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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 19

    I'm nineteen years old and having the time of my life at the moment. Most weekdays and sometimes at the weekend over the last three months, I've been fucking one of the neighbors wives. And what's more, the husband knows and fully accepts I'm fucking her. It was he who approached me and asked if I liked Claire his wife. When I asked him why he was asking, he simply said "Because she finds you attractive and I'd like you to fuck her".
    Sometimes he's present when I fuck her, usually he's reading paper or doing something mundane in their home. If she see's him around as we fuck, she tells him just good it feels to have big hard cock fucking pussy and ass. Then tells him just how useless his little dick is.

    They've been married for eighteen years, and in those years she's had quite a few lovers. All of whom have fucked Claire in front of her husband. Yesterday was a total change though.
    As I was fucking Claire on their couch, balls deep up her ass after screwing her pussy for some time, she had her husband come over, get under us and lick her pussy and my balls. It felt weird at first and I was a little put out, but the more he licked my balls, the more I enjoyed the sensation. Eventually Claire had me pull out and he instantly gripped my cock and sucked on it for some time, before guiding it back into Claire's asshole.
    Fucking her this way for a while he kept on taking my cock out of her ass and sucking on it. I was at first going to say something, but he's so damn good at sucking cock, better than Claire I'd say, I let him get on with it. Finally with Claire climaxing again, I came up her ass and without thinking just fed her husband my dick. He sucked it clean then did something I don't think I could ever do. He licked and sucked my cum out of his wife's asshole, and then swallowed it.

    Before I left, Claire asked me if I enjoyed her husband sucking on my dick. I was going to lie as I was a little embarrassed, but I told her the truth and said it had felt awesome. Her reply was "Good, next time I'm going to get him to suck you off completely.
    Next time is tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. To be honest I'm a little nervous.

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    Straight Male / 51

    I hate those Jamaican guys living across the street. They have these sneering looks on their faces whenever they see my wife and young daughter, who is still in high school. They never feel safe around those people. I always tell me daughter to stay away from those guys so they don't bother her.

