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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Straight Female / 46

    I have worked at the Nursing home for twenty eight years. In that time I have I have walked in on the patents having sex. Have walked in on husband and wives having sex and that includes hand and oral sex. I have had my share of offers from men I help bathe to give them oral sex or vaginal sex. I have never done that with the men there. I have had sex with a few of the women. We get younger women who live alone and some need help and therapy to take care of them selves alone. I must admit a weakness for a certain look in a woman and giving a hand trimming up makes be ache to head them moan.
    I am a straight women but I do enjoy the feel of a fellow females body now and then. I do enjoy sex with my husband but that get boring for me some time. I give us both a treat when I arrange a female to join us. he thanks me so much for being such a wonderful wife. He has no idea how i enjoy her more than he does.

    I work with a geriatric male nurse and have walked in on him when he is planting his tool in some womans garden. I do as I am told and close the door and let them finish. We are not suppose to have sex with the patents but some time its hard to ignore. The male nurse likes the women of an age group and those women seem to love him. One ask me when he was coming back to work. She missed him.

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    Straight Female / 30

    I work in a charity organization and have many colleagues who run an elderly center with me. One of the guys there is Mark, who was going to get married end of the year to his long time beau. Mrk was one of those guys the elderly love, he was fun and passionate, helpful and well built too.

    As our Christmas event was underway, Mark and I often had to stay back late in our office to finish up the year end budgets and new year's proposals for funding purposes. His girlfriend who come by some of the nights earlier to the projects but lately have not been coming. As I asked Mark about it, he said they were going through a rough patch that he decided to use working late as an excuse not to meet up.

    My husband who works as a pilot was away a few weeks and my 5 month old baby boy was in the care of my parents. I was in the process of deciding to stop breastfeeding him as it was taking too much of my time and I had to pump my milk in the office and send it to my parents' house for my son.

    One evening Mark and I were so engross in our discussion for the year end party that I forgot to pump my milk. What I did not realize sooner was that the milk leaked to my shirt causing Mark to stare at my then engorged breasts. Having work together for awhile now, Mark teased me that my milk in breast was making his cock hard. That was the first time I heard Mark talk dirty to me.

    In a moment of passion, Mark stood up and kissed me. From a simple peck of the lip, our tongues were swirling in each others mouth and soon his hand was busy trying to remove my bra. That was the first time I adult nurse a man. Even my husband did not drink from my breasts.

    I lied to my parents and my husband that I had taken the pill to stop breast milk production. But the truth is I have been Mark's daily lunch and dinner supply. While the colleagues around us would go out for lunch at the nearby cafe, I would find myself grabbing an early lunch and when they have all gone out, it was milking time.

    As Mark's appetite for my milk increased, I found his mouth movements on my engorged nipples stimulating even more milk for him. His tongue rounding the nipple while he occasionally bit my nipples lightly. Dinner routine was similar. I would sit on his table, my back facing the door and breasts fully exposed to Mark as his palms and mouth take me in.

    We have since progressed into our relationship and have even had sex after office hours on our board room table. With his cock ramming into my pussy and finally cumming in me, I am glad I have not been pregnant with Mark's baby. As I sough relief from my husband's frequent flying with this affair, Mark has gotten married but that marriage is sexless. He is hardly away from the office as his meals are at work and night is spent in my arms. Work time has never been more pleasurable. Just this year, we both receive awards for being the most dedicated employees but no one really knows why we are so committed to the office. It is our love-making home.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I am married to a great guy and we have been for 8 years. I work in a typical office type setting and my company recently took on a college intern. He is 20, a frat boy, and a total jerk. He clearly has no respect for women, just uses them and thinks of them as conquests.

    He has been hitting on me more and more brazenly each day for several weeks now and I am sort of the type to not want to make waves and don't feel comfortable going to management or anything. The frat boy has no respect for me or my marriage as I routinely remind him that I have a husband.

