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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 28

    I actually wonder if the boss only knew. This is yet another office story, my own. The ones I read here are quite believable because a lot of fucking takes place in offices. Those who have worked in them know it. I speak of offices of firms that are in advertising, communications, the arts, studios, films, etc. I don't know about accounting offices since I never worked in one.

    My story starts with me running out of ink for my printer and going to the supply room. Before I walked in (the door is always open but there is an immediate right turn to get to the supplies) I heard a steady pounding. Wham, wham, wham, wham, like that. Turning the corner I saw Madge, the office librarian (we publish stuff) bent over the supply desk. I have to explain that Madge is no dream-girl. She was in her late 50's and her body was nondescript. She also wore thick glasses and her gray hair looked like an old wig she threw on as she left her home, like an old hat.

    All that said, I saw Ronnie, the errand kid who delivers mail and other shit, a little, skinny kid that can't yet be 20, pounding the absolute bone marrow out of Madge. Before ducking away, however, I noticed Madge's ass. Her ass cheeks were large, tight and round...not extreme but aesthetic and noticeable, a fine ass for an old bird. I knew Madge but over the few years I was there we simply exchanged pleasantries. She reminded me of someone's granny.

    After ducking out of there, the hot vision of Madge's ass remained in my head. It began to have a life of its own. I started wanting a shot at it. I could not believe it, especially when I walked by Madge's desk in the next day or so. Then I realized if the fucking little shitty kid can do it so can I. Waiting for lunch, I went to Madge's desk and asked if I could join her. My imagination was shut down so I simply said "I almost walked into the supply room last Monday."

    "Oh, I suppose you saw us. So what?" We looked at each other and finally I said, "I was just surprised." Madge put her coffee down on the desk and leaned toward me. She whispered, "The kid was walking around with a boner and he saw me noticing. One word followed another. Get it?"

    Then, she looked into my eyes and said, "So? I suppose you want some too?" This was like my fucking granny talking to me about fucking. Impossible, but true. I almost lost my composure but said, "Would you like it?" She said, "Sure, I've been watching you, too, and wondered what you're all about, so, you want to fuck me?" When I heard her ask the question, it then began to take on a hot, realistic feel to it and the vision of that surprisingly tight, firm ass came back strongly. I wanted in to it. She said, "when?" I said, "Now?" She said, "No, if we do it I can't do it in the supply room any longer. Linda told me that she also nearly walked in on me once. I can go tonight if you're willing to wait until after the office closes or you want to do it at your place. My house is out, my husband is always home before me."

    The hours dragged on and I became truly horny for the old bird. Finally, at five, people began to leave. Madge signaled to me from her desk after the last one left and said, "The Janitor gets in in 60 minutes so we have to get with it soon." Madge lead me into the women's toilet and I noticed it was much nicer than the men's. In it was a small dressing room and I followed her in there, nervously, now surprise by my own lack of sophistication about all of it. She said, "Doggy? I like that." Thinking of that stuck out, round ass, I mumbled, "yes, yes."

    She said, casually, "I'm beyond my monthlies and can take your cum and prefer you to come in me." She was bent over leaning on a dressing table and I slipped smoothly into her. She was deliciously all lubed up and we began to make a farting sound as I drove it in and out, which made us both hotter for what we were doing. I moved my hips from side to side and up and down and in circles as I thrust into her and she said, "My, you really go for it, that feels so fucking good. I wish Henry fucked like that or just fucked at all, for that matter, don't stop." As she talked her breathless voice sounded more like the older lady that she was but my view of her ass drove me on and thrust hard into her. The look of her ass defied her age. She also had large, powerful calves and thighs.

    We went at it for at least half an hour. Madge started stroking her clit and as I felt her approach, I moved harder and faster trying for a simultaneous. It would be two or more fucks later that we finally began to achieve that. I used to sit with her at lunch sometimes. We would talk about sex and at one point she said she had done, including me, six men in that office through the years. I don't know if she did little Ronnie again but I did not see him around so I suspected he left the firm. Madge and I became steady fuckers and we enjoyed it tremendously, always after closing. No one had a single clue as to anything between is, especially how much fucking we were doing. I left the company two years later and for some time, exchanged greeting cards with Madge. I sent her one on her 60th birthday.

