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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    For quite some time now I've been fucking my bosses wife Jenny. She's much younger than him at twenty nine and his second wife.
    Jenny tells me he's shite in bed and if they do fuck it's all over within a minute or two, that's why I've begun to call him "Sparrow". hop on hop off sex, all over with a couple of thrusts.
    It was only a month ago I was screwing Jenny in their home (He was away on business) Fucking her hard up the ass from behind, when their bedroom door opened and in walked a good looking young guy.
    We didn't see him at first, so I nearly jumped out of my skin when he said "Wow! you fuck her ass real good".
    Pulling out, he got to see my cock up close and smiled saying "She's one lucky bitch". It was then Jenny said "Look Dylan, don't tell your dad, he'll divorce me, have him sacked and probably have us both, you know".
    I knew precisely what the "You know" bit meant, as other people in and around our town have learned the hard way about "Mr Sparrows" methods, my father included.
    Dylan right there and then, took off his clothing, told Jenny to get off the bed and walked over, getting himself on the bed. With Jenny off the bed and extremely anxious about what Dylan might say, he turned to me as he rolled over and simply said "Well go on then, fuck me".
    I looked at Jenny who shrugged her shoulders and said "I think you best had". Dylan looked over at Jenny as she began to walk out, and told her in no uncertain terms, to watch.
    Looking down at Dylan's asshole, then his eager smiling face, I thought about what Dylan's father had had done to my dad and decided to enact some kind of revenge.
    Getting on the bed, I didn't mess about. If I'd have stopped and thought about what I was about to do, fuck s guys ass, I would have probably thrown up. Instead I got on top of Dylan, made him spread his legs and spat on his asshole. No lube, no condom, only Jenny's juices coating my cock, I thrust all eight and a half inches of my cock hard and straight up into his body.
    Dylan tried to tell me to slow down, but I was already pinning him with my hands and really starting to fuck him. Looking at Jenny I motioned for her get her phone and film us.
    Thrusting into his asshole as hard and deep as I could, I pressed him even further into the bed. And began to really enjoy the feeling of my first gay sexual experience. I was so involved after around five minutes of pounding into his tight young ass, I almost forgot Jenny was there. Only her appearing next to us to film Dylan breathlessly telling me to fuck him harder, as he was about to cum.
    Screwing him for all I was worth, I heard then felt him orgasming beneath me. Moments latecomers had my own climax, filling his asshole with my cum.
    Lying on top of him for a minute, he turned his head and said Thank you. He was about to say something else when I got Jenny to re run what she'd filmed on her phone. Dylan watched himself being fucked and knew no matter what, he couldn't day a thing to his dad, as his father despises homosexual men and women.
    Pulling out of his ass, his step mother bent over him and firmly said "Now get the fuck out of my bedroom".
    Jenny wasn't for calming over the next few days, but I did persuade her not to do or say anything about what she'd filmed. In and around her car out behind one of my bosses properties, I made it up to Jenny. We fucked all afternoon when I should have been in work. Dylan had fixed it for me to have the time off, as he was for the first time, standing in for his father.
    Later that same week at the same location, I met Dylan there in the new car his father had just bought him. Joining him in the back of the car, I had that twenty year old naked and sucking in my cock. Before fucking him, I played the film Jenny had shot, which she'd sent to me. Then as I screwed my bosses son, I told him I thought I needed a raise and maybe a new position in the company. When Dylan had cum all over his new rear car seat, and I'd filled his fuck hole with my cum, he let me know if be making a much better salary soon.
    And that is now the case. Dylan's father, my boss, called me into his office and told me his son had been very impressed with how I'd managed things recently, and thought I deserved to be rewarded. My new role involves working more closely with Dylan and also surprisingly driving Jenny around. Driving Jenny around gives us more chances to fuck, as does working Dylan. Dylan and I now have sex at three or four times a week. Oral, anal or both. The video's of me fucking him on his father's bed have been deleted, as he very much knows now what his father would do if he found out about me fucking him.
    So with Jenny and I screwing whenever we can. And Dylan very much becoming a regular fuck buddy, and my new enhanced pay role, life is pretty good.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I work at a large retail clothing chain store in a mall. I hired in when I was in HS and it's just like a job for me then, but it was really supposed to be a short term thing. My boss, a guy, was totally a jerk. He kept making hints that this could be a lot easier if I were "easy too". He's a fat ugly sob that uses way too much cheap aftershave, so no way am I letting him touch me. I overheard my bosses boss talking to her husband one day, saying that our female district manager must be lesbian because she, the DM, keeps hitting on her. Well, I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try if it gets my boss off me, and if not then it was time to quit any way.

