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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    In the end it was my choice and now I am in so deep I can't leave. Back when I was in college I wanted to go to Graduate School at a very expensive School. I was a music major and the cost of attending Graduate School and supporting myself while I was there pretty much made it an impossible dream. My professor suggested that I find a private foundation that would sponsor me as well as try any and all possibilities for scholarships. In the end with my professor's help I found a wealthy family in Toronto to sponsor me. With strings attached.

    The family has no children, he is the wealthy one and she is the wife and after evaluations by her doctors she is the one that cannot conceive. But she produced healthy eggs. If I agreed to have a child for them via artificial means, basically carry the child, then they would sponsor my Graduate studies. I never jumped at the opportunity, in fact I was turned off completely. I didn't like her and I didn't like him, but I didn't like her more. The idea of having her baby inside of me just turned me off cold. But with it my dream died too.

    I agreed, I signed the papers and they funded my School fees and set me up on an agreed monthly allowance. Then the train wreck happened, he wanted me to be nice to him. Give him sex. All I had to do was to get down on the floor and crawl over to him and suck him while he petted me. It was obscene. He sat in this big chair with his pants open and his penis out and told me to go over to the other side of the room and get down on my hands and knees and crawl over to him and suck on his penis. He raised his voice and told me to do it. I did it. But that was not all.

    I had to lean over the dining room table while he sat behind me and he pulled my pants down and he fingered me until I was wet and then got behind me and fucked me. Fuck, fuck, fuck he went, fuck, fuck, fuck here you go little girl get some rich man cum in your pussy. More cum, fuck, fuck, fuck, more cum, fuck, fuck, fuck. Lots of cum for your little pussy, you want to use your own eggs to get pregnant don't you, fuck, fuck, fuck, lots and lots of cum for you. By the time the fertilized harvested eggs were ready for implant I was already pregnant but he didn't tell her.

    Come over here, come suck on the rich man's penis. Nice girl, that's my girl suck on the rich man's penis. He is the daddy of your baby isn't he, he wants his penis sucked, that's a girl suck his penis. You want some more cum, fuck, fuck, fuck here have some more cum. Oh lookie here, your pussy is so nice, nice, nice pussy, let me fuck your nice pussy, fuck, fuck, fuck.

    My Graduate work was going well, he rented a piano for me so that I could practice in my apartment. He bought a good bed so that he could fuck, fuck, fuck. Big belly girls are nice to fuck, get on your elbows and knees and open your legs so that your pussy can be fucked, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, lots and lots of cum for you, oh that's a good little girl suck on the rich man's penis, suck, suck, suck. The little girl's belly got real big, real big and soon she had his baby. The baby didn't look like the wife at all, the baby looked more and more like the babies real mommy, because the real mommy wasn't anything like the wife, no sir, she didn't look anything like the wife and her baby took after the mommy and the wife got mad and her doctor confirmed to her that the baby was not hers and the baby was the Graduate student's baby and the rich man was the father.

    The wife divorced the rich man and he was happy with his Graduate student. And fuck, fuck, fuck another baby and suck, suck, suck he was a happy rich man with a Graduate student to fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh my, what a nice pussy, oh my nice pussy, fuck, fuck, fuck. And the Graduate student finished her Graduate degree and she moved in the house with the rich man and her two babies. Does she work, no. She is not supposed to work, she can play the piano, she can take care of the babies, she can get in another fight with the housekeeper and she can suck, suck, suck and fuck, fuck, fuck.

    He is a rich man and a rich man can buy anything, he can buy a Graduate student to have his babies and buy the Graduate student to live with him and take care of his babies and buy the Graduate student to suck his rich man's penis and fuck, fuck, fuck. Lots and lots of cum for the Graduate student. More cum for the Graduate student, cum makes her happy, she can have another baby.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 37

    I was introduced to sex early, probably earlier than most. It happened at a sleepover by older boy, he got in bed with me and grabbed me by my penis and while he told me to be quiet. After he got me hard he got down and sucked me, while he sucked me he pulled my PJs and my underwear down past my knees and told me to get on my stomach and he got on my back and after a few minutes got his penis in me, how deep I don't know but he got it in. I was rubbing against the sheet beneath me and I came and then he came and got off and told me to be quiet.

