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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Female / 18

    Two months ago when I was still 17 I took $200 from a married man who was in his 40s to give him sex. We did it in his and his wifes bed. Since then I've taken money 6 times from him to have sex (all three places) in his and his wifes bed. No one else has paid me, but I think I want to start charging for it.

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    Straight Female / 35

    At 23 I was offered a position as 'companion' to a 53 year old man. He agreed to pay everything, including letting me finish my degree. Yes I was available for sex, but I also took care of all his other needs.

    We never used sugar daddy or sugar baby, but I guess that is the best description. I liked him a lot, very intelligent, and he had money because he made money. He didn't have time to find a wife. So I was his companion for ten years until he passed in a swimming accident.

    I 'lost' him too. I was not a prostitute. I needed the money, I admit that, but I was his companion for ten years.

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    Straight Male / 20

    A few years ago I was at a con cosplaying as Link. A guy (idk what he was cosplaying as but it involved a grey trench coat) REALLY liked my cosplay and offered me $600 to suck him off in the bathroom. I was pretty broke from the convention and the hotel and cab and everything, so $600 was a lot, so I agreed. He caught up with me again later on as things were winding down for the day and offered to pay me another $600 and a $20 for the cab if I let him fuck me. Again, like, I didn't want to pass up the money so I said yeah. He had lube and condoms on him already, I let him deal with that because I'd never really even considered having anything up my ass before. I didn't tell him that though, cause I mean I sucked his dick earlier, I figured telling him "I'm not gay" wouldn't sound very convincing anyway so I just asked him to go slow and gritted my teeth.

    Went back to the hotel room with a little over $1200 more in my pocket than I expected, ended up spending a lot of that the next few days on food and merch, and never saw the guy again. I haven't had the opportunity (or necessity) to do anything like that since then but it's really something knowing that if it came down to it I can take a dick for money.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My dad dresses me up in rubber stocking, rubber top, rubber hood and gloves every night, makes me get on my knees in front of him and he bouncing my head up and down on his cock then he shoots in my mouth and tells me to swallow. I am his rubber dolly.

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    Straight Female / 40

    In 2003 I took a job at a multinational company. There were two groups of employees, the 'fast trackers' and the salt mine workers with two percent raises. To be a fast tracker you went along, you became the girlfriend of a front office man, you did what you needed to do. Fortunately for me my mentor actually liked me and took care of me and never showed me off publically. I lived in a high rise apartment subsidized by him. I 'paid attention' to him there and fell head over heels in love with him.

    Because of my age, moving me along the promotion ladder took time, but I moved up much faster than any of my 'class' peers.

    I don't regret my choice. I know I was lucky, my relationship was respectful and I fell in love, but I was the exception. Today I am tied to him with two kids and the fifty year old man I fell in love with is sixty five and retired. I have a high paying job and he continues to have tremendous influence.

    I am no longer his young 'girlfriend', after fourteen years I am 'the' other woman, his work 'wife' and lover.

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    Straight Male / 36

    My name is Steve and I work for a government entity that deals with disputes in the healthcare sector. I struggle to find a steady girlfriend as I'm always The 'nice guy' that gets cheated on or dumped for a good looking bad boy. The company I work for has 3 offices around our city and we recently had our AGM held at a conference centre at a hotel in town where all 3 branches get together for a 3 day conference.
    I say next to an older woman Fay from our southern office. We chatted in the breaks and Fay tells me she is 58 and her husband who was 12 years her senior passed away in January. We got on really well and many of the AGM delegates were going to have a drink after the 1st day we decided to go together.
    Fay looks good for her age, slim, long hair and good fashion sense.
    After a few drinks we talk about our sex lives. I feel very at ease telling fay about my ups and downs as it were in the game of love and sex. She tells me that her husband and her had an active sex life right up until his passing however it was very much with the lights off and missionary position everytime. Fay had said she always wished that were more daring in the bedroom. Her late husband refused to go down on her and he only let her blow him once and he didn't enjoy it.
    Anyway she asked me about what I thought of oral sex. I told her I am a big fan of both giving and receiving. She proposed an offer to me. She offered me money to let her suck me off and for me to go down on her. $100 a time, no strings and no penetration just oral. I accepted and she said not tonight but she would book a hotel room after tomorrow's sessions. She told me to sleep on it and we would discuss it tomorrow.

    The next day she wore a sexy summery dress and heels. Looks like she really made an effort to look good for me. We sat together again and she winked at me throughout the morning session. During the coffee break she whispered in my ear, "I've booked a room here so if you wanna make an easy $100 during the lunch break let me know". I told her yes and she he handed me a key card for room 607 and said "meet me there at 12:45 sharp."

    When I went up to the room she was waiting with the curtains drawn and the lights dimmed. Still wearing her sexy dress but she had removed her underwear which was laying on the cabinet by the TV. She came over and placed my hands on her slightly saggy soft breasts and she began undoing my pants. Once she had my cock out she began sucking. She wasn't bad I got really hard and was enjoying it but I knew I wasn't ready to cum. I told her she can finish me off afterwards let me give her some pleasure first.
    She let on the bed and spread her legs. She had made an effort down there too, trimmed and shaved and even put some subtle perfume around her crotch. I spent 20mins licking sucking and fingering her pussy she had 2 orgasms and realizing the time I said we need to get back to the conference. she wanted to finish me off first so i lay back closed my eyes and let her go to work. I was more relaxed now and it didn't take me long and I unloaded in her hungry mouth she swallowed every last drop and cleaned my cock afterwards. She gave me my $100 and said hold into the key card if I want to make another $100 tonight after dinner. I agreed and we did the same again.

    Since then we I have become $2200 richer and she has said if I'm interested soon she will pay me $500 for full intercourse and $100 on top of that for any oral but she wants to wait till after the anniversary of her husband's death out of respect for him. I told her I am definitely interested. I use the money she pays me to fund my failing social life and when I end up going home alone I know it won't be long until I get to 'play with Fay' as I call it.

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