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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Gay Male / 54

    My experience is that being out of town, having a few drinks, late at night people do things that they would not normally do. I have travelled all my career and I am in my mid fifties. A long time ago in Guayaquil Ecuador I sucked my first dick. I was in my early thirties and I was stuck there for a few days and I got friendly with the bartender at the hotel and one night he knocked on the door after he had closed down the bar and asked me if I wanted to go out. We went to several bars he knew and we ended up at this one bar that had a lot of young men drinking and dancing. A young guy came over to serve the table, he was pretty, still no apparent beard, he had on a pair of tight pants, flip flops and a very tight shirt. He spoke in a girly voice and my friend the bartender asked me if I liked him. In any event the bartender paid for him and we took him with us to the bartender's apartment that he shared with two other guys. The alcohol was flowing and the server danced naked on the coffee table and the bartender and his roommates enthused me to suck his dick. I sucked his dick. I found that I liked sucking his dick and the boy got hard and the guys got all worked up and the bartender offered me a bed and I fucked my first queer.

    Of course, today everyone is all about HIV and STDs and everything, but that night getting my dick up his tight little ass was all that mattered. It felt great, it felt great having him naked against me and jerking him and sucking his dick. He was full and he came all over the place.

    Back at my hotel when I was alone I did get to thinking about what I had done, but I was also pretty hung over and fell asleep. I was there only two more nights and both nights we went out, straight to the gay bar and enjoyed having the dancers dance and waive their dick around. There was no rule against touching and for a few bucks you could suck any of the dancers. On my last night my friend the bartender arranged for a line of naked guys to come by, step up have their dick sucked, drink a shot of firewater, suck a dick, drink again until I was pretty much passed out. The last night the bartender spent the night with me and we slept together and woke up with a splitting hangover headache. I disappointed him because I just could not get it going so all we managed to do was suck each other a little. We said goodbye and all, but I never had a reason to go back to Guayaquil.

    On the road I have met many lonely guys, sitting at bars, on trains, on planes. I have been to a whole lot of places and have a good number of good bars to go to and many more times than you would think I get a guy I met on the plane to go out to dinner and then take him to gay bar. There is something about being in a bar surrounded by all that energy that gets a guy to lower his barriers and get his dick sucked. I usually look for a booth where we can sit close together and order up drinks and have our knees and thighs touch. Usually there are lots of other guys kissing and if I can get his dick out of his pants I give him a suck in the booth and he is usually good to go to come up to my room.

    If I am alone I look for young guys who need some money. They get hard and a lot of them are sissy queers that love to get fucked. If I find a man who is traveling I go for the older guy who is alone, if he goes out to dinner he is well on the way to have his first queer experience. So many guys really like to just get naked and share hand jobs and suck each other, others like to kiss and caress or have their buttocks massaged. If they let themselves get fingered then they are receptive to getting fucked. I always have a set of condoms to fuck and carry around a bit of lube to make things easier.

    I am rarely disappointed, I do have my kink and I go to Amsterdam for that.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 38

    Sheâs fat and ugly, but my god I canât resist when she tells me that she wants to swallow my spunk.

    Iâm a happily married man who works as a teacher and sheâs a âlesbianâ teaching assistant, which works brilliantly for cover as nobody expects that sheâs sucking my cock and balls when we work late into the evening.

    Her blow job technique is exceptional and she swallows every drop which just turns me on no-end.

    She often whispers how much she wants my thick cock in her mouth when she brushes past me in class or the corridor, and she will take any opportunity she can to stroke my bulge under a table or in the store cupboard.

    Sheâs a pure nymphomaniac, and she often tells me how she wants to be used: she wants to be gang-banged until every orifice is sore and her body is coated in cum.

    I know I shouldnât be engaging in activity with her, but, my god, the thought of her thick lips enveloping my cock is just too much to bear!

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Tom and I work for a very large (employees) company. When I first started, my immediate supervisor, Tom, who is around 10 years older than me, walked into my office with his cup of java, closed the door after him and introduced himself. We chatted a while and got along famously. His coffee break visits became a tradition and I would miss them when he did not come in. This continued for two years and I told my wife about him where she asked if he was married and I said that he was.

