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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 19

    The first time I caught him watching me, I was masturbating using my fingers. I normally like to use a dildo to fuck myself with, but chose to lay on my stomach, reach between my legs and play with my engorged clitty. When I'd orgasmed, I spun over and saw him stood at his window tossing off his cock. For a second I thought to get up, close the blinds and put the finger up to him, but instead still feeling horny, I pretended I hadn't seen him, opened my legs and slowly rubbed up and down my pussy. I waited, checking every now and then he was still wanking, until he came all over the long narrow window in front of him and then walked into the bathroom to shower.
    A couple of days later using my favorite dildo, I fucked myself to orgasm and made sure he got a great view of it going in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Again he masturbated watching me and I got a great thrill out of knowing he was whacking one off because of me. Seeing him at church the following day only added to the growing feeling of wanting his older cock inside of me, but all we did was smile a knowing smile at each other.
    It was three days later when I had the time and chance to masturbate again and at first I thought he wasn't going to be watching me. But after starting without him being there, I soon saw him stood fully naked stroking his large older mans cock. I'd put the dildo on the end of my bed and was fucking myself doggy fashion whilst playing with my clit and my right breast. I knew from his vantage point he'd be able to see it going in and out of my pussy, but wanted to give him an extra thrill. Reaching back, I took hold of the dildo, let it slide out of my pussy and then guided it into my asshole. Turning my head I saw him furiously wanking himself and watched him spurt load after load all over himself and the window. It turned me that much seeing his large cock unload, I had such an amazingly strong orgasm.
    This last week I've played with myself slowly stroking my pussy with my fingers, letting him see my pussy folds smeared with my juices as I cum hard and fast.
    The thirty five feet between our homes is a barrier to what I'd like to do with him, as is age, as he's fifty eight and the fact he's married. But then again given the chance I'd let him fuck me anyway he wanted to. I hate my neighbor for being unavailable right now. I'd love him and it, if we could just figure out a way to fuck, rather than have him as a voyeur.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 17yo I used to cut grass and do yard work during the summer. There was a lady, Mrs. Johnson that lived around the corner. Her husband passed away a few years ago and she used to have me at her house often doing whatever yard work that needed to be done. Mrs. Johnson was in her 40's I think, nice body and small perky breasts.

    It would take too long to say how it all started, but Mrs. Johnson and I began to have sex at some point. I don't know if she was a nympho but she loved to be touched in some fashion. The first few times she would take my hand up under her dress and I would finger her, omg that woman was soaking wet. She loved to have her nipples squeezed very hard as well, I made her cum many times just squeezing her nipples and fingering her.

    One day Mrs. Johnson stopped by my house, my parents had gone to see a family member. She came over to pay me for the yard work I had done last week. We made out in the living room and I fingered her until she came several times again.

    We walked out through the garage, she quickly kissed me again. Just as we got into another serious lip lock in the garage, our next door neighbor Mrs. Jackson came walking by. Of course she just had to look into the garage to see me and Mrs. Johnson making out.

    Well sure enough, that bitch just had to say something to my Mom a few days later. My Mom comes busting through my bedroom door like I killed the Pope. So I had to hear the bs of what was I thinking or better yet what the hell was Mrs. Johnson thinking?

    I did what any 18yo kid would have done, I lied through my teeth. I told my Mom that Mrs. Johnson came over to give me the rest of the money she owed me. As she was leaving she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek to say thanks for helping her out with the yard work since her husband had passed away.

    Since I was 18yo Mrs. Johnson wasn't going to be in any legal trouble, and I would just deny anything happening before that. Someone must have talked to Mrs. Johnson, most likely my Mom I think? Mrs. Johnson put a stop of our sexual interludes right after that.