    Until the last time we screwed, she still had that wonderful, powerful ass and legs that I liked so much.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    My boss (if I can call him that, he owns the company) is 6'5" and his wife, Terry, is 5'1" so they look like an odd couple together. She's still striking, now in her late 40's. As his executive secretary he invites me to dinner on Fridays to review the week with me while we dine.

    We always go to one upscale restaurant I could never afford to go to on my own. Tables are covered with large linen sheets that sweep to the floor and there are gorgeous linen napkins. I freely confess I have lifted a few.
    We always get the same table in the back, by the wall.

    It took some time to arrange it all but I now come to the dinners wearing no undergarments. Terry plies her husband with non-stop beers that he loves but they make him have to run to the men's room to piss every few minutes. When he leaves the table, Terry drops down under the linen covers and goes directly for my CUNT and feasts on it. Her tongue skills are marvelous and I can tell she's enjoying herself down there. Once in a while, I rub hard candy all over my inner lips so she can have a mini-desert.

    I can feel her tongue outlining my vulva and darting in and out of my vagina. For a few minutes, I'm in heaven. Once in a while I sit, stretched out on my chair so she can also rim me out, which she also loves to do. I recall as many as three orgasm in one evening. Also, once in a while, I duck my head down and we French kiss for a while. Her crazy tongue is all over the inside of my mouth. I can taste my pussy on her mouth and find it exciting.

    When I spot him coming from the men's room far in the front I tap Terry on the head and she slowly emerges, licking her lips and wiping them with a napkin. We then anticipate his next visit to the men's room. This scenario has not gone beyond this and I don't know that it will. I've only been with the company less than one year and I'm only 21. Terry is a few years older than my own mum but I don't want to give up what we are doing. If that's all there is then, that's all there is. it will have to do.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 52

    I get my water delivered. I can't drink the piss that comes out of the faucet here and plan to move out, real crap. Nick, the fellow who has the water service is a guy I've known for years. He had a garage that went out of business before that. He was struggling in all but in this neighborhood. I suspect there is a old line leading to our housing that has broken down. Anyway, getting down to the reason for his posting, Nick apparently hired a kid in his last year in High School. The kid is built like a fucking brick shit-house, as my dad used to say. He says he has a natural built but it certainly doe not seem that way.

    On my second water delivery I answered the door wearing my terry cloth robe and left the front open. My C-cup boobies have great nipples on them and I always love to see men check them out when I leave my bra off in the summer. My nipples jut out, if you know what I mean. I walked in front of the kid and he almost dropped the full, large water bottle. I walked around the kitchen and bent down to pick up my cotton slippers, sat on the stool and slowly put them on, lifting my naked leg. I'm not shaved just trimmed and the kid was going nuts. I laughed on the inside.

    The kid replaced my water bottle and just stood there, looking at me, breathing hard. His pants started to look like something was growing in them. I looked at him in the eyes, then looked down to his crotch and said,"Are you o.k?" Holding the empty bottle, he just stood there with an obvious hard-on. He stammered, groaning, and said, "Oh, er, same delivery next time? I said, "You bet. I'll call if I need it sooner." Struggling for words, the kid said, "I hope you need it soon." Then, his face got red as a beet, realizing what he said. "Well, I'd better go." He hobbled out with his imprisoned boner.

    My next door neighbor, Peggy, hot, but she does not have my great tits. She came over to check my water, complaining about hers. Peggy is my age and we both work in the same law office. I felt guilty because I talked her into moving into this development. The developer answered our complaints informing us that there was old plumbing before the old housing was torn down and the city had scheduled all new replacement plumbing. After that, I would not see this strapping young cock any longer but that had to be months off. Calling Nick, I ordered a five gallon supply for Peg while she was sitting in my kitchen. Then, I said, "Wait till you get a glance at the water delivery kid." Peggy said, "What, he's hot? I said, "Just wait."

