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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    I once applied for a job in a strip club that payed much better than my stupid day job in Burger King. I went for an interview in the mournig in a back office of the bar. There were three guys in there looking me over asking me how old I was and told them I was 24. "Do you have any problem with dancing naked in front of men" one of them asked me and told no. I think I blushed when he asked me to take my clothes off. As the saying says once your on the horse you've got to ride it. I remember stripping down to nothing in front of them, stacking up my clothes on his desk and trying to hide the embarrassment of exposing myself naked in front if them. He was pleased to dicovered my pussy was totally shaved, telling me men didn't come to the club to look at pubic hair. I spent the next few minutes dancing while they sat there looking at my bounzing tits and legs wide open. They went as far as to tell me to lay on the floor a seductively watched me flicking my clit only to tell me aftrewards "we will let you know" I found our later it was a topless club an had been tricked out of my clothes by three horny men, that are probably laughing and jerking themselves off silly re living the porn show I gave them and didn't even get payed for it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 37

    I am an 'in the closet' 37 year old lesbian, professional CPA, married for 12 years to a man, PhD., professor of Economics at a large top tier private university, mother of three daughters. My husband is independently wealthy heir to a very large interest in a well known public company, which is where I met him. I have kept my personal orientation from him, I married him for his money and I wanted an intelligent rich father for my children. I never saw love as an issue to keep me from the lifestyle I craved. I should also say I am second generation Vietnamese, my husband is 100% European German American of post WWI immigration. Rich before the first war, much richer after the war, and Jewish. Only child.

    My sexual outlet is a younger woman who works as a CPA for a Big Four Accounting firm, 28. Like me she is Asian, in my view an extraordinary beauty who has disappointed her parents, turning down selected suitors, one after the other. She has no interest in men, zero, zilch, nada. She is in love with me and I am in love with her. If any of you have Asian upbringing you know that never married is a cheap price to pay for staying in the closet. I chose the cover of being married. Our 'secret' is very careful, our professional life allowing us to see each other during the day. Our 'affair' is at times very hot and at times warm and close, but always on simmer.

    My husband has his academic world, and he has always been oblivious that I have a significant attachment to my 'friend'. When he is busy he pushes me to call 'her' to keep me company or help with my kids.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 26

    When I was 18 and in high school, I had sex with this older guy who owns business and rental properties in my area. He was 59 and I came across his Craigslist ad some how. But he was looking for a 18 to 25 year old to be his âpersonal assistantâ for the summer. He wanted a slim guy that could groomed well. I fit that description so even though I knew some sex was gonna be required I answered his ad. Since I was going to college that fall I figured Iâd see what he wanted.

    Three days later I met him at his house. Nice guy, well dressed, great house and very friendly. We sat on his back deck and he just got straight to it. He told me heâs looking for a guy to help him check on his rentals this summer, mow the lawn at a few including his yard, call plumbers or roofers as needed and what not. Collect rent money and so on. He then asked my sexual preference and I told him I consider myself straight. He asked if Iâm willing to have sex with a man and I said I am. He then told me along with the duties he already told me he also would be expecting his assistant to have oral sex and anal sex with him when he wants it and the pay fir the summer would compensate all of that.

    When he asked me what I thought of it I told him the job sounds good but Iâm a virgin. He told me not to worry as the guys the last two summers he had working for him were virgins too. So I told him Iâll do it. He spoke my hard and said youâll enjoy this summer and make some extra cash before college. But first he required a drug test and std check so he gave me a paper for the test and I drove to the place where he sends all his workers for drug tests. But mine included an std check. He just got checked for stds and hiv a month before so he showed me his papers and that he is clean.

    Next morning at 8am I was at his house and he explained the whole job to me. Including the sex part. That morning I gave my first ever blowjob and swallowed. His big 7â uncut dick with short pubic hair was hard when he pulled his briefs off. I was in an adrenaline rush giving him a blowjob. After I was done he said I wasnât too bad for a virgin.

    Two days later when my tests came back all clear he told me after work that day to swing by his house. That day around 5 I was naked on his bed taking his dick up my ass. Though it was uncomfortable the first time I actually didnât mind it. He cummed in my ass after 20 minutes and then gave me a blowjob till I cummed my first blowjob was intense!

    So for 4 months I got my ass fucked by him almost daily and gave him quite a few morning blowjobs. All while my mom wondered how I found such a decent summer job. I got paid for my hours working plus extra cash each time he fucked me. Heâd hand me cash after I got dressed saying he always likes to give some cash at the end of the day especially after he cums in the guys ass. Iâd be laying in bed at night in just underwear (briefs at the time) with his cum seeping out.

