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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Two years ago when my youngest daughter started school, my best friend set me up with a house cleaning job so I could earn extra money. What no one else knows (especially my husband) is that I clean houses topless. I started off with one job, but now I'm up to three. I charge $35 an hour with a 3 hour minimum. Plus tips. The first client is still my favorite. He's nice and older and always respectful. He is also an excellent tipper. I'm also very comfortable aroud him. I'll usually only be wearing sexy panties in front on him. Although sometimes, I have been known to 'forget' to have any undies on at all. And he seems to 'forget' to tell me I'm totally naked. But he always remembers I went bottomless on payday. He's by far and away, my best tipper. I also got my other two clients through him. The second one, I usually just go topless. He doesn't tip me well enough to go fully nude. Although he thinks he does. The third guy doesn't either. For them, I'll wear shorts or even jeans. The best part is that I only work about 15 hours a week. Which keeps a good part of my days free to volunteer at my daughter's school, etc. Besides, its more fun than working part time at one of the 'box' stores!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    how do you straight living people do it?
    i stopped being a married...had a a regular job...but...

    th is sucks. i thought the difficulties of being a criminal were due to the fact that i was breaking the law...that is a lie...the difficulties of life are just a fact, the joy in life is what you make of joy is almost gone, if not for my kid...but what about me?

    i know that i have kid is everything, but is this it?


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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    so this guy approached me at my work. asked me if i'd be interested in hanging out with his son and his friends for a bachelor party. and damn it i couldn't resist... he offered me... a lot of money. i show up his son's hotel room one week later. there are 10 dudes at this party. they immediately come after me. literally all 10 of them trying to take my clothes off at once. so yeah i got gang banged by 10 guys... in about 45 min. not exactly what i had in mind but once i got there i realized why i was being paid so much. damnit i am fucking sore! i feel stupid for letting this happen

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I swear I don't usually do this. Use my looks for mutually beneficially hook-ups. But my college professor made me an offer to fulfill his fantasy. I just could not refuse. He was into pleasuring himself while watching me get ****** by different men. He instructed me to meet him and his friends at a bar where he could watch me get liquored up and flirt with all his friends. He had not told me exactly what was going to happen, but I trusted him because he had been my professor for a while. I show up at the bar and he is there with 4 other men. They were all much older than me but so is my professor. I took about 6 shots which is a lot for me, and my professor came up to me and said he wanted me to come back with them to a hotel. He had already got a room at a hotel one block down. So I walked over there with the 5 men. They could not keep their hands off me on the walk over and I knew I was in for something I'd never experienced before. As soon as we got in the hotel room door my professor grabbed me and started to tie my hands together at one of the bed posts. They were all laughing and unzipping there clothes as fast as they could. Then my professor tied my legs apart to bottom of the bed. He had had this all planned. It was almost scary. He pulled up a chair next to the end of the bed and said that he couldn't wait any longer it was time to watch me get gang banged. I had not thought of the term gang bang before he said it. I guess I was thinking he would watch me get ****** man after man. So now I was really nervous. The other 4 guys continued laughing and started grabbing my ******* and fingering my *****. My professor raised his voice and said **** her already. I want to see a gang bang. The guys came after me so fast. They all ****** me hard and fast - in my *****, *******, and mouth. My professor yelled at me and told me to scream out loud that I was a ****. He made me say over and over I'm a ****. I'm a *****. **** me. **** me. Having ***** in all my holes felt so amazing. And my professor kept telling me to beg for more *****, I really did start to want more. After one of the guys said he was gonna *** my professor got up and yelled let's *** inside of her ***** one at a time. He made me scream out loud *** in my ***** over and over. *** in my *****. I'm a ****. I'm a *****. **** me. *** inside me. Over and over as all 5 of them lined up to blast their loads in me. When they were all finished with me I was still tied up and they opened up my ***** to let *** slide out. I have never felt my ***** that wet and dripping before. They all laughed as I was untied and continued saying stuff like you little ******* *****. You ****, you're such a ******* *****. My professor told me thanks and that I didn't need to come to class again - that I would get an A. Of course that wasn't all I got for that job. He said he would contact me again if he wanted my services. This was the craziest thing that's ever happended to me. And now I have a totally different outlook on sex. I coudn't tell anyone. So I'm sorry but I just had to get it off my chest....

