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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    The first time I did it I was 15. I had jacked off since I was 12 and an older married man in my neighborhood had been intimating about sexual things for some time, even let me see naked pictures of his wife. Eventually he let me peep on his wife while she was changing into a bikini to hit their pool. Then he offered me $50 if I would blow him, and I did it. After another 4 times sucking him he wanted more. For another $50 he put me over his knee while I was naked and lubed a finger and finger fucked me. He expanded that to finger fucking me with three fingers. All the time he's keep showing me pictures of his wife, his cum dripping out of her just fucked pussy, exposing at stores, even his cock in her asshole, her anal creampie. He offered me $ 150 if I'd let him fuck me, and another $150 if he could take pictures. Non of the pictures showed my face, but they my virgin ass, then his cock inside it, my anal creampie, my body, my cock, me jacking etc. I let him do it, I let him have my virgin butt for money. I let him for about two years, and even let a couple of guys who lived a few blocks away take turns doing it to me for money. I stopped when I went to college this year.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 23

    Working at a clients home fixing his patio doors after an attempted burglary, he approached me when I had only an hour or so's work left. Getting straight to the point, he said "My wife's upstairs naked on the bed. She's horny for young cock. If you fuck her, I'll give you a large tip".
    His wife is I would say around his age, fifty ish. Only she'd looked after herself and to be honest I would have fucked her without the extra money. Telling him I had only a bit to do, he told me to leave it and go to see his wife.
    Walking upstairs into their bedroom, I saw her naked lay on her back with her legs wide open and she was playing with her pussy. Smiling at me, she told me she liked it rough and I could fuck any hole I wanted. Within seconds I was just as naked as she was and had my head between her legs. Her pussy was unusual as her labia's were huge and her clit looked like a small cock. Even so I took my time to lick and suck on them whilst fingering her soaking wet hole with two fingers, making her climax twice.
    Pulling me up after she'd orgasmed the second time, she knelt up and presented me her pussy and arse. I didn't need a second invitation I can tell you. Firstly sliding my dick up her pussy, she begged me to fuck her hard, so I did just that. Ramming my cock up her pussy as fast and as deep as I could thrust.
    She began to shake like a leaf after only a few minutes and came again all over my cock. She dropped down, so I lifted her back up and then spun her over, putting heels onto my shoulders. With my cock covered in her love juices, I put it to her arsehole and thrust in. Her back passage was much tighter and I found it squeezing hard onto my cock. Reaching down I gripped both of her tits and really began to fuck her rear. That's when we both heard her husband say "Yeh that's it, fuck her hard she loves it".
    Turning around I saw him stood there half naked tossing off what looked like a tiny semi erect cock. And within seconds he came all over the landing carpet outside of their bedroom. I carried on screwing his wife and couldn't get enough of how sexy and horny she was, telling me I was dirty bastard for fucking her "shithole". Hearing her swear and then feeling her arsehole tighten even more as she came, I too orgasmed and spurted every drop up her gorgeous bum.
    Pulling out I was about to climb off the bed, when she moved around and ducked her head. Taking my cock back into her mnouth, she licked and sucked on my cock cleaning off any remaining cum, then swallowed the lot.
    When I got myself dressed and walked downstairs after chatting to her for a while, she followed and we both found her husband sweeping up a job he'd completed for me. Turning to her she told me her husband used to be a window fitter, but through ill health he couldn't work anymore. He also couldn't get hard enough to fuck her tight arsehole either. Something I've found out more and more to my pleasure, she absolutely loves.
    Paying me the cost of the job and a large tip, I promised to call by from time to time. In the nine months since I first fucked my beautiful older married woman, I've been round at least once a week since. But more often than not two to three times a week. It's not always me fucking her, as I don't have time every time to fuck her. But on the days I don't have lots of time, she gives me one hell of a blow job as her husband watches and wanks.
    The new van I drive, has mostly been paid for by them and it allows me to do more work. I'm single, so I'm not cheating on anyone. Yet I guess most guys wouldn't think of fucking someone like my older horny fuck partner. She is sexually insatiable and long may it continue.
    One lucky young guy, who now see's the delights in older ladies.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    I have recently quit my job & in desperation offered to send dirty pics (no face) and sexy texts to a random man. Heâs agreed to pay me via PayPal! I feel like such a whore but it secretly excites me. Anytime he wants a picture, heâll pay me beforehand. Iâm an Indian girl who was raised in a strict family so this just feels so naughty!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 50

