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I Hate My Neighbor
Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you?

Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident, and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!
  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 35

    I'm a 36 yo housewife. I hate my neighbor "Julie" because she constantly brags about her husband having a huge cock to all of us. Maybe I'm just jealous because my hubby's is so small lol!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 51

    My next door neighbors have a 20 year old son that plays college basketball. He's black, about 6'3",and always cut lawns around our neighborhood as a teenager. I'd always thought he was a great kid. They're the only black family in our neighborhood. It's not a wealthy neighborhood but most of us earn in the $150-$250K range.
    I'm 51 yo white guy,my wife's a 41 filipina, and have been married for 15 years. We have two kids that are 12 & 10.
    I came home from work early last Friday.
    I walked in on "Derrick", the 20 yo, reclining on my couch making out with my wife "Julie" while her married blonde friend "Jenny",who lives three houses down, sucked his cock.
    He had a cock like an elephant trunk.
    My wife was completely naked and her friend only had on her panties.
    He saw me and just smiled. He knew I knew that he could kick my ass. He motioned towards the door with his head and I just walked out.
    I came back two hours later and my wife and her friend were cooking some food.
    They acted, and so did I, as if nothing interesting had happened that day.
    Later that evening the kid puled out in his car and smiled at me and waved as he drove by.
    I calculated there's at least 5 housewives on our street he's probably been fucking for several years now.
    I waved back like a doofus.
    I was afraid to confront him or my wife.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 24

    My neighbor is a very rude woman. Almost as soon as I moved in to the neighborhood, she was rude to me and has continued to be mean ever since. At least she is the only one on the block. Even her husband likes me. Of course that might also have a lot to do with how he and I first met face to face.

    I had just got out of my pool and since I have a privacy fence, I swim naked. I was drying myself off before going inside when a larger branch of one of the trees in my yard snapped off in the wind and crashed through my fence. He was outside as well, doing yard work and he looked up at me as I spun around to see the hole in my fence.

    He saw every inch of my body before I thought to cover up and he looked away embarrassed. He apologized a lot and I kept saying it was fine and I learned my lesson about being naked outside with or without a privacy fence.

    Well he helped me pick up the mess and I asked him if he would be willing to fix my fence for me. He agreed and said he would come over to talk about how much it would cost later. At this point his wife already hated me for no reason so why not annoy her even more.

    He came over later and we talked about the fence and he gave me a price. I noticed how he was constantly looking at my body the entire time so I took advantage of his sexual desire. I said that I couldn't afford that much and asked if I could do anything to pay him back. I stressed the word anything.

    He is not a dumb man and he understood what I was implying.

    I was not prepared for the next two hours of my life. All I can say is thank goodness his wife works the evening shift because if she had been home she probably would have heard my screams and moans as he screwed me and made me orgasm several times.

    A few days later he fixed the fence and I payed him some more. I was on my knees for him as soon as he had put the last fence board on.

    Idk if he just never gets sex with his wife or if he is just a bull all the time but he has given me the best sex of my life and continues to rock my world every night that his wife works.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    My neighbor is an asshole. Every morning he sets off his own car alarm at 5 am and absolutely won't shut it off for twenty minutes or until everyone in a five block radius is awake, which ever takes longer. I wish he'd drive that damned Cadillac off a pier.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 45

    My 70-year old neighbor lady is blackmailing me over a "statutory r**e" thing, I blundered into unknowingly, and got caught at. She loves that an old bat like her has an obedient compliant sex-slave aged twenty-one, who has to do what he's told, or face some pretty heavy consequences, I've always believed! She is a retired psych nurse from the state asylum, and a very nasty piece of work! Selfish, still horny as hell, merciless and demanding, she loves to buckle me up in a real strait-jacket she stole, and then sometimes wind several Ace bandages round my head, until I am in a state of total sensory deprivation, and my air supply is even rationed! Then the r**e begins, and goes on and on and on, then starts all over again, as she is insatiable to the point of clinical nymphomania! The sex is wonderful, I have to admit, but I have no control over ANYTHING! Not even when I'm allowed to come finally! She loves to inflict this fantasy of hers on me, when she threatens to take me into the locked up bowels of the old abandoned annex to the asylum, and confine me in a "rubber room" where nobody will ever find me, but her! She says the ghosts will take good care of me!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 25

    Well I really don't hate my neighbor, she just drives me fucking crazy! She lays out by her pool naked as Sin. Our homes are pretty close together and they are all two story homes, she has to know someone is looking at her.

