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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    To cut a long story short, I am being blackmailed by my next-door neighbor, who installed a small camera in the flimsy wall between his apartment and mine, and has recorded all my inventive self-bondage techniques desperation has driven me to! I'm a youthful 35, fit and healthy, with an appetite for hand-jobs verging on addiction! I'm also into pretty kinky stuff, with latex, and total enclosure/sensory deprivation, which involves a pretty complex safety regimen. Anyway, this guy, a retired corrections officer, in his sixties, borrowed the landlord's pass-key and copied it, and can let himself into my apartment any time, apparently, to make videos of me struggling in my weird stuff. I enjoy getting into a really slim-fitting 'mummy' sleeping bag, and tying the draw-cords tight enough that the built-in hood scrunches down tight on my head, leaving me only an opening about an inch wide, over my mouth. Then I masturbate lengthily, on and off, all night! Anyway, one Friday evening, with no date again, I settled down to this consoling activity, and didn't know he was there, watching, until I went to release myself, and couldn't untie the draw-cords! I struggled a bit, then rested, and that was when he revealed himself, by straddling me, and kneeling until his dick thrust into my mouth, and stayed there endlessly, as he threatened all kinds of nastiness if I didn't straight hetero as I am, I was utterly revolted, but unable to do anything about it, except maybe bite it, which didn't seem like a good idea, as helpless as I was! Gagged with his rock-hard erection, I cooperated reluctantly, and hours passed. I swallowed a lot of come that night, and managed not to throw up, and I was humiliated to find myself erect and desperate for some stimulation, but unable to reach myself, with the strap or belt or whatever he had secured round my waist. Finally, he withdrew, and got off me, and I gasped myself into stability, with enough air to speak, and protested vigorously. "Why are you doing this?" i whined, and he chuckled and said "because I can! Because I want to! Because you can't stop me! You get my drift?" I croaked "You can't just KEEP me like this!" and he said "Oh really? Why not? What's to stop me?"I didn't know what to say, and he sighed and said patiently "I OWN your perverted little ass, young man! I can make you a You-tube star, complete with address, S/S number, the works! Shit, I could rent you out to any serious face-fucker or blow-job hound, for good cash money! You're between jobs, you're an orphan, and there's NOBODY cares whether you live or die, or just disappear! You dig?" Now I realized the seriousness of my situation. He snipped a small hole in the bag, and my eight-inch erection burst out into the open. "Mmmmm! Very nice!" he chuckled. and began to masturbate me, slowly, intensely, ceaselessly, until I was gasping and groaning, desperate to come, but being carefully denied, just at the exact second I was about to explode! "Want me to stop?" He hesitated his fingering, and I groaned "Yes! NO! I don't KNOW!" which made him laugh. "You LOVE it and you know it! You want it to go on forever! Don't you?" I moaned indistinctly and he released me and said "Say it!" "Yes!" "Yes. what?" "I want it to go on for ever!" What was I saying! I hated this! But my body was making a liar of me, and we both knew it. "Just imagine, hour after endless hour of this, and all you have to do is suck cock! Mine, someone else's, what's it matter? Sounds pretty good now, doesn't it?" "Fuck it! Yessss!!!" I wailed, humiliated by the admission, but deep down knowing I had never ever experienced anything like this before, and determined to get as much of it as humanly possible, no matter the cost!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 22

