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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I used to live in this condo right below this guy who was the noisiest SOB that ever lived. He had a really great sound system, but he played really awful music like shit by Celine Dion. Barf. I finally broke down and went upstairs at 2:30 in the morning to knock on his door and tell him politely to please turn the music down.

    Well he showed me. The next weekend, I am in my bathroom, and I hear him and his girlfriend .... well I hear his girlfriend doing the aaah aaah aaah thing really loud. They are in the bathroom, which is right above mine. So I just sit there until they finish. And frankly, I kind of enjoyed it.

    That Monday, I get on the elevator to go to work, and it's HIM. He's going to work too. So I smirk at him and say, "Hey, did ya have a great weekend OR WHAT?" And he says, "Next time, I'll keep my stereo on loud." What an asshole. So everytime I saw him around the complex after that, he smiles and lifts his eyebrows at me. Dick. I guess that part belonged in Embarrassing Moments.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    For some reason, my neighbors do not screw in their bedroom. They go to their back bedroom which faces my backyard. I have insomnia. I always sit in my back yard at midnight or so, where I hope the cool air will make me sleepy (it never works).

    One night, I was in the backyard, and they were screwing up a storm in the back bedroom. The windows were wide open and for some reason, it echoes. I don't leave. I kind of like listening to him go on and on like that. I just kind of sit in the dark and laugh.

    They do this about once a week, like clockwork. I am beginning to think they are putting on a show for me.

    Sometimes, though, when I REALLY don't want to listen to someone else having really wonderful sex, but must sit in my own backyard, it really fucking irks me.

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