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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Male / 23

    I fucked my 47 years old female neighbor when I was 19 years old for a 100 euros.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    this happened last night. kind of feel weord about this i guess. this guy who is friends with all of us, black guy. a little older than us. well last night he gave me a ride home from my bff's house. i wa sa little too drunk to drive i think. well on the way...he just kind of came right out with it. couldnt beleive it! he asked me if he gave me 100 dollars if i would give him a blow job. i was clue what to say. he pulled over in the walmart parking lot and we talked. he was so calm and convincing. hes a very good looking guy, and black....i had no idea why hed be offering me money. but he told me he has wanted me so bad for a long time. i guess he has a thing for younger blonde white girls. lol. is still a blur a little, as to how i agreed..but i did. right there in the walmart parking lot in his toyota camry, i did it. and holy fuck!!! when he pulled his dockers down and then his boxers...omfg!!! i had never seen a black guys cock person. jesus it was massive!!! i leaned right over and did it. i could barely fit it in my mouth..but i did it. i gave his huge dick a blow job, and pretty much choked on it when he came. and i actually took the 100 dollars too. he emailed me today to see if i was ok..with everything. i told him i was fine about it. he didnt come out and say it, but he kind of hinted it to me, if i wanted to do it again with him for more money. i tihnk he wants more than jsut a blow job though. not sure if i should or not.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I have a Master in Engineering I'm not really using. I ended up taking a "job" that, while it pays a lot less than I could probably be making, it's easy and I love doing it. I am paid a decent amount of money to "entertain" men with lots of money and do basically everything they ask. Usually it'll be a group of men (and sometimes their wives) and there'll be more than one of us.

    It's interesting because they don't see us as people and they don't care how we feel about what they're having us do. They'll ask us to do disgusting things and degrade ourselves. That's what I signed on for, that's what all of us signed on for. We love being used and degraded. None of us are really stupid or trashy or anything, we just get off on being treated like shit.

    So they hire us having been told we've run away from home or are in the country illegally or something like that, that they can basically do whatever they want as long as they don't leave permanent marks. I remember one time it was just me, and they didn't even talk to me. If they wanted me to move someplace they'd grab my hair and drag me there. If they wanted me to flip over they'd flip me over.

    I don't really need to go on, though I could probably write a book about all the things we've done. Like I said, I went to college and ended up choking on rich guys cocks and being slapped around for a living anyway.

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    Straight Female / 18

    omg guys im so sorry. either i typed too fast or my mouse went crazy....older men please email me at:


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    Straight Female / 18

    any oldermen want to chat?? kinda too embarrassed maybe to put my confession here. older men over 50


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    Straight Female / 21

    I was a webcam model for 3 years.
    I fucked myself with toys for strangers on the internet for money.
    Now I'm studying to be a librarian.
    No one knows my secret.
    This is my blog:
    librarianpornstar.wor dpress/

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    Straight Female / 22

    So, a while back someone cut a hole in the wall separating the toilet stalls in the Mens and Women's restrooms where I work. Various people at that time had brought it to the attention of our superiors, but they ignored it. When we tried patching them up ourselves, but the next monday they were not only open again, but they appeared professionally cut, with rubber around the inside and a padded ring on the men's side. Someone went and brought it up again. Eventually she was basically forced to quit. After that, we started seeing people in the men's room looking through the holes. Then they started putting their penises through while we were in the stalls.

    At that point 1 or 2 of my coworkers said they went ahead and gave them what they wanted. More people were hired, and several women who had started avoiding the restrooms were "let go" for various reasons. I stopped avoiding the restrooms but didn't do anything when someone tried to get my attention. After a few days of that I got a note on my desk before I went home saying that I should "seriously consider cooperation" if I expected things to go well for me. The next morning my stomach sank as I got ready for work. I had decided that night that I would go through with it. I didn't have a choice, if I lost my job I didn't have barely anywhere to turn.

    I got to work and the first thing I did was use the restroom, to get it over with. I waited almost a half hour before I had a "visitor". I knelt down in front of the hole and sucked him off. Stupidly I pulled out before he came and it ended up on my face. Between the cum and tears I ended up needing to wash my face and reapply makeup. When I walked out of the restroom, everyone knew what I'd done. At least I can keep my job, even if it means I have to fellate about 3 men a day.

