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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My friends and I played a new game last weekend and it was a blast!

    We call it, guess the cock!

    Everyone puts $20 in the pot, then we look around the bar and pick out a guy. You then write on a piece of paper a description of him, like what he is wearing and puts their name on it. You then randomly pull one from the pile.

    Then everyone is to guess things about his privates.

    Cut / uncut, length, girth, shaved balls, unshaved, trimmed, bent,,
    The person that selected the guy, meaning, wrote his description, and name on the paper, must verify!!

    That's the best part! Getting the guy to show you his private parts and getting a photo! If you can't get he to let you do it, the money goes back in the pot and you all throw in another $5 for the next round!

    I won $175 last week and had a great time doing it :-)
    Then lost $30, but I'm still up.

    O ya! Bring a ruler or tape measure plus a camera!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    So a few years back i was young, desperate female. i needed money real bad. i was basically livin on da streets. one day i was at the store lookin at things i couldnt afford when this rich guy walks up behind me and looks at the aisle right behind me. i thought nothing of it. it was almost closing time and nobody else was there and the cashier couldnt see us. suddenly i felt a hand on my ass, rubbing it. i turned around and saw the rich guy groping me and he had a boner. i was about to slap him but he grabbed my hands and pulled me down to the floor. he dry humped me and he had his hand over my mouth. as he humped me he said 'hey i saw you on the street begging for money if you come to my house everyday starting tomorrow i'll pay you $100 every single day.' well i was desperate and i had no idea what he meant at the time, so i actually said 'i'll come over tonight if you want!' bc i really needed the money. so he smiled and pulled me off the ground and we got in his car. he kept saying very suggestive things but i was focused on the money. so we pull up to his big house and we walk in his bedroom. he leaves me in the room for a moment and goes to the bathroom. by this time im thinking i'll be the cleaning lady or something. well as i was focused on the giant fluffy bed he crept behind me, pushed me down on the bed and started taking off my clothes. then he shoved his dick in me and kept it there as he explained. 'you will come to my house every day and i'll pay you $100 every day if you agree to do whatever i tell you to do.' i nodded and he started fucking me really hard in the pussy. i came after only 10 minutes, and then his giant great dane walked in. he got off of me and tied my hands to the bed, then tied my feet apart on the bed. then the great dane jumped up and started fucking me. i was moaning and the rich guy was jacking off. then the dog got off of me and the rich guy forced me to give him a blow job. After that, I got up and he gave me a $100 bill.

    Since then I have gone to his house everyday and he even gave me a room in his house. he's made me fuck everything, from him to his dog to anything shaped like a dick. we've done it all over his giant house, and once when his son visited we had a foursome with the dog. sometimes the rich guy will fuck me in the middle of the night. every morning he hands me a $100 bill but it's not like i need it. i have a house and food already. ;)

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I ended up getting in big trouble at work and my boss found out about it and confronted me just as I was leaving. He knew that I really need this job and was using that to his advantage, blackmailing me into sleeping with him to keep it. I was freaking out and told him I'd think about it.

    I ended up talking to my boyfriend about it. There was no way I wanted to fuck my boss but I needed this job or else I'd have to move back with my parents and I didn't want to lose my relationship. He... was upset about it but he told me to go ahead with it. I called up my boss and told him I'd sleep with him to keep myself out of trouble.

    Next day I had to go over to his place and we did it. He didn't leave a single hole on me untouched and he refused to use a condom through all of it. I was there for over an hour and most of it was spent fucking. And I enjoyed it... he had a big dick, he knew how to last and he knew what to do to make me feel good and I enjoyed every bit of it. I felt like a horrible person afterwards, like I was nothing more than a useless whore, but it didn't change the fact that the sex was great.

    Me and my boyfriend had a tough time with each other after that; he avoided me for a while. I kept my job, though my boss keeps dropping hints he's willing to have another go... and I seriously entertained the thought. I even fantasized about it happening again. I managed to make things up to my boyfriend and we're still happy together, but I... really want to have sex with someone else again, and have my boyfriend share me, even if it means letting him go at it with another girl. I know it's wrong to think that way but the fantasy and the memory gets me so horny... I'm seriously considering approaching him about it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i was a 23 yr old guy with a big problem with day i had just taken my last oxy and i was broke.i ran into a girl i grew up with.she was with her friend(girl).so i went up to say hi and i tried to bum some money off of her.they both looked at me and knew i was desparate.they said we can take it out in trade.she would give me the money if i let her and her friend tie me up and tease me for while.i agreed.not that i had many other went back to her place. they had me remove all my cloths and they tied me to all 4 corners of the bed.her friend left vthe room and came back with 2 feather dusters.for 2 hours other than a few teasing kisses the only thing touching my body were the feather dusters.i needed to cum so bad i thought i was gonna go mad.when they untied me i had to finish myself off while they watch..its was fun but my manhood felt kinda low cause my addiction mad me do this.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have two bottles of liquor in my backpack. One is a very good single malt scotch. The other, a cheap bottle of vodka. They're not a full fifth. About a pint each. Unopened. Untouched.

