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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I was 14 and I sold my mouth for $ 25, the old man came in my mouth and told me, in advance that I had to swallow. This went on 4 to 6 times a week. After two months of oral sex on this guy, one of his friends joined in, and after 2 times with him, he paid me $ 400 to fuck me for my first time, the original guy watched.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 20

    All my life i've had just one boyfriend whom I broke up with 3years ago. He was the one who introduced me to my sexual side. These three years I haven't been in a relation or slept with anyone. So occasionally I tend to have a hormonal burst (if that's what I should call it) I have a fetish for public exposure and I risk it during these times- like once I got on a train wearing a short skirt and no undies(I got groped that day but enjoyed it)
    So coming to this day, I was again having an intense urge to do something. I was horny all day. In the evening I decided to take a stroll. I wore a front buttoned dress and started walking. It was a cloudy day and the roads were quite empty. I walked a great distance and came to a dark alleyway where I was sure noone would find me. I was so fucking horny that time I unbuttoned my dress a bit from below and started masturbating. It felt so good I was moaning when instinctively I felt like I was being watched. I looked sideways and saw a man staring at me surprisingly. His dick was erect, I could see it. I was ashamed and I tried to run but he caught up to me. He told me he would give me money if I unbuttoned my dress completely and show my body to him. I thought to myself it wouldn't harm much and nobody knows me here so I did what he said. I could see his pants getting wet and he unzipped and came outside. He told me he would like to fuck me and give me a lot of money. He opened his purse and stuffed a lot of it in my hands. Everything was okay but the idea of fucking a stranger was weird. I told him I'm not sure about fucking him.. He said "we'll see". He held my hand and dragged me out of the alleyway into the open. It had already started to rain. I still can't believe he dragged me across the road naked to his car which he parked beside a small park. The park was closed but we climbed the small railing and got inside. We went under a tree and started making out hard. He licked my entire body sucking at my nipples and biting them. I screamed a lot at what he kept on doing. He fingered me and spanked me and sucked my clitoris and what not. It was as if he hadn't had sex for days the way he was hungrily eating me away. He pushed my down and squeezed and sucked the fuck out of my breasts. He said he has a condom (chocolate!), he wore it forced his cock into my mouth. Well I never say no to chocolate so I licked it with all my pleasure. I was so wet I could fill a lake lol. He pushed his penis into me and damn. He didn't do much there, just a couple of thrusts and he came. He took off the condom and put his spermy dick in my mouth again. It tasted aweful but I licked it all off anyway. And then he kissed me crazily for the next few minutes. The rain stopped a bit and we went into his car and I put on my dress. He said I saved him and he would like to meet me soon again. I said I'm not a sex worker and I totally did it cause I hadn't had sex for more than 3 years but maybe I'd flash for him if we meet again. He smiled and stuffed a bit more money and then drove away. I went back home with a good fortune. Bought mom some chocolate. And nobody knows where the money came from. Not sure if i'll ever fuck a stranger again but that day, I can't really regret it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 28

    I had taken a contract job at a company which was for a period of 6 months. I loved working there and was hoping to have my contract extended or maybe become a permanent employee. There was one month left on my contract and the boss invites me over to his house for dinner. I gladly accepted so I could try to possibly convince him to extend my time with the company. We got along well at work and I assumed dinner would be no different. His wife, who I had met a couple of times before, was there too and everything was going along great. After dinner we were all talking and the topic of what she does comes up. She was a photographer and asked if I wanted to see her work. She shows me her work over the last few years which included pictures of everything. She tells me over the past 2 years she began to get more focused on one area and asks if nudes bothered me. I told her they didn't and was wondering what she was going to show me. It was photos of about a dozen nude men. They were not doing anything sexual but most did have erections in the photos. My boss tells her to show me the photos she took of him and of Eric and Mike. She showed me the photos of Eric first and he was fully nude and masturbating with him covered in cum in the last few photos. Mike's photos were basically the same but more close up shots of his body parts. My boss's photos had him doing some sexual stuff with close ups but no cum in the photos.

