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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Straight Male / 51


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    At 14, just realizing I was bisexual, ten years ago I met an elderly married lawyer while caddying for him at his country club. You don't even have to guess since it's so obvious. I was a young twink, cute, and with a little bubble ass. My pecker was average but it would get granite hard at the slightest provocation. In time, the attorney had me over to his house where at his request, I would put on a blonde wig, lipstick, and a school girl's outfit complete with a short plaid skirt and white knee socks. Still dressed but with no underwear, he would run his tongue all over my ass and groin, nibbling and sucking while he jerked his joint off. He had a rather large tool but I did not want to do more than he requested and most of the time he had his large hand wrapped around it anyway.

    He was not handsome, but bald, chubby, and wore glasses. All he wanted to do was to suck my tool, rim me and jerk himself off. For that, he would pay me $100. I visited him like that weekly, sometimes more often, for four years and saved every penny. After the first year he had different school girls uniforms for me. In the last year, when I was graduating High School, he had me undress totally and did me nude but with the wig, lipstick, and a little bra on.

    I used my pay for college tuition but I do not plan to become a lawyer nor do I plan to sell my little cute ass again even if it is just to have it licked and sucked off. That was a one time deal and I don't feel guilt, just disinterest. I'm still effeminate so sometimes I cross-dress when I want to attract male sex. They can easily see I'm a guy but they go for it anyway. When it comes to women, I attract androgynous bi-sexual women. I like them a lot, especially the oral-centered ones. Once in a while a very horny, older woman grabs me and I give her what she needs.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Bad Choices and Bad Situations

    I was never shy or afraid to show my body or talk about sex with anyone.
    It was just the way I was brought up. As I got older, I found that I could cash in on my looks.
    At first it was only small things, drinks and food, but as I got older, I found that guys would buy me jewelry and clothes. One guy even bought me a fridge for my apartment.

    I tried to go to college but that shit is very expensive and to tell you the truth, I didn't find anything that I wanted to major in. So I started stripping. Some girls I worked with liked to call it exotic dancing, but come on, if you take your clothes off, you're stripping. Everyone knew I did it, and no one minded. If they did, they didn't say a thing. Any way, I did this for a while until I met a couple of guys that pretty big ballers. They would always come up to me for dances and private shows. Their tips were good, but all they wanted to talk about was their adult entertainment shows. They said that dancing was chump change compared to that. They had cars, limos and party busses. They even had a jet. Well after a few weekends, I decided to give it a try.

    They have these huge events where they would have live sex shows and some real kinky stuff. These are invitation only parties where the attendees are super wealthy and want their privacy. Basically the events were never the same and the acts always changed. They asked me to come to the next show to watch. I could work at the bar and hand out cocktails. They paid for my travel expenses and even had me fly first class. It was really cool and the stage was really awesome. There all kinds of sex acts, lesbian, bondage, gay, group, even some really freaky stuff with toys.
    The people were really well dressed and respectful to me. I made five hundred dollars in tips! I was in. Easy money.

    Two weeks later, I was heading out to Chicago. I was going to learn the ropes and eventually I was going to get on stage after a couple of months. I didn't mind. I could choose my act and who I'd be with. I didn't know that this was going to be my first and last night.

    I was with a bunch of first timers. We were all fresh meat. I guess new recruits. We were all assigned to work the crowd. We're supposed to get all the people excited and let them get a little taste of the upcoming festival. We were dressed in high heals, stockings, garters and G-string panties. We were topless with no pasties. It was cold.
    The sex acts had started and the music was really loud. The galley was pretty dark but the neon and strobe lights help guide my way. The guys were friendly but got more aggressive the closer you got to the stage. I guess they thought you were part of the show. It wasn't too bad. I had money in my panties and some were hundreds. Only one pervert got his finger in my crotch but I reminded him about the rules. There were specific rules for guys as to when and where they could touch any of the girls. So far it was better that I could have imagined.

    At midnight, they gathered us all together and sent us (the fresh meat) to the holding pen, the back dressing room. When we got back there we changed into some different costumes. Schoolgirl of course. This is where things got really messed up. They wanted us to get into these wall-stables. They were like massage tables that were mounted to the wall with these flaps built in. The ladies that were explaining the rules to us had done this many times before and told us that this was the easiest money we'd ever make. The money we were making so far was good, but the bonus for this was more than I'd made all the year before. All I had to do was lay down on the table and let some strange rich guy have his way. I was told to not worry, there would be security watching to make sure no one got rough or weird. Also the guys had to wear a rubber and they had never had any complaints before. I wanted to believe this so I went along. They took a headshot and put my picture out for the guys to know what I looked like.

