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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 18

    I hate my neighbor. He is a racist redneck Trump supporter. He called me 'the Mexican kid', even though I'm Columbian, and told his daughter to stay away from me. He's got no clue that she comes straight to my house after she gets off the school bus and me and my bro run a train on her. She's a nasty white whore and we just fill up all her holes. Damn that white bitch is young and tight.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 51

    I hate my neighbor, for the past two years this 23 year old punk has made my wife and I serve him as his cum sluts. we have to do all kinds of nasty perverted things because he caught me opening his mail. he even got his dogs in on it.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 40

    My wife and I have just moved into this quite neighborhood. I love my neighbor but my wife hates her. When we first moved in our neighbor was very nice to us. She came over with baked cookies and introduce herself. We were very please to meet such a nice neighbor. She keep coming over with baked goods not sure why but we find out later she doesn't have a car and she can't drive herself to the stores. The first couple weeks we offer to help her out and no big deal. Because we have to shop anyway she just comes along. Then it got to be an hassle because we were always waiting on her. I didn't have the gut to tell her we don't want to do this anymore. She such a nice little lady in her early 50's and probably weight no more than 100 lbs. I told my wife I would take her by myself next time so she doesn't have to deal with her.

    That day have come and I am taking her to grocery shopping. It was fine no problem I just wait in the care and she offer to give me gas money and I took it. Couple days later she wants me to take her shopping again. This time my wife said what the hell she need to buy now. I told her is okay she give me gas money and I am okay with it. On the way to the stores we talk about everything. I was complaining about my wife doesn't want to have sex as often as we use to only once a month is fine with her. I told her I would die for having sex as often as I want and my wife only wanted once a month.

    She look me in the eyes and said I don't remember when is the last time I have sex either is being so long. I said really with a big smile on my face. I told her we can work this out if you want to. I asked her if she is willing to have sex with me in exchange for gas money. She said what if your wife find out than we will be in the world of trouble. I said she won't find out if you don't tell her and I know I won't. She said what about the gas money. She know I give you the gas money every time you take me shopping. I said damn you are right. Then she said I will offer you sex and gas money so this way she doesn't suspect anything. I said wow you will do that for me. She said you are such a nice guy why not.

    The next time we met she was wearing a sun dress with no panties on I can see a nice bush hair on her pussy. She got in my car and she unzip my pants pull my cock out start sucking it until it was hard. I was driving the whole time when she was sucking my cock. By the time we got to the store parking lot I told her I am about to cum. She got on top of me rode my cock just rocking back and forth. I was soooo deep inside of her pussy I just cum heavy and it was dripping out good thing I had an old tee shirt in the back seat I just grab it and give it to her to clean up. Lucky it was dark and no-one saw us having sex in the front seat of my car. It was fast, I mean as soon as she got on top with her tight pussy that was it. She was dry inside I am sure it hurt at first but after going up and down couple time she was fine and I was ready. We did finish shopping that day.

    Now every time I pick her up for shopping I get to fuck her and getting blowjob. I did told her I would love to spend more time having sex with her and eating her pussy. These short trips just doesn't make it. She did say she wanted me to come over to fix some stuff for her and I said sure just tell my wife that so she doesn't suspect we are up to something. She said she will make it sound like she needed my help bad.

