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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My boss Helen(Owner of her own comapny) is such a stuck up frosty bitch. She really is one hell of a toffy nosed woman, and someone I used to doubt that her husband ever got to fuck her anymore. She genuinely thinks she's part of the Cheshire set, and often mentions famous people she's met and eats prolonged lunches with.
    What my self righteous boss doesn't know, is I actually know for sure her husband doesn't fuck her anymore. That's because over the past eighteen months he's been spending lots of his time, and sometimes my work time, fucking me.
    It began when I overheard him on his mobile arranging to meet up with a rent boy. I made sure he knew I'd heard him and the rest is as they say, history.
    Instead of fucking a rent boy that afternoon, he arranged for me to have the rest of the day off. He then drove me to their home. As his wife, my boss was probably taking meeting after boring meeting, he was fucking me on their bed.
    He even drove me to work the next day after picking me up. Before he dropped me off though, I sucked his cock dry in his sports car.
    It's been a fantastic eighteen months whereby at every opportunity, we have gay sex of every description. And to top it all off this past couple of months, she's taken to having her husband run things at work, as she takes her long liquid lunches. In her office this past couple of months, her husband has fucked me in her plush black leather chair, on the large leather sofa she sometimes naps on, and on her massive solid oak desk. Even sometimes when she's drunk too much, in her very expensive car at the rear of the companies offices.
    He's told me only recently, he'd love to make us a permanent thing. I'm not holding my breath, truly. But until we stop fucking, I'm just going to enjoy my bosses husbands cock for as long as he's willing to fuck me.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 23

    My boss is the most arrogant, self centred, macho dickhead I know. Because he's a body builder and runs the company I work for, for a wealthy guy, he thinks he can order me around and sometimes bully me.
    His wife Kara hated the way he talked to me, a five feet six inch tall guy who's slim and not a fighter, at all. She asked me one lunch time, after she heard him bellowing at me, if I could call by their home that night as he would be out. She told me just how much she hates him bullying people especially younger smaller people, men or women. She has also told me I'm not the only one he bullies, hinting he's hit her in the past.
    When I asked her recently why she thought he is like he is, she stopped sucking my cock and held it, shook it a little and said "This".
    What Kara meant was, my boss, her husband might be built like a goliath, but he's apparently only got a small penis. When I asked her how big, she put a finger less than half way down my erect cock and said "This big on a real good day". My cock is just under nine inches long and is relatively thick too. Before I managed to say anything else, she added "And its about as thick as this". Kara flicked up her slender thumb to show me my boss has a really slim dick.
    That first night I called by his home, I fucked his wife all over his house. In the lounge, in the kitchen, on their bed and finally in their shower as she had me fuck her asshole, telling me he found it hard to fuck her there with his small cock.
    Kara is eight years younger than my boss, and for a woman who is as attractive as she definitely is, as she says, she wouldn't normally be attracted to a geeky looking guy like me. The fact she went crazy for my cock, after telling me her knobhead of a husband's cock is so small, told me, she'd carry on wanting me to fuck her.
    I've been fucking Kara now for over eight months. Each time her husband now shouts or intimidates me with his physicality, I smile inwardly knowing my cum will be swimming in his wife's pussy and asshole before long. I also know from Kara's say so, he's more than once eaten her pussy, not too long after I'd emptied my balls up there.
    My boss can keep up with his bullying tactics, if he feels that's how you man manage people in work. But I know because she's told me, no matter what her husband says or does, the thirty one year old woman I know as Kara, still wants me and our sexual times together.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 49

