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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    In my school years, I sucked cock and gave up my virginity to gain grades and avoid detention if I got one. I also chose to offer up my mouth and pussy to local shop keepers who served the goods I wanted back then.
    It all taught me that my looks, amazing figure and sexual intuition had the ability to gain me whatever I needed.
    I'm now married to a much older, reasonably wealthy man. But it doesn't stop me from giving out my pussy and ass for favors. Indeed I like to know that men want to fuck me for services or goods. And recently I've had two older women who have tasted my love holes for my profit.
    I know I don't need to with a husband who can give me everything. Yet he knows he cannot give me the sex I love, nor the thrill of gaining something with my sexual charms.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    A year back i was sitting in the park counting my money.I was upset that i was short on cash.A man of about 50 came and sat beside me.He askd me where i studied,how much money do i need every month.

    Suddenly he took out a camera from his bag,pointed it towards me.He handed me a 100 rupee note and askd me show show my boobs.At first i refused,but then he handed me another note.I needed the money so i put it in my pocket,and then unbuttoned my shirt to expose my boobs,he shot it with his camera.He asked if he could touch them,i refused but then again i got another note and there i was with a 50 year old pressing and licking my boobs.
    Next i was told to open my panties and spread out so that he could shoot.He fingered me for quite a long time.Then i was spanked on my ass.
    At last he gave me an offer to remove every piece of cloth from my body to get 500 rupees.I did it for the money and there i was lying naked on the grass with a old hairy dick in my pussy.
    I hated it but i loved the money.

    It has been an year but i still go to the park thrice in a week to pose naked and get some cash.

    Am i becoming a slut???

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 33

    I am a 33 year old artist, I primarily work in watercolor. I meet a man, he gives me a very graphic color polaroid picture of a woman's open vulva. He tells me its his wife, when she was twenty years old. He wants a 10X14 watercolor, a fair rendition but make it "artistic". My first commission.

    Well, I did not know where to start, I stared and stared at the somewhat yellowed picture trying to separate myself of the reality, but it was just too graphic, to real. This woman offered her vagina to the photographer, her husband. I kept asking myself, could I do that? And with the help of a large hand mirror under me, a full length floor mirror, naked I first drew myself, as detailed as I could. After my drawing was done I colored it, adding shadows and lines, dark and light, painted from memory or sitting again to get the colors right, the shimmer of woman's sweat, the unquestioned swelling as the longer I took the more engorged I became, changing colors from a bright pink red to a darker red turning to purple. I was engrossed in my very own sexual offering and that is what I based my painting on.

    I charged my client for my first commission a whole $250.00 which he paid, of my vulva opened not by my fingers but solely my arousal. Yes, I gave it a bit of artistic flare, but unmistakenly is a woman's arousal. He held it, never referring back to the old polaroid, he framed it professionally and gave it to his wife for their fortieth anniversary. She loved it and it hangs in her bedroom. He has given me lots of support and referrals, not for anything so intimate, but for my body of work. His painting hangs in a bedroom, but I imagine seen by many. It tickles inside to know that my very intimate self is on display.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 52

    I went out to meet an ex-coworker who I hadn't seen in a few years. He was passing through town and we went to a bar to have a few drinks. Since he had an expense account he paid for all the drinks. When he had to leave I still had a drink so I stayed to finish it before I left. I went out to get a taxi and realized I misplaced my wallet and no cash. I hailed a few taxi's and asked if they would give me credit and all of them turned me down but one. It was a female taxi driver and she said she wouldn't charge me but there was a condition. The condition was I was to ride naked. When I asked why she told me that is what she wanted. It had already been more than an hour trying to get a taxi and I wanted to get home so I very reluctantly agreed. She opened the trunk of the taxi and said all my clothes were to be put in here. Fortunately it late and no one was around. I undressed standing outside the taxi and was not let in until everything I was wearing was in the trunk. I couldn't believe I was a 50 year old man who actually undressed to get a ride home. She started driving me home and then took a detour. We ended up at a park and I was told it was photo time. I told her I didn't agree to this but at the same time was aroused by the idea a woman wanted to take nude pictures of me. I stepped out of the taxi and let her take photos of me. She told me she wanted some of me cumming for her. I got caught up in the moment and did it even though looking back I shouldn't have.

