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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 31

    This is something I'm not entirely proud of, yet the money I get is keeping us afloat financially.
    Over the past eighteen months, my husband's boss Chad has been fucking me every Monday morning at home, and every Friday afternoon at a motel which his company supply bed sheets to.

    My husband's job was at risk which would have made things extremely tough for us, if not impossible at the time. I went to see Chad and explained our financial position. He immediately told me if I got on my knees and sucked him dry, he'd take my husband's name off the redundancy register.

    I'd known Chad for years, so I knew he'd always had a thing for me. But at fifty two even though he's quite handsome, he wasn't for me. There'd always been rumors about his penis size, but I put those down to men being men and bragging.
    When Chad walked around his desk, undid his trousers and lowered his boxers, I knew the rumors were true. Chads cock looked enormous. Way way bigger than my husbands and thicker too. Smiling at me, Chad said "It's your choice".
    The fact was, I didn't have a choice and Chad knew it. Kneeling down on his office carpet, I reached out and took hold of his mammoth cock. Before I had chance to suck in his cock, Chad added "You keep me happy from now, and believe me, you and your husband won't have to worry about finances".

    Opening my mouth as wide as it would go, I slid Chads cock over my tongue and felt it hardening with each inch that passed into my mouth. By the time I'd sucked on it a few minutes, it was so big I could only get around four inches in my mouth. Even so Chad was moaning and holding onto my head, fucking my mouth and telling how much he'd longed for me to suck on his dick.

    Cupping his balls and sucking on his cock hard, I was hoping he'd cum quickly. Yet Chad just kept on fucking my mouth. Then all of a sudden he pulled away and lifted me up. Having me lean over his desk, he lifted my loose fitting long skirt over my back, ripped of my panties and whistled when he saw my tight ass and pussy from behind. Telling me it could get even better for us if I allowed him to fuck me, I turned my head and and told a man I'd known even before my husband worked at his company, I only wanted him to feel good.

    I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't want him to fuck me at first. I thought I'd be able to save my husbands job, our home and everything we'd worked hard for by sucking on Chad's cock. But only a few strokes of his cock deep inside of my pussy, after he'd spread my c**t walls so far, I was already building up to what was such an amazingly strong orgasm. From the soles of my feet, to the hair raising at the back of my head, my orgasm absolutely tore through me. And it kept on flooding though my pussy and clit, as Chad carried on screwing me so deeply.

    I'm not sure now how many orgasms I had, or how long he fucked me for. What I do know, is by the time he had me ride his awesome cock as he sat on his office chair, I was longing for him to fuck me as long and as hard as he wished.
    If I had to describe chads way of fucking me that day, it would be rough and almost teenage like. He was like a child in a candy store, and I loved how he tore my blouse open to suck on my small tits, making my large (They are long) nipples stand right out. From his growing noises and his quickened pace, I knew he was close to cumming. So instead of rising too much, I ground down onto his cock and tightened my pussy. It had two massive effects. Firstly he cum erupted up my pussy filling me like never before and secondly I had the mother of all climaxes. I swear I'd never had such an overwhelming orgasm, and one which had my whole body shaking like a leaf in a storm.
    Once I'd eventually calmed down, I lifted off his cock and looked at it shining with my juices and his cum. I saw the look on his face and knew what he wanted. Dropping back down, I lifted up his softening cock and slurped up every drop of fluid along his huge cock shaft and balls.

    Sneaking me through a back entrance close to his office, Chad put me in my car and wished me safe driving. We'd already discussed me visiting him again, and it didn't I can tell you, take too much persuasion to have me going back for more.
    Our sexual liaisons increased from that day to twice a week. Monday mornings are perfect for me, as I work from home that day and my husband works an earlier shift. We waist no time when Chad calls by as he only has and hour. Invariably I'm already horny from masturbation, and take his cock with too much fore play. Fridays have become a day for me to look forward to now though as we spend far more time at the motel, having the kind of sex most people won't even attempt. I'm not going to go into that now, but needless to say it's not your normal everyday fucking.

    Chad has enabled my husband and I to begin to live comfortably too, as my husband has taken not only kept his job, but also he's taken on a new role in the company, which has almost doubled his salary. I too now work part time for Chad, which means our Friday afternoons are covered by out weekly meetings to resolve his companies issues.
    Whether my husband has any inclination I don't know, but recently he did mention I might want to keep on working "HARD" for Chad, stressing the word hard. If he does know or suspects something, then he's not said anything.
    Am I proud I'm essentially cheating on my husband. No I'm not. But am I satisfied to still have a marriage, a home and a husband who's life would have been in turmoil if he'd have lost his job.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    It feels funny to be able to "tell" here about possibly illegal sex stuff. In High School, some kid was always begging me for a fuck of some kind, face or pussy. Usually they would sweat a lot and some would have bad hygiene.
    In the meantime, I've been having all kinds of sex with Connie, a tiny lesbian cutie who loves eating me out where these bozos are just trying to use my holes to get off.