    I worked night shift during college at a 24 hour restaurant. I had made friends with the waitresses and noticed one was more flirty than the others. She was married with 2 kids. Not ugly but having two children showed on bigger ass and stomach. About 2am we usually had a break to clean floors and bathrooms. I was checking to see if the men's room was cleaned and she was in there. I turned to leave and she grabbed my pants and pulled me back inside. We were standing face to face close to each other. I don't know why but I reached up and pinched both breast. She stood there and smiled and said I was going to have sex with her now. She sat on the sink counter after dropping her pants. I stepped up and started fucking her. She and I climaxed together. I worked with her two nights every week an we always took a bathroom break together. I tried to have sex with other waitresses but no luck. I got to feel one other but no sex.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    There is no doubt in my mind what so ever, if my boss found out about myself and his wife, he'd not only fire me, he'd also most probably get someone to see to me violently.
    He thinks I'm totally gay, because of a works party where I was discovered being fucked by an older senior manager. The manager got sacked, but I kept my job as my bosses niece loves me. I also had the help of his wife, who at the time wasn't my lover.
    The one thing that came out of them discovering me being fucked, was they, the ones who saw us fucking, found out I have a large penis. It's a little under ten inches when erect and although I do enjoy being fucked, I also love to fuck women.
    The week after the party, I fucked my bosses niece in the store room at work. She'd not seen me that night but had heard all about it. She's older than me by three years and I tell you, she's a total slut. There was no introduction to us having sex, other than her telling me I was going to fuck her there and then. I banged the dirty bitch in the store room after everyone else had left to go home.
    The cleaner did enter the room after hearing us fucking, but she just smiled and closed the door. Once we'd both cum, me one and her twice, we agreed/she did, I would and could fuck her whenever she got horny. Which believe me is pretty much all the fucking time.
    I'd been banging my bosses niece for about three months, when I was about to go on my lunch break. My bosses wife Jenny, asked me directly if I was seeing her niece. Fearing loosing my job, I tried to lie, but Jenny said "Don't think I don't know, because my niece has told me everything and I do mean everything".
    I was about to deny it again when Jenny said and it shocked me at first "I want what you give my niece". I didn't say anything until she added "I want you to fuck me like you do my niece, I hear you're, you know". She pointed at my cock and smiled.
    Before I could say anything she told me, not asked me, I was going to join her at the motel two blocks from the company buildings. When I told her I'd get fired not turning in after lunch, Jenny said she'd already sorted I'd be helping her move some stuff the whole afternoon.
    The motel room was small, but clean. She told me she'd been there before with another youthful employee, one who disappointed her sexually. She also told me as she striped, she fully expected me to fuck all her holes. Never one to miss an opportunity, I was undressed myself in seconds and had my face between her legs and my tongue lapping away at the prettiest pussy I'd ever gone down on.
    Getting us to spin around I carried on licking out my bosses wife as she took in my semi erect cock. Before she opened her mouth to suck in my dick, she said "Well my niece wasn't lying then". I've shared sixty nines with both men and women before Jenny, but I've never been so long or had so much more enjoyment than I did with Jenny. She practically devoured my cock and she is the only person ever to have fully taken all of it down her throat.
    I was fully erect and leaking pre cum when Jenny told me she wanted fucking. Getting me to lie on my back, she squatted over my cock and lowered herself onto it. The feeling of her tight wet pussy sliding over my cock was amazing. She later told me her husband who's in his early fifties is a small man when it comes to penis size, so she sometimes fucks younger men to get her kicks sexually. But she hadn't had sex with anyone but her husband in over a year. Hence her pussy being so tight. It wasn't as tight as her asshole though. After she'd fucked me and she did FUCK me solid for over ten minutes cumming wildly on my cock, Jenny rose of my dick, propped herself up using the pillows and told me she wanted her asshole, her words "Drilling".
    We didn't have any lube, so my bosses wife asked me to lick her asshole until she'd become horny enough to take me there. I'd rimmed guys before, but I'd never licked a woman's ass. So bending down I stuck out my tongue and gave her what I knew guys liked. A few minutes of tonguing her rear hole and penetrating it with my tongue, she was ready for me. Spitting on my pussy juice covered cock, I put my cock to her asshole and slowly pushed in. I was about three inches into her ass when she turned her head and said "Don't treat it like it going to tear, FUCK IT".
    It was the green light for me. Moving backwards, I stopped for second or two and then thrust my cock hard up her ass. She squeeled with delight and a little pain, but I didn't care. From then on I hammered my bosses wife's asshole and she loved it.
    She enjoyed my cock in her that much, Jenny came three times. One as I was "Drilling" her that way. Another as I got her to mount me reverse cow girl and then having her stand up facing the large mirror in the room. We shuffled about after I fucked her facing the mirror for a couple of minutes, her small but firm tits bouncing as I fucked her hard. Then with the mirror side on, she watched as my cock entered her ass. I fucked her real ahrd that way, and when she came, she came so hard and so strong, she had to hold onto the side cupboard under the mirror.
    I didn't wait to ask her if I could. Holding onto Jenny's hips and slamming my cock deep into her ass, I unloaded my cum far inside her bowels and pumped every drop up her.
    We both lay back on the bed, and I thought that was that. But Jenny had other ideas. She moved across my body took my cock into her mouth and gave me the longest blow job of my life. Well over half an hour of her licking, sucking and gently biting my cock and balls.
    The moment my cock began to leak pre cum again, Jenny lay on her back and spread her legs. She said "No one fucks me this way normally, because I don't kiss employee's". Sliding my cock into my bosses wife again, I took hold of her right breast, put my left hand behind her head and kissed her passionately. However long it was that I ever so slowly fucked her to another strong orgasm, our mouths never parted. When I came up Jenny's pussy, she moved her face away and said "Thank you".
    My bosses niece and I still fuck occasionally, but she's now working at the companies other location. She's also met someone who she says, is going to be her husband. Yet she still has me fuck her whenever she's around. However my relationship, if you can call it that, with Jenny, has flourished. She is singularly the most erotic sexual woman I've ever had sex with. She's also the most horny and dirty demanding lover, male or female that I've been involved with.
    Every time we meet to have sex, which can be as many times as three times a week, Jenny always wants us to try new ways of getting her and myself off. Sex toys, different sexual positions and a new request from her recently, she wants to include another young man into our sexual times together. I know someone who's not quite as big as me, but all the same he too enjoys fucking both men and women. I should know he's been fucking me for the past three years on and off.
    So as you can see, If my boss found out just how much his wife enjoys fucking a young employee of his, he'd hit the roof and I'd hit the floor, hard.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 35

