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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 25

    I grew up in a project apartment building. Next door was a guy who liked me and he spread me and fucked me before I had full boobs or pubes. He liked looking at me, and he would hold me up by my ankles and suck my pussy. I was a little older before he started giving me dick to suck.

    He left the apartment building and I stayed virgin until I got old enough to take a part time job at the pharmacy. My job was maintaining the order on the shelves. I got the manager's dick in the ladies room, hard up while I leaned over the sink. He never made me suck him, he just wanted to fuck me.

    I dropped out in the 11th grade and took a job in fast food. A customer would always wait for me to take his order, change lines or whatever. He would leave me notes about meeting him and he left me 20 dollars. I met him where he told me to go. I knew what he wanted so when he pulled it out I sucked him. If he wanted to fuck he had to pay me more money. He was my only client, but I made 40 to 100 dollars a week meeting him.

    At 19 I got a job at a strip club even if I was small and had no tits. I could dance pretty good and there are guys who like small girls. I did ok. One of my off duty clients took me to this empty apartment and gave me a anal sex. I thought he was going to hurt me, but once he got anal sex he fucked me and left me without paying. After that I always took the money up front.

    At 24 I got pregnant. I reality I got pregnant on purpose. I was 'dating' a man I had met at the club, he had me as a girlfriend, I spent the night with him, and he took me to nice places. He just liked dancers and he liked me to dance for him in private. He had money and worked in an office and had a nice car. I just decided I would get pregnant.

    The truth is that when I was getting pregnant I wasn't thinking about child support or other money. It was like I couldn't control myself and all I wanted to do was get pregnant.

    Because I was pregnant I had to quit my job at the club and work at a real job which paid a lot less. He helped me and with the baby about to be borne I quit working all together.

    I don't live in an apartment like I did growing up, I live in a nice place. He says he isn't my sugar daddy, but he is, and he can't keep his hands off. He likes me having a kid and visiting me.

    He is a lot older than me, he is at least 50 or more. Sometimes I sit and watch him when he watches the television. I wonder what he is thinking having a 25 year old girlfriend with his kid. He could do a lot better. I tell myself that he likes me. I don't mess around on him.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    So a few years ago I was hired to "entertain" a group of guys. They offered me... a lot of money, like, way more than I'd ever gotten for one night before, and the guy who hired me said it was because I was going to be doing quite a bit and I probably wouldn't like all of it.

    That was an understatement.

    It was 30 guys, older guys, the youngest was probably mid to late 30s, and right away I kinda felt like I wanted to back out but it was so much money I just couldn't pass it up, I figured if tonight sucked (pun not intended) then oh well at least the money would be worth it.

    They had how the night was going to go planned out, they had all apparently agreed to this specific way things were going to go, I just needed to go along with it.

    The first thing was they all wanted a blowjob. So, one after the next I sucked all 30 of them off. As I did they all wanted me to spit, they gave me a big bowl and when they came I spit into it. I probably should have been concerned about that. By the time I was done, my jaw was stiff and the back of my throat was sore from more than a few of them getting overzealous and fucking my face.

    Second they all lined up for pussy. They all wore condoms but I had made sure to take my birth control and I took plan b the next day to be sure. I couldn't see, but I guess once each of them finished they also emptied those into the bowl. As with the blowjobs, after 30 guys my pussy was getting sore, and I still was barely halfway through the night.

    Third, of course, they lined up to fuck my ass. I'm not big on anal on the best day but I was already sore and tired, I had to remind myself how much they were paying me before I bent over. They didn't use condoms this time, and there was a reason for that. Every guy came in my ass, and after each one they put their fingers in and dug their load out, right into the bowl. After doing this 30 times I wasn't sure I was ever going to walk right again, they used plenty of lube but I still felt so raw and it hurt to use the toilet the next few days.