    She dropped me off at home and just as she was about to drive away said the ride would have only made her a few dollars but what I did would bring her a lot more.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 32

    I was about a hundred dollars short on paying a bill which normally wouldn't be an issues but I had lost my job. I was going to get some money coming in but it wouldn't be for a couple of weeks. I approached a neighbor about a possible loan and she told me she would loan me $100 but she wanted some collateral. She told me to come into her house and told me what she wanted as collateral. To put it briefly, it involved her with a camera and me naked. I refused and she told me the offer was open anytime I wanted and to let her know. I asked other people for a loan and was turned down by each of them. My only option was to go back to my neighbor.

    Back to my neighbor I went and reluctantly told her I would do it. She gave me more details on what she wanted and it included her taking a video of me masturbating. I did complain to her that this was sexual harassment. She simply replied asking if I wanted the money or not. I tried to get out of doing the masturbation part but she said it was her money so it was going to be her terms or else I should go somewhere else for the loan. My clothes came off and she took lots of pictures of me in all sorts of poses and lots of close ups. Then I did the video which was very embarrassing to have someone not only see me do that for the first time but also record it. The terms of the agreement was when my money came in I would pay her and she would deleted the pictures and video. I had 4 weeks to pay her back and if I didn't she owned the pictures and video and could do whatever she wanted with them. She even had me sign a agreement to this effect.

    The weeks 4 came and my money was held up so I couldn't pay her yet. She made me another temporary deal which was that every week I was to come over at least twice and do whatever she want me to do and let her take more pictures and videos and of course it was going to be sexual. This would continue until I paid her back or until she got bored with me. She said it was an incentive to pay her back quickly or at least be creative with my sexual poses and acts to keep her interest or else all my pictures and videos would be put out there for all to see. She also had one of her friends present during one of the shoots which I complained about. I was asked if I had the $100 dollars, wanted my pictures and videos put out there or if I wanted her friend to be present. I didn't have the money and didn't want my photos and video put out there so due to the process of elimination I had another woman watch as I posed naked and then masturbated.

    I finally received my money about a month and half late and was able to pay her the $100 but not before she had taken more photos and videos of me along with inviting some other women to watch these shoots and me doing some sexual acts. She did keep her word about deleting the photos and videos and told me she would never have put them out there for all to see. She did call me a dirty doggy to actually let her friends watch me pose naked and masturbate for them.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 33

    I guess that what goes around comes around. Like mother like daughter.

    My mother was a nursing student when she met my father. My father came from an upper middle class background and he was a resident in Orthopedic Surgery and my mother latched onto him for the money. She did not love him. She played the part, had a kid before he could back out and got her ticket. My mother never liked sex with him and always had one woman or another around as a best friend. When I was 19 I caught my mother with her face in a 20 year old girl's lap.

    This caused me to leave the house, I left under the cover of going to college. In my senior year of college I put my face in a girl's lap. I have never been able to control my desires since then and I have had several close intimate relationships with women. I have an Art History degree and I have never really been able to support myself and bounced from woman to woman, always the younger woman being supported.

    My father retired and when he did all the money dried up. I went out and found a man to support me, he is fifty one and is divorced and he has money, one of the men who has been in my parent's circle of friends. I told him from day one that I like girls and always have and he said no surprise like mother like daughter. But as long as he got his share of pussy he didn't care. He got his pussy and I got a kid, a daughter. I am 33 and I don't feel like I have the right to be a mother.

    I won't say that I spend my days in another woman's lap, because I don't. I won't say that have ever sucked my husband's cock because I haven't. Sex is strictly in the dark, fast and furious, on and off and I have done my part. I don't care if he were to get pussy somewhere else but he doesn't, any more than my mother cared where my father got pussy, just as long as some other girl doesn't get pregnant.

    My mother and I have had numerous discussions about woman sex, now that we are both grown up and know we put our face in other women's laps. She is more of a younger woman type and I am more of an older woman type. She likes the twenty year olds and I like the forty year olds. She likes to get on and I like to be gotten on. But in the end we both prefer pussy than being with a man. I don't know if my mother ever refused my father, but for the record I have never refused my husband. I wish I could want it but I don't so I am passive, I try to be affectionate in other ways.