    So next time the dm was down and was doing her "walk the floor inspection" I asked her for her opinion on something I'd found in a dressing stall. I took her into the dressing area and opened the stall on the end. The day before I wrote in felt tip pen, "I want you" with a little heart after it and her fist name in the heart. While she was looking at it, I leaned over with her and let my breast lay on her shoulder. When she looked up, I gave her a small open mouth kiss.

    She blushed pink, and I whispered in her ear, "I wrote that for you."

    She straightened up and almost ran out of there. I thought, Oh well, I'm quitting next week any ways. So I went back to my business. I kept watching her as she moved through the store talking to the other sales staff and managers. The dm left and my shift went normal after that. As I was heading out to my car, I got a phone call, all it said was, "tonight at the Holiday Inn room 210." I recognized it was the dm and decided to go.

    Terry is maybe mid 30's, Strawberry Blonde, green eyes, thin with maybe a 34C top, and very commanding looking. I was surprised when she let me into her room. I saw she was in a white, very sheer, gown with nothing underneath. She was in full makeup and had obviously just down her nails. She kissed me and told me that if I was serious that I could go far with the company. She removed my clothing and told me there was something on the bed for me. It was a bag with a black lace bra and panty along with a new pair of black 5" pumps. She looked at me and said, "Please, put them on."

    As soon as I had them on, she knelt down and kissed the tips of the pumps and without even looking up, said, "Thank you for coming miss. I am yours, if you will have me."

    I just stood there looking at the lipstick prints on the pumps expecting her to look up and do something, but she repeated again, "I am yours, if you will have me."

    I didn't have any clue what to do. I asked her to lay across the end of the bed. As she did so, I lifted her gown to fully expose her bottom. I sat down next to her and began to question her about what we were doing and how her inspection went at the store. As we talked she remained face down and I began letting my nails drag across the curves of her bottom as we talked.

    Occasionally after she gave an answer she would tighten her bottom. After about the 3rd time of this, I figured out what she was expecting. Slap! I spanked her bottom after she gave me an answer that I wasn't thrilled with. She responded by wiggling her bottom in delight and giving out a little squeal.

    I began questioning her and purposefully asking questions that I knew I wouldn't like the answer. Each time I slapped her bottom a bit harder than the previous. I finally asked her about my boss. I make her butt burn bright red from her praises of him. I told her he was an ass and that he wasn't to be rewarded and each time she disagreed I slapped her even harder. I was striking her so hard, my own hand was red and hurting from it.

    I was surprised at how this was making me feel, I was noticeably stimulated sexually, and so was she! I finally stop beating her and told her to please me. Oh, and she really knew how to please. I screamed, I cried, a thrashed around on the bed--I had never had so many orgasms in my life!

    It was getting late, too late for me to be out any longer, so I asked her to stop, and then to dress me. She helped me back into my clothing and made quite a lot of fuss getting things perfect for me. I then asked her, what her evaluation of me was going to be to the company. He only response was: "You will go far miss."

    Terry is now regional manager and I am the general manager of the store, one of the largest in her region. Each time she is in the area, we meet up. Each time it is the same, she is my slave. I have become very adept at what is expected of me, at work, and at the hotel.

    Terry loves the spankings, she craves the discipline. I now use a paddle on her, just a nice smooth piece of wood 2 inches thick and a foot and a half long. Each session I beat her bottom and her breasts with it until she cries. Real sobbing and release of her emotions. She then pleases me until I cannot take any more. We part ways until the next time she is in town.

    My old boss is still just a supervisor and I make sure Terry knows he will be for as long as he is with the company. I wouldn't say Terry and I love each other, but we are drawn together. My dm will be retiring soon, and I am starting to convince Terry it's my turn.

    All of this because I overheard a coworker's comment to her husband.

