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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was 16 I started with some listings on craigslist. I didn't sell my body or have sex for cash, instead I took special requests for types of panties. I sold my worn, used, smelly panties. My brother is the one who talked me into it. I would take special requests: type of panty, color, multiple days worn, my juice dried in them, whatever people wanted. Mostly it was men, but there were some mid and older aged women emailing for them. I would only exchange in a public place and from my car (with the engine running). I had all kinds of requests, some of the worst were white cotton panties worn during my period, sometimes without a pad or sometimes actually with the pad or tampon. I was a virgin then, and didn't have sex though I didn't let people know that, so when the requests would come for my juice with some sperm in them, I'd recruit my bother to masturbate into them. That's what I did to get my juice soaked into them. I gave him some money every time he made a "contribution", eventually I yielded to his demand that I do the deed for him. So I would use my hand on him, and he'd shoot into the panties. He wanted my mouth later and I said no.

    Then it started with a woman who was in her later 40's, she asked if I would be wearing the panties and she wanted to look into the car while I took them off. So I complied. Then I put that online and others would pay extra for that service too. I also added having a picture of me in the pair of panties, and then for more money my brother would take a pic of me I them, and then with them pulled down my thighs exposing me to the buyer. I think I'm pretty good looking, and have a nice body so I didn't mind. Eventually that lead to some people wanting full photo sets and with my brothers help we started selling those too. We even faked scenes for some of the guys who wanted to see my "boyfriends" cock in me. He would put it in up to the head, so it was between my outer lips and we'd angle ourselves so it looked like it was half way in and half out. By this time I want to add that my at 16, and him at 17, my share of everything was coming to about $500 a week, and he was getting about$ 300ish.

    The woman who first wanted to see me remove my panties, started things further. I would let her in the car and she would take the panties off me, taking time to touch me in front and in back and even on my boobs. I let her rub me and put 1 finger in while letting her suck on my boobs. Some of the older, married men wanted to suck on them too, the married ones who felt bad if they cheated on their wives, so I started stripping naked, meeting them in hotels and letting them have 30 minutes sucking on my boobs.

    Eventually I had sex, and after my boyfriend called me names when he found out what I was doing and that my brother had put his cock "inside - not really" me, I started selling myself for sex. There are two men and one woman who like to watch my boyfriend and I do it. So my brother helps me out. I'm now 19, and a few months ago bought my own home. I still sell my panties too!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I lost my virginity to a much older woman about a year and a half ago when I was 17. She was 67 then. Very good body, huge tits, and very tight hairy pussy. She taught me all about how to please a woman. I've since used this in my life at the University with girls my age and a little older. I still see and have sex with the older woman.

    About a month ago she convinced me to have sex and give some pleasure to a very old neighbor of hers. Cynthia is 79 years old, with a pretty big body, I'd say she's about 5ft. 5in tall and weighs 170 or so. I had done this a couple of times before for my friend with others, but not so old. I went in to fuck Cynthia, we were naked, she had dark hair on her pussy, not a spec of gray, as I was taught with my friend it takes a bit of doing with older women to get them wet. I had lube with me and needed a little. I was caressing her tits the way I was taught, sucking the rubbery nipples into my mouth. She eventually told me to put it in her and I did. I fucked her for the first 20 minutes missionary, and then told her to roll over on her hands and knees. I was fucking her doggie style and she came within 2 minutes of my starting. She came three more times that way, and really loudly. She hadn't been fucked since her husband died about 25 years before this. She'd not been fucked in all that time. She got very vocal, and very nasty in her language. Finally she demanded that I buttfuck her, that I stick it up her ass and fuck her hard, hurt her shithole as she said it. I used the lube and she wouldn't let me ease in, she backed her asshole onto my super hard cock and demanded I hurt her shithole with my cock, that I, in her words - make her asshole bleed, ram her.

    So I did, I rammed her but honestly could only take it for another 10 minutes, with all her nasty talk I got hot as hell and blew my load up her 79 year old asshole. I returned to my friends apartment in the next complex over, and told her about it. She gave me a bath and let me fuck her. The next day after class I went back to my friends and Cynthia had left an envelope. I was astounded that it had $300 in it. I had no idea that she was actually very wealthy. Cynthia has asked me over many times now, and I've done all the crazy, kinky shit she wants and everytime I go there I get $300.