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My 12yr old cousin and her friend gave me 20bucks to masturbate for them. I was 14 at the time. My mom found out several weeks later and whipped me after yanking down my pants including undies in front of my 16yr old sister who later said she enjoyed the show very much. My sister used to tease me about it from then on. One of her friends came to my room and offered 25for me to do it again many months later but i said piss off.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    A girl friend of mine told me I'd get paid $300 for having sex. I needed the money bad so I asked her if she could set me up. The next day I found myself down on my knees giving blow jobs to three diferent guys after being ganged fucked for hours. I got my clothes back and $300 and left covered in sperm. I'm sure I got sold out and the bitch got a kick back.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm not gay but my brother is and his last bf was a massage therapist and had a thing for me for a long time. We all joked about how he'd love to give me a "rub down" sometime. Well like a month after they broke up and when I was laid off he offered to pay me $100 to give me a full body massage. I just had to be naked and let him do it for at least an hour, so I did. And before anybody asks, yes there was a happy ending. Shit get paid a $100, get a massage and let someone jerk a load out of you? Fuckyeahman! Whats the downside to that? Anyway, I paid my utilities that month so whatever.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have only been doing this once a week for 6 months but in no way can I tell anyone about it. I'm 24, female and semi-attractive. Judd is 48, married with three kids and a sexual deviant. I work in a mall where he owns a large store and have known him since I graduated high school. For almost a year he continually asked me if I would consider fullfilling his fetishes and I always laughed it off and refused. We always talked together at the food court in the mall. He is a fairly handsome man and always managed to bring up some kind of sexual talk every time we got into a conversation.

    Six months ago he offered me $200. to come in his office after he closed and spank him and masturbate him. I burst out laughing when he said it but it became obvious he wasn't kidding about it. He promised me he didn't want sex with me and wouldn't expect me to even take off my clothes or have any sexual conact other than masturbating him and spanking him. $200. is a lot of money to me so I agreed to do it.

    I went in after he closed up and was nervous but I didn't feel any fear of him. We sat down fist and he began to explain to me how he had these off the wall fetishes and a wife unwilling to go along with them. I couldn't believe some of the things he told me and couldn't imagine how a man could allow himself to be humiliated in such ways. He was actually timid about it that first time but with no scrupples undressed and laid naked on a real examination table. He handed me a leather strap and asked me to spank him. I was hesitant but after the first few times he began telling me to hit him harder. He then gave me a long thin stick to spank him with and I could see his buttocks getting more red each time I hit him. He rolled over on his back and had me smack his penis with the stick 10 or 12 times. After only a few smacks he got an erection and then asked me to masturbate him which I did. If there was any embarrasment at all it was me who was blushing.

    This was all over in less than an hour and he had said he wanted me for two hours each time. For the next hour we just talked again and he got into more detail as to the things he wanted me to do to him.

    Kinky is not sufficient for this guy because he wanted sort of medical fetish stuff and also what I considered at the time homosexual things.

    The next week he not only had me spank him but also produced a variety of women dildos and two vibrators. He wanted them inserted in his rectum as I spanked him with various items and also supplied lubricant and lotion. At first I was just amazed at the things he wanted me to do to him and was convinced some of them had to be painful. The one vibrator was rubber and the size of a large penis and after inserting it in him I turned it on and continued spanking him with the stick.

    After a few weeks I began enjoying it and became willing to do everything he asked. I couldn't believe Judd not just wanted me to do these things but also can't understand how anyone would subject thereselves to it. Then after 5 or 6 times he handed me a white frock asking me to put it on and pretend I was a female doctor. Now Judd doesn't have a real large penis but in no way did I see any embarrassment from him. This exam table he had was equipped with stirrups and that was the first time he was spread eagle with his feet in them. He was completely exposed to me and had me insert most of the dildos and vibrators in him and also put metal rings around his scrotom and penis. He then had me hit his penis and anus with the stick and strap. I did see him wince a few times, but he never told me to stop or hit him more lightly. Most of the time it never lasted two hours but I always end up masturbating him, sometime only once but often two times. His butt is always red and has welts by the time its over and I can't imagine what his anus and penis must feel like. I felt strange doing all these things for a while but somehow now like doing it. It gives me a felling of punishing him and is more like I am taking advantage of him and not the way he looks at it.

