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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 19

    First of all I'm copying most of this from my diary, which was written the night of when this happened. I've had to change the start to fit this site, and I've missed out some details as not to identify both myself and Frank.

    It's not my neighbour I hate, it's his wife Helen. Frank is a very good looking muscular older man (He's 51). A man who works hard and keeps his wife in relative luxury. She's one lazy fat bitch who sponges off his income and his giving nature. She hardly ever gives out for him, as I've found out, and always expects him to do most of the chores around the house.
    Last summer (Wasn't much of a summer mind you) my parents took my younger brother to a local zoo, leaving me to some peace and quiet. I heard Frank cutting his grass next door, and wanted to ask him about an event, which he was helping with locally. I waited for about half an hour and then as I've done many many times in the past, I hopped over the fence and walked into his very large garden shed.
    I found Frank masturbating whilst looking through a porn magazine. The size of his cock was what had me gasping. It was far larger than my boyfriends and much thicker too. Frank looked round when he saw me and went bright red. He tried to cover himself up, but his cock was too big. Eventually he grabbed a bag which had had compost in it and put it in front of him. Trying to say sorry and that he didn't normally do this kind of thing, I found myself telling him it didn't matter, and that I was surprised lots of women weren't after him for his gorgeous looking cock.
    His face changed when he heard me calling his cock gorgeous, but I wasn't lying, I was actually turned on and his cock did look gorgeous. Not waiting for him to reply, I walked over to him, removed the compost bag and took hold of his still erect cock.
    Frank is a lot taller than my five feet six inches in height, as he's six feet two. So I had to get him to lean down to kiss me as I played with his cock. Even though we'd known each other since I was eight, Frank and I kissed like we'd sexually lusted after each other for a long time. His cock was throbbing in my hand and my pussy was becoming soaking wet with the lust I had for him and his cock. Letting go of his cock, I lifted my short loose skirt, pulled my knickers to one side and leant against the potting shelf which held his compost, small plants and pots. I didn't have to ask him, he had all the encouragement he needed as I slipped a finger inside myself.
    I'm not saying you have to have a large cock to make you cum quickly, I've cum fast with my boyfreinds cock too. But Franks much larger thicker cock, had me cumming far harder and with more intensity than I'd ever experienced with my boyfriends six inch cock. In one long thrust he entered me from behind, as I removed my finger and his cock felt devine inside of me.
    Reaching around me, he took hold of my small breasts through my tight cotton top (I don't wear a bra) and began to squeeze my tits as he began to fuck me hard. Within a minute I was having my first orgasm. I was allowing a much older man I'd known for eleven years, almost like a second father, and believe me I was loving every single thrust of his cock entering me.
    His size, physical strength and his beautiful cock only made me want to please him more. So after a couple more minutes of him fucking my ever increasing horny pussy, I got Frank to lay on a pile of full compost bags. With his big cock facing straight up, I lowered myself onto him and let his cock slide all the way inside me, until I felt his pubic hair on his balls, tickling my arse. It allowed me to be the one who set the rhythm and depth of his cock inside me, and I like it like that sometimes. Looking directly into his eyes, I came again as his cock hit my G spot over and over again.
    Frank told me he wanted to cum inside me, but I knew I wasn't on the pill.