    It wasn't intentional, the first time I just did it for my friend, and to do Cynthia a favor I guess, but now I really do it for the money. I've never had any woman as vocal, dirty, and kinky as that old lady, and I've never found a girl or woman who loves to get buttfucked the way she does.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 21

    I have a 52 year old female landlord. She is married to a fat, bald little short guy and evidently he can't get it up any longer. I am a student and have been living at this place for almost 2 years. It is a very high end place and would cost way more money than I could ever pay. The toll is with the woman landlord. She is about 5ft. 4in, 150 lbs. or so. In pretty decent shape actually, and has massive boobs. I am 5ft. 4in, weigh 116lbs, have natural blonde hair, I don't shave usually because most guys like seeing a natural blonde down below. I only have a large A cup or a very small B cup (when I'm trying to think better of myself). I don't have to have sex with her, I have had sex with other girls in my past but am really hetero, not lesbian. The things I have to do are:

    1. If I have sex with a guy here at my place (not that often) I call her after the guy leaves and she comes up and looks at me naked, watching any of his sperm come out of me. Sometimes she feels me with her hand, or reaches in with her finger to get it started. Once when 2 guys were over, I had quite a mess inside and outside, one of them kept cumming on my pubic hair. She loved the mess, I thought she might have cum from playing with it while I was standing there in my living room.

    2. Once an evening she comes in and I go to the toilet naked, I pee and if I can, poop while she watches me. I have seen her rubbing herself through her pants, or under a skirt. Sometimes she comes in a robe and is naked under it, rubbing while she watches. She has had me watch her while she pees and poops in my toilet.

    3. When I get my period she likes (but not mandatory) seeing me change my tampons and/or pads.

    There is nothing else but that, one of my girlfriends knows and thinks it's creepy, but I let it happen from the start. I knew I couldn't afford the place, much less with these very elegant furnishings, but she said there was a way to pay without using money. I thought she was wanting me to have sex with her or worse, her husband, but no. I don't have to fuck her husband, I don't have to lick her (I would if that is what it took to stay here). My parents have no clue, my father and mother love the landlord, think she is extra special for keeping an eye on me. Little do they know just how she keeps an eye on their "little girl".

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I have to be honest my first gay sex was for money, well it wasn't really sex, at least not for me. There was this older boy who'd bribe me behind the candy store in the large fenced in area, our private hideout. He'd pay me to strip to my underpants and let him check me out. My smooth Lean clean and fresh eight year old boys body with a pert well shaped butt in fresh tighty-whitie underpants was all his thirteen years could handle. He'd wack- off while checking out my ass in underpants.
    This continued with slight variations over the next two years. He wanted to fuck me and I kept saying"NO!" He'd offer me all sorts of bribes and at ten he'd only succeeded in sliding down my underpants on a few occasions. I don't know my reasoning at the time but it seemed surreal when I said in my boy's soprano voice " okay, I guess so, I'll let ya?"
    It was dreamlike, on my stomach, legs wide, pert cheeks round and firmly tight in white cotton underpants. So virginal, lol, and wanting it too. He mounted me with youthful exuberance in reserve as he slowly and might I add painlessly penetrated my curious innocence.
    I had no concept of why but it felt amazingly good, especially his cumloads (2) which he had to explain what it was, LoL.
    I got paid too!? The price went up, I'm way too cute and too many guys want to fuck me, at least that's what my friend and close eleven year old confident convinced me. It seemed like every where we went other boys and men were always checking me out. Until I'd been fucked I never paid it much attention. My little buddy noticed and when I told him of Willie's indescretional cash fuck of my perfect little ass my friend Paulie saw dollar signs.
    This continued profitably for over a year once or twice a week. We were well into our twelfth year when a man found my wide eyes, curled locks, smooth skin effeminately gorgeous. With my sweet face blushing as he fondled my firm fresh cheeks. He had an insatiable craving for teen boys ass and here was me the perfect tween twink, younger than anything he'd experienced in his grasp. He'd learned from a few of his twink teens of this exceptionally cute precociously sexy boy who's been with other boys and he wanted me.
    I really wasn't interested, he really wasn't cute like most of the boys I'd been with, not in any way. He was persistent and offered me a lot of money to bed with him. I said okay
    It was a Saturday and we had all day. I'd gotten into girl's panties,the boys like it and I had a really cute pair of my sister's on. He liked them but really wanted them off so he could see me naked. I totally smooth with still a little boys penis blushed as he slid the panties off me. He made love to me orally for a long time, not missing any part of my body. I suckd him, he was big and had a really nice looking cock tapered thin to thick. It was a totally wide-eyed exploration for me, his cock and balls??? He kissed me pationatly, using his tongue as he inserted a suppository in my way too tight ass. He pushed it in to a first knuckle depth and I still gripped too tight. As it melted he unwrapped another, inserted and pushed it inside a full depth of his finger. I felt a warm and tingling sensation as he slowly finger fucked me, one, two and even three fingers. He said that I was ready and asked me to climb on up, it was weird I couldn't wait to get him inside of me. I loved it, I felt slightly high and euphoric, it was the suppository I'm sure but to date it was my greatest fucking I'd received. He fucked me twice that day and few times later till I moved. I quit fucking for money at thirteen due to my first real crush on another boy.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 25

