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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    I screwed up big time on my motorcycle 4 1/2 weeks ago hitting the back of a car and going down an embankment. I not only tore the ACL in my left knee but my right leg is fractured in three places and had to be pinned in my thigh area. The cast on my right leg covers my foot up to a few inches past my knee. My right elbow is fractured and I broke 4 ribs. Making matters worse my jaw is wired and I had a concussion causing me to be in the hospital 8 days. I live with my mom and she took off work the first few days I was home. Then without asking me, she arranged to have our neighbor Arlene care for me 4 or 5 hours each day during the week. My mom is real friendly with her but I never liked her much and still don't. I know she is 60 something years old and don't think she is to fond of me either. I still can't chew anything so my meals consist of soft foods and liquids. The problem is I can't get out of bed yet and there is nothing worse than having some old bat helping with a bed pan, wiping my butt and watching me pee. As embarrassing as that is the most humiliating is when she washes me every other day and exposed naked in front of her. I'm so embarrassed I want to cry but never do and think she enjoys humiliating me. I openly blush and as much as she tells me not to let it embarrass me I truly believe she is intentionally humiliating me. She never washes me with her bare hands, always using a wash cloth, but moves me around and opens my legs to wash my genitals and butt. She actually grips my penis when doing this and I never got an erection until last week when she was washing me. It is the ultimate humiliation and it now has happened 4 times so far. She never has said anything about it and I just shut my eyes and try not to let it happen. The last 3 times I think she purposely gripped my penis slowly trying to have me get hard. Then she lets go and wipes my scrotum and anus. She never says a word acting like its no big deal but I know this bitch is deliberately tormenting me. My mom and I moved here 5 years ago so all our real friends and relatives are still in Baltimore. My mom knows I don't like Arlene but thinks she is a nice older lady. Arlene has to know how embarrassed I am but she just doesn't care. I think her intent now is to have me get an erection knowing how humiliating it is for me. I know my mom would be pissed, but how could I tell her I'm getting erections when that old bitch washes me. I'm supposed to get the cast off next week and hope Arlene just stays home. The 8 days in the hospital were bad enough but this is like torture. Its bad enough with her seeing me pee, cleaning up after me and wiping my butt. All I can wear right now are night shirts and by the time Arlene takes it off to wash me I'm laying there naked for almost a half hour at a time. When I get an erection its clear she is trying to shame me and simply wants to humiliate me.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 33

    Back when I was in my mid teens and living in my parents house I had a crush on the woman who lived next door.
    She was early 30's and very beautiful. Everyone used to say that she could have been a model or movie star so gorgeous was she.
    She looked like a young Sophia Loren with a great body, long dark hair and a seductive smile.
    Her husband was about 10 or more years older and was always out working during the daytime.
    Often the young Sophia would sunbathe in the back yard wearing either a very tiny bikini or sometimes would lay there topless showing off her amazing breasts and dark erect nipples.
    I would stand in my bedroom completely naked and look down on her through a small gap in my bedroom curtains. I would watch her and would masturbate very slowly as she lay there sunning herself or as she applied sun cream to her gorgeous body.
    I watched her like this on a regular basis, wondering if she ever had the slightest idea that a fifteen year old boy with a raging hard on was wanking off and dreaming of giving her a hard fucking.
    One day as she lay in the back yard, applying sun cream to her full breasts.....I was peering through the curtains. I had just returned from school and was fully clothed except for dropping my pants to release my already erect cock. As she worked the cream onto and around her hard nipples, she looked directly at me and smiled.
    I was stunned, shocked. She'd seen me. The game was up.
    She kept looking at the gap in the curtains and raised one hand and beckoned me down. I opened the curtains so she could see that I had my cock in my hand. She waved again for me to come down.
    I hurried down stairs and out the back door, both excited and somewhat afraid. Was she going to tell me off for being a pervert?
    To my eternal gratitude she handed me the sun cream and asked me to rub it on the parts she couldn't reach and then promptly trurned over on to her belly and pulled down her bikini bottoms. I almost came in my pants. I nervously squirted a blob of the cream onto the palm of my hand and rubbed it on her back. She kept telling me to go lower. I applied it all over her lower back and then started on her perfectly shaped ass. It felt amazing fleshy, firm, round. And I worked the cream in until there was none left. She then parted her legs slightly and asked me to apply some on her inner thighs. As i was rubbing the cream onto her thighs she suddenly pushed against me and my hand was right up against her pussy lips. AND she was wet. I rubbed my fingers over her pussy lips and she moaned slightly. Then turned over and opened her legs. Her pussy was shaven around the lips, with a neat triangle of clipped hair above. Her clit was standing to attention and her pussy lips were full and a delight to behold.
    "Do what you want" she purred to me "I know yu've been wanking off watching me".
    There was no use denying it. I moved to where I could get a better view of her lips moist and slightly open. I rubbed my fingers against her lips, getting her juices on them. She opened her legs wide and grabbed my wrist and pushed several of my fingers into her. That was all I could stand and I felt my cock pulse as I came in my pants. She saw my embarassment and the growing damp patch at the front of my pants. Taking me by the hand she marched me into her house and pulled off my pants and underwear and threw them in her washing machine.
    "cant have your mother knowing that you came in your pants" she said "otherwise she'll want to know why".
    She took a warm wet cloth and cleaned my cock for me.
    Wrapped in a towel we sat and talked while my clothes were washed and dried. I confessed to her that I wanked off a lot watching her....and sometimes her and her sister...sunbathe in the garden.
    She then told me that both she and her sister knew I was watching and probably wanking off and found it very flattering.
    She then asked if I could ever see myself making love to her. "Christ yes!" I blurted out and my cock immediatley stiffened again.e
    She appologised for getting me hard and asked to see my hard cock. I removed the towel and she lowered her face to my cock, kissed the end and then opened her mouth and started to suck me. I lasted about 30 seconds and came in her mouth. She swallowed the lot and then returned again with the warm cloth and cleaned me....this time bringing my still warm clothes from the dryer. I had about 15 minutes before my mother came home from work to calm myself down.
    She gave me a long slow kiss on the mouth and asked me if I would consider wagging off school the next day and spending it with her bed.
    Next morning my parents both left for work and I made it look like I was on my way to the bus stop to catch the school bus.
    I was soon at my neighbours door knocking to come in. The young Sophia look alike, dressed only in her bed robe opened the door and ushered me quickly inside. She undressed me right there in the hallway, casting my clothes to the floow and almost dragged me upstairs.

