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I Did It For The Money
Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.
  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 28

    No money, no food and a husband who's idea of looking for work was sleeping all day, I had to get something sorted to take care of our daughter.
    There were two men I could have turned to. One being my father, but shame and embarrassment of marrying someone he thought of as "Fucking useless". The other, a large mixed race hustler who loaned out expensive money. I stupidly I thought at first, chose the hustler.
    Food, the ability to get my husband off his ass, and the chance for him to start his own business, all challenged me to make the deal. My husband to his credit, did make a fantastic go of building a business, and we soon moved out of the shitty home we were living in. Even my father was impressed.
    The price for the start we needed, along with with regular payments back to him, was to submit to any form of sex the mixed race gent wanted.
    My husband. Five feet eight inches tall. A hundred and thirty pounds. A five and half inch cock and stamina sexually for about half an hours sex.
    The mixed race gent. Six feet three inches tall. One hundred and eighty pounds of pure muscle. And a cock that measures nearly nine inches long. He also can fuck for as long as your able to take his thick meaty cock, in all of your holes.
    I first learned this on our first occasion sexually, as he took me to sexual Nirvana and back again, over and over again. In the motel room, I was taught precisely what he wanted and liked and then was made to teach myself and my body to give him EVERYTHING.
    I'd had a threesome in my younger days and had had sex with a guy who's cock was larger than my mixed race lover. But no one had ever made me reach the sexual heights he did, and still does on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.
    It's been over two years now since I first entered that motel room and in that time I've serviced him and his cock well past what we owed him in money. Yet I cannot stop visiting him, and I cannot stop being whatever he wants from me sexually, at anytime of the day he wishes it.
    My husband knows how I got the money and he also knows who it's off. And he's fully aware I had to give it/sex out to pay off our debt. What he doesn't know, is it was paid off months ago and that I'm still enjoying my texts "10AM or 1PM or 5.45PM or MIDNIGHT". I and my husband know what they mean, and I lie and say it's only months away until it's all over. He smiles tells me I'm doing it for the family. Then I drive over to get my fix of huge cock and sexual domination.
    It was for the money. Now it's for the amazing sex and my lovers needs.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    Kinda dont know how to say it. I just got home 3 weeks ago. Been far away for last 2 n half years. Was kinda sold. Hoping guys wanna chat. Feeling pretty alone


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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was 23 then, I had a four year old. He was my neighbor across the street. He told me if I ran the house I could live with him rent free. After a couple of months I went to his room and offered to sleep with him, he said no thanks. After a year he asked if he could adopt my daughter. To make it work I had to get her birth father to give up his parental rights and the lawyer told him to marry me. We still sleep in separate rooms, when he 'wants' me he will let me know. My daughter now has a father who is really taken by her, I have a husband who doesn't want me in his bed.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 24

    Iâm not ashamed in saying this but I managed to land a good paying job over others who are struggling to get by with morals. Been here for almost 2 weeks and every day when the office is empty except me and my shift manager are the only ones left, I go to his office close the door and lock it and we go down behind his desk so I can suck him off.

    Heâs not good looking not by a long shot, heâs over weight, hairy, balding, and not well hung at all Iâd say 4 inches max. But I give him free head every day and will do in the future to keep my job, again not ashamed to admit it that Iâm doing this. Iâm a ok looking guy, Iâm built like a twink so Iâm rocking it to get what I need. Just need to say this to get it off my shoulders thatâs all.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Now out of college with a good paying job. But I worked my way through college, my parents didn't have the money to help. I got some scholarship money but as my funds ran out I was homeless, on the street and making classes on time and picking up what friends left on their trays for food. All went un-noticed. I couldn't stand it anymore, and using the gym for showers, sleeping at friends and sometimes outside every night was wearing on me. I even hid in the library a few nights and slept there after closing.

