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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 21

    Iâve been a baby sitter since I was twelve and for the most part all uneventful. Boring and used the time for studying. The first time it happened it was my fault I was 16 and had seen the dad naked before he left for his date. It had gotten me really excited.
    After he left and Iâd put the kids to bed I fantasized about him doing things to me Iâd never experienced but had read about and seen in various videos. Iâve always had a thing for daddyâs. Well Iâd just gotten in my stride skirt pulled up right hand in my pants and apparently I moaned his name. He startled me when he called my name and by his tone not for the first time. I spazzed but he took a calming tone and sat on the bed next to me pulling me into his muscular chest and big arms.
    His date had stood him up. He flirted with me and complimented my body and work ethic. He stroked my skin I was putty and started kissing his neck and mouth. Iâll admit his words, body and smell had me brain dead. He took me while I begged him too. We ended up having lustful sex all night. He bought me the morning after pill the next day. I felt him in me for a while. We never spoke of it until my 18th birthday he took me on a date like a real lady. He was engaged at the time but I wanted him again and got it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 42

    I found out my 46 year old wife was whoring out her tits. My wife kind of goes along with me in getting involved with others. I get off seeing her big saggy breasts groped and cum blasted. We been married a long time. She lets me abuse her huge hanging tits at times, knowing it was a fetish of mine.
    Recently when my boss let me go home early I caught my wife doing something I never expected of her. I walked around the house looking for her. I decided to look out the kitchen window into the back yard. I was amazed seeing her sitting on the bench with her top off and her huge tits hanging over her bra. There stood a boy in his late teens or 20'ish of age groping and feeling her tits, half her age. I was interested on what will happen. He undid his pants exposing his hard on. My wife began to massage his boner. The sight of this gave me a boner which I started to stroke while looking on. He pulled out his cock and she began tugging it as he played with her breasts. He started to rub his dick across her tits. She held up her breasts as he started whacking off his meat to shoot a load on them. He gave her a big load all over her tits. Then I saw her take the money he offered her. She had a wash rag on the bench which she used to clean her tits. I went into the bathroom and shot my load into the toilet.
    I didn't say anything when she came into the house. "You're home early, hun" she said. That weekend a knock came on the door and my wife answered it. I heard the person say "Bill told me about you." "Shhhh !! My husband is home and I don't show on weekends." and she shut the door. My wife came back into the kitchen. "Show what Peggy? Your tits." Then I confessed to her on what I seen the other day when I came home early. She admitted she whores out her boobs for extra money and won't do it anymore. "Please don't stop, I enjoyed watching you with the young guy and you're making fun money for us." Then I told her Saturdays would be best so I could watch her tits played with and groped by young horny guys in the back yard while looking out the window. "Would they pay extra for a blow job?" I asked. "A few offered me more money if I sucked their dick and I refused." I told her not to refuse and suck their dicks for my kinky pleasure.
    My wife started to spread the word she's giving a cum blast party on a certain Saturday. I would be filming it and they could buy the video. That was the most kinky thing my wife did for me because she let me have her tits bounded and had the boys slap it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 30


    As a bright eyed 19-year-old law student, I was attracted to humanitarian causes. So, naturally, I did what most of us were doing back then....joined a cause. I interned at an NGO which was dedicated to human-rights issues. As an intern, my job was mostly grunt-work, organizing events, managing dumb paperwork or simply running errands. I did this in my free time of course. I stayed with them till I graduated from Law school.

    Now that I was 24, drowning in debt, I really needed 'more' out of my job. At the NGO, upon discussing this with a friend of mine who worked there, she told me, "would you like to be a part of the fundraisers? It pays much more." I was now interested. So, I asked her what the job was? I didn't know that by asking her that, I was gonna have to sign a pact of secrecy of some kind.

    Apparently, as a "fundraiser", my job was to mix with the crowds in the parties, go to the men (selected by the NGO) and flirt with them to get their money. I was an attractive, 24 y.o, slim, B-cupped, hazel eyed redhead who had just graduated from law school. So, naturally, I was gonna do some digging on this.

    So, here's the scoop! The NGO would be contacted by potential donors who would commit big bucks if they got a good lay at the parties. I agreed to do it!

    I've slept with more than 25 men in 5 years during my time with them. Most of them old, fat or balding middle aged rich guys. Sometimes we had to do what was known as a "pro-bone-o"...(yeah! I know...terrible name).. where I would fuck lawyers or some important men for their services or help to the NGO.