    It was a little interesting having those photos shown to me and shocking when his wife asked me to pose nude for her. I told her I didn't know if I could. My boss tells me I should and that it might be a good career move. He adds they will pay me $100 and reminds me how much time is left on my employment contract. After some talk between us, and my boss not coming right out and saying it but implying my contract wouldn't be extended, I agreed to do it. I figured the photos would most likely be seen by only a limited number of people so it wouldn't be so bad. They pulled out a contract and asked me to look it over before I signed it and said I could have a day to think it over. I thought they were expecting me to pose that day so being given a day to think it over more was a relief.

    I had a lawyer friend and showed him the contract and asked if what they were doing could be considered workplace harassments. He said it might but it would be difficult to prove. He said if I did lodge a complaint it may just look like I was just using this as a way to try to get my contract extended. He said I would be getting paid, there was no actual evidence just my word against thier's, and if I wanted to actually continue working at the company past my current contract end date this may sever that possibility. My lawyers advice was that the contract was a standard modelling contract. He mentioned if I didn't want to pose nude not to do it since they would have control over what was done with the photos. He mentioned if I thought it might get my employment contract extended I could go through with it but there was no guarantees are it was not in writing. He added with what I told him they most likely would not be willing to add any clauses to the contract or make any concessions. He said it appeared it was agree to their terms or things would just be the way they currently were and my employment end when it does.

    The next day I informed them I had signed the contract and was willing to pose. I was back at their house and began posing. It was nerve racking being photographed while removing my clothing and being nude but I did it. A requirement was to masturbate and I did it. It was the first time I ever did that in front of anyone let alone being photographed doing it. My boss was not around when his wife was taking the photos thinking it would be more comfortable for me this way. I felt very nervous about what I was doing but at the same time very aroused to have someone tell me what to do with virtually no limits. I definitely was out of my comfort zone but had to do what I had to do. At the end of the photo shoot I had basically allowed her to take a photo of every part of my body leaving every inch of me captured by camera and exposed for anyone to see including masturbating.

    I did get an extension on my employment contract after posing nude but one thing became awkward and embarrassing. It wasn't until a few months later that I found out his wife had a website. It contained her portfolio which was all the photos she had shown me at the night we had dinner and now included me in all my glory. People at work knew about it and made mention of my photos. They began to tell me about how all the other guys who held my role previously didn't go as far as I did and asked how it felt doing what I did knowing everyone would see it. That's when I found out most of the other models who posed nude had worked for the company I work for and basically did it for the same reasons I did. I also found out once they were exposed like they were they soon left the company. I was beginning to feel the same way since everyone I worked with now knew what I looked like nude and masturbating. I got teased regularly and during a company party lost it. I got very drunk and began to scream about how they all teased me about getting naked for them. I them began to take my clothes off in front of everyone and began to do what I did in the photos. I was masturbating in front everyone. The next day I was called into HR and told my actions were inappropriate and was told my contract was cancelled.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 37

    I have been married for 18 years. I had our first baby a couple of years before that and the second the next year. As an empty nester I went to work. I got a very exciting job which involves me traveling quite a lot. Long distance travel and I find it very exciting. I had an assignment for 2 weeks in the South of France. I was there alone, and was frequenting the hotel bar. This very distinguished Frenchman started talking to me and by the end of the night, me quite drunk on extremely expensive champagne, he offered me 500 Euro if I would go to bed with him in his suite. After 22 years with the same man, who has cheated on me 4 times that I know of, I accepted the offer. I know I'm 37 and told I look younger, but never thought of myself as the type for whom a man would make an offer of money. We got there, we stripped, I sucked his dick till he came in my mouth out on the balcony facing the sea. Both of us naked on the balcony for the small amount of traffic on the street below to see, should they look. I let him recoup and then I sucked him hard and he bent me over the balcony railing and entered me, pumping me out in the open. He pulled out, took me to the bed and laid me down and pumped me for a solid 45 minutes at least. I actually came. I haven't cum with my husband in over 10 years. He emptied himself in me and I got a little scared as I stopped birth control at the doctors urging. Not knowing what to do, I started getting dressed and he with a robe on gave me a final drink and I went to my room with 500 Euro in my purse. I was very excited about the whole thing.