    She has a gorgeous body and a bronze tan to accent every curve. She lays out on that chase lounge by her pool and those ample breasts just exposed for the taking. I stand in the back bedroom and peak out through the curtains and just stare at her for quite a while. I have this fantasy she will suddenly appear at my front door and tell me she knows I have been looking at her.

    We will go to my bedroom and our bodies will entwine and she will give me the orgasm I have been longing for. My husband has no idea I have these feelings.........

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 29

    I hate my neighbor Hector not just because I hate his name, not because he is a peeping tom, not because he and his wife are very nice to me since my boyfriend left me last year, not because he smokes a stinky cigar and not because he's old and ugly. The reason I hate him is because of the way I have become a shameless exhibitionist. His house is about fifty yards in back of mine and his reason for coming in my yard at night is to make sure I am safe since I now live alone. That what he tells me and his wife when we are together. My house is a two bedroom ranch house and my master bath and bedroom are on the north side where he always enters my yard and where there are 5 bushes close to the house. Last year when my boyfriend took off I suspected Hector was peeking in my windows but wasn't sure until around this time last July when I saw him walking back to his house. The way the bushes line up on the side I was never worried about anyone being able to see into my bathroom or bedroom. A few days later when outside I saw a cigar butt almost directly under my bathroom window and thats when I was convince Hector was peeping in at me. I wasn't sure how long he had been doing it and began to wonder if he did when my boyfriend was still here. To my astonishment it did anger me to an extent but I also had mixed feeling about him seeing me naked or taking a shower. The thought of embarrassment was present but also a feeling I can't really explain except it was kind of stimulating trying to picture Hector seeing me naked and wondering how much it aroused him or if he masturbated watching me. I've been living here 3 years and Hector and his whole family have been friends and good neighbors. I know his grown children well, go shopping with his wife and have had them for dinner as well as being invited to there house for dinner and all the cookouts they have. I see and talk to him and his wife a few times a week and act the same as usual even though I am 100% sure Hector sees me naked on an average of twice a week or more. He is so convinced to himself I don't know about it he mentions things with his wife present like how he checked my yard last night or tells me I can feel safe since he checks my property for me some nights and even when I'm not home. Since last July I have become obsessed with exposing myself to Hector and any modesty I had is totally gone by now. I haven't changed the curtains on my windows but do make sure there is plenty of space for him to be able to see inside clearly and more often than ever have the window up slightly to enhance his view. For some reason it seems I can always count on Hector being out there on Tuesday and Thursday nights and know on Tuesday his wife always goes to bingo at the fire hall. I'm not sure why its always Thursdays but he also comes on other random nights when I'm not sure if he is outside. I sit in my mud room some times looking for him to come in my yard and its almost like clock work on the two nights I mentioned.