    I'd just like to say a huge thank you to my neighbour Colin who beat me up a month or so ago. It was a good beating you gave me, and I did have to visit the hospital. It wasn't my fault your wife fancies me, nor was it my fault you were born with a small dick and I was born with a rather large one. The fact you're forty three and Wendy your wife is only thirty one, is not my fault either. You can't keep a hard on from all accounts, which I guess is the reason you tend to pleasure your wife orally most of the time. However I can and do keep a hard on for a very long time. As Wendy has found out over the past ten days. When I finally returned to my flat, your gorgeous wife called by when you were at work. She apologised to me, calling you a muscle bound knobhead. Then proceeded to go down on me after taking off every scrap of her clothing. She really is a very good looking woman with an awesome figure. But what's best about your wife Wendy, is just how fucking dirty she is in bed with me. Talk about not getting enough cock from you, she absolutely devours my cock and can't get enough of it fucking her mouth pussy and ever so tight arsehole.
    Wendy told me last week when she'd not long taken two loads of cum up her pussy and arsehole (You were at the gym again) you were horny from your gym work. And that you insisted on going down on her. Remember telling her that she tasted different. Well my muscle bound tough neigbour, that was my cum you were licking and sucking up into your mouth, as Wendy didn't have time to shower or bathe.
    Last weekend when you got in from your rugby game, you said the bed was a mess and it smelled of sex in the bedroom. Well Wendy lied to you when she said she was horny and masturbated. She was horny, but only because from the minute you left, to five minutes before you got home, I was fucking your wife's holes and making her orgasm like you never could, or can. And that noise you thought you heard, wasn't the back door banging in the wind, it was me sneaking out of your home. By the way, was your pillow a little damp on the left hand side, as some of my cum dripped from Wendy's arsehole.
    Wendy and I are going to be fucking again this weekend, when you travel down staying over to watch the boxing you're so fond of. As you watch those men beat the crap out of each other, I'll be beating your wife's pussy and arsehole with my long hard cock. And I might just sleep on your side of the bed.
    Hope you enjoy the boxing because I'm going to be enjoying your wife. So thank you once again Colin for being such a fucking loser.
    Oh Yeh, I could have put this in the revenge section, but myself and Wendy are going to carry on having sex. So it's not exactly revenge, as it is continued joy. Cheers Colin....................................................

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 30

    My neighbor is a complete asshole, he is so mean to his wife. he screams at her and shoves her around. the cops have been out to their house a few times. but his wife is super hot, she is a cute little blonde great tits and ass an amazing body and she is really a sweet person but her husband is a complete dick. the only good thing is he goes out of town for business a lot. so she hangs out with me a lot when he is out of town cause im nice to her and cook for her when she is alone. one night she came to my house after her husband had hit her and left out of town for work. she was crying and clung to me telling me about the confrontation she had with him. I told her he was a complete asshole and she deserved so much better than him. she said she wished she was with someone like me. that i was so nice to her and she didn't feel like she deserve my kindness. i told her she deserved more than i have given her. all of a sudden she kisses me and takes me off guard. i asked what she was doing? she was married, she said she was tired of all the shit her husband gives her and loves how nice i am so she wanted to show her appreciation. so i thought fuck it and kissed her back, she was a great kisser. we made out for about 20 minutes, and then i felt her hand move down my chest and on to my dick. she started rubbing my dick while we made out and i started to get hard. she then got on her knees and started to unbuckle my pants and pull them down. my dick popped out as she pulled my pants down she grabbed it and said it was bigger than her asshole husband's dick. im only about 7.5" long but pretty girthy. she then starts sucking my dick and it feels so good, im thinking how can someone be such an asshole with such an amazing person as her and someone who sucks dick as good as her. she kept sucking me until i was about ready to cum and she took my whole load in her mouth. a little spilled out but she swallowed most of it and scooped the rest in her mouth.

    I then told her it was her turn and to start stripping, once she got completely naked i noticed she was completely shaven, she could see the puzzled look on my face and said she was hoping this would happen tonight. i went between her legs and started eating her out and she tasted great, she definitely kept herself clean. i brought her to orgasm about 3 times in 30 minutes and she told me that is more than her husband gave her in their entire marriage. we caught out breath for a few minutes and she said she wanted me to fuck her, but she also wanted to video it in case her husband did anything again she would show this to him, which was pretty much guaranteed to happen. i set up my camera positioned it towards the bed and laid down on it. she then climbed on the bed so you can see all of her and just my body and dick, we left my face out of it. she then climbed on top of me and positioned my dick to enter her and slid down on me. she was slowly moaning as she started to ride me. as she rode faster her moans got louder. she then started to scream "oh yeah fuck me, i love this dick better than my husbands, you are so much bigger than him, cum inside my pussy" which i later found out he only has like a 5.5 inch dick when hard and it is kinda thin as she says. she kept ridding me and ridding me till i couldn't take it any longer and said i was gonna cum, she yell cum in me i want you to get me pregnant, all of which you could hear on the video. so i came hard inside of her and it was amazing, probably the best orgasm i had ever had. when i came i could feel her pussy clenching down on me as she was having an orgasm too.