    In no way do I consider myself gay but I hitch hiked my way across the country when I was 22. Wanted to just experience some new things plus I had little money so that's how I did it

    Well I found truck drives are very horny! In returns for rides I'd give them anal sex. About half way through the ride or before I got out I'd get naked, lay down on their bed and let them fuck my ass. It wasn't painful and I did t really enjoy it but there'd always give me a little cash for food and water after they were done. A few drivers were kind enough to wash my cloths for me as we stayed at a truck stop for the night. In return I'd let them use my ass because I was naked anyways. I did make all of them wear a condom though. I was surprised to see how many straight looking truck drivers actually were into fucking a guy. I hitch hiked for a month, that was a lot of cocks but I got where I wanted to go.

    I would never tell my parents or my girlfriend what I did

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was a sophomore in high school I joined a group of girls who provided sex to men. My first 'client' was a man in his sixties, he had a very hard time getting an erection and I stood around naked waiting for him. When he got an erection he was very aggressive and although I had sex I had never been outright 'fucked'. He paid extra and I had to sit on the bed naked indian style so he could look at my pussy. He told me he wanted to wanted to eat pussy and told me to get on his face.

    He asked for me every week. Most of the time he had taken his pill earlier and got an erection and he got on with his business and I took my fucking and gave him pussy to eat. If his pill didn't work then when he got an erection he fucked me outright, no heating me up. I learned to finger myself while he got an erection so I would be wet when he was ready to fuck.

    He always paid me well, and even after I gave my share to the woman I worked for, enough that if all I had was sex with him, I didn't need to work with other men. I got to the point when I never went with another man. I was a one client girl, but made more money than most of the other girls.

    When I was a senior the man died of a heart attack. I remember thinking, thank God he wasn't fucking me when he died. I didn't feel much.

    I stopped being part of the group and straightened up.

    I am not proud of what I did in high school. In a way I am glad I had one client and didn't have to get with just anyone. I know that it will never be just a memory. I can't really just forget.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    This follows on from my first post #37155 which some of you have asked for.

    So I have agreed to go for a trial/interview to be a sex worker with students in the city where I am studying so I can make some money to fund me through my studies. The young woman I met gave me a phone with an anonymous SIM and we sorted out some other stuff and she told me I would get a call from a guy to arrange to meet up.

    The call came later that day and we agreed to meet late the next afternoon. I received my instructions by text of where to go and was actually shaking when I rang the bell to the apartment where I was to meet the guy. He was nice, about 25 so a little older than me, very cool and obviously spent a lot of time at the gym.

    He straight way identified I had never done anything like this before, and was nervous and more than a bit shy. I told him that was just nerves which just wasn't true. The first 45 minutes or so was training so like what services we offer and specially what we don't do. He told me the prices and I was a bit surprised how low they were (60 UK pounds for sex) and he said I could earn a lot more outside the Uni's but it would be a much nastier business, students just don't have much money and it's better to have them coming back. Oh we talked about what was best to wear too, he said what I chosen today was too fiddly to take off and put back on.

    After a moments silence he looked at me and just said "Ready" I said "yeah, I guess" we were going to do a full on role play. Everyone loves a role play - right !

