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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    If my boss, I say boss, he actually owns the company I work for, ever found out I was fucking who I was, he'd probably have me driven somewhere and taken care of.
    The first person I fucked in his family, was his twenty year old daughter. She's a slut, a good looking one, but a real slut all the same. Fucking her in their home thinking we had the whole day to ourselves, we were disturbed by my bosses second wife. His daughters step mom. She saw everything and also saw I have a large cock. Dismissing her step daughter first, knowing who I was in relation to work, she told me to meet her later on at a cafe. The meeting at the cafe lasted all of three minutes as she'd booked a motel room across the street. On the same day I'd been fucking my bosses daughter, I fucked his wife over and over again in the motel room. And if I thought his daughter was a slut, then I learned a whole new aspect of sexual behaviour fucking his wife.
    My profile on here tells you I'm bisexual. It says that for a reason. As well as fucking pretty females, I also love to be balls deep up a cute guys ass too. In work one of my colleagues just so happens to be my bosses nephew. He's nineteen, a total cock hound and loves nothing better than to have my cock down his throat or up his tight ass. He knows nothing of me fucking his female cousin or her step mom, but then I only fuck him at work, for now.
    The crazy thing is, my boss thinks his wife and daughter are the epitome of social and ethical virtue, but I know differently. He also thinks Corey his nephew is straight, upstanding and a religious boy. My boss couldn't be more wrong on all counts.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I work in a giant insurance office and some of us employees belong to a quiet swing club. One of our younger members, cute, 19 year old Dee, is a member and also the niece of our chairman. I often think of him when Dee is sucking hard on my pussy, begging me to push the back of her head into my genitals and swirl my hips. She loves it. She makes me cum repeatedly.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Gay Male / 43

    My boss has a nineteen year old son Michael, who he worships the grounds he walks on. I'm a forty three year old gay man, who keeps his sexuality to himself. I am fit, muscular and don't fit the stupid unhelpful stereotype of a gay man.
    Michael isn't as his father thinks, a straight guy. If his father knew Michael was bisexual, he'd dis-own him as he absolutely hates gay men and everything gay sexuality stands for.
    For the past eight months, I've been fucking that gorgeous slim teenager whenever we get the chance. Sometimes fucking Michael over his fathers desk in his office, whenever he's in the city.
    We don't advertise I'm screwing him, yet we do often take risks having sex. As in last week when I fucked Michael up against the windows of a hotel. A hotel his father owns and often has sex with his secretary in. I know this because she's a minx and loves to tell a gay man, me, just what they get up to.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 26

    I hate my boss, but I fantasize about him fucking my wife. If he only knew....

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 24

    In my mid teens I attended a party with some older friends. Having a reputation for having a large cock, an older woman came onto me after speaking to my friends. Taking me upstairs into a back bedroom, I had my cock sucked before she had me lick her pussy and arsehole. It was the first time I'd given oral sex and I found I loved it, and so did she orgasming all over my face. I thought not having a condom, that was that, but she got into the doggy position, smeared her arsehole with her pussy juices, guided my cock to her hole, telling me to fuck her. I was a virgin, yet it didn't stop me from ramming my cock into her like a jack hammer. There was no finesse about it and I did as I thought I should. Which turned out for her, to be exactly what she wanted. Shaking and climaxing all over my cock, it sent me over the edge and I came pumping my cum up her bum. Afterwards she told me her phone number and said I was a great fuck. She also told me not to say anything, if I wanted to have sex with her again, to my mates. Two days later in her husbands Jaguar car, I fucked her again and again she had me fuck her arsehole. Then over the next six weeks in lots of different places and times, I met her and had sex.

    You could say she introduced and taught me all about sex, especially cunnilingus which she absolutely adored. Then as if I'd said something bad, the texts and sex stopped.

    In August last year I began a new job. Working for only a couple of weeks I was asked to go to the bosses office. Opening the door after knocking I came face to face with my new boss and his wife. The very same woman I'd had a brief affair with when I was sixteen. We both knew instantly who the other was and she blushed, but said nothing. My boss spoke to me about a tempory job he wanted me to do. His wife had been banned from driving and he wanted someone, me to drive her around instead of working in my current job until her ban ends.

    Her ban ends in six months time. By then I think I will have fucked my bosses wife over a thousand times, because every single day I drive her about we have sex. She is one very highly sexed woman and I just love fucking her.
    If my boss ever finds out, not only will I get sacked, I think he'll have me....

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I fucked my coworker, who is 15 years older than me, in the supply closet at work. It was the most thrilling experience of my life.

    I have always wanted to fuck an older dude. This one in particular. Working in the restaurant industry, itâs easy for me to get away with having flings with older dudes.

