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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    At 16 I was out on the streets, no where to go, cold and trying to sleep and get by. I hadn't eaten in 3 days, then it was just some stale buns from the back of a restaurant. I needed money, so I bluffed my way into an adult store and in the back there were small rooms with gloryholes. Some rooms were big and had couches in them. I sucked 4 cocks through the gloryholes asking for some money, I got a total of $9. Eventually; I had to pay the guy at the counter to get it, but was making more money then, and sometimes I didn't pay money, I had to blow him instead. I'd suck for a few bucks, and got to suck a lot so had money for food at least. Eventually the guy behind the counter let me stay over night if I cleaned the place for him. But he wanted more. With me on my knees totally naked after the place closed, he took his cock out of my mouth, picked me up, and shot some lube on my ass and rammed his cock into my butthole. I was screaming and he was laughing, really enjoying putting me in some pain. He shot off after only about 5 minutes and left me with a burning, leaking butthole. He wrote a dollar sign on my ass with magic marker and put one above each of my nipples. He jacked me off making me lick up my own sperm. Then he left. After that, whenever I needed to spend the night I got fucked. Eventually I let guys fuck me in the booths and was making $ 10 each time. If it was a guy in a suit I'd pretend he was hurting me and get $ 20.

    I eventually got sick, caught hep B, and from the hospital found I was on a list. They called my parents and at 17 I went back but in that year I know I'd sucked over 200 cocks and got fucked by at least 100.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    It was cold, it was rainy, and I needed a ride. The trucker picked me up on the side of the highway. He made it clear I had to be naked for the ride, I knew what else he wanted. I got in the sleeper, stripped off my wet clothes and after a hundred miles or so he stopped at a rest stop, and got in bed with me. I sucked him till he got hard, then he rubbed lube on his cock and laid on top of me and fucked me. I got my ride and before it was over, 2 big loads of cum up my backside.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    Omg I can't believe im doing this k? I mean I like cant believe I did it. Ok well...3 weeks ago I took my mom's car and dented the door. Omg! I took it to 4 places and couldn't afford it. Last place I went to I had to do it. I couldn't let mom know when she got back that I screwed up her car you know? I had to. Any guy wanna chat?


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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    My husband and I both trained as masseurs and that's how we met. However we both ended up in different area's of work. The last year had been very demanding for us financially, so I started to offer private massages at home to earn extra money. My husband help set up our dining room as a place to work, and it began to bring in quite a bit of extra cash. Only after the first few months, we got a large bill and it set us right back. One of my clients, a large man, told me during a session, that he'd gotten an erection. The bill had dropped on our doorstep three days before and I only thought of that when I told the man, I'd relieve him, if he paid extra for me sucking him off. The money was on the side within a minute and I had hold of his small fat cock seconds after he lay back down. Closing my eyes, I lowered my head and let his thick erect penis slide over my tongue. Sucking on his dick for no more than five minutes, he balked upwards and came in my mouth. Thinking about the possible mess, I swallowed his cum and actually enjoyed doing so. Straight away afterwards he re-booked and told me if I swallowed again, he'd pay me double next time. Six days later I sucked on his cock again and marveled at how well I gave him fellatio. When he came, which only took a few minutes, I swallowed his cum as he'd wanted me to, and gained the money we'd agreed.
    The very next day with a female client, I let her know how difficult it had been for us financially. As if she could read my mind, she said "You could always offer oral services to your clients". She was naked except for the small towel. That towel ended up on the floor as she turned over, spread her legs and looked down at her pussy. I knew what she wanted and I also knew I'd been here before. Licking her pussy and clit was for me, a twelve year gap from my last lesbian episode. That had been two girls fooling around in my bedroom, until we'd both orgasmed from cunnilingus. Tonguing my clients pussy and clit for money was entirely different, as I knew if I made her feel real good, I'd probably receive more cash. I spent an age licking, fingering and massaging her pussy and clit. I also tongued her arsehole for a short period just before clamping my lips onto her throbbing clit. When she climaxed, she screamed out loud and arched her back. Not once did I let her go and carried on sucking on her engorged clit. Holding her fast, still swirling my tongue all around her love bud, she orgasmed again and this time I let her writhe with pleasure. she was so pleased with how I'd made her feel, she told me she'd support my needs financially until we were in the black. She also said if I wanted to, she would recommend me to a friend of hers.
    It's now been a year, just over actually, and we are now in the black financially. In fact we're doing quite well from my extra work. I only saw the one man after my first experience with the female client, and he was the same large man who's cock I still sucked off for about another month. My other clients are all female and each and every one of them, insist I offer them my extra services.
    Not all of them are beauty queens, indeed most are average working women like myself. Most are married and most just want that extra special loving only a woman knows how to give.
    As for my husband, he knows I offer my clients my extra talents, and says nothing. He doesn't know about the man, but then they'll be no more men and I'm not saying anything. Without those financial difficulties, I doubt I'd have begun to pleasure women orally. But I'm so glad that I do now. And I'm guessing, so are they.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    Hey thank you for stopping by to read my confession!

    I am 23 from the UK.. my confession is that I run a dirty adult Snapchat that nobody knows about I would love for you to add me?

