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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Straight Female / 24

    I have a job I enjoy. Iâm happily married and have good sex with my husband. In or department I have a mid 30âs boss and two coworkers. He is a good boss to work with and we as a group exceed work expectations. The thing is us ladies could get him fired for sexual harassmentâs. The reason we donât is we all enjoy it. I started work 3 years ago. The other two ladies warned me how he was. His thing is to give quick groped to our private parts. One of the other lady coworkers ask me one day have I let him have it yet. I said no I havenât. She said if I do I would never regret it he is good. I wear open tops so he can squeeze my breast easy. I wear tight pants or shirts so he can feel between my legs easy. I had my first son and he enjoyed rubbing my pregnant belly. My husband really wants a lot of sex so it helps me not cheat with my boss. I know he beds the other two ladies but I havenât gave in yet. My only concern is what will become of this situation.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Iâm married to a wife I love with two daughters. One of the ladies I work with is in her young 20âs just out of school. She dressed attactive always showing breast and tight clothes to show her figure. She lives a wild side when away from work. One Monday I noticed love bites on her breast. I crossed the ethics line and picked at her about it. She looked around to see if anyone was around and pulled both breast out and showed me all of her love bites. It was all I could do not to reach out and fondle her breast. Another day she wore a skirt. She had turned facing me and I saw she didnât have any panties on. I commented she had a good shave. She spread her legs and showed me her bare pussy and said thanks. She for years did many exposes to me and even would squeeze my balls a few times. It has been all I could do to be loyal to my family. I have cum in my wife many times while pretending to be having sex with my coworker. The other ladies at work are so jealous of her.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I worked at a local retail store as a manager and one of my employees, a girl named Olivia who looked all Italian with a nerd-girl vibe and was 8 years my junior, was giving off crush-on-the-boss vibes. One day when we were doing inventory she tried to clumsily flirt with me, and I asked her if she wanted a spanking. She went all red and blurted out "yes please". So I spanked her and took her virginity. After a week we got into the whole dom-sub thing, she even called me "master".

    After a couple of months she came to work in tears crying because her parents had kicked her out (being good pro-family-values Christans they insisted Olivia have an abortion or give up the baby, she said "No"). I had to fire her so I could marry her. She was hysterical with relief that I was going to keep her. She married me and gave birth to Mikki our daughter. A couple of years later Olivia's parents tried to pretend there was no separation but she refused to play.

    Olivia and I have been married for seven years now and we've had a second child, our son Alan. She's still a bottom and I occasionally have her seduce younger men and women for my amusement. The kids should be old enough for joining in before she turns 30.

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    Straight Female / 24

    My boss took out his cock not many days after I began to work at this small sales office. He could not get me to suck it but bent me over, pulled my panties down and took me doggy style, his large belly bumping my ass. He does that about once a week on Fridays (for some reason, perhaps in anticipation of the weekend). He swaggers around and has told some of the salesmen that I am his personal fuck and he does me when he wants.

    What he does not know is that his teenage son who has a larger cock, I gladly suck off, I also fuck multiple times, sometimes as many times as he can or wants.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    My boss is a total dickhead, he has no idea that I have fucked not only his 18 year old, formerly virgin daughter, but his total cockslut son as well. In four months I popped the daughters virgin pussy, mouth and asshole, and now have her fucking me and a couple of friends at a time. She's taken 6 cocks in the last 4 months. She's turning into almost as much of a whore as her brother. I (and about 50 other guys) fuck his mouth and ass anytime I want. I've seen him at parties drunk walking around and bending over for anyone who tells him to do it. They fuck him and walk away. I've seen him get as many as 15 or more cocks in 1 night, granted about 8 of them after he's passed out and fucked out already.