    after all that and her husband came home. she found out he had been cheating on her on his business trips and he slapped her when she confronted him about it. he left the house and we set up the video on their tv and she came to stay with me while she filed for divorce. he was pissed when he saw the video and came to my house to confront her and tried to attack her for fucking another guy so i decked him in the face and told him to get the fuck off my property. 3 months latter the divorce went through, she got the house but she still lives with me, we decided to date and it has been great. like i said she is an amazing woman that deserved to be treated right and that is what i did. this great sex is just an added bonus.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 34

    I have a next door neighbor who I do talk to but she always seems to be grumpy. She is divorced and I would guess she is in her late 50's. When I hear her talking to her friends that occasionally come over she seems to always be putting people down and just doesn't seem to be a pleasant person to be around. This past weekend I was out in my back yard laying around getting some sun. I thought she was out but was surprised when she saw me and began to talk to me over the fence. It was the first time I had seen her not so grumpy and actually had a smile on her face. She was talking to me like a normal person and then took it upon herself to invite herself into my yard. I was laying on a towel in a thong with my backside exposed to her. We were talking for about 20 minutes when she suggested I rollover so I don't burn my backside. Even though I wasn't nude I was trying to prevent her seeing my front side but with already tanning my backside for almost an hour now, and feeling a bit of burn, and with her being friendlier to me than she ever had I decided to rollover. My thong covered my cock but the material was very form fitting leaving little to the imagination. The first thing she mentioned after I rolled over was how revealing my thong was. She said my butt cheeks were exposed like thongs were designed to do but the front of my thong showed off my goods as much as it could without actually being naked. She then asks me if I thought the thong really did anything to keep me covered. I told her it did cover my goods but she replied that with the way it was so form fitting on me it that she had no mystery about it. She apologized if that made me feel uncomfortable but went on to add that my cock in the thong was stretching the material so much that it looked like it was painted on. She asked if I thought the same and if there was little difference wearing it or being nude. I did agree it was more revealing than I thought. She then surprised me and caught me completely off guard by pulling my thong off me. There I was fully exposed to her not knowing what to do. She then begins to tell me she tans naked in her yard and not expecting it begins to undress. Now, there the 2 of us are naked. She then says she needs something to drink and leaves carrying her clothes and walks home naked. I am laying naked tanning with my eyes closed when I hear a clicking sound. I open my eyes to see her taking pictures of me with her phone. I told her to stop but she continued. I started to put on my thong but by that point she had taken quite a few pictures of me and I told her I wanted them deleted. She replied that if I didn't want to be photographed naked that I shouldn't be naked outside like I was. I told her she undressed me but she replied that I had the opportunity to get dressed and seemed I didn't mind being naked. I told her I didn't want pictures taken of me and wanted them deleted. She called me an asshole and left and as she was leaving told me the pictures were hers to keep. She then tells me I better be nice to her or more than just her friends will see them. She begins laughing now as she begins telling me I could be an internet star.