    Now I'm not bad looking, though I am a natural redhead and have let men sneak a peek at my red hair below. I try to keep in shape and not let the "mommy belly" come out. With only a very small B cup on top, I was amazed that a man paid me for sex. In my room I tried to clean as much of his sperm out of me as possible. I stopped worrying, I had my period only a couple days before, so I was OK, I still didn't want a chance. The next evening, Marcel came right up to me in the line for a table at the hotel restaurant and grabbed me. Not saying a word he put 500 Euro in my hand. He took me up to his suite, and ravaged me not on the balcony but with the dr**es open and the balcony doors open. I'm sure one of the people in a neighboring suite who were on their balcony could see and hear. Then he took me to an extravagant dinner, and back to his suite. To my surprise he handed me another 500 in the lobby and I went back up with him. This time it was different though. I don't know who did it, but someone had been in the room and placed a bottle of lube on the nightstand. Standing naked in front of my "client" he turned me around and lubed my butt. I told him that I didn't do that and he went to his pants and placed 300 more on the table. He put lube on my hand, walked me out to the balcony and in the dark, placed his cock in my hand. I lubed it up. In all my life I've only had 3 cocks inside me. Two in my mouth and three in my pussy, but never in my butt. When I was 14 two boys took me for the first time, they each did it for a few months then I met my future husband. I always found butt sex dirty and disgusting, this time I was excited. In the evening breeze bending over the railing I lost my anal virginity to a man who was paying me as his prostitute. After he came inside my rectum he pulled out, telling me to stay there. He came back with a warm washcloth and washed my backside. I got dressed and left.

    This went on for 3 more nights before he left and went back home. I had another 3 nights to stay. The bartender whispered to me that a man in a far table was looking for "company". I guess he thought I was a prostitute also. So I went to the guy who was an Englishman and I told him 500 Euro, and we went to his room. It was a very cold and impersonal fuck, as I guess it would be considering he had paid for me. I moaned and moved like I imagine I do for my husband. I made him wear a condom and told him next time not to bother taking his wedding ring off (I could see the line on his finger).

    So in a few days I went from being a working mom, obeying little wifey, to a well paid prostitute in the South of France. I had only 3 cocks, 2 of them back when I was 14, and now I'd had 5. I haven't said a thing to my husband, but I'm in the gym now everyday, and working on my makeup to look even younger. I have another assignment in France in about 3 months and wanted to look the part. Then I answered a strange number on my cell phone, it was Marcel. I didn't even know he had the number, I guess when I was in the bath or something he grabbed my phone from my purse. My husband was there, and Marcels voice was coming through such that my husband could hear, thank heaven it was in French. I passed it off as the French client, but it was Marcel recounting our time together how he liked my red haired pussy, and jacks off thinking about being the first one inside my butt.

    He is going to stay as week the next time I go, and booked me for the whole week with except for time for my work. I am there for 3 weeks, so I will have 2 weeks to meet more sex clients and make more money, and have more cocks added to my lifes total.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I turned 21, the minimal age allowed for the job, I ended up blowing and fucking two men in supervisory line, to get a job as a cocktail waitress at the most expensive hotel in the city. The prices were beyond belief but the people who came in could not care less about it. Amazingly, they paid stingy tips but even at that, I was making good money.

    After two months, a man that resembled one of the better looking actors on Mad Men
    (somewhere between Hamm and Slattery) asked me to have some coffee with him after work. I did. He told me this: "You have world class face and body and you are sitting on a million dollars. You have just a few, fleeting years to make it in. My clients demand youth above all, but money is no object to them."