    With my hiking back strapped to my back, and when the din of the road has quieted, you can hear the liquid slosh against the containers, one glass, one plastic. I have heard them almost every evening for the past three years.

    They're there to remind me of my final decision, the final choice that I am just about to make.

    Whether I live or I die.

    Instead of dramatics, let me say if you're reading this, then my decision was made. I've likely opened the bottle of vodka, found a quiet, relatively peaceful perch against a tree somewhere hard to see beyond the blacktop of America's highways, and drank the clear liquor down while swallowing pill after pill of Nembutal. Within a half hour, I will be a corpse. I'm guessing my body won't be discovered until after I'm bones, which will likely give me the most serious attention anyone has paid me in years when the police find them.

    The scotch I carried with me for celebration, a toast to victory if I managed to scrap through this tribulation. That's not going to happen now. After this last employment rejection (the big one, the real one, the one that would've changed my life finally), I have come to the conclusion that Darwin is indeed right. And I am just not strong enough, desirable enough... well, enough of anything of substance, to justify surviving this world after 38 years.

    Maybe I'm an attention whore. But I've been alone for so long, it's hard to justify that. Instead, I want to offer you a picture of a life that has led to this. I'm not going to justify my actions, my behavior. I just want to depart this world with my short, brief manifesto that a few of you may read.

    Perhaps that's the best I can offer this world. Because everything else was a miserable failure.

    I lost my last steady job in 2007, a career earning close to $300 grand a year on average (sometimes a helluva lot more). Before that, I bought up on the American Dream, using credit to fill in the gaps. Overvalued house in a gated community. Three-year lease on a new Mercedes whose monthly payment equaled the some people's house payment. And all the other cushions of pretend wealth: Private schools for my two step children; a gorgeous trophy wife who epitomized being a lady in public and a whore in bed; accolades and philanthropic awards to everyone one else could wish to be me.

    I don't need to get into the details, but suffice to say the spiral was quick, dramatic and all-consuming. Soon after losing my job and my license for insider trading (while I am guilty of, was doing nothing different than anyone else, and was only caught because the nature of office politics hung me out to dry), my wife divorced me for our neighbor, who left his wife soon after being traded by one major league team for another in another city. She took the house and promptly sold it for 40% what I paid for it. Then she entirely wrote the children out of my life with the help of her high-priced lawyer.

    Within a year, I was facing the biggest fall anyone could imagine: Penniless and homeless. At that time, I still clung to wisps of New Agey positive thinking so rampant among the true ignorant. I metaphorically dusted off my pants and saw this as an opportunity to start over in life, reset from the very beginning.

    With that, I had my eyes set on Los Angeles. I don't know why, in particular. Maybe I romanticized the studio system would like my investment and business acumen enough to hire me. Maybe I was hoping to find a trophy replacement for Bethany who would light up the silver screen and tote me along red carpets from here to Cannes.

    Regardless, I have never and will never make it that far.

    My plan was to hike from New England to California with everything left after the bankruptcy strapped to my back in an oversized Eddie Bauer hiking pack. Strangely, it was the one thing I actually accomplished correctly. I had emergency food, various changes of clothes, a Teflon-coated compact camping tent, blankets, a jacket, and a stash of nearly $30k in cash ... crumbs of what I accumulated in my former life.

    And I struck out for California on March 27, 2008. Along the way, I did what I could to earn a little money, staying in small towns and cities (mainly in the woods) for as little as a day to as long as four months, working whatever odd jobs I could muster. I even landed a marketing job with an insurance company in St. Louis that was paying me close to $100,000 a year. I almost opened the bottle of scotch for that job. But I didn't even get a paycheck.

    On the third day of work, I walked to the office (I was sleeping at a nearby hostel at the time) to find the doors locked and a perfunctory sign on the door from the FBI warning trespassers away.