    The first month or better that I knew he was watching me I would undress, shower and basically go around naked which each time caused more arousal than the previous time. I did masturbate a few times but admit that did embarrass me slightly knowing he could easily see me. Each time I knew he was watching me I would become more brazen of how I exposed myself to him. By September last year I began shaving my pubic hair with the feeling that I would be more naked without it. I also began masturbating with a dildo I have had for a long time and also in September bought a vibrator which I now use almost every time I masturbate even when Hector isn't outside. When I am sure Hector is watching me masturbate I become so aroused I orgasm many times. He not only sees me having them I'm sure he can hear me moaning since I have no shame left. I have also began to penetrate myself anally at times using either the vibrator or dildo and this is something I have never done before. Most of the time I masturbate in my bedroom but still do while in the shower sometimes. When I masturbate in the bedroom I am laying down most of the time but often am on my knees bent over giving Hector a view from the rear. Hector has seen me in ways and positions no other man in my life has seen me and I find it hard to believe that I have no remorse or humiliation for the way I behave knowing he is watching my every move. I have become so obnoxious and immoral that I have changed tampons knowing he is watching me and have also used the toilet knowing he is peering in. The most immodest thing I have done has been to give my self an enema. I have only done this 3 times so far and I bend over the toilet seat and insert it knowing he is right at the window. When I'm at work, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think to myself how I can expose myself more and what else I could possibly do to arouse what has turned out to be a fetish. For many months I have been shaving my pubic hair at the sink because it is closer to the window and Hector. I put my foot up on the sink or toilet seat only to expose my vagina more to him which is so arousing to me when I do that. I have become an exhibitionist slut since I've know Hector watches me but love every minute of it. There isn't much else I can do since he has witnessed every possible pleasure or abuse that I have done to my body. I am always aroused from start to finish and constantly think how Hector reacts to my nudity and the way I expose myself and masturbate for him. I would like to know if he masturbates when watching me but thats something I'll never know. His opinion of me must be bad and by now he must think I am a sex attic or worse. He doesn't treat me any differently than he did years ago and I still get along well with him, his wife and family. I haven't dated since my boyfriend left and so far my sexual needs have been satisfied by Hectors constant arrival at my windows. I not only look forward to it but plan for it having everything I'll need handy by the time he gets to my yard. I was never the timid type when it came to my body but I never exposed myself anywhere near the way I do for Hector and only remember two times that my boyfriend ever saw me masturbate. No one has ever seen me masturbate with sex toys, no one has ever watched me change tampons, and absolutely no one has ever seen me give myself an enema, except Hector.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 36

    The reason why I hate my neighbor, is because she's married to Ron. He's singularly the best fuck I've ever had. With the biggest cock I've ever had fuck my pussy and asshole. Mary his wife is sixty two, frigid and hates rough sex. Actually she dislikes all sex from what Ron tells me. He's l younger than Mary by eighteen months, and I can tell you right here and now, Ron adores hard rough sex. I should know as he's been fucking me every chance we get. We've even had sex with my husband in the next room. As he watched a football game, Ron text by me, popped over the fence and fucked me in our kitchen. I'd had two orgasms from having Ron fuck my ass, when my husband shouted for me to get him s beer. Getting and passing my husband his beer, he didn't even notice I was naked from the waist down. Back in the kitchen I had Ron finish off in my pussy, filling my love tunnel with his beautiful crafting cum. Cum which I later scooped out of my pussy and swallowed as I sat opposite my then drunken husband.
    I used to just accept my lot sexually, but not anymore. Since we first fucked at a party Ron and Mary held, I've given myself totally everytime to Ron, always letting him know I want hard dirty sex.
    If we could be together permanently, I'd marry him tomorrow, as we can't just yet, I'll continue to hate his wife as she steels the love I know he wants to share with me. Until we can be together properly, I'll let Ron fuck me anyway and at every opportunity we can.
    Michelle xxx

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 40

    Ok I really didn't hate my neighbor, but she drove me crazy enough to hate the gal. Her name was Gina, I would call her miss Gina whenever I saw her out in the yard. We lived side by side for almost 2yrs.

    One night I woke up and had to pee, the clock said 2am. I did my thing and I have a habit of taking a peek outside, just to see if anything was going on that shouldn't be. Anyway one night I took a peek out the back window to our yard, and I saw a figure standing on the patio of miss Gina's house next door.

    If it hadn't been for the full Moon that night I may have called the cops. The Moon was so bright and I could tell it was a woman standing there on the stone patio. Trying to focus to make sure, I realized it was Gina standing there.

