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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Female / 30

    Myname is Stephanie, I am married, an R.N. with 2 daughters now, but when I was and undergrad at Georgia Southern i was broke all te time until a guy offered to pay me to give him a blow job. It was a quick $30 and i did it several times a week, then he hooked me up with his buddies and i was sucking 6 or 8 a week. One day, one said he would rather fuck me. I said no,he offered $200 cash. I fucked him. He told his buddies and i was fuckingevery night. I had lots of money, moved into an apartment and started seeing guys there. I fucked my way through college as n made a lot of money until i got a job as a nurse and got married.

    But, I still see three of them monthly and will until they tire of mem my husband has no clue and, I am pretty sure my youngest is the child of one of them, not my husbsnd.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 42

    My wife, Christina Marie (Crissy), is 46. She is 5’6”, a natural blonde with a perfect curvy figure.

    She is an administrator at a technical school for Art. Crissy has her MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) and went in to teaching right after college. She worked her way up in to administration.

    In 2008, when she was a an adjunct professor, she was let go because of the recession. By 2009 she still hadn’t found steady work and contacted he former job about any new contract work. The Provost (head of that campus), Martin Hopkins, invited her to a dinner meeting. He openly flirted with Crissy and she assumed she could use that to her advantage. Crissy checked to make sure I was OK with their meeting. It didn’t matter though, because we needed the money.

    Crissy came home and told me that there was good news and bad news. There was somewhat regular work and she would have to travel between their three campuses, located around the state. Each time would usually be for about 5 days per campus, per semester, to help with multiple classes and the rate was $60 an hour. I immediately said that’s great! That’s almost 30k per year before taxes and expenses. Crissy then reminded me that I didn’t know exactly what she was doing. So I asked and she said she it would be a “life model” if she takes the work. I said that didn’t sound bad. Crissy asked if I knew that meant nude? I had all kinds of questions and couldn’t get them out fast enough. In short, Crissy would have to get naked in front of her former students and co-workers, for different kinds of drawing, painting, sculpting and photography classes. Also, her sessions would be videoed and posted on YouTube for online students and future reference.

    I told Crissy she didn’t have to do this. She had never been much of an exhibitionist, she even wears a one-piece to the beach. Crissy was visibly shaken by the whole thing, but put on a brave face and said she would do it for the money. Secretly I was I wanted to see the YouTube video and imagined watching her.

    Crissy went for her first trip, but it only lasted 2 days. She didn’t want to talk about it. Then she got called out again, this time for a full week. She was a little more open to discussing it. Crissy said that she was given an empty classroom that wasn’t very private to change in. She had to arrive an hour early and wear only a robe so she didn’t have marks from her clothes. The classroom filled up with students and when the time came, she had to disrobe in front of the whole class. Crissy said, what made it worse was that there was a window in the door, so everyone walking by could look in and two cameras filming her as well as broadcasting the session on CCTV in the media center. Then came the last day of that trip. Crissy was to go out in the campus yard and pose nude for an abstract photography class.

    Crissy didn’t talk about it at all until she got called out again. This time she was supposed to go to her home campus. She confessed that she was nervous, because she knows these people. Again I told her she didn’t have to go, but she did anyway. Crissy didn’t talk about that at all until a month or so later. I looked on YouTube but couldn’t find anything. Crissy said that the second session she had to sit for on day one, the Provost came in to the room before it had begun with some potential students. He introduced Crissy as “Professor” and explained that she teaches and models for the school. Crissy said that one of the potentials said they would like to sit on class. The Provost agreed to let them have a preview of the course. I did eventually find this video online. They were standing at the back of the room when the time came for Crissy to disrobe. The video is split screen and one camera is from behind slightly to the model’s left and one facing the front angled slightly to the right. The instructor announced “begin”. Crissy was visibly fidgeting. After a moment the professor asked her to “Please remove your robe”. Crissy untied her belt and pulled her robe off. The Provost can be seen clearly in the back, giving “elevator eyes” to my nude wife. Her one piece bathing suit tan-lines very obvious on her pale skin. Crissy said, that Mike, the Provost made sure to make an appearance at every one of her sessions that week. She also said that awkwardly, her former students and co-workers alike would try to make chit-chat while she was getting dressed at the end of a session.