    I am looking forward to eat that little pussy of her and fuck her until she tell me to stop. Now ladies if you are reading this if you don't give your man his need he will find out somewhere else. The same go with the guys, if your woman need sex you better give it to her otherwise she will get it somewhere. I am speaking from experience and I am getting sex from my neighbor and my wife doesn't know about it. She only wants it once a month and I give it to her once a month. I guess I am what you call it fucking sex nut.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    From early last summer I've been shagging a forty two year old relatively new neighbor of ours. Ever since I saw her showering and masturbating having not pulled the blind down in their bathroom. She knew perfectly well I could see her from my bedroom and still she carried using a dildo to fuck her arsehole with. I couldn't help myself and slid my shorts and boxers off as my cock was aching. Tossing myself off as she dildo fucked herself, I shot my load all over the window sill in front of me. Soon afterwards I saw her shaking violently as she came. Only my mother shouting up to me stopped me watching anymore.
    Three days later as I was in a cafe with a friend, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning round I saw it was our neighbour, and she asked if she could have a quiet word outside. Once outside she didn't waste any time, as she said something like "If you want a close up view call by tomorrow after ten o'clock, my husband will be out then". Smiling at me she turned to walk away, but not before she put her right hand down to my cock bulge and winked.
    Ten seconds past ten the next morning, I knocked on her front door. Inviting me in she told me we'd have to be quiet as her son had just gone off to sleep. It turns out their nineteen year old son is handicapped and lives at home with them. From what I now know, not only will her husband no longer have sex with her, with their son in the house, her husband's cock is only four and half inches in length. And that dildo she was using is definitely much larger than that.
    Taking my hand she lead us into their kitchen, where she slipped her hands under the straps holding her dress onto her shoulders, and her dress fell to the floor. She wasn't wearing a stitch under her long dress and believe me, she looked just as good close up. Telling me to undress I took off my shorts and t shirt as quick as I could and watched her smile widen as my cock came into view. I'm not masive at almost eight inches, but I guess my cock is large to her, if her husband's cock is what's she's used to.
    Kneeling in front of me, she sucked in my dick and went at it like she'd not had any cock for years. And believe me that horny bitch can suck cock. Horny as fuck, I pulled her up after a few minutes and not bothering to ask her, I bent her over the kitchen table and literally slammed my cock straight up her extremely wet pussy. Even though she'd told me to be quiet for her son, she began to moan really loudly. So putting my hand over her mouth and pulling her backwards, I hammered away at her fuck hole. Maybe five minutes after sliding my cock up her pussy, she moved my hand away and said "I want it up my arsehole, David's (Her husband) never fucked me there". I knew she'd fucked her own arse with a dildo, so I thought what the hell. Pulling out of her pussy, my cock was coated with her c**t juices, so it easily slid up her arse as I thrust into her. Again she began to moan, but I just let her moan out loud. Only a minute or two later she yelled out and began to shake. Climaxing on my cock, her arse tightened and I came moments after she'd calmed down, filling her back passage.
    I was about to move after pulling out of her sloppy arse, but she caught hold of me, dropped back down and slurped up every drip of my cum and her anal cream that was on my dick. And carried on sucking like a woman possessed until my cock hardened. Sitting me down on a kitchen chair, she moved over, straddled me and mounted my cock. With her pert tits in my face she absolutely fucked me. She was still screwing me when her phone buzzed ten minutes on, reaching over and picking it up off the side, she looked at it and told me her sister was on her way. Grinding down even harder, she really began to fuck me and only seconds more, she orgasmed again holding onto me tightly as she shook.
    Rising off me, she said sorry for me not cumming a second time, but her sister really was on her way. I got dressed and watched her pull on her dress. Ushering me outside, but not before she kissed me at the front door, she asked me to take her mobile number and I gave her mine.
    As I was rounding the corner from her house, a car came into view and I swear she was sat in the car. It was her twin sister who strangely gave me a huge smile and I thought a knowing nod. That evening she text me, saying thank you for the mornings fun and asking me if I wanted to have more.
    Not only did I fuck her the next afternoon on her front room couch, I've continued to fuck that dirty bitch most days when her husband is at work, or out at his allotment. Her son gets looked after incredibly well from a loving mother, and she relieves her daily pressures by fucking me as much as we can.
    A lucky bastard, who knows a good thing when he's fucking one.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 28

    For years we lived next door to the type of neighbors that were very nosey. They were older couple with daughter and son still living with them. Their daughter who is about 40-50 years old, was the main one who we had problems with. But we've been cool with her for the last year and we still talk when we see each other. She's not hot or anything, actually far from it. But I am kinda turned on by her tits. She has some nice tits that I wanna make bounce while I fuck her from behind. And the timing is perfect, her brother moved out of state so now its just her and her mom staying there. If we keep talking I might end up going over there and fucking her one night, I know she hasn't got fucked in years. She'll probably want me to come over and fuck her right after she puts her mom to sleep