    Since I gave my virginity to a numb-skull when I was 14 and had blown and fucked two guys just to get my job in the lounge I said, "Tell me more." I ended up being one of his upscale call girls and he gets his share of ass. He wants no money, just sex when he asks for it. That was two years ago. Before I turn 30 I will retire from everything. He was right. I've been flown in private jets as far as Dubai and I can tell you that some of those Arabs will put your best stallion to shame.

    In the meantime, two of his other girls and I get together for what we enjoy and we get it all for free with each other.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 40

    Recently divorced with a young daughter, my ex husband skipped out on child support. I have a job but my paychecks go for rent, food, etc. I had a girl from work help me move into an apartment and she must have told some of our co workers about it.

    One day my boss came over and told me if I needed anything he would be more than happy to help me out. His name is Bob and he is creepy as hell. He's not ugly but he has this face that makes you think about a serial killer or child m****ter at best. The other women at work would make jokes about Bob most likely having a Porn collection that would make Satan blush. Bob kept making offers for help and I kept saying no to him.

    About eight months later I was informed that my daughter was going to need braces for her teeth. The Orthodontist said it would be about $3,000 to do the work. The next day I went to see Bob about working more hours to help pay for the dental work for my daughter.

    I could almost read his mind when I asked for more hours. Bob said he would have to ask his boss, but they were trying to cut back on work hours as it was but he would see what he could do for me.

    The following day Bob called me into his office and told me his boss said no to my request for more work hours. I just walked out of his office and went into the ladies room and cried my eyes out.

    That evening I was walking to my car when Bob pulled up beside me and handed me an envelope and told me to think about it. He drove away before I even looked into the envelope. I got into my car and opened the envelope. My mouth dropped when I pulled out the banded hundred dollar bills, $3,000 to be exact. There was also a note. "Maybe we could help each other?"

    I barely made it home alive thinking about "the offer" from Bob. I almost wrecked the car thinking about Bob's note. The $3,000 was mine in exchange for sex. I could barely eat dinner with my daughter that evening I was so upset thinking about Bob's offer. That night wasn't any better, I barely slept at all.

    The next day I went to work, the envelope with the $3,000 was tucked down at the bottom of my purse. I decided to pass on Bob's offer and I would return the money to Bob when I had the time to get to his office.

    At lunch I went upstairs to Bob's office but his secretary said that Bob wasn't in. I knew that was bs because I saw his car parked in his usual spot that morning. That evening as I walked to my car Bob pulled up beside me. I wanted to reach into my purse and give him back the envelope with the money but I didn't.

    Bob invited me to dinner and I just nodded yes, the smile on his face made me cringe. He said he would pick me up at 8pm on Friday evening. He told me to wear something nice, we were going to an upscale restaurant.

    Friday arrived all too soon. I got my sister to watch my daughter. I lied to my sister and told her I was invited for a sleepover with one of the girls from work. My sister said it would be good for me and took my daughter without question.

    I began to dress for the date. I had a little black dress that I didn't want to wear but it was the nicest dress I had, I would wear that for my ex husband when we went out. I barely used any makeup, I didn't want to overdue this one bit. I slipped into my heels and Bob was at my door within the hour.

    Bob was dressed up but his facial features still made me feel nervous. We went to dinner and he made sure I had a few cocktails. Even with the few drinks my heart was pounding inside my chest as we drove back to his house. Bob offered me another drink and I gladly accepted, the drink was strong but I didn't care.

    He finally made his move on the sofa. His large hand sliding along my stocking thigh and up under the hem of my dress. He kissed me a few moments later and his hands found the curves of my breasts.

    Then he took my hand and pulled me to my feet and lead me to his bedroom. There on the walls were pictures of men and women in various sexual positions. Bob turned me around and unzipped my dress, it hit the floor at my heels silently. My bra was next, he pulled the straps down my arms. I was down to my panties, stockings and heels now.