    This went on for a little less than a year when one of Crissy’s former co-workers offered her a chance to make a good lump sum of cash posing nude for a “mature” website. Crissy came home and discussed it with me. She said it did not involve sex, just being naked in provocative poses. She also said that the idea didn’t bother her as much after the past year. So she posed for what turns out to be (we didn’t know at the time), a very famous website under a pseudonym.

    As it turned out, the posing did require some masturbation, using toys and different adult outfits.
    Crissy said that the photographer was a female, so that made her more comfortable, but there were three men in the room as well watching her Masterbate. Something that took her a while to be OK with.

    The very next day after the photo shoot, the Provost called her up again. This time just quickly offering her another adjunct teaching position. From there, Crissy worked her way up to full professor and later a job as an administrator.

    Later on, four month or so, I confessed to Crissy that the idea of her having been naked in front of her co-workers turns me on. It was hard for me to admit and Crissy seemed shocked. Crissy told me that she also had to admit to something. She told me that Mike did not just call her up and offer her the position. She admitted that she went out with him that day for some drinks. It took some back and forth and prying for answers. Crissy said it went too far. I finally got her to answer what too far meant?
    I fucked him. I’m sorry, Crissy told me. I asked her if it was just the once. She reluctantly told me no. She had been “seeing” him and was till at that time. She said she would end it but was afraid she would lose her position again. She admitted to me that she didn’t know why she did it the first time but continued to see him because she enjoyed his company. She said that she didn’t love him though and didn’t want to leave him. Although I was really jealous, I was also turned on by it all. I did get mad at her and we didn’t talk for a couple days. Once I worked through it all, I realized the idea of her having a boyfriend didn’t take away from our marriage, it made it better. Crissy had already broken up with him by then though.

    Now Crissy is an administrator at that same school and her and Mike still work together and have remained “friends with benefits” for all these years. Mike still doesn’t know that I know, which makes it all the more exciting.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 48

    I am in a marriage of convenience. For me it is financial, for him it is to have company and a woman. I am not young or easy on the eyes. Life has not been good to me. My husband is 83 and not doing too well. There is no sex, and I have a lesbian background. I want to fall in love again, but finding a girl who wants to fall in love with a poor middle aged woman is a lot to ask for. And I am the kind who crushes on twenty something girls. Not a good formula.

    My husband does own this house but we are looking into a reverse mortgage, all the other money is gone. With the reverse mortgage and his SS payments we can cover the monthlies pretty well. We are getting a 15 year reverse mortgage which would put him at 98. But I will be 73.

    Life is just hard and not fair.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 33

    In the night grade my parents were divorced and my father ran away with his secretary. My mom was hurt pretty bad and she went into depression, lost her job and stayed at home. She became an alcoholic and spent the day drunk in the dark.

    I found love in the arms of the neighbor. He was really a pretty bad man, he was divorced and he took advantage of me. He fucked me often and he liked fucking me from behind. Lots and lots of time he would lay his wet dick on my asshole after he fucked me. One day he pulled his dick out of me and ran it in my asshole. I liked that.

    Somehow I managed to graduate, we lived on my dad's support payments and had moved into an apartment because we couldn't keep the house. By the time I graduated I was the whore of a used car salesman. He paid me twenty five bucks every time I sucked him off and fifty if he fucked me. Some of the other salesmen fucked me too and paid me. The fact that I was under age didn't matter. I liked getting fucked in the ass and I didn't charge extra for that.

    I went to community college and became a full time whore. I got in with a man who liked his girls young and he had a hard time getting an erection. He paid for me to work him. With Viagra it took a long time to get him ready, but once he was up he could fuck. He asked me to stop fucking other men and he put me up and paid me. I was able to go to community college. There was a security guard there that I let fuck me for free. I needed it, especially I needed to get ass fucked. I never told my employer that I was fucking with the security guard.