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    Straight Male / 36

    At work we have 2 floors in a small building. There is an exercise room and 2 showers on one of the floors. A lot of people use the showers and each one is very private with its own lockable door. The showers are not right beside each other but very close. There is a small room for plumbing between them. To access the small room is not from the same side as the shower doors but from another room on the other side of the wall which you need to go through an electrical telecom room to get to. Access to the electrical telecom room is limited to very few and I am one of the lucky ones. One day I was in the electrical room and heard some singing. I opened the door to the plumbing room and the singing was louder and I could hear water running and it sounded like someone was having a shower. I had never been in the electrical telecom room when someone was showering let alone going into the plumbing room when someone was either. The plumbing room was dark but I saw some rays of light coming from each side. I took a closer look and looking at where the lights were coming from I could see right into each shower and got a very good look at the guy currently showering. I could only see him from the chest down so I knew there was no way he was seeing me. Once he was done and had left I ran into the showers to see where the light was coming in from. It was from where a vertical metal grab bar was screwed to the wall of the showers. There was a small gap below where it was attached and it was not really noticeable unless you were looking for it and looking from underneath. I spent more time in the plumbing room and soon got to see almost everyone showering. Seeing my manager who was a woman was the ultimate. She was usually the last the leave the office and I assume she felt she was alone and it was more private for her to engage in some solo sexual activity. She would bring a toy into the shower and got very dirty before she got clean. What I watched her do I could never let her know I have seen her do. It was now awkward when I see her in the office clothed when I had seen her naked and pleasing herself in the shower.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    My boss doesn't know it but I've been stealing him blind for years. A long time ago I discovered a mistake in his book keeping practices. It turns out that certain things he does not account for so anyone with access to certain accounts and files who knows about it can steal thousands of dollars from him every week. But it's not really stealing if your victim doesn't know about it.

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    Straight Male / 28

    My work has an exercise room that I use regularly after work. One night my boss said he had to step out for an hour and his wife might be showing up to get a ride home. He said if she shows up before he gets back to tell her to wait. I finished my workout and went into the men's washroom to use one of the showers. As I am showering the curtains get pulled open and it is his wife. I am naked and she is just standing there looking at me. She apologized saying that she thought it was her husband showering. She continued to apologize and asked where he was. I told her he would be back soon. She continued to talk and stand there looking at me more. She wasn't making any effort to leave and just kept up a conversation as I was standing there naked with everything exposed to her. Normally if anyone else had walked in on me like this I would have asked them to leave. I guess it being my bosses wife I didn't want to offend or piss her off being she was married to my boss it could cause issues at work. Instead I just hoped she would go away. She just kept talking to me and looking at me naked longer. I finally told her I better finish my shower. She closed the curtain and I finished up. When I stepped out and went to the change area she was sitting there waiting. I thought the best thing to do was just to quickly towel off and get dressed. I began to do so and once again she began talking to me. She was still getting looks at me but I was just ignoring them. However, one time I saw her eyes really staring at me. I didn't even realize it but I had an erection and she was not taking her eyes off of it. That was awkward but I was pretty dried off at that point and quickly began to get dressed. As soon as my clothes were on she finally decided she better leave.
    I don't know if she ever told her husband she saw me naked and I wasn't going to bring it up.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I work for a well known tech advertising company. I have no degree, no background, no experience before this, and currently I am in an upper middle management position. From job interview to now (4 years later) I have worked my way up on my knees and back, offering, teasing, and giving out. People who think this does not happen anymore are crazy.

    It is true employers are more worried then ever about sexual harassment these days and getting nailed with it and ousted but my tip to young women wanting to get some place the easy way is two fold 1) be hot enough to be worth the risk and 2) look for the guys with wedding rings and gray hairs, they have as much to loose as you do and know how to hide what your doing.

    A few other tips are never feel guilty, and never fall for a guy you are doing to get a head. Your not a home wrecker. Home wreckers bring drama to work places and your ass will be fired not matter if you cry lawsuit. Your just fucking a guy for a favor and the favor does not need to be spelt out. It is not like, "If i blow you do i get a promotion?" it is like,"I want to blow you for the hell of it, lets be naughty and tell no one."--(and you just happen to be a guy who could promote me or help me later). Guys who do this in the work place know how to keep it quiet and you should too, never brag, never admit, and never do it openly. Guys who do this also know other guys who do this, so if say a Bob and third floor randomly on days says, "Hey, Steve says, your the kind of assistant my department could use." What you should do is smile, make eye contact and say, "I am, we should get drinks and talk about it. You free tonight?"

    Lastly, sex will get you places but not keep you there. You can get a promotion on your knees and hold on to it longer on your back, but to keep it and not be outed as an office whore (which no one wants to get a rep for because then your days are numbered) you have actually do work and be some what useful outside of sex so that your position is justified on paper to people above your department. The good news for me is often older married men who are advertising clients also enjoy my "talent" and i bring in some big contracts nobody else was able to land.

    On a personal note, you might think I am a slut. I am not married but I have a boyfriend and this is not his business, it is my business, and it is business, I don't have feelings for of work office fun guys but i do have a $150,000 year salary with no education or background. So think what you want, most girls whore themselves for a whole lot less and mostly nothing, you can call me a slut, but what I am is not stupid, doing very well, and am very happy and good with what I do.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I work at a Processing Plant, the group of people I work with on the shift is almost like a second family. We work a lot of hours together and over the years we know a lot of things about everyone in our group.