    Every time I saw our neighbor Mrs. Jackson I just wanted to bitch slap her.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 29

    My neighbor was always a bitch and not just to me but to other neighbors too. She always seemed like she was in a bad mood and I really don't know how her husband put up with her. I was in my yard working and kind of twisted the wrong way and my back began to hurt a little. She had seen me do this and asked how I was. I was surprised as she seemed a little nice and caring which isn't the way she usually is. She told me to come into her yard and she would help relieve my injury. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have but she was being very nice today and maybe this might be a way to change her demeanor towards me. She had me take my shirt off and then had me sit down and began to rub my back. She then figured it would be easier if I was laying down so she went inside and came back with a big towel. She spread it out on the grass and had me lay down on it. She was on her hands and knees rubbing my back. She then took off the sandals I was wearing and told me it would be easier with if the shorts I was wearing came off too. Normally I wouldn't be taking my shorts off but in this instance she was being very nice to me and I thought it might be a real big turning point in her not being a bitch to me any more so off they came. I still had underwear and she continued with rubbing my back. About a minute later, without asking, she pulled my underwear down and removed them. I was now naked having my back rubbed by her. Soon she began to rub my legs and was giving me a full body massage. She told me to roll over and without any hesitation I did. I was face up naked with her seeing me full frontal now. She continued with my massage and asked how I was feeling. I told her great and she said she would help me relieve my injury. She then told me she was done and I could get dressed. I got dressed and she told me if I ever wanted another massage just to let her know as she wouldn't mind giving me another one. She did give a great massage and I surprised myself in that I didn't realize that I was outside naked where other neighbors could have easily seen me.
    She isn't nicer to the other neighbors but is a lot nicer to me. She offers me massages regularly and I think it is more for my exposure. Each time she has me strip fully naked before we start and has mentioned it is a big stress reliever for her to do this for me. She has made mention to maybe me returning the favor sometime or even increasing the areas our massages cover. I did offer to massage her before but she always tells me she wants to but doesn't know how if her husband would approve. Realistically, I don't know if her husband would approve her massaging me naked but it hasn't stopped her. I assume as more time passes I will eventually be massaging her. She is a little older but has a nice body that I wouldn't mind seeing.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 18

    Im 18 and live at home with my parents.are neighbours are in there late forties early fifties and there real snobs He is allways sniching on me if i bunk of work or bring a girl back when my parents are away shes not so bad and works in an office,recently around dinner time she came home in a taxi which she near enough fell out of and it was raining and i could see she had lost her key ,she had the giggles and her top was showing a nice bit of her boobs which id certainly get out for her.and she was all nice to me which i took to be because she was locked out, I had to get a ladder but i got her in and she was laughing and said i dont drink so i had to steady her in i never tried anythink but her boob popped out and she said whoops and touched my arm laughing i never backed away and then her hand was running futher up my arm so i took her nipple in my mouth and she was making a very contented little moan then both were out and she was touhing my zip youl have to go youl have to go but i just sucked harder and i cound feel her rubbing at the bulge in my trousers so i carried on and was stroking her though her knickers till my finger slipped up her and she was sighing with pleasure this was the side of my neighbour id never seen and i suddenly didnt just want her i wanted to make her come and treat her with respect Helen lay back for me and wrapped her long legs round my neck and wow did she come there was a sudden warmth i felt and she opemed her legs wide and took me fully into her she was lovely and tight and i quickly came up her to which i received the delight of ner boobs and mouth till i was able to push it back up her this time i was able to really fuck her hard making her come She made me promise i woundnt tell all my mates as she really hadnt ever been unfaithfull before She said i know my husband can be a bit of an arse but this would destroy us and i do love him she avoided me for a few days but then i caught her alone again and she tried to make excuses but gave in and i fucked her she allways says weve got to stop this but soon gives in and i love fucking her more so than girls my own age shes so much older than me and i get really pleasure knowing i can make her come several times when i cacth her really in the mood i ,He still gets me in trouble but i now take it out on his wifes tight little honey pot

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 53

    Its a late revenge time.
    At my previous address a new neighbour moved in to the bungalow next to me.
    And within less than a year he and his male gay friend did all that they could to cause me a lot of stress.
    For example the neighbours friend who lived further down the road continued to park as close as possible to my
    car in the parking bay opposite where I lived.
    Then for many months one of my car tyres were let down over night.
    And finally all four of my car tyres were slashed by a knife.
    Although I could not prove the neighbour/friend caused the damage.
    It was made clear by the comments I received whenever I was out on the front lawn.
    Or crossing the road to get in my car.
    Its now just over 6 months later and having long wanted to get my revenge.
    That I have decided with a little help to let them know that I am not a push over.
    Anyone who knows me will know I always win when in the right.
    Until I have carried out my revenge on them I cannot say what that revenge is.
    But I will in time once that revenge is carried out in 2016.
    Write more about the two who will regret what they did to me.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 30

