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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Female / 32

    Accepting the new position was the easy part. The extra money enabled myself, my husband and my two daughters to move into a new neighbourhood and to find a great new school for the girls. The catch which has taken place twice a month for the last eight months, is I have to meet up with my boss at a hotel and have sex with him.
    It's not the usual boss gives job to female then fucks her, far from it. I already knew he'd cheated on his wife and I'd heard rumours about his special kink. When he offered me the job and very succinctly asked me to perform a sexual act for him. I took both oportunities within the first week. Meeting him at the hotel was easy, our company serviced the hotel with various things. Being unclothed in front of him for the first time was awkward, but he didn't want to touch me in any way then. In fact I had to place the sexual equipment on myself as he undressed and got himself ready. The black strapon dildo flopped about as I approached him from behind and nervously I fumbled to place it at his rear entrance. Only when he insisted did I thrust forwards and impale his ass on the shinny lubed up phallus. The reverse medium sized dildo inserted inside my increasingly wet pussy had me cumming within minutes, as I fucked away at his ever eager ass, way before he came. When his cock erupted, his cum spurted all over the bed covers as he masturbated himself. Withdrawing the strap on didlo from his ass I watched as he licked up every drop of cum. Removing the other end of the dildo out of my pussy, I offered it to him as he'd asked before started. He licked and sucked it clean of my juices before we dressed and made our own ways home, the job and my new role secure.
    As the weeks went by I wasn't happy with him not pleasuring me, his hard large erect cock was wasted, but he wouldn't fuck me. Just as the many different positions I fucked him with the strap on, I soon had him licking my soaking wet quivering c**t, after I'd performed my male duties for his ass. I have to say he's got to be the best man ever to perform cunnilingus on me.
    The reason I'm telling my confession now and on here, is he's about to leave the company and move away. I'll be glad to get back to normality and live as a normal housewife and lover to my husband, but I will miss the dominance I got from fucking his wonderfully tight ass and his amazing tongue.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    been dying to unload this!!!! i am ok with this but nt like totally proud ok?? i live in a trailer park. my dad left us when i was little, and my mom is addicted to pills. its awful!!! i am trying to graduate and go off to college. my mom doesnt work and is a total waste and a wreck. well my confession...for over 3 years i have been fucking men in the trailer park for money. not all of them of course but quite a few. mostly wrinkly really old men, but if i dont, we have no place to live and no food. so i am supporting my mom and me. she wants to get help but hasnt yet, and she knows i have been prostituting myself to men in the park for years. and its not much money i have to do it alot just to pay the bills. every friday night one of my customers has a card game...and i make like 500-800 that night. which pays alot! every other night, most of it i am saving for college. no i am really a nice girl..i just have to do this . im not upset about it actually, and i enjoy it a little. even though most are so freakin old! sorry to ramble....been dying to unload this. thanks for listening

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    it has been 3 days and i still cant believe i actually did this!!!! im a yougn cute blonde and live in the usa. saturday night...well something happened. and i am still amazed i did it. i went to a school party with my friends, and well it was a typical party...we got pretty drunk etc. not sure how but i kind of got left behind when the party broke up...all my gf's were gone. so i had to pretty much walk home alone. through town too!!! well so i did. no choice. i was pretty drunk and it was like 2 am. and i walked home through the part of town i shouldnt have. the area where street hookers stand. i knew the street too. i walked right down it too...bravery from the beer;) no girls at all. must have been too late at night. well again..damn beer;) i decided to stand there..daring myself to do it. i was wearing my school jacket and tight jeans. it was drizzling and maybe 40 degrees. cold and damp. i had over a mile to walk....i was drunk enough at this point..that i convinced myself id do something with a man for a ride. stupid and not like me at all!!! well i stood on this one street corner for , idk, maybe 10 minutes..and a car turned onto the road. i have never been more scared and excited. well i stood right there..and this same car circled around the corner 4 times passing me each time. i had already talked myself into giveing at least a blow job for a ride...and was drunk enough to do it. i waved at his car twice but he didnt stop. well..i saw him 2 streets up..turning again to come by me. this time id make him stop i pulled my jeans down enough to show my cute little butt...and showed it to him as he drove by. all i heard was his squeaky brakes screach:) he stopped. i was terrified...this is not like me at all, but i was drunk, u know?? well i pulled my jeans up and walked to his car and leaned into the window. omfg!!!!! this man was liek 80 years old!!!! and i had my high school jacket on!! he was not shy...he asked me if i wanted to make some money. i was so scared...all i could really say was " for what' . this old geezer asked me what id do for 200 dollars!!!! i guess i must have told him id let him do me...cuz next thing i knew i was in his car and he took me to his house. he never asked my age!!!! i was wearing my jacket so he knew i was in high school...but what the hell right?? well he paid me 200 when we got there, and well, for being almost 80...he got hard!!! he took me to his bedroom and spent an hour or so tasting me, then after i went down on him...he got me on all fours and put it in me. condom of course. he didnt last long im pretty sure. he gave me a ride home too and gave me his phone #...said any time i wanted the same deal to call him. these memories are still coming back to me you know?? as drunk as i was....still kinda foggy. but i know i actually had sex for money!!! and it was with a man almost 80 years old!!! jsut had to get this off my chest....i havent told anyone.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 19