    Granted, we were both almost off. We were working a party, and he was behind the bar, sneaking drinks for us to have while we cleaned up. As our shift was coming to an end, we were both pretty tipsy. He was getting more and more flirty, as was I. I would touch his arm, and he started touching my back, we started talking really close to each other. I knew something was bound to happen.

    We were finishing up, putting things away, and both happened to be in the closet. When we noticed the closeness of our proximities as the door shut, we locked eyes and almost simultaneously leaned in to each other, lips colliding in an almost desperate need.

    I grabbed onto his cock through his black jeans and felt that he was already hard. I unbuckled his belt, pulled his pants down, and started stroking his dick.

    We sloppily made out, he turned the light off, as we fell to the ground. I knew we had to be fast before someone noticed we were missing. I messily undid my pants, pulled them down, frantic and shaking. At least I was shaking. His mouth now hovered over mine as he put himself inside me.

    I gasped, grasping onto his back as he started to move, rhythmically.

    This was nothing like the 19, 20 year olds Iâd been with before.

    He knew what he was doing.

    He pushed harder into me, and kissed my neck as he did. My head rolled back. Ecstasy. He brought a hand down to my clit and started rubbing me as he fucked me hard and fast. I came before him, biting into his shoulder to keep from making a sound.

    I donât know how long it lasted. He pulled out of me, we were both breathless.

    Quickly, we composed ourselves and walked out of the closet as if nothing has happened.

    I saw him again for the first time today. I assumed he would pretend it didnât happen, as we were born sober and had time to digest the events that unfolded.

    We made out in the closet tonight. Instead of making excuses on why we shouldnât do it again, he invited me to his place. Heâs so smug, it makes him even more irresistible.
    I donât want this to end. I want to fuck him again.

    Preferably, off the clock.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My boss who's only a year older than me has two young daughter's. They're his pride and joy, and he hopes they'll be taking over his business relatively soon. Both of them have boyfriends and my boss thinks they're little angels. What he doesn't know, is I've been fucking the both of them since they were seventeen and eighteen respectively. Which is now two years. They both know I'm fucking the other, but had never before this past festive season, wanted to try a three way.

    In their father's office with him away for a couple of days with his second much younger wife (She's only twenty nine) I first had the youngest sucking on my cock, to be discovered and joined by the older sister, who just sank down and helped her younger sibling suck my dick. It kind of went from there, with me at one point swapping from one cute tight pussy to another, fucking them in turn.
    When I came over each of their asses, they moved around and kissed. That more than anything that day, was a total turn on.

    I've had a brief threesome since with the girls, but I'm now wanting to fuck them in a longer more private place. Hopefully with my wife away soon, it will be then. We'll see.
    If my boss finds out I'll be sacked. Let's hope his wife keeps him busy.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 22

    I work in a factory making fancy widgets that costs the boss 25 cents to make and he sells for $5 each.

    My boss is 62 years old a jerk and is married to the world's most beautiful and sexiest 39 year old trophy wife. He also has two daughters who look like supermodels. They are 17 and 19 years old. The girls have been flirting with me since I had a part time job here at 16, yes they were 11 and 13 at the time.

    So at some point when a beautiful girl keeps flirting with you, you fall victim to their seduction and go for it. The older girl got me first then decided to share me with her younger sister. We were caught in the supply closet in a three way make out by their mom who told us we needed to be more discrete. I thought I was going to lose my job. Then my bosses wife corners me in the break room one day and blackmails me into eating her pussy in her office. She said she would tell her husband I've been fucking both his daughters since they were 11 and 13 if I didn't eat her out. Eating her out turned into fucking her. Here youngest daughter caught us one day but instead of becoming enraged like I would have expected she just said "I'm next."

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    In 1962 when I was 10 years I was r*ped by a Roman Catholic priest. I tried to complain but it went no where. Nobody believed me and no police report was filed and I never got a medical exam. My parents thought I had deliberately harmed myself to fake evidence. That is how they explained the blood in my underwear. I won't bother trying to explain the psychological trauma. I shall summarize merely by saying it fucked my mind up pretty badly and I'll leave it at that.

    Right after I turned 16 my mom offered me as a slave to the church to work for free as a volunteer to sell game cards for 25 cents each on Bingo! nights. She didn't word it that way though. To her I was doing my Christian duty to fund raise for the church. Bingo! was every Friday and Saturday night. I think it was also a way for her to keep me out of dating circulation. She implied that I would not be welcome to remain living at home if I didn't. So that November, on my birthday which was on a Friday, instead of having a birthday party, I worked for free from 5 pm to 11 pm. I thought I was working in the kitchen since I was under 18 but nobody showed up to sell the game tickets so the priest told me that if anyone asked I was 18.

