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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Male / 47

    Last week fixing a young gay couples heating system, I had to do more work than I first thought. It took me an extra day, but the guys said they'd sort me out. Finishing the job I was given the money they owed me, but then older of the two asked me if I'd like to double my earnings. Thinking it was another job, I said yes. Escorting me into their bedroom, I came across the sight of his younger lover knelt up on the bed naked, and his arsehole was covered in lube. Looking around to the older man, he smiled at me and said "Jake would love you fuck him, so would I. Double your money?". He left his comment hanging as a question, but and this is the strange bit to me, I was already erect.
    With his older lover still watching, I dropped my trousers and underpants, shuffled over to the lad and took the condom he offered me. Putting it on not only thinking of the money, but actually getting my rocks off up a guys arsehole. Holding his hip with one hand I guided my cock into his hole and just went for it. In my mind I figured who would ever know and I'd have twice as much money, just for fucking a young mans arsehole.
    Shagging him as hard as I could, the older man left us for a short while then returned and began to encourage me to fuck Jake harder. He even put his hands on my arsehole pushing me into his lover. Unfortunately as I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't last too long, maybe ten minutes or so before my cock erupted filling the condom deep up his hole. Pulling out I slipped the condom off and was about to toss it into a small bin. The older guy took it from me and gave it to the young guy I'd just fucked. At the same time he dropped his shorts and slid his already hard cock up his lovers arsehole. Turning to me as I watched the younger lad suck out my cum from the condom, he told me the second envelope with the money was on the side by the front door, and I could let myself out.
    Sat in my van outside, there was indeed exactly double the money in the second envelope they'd given me and little note. It reads "Thank you for your services. Jake and I are more than happy with the work. If you've got this envelope then you've just fucked Jake x We both hope to see you again soon". I already had their mobile numbers, so the last bit made sense "Text us if you'd like to visit again, no work required x".
    I haven't text them so far, but my wife told me I had a message left on our home's answer phone. It was from the boys once again thanking me for a job well done. I knew what they were getting at, but obviously all I said to my wife was I'd done the extra work.
    I've not put myself down on here as bisexual as it was a one off. But I guess and I'm seriously thinking about it, if I do revisit them, I suppose that would mean I'm most definitely bisexual. Jakes arsehole was after all a much better fuck than my older wife's grey haired loose pussy.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I went with a friend to Cuba. We went legally with a charity group. We got there, split on our own and spent a week fucking hookers. I had this super cute girl, young but really pretty, nicely trimmed pussy hair, not all shaved like everyone does now, but not a big bush by any means. I fucked her a bit and on the second day she suggested her "sister" join us. They did look awfully alike, but don't know if they were really sisters. Both cute, but with nice, thin, sexy bodys, tiny little titties with dark nipples. It was great.

    I didn't find out until the last night, they were 12 and 13 years old. I've never fucked an underage girl and never intended to. I knew they were young, but I figures 18 maybe 17, wasn't sure. I sure as hell didn't think 12. They were really good fucks too. If I came in one, the other would eat her pussy and drink all my cum from the others pussy. I kept hard as a rock for a week. I got them both in their mouth, between their micro titties, in their pussy, and up their asshole. I want to go back. I've heard of guys who go to Thailand to get young girls and boys, but never wanted it. In fact I've always been more attracted to women older than me. I want to go back though.

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    Transsexual Female / 24

    When I was 18 I met a very charming and so sexy masculine man.

    I was still a virgin down there and scared to have anul sex because it would hurt.

    He was very confident and dominant and as soon as I met him I became his very submissive and horny girl right away. I did everything he said and I was hoped he noticed, he did.

    He took me to a bedroom and he turned to face me and I got on my knees and opened his pants and out popped a very big cock. He stopped me from sucking it after a couple of minutes and turned me around and took my skirt and panties off.

    I said, "I'm afraid that it will hurt can I just finish the blowjob"? He told me that it is going to hurt and that he is going to fuck me and screaming or crying makes him hornier and then it goes deeper.

    I knew I had to make him proud of me so I decided to scream and cry as much as I can. It was real at first but I kept screaming and crying until I began to push back and begged him to make it hurt more. He seemed to get bigger inside me and was the best time I had with a man ever.

    When he shot his warm cum inside me he grabbed my sholders and pulled me and forced his awesome cock so deep I shot cum for the first time. I have been lucky with my small penis she had never been able to get hard and still didn't she just shot a few little tiny drops that I licked up.

    I wish it would have went on forever so I could keep his big hard cock thrusting in and out.

