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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    Today I got some news. I knocked up my boss (we'll call her Tonya); she told me today via a little Skype meeting she scheduled with me. We meet once a month to check in, so when she put this on my calendar, no big deal. Bit I've been kind of dumbstruck all day.

    For context, we got drunk as all get out at a conference earlier in the month, ended up in her hotel room, and I used her like a rag dog. It was not pretty, but it was loud and sweaty. She seemed to love it, the physicality of it. Definitely a sprint instead of a marathon. Not much foreplay and she can't suck a cock to save her life, but we did get a little more slow paced physical contact in the shower before I slept in her bed. In the morning she jerked me off with a look on her face somewhere between animal hunger and how a cat hunts a moving bird. It was weird, but I came for her again. I'd do her again of I got the chance.

    Bad thing is, I only feel bad that I cheated on my wife. I don't care that I might cause my boss issues at home. I fucking hate her fat, pill-popping, loser husband, and my wife can't have kids anyway. Tonya said she wouldn't get rid of it (she's Catholic) so I got a kid out there now. I hope it's a girl and gets her mom's green eyes - Tonya is a good mom even if she's a questionable wife.

    Seriously weird train of thoughts all day long today.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Before I moved into my new apartment, I lived next to Colin and his gorgeous wife Sylvia. Both Colin and Sylvia are/were in their mid fifties, and Sylvia is a genuine nymphomaniac slut.
    To the outside world, she was a church going shop owner alongside her husband. In the privacy of their home, I spent two and half wonderful years, firstly fucking Sylvia whenever and however I wanted. Then after a while, when Colin was around from his trucking work, he would get involved. It was only him lapping up my mess inside his wife's pussy and ass at first, but it soon became a regular thing for him to suck my dick clean too.
    One evening after fist fucking Sylvia for a long time and making her orgasm multiple times, I was about to fuck her ass. Instead she asked me if I'd fuck Colin so she could watch. It was so horny fucking him in front of his wife and I soon didn't care I was ramming my cock up a guys asshole instead.
    From then on I fucked them both, and practically lived at their home fucking Sylvia whenever he was away driving.
    Then Colin had a huge health scare and things cooled down. I still fucked Sylvia, but only at my place and things sort of drifted.
    I moved away to a new home for work myself, sometimes calling by to have an afternoon of sex with Sylvia. And on rare occasions to have Colin watch me fuck his wife. He no longer took part in terms of me fucking him, but he did sometimes suck my dick clean after I'd been fucking Sylvia.
    Life got in the way and for over a year I didn't see them. Then six months ago Sylvia managed to get in touch and I sadly attended Colin's funeral.
    I missed them both, but more so Sylvia and her amazing body, pussy and ass. Five weeks after the funeral, she invited me around and we spent the whole night having such awesome sex. I stayed over fucking her throughout the night and into the morning and I realized I loved the older sensual woman in my own way.
    Three weeks later I moved back into my old neighborhood and in with the most wonderful woman I've ever met. We're now lovers, partners and best friends. Which is just fine with me, because I absolutely hated my new neighbors who couldn't have been more different to Sylvia and Colin.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 39

    I'm angry at fat people who come to my home and ruin my furniture.One fat-assed whore sat on my wooden glider rocker and now it has a permanent squeak! Thanks a lot Jelly Belly Smelly Kelly.

    I can understand why the airlines charge your big bertha asses for two seats,you ruin the cushions forever.Someone needs to start a BIG ASS FURNITURE business.

    Next time one of you fat ass whores waddles up to my door all out of breath,I'm gonna yell sorry we gave at the food bank.These bitches actually think they can lean up against my kitchen counter,whoah there Shamu, you're wrecking my fucking house.

    You fuck up my toilet seats and use half a roll of toilet paper to wipe that ass that's as wide as the spread of an eagles wings.And I don't ever wanna ever hear you say "I really don't eat that much",mother fucker you ate my husbands dinner,a whole fucking chicken as a snack.

    Then at Thanksgiving you have the nerve to burst out crying because somebody asks if we have any rolls and everyone looks at you.

    Then you wear a bikini which should be outlawed and have the nerve to do a cannonball into our swimming pool, bitch we paid for that water that you just tsunami'd all over the neighborhood and caused a neighborhood flood and now our 8 foot deep pool is now 5 foot deep.

    Fat people really piss me off.

    I hope you see this Jelly Belly Smelly Kelly!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While joining a new job had to stay with my cousin's quarters for two

    months before moving to Paying Guest accommodation. The quarters had a

    little backyard and the bathroom and toilet were separate and build at

    the corner of the backyard. While my stay in their quarters, they had too

    leave the city for two weeks and I had to manage myself. After having

    dinner around 10.00 in the night I went to pee and while peeing could

    hear the voice of neighbors from their backyard adjacent to ours. I just

    peeped through the ventilator above and saw the young girls waiting

    outside their toilet for relieving themselves before going to bed. They

    were a total of five sisters. The toilet door opened and the third one

    came out of the toilet. Then the youngest one got inside without closing

    the door and lifting her skirt up downed her panty. She being too young

    around 12 years had a little pubic hair near the clits only. After her

    the fourth young girl got inside and she too did not close the door and

    she had more pubic hairs but not that dark. After that the second one

    who is around 20 years of age got inside the toilet but closed the door.