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    Straight Female / 18

    omg...i cannot even believe im actually writing this! but i cant go to church and tell this. my bff told me about this site. i guess she confessed once...she never told me what though:( dad's business partner offered me money to give him a blow job today!!! i work in the offie after school 3 days a week. he is like maybe 65 years old!!! thing is..i did it. right there at his desk. he offered me 300$ to take my clothes off and give him a blow job. first time i ever had a guy, any age, blow it in my mouth...i almost gagged it was so much. no clue what came over me to do this.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I'm a college junior and last month a bunch of my friends were going on spring break and I had plans to go with them but as it was approaching I knew I was coming up way short with money. I really didn't want to back out and screw them plus I knew it was going to be a blast. As kind of a last resort I went to a black guy I knew who managed a bar on campus and occasionally would sell me weed. I'll be honest I had an idea what I was in for because the guy was kind of creepy and had always said things to me about how hot I was and how much pussy I probably got. I figured it was a last resort anyway and he'd probably say no. I got up the courage to go see him and just asked him if he could front me 500 for a few weeks and was honest about why I wanted it. He said to come and see him at bar time that night and he'd work something out. I was so concerned about what we'd "work out" that I almost didn't go but the desire to go got the best of me and I went. I went in the bar just before bar time and it was pretty empty and 1st I thought he was going to back out because he seemed to ignore me. When the last person left though, he handed me a beer and said "give me a couple minutes dude and I'll be with you, enjoy the beer" I drank the beer and in a short time he came back and told me to come with him and I followed him up to an office/apartment area. He sat at a desk and rolled a joint, lit it and offered it to me. I took a pull and it hit me hard almost immediately. He smiled at me and said he was sorry for selling me weaker shit but this was part of his personal stash. I smiled and immediately felt very relaxed and asked how much more it would be to have some this good shit. He said "well lets talk about that. Do you swing dude??' "Swing??" I asked. "Like do kick it with men and women??" he said. "No man, I am strictly girls" I said getting a sinking feeling. " So you never been with a dude??" "No I haven't" He then got up and walked around the desk "That's some sexy shit right there bro, you never even had your cherry busted??" he said" "Well I been with a lot of girls, just no interest in dudes". He then said "No doubt you fucked a lot of bitches man, you a sexy motherfucker" I finally said "Okay where we going with this dude, I totally ain't into men. so....." He offered me another pull on the joint which I gladly took as I was freaking out a bit. "Alright man, here's the gig. I'll GIVE you the 500, no payback, plus an ounce of this good ganja to help you get lot's of pussy on your trip. You'll be fuckin every tight hottie on that beach with this shit" "And what do you want in exchange" I asked fearing but knowing the answer. He walked right in front of where I was sitting and with a quick motion that I barely saw pulled his pants down to his ankles. " I want to watch your sexy shit suck this dick" Fuck me, I thought, I fucking knew it and know here I sat with this fat uncircumcised black cock a foot from my face. "C'mon man, I don't have any interest in that man, really. I better just go" I stammered. " Hey man, I'm clean no fucking diseases. Nobody else here, nobody else gonna know and you catchin a free 500 plus an ounce of the primo" He then stepped toward me and straddled the chair I was sitting low in and put his swelling dick inches from my face. "You came to me remember??. I like to think if I wouldn't have been high I would have pushed him back and walked the fuck out. Instead I looked at his dick for a second trying to wrap my head around sucking another mans dick. My hesitation was all it took for him I guess because he grabbed his cocked, lifted it and put it right against my cheek. I didn't say anything more, I just closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I felt the foreskin of his dick on my tongue and I opened my mouth wide and felt him the head come forward and him start to push deeper into my mouth. It smelled musky and it grew quickly and I remember thinking that it was really big dick. I opened my eyes and looked up and saw him pulling off his shirt and then look at me and say "Fuck yeah man, suck that big dick you sexy bitch" I'm not sure what I was thinking at this point but I know I thought to tell him I didn't want his cum in my mouth but I was a bit to stoned and kind of guessed that it would take him a while to cum as I usually did with girls. But it didn't work out that way as he grabbed my hand and placed it on his balls and then grabbed the back of my head and shoved his dick in my mouth until it hit deep in my throat and I started go gag and tried to pull back but he screamed "Aw fuck" and his dick just exploded cum in my mouth. I was gagging and my eyes were watering and I was trying to push him back but he was way stronger them me and he just kept cumming and cumming. I had to swallow to breath and I could feel the warmth of the cum going down into my belly and coming out of my nose. He bucked a final time and pulled his sagging cock from my mouth. He stepped back and I fell to my knees gagging and spitting up cum with it also draining out of my nostrils. I was vomiting up cum trying to catch my breath for several minutes. I kept trying to look up but would just gag again. Just as I felt I was going to be able to get my shit together and get off the floor I felt him push me down. I sprawled out on my belly with his weight on top of me. The suddenness of