    Knowing how thick and long his cock was, I was at first reluctant to try something I'd only tried once before with a previous boyfriend. Lifting off his cock I was gong to suck him to completion, but I needed to cum again myself, so instead, I gripped his slippery cock and guided it to my arsehole. Slowly I sank down and let my bum get used to his size. It hurt for some time and I was about to just give him a blow job, but I sank down quickly and his cock pushed past my sphincter muscles. It still hurt for a minute or so, but I eventually began to feel something I'd never experienced before, an orgasm rising throughout my whole body. It seemed every single sense in my body was electrified. No more than a minute had passed when I began to shake with the deepest orgasm I'd ever experienced. It was the green light for Frank to continue to fuck me, as he began to thrust upwards. My arsehole had fully accepted his cock and it felt utterly amazing.
    Putting my right hand down to my pussy, I started to rub on my clit as frank and I fucked each other. His hands had hold of noth of my tits and raised nipples and I was in a sexual haze. It wouldn't have mattered to me one bit at that point, if his wife had walked in on us. I was that involved in what we were doing with and to each other. My arsehole was bouncing hard and fast on his cock, and Frank was beginning to make the noises I know meant he was close to cumming.
    Telling him to cum inside my arse, I felt Franks cock pulse inside of me and then he let out a low long grunt of pleasure and his cum spurted deep inside my arse. The heat of his cum filling me and his full on thrust to enter my arsehole deeper, brought on another orgasm. It wasn't as intense as my first ever anal orgasm, but it was just as long lasting. When it subsided, I slumped onto Franks chest and we held each other.
    It was her voice, her screechy pleading voice which brought us back to reality. We separated, even though I just wanted to feel his cock inside me until I was ready. Getting ourselves together, I'd only just put my knickers straight when Helen walked into the shed. She said something to the effect of hearing Frank moan as if he was hurt. When I told her it was me hitting him with a rake accidentally she laughed. I didn't as I felt Franks cum begin to leak out of my arse. Making my excuses and asking Frank to inform me later of what was happening with the local event, he smiled, and told me he'd call by when it was appropriate.
    That appropriate time has been whenever we've had chance to have sex together. We both know it's only sexual fun and I know frank would never leave his dependant wife. But over the last few months at least, our sex together is becoming something I just cannot see myself being without. I've grown to love Frank and our times together and know if circumstances were different, I'd leave my boyfriend and most definitely live and love with Frank.
    Society says we shouldn't, but given the chance, I'd make my life with frank tomorrow.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    All my neighbor talks about is "gays" and, as a bisexual, I want to punch his bigoted mouth shut! I don't really hate him, I just wish he would give it a break so we could have a conversation without him shifting to gay people and gay sex.
    My second wife was given the opportunity to open a new corporate office on the other side of the country and she took it, with my encouragement; she is extremely intelligent, a great leader, a talented individual and deserves this opportunity. I have been self-employed since just before we married and she stood by me while I built my (our)business and I love her dearly. Her son, who lived with us, stayed back with his dad to finish high school and is now in his 2nd year of college. My wife travels occasionally and I travel on an as-need-basis working from a home office.