    Surprisingly the eldest of all who was the last to pee did not close the

    door and her pussy had thick dark pubic hair and as I was masturbating

    viewing all that girls came with great cum.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 19

    NEVER BE ANGRY AND HORNY AT THE SAME TIME! PERIOD! That's my new mantra now.

    I'm a petite redhead of about 5'3". I live with my family in the suburbs and we have a neighbor, an old 72 year old man, chunky, a full grey beard and bald with glasses and liver spots! Although he just sits on his porch most of the time, ogling other girls in the neighborhood, he would annoy me the most. Every fucking time we would meet in close quarters, he would say the same fucking stupid thing to me..

    "You know, I had a girlfriend once when I was 30, she was a nice small redhead just like you. But you
    know, she wasn't a true redhead, hehe *wink wink*"

    The first time I heard it, I was like, "What the fuck!", and I told my friend Sarah about it. She told me to report him, but I guess I didn't want any trouble. I also thought that its just a harmless old man, so what could be possibly do beside ogling. He would say to me often, "you know there's a way to know if you're a real redhead, hehe"....and other cliches. I wondered if he was senile or just a pervert. This was infuriating, disgusting and just weird!

    Now I'll tell you what happened in November 2019.

    My boyfriend had been away for three months and I had a full November bush! I had been extremely horny for a couple of weeks and No...masturbation didn't help. On a Sunday, I was going out to visit a friend. When out on the street, the old guy waved at me. I could've just ignored it and left, but instead, I decided to pay him a visit. As expected, he repeated the same fucking line about "true redheads." I was now utterly pissed off...I decided that this was it....lets see how the old fart reacts if I were to indulge him. I sat beside him and asked him as coolly as I could,

    "What if I let you find out if I'm a natural redhead or not?"

    He was gobsmacked! Said nothing....stared at me and looked away....And for a minute there, I almost thought that I've shut his mouth for good. But then, he looked at me and said,

    "Would you like to come in dear?"

    I could've left. But I agreed and went inside the house with him. He offered me some beer and we sat down on a sofa. After 10 minutes of nerve-wrenching silence, he asked me,

    "You can show me what you want now honey."

    Th e ball was now in my court. Instead of putting away the beer and leaving, I gulped it down, stood up, removed my jacket and my leggings. I was not standing in front of him wearing my black camisole and green panties. He stayed sitting on the sofa, put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He then had me sit on a chair and spread my legs over the arm rests after slowly removing my panties. This was unreal to me. Not his reaction, but my total lack of one. He then played a bit with my bush, sniffed my pussy and continued to go down on me; interrupting only to tell me a few stories about his girlfriend from when he was 30. I was so confused with disgust and excitement that I couldn't say shit. I then blew him as he removed his pants and then then led him to the bed.

    He had me lay down on his bed, spread open my legs and climbed over me like a starving animal. I still remember the way he fucked me. It was shabby, short thrusts, then breaks in between to gasp for air and then thrusting again, all the while making disgusting old man sounds. While he fucked me, he kept kissing my forehead and sniffing and licking my armpits. This went on for about 20 minutes I guess. In the end, he ended up cumming inside my pussy as he gave out a loud old man groan.

    We lay in his bed for another hour, talking about the sex, as he kept playing with my hair down there. I then got up, thanked him for the beer and went to the hallway to get dressed. I quickly dressed up and went back to my own house to take a bath after this disgusting thing I did.

    I still feel the smell of old man upon me. He now teases me even more, thinking that I'm easy! And no matter how much I regret doing this, how disgusted I feel about it, there's a part of me which wants to be fucked by an old man again. It has been 3 months since that day. The lewd comments keep on coming. And I keep fighting my own disgusting desires...probably till I end up pissed off and horny at the same time, once again!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 37

    This used to be a nice neighborhood we had some nice neighbors who we considered close friends then we were saddened whrn they moved but the new neighbors come some parents and 2 boys, ok then the family goes out and buys a trampoline a big trampoline in the backyard I guess for the kids.

    Then One Day the Boys put ropes around the trampoline and made it look like a wrestling ring then all their friends come or should I say "THE WHOLE FUCKING SCHOOL" and EVERY weekend all of the kids go over and wrestle eachother complete with objects on the ground with all of them beating eachother with chairs, trashcans, Hubcaps, milk jugs, etc I mean really do they have nothing better to do. Their shoes are lying all over the back porch and these kids don't bother to put their shoes back on when they wrestle outside their makeshift ring I would hate to be the parents off these kids spending every week washing their socks or all their clothes for that matter from all the sweat and dirt I would just make them do their own laundry.