    Username: snap43deep

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I've been letting my tweaker landlord fuck me to stay. Its my fault for first telling him he can, but he just comes in with the key when he wants to take a load off. Even with my friends there he'll call me out and use me in the bathroom or the backyard, its also about 3 times or more a week that I wake up with a dick in my ass or mouth. Still, I cant complain since I get constant tweaker cock and mostly free housing. He even brings buddies over every so often. Now I'm always watching out for stds, but I'm also the worlds biggest closet whore so when he and 3 strangers show up unannounced, horny and on some hard shit, I cant not let them use me. I havent had a whore night in a while, but i was just visited today while a friend was over. I was trying to look good for my friend, so i had on panties, yoga pants, ect. He liked it A LOT, my landlord unfortunately not so much my friend. Since i got him worked up, he ended up just fucking me on the couch while my friend was in my room. Thank god he nutted hard and quick, i love talking with cum in my ass.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Worried about the direction our finances were heading in, I said yes to a senior person in the company I work for. That "yes" was me agreeing to meet him at a hotel, so he could fuck me.

    What I got out of it immediately, was enough money to pay back a loan we had. Then including the promised promotion, the senior company director after our second time at the hotel, also paid off our outstanding mortgage arrears, plus something for us to take a vacation with.

    We're no longer in debt and our finances are now extremely healthy.

    For all this and a future with my beautiful wife, I suck his dick almost daily and let him fuck me most Friday afternoons. He's married like myself and says he understands just how hard it is to work through the initial stages of a long term marriage.

    It really bothered me at first, and sucking his dick to some degree still does. But, I've grown to adore him fucking me over the past eighteen months, and now actually look forward to our Friday afternoons.

    Originally I did do it for the money and job security. Now I have him fuck me for pleasure.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hi everyone. Ok um ok. I like cant really believe I am doing this k? K...I had a dance last Saturday night. I couldn't get the rents lol to buy me a dress n stuff. So I did it on my own. Not sure how I feel about it I think. Long story. Any guys wanna chat?

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    My older sister, she is 12 years older than me always had money and she drove a nice car. We lived the poor part of town and there were not that many nice cars where we lived. Her car wasn't new, but it was nice. When I got to be around fourteen, sixteen, seventeen I heard rumors about my sister. She had a boyfriend. She worked at this club. She was a stripper, a whore, a prostitute.

    Well one day my best friend and I decided to go see where my sister worked. We got on the subway and got off at the street and we found the club. She worked at a Cabaret. She was a dancer, a stripper and a hooker and she worked for this man, her pimp. We didn't' discover that on that day, we discovered that over many days. When I confronted her she told me that I always liked my birthday gifts so shut up.

    My sister was a prostitute.

    I finished high school and with my friend we got jobs working at this hotel close to downtown as maids with a recommendation from my mother. There were lots of maids just like us, and some were maids who dated the guests. We learned how to spot them and the management didn't care. After a year of that job we went and got a job downtown as sales clerks in Macy's. We made more money as maids but we liked the work better. We rented our own apartment and got up at five to be downtown and at work by nine. We spent all our money, we also got Macy's credit cards and we both ran up large bills.

    One day my sister called and she met me downtown at this restaurant around the corner from nowhere and she told me that if I wanted she could get me a job at the club. I could make real money there, I had the body for it and guys liked small and natural because guys always liked to fuck girls that looked fourteen. She said I didn't have to turn tricks, just dance and push drinks. I could make lots of money. She was now the talent manager at the club and I was her first recruit. My best friend was her second recruit. We started out working the lunch crowd and made more money in tips than we ever did working as a maid.

    It never bothered me to walk around half naked, topless in the club. Some girls were pros, you could tell and we learned by watching them. My sister made sure we got good stations where the businessmen came and she was right, fourteen was what we sold and if they got fresh I would tell them that I wasn't into cock and pointed to my girlfriend and tell them that I was strictly a pussy girl. It worked and I got good tips, my friend played the role and we got the reputation of being a couple of pussy girls in the club. At night, when we made it to the night shift the money rolled in. My sister got her cut and the club got its cut and we got 30 percent. If we wanted to make more money we had to suck cock.

    So we sucked cock, my sister made the arrangements and we went to the customer and sucked cock. We made a lot of money for being nineteen. The split was the same, we kept 30 percent. When we started sucking cock we started seriously eating pussy. Cock was for money, pussy was for the heart. What we said when we were working the tables when we started turned out to be true.

    When we had put away two hundred thousand dollars we decided to leave and go live in L.A. In L.A. the money ran out and we had to go back to work. My sister called a friend who called a friend and we got a job working for one of the better clubs. You just need the money and working as a maid in a hotel doesn't pay. In L.A. we didn't know anyone so we just hit the town as a couple of lesbian Nuyorican's from the Bronx. Playing fourteen at nineteen worked but not at twenty five, we sucked cock for money, we fucked for money, we danced for money, my sister fixed it so we had protection and he got 50%, he took care of the club.

    One morning I got home and my girlfriend was waiting for me with a hot cup of soup, she undressed me and massaged me with warm oils ate my pussy and told me that we had to quit. That was the end. We had money saved and we moved back to the Bronx and got jobs working as hostesses for the club where my sister was the assistant manager and stayed off the floor and out of the offices and bedrooms of men who came looking for a girl to fuck. We have our own money but not enough to buy our own apartment, my sister reminds us that there is never enough.

    I am a pussy girl, I have been a stripper, a prostitute but like my sister we never went on the streets, strictly through the club, I suck cock. But when I get home I am strictly a pussy girl, pussy is for the heart.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 21

    About two years ago a man in his late 20s, nice looking and well dressed, walked up to me in a the back seat of a nearly empty bus and noted I had been wanking. He asked if he could join me and in a few minutes offered me money to suck my penis. I settled for $50 and watched his head bob until I came whereupon he sucked hard and swallowed. All he said was, "I love your cock."

    This became ritualized and now he meets my bus two or three times a week and pays good money. Call me what you will, I just let it happen and like the money.

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