    Bob guided me to the bed and he climbed on top of me. His hands and mouth were everywhere on my body. Within moments Bob was breathing heavy as his mouth sucked and bit my nipples. At some point Bob got off the bed and undressed quickly.

    When his boxer shorts hit the floor I saw his fully erect cock. It wasn't the longest I had seen, but god it had to be the thickest. His cock was thick, the head of his engorged cock was weird, as if the swollen head was split almost in two. He took it in hand and stroked it.

    He looked at me as he squeezed it, the pee hole opened wide. Bob knelt on the bed and I knew what he wanted. It took me a moment before I took hold of his engorged cock. It felt heavy and it filled my hand as I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft.

    The swollen head stretched my mouth as I began to try to suck his cock. I couldn't get much of it inside it was so thick. Bob didn't seem to mind, he just told me to suck it. I did the best I could and then Bob told me to stick my tongue into his pee hole. Bob took his fingers and spread the head of his cock. My mouth dropped as I saw this huge gaping pee hole. He told me to do it. I put my tongue into his pee hole almost without effort. His hands on my head now as I pushed my tongue in as best as I could.

    Then Bob was between my legs and licking my pussy. I was dry but I will admit Bob knew how to get me wet. I climaxed within a short time and he made me cum two more times. Then he was ready to fuck me. Bob spread my legs and pushed the thick head of his cock into my pussy.

    I remember almost screaming, I felt like his cock was tearing my labia trying to enter my pussy. Then he was inside and he began to fuck me hard and fast. I closed my eyes, I couldn't look at him fuck me. His facial features were even more scary now his cock was buried inside of my pussy.

    Bob grunted as he ravaged me, he used his cock like a weapon and suddenly I was having a mind blowing orgasm. He pulled out and then handed me a thumb size dildo vibe. Bob lay on his back and told me to fuck his cock with it.

    He reached down and separated the bulb like head to expose the gaping pee hole. He smiled and nodded. I put the rounded vibe to his pee hole and pushed. Bob immediately groaned with pleasure and I slowly shoved half of the small vibe into his cock. Bob thrashed around and moaned with pleasure, precum poured out of his thick cock.

    Within a few minuted Bob pushed me away and forced me onto my back. Kneeling next to my body he began to jerk his thick cock feverishly. Bob threw back his head and groaned loudly as this thick mass of cum exploded from his cock.

    He jerked his cock as a never ending stream of cum erupted all over my breasts and stomach. it seemed to pour all over me for several moments. Then he just suddenly knelt beside me with his head slumped forward, breathing rapidly as I watched thick strands of cum dripping out of his large pee hole.

    I sat up and pushed Bob onto the bed and straddled him quickly. His spent cock was still mostly hard enough to ride. I climaxed again before his thick cock finally gave out. Oh god it hurt and it still felt wonderful at the same time.

    Bob and I have been fucking for six months now, and he helps me financially from time to time when I get into a bind. Yes I do it for the money, but now I would let Bob fuck me even if money wasn't involved.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 47

    When I was 37 my wife and I were in a hard time. I was working full time making decent money but she was going to college and working at the same time. We had two kids too so it was tough but we figured out how to make it work. Then she ended up losing her job and we had to shift our lifestyle around. We had to figure out our money situation for the next year or till she could at least find a part time job.

    Well Christmas was coming up, money was tight and we still were going to give our kids a good Christmas. They were little so they wouldn't have known a difference one way or another but still it ment something to us.

    My wife got a part time job so we finally had that extra money flow but still I wasn't comfortable spending extra money. I was talking with some friends about Christmas coming up, we were both complaining about the overall pain in the ass it is. He jokingly said seek your ass for some money! We laughed but I seriously gave it a consideration over the new few weeks.