    I went out to the hallway, not out his front door - then he came to meet me and we went into his bedroom and I asked him what he was looking for and he asked me how much for a bj and how much for sex. He said he wanted a bj with no condom, I thoght that wasn't okay but then got confused if it was the same price as sex, but in the end told him No. He agreed sex for 60 and we agreed on the money though he didn't actually pay me. I stripped to my undies and told him to get naked and lay face down on the bed. It felt weird getting naked like that, business like.

    I gave him a body rub, then took off my bra and sat over him and massaged him with my titties on his back and neck. I reached under him to feel his cock for the first time and it felt hard and big. I took too long but was nervous to tell him to roll over but in the end did tell him to. He rolled over under me as I straddled his tummy, I lent forward and kissed his cheek and gave him a naughty wink and giggle as I slid down his body deliberately letting his cock rub my pussy lips. I put the condom on him and asked if he wanted me to go on top or him.

    He told me he wanted to go on top so I layed on my back on the bed and he climbed on top, I was actually pretty relaxed about this now as I rubbed him against my pussy and found my entrance. He kind of shuffled position and I layed back and relaxed as he guided his cock inside me. He moved in and out slowly pushing in really deep and asked if I was okay. I repled I was fine then realised of course that I am supposed to check that he is fine, he is the client.

    Just when I thought he was going to cum inside me he dropped something on my tittie, it was the condom, he must have pulled it off as he went in. I felt so stupid, and angry with myself and we stopped and sat naked on the bed. He said I did a lot of stuff good and I was a great fuck. lol

    He asked me if I thought I was ready to go with a proper client and I admitted that No I obviously wasn't. He calmed me down and said I'd learned a lot, but to come back again in a couple of days and he'd give me the okay to start work.

    When I came back two days later I was totally focussed and determined, I knew my prices was absolutely clear what I would and wouldn't do. He told me to go to the other bedroom where his flat mate was waiting, I didn't even care it was some other guy I've never met. I went in there and nailed it.

    Next day I got my first job and took 60 pounds.

    <3l isa

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    At the end of this week I go back to University in a city a long way from here were I will again pick up my double life as a student and part time whore. When I was just starting my first year of undergrad studies I got very much worried about the amount of debt I would get into while I was away. My mum is a single parent and although we have got by okay over the years money is tight and I hate the idea of debt and being more of a financial burden to her.

    When I started I was getting sick with worry and didn't go out much and didn't even like to buy food, which I know was silly. I told a few new friends how I was feeling and mostly they just said "Ahh don't worry, it'll be fine. Just have a good time and forget about it" I told one girl that I really got to know and she told me she raised money having sex with guys at the Uni. I should have been shocked, but I wasn't. She was really pretty and was very "nice" not at all the slutty type. To start with I said No, and she never pushed it again but sometimes when we are alone I would ask her more about how it was.

    Sometime in November last year I decided I had to do something or leave so got her to arrange a meet up with her contact who said she would def take me on if I was sure I could do it, tbh I wasn't completely sure but said I was. She told me that she only took the prettiest girls and only put us with students at the Universities in the City so I'd only be having sex with guys like I'd probably be fucking anyway and she arranged for me to go for a trial interview.

    I make enough money to live comfortably there and put some aside too, there is obviously more to the story, so let me know if you're interested and I will confess some more details. Likes are good but comments or questions will motivate me to share more.

    I am already booked for next Sunday with 5 guys from last year and there are thousands of horny new freshers starting this week too. xoxo

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 27

    I was on the train home. She called up just as soon as I sent my number. Her voice was kind of husky and the fact that she was actually calling excited me. 'You want me tonight baby?' I couldn't say much because there were people on the train.

    My thoughts were going to the video she sent me a week ago. Her taking this massive black guy deep in her from behind as she moaned.. that was gonna be me in her tonight.

    I got home changed into my running gear and headed off in her direction. I was stopping occasionally to reply to her messages. 'Meet me in the lane, I want to suck you off'

    Eventually I get to this park near kings cross (Sydney not London) where she told me to go and there is his playground tower. I tell her I'm here and where is she?

    '$200 Wank in the park?'
    'What? Are you a dude?'
    '200 to watch you wank in the park'
    'Are you here? I swear to god if you're a guy I will lose my shit'

    I started running off, headphones on and not looking back.. then the thought of the money started to tempt me. Things are pretty tight right now and if he wasn't going to touch me, only watch, why not? Could be hot.

