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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    some older boys told me they would give me a hundred bucks if i came with them to a place down by the rail road tracks and tossed some salad at their bbq.i had no idea why any one would pay a kid to just do a simple cooks job,but most gladly went with them.when we first got to this place beside the tracks,an old heavly wooded area with an old wrecked school bus hull and a huge drain culvert gulch i thought where is the bbq ? every one seemed like they were way high on some thing, more than just the booze bottles all around.there were a few older teens,maybe even early twenty aged people - some women.mostly though were older teen boys from my older brother's school.i seen a few younger boys and some girls my age also accompanying their older brothers.i drank some beer offered me,trying to kind of fit-in.the next thing i knew was i was feeling super dizzy and then i fell asleep.when i woke up there were many of us younger people/kids all naked and tied up.girls or boys,we had been tied with our legs spread and arms bound either behind or side from side.some,including myself had hole drilled balls tied in our kept open mouths and our heads tied back.upside down and backwards like that i was able to only see some of my other near same aged kids & a few friends.i could see some of the grown ups and older teens getting undressed and coming our way.then there was dick after dick i remember after that...i was trauma-tized for a long time over it the time,i was basicly tied and forced w/many others to perform all kinds of sexual oral and anal,a little penial and testical things.the girls were put through a lot more than us boys,but the homo-phobics really got planted deep that evening,night and into the next day.deputy sheriffs were called by some girls who'm got away and like a few other i was cut down from my sacrificial sexual bonds by the local fuz.needless to say that changed the lives of the whole town....not to mention the other kids & myself....and most the people who'm planed and done it....though a few got away,no body knew ?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I moved into the house at Cherry Lane shortly after my father passed away. I hadn't seen the old man in years but I was his only offspring and he'd left the place to me. Being that I would soon be attending classes at the nearby college it seemed like the natural thing to do.
    I didn't know any of the neighbors very well. They all seemed older. Grandparents for the most part. Most of them seemed to have been on good terms with my father, which I found surprising since he had been such a colossal prick in my youth (the reason mom had left him). I guess he had mellowed out in his later years. I was welcomed with open arms by one and all. Everyone called me "sport" and "kiddo" and "son" and "junior". I suffered it with good humor. They were pretty cool older folks.
    The house itself had needed plenty of TLC when I arrived. The debilitating illness that had slowly claimed my father's life hadn't allowed him to clean up after himself or do everyday household chores. He had hired an In Home Service Provider, but she obviously hadn't done much more than collect her check every week. It wasn't a problem. I had the place looking great in no time.
    Some of my neighbors took notice and threw some extra cash my way in the form of doing yard work and basic DIY home repairs. I was handy that way. After splitting from my father, mom had started dating a jack of all trades. And he had taught me everything he knew. Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, automotive, you name it.
    The local contractors hated me. I was costing them jobs and money. But my neighbors adored me. Especially the horny older broads that had an itch for hot young meat. Before too long I was banging more granny pussy than I could keep track of. And before you say "ew" or "gross", let me tell you something - those older babes can show young chicks a thing or two.
    Now when I say granny your probably thinking white hair, wrinkles, false teeth and a walker. Wrong. This is 2012 my friend. Older folks are taking really good care of themselves nowadays. A lot of the chicks on Cherry Lane were into Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, you name it. Some of them were hot. Smokin hot. I'm talking Helen Mirren hot.
    Some of them were widows but not all. In one case the old man had a fetish for being cuckold and he paid through the nose to watch me wreck his wife every weekend.
    I think one of my favorites is Kim Jones. She's such a complete fucking slut. I love it. To the outside world she's an apple cheeked slightly overweight two time divorcee in her 50s who lives alone (unless you count her cats) in a cozy little gingerbread style house. She volunteers for everything imaginable, ladles soup at the local homeless shelter and teaches Sunday school. But get her behind closed doors and you'll see the devil come out of Miss Jones.
    "Rougher," she groans. "Make me hurt."
    I grab her hips and pound away faster, harder, my cock sliding in and out of her tight asshole. She thrusts back in rhythm with me, grunting loudly each time we come together.
    "Call me a whore," she hisses. "Tell me what a whore I am!"
    "You like it in the ass don't you whore," I smile. "Your such a fucking low life gutter slut. I bet you'd get off if I invited some friends over and we pulled a train on you, wouldn't you bitch?"