    When I was 15 I got my first job at a grocery store. It was a "higher class" kind of grocery store i guess, but there was definitely a group of us cashiers and cart pushers that were your typical high school kids like drink, smoke pot, party and stuff. Anyway we didn't get discounts at the grocery store which kind of made us mad because every store around does. Anyway a lot of the cashiers and high school kids who worked there stole food. It was pretty easy to get away with. This went on for about a 8 months until one day i was called into my managers office. There were was the cashier's manager, a girl who i think was like 24, not great looking but pretty average, just real business oriented it always seemed. Then the other was the assistant manager, a black guy who i think was like 17, pretty clean cut, not like some hood black guy. They said the cameras had caught me stealing. They continued to say that the company wouldn't press charges, if I agreed to a proper plan for me to repay the damage I had done and so I wouldn't lose my job. I signed some papers and agreed. I asked what they thought their plan was, and they said that they owner of the store leaves it up to the managers to decide. They said they just needed to talk to me for a bit. So they asked me plenty of questions about things in my life, school, girls. At this time the store was closing and everyone else had pretty much left. I was working the late shift that night. In my managers office the two asked me what i'd be willing to do to get keep my job. I told them I'd do whatever they thought was necessary.

    My Managers name was Alicia and my assistant manager was Adam. Adam told me that they could put me through what they thought was necessary tonight, but it would be a rigirous test. I said that i would do it. Alicia told me to take my clothes off. To this point I thought whatever no big deal. I took off my belt, unbottoned my shirt, and stripped down to my underwear. "and the underwear" she said. i removed the underwear too. Then Alicia got on the desk and took her chinos and panties off. I was shocked because she didn't strike me as the type of person who would do this, but I was down with it for a punishment. She instructed me to lick her pussy. I was kind of hesitant cuz her vag was kind of hairy, but she did have a good looking pussy. She grabbed my head and forced my mouth onto her vag, rubbing it against me. She then proceeded to sit on my face with me eating her out. I did this for 10 minutes. I then noticed Adam taking his clothes off til he was butt naked. (NOTE: I am a straight male, but i will admit i have a few gay fasinations now and again, and he wasn't in most girls eyes a "hot guy"). Anyway, while I eat Alicia's pussy, she's sucking off Adam. Then, I start fucking Alicia while she continued sucking. Alicia then said if you want to fuck me, your going to have to do some work too, and Adam took out his cock and put it in my mouth, mouthfucking me. Then, Alicia spread out and I licked her pussy again. Then I felt hand spreading my butt cheecks. Adam entered his lubed cock in my ass (and it was Big! like 9 inches) and fucked me doggy as I continued to lick Alicia. Alicia said there was one final position left. She bent over her desk and I began pounding her ass while Adam pounded mine. I came inside Alicia's butt. Then Adam pulled out and told me to open my mouth and lay down. He then held the head of his cock about 2 inches away from my mouth, aiming it right down into my throat. He said, Im gunna cum, Im gunna cum, and shot like 4good shots of hot white cum directly into my mouth. He told me the last thing I had to do was swallow, and I did.
    Overall it was whatever I mean I actually kind of like all of it. Fun experiment for someone whose bicurious.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Last year me and my friend fucked two black guys in a dugout for money, we agreed on $4000 and swore never to tell anyone what we did. They pulled there shorts down and they where both hung and the bigger guy was really thick, we both got on are knees and sucked them off. The bigger guy that i was blowing reached to rub and finger my ass and it was kinda weird at first but started to feel good and the other guy did the same to my friend. They loosed are virgin assholes up a little then they both lied down and we both rode them side by side till they cam inside us. We ended up only getting $2000 but i enjoyed it and made me realize i like getting fucked.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 21

    I'm about to be arrested for stealing merchandise and money on the job. I'm so nervous. Why did I do this to myself. Someone help me. I'm going to take my life.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Last month I was at a house party and I got a little crazy. I got fucked by 4 guys at the same time and they were taking turns on me. We had agreed on $100 each they would give me. One of them took a video of it. I don't know what got into me, I've never turned a trick before, but the thought of it has always turned me on. I had three cocks in me at the same time at one point and one in my hand. I couldn't believe I didn't chicken out from FOUR COCKS!!! I got on my knees and they took turns fucking my face. I made ALL if those cocks cum, they all busted their cum on my face and in my mouth once they all had had a crack at all three of my slutty little fuck holes. After they decorated my face, they shoved the money in my mouth and told me to go clean myself up. I humbly took the cumstained cash out of my mouth and I felt like such a dirty little whore I loved it!! I then just cleaned the cum off my face into my mouth and swallowed it all up like a good little girl! Now I want more!!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    I gave my boss a blowjob to keep my job, now he wants it every week or I am gone. He is very handsome and I have heard other girls in the office say they would like his ass. I don't know what to do.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 19

    I became a prostitute today. I've always been a slut, but this is the first time ever for money. I've been having sex with my stepbrother for almost as long as our parents have been together. I lost my virginity to him when I was fourteen. He has a friend who wanted sex and I was needing money, so it made perfect sense for us to make an exchange. Stepbroter thought it was hot and set up the date. He says his only regret is that he didn't get to watch.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 34

    It's so exciting when my husband invites 2 of his close buddies to ccome over. I put on my see-through blouse and red terry cloth shorts, that are so tight, you can see my pussy bulging out. I'll take off my blouse and rub my firm, cherry like nipples in their faces, while taking a cock in each hand and massaging them. Then, they put me on the bed, take off my shorts and while one of the guys is sucking my nipples, the other one has his face in my pussy licking my clitoris! Next, I feel a huge cock slowly slipping inside me, making me move up and down and WOW! I start to cum.
    The guy sucking my nipples now takes over, pushing his hard cock deep into my cum-filled pussy while my husband is getting all of this on his cam corder! (we watch this film late at night and once we invited another old friend to watch with us.) Let's face it. I love 3 somes!

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