    I got desperate. I knew a street where your guys paraded around and older men would drive up and then pay them for sex. I had to do it. I had intended in my mind to only give hand jobs, but found out right away men didn't pay for something they could do themselves. My first BJ was with a very handsome man with a few extra pounds. He pulled up in a very expensive car and when asked how much for a BJ I told him $30, he laughed and started to drive away, I told him whatever he wanted. He agreed to $20 and I got in the car. I was nervous as hell, not knowing what to expect and not being super huge at 5ft. 8in and 135 lbs to defend myself if he got rough. The man pulled into a parking lot behind a high wooden fence. It was almost totally dark and I was terrified, I noticed that a few more cars were around and I could see a few heads bobbing up and down and in one car I could tell the man was fucking a boy in the backseat. "How many cocks you sucked and fucked?" I was asked. I told him that I hadn't it was my first night out. he asked about my personal life, and I told him I'd only fucked girls. "Yeah right" was the answer as he pulled out the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Soft it was about 8" long and was about a thick as a can of soda or beer. I pulled out a condom and he told me NO. I said I didn't want to catch anything and with that he showed me his wedding ring, saying he didn't have anything and didn't want anything either. If it was my first time then why not??? He offered me another $10 if I took it bare, and another $10 if I let him cum in my mouth.

    I put that monster in my mouth as it grew, though scared to death I sucked him like crazy, I wanted him to enjoy it but more than that I wanted to get it over with and quickly. He made me open my pants and show him my little cock, and as I sucked him he pushed down my jeans and underpants and with some saliva on his finger stuck it up my butt. I arched up and whined, and he said that I must really be a virgin. He moved his finger in and out of my ass as I blew him. I thought he was cumming but it was only his precum, there was a lot of it permeating my entire mouth, then he shot and I learned what a real load was like shooting into my mouth. I thought about the four girls I'd had who let me cum in their mouths. I was holding it all in my mouth and he produced another $10 and told me it was mine if I swallowed. I did it for him and opened up to show him it was all gone. Now with my pants down, $50 in my hand, a mouthful of sperm residue, he pushed me out of the car, said thanks and drove off. As I was about a block up the street walking back for more pick ups, he pulls up again. "If you go home now, and don't suck or fuck anyone else tonight, I'll give you another $50 and meet me tomorrow two blocks over in front of the statue at 7" I agreed. He gave me the money and told me that tomorrow I'd make $200 but I'd be fucked before he was done.

    I went to a friends house for the night, got some peanut butter and jelly to eat, and slept thinking of that huge cock forcing its way into my virgin asshole. I found I was getting very hard as I thought about it. I didn't know what to do but I needed the money, and I met the guy at 7 the next evening. He took me to a mid level hotel a bit out of town saying he didn't want to be seen or recognized. I asked if his wife let him fuck her in her ass and he said that she let him have every hole. Why me??? I didn't ask. In the car he handed me $200 and a tube of lubricant. "Pull your pants down and start using some of that". As I did it, he added "Push it up in there really far and good, that way it won't hurt as much". Once in the room, he told me to put on this nightie, it was the favorite his wife would wear when she wanted him to fuck her up her ass. I put it on, including the crotchless panties. He turned out the lights and started kissing me and running his fingers through my shoulder length hair. He laid down with me on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. I got him hard and he lubed his cock then with me on my back, pulled my legs up around him and slowly but steadily entered my ass. He moved slow at first though it was very painful and I was really stretched, he waited a while, then after about 10 minutes he picked up the pace. I decided to help him along by talking dirty and soon my ass was being painfully and quickly pumped, leading to his full load going up my bowels. I could feel it shooting inside me and I liked that feeling. After, he just laid on me breathing heavily, and started playing with my nipples, kissing my neck while still keeping his cock inside me. I had to go to the toilet very badly but his cock was still in me, then I felt it growing with every kiss, every tweak of my nipples. While sucking on my nipples and pinching them he was hard again, and he started pumping. It took him about 40 minutes this time to cum and again, I liked the feeling of him shooting into me. Cumming while kissing me deep and giving tongue that was returned. He finally pulled out and cum just poured out of my grossly opened asshole, now a pussy. He took me to the shower after my sitting on the toilet for a while, and I washed him he washed me. After he took the nightie, saying his wife would love this story. He gave me another $100 he said for fucking him the second time.