    I was waiting at the top of the tower for this guy who kept messaging but never showed up.. the three young people show up and climb to the top. I though he brought friends. Turns out they were just there for the slide.. when they asked me what I was doing I played it like it was a drug deal. They all go down the slide and the last one drops this notepad.. they're cops!

    Without even thinking I called them and gave her back her notepad. I text the guy and said I'm out, this isn't happeneing. I put my headphones on and start to jog.

    I feel this pinch on my elbow. It's the cops. My sneaky story for why I was in a kids park totally backfired. Your getting searched mate. They pat me down and search me, obviously looking for drugs. I never do them so had nothing to hide and ended up having a good chat with them. They wanted to read the messages before they would believe me though XD

    Funniest story of my life.

    The guy kept messaging me offering me money to do it.

    Thinking of going back to the park tonight and letting him watch me. While I was sitting up there I thought it would be exciting to be naked up there and flash my cock out the side of the tower.. so that anyone in the street would see me jerking. Why not? If he's gonna pay me I'm gonna do a good job, might be repeat business..

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My dad died when I was ten and my mom kicked me out when I was 14. I didn't do anything and she didn't accuse me of doing anything. She just told me that I had to start contributing to the household finances and said I owed half the cost starting on my 15th birthday. Half was $1600 a month. McDonald's doesn't pay that much even full time and at 14 I didn't qualify for anything. Then a girl I knew told me she knew a guy that wold pay to have sex with young girls. I was hesitant at first until I learned that the guy was a cute teacher I had a minor crush on so I readily agreed. I had no idea how much to charge but my friend told me to ask for $300 for an hour. It didn't occur to me that as a 14 year old girl of above average looks I could command a bigger price. Mr. R. was really nice about it. He handed me an envelope and told me to count it to make sure he got the amount correct. I silently counted $500 and closed the envelope and put it in my purse and told him the amount was right. That was more than I would earn in a week at McDonald's.

    I was scared of losing my virginity as a whore but Mr. R. was really nice about it. He didn't try to kiss me or shove his hands inside me. All he wanted to do was have me wear pigtails, call him daddy and order him to eat me. That was the first time anyone ever ate me out and it was wonderful. If this is what it's like to be a prostitute I was all for it.

    Mr. R. doesn't' make a lot of money as a teacher so he could only do that once a month. That's O.K. I was almost a third of the way there for a month's contribution.

    My friend set me up with another client. He was an elderly man who couldn't get it up. He wanted me to wear pigtails too but also wanted me to wear pink little girl pajamas. He took my clothes off and gave me a bath fingering me gently and all I had to do was giggle and call him grandpa. I told him the price was $300 for the hour and he tipped me an extra hundred and that brought me to $900. Two other clients were dads of kids I went to school with. One wanted to just get a little girl to give him a blow job and he too wanted pigtails. I just decided then to keep my hair in pigtails all the time. But the other dad wanted me for a weekend. When I told Mom I had a job and needed to work the entire weekend she smiled and told me Good Luck!

    Jake was a middle aged man and the dad of someone I barely knew but my friend knew well. I had no idea how much to charge again since this was an entire weekend. 48 hours x $300 seemed like a lot of money so I asked for $2000. He agreed with a big smile on his face. He liked the pigtails but he wanted me to pretend to be a toddler all weekend long while he constantly touched me in the most inappropriate ways. When we were done Sunday night he handed me a very thick brown envelope and told me I was worth every cent. Even if it was all one dollar bills it was a nice tip to the $2000 he'd already paid me. When I got home I nearly shit myself. In the bag was $12,400 and a note. The note said "$300 x 48 == $14,400. You are worth every cent. Don't under sell yourself young lady."

    The next weekend my friend and I moved out of our respective homes and rented a nice apartment together with her using her older sister's I.D. I thought that being an undersized flat chested 14 year old girl who looked closer to ten years old than 14 would make it hard for me to make money as a hooker. I figured I'd have to give everyone a titless discount. Turns out I was wrong.

    So this is how I have been making my living for seven years now. Lucky for me I'm still under five feet tall and still flat chested and still skinny and I still look like a ten year old from the neck up. Obviously specializing in being Daddy's naughty little girl and looking the part and talking the part and acting the part is very lucrative. I make more money every month than my mother has ever made in a life time. I know I won't look like a little girl forever but as long as I do I'm going to make money with my money maker. Then, when I retire I'm going to college.

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