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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Female / 28

    I work for an unusual company that imports outrageously overpriced soaps and other toiletries. The products are good so I'm not complaining. They were opening up retail operations until the internet really caught on with Amazon.**m and so forth and we now concentrate on Internet sales. I've got the face and body they wanted up front for customers\. After three years, I was made a Vice President, a sort of honorary title the president doles out. There are five executives and I am the only woman. We are all married.

    A year ago, one of my fellow V.P.'s approached me with a sob story on how he gets no sex at home. Frankly, neither do I, He offered me a tidy sum for sex and while I was ready to allow his fucking for free, I took the money. In time, they were all fucking me and paying for it. To me it's a big game. I hold out, giving them excuses why I cannot do it, and telling them "this can't continue" and other bullshit things like that, then let them fuck my brains out. That keeps them hard and dipping into their wallets.

    Some of them are fine lovers and when I close my eyes I can quickly imagine the ones who love going down on me. I cum a lot and my rationing myself also keeps them from going broke and wanting more. One of them licks my leg from toes up and by the time his tongue is on my pussy he's just about coming. It's like marketing diamonds. They are not rare at all but with distribution highly controlled to keep up the desire.

    If I sound like a mercenary, wanton bitch, that's because I am just that. One of them told me himself as he paid me minutes after pulling out of me, "Nancy, you're sitting on a million dollars." All this won't last but I will make hay while the sun shines.

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    Iromia Zer Joilky

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I have to tell you that I really didn't think about other boys when I was a kid till it happened. I was young and way naively fresh, I kinda knew where babies came from but really didn't have a clue about sex.
    When this older kid who's persistence wouldn't take no for an answer offered me cash, I had to think about it. He'd told me that I had the nicest looking boy's ass in my whole school, the neighborhood and anywhere.
    I was really confused because I'd been looking at my butt in the bathroom mirror for as long as I could remember, and it looked like a butt a boy's butt.
    A lot of people told me I had a cute butt so he wasn't the only one. Maybe it was kinda, but what I think is ya it's nice looking, but probably because I was so thin that having a pert well shaped ass looked better because I was skinny and long legged.
    He offered me cash, cold hard cash, more than I had a any given time. I said "okay, I guess so?" And that's how my cute, well shaped cherry bottom got deflowered, boy fucked and cummed in.
    It felt so peculiar, good in one way and bad in another. I really felt that I'd lost something, but didn't know what. I could feel his cum inside of me and it felt good and kinda dirty at the same time.
    I stood before the full length bathroom doors mirror in my white cotton underpants.
    , "I look the same" I thought. I stepped out of them, checking my butt out, "it looks the same, why does it feel so different" I thought as I slowly slid into the bubble bath my mom had drawn for me.
    I could still feel like I'd been fucked, not a bad feeling just a fresh fucked feeling. He told me how good I feel inside, soft like warm wet velvet, really tight? I slowly inserted my finger till it was as far in as it would go.It did feel soft warm and wet, kinda tight too?
    I slipped under the covers in just my underpants, that's how I like to sleep. They were tighty-whities, virginal boypanties. "I still look like a virgin" I thought knowing that I wasn't. I woke up later that night with a stiffie. I was on my stomach dreaming he was fucking me again. I kinda felt different from that point on.

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    Straight Male / 47

    Last week fixing a young gay couples heating system, I had to do more work than I first thought. It took me an extra day, but the guys said they'd sort me out. Finishing the job I was given the money they owed me, but then older of the two asked me if I'd like to double my earnings. Thinking it was another job, I said yes. Escorting me into their bedroom, I came across the sight of his younger lover knelt up on the bed naked, and his arsehole was covered in lube. Looking around to the older man, he smiled at me and said "Jake would love you fuck him, so would I. Double your money?". He left his comment hanging as a question, but and this is the strange bit to me, I was already erect.
    With his older lover still watching, I dropped my trousers and underpants, shuffled over to the lad and took the condom he offered me. Putting it on not only thinking of the money, but actually getting my rocks off up a guys arsehole. Holding his hip with one hand I guided my cock into his hole and just went for it. In my mind I figured who would ever know and I'd have twice as much money, just for fucking a young mans arsehole.
    Shagging him as hard as I could, the older man left us for a short while then returned and began to encourage me to fuck Jake harder. He even put his hands on my arsehole pushing me into his lover. Unfortunately as I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't last too long, maybe ten minutes or so before my cock erupted filling the condom deep up his hole. Pulling out I slipped the condom off and was about to toss it into a small bin. The older guy took it from me and gave it to the young guy I'd just fucked. At the same time he dropped his shorts and slid his already hard cock up his lovers arsehole. Turning to me as I watched the younger lad suck out my cum from the condom, he told me the second envelope with the money was on the side by the front door, and I could let myself out.
    Sat in my van outside, there was indeed exactly double the money in the second envelope they'd given me and little note. It reads "Thank you for your services. Jake and I are more than happy with the work. If you've got this envelope then you've just fucked Jake x We both hope to see you again soon". I already had their mobile numbers, so the last bit made sense "Text us if you'd like to visit again, no work required x".
    I haven't text them so far, but my wife told me I had a message left on our home's answer phone. It was from the boys once again thanking me for a job well done. I knew what they were getting at, but obviously all I said to my wife was I'd done the extra work.
    I've not put myself down on here as bisexual as it was a one off. But I guess and I'm seriously thinking about it, if I do revisit them, I suppose that would mean I'm most definitely bisexual. Jakes arsehole was after all a much better fuck than my older wife's grey haired loose pussy.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I went with a friend to Cuba. We went legally with a charity group. We got there, split on our own and spent a week fucking hookers. I had this super cute girl, young but really pretty, nicely trimmed pussy hair, not all shaved like everyone does now, but not a big bush by any means. I fucked her a bit and on the second day she suggested her "sister" join us. They did look awfully alike, but don't know if they were really sisters. Both cute, but with nice, thin, sexy bodys, tiny little titties with dark nipples. It was great.