    I cannot stand him, he makes me sick. And yet given the situation, I can't help feeling more and more resigned every day to the fact that he is going to fuck me.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I worked at a the hardware store from 9th grade until I left for college. The owner was an older man in his 70's and his wife an aged once bombshell woman in her early 60's. I did orders for them and that put me in the office with his wife. The owner liked to play poker at the VFW in the afternoons.
    His wife would ask me about girls and later sex. She showed me the pictures of her, one that hung in the office was a movie star looking picture with her in a gown.

    She told me that her sex life was over, and i ask if she could fix it? she said if she had a partner. Her problem was a husband who could not get it hard, but still liked his satisfaction. She wore low cut tops and she showed me a few times when she would bend over. She was built nice and dressed well.

    She say on the desk one day and told me "have your way with me" then laughed and got up. I ask if she would be upset if I took the offer. She told me that i would not want anything to do with an old woman. I gave her complements and she walked over and kissed me. She told me i was kind, but she knew it was all flattery.

    It was close to Christmas and she acted strange one day, she poured whiskey in a coffee cup and drank it. She was a bit drunk I thought. She offered me a drink and i drank it. She said she was going home and take a nap, was not feeling well. But I worried about her driving. Her husband was playing poker, he HATED to be bothered. So I told Hermon and Candy to watch the store. I would drive her home and make sure she was ok. Candy told me she got depressed around this time of year. Few years before I started working there she took a bunch of pills and tried to kill her self.

    I got her in her big Cadillac and drove her away from the store. When we got to her house, I got in the back and woke her up. She kissed me and ask me to do her. She pulled up her skirt and opened her legs. She had on a belt with straps to hold up her stockings but no panties. She had a lot of pubic hair. Nice and pink color skin and reddish pubic hair. I rubbed her and she started humping mt hand. She said I should have sex with her now, she need it. Was a 16 year old boy looking at the 1st red pubic hair of my life, So i did what she ask.

    I probably did not last as long as she needed, but when i finished she laid back and said that is what she needed.

    We made a point of closing out the registers every night, where she was on the desk (her favorite place) and I got to her. Some time I went out to the house where we had sex and it lasted as long as she wanted, the main reason was my fear her husband would come in and shoot me.

    She always found an extra $20 bill and she said it must be mine. On holidays I got cash that others did not. When I left for college she took me to the car lot and bought me a used car. When I came back for my first christmas break the old man told me how the store missed me but most of all his wife. He thanked me for taking good care of her for all those years. I said nothing and worried she may have.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    I have been working in this insurance company for three years now. I started as a regular call assistant. Now I have been promoted and I have my own office, which is great!

    This happened yesterday. I was working away as usual, and surfing Facebook when I saw an advert with half-naked girls on. This, for some reason, really turned me on. I could feel my pussy tingling and I knew I had to get some relief. I pulled out my phone and started surfing the web for some porn, I found a perfect video, pulled up my dressed, slipped out of my panties and started rubbing my pussy.

    My pussy was dripping wet and it felt so good. I turned off the porn, reclined my chair and closed my eyes. I started drifting away with the pleasure and softly moaning to myself whilst rubbing my clit. Then out of no where I hear "Excuse me miss"
    I looked up to find the cleaner staring at me. "Why didn't you knock"
    "I didn't see you over the computer screen Miss, don't mind me, you carry on whilst I clean"
    I was shocked, I expected her to run out screaming or something. At this point my pussy juice was dripping down my ass and I couldn't contain myself, I asked her is she would like to finish me off.

    She looked at me for a second and politely agreed. She got down on to all fours and started licking my pussy. I can honestly say that was the best orgasm I have had in a LONG TIME!I felt the need to return the favour
    "Now it's your turn"
    I pulled her on to the chair lifted her dress and removed her panties, exposing her wet, smooth shaven pussy. I couldn't resist diving in and eating her out, she came in my mouth and it tasted to good. My pussy was dripping wet again, but I decided to wait until I got home to finish that one off.

    It's only 20 minutes until she does her rounds again today, and I'm all ready for her! Wish me luck!