    "Curious about something?" a voice registered behind me. I turned, and saw a man in a nondescript navy suit, white collared shirt and dark glasses. I almost laughed at how cliche' he appeared. He did not return the smile.

    "I worked here," I said finally.

    "Ah, you must be Mr. Glen XXXXXXXXX," the agent commented, glancing at a manila folder like he was checking the lineup for a baseball team. "Today's your lucky day, Glen. You were hired three days ago, right?"


    "Well, that pretty much absolves you of any guilt in the situation," he turned back to his car. "It seems the owners were running a Ponzi scheme that collapsed. If you don't mind, I need to give you some forms to fill out and make a statement. Unfortunately, you'll be needing to find a new job."

    By 8 that night, I passed the city limits of St. Louis, taking up an offer from one kind trucker to hitch with him to Kansas City.

    It's not like I wasn't looking for meaningful, valid employment through all of this. I realized, without my broker license, I wouldn't make the money I was in my heyday. But I thought I had a lot of skills. Turns out, without that, I was nothing. Just enough to fumble through a day painting porches, cleaning cars and even once giving a long-haul truck driver a handjob for $100.

    By the time I neared Wyoming, any sunshine left in my outlook on life had collapsed into a numbing black hole. And my mind was made up.

    Through an old contact at the SEC, I found there was a way to maybe get a reconsideration on my trading license. If that came through, then I would have a job lined up with a real estate investor in LA making decent money again. After reading that email, I made Casper my home for a month to work through this, camping out behind a secluded public library at night, showering under a hose at a nearby business park well before dawn, and working on the library's free computers.

    On Feb. 28, I got the news: The SEC was not going to reconsider my license. With that, the potential job disappeared. Any chance at a life, at this point, was over.

    I was...without being too melodramatic...the Walking Dead. I was the person everyone sees on the sides of roads and with whom does his or her best to avoid eye contact. Now literally penniless, I relied on compassion from motorists off highway exists for spare change. I knew what they thought, I could see it in their eyes, and even heard it uttered once, "Buy food instead of drugs, you loser!"

    I existed like this for another couple of weeks, pretending that I was still heading for LA, but inside, that voice grew louder and louder. "Take the pills, chummo." You'd all be shocked at how easy it is to order a lethal amount of Nembutal from overseas. It shipped to a post office box I rented for a month in under five days.

    There's a lot more to my story. Like I said earlier, I'm not justifying my actions, my decision. I only hope to leave this as my tombstone to the world.

    I am signing off now from the library. I found a really nice copse of pines and broadleaf off the side of the highway. If you go deep enough into the woods, you will find a tree edging the other side, perched on a small grassy hill with a beautiful view of an empty, lonely valley. That's the best gift the world has given me lately, a quiet place to drink my vodka.

    Everyone else on here, keep on keepin' on. As for me, I bid adieu. -- Glen XXXXXXXXX

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This confession makes me feel gross but also turned on, when I think about it.

    I work at an ice cream shop evenings after school in college. It was a fine job at first. I scoop ice cream, and make milkshakes, and clean up after work. The high up position is making cakes, it pays about 5 bucks more an hour, but I am fine making what I do. Besides the boss, Dave (everyone calls him "Uncle Dave" for some reason) he is really strict about promoting people to make cakes. I guess he's a perfectionist. He's like 50, and a little out of shape, but has a lot of energy and always keeps us on our toes.

    I had worked for about 6 months when they hired my boyfriend, Petey, to scoop ice cream as well. We've dated almost a year. Petey helps support his family, and is always broke.

    Anyway, one day Petey came to me and said he might have to move because their apartment is too expensive. I was afraid he might have to move far, across town or worse. I told Petey to ask Uncle Dave if he could train to make cakes. Petey did ask, but got turned down.

    So... one night I thought I'd talk to Uncle Dave myself. It was a night where I closed. It was just me and him. He locked up and I was cleaning the metal scoops, and washing out the shake machine. Uncle Dave was counting the money in the register. I saw all that money, and thought about Petey, and got the courage to talk to him.

    I approached him and made small talk. Then I was like "Uncle Dave, is there any way you can promote Petey to cakes? He really needs the extra money."

    Uncle Dave looked at me, and he got a weird look in his eye. He asked me how bad I wanted Petey to get promoted? I was like, very very bad. I explained about being afraid he'd have to move.

    "What if I wanted you to do a little extra work here, after hours, to help me?" He asked. His eyes were shifty when he asked this. I should have known something was up.