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    Straight Male / 19

    My name's Nathan, I'm nineteen, athletically built, but seen pretty much as a geek. I love computer games and anything IT, so I like to spend a lot of time messing about with computers.
    Last month I was sat on my bed playing a game when my mom shouted up to me to speak to Janet our next door neighbor. Going downstairs I Spoke to Janet, who told me her lap top was playing up and could I look at it.
    In her house I picked up the lap top and instantly saw she'd messed up some of the soft wear. Fixing it easily I clicked on her last point of reference and found she'd been watching porn.
    Janet was a little embarrassed by what I saw, but then told me her and her husband hardly had sex anymore, and that she gets extremely sexually frustrated. Janet's forty one, attractive if not a little wishy washy in her mind and most definitely fuckable. Watching the sex scene play out on her lap top, I saw she'd been watching porn which had an older woman being fucked by two much younger men. I'm not sure why I said it, as I would never normally speak to a woman this way, but I said "I bet you wish that was you getting fucked". Instantly Janet replied "Why do you think you'd be able to keep up with me".
    When I said what I did, I wasn't meaning myself. But when she replied I couldn't help but get a boner. Janet noticed and things just kind of went from there. In her front room, I let my neighbor go down on me and it was fucking awesome. I was no virgin as I have an on off girlfriend, but she's no where near as filthy as Janet. Sucking in every inch of my cock (My cock is a little over seven inches), she also licked my balls and then had me turn around to lick my asshole. Something no one had ever done to me.
    Asking me if I had time, I told her all day if she wanted. She gripped my hand and lead me upstairs. As we climbed the stairs, she told me Ray her husband would be home in about an hour, and she needed a good fucking. Looking back at me she told me "Don't you dare cum too quickly".
    My neighbor, my forty one year old slut neighbor, had me lick out her pussy, clit and ass for over twenty minutes, making her orgasm twice. She also had me at the same time, finger fuck both holes making my fingers covered in her juices.
    Telling me she was safe and clean, she practically dragged me up and knelt before me. Offering me her pussy and ass, she turned her head and said "Well boy it's time to find out if you're worth it".
    Fucking Janet was for me at least the best sex I've had so far in my life. She was insatiable and we fucked in more positions than I've ever had sex in. Missionary, Doggy, Spooning her, her sat on my dick facing me and away from me. We fucked stood up as she leaned on her dressing table and we even fucked as she had her head and shoulders on the floor and her back leaning on the bed, so I could fuck her asshole as she watched.
    I did cum quickly up her pussy from behind, but I stayed rock hard as she insisted I just carry on fucking her. Janet had multiple orgasms throughout our time together, and I was amazed at just how easy it was to fuck her to cum so hard. I myself had my second orgasm when fucking her asshole. We were spooning then with Janet furiously frigging her clit with her fingers. Telling me we didn't have much time, I came up her ass and then watched, listened and felt her climax on my cock.
    Back on my bed, I'd only been there ten minutes when I heard Rays truck pull up outside their home. Janet had told me anytime I wanted to empty my balls, to consider fucking her instead of wanking. And in the past five weeks I've fucked Janet two or three times a week. I would have fucked her a lot more, as she's definitely become a nymph. But Ray works for himself and is home a lot now it's getting wintery.
    If Janet was my wife I'd be fucking every day, as she's always thinking of different ways for us to have fun. So that's why I've put this into "I hate my neighbor". It's because if it wasn't for Ray being at home, I'd get my rocks off much much more often, with a woman who I think is just perfect for a young geek like me.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Last month I fucked my neighbors daughter because he's always going on about how perfect she is, how special and how pure her religious beliefs are. His other annoying trait is to tell everyone who's in ear shot, just how fucking well off he is.
    Chloe is eighteen. She is as he says, very attractive and she was very virtuous. However I caught her staring at my cock bulge last month, during their annual autumn harvest barbecue. And it made me wonder if she was having thoughts of sex.
    Pulling her to one side a little later, I asked her if she'd ever been fucked. Rather than give me scripture and verse about me being foul mouthed and rude, Chloe told me her ex boyfriend used to fuck her, but his cock was tiny. Looking me in the eye, she asked me if mine was big.
    What I said to her was, if she called by the following day around lunch time, I'd show her just good it'd feel to have a real man fucking her with a big cock. She did call by and by mid afternoon I'd taught that young woman just how good it is to take eight and half inches of pure man meat down her throat, inside her sweet tasting pussy and with her asking me to, dep up her tight oh so perfect ass.
    Chloe really was a slut in ewe's clothing.
    The next day, as I was parking up from work, my neighbor popped his head over the fence and told me how much he'd made that day, and then bizarrely told me Chloe had been humming some pop tune, and not a christian church tune. It turns out the tune was a well known rap song about a girl getting properly fucked for the first time.
    I smiled at him and said "It's probably just a phase, you know how kids are". He grinned at me, but his grin lasted too long and I thought to myself, he suspects I've fucked his daughter.
    Chloe hasn't just left it at a one off time though, as she's been a regular visitor to my bed and gets ever more inventive in how she wants to be fucked. We even fucked doggy style the other day with her facing out into their back yard. I was ramming my cock up her gorgeous ass, as her father was telling one of our other neighbors just how perfect his precious little cherub is.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My next door neighbor's wife, Marie, is a slut from hell. She's married to a truly nice gentleman but she has been flashing me for the last two years since I moved next door to her. She's about ten years older and her large breast sag a bit but, as she has shown me from her backyard, still full and round. Once in a while, if all is clear, she will lift her skirt, bend over, and flash me a full moon.

    I can see why Nic married her. He was sucked in by her powerful sexuality but this woman has the morals of an alley-cat. I feel her flashing is insulting and have asked her to stop, a number of times. unfortunately, one time I walked up to the fence between us and waved her to come closer. Then I said, "Please don't continue doing what you are doing. As she had come closer I felt her sexuality spill out and despite my anger, I suddenly got an explosive erection under my pants. This fact destroyed any meaning of my intention.

    Marie looked down at my bulge and laughed, saying, "Ha, ha, your little friend, actually big friend just now, disagrees with you, She pulled up her skirt and walked away, showing her bulbous ass in motion. I freely admit that her naughty behavior has caused me to masturbate a number of times but only the torture can continue. I will not get involved with her. Even if we were both single I find her personality beyond the pale. I have told my wife what she is doing and she says only, "Let her play out her fantasies and just ignore it." but as Marie herself has said, "My big friend disagrees." My own cock betrayed me but I will just grin and bear all of it.

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    Hello. And Bye.

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