    We knew relocating here their would be adjustments but reality didn't set in until we moved into our new home, which took a year to build. We have some wonderful, friendly, intelligent neighbors and, of course, those who are so engrained into their geographical culture and religion they can not see the nose on the ends of their faces. One such neighbor is Bobby who is my age and on disability due to an on the job accident several years ago. He, his wife and son are the most caring, thoughtful, considerate, people I have ever known and would give you the clothes off their backs if you were in need. However, Bobby is obsessed with gay people and gay activities!
    The married man who lives across the street from me is gay because of the way he walks and dresses; he does have a unique gate but its just like his dad's, who comes to visit; his walk is an inherited characteristic not a sexual identifying factor. When I mentioned the that neighbor and his dad walked alike, now "the dad is gay and i****t is suspected."
    The single man who lives a few doors away, who I suspect is gay, is considered a man's man because "he is masculine, jogs all the time and has (get this) 'hairy legs and a 5 O'clock Shadow' so he is a "ladies man."
    The elderly neighbor whose wife passed a year ago "pitches and catches" because: "at his wife's funeral the man with him shaved his head, had an ear ring, and wore a turtle neck sweater under his suit coat to the funeral." That man was the widower's baby brother who flew in from Canada to be with his brother, who has no children. Now, ever female who comes to that man's house is a "drag queen", he is gay now and every man who visits is "trade".
    The married man who lives behind my neighbor "is gay because he (and his wife) go to the tanning salons."
    Another female neighbor is a lesbian because "she is divorced and occasionally another female friend spends the nights"; her cousins from out of town, a story my gay-obsessed-neighbor does not believe.
    A young professional couple who do not want children until their careers are established are "really swingers and he is a cuckold because of the way he looks at another men."
    I am so tired of hearing about "hershey highway", "corn holing", "bed over, grab the tree, spread 'em and say 'please'", "cum breath", "gober lips", "sloppy seconds", "slobber-ers" I hate to see him coming when I am alone.
    I can walk to my mailbox and before I get it opened he is out his front door and, as much as I love to talk to him, it always turns to someone being gay. Me/we can pull into your driveway and he is inside the garage before we can get it closed and its another conversation which, when alone, always is about someone being gay or what gay people do.
    I tell him over, and over, and over I do not care what anyone does or does not do with their sexual life it falls on deaf ears. When he told me, one of our first conversations after we moved in, that he has a felony conviction for "Assault and Battery of High and Aggravated Nature" and "hates faggots". I checked and sure enough he was arrested, found guilty and served 6 months; the man was hospitalized but eventually sued and collected.
    Others neighbors have shared the same opinion that for some reason Bobby is obsessed with gays, the gay life and it monopolizes his every conversation. He can tell you where ever gay bar in town is located, what they look like inside because, "I have cased them out to see if I know anyone inside". I am bisexual and could care less what anyone does sexually as long as it isn't under aged and or forced sex. I wonder sometimes if he is a closet case or if he thinks I am gay too. According to other neighbors Bobby has zeroed in only a few who "I know are gay" but he has missed the one gay man and me, the bisexual.
    Sometimes I would like to slap the crap out of him and I am not alone. Others have told him they are not interested in others sexual lives and have reached the point they are avoiding him. My only salvation is that I am gone periodically which gives me the opportunity for sex with other bi men. It gets old - really old and I am not sure of Bobby's true underlying obsession and neither am I interested in knowing. I do not fear him physically, but gay bashing gets old even to straight folks.
    Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Transsexual Female / 22