    I go over to her house but she isn't answering her door. It was the next day when I see her and she tells me her friends enjoyed my pictures and then gives me a the name of a website if I wanted to check them out myself. I looked and there were the pictures of me naked. I contacted the website to remove them which they did but it took almost a week before they did. People had left comments on the pictures and there had been over a 1000 views. I threaten to sue my neighbor but when she had a lawyer contact me the lawyer told me I was outside naked and she did nothing but to photograph what I had inappropriately exposing in public and I could be charged fro indecent exposure. I contacted a lawyer myself and they told me since I was outside naked it could be difficult to win a case against her and it could be costly. They said even if I did win the case, if she was spiteful she could begin posting my pictures on other sites and it would be virtually impossible to control and track where and who was doing it. They said she could just claim someone else copied them from the one site and posted them to the others. My lawyer suggested I just give it up and make amends with her.

    I truly hate my neighbor now.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    Listening to my neighbour talking to someone on his mobile phone in his back garden, I overheard him telling whoever it was, he could no longer keep up with his wife's sexual demands. He went to say his wife wanted sex every day and sometimes twice a day, something he said he couldn't keep up with. He chatted some more for about a minute and then told the person on the other end of the call, he'd see them the next day.
    The following morning I saw him drive out of his drive about eight o'clock. At around half nine, I was in the back garden again, when I saw his wife Jenny come out and sit on their patio. Jenny's thirty two, extremely good looking and has a fantastic figure. We've always gotten on since she and her husband moved in next door around four years ago. So standing up and saying hello, she said hello back. Usually we'd chit chat about the weather or my college work or her part time modelling jobs, but instead after hearing what her husband had said I thought to myself, go for it.
    Asking her if she was busy, and hearing she had the day to herself, I told her I'd awoken horny as hell and needed to find a girl to have fun with. I said it in a cheeky way and thought she might pass it off. Instead Jenny told me she was always horny, but ***** couldn't keep her happy. Not thinking really, I told her if she was my girl, I'd always be fucking her. And I used that phrase too.
    Jenny stood up offered her hand out and said "How about now". I was over that three foot fence in no time and holding her hand. She lead us both into their kitchen and before I knew it, I had my neighbours mouth around my cock after she'd had me drop my shorts (I don't wear undies). I've got a girlfriend, but she's into prissy sex and it doesn't always have me satisfied. Jenny however isn't into prissy sex as I found out over the next half an hour.
    Once my dick was good and hard, she stood up removed her dress and knickers (She has smallish tits and doesn't wear a bra) Leaning onto the kitcheb table, she ordered me to lick out her pussy and arsehole from behind. Like a rat up a drain pipe I had my tongue deep both holes, going from one to the other and I could hear her moaning loudly as I sucked in her clitty occasionally. Gripping my hair, she yanked me up and said "Now fuck me". My seven inch dick was up her super wet pussy in no time. So within ten minutes of talking to her about being horny, I was balls deep up ***** wife's gorgeous pussy, as he was sat most probably in his office thinking about keeping his wife sexually happy.
    I'd been fucking her for few minutes when she told me to slip my cock up her arsehole. My girlfriend absolutely would not let me fuck her there, so feeling my cock slide up Jenny's tight rear hole was amazing. And watching it fuck her shit hole was so fucking horny, I nearly busted my nut her right away.
    Over and over I went from her arsehole to her pussy fucking her over their kitchen table. Then Jenny told me to follow her. Walking outside where we easily could have been seen, she had me sit on one of the patio chairs and then mounted my cock. Facing me she pushed my head down and towards her, forcing me to suck on her tits. Licking and sucking them a little, she pulled my head up hard and told me to suck on them hard. I did as she wanted and heard her moaning as she began to fuck me. Jenny bounced away on my cock for some time, then plunged down hard and cried out, orgasming all over my dick. Puling herself off me, she sank back down but had her arsehole envelope my cock. Grabbing my head, she kissed me hard and gyrated on my cock. Within a couple of minutes I came so strongly up her shit hole and shuddered as I finished off cumming.
    Moving off me, she dropped down took hold of my dick and began to lick an suck on it. In between sucking on my dick, she told me her husband hated her doing this as his cock was "Too sensitive". I couldn't have been more turned on, and as such I became hard within a few minutes. This time it was my turn to get her do as I wanted.
    They have a really large well manicured lawn. The amount of times I'd seen her sun bathing on it in her tiny bikini's and thought of fucking her there. So almost dragging her to the middle of their lawn, I got her to lay down and lay on top. Sliding my dick inside my neighbour right there in the middle of their lawn, I went for it and fucked Jenny as hard as I'd fucked any girl. She bucked under me and we fucked one another. When I came for the second time, Jenny came just seconds after my cum spurted up her love hole.
    Lay on the grass for a minute or two, she said we best get inside and dress. I then bizarrely had a half hour conversation in their kitchen about an affair she thought we should have. It's an affair we've now been having for the last year. Jenny is so fucking horny all the time, I'm not now surprised that her husband found it difficult to keep up with her. Yet because we live so close, we find it relatively easy to fuck whenever we got the chance. Which of late in the sunny weather has been every day. And sometimes with her husband now working away some days, we often fuck more than once in a day.
    I now know I'm not the only young guy she's fucking. As she took a call in the lounge after we'd just fucked in their shower. She was telling the guy she'd meet him at the hotel the following day, and for him not be late. When I asked her who it was, she told me it's a young colleague of hers who wants to learn about sex.
    Well Jenny's the woman to teach him. I'm not in any way jealous she's fucking another guy, as she's not my wife. What I do know is Jenny told me, her husband will be away all next week and she'd like me to sleep over a few nights. When I said I would, she added, she might ask her younger colleague to join us on one of the nights.
    I've never had a threesome before, but I'm more than happy to share a sexy woman like Jenny, and see just how she takes two cocks at once.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 24