    But that wasn't the end of it, all of that was just leading up to what they wanted me to do next. They gave me back the big bowl, now a little less than half full of cum, spit, lube, and anything else they may have put into it while I wasn't watching. They told me to do different things with it, get a lot of it in my mouth and spit it back into the bowl, take some and rub it on my face, on my tits. One guy came up and shoved my face in the bowl, held me there until I started struggling because I couldn't breathe before letting me up. I started crying but they couldn't tell or didn't care.

    Finally though, they wanted me to drink it. That would be the last thing. The guys who could still get hard by that point jerked off while they watched me pour it into a big glass and drink it. Some of them came on my face while I was drinking but a few came in my mouth when I was done with the glass and I swallowed those too.

    Then they just left. One of them threw the money at me so it kinda went everywhere, but it was everything I was promised, and they all just left without saying anything. I went home and took the longest shower of my life then fell into bed and passed out immediately. Now I don't think I would do that again unless I was being paid at least like twice as much as that time, but at the time I really needed it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 36

    A few years ago my husband decided to start pimping me out. We didn't need the money, he just thought it would be fun. I was apprehensive at first, but since it started out as just his friends it kinda just felt like swinging (something we also hadn't done) but they give me money after. I knew the guys so it was fine.

    Then once I was comfortable with that he brought in a few more "customers", people from work, friends of friends, etc. and I was nervous because I didn't know them but it wasn't a big deal once we actually started.

    Since we were mainly doing it for fun, he came up with like a price list, like a menu you'd expect to see a fictional prostitute with but not really a real one. I'll post the full menu in the comments if you want it, it's pretty detailed and extensive.

    Weirdly, the part that turns me on the most is that everything I earn goes directly to him, I have no control over it and he uses it however he wants. I like seeing what he buys with the money I make for him, especially when it's something stupid, or temporary, or something that's exclusively for him to use. Two days ago I came home with $450 and he used all of it to buy beer. I don't drink beer, I hate the taste, he knows this, and the day he came home with $450 worth of beer I brought him one out of the fridge and sucked his cock while he drank it.

    I don't know why that specifically is what turns me on most about this, maybe some psychologist could tell me, but it does, and every time I hand over the cash I got from a client I find myself hoping he "wastes" it all like that.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    I never knew who my biological father was. My mother didn't know him either. She was 17 when I was born, he came through town and no one ever saw him again.

    When my mother was in her early thirties, I was 15, we needed an apartment. We went to this small privately owned complex with eight units. They were too expensive but the owner told us that we could have the apartment but from time to time we would take care of things for him.

    Taking care of things for him meant he came over and my mother had to have sex with him. He stopped my two or three times a week, sometimes he stayed for supper, sometimes he left money, lots of times he bragged to me how good my mother was and if she wasn't we would be out on the street.

    I was 17, and one day he said that and I slapped him. He slapped me and sent me to the ground. My mother told me to apologize to him and that I needed to pay my own way and she sent me into the room with him. I don't know why, I didn't care. He asked me to get undressed and lay back on the bed. I took what he had to offer and when he got off I got up and got dressed and left the room. From then on I paid half the rent.

    He still fucks my mother and if I get to close he tries to fuck me. I won't say I always get away, he succeeds more than he fails. My mother has a place to live, that is the way I look at it. She is 40 now and without living rent free it would be hard. The thing is, and I have never told him that, I have never given up my pussy to anyone else.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 21

    I am 21 and a sophomore college student. As a freshman I almost did not make it, the cost was too high and i had to work non-stop. I know some girls escort but while i am no prude I am just not there.

    I am stripping in a club now, and only work thur-strauday nights. i am doing ok i guess. I don't mind being naked and i can really dance and my boobs are built for this work! i have gotten use to the VIP room where you basically do private lapdances and grind on the guy for a little extra. It's not quite dry humping but it is more then showing your body, because there is some limited contact but at 40 bucks a song i have learnt to embrace it.

    Some girls do extra favors in my club. The guy basically tips the bouncer to take a walk, and you give a hand job or maybe some head. It is rare, though because 1) it is against the law and getting caught fucks over everyone from you personally tot he whole club and 2) With a VIP lapdance already being 40 bucks, it takes at least 100-150 to get a girl to consider the risk of a handjob and head is going start at least around 350.

