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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been giving this $2 million dollar printing job to the same supplier for the last three years because the rep wines and dines me. She also gives the most amazing blowjobs in my office and I have bent her over a few times over my desk.

    We are both single, similar age, both professional-types and we get along suprisingly well. This has now escalated to weekends at her house for some unforgettable sex. The contract is awarded twice a year and she probably makes $100,000 in commission everytime.

    Sometimes I feel guilty but it is a very difficult cycle to break.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I dream of him, I dream of him, I dream of him. I am so crushed on him. I so dream of the moment when he will just quit this office stuff and ask me out and take me out and afterwards take me to a place where he can just fuck me. Actually, if he would just fuck me and get it over. I know he likes me, why doesn't he just have the balls to fuck me. I am yours, take me, do with me, I am yours.

    OK, I spend half the day wet, dreaming about you coming it to my office and just fucking me on the desk, making sure that everyone else knows that I am yours and staking out your claim. Now do it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    THAT I LOVE HIM, he is the greatest, he is the man of my heart, he means everything to me, I can't wait to come to work to be with him, I dream of him every night, when we are alone I tell him I love him, I want to be his wife, I want to have babies, I LOVE HIM.

    Crazy, isn't it. To be in love with your own boss.

    P.S., I know he loves me too, I can see it in his eyes, I can feel it when he touches me, I can hear it in his voice, I can feel it when I hug him and he hugs me back, I know he loves me, we share meals together, and sometimes, we just go to the park and sit on a bench and he holds my hand. And sometimes, he holds my face and tells me he loves me.

    P.P.S., I am 35 he is 55. So what. The age difference does not bother me, but it does bother him and he tells me with a heavy heart that I should look for someone younger. I don't care. I LOVE HIM.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    For the last 10 years I have been the maintenance man for a large motel in SC. It was a pleasure going to work for 9 of those years until the new owner took over.

    Clare is about 46 or 47 and although rather attractive is a vindictive bitch. Shes divorced and she and her daughter Kimmy moved into the end unit behind the check-in desk. Her daughter is only about 26 but is just as miserable as her mother. What makes matters worse, she is very fussy and bossy with me and all the other help, especially the girls that clean the rooms.

    It was just about 9 months ago when we had a major plumbing problem in the sewer line which affected the 4 end units. The supply room is directly behind the bosses unit and almost everything was destroyed. It was something I wasn't capable of fixing so a local plumber was called in and much of the floors and dry wall had to be replaced. That part of the job was left up to me to repair.

    I worked on it every day for three weeks with constant bickering and aggravation from both the boss and her daughter. When I got to their end unit and the supply room I had to fix both sides of the dry wall and put a new floor in their bathroom. As I was doing it I discovered a way to put a peeping tom hole from the supply room into their bathroom. There is an old electric thermostat on the bathroom wall that is not even connected anymore. It has a hole the size of a nickel that used to have a GE logo in it. In the supply room I didn't put up any dry wall where the hole is and cut a hole on the bathroom side so I can see into it. I put shelves over the missing dry wall, which is a pain to take off, but I was afraid they might find the peep hole if they went into the supply room.

    I only go in there at night time and before I am done work for the day I go into the office and switch the key to the supply room so no one can get in while I'm there. In the last 8 months I have seen both Clare and Kimmy naked dozens of times. Both have excellent bodies, in particular Kimmy although her breasts aren't very big. I don't necessarily like watching them use the toilet but love watching them shower and dry themselves. I only go in the supply room a couple nights a week after work but most of the time see one or both of them shower or at least undressed. I masturbate watching them most of the time and the best part of it is I am no longer offended by the way they treat me and the other employees.

    There have been a few other women I saw naked in their bathroom several times. One of them is Kimmy's friend and one is Clare's sister. There's another woman who visits sometimes but I'm not sure who she is. I always hope Kimmy takes a shower when I am in there and I have even watched her as she changed tampons a few times. Her mother still gets her period but uses pads instead. Now whenever they boss me around too much or badger me about some of the needed repairs I just smile at them and fix it. I don't like either one of them but do like looking at their naked bodies.