    I am a whore. I work in Las Vegas. I specialize in old men with money who come to Vegas. I work them and get them up if they can and if they can't they get to feel and there is always oral. A lot of times they need to take two Viagras and wait a while and get sucked up and jerked up and they can get it hard. They fuck like crazy and love getting jerked off. I don't kiss, but they get tits and I do have a set of tits. They pay well and I do OK with one client a night. For sex I have a man, he looks after me and he gives me anal. I tell him which is the truth, no one gets my ass only him. I shouldn't brag but he is big when he gets hard. He used to work in porn but now he looks after girls in Vegas, including me.

    I do have an associated degree. That should count for something.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    My name's Sophie, I'm twenty two years old and work in the banking world. I'm considered good looking and have an amzing body and a gorgeous ass, through lots of hard work, exercising and swimming most days of the week.
    Although I earn a reasonable living, it's not enough for me to enjoy the life style I want. So when a gay guy who's a very good friend of mine, told me I have an ass good enough to eat, I took him up on his word.

    I'd already heard of certain women and some men, who had people who would pay them to eat out their pussies and assholes. Putting two and two together, I came up with a lot of money and some really fantastic sex.
    Placing an advertisement on a web site, with lots of pictures of myself in bikini's and some tasteful naked ones too, I soon had requests from both afluent men and women.

    It was I will admit, extremely nerve wracking the first time I entered a motel room. The man who'd "Booked" me for half an hour was absolute gent. He's married to a disabled wife who no longer can give him sexual gratification. He won't fuck another woman, but he misses oral sex terribly and gets off from tonguing a real cute tight asshole like mine.

    So getting naked with him and seeing his really large cock grow, I was apprehensive at first. But the moment his tongue snaked out and flicked my pussy and asshole, I soon settled into dominating him and making him pleasure me the way I love to be tongued. And for me it's all about my asshole and my large clit.
    The booking actually lasted over an hour, which he paid me more than double for. And I had multiple orgasms from his wonderful attention to my asshole and especially my clitty, forcing him at one point to suck it into his mouth and swirl his tongue all around it.

    The next booking came from a woman who told me the pictures of me on my profile, had her pussy wet for days. That and the specific kink of me sitting on her face, potentially forcing her to lick pussy and ass. She's a very well off individual, as I suppose are a lot of my "Friends" now.
    I no longer meet them at a motel, as my extra work has and does involve people who are willing to pay that bit more for a female like myself. Not once have I let one of my "Friends" fuck me, and nor will I. It's purely a transaction of oral sex and I'm in charge, full stop.

    The hotel concierge is well looked after from my "meetings" and he's indulged occasionally himself a few times. Firstly so I could show him what my "Friends" had in store for them when they visited my room.
    It's been nearly two years now and I've made enough money, that I no longer have two of my closer oral partners pay me. The wonderful caring and gentle gent who's wife is disabled. He visits me twice a month and I make a special arrangement for him if he wishes to stay over. And also a young married woman who's husband was killed on foreign soil.