    It happened at my very first job when I had left school, I got a job at a local grocers shop weighing and bagging up fruit and vegetables for sale in the shop itself, The room I worked in was small with only enough room for two people really, From the start the boss would regularly come in to check on my patting my leg occasionally as I sat on my stool working, His touches got more insistent at times patting the top of my thigh softly as he spoke, Then one day I was standing up working for a change when he came in he stood behind me a pressed against me his mouth close to my ear and I could feel him getting hard against my ass, His breathing became heavy and harsh as I just stood there as his hand wandered over the front of my jeans feeling me getting hard he chuckled and started to kiss my neck as he took my hand behind me and placed it on his hard bulge I immediately started to gently squeeze it feeling him get harder he whispered "Good boy make me happy and you will get a pay rise" he unzipped me and pullef my cock out his rough hands stroking me firmly making me gasp loudly, Suddenly he stopped turned me around and dropped his trousers and underpants his cock sprang out leaking pre cum he pushed me down telling me to suck him hard I opened my mouth taking my first hard cock into my mouth and sucking on it hard it tasted salty but not unpleasant, After a few minutes he stood me up pulled my jeans and pants down and sucked me slurping and sucking noisily then suddenly he stood span me round and bent me over my work table he spat on his hand and worked his spit over my asshole then he told me to relax as he entered me slowly it hurt a little but not too much he built up speed and held my hips tightly as he fucked me there I was a young teen being fucked by my fifty odd year old boss his cock stretching and filling me up as I pushed back wanting more I was gone lost in sexual need and want he reached for my cock and stroked it hard and I came loudly as my ass gripped him tightly he finally came with a loud grunt and groan deep inside me, He pulled out his now soft cock and patted my ass, He told me to be ready for him at any time I was at work and told me not to wear underpants as he wanted quick and easy access to me, After that I was his fuck toy fucking me at least twice a day but if he was busy he'd just want a quick blow job which i was happy with, Yes I did get my wage rise double! What i had been earning with extra an bonus for birthdays and holidays which he took me on sharing his bed with him of course where he always fucked me rotten I was his bought and paid for and I loved it, Eventually he died and I was left his shop and money in his will.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I was desperate, I needed money badly or I would loose the flat my kids and I lived in. I am only a waitress in a small local café and need all the money I can get I was with a girl I knew at a bar (she was buying, I couldn't) and after a few drinks she introduced me to these two guys. Then instead of staying, she left and I was with the two of them talking. They heard how I needed to earn extra money and they were very direct. If I would give them both BJ's they would give me $150. They showed me the money, but they wanted the BJ's there in a dark corner of the bar. I knew I'd never be allowed back in there, but I did it anyway. First one, then took the other back. He blew on my face and hair and offered me another $50 if I walk to a nearby apartment with the two of them and leave the cum on my face. I now had $200 and was walking down a dark street with sperm in my hair and running down my face, some dripping off my chin onto my blouse. They said they would order me a driver and send me home on their bill right then or I could come up to their place and earn some more money. I knew what they meant and I'd never sold my body for sex before but I needed to stay in my flat and pay for some bills, and this would take me over the top. I went with them. I was scared, not knowing what they would do to me and knowing I was at their mercy in their place.

    Upon locking the door behind us, one of the said "Strip" and once stripped one of them took me to the bedroom and fucked me, the other came in and fucked me anally. I had the money and started to get dressed and one stopped me. He grabbed my arm and took me to the bathroom. He threw another $200 down, which after the regular and anal sex, and the BJ's at the bar, walking in public with the cum on my face, I know had $600. I also knew I didn't have a choice to do or not do what they wanted. I still didn't know what that was. They put me in the tub, made me lie down on a towel so it would be so cold, and one started to pee all over me. It was warm and spreading all over me, he especially liked peeing on my pussy which I keep hairy, I was soaked down there, and on my belly and tits. The other handed me a funnel and instructed me to stick it in my mouth. He peed for about 20 seconds into the funnel and filled it. I was afraid not to drink and swallow. Then he moved to peeing all over my body and at the end may be roll over so he could "piss on the ass I just fucked", as he said it.

    I wasn't allowed to shower off, was forced to dress over all the pee, and get my clothes wet and stained, then put on the street. The next time they said I could eat out the other girl who introduced us, while they piss on both of us. I did that too! Many times.

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