    The next day the sheet had all the evidence and the housemother told my mother that I was actively going through puberty so my mother had a long talk with me and from then on I had a towel between the sheet and the mattress. I didn't masturbate at that time, but when I saw the boy that fucked me I let him play with my penis, such me and fuck me. I played with his penis too and I sucked him too but that is not what I wanted, I wanted him to fuck me. I know it sounds bad that I wanted to get fucked but that is what I liked and we did it enough that I am sure he got it all the way in. I loved it.

    It wasn't a secret among the boys and I was given the nickname Butterfly, which is the nickname I still have today. I was loyal and didn't suck any other boys or let any other boys fuck me, although I did let a boy suck me in the boys room one time. I was m****ted a lot after gym, boys made fun of my penis and from time to time a boy would grab me from behind and hump me, it felt good because in those years you showered naked and feeling a naked penis on me just felt good. As we got older and everyone had grown mature penises and heavy voices and beards and pubes I got hornier and hornier. By then getting fucked meant that a full grown penis had to go in, and I learned how to get in position to let hit happen. With a grown penis I did like to suck and started to suck just as much as I liked to fuck.

    In the eleventh grade I got fucked by a teacher. He was from Rumania and he taught physics and he was dark, with a lot of facial hair and his dick was large and he had been fucking for a long time and I found out that to let him fuck I had to participate, get into the best position and let him push in all the way before he stared to fuck in and out. He also introduced me to lubes, and once you are lubed up you just don't want to go back to bare ass fucking.

    I guess no one really talked to me about it, other than everyone by then called me Butterfly and I went to school just like everyone else. I am pretty sure that it was not a total secret that the Physics teacher was fucking me towards the end of high school. After high school I asked my counselor if I should go into the Army before going to college and he was no, and hell no, stay out of the Army. The very reason I wanted to go was the very reason why he told me to stay out of he Army. So I went to night school to learn how to do bookkeeping and I graduated a year later and got a job working for the local bank reconciling accounts.

    It was during my job at the bank that I found out that if you suck a manager's penis you can get things you want. He also talked me into trying out for a real college and I got in and I worked part time at the bank and went to school almost full time and got my degree in Accounting and I got a full time job in the accounting department at the bank. The bank manager had a thing for having his penis sucked, his penis touched, his penis massaged, and he decided that it was going to okay to fuck. I liked him a lot, I liked the way he fucked, he used lots of lubes and he let me suck him before he fucked me. With him things had to be real quiet because in addition to being the bank manager he was in the Lion's Club, his wife was on the school board and he had two daughters who were cheerleaders and popular kids in school.

    It has been a good ride as they say, I started out with a boy under the covers and now I am under cover sucking off men who definitely want to stay under cover. There is just something about having sex with a man who is scared to death that it is going to come out that he is gay. I live alone of course, it makes it easier all the way around, I have a townhouse with an enclosed garage and a lot of bushes so a car can come and go without being seen if the lights are shut off, I have heavy curtains and a great big bed to have all the fun on. I used to keep cigars and premium wines, beers and Whiskeys, but that is not necessary really, it is more about lets get going and get it done, and discretion it is all about discretion. It is a nice living right now, how long I can do this I don't know, but for now I can make more working at home than I ever did working for the bank.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    Hey Iâm Rae 22F From the UK.

    I grew up in a loving Christian house hold as a kid I would have never imagined doing what I do today. Sometime I feel regret and guilt from what I do. My parents have no idea that I fuck myself online for the whole world to see. I just pray they never come across my adult content as I would feel so bad. They would feel so bad to think what they did wrong. They did nothing wrong. I just love being watched. Anyway you can add my Snapchat if you like. My snap username is: snap43deep

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    It happened like this. I had been selling to this Mexican company for quite some time. The plant manager was a Mexican guy who had grown up in the states and every time I went to visit he was sure to take me out and ever time we went out we ended up at these strip joints late at night. He paid for all the girls and the drinks and we usually ended up leaving at two or three in the morning. He bought a lot from us and it was my job to go out with him.