    She and I are lovers in every sense now, and I'm in love with her. She knows full well what I do and knows none of my "Friends" are strangers to me. She also knows in a years time I will have enough money to stop. Until then I will continue to enjoy my wonderful oral dominance, over those who choose to eat out my pussy and ass.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    My boyfriend and I fucked in front of a couple in their 60's. They paid us to do it and paid us a LOT of money. We've done it 4 times since the first one. Next they want me to lose my anal virginity with him while they watch and the husband has anal sex with the wife.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    Back when I was 18 I was looking for a summer job and not having much luck. I had gone to many job interviews but never hired. I finally get this one interview with this women who seems to like me and mean really likes me. I did mention she was my last chance for getting a job and was almost begging her for the job. She asked if I was willing to do anything and I said I was. She asks me if I really know the meaning of "anything". I answered her by saying I had an idea and was still willing to do anything. She said "Good" and asked what color underwear I was wearing. I told her white and pulled out the waist band to show her. She said she wanted to see my full underwear not just a little part of it. I was not quick to do what she wanted and she told me I didn't seem to have an idea what "anything" really means. She then tells me what she wants and it is to take my pants off. I believe she could tell I was not prepared to take them off and says I must not really need a job too bad and the interview was over unless I was willing to honor what I said earlier and do "anything". I took my shoes off and then removed my pants. Right away she said to take my socks and shirt off too. I was standing there in just my underwear and she then suggests I take off one more item. I hesitated and she said, "You want the job?". Off they came and I was standing naked before this woman who was easily in her 50's. I put my hands over my cock and told me to remove them. She then mentions she likes younger guys and just stares at me for awhile. She stands up and walks around me. She puts her hand on my ass and squeezes it and then runs her hand the full length of my shaft and cups my balls. I just stood there and said and did nothing as her touching caused me to quickly grow. She then tells me she has never seen a man do one thing in front of her and since I was willing to do anything she was hoping I wouldn't chicken out. I didn't know exactly what she meant but had a good idea. I told her I didn't really want to. Her reply was quick and simple "JOB?". I told her it would make a mess on her carpet so she cleaned off her desk and told me to shoot it here. I began to do what she wanted and did it in front of someone for the first time ever. Cumming in front of her was embarrassing but I did and I got the job. When I think back it was going a little far for getting a very low pay job that only lasted less than 2 months. Also, during my employment she did ask me to get naked a few other times and cum too which I did.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 39

    Hi a little about me I am 39 with a gorgeous girlfriend I love her loads which is why I am here really.

    Before I met my girlfriend I had a long single period and never wanted to be tied down so I used to meet girls on a hook-up site. One night I am at home on a site called "chatterbox" in a local chatroom and I receieve a private message from a user named Kit. Before even reading the message I checked the profile it was a 58 year old guy. I am a polite person so I said Hi back and we went through all normal routine chit chat when Kit tells me I'm cute... He had obviously looked through my profile and saw a pic. I went on to thank him but explain I'm not gay.

    After a few more routine questions he suddenly asks me.. "Have you ever wanted to try anything with a guy??" I reply honestly and say the one thing recently I had thoughts about was sucking dick but it was probably due to watching to much porn. He then out of no where asks me if would consider sucking his dick for cash... Now the only way I can describe the feeling I had as I read that message was I got the shakes, my mouth went dry, my breathing got really heavy and instantly my cock started to get hard and leak precum at the same time. I asked him if he was serious and he said.. yes I'm serious I'll give you £60 if you suck my cock but I will only pay once your finished. I was so nervous yet so excited but I agreed and due to him living a distance away and me not being able to drive and living with my parents we agreed he would meet me at a local car park late at night and then I would direct him to a quiet spot I had been with my ex gf.

    So he sets out and as planned 10 minutes before he reaches his destination he messages my mobile "Almost there now are you sure your ok with this ??" I answer yes but I will be nervous and he messages back saying.. I'll find a way to break the ice.. So I walk down freshly showered and clean as I reach the carpark I can see his car running and my heart is beating through my chest.. as ok reach the car I see a old big built guy clean cut a business man type with his seat back and I would say about 7inches of the thickest cock I have ever seen being stroked. I opened the door and I remember thinking fuck it and diving mouth first right on to his dick. I sucked it for about 30 seconds I was so turned on that this thick cock was hard between my lips. The car door was still open so he stopped me and said ok let's go somewhere quiet.