    My daughter is still in diapers and one day she is going to have to know that her mother and grandmother are lesbian who married for money and to be supported because they couldn't take care of themselves. And that's the truth and in many ways I am sorry that is my life and in others I don't know why my father keeps my mother and my husband keeps me, they both have full knowledge of what their wives do and are excited to have us. Go figure.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Transsexual Male / 19

    Ok to start with I am a bit of an addict to this site, been one of my guilty pleasures for a few years.

    I have always had a fetish for dressing up since my early teens, stealing clothes from the girls lost and found at school and washing them when no one was home.

    I left school and in between studying and part time jobs I volunteer at a local charity store, its not very busy and I am one of the key holders responsible for closing up at night and quite often I stay and do the laundry, check what goods are fit for sale and what we need to bin.

    As one of the rotational staff who locked the store down I had access to the clothing when people had gone home, I figured it harmed no one if I choose some goods for myself to try on and wear.

    I indulge in some fun in the stores basement, putting on my own fashion shows for myself; tucking the best goodies into a suitcase and burying them in the back of the storage lock up.

    I'd like to think after several years I'm quite good at making myself look convincing from the way I keep my body, skinny but toned and my natural long raven hair I can pass for a sexy young woman.

    I'm not much of a bloke, too be honest I am a bit femme and never been one of the boys, but my ma was always good to me and encouraged me to want what I want.

    I dont want a sex change or anything as I am quite heppy with who I am, I dont make a song or dance about what I like to do behind close doors.

    So on this went for several months, enjoying myself in private; doing as many late closes as I could. I often searched for outfits in my size, from dresses and skirts to more slutty looks.

    What I never knew was that the manager of the charity store had several hidden cams to monitor his staff I only thought he had camseras on the shop floor and tills; it all came to light when he stayed late and asked me to come into the office and talk.

    Ray started out by saying how impressed he was with my volunteering and would look good on my references in the future, he talked about how stock management was important and how he kept tabs on what they had coming in and out.

    He then pointed to his laptop's screen showing the hidden cameras he had set up in the basement and storage, I figured out pretty quick what he was going to show and there I was several different pictures of me scrolling over the screens.

    Whilst I watched he had put 2 documents of the table and then turned the screen off, Ray explained as I sat there nervously fidgeting that one held resignation papers with no references and even though he couldnt give a bad reference he would make his points clear to them on trustworthiness of my character whilst working the other held photos and evidence and would go to the police.

    Ray explained he was the only one with the knowledge of this, he offered me the choice of accepting my resignation, If I fought him on this then he oculd take the evidence to the police and as a small town it would get out or I could stay here working and playing if I attended to his needs as needed.

    I sat there still fidgeting as I thought this all out, how to explain me leaving with no real reason, the police option was so bad I wanted to puke, but the final option left me questioning if this was worth it.

    Ray sat there, his fingers beating out a rhytym on the desk as he just sat and watched, his other hand began to rub his crotch. Now Ray is not unattractive but he is not what I would usually fantisize about, he's late 40's, slightly tubby with heavy hands and a lumberjack look to him.

    It felt like time was going so slowly as between the beat of his fingers, the ticking clock and my own breathing I sat there trying to decide but honestly I knew what I would end up doing; so after what felt like minutes I told him I would take option three.

    Ray really smiled and said I made the right choice, telling me to wait there whilst he locked the paperwork and dvd of the cctv away as he said he may need it in the future.

    I swallowed as he pretty much had me right where he wanted me and no one knew the code to his safe, I was screwed.

    Well we then went down to the basement and he told me to get my suitcase out and then get my cute ass over to the worktable.

    What followed was him going through the outfits, boots and selecting what he thought would look good for our first time playing.

    questions about how long had I been a sissy to how much cock had I taken, told him since early teens and I had never been with a guy that far, i had sucked a guy and been kissed but thats it.

    Ray licked his lips and said he would be happy taking my butt for a ride; and then he ordered me to strip.

    With some nerves but also intrigue I stripped my clothes before placing them to one side; Ray walked around me admiring my hairless body, saying how cute my butt was to how small and pathetic my little sissy boy cock was.

    I shivered as he started to rub and pinch my nipples as he told me to stay still, his meaty hands grabbing my cock and pulling hard on it causing me to scream which earned me a slap to the butt for reacting so loudly.

