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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    it was early n the year and me and a few others including 2 of my cuzins were partying round a fire havin a good time,it was cold out. my uncle came down 2 the pond wehere we were n he was drunk running his mouth as usual,usually vulgar n that nite was no different typical drunk u no pawing at me commentin that i was hot as hell n its a good thing we're kin then sayin he didnt give a shit,he'd do me anyway,kin or not. i always thjought n still do thinks hes funny as he always has a comeback from any joke u throw at him so u had 2 b careful there. anyway he was braggin bout gettin his income taxes back n he'd gotten alot bac n after an hr mayb hr n half he startd hittin on me n then propositioning me that he'd give me everythin he has n his pockets if i'll hav sex wit him,of course i didnt entertain the thought at 1st but everybody bein drunk n my cuzins encouragin me n whisperin thats alot of money n they'd take it n the azz if he was willin 2 pay them so i gave n gave him everythin he wantd without knowin how much money was involved but drinkin tends 2 cause u hav those laps in judgement dont u no. afterwards i regret it 4 a cpl of reasons,1 thing was it wasnt as much money as he led me 2 believe,it was only 313.67 cents,yep i took the 67 cents 2,that fat bastard tricked me i took everythin n his pockets. number 2 regret was every1 found out bout it n now my aunts keep close eyes on thier hubbies at family reunions but i jus quit goin 2 those it was a bit uncomfortable so best i don't go,u no. it's not so much that he was my uncle caus hell i've ben wit 3 of my cuzins growin so it was nuthin new but it was jus the way it went down,that suckd,plus he smelled bad bein heavy n all n still i let him,but mayb it prepared 4 wat i do now as a stripper ur expected 2 hav sex wit clients on a daily basis n many arent n great physical shape n the head of security where i worked laffs at me wen a fat guy request me caus he says all he can c is my feet on either side of the guy n its funny 2 him,ha,ha Sarge laff it up. it mayb Sarge's daughter under sum big drunk slob 1 day,lol. Sarge always comes n the vip room wen i get the big guys in case they pass out drunk on me n kill me,that did happen once n i really did bout die but thank God Sarge checkd on me n even tho i'm not serving God,i do believe He watched ovr me that nite so thank u Jesus,my Saviour. its ironic that its EASTER 2day but it is. 3/30/13 yaw hav a blessed Easter.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 49

    I paid for sex. I found an older Hispanic woman and bargened for all night. I was just getting divorced and fucking into the next morning was quiet sweet revenge. I used all her condoms.

    she agreed to go to Simi public places to fuck but that took time. I lost count at 7.

    the sad thing is that was one of the only times that I got what sexually. I had to pay for the sex I want.

    it is not devent sex, simply sex. now that I'm in a new long term relation shio, and I might have to cheat or pay for the sex I want.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    i was walking home from school bff went to her house, so i was alone for like a half mile. soooooo weird!!! im just walking along, with mi school jacket on mind you...and a car pulls up next to me. some fat old man trying to talk to me. i kept walking but i said hi. i was nervous as hell. he tried to get me to stop and talk to him...i kept asking why. he just said id want to hear what he wanted to say. after liek a minute of this i was like sooo annoyed, so i stooped and decided to listen to him...then maybe hed go away u know?? well the old fat perv...asked me if id like to make some money!!! omg!! i even asked him if it was for like babysitting or something. he said no. he said he was dying of cancer and didnt care about the risk he was taking with a younger girl. the man asked me if id have sex with him!!! my direct response to him was " dream on gramps" and started to walk away. the guy wouldnt leave me alone. i kept saying no...louder and louder. then the geezer told me to name my price!!! i was laughing at this point. he kept saying it assuring me that he had the money. well to try and finally get rid of him i messed with him and threw a huge amount at him. he said he had it and would do more. now i actually had no intentions of doing this ok?? i mean..yuck! so old!!! i called his bluff though and asked hom to prove it. well...i lost;) he had a large envelope...and showed me the amount i said , which was alot!!! uh oh....well i pushed it. i told him to double it and he had a deal. bluffing..again. well...he didnt double it...he showed me 3 times what i said. omfg!!! i mean.he showed me the i did it. i got in his old man car and we went to his house. i had sex with him for 2 hours and he gave me all that money and drove me close to home. so i could not see the parents see him drop me off. cant believe i did it...but i couldnt refuse. for 2 hours of my life...forthat amount of money...i couldnt say no. dont think too bad of me ok?? please??