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 30

    I live in a small rural town in upstate PA. My daughter is 13 and last month she and one of her friends were talking on the back porch. I couldn't hear exactly what they were talking about but heard words like "naked", "penis" and "masturbate" etc. When I questioned her she denied saying what I thought I heard so instead of probing further I just chalked it up to be young teenage things which we all have talked about at that age. Last week was a different story when my daughter was talking and laughing with two of her friends from school. This time I got closer to the window and listened to their conversation more closely. They were talking about a naked man who goes around nude often and also has only a open robe with nothing else on. The girls were talking about the mans penis and how big it gets when it is hard and how many times each of them has seen this man naked. Then they spoke of watching this guy masturbate and how they sometimes peeked in the bathroom and saw him in the shower and two of the girls said they watched him pee a few times. I finally heard enough and confronted my daughter and her friends about it demanding to know what was going on. It took awhile but I finally got them to open up and found out the man is Paula's step dad, Elliot. Paula is one of my daughters closest friends and I know her well for a couple years. I met her step father and her mother a few times but do not know them well at all. After talking to my daughter and her two friends for over an hour I am convinced this man is a pervert and an exhibitionist. My daughter admitted that since she has known Paula, which is about 2 years, that every time she has been at Paula's house she sees Elliot naked or close to it. When I asked about seeing him masturbate they admitted that they were peeking into his room or into the bathroom when he was in the shower. They said most of the time he was in his robe but he never had it closed or tied and his genitals were always exposed and lots of times he had an erection and touch himself often. The worse part about it was when thy told me that there are 7 girls who go to Paula's just to see him naked and they all swore not to tell their parents about it. By that time I was furious not only with this Elliot creep but also disappointed with my daughter and her friends.

    As soon as my daughters friends left I sent her to her room and got on the phone to call Trudy who is Elliot's wife. When she answered I tried to be calm but I just lost it and began demanding she give me an explanation for her husbands degenerate behavior. Right away she defended him admitting he was immoral at times and careless with the way he went around the house. When I screamed about him exposing his genitals in an open robe she started telling me he was a hard working man and deserved to be comfortable in his own home. She said he is a good husband and father to her 2 kids and she has been married to him for 11 years. When I mentioned him having erections and how the girls watched him shower and masturbate she denied that could ever happen. I tried to reason with her but suddenly she hung up on me which made me more angry. That is when I called the police and when Tom came to my house I told him all the things my daughter and the other girls said went on with Elliot. This week when I spoke to Tom about it again I found out that just because the girls saw him naked or saw him in his robe there was little the law could do about it because he was in his own house. Tom also said a few of the girls including Paula said that when ever they did see him shower or see him masturbating it was the girls who went to the room he was in. Paula admitted to opening doors and windows at times so the girls could watch him. Tom also said Elliot denied exposing himself intentionally, which I know is a lie, and also denied ever masturbating or having random erections in front of the girls. Just the way all of this has been going on for so long it makes me wonder if Elliot somehow manipulated Paula into letting so many girls see him naked. Its only common sense that if two or 3 girls were peeking in a room from a door or a window he had to know at one point or another that they were watching him. My daughter admitted to me also that she and the rest of the girls would intentionally go to Paula's house just to see him naked. Aside from My daughter and Paula I know 7 other girls for sure who have not just seen Elliot naked but have also watched him shower and masturbate many times. This has been going on for a long time and I can't imagine how many other girls have seen him naked or watched him masturbate. One thing is for sure, my daughter is never allowed in that house again.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 48

    My neighbor is a real asshole. He abuses animals and probably abuses people too but I have not seen him do that.