    I was encouraged to relax and enjoy being with a real man, he kept saying how sissy's needed to be owned by a real man, kept going on about submission and being a good sissy.

    Eventual ly his inspection ended and he told me to dress in the leather knee high boots, stockings and black lace ensemble, he then pointed out the black mini skirt, red blouse and black long coat saying I had 20mins to be ready and should be ready to leave for his once he had finished locking up.

    I said I had never been out in public before, but he laughed and told me had the photos and would send them to the police.

    I scrambled into the outfit and quickly put on some make-up before I rang mom and said I was probably going out for the night and dont wait up. I kept my voice as steady as I was able to and she chuckled and said I needed to get out more anyways.

    Checking out how I looked, and I quite enjoyed it; it wasnt too slutty and no one would see it was me, I looked to different from the skinny nerdy guy that kept to himself.

    I heard Ray shouting and with one final gulp I headed up to my new 'lover'.

    I asked about my clothes and he said he would sort it and to get in the car, I saw him grab his bag and stupidly assumed they were in there.

    During the drive, he spoke to me like we were on a date; talking about how great we would be and what kind of treats did i like, it dawned on me this wasnt going to a one or two time thing.

    His hand kept sliding up my leg as he made sure my attention was on him, eventually we made it to his house and quite quickly I was in his house and being led to the bedroom.

    With some force I was pineed to the now closed bedroom door as he shoved his tongue into my mouth, one hand grabbing the back of my neck holding me locked into the kiss as I started to kiss back.

    His other hand was slowly rubbing my arse as he traced a line down the skirt pressing it into what would become his favourite hole.

    after a few minutes of his grpoing and kissing he pulled me off the door and slid the jacket down, again complimenting my look as he said its time and to kneel.

    I took his cock for the first time, sucking for all I was worth as he held me and fucked my mouth.

    We ended fucking missionary, doggy and me sucking him again before I was allowed to rest; he kept going over the rules and saying how good it was going to be.

    I have now been with ray for over a month and in all honesty what started as blackmail has turned into something rather fun, so yes you could say I did it for the money (no pay but I get good treats) or my reputation but now Im a fucking butt whore and loving it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 38

    When I was younger I went through a stretch where money was really tight. I had just ended a relationship with my long time girlfriend and was feeling the pinch of only having 1 income.

    After applying for several casual jobs for additional income, I came across a play 4 pay site. I set up an account and posted an add, telling myself I didn't have to go through with anything and could just delete it later. A few days later I got a message from a older guy who lived a few miles away. He seemed polite and nice enough, but I told him I wasn't into guys. He responded with an offer that surprised me and the promise I could leave at any time.

    So I found myself at his house the following night. He was 72, about 6ft and still quite muscular. After a few drinks I was buzzed and he initiated, I was naked, on my knees sucking his average cock, while he thrust into my mouth, making me gag, which he loved. After about 15 minutes he gave me a popper, greased up his cock, pushed me down and forcefully fucked my ass. It did hurt, but between the alcohol and poppers I was into it.

    He was caked in sweat when he pulled out and shot over my face. He slumped back into his chair and offered me a bonus. I stupidly interrupted and accepted before he finished the statement. He chuckled and raised his legs up, and told me to eat his asshole. I was repulsed by the idea but I the money was too tempting. I buried my face and tongue in his ass while I stroked him hard. He then had me ride his cock until he came, which thankfully was really quickly this time.