    A few days later, I got nude and wore my robe open again. I teased the crap out of the kid and he left my place hobbling again, heading for Peggy's. About an hour later, Peggy called, she said, "Shit, your were absolutely spot on about the kid. He came here with my water and a huge boner. It was too much for me so I grabbed his ass and we ended up fucking all over the kitchen then went into my bedroom and really pounded the crap out of each other. He kept asking my age and when I would tell him be became more energized and his cock felt like a burning steel rod. This kid is wild and never stops fucking and coming. I sucked him off half a dozen times and his cock keeps coming back for more. Thanks for the lead, sweetie."

    I put the phone down, feeling like I was five different kinds of dumb assholes.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 26

    My bosses seventeen year old daughter Kim, is without doubt drop dead gorgeous. She really is an absolute stunner, yet she's also a complete and utter slut.
    Over the past five months I've been fucking the shit out of her whenever he's on the other side of the building, or when he's over on one of the company projects. He thinks she's all prim and proper, and still his little virgin child. Well I can tell you she sucks cocks superbly well, enjoys my cock spreading her tight little pink pussy and begs me to fuck her arsehole, which always makes the dirty bitch orgasm so much.
    He might think she's his little princess, but I know better. And I also know when he's away on business next week, he thinks she'll be staying over at her horse riding friends house next week. When actually she'll be walking the five hundred yards to my place, and I'll be screwing her for all she's worth. Which in my humble opinion is treating her like a common whore.
    Why wouldn't I, as I know she loves it.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 23

    My boss sacked me because he somehow found out his wife had supposedly made a pass at me (Load of bollocks). I apparently refused her advances, yet he sacked me a week later, stating my work wasn't upto scratch. The fact was, nothing happened between myself and his wife, and in reality he hated me and my muscular athletic physique. He also, I later found out, took credit for a major order I'd done the ground work on. And which was found out latterly by the company I worked for.
    Five days after losing my job, I was in a bar with some mates. Ellie my ex bosses wife walks in and walks straight over to me. In front of my mates she said "Got the house to myself, he's in London for a meeting. Coming home with me".
    Ellie is thirty one. She twelve years younger than my ex boss and much too nice for his fat self.
    I did go home with Ellie and spent the whole night and into the next morning, licking, sucking and fucking with her. I've had sex with eight different females, including Ellie. And I can tell you, she is by a long way the best fuck I've ever had. She was so horny all night and had me fucking her mouth, pussy and arse. I actually came inside each of her holes once, and came over her tits and face in the morning, after she'd sucked me off.
    Before Ellie dropped me off in her husband's car, she had me tongue her pussy until she orgasmed all over my face. We swapped numbers and both agreed we'd had a great together.
    A week later I met Ellie at a well known beauty spot. We went for a short walk, then had sex in a field overlooking a lake. It was such a horny day, as during the time she me fuck her arsehole, two ramblers stopped and watched us fuck. And I'm sure one of them was tossing himself off.
    Two days after that, I found out (A text from Ellie) my ex boss had been moved aside. Then the very next day he resigned. (Another text).
    I fucked Ellie that night, as her stupid husband got himself pissed up in a pub I'd been working a few hours in.
    As he drank himself into oblivion, I fucked his wife in his bed.
    Then a month to the day from my dismissal, I got a phone call from the HR department at my old job. They stated they'd become aware about my old bosses attempts to claim credit for my work, and did I want my job back.
    I'm now working as a head of the department I used to work within. I'm also having an amazing affair with Ellie, who it seems wants to break up with her husband. I'm not, she says, the reason she wants a divorce from him, but secretly I think I am. She's even mentioned she'd like to move in for a while. And given the fact she's always horny, I'm definitely going to be buying another pair of pillows.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Well I don't mind telling you all I love this site anyway I was working for a large company in California 200 employees and by my other submissions I'll tell you I fucking love cock!! I like to look at it touch it suck it and feel it up my ass the more the merrier I was about 29 when I was told we were having a Christmas party

    The day or night of the party everybody was drinking open bar and by the way nobody knew my sexual preference cause I loved my job anyway it was about 11:30 and everybody was hammered I had to go pee so off I went next thing I knew I had 5 other guys pissing with me I didn't think anything of it and casually glanced to see some really big meat one guy only had about 3 inches I didn't feel bad because I was a short dick myself it's funny when you're really drunk the stuff you'll do they started pulling each others cocks my mouth was watering