    Since I could never afford to go on to college I decided on a plan. I started taking jobs on the campuses of upscale colleges and universities: bookstore, cafeteria, whatever. Pretending to be a hard up student, one at a time, I told a sad story to interested rich boys. I would give up my chastity for them for tragically needed cash. They started paying off from $100 and up for a pop. They all were happy to wear a condom, some first timers, etc. Each semester I would change schools after getting fucked by somewhere between 50 to 100 guys. For those wanting my asshole, and some were dying for it, if they could afford the extra cash, they could have at it.

    It was all Connie's idea and it works. In the meantime, she's happy to eat me out on command. I love to play with her light brown hair and pull on her titties while she sucks on me. Hopefully, it will all last for a bit longer. Connie gets me off so I don't look for kicks from the boys, but just hard cash. However, I'm not planning on going professional to all kinds of men. Strangely enough, the idea is odious to me.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I went to college in the nineties. I got in trouble financially and I started to suck guys off for money. I was in the corp of cadets, and lots of these guys were in line for commissions when they graduated. For a military school having your cock sucked off by a guy was not a problem. It was just sucking off and neither them nor I used the word gay. I just liked to suck off guys and guys liked getting sucked off. I liked sucking off guys, and if I got paid for it, so much the better.

    One afternoon in the communal shower I let this upperclassman fuck my ass and we got caught. Fucking was gay and I was expelled. Of course the fuckor of the two of us was just getting a piece of ass and nothing happened to him. He went on to get his commission and god knows how many soldiers on the line he has fucked.

    Without money and without any hope of getting any, I moved to New York. I got on the circuit. I was good looking enough, I suited up to fit in, and I sucked off a bunch of Wall Street types. And some of them wanted to fuck, and I let them fuck me all they wanted. The price for a fuck was way more than a blowjob, but money was not object to these guys and I got tips and referrals and I got into the party circuit. I have to say, there were a lot of girls on the party circuit too, some of them fucking the same guys that were fucking me.

    By the time I was forty, I was doing primarily rich men in their fifties and sixties, I was versatile and fucked and sucked and sucked and got fucked, and if necessary I would fuck a girl, if that is what the man wanted. There are men that want you to be fucking a girl while they fuck you. To each there own. I did it for the money and so did the others on the circuit. I had made enough money to own my place, I had a Mercedes, clothes, watches, art. Being 40s and in shape I had a long list of clients, I always played the salesman.

    At 45 I gave myself a birthday present and went to Iceland to relax, to get off the circuit. In Iceland I met a man, in his sixties, a ship owner. We got to talking and this time I let him pick me up. He beat me up, beat the shit out of me with a rubber pipe. Broke a tooth, and I needed stitches for a cut on the head. He was a shithead who couldn't get it up.

    After that experience I decided enough was enough. I had money, I owned a place, I hooked up with a girl who also worked the circuit, told her that it was time to bail out. We sold our condos, got married and moved to a small town in Vermont and opened a small café, breakfast and lunch only. She is a fantastic cook and I handle the main room and the place pays for itself and we don't have to touch our savings. She is 35, so I had her hold on to the bed post and knocked her up. I think that was the very first time I really fucked a woman, fucked her with purpose and it was probably the first time she really got fucked, fucked with purpose. I love her pregnant, walking around with her big ass and belly, watching her try and do her yoga, holding her by the hips and fucking her while she is bent over. She does have a big ass, it is just that when you aren't that close and personal with her you don't notice.

    We are blending into the town, our story is that we are successful traders from New York, we made our money and we are retired. I will be 50, she is 35, and we are going to have a kid.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Transsexual Male / 24

    I started with ads on craigslist just to get guys to fuck me while I crossdressed. I'm 5ft. 9" tall weigh only 132lbs, and always had no body hair except on my legs and very little on my forearms. I never had to shave. I got fucked my first time by another boy who was 17 when I was 15. He took me almost everyday, many times twice a day for two years when he transferred to a college out of town. He still came around to fuck when he was home from school. I did do it with two girls, one girl only once the other probably 20 or 30 times. I got more turned on fucking her in her butt than anything. She hated that and we split up. I went back to being the one getting fucked, and one of my friends got me into crossdressing gradually. It was first as a turn on for him, but then I really liked it. I started with undies, stockings graduating to nighties and lingerie. Whenever I could spend the night I'd add make up and style my long hair like a girl. After college I just couldn't find anyone, I was never a drinker and didn't like the thought of trying to pick up a man in a bar. I was crossdressing all the time, even in outer clothes.