    So I stopped and closed the door and we drove to a quiet country road where he pulled over in a layby and within seconds I was back to a kneeled position on the seat leaning over sucking on his cock.. it felt so good in my mouth I can honestly say I was loving sucking on his cock. He slid his hand down my back over my top and into my tracksuit bottoms and boxer shorts and started playing with the entrance of my ass and although this had not been agreed I played along with it he then slid my tracking and underwear to my knees which I was on and put lube on my ass and slowly started pushing his finger in and out my ass pushing my firmly and deeply with each push. After a few minutes of him fingering my ass as I suck his dick he tells me to take the trackies off which by this point I am unlike I have ever been acting like a dick happy slut if I am honest. Once I slip them off he puts his arms around my waist and pulls me over to his seat so I am straddling him and he as me turn so I am basically sitting in his lap. By this point I am gonna be honest I am so turned on i almost ready to cum without so much as touching my cock. He slid his cock in me and I felt no pain at all I must of been so open and relaxed because he only fucked me for maybe 3 minutes before cumming in my ass paying me and dropping me back home.

    It was not long after this event I met my girlfriend who I love very dearly but it had such an effect on me that in the time I have been with my girlfriend I have sucked over 50 cocks through an app called Grindr in secret. It's got to a point that I once took my Girlfriend shopping and blew a guy in the public toilets while she was eating and used the excuse the food effected my stomach when really i was in a shopping centre public toilet blowing a random black guy.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was at a bar and spent all my money. I needed about $20 to get a cab ride home and asked around to see what I could get. Most people told me to not bother them. I finally came to my last table which was a group of 4 women who looked to be in their 50's and willing to help me out. One pulled out a $20 and told me I had to work for it. She wanted me to get naked, get hard and then cum in front of her and her friends. I told her the bar wouldn't allow it. She then asks the bartender and she says we could use the back party room for that. I didn't know if the woman was serious but when she waved the $20 and told me to get to the party room right away or the deal was off, I went with her, her friends and the bartender came along too. She wanted me to do a strip dance and once naked to start the real show. Getting down to my underwear wasn't too bad but taking them off was a little difficult. I had never gotten naked like this before and have never done the act they wanting afterwards. My underwear came off and now it was time to do one last thing before I got the money. I was embarrassed and very nervous to do it but needed the money to get home. Being nervous and watched was making it hard for me to get hard. I must have been stroking it for awhile. Every time I started to get a little hard my nervousness made it go away so I had to try again. Finally it happened. I got a good hard on and blew my load in front of them. I had just cum in front of a bunch of strangers for $20. Once it happened I seemed to not be as nervous as before and my hard on wouldn't go away. I was getting very aroused thinking about what I had just done in front of them. They gave me my $20 and I began to get dressed. On the cab ride home I kept thinking about it. I got dropped off and paid the cabbie. I walked into my place and started to get ready for bed. I was still aroused and decided to go for a quick walk. It was about 3:00am so I just went out in my pajama bottoms and slippers. I got to a park and decided to go into it. Once in there I suddenly got the idea and urge to masturbate. I took off my pajama bottoms and did it again. Two cums in one night. I then decided to head home but instead of putting my pajama bottoms back on I just carried them. I walked home naked with no care in the world whether anyone would see me. I quickly feel asleep when I got home.

    The next day it really sank in. I had gotten naked in a bar and masturbated while being watched and then I walked home naked from the park. The more I thought about it the less worried about it I became but the more aroused I got. I have done a few more late night naked walks with a cum included and just getting more turned on each time by the idea of getting caught.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I was 15 I was walking over to visit a friend and a guy pulled up and asked me if I wanted a ride. This was the first time I was offered a ride and I thought for a few seconds and said “sure”. He was really nice to talk to and we ended up at a marina parking lot. I was dressing in my mother’s lingerie and dresses for about two years so my kinky side was already established. He got a hard on and it turned me on. He pulled it out and started stroking it and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I automatically started touching it and after one minute went down on him. It was the most exciting thing I ever did ( up until then anyway). I sucked his cock for over an hour, stopping here and their when he wanted to kiss and fondle me. I finally made him cum in my mouth. When I felt his cum squirting in my mouth, I came in his hand. He dropped me off near my friends hous and gave me a fifty dollar bill. Every time I am walking somewhere I remember this time and wish it would happen again. Not until I was in my twenties did they need return. I started cross dressing in gay bars. I dress sexy to tease men into inviting me to the parking lot. 0qqt

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