    "Oh gawd yessss," she moans and I feel her orgasm.
    I slap her ass hard with one hand. The crack resounds through the bedroom, she squeals in delight. By now her pale butt cheeks have grown an angry red from all the abuse she's asked me to heap on them....
    And then there's Missus Keane. She's an odd old duck. But I don't judge people's fetishes. Especially when I benefit from them in the form of the occasional free meal and the best blowjobs I've ever had.
    Keane is sixty but she looks twenty years younger. Brunette with big hazel eyes, a sensual mouth and a terrific set of tits she has a passion for role play. Her favorite is the "raped by a burglar" scenario.
    The bedroom window quietly slides open and the masked intruder stealthily enters the house. It's the middle of the night and the entire neighborhood is sleeping. He sees her lying in bed, her even shallow breathing indicates sleep. He shuts the window and moves toward the bed.
    In one rapid movement he pounces on her, his hand covering her mouth. He warns her not to make a sound and inquires if she is alone. She nods yes. Satisfied she's telling the truth he binds her hands behind her back and her ankles with zip ties and then rummages through the drawers making a mess.
    Finding little in the way of expensive jewelry or cash, he decides the only way to make this caper profitable is to have a little fun with the bitch on the bed.
    He informs her that she is going to be raped. She begs him not to do it. He warns her not to test his patience and gives her a solid smack across the face to show her he means business. She settles down and promises to do whatever he says just so long as he doesn't hurt her.
    Unzipping his fly the masked intruder pulls his semi-flaccid cock out and rubs the head against the woman's lips. She makes a disgusted face and refuses to open her mouth. He raises an open hand menacingly, and she complies. His member slides easily into the warm moist interior of her mouth. As her tongue swirls around his penis, it grows rigid.
    "Suck it," he growls. She does, her head bobbing rhythmically. He grins and sighs. Before the night is over he'll fuck her in every hole and finish by cumming on her upturned face, before unbinding her and exiting the house with a warning not to call the police.... or else.
    Ok now, I don't want you to get the impression that all of the sex I'm having on Cherry Lane is kind of freaky. It isn't. A lot of it is just plain old missionary position in a bed or on the couch. Just me and an old bird that wants to feel young and beautiful and desirable again for a few minutes. Nothing wrong with that. I can understand it. But it's the freaky stuff you remember. And the freakiest is my BDSM bunny, Frau Elke.
    Elke Schneider is the proprietor of a local boutique that specializes in European avant garde arts and home decor. A former athlete in East Germany, she is tall and physically fit. Her blonde hair slowly fading to platinum. Her eyes blue steel.
    She has a torture chamber in her basement.
    "Mein lieber Junge," she purrs walking behind me in her leather corset, thigh high stiletto heel boots and spiked bondage mask. "Your mistress is displeased."
    "Why Mistress?," I ask foolishly.
    She lashes out with the cat o nine tails in her right hand. It rakes me back, I wince. "Sie haben keine Berechtigung zu sprechen!"
    Tonight she has me bound at the wrists and tied to some medieval looking device bolted to the roof. I'm not dangling though, my feet are on the ground. I'm nude except for the leather slaves mask I'm wearing. Until a moment ago the mouth slit was zippered shut. One more peep out of me and she'll seal it again, no doubt.
    "There's only one fitting punishment for you," she tells me, walking around to my front. "You will pleasure your mistress until she grows sick of your presence."
    She suddenly brings down her whip across my penis, I groan. What follows is more than an hour of pussy eating and rim jobbing and a lot of biting, scratching, slapping and use of her cat o nine tails. It doesn't bother me. She never goes overboard and to be honest it kind of gets me off.
    This is my life at the moment and I'm enjoying every bit of it. So you young guys, don't blow off older people just because you think there lame. My life is proof they can be pretty fucking awesome.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My name is Esteban. I drove for Taxi Michoacan in a rural farm town in the central San Joaquin Valley. Which town? It doesn't really matter. There is nothing to distinguish it from a half dozen similar towns dotting the map from Stockton to Bakersfield.
    About a ten years ago I was parked outside of a convenience store a little after noon, enjoying a lunch of Fanta Fresa and a half pound beef and red chili burrito. It had been a slow day and I hadn't made much money, but that didn't bother me. I was pretty flush. I'd done well gambling the weekend before and had a pocketful of money.