    I said of course, I'd be more than glad to help, as long as it didn't take too long. He assured me it would never take more than half an hour or so. I said a half hour extra on nights I worked didn't seem so bad.

    Uncle Dave then said I should meet him in the back by the freezers. And then he said something weird, that I guess really should have tipped me off.

    "Be a good girl and put your hair up in a pony tail. It'll be easier that way." and he winked at me. I didn't know how to react, so I laughed and smiled and said OK. was he worried my hair would get dirty? i didn't know, but I went to the bathroom and did as he asked.

    When I came out, he was leaning against a freezer. I walked up to him and showed him my pony tail, and asked if that was good.

    "Perfect.&q uot; he said. He reached up and grabbed it. "Now get on your knees."

    I laughed, not sure what was up. I feel so silly now. I did get on my knees, him tugging me down by my pony tail. Then he breathed heavily, and said "Unzip me."

    I guess then it sunk in. But I didn't process it fast. He said it again, and my hands started mechanically opening his pants, while my mind was still forming words.

    "Um, I didn't realize this is what you meant-"

    "Do you want to help Petey or not?"

    "Yeah, but... um..." it was then that his thing sprung out of his pants. It was thick and red and angry looking.

    "Then go ahead."

    Well anyway, needless to say I did it, or I wouldn't be here confessing lol. Petey got his promotion, so that was good. But Uncle Dave I guess considers it an ongoing thing, because I've gotten on my knees for him many times now. Sometimes we'll be in the middle of a shift, with someone waiting for me to get a tub of their favorite flavor from the back, and Dave will stop me in the freezer and make me service him. I never say no. I've gotten to the point where I wear my hair in the ponytail every day now, it's part of my ritual when I get to work, to put it up.

    I don't know, I kind of like it, but I feel gross. I haven't told Petey obviously. I have a feeling Dave wants to do more, because he said something the other day about giving Petey a raise "if properly motivated."

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was a high school kid looking to earn some money. A friend told me that this big restaurant was hiring, so I went in to apply. The manager, an ordinary graying, balding guy gave me an application, which I filled out. He skimmed it then said he was going to hire someone else but he would give me a try instead and see if I would work out as a bus boy. But, he told me, he couldn't promise that he would keep me on since I lacked experience. He told me to follow him upstairs to the wardrobe so he could help me find a uniform. This was an out-of-the-way room at the end of the hall. Once inside he closed the door and proceeded to eye me for size. He picked out an outfit and told me to try it on. It seemed kind of awkward being in this room undressing in front of my new boss but I did what I thought I was supposed to do. As I was slipping out of my pants he said that since he had done me a favor maybe I'd want to improve my job prospects by doing him a simple favor. I looked at him uneasily and he smiled and said "I don't know if this is your thing, but from the moment you walked in today I wanted you to blow me so bad. What do you think?" I told him I didn't know, which I didn't since my heart was racing,and I was a little freaked out, but I really wanted a job.

    I had experimented with girls before and had jerked off with a couple of male friends, but nothing like this. I had been wanting to try sucking cock for a long time, and horny teenager I was, I had vowed never to miss out on any sexual encounter that came my way. The manager wasn't bad looking and mostly seemed nice. So I gulped nervously and said, "That doesn't sound too hard I guess, but what if someone comes up here?" He assured me that no one would. So we moved behind a clothes rack and he slid down his pants and underwear as I kneeled in front of his semi erect uncut cock, which I took in my hand and stroked like I did my own. He told me that it felt really good and then said,"Suck it". I slid it into my mouth and immediately he got harder. He was holding my head and caressing my hair as I slid his, now very hard cock, in and out of my mouth. I didn't quite want to admit to myself how exciting this was. He could tell I was into it and kept saying, "You like it, don't you?"

    Soon I could tell he was getting close to coming as his cock got super hard and he started gasping. "I'm coming" he said by way of warning, but I wanted to be a good cock sucker, so I kept going. He started to shutter then shot a warm load of jizz into my mouth, which I swallowed. I kept him in my mouth until he was completely spent. As he was dressing he thanked me and said he thought I would work out just fine. Over the year and a half I worked at that restaurant I sucked him off many more times, in his office, in his car and once at his home when his family was out. I did this even as I had a steady girlfriend.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i have commited fraud against my family and stolen a lot of money. my parents said "Rachel you are out of Lyne" i have since moved away to Cornwall and they still wont speak to me i dont think they ever will again. the sad thing is that they have been so good to me