    Hi, yes I'm a tranny. I have a female body, great tits and all except I have a 6 inch thick cock.

    I hate my neighbor because after we shortly met he asked me out. We dated for three months and then we went to have sex. I had lightly touch the subject of me having s penis to which I don't think he believed me. We went to have sex and he was caught off guard my having a cock. Needless to say, we don't date anymore. We had sex that night, he pounded my ass, then broke up with me. He only comes around now to get his rocks off. If he didn't have such and amazing perfect black demon between his legs slapping his knees I would have written him off long ago. Now it's to the point where I do whatever I can for him to be inside me... Including having sex with his new gf.

    I hate him for him and her for being so tiny with amazing hips and tits.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 21

    My inheritance got me a nice house in a nice area. It also got me a real asshole next door, loud, pushy, crude, cruel sense of humor, a bigot. A childhood experience made me a bit funny about leather, the smell of it, all that. I bought an expensive leather hood on the Internet, cost about $300, and was trying it on for the first time, had it locked in place, and was learning about myself, privately, gradually. There was a small zipper neatly installed, across my mouth, and two tiny metal-ringed holes right over my nostrils. Those were the only openings. Anyway, this Richie character from next door walked in, not even knocking, with some complaint about an overhanging tree limb. In my panic to unlock myself, I knocked the keys onto the floor, and asshole got to them first! "Wow, who would have guessed! The kid's a real kink! Well, shit-for-brains it just so happens I've seen a lot of this stuff on the Internet, and guys like you just wanna be kept like that, and made into a servant, who has to obey, if he ever wants to see the light of day again! So let's start by closing that zipper! Now if you touch it, or try to open it, I'm gonna hurt you, so listen up, junior! From now on I am your Master and you are my slave! Now get over here and give me a real nice hand-job! Or I'll beat the shit out of you!" Helplessly I groped my way across the room, with just enough air to remain conscious, certainly none left for speech! Clumsily I let myself be "instructed" how to masturbate him to his complete and lengthy satisfaction, although the whole idea made me sick! Then he jerked open the zipper, and his cock was suddenly in my mouth, and the threats got even more lurid. I had never felt so utterly helpless before! Somehow I managed not to throw up, when he hit the back of my throat with an endless flood of come. He laughed with cruel delight, and said this was the start of a real good friendship, as long as I did what I was told. If I didn't I wouldn't get any food, and he'd pull my balls off! It was dark by them, and he led me stumbling, to his place, and shoved me into the tiny hall closet, about three feet square, and locked the door. Don't you go nowhere! he sn****red, and I heard the TV go on in the family room. Some damn football game, followed by wrestling or something. I slumped down, knees drawn up, just enough room for that, and waited, still in a state of shock. I risked opening the zipper, as I was sure I could get it closed again before he unlocked the door. Finally he came back and I hastily zipped up before the door opened. He pulled out of the closet, on cramped limbs, and yanked off my sweat pants, leaving me naked from the waist down. "Not bad!" was all he said, and his chubby fingers closed around my balls and tanked painfully on them. Squeezed them wickedly, twisted and mauled them, laughing nastily all the time, as muffled "Mmmmmmmfffff's" were forced out of me under the heavy stifling leather. He assured me he wasn't no queer, but I had a nice body, and it really turned him on, having absolute power, total control over me. "Think you'll just stay here full-time, and I'll rent out your house, make about a grand a month that way." he sn****red. "Cash!" His fingers had begun to caress now, instead of hurt, and that soon became even more unbearable, until I had to stop him, and all hell broke loose. A roundhouse slap on the head, brought stars, even through the heavy leather, and I knew there would be worse if I resisted him again, so I just stood there and submitted to my fate. I quickly became fully aroused, to my shame and humiliation. and his great amusement. "Horny little shit!" he jeered. "You just love all this doncha?" To my disgust, I realized suddenly it was true! I was beginning to like my helpless state, and wonder if he'd up the ante, maybe make it worse! I think I would have confessed that, if I'd been able to speak! By now I was almost dancing with frustration and excitement, my breath whistling through the small holes. "Y'know, I got a client, good client, good friend,who'd just love to have the use of you, just like this! Shit, he's at least sixty, but rich as all get-out, and him and me, we got a deal going right now.... I bet that would clinch it! He told me once when we were drinking how he'd like to have a young guy for a slave! Yup, he's queer as a three dollar bill, but who cares, if he signs the deal! You get back in that closet, while I go call him!" So it was that I became the 'property' of a rich Arab émigré, even more heartless than Richie, and was introduced to the blue Afghan full-coverage Burqa, which mercilessly hid whatever device tormented me underneath. And of course, nobody wanted to interfere with his "Customs" since he was so rich. That was a year ago, and I follow him around like a good little Arab wife, utterly hidden and completely anonymous. Just furniture. He scares me much more than Richie, because he would probably kill me, or seriously hurt me, if I didn't obey him unquestioningly. His other wives are every bit as bad as he is, and torture me mercilessly, threatening to tell him if I make any fuss or show any resistance. My indoor Burqa is made of heavy red latex, and they like to put a heavy strap round my waist, trapping my arms above it. My only contact with reality is an area of tiny holes right above my nose and mouth. Other than that I live in a dark red world, blind, and forbidden to speak. I share his bed, just like this, and have given up any hope of ever being free. Deep down at some strange and primitive level, I experience utter fulfillment, and look forward to the next 'adventure' in sex, and slavery.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 44