    I had just started to debate whether I should go back inside for another burrito or just drive to the bus station and park for a while, when I noticed her. A sexy little teen in flip flops, faded denim cutoff shorts and a tight t-shirt that bulged slightly in front where her small but perfectly formed tits strained against the fabric. She was a guera with pale skin, corn silk hair and bright blue eyes. And she wasn't alone. Another girl walked slightly behind her. This one was Oaxacan. I could tell by how short she was and her dark skin. But she was fine too, with curves in all the right places and those big chocolate eyes I lived for. I smiled and leaned back in my seat and watched them approach the front of the store through the parking lot.
    The girls stopped in front of the pay phone and as the blonde searched her pockets for change she turned slightly and gave me a nice view of her perfect ass. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. I was round and flawless and twitched just the right amount when she moved. I whispered an exclamation of appreciation and rubbed my chin.
    When she found her change she plugged some coins into the phone and punched in a number and waited. After a longish time she began talking. Although I couldn't make out what she was saying I could tell she was becoming increasingly agitated. Finally she cursed and slammed the phone down onto it's cradle. The little Oaxacan said something to her and she shrugged and began fishing in her pockets again. Nothing.
    I reached into my pocket and palmed a handful of change. I whistled. "Hey."
    The Oaxacan glanced at me. Blondie ignored me.
    I whistled again louder. This time they both stared at me. Blondie put her hands on her hips and cocked her head to one side. "What?"
    I showed them the change.
    "You need to make a call?"
    I could see them considering my offer. Finally the Oaxacan walked over and accepted the money. She muttered thanks in Spanish and returned to her friend. I shook my head.
    Blondie made a second call. This time no one answered and she pushed the lever to get the coins back. It wouldn't work. She sighed and glanced at me.
    I shrugged at her. To my surprise she came walking over to the cab.
    "Look Mister," she said, leaning forward her hands on my door. "Thanks for the change but the phone ate your money ok?"
    "I saw that," I replied. "Don't worry about it."
    She nodded and started to move away.
    "Hey," I stopped her. "You ok? You seem to be having some problems, no?"
    "Nothing you could help with," she smirked. "Thanks anyway."
    "How do you know," I asked. "Tell me."
    She stood there looking dubious, Little Oaxaca beside her. Finally she explained herself.
    "My dad got busted over the weekend," she said. "He's sitting over in County. We're trying to put together ten percent of his bond. If he isn't home and misses work he'll lose his job and we'll get evicted when we can't make rent."
    I asked what ten percent was. She told me. I whistled.
    "Yeah," she said. "See? You can't help me."
    I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and opened it, showing all the green inside but keeping it out of reach. "Maybe I can."
    The girls glanced at one another and then back at me.
    "Wanna go for a ride?," I asked. "See what arrangement we can come to?"
    "Fuck you!," Blondie snapped. "I ain't no fucking whore."
    I closed the wallet and nodded, sticking it back in my pocket. "Ok then. Just trying to help out. I guess your family has a place to go when the landlord evicts you? Your dad can get a new job huh?"
    She hesitated. I started the engine of the cab.
    "Wait," she said. I paused my hand an inch from the gear shift. Little Oaxaca whispered something to her. She thought it over and whispered back to her.
    "Ok," Blondie said. "Let's go for that ride and talk. My cousin is gonna go home."
    "No deal," I said. "Both of you or forget about it."
    Little Oaxaca shook her head. Blondie pleaded with her. After a short argument, Blondie opened the back door of the cab and Little Oaxaca climbed in with a sour expression on her face. I stopped Blondie from joining her. I directed her to sit up front beside me.
    Once they were inside my cab I turned my radio off and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. We drove out of the neighborhood and into the rural outskirts area of the town. Apartments and storefronts gave way to fields and old barns.
    "So, that ten percent is a lot of money," I said. "I think if I give it to you, then you owe me quite a bit huh?"
    "Look," Blondie said. "We both know where this is going ok? Let's just park behind one of these old barns and fuck and get it over with."
    I smiled. "I want both."
    Blondie glanced up at the review mirror to lock eyes with her cousin. "Yeah, we already figured that out."
    "That one looks good," I said, indicating a dilapidated old barn sitting out in a field overrun with dandelions and tall grasses. I pulled onto a dirt service road used by farm laborers and parked behind the barn.
