty much a full Sunday. Each one of them started off their day texting me, not even walking across the hall, asking me to 'hang out.' Each one of them just came inside me. One of the guys was ready for round 2 about 10 minutes after the 4th guy came in me. Since each of the guys had cum in me to start the day, they seemed to think the cum in me was theirs from earlier, or maybe were just too hungover to care. One of the guys came in me 7 times that day, 2 of them came in me 4 times, and the last guy came in me 3 times throughout the day. I had showered and tried to clean myself out and I still woke up Monday morning with a huge spot on my bed soaked in cum that had flown out of me overnight.

    --The Uber Driver Night--

    One night when a couple of the guys and I were still out at closing time, we met up to ride an uber back together. The guys were, belligerently hammered, and I was pretty drunk myself. Our Uber driver was middle aged black man and my drunk roommates were treating him like a best friend. I'm surprised he wasn't uncomfortable with how they were talking to him, but he was probably used to super drunk guys. They started to say they were going to hook him up with weed when we got home, and he was really into that idea. Then the guys started to talk about me to the driver asking him things like "Do you think she is hott?" and "Do you like her tits?" The driver was very respectful and said "She looks like a nice young lady." The guys continued to press saying things like "Do you want her to take her tits out?" I was actually warmed up to the idea and thought he was a pretty attractive guy for his age. I pulled my shirt down a bit to expose more cleavage and he seemed surprised that I was going with it. He said "I mean if she wants to take them out, I wouldn't mind." I pulled my shirt and bra down so that my full tits were popping out the top of my shirt. The guys gave a little cheer and were asking if the guy was into it. I told him he could touch if he wanted and at a stop sign he ended up reaching back and grabbing one, rubbing his thumb on my nipple. The guys started to tell him about how I was a booty call and he kept saying "Man you kids really know how to party." We invited him in to smoke after and the guy actually came in. While smoking the guys were joking with him saying, "You want her to give you a lap dance?" to the driver, I pulled a tit out again to show that I would do it if he wanted. At this point I was kinda hoping he had a big black dick I may get to have some fun with, a lap dance would be a nice seg way to that. He looked to me and said "Man you are a crazy thing arent you. Man you guys tell me if you ever need a ride again," followed by some laughing. I took my shirt off and started to dance on him a bit. The guys were cheering for him and saying things like "You hit the jackpot tonight man!" I could feel his dick start to harden through his jeans, and tried to start rubbing it with my hand while I was grinding my ass on his lap. I pulled my jeans down and now was only wearing a thong. The driver said "Hey if this is going to go any further, can we go somewhere more private?" The guys were still acting like this drivers best friend and all got up to leave saying "The room is all yours man." Once they all left I knelt between his legs rubbed his cock a few times over his jeans, and then started to unfasten his pants. I pulled his pants and boxers down, revealing the python he was rocking, he grabbed his dick holding it up and I got wet with excitement seeing how much bigger it was than the guys I had gotten used to. "You think you can handle this crazy girl?" I said, "You might need to be gentle." I knew I would be able to take it, but Ive learned that guys love hearing how big their dick is. I sucked his dick for a minute or 2 getting it nice a slobbery, and then stood up to straddle him on the couch. I stood up and pulled my thong down and he said "I got a condom in my jeans." I said, "ahh ok, we dont need it if you dont want." He said "Oh for real, you on the pill?" I was, so I sat down on him and could feel him re-arranging my guts as he slipped up into me. I got lost in the moment of riding his dick and have no idea how long it was for, but I was cumming like crazy and I could hardly walk after. He started saying "Oh fuck im gonna cum, im gonna cum." I was in a combined state of loving the way this felt, and my legs feeling weak and I didn't want to use the energy to stand up, that I just kept wiggling my hips until I felt his snake tensing and pulsing up into me. As I stood up, his cum flowed out running down his dick and onto his thigh. He quickly got dressed and left. I went right for my bed and laid down, my legs felt amazing, cold, tingly, and numb all at the same time.