    Finally ne night after sex I told my wife what I had on my mind. Told her we needed extra cash for Christmas and I could sell my anal virginity for money. There is a market for that. She said but you not gay and I said I'm. Not but I don't see it a problem taking a guy or two in my ass one night for extra cash. It's a simple way to make extra cash. Oddly enough she agreed and I was surprised. She was on board with the idea, I figured it'd just be a one time thing and I'd never notice or anyone would ever notice I got my ass fucked.

    So the next night while my wife was in class the kids were at my parents house so I was at home alone. I shaved my ass smooth and shaved all my pubic hair off since I was all natural for many years. I took pics of me in doggy position on the bed with my asshole showing and pic of my now bald cock.

    The process began as I made a Craigslist ad. I worded it to point out I only want an older wealthy guy to take my virginity. I posted the ad and within three days I had a guy email me. The offer was put up how much he'd pay me and where I would meet him at. He was staying in a hotel in a city an hour away for business stuff for a week. The deal was I'd come stay with him for the week, he'd have sex with me every night since he didn't get sexy from his wife anymore and he'd pay me at the end of the week. I had vacation time at work and told my wife the offer. She asked me if I was sure about this as once I get my ass fucked I'll remember it for the rest of my life. I said yes and I told the guy I'd meet him at his hotel

    Two weeks later I went to meet with this older guy. He was 60 years old but looked younger. When I arrived we got all the hellos out of the way and he got straight to the point. He showed me test results showing he was std free and hiv negative. He also told me straight up we needed to walk down to the local store and get some lube before we have sex, no biggie so we went down to Walgreens and got the lube he preferred to use. But no condoms, I asked if he needed condoms. That's when he told me for the money he's giving me and he proved he was clean he was going to cum in me each time. I was okay with it as he was giving me money. Upon arriving back at his hotel he stripped off all his cloths except his underwear. He was wearing Hanes briefs and that's when I noticed this guy was packing some dick in them! He looked at me and told me to get down to my underwear. I stood there in my white briefs as he checked me out, he commented saying we'll pull those off and let's see that smooth body.

    Finally he had me pull his briefs down. His hung cock flopped out. He had to be 8" and he was thick. He said he offered such good money to me because he was a hung guy and it was my first cock. He had me suck it. It was weird at first but I got used to it. I figured this wouldn't be bad. Finally the big moment, he had me lay on the bed on my back and hold my legs up. He lubed my hole up and his cock and he started to finger me at first. It felt okay ill say but after like 10 minutes he had his cock head against my hole and said this will probably hurt at first but you'll get used to it. He slowly pushed in and it did hurt. I sucked it up and just let him get inside me. I was no longer a virgin now. He fucked me for a good 10 minutes till he blew his load in my ass. I could feel it and when he pulled out I could tell my ass was gaping like my wife's after I fucked her ass.

    So for the rest of the week he fucked me in the morning before taking his shower and at night before bed. By the third time it felt okay to me. I'd always just jerk off after sex myself as he cleaned himself off.

    The whole week I was in nothing more than just my briefs usually, he was the same when he got back to the hotel. Well finally the last day was there and I waited for him to get back to the room to pay me as he said he would. I was dressed and ready to go as he walked in, he handed me the money in all 100s and thanked me. But he said your not finished yet, told me to drop my pants and underwear around my ankles and lean over the bed. He blew a big load in my ass one last time with his 8" cock and I pulled my briefs back up and my jeans. He thanked me as I got my stuff around and as he stood there with his pants around his ankles.

    We walked out together and I drove him to the airport, he gave me a one last thanks and I definitely thanked him. So driving home with his cum deep in me and I could tell some was leaking out. I call my wife and told her I was almost home. I got home a d there was no kids so we have some very intense sex. Plus she was fingering my ass every chance she got saying it felt looser now! I said no worries it'll tighten back up. Funny thing is she told me, me taking it in the ass really turned her on. I was so surprised plus she was happy we had extra spending cash for Christmas too.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 22

    When I was 18 and moved to college, I didn't want to get a job and my parents cut me off of money help. I lived in a duplex and the landlord was an older guy. I was ski and fit at 18.