    I hate my next door Neighbor because she is a cock tease. She sits out on her Patio with a Two piece Bathing Suit that's stretched to the Limits holding her huge Breasts. She appears to be in her mid Forties, but she still has it going on with her Face and Body. It seems whenever I'm out in the Backyard by myself she always seems to pick that time to come out and Sunbathe. If my Wife is around or in the Yard with me she is never outside. She always has a Book in her Hands, but I can tell at times she isn't reading her Book as much as she is looking over at me. Just to add insult to injury, she applies Sunscreen and will spread those Legs wide to apply it to her Thighs and looks over at me as she applies the Sunscreen to her large Breasts. I really want to go over there one day and just ask her if she enjoys getting me worked up, but I just can't bring myself to do that.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    Fuck me how lucky am I. My bedroom window overlooks our neighbors bedroom window at the rear of each property. Around two months ago a new couple moved in. They're both in their early forties, but that's where the similarities end. He's balding and fat. She's slim, a great looking woman and from what I witnessed three weeks ago, very fit and super horny. What I witnessed was her lay on their bed naked using a black dildo to fuck herself with. As soon as she saw me watching her, she turned over pointed her ass at me and drove the dildo straight up her asshole. Keeping eye contact between us over the sixty or so feet, I took out my cock and began to whack one off as she continued to fuck herself.
    Smiling, she knelt up, took the dildo out of her ass and began to lick and suck on it. A couple of minutes later I came all over the window sill in front of me. Once again she smiled, blew me a kiss and then walked out of her bedroom. A similar thing happened a frwcdays later, only that time she was using a clear looking dildo as well as the black one. I didn't wait to get my cock out as she used both dildos to fuck her pussy and ass. Indeed I was wanking to the same rhythm she was fucking her fuck holes. We leered at each other over the next ten minutes before she began to arch her back, cumming right there in front of me. I shot my load all over the sill again, but also all over the window itself.
    Again she walked out of the room, but not before she bent over , spread her butt cheeks and pointed to me, as if to say "it's yours if you want it".
    Deliberately passing their home later, I slipped a scrap of paper through their porch door. I hoped she'd get it, as I knew he was still at work. On the paper was my phone number and a short message "Just let me know when".
    I got a message two hours later. "He's in work early Friday, staying late too" It then went onto say "You can call by anytime, I'll leave the toys in the draw".
    Fucking Mrs McKenzie has been a horny dream come true. She is on real life, up close, such a stunning looking woman. And she's also cock mad. I was in their home no more than a minute before she had my cock out, and was on her knees sucking on it.
    As she sucked on my cock I heard the house phone ring. The answer phone took the call. It was her husband "Hi honey, you exercising again ?. ok, love you, see you later". There was a pause before he added "Oh yeh, the doc said this morning I should begin to get feeling back soon".
    Before I shoved every inch of my cock up her soaking wet pussy, I asked Mrs McKenzie what he meant. She told me her husband can no longer get an erection after a motor cycle accident he had.
    His loss unfortunately, but definitely my gain, as I've been fucking her now for over a fortnight. She might be over forty, but she's a far better vfuck than my girlfriend. And she's also prepared to do anything. Mrs McKenzie is a slut and she knows it. I just wish I could spend the night fucking her senseless, but her husband gets to sleep with her. God I hate him for that.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 29