    Honestly, i've never given head, I am not even been asked to do that. But i have given a few handjobs (not many). But last week a regular asked me to fuck in the vip room. First i assume it happens but i never yet heard anyone talk about it, then again, if you did do it you likely never admit to it. But he offered me 500 bucks plus 100 bucks to tip the bouncer to walk away. I first I said no right out the door, he is 20 plus years older then me, and fat and married, so ewww! But he showed me the cash and he had a condom and told me it only had to be for one song like a lapdance, but with penetration. The idea that is was just lapdance, but with penetration was brilliant on his part and really talked me down and made it not such a big deal in the moment.

    I needed the money, so i gave the bouncer 50 bucks and pocketed 550 and my heart started pounding like mad again! So i got him hard but rubbing my big boobs all over him and I put the condom it. And jacked it a bit until the next song started and i just got up and sat on his lap when the song started and he penetrated me with no words exchanged (The song was Rihanna's Pour It, if you are interested to know). And for a little over 3 and a-half minutes he fucked me and actually was not half bad. He certainly knew what he was doing and had it been for a longer time, with some foreplay, i certainly might have cummed.

    But a deal is a deal, the song ended and jumped up off his cock, job done! He had not cummed so i was kind enough to let him whack it to a finish while i talked dirty in his ear, "You like fucking that tiny tight college pussy? yeah, you like buying me, don't you? You know you made me a dirty little whore don't you, you like that huh? I hope you never forget that, what would me daddy say if he knew? I am finally the bad girl everyone accused me off." and shit like that. I learnt from my times giving handjobs the talking dirty in a guys ear pops him as faster then anything else.

    So yeah, i made 550, but honestly, it was a hardline to cross, and emotionally harder and more long lasting then i can explain here. It did come at a cost to me on a personal level. Part of me died, I lost a level of innocence i'll never get back. Despite the dirty talk, i really am ashamed about what I did. Plus, i don't know why but i am plague with guilt because I know he is married, and i knew it when i did it, i just need money to much and i went against my own morals. But 550 bucks is all i make all night sometimes, and i got it in just over 3 minutes so yeah, i just to deal with it. He has not been in for a while (likely he is broke) but it not sure what i will do if he asks again, maybe raise the price?

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Back in our 20s my then girlfriend, later wife, and I lived in New York, in Manhattan. This was the late 70's and early 80's and sex was everywhere in mid town and it's environs. Screw magazine contained ads for hookers, bi, straight, lesbian, male on male, old, scat, pee, anything anyone wanted. Platos Retreat was in full swing, and my girlfriend and I went there many times to screw each other in front of others, to watch others screw and on a few occasions to partake of others in our sex. She and I both found our bi and homosexual sides there. Nothing was off limits. We had a great apartment, but when she lost her job it was difficult to maintain our lifestyle and living quarters.

    We took an ad in Screw Magazine as a bisexual couple willing to have sex for money in front of others. At first we thought just for others to watch us but it turned into more. We got our first phone call the first day the issue was in the stores and kiosks. It was a penthouse dweller, upper east side, and he wanted to watch us have anal and oral sex. We left with $300, I had my balls drained twice and she had swallowed a load and left with another up her ass hole. We were so over the top happy, we went home and fucked again, this time in her hairy pussy. We didn't thing to put hours of availability in that first ad, which was paid for 4 issues already, so around midnight we got another phone call. This time a visiting man in a hotel wanted us to come to his room and fuck in his bed. He, like the first guy, jacked off while sitting and watching. My girlfriend and I took out time, kissing, oral on each other, finger fucking, tit sucking, a few smacks on her beautifully shaped butt, and the guy came over to us and started touching her tits. We said that wasn't in the mix and he threw down an additional $100 and said it was only to touch. So we let him touch her, then for another $50 he was touching us both. We fucked, he came on her right tit and told me to lick it off. Then we got a call at 3am and this was simple, he wanted me to fuck her, leave her dripping over his cock while he jacked off. I missed the first 2 hours at the office the next day due to lack of sleep. We made almost $1000 on the first day. Not every guy was as generous, but our average was enough that we didn't need my job, I went on a contractor basis to keep employment but also to keep my hours less rigid.