    Months ago I thought about quitting this job and had an offer to work in a hotel close by. The pay was about the same so I decided to stay here because of the peeking benefits. These two women are even rude with some of the guests and I don't know why they ever got into this business. I just grin and bare it now knowing they have no conception of how often I see them naked. I have seen both of them touch themselves sort of like masturbating but don't know if they actually orgasmed from it.

    Lately I am naked myself when I watch them and enjoy seeing them humiliate themselves without knowing I'm watching them. Some of the things they do are funny and I like watching them when the look at themselves in the mirror. Kimmy always touches her breasts I believe while wishing they were bigger. Clare holds hers up sometimes I think because they are starting to sag. Clare doesn't shave her pubic hair at all but Kimmy is constantly trimming hers and shaves inside her crotch I suppose for her bathing suit. If they knew I was watching while they did all those personal things they would die of embarrassment. They are hard people to work for and since they took over, 3 of the cleaning women have quit. There is only one other man that works here but I don't ever let him watch them and haven't told anyone about the peek hole. Even though they treat me like a second class citizen sometimes I get even with them just by seeing them naked.

    Clare did tell me once that I was very good at my job but she doesn't know why I always smile at her and Kimmy all the time. Maybe they think I'm just friendly.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    As a soldier in their military, I was assigned a boring 9 to 5 office job. The only good thing about this boring position was the hot worker from a different civilian agency working in the same office. I would check her ass out and fantasize fucking her hard.

    One day I had to go to her office to check up on some things and we started chit chatting. While chatting, she must've caught me checking her ass out when she turned around to grab a file. She wore skimpy skirts and had that perfect ass. I was only in her office a couple of minutes but I sensed either i was a nutcase or that she was thinking the same dirty thoughts i had been about her.

    No sooner did I get back to my desk did I receive an Instant Message from the internal office computer. It was from her. Nothing unusual really.

    I clicked on the message and it read something along the lines of "I felt you tearing my clothes off with your eyes you bad boy!" followed by an "lol."

    With that I typed back "If only you knew what I was thinking!"

    This went on for a couple of days and the inter office messages started getting more and more hotter and more descriptive. All in good fun but naughty all the same. Until one day!

    I get a message and she tells me she's not wearing any panties. I tell that would be a nice view to see given the boredom of the office. She asked if I'd like to see if she was telling me the truth or not. Of course I said sure! She said she'd drop by my cubicle shortly with fake papers as an excuse to be in the cubicle with me.

    As I waited I was rock hard thinking about her pussy and if true, how would I react!

    A few seconds later she walks in and sits on the corner of my desk with a shit eating grin on her face and asks me if i believed her. I smiled and said something like "I hope so because that would be the highlight of my day!" With that she looked around to ensure nobody was looking in our direction and raised her skirt slightly then slowly opened her legs to reveal a beautifully trimmed warm pussy! I must've been drooling! I looked around and told her we should stay in the office when everyone leaves for lunch as I'd love to eat that pussy for lunch! She agreed.

    Well let's just say we would go to work early, finish late and during the few months at that office job she would suck me until she swallowed every drop and I have never fucked and ate so much pussy as I did in that office! Just thinking back makes me hard! She had one of those pussies that didn't smell bad and her taste was as sweet as one could imagine!