    I got into my stall and slid my lower half through the flap. I could tell that I was in wrong cause there were grooves in my lower back where my legs were supposed to rest. I turned over onto my belly and I fit perfectly. On of the staff on the other side adjusted my schoolgirl skirt and asked me spread my legs just a little more. That's when he strapped my ankles onto posts. I was shocked so I asked him asked him why. All he said was it was for safety.
    I was slightly suspended from a table hanging through a wall with my legs strapped wide open and not able to see anything. Then the flap in the wall seemed to get tighter. There was a clicking noise and I couldn't move my lower half. The guy on the other side of the was made an announcement that the Fantasy Glory Holes were open for business.

    There were a lot of shuffling feet on the other side and for a while no one said anything. Then I could tell there was someone right behind me. He said I love little schoolgirls. He started by lightly rubbing my legs from my calves to my ass. I could feel his tongue start licking above my knee high stockings. Without warning his fingers shoots past my panties, right into my pussy. He pulls it out and I hear him sucking on it. Wow, what a tasty little girl you are. He's on me then. After pulling my panties aside, he pushes up against my pussy and after three or four tries, he starts pumping me. After another couple of minutes, he goes limp. He straightens up my skirt and panties and then grabs my ass one more time. He says, thanks dear and That was that. I announced hey, let me out. No one replies. I tried to get up but that's when I feel another guy grabbing at my hips. How many guys are back there? Oh shit. Well it's the same as the guy before, five or ten minutes this time and then he's limp. I'm not sure if it was thirty or forty five minutes but it starts to slow down and I am kind grateful. I'm starting to get sore and the dudes were getting rougher. That's when I hear last call.

    Some of the gals were already changed and leaving the area back to the main stage. I was at the far end and was starting to think that I was forgotten. That's when I felt a heavy hand spank my ass. Startled, I yelled out. I hear this guy say, so you are awake! Good. You're gonna love this. He grabs a hand full of my panties and pulls hard until they tear off. Not before the elastic bites hard against my soft skin on my crotch. Now he slaps my pussy hard. It sends lightning through my clit and I my eyes begin to well up. You like that don't you, you little whore?!
    He starts nipping on my c**t lips and pulling. Oh, hell. This is not right. Where's security? Then he spits on my ass and rubs his spit in my asshole. I tighten up involuntarily. He starts to finger fuck my ass. I'm never had this done before and my body reacts by making my pussy drip with anticipation. I'm almost eager to have him shove his cock in my little pussy. It's on fire.

    He tells me that he knows that I want it and he wants me to beg for it. I just want it to stop so I say yes give me your cock. Shove it deep in my pussy! He just laughs. Why would I fuck your pussy? All the other guys had it. I have another idea. I hear him clearing his throat and then spit. The saliva drops right on my puckered asshole. He guides it in with this finger. It's not his finger. His fat cock's head pushes up against my virgin ass and slowly penetrates. The burning hits me first. It feels like my ass is being torn apart. Just when I think I'm going to pass out, the head is through and some of the pain goes away. I must have been yelling cause he was saying there, there, everything okay now. Before I can catch my breath, I feel the head burrow itself deep inside me. At first the pain returns but then it starts to slip away. The friction that I was feeling was being replaced with wet slippery fluid. His fingers where like talons that were pulling my butt cheeks apart. His pelvis was slapping against my ass making a loud clapping noise. I could feel tears running down my face and liquid dripping from my ass and pussy. It was a steady pounding like a jack hammer. I could feel his fat cock bouncing my internal organs. Maybe bruising something. Where was his condom. Then he starts pumping faster and now, when he draws back, I can feel his whole cock pull free but there's no resistance from my asshole. It's wide open and gaping. Then he goes even faster and squeezes tighter. Then he cums in me. He doesn't even apologize. I feel the ankle straps loosen and the panel comes free.

    So after wiping up, I change my outfit and head back to the main lounge. One of the older ladies comes up to me. She gave me my bonus and asked my if I'd be back. I told her I didn't think so. She said that it was too bad, the boss hardly ever picks any of the new girls for himself. I might just go back to school, now.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I won't go into details, but my husband and I got into a bad money situation. An opportunity came up where we could make some money if I had sex with this particular person. I did not want to do it. I have never been that kind of person. I'd never even been with anyone but my husband. But the money situation was bad, and he was espcially desperate and he pressured me to do it. Eventually I gave in.