    We graduated to letting others fuck us both, we'd both suck cocks, both eat pussies. We were hired by old men, middle-aged men, women of all ages, mid to older couples, and a few younger guys who just wanted to fuck a guys girlfriend or wife (we told we were a married couple) in front of the guy. We stayed in the lifestyle for 4 years, made a load of money, had all the sex we could imagine, did unspeakable, kinky things to each other, to others, and let them be done to us by others. But we also bought a nice place upstate, and during the initial years of rentals turning to condos, we bought early, and even bought other friends apartments. We cashed out on the apartments several years ago, sold the place upstate and now live in Europe, with two homes in the U.S. We still very vocally talk about the things we did for money in the old days and we get just as horny and fuck like crazy talking about it.

    I realize that for most people prostitution leads to drugs, addictions, and a terrible life ending up on the streets or worse, but with us doing it together, having the education and background in investment, along with no jealousy at all. . . it was and still is a very horny and good memory.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    The first time I did it I was 15. I had jacked off since I was 12 and an older married man in my neighborhood had been intimating about sexual things for some time, even let me see naked pictures of his wife. Eventually he let me peep on his wife while she was changing into a bikini to hit their pool. Then he offered me $50 if I would blow him, and I did it. After another 4 times sucking him he wanted more. For another $50 he put me over his knee while I was naked and lubed a finger and finger fucked me. He expanded that to finger fucking me with three fingers. All the time he's keep showing me pictures of his wife, his cum dripping out of her just fucked pussy, exposing at stores, even his cock in her asshole, her anal creampie. He offered me $ 150 if I'd let him fuck me, and another $150 if he could take pictures. Non of the pictures showed my face, but they my virgin ass, then his cock inside it, my anal creampie, my body, my cock, me jacking etc. I let him do it, I let him have my virgin butt for money. I let him for about two years, and even let a couple of guys who lived a few blocks away take turns doing it to me for money. I stopped when I went to college this year.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 23