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my name is emma i'm 22 now and been with my boyfriend for 2 years, when i was 17 i loved sex, i did lots ob boys over a short period of time, 1 time i was walking home to my step dads house when 3 boys started talking to me as i walked along, they said i was sexy as fuck and asked if i wanted to earn £50 and suck each of them off in this park behind my step dads house, i was skint and xmas was coming so although i was nervous i went with them, they gave me the money and started getting their dicks out, i got on my knees and started sucking his cock after less than a minute holding my head hard he pumped spunk into my mouth, and then i did the other 2, they gave me a mobile number and i gave 1 mine. The next day i got a text saying there was a party on sat nite and did i wanna earn some 'real cash' they said it was a mates 16th birthday and wanted him to lose his virginity, the party was in lowestoft and he said i would get £300 for fucking him, after thinking it over and them letting me bring a friend with me i agreed. I dressed up in a tiny red dress with high heels on, when i got there there was about 20 blokes there the boy was nice so my friend took the money and i went into this bedroom and stripped off, i sucked his cock and then he licked my cunt and starting fucking me, he wasn't bad for a virgin, the lad i'd been texting came in and watched, when the lad came in me i got up to get dressed and he said would i be interested in fucking somemore for more money, a couple more lads came in and they all kept saying come on we'll give u £50 quid per cock, i did it, they paid and i got hammered by 16 further men i gave my friend leanne some cash for making sure i was ok, secretly i loved it and i did it a few times more, it was first time i'd had it in my arse and now i love it, last weekend though whilst out for a meal with my boyfriend i ran into the young lad i'd fucked first, he said he would let on if i didn't go to the toilets with him and his mate, i was terrified so i let them go 2's up on me in the ladies, i have a new number and no longer live near by so i hope my boyfriend never finds out what a slut i used to be and still obviously am

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I really needed some extra money so I answered an ad for a nude model for art class. The ad wanted an athletic and fit male model to teach the anatomical structure of the body to art students. I didn't have any experience modeling. So I did some quick research on the web about art class modeling which said you do several poses nude while about a dozen students draw you. I'm in my 20's and in great shape with a six pack, very active and worked out. I was somewhat shy but figured I could to this easy. Since I was what they were looking for and got hired and showed up to class for my first modeling gig. When I got to class I was surprised to see it was a very large class of about 50 students instead of the dozen or so I imagined. This made my have a lump in my throat and I started to get nervous knowing I will be naked in front of that many people.

    I became very nervous as I waited. Then finally the prof called me to remove my robe. It was a slight relief at first, but everyone was now staring at me. I had been practicing doing poses and figured I would just do poses where I don't have to look at everyone in class so I wont be so nervous. But the prof did things another way. Instead of making me do different poses, he had me stand in front of the class looking straight ahead so he could lecture on the body structure. So now I'm facing and looking directly at all 50 students as they looked back with a full view of me while I'm standing there nude, which were for the duration of the class lessons. It made me feel extremely exposed as I could see everyone staring at back at me while I was naked as they studied me. I felt very vunerable and nervous as all in class could stare at every part of my entire body while I had to stand still for them. Its almost as if everyone in the room had some advantage over me because they were fully clothed and could see me naked as they pleased while I had to face them and let them stare at me as much as they wanted to. On top of this, my whole body was discussed by the prof very thoroughly, part by part from all different angles while I stood there, but sometimes rotating to face different directions. This added to the nervousness and exposure I was already feeling, it seemed very scrutinizing like my nude body was a science book for the class to examine. There was absolutely nothing I could hide. One of my biggest fears is that I would develop an erection and be completely humiliated in front of the class, but somehow what I was feeling at that point prevented that from happening, which was the only thing going for me. The class lasted for about 3 hours and for almost the whole time I could not shake that feeling of being exposed for all to see, although towards the end this seemed to let up and I felt more relaxed.

    I don't know what made feel like that, maybe because it was my first time, or the large size of the class, or the fact I had to stand and face everyone. Also I think I been overconfident in my ability to do that. I was not ashamed of my body since I was in great shape but it just was the overwhelming awkward feeling of standing totally naked for so many to view. I was going to quit after that class, but against all odds I decided to give it one more try, also because I really needed the extra money. So I went again I still felt exposed but it wasn't so bad the second time around. After the third time I was more or less used to it and it became a lot easier to handle. But there was nothing like feeling the exposure and the sheer nakedness I felt of posing nude that first day, I don't know if I could go through something that again.

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