    I saw him a few times, he fucked me some more, a few BJ's but after I'd been fucked by a few other men he stopped coming to me. I spent 2 years getting fucked by men and sucking mens cocks, dressing up as a girlfriend, daughter, wife, whore, slut, college girl whatever they wanted, almost always safe and protected.
    Now I don't have to do that anymore. I kept as clean as I could, got the clap once, but got treated and never had anything else. I now have a great girlfriend, we fuck each other senseless and I don't need to let guys fuck me anymore, I do kinda miss it especially feeling a man shoot cum inside my asshole.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    This is how quick it all happened.
    My husband Carl and I had an argument about money earlier in the morning, then I drove into work and was told within twenty minutes that the company I'd recently taken a job with, were seeking redundancies. Being one of the last in, I thought I'd be first out.
    Only minutes after finding out about the redundancies, my husband text me to push his point about me trying harder to earn more money, as he was working all the hours he could.
    I was upset after reading the text and wept a little. It was then a senior director of the company, walked into the small office I have and saw me distressed. Putting two and two together he came up with, I was cying over my future, so he said to me "Your job could be safe, I'm sure we could work things out. Maybe even move you over to head office to work with me and for much better salary".
    Looking up at him through teary eyes, he opened his trousers and flopped out a very thick flaccid cock. I knew what he wanted and I also knew if I sucked on his dick, then quite possibly my husband and I would be okay. All this flashed through my mind in milli seconds, and just as quickly I found myself opening my mouth and sucking in his growing hardening cock.
    He immediately held onto my head and began to fuck me mouth, telling me if I sucked him dry, I'd definitely be being transferred over to head office. His cock really became stiff and it had grown to about seven inches when I had visions of him in my head saying "Well Jayne, Mandy or Adelle suck cock just as good".
    Cupping his balls and releasing his cock, I movd my hand up to his thick cock shaft, stroked it a few times and then stood up. Walking over to my computer desk, I lifted my skirt, pulled down my knickers over my stockings and bent right over. Moving my arms back, I gripped my arse cheeks, looked back at the married man so eager now to fuck me, and told him he could fuck any hole he wanted, as long as I got the job and doubled my salary.
    His smirk was one of victory as he plunged his cock straight up my pussy from behind, and then began to fuck me like I was a common slut.
    I cannot remember now how long he fucked me like that. What I do know is, his cock took me to two wonderfully strong orgasms, before by design or accident his slippery cock slid out of my pussy and then eased it's way up my arsehole. It made me jump, but his cock wasn't the first to fuck my rear hole and I've always loved being fucked up there.
    Telling him he was a dirty bastard, I heard him sneer at me and then he told me "I was going to offer you more than you want to be my PA". Turning my head round again, I told him he'd better think about paying what he was thinking, if he wanted my mouth pussy and arsehole again.
    Before he came deep up my arsehole in October of last year (2017), he told me the job was mine and so was the extra money. He also told me once he'd pushed me down to begin licking and sucking on his cock, that I'd have to be available to accompany him to business deals overnight.
    Now in July 2018, I journey with Paul to weekly overnight meetings, once a week. It usually involves a very busy day of travelling, work and then retiring to a hotel for the night. After eating our evening meal which I never pay for, the fifty four year old takes me to bed and fucks me pretty much as long as the Viagra keeps him going. Which on some nights, means I'm taking his cock until the early sunrise is arriving. By then I've been well and truly fucked and I've never once failed to thoroughly enjoy his long slippery tongue and his fat hard cock.
    My husband accepts I work away once a week, as our finances are now more than in the black. He also understands I have to some days stay back to work on collating my daily assignments for the director. In reality on those days I'm more often than not sprawled over his desk being fucked, or lay on his office sofa having my pussy and arsehole tongued until I spurt my climax all over my bosses face.
    So over that first few hours, I set in motion a new life sexually for me and well financed one for myself and my husband. By the way, try not to feel too bad for my husband, as I make damn sure he's taken care of in the bedroom, if and when he's ready to fuck his wife. Even if that does mean sometimes, his sperm is sharing my loveholes with my bosses cum.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    I'm still doing it for the money. My interview for this job with Mr. Blackstone ("Blacky" as I have come
    to know him) Was the strangest I ever had but I'm only nine years out of high school. According to Blacky
    I was selected from 76 girls he interviewed for this job and it pays three times the average salary for the position. However it entails a signed contract I obtained from his attorney.

    During the interview, Blacky explained that I would sign a contract that allowed him, basically, to pleasure
    himself with my body. When I first read it, I was taken aback but he had mentioned the salary level first, a wise
    man. He detailed what he wanted from my body and none of it seemed outrageous plus I had done all of it before,
    for free, mostly for macho idiots who had yet to mature. Blacky was older than my dad but fit and a sort of bear of a man, like the type who intimidates by just standing around.