    I had my head on his chest and his arm around me making me feel so safe. I asked him if he wanted me to cook him something for dinner. He did and I made chicken breasts angle hair pasta and corn on the cob. He loved it. I loved looking at him as we ate and him looking back so sexy. I became his roommate who always shares his bed and sometimes the shower.

    I am a stay at home girlfriend and I keep our home clean and I always feed him very well. I was lucky to find a man who can so easily make me feel loved very deeply.

    I hope he never finds out how wonderful it feels to suck big cock or take it in the ass and get his sperm in my mouth and ass. I am lucky to so attracted to men and get to enjoy big hard cock. I love my man so much.

    We are saving up for my sex correction surgery to finally get rid of my very tiny penis and have a pretty body for him to make sweet love to.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I am in fact a straight guy but I have a sugar daddy that buys me stuff and gives me money. He is a heart surgeon so you can imagine the amount of money he makes.

    It is a sexual relationship too. I give him blowjobs and let him fuck my ass throughout the week. In no way do I enjoy sucking a dick or taking a dick in my ass but I get gifts and money when I have sex with him.

    Heâs 52, nice fit body, not too big of a dick so easy for me to take, all of his body hair is shaved except he has natural pubes.

    As he requested I keep my ass, pubes, chest and face shaved clean, I wear Calvin Klein white briefs for him when we are together since it turns him on and I let him fuck me bare since he likes it that way.

    I only plan on doing this till I graduate college

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I lost my job two weeks ago and was desperate. For a year now the 45 year old man who lives in the apartment above me has made it very plain he wants to have sex with me. I have had a few girls, but no guys until this past weekend. He offered me $1000 if I would spend the weekend with him at his place and let him have sex with me. I was nervous as hell, got stoned first, and he got stoned with me, and though it made his touching me feel better, I think it made my nervousness worse. I had to let him suck me, then I sucked him. He was smiling saying that it would make him last longer when he popped my butt. After about a 40 minutes lull, he had me start sucking him again and when he got hard he lubed me and fucked me.

    From Friday night till Monday morning I got fucked by him 9 times and sucked him and let him cum in my mouth 5 times. He sucked me once a day. I took the money and thanked him. He made his own "date" for tonight to come by and fuck me for an hour or so and pay me another $100. I told him I have to be done by 8 since I am going to meet a girl in a bar. He said I won't want the girl after he's done.

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    Straight Male / 32

    Back in February I started my own business. It went well at first, but I soon hit a few snags. Then meeting an old school friend of mine in late May, someone whom I knew had done well for himself, David offered me a huge ongoing business deal.

    Talking it over with my wife, because I knew part of the initial set up would mean I'd have to work abroad for six weeks, she encouraged me to follow it through.
    On my return from Europe, I met my new proposed business partner and also his younger wife at a restaurant. During our meal, but after lots of talk on the business, he asked me if I found Katie attractive. When I hesitated she said "What he's getting at is, if you'd come back with us this evening to our home and fuck me, we'll sign up right now on the full deal going forwards".

    I was at a loss. I knew what the deal was worth to me and my wife. I also suspected David had told his wife about the rumors surrounding me. In school I'd had sex with a teacher, mainly because she found out I have a large cock. Sat in the restaurant I knew if I said no, the deal would be off and I'd probably have to start all over again. Looking at Katie who's very attractive (Too attractive for David) I found myself saying "Yes".

    At their home, which is by the way a beautiful large house set in eight acres of land, I spent the best part of three hours having all kinds of kinky, horny and sometimes bizarre sex with Katie. And David watched absolutely everything, encouraging me to be as dirty with his wife as I wanted to.

    Only once did he kind of partake, and that was when I came up her arsehole near to the end of our time together. He went down on her licked his wife's pussy and arsehole clean as I took my turn to watch.
    It was I have to say, one of the best times sexually I've ever had. Katie truly is someone who adores sex, and someone who likes it the more you take advantage of her, knowing she can't get pregnant. That night they signed up on the deal and I knew no matter what I'd done the right thing. Or so I thought.

    I love my wife, there's no doubt in my mind about that. And I'm in love with her. I also know in any other circumstances I would never have taken David and Katie up on their offer, but I did and my wife and I are now reaping the huge financial rewards of our deal. The only thing is, Katie and David now still expect me at least once a week, to visit their home and fuck Katie. It's not as if I don't enjoy the sex, I do. As in many ways it's far better (Dirtier) sex than I have with my wife. David has become less of a voyeur during our times fucking, but when he is there, he now sometimes wants to guide my cock into his wife's pussy or arsehole, taking hold of my cock to do so. He even asked me last week if he could lick and suck me clean after he'd eaten out my cum from Katie's pussy. I was reluctant at first, but they both wanted me to allow him, so again thinking of the deal, I acceded to their wishes.

