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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 30

    I want to talk about lifestyles,

    At the time I was 27, I was an aspiring artist. I took a job at a gallery to both make commissions from selling other works, and to show my work. The owner of the gallery was an 'older' woman, mid forties, who came from money. She was and is a very good looking woman, not pretty like a little girl pretty, but very good looking. Plus she had the money to dress and have the accessories to wear. I was broke, and had found a room in with two other women in the Hispanic section of town.

    My owner/boss lady started talking to me about sex. She asked me if I was attached and what type of sex I liked. That she liked being around women that were open and were willing to try new things. I needed the work, any work, but right then I needed the job just to pay rent. I didn't have a car and I could use Metro to get to work. I had studied in San Francisco and open sex was everywhere so there wasn't much I had not heard about. But personally, me personally, I had never gone over. I had trouble keeping a relationship, I just had a hard time with guys taking over, but definitely I was not attracted to women. And here she was, inside my personal space, asking me if I was open to trying new things, touching my waist, then my hip, with her boobs up against mine. Her hand on my face surprised me, as did the kiss that followed. The second kiss was long and sweet and soft with her hand on my boob. I had never been kissed like that.

    She withdrew and told me that I needed to let down my guard a little, I was pretty and pretty girls were always in demand. I thought about quitting the job, but I went back the next day and did my job and put up with her touching me and wanting to hold me and kiss me. Her kisses got longer and more often, her kisses were always sweet and tender and long, long kisses with whispers about how pretty I was. The store sold a good amount of work, it had a steady clientele and she helped sell some of my work. When she sold some of my work, she would hype me to her clients, holding me by the shoulders and telling them what a good artist I was and that I was her favorite. I had not done any work for months because I didn't have a studio, so she opened a studio for me, redecorated the gallery, with an open section for me to work, and show off my work in progress, she pushed getting me commissions.

    And she kissed me, kissed me every day. She patted me, petted my bottom, my back, petted my face, she loved to cup my boobs, always telling me just how pretty I was. She held me one afternoon, in a long embrace and asked me if I didn't want to come live with her, she could take care of me and that would make her very happy. She kissed me and said 'don't hurt Mommy's feelings'. From then on, especially after I moved in with her, she always referred to herself as Mommy. The gallery was doing real well, and I spent most of the working day at the gallery, and working on commissions that she found for me. Some of her clients were wealthy couples, but there was a large following of rich women, and it was mostly to these wealthy women that I was doing commissions. They were on a first name basis with my 'Mommy' and they complimented her on discovering me and how pretty I was and how she had to take care of me.

    I was in a different world, a world I didn't really understand, I hardly ever talked to people my age anymore, I mostly only spoke with women who were older, women who told me that I was pretty and that I was lucky to have found someone to take care of me. One evening, after we had dinner, my 'Mommy' came over and put her arms around me, kissed me on the cheek and asked me if I was happy. She wanted to be my Mommy right then. When she was being Mommy like that, she tended to just caress my face and kiss me, but not fondle me or otherwise get sexual with me. That evening she spoke to me about being young and pretty and she asked me if I had thought about being a mother, about having some babies for 'us'.

    She had a friend, a well to do gentleman, who was 'gay', a close friend of hers, and she had talked to him, and she would really like me to have some babies and he had agreed to lend his sperm for me. Nothing physical, there was a way to have this done by a doctor, she rubbed my belly, and told me to please think about it, to think positively and give her some babies.

    I woke up from my slumber. The next time she kissed me I was awake and she asked me what was wrong. I had woken up, and I was afraid. I was 29 and I no longer had any friends my age. I was living with this gay older woman, and her circle of friends was primarily other gay older women. If I was going to have babies, it wasn't going to be like that, of that I was sure. I became poor again, very poor. I found a place, I found a job working the evening shift at the CVS. I found myself again. I escaped.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 35

