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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 32

    I never expected to end up in a situation where I was unable to support myself and I lived and slept with a man for support.

    I was a good student and I graduated with high marks and I had a very good job working for a financial company. At the company I met a guy and he convinced me that we could start a company, he would manage the operations and sales and I would manage the business and back office. He knew some bankers and we borrowed a whole lot of money. And we had to both put our names on the loans, joint and severable.

    Bottom line, he took the money we borrowed, he financed the equipment but did not use the money to pay for it, this was additional indebtedness that was prohibited by the loan. When I found out what he did I told him we had to disclose and correct. He took the money we had in cash, and he split, left the country. The lenders pursued but were unable to secure any funds for the equipment because the equipment loan stood first in line and they got the equipment back, leaving me as the sole borrower responsible for the loan. And as additional enforcement, I was sued for the transgression, personally.

    I not only lost my job, which had been a good job, I lost everything I owned, I owe so much money to the lawyers, I owe so much money to the lenders, I had to declare bankruptcy and sell my house for the equity to satisfy what I could of the loan. I know that in big business the numbers are huge, but individually even several hundred thousand is huge. I ended up on the couch of a friend. 32 years old, unemployed, broke and bankrupt, without any chance of getting a job doing what I studied for. I don't deny that I was a partner and I am responsible for that, I was blind and never expected to be caught up in this.

    And so here I am, living with a man who supports me, sleeping with a man who supports me, totally dependent on a man who supports me. I try to tell myself that I am not sleeping with him because he supports me, but if I wasn't in this situation I would not be living with him and I would certainly not be sleeping with him. I am not opposed to sex, and I am not opposed to a man having what he pays for. I get my allowance twice a month, it is always in my bank account, I have spending money that he gives me every week for out of pocket expenses, he provides me with a nice car and he has never yelled at me or tried to hurt me. Millions of women would give up everything for the opportunity to live the way I do. But every time I have sex with him I know why I am in his bed, even if he never makes mention of it.

    I am not a whore, but I am a bought for and kept woman. He never could get me to the altar so he bought me instead. The net present value of what I owe him is that I will sleep with him until one of us dies.

    You know what is sad, my sister kids me and tells me that he doesn't have to put a ring on my finger because he put a collar on me instead.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I've worked for two years at a gentelmen's club in Providence RI. I used to refer to myself as a dancer and now I say I'm a stripper. What I really am is a hooker. I flirt with older guys who buy $100.00 dances in the vip room and I let them suck my tits, finger fuck me and I jerk them off. When I first started I stripped and just gave lap dances. I also didn't make any money. A few girls showed me the ropes and now I make good money which I blow on clothes and drugs unfortunately. When I first started jerking guys off I didn't want them eating me out and I still won't let them do that and I wont suck them either like some girls do because I don't want to catch anything. So I jerk those cocks away. I used to be good at timing it so the guy would be close to cumming just as our time was up so he'd pay another $100 to cum but I got to where I am so good at making guys cum it never happens anymore. I've found that cut guys need a longer steady stroke and uncut guys who are taking too long need their dick yanked really hard and fast and then they shoot a stream across the room lol.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 21

    My mother's friend was a party planner/caterer. She had been doing this for quite a few years and from the age of 16 I had worked for her on occasion basically just moving boxes and cleaning up after parties. I always asked about getting more work from her but she said most parties have alcohol and she didn't want me working for her until I was 21. When I turned 21 I approached her again about getting more work. She told me she didn't know if I could handle it but she would give me a try for one night as long as I promised to keep the party happenings to myself and tell no one as the parties were very private affairs. That night I was moving boxes and tables around and basically was ready to do what ever was asked of me.

    A guy shows up and my mother's friend asks where Dave is? He says he couldn't make it. She then begin to get angry with him and he replied he was only the messenger. He looks over at me and suggests me replacing Dave and mentions he has an extra suit I can wear. She looks at me and asks whether I was willing to do some new work and learn some new skills. I said I was without knowing what I would be doing. She says once I agree I can't cancel out on her. Once again I said I would do it without knowing what I would be doing and told her I would do anything. She tells me she hopes I better really mean what I said and has me go into a bedroom with the guy to get ready and she comes in too. Out from his bag the guy pulls out 4 G-strings and asks which one I want. My first response was "You want me to wear that?". My mother's friend said I agree to do anything and I better not disappoint and cancel out on her now. She said it would give me an extra $100. The guy starts to undress and slips on his G-string and, with me being short on cash and knowing the extra $100 would be a welcome relief, I did the same. She did get some peeks of my cock when I slipped it on but the G-string was very snug and barely covering me leaving nearly nothing to anyone's imagination. She said she could tell I didn't like wearing the G-string and made the comment it wouldn't be staying on for long anyway.