    So they handed me an apron with pockets. Quarters went into the left pocket. Dollar bills went into the middle pocket. Fives went into the right pocket. Tens went into my right rear pants pocket and twenties and twos went into my right rear pocket. I carried a cardboard tray with 500 tickets in it which amounted to $125 in revenue. That was quite a bit in 1968.

    Nobody ever asked how old I was. I never told. I was of course just turned 16 as I said. After about 15 minutes I had sold half the box. It was a very popular game but as soon as the box was half empty nobody wanted to buy any tickets. It was some sort of superstition that I never did figure out. So I took the half empty box to the office where the priest sorted through and combined partial boxes until it looked like a new box filled with game pieces. Gamblers are funny, for some reason they think they have a better chance of winning if the box is brand new and full. They think the odds go down if the box is half empty. Meanwhile I had pockets filled with cash that I thought the priest was going to cash. He asked if I needed to use the rest room and suggested I do because I won't get a chance again until I came back again. I started to take the apron off and hand it to him for safe keeping and he told me to keep custody of the case until I got back from the rest room. When I got back I observed everything he did and realized he never counted the game pieces and had no idea how much cash I should have in my pockets. Also since part of my job was to pay out smaller prizes, free game tickets, $1, $5, and $10. that affects how much money I should have and the priest never kept track of any of that. I took no action that first night because I wanted to see how everything worked. But the next night, Saturday, when I saw it was the same priest I decided to try to skim a little. I took two dollars and stuffed it in my sock.

    Nothing bad happened so the following Friday I skimmed a five dollar bill. When nothing happened I took ten. Within a couple of weeks I was skimming about $50 from every box of tickets a sold and that came to about $100 and hour or $600 a night or $1200 a week. So this went on for years. When I graduated from high school I had skimmed a total of over $156k. I had by then spent all of about $5k on such things as a car, TV, stereo, clothes etc. In the summers I worked a full time job Sun-Thur in a restaurant and that didn't pay hardly anything but I had to have a job to explain how I could buy things. My mother never questioned the math. On the day I graduated I had almost $153k total in a lock box I kept in a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom. After high school I went to a community college and earned my A.A. in general education then went on to ART school and studied art history, the subject most royalty study because it's an easy degree. You look at art read about art then write highly opinionated essays about the art. basically you B.S. your way to a B.A. The community college didn't cost much, I got grants for most of it because I had little actual income. When I transferred to the local state college I could still live at home and mom liked that.

    I stopped skimming from the ticket sales when the old priest retired and was replaced by one who had studied accounting and business before going to the seminary. But that only happened just two months after I graduated with my art degree. Mom was happy to support me while I was in school so I had very low expenses. On graduation day I had big four stainless steel lock boxes in the ceiling with $96k in each for a total of $384k.

    I should at this point say that the priest who ran Bingo! was not the same one who r*ped me. The one who r*ped me told me he knew I was a sissy faggot and knew I would like what he was going to do to me. He made me suck it then he fucked my ass. That is how I bled, from my ass being fucked. If he had waited two years I would actually have enjoyed sucking his dick and had he been more gentle and patient I would have enjoyed getting it up the ass. But not the way he did before I got to puberty. I later found out he did that with several other alter boys.

    So as I said, the day I graduated from college I had no debt and I had squirreled away $384 thousand dollars. That was actually enough to retire on and then some. It was 1974 and you could buy a nice house for $30k. A new car could be had for about $5k and a really nice new car could be had for about $10. But I found that I couldn't spend a lot of it because I had no way to report it as income without being caught. Then I discovered the wonderful world of antiques. It seemed, at least in those days, that you could launder any money you wanted to if you had an all cash business and most businesses in those days were mostly cash. Antiques were the best because often they were stolen and nobody wanted to answer questions and few wanted to ask them. I rented out a store front and advertised antiques for sale. Then during the week I would buy out whole estates and sell the antiques in my shop. Pickers and others would bring me antiques to buy. I could claim any price paid and sold for in my records. So I just pretended I had a very lucrative antique shop and paid taxes accordingly. Now in case you think I should be reported to the I.R.S. I actually paid the appropriate tax on everything I stole as though I had earned it I just funneled it through my antique business to make it look like I earned it that way. Ironically I ended up doing better with antiques than with stealing. I retired in 1994 after twenty years in the business with $32 million to my name. I had multiple antique malls, shops and boutiques and imported tons of antiques from Europe for the American market. I never stole from anyone else again after I stole from the church. I should also point out that the average payout from the church pe*oph*le scandal was more than I stole from them if you calculate in attorney and court costs so I feel NO guilt and NO remorse and I'd do it again.