    I was already hard as we climbed onto the bed. She lay back and opened her arms and legs for me to climb on top. As I lowered myself on to her she took my hard cock and guided it into her warm moist pussy. After only a few short thrusts I ejaculated, due to over excitement, into her. I started to apoligise but she hushed me and started to kiss me, my cock still inside her. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard, her tongue probing my mouth. My hand found her hard nipple and soft round breast and I could feel my cock growing hard again.
    We spent the whole day fucking, kissing and sleeping. About 3pm, I thought I heard the door open and close softly down stairs but she said no its my imagination and then as I was laying on my head to the foot of the bed...she got on top in a 69 position and we started to lick and suck one another. I had my eyes closed savouring the sweet taste of her pussy when suddenly I was aware that someone else was in the room. I turned my head and saw her husband...already naked....with a hard cock approaching the bed.
    "Oh fucking hell" I stammered "It's not what it looks like".
    To which he replied "Seems to me it's very much what it looks like....the kid next door taking liberties with MY wife!"
    Long story short he and his wife had set me up and if I didn't want to get grassed out to my parents I would do what ever they asked me to do.
    Obviously I agreed and for the next few weeks was used by him repeatedly. I was made to suck his cock, let him fuck my arse and to eat his cum from his wifes pussy, breasts and feet after he'd cum on or in her. BUT the bonus was that I could have sex with her every day after school as a reward for allowing him to do things to me.
    So I hated my neighbour.....but loved his wife. All these years later I still ache for her....but hate him.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife finally got fed-up with "making love" to a rubber bag with a nine inch cock protruding, and began an affair with the divorced guy in the house next door! Once she had decided they were good together, and he was "bi-curious" she brought him home, and showed me off, trussed up in my long rubber-lined bag, on our bed. "Cool!" was his response. "Very cool...." thoughtfully. "You okay with this?" she asked. "Hell yes! Always thought he was a spineless little bastard anyway! Wondered what a fox like you was doing with him!" She laughed, and said "He's a good provider....generous's been okay, but I feel the need for REAL sex with a REAL man! Like you....." Then they were at it, frantic, on the bed beside me, while I lay helpless, sealed into silence in my inescapable bag, with survival air only, via the two tiny airholes above the airtight zipper across my mouth. A deep dark sick part of me really appreciated this humiliation, and wondered eagerly what might happen next....eventually they finished, and she said she had a date with "the girls" that evening! "Why don't you stay with him, and see how you get along together? You can do anything you want with him - just don't kill him, accidentally or on purpose!" When she left, he came back and sat beside me on the bed. He slowly unzipped me at my groin, and my full nine-inch erection and my swollen balls, burst out into plain view. "Hmm! Pretty package!" he chuckled, and tightened the zipper round my roots, trapping me outside, and utterly vulnerable. He squeezed my testicles, harder and harder,until a despairing "Mmmmmmmmmmffffff!" was drawn out of me, to his amusement. "That's it?" he marveled. "Cool!!!" The squeezing got worse and my muffled protests more desperate. He mauled me, pulling, twisting, slapping, squeezing, and to my eternal shame, my erection got bigger and harder all the time! "Hah! You like that! Well, it just so happens, I love doing this, so you better get used to it! Gonna be a large part of your life!"
    When Emily came home, a little inebriated, he was kneeling over me, face fucking me frantically through the open zipper, as he tortured my swollen genitals. "Wow!" she giggled. "That is SO cool!" He laughed smugly. "Glad you like it! It's gonna happen a LOT, while you're recovering from our love-making! Or, at work, or out with the girls! We can have it all, can't we?" "You can have anything you want, big guy!" she slurred "Just take good care of me!" That was a year ago, and there is no end in sight. They seem very happy with the way they have things, and to my shame, so am I!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 22