    My neighbors usually go away in the summer months and rent their house out. There are different people who stay there and sometimes it is only for a week and sometimes for a few weeks. One person who stayed there for only a couple days surprised me. I was out in my yard in a swimsuit lying in the sun when he first met me. He was talking to me over the fence and invited me over for a beer. I decided to be nice and accepted his offer. I went over and when I got there he was out there and it was then that I noticed he was naked. He saw I was a little shocked and asked if it made me uncomfortable. I wasn’t uncomfortable just surprised and told him I had no issue with him being that way. He asked if I ever went naked myself and I told him truthfully I hadn’t. He asked why and I told him my yard wasn’t private enough to do that and I didn’t think the neighbors would approve. He brought up his yard was pretty private and suggested I give it a try it. I told him I would need to think about it. We drank our beers and he suggested again for me to take off my swimsuit. I was still not sure about trying this but did finally remove them. We finished our beers and he asked how I felt being naked. I was a little nervous at first but it wasn’t as bad as time went on and I told him this. He asked if I wanted another beer and went in to get us one. He took a while before he came out and I was just lying back on the lounge chair relaxing. We had another beer and then he said he had to go somewhere so I put my swimsuit and went home.
    My neighbors who own the house came home from their summer trip and told me that their nephew spent some time with me out in their yard naked. I didn’t know that guy was their nephew. They said he wanted to send me the pictures he took of me but didn’t know my email and sent them to them. My neighbors had seen me naked now which was a little awkward. Over the next few days 2 other neighbors made a comment about my nude pictures and told me the neighbors sent them a copy. I confronted them about sending my pictures to other people and their reply was that if I didn’t want to be seen naked I shouldn’t have been outside like that. The pictures were full frontal and I didn’t know they were taken. I think the nephew took them from a second floor window when he went in to get us another beer. Some pictures were zoomed in to a certain area of me.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 51

    I used my pass-key on a unit, one time, after getting no reply to my knocking, because there was the sound of water running, constantly, and I was trying to track it down. Anyway, when I got inside, here's the kid tied to a chair, with a rubberized fabric bag over his head, tied round the neck, and deep into his mouth. He had two air-holes at his nose, and that was all. He had his right hand half into a slip knot, and was obviously wiggling out of it to play with himself every so often. I guess my knocking had scared him, and the noose had slipped right onto his wrist, making him quite helpless! He had a huge cock, rock-hard, and I began to play with it, while he struggled in vain, and made faint "mmmmmffff" noises. I tormented him for hours, never letting him come, but keeping him on the boil. Finally I got onto the chair, legs astride the padded arms, and lowered myself onto the monster, until it filled me up completely. Then I moved just enough to make him do the same, then I stopped and left him to do all the work, ensuring that it would last a LONG time, and relaxed and had the best fun I'd experienced in all my sixty years! I came over and over, and when I got off, and finally let him come, it hit the ceiling! I took the hood off, and met his sweaty gaze. "You want out? Or you want me to put you back the way you were, and we'll do it all over again as soon as you can!" He sighed, red-faced, and admitted he wanted more. So, a year later, we're still doing this stuff, and he swears he loves me and wants me to adopt him officially. "So you can have complete power over me" he says. "I got that already," I respond. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    I went next door to borrow sugar one day, and as I knocked on the front door, it came open and I went in, saying "Hello?" politely. To my astonishment, old Ms.Pulaski was sitting naked in a wooden chair, naked, ankles tied so her legs were spread wide open, one wrist tied tight to the armrest, the other one kind of half-in half-out of a slip knot, and her struggles finally let the knot fall fully into place, round her wrist. She had a black leather hood buckled round her neck, with only two small metal-ringed holes over the slight protrusion which was her nose. For a sixty-year-old retired school teacher, she had a pretty decent body, and her age was hidden under the hood, really. Her sex was oozing excitement, and I realized she'd been masturbating, then half-using the slip kn ot, to prolong the denial, and panicked herself into complete helplessness, at my knock on the door, which she had neglected to lock and which hadn't even latched all the way. So, knowing that she really didn't know for sure who was with her. I began to tease her swollen clit, driving her utterly insane with arousal, clumsily at first - I was only fourteen at the time, although fairly knowledgable - until she spurted all over the place. Then I loosened the loop round her wrist, so she could easily slip out of it, and vanished, still sugarless. I made up my wind I was going to do this again as soon as possible, maybe with the help of some bluff and blackmail..........

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