    On this occasion he said there was going to be an industrial expo in Monterrey and he suggested that we should have a booth. After much talking and based solely on his suggestion the company agreed to have a small booth and sent me and one of other Spanish speaking guy down to run the booth. The hotel had rooms and we registered there. On the second night my customer took me out to this club and we stayed late, he had several girls dance for us. When we got back to the hotel he suggested we get a drink in his room.

    He served me a drink and took off his pants and boxer shorts and still in his shirt her came over to the chair I was in and standing over me asked me to come to bed with him. He is very dark skinned and his cock was very dark hanging out just under his shirt, he moved a bit closer offering his cock to me, talking to me in Spanish to show him why he was my best customer. I gently took his cock in my fingers and leaned over and sucked him for a bit, he asked for my hand and said he wanted me to come and join him on the bed.

    He laid there with his shirt still on and his socks still on but his naked legs and naked cock clearly visible motioning me to get over there and suck his cock. He was very definitely not doing something new, he had me try for a minute and then told me how to do it right as he lay on his back and I sucked him. He had me stop and get my pants off and he sucked my cock when he put me on my back and leaned over and said he wanted to kiss me. He never spoke English only Spanish, while he kissed me he played with my cock and rubbed his hard cock against my leg.

    We got undressed and we kissed for a long time playing with our cocks, from time to time slipping down to suck hard and then going back to kissing. By then he had turned down the bed completely and we were both totally naked on the sheet. He got up for a second and came back with tube and told me to get on my stomach and he lubed me up using his fingers for deep penetration. He got on my back telling me that I was going to really like it, he pushed his cock in slowly, asking me if I had enough lube. From time to time he pulled and out and used more lube and then back to getting his cock in until he was all the way in and I could feel his balls against my behind.

    With the help of a pillow under my hips he fucked me for a good while telling me that the lube he used helped numb his cock so he could fuck me longer. Somewhere in there I came on the pillow and lost my erection after that, and then he came pumping all he had into me. When he was done he asked me how I liked it and that he had been wanting to get together with me for a long time and he was happy that now we could just be friends. He used his fingers to massage me, he got an erection again and he had me suck him this time to completion.

    He asked me to stay the night with him, but I chose to go back to my room to think about what had happened. From that night on we never went back to the strip joints, after dinner we would go up to my room when I was in town and we had our time together. He was a huge client for the company and he got me into several other Mexican companies. I try to think that it wasn't about the business we were doing but if it wasn't for the sales I was making in Mexico I would never travel there. Even though I have to admit he has gotten me to feel a whole lot better about spending time with a cock in my hand, a cock in my mouth and having his cock up my ass.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 33

    I can't say what my profession is but within it I'm what's known as a dollie which means I've fucked my way to every promotion I've gotten. I grew up with nothing and took a job where I can deal with shit all day or suck and occasionally fuck a few higher placed married men and in turn they take care of me with spots and so far two promotions. I know i'm not smart enough to move up on my own but I damn well am smart enough to use what else I have to get it. I've been in my career ten years and I've got the world by the balls and i'm still trying and I just my get another boost out of it. It's all in sucking the right dick. I can suck for fun or suck for profit. I do both. So yes I'm a dollie but so fucking what. I'm in a great place and those I started with that don't use sex to get ahead and don't have the brains to make it on their own are still dealing with shit all day for shit money. Fuck that.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 33

    A while back I was approached by my supervisor at work about a lead position. I put my name in the drawing and went back to work. A few days pass and I get a text from him to stop by his office. He is openly gay and is always flirting, but I brush it off because I consider myself straight. He has two way mirrors in his office and you can see out but people canât see in. He flirts a little and asks how much the position means to me and I tell him I need the extra money and itâs very important. He says he can make it happen and looks down below the desk and rolled out his chair. He had his dick pulled through his zipper and for the first time I got hard over another man. I sucked his dick the whole time they were having a meeting right outside. Didnât realize how much I liked dick until then. Never thought a few years back I would ever mess with a guy. Let alone be on my knees with a black cock shoved down my throat and then being used bred and sent back outside to finish my shift. Can say I donât mind going to work most days now lol