    It gets worse They have A VERY LOUD stereo system with big ass speakers and Rock Music that could be heard for almost a mile down the road for at least 6 city blocks yeah you can even hear the shitheads music in the market a few blocks away even all the people in the store are irritated you can hear Dangerous Danny's theme song while your in the frozen food section then one day wile I was shopping with my family Husband and two boys and a girl; here comes 2 of the wrestlers wrestling IN THE FUCKING STORE I was angry but some people in the store were cheering like it was free entertainment and these boys were all dirty wearing no shirts, shorts, and Very Dirty Socks, hello No Shoes, No Shirts, No Service The Manager called the police while the hellspawns continued to wrestle in the store and hit eachother with store merchandise the match ended when the sirens were heard and both kids left the store.

    Every Summer and weekend these kids are out all day and night wrestling not to mention they bring girls and have wet t-shirt contest they wrestled one time IN MY SWIMMING POOL while me and my friends and family were having a get together why because they don't have a pool worst of all these bitches took their bras off in front of my two boys and some of my friends were cheering it on and dragged my daughter in the pool. Then one time one of the kids jumped off THEIR ROOF and put his opponent through a bunch of tables are you all trying to commit suicide or something that is dangerous and stupid, oh but the final straws came when my Husband came home from work it was 10;30 at night he was hungry and tired as was myself and the kids then when he tried to park his car the whole street was filled with cars from the neighbors friends who were having a pretend pay per view event so when he pulled in one of the shitheads took his opponent and slammed his head on my husbands car window and broke it then he the opponent slammed the other kid head against the car and dented it my husband was IRATE and I was to we told them all to get off our property and stay off or we'll call the police. then that night while we were all trying to get some sleep the body slams, cheers, loud music and to top it all off FIREWORKS Fucking FIREWORKS it's not the 4th of July, after that we heard Sirens and the show was over THANK GOD the next day me, my husband, the neighbors all complained to the city about these hooligans and their destruction I hope all the parents including the parents of the kids who live next door are all evicted enough is enough get rid of them and dump them all in some other neighborhood cause we've all had enough here.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Our neighbor's house was under total renovation and they shifted to the

    temporary cabin house made in the backyard which had no bathroom. For

    bathing facility they made a topless temporary cabin adjacent to our

    boundary wall which was of 2.5 metre height. In the evenings when it is

    slightly dark, the neighbor's wife and three girls used to come one by

    one and have their bath. When I see the emergency light in their

    temporary bath cabin, I sneaks out of my house and go to the backyard

    boundary wall and keeping some bricks to make the height level for a good

    view over the wall through the leaves of the shrubs nearby I watched the

    mother bathing nude. She had good big boobs and butts with unshaved

    hairy pussy. The eldest girl was aged 13 years with round bulging boobs

    and pubic hair almost covering her clits with good features. The second

    girl was of the age of 10 years with small tits just protruding with

    nipples straight and slight pubic hair at the clits only. The third was

    too young of 8 years and with bald pussy and no small tits. I wanked

    daily viewing their baths till their house was completely finished and

    moved in.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I spied on my neighbor's for years, I'd look through their bathroom

    ventilation and watch the mother and daughter undress before showering.

    Then daughter grew up and I watched her inspecting her growing boobs and

    pussy pubic hair, watching this beautiful young blonde girl strip off her

    small bar was the best thing I've ever seen, shed dance around nude and

    shake her bare bottoms and look at her body shape in the mirror. She had

    a lovely body, and she loved looking at herself in the mirror. I used to

    masturbate watching them. I have also filmed them many times and some

    have been uploaded on the internet.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    So my neighbors are Bengali or indian or something, 4 people living in a one bedroom, anyways they alway keep to themselves I work nights so they donât bother me I donât really see them, so I get home 630 7 in the morning the other day, relay put on the tv have a beer before bed, and I hear loud screaming and shit getting thrown around, finally a door slam, I donât think anything of it, I go and have a shower. Mid shower my doorbell starts ringing, I get dressed and answer the door and itâs the Bengali or Indian lady from next door, only she not in all of the sheets, she asks me if I could help her move some furniture in her house, because nobody was there, I said ok, but give me a minute, I went over and she was visibly shook up, there was no furniture to move she ask if she could have a glass of wine at my place to calm down, told me that her husband hit her and left, and that she was scared, I said sure, we had a few glasses of wine and talked, we locked eyes, and then she unzipped my pants and she stated giving me oral, Iâm only human, Iâd never seen her look so beautiful, so vulnerable, I ate her pussy and then fucked her hard and slow for a few hours, I mustâve orgasmed inside her 5 6 times, we were both screaming so loud that her husband came back home and was pounding on my door to keep it down, not knowing I was pounding his wife, we waited it out and she snuck back home, we got a friendship now, it happens when you have sex with someone and orgasm while looking them in the eyes, but just a few days ago she handed me an envelope in the hallway she was looking nervous, I took it and opened it, sheâs pregnant, we are having a baby, wtf! Iâm happy but nervous, itâll work out I guess

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 36

    A fews back my neighbour was just a pain always knocking in .we did get on that well ...anyway 1 morning I was in the shower .wife gone to work I was getting ready myself then heard a loud bang at the door I jumped out of the shower in a towel opened the neighbour was there with the percel ....she looked shocked then I noticed I'd a massive boner on .she brushed it with her hand..... that's just part 1 .....omg ive loads my genuine real stuff that happened

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