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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 25

    "If my boss only knew" may not be the perfect category for this, but I feel like it fits best out of the options...

    I work as an executive assistant for a CFO who had apparently been through a few Executive assistants in the couple months prior to my start. He is in his lower 50's but is a pretty skinny and taller man. There is another woman who is the head of EA's, and she is only a year or 2 older than me, and like me, is a skinny, busty blonde. In my interview she had asked if I had a boyfriend or husband. The context of how she asked seemed like conversational post interview talk. In my first meeting with her as an employee she was very forward with me and giving a long winded talk about how I could make ALOT of money if I made sure he was well 'satisfied'. She also hinted that he wouldn't explicitly tell me, or ask for anything, but in a month I will also be gone if I don't 'Take care of all his needs'. I was single and recently out of college and figured I would play along and make as much as I could. My boss, and his former EA was only a few years older than me and drives a Mercedes, so there had to be some truth to what she was saying.

    My first day in the office I wore a low cut dress that was as short as I could imagine, but still having a hint of professionalism. Whenever he called me into his office, I would lean over his desk giving him a nice top down view of my dress. I would also keep a very flirtatious and excited energy around him. I made sure to attend to my actual duties also of managing his schedule, handling his calls, and setting up slide decks with information he gave me. I was about 2 weeks in and the director of EA's (technically my boss) called me and said that (CFO) had called, and that I missed scheduling one of his meetings. I defended myself and she said "I believe you, he is just trying to start a case that you havnt given him what he is looking for." She is also made sure to make that conversation in person, so there was no digital or paper trail.

    I wanted to make alot of money, I just figured that she was telling me to show some skin and make sure I was doing really well at my job. Now I realized she was telling me I needed to be a bit more physical with him also. The next morning when he got in I gave him a big hug and made sure that my tits were pressed up against him. He is a bit nerdy looking with a bit of a curly haired fro, but he is also very tall at about 6'4. I held the hug for a few seconds and also tried to make sure he had a good view down my shirt, and also felt his dick press up against my stomach. We had very high profile clients that were coming in the following week, and our office shares a parking lot with a hotel that anyone traveling to us stayed in. Because (CFO) traveled alot, as well as booking hotels for our clients, I had essentially un-monitored hotel booking rights. I had booked a room for this day, and knowing (CFO) had an open 2 hours in the middle of the day, I booked him for "Hotel inspection." Shortly after the hug I went into his office and asked "would you mind coming with me to make sure the hotel our clients will be at is up to standard? This is my first time booking a client hotel so I want to make sure it lives up to their expectations. He looked at me like that was a dumb question for a moment, but then he agreed. I think at this point he knew what I had in mind, but he also still seemed a bit confused. I was about to risk it all so I was hoping he was on the same page.

    I let him know I was going to work out prior to us checking out the hotel. He told me that was fine, so I went to the office gym and made sure to work up a noticeable, but not a disgusting sweat. I had a bit of sweat on me, when we met up in the hotel lobby and I had already gotten the room key. We headed up and I pointed out how the king bed was nice and a few other BS remarks about how I thought the room would be good for the clients. I then transitioned to how I needed to take a shower, so I would take a test drive on the shower here to make sure they had nice showers. I let him know that I would be quick and then we could go grab some lunch right after, as long as he didn't feel weird with me being naked right near him. I turned the shower on and got undressed in the bathroom with the door slightly open. I then wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out saying I didn't want my dress to get all steamy, so I stepped out of the bathroom to hang it up. I reached up to hand my dress on a hangar in the room, but did it in such a way to make sure my towel would fall down also. As soon as it did fall, I acted frantically like it was an accident, and purposely fumbled to get myself covered back up. After 5 or 6 seconds of being exposed, I was very 'apologetic' and asked him to forgive my behavior. He was telling me that it was ok, and that he would keep it between us but continued to not ask for anything, despite the fact I knew, and had been told he wanted more. I sat next to him on the bed, continuing to say how sorry I was that this happened. He continued to hold off from making any moves so I pretended like lint from the towel had gotten onto his pants and rubbed a few times near his upper thigh. I made sure to touch his dick after a swipe or 2 and then made a comment that "Looks like you may have enjoyed what happened." He told me that I was a very attractive woman. I said "Well I wouldn't want to disappoint my new boss." I started to unfasten his belt and he laid back on the bed. I unfastened my towel and crawled between his legs on the bed. I pulled his pants down and his dick shot into the air as his pants came down. I licked up his shaft and then wrapped my lips around as I slid his cock down my throat. I had only gone up and down a few times before his hands were on the back of my head pushing me down, and his hips were thrusting up into me. After letting him throat fuck me for a few minutes, he said he wanted a better view of me. He slid off the bed and stood up, and I knelt in front of him, looking up at him while he pushed his dick in and out of my mouth. After a few more minutes of this, he said "You are still going to take a shower right?" I gave the best "Mhmm" I could with a dick in my mouth. He gave me a few more thrusts and then pulled his dick out of my mouth but held it to aim, I was going from looking up at him down to his dick because I hadn't expected it to slip out, and as I looked down, a stream of cum was flying right towards my face. a few jets hit my face and he had some drops dribble out onto my body also. I told him I was going to clean off and left the shower door open for him in case he wanted a view, but he was out of the hotel room about 15 seconds into me getting into the shower.