    "Come to my classroom". I texted these 4 words, and held my breath, my heart besting madly in anticipation. Just when I thought she wasn't coming, a key jangled the lock and she stepped into my classroom. She was wearing a wool sweater and a long skirt, professional attire for a teacher and a colleague.

    "So, what can I do for you?" She smiles as she steps towards me and presses her lips against mine. As we kiss she takes my hand and slips it under her wool sweater. She has removed her bra, and her breasts are just like I dreamed they would be. Her nipples harden in response to my caress and I raise her sweater so I can take them in my mouth. They taste like heaven.

    Her hands slide down my chest to my crotch. She realizes how hard I am, but she still rubs to see if she can get me to moan. I place my hands on her hips and guide her to the nearest desk. I gently push her down and pull her skirt up to remove her panties. She has already removed them, and is wet. As I take to my knees and lower my head in between her legs she lets out a long contented moan. "Oh god" she quietly repeats as I kiss and lick her things and slowly approach her clitoris. "Yes" she says as my tongue scribes a circle on her clitoris. "Shhh" I say. "There are students in the hallway". I continue to go down on her as she pulls my hand to her nipples. I rub and pull as they harden like a rock. She is starting to moan more consistently and gyrate her hips rhythmically. "I am going to cum. I want you to bring your cock" she begs.

    As I stand up she rolls off the desk and attacks my belt buckle, button and fly on my pants. Within 10 seconds my pants and boxer briefs are at my ankles. She takes my cock all the way into her mouth. As she licks and sucks I know I am going to explode any time. I pull her up and bend her over the desk. It only takes about 10 thrusts, but we both cum at the same time. It was amazing. Both of us are breathing hard, but feeling content.

    "Did you grab any Kleenex" she asks. Oops!

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 26

    For the past five months I've been fucking my bosses daughter. She's his little angel at nineteen, yet I know her to be completely different. I know her to be a total slut, one who loves being fucked hard in her pussy and deep up her asshole. We met at a company function to promote a new venture. She came onto me, even though she was with her then boyfriend. After she asked me if I'd fuck her, I took her into a side room and after having her suck my cock hard, I fucked her over a small computer desk. From then on, whenever we got time I would fuck her her as much and for as long as she or I could take it.
    That isn't the confession though. My boss has a new wife. His daughters step mom. It was her who caught us fucking in their home last month. Unknown to my boss or his daughter, once she'd seen me fucking her step daughters asshole. She firstly stopped us fucking, told me to get out and threatened to inform her husband.
    I left thinking, Oh well it was good whilst it lasted. I'd driven about ten minutes when my phone buzzed. It was a message from my bosses wife. It said to meet her the following day at a bar. The next day she told me she'd gotten my number from her step daughter, telling her she was going to tell me she wasn't going to say anything as long as it all stopped between myself and my bosses daughter.
    Moving straight away from the bar, we walked the hundred or so yards over to the motel and booked in. I spent the next hour having just as good sex with my bosses new wife, than I did with his slut daughter. If anything she was far more dirty than her step daughter. When I'd cum inside her for the second time, she told me she wanted to see me again.
    I've been fucking my bosses daughter for five months and haven't stopped (She's too good a fuck). But I now fuck his wife far more and have been for over six weeks.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 25