    It was 8 years ago when i was 16. I used to wank alot, 3 or 4 times a day. Mostly to porn but on occasion to my next door neighbour, a woman who at the time was in her late 30s. She was beautiful, 5'7 tall, very pretty face, fit body with a big ass and big tits which id often dreamed about fucking.

    Anyone one day when i was home alone (which i often was as my parents worked alot and i was an only child) i was wanking while watching her sunbathe, she was on her phone and i didnt even realise but she had clearly noticed me and was recordin me jerking my meat while standing by the window. And midway through my wank she got up, walked out from her garden and moments later knocked on my door,

    This obviously startled me so i tried to tuck my throbbing cock into my underwear, i quickly got a shirt and shorts or then opened the door. She just stood there playing a video of me jacking off. I said nothing, she yelled at me to follow her. I grabbed my keys and without even putting shoes on followed her into her house. This was the first time id ever been into her house and i was terrified. Once in she told me she was going to tie my hands down.

    Obviously i said no but she threatened to show the video to my parents. So i let her tightly tie my hands down. I was sat on her sofa with her standing over me. She told me i was her bitch now, i hated and loved it when she said that. She told me to open my mouth, i did then she spat in it. I did as told and swallowed it.

    She then took all of my clothes off apart from my underwear, at this point i still had a semi, which she noticed. She slapped me and said being a perv is wrong. She then slowly started to take her clothes off but ordered me not to get hard or else. She gave me a strip tease
    , first removint her black silk dress, revealing her matching white panties and bra. This got me so horny but i tried to not get an erection. She then started to rub my chect with her hands. I loved it, she clearly notice this and scratches my chest, this hurt alot and i let out a yelp. She then removed her bra letting out her amazing tits, she then pushed them
    against my face, i licked them then she slapped me again, this time harder, her ring cut my face and blood started to trickle out my cheek, she watched me for a moment bleed then licked my cheek, she literally drank my blood like a vampire. Then she started to give me a lap dance to get me hard but after only a few moments my 7inch throbbing dick was poking her ass.

    She then laughed and slapped me again, not cutting me this time. She then removed my underwear and grabbed my dick in her hands, she lightly slapped my balls a few times, this hurt and felt good at the same time.