    I think my younger wife married me because I let her boss me around uncomplainingly, and because I was quite well-off. She let it be known that she would unwillingly participate in my bondage games, occasionally, and that it would cost me something nice, each time. It's been a year now, and we have settled into a so-so relationship Until today. In her delicious German accent, Heidi said "You slip into somesing less comftable, nein?" I hastened to obey, not having many opportunities like this! "I vant you in Shtrait-jecket! You crazy person anyway!" So I fetched the heavy latex strait-jacket, with the built-in hood, with goggles like a gasmask, and helped her put me in it. She buckled it up tightly, and studied me carefully, as I peered out at her through the one-way glass of the goggles. I could see her, but I was totally anonymous the other way. Once satisfied, she picked up the phone and dialed. "You come now!" was all she said. Fighting the built-in gag, I tried to query her. Instead she began to play with me, quickly bringing me massively erect with her clever fingers. Then the front doorbell rang, and she clicked off in her five inch heels. What the hell? Just when things were getting good! Voices, and then she and the visitor stood in the doorway, taking in my plight, her with long-suffering disapproval, the other person with a satisfied grin on his sly features. Stan from next-door! Fuck! What was going on? "Hey, asshole, how ya doin?" he asked, insincerely. "Greta here she told me what problems youm guys were having, an' I jes' wannit to help, y'know? You made the little lady very unhappy, you selfish bastard, so now it's payback, an' payback's a bitch! Ain't that right, honey? So howd'ya wanna do this? " "I don't care, liebchen. I leave up to you! Okay? Just don' KILL him! Nichtwar?" She stood right in front of me, trying to see my eyes, then shrugged and said "I vant him humiliated! Maybe you fuck him up the ass? Maybe you milk him, not let him come? I vant to see him broken! you decide Stanley!" Stan eyed me like a predator eyeing the next meal, then said "You wanna watch, or not?" She shrugged then said "Just get it done. Wherever, however, whatever! No mercy! Make him a whimpering physical and mental wreck! Just don KILL him! Okay?" Stan laughed nastily. "Ill make the sumbitch wish he was dead!" He grabbed me by the balls, and tugged and twisted, and I groaned in muffled agony, utterly helpless. Then he used me for a punch-bag, which didn't hurt much, but was as humiliating as hell! And Greta was grinning away happily,taking it all in. To my shock and shame, I felt myself becoming erect, so fast that I realised she'd slipped Viagra into my drink. Maybe more than one! Stan sn****red and said "Hey hon, your ol'man'n me - we going to be GOOD friends!" They laughed together, mean delight in their voices. I had no idea she come to hate me this much! Watch for part 2!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 52

    To say I hate my neighbor is an understatement. More accurately I hate my neighbors. Across the street is an undeveloped parcel of woods. To my left is a cemetery. To my right is my asshole neighbors and behind me is more undeveloped woods. I moved to this spot because it was isolated and quiet. You can't have nicer neighbors than the ones buried in a cemetery. But then a couple of years after I moved in the land to my right was sold to a developer who built a McMansion there and sold it to the first yuppie couple who threw a million dollars at them.

    So why do I hate these assholes? Because I wanted peace and quiet and they are as noisy as they come. When they aren't running power tools or the lawn mowers or some other noise maker they are running their ghetto blasters at fifty thousand decibels. I'm not exaggerating. All my windows facing their side have shattered and I have had to wall them all up. Sound proofing my rooms has done nothing to keep the sound down. Even with ear plugs and sound dampening head phones I still get head aches from the loud noises.

    Calling the police has done nothing. They have made friends with the cops who treat me like a crack pot. So I had to get rid of them. My first thought involved committing a series of felonies. I decided against that as I cold not figure out how to do that without leaving evidence behind. But then I saw a show on TV about new sonic weapons. I searched the internet and found a few possible candidates for what I wanted. I narrowed it down to two possibilities. One was far too big and way too expensive. the other was small and inexpensive but would not have either the range nor intensity that I was seeking. So I purchased a dozen of the smaller ones and set them strategically at the property line and aimed them at their house at windows, two to a room. I wired them to my outside line and then went in the house and put in earplugs and on the sound dampening head phones and turned on the switch. They had been so busy with their party and loud ghetto music they didn't notice me at the property line installing the sonic weapons. It didn't take long. First their guests started to trickle out of the house, some staggered and some vomited and some did both. Then my neighbors themselves staggered out. So I shut off the device and waited. Sure enough they came back with the police who looked around, shrugged their shoulders and left. They hadn't even bothered to look in my direction. I know, I was monitoring them with binoculars. The moment the cops were gone I turned the devices back on. Sure enough my neighbors staggered out of their house again. The wife was holding her head screaming. I didn't shut if off until they were in their car driving away.