    My boss had to go in for some minor surgery. I went to visit her while she was at the hospital but she didn't want to say what the surgery was for. Her doctor came in at one point and told me she had to check something. She said I could sit on the chair in the room while she did what she had to. I sat on the chair and the doctor pulled the curtains around her bed. One curtain wasn't enough to go right around her bed so there were two. The doctor accidentally left a small gap between the curtains which allowed me to see a little into what was being done. I shouldn't have been looking but when the doctor pulled up her gown it got a little interesting. I was seeing her spread her legs and the doctor sticking her finger into her pussy. The gown came back down and the curtains opened shortly afterwards. I visited a little longer and at one point my boss was sitting up and tried to get a pillow that was at her feet. I stood up asking if she wanted me to get it for her and told me she could get it. She was bending forward and I could see down her gown front. I saw her pussy earlier and now I was getting a peek at what were a set of large lovely breasts. I know she didn't know I saw what I saw. When I actually said I was about to go she said goodbye and got up to use the washroom. As I was walking out of the room I looked back to see her going towards the washroom with her back to me. Each step caused her gown, which ties in the back, to open and close exposing her ass with each step. Once I had got back to my car I didn't know if I should mention what I saw to her or just keep it to myself. Anyways she is a 40 year old MILF and when I got home I jerked off thinking about what I saw.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 46

    I have worked at the Nursing home for twenty eight years. In that time I have I have walked in on the patents having sex. Have walked in on husband and wives having sex and that includes hand and oral sex. I have had my share of offers from men I help bathe to give them oral sex or vaginal sex. I have never done that with the men there. I have had sex with a few of the women. We get younger women who live alone and some need help and therapy to take care of them selves alone. I must admit a weakness for a certain look in a woman and giving a hand trimming up makes be ache to head them moan.
    I am a straight women but I do enjoy the feel of a fellow females body now and then. I do enjoy sex with my husband but that get boring for me some time. I give us both a treat when I arrange a female to join us. he thanks me so much for being such a wonderful wife. He has no idea how i enjoy her more than he does.

    I work with a geriatric male nurse and have walked in on him when he is planting his tool in some womans garden. I do as I am told and close the door and let them finish. We are not suppose to have sex with the patents but some time its hard to ignore. The male nurse likes the women of an age group and those women seem to love him. One ask me when he was coming back to work. She missed him.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 30

    I work in a charity organization and have many colleagues who run an elderly center with me. One of the guys there is Mark, who was going to get married end of the year to his long time beau. Mrk was one of those guys the elderly love, he was fun and passionate, helpful and well built too.

    As our Christmas event was underway, Mark and I often had to stay back late in our office to finish up the year end budgets and new year's proposals for funding purposes. His girlfriend who come by some of the nights earlier to the projects but lately have not been coming. As I asked Mark about it, he said they were going through a rough patch that he decided to use working late as an excuse not to meet up.

    My husband who works as a pilot was away a few weeks and my 5 month old baby boy was in the care of my parents. I was in the process of deciding to stop breastfeeding him as it was taking too much of my time and I had to pump my milk in the office and send it to my parents' house for my son.

    One evening Mark and I were so engross in our discussion for the year end party that I forgot to pump my milk. What I did not realize sooner was that the milk leaked to my shirt causing Mark to stare at my then engorged breasts. Having work together for awhile now, Mark teased me that my milk in breast was making his cock hard. That was the first time I heard Mark talk dirty to me.

    In a moment of passion, Mark stood up and kissed me. From a simple peck of the lip, our tongues were swirling in each others mouth and soon his hand was busy trying to remove my bra. That was the first time I adult nurse a man. Even my husband did not drink from my breasts.

    I lied to my parents and my husband that I had taken the pill to stop breast milk production. But the truth is I have been Mark's daily lunch and dinner supply. While the colleagues around us would go out for lunch at the nearby cafe, I would find myself grabbing an early lunch and when they have all gone out, it was milking time.

    As Mark's appetite for my milk increased, I found his mouth movements on my engorged nipples stimulating even more milk for him. His tongue rounding the nipple while he occasionally bit my nipples lightly. Dinner routine was similar. I would sit on his table, my back facing the door and breasts fully exposed to Mark as his palms and mouth take me in.

    We have since progressed into our relationship and have even had sex after office hours on our board room table. With his cock ramming into my pussy and finally cumming in me, I am glad I have not been pregnant with Mark's baby. As I sough relief from my husband's frequent flying with this affair, Mark has gotten married but that marriage is sexless. He is hardly away from the office as his meals are at work and night is spent in my arms. Work time has never been more pleasurable. Just this year, we both receive awards for being the most dedicated employees but no one really knows why we are so committed to the office. It is our love-making home.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 27

    I am married to a great guy and we have been for 8 years. I work in a typical office type setting and my company recently took on a college intern. He is 20, a frat boy, and a total jerk. He clearly has no respect for women, just uses them and thinks of them as conquests.

    He has been hitting on me more and more brazenly each day for several weeks now and I am sort of the type to not want to make waves and don't feel comfortable going to management or anything. The frat boy has no respect for me or my marriage as I routinely remind him that I have a husband.

    I cannot stand him, he makes me sick. And yet given the situation, I can't help feeling more and more resigned every day to the fact that he is going to fuck me.

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