    Aside from the $200. he gives me each time, he has also given me gifts from his store. I never met his wife although I know who she is and have seen her a few times. She is a very pretty woman and I don't know what she suspects about him. Nobody knows about this and who could I possibly tell about it. Certainly not my parents or boyfriend and it's too embarrassing to tell any of my friends what I have been doing. I do it for the money but also enjoy it now.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Dear Marcus,

    I am a popular reader of your confessions.I'm 17 year old boy who is very day I was home alone I find a confession book and I was in my room read it and get very horny. I always want to try jerk off so I laid in bed naked and jerked myself off a minutes later my cousin woman walked into my unlocked bedroom and she saw me playing with my dick. I jumped off the bed and tried covering myself but I couldn't cover up too well. I was so embarrassing.

    She promised not to tell if I did whatever she wanted so I ask what you want she say come suck my pussy I said noway. She said I can pay you $10,000J.D, I do not think about it.

    I started to rub her all over. She was wearing a T-shirt, a skirt and panties. I put my hand under her skirt and started to rub her big pussy. By now she was lying down. I took off her t-shirt and pulled down her panty. She has a man so we couldn't strip naked. I laid her across the bed, got down on my knees and started to suck her sweet pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet I did not want to stop. She was moaning and whining on my tongue. She was in a high level of ecstasy as I run the tip of my tongue on some of her weak spots like her navel, he knee cap, her legs, inner thighs and around her fat pussy.She was confuse.

    She want to stop and she want more. She start speak crazy things. "Yes, yes, yes oh baby," due to though vibes that she was getting from me. At this point my tongue is dying to meet her best friend, which is Miss clit. I can hear she say, "Ooohhhh," when my tongue touch it and start to explore that clean shaven, fat, sweet-smelling, juicy pussy. I dart my tongue in and out of her love hole, then finding her clit again, giving it some slow, soft and tender licks then a little harder and a little faster to mix the pace up and down, left and right and in circle motions; slowly sucking and pulling on her clit.

    "Your body is my playground let me lick you up and down". I now put two of my fingers into her pussy and start working it while still licking her clitoris. I look to see the expression on her face and her eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched and her head was moving from side to side. I feel good to know she was enjoying herself in such a way. I increase the pace with my fingers and tongue and she start whining in my face. I withdrew my fingers as she start rubbing my head and whin¬ing faster, pushing my face further up her hot, wet pussy. I knew she was cumming. She reach climax with a loud moan then she go for a shower. 10 minutes later my cousin come from work he did know anything.
    The relationship goes on for a while until they went to live in England.I miss your pussy now am 18 year old living in Jamaica if you have money call me 1876koko149 thank you for reading

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was standing outside a train station a while back and a dirty man came up to me and asked of a 20 was enough. I asked, what for? and he said "don't you want to cum for me?". He said come on... so I said nothing but followed him to an old house.
    We went inside to the third floor where there was light but the windows were all closed up.
    Here's the strange but nice thing...
    He reached in a coat pocket and pulled out a black leoard and stockings and said "do you like these?", I stood there staring and said... uhm yes.
    He said "do you want to try them on?". For a moment I froze but he started rubbing me till I was hard, so I went in to another room as the idea REALLY turned me on and stripped down and put on the stockings and leotard and returned slowly back to the empty room he was in.

    Oh it fits you perfectly he said and I had my head down because I was a bit embarrassed.
    Anyway he took my hand and took me to a window where there was a gap I could see outside, and said why dont you just relax and look at all those people walking by.
    I leaned over and started watching mainly girls going by.
    A few moments later I felt him playing with my balls and feeling me all over from waist down.
    I liked it so let him continue.

    Soon enough he had my hard cock out and was pumping it from behind which I LOVED. He was REALLY good.

    I came ALL over the place!

    I thought that was it for that experience but as I found a few minutes later when he went in to another room and returned dressed in blck legins and a purple leotard.

    He started pushing against me from behind and actually feeling the leotart turned me on so much.
    He played around with me for a few minutes before pushing his cock in me.
    I said no! at first but he said I would like it and to relax.

    He started pumping me deeply while I watched those women pass by on the street below.

    I pumpped me faster and faster till he shot a BIG load in me.

    I took his number and called a few days later and we met, went to his place and dressed up again and had some fun.

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