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 36

    I've done it for the money for a long time in my life starting at age 16 when I gave a neighbor a blow job for fifty bucks on a whim. In college I stripped and did extras (hand jobs and blow jobs) to pay the bills. Out of college, and no job prospects beyond waitressing, I went full bore escorting. Me and a friend, several friends actually, would rent adjoining hotel rooms and would keep an eye on each other while with guys. Sometimes me and one girls would offer two girl service. I'm not into women but I can sure convince guys that I am. I never came close to getting rich but my bills were paid and I had enough saved to keep my daily stress level down. Transitioned into a real job at 26, escorted on weekends and whenever I had an opportunity and saved good money. Met a guy I got serious with. Stopped escorting a few months in. Loved my guy and new life but occasionally missed escorting. I slipped a few times and grabbed a room for a day here and there to grab a few clients. It wasn't really for the cash but to scratch the itch.

    Married at thirty, two kids by thirty two, things too hectic to even think of escorting. back working full time, kids spend days with my mom, and I have to travel occasionally. One night, on my own in a hotel room in Providence RI of all places, I started thinking what it would be like? Throw up a quick add, maybe grab a few clients for a thrill and a few bucks? Who would know right. I basically talked myself into it. Went to the CVS down the street, grabbed a box of condoms and a bottle of lube and some baby wipes and up went my ad. I put up an ad using a VOIP number and I waited. I was honest about my age and said I was a mom looking to please men.

    It wasn't long before my phone rang. A young guy wanted to meet and I talked him up to my room about an hour later. He was nervous, excited to be with an older woman and let me lead the way. He paid $200 for an hour, came in twenty minutes and off he went. I made sure to play up the horny older woman thing, complimenting him on his cock and giving him really good head before sliding him in. I rode him hard and made both he and me cum which was nice.

    A little while later, a second guy showed up. A young black guy who I was leery about but He seemed ok. Young guys, especially black guys, are tough to control and you're at their mercy so typically I'd always prefer an older client but I felt good about the guy and let him stay. Well he was aggressive but in a good way. He used up his full our and more and fucked me all over the room. he led the encounter, having me suck him on his knees, laying on my back on the bed, on all fours and w================just into the door while he held it open which was pretty exciting even though he said he'd close it if anyone approached. He fucked me in about six positions and pulled out to cum in my mouth, twice. All in all it was a great meet up. He made me cum four times so I figured enough but didn't take down my ad.

    I got a few text messages and calls I ignored although it was a thrill knowing guys were responding to my ad. Then I said fuck it and answered a call. Forty minutes later I was sucking an older guy's dick before riding him until he came. That's the more standard experience for me. Two more clients and I took down my add. Both were older guys who were out who called me on a late night horny whim.

    The next day I was off my game I was so tired but doing what I did got the need I was feeling out of my system. I got home. life was normal and that need was gone. So now, when I really start to feel that need, I will wait until I'm on the road and will throw up a quick add and see what happens. There's no more back page which sucks so it's tougher but I manage when I need to.

    And yes, I do feel guilty and I do feel bad about it when I slip but it keeps me happy which lets me keep my husband happy and my family life great and it builds our savings. Apologies to all the moralists out there but there's plenty of you who would like to slide me some cash to fuck too so I'll take it in stride. Thanks for listening.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Time for my confession.

    I sell my body online for the money being watched stroke my pussy is something I enjoy and love it when other people watch and treat me for being a good girl.

    I guess you can come add me to see my naughty story and have the opportunity to unlock my secret story!

    Snapchat username: snap43deep

    I lookfoward to seeing you soon ;)

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    I look a few years younger than I am and destiny has taken me to sex for money with three of the older men in my company. They all want to see me in little girl's outfits and they scream and howl when getting off inside me but their money is excellent.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    My secret is that I am the fuck girl for a wealthy man. I have not paid for anything since I met him. On some nights I rationalize being his private prostitute as being a kind of mistress, or maybe his sugar baby. I met him when I was hired by his then girlfriend to dance for him, privately for him. She watched but he got rid of her and kept me. It is a money thing, he pays me to stay, he likes to tell me that my tits and ass are privately owned, by him.

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