    Misleading, because I don't hate my neighbor, I'd actually love to do her. My neighbor is a 30-something single mom of 2 and is back on the dating scene. The issue? When she drinks and has a boyfriend over, she gets real loud during sex. She curses up a storm, with language that would have made my college football team blush.
    During the summer and I'm in the pool or when the windows are open, I can hear her not only giving directions but usually insulting her partner. Luckily, the kids are at their Dad's, because if they were hoe, I'm sure someone would call Child Protective.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 32

    My neighbor is a woman in her late 40's who is a complete bitch. She complains about everything. One thing she real complains about is stepping on her property. If I am out mowing my lawn she makes it clear to me that I better not step on to her property and that the clippings better not end up on her yard. On garbage days, when I put my garbage out I always put it out in front of my house but she gets angry if I put it out near the property line.

    This week I had the week off from work. On Monday I looked out into my back yard and I see a woman out there. It was her. She was trespassing on my property. I had to take a second look because she was tanning and she was completely naked. I guess she she didn't know I had the week off so she decided to use my backyard which is very private compared to hers. I guess she didn't think i would find out but I did and snapped a few pictures of her in all her glory. I didn't confront her when I saw her that day but decided to wait to see if she would do it again. Next day same thing and I took more pictures. I was certain she would do it the next day too so I decided I would have my fun with it. I took some of the pictures I took of her, printed them off and left them out there. I secretly watched as she found the pictures. She was frantically looking around in a panic. She quickly left.

    Later that day when she saw me she asked about the pictures. I admitted I took them and put them out there. She threatened to call the police which I laughed at since she was the one who trespassed. I even told her the pictures were merely proof of her trespassing. She mentioned she was naked in them and all I said was that it was easy to see that. She pleaded for me to destroy them. I told her I wanted to tan with her in my yard tomorrow and we would talk. She reluctantly agreed.

    The next day she comes over in a 2 piece swimsuit. I asked if she tanned that way yesterday. She looked at me, and after a very long pause knew what I was asking, and removed them. She said "Happy!". I asked why she was always such a bitch to me. We began talking and truly had a real good talk and started getting along pretty well. She had only lived there a couple of years and I found out a lot about her. She said her ex-husband and her were still in the process of bitter divorce and she was just taking out on everyone. We talked longer and I told her she could get dressed. She apologized about being a bitch and told me I was real nice guy and didn't mind being naked with me. She complained about a sore back and I began to massage it for her. She said it felt nice but then asked me to stop which confused me. I stood there and she pulled my pants down. She then began giving me a blowjob which was a complete surprise. When done she told me to think of it as a beginning to make up for being a bitch to me. We lay naked for awhile before I got between her legs. She put up a little fight at first but my tongue seemed to be making her feel real good so she stopped fighting and let me continue but explicitly said "no cock". It all ended with my face getting very wet as she squirted a lot. She really enjoyed it and then said if I wanted I could get myself off and fuck her. I fucked her which had her moaning and it didn't take long for me to finish. After it was all done she left but called me later. She said it was the best time she had in a while but said we went too far. She then added she didn't mind going that far and hoped we could continue and she was up for it anytime I wanted.

    I hated my neighbor but now I love my neighbor.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Gay Male / 20

    I had sex with a homeless girl
    Few months ago my friend D (not revealing any names, so facebook wont do any good) and I went to a party. We were to return and have a sleep over, and K's dad gave us his car. D drove as he had a driving licenses, and I being 20 then had to wait one more year. Anyway on our way to the party and the party itself was normal. I had a really good time dancing with the girls and drinking stuffs I am not supposed to drink. Then on our way back, the car fuel ran low and we had to stop at a gas station. By then it was 2 AM and the gas station was in a place such that that it was empty except us, the workers and 5-6 more cars. I was a cool moonlight breezy night, so I got out of the car telling D I was going for a short walk and told him to wait for me. He wanted to come too but had to watch over the car. That is when it happened:

    I walked quite far from the gas station to an empty park. I stopped walking to look at the moon and feeling the cool breeze. Then a voice behind me made me jump! I turned around to see a beautiful blond haired lady in her mid 20s wearing torn shirt and torn jeans asking me for money, the fact which made me realize she was a homeless. The moonlight on her face magnified her beauty. I stopped there unmoving as my penis stiffened on the sight of her on those torn shirt and jeans. I approached her, looking at her eyes. She backed away slightly, but kept asking for money saying she was really hungry. I grabbed her in a hug, and she tried to break free (a fact that confirmed me that she was no prostitute, but a poor but beautiful homeless girl). Eventually she gave in and we kissed. But she told me that I must get her something to eat before we can proceed any further. I told her to wait, went back to the gas station which had a small stall of foods, bought some food, told D to leave without me (he wanted to know what the deal was, I told him I would tell when we see each other next), and went back to the park. She was standing there waiting, and I handed her the food. She ate, and once she finished, she hugged me herself and I hugged her back and we collapsed on the park bench. You can guess what happened next, cause I am not writing a porn novel but a true incident! It was my first time and it was the most wonderful experience I had to this very date (I didnt have sex again since, but hopping to do in the future). We went at it all the way till sunlight and boy was the sound of her moaning sweeter than the sound of any bird. After getting done, we dressed back quickly before people started coming to the park, and my wet penis was hurting mad. I gave her a large sum of money and with one final kiss we said goodbye. Believe me or not, all these really happened. I love the idea of meeting her again, but that place is far from my place and I only drive through (I got my own driving licenses now) that place when I have a destination requiring me to go through there. Anyways I am not the type of guy who wants to restrict himself to one girl so for me its move on, and have a new gf anyway (shes a virgin, and I am planning to do it with her when we get closer). But if I do ever meet her again, I wont resist myself from opening her jeans at first chance! anyway now I am self confessed gay

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    The reason I hate him, is he lives with Dawn, yet hardly if ever fucks her. Yes she's forty four and yes she's not the best looking girl in the neighborhood. But I can tell you right now, she has one hell of a gorgeous body, and a pussy and ass to match.

    I'd love to have her sex on tap, yet he does and doesn't want it. So Dawn and I fuck when he's not around or when like most weekend nights, he's drunk. Even then we have to be careful, as his brother calls by unannounced. Dawn thinks he'd love to fuck her, but he's fat pig who tosses himself of to porn all day.

    If I could, I swear I'd take her away and have the woman and her awesome sex all to myself. Damn man, she is something special and too fine for a fat ugly drunk like him.....................................

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    Theater fun
    Behind the back row of seats watching a guy play with himself. I realize several men were around me but I am looking , without staring, at the guy stroking himself. I feel someone brush up against my arm, then my ass. The next thing I know I feel a dick being stuck in my hand. I don't even look down, I just start stroking it. Then I have a lot of hands placed on my shoulders and push me to my knees. I look around and see several dicks pointing at my face. I take a dick in both hands and one in my mouth. I am having a load of cum shot down my throat and sprayed on my face. Then I pull my shorts off and bend over offering my ass to be used. It was quickly being used. When I left I had cum running down my legs, my hair was covered with cum. I had one of the best trains pulled on me in my life.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    1 / 36

    Hello and bye

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I don't actually hate my neighbors, but this involves them so here goes

    I like to play with my pussy outside. I don't know why I do this. After midnight, when everyone is asleep in the house, I put on loose clothes with no bra or panties, zip up my coat, and go for walk. I've almost never seen anyone else out while walking. Usually I try to find a dark spot, like near some bushes on an off road, or even just in a driveway. I put my hand down my pants and flick my clit. If I'm sure no one is nearby, I pull down my pants to my knees, unzip my coat and lift my shirt to show my tits while I finger myself.

    Some places I've done this are alleyways, on the sides of houses in people's yards, and in the empty lot of a demolished house. That one was exciting because the spot was semi hidden by bushes but facing a main street across the lot, so I got completely naked, I literally took off my shirt, coat, and full view, all the cars driving by just needed to turn their heads in the right direction. I made my clit cum three times.

    Probably the most daring I've done was in my own driveway, which is in full view of the street but quite dark. I brought a dildo in my coat pocket and bounced on it, naked. The whole operation only took like 5 minutes.

    My goal is to find a really dark street crossing where the light has burned out, and flick my clit in the middle of the street with my tits exposed and my pants around my ankles.

    About my neighbors....I really really want someone to watch me do this, and jerk off to me, but I DON'T want to get caught! I want a voyeur, but I really can't risk ruining my life getting caught by someone who would be offended. I wish one of my neighbors would just appreciate a private show.

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