    "Let's all get in the back seat," I said. "Start undressing."
    Blondie and Little Oaxaca shed their clothes while I watched. When they were both completely nude I joined them in the back, sitting between them.
    Blondie unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. My cock stood at attention. I ran a hand across her pale back enjoying the feel of her soft, warm flesh. Little Oaxaca leaned down and began sucking my dick. I sighed.
    As my cock was sucked I pulled Blondie to me and began kissing her neck and chest. She leaned back and let me explore every inch of her breasts with my mouth. I pulled her soft pink nipples with my teeth and began guiding Little Oaxaca's bobbing head with one hand. After several minutes I pulled away from the dark girl and helped Blondie straddle me. She sat down gingerly and my saliva slicked penis slid easily into her tight pink pussy. She groaned despite herself. I gripped her hips and the cab began gently rocking in time with our movements. Much sooner than I would have liked, I came inside her.
    Finished, she slid back off of me and began dressing. Little Oaxaca did the same. I smiled and sighed and pushed past the girls, climbing out of the back seat and out into the fresh air. "Today has been a good day."
    Blondie muttered something I didn't quite catch.
    "Want to sit up front?," I asked. She didn't. I shrugged. Twenty minutes later we were back at the store and I had handed over a wad of bills.
    "Hey," I called as the girls began walking back home. They stopped. "I hope everything works out."
    "Yeah," Blondie replied. "Me too."
    I waved. She waved back and managed a ghost of a smile. Then she turned away again and both girls walked away.
    I watched them for a moment, then cut the radio back on. My dispatcher was screaming bloody murder for me to answer. I winced.
    That was the day I met my son Tomás' mother. The girl I knew only as Blondie (then) became pregnant as a result of our encounter and came to me for support months later. I was happy to care for her. We became very close, though we never married and had two more children together in the years since.
    I no longer work for Taxi Michoacan and am retired. I spend my days working in my garden and enjoying the company of my children and their mother when she drops by. She still has a perfect ass and we still make love.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in college and on my own, my family could not help me. I needed money to drive to class (even though I lived in the dorms my classes were not on the main campus) and I still needed a book for a class. One night I broke down and cried in the showers. A girl from down the hall came in and heard me. She asked me what was wrong and I vented to her for awhile. She said she could help if I did something for her. I said yes before she could tell me what she wanted (I thought she needed help with a class) She stepped into my shower stall and closed the curtain. She dropped her towel and said that if I would have sex with her she would buy the book I needed and help me get to class. I just stood there in shock and trying to figure out how to tell her no, but before I could she pulled off my towel. I stood there naked in front of her and she touched my boob. I said I didn't know if I could. She kissed my cheek and said okay then she got into her own shower. As I started to dry off I kept thinking about it and I decided I didn't have a choice. I got into her shower and said okay. She kissed me and started to feel me up and I just stood there. She took my hand and put it between her legs and told me to finger her. I did as I was told, and after she came she fingered me. As we were drying off she asked me to come to her room. When I got there I spent the next 30 minute eating her out. She then ate me out and gave me $80 for gas and said to meet her in the lobby in the morning. When I got there she was waiting and we went to the book store and she bought me the book. On the walk back to the dorms she said if I needed anything again to let her know. I don't feel good about it but I ended up sleeping with her about once a week until I was able to graduate. As far as I could tell she didn't tell anyone.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at a local bar and a couple I had seen there a number of times but never talked to was there. A bit while he got up and went to the restroom and she walked over to me. She said hi and introduced herself as Ann. She said I was cute and her and her husband wanted to fulfill a fantasy and they were willing to pay me to help them out. I instantly knew this was gonna be strange so I told her to go on.

    She said she wanted to had someone fuck her while her husband licked her pussy. Weird? Yes but I was horny and she was pretty old for an older gal. The husband came back and followed them down the street to their place. She wasted no time and stripped down naked and told me to do the same. I was hard in seconds knowing I was gonna fuck her. She grabbed some lube and squirted it on my cock and rubbed it a few seconds before leaning over on the couch and told me to get to it. I didnt waste a second and she wanted no part of foreplay or kissing. I started to fuck her fron behind as her husband climbed down between us and started licking her pussy. I could feel his mouth occasionally touching the bottom of my cock but I was into her, not him. She was loving it and moaning loud. After a bit I told her I was about to cum and she said, "not inside me, let me know and I will finish you off." I warned her and she stood up and turned around. Her husband was still on his knees as she grabbed my cock and started sucking it. Just was I was about to cum she stopped and her husband moved in and I shot my load on both of their faces.