    The next day at work my EA boss told me that I had impressed the CFO, but that moving forward I should book a meeting in his office and lock that door, that we didn't need a hotel room for our "1 on 1's." I have worked for him for about 2 years now, he has gotten me 17% raises each year, along with 15% of my salary as a bonus to my 401k, and quarterly bonuses of 5% of my salary. We have '1 on 1's' in his office about once or twice a week on average. It is almost always a blowjob, but every once and awhile he reaches for a drawer in his desk and I know when he does that, he is grabbing a condom, and wants to fuck. In these cases I ride him in his office chair, and very rarely he lays me on his desk while he takes control. I plan to do this for a few more years, hopefully getting a promotion, and then advancing from that elevated title.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 24

    My coworker and I have been working together for three years. When the governor locked us in we decided to endure the lock up together. If distance is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, what does close quarters togetherness do?

    Well, first is deciding who gets which side of the bed. Second deciding who is the wife. Third practicing, practicing. practicing, we like to be perfect.

    We are on day ten, every day we try a new position from our manual, the Lesbian Kama Sutra, which is the only book in the apartment.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I fuck my bossâs assistant a few times a week in his office. His assistant is a 22 year old guy fresh out of college. Such a tight hairless hole! And a nice hairless cock!

    My old hairy cock goes in his butt bare, only way to do it in the office! My cock is nothing special but man is he tight! He always has sexy colorful briefs on too. Iâm old so tighty whities for me.

    Iâm gonna fuck him today. Iâm so damn horny right now! On my lunch break currently and drove down to a pharmacy near by to buy some lube. All they had is ky jelly but it will do.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    After getting a handsome job I was the happiest woman in the world. But when my Boss started to flirt at first I objected. But due to compulsions and pressure I had to budge in and we had sex. He was too caring and financially supportive. After one month of daily fuck and suck, the other day he brought in one of his close buddy and introduced a threesome for the first time in my life. It was a wonderful experience, two big cocks of different attitude. They tried all type of positions which made me more horny. Now I enjoy the threesome sex.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 44

    It was just that easy. I went to a convention with a coworker. He is my age and we have worked together for several years. At night he sent me a text with a picture of him naked on the bed with an erection, all it said was "I could use some company".

    I have no excuse, I knocked on his door and he opened it completely naked, said he was happy I came over, he got back on his bed and offered me his cock. Without any further talk I went straight to sucking and handling his cock.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Gay Male / 31

    We stood in the hall after dinner, he was my height and build, my new coworker, I leaned over and kissed him. We went into his room and we lay naked on his bed and held each other's dick in our hand while we kissed. We spent a while just touching and kissing dick, I let him put me on my stomach and he got behind me between my legs and opened my cheeks. His kiss was hot and his tongue darted against my anus, then his whole body weight was on me and his dick was searching for an opening and when it was in place, lifting himself up on one arm he struck, his dick went in, further and further and then he fucked. Where is Nirvana? On that bed that night, sheer pleasure, in and out and in again until he came with a thrust. I felt him wilt away, laying his body weight on me. The Friday night sounds of the streets below putting us to sleep.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    The bosses son Jay is nineteen and a closet gay guy. He's also the one who discovered it was me who fucked up on a deal the company was involved in. Ultimately it was resolved, but the company lost a significant amount of money.
    Jay let me know he knew it was my mistake, but then said he'd keep it to himself.
    The price of his silence, is every work day I either let him blow me, or if we have time, I fuck him. The sex itself is not a problem as I have a high sex drive and still make love to my wife regularly. Even fucking him nearly a year after he first sucked me off in a side office, isn't the problem. Nor is fucking his tight asshole whenever there's time. It's he's so damn cute and such a good fuck, I'm now thinking about him all the time.
    It WAS just a fuck for quite some time, but now I find myself wanting us to find time and a place to have sex. I've even this past month fucked him at a motel, our first time away from work. He tells me I'm a distraction for him until he goes to college full time. But then he adds I'm the best fuck he's had and maybe he should stay and discover more about sex together.
    If my boss knew I was fucking his supposedly straight son, not only would I lose my job, he'd let me wife know for sure, and that would be that.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I get along with my boss pretty well, heâs a good guy. Heâs in his 60s and little less then a year ago he hired a new assistant. His assistant is a guy fresh out of college, heâs only 21. Heâs good looking too, nice hair, nice body, dresses well and a great worker.