    So needless to say I started ducking cock and taking two loads apiece up my ass it felt nice I let the short dick have a go up my ass he came really quick so we all got dressed and I went into a stall to empty my ass next thing I knew 6 more guys came in wanting to fuck the other guys couldn't keep their mouths shut

    I guess I was a great piece of ass and gave better head than their wives
    So after they were done they left once again I was in the stall cleaning up when another set of shoes came in turns out it was the bosses son he was huge cut and thick I didn't think it would fit so there I was sucking him off while he was playing with my little cock I had to have that big meat inside me he totally stretched me out and I could feel his balls slapping against mine he was going to pull out but I told him to shoot inside me and when he did I swear I could feel it really deep he shot a lot when he pulled out I could feel it running out he wanted to hook up some more so motels business trips and some of his friends so I emptied out quick and got back to the party and still felt his come leaving my ass after the party No one ever mentioned anything but it was kinda odd I knew they wanted it again and I really wanted it too the bosses son was way too obvious and I thought his dad would catch on my paychecks were really good

    But I've been looking at cock since I was 8 and felt like I had a purpose pleasing guys and when I don't hook up with a guy I go home and pull my cock till I cum and lick my fingers clean I really wish some of you were in socal so I could suck on you and have you up my ass you can text me if you like at ultimatekeys at MSN dot com have a great week

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    Straight Male / 18

    I guess most will find this a lame confession. I am in my last year in High School and work part time delivering pizzas for a nice gent who runs and owns the pizza shop with his family. They are nice folks.

    Not meaning to brag, I am Italian and no better looking than a Stallone type only I don't speak in single word sentences like he does and am hung with a tool that is hardly ever soft, so people (yeah, men too) notice my package and some remark on it.) I find it embarrassing and have tried different sports jocks but it still shows.

    In the deliveries there is one woman who orders at least once a a week who teases me so much I have to beat off after I deliver to her. She is probably older than my mom but she has tits and ass to die for and keeps taunting me. She has shown me all there is while holding a pizza box up that I could easily rest on my cock if it was up and out. I return to my car, quickly, drive around the corner and beat off.

    There's whole college sorority I deliver to and a good number of them tease me and tell me what they will do for me, etc. I beat off after delivering as many as six pizzas to them at one time.

    I don't want to mess around with the customers and get my boss into trouble. I am thinking of taking a less dangerous job and I'm looking for one now. I can't keep delivering. I told my dad all about this and he said, "The Internet has changed everything, do what you can to stay uninvolved." Good advice, I guess.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 27

    I work in a building where there are literally hundreds of hot girls. It seems I have an erection almost all day. I just figured out some relief.

    There is a private room on each floor called a "wellness room". You go in and the door automatically locks, then only opens from the inside--private! Mostly these hot bodied women go in there and do yoga. It even has a widescreen so they can play video from their phones.

    Well, it's my wellness pleasure room after they are done now. I take pics of them all day, I have hundreds of pics now, from my phone in my shirt pocket. I go in the room and put the slideshow on the widescreen, then wank. I can still smell the women that were doing yoga moments earlier.

    I imagine they are in there doing naked lesbian yoga, and by the time they are out, I am ready for my wellness time.

    Wanker Perv

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    I'm the office manager and we work at a small, successful company that sells office supplies. We have a good sales group of three men and two women. I've made it with all the salesmen, and one of those girls. The other is too weird for me. She also has one eyebrow that runs from ear to ear and rarely shaves her legs. The salesmen, always horny, fuck her from time to time. They claim she's good but not for me. The girl I've done is married but will go for it once in a while. depending on her home supply.

    The boss's secretary, Penny, who prefers being called his "assistant" is indescribably hot, even to me, a woman with plenty of experience fucking a lot. Cum one, cum all. You can almost see steam coming out from under Penny's skirt. Around 5'4" with bubble tits and a gorgeous bum, she wears clothes that look like sprayed paint on her body and rarely wears undergarments. When the boss is in he sometimes takes her into the back room and we can hear the thumping and her moans all over the office. Once, his wife showed up unannounced and almost caught him. We laughed for weeks.