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 21

    I just got hired at an accounting firm. I did a month as an intern but my family was able to pull strings and get me in.
    The boss is a tough guy. He has guns, he goes hunting and fishing on weekends and on one occasion, ive seen him beat up and throw out a man who was being aggressive and not even security could deal with him.
    Anyway, his daughter works here and she's gorgeous! Drop dead! She's got legs for days, blond hair, a tight ass and a sweet rack. A few weeks ago, she came in on casual Friday wearing a bill fucken Murray shirt.
    For those of you who don't know, a bfm shirt is a shirt with Bill Murray's face on it. It's a chive thing. If you don't know what THE CHIVE is, look it up. Anyway, she's a chivette! I never wanted a girl so bad.
    Well, earlier today, my chive car decal arrived and I immediately put it on my rear window. I hoped she'd she it.
    Sure enough, by noon, she came to my cubicle and asked if that was my Chevy out there with the chive sticker on it. I said yeah. By quitting time, she was on her back with her panties off and me inside of her on her dad's desk. Everyone in the office must have heard. The boss is out on business but now I'm afraid he's got cameras up. I came on his carpet and wiped my dick on his dr**es. His daughter is a dirty chivette and I don't think I can resist myself if she wants to go for another go next time.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 27

    The boss would simply shoot me. Old Jim possibly might drop from a heart attack if he ever walked in when I'm his miss's.
    Every few days she's about after the knock off bell goes, I do my filling then as it's quite. I can see Jims car space from my office, and have no worried thought as I watch him drive off as I have hold of the back of his wife's head holding her so I can ram my 10inch cock deep throat into her sweet little face, it's taken several trying months for her to get my cock down her throat till my balls rest on her chin and I happily pump the first load of chunky spoof into her stomake........keeping to a routine fuck in the office- oral and insertion play only------- when were back at her place or together for the weekend it's all open, we get drunk and play lets pick up couples and singles for fun banging