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    i have been working at my mom's office after school since last fall. my mom is gone when i get there, but i work with her boss everyday. he has me do useless stuff. my mom got him to let me come in a few days a week after school, jsut for some spending cash. high school job you know?? anyway...i have been so shocked since yesterday. i jsut now thought of asking a site like this for your opinion. my mom's boss yesterday....offered me money to have sex with him!!!! im in high school and he is like 70 years old!!! i promised not to tell anyone that he asked me this. i jsut wanted to know what y'all thought. thank you

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    wasnt really for money...but its how i got my drivers license this past tuesday. long story, but i can drive by myself now..yay :)

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    I haven't yet but I'm getting desperate. I spoke to a guy who runs an agency and send him my pics already. I'm hesitant because I have to have sex with him before I can get any bookings. But I'm probably going do it. It's not like I have much choice.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    We were struggling for money. My husband lost his job after being made redundant in the construction industry, three months after I told him I was pregnant and we both knew I'd soon have to leave work myself. Things began to get tight financially and even though my husband was out every day looking for work, he couldn't find regular work.
    I'd known the company owner for two years, but rarely spoke to him as he had a manager to look after the staff. Realising the predicament we were in I decided I'd go in and see him, see if there was any way I could work more, or in a different capacity to get more money. He's in his early fities and has generally taken care of himself, always smartly dressed and as I've come to find out, he's a very confident man.
    When I told him our situation and asked him if there was anything I could do to earn more money, he smiled. There was absolutely no hessitation or weakness in his voice when he said "I don't know, Is there anything a young good looking woman like you could do for me". He said it in a way and with such a big glowing smile afterwards, I knew exactly what he meant. I responded by saying "You can see I'm pregnant".
    Not missing a heartbeat he replied "So you'll have to earn it quickly then, won't you". As he said that he walked around the desk he was sat at, loosened his belt, undid his fly and trouser button. He then dropped his trousers past his ass along with his underwear.
    His cock was already semi erect and as it flopped forwards, I could see it was way bigger than my husbands cock. It's big shiny bulbous head was leeking pre cum and the long thick shaft seemed to be pulsing. Looking up at him, nervously I said "How much more money". "That depends on what and how good you are". he replied.
    Only thinking of the money I took his cock slowly into my mouth and began to suck it in further. With each passing second I took more in until I was almost choking, then I began to fuck his cock with my mouth, hoping at first he'd cum quickly.
    It wasn't too long before not only was he enjoying what I was doing to his cock, but I was too. Holding his balls with my left hand, gently cupping and squeezing them. I began to stroke the shaft of his thicky veiny cock with my right hand, masturbating him as he fucked my mouth.
    Just when I thought he was about to cum after I'd sucked his cock hard for about five minutes, he pulled out and said "Lay on the desk, I want to fuck you, it's not as if I can get you pregnant". I didn't need asking twice, I knew it wouldn't hurt the baby and by then I was just as horny as he was. Plus I figured I could get more money from him. As he said, I couldn't get any more pregnant than I already was.
    He helped me lay on his large oak desk, moving some things as I lay down. Standing in between my legs and lifting my dress up, I thought he was just going to move my panties aside and drive his cock into me, I was wrong.
    Kneeling down on the floor, he buried his face into my pussy after moving my panties to one side. His oral skills drove me to orgasm within a couple of minutes, but he kept on going until I was squirting after another orgasm ripped through me. It was the first time in my life I'd squirted during sex and it felt awsome.
    He stood up in front of me, his face, shirt and tie covered with my pussy juices. Moving right into me I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy entrance, then with one forceful thrust he penetrated my soaking pussy, his cock sliding past my labias and deep into the whole my baby would coming out of in a few months time.
    I love my husband deeply, even though I've done what I've done and when we have sex together it's a loving passionate form of love making. With the company owner and my ultimate boss that morning, it was just pure lustful sex and animalistic fucking.
    His cock hammered into me time and again . Every thrust of his cock deep inside my pussy, sending shivers of pleasure through me. I opened the top of my dress and lowered my bra, to reveal my breasts to him. I wanted him to satify himself in my body. I wanted him to know he was giving me such an awsome fucking and that I would carry on giving him anything he wanted.
    He flooded my pussy when he came, his cock spurting load after load inside me, making me want him more as I began to orgasm myself. When he stopped and pulled out I knew I could one more thing for him. Something which would make him want me again. I had him help me down, then I knelt in front of him and took his cum covered semi erect cock back into my mouth. I spent the next couple of minutes licking, sucking and cleaning his cock, listening to him gently moaning then saying my name, "Oh fuck yeah Katie". At that moment I knew more money would be forth coming, just as his sperm had done deep up my pussy.
    Our son is eighteen months old now. My husband has found and retained work which has enabled us to be financially sound. I'm back at work at my new position as Personal Assitant to the company owner. He still gets to fuck my pussy and now ass, at least three or four times a month. Especially if we have to travel and stay in a hotel, when procuring contracts. It's still just sex and from my point of view, definately just that. Amazingly good horny, hard, sexually satisfying pussy and ass filling sex.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 32