    My wife, once a photo model (not a fashion model) looked amazing in a swimsuit so I had a photo of her in a bikini on my desk, that Tom admired. One day, Tom rushed into my office apologizing. He talked about our co-worker, Claudia, giving him a majestic chubby. He did not want her to spot it, for some reason, so he closed the door to my office and sat down. He said, "She does it to me every time she wears those clingy, knit dresses." Glancing down at his crotch my mouth flew open and I said, "Is that all you?" He said, yeah, but it looks bigger than it really is hard in my pants. Without another word, he unzipped and opened his pants. To me it did not look smaller while sticking out.

    I had never seen a cock like that, even while in the Marines. I kept staring at it and Tom said, "Well, it's real in any case, have a feel." I shocked myself taking a hold of his cock. It was so thick I could almost not close my fingers around, and it was hard, with a slight upward hook, a large head on it. Tom said, "Wow, that feels good, stroke it a bit and make my day." I stroked his cock best I could and found myself with my own erection, though nothing like Tom's. Tom said, "just a minute" got up and snapped my door shut with the lock. I unzipped my pants and he said, "not bad yourself." I had jerked one or two boys off back in school but did not see myself as gay or bi.

    Now I was wanking Tom and he was doing me. Holding my cock up, Tom began to lick and suck my balls. My mouth began to water for Tom's thick rod and for the first time in my life, I went down on a man. It felt good and quite normal to do. We took turns sucking each other off, each of us coming into the other's mouth and taking the entire load to swallow. We talked a bit, Tom unlocked my door to avoid suspicion and he then said something that surprised me. "You never met my wife, Nancy, but we have a deal and I have to confess extracurricular doings to her. I hope you don't mind." That was the beginning of a hot, bisexual, swinging relationship that seemed to start naturally but later I suspected that Tom and Nancy were conspiracy artists.

    What also surprise me was how quickly my own wife went for it all, and how much of it began with the bikini photo that Tom first spotted on my desk.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 22

    If my boss knew just how many times I've fucked his wife, he'd not only sack me, he'd probably have me beaten up. I've worked for him now, about two years and in that time I guess I've fucked his wife at least four times a week on average. He's always up and down the country on business, either travelling by car or sometimes flying into London. His wife who is a lot younger than him, is sex mad and I sometimes have problems keeping up with her demands. Last week for instance, he flew to London on the Thursday morning. And by lunch time I'd already fucked her mouth pussy and arsehole in his office. She drove us back to their home later on, after receiving a conference call with him and we fucked pretty much the whole evening. I was exhausted and thought she'd climaxed enough, but she had me go down on her making me tongue out the cum I'd just spurted up her pussy. The following day, she had me drive her in his car to the airport to pick him up. Waiting in the airport car park, she sucked on my dick, then mounted my cock anally as I fucked her as best I could. Once I'd cum deep inside her arse, she licked and sucked on my cock playing with herself until she orgasmed. I watched her greet my boss minutes later and saw them kiss passionately, knowing my cum would probably still be coating her mouth. The crazy bitch even had me slip her a quickie, when he went to the loo in work. I didn't cum, but I still watched her climax on my cock even though it was only a two minute fuck. I know I'm risking my job and probably my health. But then she is one gorgeous thirty year old, and she's also one dirty bitch too.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I manage a popular restaurant and employ several young guys 19 to 21 years old. Ive recently though it strange that they are always offering me iced tea at odd times then giggling a bit. I decided to review some in house video and to my shock discovered theses three guys stirring the pitures of tea with there cocks. I admittedly was also turned on by the video. I started asking for tea and as I sipped it making an mmmmmm sound which made them laugh even more. I isolated a time when they would usually conduct this cock stirring ritual and with the restaurant closed for the evening snuck up and surprised them with their pants and underwear around their ankles they where all hard as a rock and I told them to freeze where they were. they admitted that they thought I had a gay side and would like the taste of cock and were sorry. I told them they were right that I did like cock but from the source and reached out and began stroking all three cocks. I sat dowwn on an empty bucket and began to suck all three cocks a first for me and was rewarded in a short time with a torrent of cum on my face.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 18

    My dad's boss invited him out to a picnic with a few other executives. Dad's boss, Ted, is 63 and his wife, Marilyn, 62. We spent most of the day by his large swimming pool and it was a beautiful night under a bright moon. The men were all drinking and talking business and it sounded like boring BS to me so I moved back to the large table where there was still a bit of choice food.