    --The little cousin event--

    One weekend one of the guys had his little cousin come visit for a campus tour as he would be in college next year... or so they told me. We were all drinking together and the guys told me to "Take him to my room and show him the best part of college." I made out with him for a moment, pushed him down onto my bed and threw my shirt and bra on the floor. I started to kiss my way down his body and pull his pants down, I had kissed just above his dick and heard him moan, followed by the sudden blast of jizz against my neck. I grabbed and stroked the rest out of his dick, aiming it at my chest as I was above him laying on the bed. He was very embaressed and sorry, I asked if he had sex before, he had not. His boner clearly wasn't going away at all after talking to him for a minute and I said, "Well I can help get you ready for those college girls, want to try a round 2? guys usually last longer the 2nd time." He said he did, but he didn't know what to do. I told him to just lay down and I would take care of it. I felt bad for him because he was embaressed, and his dick was a little smaller than average. I straddled him and rode it for a bit but he kept sliding out because it was small. Despite having cum once already, and not being able to get into a good rythm, I felt his body tense up and his hips thrust up into me as he started to cum a 2nd time. After the weekend I found out that the cousin supposedly 'looking at colleges' was only 14 but lived in the area. His older cousin brought him out to try and get him drunk and laid.

    --The end/getting caught--

    My parents eventually got a letter from the school saying I qualified to try and return for the following fall semester. They called the school and found out I had dropped out. I told them I was embaressed so I just got a job and had been living in an apartment with a friend. They told me to come home and get my life together so I left, never to return. I got a few occasional dick pics from the guys after that from them but never responded. After another month or so, I never heard from them or reached out again. I have slowed down sexually alot since moving back home. Sometimes when i look back at that phase in my life, I feel like it maybe didnt happen. I get feelings of happiness at times that I lived out a very intense sexual fantasy, and sometimes I feel shameful for how I let myself just be an object.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 26

    I fucked my aunt for cash after church. It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    To make it short, my mentor has turned into my sugar daddy. I now live in a riverside apartment that he pays for me, I drive his other car, a Range Rover, he gave me a black American Express to use, he puts 'little nothings' on my ear lobes and around my neck and wrist, and a beautiful 'little something' on my ring finger to scare other men away.

    I continue on the payroll, but I don't go in to work. I take art classes, and I have a 'chef' who is working with me to learn to cook and prep for parties, set ups, dishes, all the things to knock it out of the park when he wants to entertain. I took lessons from a sommelier but I am no good with wine.

    And I spent time with a makeup lady, a dress up lady, hairdresser, picture perfect lady. My tattoo has to be covered at all times, and gone are my body jewels, replaced by his little nothings. I work out with a trainer, my friends have to be women. My family from Schenectady doesn't fit in to my new look.

    Sex is with him, I can have my girlfriend live with me, no questions asked, but she has to be discreet and accept his guiding hand.

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    Straight Female / 44

    My name is Lisa. Iâve been married for almost 20 years.

    When we were in our 20âs I applied for a promotion at the company I work for now. My boss at the time was in his 30âs. He told me plainly that he was going to promote who ever wanted it the most.

    I went home and talked to my husband about it and we both agreed that in the long term it was worth it. It didnât hurt that he was really good looking too. The next day I wore sexiest underwear to work. I in to Gregâs office and asked him where he I could show him how much I wanted the job. He told me to close the door. I stripped for him and he fucked me on his desk.

    18 years later and my husband and I just went to my fellow VP, Gregâs retirement party.

    I know he did this to other women and in light of the âme tooâ thing, itâs not acceptable for these types of things to happen. But honestly, I got to the top much quicker and my husband and I live a very comfortable lifestyle because of it. Iâm glad Iâm a woman and I donât regret any of it. I would do it again.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 18

    I have a sugar daddy that I see three nights a week minimum. It started off as a Grindr hookup but became a sugar baby situation.