    Accepting the new position was the easy part. The extra money enabled myself, my husband and my two daughters to move into a new neighbourhood and to find a great new school for the girls. The catch which has taken place twice a month for the last eight months, is I have to meet up with my boss at a hotel and have sex with him.
    It's not the usual boss gives job to female then fucks her, far from it. I already knew he'd cheated on his wife and I'd heard rumours about his special kink. When he offered me the job and very succinctly asked me to perform a sexual act for him. I took both oportunities within the first week. Meeting him at the hotel was easy, our company serviced the hotel with various things. Being unclothed in front of him for the first time was awkward, but he didn't want to touch me in any way then. In fact I had to place the sexual equipment on myself as he undressed and got himself ready. The black strapon dildo flopped about as I approached him from behind and nervously I fumbled to place it at his rear entrance. Only when he insisted did I thrust forwards and impale his ass on the shinny lubed up phallus. The reverse medium sized dildo inserted inside my increasingly wet pussy had me cumming within minutes, as I fucked away at his ever eager ass, way before he came. When his cock erupted, his cum spurted all over the bed covers as he masturbated himself. Withdrawing the strap on didlo from his ass I watched as he licked up every drop of cum. Removing the other end of the dildo out of my pussy, I offered it to him as he'd asked before started. He licked and sucked it clean of my juices before we dressed and made our own ways home, the job and my new role secure.
    As the weeks went by I wasn't happy with him not pleasuring me, his hard large erect cock was wasted, but he wouldn't fuck me. Just as the many different positions I fucked him with the strap on, I soon had him licking my soaking wet quivering c**t, after I'd performed my male duties for his ass. I have to say he's got to be the best man ever to perform cunnilingus on me.
    The reason I'm telling my confession now and on here, is he's about to leave the company and move away. I'll be glad to get back to normality and live as a normal housewife and lover to my husband, but I will miss the dominance I got from fucking his wonderfully tight ass and his amazing tongue.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    been dying to unload this!!!! i am ok with this but nt like totally proud ok?? i live in a trailer park. my dad left us when i was little, and my mom is addicted to pills. its awful!!! i am trying to graduate and go off to college. my mom doesnt work and is a total waste and a wreck. well my confession...for over 3 years i have been fucking men in the trailer park for money. not all of them of course but quite a few. mostly wrinkly really old men, but if i dont, we have no place to live and no food. so i am supporting my mom and me. she wants to get help but hasnt yet, and she knows i have been prostituting myself to men in the park for years. and its not much money i have to do it alot just to pay the bills. every friday night one of my customers has a card game...and i make like 500-800 that night. which pays alot! every other night, most of it i am saving for college. no i am really a nice girl..i just have to do this . im not upset about it actually, and i enjoy it a little. even though most are so freakin old! sorry to ramble....been dying to unload this. thanks for listening

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    it has been 3 days and i still cant believe i actually did this!!!! im a yougn cute blonde and live in the usa. saturday night...well something happened. and i am still amazed i did it. i went to a school party with my friends, and well it was a typical party...we got pretty drunk etc. not sure how but i kind of got left behind when the party broke up...all my gf's were gone. so i had to pretty much walk home alone. through town too!!! well so i did. no choice. i was pretty drunk and it was like 2 am. and i walked home through the part of town i shouldnt have. the area where street hookers stand. i knew the street too. i walked right down it too...bravery from the beer;) no girls at all. must have been too late at night. well again..damn beer;) i decided to stand there..daring myself to do it. i was wearing my school jacket and tight jeans. it was drizzling and maybe 40 degrees. cold and damp. i had over a mile to walk....i was drunk enough at this point..that i convinced myself id do something with a man for a ride. stupid and not like me at all!!! well i stood on this one street corner for , idk, maybe 10 minutes..and a car turned onto the road. i have never been more scared and excited. well i stood right there..and this same car circled around the corner 4 times passing me each time. i had already talked myself into giveing at least a blow job for a ride...and was drunk enough to do it. i waved at his car twice but he didnt stop. well..i saw him 2 streets up..turning again to come by me. this time id make him stop i pulled my jeans down enough to show my cute little butt...and showed it to him as he drove by. all i heard was his squeaky brakes screach:) he stopped. i was terrified...this is not like me at all, but i was drunk, u know?? well i pulled my jeans up and walked to his car and leaned into the window. omfg!!!!! this man was liek 80 years old!!!! and i had my high school jacket on!! he was not shy...he asked me if i wanted to make some money. i was so scared...all i could really say was " for what' . this old geezer asked me what id do for 200 dollars!!!! i guess i must have told him id let him do me...cuz next thing i knew i was in his car and he took me to his house. he never asked my age!!!! i was wearing my jacket so he knew i was in high school...but what the hell right?? well he paid me 200 when we got there, and well, for being almost 80...he got hard!!! he took me to his bedroom and spent an hour or so tasting me, then after i went down on him...he got me on all fours and put it in me. condom of course. he didnt last long im pretty sure. he gave me a ride home too and gave me his phone #...said any time i wanted the same deal to call him. these memories are still coming back to me you know?? as drunk as i was....still kinda foggy. but i know i actually had sex for money!!! and it was with a man almost 80 years old!!! jsut had to get this off my chest....i havent told anyone.

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