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i get ready for work i wear a skirt everyday to work and when i get to work i remove some articles of clothing cause i sit all day long so i take my panties off and my shoes off so i am nude from under the skirt down .... so it makes it easier to go when need to i keep a potty chair behind me in under a blanket and use it for a chair so i had to work over and so i decided to pull it out one evening and thought i could try to poop if i need to and would not have to do it when i got home it would be taken care off .... so i pulled the chair out and just sat down and started working be sitting on the potty chair for about 15 minutes and just farted really big and knew it was fixing to happen soon.... my boss co boss came in the office and i really need to finish up the papers and need to poop as well he did not know i was i was fixing to do that ..... so he walked in and said i need to talk to u about some paper work i told him i really need to finish this and get out of here cause it was getting late so he sat and sat and so he looked down at his papers i had the grunt look on my face he said are u ok i said i am getting the urge to go poop shortly and he said u are and i told him u asked i am not ashamed to tell ya ... so he was still talking i grunted again he said are u ok i said i was asked to get these done i am trying and need to poop as well just cant do it all at once if possible i could take these to rest room and do it all that way ..... i asked him to leave and come back an hour before work to talk about it tomorrow he said i cant he said are u sitting on the potty chair u had behind u i told him yeah i was fixing to use to he said how so brought out the tp and sat in on the desk and air freshner and told him to excuse me i farted in loudly he said if i need to go to the RR to go so i am trying to here no way so to show his way out and come back in 45 minutes i would show in the chair before i cleaned it out and he said ok ..... so he was still here i pushed and trying to type and figuere these papers out and still pushing it was poked out in my cheeks and he left and came back the turd was hanging my crack and it started feeling awesome that i was pooping in my office .... he came back i told him come behind me and i raised over and it was hanging in crack he was so amazed and it is great to share things with your boss .... to be friend with him like that ........

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My boss is the quintissential cougar-single,about 50 yrs old with a body of a 20-yr-old, and in a position of power. She always wears these pencil skirts that hug her tight round ass. I want to prop her up on her desk, spread her legs, and tongue fuck her until her cum runs down my chin all while playing around with my own clit.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My boss gave me a super big account and project but keeps adding extra responsibilities to the account, and I'm so overworked I'm afraid I'm going to only do a half-assed job on both. He's setting me up for failure without giving additional resources (although, I've asked).

    This morning, while he was in a meeting, I peed on his car in the garage. I made sure there were no security cameras, dropped my pants and pissed on his hood.

    I actually felt better. I wonder what'll happen to his paint job if I do it daily?

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am bottomless at my desk most of the time!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well....I wasn't sure about how to go about this. I work for a fairly large company in my hometown, and have been happily dating my boyfriend for 4 years. Recently however, with how busy things are and how often we see eachother and the fact that I am at work more often, a couple of the guys have seemed to notice, that I'm a little excited some days. About 2 weeks ago, one of the supervisors, who is also a close friend of mine, asked me to come back to his office to talk with me. It was after hours, there were other people around the office because of what was going on, and we closed the door so we could talk privately. He is married and has been having a rocky relationship these last 2 years with his wife. He is also one of these guys who likes to talk a lot of shit and not back it up, but I sensed that he needed human touch. We were talking and he was saying that because of their problems he has been sleeping on the couch for the last two weeks, that she won't even touch him. He loves shoulder rubs, so I slid my hands into the inside of his shirt and started rubbing his shoulders and let his head lean back and rest on my chest. We heard people talking outside the door and I stopped seeing as I could loose my job if someone saw this, I sat down in the chair next to him. Except this is where I think I went a little overboard. I told him that I always thought that he was handsome, and wouldn't mind just being a friend with "benefits". Seeing as we are both in a relationship that is somewhat slacking in the sex dept. This floored him, and I told him, that if he would like we could start it now. He said sure, kinda shy, and shut off the lights to make people think the office was locked for the night. I reached behind his head and pulled his lips to mine and gave him a kiss, and slid my hands down to the waistband of the pants and just slid those down with his boxers. He said you know I always wanted a redhead, I hear they are aggress......That is all he got out. I licked the outside of the head of his kick, and licked the underside of his cock. His legs started getting weak, so I pushed him down into his chair, and continued to suck him. He ran his fingers through my hair, and let me go at him like a kid with a lollipop. I remember taking him all the way in, and getting ready to feel him cum. He just about blew his load before he said stand up and bend over. I hiked my skirt up and he bent me over the desk and proceeded to give me the best fuck of my life. We both came so hard that there was a knock at the door from the sounds and we just said that we were having a meeting and would be right out. He gave me a kiss on my lips and told me that I had given him the best blowjob of his life, and was the best lay, and wondered if we could do it again sometime. I said sure, and asked what got him going so much. He said that he had never been that spontaneous, and doing it somewhat in a public place. He liked the intrigue with the fact that would could have been caught. I will let you know further details.......with the next encounter..........

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