    The first time I simply found a dead cat in my back yard. I didn't think much of it. Occasionally one finds dead animals in one's yard. I just buried it and forgot about it. Until a few weeks later when I heard gawd awful howling late at night that lasted for several minutes and ended in a loud yelp. I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next day I saw a dead torn up dog a few feet over the property line in his back yard. I figured some other animal had gotten to it so I didn't think much of it. I forgot about that as well until a few weeks after that I was in my backyard at eleven o'clock at night. It was very dark in my back yard but he had his lights on. That's when I watched as he came outside and was holding a struggling cat. The animal was bound up with duck tape. He was carrying it by it's tail. It must have been in a lot of pain. My neighbor is huge and I'm not very brave so I just sat there frozen in fear watching as he took the cat by the tail and began bashing it into the trunk of the tree in his back yard. The poor animal screamed in pain then convulsed and finally stopped making sounds or moving. He then drop kicked it over his back fence into the neighbor that lived behind his yard.

    It was at that point that I realized what was going on. This asshole was brutally killing animals, probably strays or neighbor's pets that had wandered into his yard. I wasn't sure what to do. Reporting him would mean admitting that I stood there and did nothing. But I'm just not brave. Reporting him also would do no good unless I had evidence which I didn't. So I formulated a plan to set him up. I knew it meant he would have to torture at least one more animal to death for him to get punished but it was the only way to prevent him from torturing and tormenting future animals. I set up several video cameras. Fortunately for me I worked for a security company at the time so I had access to cameras and recording equipment. Two of them were equipped with night vision. It was almost a month of nightly recording before he finally did it again. This time he did it while I was at work. When I got home and reviewed the tapes it showed him torturing two puppies. I could not tell the breed but they were definitely puppies and he was definitely torturing them. He flung them around. He bashed them onto rocks. He hit them with shovels. He covered one in alcohol and set it on fire and let it run around his and my back yard and the other one he broke it's paws and legs and slowly crushed it to death by dropping cinder blocks on it. Mercifully it only took two hours for the puppies to die.

    I turned the tapes over to the cops the next day. A few days later he was arrested and was on the news. It turns out he just liked to torture animals and found them where ever his travels took him. At least none had belonged to any of our close neighbors but several had been wondering why they kept hearing screams at night and why they kept finding dead torn up animals in their back yard.

    The guy got life in prison. The judge decided to sentence him to multiple consecutive ten year sentences the maximum possible for each incident they were able to prove he was the cause of. It added up to life for him.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 30

    This might not be the right place because I don't hated my neighbor, I like my neighbor.

    I worked as a security guard at night and during the day I go to the gym and workout. My doctor said I had to lose some weight and beside if I didn't I wound not have pass the physical test for my job. I been working out for 6 months and has lost good amount of weight. My neighbor came up to me one day and ask me how I lost the weight because she was told by her doctor she need to lose 10 pounds. I told her I go to the gym everyday and workout. She ask me which gym and I told her the one I go to. I also told her if I bring someone in to sign up I will get a free month of membership. She agree to try it for a month. She ask if it was okay for her to drop off her kids for school before she go to the gym with me. Her husband leave early in the morning to do to work. I said okay.

    Next day we went to the gym I sign her up and I got a free month of membership. We start working out, I show her a few things and left her alone so I can do my workout. About 10 minutes later I went to check to see how she was doing. She was sitting on the lounge chair relaxing and I ask her what are you doing. She said this is hard work I am tired. I told her yes is hard work but if you want to lose the weight you need to keep it up. She said well I need a workout partner and I can't do it by myself, can you be my workout partner. I said if this will help you I will.

    I just volunteer to be her workout partner and it turn out to be a good thing. She like to wear the yoga pants to workout and is so tight fit on her I can see her camel toe. It doesn't look like she wear any panties because I don't see any panties line on her. Some time it disrupt my workout because of what she is wearing but at the same time it turns me on looking at her. We continue working out together and we give each other compliment how we look after working out. Several times she touch my chest and arms saying how big and strong I am. I said thank you and return saying you look good I can tell you start losing some weight. We continue complimenting each other for several months and she like hearing that.