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    Straight Female / 26

    no, I am all for the royal harry types marrying shitty common loose women. It makes the rest of us feel better to be honest. Hearing about all of kate and megans common criminal jailbum family members makes the rest of the world feel better. I hear people saying its so cool and refreshing that the two childish men of windor have chosen slummy girls when they could have had much more beautiful richer women with more elegance makes me think "hehehehehe" what a laugh because I am just waiting for the books to come out about all the people the royals in England have jilted and stolen partners from cuz I think the queen is no innocent there, she might close to dead but her angelic imagine is fading with her time and looks and I hate the media bouncing her up to be some icon in movies just cuz she is going a bit batty, cuz I bet she broke up marriages. It gives us commoners hope that we can marry some of the men and women they reject. the queen is a bitch however, she makes sure all the kids and illegitimates are married off so keep your secrets about who you like cuz she will come a knocking for a steal as they do. I don't mean to sound mean but megan is not attractive and she is going to get old looking and leathery black skin is not nice, she will be thin ugly or fat ugly like princess grace and she is not much but then nor is he. the royals loss is the commons gain! if only us honest modest decent humans knew what these people got up to. well, with hollywood under the queens bum it has to cut hard on her like the usa political kickbox fighting. my guess is the queen windsor has had illigitimate children herself and kate probably did and megan probably has had bubs before too, they sell them to get to the top. Its ironic that harry has dropped so low to marry someone with such a weird family and mother to walk her down the isle, wow, I thought it would be obama himself. he must have sold her to harry right. did harry go down or maybe indeed he has come up from the hole he is about in his drug life that aint over. I can see muggsy being BOOOOED as much as Have a Break- Have a Kid Kate and Work-Shy-Willy. But it is more refreshing not seeing their kids go off to soon and Diana antics of her model "what is she wearing today to take the kiddies off to school" play of the 1980s, god rest her savage soul. The wedding should not even be televised, afterall, its just another n***ar from the ghetto marrying up like a golddigger Kadashinian style. I see the windsors making a Keeping Down with the Mucky Wives of Windor AO rated. they will probably have to make porn to live, I guess he can always go back to his drugs or eating other kids ears that old chuck thought was cool or kicking people giving flowers to anyone near him. no one will want to see harry or megan anyway, and do they want to see william and kate or their kidddies, nope. They really don't want to see the photos and chat on them. wait til they bad up!

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    1 / 29

    carpe diem

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    Straight Male / 51


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    Straight Male / 27

    The work and writing code comes easy to me, etc. I'm the boss's office "Golden Boy" I suppose. Truth be told, I have had sex with his maid, his wife and daughter (not together but at different times.) They are not terribly good looking but they all fuck like mad rabbits.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Right form the day I started, which was eight months ago, my bosses wife came onto me. She's a lot younger than him and in truth far too sexy for a fat lazy fucker like him. I guess you'd call their marriage, a marriage of convenience, as she spends his money and he gets to fuck a very good looking twenty seven year old. When I say fuck, he apparently last only a few strokes and it's all over with.

    Michelle asked me to help her with a load of paperwork she had to do and I joined her in the back office. Only we didn't do any paperwork as she took my cock out and sucked me dry. I didn't fuck her that morning, but only because she told me she'd been longing to suck dry a big cock for months.

    From the first blow job in that office, we had sex pretty much every day for about a fortnight. The first fuck came when her husband drove over to one of the companies suppliers, as they defaulted on an order. Probably as he was shouting (He always shouts) at their boss, I was banging his wife over his desk. Michelle stripped right down to her panties and bra and had me lick her pussy and ass, before she pulled her panties aside and lay face down on her husbands desk. Fucking her pussy from behind, I was soon hammering away, when she asked me to fuck her ass. I'd never done anal before so it was new to me, yet so fucking horny. Pumping my cum up her asshole for the first time, after she'd orgasmed twice, will stay with me forever.

    Michelle has told me she's only using me for sex, and maybe I might need to move on soon. But boy has it been an education fucking her this past eight months. And only last week she asked me if I know anyone (A guy) who'd be willing to do a threesome with me and her at a motel. Tomorrow (Friday) Michelle, myself and a friend of mine who doesn't work at the company, will be taking the afternoon off and going over to the motel. I'm not sure if it's our final fuck, yet if it is, I'm going to make damn sure we give it to her for the full two hours we've booked the room for.

    If her husband knew (He's in Europe right now) he'd divorce her in heart beat, and I'd be fired.

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