    I put an ad on craigslist as a tg crossdresser looking for a man to have sex with me. The pictures were real and I got a few men that came over. One older guy was super great to be with, he was a good fuck, took his time, was in no rush. Only when he left, he put $100 on my nightstand. He came over many times, and even though I told him he didn't need to, he kept leaving the money. I wasn't hurt, even though I explained I wasn't asking for any money, he said he knew, he wanted me to have something from him to buy myself a gift. By this time I had over $2000 stored up of his $100 bills. Ken, the older man, eventually stopped coming around, though after buying me a ton of clothes, lingerie, undies, stockings, make up, and even taking me on a few island trips for 4 and 5 day weekends, where I totally rocked out some pretty tiny bikini's (no I don't have a big one, it's very very small).

    I started putting an ad for generous gentlemen, and I actually got more responses that when I was wanting to get fucked for free. I was making between $ 200 and $ 600 a day for as many days during the week as I wanted to "work". Considering "work" sucking cocks, then lying down and getting fucked . . . I did it every day. Eventually I found a few sites for tranny escorts and they started getting me much more business and for more money, even after their finders fees. After about a year on hormones, I bought myself B cup boobs and the nude pictures got me even more business, and about a year after that I went for broke. I told some of my regulars, and they all lined up to fuck me (2 would suck my little clit/cock) because I was getting the final operation. As of 4 months ago, I now have a pussy and a totally female body. The agencies let guys know that I'm a post-op tranny and I don't get fucked as many times, but I make a lot more money. I take it in the butt as I've done since I was 15, pussy and my mouth as I have done since I was 14. One agency put me on the girls side of their group too, I'm totally passable.

    I don't know what I'm looking for, and I don't want to be a hooker for too much longer, but the money is really good and there isn't much use for a woman, who was a man, who was a crossdresser, then a pre-op tranny who has a degree in fine arts!!!!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 25

    Marge is a friend, as close as a straight can be to me, a full-out lesbian.

    We both work hard in a garment factory and are bone-tired at the end of each day. We get paid garbage money. We were close enough so she told me I was hot and would draw business. So it was about her part time job in a "protected brothel" (the local cops are paid off). She talked me into trying the life since men, their cocks and asinine personalities mean nothing to me.

    The johns that come in are supposed to shower before fucking us but they do a rotten job at that. They still stink. Some of them beg to go in bareback and it's not only not allowed, but I would not allow it myself.

    I tried the place for two months and quit. I told Marge that I cannot imagine how any woman can put herself through that. I still have nasty dreams about it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 20

    Last summer I took a job at one of our larger hotels, in their kitchen, delivering service orders to rooms. I was only 18 but I had worked different summer jobs. In one instance, a man complained his AC unit was broken and he was sweltering so he wanted some seltzer water and ice to make some drinks for himself. I took the order to the room and there was this man around 55 or so, fanning himself, using a folding paper fan, with nothing from his waist down. He remained casual, as if there was nothing askew in the scenario.

    His penis was soft and hung off him like a dead mackerel but I could not stop staring at it. I was still almost a virgin except for one asshole evening a while back. The man accepted the that would be added to his room check bill and fanning himself, noticing my wide-eyed stare, he said, "Would you like to touch it?" Without saying a word, I reached own and took it in my hand. It absolutely filled my hand and then some, quickly becoming erect. Now, it looked like a giant meat hook. It had thick veins and the head was like a bulb.

    He asked, "How old are you, Miss?" I lied and told him 18 but that was only one year off so I did not feel much guilt. He stood there with his fan going on his heated face and hanging big meat hook cock and I could feel my crotch becoming wet. "I'll pay you $100 for a quick fuck. In a few minutes you'll have $100 you did not have before." I said, "Good Lord, I'm not going to give some strange, elderly man my virginity for $100, what must you be thinking, that I am brain-dead?"