    I would dress in revealing clothes and go to parties. I'd approach the men who would already know what I looked like. Then I would sit and mingle with them or their friends. After that, I would be led by them to their hotel rooms and then they'd get to fuck me till the next day. I was always asked to insist on wearing protection, but there were times when some men refused or I never had a chance to have them put one on. Some men kept in touch with me after, and I would sometimes visit them for some more "relief" efforts and extra personal tips. I paid off my student loan in less than 3 years.

    I got married when I was 29. I met my husband at such a party. Well, he was in-charge of "entertainment" at one of these parties (which was code for making sure the old men got their pussies). We had a nice chat for a few hours before the party, after which I spent the night with a 60-year old donor from Zambia. The next morning, I had a shower with the client, breakfast in bed and a quickie with a creampie. After I left, I was escorted to my home by my would-be husband, who asked me out on a date the same day. This was the weirdest thing. I still had this old man cum inside my pussy, and this nerdy but good-looking guy, who knew exactly what I did was asking me out.

    I quit this job after I got married of course! Why not! My loans were payed, and I had managed to stay clean of STDs for so long. I decided not to push my luck anymore. We moved away, joined different jobs and are now starting a family soon. But sometimes, even in this happy life, I do often look back and crave for some dirty sex with dirty old moneybags! Well, who knows....I may discuss this with my husband one day!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 48

    Way back when before I went to college I was wandering around after high school I took a job working nights at a motel on the highway forty miles from my hometown. The job paid minimum wage and I got a place to sleep and I could use the heating element in the office to cook if I wanted. The place wasn't a dive, it was frequented by truckers and salesmen. I worked the desk, it was my job to be there and shut the doors at 1 a.m. and open again at 5 a.m., during the night to get some paperwork done, nothing that a high school graduate couldn't complete.

    I had a lot of late night calls, problems with lights, bathrooms that kept running. I put my sign on the desk that I would be back, and went to see what the problem was. I saw a lot of naked men who wanted to show off. The more I saw the easier it was, and that night I went to check on why the tv didn't work, the man was laying back on the bed, naked with his cock in his hand and he asked me to get in bed with him. He put a twenty on the bed and said he was looking forward to some loving.

    Why he was different is something that just happens, but he was and his cock was in his hand and the twenty was on the bed and I could feel it in my pants. I went over and grabbed the twenty and bent over and put my mouth on his cock and he put his hand on the back of my head and I had my first head job. Like I said, why him I don't know but when he ran his hand across my ass I didn't move away and when he reached under me to grab my cock I didn't stop him.

    I had to break it off because I had to get back to the front desk, but I took the twenty and said good night and went back to sit and look out the window. I had done what I had wanted to do, but now I had to think about it. From that night on, whenever I got invited I asked for a twenty, I doubled my weekly pay, what I liked was big men with big cocks, if the man had a small cock I tended to just suck him off real quick and leave.

    The truckers talked to each other and one night I went to see this man because his toilet was running, there were two twenties on the night stand an he stood behind me in the bathroom while I messed with the handle of the toilet. He asked me if I wanted to earn some money. My answer was always the same, what did he want me to do. He asked how much, and I told him, he said he wanted me to prove it. I reached for his pants and he grabbed my wrist and out of his back pocket he took a pair hand handcuffs and I was caught, he was a Vice Cop and he had busted me for prostitution.

    I got thirty days, I could have gotten out on bail but I didn't have the money and I sure wasn't going to call my family so I accepted the thirty days. The night guard was a big heavy set man, he teased me calling me a weasel and all I could think about was that I wanted to suck his cock and let him pound me hard. I told him in whispers that I wanted to show him that I wasn't a bad guy, to just give me a chance. I did my thirty days and the cop gave me a ride to the bus stop, he held his cock in his hand and told me to catch the bus and not come back to town.

    I went back home and applied to college and got accepted and moved to Atlanta to attend the Atlanta Area Technical School and paid my way by sucking cock and being down right friendly with some of the men in town. After I got my certificate I moved north to New York where it was better pay sucking cock and stuff and lived as a waiter and hotel clerk, supplementing my income sucking cock downtown.