    She started to tease my cock, slowly stroking it. Then she began kissing my face, licking more blood of my cheek and then kissing me with blood on her lips, she stuck her tongue into my mouth and i did the same, and while still kissing me passionately slapped the back of my head. While kissing me she stopeed jerking me off and Removed her underwear, i couldnt see her pussy because her pretty face was blocking the view. She then pushed her fingers into my mouth and i licked then,then out of nowhere she shoved a finger into my asshole, i didnt like this i stopped kissing her and begged her to stop. She slapped me again and stuck another finger in. Over 5 mins or so it felt really good and as soon as i started moanjng she stopped. Then she just layed me down and sat on my face and told me to eat her out. I did.

    Then she started sucking my dick and eventually i cummed in her mouth. She didnt swallow and instead spat it into my mouth and made me swallow.
    She then hit me several times in the face for cumming in her mouth as it was disrespectful and then untied me and made me go home without my clothes on.

    The next day i went back for my clothes and she said everyday that i go to her house and be her bitch i get an item of Clothing. So over the next week i got sucked off several times, so my anus lubed up a few times after which she would either finger me, fuck me with a dildo or lick my ass out. I ate her out several times,
    Swallowing lots of her spit and her squirt juice. I rimmed her out, and luckily got to fuck her mouth pussy and ass several times. Once i had my clothes back i carries on going to her house to be her bitch for many more months. Best summer of my life.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 41

    You fucking slut! 6 years you live on the block, and you can't keep a man more than a few weeks. 3 kids by 3 different men and you play the poor little girl act so well.

    I should have known better than throw you a pity fuck. I should have left your drunk ass at the bar, but I feel sorry for my " neighbor" and offer you a ride home. That's where I fucked up! Instead of fucking you raw and having you begging for more in my truck, I could of left you there to find some other dumb fuck.

    Just like your slut daughter ( who comes home from school as soon as you leave for work ) you can't leave well enough alone. You really think you're going to blackmail me to my wife? Like anyone will believe I fucked you !

    You really think I'm going to give you money or leave my wife for your sorry ass? Lucky I had a rubber, because who knows what infestation you have! Oh, by the way, your daughter gives better head! Yeah, that's right, your precious daughter has sucked me off a few times. And I don't mind telling you, she never turns her head or refuses to swallow!

    So look elsewhere for your next mark, I ain't payin for playin!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    Two days ago I watched our neighbours wife masturbating when I went round to deliver the ladders they'd loaned my dad. She saw me watching her fingering herself, but carried on. And looking directly at me, she took herself to what looked like a really strong orgasm. Finished, but still naked she walked up to the patio doors where I was stood, opened them and thanked for the ladders. Before she closed the door, she said something like "Hubby's away Saturday afternoon, until Monday night. If you'd like to replace my fingers with your cock". Bending over and spreading her arse cheeks, she smiled back at me and walked away.
    Her husband is one hell of a large man. He's also got a reputation for tearing guys apart. Yet looking at his stunning wife masturbate, and getting an invite to fuck her, I'm now wondering if I should visit her and fuck her for all I'm worth. Believe me guys like me, even though I've got a reasonably large cock, don't get to fuck women like her very often.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 33

    I grew up in the mean streets of a large city, worked my ass off to get through college then found a mundane, shitty job but it pays for my near-shanty house in the burbs and my simple diet. A year or so after I moved into the house, a new neighbor bought the house next door. The guy is rugged, arrogant, tough-looking and muscular, well over six feet tall, so he intimidates most of the other neighbors. Not me. I'm not a magic Jack but I fight like a dirty prick and often start by kicking the guys's jewels. I knew I could beat him silly in minutes, muscular as he is. The guy borrows stuff and never returns it so one has to go to him, begging for tools an what not to be returned and as I hear it. He just laughs at some fellows, who then whimper and do a slow dance to the rear, empty handed. He has always returned mine, grudgingly, but I had to go to his house to ask for it.

