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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I really do hate my neighbors, I am to the point that I want to kill them! Not that I ever would actually do that, but it is a nice thought! They moved in about a year ago, almost. The first day they moved in they informed me that they didn't want to live there, they wanted to live by the golf course, well, I wish they would have! The little fat boy came over the first day and barged right in my house, didn't even knock! He says "we don't have any electricity on yet and we need a flashlight". I was like, "go buy one!" Then he see's our cat and proclaims "you need to keep your cat inside because we have a dog". I replied "don't worry about our cat, he'll easily kick the crap out of your dog". Then the little girl came over and broke my daughters toys. I sent her home and she asked if ,my daughter could go to her house. Well, I asked her if the guns I saw her dad taking in the house were locked up, and she said yes, so I asked if her brother ever got them out, she said when he does he gets in trouble. I then told my daughter that no, she may not go to the neighbors. Not long after that I started to discover dog crap was being thrown over my fence and on my roof! About two weeks after noticing this I saw the fat boy throwing it over the fence! Then I noticed that discarded cigs were being tossed over my fence and were left to burn on my toddlers plastic toys! I politley asked the teenagers when they got home from school to refrain from doing that. They laughed at me. They also stare out their windows at me while I am in my kitchen or dining room. Also, the old man comes walking around in the back yard and peers over the fence and right in my house! I get their trash in my yard alot too. The other day I found an insufficient funds notice from their bank that was a month old, they bounced almost 500 bucks worth of checks. Maybe they'll bounce their rent check! The teenagers are constantly talking crap to my young daughters, and making snooty comments. They also like to play loud vulgar music outside and yell the verses over our fence at us. The verses go something like this, "if you don't like my shit then you can suck my dick". well, that made me mad because I was outside with my 11 year old, 12 year old, and mainly my 18 month old baby! I called the cops, and they flirted with the cop. One of the girls got pregnant, I am not surprised, the boyfriend lives there too. She moved but is back now. They also moved in at least two more teenagers as well. They like to shoot off firecrackers in back of my new car as well and cuss me out when I ask them not to do that. They had a dog that barked all the time and they would leave it alone with no food or water when they would leave town for a week at a time. They have cleaned up the dog crap about twice in the whole year! The dog ate a big hole in our fence. I complained to our landlords and they asked them to clean up the yard and fix the fence, which they never did. They did get rid of the dog though, then promptly replaced it with two more that they don't clean up after either! Hell, they got the two new ones and the old ones dog crap is still in the yard! The other day I was out in my daughters playhouse with her and the neighbors climbed up on the roof, where they started hollering over at me. The older teenager that lives there says "we don't talk to them, or their fuckin bitch daughters" I went off, I wanted to hurt that little bitch severly! Then about 10 minutes later the mother comes out wanting to know what the problem is. I told her her family is and has always been. She said she's going to complain about US! Well, I can't think of anymore to say, any advice!?

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I hate my neighbors becuase they are white trash,
    -never take care of their own garbage
    -have three pit bull puppies tied to the same chain in the backyard (who bark all the time for attention)
    -have kids running around at all hours of the night in the street (I am talking about 2 year olds! IN THE STREET AT 2AM!!)
    -play rude music loudly
    and all kinds of other "bad neighbor" kinds of things.
    I bought my house three years ago here on this quiet street when I was 22 years old. I am not rich, and I am not the average loud party throwing kid. I work hard for what I have and these people seem to live on welfare, or something, because not one of them works. Well, not that I can tell. They live in a rental duplex that is run down, and looks like it should be demolished.
    I am a little sore about this whole subject on account of the city coming into my yard and citing me for a handful of "violations" such as: having a trailer (utility trailer for my business, 5'X8'), having trash in my pickup truck (my business is cleaning out repossessed homes, there is always something in there, I cant help it), storing the doors and softop of my jeep in the driveway (they called it metal debris, jerks) and even went so far as to tell me that they could even take anything they feel like in my garage, if they ever drive by and find it open to the public. Naturally, I feel this is abuse of their power, and I will NOT be buying another home in this city, I will move out of town when I can. In the meantime, I will try to buy the highest fence I can afford so that nobody can see what I do with my own property. I don't feel that what I have done is detrimental to my neighborhood. I keep up my yard, my house is in impeccable shape, and I dont play loud music. The neighbors who know me, like me, and we meet at the mailbox and chat, etc. I dont understand how I can be a boon to society, while these other people can basically destroy our neighborhood and property value. It seems all backwards to me!
    Disgruntled Homeowner
    (damn right I am on my high horse, I bought it, remodeled it and keep it up)