    The job entails administrative duties I've done before, using good equipment, a top level computer and printer with filing and graphics software needed for the work. Blacky selected me for my body combined with my background and post high school education in business administration and other skills. He had me stand up at the interview and turn around to see my posterior, which he found more than acceptable. He felt my breasts, that are small but firm and well shaped. He also looked at my legs and stated that my calves were muscular and sexy to him in that way.

    Before I took the job, he stood up behind his desk and took his cock out, stroked it to erection and said, "It's not really as large as it looks due to its thickness but your vagina will easily handle it, trust me." Thinking of the money, I trusted him, besides I had at least one larger and another that was probably equal free from dummies.

    My first duty before coming to work is to take a good shower with scrubbing and plenty of soap. Then I show up crispy clean, much as he is at all times. On certain days, I enter Blacky's office completely dressed and remove only whatever jewelry I have, including my watch. Then, he embraces me and kisses my neck, sometimes my cheeks, where I can feel his breath picking up. Blacky, still wearing his expensive suit complete with vest, has me lean on his desk on my forearms and elbows, sometimes also my chest with my head on my forearms. He then picks up my skirt and slowly pulls down my panties. At this point, I can feel his breath and panting on my thighs and I begin to feel my crotch moistening, Blacky then begins to make love to my gluteal muscles, my entire ass, and rims me, then goes for my labia, biting and licking my crotch, holding my hips fast to his head. Often I can feel my ass cheeks completely surrounding his face as he digs it in as close as possible.

    In a few minutes I'm really dying for his thick plug. The man really knows his stuff. He always begins to fuck me slowly, first with only his large, thick head sliding in and out of my vaginal opening. This usually brings on my lubrication so by the time he plugs me I'm more than prepared and I can hear his big cork popping in me with a large slurping. He then begins to whisper how he loves to fuck me, what a spectacular ass I have and that this is the paramount moment of his existence. Sometimes I have my first orgasm during this phase. The routine is not daily but close to it and on rare occasions not just in the morning but just after the office closes.

    What Black might not know is that I am now powerfully addicted to his sexual game with my body. He probably could have had it all for less money but I suspect he knows that. Not long ago, he said he was thinking of hiring an assistant of some kind for me, someone we can both fuck. I'm considering it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 40

    Lets get this outta the way i paid for it! Anyways ive always had a weird fetish for druggie edgy girls basically i love run down bitches weird i know.

    Anyways very early sat morning i go to my local speedway a new girl is working definately a ragged out chick. Fat tatted up and she was outside smoking, So she starts chatting me up and thru the course of the convo she says i hope my relief doesnt show i need the overtime. Bingo i was like oh you need some money? And she laid on the usual yeah cell phone bill due cars in the shop etc so i jokingly said sounds like you need a sugardaddy and she laughed and was like yeah i wish!

    Bingo! i say well if youre interested i could help you out today she looks at me like are you serious? So i go for it and say look when you get off ill give you a hundred and a ride home for some car fun (BJ) she was like i cant i have a boyfriend so i say no worries its cool. I could see her wheels turning so i go in a grab some items and go to pay and she was like ok i lve never done anything like this before (not sure i believe that) but youre cute and seem nice so i get off at 7. I tell her i will be in the adjacent parking lot.

    So i leave and drive around with a raging boner at the thought of getting blown by this pig. I dont know why but ive always gotten off on paying for sex. I decided to jerk off and shoot a massive load (i want it to last) clean up and head to the parking lot. I wasnt sure she would come over but about 10 after 7 she comes walking over, my dick springs to life again.

    She gets in starts smoking and rambling on about how shes never done this and blah blah blah i actually believed her so i was really nice and was like i understand if you dont want to go thru with it ill still give you a ride home she thought for a minute and said no i like you you seem cool so im like awesome lets do it. We pull into a nearby park i pull my cock out and start masterbating i hand her the cash throw up my center console and she slides over and goes down on my. She defines know what shes doing and it feels great i ask if i can rub pussy and shes says yes so i slip my hand down her pants and discover shes quit moist i work her clit while she blows me she starts moaning and says please warn me before you cum another minute and i tell her get ready i shoot my load a pretty good one despite jerking off an hour before. I hand her a towel she declines having clearly swallowed my load.