    Working at a clients home fixing his patio doors after an attempted burglary, he approached me when I had only an hour or so's work left. Getting straight to the point, he said "My wife's upstairs naked on the bed. She's horny for young cock. If you fuck her, I'll give you a large tip".
    His wife is I would say around his age, fifty ish. Only she'd looked after herself and to be honest I would have fucked her without the extra money. Telling him I had only a bit to do, he told me to leave it and go to see his wife.
    Walking upstairs into their bedroom, I saw her naked lay on her back with her legs wide open and she was playing with her pussy. Smiling at me, she told me she liked it rough and I could fuck any hole I wanted. Within seconds I was just as naked as she was and had my head between her legs. Her pussy was unusual as her labia's were huge and her clit looked like a small cock. Even so I took my time to lick and suck on them whilst fingering her soaking wet hole with two fingers, making her climax twice.
    Pulling me up after she'd orgasmed the second time, she knelt up and presented me her pussy and arse. I didn't need a second invitation I can tell you. Firstly sliding my dick up her pussy, she begged me to fuck her hard, so I did just that. Ramming my cock up her pussy as fast and as deep as I could thrust.
    She began to shake like a leaf after only a few minutes and came again all over my cock. She dropped down, so I lifted her back up and then spun her over, putting heels onto my shoulders. With my cock covered in her love juices, I put it to her arsehole and thrust in. Her back passage was much tighter and I found it squeezing hard onto my cock. Reaching down I gripped both of her tits and really began to fuck her rear. That's when we both heard her husband say "Yeh that's it, fuck her hard she loves it".
    Turning around I saw him stood there half naked tossing off what looked like a tiny semi erect cock. And within seconds he came all over the landing carpet outside of their bedroom. I carried on screwing his wife and couldn't get enough of how sexy and horny she was, telling me I was dirty bastard for fucking her "shithole". Hearing her swear and then feeling her arsehole tighten even more as she came, I too orgasmed and spurted every drop up her gorgeous bum.
    Pulling out I was about to climb off the bed, when she moved around and ducked her head. Taking my cock back into her mnouth, she licked and sucked on my cock cleaning off any remaining cum, then swallowed the lot.
    When I got myself dressed and walked downstairs after chatting to her for a while, she followed and we both found her husband sweeping up a job he'd completed for me. Turning to her she told me her husband used to be a window fitter, but through ill health he couldn't work anymore. He also couldn't get hard enough to fuck her tight arsehole either. Something I've found out more and more to my pleasure, she absolutely loves.
    Paying me the cost of the job and a large tip, I promised to call by from time to time. In the nine months since I first fucked my beautiful older married woman, I've been round at least once a week since. But more often than not two to three times a week. It's not always me fucking her, as I don't have time every time to fuck her. But on the days I don't have lots of time, she gives me one hell of a blow job as her husband watches and wanks.
    The new van I drive, has mostly been paid for by them and it allows me to do more work. I'm single, so I'm not cheating on anyone. Yet I guess most guys wouldn't think of fucking someone like my older horny fuck partner. She is sexually insatiable and long may it continue.
    One lucky young guy, who now see's the delights in older ladies.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    I have recently quit my job & in desperation offered to send dirty pics (no face) and sexy texts to a random man. Heâs agreed to pay me via PayPal! I feel like such a whore but it secretly excites me. Anytime he wants a picture, heâll pay me beforehand. Iâm an Indian girl who was raised in a strict family so this just feels so naughty!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 50

    It happened at my very first job when I had left school, I got a job at a local grocers shop weighing and bagging up fruit and vegetables for sale in the shop itself, The room I worked in was small with only enough room for two people really, From the start the boss would regularly come in to check on my patting my leg occasionally as I sat on my stool working, His touches got more insistent at times patting the top of my thigh softly as he spoke, Then one day I was standing up working for a change when he came in he stood behind me a pressed against me his mouth close to my ear and I could feel him getting hard against my ass, His breathing became heavy and harsh as I just stood there as his hand wandered over the front of my jeans feeling me getting hard he chuckled and started to kiss my neck as he took my hand behind me and placed it on his hard bulge I immediately started to gently squeeze it feeling him get harder he whispered "Good boy make me happy and you will get a pay rise" he unzipped me and pullef my cock out his rough hands stroking me firmly making me gasp loudly, Suddenly he stopped turned me around and dropped his trousers and underpants his cock sprang out leaking pre cum he pushed me down telling me to suck him hard I opened my mouth taking my first hard cock into my mouth and sucking on it hard it tasted salty but not unpleasant, After a few minutes he stood me up pulled my jeans and pants down and sucked me slurping and sucking noisily then suddenly he stood span me round and bent me over my work table he spat on his hand and worked his spit over my asshole then he told me to relax as he entered me slowly it hurt a little but not too much he built up speed and held my hips tightly as he fucked me there I was a young teen being fucked by my fifty odd year old boss his cock stretching and filling me up as I pushed back wanting more I was gone lost in sexual need and want he reached for my cock and stroked it hard and I came loudly as my ass gripped him tightly he finally came with a loud grunt and groan deep inside me, He pulled out his now soft cock and patted my ass, He told me to be ready for him at any time I was at work and told me not to wear underpants as he wanted quick and easy access to me, After that I was his fuck toy fucking me at least twice a day but if he was busy he'd just want a quick blow job which i was happy with, Yes I did get my wage rise double! What i had been earning with extra an bonus for birthdays and holidays which he took me on sharing his bed with him of course where he always fucked me rotten I was his bought and paid for and I loved it, Eventually he died and I was left his shop and money in his will.

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