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Our apartment complex is fairly large...There are about 15 buildings with 5 town-house apartments in each. We've had relatively few problems with the neighbors. Everyone is pleasant, quiet, and minds their own business. Except...the dog lady. In our building, we are at the left end of the building, and the Dog Lady's apartment is on the right. Each apartment has it's own little patch of lawn in the front. She's got her lawn, and we've got ours, and life is great. I have no problem with dogs...I understand she's got to take the yappy little mutt out for walks so he doesent end up ruining the carpets. The dog can crap on her lawn all it wants, I don't give a rat's ass!

    However, this insufferable moron has no bones about letting the dog crap on our lawn as well! I'd probably not have such a problem with it...if she picked up after the mutt. But that makes too much sense, doesn't it? I know in urban areas there are pooper-scooper laws, but this is the suburbs. I think it's damn rude and inconsiderate. And it doesn't happen every now and then. It's three or four times a week. I am tempted to remove the feces, and leave them on her door step with a little note..."Dear Neighbor, when you were out walking your dog...I think you dropped something...". Or maybe if I could put it in a bag, and light it on fire, but I want to be civil. I don't want to be rude...but it's just so annoying!!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I live in a house in a quiet residential neighborhood. I am 24 and I live with my parents. Our neighbors (a young recently married couple) moved in two years ago and it was all cool. They were quiet and we didn't see much of them, the best kind of neighbors to have.
    Last April they put in a new jacuzzi and it's been a living Hell ever since then. My bedroom faces the backyard and their backyard is close to ours (city living at its finest). It's mostly the wife (age is approx. late 20's) who likes to throw late night parties. I'm talking 10:30 and on until about 4 in the morning. She and her friends (never more than 3) like to carry on in loud voices as if it's 5 in the afternoon. If they weren't bad enough, their jacuzzi has a loud whining motor that is worse than nails down a chalkboard.
    It's driving me crazy because my parents won't do anything and I don't know if I would have enough "authority" to call the Police about the neighbours disturbing the peace. Anyone have any suggestions? They're really driving me crazy. I just wish I knew what I could do. They're not what you'd call approachable people either.
    I hope someone has some ideas!! Unfortunately, it's Friday night and it looks like it might not rain...

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    hehehe, I finally GOT them! My shed has been finished being converted into a greenhouse and the 6 ft. privacy fence is going up this week! After the fence is up, I'm cutting down all the shrubs that block the view of the waterway, the assholes COULD have had a lovely view, had they not been so nasty. Now they will have to look at my UGLY fence. Hey, THEY forced me to put it up so...
    Won't it be nice not to have to see their nosy faces anymore! Oh, did I mention, I'm painting the side that faces them a horrid green/orange striped color! hehehehe
    For everyone who is sick to death of nosy, can't keep to themselves least TWO of them have been "gotten".hehehehe