    One day on our way to the gym our conversation in the car got personal. She ask, you don't have a girlfriend why is that? I replied back saying I don't have time for them. Then she said you look sexy and I bet you shouldn't have any problem finding a girlfriend. I said well thank you and told her she look sexy too wearing that nice tight workout yoga pants. She said you like seeing me in them and I said oh yes it fits you so good and I was joking saying I love to see what is underneath of that yoga pants with a smile. OMG, to my surprise she put her yoga pants down while I am driving to show me her bottom. I was right no panties underneath of her yoga pants. She has a real nice trim bush pussy and I told her I felt in love with her camel toe when she wear those yoga pants.

    She smile and said you know my husband never pay attention to me and all he wants is to fuck me at night then roll over to go to sleep. I told her I am sorry that just to bad you have a nice sexy body. We got to the gym and the whole time my mind is in her pussy and my workout had gone to hell. So we make it a short workout and we head out. She said what is the matter why are we cutting the workout so short. I had to tell her that my mind was on her pussy and not on working out. She laugh so loud and hard in the car and continue laughing I thought I was going to lose my hearing.

    Then she said do you really want this pussy. I said yes I do. So we quickly got back to my place and I give her oral sex for so long she said I need that cock of yours. Then she said her husband doesn't do oral sex much and I said he doesn't know how much he is missing. I told her I love eating pussy and she replied back saying now I know where to go to when I want my pussy to be eaten. I said yes I am just next door and your pussy is very nice with large clit and big lips. She said when she get arouse her clit gets really big and I told her I love sucking on then. Those pussy lips are nice for me to pull on them with my mouth and she smile. Needless to say we fuck, suck and lick until we both cum together.

    Now when we met up to go to the gym and workout we would either have sex before or after. I am looking forward everyday just for that.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 51

    My neighbor needs to take a long walk off a short pier. He's a world class asshole. He plays his music so loud that my concrete walled house vibrates. I have one window facing his side that shattered from how loud he plays his music. I have to get up at 4 in the morning every day to go to work and he doesn't care. He plays the music full blast until 3 every morning. I never get any sleep at all. Calling the police doesn't do any good. He IS the police. He gets off work Just when I want to got to bed. I am lucky to get 2 hours of sleep at night.

    I am open to suggestions, legal ones.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I don't hate my neighbor, sometime I do just because they are so needy at time. My neighbor and I got along well for the past several years until one day her husband loss his driver license due to cancer in his eyes. His vision had gone bad and couldn't anymore and his wife doesn't drive. They depend on me to drive them around which is what friends are for. I don't a problem at first but then it got to be to much. I told them I can't just drop everything and take them where they want to go, we need to combine trips together and we did, that work out great. I have taking them to the doctor appointments and pretty much everything they need.

    His wife seem to have more doctor appointments then he does. Several time he just stay home and I will be taking her to see her doctor. I don't ask what the appointment is for I just take her to see him. I waited at the lobby until she was done. We got into the car and I start driving. She reach over to me and beginning touching my leg as I was driving. I didn't say anything just keep driving, then she start moving her hand up and down my leg and squeezing it. I finally said what are you doing.

    She said when she was in the doctor office getting her yearly check-up, she got arouse when the doctor examining her pussy and she still feel arouse after she left. I said okay what's that got to do with me. She said don't you get it I am fucking horny and want to get fuck. I said now but my cock is not even hard. She said just give me a moment it will.

    I lend back a little she unzip my pants because I was still driving. She was stroking my cock then she was sucking it while I am driving. She said I need this cock in me now. So I had to find a place to pull over where we can fuck. Lucky we were in the freeway and there was a rest stop up ahead and I pull into that. In no time she climb on top of me I was still in the drive seat. I told her let me pull down my pants first before you do that and I did. Lucky she had on a dress she was able to pull her lace panties aside and my cock slip right into her pussy and she was pumping away. First it feel weird because I can feel her lace panties rubbing my cock as she go up and down but I got use to it and is fine. Her boobs was smacking my face the whole time she was pumping me. She took her top off exposing her boobs and I was sucking her boobs finally, because I didn't want to get smack in the face anymore. We were fucking for a good hour before someone pull up to the rest stop and we had to stop. It was good timing because we both cum just before that.

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