    I thought it was a weird fantasy but I got paid and didnt have to have sex with a guy. I've seen them at the bar a few times since and they just say hi as it looks like they court different guys for the same thing. Very strange.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Starting a new career only to watch my husbands suddenly stop, brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "Every cloud has a siver lining". We both thought it was a new and exciting start to a more prsoperous time for ua both, what it intially beacme was the very real prospect of us losing our home, and the possibility of delaying the start of our family.
    We spoke for hours almost every day about our predicament with my husband becoming ill. Hardly ever getting responses to his applications, or if he did get an interview, there were many applications for each post available. Often less experienced people getting the jobs so the companies could save on their salaries.
    Then my new boss asked me if I knew anybody who had a Engineering surveyancy background, and was looking for an oportunity maybe to join the company.
    He'd known my husband was looking for work because I'd mentioned it to him, and he also knew my husband was a fully qualified Engineering surveyour.
    I was overwhelmed at the prospect, and told him my husband would be delighted to to attend an interview with him, after I'd spoken to my husband over the phone.
    The interview came and went and my boss approached me on a Friday afternoon not long before I was due to finish that day.
    He asked me after calling me into his office, if I'd do anything to help my husband get the job, to which I innocently said of course.
    He strolled up to me after closing his office door, put his hands on my shoulders and pressed downwards.
    In my mind I was screaming against what he wanted. I was twenty four, he was in his late forties. Admittedly very handsome, but all the same I was married to man I loved with all my heart.
    It was that very thing thet made me open the zip on his trousers, reach in and pull out the biggest flaccid cock I'd ever seen.
    It was easilly seven inches long, about the same as my husbands when erect.
    One comment then changed my whole married dynamic "Suck it for me, then let me fuck you and the job is your husbands, as long as you keep me satisfied".
    Taking his cock into my mouth was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, letting it slide over my tongue, tasting his essence and then sucking his growing cock appalled me at first, then when his cock became erect I became more emboldened, sucking it in harder, getting pleasure myself from the pleasure I was giving this man who was going to give us financial security.
    I could feel his enlarged throbbing cock in my mouth as he began to thrust his hips forward fucking me orally, it had reached its eight and half inches.
    Then in one movement he pulled me up so we were face to face, and we kissed.
    His hands began to roam all over my body, feeling my breasts throught the thin material of my white cotton blouse. One hand slipping up my skirt over my stockings and then tracing along my bare thighs, until it reached my pussy mound covered by the thong I was wearing.
    Moving the thong aside I felt his hand cover my pussy, our tongues still wrapping themselves around each other, his fingers now searching for my clit.
    Stepping back he made me sit on his desk pushing me backwards so I was lay on top of it. Lifting my legs and spreading them I felt his warm breath on my pussy as he knelt down.
    Within seconds I could feel his warm tongue lapping at my pussy hole and clit. It was all very hard and fast, so I had to get him to slow down, eventually he began to lick me as I loved having it done, in long slow movements.
    His tongue licking up between my labias, then spiralling around my clitoris, I was cumming and cumming like never before, I was quite litterally gushing pussy juices all over his face.
    This time when we kissed I could taste myself on his lips and tongue. I felt him manouver his cock to the opening of my cunt and then thrusting forwards he entered me for the first time that afternoon, but it wasn't to be the last.
    He griped my breasts now uncovered above my bra, as I lay on his desk and began to pummel my pussy. Raising my legs I put them on his shoulders giving him full access to my openings. something he took full advantage of as he banged away at my wet hole, reaching around he put a wet finger at my arsehole and began to fuck it without hessitation.
    As he came, so did I, his big thick cock being the first cock ever to make me cum from being fucked.
    I thought that was it, but he had other ideas, his penis remaining just as hard and long as he sat down on his large leather office chair, had me turn around pointing my used fingered arse towards him and then pulling me down he impaled my arse onto his cock.
    I'd only ever been fucked twice before up my arse and both times I'd not liked it, but this was different, not in the size of his cock but in my complete desire for it to fuck me.