    One night a few months ago he stayed after a little bit to get somethings done. I was talking to him and asked if he had any plans for the weekend. When he stood up from his desk I could tell he was a bit hard in his pants. But I didnât say anything, I knew he was on his cellphone so figured he was probably using a hook up app.

    About two weeks after that night I was horny and was planning on finding someone to fuck. I usually go for guys because they are easier to hook up with. So I get on Grindr and who do I see!? My bosses assistant. I tapped him on Grindr and his phone went off. He looked to see who tapped him and he saw how close the guy that tapped him was. He then looked at me. I looked at him and said I didnât know your gay. He told me heâs not out and asked I was gay. I told him Iâm bi.

    When I asked how often he had sex he told me he hasnât since college. And I asked if he was a bottom and he said usually. One thing lead to another and I had his pants and his bikini briefs around his ankles. I was sucking his bald cock and eating his ass. He then pulled my pants down, pulled down my gray Hanes briefs and started to take my cock in his mouth. His nose was pressed into my bush as he took it all. Iâm little over 6â cut.

    Soon enough I spun him around, he bent over the desk, I grabbed the lube and a condom out of my bag. Lubed him up and was fingering his hole. He was so tight! I put the condom on and for the next 10 minutes I tired to penetrate him! Iâm very thick and he was very tight. Finally when I was in he was morning very loud. I was fucking him nice and hard. He came all over his desk and I continued to fuck him till i filled the condom with cum. When I pulled out his hole was gapping, I took a picture of it.

    I grabbed a few tissues and wiped the excess lube off his butt and he pulled his bikini briefs back up. So sexy! He was shaved bald Down there. His cock was about my length and he had sexy hanging balls. But my balls were a lot bigger and more low hanging then his.

    So Iâve fucked him at work plenty of times since that night and he also comes over to my place often. Three weeks ago I was fucking him at his place only to find out that his mom was home and he didnât know she was till after sex

    So Iâm fucking him in his ass bare and blew my load in him not knowing his mom was in the bedroom down the hall. I was walking across the hall to the bathroom in just my jockey briefs and I ran into her. Sexy woman and she wasnât even phased to see me. She just said excuse me and said cute briefs. I did have on my striped briefs. She knows I cum in her sons ass.

    I did fuck her but thatâs a different story.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Gay Male / 46

    I flew home from Dubai last week, still dealing with jet lag. I work in the investment banking business, I an an analyst not a banker. I went there to interview the managers of a target company, get a feel for the business that way I can run the numbers. The CFO is an Australian man in his late forties. I sucked his cock. I know this is 'reportable', a violation of the due diligence rules of my employer, sex with the target company means recusal.

    There was nothing more to it than he offered me his cock and I took it, first Aussie cock for me. Gaydar works sometimes. I am not open about my preferences at work, it's mostly men and they are brutal personalities. I would guess some of these men enjoy a nice cock too.

    My personal life sucks right now, pardon the word, I lost my long term friend some months ago, and it felt good to play with a hot cock and suck him dry. Aussie cock is a nice change, nice accent too.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 19

    Sam who's fifty one and a huge black man, is my mum's driver at work. She and my dad own a company, but my mum was banned from driving about six months ago.
    He drives her to meetings, and to and from work, if my dad isn't available.
    About a month ago, I asked Sam if he was ok. He looked a little shifty, so I tried something. I told him I knew he was fucking my mum as I'd heard her speaking on the phone about his huge black cock.
    He was about to deny it, when I said I also knew he'd fucked her in the hotel the night before. I knew they been there, but it was for a client. He stuttered and told me not to say anything to my dad, as he'd lose his job, and it was my mum who had instigated it all in the first place.
    I had him, and I had the perfect opportunity to use it to my advantage. I was going to just use him for lifts and maybe a little money, but he said "I suppose you want me to fuck you too then". It had never entered my head, but knowing he was clear for the afternoon I told him he should drive us out to the hills nearby.
    I swear by the time we got there, my knickers were wet with anticipation and watching him take out his massive black cock, I very nearly orgasmed right then.
    Sam and I did just about everything in the back of that hire car, and I fully understood why my mum wanted his enormous black cock fucking her. I'm not sure how many times I climaxed, but it was a lot and not just from his cock fucking me either. Sam absolutely is the best pussy eater I have ever been with, and had me spinning from one orgasm to another. The only thing we didn't do that afternoon, was anal sex, but that has now been enjoyed to the full in my bedroom, with my parents away over the last weekend.
    Sam's job no matter what is secure from now on. Even if my mum begins to drive again. What's really weird, is I've even had sex with Sam, knowing he's not long fucked my mum. Tasting her pussy on his dick was strange and such a turn on at the same time.

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