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Hey this is my 4th confession. Ive had sexuall encounters with 10 men now. Had to work Saturday again, alone except for the mechanic who I would gladly get on my knees for if only he would ask me so the last couple of weeks I had been calling this chat line. So I tried it again after about 1 hour on & off finally chatting with a nice guy I asked him did he want to drive to my work as I said I really wanted to suck his big cut cock. I had no hesitation about wanting to suck his lovely big cock as he said he was also my age group, married & like me also wanted to have a clean, cut, big hard cock to play with. He took forever and as the mechanic had already finished and left I was seriously thinking about locking up and going home when he pulls up out the front and walks up to the door as usual my heart is pounding I'm anxious, nervous, horny and hard as fuck then he's standing there. There's camera's everywere I told him to just ring the doorbell, so as he is standing on the other side of the tinted window I call out press the doorbell. Then I can walk out and check the door as we aren't open on saturdays for customer service. We pretend to have a light discussion, me saying why yes I would love to take you into my office and have you Fuck my open mouth, all with my back to the camera. then I allow him to use the bathroom No more cameras. I got as far as the lunch room & said its Ok now and we both stripped of in front of each other our hands touched each others Hardening Cocks I started to go down on my knees as I do Love a big hard veiny cut cock only, after smelling his lovely meat pole i started running my tongue up and down his sweet shaft little lick of his balls back up a quik gobble on his purple head back down and up yeah that was real hot real real hot only had him in my mouth for about 10 mins he asked me to stop and pulled his cock out of my mouth I dont think I had ever been this sexually excited it must've been that feeling of being caught, what if. Whatever, I got up my 6" cock bouncing hard as a rock he quikly shoved me down onto one of the chairs and sank to his knees while he strokes my cock looking up at me he takes my cock in his open mouth and takes it all in and just goes ape shit like a V8 motor mouth. I had never had anyone put anything in my arse before but he kept slowing down and wiping his saliva off my cock n ball's and smearing around my hole it felt really nice I just melted in his hands opening wider then he popped his finger in kept pushing it so slowly
    until it was up to his knuckles he started twitching his finger he hit something and I shot of a load of sperm like never before. Usually when I cum thats it for me I start thinking straight away what have I done this time but this time was definitely different I just wanted more. After he helped me up I said your turn to cum. I layed accross the lunch table totally nude o my back like a whore I rested my head over the side of the table and said, please Fuck My Mouth. He obliged of course, stepped right up layed his hands on my chest as I guided his Hard Cock to its final destination my open salivating hungry mouth and slowly started to Fuck my Mouth it felt great that way, better than I had imagined l was a bit worried about gagging but he was such a gentleman. I just layed there like the office gay slut, cock in mouth wishing the boss would walk in and catch me and then force himself Inside me taking my virginity at last. After 12 minutes thanx to the clock on the wall I could now see albeit upside
    down I sensed he was tiring as he started to moan very load if someone was passing bi they would have known exactly what was happening in there. I just wanted a Big Fuckng Cock to FUCk my Arse. Then I felt his Big Cock get fatter real fast and I knew I was gunna drown. I apologised later but I chicked out and pushed him away he got one load off in my mouth and another splashed across my chin n neck. I now had my hand around his
    Cock as I guided the rest of his load onto my chest. My god what a SLUT I felt like I decided to take him back in my mouth as he seemed to be finished one more shot went in my mouth as I closed my lips around his meat and sucked every final drop of his sperm I could. I didnt even realise I was doing it but I was smearing his salty jizz all around my burning for Cock hole. As he slipped from my mouth I started thinking Oh he's gunna Fuck me, he's gunna FUCK ME. As I layed there he pulled up a
    chair and started tongueing my throbbing man c**t. ...after he licked my arse, ran his tongue up & down my still hard as granite Cock and slipped a finger inside me again I just called out Please please will
    you FUCK ME after he ran to his pants on the floor he grabbed a rubber had it on in like 35 seconds he was standing between my raised legs and just popped his Big knob right on In me I begged him to Fuck me slowly I
    wanted to enjoy it not regret it he fucked me slowly at first every now n then he would piston in and out of me then slow up shen I said it's starting to hurt a bit he found some dishwashing liquid and squirted half the bottle on his Cock and my arse
    and went back to Fucking me hegrabbed my arms and pulled me upto him and went in for the kiss, I'm really sorry but I just can't do the man kiss. I put my head on his shoulders reached around him & encouraged him to Fuck Me & blow another load in me, make me your slut, take me now Oh my you hear different stories,
    It hurt it didn't, I loved it I never felt any pain just pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. FUCK ME. I was scooping up the rest of his sperm off my chest & licking it off my fingers as he held me tight and came again,
    inside me again. Just then I got a text. Found out after we done a quik clean up it was the wife seeing if I was finishing soon. Said yeah just finished and heading home. I then let him out the door said thanx for the suck n fuck. Armed the building and we went our seperate ways.
    Cant wait for No. 11.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 22