    Flustered, he said, "Elderly man? A virgin, not really, really, a virgin?" I said, "Really!" I listened to his negotiation but in my mind, already set on taking a fuck from that thick meat hook. I actually wanted it the minute it grew hard." After a few bids, he said, "$500 if you don't mind $100 bills." I said, "Oh, all right, I have to give it up some time and better for something than some smelly, unwashed kid." "That's the girl," he said, excitedly. I said, "Not without a condom" and he said, "just a minute," and went to the toilet. He came back saying, "Thank you, God" holding a pack of condoms.

    I slowly pulled my panties off and bent over the bed edge with my elbows on the bed. Upon seeing my crotch and asshole twinkie, he started mumbling expletives and moaning even before he got it into me. I said, out loud, "Be careful, please." "Oh, of course, not to worry, dear girl," he said, now nervously. I felt his meat hook slide into my already wet vagina and his hands on my hips. It was thick and large but I could feel my entire vagina accommodating it. It felt like it was in my stomach. It was fantastic, but I said, "Oh, oh, you're soooo big...please be careful and go slow." With that I actually felt his cock grow and harden even more and he mumbled more expletives. I said, "Don't take too long, they will miss me in the kitchen." "Ohhhmmmm, ahhhh, AHHHHH, ummmmhhh, he blurted out, as he slid Godzilla junior in and out of me.

    He fucked me for less than five minutes then, driving his cock deeper into me, I felt him pulsing his orgasm into his condom inside my vagina and he slid out, his condom full and dangling off his meat hook. His face was a ripe tomato red and he was completely breathless. I rinsed off in his toilet and was out of the room in a few minutes, counting five crisp bills. When I got home that day, I told my mum, who has always been my best friend as well, what I had done. She said, "Don't do that again, honey, that's not you. It's not what you want to be." Smiling, I said, "No mommy, it was just one of those things." I hoped I could score like that again but it did not happen, at least --- not yet.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 29

    This is really "SHE" did it for the money. In the Navy at a large base where I was going to school after boot training I noticed one night a line of guys by a Dumpster. This was by the chow hall and it was one of three dumpsters. This was the paper and cardboard trash dumpster. The other two dumpsters were filled with still warm roast chickens or fried shrimp and other food left over and being tossed. This blew me away because I spent my childhood in near starvation having come from a very poor family.

    I asked one of the guys about the line of guys, many obviously horny with lumpy crotches, just standing there and he said, "You get a blow job for $10 and/or can fuck her for $20 if you have a condom. A butt-fuck is $25. I've been several times in the last few days she's terrific." I said, "I can't afford any of it." But even if I could, something about getting on line like that turned me off. If the Wave was caught, it would have been the end of her Navy career.

    Checking again next day, I noticed the line-up and it lasted for around two weeks, operating successfully. One day I strolled by extra early and hiding behind the other dumpsters saw who it was sneaking into the cardboard box dumpster. She was a wave actually in one of my classes and I even knew her name because she was pretty with red hair and blue eyes. She was not slim but had a curvy figure.

    Five years later after leaving the Navy, still thinking about her, I tracked her down on the Internet. Fortunately, she had not changed her name. She was not far from the city where I worked and I went to see her. Knocking on her door one evening I was nervous and breathless but she answered her door. I was breathless but I lied again and told her I had jogged in the street and wanted to look her up after noticing her name in the newspaper in the Real Estate section. She did remember me as "the quiet kid in the back row." She gave me some coffee and we chatted for a while.