    I camped out in the living room which faced their property. I kept my lights off. They brought the cops back again who just walked around the house and their yard but didn't look my way the whole time. As soon as they were gone again I turned the device back on.

    Over the next couple of weeks they came back with various official looking experts. Some times with people who looked like technicians holding various devices walking all around. One looked like a state trooper. I think one was a medium, they were dressed in a kind of goth dress and again nobody even looked in my direction the whole time. Every time the expert or cop or whatever left, I turned the devices back on.

    I was elated the day I saw the "for sale" sign go up. I kept the device off every time a real estate agent brought potential buyers over. Meanwhile the couple moved out. The night they moved out I pulled my devices out of their hidden spots and packed the gear up and stored it in the attic.

    Happily the new family that moved in is very quiet. It's a nice couple in their thirties with two little girls. One girl sits in the back yard for hours at a time gardening and the other is a reader. Best of all the only music I hear from any of them is classical and they keep it down fairly soft. I've actually been tempted to go over and ask them to turn it up a little since it is so pleasant. We've since become pretty good friends and I hope they never move out.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 34

    It's easy really. I have lived next door to this real bastard of a man for almost 10 years. He is rude, talks to everyone like crap and always demands everyone else to do stuff.

    Anyway, while he is a pig, he has 3 daughters that are so nice and naive. They are all super sexy and i love watching them.

    The first is Sarah, she is 17, tall, long legs, super tight ass and perfect tummy. She has long dark sandy hair and green eyes. Gorgeous!! The second is Mandy, she's 15, still tall for her age and also just a sexy. She has really short blonde hair and nicely filling out boobs. The third is Ashley, she has just turned 14, but she is the sexiest of them all. She has a perfect body all round, tight ass, beautiful face, bright blue eyes and long golden blonde hair down her back.

    Anyway, about 4 months ago i managed to get Mandy into my house to look at some of my photos. She wasn't meant too, but she saw the photo's i had taken of her and her sister's. She was shocked, but i explained how amazing and beautiful they all are and how much i love gorgeous girls. After a few days i got her. I spent a week fucking her over and over, 3 or 4 times a day when her dad wasn't paying attention. I never used protection and she never asked.

    After about a week of this Ashley came to see me about the photo's. Many must have told her. I repeated the lines and she clearly knew i had been fucking Mandy. I know, but who would've said no. I fucked her on my dinning table right then. I spent the next almost 3 weeks swapping back and forth, but fucked them both more times than i can count.

    Lastly, Sarah came to me and asked about why i was fucking her sister's. I was blown away to find out she also knew. I thought i was going to be so busted. She questioned me and asked if i realised that Mandy had missed her period. I didn't, but i was so excited that i told Sarah that i wanted Mandy to have my baby. Sarah asked if i wanted the same for Ashley and i got so excited when i told her yes.

    Sarah asked if i though she was also beautiful. I fucked her 4 time that evening before she went home.

    It's been 4 months since i fucked Mandy and Ashley and 3 months or so since i fucked Sarah the first times. Mandy and Ashley both have small bumps just tarting to show and Sarah has confirmed she is also pregnant. I am still fucking all 3 of them at least a couple of times each a week. Since we cannot hide it much longer from their stupid father i have suggested they keep it secret who it is and tell him boys from school. Once they all have my babies i will see what happens.

    Not a great plan, but i love knowing i have knocked up the 3 daughters of such a bastard father. I hope he never works it out.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 42

    This is the best category for this because I truly hate my neighbor but it could also go in the category of revenge.