    Marilyn came by and sat next to me, making small talk. She had a strange smile on her face. After a while, she reached down to my crotch and said, "I noticed your equipment under your swim suit, very nice." To say that I was shocked was not enough. She continued to rub my cock, which at 18 does not take much to go stiff. Since I did not move (due mostly to shock) she was emboldened and unzipped my pants, taking my cock in her hand. She said, "Now THAT is real equipment."

    Even though she was 62 and looked like every day of it, with white hair, she managed to get my penis rock hard and she stroked it, making moaning sounds. I decided to let her play with it and after a few minutes she dove down and started sucking hard on my cock, like the world was ending. She stopped only long enough to say, "Oh, this reminds me of the days when Teddy could still get it up." She stopped sucking my cock and sat up, saying, "Would you like to fuck me?" I uttered just a shocked sound. She said,"You can come inside me to your heart's desire."

    Without waiting for an answer she said, "I have my own bedroom upstairs just to the left of the top of the stairs, meet me there in a few minutes." Bewildered, I still had to contend with a rock hard cock that I stuffed into my pants. I felt that I had better meet her upstairs in the mansion. As I walked up the stairs I heard a loud whisper, "Just come in and close the door after you." I tip-toed into Marilyn's bedroom and she was naked on top of the bed with her legs spread. He large, floppy tits were hanging to each of her sides and her crotch was a mass of white hair over her slightly suntanned legs.

    In seconds, I was fucking Marilyn and my cock driving into the mass of white hair but her pussy, and I knew of only two others I had actually seen and not fucked, was fantastic. I drove it into a soaked, slippery vagina that had apparently not been near a cock for some time. "Once in a while, I get with a delivery man or some such odd fuck but this is precious, just fuck me hard, long an fast, go deep into me."

    Soon, I came but remained hot and hard so I kept going then I came again and kept fucking Marilyn. She noticed that I was coming repeatedly but kept fucking and said, "My goodness, am I doing all that for you?" I think I came seven times in a row and could feel my sperm drooling out of her. She excused herself, washed up and came back, a naked, elderly woman with large floppy tits. For reasons I cannot fathom, perhaps because I had never done it before, I went down on Marilyn and she "ooohed" and "coohed" like a giant bird. Then, she had an orgasm where I at first thought she was having a stroke. She gripped and pushed the back of my head into her wet, white mass of hair.

    Minutes later, she made a cold inced tea for me and gave me slip of paper, saying, "Let's get back, they are probably all drunk by now, but call me and we can fuck as much as possible if you wish." I took the slip of
    paper and tucked it safely into my hip pocket. Now, I was into a hot sexual affair with a woman my grandmother's age but...any port in the storm. After a month I must have shot a gallon of come into her and the only question remaining was, "Can all women do this at her age?" Apparently, as I learned, many can. She is my first one.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 31

    at the hook up

    my dad can't understand why I am still hurt over a guy I liked who was set loose in the neighborhood for chicks to bash and fight each other over and how he ended up fucking teens and mother threesomes on trampolines for a few months. all in all it was about 6-9months of shit while his wife was pregnant and he was scoonering every on heat bitch in the hood.

    we now call our neighbors house the "the hook up" joint. its a brothel. and you can see where they have spent the money on around their house as well. I think they killed a man and took his money to get a carried away with myself or maybe they were also doing illegal transplants of organs. there was so much crazy stuff going on there. I swear they set a ghost over here one night. they conjure up spirits for sexual and money gain without a doubt there was a scam crowd going down. we were not part of it. yeh, I am still hurting over and always will. once again like always I was rejected for a teen and her old grannypiler asswhore mother AI doesn't just mean artificial intelligence it also means ANAL INCONTINENCE. how do you think that makes me feel and to think I have murderers and sex maniacs getting a pay roll for prostitution while I am suffering poverty and loneliness. I should go bad. really I should. but I need a few conspirators.