    So Iâm 18, currently in my senior year of high school. I messaged a 52 year old guy one night after school looking for some cock! I was horny. He messaged back and within two hours I was in his bed taking his dick. I knew he had some money because he had a big country house. Plus the Calvin Klein white shirt and Calvin Klein white briefs he had on showed he cared about his appearance. He is fit and has his shaft and balls shaved with a bush on top. That is sexy to me, never seen a guy groomed like that before.

    So we had sex. His dick fit great in my butt, was a bit of a stretch but thatâs good! He finished by pulling out, taking the condom off and cumming on my butt cheeks and lower back. Too bad he didnât cum all over my bald cock.

    So we had sex a couple more times that month and he put an offer out to me. He had a sugar baby in the past and wanted another. Told me how much money heâd give me a month and how often he required seeing me. One of the agreements was wed have to go bareback during sex, which Iâm fine with.

    So I thought about it over the next few days and accepted his offer. His requirement was sex minimum 2 nights a week but Iâve took it a step further. We have sex 4 to 7 times a week. Iâm 18 so I crave cock!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    Really struggling for money this time last year, my husband and I agreed upon the idea a friend of my husband had suggested.
    Chris had always fancied me and I knew about the rumors of his manhood. I was never attracted to him before and certainly wouldn't have entertained the idea, if my husband hadn't agreed it in the first place. In fact my husband couldn't have been more enthusiastic when he came home with Chris's idea.
    The very next afternoon with my stomach churning with concern and anticipation all at the same time. Chris turned up and immediately removed his clothing.
    Let me explain something. I'm a very attractive brunette who has dated some very good looking guys. All of whom have been muscular and seen as the guy to date. My husband definitely fits into that category, even if his penis isn't that big.
    Stood only feet away from Chris as he sat on our sofa, I was staggered someone like him, a skinny nerd with ginger hair and glasses, that could easily be used as light house glass, could have such a large and massively thick cock like his.
    I looked at my husband who was sat in his chair and I asked him if he still wanted me to go through with the deal. He didn't say anything, but he did nod his approval.
    The deal was, until we got on our feet financially, I would have sex with Chris who has his own IT company and is loaded. He would pay my husband and give me 'presents' each time and within a couple of months, my husband reckoned, we'd be back in the black.
    Sitting next to Chris, not able to take my eyes off his huge cock, I gripped his thick cock shaft and began to slowly stroke it. It felt so big and so hard in my hand, and I thought to myself I'd never be able to take his cock in my pussy and arse.
    That afternoon, not only did I take his cock so deep in both holes, I absolutely slutted myself for him. It was by far the best sex I'd ever had in my life, and I couldn't stop climaxing each time he chose to fuck one of my love holes.
    At first my husband was all encouraging. He couldn't have been more excited when after a long long time of sucking on Chris's cock, I finally let him slide it bareback into my pussy from behind. I instantly orgasmed and knew then I was going to enjoy this geeky mans style of fucking me.
    On and on Chris fucked me, and listening in a way to my husband, I heard him moaning about me liking it too much. It didn't stop me from giving myself totally to Chris and his amazing cock, and when my husband left to go to the local pub, I really went with it, letting Chris have his way, in anything he wanted from and with me.
    By the ime my husband got home, my pussy and arsehole were full of semen and well and truly fucked. I could hardly walk from the shower Chris had just fucked my arsehole again in, and my husband gave me a look of disgust.
    It didn't matter by then what his attitude was. He'd wanted the deal, he'd wanted me to have sex with his mate. And in my eyes, it was his decision for me to do as I pleased until we got straight financially.
    Chris and I continued to ahve sex for another couple of months, but never with my husband present again. Or that's what I've told my husband anyway. We're supposed to be ok financially now with Chris's money. But to this day eleven months on from our supposed last sexual liaison, I'm still meeting up with Chris whenever we can for sex.
    How can a girl give up ten wonderful inches of cock, and a man who knows how to use it and his tongue to such amazing orgasms.

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