    My neighbor is an asshole. He borrows thing without permission and keeps them pretending they were his all along. He put a 7 foot fence along our shared property line but he built it 20 feet over the line on my side then insisted that was where the property line was forcing me to hire surveyors who put in concrete markers which he illegally dug up and moved over to where the fence was. He cut down several trees on my property that were not even hanging over his land simply because they blocked the sun from reaching the vegetable garden that he put in years after I moved in. He takes his dogs over to my back yard to shit. He plays loud music and does loud construction projects between midnight and 5 am almost every morning. He helps himself to my strawberries and other produce I grow in my garden as well as roses from my rose garden which he gives to his wife and girlfriend.

    I just got fed up with all his bull shit. I had taken him to court and won but he ignores court orders and his lawyers always find a loop hole and make it look like I am being unreasonable.

    He also beats his wife and girl friend and kids and he does things to his little daughters that I am to sickened to talk about. He is evil incarnate.

    So he goes on a three week business trip to Europe and takes his girlfriend with him. I found his wife in the back yard crying. My own wife has long since lost interest in the sexual side of our marriage and took on a lover years ago. Ours is a marriage of convenience. We have separate bedrooms but besides that we get along surprisingly well. It is sort of like we are siblings who are best friends and room mates who just happened to have had kids along the way. It was her suggestion that I go next door and flirt with my neighbor's wife.

    I walked up to my neighbor's wife and tried to cheer her up. I put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her but she flinched. that is when I noticed the bruises. I backed off physically but sat down next to her offered her my empathy. After a while she warmed up to me and then just told me everything how she gets beaten regularly, how he beats their kids but does it in a way that does not leave marks. She told me all about the affair with his assistant and how he sneaks into the girl's bedroom at night and what he does to them. She is terrified of him because of his threats. He controls the money and everything.

    I work for a law firm. I'm actually the law librarian. I have a degree in library sciences with a minor in legal studies. I work for a law firm which has over twenty partners and a hundred associates all lawyers. I took her to my law firm and introduced her to a couple of my friends there who owed me a few big favors. As I said, I am law librarian and not a lawyer, I let the lawyers take care of the law stuff. I just look things up for them and help them find the right books, cases, decisions etc. My lawyer friends took good care of her. By the time they got done, they found where he had hidden his assets, transferred everything including the house into her name without any tax liability. They arranged for her to have sole custody of the girls and upon his return there was a warrant for his and his girlfriend's arrest for more than 45 felonies between them. He had no assets so he could not bail himself out and could not hire a good lawyer. He was convicted and is serving multiple life sentences. When he gets out there are warrants for felonies with no statutes of limitations in two other states waiting for him. Of course he will be a few hundred years old when he gets out. Meanwhile, I have moved in next door with my neighbor and we will be getting married soon. My wife was delighted that I found love and we will be getting a no contest divorce each leaving the marriage with what we brought into it. she will be getting married to her boyfriend after that and we will each be attending the other's wedding.

    I suppose I don't hate my neighbor any more. I heard he got beat up pretty bad a couple of times but honestly don't think about him much any more. I'm too busy making love to his ex.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 33

    My neighbor is a real life loser. His wife is so fucking hot and horny, but he hardly ever fucks her. She's eight years younger than him, he's forty five.

    The reason I know he hardly ever fucks her, is I've been banging her now for nearly a year. She texts me when she knows he's going to be on a extended shift. And if my wife is out shopping (she's always out shopping) I skip over the back fence and into their home.

    She's always horny and up for anything I suggest and she nearly always wants anal sex. He wont fuck her ass, if they ever do have sex. So I get the pleasure of a tight rear hole every time we get time to fuck.

    I swear I've even thought of getting my wife and him together, as they're both boring useless c**ts in bed. Then I could move in with my neighborly lover and we could fuck whenever we wanted.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 31

    I'm married, we still have sex when he's home and I'm fairly sexually adventurous in and out of bed too.
    The one sexual fantasy I've always had and kept to myself, was to be found masturbating by a stranger who has a massive cock. Without being asked he'd take me and fuck me over and over again, in my mouth, pussy and asshole. Making me beg for him to stop, but secretly loving the fucking he's giving me. It's a fantasy I'd often masturbate to using one of my various sex toys.