    so the soap opera goes on, at least I can hold my head up not like these scanky whore hoedowns rodeo sluts.

    at the hook up he was a show girl,
    With yellow feathers in her asshair and a dress cut down to there
    She would bang bang and do the choppa sex change
    And while she tried to tot the thang
    Bogging always bending bars
    Across the pussypole floor, they fucked from eight til four
    They were young and they old had fucked others
    Who could ask for more?
    At the hook kockup (co) hookup club sausage or banana dicks
    The hottest spot north of bumbay (here)
    At the hook hockup (co) hookup club
    spusick and pashin were always the mashin
    At the hockup hook up they fell in bum

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Last month myself and a sexual friend of mine attended a party for couples who indulge in all kinds of sexual activity. We go basically to fuck either the wives or if they're into it, the men. I'm not too fussy which sex I fuck and I have no complaints with my nine inch cock from either sex.
    last month I entered a bedroom hoping to fuck a really attracive older owman, but she was already taking two married guys cocks, so I moved on and opened another bedroom door to a couple who were making out. They invited me in once they saw my cock (Sorry everyone was naked by then) and over the following half an hour or so, I ended having both of them suck me off, and then I fucked the guys asshole over and over again as his wife looked on and masturbated.
    Leaving them to sixty nine I knew they were drunk, and thought nothing of it as I got involved with a slut I've fucked once before with my friend.
    Two weeks ago I started a new job and almost immediately was introduced to the company owner. It only turns out, my new boss is the very same older man who I fucked at the party. He didn't remember me at all, but later on when his wife arrived, she did. Nothing had been said to me up until last Friday, and then he called me into his office.
    He's only gone and asked me if I'll go on a weekend away with him and his wife. That's because he said he'd love me to fuck him and this time his wife again.
    He was I will admit, a good fuck. But should I really be fucking the boss, and his wife ???

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    My immediate boss put in a complaint against me last month and I was fired a day later. Unfortunately for the two managers who worked together to get me sacked, they didn't know the very same evening I was fired, I had my cock deep up the company owners arsehole.

    I've been fucking him now for over a year, ever since I caught him watching gay porn in his office. He tried to make out he was doing some research, but I persuaded him it would be best if he just blew me there and then.
    I've always enjoyed fucking older men and he's by no means the oldest at fifty six to feel my seven inch cock fucking them. The oldest was a neighbour of my parents, who was sixty eight when I first fucked him. I was a randy little bastard who just wanted to lose his cherry at fifteen, and didn't care who's hole he fucked.

    And since losing my cherry and having such a good time every time with the neighbour, I sought out older men who wanted fucking. I'll fuck females too, but men are far more promiscuous and they always always want it rough and ready. Just as I like to fuck them.

    The company owner said after I fucked him last month, the manager who tried to get me fired, will probably have to earn my respect, or go himself. I know he can't afford to go, so I might let him earn my gratitude by letting me bury my cock up his arsehole.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 24

    My boss Michael is such a prick, and thinks he's so cool with his dominant, better than thou attitude. His wife is, and I know this for sure, fucking an older dude who I suspect is his uncle. She also knows that I'm banging their nineteen year old daughter Ashleigh, as she caught us fucking the same time I saw her bouncing up and down on the older guys cock.
    We were both at a well known park up place where couples, usually younger, go to have sex.
    Her reaction was to get out of his car and walk over. Agreeing with her daughter to say nothing either way, I slid my dick back into Ashleigh and let her mom see me do it.
    I thought she might have said something, instead the following Monday in work, she called by. Gave her husband some lunch, and signalled for me to follow her.
    Around the back of my work place, my bosses wife sucked on my dick, then had me fuck her from behind, as she leaned onto a tree. In the minutes I fucked her, I felt her orgasm three times, the last time just seconds before I came deep up her juicy c**t.
    In the five months since our first fuck, I've now fucked Ashleigh's mom at least two to three times a week. Sometimes only an hour or so before I have sex with Ashleigh.
    My ideal situation would be to fuck them both together, but I doubt Ashleigh would go for it, even if I'm sure her mom would.

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