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to make a call to my mother and when I picked up the phone I heard my neighbor's voice! The bitch was telling someone on the other end how she called a place my husband and I were looking for jobs at and told them we were drug dealers and bad elements, ect., ect.! Give me a BREAK! Isn't there such a thing called SLANDER? Then, she went on to say how when my mother was here for a visit she took down her license plate number, went to the DMV, looked up her name and got her number from information! What the hell is WRONG with this psychopath? She's even gone so far as to ask around at her work if anyone could "take care of the situation" for her so that it can't be traced back to them!I went to the police (I even had 2 witnesses, my husband & my room-mate picked up the extentions), but they just went over and talked to her. Call her, tell her to leave us alone! Her number's (386) 517-0015 we just want to be left ALONE! We even had to put up plywood because she keeps trying to peek into our window through her fence (I didn't know watching me at the computer was so entertaining!). HELP!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    If I have to listen to one pounding footstep of the beast next door, I will absolutely scream. Not to mention the loud music that ironically seems to turn up as soon as I walk in my home. Or the brat that has decided that my driveway is his b-ball court (don't worry about the automobile in the driveway). Does anyone have any respect anymore?

    I suppose I could always reciprocate, but who wants a pissing contest?

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am having a terrible time with the assholes who moved next to us. They USED to live across the street but, after harassing the people on either side of them with the authorities for the smallest infractions and sometimes just for the hell of it, they moved in next to ME! They have pursed toxic chemicals on our lawn, making a big brown streak of dead grass in our front yard, they've scared my toddler and husband by driving real close to them while they were checking our mail (no one else was on the road, the bitch was trying to be nasty!), they tresspass over and over (despite all the signs we have put up and the police telling them NOT to), they moved their fence over 6 inches, simply to tear up our walkway (Our lawyer told us it wasn't worth the effort to take them to court, esp. since it may actually have been their property but come on, 6 INCHES???? That was simply to be nasty) then they try to peek through it, into our windows!, they have made 3 calls to HRS, IRS, and Crimestoppers, claiming all sorts of untrue crap but since everything is anonymous these days, I can't prove it was them enough to take them to court. All these agencies have investigated us and determined we were not doing ANYTHING wrong. They are upset because a shed, which is on my property, has been for 20 YEARS, blocks their precious view of the wetlands behind us! They even tried to go to the city to force us to take it down! The thing that really set them off was when I caught the bitch tresspassing and asked her (nicely, I might add, despite her rude nature) to please knock on the door and tell us when she needed to go into our yard (there really isn't even any reason for her to do so), She got all offended and ranted about how she'll go in our yard whenever she needs to, etc, etc. I have tried the police, I have tried to ignore them, it just seems to be escalating. We are putting up a privacy fence which will block thier view even more and I suspect we will feel the reprecussions of this but we can't even go into our own back yard without the two of them rushing out to see what we are doing! HELP!!!!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    OH MH GOD....I hate my fucking neighbors so bad. The 12 year old fat ass greasy boy has been harrassing my six year old little girl, once he even pushed my three year old daughter down, he got in my face and told me fuck you i dont care ill just throw shit at your house if you call the police. I cant say or do shit to him because hes a minor and god damn it he has rights....OH MY GOD I fucking hate them all...Help, any suggestion would be seriously appreciated...Im at the end of my rope with the whole family, I feel like going over there and telling them to line up because they are all gonna get some.....The whole family makes excuses for his behaviour,,, the lie, the blame everyone else instead of him..This Kid shaved his cats tails,,Come on doesnt that scream "future serial killer" Obviously the kids alittle off, the Mom is dope smoking welfare hoodrat, the two sisters are the biggest cunts I have ever met.....HELP ME>>>>> before I end up in Jail.....And yes I am moving, Im buying a house but dont close until

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I got this guy that live across the street from me that takes pleasure in being a prick by playing his damn music at ungodly levels and spining out in his lil peace of shit car.
    The thing that ticks me off the most about his ass is that he feels like he can make noise when he wants but let my dogs start barking and he comes unglued.Shouting at them to shut up and calling
    the dog catcher you name it.Funny thing that their in the yard tied up.I even caught this bastard attemping to hit one of them with a limb.There is a ton of other stuff that i could tell
    ya but i think that kinna explains why i hate my damn fat neighbor.

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