    I moved to Florida fifteen years ago and work part time as a front desk clerk at a country club. I still enjoy the odd opportunity with a man who wants to be treated right and is looking for a seasoned cock sucker. Some of my clients are from New York who are down here for a few rounds of golf and have my number. It's not that much money but every bit helps, plus I enjoy giving showing them a good time.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    When I was a very young virgin my older brother used to have his friends over a lot. They were about 14 I was a couple years younger but by 11 I had got my period, and my boobs were almost a big B cup by the time I was 12. The boys all wanted to see me naked, and I was half kidding when I said that I would for $5. They all got together $5 and I said it was $5 apiece and ONLY one at a time. I wasn't going to let them all see me at the same time. One boy, the oldest who was 15 took me by the hand and into the bathroom and put a five in my hand. I lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down to my knees, and let him see my pussy complete with my "very adult" black hair on it, then turned around to show him my butt. At that time he reached out and I slapped his hands off my ass. I told him no touching. Then with my panties still down I let go my skirt and it still showed a bit of my bottom and my pussy while I took off my pullover shirt and pulled out my boobs over my bra and let him look. Then I put them back in, took off my panties and pulled my skirt down and made him leave. I called for the next one, this went on for all 5 boys including my brother who touched me all over despite my telling him not to do that.

    The boys kept coming over, and I started getting totally naked and letting them come into the bathroom. After about four or five times; by this time it was up to 8 different boys who were looking at me naked, I made the boys get naked too. For another $5 they could touch me but not stick fingers in me. My brother didn't pay and didn't listen to not fingering me. Finally I started giving them handjobs for $10 plus the $5 for being naked.

    That first boy, the older one, turned 16, took me out in his parents car and was my first sex. He paid me $ 20 for it and I was his girlfriend, though he paid me for sex. I charged boys for sex and for bj's and handjobs until I got out of college.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 40

    Following an acquisition that went against us, I took a job at a privately held company. The boss and owner surrounded himself with 'honeys', hot and young for marketing and for trade shows. It was pretty obvious that they were available for his use. Coming from big Corp and trained in HR under a very progressive boss I was shocked and angry to see how these girls were hired and that they were available at trade show parties with customers. It was my moral duty to stop all this.

    My new boss told me to fuck off, in those words and leave his girls alone. I struggled with my job, my morals, my anger at how these women were treated, the unfair above market wage they got paid, many thousands of dollars above me. I called one of these employees in and spoke with her. She told me to fuck off and get out of her life. Her salary was forty percent above mine, she was a college drop out against my Master's Degree, and my years of professional experience. She told her boss, he called me in and told me to walk away from this.

    I had scheduled a trip to Greece and to my surprise my boss he made arrangements to come along. In Greece he was another man, gracious and horny, and little by little he overcame my excuses. I went back probably the oldest woman he had ever seduced. He was the oldest man I had ever had sex with. After giving into him I fell in line and stopped trying to stop the girl factor in marketing. Over the next several years I came to understand that his honeys were all in, to sleep with the boss and to sleep with customers. And like them I stayed there because I couldn't find another job that paid enough.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I started when I was 17. I met a much older woman 40 plus years older than me, on a nude beach in Florida. She lived in an apartment that was next to the beach and we went there. I had lunch, a blowjob, and my first pussy. I fucked her 2 times. I kept going back, she enjoyed it, I loved it and we spent all the time naked in her apartment when we weren't naked on the beach. Eventually she got me to have sex with some of her older friends. I didn't mind as I wanted pussy, no matter what age, weight, or looks. After one of the women who was 76 years old she started leaving $200 each time I fucked her. So my friend realized that we could make some money.

    That's how I started fucking women and later getting fucked by men and fucking men, for money. Mostly it's old women, or sometimes women in the 40's or 50's whose husband has cheated on them and they want to get even. On a few occasions its a couple of women who are only 29 and 36 respectively. The younger is very fat (like 300lbs) with tiny little titties and a huge belly. The other one at 36, has a little chubby body, pear shaped with a wide ass, nice sized tits, but is really unattractive. I fuck them all. It's not what most people think when they think about fucking for money. It's not rich, women who are 40 years old wanting pleasure, it's old, fat or unattractive women and girls, and men who want to sneak around and get fucked or fuck a boy on the side and don't want anyone to know about it. That is who pays for sex. I oblige them.