    I didn't find out until the last night, they were 12 and 13 years old. I've never fucked an underage girl and never intended to. I knew they were young, but I figures 18 maybe 17, wasn't sure. I sure as hell didn't think 12. They were really good fucks too. If I came in one, the other would eat her pussy and drink all my cum from the others pussy. I kept hard as a rock for a week. I got them both in their mouth, between their micro titties, in their pussy, and up their asshole. I want to go back. I've heard of guys who go to Thailand to get young girls and boys, but never wanted it. In fact I've always been more attracted to women older than me. I want to go back though.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Transsexual Female / 24

    When I was 18 I met a very charming and so sexy masculine man.

    I was still a virgin down there and scared to have anul sex because it would hurt.

    He was very confident and dominant and as soon as I met him I became his very submissive and horny girl right away. I did everything he said and I was hoped he noticed, he did.

    He took me to a bedroom and he turned to face me and I got on my knees and opened his pants and out popped a very big cock. He stopped me from sucking it after a couple of minutes and turned me around and took my skirt and panties off.

    I said, "I'm afraid that it will hurt can I just finish the blowjob"? He told me that it is going to hurt and that he is going to fuck me and screaming or crying makes him hornier and then it goes deeper.

    I knew I had to make him proud of me so I decided to scream and cry as much as I can. It was real at first but I kept screaming and crying until I began to push back and begged him to make it hurt more. He seemed to get bigger inside me and was the best time I had with a man ever.

    When he shot his warm cum inside me he grabbed my sholders and pulled me and forced his awesome cock so deep I shot cum for the first time. I have been lucky with my small penis she had never been able to get hard and still didn't she just shot a few little tiny drops that I licked up.

    I wish it would have went on forever so I could keep his big hard cock thrusting in and out.

    I had my head on his chest and his arm around me making me feel so safe. I asked him if he wanted me to cook him something for dinner. He did and I made chicken breasts angle hair pasta and corn on the cob. He loved it. I loved looking at him as we ate and him looking back so sexy. I became his roommate who always shares his bed and sometimes the shower.

    I am a stay at home girlfriend and I keep our home clean and I always feed him very well. I was lucky to find a man who can so easily make me feel loved very deeply.

    I hope he never finds out how wonderful it feels to suck big cock or take it in the ass and get his sperm in my mouth and ass. I am lucky to so attracted to men and get to enjoy big hard cock. I love my man so much.

    We are saving up for my sex correction surgery to finally get rid of my very tiny penis and have a pretty body for him to make sweet love to.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Transsexual Female / 23

    I had just turned 18 and was wearing the sexeist dress I had stockings and garter belt and panties and bra all matching.

    I felt the strong rough manly hands massaging my back and I melt in the hands of my mother's boyfriend. He is sexy as hell and is very handsome.

    He wispers softly in my ear, "I will give you $100 if I can do anything I want to you sexually". I was curious about just how big his cock was so I undid his pants and he was not wearing any underwear and his cock is huge and seems so big compared to my little bit of nothing penis.

    I said, "You mean I can really get to have your cock in my body". I dropped to my knees but he said no he will be pounding my virgin ass deep and so hard until you stop crying and start to moan and beg for more cock.

    He was pleased with my under things and he laid me on my back and said, "Face to face is best especially when your penis is that small he won't feel it and will be like I have no penis.

    He got on top of me and put my legs on his shoulders and said that I will have lots of pain for a minute but he promised to not go slow or easy and I will be begging for more soon.

    He pushed his big hard cock in my tight round firm ass quickly and deep enough to feel his balls on my ass cheeks. He was thrusting and I cried and he said, "That's my good girl, That is such a turn on when I hear you cry. When I was enjoying it I cried and cried and said, "Please sir can you go harder and deeper for your good girl"? He did too.

    When he shot his load of sperm it filled my ass and was coming out around his awesome cock. I didn't want any cum to get out of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him and he slipped me his tongue. I smiled at him like he was my man and said, "I would love to get $100 a week and you are encouraged to cum in or on me as many times as you can a everyday of the week.

    We agreed that was great and I said I would use the money to get sexy things to wear for him. He would call me and being so dominant I was more than happy to let out my super submissive self and he would say I had 10 minutes to get there or get punished with a good spanking until it was very red and then fucked.

    I was so turned on by the thought of my Dom spanking and then fucking me. So I took my time and was 15 seconds late. He took me and laid me across his lap and lifted my skirt and spanked my ass through my pretty panties until I was really crying then my panties came off and said how proud of how red he made my ass. He said that he was going love this but when he thrust into me and I felt him so much better than I ever had. I began to beg him to make it last as long as he can so I can get his awesome cock.

    He was my boyfriend and if I was not pushy and remembered he is in charge and I am his princess, I could ask him to please not use my newest play toy on my mom this month but not all the time. I am so jealous of her getting my man's big hard beautiful cock, the slutty Bitch needs to leave him alone and I will take care of his needs. I already cook for him and I am so lucky I get to wash the parts he can't reach well and the cock is only for me to wash.

    I am his pretty princess and I do anything for him even wait on him and it makes me feel good to serve him and get his approval. I love him and I want to be his wife and take care of everything a good wife should for her man.

    I am a very lucky male to be so feminine and not at all masculine. I am the kind of girl who loves to suck cock and the taste of sperm.

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