    Each time she's horrible to me now, I smile inwardly and just take her verbal shit. She's such an over the top type of woman, I'm surprised knowing her husband very very well, he puts up with her bullying stuck up ways. But then my boss holds all the cards in their relationship at the moment, as she's the one who inherited all of her parents money, along with the business. Her husband like me puts up with her "better than thou" attitude and her anger issues. She thinks the time I have to spend every Friday after my work time, is a type of keeping me in check. In fact I know she's told another colleague of mine, she loves making me feel inferior. If she knew I have help completing my work, and then spend the rest of the time fucking her much younger husband, she'd fire me and probably divorce him. It started when he called in to see her as he was on his way to the gym. She'd already left, so in a side office to hers, we spoke and opened up to each other about the same person, my boss, his wife. I ended up giving him a blow job and securing a new alias in my attempt to get back at a woman who had made my working life hell. From that point to this her husband and I have sex as often as we can. Their pre marital arrangement, whereby they had to be married three years for monetary equality to exist lapses in two weeks time.
    I know all this because he's asked me if I'd consider moving in with him, if he seperated from my boss. I've not so far said yes, that's because I'm waiting for a start date at a new company. I've already got the job, so I'll have to decide if I want to carry on as lovers, or if I'm going to move in with a thirty three year old man. A very handsome sexually pleasing man, but one I don't know if I could live with.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    Read 23329 for the begining of this story........Cassie and I continue our affair, right under her husband,my bosses nose. We are sure he has no idea! Cassie has even convinced Jim that we share a room when we travel for work to save money. He also has no idea we make up errands for him to run and I schedule appointments to get him out of the office so Cass and i can steal a kiss ,sometimes more. this has been going on over a year.
    We have told ourselves we are not cheating since there are no men involved. When we travel together I think we appear gay, we hold hands ,kiss and caress each other. We are both in our 40's and we think attractive and we both like to dress sexy. Cass likes to show off her breasts, I love trying to get her inch long nipples hard sometimes by discreetly touching them ,sometimes with some dirty talk. Those nipples started a night of fun....
    We were at a Hyatt in Tampa having dinner at the hotel we went to the bar after dinner for a drink. Cassie noticed 2 mid thirtys ladies in a booth ,she joked they look like us,I wonder if their husbands know.We laughed about it. After a few drinks Cass went to pee. As I watched her walking back to the bar,as I usually do, she stopped at the 2 ladies table for a sec. I had no idea why. She rejoined me and I asked what the girl wanted, she said she asked if we'd like to join them,we decided...why not. We went to their table introduced ourselves and they invited us to sit. Over the next few hours we got to know Pam and Laura. Eventually they invited us to their room for a nightcap. We looked at each other and nodded. i suggested to Cassie we stop at our room for a bottle of wine ,Pam said that was great we are in 253. In our room Cassie asked me what I thought might happen...i said...I dunno but i think I'm in....Cassie kissed me and said lets just let it happen,maybe nothing will happen. We went to room 253. Laura let us in ,Pam was opening wine,I took the wine to her. i turned to ask Cass which wine she wanted and her and Laura were kisssing! when I turned back to Pam she moved towards me and our mouths met, god it was hot! Laura and Cassie were undressing each other , I saw Cassies tits with those long nipples hard as a rock and I knew she was really turned on! Pam began peeling my clothes and I hers. Laura and Cass moved to the bed. I was naked Pam had her jeans on when she knelt and licked me as I watched Laura eating Cassies pussy. Pam stood and I peeled her jeans,she had a very hairy pussy...We joined them on the bed and I ate Pams pussy it was different but I loved it. We pretty much stayed with the girl we started with until I got close enough to whisper to need to eat Pams hairy pussy..She heard me! and said..I agree...Pam positioned Cassie in the center of the bed and straddled her face, Laura and I each took a breast. It was so hot sucking Cassies tit with Pams ass right there,her pussy being licked by my girlfriend. We went at it till 4 am.....Cassie and I went back to our room exhausted...we crawled into bed ,kissed,Cassie taste like pussy...I said yeah....but who's.....we laughed
    I answered a knock the next morning,it was Laura and Pam, I invited them in. Laura handed me a card with their numbers...we all kissed each other passionantly and said goodbye.
    We arrived back at the office and Jim remarked we looked tired...we blamed it on a long flight Jim told Cassie she would feel better after the 2 week vacation they were headed to in the morning. Jim headed out to an appointment, Cassie aggresively kissed me, Jim was probably not yet to his car,which was odd ,we usually made sure he was gone. She said lets go to Jims office....We took turns getting each other off in Jims chair. As we dressed we heard Jim coming back..close call. Later I asked Cass why she was so horny earlier and took such a chance of being caught. She got out her phone and showed me an email of nude pics of Pam and Laura having sex....she srolled to the last one and said...this is my was Pam spread showing her hairy pussy. Needless to say I'll be hairy when they get back from vacation!!!

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