    Gina was standing there with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, every so often I would see the glow from the end of the cigarette. Suddenly she turned slightly and I now realized that Gina was standing there on her patio under the full Moon stark naked!

    There was no doubt that Gina was endowed, everything she wore seemed to be stretched over her ample breasts. But to see them exposed totally under the moonlight was heavenly to say the very least.

    Gina appeared to be in her mid forties, possibly close to fifty, but damn she looked great for her age. I always had the idea that Gina may have spent many nights on a stripper pole, she always wore high heels, her platinum blonde hair was always styled, she had nails that could be considered deadly weapons. Gina was always friendly, but she seemed to keep people at arms length. Her husband was just about the same as well, guess they liked their privacy.

    Gina stubbed out her cigarette and lit another one almost a once, I could see the smoke in the glow of the moonlight. She took a sip from her glass and proceeded to walk back in fourth on her patio, as if she was soaking up the moonlight on her bare skin.

    It was late and by now it was almost 3am, I had to get to bed since I had to be up for work in a few hours. Several times during the day I thought about Gina and seeing her naked that way, my cock actually squirmed a bit thinking of her.

    That evening before going to bed I thought about Gina again, and I was wondering if she would be outside once again since the full Moon would still be present. My curiosity got the better of me and I set my alarm on my phone for 2am, setting it to vibrate so it didn't wake up my wife.

    I was almost laying on my phone when it went off at 2am. Thinking to myself this was stupid because I was bone tired as it was. So I forced myself to get up and go into the bathroom without turning the light on as usual.

    Peekin g out the window, there was Gina once again. Once more she was on her patio with a drink and cigarette in hand. I could see her nakedness easily in the glow of the moonlight and I just smiled quietly.

    By the time the full Moon passed I was tired as hell, I stayed up a little longer each night just to watch Gina on her patio. After that I did wake up from time to time and I would look over if I could see any movement in the darkness. If Gina was there I couldn't see her.

    At some point I checked the internet for the next full Moon, and when it returned so did Gina as well. I really considered slipping out the patio door and watching Gina from behind the shrubs surrounding our patio, but I knew that would be dangerous if my wife would just happen to wake up.

    Then Gina really did something to send me over the edge, so much I had to go downstairs to the spare bathroom and jerk off. Gina walked off the patio into the grass, she had her heels on that night. With her drink and cigarette in hand she took a few steps off into the grass and spread her legs. I watched her pee! The moonlight just made her pee sparkle and to see that just did something to me sexually I can't explain.

    After that night whenever I saw Gina I instantly thought of her spreading her legs under the moonlit sky. I would only see her repeat that once more before they moved away. Gina told my wife and I one day she and her husband were moving to Europe, which they did I suppose once their house was sold.

    Since then every time there is a full Moon I always think of Gina........

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Many years ago I lived in a small first floor apartment in a triplex. The first floor was the two smaller units and the second floor was all one big apartment. The woman who lived upstairs had two small children. She had drank and smoked a lot and did a lot of drugs during each pregnancy and as a result her kids were messed up. The boy was around seven and the girl was around three. They had different dads though I never seen either. I think they had fetal alcohol syndrome, especially the boy. He never spoke much and seemed like he was a complete little retard. The little girl was even worse. She never spoke at all. I don't know much about when babies and children are supposed to reach each developmental milestone but I by three a child should be able to walk and speak a few words. I think by seven a kid should be potty trained and completely out of diapers. They weren't.

    So the boy is watching TV while his drunk mother is passed out on the bed. He sees some cartoon showing a kid setting a mattress on fire and he crawls under his mom's bed with her lighter and sets the mattress on fire. I heard the mother screaming and running down the stairs yelling "FIRE!."

    Well the fire department came and flooded the place and water got into my stuff and destroyed my TV and some other things and when I found out what happened I was pissed.

    I was surprised that despite the water damage, they didn't condemn the building and even said I could sleep there the night. It took a few hours and we got the power back on. As for the woman and her kids, the Red Cross put her up in a motel for a week 30 miles away. I'm not sure whey they couldn't put her up in a motel closer but that's what they did. She didn't drive or have any money being on welfare so she was gone the whole time. Meanwhile, she left all her stuff behind.