    Last day I worked for him he paid me for the whole day but I blew him in the morning, took his cock for lunch then that evening he fucked me one last time. After that he told me to get an std check tomorrow to be safe and come back in a few days for the results. Went bs I a few days later, I was still clean and he gave me my last pay check. Wonât say how much but it was a nice big one and he gifted me a MacBook saying Iâd definitely need it for college. He also gifted me a few clothing items including a suit and some Calvin Klein briefs saying Iâll be bee that stuff for job interviews at some point. He shook my hand and I left.

    Started cold two weeks later and met my now wife,

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Kept my job by sucking his dick almost every work day, and letting him fuck me every Monday and Friday afternoons. But I now wish I'd just been made redundant. Not because I don't enjoy him fucking me, I do. It's because everyone at work now knows he's fucking me.
    I've always made out I'm straight and I can look after myself. Yet with my wife being pregnant and our mortgage slipping at the time, I didn't think I had a choice.
    I will admit I now enjoy him fucking me, and do cum that way myself without even touching myself. Yet last month one of the other employee's walked in on us as he was thrusting up my ass from behind over his desk. They laughed, called me a faggot and said the redundancies was only a rouse to get me sucking and fucking.
    I feel such a fool and now wish it hadn't had started this way for me. If my wife finds out, were done.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    I usually stay frustrated nowadays for not indulging in sex over 2 years. My ex psychologically crippled me and created this phobia toward sex. I live with my dad who is a drunkard and a fucker I hate him so I don't like to stay at home. I work and provide for myself my dad doesn't look after me much, you see where all the frustration comes from.
    So one night I had a fight and bursted out of my house. I was low on money and I was frustrated and horny and angry. I went in a gay pub and decided to spend the rest of my money drinking and then maybe just die or sleep on the road, I was so out of it that day.
    It went in a blur, I was very drunk when a couple approached me. I should mention that I have an "attractive body" acc to others. the lady was very drunk like me but the man seemed in control. She kneeled down suddenly and told me I was the most beautiful girl on the planet. I was so drunk and so overwhelmed by her,I leaned forward and hugged her. I know I took the biggest risk of my life and I could've been kidnapped but I thank the souls that I wasn't. Seeing my condition the guy offered to take me to his place and I agreed because I had no where else to go that night and I wanted to die anyway.
    When I regained consciousness I was in a luxurious room, with the girl sleeping by the bed I was in. I got up and the guy entered. He was polite. I'm not going into details of how I got fresh and everything. It was about 2am at night, I came out of the shower wearing one of the girl's dresses and sat on the couch to talk. Again, leaving out the basic chat, where my need for money and sex was exposed, they gave me an offer and they said they will offer me a good sum.
    I agreed. He said he will like to film it and I can wear a mask to hide my identity. So we did and I wore a see through clothing and we went to the open balcony. It was a thrilling experience. The boy and girl both took their turns on me and it was magical. There was this thrill of someone seeing us, and I saw a man jerking off on a corner of the road looking. The man said this house was for shooting so fappers come here often to take a look and fap.
    The girl was beautiful now that I had a good look at her face. She sucked my breasts and pussy so passionately I cummed. She was a goddess. We were high so the details are blurry.
    I got my sum the next day and left. He said he will be in the same bar on *a specific weekday* and I can come if I need money he will provide clients. So this is how it is going. I have gone there about 3 times since and it has always been juicy and fulfilling.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 20

    At a company dinner for past executives, I was approached by a senior member of the current executives and asked if I'd entertain the idea of pleasing two of the sixty odd year olds.
    When I stupidly asked how, he looked at me and said "Their wives no longer suck them off son".
    I'm now an acting junior manager at the company. And all it took was me opening my mouth, sucking in one average sized cock after another, and then swallowing what I found to be really ok tasting cum.
    The best part however, was as I sucked off each man in turn, the other one tongued my asshole. It felt awesome and had my dick so hard, it actually hurt a little as it strained to cum. Back down with the others in the hotel lounge bar, I even said hello to both of their wives, knowing I'd just sucked off their supposed doting husband's.
    The senior director who asked me has been extremely happy with my engagement as he now calls it. And I now visit his office whenever he now needs engaging. His cock is much larger than his predecessors and he lasts much longer too. But I've come to terms with sucking him off most days in his office and am now thinking about another sex act he'd like me to perform.
    He's asked me only recently if I'd let him fuck me. I'm not sure if my asshole would take his large thick cock, but I'd be willing to try, if he guaranteed me a firm promotion.
    At the moment I don't see myself as gay or bisexual as I've not let him fuck me. I guess if he does, I'll be changing my sexual label.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 43

    About a year ago I was picking up my wife at her girlfriendâs house when I got the surprise of my life. First, let me just say, my wife is Javanese from Indonesia and we had been married at that time for just under 15 years. We had met when I had an assignment with the US Embassy in Jakarta and we met through a local coworker who was her Mother. We moved to the US after my assignment ended and with a little work, we ended up in Seattle, WA where we knew there was a small Indonesian community and my wife would have someone from home to associate with. Many of her female Indonesian friends she made there were also married to American men. My wife Chantik and I have what seems to be a great marriage. We do a lot together and share many interest. Two children. One in Middle school and one just getting ready to start high school.