    He went with me to the hotel, which was not exactly a five star. He didn't go in the room with me, but promised to wait outside. He sent me in and I felt like such a fool. The guy was waiting, looking at me like I was an idiot while I stood there in confusion. Finally he rolled his eyes and told me to take off my pants. After staring at him in shock for a little longer, I did as he asked. Honestly, I just wanted it to be over as quickly and quietly as possible.

    He was shaking his head at me like I was an idiot, and told me to go bend over the bed. Again, I obeyed, mentally freaking out but desperate to stay calm. While he was taking off his pants, I blurted, "I don't really want to do this."

    He responded by saying that he wasn't paying me to talk. I wasn't wet at all, and he came up behind me and roughly shoved his entire dick straight up my pussy. I couldn't help crying out and he quickly silenced me with a hand over my mouth. "Just shut up and take it," he hissed in my ear.

    He started thrusting and it hurt like hell. I started to cry and he kept on fucking me, all the while saying degrading things to me about how I was a whore and a piece of trash and I deserved what I was getting. I think that degrading me was a turn on for him.

    Even though I didn't want it to happen, my body started to respond to the stimulus. I started getting wet, and he could feel it, and then he was telling me how I liked it and wanted it. His hand was over my mouth and I was still crying, but God help me, I was so turned on. I couldn't help it. I pushed back against him like an animal in heat and strained to open my legs wider. I had never been handled like that before. My husband had never just taken me like that.

    He finally came hard, sucking hard on the back of my neck, purposely leaving a mark. He got off of me and I immediately pulled on my pants and charged out the door red faced and teary eyed. My husband stayed behind to collect the cash. We didn't talk about it all the way home, or all the way to the bank. It took days for that mark on my neck to fade, a reminder of what I had done. We never talked about any of it.

    But I learned something about myself that I can't forget. There is a dark side to me that I didn't know I had. Sometimes I fantasize about that guy --- he essentially r****ed me. But it turned me on so much. And sometimes I think that if I ran into him again, I'd have sex with him if I got the chance.

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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband and I live in an area that has been hit by two hurricanes in two years. His income relies on the tourism industry and life has been a struggle while waiting for the hotels to recover. Recently I started accepting money for sex from a couple of the neighbors. My husband knows about it. He doesn't approve, but he sort of looks the other way. He works at night so that's when I 'entertain.'

    On e neighbor is an older guy who lives right behind us. His wife is big as a bus and basically refuses to leave the house. Poor guy hadn't had sex in years. He comes over every other night and we have sex. I know he's clean, an otherwise decent guy, and has a lot to lose if he gets caught soliciting a prostitute, so I feel safe with him.

    The other neighbor lives a couple streets over. He and my husband are friends and fly drones together for fun. He admitted to my husband that his wife refuses to give him oral so I just supply what she doesn't. About once a week he comes over and I blow him. Again, clean, otherwise decent guy.

    The money is helping us get back on our feet. Kind of conflicted how I feel about it. On one hand, it's bad, right? On the other, I'm flattered that men will pay to have sex with me. Whole situation is kind of weird.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I studied abroad in 2008. While I was there I got into a fwb relationship with an expat who was stationed there. Of course sex was what we had in common, I was twenty he was forty. Well I never got over him, he tolerates me hanging on, I live literally next door to him, I pay my way being the inside girl, he has a housekeeper and cook. She is an older woman who strongly disapproves, but she doesn't do the inside any more. Sleeping with the boss, what else? And he has a maid with benefits.

    I don't really do it for the money, I do it for him.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I lost my virginity in a non-consensual experience with my older step-brother. But that is not the confession I am going to talk about today. After being r**ed multiple times by my step-brother, I learned to like sex and started finding other guys to have sex with. I learned that the mall was a great place to find horny guys of all ages.

    One day, I was in the mall, just wandering around looking for some fun. I had been flirting with several guys, but at this point I was sitting along on a bench. This older guy came up to me and asked if he could sit down. I told him yes. He started telling my how pretty I was, and how he couldn't believe a pretty girl like me was sitting there all alone. I told him "i'm not alone, you are here with me", smiling. He seemed to like that. I could tell he wanted to say something more than he was, but he couldn't seem to bring himself to ask. Finally, I asked him if there was something he needed.