    It's a situation now I believe I'm stuck in, but it's one I sometimes wish I hadn't now started.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Zack and I have been working for the same company for roughly ten years. This is a special pharmaceutical company that tests new medicines using computer analyses, not field tests. Anyway, they make tons of money and we get above average executive pay. Thus, what I am about to post here is about money but doing it for the money is still in question.

    Zack and I are happily married to other people. He has two children. I have none, by choice. We sometimes go to dinner and do other outings with our spouses. His wife is o.k. but no one that I would pursue as a friend. Zack is friendly with everyone. One of the vice presidents golfs with him and tells him how much he would love to fuck me. The man would go on during the entire 19 holes talking about it. When they got back to the club house he has worked himself up so much he has to relieve himself. When he did it in front of Zack, not wanting to wait, Zack saw his joint and said it had to be at least ten inches and thick.

    Zack's telling me about this man, whom we both knew but then started calling Dr. Large (he is an M.D.) caused me to have mixed emotional results. On the one hand I started thinking about the ifs and whats about taking that large penis inside my vagina. I knew it was physically possible but I wondered about pain and other things.

    Dr. Large spent a lot of time with Zack because he is a close friend to me and my husband. Dr. Large was obsessed with me and wanted to know all he could discover about me. This story has some twists and turns. Zack noticed Dr. Large would always chubby up while talking about me, He said to Dr. Large, "I can see she has a big effect on you from your obvious erection. Dr. Large took out his penis and they spoke about it while Dr. Large jerked it off. This was the beginning of a ritual where Dr. Large would visit Zack's office, pull his pecker out and go to town on it.

    Eventually, sitting close by his desk, Zack jerked Dr. Large off himself. He is not gay but he said he was drawn to the Dr. Large's member and had to stroke it. In time, it was Zack beating off Dr. Large...while they talked about me. Dr. Large could not believe that Zack never fucked me. "Not even once?" he would ask as if pleading for some fiction story that he had fucked me. After Zack told me he was beating off Dr. Large, I started to become interested. However, I never mentioned this.

    A photo trade was proposed, Dr. Large in full attention to my spread pussy. When Dr. Large saw my spread lips he shot off an unexpected load and Zack said he soaked up his entire desk on its right side. That was when money was finally mentioned. After some weeks of negotiation by Zack representing me, I agreed to fuck Dr. Large for %500. We were to meet at a hotel we both knew about. I did not mention this but I was by then dying to feel his giant cock inside my vagina. Making it a business deal, I felt, would keep emotions out of it.

    In the hotel room, Dr. Large (whose body is thin, small, the opposite of his cock) was trembling. I reminded him that we had known each other for years so not to be nervous. When Dr. Large saw my nude body he shouted, "Oh, NO" and shot a load into his shirt that he was holding with his left hand. Now comes the only part that makes me feel guilty. I had shown my husband Dr. Large's penis photos and told him that I had planned to fuck him. He laughed and said, "Get some videos of that thing jamming in and out of you."

    Now in our hotel room, I said to Dr. Large, "Oh LORD that is so fucking big. I'm afraid (I wasn't) and immediately Dr. Large said, "$1,000 I will double it." I still feel guilty about this and the fact that money is part of it. Also, I was not going to take photos for my husband, who thought he was being funny and did not whisper one word of concern for me. I had just had my period and was not fertile and Dr. Large never softened after his first unexpected ejaculation so we began.

    Getting Dr. Large inside was a bit difficult at first but in short order it was sliding in and out without any stress. It was an entirely new feeling under a good fucking and I asked him if he liked it doggy and he mumbled in his breathless voice, "Yes, yes." When he did me doggy it felt like it was entering my stomach but his massive cock was just pushing my uterus. Dr. Large said, "Ohmmmmm I'm coming again, is it o.k. to come inside?" I said, "Go ahead, go for it." He shot his load inside me and I could feel it pulsating throughout my body. I had my own climax quickly followed by a second one. Remaining hard, he continued to fuck me until he came a fourth time, then he pulled it out slowly with a giant slurping and popping sound.

    I actually loved it but did not say anything to him, or later, to Zack. Zack began to show sexual interest in me after my session with Dr. Large. However, Dr. Large and I had already begun to negotiate my price for a giant butt-fucking that he began to realize he also wanted badly.

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