    Penny told me that the boss has a cock that looks like a fire hydrant but she fits it in with plenty of K-Y. She said she loves to hear the K-Y slurping as he drives it in and out of her. Only Penny has fucked him. He's an ugly son of a bitch and is a foot shorter than I am. If he sits down his mouth is at my pussy level but I'm really not interested. Thanks to Penny's availability he does not pester me much.

    What he does not know is that Penny fucks everybody in the office as well. I've walked in on her being sandwiched by two of the salesmen, watched for a while, then walked out, my hand under my skirt, masturbating.

    Even the weird gal has fucked her on a dare from one of the salesmen. Typically, one Friday, Penny was working late and I asked if I could help. She needed to collate a bunch of files so I started work on it. After a while we took a coffee break and she handed me a hot cup and looked at me in a certain way, so I put the cup down and grabbed her, locked my mouth over hers, and feeling her long tongue thrusting into my salivating mouth, we went to town.

    One time, forgetting to lock her door, I was eating Penny out on her boss's desk and Tommy, the youngest salesman, came up behind me, pulled my panties aside and rammed me hard and fast. We heard the boss's car and whipped back into shape. I look forward to those and, quite frankly, I don't have any idea how long all this great shit will last. All of us call her "Penny the Provider" and we all bang her whenever the boss is out of the office. He thinks Penny is his private property. What a laugh.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 26

    I had gone through a separation with plans for divorce while working as a police officer. My midnight dispatcher was a sixty five year old woman. She too was divorced twenty years back. I told her that I had not had sex with my wife for two months. She cried as if I were r****g her. When I stopped she said don't stop hurry and get it over.
    My dispatcher Anna said she had not have sex with a man since her youngest daughter was born. Her daughter was twenty two years old.

    Anna and I were walking out one morning when I stopped her, "If you want to have sex tonight, wear a skirt or a dress. if not wear pants.
    When I walked in the old shift was checking out, she looked at me and ask, How's my skirt look? I said great, then went on the road. I came in at 330am and brought Anna and I some food. Anna and I locked the building down from the inside. At the back kitchen and lounge area we sat at the table to eat. Anna took two bites of her food and sad this would wait till later. While I ate she got on the floor and opened my zipper.

    Let me see this dick that hurts so bad. She sucked and licked, I unhooked my sam brown belt and she tossed it in the chair. She opened my pants and pulled them off. She sucked my cock and licked my balls. She told me to cum now and she would get me hard again to fuck her. When my load released she choked a bit but eventually swallowed it all.

    She pulled off the skirt and opened her top. Unhooked the bra and her tits popped out. They laid flat against her. I am guessing at one time were massive, before they deflated. She laid back on the sofa and masturbated for me. watching this really old woman masturbate got me horny. My cock got hard with out her touching it. She ask me to come over, she was ready.

    I looked down as she spread the lips of her bald pussy and fed my dick in her. I could feel my cock hitting something up in her, but I had hit something in every woman I had been inside. Stroked her good and the same orgasm she had with her fingers came back. Then it got louder as she came. She said she was good if I wanted to cum in her thats ok. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders, I started slamming cock in her hard. With each slam she moans out Oh and louder. Finally I was slamming her at a rapid pace and she was cumming loud and hard.

    She screams out Jesus Oh oh jesus and how good it feels. Finally she finished her second orgasm. I shot my nuts in her, for the 1st time in over two years I fucked without hearing my partner cry. I could actually fuck her without hearing stop it hurts or make it quick.

    I leaned to like working nights. Anna would leave work and stop by my apartment in the mornings, we would fuck for an hour or so and then she went home.

    That was over 25 years ago and I wonder if she ever thought about our times at work. The Chief ask me why I spent so much time in the office, I told him paper work and watching a TV show. He moved Anna to Day shift and moved Debbie a black girl to my shift dispatcher. By then I had a girl friend living at my apartment, I went home in the middle of the night for dinner and sex.

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