    We have a neighbor who we both disliked. He's older than us by twelve years and he lives alone. The reason I didn't like him is, he'd always seemed creepy, always looking at me in a sexual way, like he was undressing me in his mind and he'd never ever said a word to either of us in the four years we'd lived in the house.

    With my husband working away (again) over a three week period this time last year, I began to get horny using my toys to satisfy my urges, but I was always left still feeling in a dirty mood. Clearing up the back yard after a stormy night, I was putting some things away in the shed we have. I noticed a large handle which used to be on a pair of tree pruners. It had broken off the year before and my husband had obviously just dropped it in the shed. Looking at it, it looked like a large curved dildo and that got my juices flowing.

    Touching myself as I slid my right hand into my sweat pants, I found I was already wet, but looking closely at the handle I didn't want to touch my pussy with it. Dropping my sweat pants and panties, then using my hand, I smeared some of my pussy juices onto my asshole, picked up the handle and bent over slightly. Seconds later the handle was easing its way up my ass and it felt awsome. I'd been fucking myself for about a minute with an orgasm building in me when I noticed the shed door had opened fully. Stood in his yard was our neighbor and he had his cock out stroking it as he stared at me. Even from where I was I could see his cock was enormous.

    Just like my fantasies, I didn't ask him or in fact in any way encourage him to hop over the small fence. He'd put his cock back into his shorts as he walked over to me (brave wearing shorts as it was freezing). I still don't know why but I didn't move and I still had the handle poking out of my asshole. He walked straight upto me, removed the handle and lowered his shorts. Being a lot closer, the closest I'd ever been to the man, I saw just how big the guy was. He was/is easilly three or four inches longer than my husbands seven inches and his cock is so fucking thick. Not speaking a word he put the head of his cock to my rear and pushed in.

    I'm used to being anally fucked, but my neighbors cock stretched my asshole so wide, it hurt for the first time in years. The pain though was a nice pain, a pain I knew would turn into pleasure and I wasn't wrong. Within a minute of his cock entering my asshole, I was bucking back onto him as he began to thrust harder and deeper into my body. His cock was/is so fucking amazing, it actually felt as if it was in my bowels and that feeling sent me over the sexual edge. As I came in such an all body orgasm, I was shaking like a leaf as my whole body reeled from the orgasm. I was about to tell his to cum in me, when he strained hard and powered his cock so deep inside me, his hot cum filled my stomach. Even at that moment he didn't speak, not a word as he collasped onto my back and began to squeeze my breasts from behind through my hooded sweat top.

    I moved forwards and his cock slowly slid out of my asshole. The sex had been spontaneous and we were left in a awkward situation. I felt he should say something, but there was only a breathless silence between us, so I spoke asking him what his christain name was. Still no answer which made me slightly angry. Turning round as I pulled up my panties and sweat pants, I looked at my neighbor properly for the first time. He was older than us, but in a rugged subtle way, he was/is a handsome man. Once again I asked him his name and it was then I found out why he appeared so different, so creepy and aloof. He was/is a deaf man. Signing to me, he smiled, stepped into me and we kissed.

    My strange, creepy and deaf neighbor lead me to his home. It was/is furnished beautifully and the stairway upto his bedroom is orantely and amazingly decorated. His bedroom which is just as wonderfully set, has become a sexual sanctuary for me, as I now spend many hours fucking and being fucked by my silent lover in there. As I did all afternoon and evening that day. We spent hours learning what each other liked, and I found out his tongue although being a silent one, certainly knows how to bring me to multiple orgasms. I still love my husband in my own way, and a year on we still have sex together. But it's when I'm with my silent passionate lover, I'm truely sexually alive.
    It's funny I disliked my neighbor a year ago, now I cannot get enough of his huge cock fucking my mouth, pussy and especially my asshole.

    K x

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