    Anyway, as I was saying, I was picking up my wife from her friend Yutiâs house late one afternoon and when I rang the bell, Yuti answered and told me that Cantik was probably just finishing up Mark, her husbandâs massage. Cantik was really good at giving massages and I was one the receiving end regularly. She also gave some of our friends massages regularly. Yuti directed me towards the door Cantik was giving mark his massage. I walked over there, opened the door, and my jaw must have dropped two feet. There was Cantik standing next to Mark who was laying on his back. She was dressed only in her panties and Markâs hand was inside it on her butt cheek. Cantik had her hands around Markâs cock which was stiff as a bone and was stroking it. All I could do is think to myself, what the fuck? Cantik looked like she was leaning over to give a blowjob but then looked up and seen me and like nothing was going on said hi, almost done here and will be out in a minute or two. All I could do is turn and exit still thinking, what the fuck?

    Cantik came out of the room after a couple minutes and after giving her pleasantries, we left for home. In the car, while still a bit dazed, I asked. What did I just see back there? You were giving Mark a handjob. He gives me $30.00 for that she replied. You do it for money I asked? Sure, they like my massages and then want a bit extra. Extra I asked? Sure, like a handjob or blowjob. You give them blowjobs too, I asked? Yeah, but Mark has to pay $50.00 for that. Why are you doing that, I asked? Well, for Mark, his wife has some vaginal health problems and sex is painful. I help them out. Yuti knows what you do for Mark I asked? Sure, no problem. I asked her why she was naked? Oh, a little stimulation so it goes faster. Of course, that is $10.00 more. Of course, I added. Mark is pretty generous when it comes to his massages she told me. Ben and Teddy not as much. Ben and Teddy are two more of our friends. Ben is pretty good but Teddy is cheap and normally only wants a handjob after his massage. Ah, anyone else I asked? Sometimes when a couple of the wives want massages they too like my gentle but firm hands. Same price I asked? Of course was her reply like this is just a normal every day thing.

    I have to know I told her. Is there anything else you are doing with these men. Oh, god no, was her reply. I would never cheat on you. I love you and have no desire for any other man. It seems that in Indonesia men get the happy ending massages and wives don't think it's cheating unless there is intercourse. Trust me she said, I will never cheat on you. I guess I was somewhat assured and believed what she was saying. Why are you doing these services for the men I asked. For the money she said. Just how much money do you make with your services I asked? She reached into her purse and pulled out a bank book. She opened it and showed me it had a balance of a little over $18,000.00. For the kids college, she said. Thatâs a lot of money I said, just how long have you been offering these extra services? Maybe about 8 years now was her reply. 8 years and I had no idea.

    I didn't know what else to say so I just stopped saying anything. She sincerely thinks that what she does is just a favor for a friend and at the same time they pay her for those favors. The female friends seem to think she is a god send because their husbands are satisfied and not after them. Plus, from time to time the females get the same attention.

    I sat at home and did some math not knowing how many of this or that was performed for whatever amount but I am guessing that she would have had to perform these services over 400 times in the eight years but breaking it down that would be a little less than once a week. I want to tell her that it is not OK to do this for anyone but me but she is convinced she is doing nothing wrong. I did explain that I thought it would be best if she just stuck to the ones she does now and not add anyone else. She agreed to that. Still, what the fuck?

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 49

    At the age of nineteen, so thirty years ago this week, I got stuck in a samll village after attending a festival nearby. I tried phoning my parents, but couldn't get a call through (No mobiles then). A farmer who was driving into the next town told me he'd give me a lift, if I helped him out. In his land Rover, he drove us nearly five miles before he pulled over. Taking out his massive cock I knew what I thought he wanted and went down on him. Sucking his enormous dick for a hell of a long time it seemed, I thought he was about to cum. But instead he moved me up and around and then ripped off my knickers. My short skirt was already up around my waist as he shuffled about and then wham, his cock was in me as he pounded away like a piston lay on top of me. His cock felt so big inside of me even though I wasn't a virgin, and then as he began to build up speed, I had one of the strongest orgasms I'd ever had. Turning me over, telling me I was the prettiest girl he'd ever had, he spat on my arsehole and even with me telling him no, he pressed his cock up my backside. It hurt like crazy, yet he didn't stop and just caried on fucking my arsehole. Like it was meant to be, as it began to rain, my arsehole relaxed and his large cock felt wonderful up my rear. I orgasmed again and then again as he pumped away at my bum hole. Then feeling like pressure was building up inside of me, he grunted a few times and came up my arse. His hot sticky cum filled my insides and it brought me to yet another orgasm. With his cock softening, he pulled out, told me to move over and started the Land Rover. He drove me almost all the way back home, telling me I was an amazing fuck.
    To this day, he's still best quickie I've ever had, and I still remember every second of him fucking me. I could have gone into far more detail, but I don't think this is the right place for that. What I do know, is I wish my husband would sometimes fuck me like that. Here's to wishing.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 34