    He seemed nervous, looking around. then finally he asked, "if I gave you $20 would you do something for me?" I raised my eyebrows and asked what he wanted me to do. Finally, very nervously, he asked me if I would go to his car and suck his cock for $20. I think he was surprised when I agreed. We quickly went out the the parking garage and got in the backseat of his car. He gave me the $20, and pulled his cock out. I leaned over and started sucking him hungrily. It wasn't long before he was cumming in my mouth, pushing down on the back of my head as he shot his cum down my throat. I continued to suck, and he managed to get hard pretty quick again. Without saying anything, I straddled him, pulling my skirt up and letting him see I had no panties on. I asked if he wanted to be inside me, and he nodded his head.

    I smiled and lowered myself onto his cock. He moaned loudly and I slowly started moving up and down. Soon, I was riding him pretty hard, and I was cumming. He said he was going to cum, and I just started riding him harder, then I said, "yes daddy, cum in my little pussy!" apparently he liked that a lot, as it was only a few moments from there that he filled me up with his cum.

    After we were all done and sitting there, he asked if he really wanted to know how old I was. When I told him I was 15, he looked like he was going to cum again, but said that was the same age as his daughter. That is when he asked if he could see me again. of course, I agreed.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I have to make modifications to this story so it is not quickly identified. I was in law school struggling through tort law and my seemingly impossible finances. I also had to sit through a series of court trials as part of my analyses on them.

    Sitting in the coffee shop attached to the courts, an elegant woman in a blue suit approached my table and asked if she could join me. What it was, after some chatter, she represented a gentleman who wanted me to suck his cock and was willing to pay %500 for the act. Looking at the elegant woman I found it rather surreal but I could see that she was serious. If I wanted to survive in law school, I had to look at the event as an opportunity and I had blown guys before, none represented by beautiful, well dressed women.

    Ending up in an office, curtains drawn, I was sitting patiently when a man walked in and said hello. He was a stocky, not fat, but thick-necked man in his 50's, I guessed. Noting his large hands and nose I wondered if the myth was right and as it turned out, when he dropped his pants, it transcended myth into reality. His cock looked like a street fire hydrant. The man asked, "Do you know who I am?" I lied and said, "no sir" recognizing him as a well known, local judge.

    He spoke a bit about needing the relief from a job of high stress, etc. I took his now hard cock with one hand and there was no way I could encircle it with my hand nor fit more than his glans into my mouth. He said, "Just relax, slacken your jaw, don't be frightened by it. I did the best I could to grip his beer-can sized cock with my hands and suck it off. I jerked him some and then got the idea to suck his balls to compensate for not fitting much of his cock in. Holding his cock up toward his belly button, I lapped on his testicles, feeling them rolling under my tongue.

    He started moaning in relief, saying, "Oh, good, goof." and I went back to his cock and got it in beyond the head. He offered me another $500 if I would slide my thumb up his anus. I thought it gross but also thought the money was worth it. I did it and he continued moaning. He then went even another deal to be allowed to fuck my anus for an additional $1,000. The idea of having that tool inserted into my asshole was truly frightening but he said, "I have incredible lubrication I will use and you will like it."

    Looking around the swank office, I stood up and pulled my panties off, lifting my skirt and bending over the desk. "You'll love, it, you'll see," he said. He walked over to his desk with his boner at high attention and, again, I quivered in fear. He lubed up behind me then I felt the head of his cock at my sphincter, slowly pushing in, until I felt his cock, what felt like all of it, inside me. He asked if I was o.k. and I said, "I'm good," breathlessly, feeling like a month of turds was up my ass. He moved slowly at first then feeling the hot flesh surrounding his large boner he sped up. While I did not "love it" I was shocked that I could take the massive meat tube. I also tried to concentrate on the money this apparently well off man was going to pay me.

    I could feel his balls flattening out on my ass as he drove in deep. Then, he announced that he was going to finish inside me and all I could think was that I was glad he was not inside my vagina. He pushed in so deep I felt me eyes popping out and he came with a loud moan, leaving his tool in until his spurts stopped.

    No more than ten minutes later I was back in the coffee shop, with wet panties under my skirt, my asshole feeling a bit strange, and the gorgeous, gray haired woman came up with an envelope in her hand. She did not leave until I counted $2,000 in $100 bills. Then she said, "Nothing happened, do you understand?" I said, "Yes, I do." As time went by I gradually discovered that the judge must have known that I was a law student and perhaps more, but the event never repeated and the timely money made all the difference to me.