it again knocked my breath away and he outweighed my be 50 pounds at least so I couldn't get up. I began to yell but as soon as I opened my mouth I felt the burning of his cum coming up in my throat again and had to close my mouth. I was suddenly panicked that he was going to strangle or really fuck me up but he just leaned his weight against me with his upper body and reached down and pulled down my shorts. They were just loose fitting board shorts that came down easily for him. I felt him rubbing something like Vaseline on my asshole. I t was warm though and seemed to have a numbing effect on my hole. He said " Relax baby, I just want that cherry, you gonna get a lot more than 500". Me put his hand under my belly and lifted my ass and I felt him poking the head of his cock around my hole. He finally found it and began to push in. I felt a lot of pressure against my asshole but no real pain. He seemed to be too flaccid to push past the tightness of my hole and as my face was buried in the carpet I eased thinking he wasn't going to be able to get hard so quickly after cumming and I was going to get a break. No such luck though because he pushed down lightly on my lower mid back which forced my ass up higher. I felt the foreskin of his cock peel away from my hole and I felt a short searing pain and he was suddenly deep inside of me. I groaned loudly and he said "Ah yeah baby, you just gave up that ass cherry nice." I realized he had to have taken a Viagra or something because his dick was huge and hard as a rock again. He kicked my shorts of my ankles, reached under my belly, ran his hands under my shirt over my nipples and grabbed around the front of my shoulders. He then began to fuck me deeply and rhythmically, grunting and talking to me with his lips right on my ear. So I'll just be honest about what happened next even though it embarrasses the shit out of me. As he was fucking me and whispering dirty things about my ass and body in my ear, I realized that it didn't hurt. In fact I felt a deep sensation like nothing I'd ever felt and, as much as I didn't think I'd want to, it felt very, very good. I felt my cock begin to swell against the carpet and I began to raise my hips to meet his thrusts. I finally couldn't contain it and I gave a moan of pleasure. As soon as I did it he released my shoulders, sat back, and with removing his cock, lifted my leg and turned me over so I was facing him. He had my legs lifted and started fucking me like I had done to dozens of girls. Embarrassment kept my from opening my eyes until he said "Look at me baby". I opened my eyes and looked at his hard sweaty body and he sat back a ran his heavily lubed hands over my cock and balls and despite my self I said "Oh fuck" When I did he leaned forward and kissed me deeply and fully. I was so lost in it I moaned and kissed him back deeply. Again I thought to tell him not to cum inside of me but he was ahead of me and began stroking my now very hard cock. In very quick fashion I felt orgasm building in my balls and as it approached I just lost it. I have never felt anything like the complete pleasure of his cock deep inside of me while I began to cum. I t was so overwhelming I was begging and feared that I would either faint or loose complete control of my body. He had my ass raised so my cum shot all over my chest up onto my face. He then slammed his dick deep inside of my several more times, threw his head back and roared as I felt his warm cum squirt deep inside of me for the second less than a half an hour. He must have bucked cum into me for about 10 or 15 stokes and then he finally pulled out of me. When his cock pulled out of my ass I felt a quick sharp pain again and then an orgasmic release of pressure followed by an immense release of fluid from my ass. I thought I'd probably just shit all over his floor because my body was in such a complete state of release. But when I stole and embarrassed look I saw there had just been huge globs of his cum releasing from my ass. I finally sat up and looked down at my naked body and saw I was literally covered in cum, his and mine. I looked up at him sitting on the edge of the desk. He was completely nude and his body was sheathed in sweat and his cock, although flaccid, shined with a huge vain running up the center. He was gasping from breath as if he had just ran a mile. I tried to stand but my body was ready yet and I stumbled and went, to a knee and felt another huge glob of cum release from my ass. He grabbed me and helped me up. He finally caught his breath and said "Baby I hope you ain't to mad at me because that was the sexiest fuck of my life and I know you ain't had none better, haha" I just shook my head and finally mustered " I'm not gay, at least I hope I'm not, and I don't want anyone to know about this". "Shit baby you ain't gay, man that's what makes you so sexy. I sure ain't gonna tell no one about this because I don't want you to be mad at me because you know I want to fuck you again baby. Maybe next time you give me a taste of that handsome cock you got right there" I just shook my head. He then went around the desk, grabbed a wad of cash and said "Here baby, this 1500, right here. You keep it, don't have to pay me back shit. Here's the ounce too". I was dressing slowly as my body was still defying me but I stopped to reach for the cash when he said "One thing though. You fuck all the hot bitches you want on this trip. Make them little bitches scream with that hot dick. But no men. You get the itch for the cock yourself, you come see me. Deal??" I weakly grabbed the wad of case and said "Deal".

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    Straight Female / 18

    well..not really for the money actually. but like 20 minutes ago....i answered the door totally naked for the pizza guy:) i gave him a blow job and got the pizza free:) he was like WAY older than my dad too!!! omfg!!! but i did it. im a cute young blonde...and i guess he had no problem giving me the pizzs. lol. jsut wanted to confess

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