    As I said, I was pissed. The guy who lived across the hall from me on the first floor moved out the day of the fire so that apartment was vacant. So the next night I went upstairs with the intention of breaking in and found the door was wide open. I could not believe my luck. So I checked out the place and went through her stuff. The fridge was half full of mostly crappy food that no decent person would want to eat. The milk had expired a week before and one sniff told me it had been sour days before the fire. Her cupboard only held some junk food and snack food. There was nothing any normal person would consider appropriate for kids to eat. In the living room I found her 25" TV was intact and so I took it downstairs and plugged it in to see if it worked. It did. Well it was better than my 19" destroyed TV but I didn't want to get caught with a stolen TV so I loaded in my van. I also loaded up her VCR, CD player, and a record player. It wasn't much but I figured I was owed. I drove the stuff to my brother's place and told him about where I got it and he agreed to store it for me until we figured it was safe to retrieve.

    I found a bunch of Polaroids of her posing naked, one of them had her naked playing with her son's dick. Well that was a nice little piece of blackmail material so I took those as insurance policy. Then I saw her phone and helped myself and when I went to disconnect it I found it had a dial tone. I got to thinking that maybe I could make use of this. At first I was going to call friends and family all over the world but then figured they could trace the calls all back to me so instead. I ran the extension out the window and down the side of the building and into my bedroom window. I got out a few adult magazines and started going through them looking at phone sex ads. I found one for $5.99 a minute that offered a two girl phone sex on any topic including sex with little girls so I called them and was happy to find that they were happy to bill "my" phone. They advertised "no limit" which I found meant both regarding topics as how long you could talk. So we chatted about their experiences with their Dad's, brothers, uncles, teachers and every guy they could convince to fuck them before the age of five. That call lasted five hours. What did I care. I wasn't the one getting billed. That call was billed at around $1800. Next I called the sexy story hotline at roughly half the rate and listened for about an hour before I got bored. That was another $150. Next I found a phone sex operator that let me have phone sex with her 9 year old daughter if I paid five times the normal rate. Normal for that company was $3 a minute so that meant the call would be $15 a minute. I had the raunchiest sexiest conversation with that kid while her mom listened in. I finished by describing how I was jerking off and then finally came telling the little girl I was cuming. That call lasted another three and a half hours. that call came to $3150. The next five days I racked up another $25,000 in phone sex calls. The grand finale was when I scheduled a twelve hour long conference call between me and twelve girls pretending to be my pre teen harem. That call brought the total over $55,000. This was about two years before phone companies started to limit the total that could be racked up in 900 numbers and other premium services.

    A couple of weeks after I was done with my little game of revenge I heard some screaming out in the front yard. It was my former upstairs neighbor. She was on the front lawns confronting my landlord screaming at him about her phone bill and about someone going through her things and stealing her stuff and he called the police and she screamed at them and started throwing punches and they dragged her off in handcuffs. Later he told me about it and said she was demanding he reimburse her for the "ridiculous" phone bill and it was all his fault and he should have posted an armed guard and she was going to sue and demanded he give her cash for everything that day that moment and so on. He said she was totally nuts. She was. The best part was while that was going on her daughter, three years old was sucking on a half full beer bottle. The newspaper said her kids were taken away after an incident where she attacked her landlord for refusing to agree to her demands for cash in an amount equal to more than the value of the property. The paper went on to say they found alcohol and drugs in both of the kid's systems and both had multiple developmental problems likely caused by drug use. The police searched her half burned out apartment and found drugs. How'd I miss that? So anyways my revenge was complete. she went into debt, her kids were taken away and she went to jail and I got $50k worth of free phone sex and a free up grade in my home entertainment center.

    My landlord was glad to see her gone because the insurance did't cover all the damages she caused. Even her deposit didn't cover it.

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