    I am writing about this one last weekend. We met at my friends apartment, spent the day with her at the nude beach, then came the sex. She wanted me to fuck her and cum inside her because her husband had been fucking a younger woman without a rubber. She wanted to go back to her husband, evidently he knew about what was going to happen, and make him lick her and fuck her with my sperm inside her. She and I went naked into the bedroom and closed the door, she laid down spread her legs, and told me to "get on with it". I tried to lick her pussy and tits to help get her lubed up, but she said no, I couldn't even kiss her. She rubbed herself to get herself lubed and I got on top and fucked her. No sound from her, no words, she just wanted my cock inside her, fucking her, and leaving my sperm. She told me to be a quick as I could as it wasn't for her to enjoy. I came in about 15 minutes and she got up, immediately pulled her panties on, walked out to the living room and left an envelope with my friend then proceeded to get dressed. Then she left.

    My friend heard from her later, that she did indeed tell her husband to come to the bedroom when she got home and he did his "duty" and she got even. I kinda liked it, no sound, no pressure to make the woman enjoy, no old men trying to stick it up my ass. Just lay down, fuck me, and leave. It wasn't bad.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 34

    After we had our second second son my husband and I went through a really bad phase financially, I wasnât working, he lost his job and with a new baby we needed money for food and things for the baby including medicine.

    I went to see my old boss at a job I used to have, I knew that they always needed people with the office skills that my husband has. He was nice but as we were talking he got very close to me inside his office and he actually tried to kiss me but I turned the other way. He said that he could hire my husband but in the meantime we could go out to have a drink and - you know⦠get to an agreementâ¦nobody else has to know, not even your husband - I put that in quotes because Im using exactly his words

    I left his office and told him I was going to let him know, I was in disbelief because I never thought he was going to say something like that. I couldnt sleep that night, we didnt have other options, that was the only stable job opportunity that my husband had but my ex boss wanted to have sex with me

    Well you already know what ended up happening. I couldnt believe when I grabbed my phone and sent my ex boss a text asking him when and where he wanted to see me

    We met at a bar that was conveniently located in the first floor of a hotel. We had two drinks, he kissed me in the mouth and he told me he had already paid for a room

    As soon as we got inside the room, he asked me to give him oral sex and I did it, I admit the drinks I had helped a lot! After that he grabbed me, got on top of me and he just fucked me over the bed. He wasnt really abusive but what can I say⦠he fucked me like a man, and when he got very turned on he fucked me hard, first on top of me and then on doggie style

    We had sex probably for 20 or 25 minutes⦠he didnt use a condom and he came inside of me. He could have gotten me pregnant but I guess he didnt care.

    When he finished as I said he wasnt abusive or a jerk but you know, he just acted like a man who had just fucked me. Before leaving he told me he was going to send me a text about when my husband can stop by. I told him that he canât say about this to anybody, he looked at me and said - dont worry

    My husband got the job, it REALLY helped us in a big way in our financial situation at the time and at least I have to give credit to my ex boss because my husband never found out or never made any comment about anything strange between my ex boss and I.

    He stayed in that company for 2 years and as you can understand I strongly encouraged him to look for another job during all that time. He left after the 2 years and honestly I never told about this to anybody.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 28

    Trying to make money I agreed to help my coworker who had an undesired hysterectomy due to cervical cancer. She and her husband wanted a couple of kids and I agreed to carry the children, but her eggs were infertile so we used mine. I had two daughters for him, I nursed them both, and I babysat them while she worked. Bottom line the babies were birthed by me, nursed by me, cared for by me, loved by me, they are my daughters with her husband. And I didn't take the money, they are my daughters.

    He provides child support and more, I am the mother and she is the step mom.

    One day I will need to explain to my daughters how they came about, I went into this for the money but I am in this for the mommy.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 37

    I am 37 and I am getting married to a 'friend'. He is 52, divorced. It is a convenience thing, I get insurance, a house and car, and money. He gets an understanding wife who won't give him shit because he likes strippers, hell I like strippers, and some sweet young thing as an overnighter. He just likes me a lot.

    I also agreed to give him sex. Not that I have never had man sex, but not my first preference. I would like permission for a sweet young thing for an overnighter, but for now it is him, not some young thing. It is a money thing, he supports me, I am a nice younger wife, a couple of kids, and too dumb to see that he goes to strip joints. Yes, kids are my thing, I am getting married so I can have my kids. The clock is ticking louder and louder so it's now or never.

    My first sex with him was like your dentist appointment but that's where kids come from.

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