    It hurt like holy hell at first, but I didn't care I wanted it up me, finnaly I felt his pubes brushing the cheeks of my arse as his cock fully penetrated me.
    For the next ten minutes or so, my boss analised my arse whilst fucking my pussy and clit with his fingers. It was truely the most amazing horny sex I've craved to have done to me, by the time he shot his cum deep up into my bowels I'd cum twice.
    Lifting myself off of him is something I will never forget, not only from the pleasure of the sex we'd just had together, but his statement "The job is most definately your husbands".
    Up to this day I and my husband have continued to work at the company, my husbands job now secure as head of his department, mine as the official Personal Assitant to my boss, who himself has rissen to become vice chairman of the company.
    Three years down the line, once or twice a week I entertain him in every way I know how and let him fill me with his seed. My husband has no idea what I have done to ensure our families future, nor will he ever.
    The one thing I can take from all this is knowing sometimes a little sacrifice has to be made in order to secure the best you can for your husband and our future children and now being pregnant, not too soon.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My ex-husband has offered me money throughout the years to have sex with him. I would rudely decline until I fell on hard times recently. Tired of struggling to pay the rent, I decided to take him up on his offer to pay me 200 for a blowjob. It only took 5 minutes for him to squirt his cum into my mouth. Since then he's been paying me to suck his cock twice a week. I've let him suck my nipples a couple of times, and I am thinking about letting him taste my pussy. His willingness to pay me to get him off, thanking me every time, makes my pussy wet. I'm starting to enjoy it more every time.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Want to make this somewhat short because it's sorta embarrassing and just a quick tip to everybody...if your a dude and your at the same house party as your cute cousin, make sure there's not alcohol and ecstasy there. And a lot of horned up guys with messed up minds. Because when your fucked up you and your cousin take a bet from friends to just perform. Well, incest for them. It started with me eating her pussy for 10 minuts. Before I even had her jeans halfway down I already saw atleast 4 phones out recoring it. But Ofcourse in our condition we didn't really give a shit about anything besides the bet. Well maybe she might have but eating my cousins pussy was amazing. Let me rephrase that. It's amazing if in reality a bunch of guys WEREN'T recording it! Didn't stop there. Ofcourse they were loving what was going down on this guys couch. And Ofcourse they offered us more $$ to go farther. And when you and your cousin are drunk and on ecstasy you really won't hesitate to take the offer. Especially if both of you are broke lmao. I swear before I even slid my shorts off 3 more phones came out and the guy who lived there went and got a real digital camera!..can't make this up don't care if you think I did either. So once the whole party was circled around the couch me and my cousin were on with all their phones Rollin they started like cheering me on like fucked up weirdos saying things like. "can't believe your about to nail your first cousin!" and like "ohh shit we should put a towel under her that's a new couch and you forgot a condom". And "damn hope she's on the pill.". Never ever ever looked for a possible vid of it online because now that I've been sober you don't exactly want to see yourself ontop of your cousin for 30 minuts to an hour pounding away while a bunch of strangers you just met are all recording it and basically stroking themselves off through their pants while they just kept saying dirty shit to me and her. What I regret most is not even being smart enough at the time to pull out. They got exactly what they wanted I big ass cum river running down my cousins pussy onto this faggots couch. Maybe someone who reads this might have seen the video of us who knows just don't tell me. Me and my cousin haven't really talked since because it's sorta hard to talk to eachother after the extreme fucked up lengths both of us went to for a few bucks. Pretty sure she had to go get a plan B pill because she wasn't on birth control. But hey she was actually more for it than me so I'm not to blame.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I needed money for a i told a bunch of my buddies about a glory hole party. Told them i had to work late but i would show up later. I lied . I had some hot chicks taken 20 bucks a person at the door. Must a been 25 guys.i love eating my own cum so i figured i wanted more. She started sending them in the room set up with the hole. I was really hard already. I sucked off the first 3 or 4 guys and Couldnt get enough. I like it best if i push their cock to the back of my throat when they cum. I feel it shooting down my throat. I sucked cocks for 5 hours. Swallowed 38 loads of cum. Made a few bucks. Now Im gonna fuck my girlfriends brains out.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm having sex with some of my neighbors for money. My family knows and just turns a blind eye, because we need the money. My mom is on social security and can't make it on her own. She just tries her best to ignore that her daughter is a hooker.

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