    He stuck a wad of notes on my hand, slapped my ass and I was on my way home. I was ashamed of what I did for money, but not enough to say no when he contacted me a few weeks later.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    As much as I'd like to say I have a huge cock, I don't. And as much as I'd like to have a muscular athletic body, I haven't. I'm five feet ten, slim to average build with a five inch cock.
    What I do have is a real honest love of oral sex. And when I say oral sex, I mean licking, tonguing and everything oral to do with pussy, arse and cock.
    I have spent literally a whole day pleasuring a couple with my talents orally, and had both of them drained of orgasmic juices and sexual energy by the the time I left them to sleep.
    They paid me for my services, and those services have been slowly growing over the past eighteen months, as I'm now selling my oral skills to both men and women.
    More often than not they're married individuals who love having their cocks sucked, or having their pussy and arseholes tongued by someone who absolutely adores giving them TOTAL oral satisfaction.
    The guys I service almost to a man don't want a gay individual to pleasure them orally. But they are prepared to have me release their fixation with having their cocks sucked.
    Most of the women are married and older (30's to a lady in her 50's), and most have husbands who's sex drive has long left them, or they're rubbish at cunnilingus.
    Not having a big dick myself, I've always had to please my girlfriends with my mouth more than my cock. And having an ex who wanted me to satisfy a guy we once shared a bed with, I gained a new found sexual pleasure in sucking off married men too.
    In all I now have nine regular sex partners including the couple, who all want to enjoy what I can offer orally. And each of them offer an envelope with thanks for my talents. Occasionally I do fuck some of the women, but only after I've had them orgasming multiple times first.
    Sometimes I will meet others for a one off experience for them. But I'm ultra careful in every way to keep things hygenic. After all there is nothing better than a sweet pussy and arse to tongue, or a clean cock to suck. Well not to me anyway.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 43

    I suppose I had a brief career as a prostitute. I was around 43 and was at the beach with my family and a few family friends, and there was an arcade at the end of the street. My mom gave me some money every day but I was hugely disappointed when it ran out. I offered to do whatever work to everyone and had a few takers, but we were renting - not many things around the house.

    One friend of my brother and sister came to the rescue on our third night there. Hours in to an afternoon barbecue, he was fairly drunk and I was again asking everyone if they had work for me. When I asked him, he was inside coming out of the bathroom and he said maybe, but it was a secret. I agreed and swore secrecy, as I craved arcade money like I was a junkie. After several rounds of 'are you sure you'll keep the secret?' and telling me (truthfully) that it would be bad if anyone found out, he asked me if I was jerking off yet. I wasn't, half pretended to say I might be, and he shook his head.

    "Bullshit. You'd know," he said, or something funny. I laughed, then was surprised when he went back in the bathroom and took his dick out & waved me in. "Jerk me off and I'll give you twenty bucks," he said. I stared for a second and he said "told you it was a secret." Driven by arcade money, I then walked in and he closed the door. He told me to hold out my hand and he squirted suntan lotion in my palm, then told me to put it on his dick, which was getting bigger. It felt weird, soft and hot skin but quickly becoming a big erection, and then he showed me how to stroke up and down.

    I guess I jerked him for about a minute before he made weird noises, and then I had the shock of watching his shoot out and into the tub and I felt his dick flexing on my hand.

    He made some other funny comme ts as we cleaned off, and after reminding me of the importance of keeping the secret, he whipped a twenty out of his wallet and quickly left the bathroom, telling me to wait 30 seconds before coming out.

    In that time, I pondered the act. Sure, it was weird and I knew it was "wrong," but I also smiled at how easy it was. No carrying shit from the store, no drying dishes. Just moving my hand on a guy's dick. Minutes later, I was literally skipping down the street to the arcade, reward in pocket.

    When I saw him later, he asked "you good?", and when I smiled and said yes, he ruffled my hair,

    Every day the rest of the trip, we had our business arrangement. We switched from sunscreen to lotion so it wouldn't smell, and I got to work. Two days, I was hired twice. One time, he was laying in bed and I jerked him off onto his stomach, and he gave me a t-shirt to clean my hand.

    "What about that?", I asked, pointing to the mess.

    "Fuck it, whatever," and he half wiped it before throwing the shirt on the floor.

    Another time, pretty late at night (for me), we were outside by where cars were parked, and right before he came, he said "here" and turned, then said "fuck them" before the dick being stroked by a kid's hand jizzed on the rear quarter-panel. I still laugh when I think about it. He didn't have cash on him but promised payment the next day, and he tipped me an extra five for waiting.

    Other than one time when he grabbed my ass as he came, he never tried take it farther. As great as I thought the arrangement was, who knows what I would have agreed to. I still see that whole arrangement as being awesome and feel zero regret, nor do I feel like I was wronged. Hell, I was making a grand an hour to have a smoother right hand.

    That said, I'd likely be reflecting differently if I had been walking gingerly to that arcade with load in my ass, but I would have played a shit ton more Double Dragon.

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