    The next day I left town and returned home. My curiosity was fulfilled and I had no agenda. I did not breathe a word about how I knew she earned the money to get into real estate (one needs to survive while breaking in from what I understand) nor any of what I knew about her. I just list it as one of the odd events in my life.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am 18 years old and will be going to university this coming fall. I am trying to make as much money as I can before I start. On Saturday one of my neighbors offered me $20 to mow her lawn knowing I was looking to make money. Once I was done she asked if I wanted to double the $20 to $40. I asked what she needed done. She came right out and told me all she needed me to do is to take my clothes off and masturbate for her. I asked her to repeat herself as I didn't think I really heard her ask what she asked. I told her I didn't think I could do that. She told me it was easy money but I told her I couldn't masturbate for her. She didn't give up easily and told me she would give me $40 just to get naked then. I told her I couldn't and she offered the $40 to have me strip down to just my underwear. I was in jeans and already shirtless and began thinking it would only be taking off one piece of clothing to get the extra cash. I was hesitating answering her and she offered $50 but added I had to be that way for at least 30 minutes. I began to think it was $30 more than I was original going to get for 30 minutes more work which works out to a $1 per minute for just being in my underwear. I agreed to do it and began to remove all my clothes except my underwear. She watched as I undressed and was staring at me in just my underwear. After being this way for about 5 minutes she asked how I felt being in just my underwear. I truly didn't feel uncomfortable at all being this way and told her so which may have been a bit of a mistake. She then began to try to convince me out of them. I turned her requests down. She then asked if the $50 I was getting for being in my underwear was really going to help me out. I told her I was going to be a great help. She offered me an additional $50 to get out of them. The extra money would have been a big help but being naked would not so I told her I shouldn't. She told me she could see I wanted to but something was holding me back. She told me not to hold back and to think how the extra cash would help me and to just do it. I was thinking about the extra money but didn't think getting naked for her was appropriate. She approached me and gave me hug but in doing so put her hands on the waistband of my underwear and began pulling them down. She had me step out of them and took them. There I was naked now fully exposed to her. We were still out in her yard at this point and she collected all my clothes and brought them inside. When she came back out she told me the extra %50 deal included me being this way for an hour or so from now. I told her she never told me that and I had to get home soon. She said she would get my clothes in an hour or so unless I wanted to get dressed now and leave. I told her I wanted to leave now. She told for me to leave now she wanted me to do what she originally asked. She meant masturbate and I wasn't prepared to do that and told her so. She told me just to do it and get it over with. She said if I would prefer to stay naked that was OK with her but asked how I would feel with some of her friends seeing me naked as they were dropping by soon. Her seeing me naked was one thing but a group of her friends was another. I decided a group seeing me naked was worse that one woman seeing me masturbating. I stood in front of her as she watched me masturbate. It was the most terrifying, embarrassing, humiliating, sexually arousing, all rolled into one, thing I had ever done. She made good on paying me the $100 and gave me my clothes back. She said it was worth what she paid and told me she may have some more work for me.
    After it was all said and done, I am still embarrassed with her seeing me naked and doing what I did but there really isn't anything else she could have me now do so embarrassing.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    I used to have fights with my boy friend all the time over money. It all began when I lost my job and began having problems about keeping up with our bills. One day he asked me if I would be willing to have sex for money. Told me a lot of women were doing it just to make ends meat. I was totally shocked but he kept bringing up the subject, telling me I had great body and things would never change between us. Told me I could do it in our own apartment and he would wait outside.

    I remember the first time I did it, I could belief I was laying back in bed naked with a total stranger sucking my pussy and then sucked him off with my mouths. Felt completely embarrassed, degraded but got $300 for doing it. So embarrassed I couldn't face my boy friend that hold day and much less that I had an orgasm. Money makes you do what you would not normally do with any other situation. Did it many other times and thank God they were always clean cut men and discrete.

    One of the turned out to be one my girl friends lover, which was mind boggling. I finally stopped do it when I got a job and I'm still with my boy friend. My biggest many other couples have used sex to make extra money with their husbands or boy friends consent and how they dealt with it?

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    My father was in the service as a career. As long as he was in the service we had housing and insurance and lived like most people. After he got out, he was not able to get a job and we ended up moving into a small two bedroom trailer in the back yard of this garage. We were three girls, ages 14, 16 and 17, I am the oldest.

    I got a job working after school as a clerk in this business store a couple of blocks away. I had the only income in the family. I had advances from clients renting equipment or buying supplies. One day I offered to suck this guy if he gave me 20 dollars. He had sex with me for fifty, what I earned in a day working at the desk. I offered men who flirted and talked to me and made between 100 and 200 a week. I arranged a place in the room where the supplies were stored. I would lock the door and put the closed sign out and take them to the room.

    With this one guy who told me what he liked I offered him my middle sister. I told him she was 75 because she was a virgin. The next day after school I took my sister into the room with us and made sure he had sex with her and he paid for her. We started making another 200 to 400 a week with her. At that time we were making more a month than my father made in the service and twice what he got from his pension. My sister and I decided to keep my little sister out of it, unless we had a chance to make real money with her.

    I kept the job at the store because the owners never came around after I went on duty. We added my little sister a year later. She is the prettiest of the three of us. She made more money than either of us, she knew how to please her clients and they would pay her more than us. We didn't move out of the trailer because we needed to stay in that neighborhood.

    My sisters and I all worked our way through college. We don't do it any more because we have respectable jobs and my middle sister and I are safely married. My little sister is dating a college guy with money, she knows how to play him, she got pregnant and now he is going to marry her. She will graduate in a year.

    We don't live in a trailer any more, we live in a good neighborhood and have regular houses.

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