    In 1995 I discovered that the priest who r**ed me had died. I went to his funeral and after everyone else left I pissed on his grave. Yes, I took it out and urinated all over his grave.

    I did commit one other crime. After the creation of the sex offender's watch list I looked at it and found ex Roman Catholic priests listed. I hunted one down and found where he lived. I made friends with him. I found out he still liked little boys. Then I found out he had, AFTER he got out of jail for r*ping an 11 year old boy, found a 12 year old boy to victimize. He was in the process of grooming he boy which I observed by stalking him. I pretended I also liked little boys and he invited me to help him r*pe the 11 year old. He had him over his house and called me up to invite me over so I went. When I got there he was already getting his blow job from the boy who seemed to be very unhappy to be there. He invited me to take a turn. So I sat down and I looked into that terrified boys eyes and I asked if he really wanted to suck my dick. His eyes gave me all the answer I needed. I told the defrocked priest that I had been r*ped by one of his colleagues years earlier. He started to get nervous. I looked down at the boy who was kneeling between my legs waiting to have his mouth ra*ed. I asked the boy if he enjoyed sucking on the priest's dick and he said no and began to cry. I asked him if he thought the priest should be punished. He was too afraid to answer. So I took out my revolver which I had recently bought and had hid in my waistband and pointed it in the general direction of the priest. I told the boy that this monster was never going to hurt him again. It seemed the priest had blackmailed the boy into being his sex slave threatening to tell his parents that he had caught the boy kissing another boy. In those days it was better to submit to being a gay sex slave than to have your parents find out you are gay. So the boy submitted. I told the priest to remove his clothes and I told the boy to put on his. I told the boy he could decide the priest's fate. I offered him the choice of either I kill the priest, I hand the priest a knife and he can castrate himself or I can call the police and have him arrested for r*ping the boy. The boy said he didn't want the priest killed and didn't want the police called because they would then find out he had been doing gay things with a man and that was unbearable. So castration it was. The boy surprised me when he asked if he could first smash the guys balls with a hammer. The priest happened to have such a hammer in the kitchen drawer.

    He protested quite a bit. But eventually he just stood there with his balls laying on the corner of the kitchen table while the boy smashed each one three times as hard as he could with the hammer. Of course in between hits the priest had to recover and compose himself. Then I told him to go get a kitchen knife and sharpen it which he did. He really did whine and cry and scream and complain a lot and that was before he lost his balls. I know he was in pain but the boy really didn't do THAT much damage with the hammer.

    While holding the gun and with the boy standing next to me the priest took the knife and made a cut in his nut sack, reached in and pulled out his balls one at a time and cut off what connected them to his groin. He was now officially a eunuch. The boy told him to also cut off his dick which I wasn't going to have him do due to the bloody mess it would make. I told the boy that the priest would lose interest in r*ping anyone if he had no balls. After giving the priest some time to recover, about half an hour I told him to gather up everything of value that he had, money, his watch, his TV and stereo and VCR and give it to the boy as restitution. I told him if he EVER told anyone or EVER complained in any way and EVER had any contact with anyone under 18 again I would come back and we would be removing other body parts.

    I drove the boy home and explained to his mother that the boy had worked a one time gig doing odd chores for a friend of mine and the loot was his payment. I praised the boy in front of his mother and told her he was a fine boy and then I even threw in that I noticed a girl looking at him and said I thought she liked him and he should go for it. I figured that by adding a heterosexual element to the conversation might distract from any suspicion his mother might have about the boy's sexuality. In 1995 preteen gay boys were not popular with their parents.

    So my attorney informs me that in both situations the statute of limitations has run out and that I cannot be prosecuted. So if you are thinking about reporting any of the above good luck! Even if it hadn't I regret none of my actions. The Roman Catholic church is an evil institution, a secret society of pe*oph*les and thieves running gambling, blackmail and extortion. It's basically a gay mafia.

    I ran into the boy years later. I didn't recognize him. He was all grown up and a good looking 20 something man. We hooked up a couple of times but then I lost track of him. He had graduated college and was on his way to law school. He was also a damned good kisser.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 37

    My boss has the most beautiful 16 year old daughter. I'm 37, divorced and have a daughter two years ahead of her in high school. She works part time there and the boss asked me to drive her home. She lives with her mom and so when we got to her place the house was empty, she invited me in and next thing I know I'm screwing my boss's 16 year old daughter and she only JUST turned 16 two weeks ago. I'm just glad she can keep a secret. She swore ME to secrecy as she thinks she's more afraid of her dad than I am. Not true. I need this job. I just need her pussy too.

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