    I have one of the most unique jobs ever! My boss is a huge African-American lady, exotically beautiful in an Amazonian style, with an ass to die for - or under! She works from home, and my 'job' consists of anything between eight to eighteen hours in the utter sensory deprivation of her magnificent rear-end! She has a purpose-made chair, like a recliner, which allows her to totally engulf my face and head, including ears. A taped in place nasal cannula allows me to breathe, and her huge clit half-fills my mouth, making it both simple and enjoyable to suck, lick, and nibble, through almost endless well-spaced out orgasms, which I swallow or choke on. My choice! When she finally tires of this, a small shift of her bulk put her rear orifice over my mouth, and full service is required here too! I am paid a generous hourly rate, and as much overtime as she requires! Counting weekend, I work an average of sixty amazing hours a week, always hoping for more! Occasional breaks for bathroom, food and hydration, break up the work-week somewhat, minimally. She is almost insatiable to the point of near clinical nymphomania, I suspect, and I am so accustomed to what she needs and wants that she climaxes around ten times a day, messily and copiously, all of which I must swallow or choke on! She offered to double my generous wage if I care to act as a human toilet for her, and after trying it one time, I think I will sign the contract! It seems to fulfill some deep dark need within me, which I neither understand, no care about. It is what it is, and now, a year later, I am comfortably off, financially, and addicted to my work, which I intend to remain at, or in, for the foreseeable future, to her satisfaction. I can masturbate unless she slaps my hand away, sometimes, probably enjoying my unfixable arousal. The delay/denial just seems to emphasize the severity of my body-bondage!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    Tuesday morning this week, I walked into my bosses office after the festive break and told him I wanted a raise after all the work I'd done for him during the build up to Christmas. His response was to say "Suck my cock then and you can have your raise".
    My boss is fifty one, has a balding head and is overweight. All that didn't stop me dropping to the floor and sucking on the most incredible cock, once he dropped his trousers and boxers. He might be nothing like the boyfriends I've had in the past, but then none of them have had a nine and half inch whopper, that had me drooling from the word go.
    I sucked on his massive cock for an age, then greedily and readily agreed when he asked me if he could fuck me over his desk. Talk about multiple orgasms, by the time he came, spurting his copious amounts of cum up my stretched pussy, I'd climaxed so hard so many times, I lost all semblance of time and didn't care who was fucking me.
    Sat at my desk twenty minutes later, with my pussy was still buzzing, I had something I'd never had before, I had a little orgasm just thinking about his huge tool.
    The raise he's promissed me will in effect almost double my salary. But for that I've now stayed back every night this week and enjoyed him fucking both my pussy and arsehole in his office. The crazy thing is, if I had known about him and his wonderful cock before, I honestly wouldn't give a shit now if he hadn't have raised my pay.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    I hated going there 99% of the time but the best part of going to a legit Catholic school was being able to use the uniform with, uh, "customers" who were into it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I used to be Ted ,a tall chubby white male who was chosen for a sexual reajustment surgery and now I am Candy ,an 18 year old sexxy looking high school cheerleader.I wasnt prepared for such a drastic and positive change but I have adjusted and am happy .I was mated with Jackson,,a 23 year old college foot ball star who is tall built like from stone and black. Obviously since he is a black male he does have a huge ten inch cock that is thick as a can of beans but also stays hard as a rock at all times .When he shoots his load his cock doesnt falter and he just takes off fucking some more.He has his poor wifes pussy so stretched out and sore from the abuse but she never denies him sex no matter how many times he has fucked her already this morning.When he hsa to stop because he will be late for work his wifes pussy has his thick cum flowing from it like a blroke faucet.Her ass hole is stretched and gaping so wide it looks like a tenis ball will pass through her hole without touching the sides.Last is her mouth and face,,it looks like she was sprayed in the face with a cum filled high preasure hose .Her whole head is completely coated and it is seeping from her ears eyes and nose.Since she first had sex with her husband all she as able to taste and small is his thick cum .One day she broke down and pleaded with him to give her poor body a break.She told him she had found three wgirls younger than her with the same body type that would be suitable to use as her replacement while she recovered.All three women are now sexually satisfied and living together with each other as the wives of this happy black man