    I drive her home thank her and give her the number to my burner phone. Weve hooked up a few times since for occasional blowjobs and have actually become friends.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    It was a year ago now, I got stuck in another city and tried to hitch my way home. One guy stopped and with his rolled down window made it very clear that I'd have to blow him for the ride. After 3 hours and no one stopping I got in. He drove a while, then said that it was time to pay up and he pulled over to a secluded area, got out and I followed him. He leaned up against a tree, pulled his pants down and knowing what he wanted, I got down in front of him and sucked him. He told me to take off my pants and shirt so there I was naked sucking a cock for the first time. He told me at first that I'd have to swallow, but he was nice enough to warn me that he was cumming. His precum was so heavy I thought he was cumming then, but no; I found out what having a cock shoot off in your mouth really felt like in a few moments after that. I swallowed, opening my mouth letting him see his sperm inside my mouth then swallowed and let him look and see it gone. He grabbed my cock and jacked me a few times then we pulled up our pants and went back to the car. He didn't make me cum because he said he wanted me horny. He kept pinching and pulling on my nipples the whole time we were driving.

    I sucked him one more stop a few hours later. Then around midnight, with it raining he pulled over to a motel and got a room, and let me out. There I was late, sleepy, my mouth tasting like stale sperm, in the raid and I just pulled up my legs to my chest as I sat in the rain waiting for a car. Then I heard his voice, he told me I could come in with him if I wanted to stay dry but I'd have to take a fucking. "It's better than being cold, wet and getting sick out here tonight" he added. Resigned I went into his room. He used hand lotion to lube and fucked me right away. I laid down, he told me to keep naked in the bed. I was so sleepy I didn't even go to the bathroom to get rid of his cum and the lotion. I felt I had to go, but was too tired. Around 3:30am I woke up on my back, my legs up and him on top of me fucking me again. He kissed me, sucked my nipples, telling me what a hot little fuck I was. I bucked back into him, moaning and groaning, begging him for it hard and fast. That got him off and I got up and emptied myself from two fucks.

    The next day he offered to take me the rest of the way to the coast, if I'd stay with him and be his girlfriend for the next 3 days. He sweetened the offer with some pot, food, and $100.

    I took it. I let a guy fuck me for 3 days and a night just so I could get back home. I've never sucked or fucked another guy since, but I need money again, and I'm thinking of letting some older guy fuck me to get it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 38

    This isn't about sex, it is about selling out and being controlled from the grave.

    My grandmother is/was a very wealthy woman in her own right. She and I did not have a good relationship when I was a teen. In my teens I was rebellious and my mother caught me in bed with another girl. Anyway, my grandmother heard all about it and I confirmed to my mother and grandmother that I was queer and I liked girls and this girl was my girlfriend.

    I went to college and changed girlfriends, as did my high school girlfriend, and brought home the girl I was with at college. She was a tender girl, and very pretty in all conventional sense. With her it was more of this is my girlfriend and the only fight we had was over her sleeping with me. After that weekend I was called and my mother told me I had to come home for the weekend because we needed to talk. I refused, but her tone wasn't right and she said it was about my grandmother so I went.

    My grandmother had cancer and it wasn't getting better. Even though I didn't like her, I felt sorry for her and I told her. My grandmother had all her wits around her and said she wanted me to understand something, or I was going to be 'cut off'. She had talked to her lawyers, they had set up a trust. The trust provided that I would inherit my share only if I was responsible, I was at least 25, I had a full four year degree in a respectable profession, I was married to a worthy man of my father's choice and that I had a natural born child. Or I inherited nothing and my share would go to her chosen charity. One door, no second chances. For each additional child, over the next ten years, I would have added to my inheritance a large sum of money, until the Trust was exhausted or the balance went to charity.

    For her reasons, in part because I was the only granddaughter, she made me the center of her estate giving me the lion's share or it went to charity. I was turning 20 that year. My mother had her share of when my grandfather passed away, and my brothers were never going to be poor anyway, and they were set to inherit a good bit of money themselves. But half of everything she had was in the Trust.

    My grandmother passed away six months later and anything I had left in me from my teen screaming years died with her. I got a degree in Economics with a minor in History. I married a boy, a friend of my older brother's who always bothered me, I had the baby six months before turning 25 and on the my 25th birthday I wore my grandmother's pearls to the lawyers offices to have the proceeds from the Trust put in my name. The baby's came, not because of the money but because they just came. Where my mother only had one daughter I have four. They are still young, under the age of puberty, but I already dread the years ahead. They are not my mother, they are me. They are my grandmother. And they work me as a team. I know my grandmother laughs at me from the grave.

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