    After my divorce I moved closer to my parents so they can help with my kids. After a couple of months I was able to rent an apartment and move out of my parent's home. At the apartment complex I ran into an old friend from high school. Like me she is divorced, like me she has kids, like me she is almost totally poor. After getting together a few times and lamenting about our station in life and our loneliness we decided to try something new, having sex together. I know it sound like it couldn't happen but it did. We didn't have any feelings about it but we were also not getting any so we packed the kids off to our parents and had an afternoon to ourselves.

    First let me tell you, no matter how many boobs you have seen in your life, how often you have seen other pussies, no matter how you think about another girl's face, when you are naked with a girl and you are going to eat her pussy she doesn't look the same. We are in our early thirties, long gone are the days of mostly toned legs and butts, boobs that hold their place, and tummy's without any baby fat. She sat on a towel and opened her legs and I shave her completely and waxed her asshole. After her asshole was completely waxed I washed her down with warm water and then I licked her ass. I sucked on her asshole and fingered her pussy. That is how we got started.

    She shave me and waxed me until my asshole was completely smooth and she washed my asshole with warm water and she licked and sucked my asshole and fingered me. We then got into a sixty nine position and ate pussy. Part of me was just put your mouth in there and lick her and suck on her and part of me wanted to see so I used my hands to spread her pussy open, sucked in her inner lips, tongued her vagina and licked and sucked her clit. She ate me, we talked while we were doing it, try this and try that and how does this feel and how does that feel and lick my ass again. After going for pussy we turned around and sucked boobs and toyed with them rubbing our pussies against each other, at least as much as we could, until we gave in and started scissoring which is weird to do.

    Lastly, once we had done everything else we started kissing and Frenching.

    But we never got horny or hot or anything like that. Yes we got wet but we never got horny. We gave up and admitted to ourselves that we were straight and that what we needed was cock. We got dressed and we went to the mall for a while and then went to this reputed bar where you went to get picked up. Sure enough a older man started talking to us and we told him we were together and if he wanted we would go home with him. At his house we ate pussy, we ate asshole, we sucked cock, we sucked boobs and he fucked us with his cock. Not great but we did get fucked with a cock. After we were done and nothing was going on he asked what is it ladies, how much for the damages? We said a hundred bucks, each. He paid us, he had the cash and he took us back to the bar and dropped us off.

    We fuck together, eat pussy and suck boobies, lick assholes, suck cock and fuck for money. We are a duo, do one you do us both. Sucking pussy when a man is there does make us hot and getting cock even if it is from some older horny man is better than no cock, and we have gotten cock from a welder who turned out to be a jerk and an asshole, but he did fuck hard. We make money on the weekends, our parents watch the kids, we can usually make a couple of hundred a piece, so twice per weekend, two hundred a night, that's four hundred a weekend. Give or take it is around a thousand a month, each. It pays the rent. And we get to have sex and get paid for it. Her pussy looks fine to me know, I love to open her up and lick her from the inside out, lick down to her asshole and finger her pussy. I do like pussy and this is something we can do without going out. It isn't what you would call making out with your lover, it is no different than fucking a man you don't know, but I do know her and I like her pussy and she likes me.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    At the age of fifteen I let two much older men feed me their cocks for the price of, well you tell me if it was worth it, because it wasn't for money I owed.
    They'd beaten up my older brother and were going to beat him some more. I told them if they left him alone, I'd make them feel good. With my brother bleeding, battered and bruised. And moaning from what we later learned were two broken ribs, I licked their balls and sucked their cocks in turn.
    Both men took no more than five minutes to cum, and both men forced me to swallow their cum.
    Helping my brother up from the garage floor, we moved out of the building and back into the rainy afternoon. My brother said thank you, as we struggled up the embankment and then told me I was never to do anyhting like it again.
    It was only later on we learned who the men were, and was I glad I sucked their dicks dry. Lets just say you wouldn't have wanted to meet them on a dark night, or any time of the day really.
    Both men had done serious time for extreme violence, and both men were I heard not long afterwards, going to teach my brother a very hard lesson for owing them money.
    It actually took three more visits for them to call my brother debt paid. But then my brother never found out. One of the men isn't around anymore (Paying his respects to St peter, or Lucifer), but the one that is. Well he sometimes has me offer him a quick service. Mouth or my tight arsehole. His choice.

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