    It was now time for us to go out into the party and the guy told me to just watch what he does and basically to do the same. We danced in front of what was about 20 ladies. We danced in just our G-strings until he unclipped his and was naked. He was motioning for me to do the same but I was frozen in fear to fully expose myself even though I wasn't far from it. He came over and took it upon himself to unclip my G-string. The 2 of us were fully nude in front of everyone. The yells and cheers from the ladies seemed to have a relaxing effect on me. They were enjoying see me this way. I began to get a little too relaxed and began to touch myself more than I should have. The other guy was just dancing and exposing his goods but I was now stroking myself which was getting me more cheers from the ladies. I was also letting the ladies touch me which he was not. I was now the star performer and shortly put on a performance that I never expected. To put it simply, my performance had a very climactic ending with a very messy result.

    The other guy was only there for an hour and left. I got dressed and was very greatly regretting what I had done for all to see. My mother's friend said I really surprised her and definitely would have more work for me. I told her I couldn't do what I did again. She asked how my mother would feel about what I did. I told her I didn't think she would approve. She said she wouldn't tell her, or show her the video of my performance, if I agreed to do some more work for her. She added my performance was worth more than $100 so I can a lot more money coming my way.

    She did show me the video of my performance a few days later so I now knew she wasn't lying about it. She also gave me the location of my performance and what she expected. As time went on I got more comfortable doing what I did and it was very easy money. Also my show began to include more and more things including audience participation that included sexual intercourse in front of everyone.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    Last summer I needed money and a woman from work offered me weekend gig helping her catering a party. She failed to tell me it was on a small yacht, offshore. After we served lunch and cleaned up she told me I could sit on the deck and take a break.

    She came out and sat beside me and told me that one of the guests had asked for me. She suggested, didn't tell me, she suggested I accept, be nice and she was sure he would show his appreciation.

    I really needed money, I prostituted myself. I feel terrible, disappointed in myself. I can't even spend the money, it is still in my dresser.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Two years ago I accepted my bosses advances to achieve a much better pay check. I was saving for a motor cycle I was desperate to have, and he made me an offer. He told me if I let him fuck me a couple of times a week in his office after work hours, he'd help me save for my bike by giving me a much higher salary.
    I'm not sure how many times over the past two years I've sucked on his gorgeous fat cock, or how many times he's stuffed that piece of meat up my ass, but on average he's fucked me at least three times a week, if not more. That's because after the first few times, I actually began to love the feel of his thick cock sliding up my asshole.
    He's a married man with kids, so I know he won't be saying anything to anyone about our liaisons. But then I don't mention anything to anyone either, as I have a girlfriend. And no one other than him knows I take his man meat every week more than willingly. Even though I now own that beautiful motor cycle.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    My job was crap, my salary was worse and my outlook in the pokey little town that I grew up in was terrible. What I had going for me, was my looks, my figure and my willingness to better my situation through whatever means necessary.
    My big chance came when a new buyer came in to buy the company from the old owners. One of the new compnay directors took an instant liking to me, and I took a ride in his car to his hotel room. Over an hour and half hour period, I fucked his married brains out, and then had him eating out my pussy and asshole of his two loads of cum. He instantly promoted me to his new personal assistant, and I accepted a salary raise which equated to more than my old boss was paid.

    Within months, and lots of wonderful sex later, I was earning extra bonuses each time I fucked him, or some of the new clients he wanted me to secure for a business deal. I'd moved home and was living on the outskirts of the city relatively close to my old town. And my new car was bought by just two bonuses, which related to two all nighter's in a hotel room with some extremely sexual older men.

    My new role which has secured my home entirely, came about after returning back from the far east with one of the companies owners. He's the son of the actual owner and the directors boss. I was recommended by my old director to him, and he flew us both first class to achieve a new venture for our company. With him involved fully too, I spent two amazing nights providing all three men present, anything they wanted sexually from, with and to me. In all I was fucked by all three men over and over again. I took the details of the negotiations the following day, and then returned to our five star hotel to fuck them all, all over again.