    Usually, the guy is down at the bar making noise and drinking beer. His mousy wife, a woman with a chest as flat as a billiard table and a pale face, stringy hair, is always home and hands me my stuff. Last time it was my push lawn mower. The little thing rolled my lawn mower out of their garage, apologizing. I said, "Not to worry." She brought out a tiny rag and was dusting off my lawn mower, bent over a bit when I saw her little round ass. Without a thought and don't ask me why and how, I put my hand on her ass. I did not even have sex in mind since she is most definitely NOT "sexy." I mean, is a wet mop sexy?

    It was like turning on a master power switch. She was all over me, kissing me, sucking on my neck and I shocked myself by responding. Soon, we dragged our miserable bodies into the garage and were fucking like mad. Her pussy became soaked and as I drove in, air bubbled up from it and I heard vagina farts or whatever it is. This got my cock even harder and bigger, Spinning her around I started doggie on her and she cried out, Yes, yes, give it to me, harder, faster."

    Soon, she and I were fucking every day, sometimes two or three times a day. She was insatiable and I loved it since I was not even dating, just busy with my miserable job. She was a skinny, plain Jane but MY GOD could she fuck. On Saturdays, minutes after I hear his car door slam and his rubber burning their driveways she is at my back door, mouth open, like a baby bird, ready to swap spit with me. At this juncture I have cum hundreds of times in every hole she has and then some. She often pushes me onto my bed then hops on and rides me, sliding her hips forward and backward like a giant brush. My cock senses her vaginal wall ribs and grows ever hotter. She always shows up with just a skirt and no underwear, ready for action.

    Not long ago, her arrogant husband came home, called out her name, then went in the garage and came out with an outfielder's glove, threw it in his car through the window and drove off. His wife and I watched him as I fucked her up the ass. She said, "Deep, go all the way, baby, and shoot it up into me," as we watched him. We sometimes watch porn and emulate what we like. She learned (and I experienced it for the first time) how to deep throat me. She does it just as well as porn-on-line girls. Our top count for fucking in one day has been five times and she made me cum all five times. For every one of mine she goes two or three times. We have unleashed some kind of monster from the abyss. Where we go from here, nobody knows.

    Looking at her, no one has a clue what a wild sex machine she is. I do. Don't ask me how and why. I was just looking to get my lawn mower back. I got it back, and then some.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    Wendy is my parents neighbours wife. Her husband Tony is one of my fathers fishing buddy's and it's just hit the fishing season here. My dad and Tony have already been out on a couple of overnighter's so far. And when they have, I've been straight round to Tony's house to fuck his dirty slut of a wife.
    Tony who's forty six, has hinted to my dad (I've heard them chatting), that his very good looking thirty four year old wife is becoming more and more frigid and for him, has never been really into sex. What I now know, ever since they got married, Wendy has been fucking younger men like me to get her sexual kicks, as Tony's cock is apparently so small.
    We first fucked when I was seventeen. Wendy asked me to call by when Tony was at work, and basically seduced me by striping in front of me, spreading her legs and asking me if I didn't mind fucking her. I was like a rat up a drain pipe that sunny morning and have been fucking the horny bitch ever since.
    We fuck that much these days, I've ditched my girlfriend and only ever screw Tony's slut of a wife. The reason I call her a slut is Wendy will do anything to reach her extremely strong orgasms and I genuinely mean anything. Sex toys, mouth fucking, pussy fucking and me screwing her tight arsehole. I use sex toys in her other holes when I'm fucking any of the others, and recently have begun to fist her pussy and arse. But my new favorite thing to do with her, is to fuck her outdoors and sometimes have other men watch us fuck. Only yesterday fucking her as she leaned against her car, a guy walked over and flopped his cock out. She took it into her mouth as I carried on banging her, then made sure he came all over her face before asking me to cum up her, something she never usually wants.
    Tony might think his wife is becoming less interested in sex, but I know the reason why. And it isn't because she doesn't enjoy cock, I can tell you.

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