    I told him I couldn't make rent this month as I didn't have any money and told him I'll probably have to finally get a dorm.

    He made me a deal. I give him blowjobs and sex whenever and he'll let me stay there rent free. I thought about it long and hard and told him blowjobs only. I straight and there is no way I'm taking dick in my ass! Every night for about two months I gave him a blowjob. That was till he said it's either ass this time or you either have to pay me rent or move out.

    So finally I let him fuck my ass. It sucked at first and I thought I was gay for doing it. Over time it got much easier though. It just became a job for me. Every two to three nights instead of blowing him he'd fuck my ass. I'd just be laying on my stomach or my ass bent over so he could fuck it. If I did t have lube there he'd use Vaseline to fuck me.

    I finished college this past may and I'm looking to move out since I have a job offer in a different state. He's been taking advantage of that and every night for the past two months he's been fucking me.

    Honestly it doesn't bother me but I'll be glad once I don't have to get my ass fucked anymore

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    I was 27 working as an escort a few years ago, I scheduled an appointment with a man for a birthday party. I have done those before usually for younger men 18-22, anyway I didn't bother to ask based off of past experience. He agreed to pay my hour rate of 260, when I showed up to the address he had given me there was only one car and no party. I was thinking this was a joke and was getting ready to leave because this happens more often than not but the door opened and the man I spoke with on the phone (looked alot older than what he said) told me me the party was going to start later. It was 9 at night on a Tuesday so I knew he was lying anyway he showed me the money and I went inside and I walked through checking the house which was really nice to make sure it was just me and him, there was a kid watching TV in the living room he looked around 13 or so. The man brought me back to him bedroom and shut the door gave me the money and asked if I wanted to use the bathroom to get ready I did and when I came out wearing my lingerie the boy was naked on the bed I yelled WTF as I grabbed my bag heading towards the door but the old man blocked the door and handed me another envelope which had another 260 in it. He gave me some bullshit story about how this boy had low self-esteem and and shit, long sorry short I did it, he jacked off as the boy fucked me and I left. 520 for not even 30mins worth of work but I felt really bad. I'll admit I did pill habit I was trying to maintain so I needed the money. What even worse is a few weeks later he contacted me again he told me he wanted to do the same thing with that same boy and he offered 520 again. When I showed up there was 3 boys around the same age. I said fuck this and went to leave and again she showed me an had 1100 cash on it on top of the 520 he had already given me. He said he wanted to film the boys with me, I hate to admit that I needed the money so I went to the bathroom and told some pills to get me fucked up and I did it. What's worse is that I only brought one condom and it broke in while putting it on one of the boys so I just let them fuck me without a condom. This was the lowest I've ever been and even though I'm ashamed of having done this I'm also grateful because after hitting what I considered rock bottom I checked myself into a addition treatment center a few days later and now I'm no longer addicted to pain pills. When I got out I turned my phone on and had a ton of missed calls and texts from that man, first thing is did was break that phone and get another it was very ther**eutic and symbolic I think lol. Anyway that dark chapter of my life is behind me and although I'm 29 now and still single I'm much happier anyway I think that sick fucking old man was a blessing in disguise.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I was working evening bell hop, room service delivery was part of the job. It was a ten olock delivery. The man opened the door in a robe, his hair wet, I put the tray on the desk, I turned around he was naked on the bed looking at me. He asked me if I wanted a bigger tip. A quick blow job, I looked at his cock and I wanted it, I asked how much, fifty bucks, to suck him good. I sucked him, he sucked me, I came first I couldn't stop it, I came and came, he lapped it up. He sat on my chest and wanked off on my face. I got the fifty bucks, and another long suck of my cock.

    I was worried, I had been gone too long, but my supervisor never asked.

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