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 31

    Having no money to buy the kids Christmas presents after my husband was made redundant only months ago, I finally said yes to Frank one of neighbors. He's forty nine divorced and has always hit on me, but in a nice way.
    Talking to him over the fence, I told him we were struggling with finances and with Christmas coming up, it was hard. Frank said "I'd loan you the money if you'd like". I replied by telling him we might not have the money to give him back for some time. Frank smiled at me and said "You don't have to give a penny back, pay me back in kind".
    With my husband out looking for work, I followed Frank into his home and put a down payment on the loan he was going to advance us. For nearly an hour we had some of the best sex I've ever had. Franks cock isn't overly long, about seven inches, but it is very thick and it and him took me to one orgasm after another, as he fucked both my pussy and ass. By the time I walked back into our home, I was sexually exhausted yet feeling so alive at the same time.
    The following day after dropping the kids off at school, I called by his home again and spent the whole morning learning new ways to be fucked and have my pussy and ass worshiped by Franks extremely dexterous mouth and tongue.
    So far we've had sex eight separate times. And each time it just gets better and better, with Frank fucking me for longer and longer. I know I shouldn't be enjoying it as much as I am, but once we got the money, I couldn't stop wanting Frank's awesome cock.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    So I haven't been financially stable especially this month having to pay 2 houses all on my own
    So somewhere along the way I met this guy just chatting nothing serious and one day he says he wants to meet up

    So I agree eventually...we had a great time just having drinks actually having a real conversation
    Think I had a little too much to drink and things got a little intense and hit..
    On the way home he puts my hand on his cock I hesitated at first but eventually just thought fuck it might as well been going through alot and needed to take my mind of things

    So we ended up at my place and next thing we knew I was against the wall outside already
    He was huge so it felt good to be picked up for change ..
    We brought it into the house eventually after some muffing and cock sucking.
    Now i just had a miscarriage and I was still bleeding a bit but he didnt care and in the movement neither did I. We fucked for a few hours and when we were done the words just came out
    "Do you have money for me?" Surprisingly he took out a 600 and face it to me ... he gave me one last kiss and left
    Now I'm wondering if I just prostituted myself ??? Did I like it ?? Will that be the last now that I know I can get money from spreading my legs ..I'm dying to tell my best friend but we don't talk anymore there you go adult confession ..You then first...

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    Sweet Lips was the nickname they gave me, not because of my mouth.

    Usually there was two, three or four of us, never more than four. We were dressed in tight soccer jerseys from championship teams, always too small, our breasts and nipples poking out. No pants, no underpants, soccer socks and new sneakers.

    We were the desert. After the meal, when they were having their after dinner scotch or brandy, we were brought out and we sat on the table with our legs open, our pussies always trimmed but not bald, we held ourselves up with our hands behind us, the madam would then bathe our pussies in syrups, and the men would go down and slurp, suck, lick up the desert. They could lick and suck as long as they wanted, although usually the tasty treat was gone after a few minutes. Cigars were passed around, the men had their drink and cigar, we sat quietly on the table with our pussies open and they would use our vaginas to insert and bathe the cigars, a MONICA.

    All of us were pretty, we had to wear our hair straight and long, no make up, we had to be pretty without make up, our lips had a bit of gloss, the madam trimmed us so we would be perfect. We were recruited at school, we were paid for each dinner party we served. In my house I had to save the money, I couldn't explain how I had so much money so I saved it. Other girls bought themselves clothes or other items, I guess in their homes no one asked.

    No fucking, absolutely no fucking. There were other girls for that, we were only for desert, very expensive, an after the meal delicacy. The madam told us she learned about it in Japan and she discovered that her clients would pay whatever she priced us at. As we grew older, and we were no longer suitable for the dinner table, she offered us to stay and entertain the men in the salon, or the bedroom, if they wanted to pay. I dropped out because I had a gentleman who wanted to look after me, but several of the girls I knew from our school stayed because of the money they could make.

    A few of us found gentlemen who took us over when we were the right age, but this was not true for a lot of the girls. The man I was set up with owned several car dealerships, and from time to time I had to do advertising or promotions. He was a long time client of the madam, and he always asked for me after dinner. He didn't want me on the floor or in the salon, and he could pay to keep me away.