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    Straight Male / 42

    So this story is my wife's best friend's. And she actually did it for the rent.
    I had to share because this story is hot!
    I got the story 3rd hand from my wife.
    So, Sasha is married to Tom.
    Sasha is a bout 5'2" really curvy, really cute and every guy hits on her.
    Tom is extremely jealous and thinks he's some kind of big "mover and shaker".
    Sasha is a sweetheart, but always buys in to his BS. Anyway, so they rented this 4000+ sq ft house that has to cost a ton of money. And they're several months behind on rent and were given an eviction notice.
    So Tom tells the landlord, Mr. Greene that he has all of the money. Mr. Greene owns a bunch of investment properties and has obviously been through this BS before.
    Well when Mr. Greene shows up, Tom tries doing some song and dance, giving him only part of the money, etc.. Mr. Greene wasn't having it and Tom said someone owed him and he would have to go get the rest of the money. Mr. Greene said he would wait with Sasha.
    A couple hours pass, no Tom, he's not answering his calls.
    So Mr Greene leaves and said he'll be back.
    Sasha talks to Tom in the meantime and he tells her he'll be back before Mr. Greene gets there, but if not to just keep him busy until he gets back. After a couple hours Mr. Green comes back, but Tom hasn't.
    Sasha tried everything to stall him for another couple of hours. Mr. Greene gets fed up and tells her he is going to have them removed from the premises.
    She plead her case, just for one more day. I guess he said something like, What's in it for me?
    Sasha said she was sure Tom would be back any minute, but it didn't happen.
    So with no other options left, Sasha fucks Mr. Greene.
    Mr. Greene leaves. Tom finds out when he comes home and his wife tells him she fucked the landlord because of him. He is so pissed he can't contain himself.
    The next day Mr. Greene showed up with the police to evict them. Tom just loses it and tried to punch Mr. Greene right in front of the cops, but Sasha tried to stop him and she accidentally gets hit instead.
    The cops arrest Tom.
    Mr. Greene stays and comforts Sasha, hugging her while Tom is in the back of the polic car. Tom is kicking and screaming and even banging his head on the window. Later that evening Sasha fucks Mr. Greene again. Maybe in trade, maybe out of sympathy, Mr. Greene helped her move all of their stuff in to a smaller rental he has. He gave her a job in his office to work of the money they owe.
    So Sasha doesn't press charges, but nobody bails Tom out. So he sits for 30 days in jail before he finally goes to court. Sasha starts dating Mr. Greene in the meantime. Tom's found guilty of something minor and gets time served and community service.
    Sasha and Mr. Greene break off their relationship. Sasha and Tom get back together and he moves in to Mr. Greene's rental with his wife, but has a restraining order and can't go near him. Technically I'm not sure he's supposed to live there.
    But Sasha now continues to work for a guy she has screwed at least a dozen times. In an office where her husband can't go!

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    Straight Female / 42

    I did it for the money but it was really because I was drunk. Out with my husband and my friend who is 26 years old and very slutty we were drinking heavily. My husband was off talking with people he knew and I was with my friend who was flirting with guys her age and younger. I felt out of place being so much older but the guys were hitting on me flirting and talking about wanting to have sex with an older woman. The more drunk I got the hornier and looser I got. My husband would check on me occasionally then wander off and the guys would start in on me and my friend again.

    One guy kept talking about fucking me in the ass. I kept saying no way I've never done it which just made him want to do it more. The more he talked the more I wanted to let him. Then he got to where just him, me and my friend could hear he started offering money. At $350.00 my friend say "fuck it, let him fuck you." I was drunk and she kept encouraging me and he started touching me making me even more horny and next thing I knew I was in his car. My friend ran interference with my husband while the guy got my shirt up, lifted my bra and sucked my tits. Then got my pants off to finger me and eat me out even making me cum. After I came I almost bailed but couldn't bring myself to go.

    He asked me to get him hard so I sucked on his dick for a few minutes and when he was ready, he flipped me over, lifted my ass up, used a lot of spit to lube me up and then forced his cock in. Thank god I was drunk because it hurt. I made him go so slow just a bit at a time. He started sliding but only like an inch or so because it hurt like fuck. Then he pulled out, wet me again, and pushed deeper, then deeper and as he started to fuck me my ass loosened up and he started to really fuck me and it went from painful and uncomfortable to less painful and incredibly stimulating. He fucked me hard making me cum hard, then harder and I came harder. He was slamming and the pain was almost gone, I just kept cumming. Then he finally finished by slamming deep in me and held himself deep. Cum was leaking out of my butt until the next day. Afterward, my husband had no idea at all that I'd snuck off to cheat with a younger guy and I got away with it. The guy paid me the $350.00 and other than a sore ass for a few days it was really hot although I'll problem never have anal sex again. I've never let my husband do it and doubt I ever will but for that one time it was really good. So basically I was a prostitute once in my life. It's my secret.

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