    On the flight back with the knowledge of the flight stewardess, I joined the so called "Mile high club" as I joined my company owner in his pod. I've never had sex so quietly, yet so orgasmic, knowing people all around us during the night flight, were possibly listening in.

    Last month I accepted a diamond ring on my left hand, as the company owners son proposed. By way of celebration he invited over a friend of his and we shared a full evening all having sex together. My new husband to be might be bisexual, but he's also very rich and loves making me feel good.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 25

    Over a period of about a year I got closer and closer with my coworker. She came from a wealthy family and had been educated at Stanford. She was to me a princess, just being with her made me feel good. She paid for everything. I was more than just a friend, we had become lovers. I had learned that she had a friendship with a man, an artist. One day she asked me if I wanted to pose with her, pose intimately, pose in the nude.

    He was an older man, he treated her like a young spoiled daughter, he gave her what she wanted. And what she wanted, was a series of pictures, pictures of her and I, intimate nude pictures. I was unsure of what to do, but she and decided and he agreed to do the pictures. She was comfortable being naked, posing naked, erotic pictures. She showed me several pictures. She helped me undress, until I was totally naked, she loved on me, drew me into her desire telling me how much she loved me. Soon, we were under the blankets making love at her friend's home. She had drawn me into her world, her world where she was the lover and I was the one she loved.

    The pictures he took of us were all in black and white, some were explicit, but most were exotic, erotic, our nude bodies, our faces and our love making art. Those that were explicit were rough, almost visual r**e, tearing our bodies open for our private pleasure.

    From that day forward I was put on an allowance, a living allowance, a clothing allowance, an allowance for things I would come to own. An apartment and later a free standing home, jewelry, and financial securities. I lived with her, we shared our lives with her friend, the artist.

    But, I wanted my freedom again. I started to feel trapped, suffocated. When I asked her to let me go, she became upset, hurt, declared her love, but by then I was exhausted. I left her, she never asked me for any of the things I had accumulated, she only looked at me with pain in her eyes. I left the person I loved the most in order to breathe, to regain my independence.

    I see her regularly, I cannot stop loving her, but now I decide when and where I make love, in the dark, with her alone, no cameras, no pictures, just us.

    I do not accept her allowances any more.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 42

    My wife and I own a business.
    We had a 50% partner and we were trying to but him out.
    Robert was going to sell his half to a competitor because they had the cash. We couldn't get him to change his mind.
    He had always been open about flirting with my wife Kathy. Nothing overboard, but it was clear that he was attracted to her.
    Kathy suggested maybe she should try to negotiate a deal with him, on her own. We had been working at this for 10 years and had to sell half of our business because we weren't making any money back then and needed the capital. Now that it was profitable, worth seven figures, Robert wanted to sell. We agreed that we would do whatever it took to keep our company.
    Kathy arranged a dinner meeting for them. He was unwilling to budge, so Kathy invited herself back to his house for a nightcap.
    As hard as she tried, he would not give, so she ended up having sex with him with no promises from Robert. He only told Kathy he would think about it.
    Several days later Robert called a meeting with both of us. He agreed to sell the company to us by payments over the course of the year. Since it wasn't a lump sum, he would keep 10% of the company. During the course of the year, he would require bi-weekly meetings for the exit startegy. These were to be with Kathy, because he said he felt they were on the same page. He clearly had no idea that I knew he slept with my wife and intended to continue to do so. I'm sure he wouldn't imagine that I allowed this.
    Kathy and I agreed.
    I know Kathy enjoyed her Friday meetings with Robert and would often wear sexy underwear.
    She would never talk about details with me though.
    We kept our part of the bargain and Robert did too, handing over 90% of the company to us.
    Since he is still a share holder, Robert flies in for bi-annual meetings with us. Kathy always entertains him when he is in town.
    The truth is, we would have never discover that we both have a wife-sharing fetish if it wasn't for this.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I am a professional escort. I "entertain" between 5-10 men a night when i work. I do it for the money but sometimes sex with the right person is can orgasim me for real.

    I just serviced a man for his first time (he was no nevrious lol). He has been faithfully married 19 years and i got him to cheat with me and he likely will be a regular now.

    I just want to shout out to all the stupid wive's who let there marriages become sexless or boring in bed. You make note job easy, very profitable, and slightly rewarding.


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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hey y'all. Gotta tell someone you know? Anyway yesterday at the mall I did something I can't believe I did. Hoping to talk to some guys about it.


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