    Sweet Lips, I was Sweet Lips to him and even long after I had outgrown the dinner table at the madam's place, he had me for an after dinner delight, always thinking of different sauces, or condiments, or syrups to use.

    One day you are grown up, you live in an apartment that is kept for your gentleman, you drive a nice car. Your family lives back there, where you grew up, where you went to the school that the madam recruited you from. If your pretty, you could get recruited. Not all the girls are pretty or had the right color skin. Not white, definitely not black, light smooth honey colored skin, lots of Puerto Rican girls from the neighborhood have light honey colored skin. That is why the madam went to our school to recruit for her dinner table, or for the salon if you weren't right for the dinner table.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    Nine months ago I entered a hotel room occupied by one of my bosses and a man who was a senior executive of another company. It was a sex meeting, where I was the pay off for the executive to sign up for a business deal. There wasn't much in the two hours I spent getting fucked, and anything else you can probably think, we didn't do.
    From sucking on their cocks countless times, to licking their assholes as each man fucked both my holes. Double vaginal and anal, plus every conceivable position you can imagine. By the time I showered with the executive, where he fucked my asshole yet again, I'd taken three loads of cum from both men, and had had many many orgasms myself.
    The pay off for me was a promotion and a large financial bonus once the deal was signed.
    Throughout the nine months I tried and succeeded in maintaining an air of respectability in my new role, but now I have a problem.
    My boss lost his job recently and the company I worked for, have been taken over by the senior executives company. He immediately on gaining control, gave me a new position and a far better salary. It's mostly under him you could say, as he fucks me two to three times a week, either in his office or at the same hotel we first had sex. Which in any other circumstances wouldn't be a problem.
    But my circumstances have changed as I'm now dating a really wonderful man. He also works for our new chief boss, but as a consultant. Only the other day I overheard my boss telling him he has a ongoing sexual relationship with a female staff member. He didn't say who, but did say he could find out next month when they're both going to be traveling over to Canada for business. I've already been told I'm taking the trip too, and will be expected to "Entertain" my boss and his favorite consultant.
    Now what the fuck do I do ?.......

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 24

    Usually after a night of drinking, on my way home, I stop in this upscale hotel to use their washrooms if the need arises. The washrooms are pretty large and fancy and nice to do your business in. One night I am at a urinal and a 40 year old guy comes in and does the same and begins talking to me. I can see him trying to look into my urinal to get a look at me. He asks me is I am gay and I tell him I am not. He asks if I would let him suck me off for $100. I told him again I wasn't gay. He tells me he didn't mind and that he would do all the work and all I would have to do is basically nothing for an easy $100. He pulls out a $100 bill which showed me he was serious and I began to think that it would be easy money, and even though he was a guy, it would most likely still feel good. I was about to say yes when he pulled out another $100 bill doubling his offer. I immediately accepted and he handed me the two $100 bills and told me to put them in my pocket. He asked if I wanted to do it out here or in one of the stalls. I figured the stall would be more private so I said the stall. The stall was roomer than most stalls so it wasn't going to be as cramped as I thought it would be. We put the toilet seat down and I sat on it with my cock out while he began to suck me. He paused at one point and said he wanted my legs over his shoulders but said my pants would need to come right off. I said "OK" and he said he would do it. He took my shoes off first so he would be able to slide my pants off. My pants were off along with my underwear and he decided to take my socks off too which he neatly put one into each shoe. I was sitting on the toilet again with my legs over his shoulders and him beginning to suck me again. He stopped again at one point and removed my shirt. Even though I was fully naked now I didn't mind because what he was doing felt real good and I was getting paid for letting him do it to me. I was getting real close to cummimg and he finished me with his hand. My cum shot on my chest, hit my face and some even got into my hair. He suggested I go out to the sink area the way I was and clean myself up. I was worried about being naked and he reassured me it was late and no one would walk in at this hour. I was standing there at the sink naked wiping my cum off my chest, face and hair. He looked at his watch and told me he had to go. I was left alone and quickly finished cleaning myself off and went to get dressed. I got dressed and quickly noticed the $200 was gone along with all my other money and wallet. I just got screwed over by him. It looks like this was just a clever way for him to rob me.

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