    If anyone has a problem with their spouse or bf/gf we will usually hear about it during the course of the evening. Sooner or later you got to vent to someone. They heard about my nasty divorce and a few others besides mine. Cheating and whatever else a couple can do to make them unhappy.

    Well one gal worked with us named Cindy. She was getting married and for the next Six months all we heard was the upcoming wedding. Each month she had a current issue of "American Bride" which she always read at our lunch break.

    Fast forward about a year later. Since I was now single I hooked up with another guy that was single and we used to go to bars on weekends to pick up some women. We did ok and had a few stories to tell on Monday at work.

    Well one day this guy Allen comes to me and tells me that Cindy, the girl that was married for not quite a year yet. Allen said she wanted to have a Threesome with Allen, her, and me, I'm like BS she just got married! So all through the shift Allen is telling me this and I'm not buying any of it, until Cindy comes over about 15mins before our lunch break.

    Pretty much backing up the story Allen had been telling all evening, she tells me she wants a Threesome with Allen and myself. I'm like WTF not even a year and she's going to fuck around with not one guy, but two? So lunch time arrives and I thought we were just going to plan for this to happen at some point while we ate lunch. Wrong!

    Allen met me and took me to the Freight Elevator that was used for equipment storage. He told me to grab one side of this container and roll it on like we were working. Rode the elevator down to the storage level. The door opened and the smell of mildew just slapped me in the face. So I'm thinking why are we here in this nasty ass place and suddenly a light pops on in this tiny room.

    I could see someone standing there but couldn't make out who it was until Allen and I walked up on her. Cindy stood there in the doorway of this small office like area that had these two long tables from a cafeteria. The dust was two inches thick on these tables, Allen started to move one around and Cindy just stripped off her jeans and climbed on that table. I thought I had some fucking standards, to have some respect for a women. Well that went out that door.

    Between Allen and me we spit roasted Cindy on that filthy table in every imaginable position we could. She sucked and fucked Allen and me like she had been in Prison the past year. We didn't stop until we had to get back to work before we were missed. We rode the elevator back upstairs all the while trying to get all that nasty dust that Cindy had been laying in. The dust was in her hair, she looked like a fucked dust mop with legs.

    After that night we went back down there again, and have been fucking Cindy at work for the last Six Months. We don't fuck her every night, usually two times a week, sometimes Three.

    I tried to talk Cindy to going to a Hotel instead of fucking at work, not in any hurry to lose my job over a piece of ass. She absolutely refuses to fuck us anywhere but where we have been fucking her.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I work at a major clothing retail franchise that I don't dare say the name of but you'd know it if i did. I am not sure of this site works but i googled it because i'd never ever tell anyone i personally know what is going on in my life.

    I am 18 and for about a month now I have been blowing my boss (store manager). It is so messing with my head because I don't know why i am doing it or how to stop it without making a huge mess. I know people always say this shit but it is true, i really did not want him it was a misunderstanding and I did not know how to get out of it.

    So about 4 weeks ago or so i wanted the weekend off really bad to go to a concert with my boyfriend. My boss Tom normally lets me have the run of the place. I sell lots of clothes for the store and me and him have always clicked. but oh gawd i never thought of him sexually and still don't. He is like 50 plus, chunky, and very married. Nice guy to joke around with and shit talk and stuff but never realized why he liked to hang around me. I know dumb right? I am barely 18, wall formed, and a pretty popular girl, but some how I did not get the memo that when an old married manger jokes around with you that is his version of flirting. So i wanted the weekend off and he really could not give it to me because we where short staffed. I knew it but i like to bitch and whine about stuff just because I can. So I was like, "Please Tom, i'll work close all week!" No i got back. "Please Tom, i'll even clean the bathrooms!" No. I started to just get silly. I was having fun and just wanting to annoy the hell out him. "Please Tom, i'll let your loser son take me on a date". No. "Please Tom, i'll be your slave, work any shift, get you coffee, let you fucking slap my ass on your way out each night." He laughed but said no. I figured the laugh was a good sign i was wearing him down. Fuck, i don't know why i did it, i just wanted to up the humor, i swear it was all in fun. "Please Tom, i'll get down on my knees and blow ya if i have to!" I waited for the no. None came. I waited for the laugh none came. Shit! Fuck! it got so damn awkward. No one said anything. I thought the silence was going to kill me. Then after like forever, he says, "Some things are not cool to even joke about to an old married man whose wife gave up the sport long ago." It was still awkward but it gave me room to edge in a joke, "Fuck Tom, my mouth ain't that good that you should cheat to get it, you can ask Kane (my bf) when you see him." And we both laughed. He walks away and i thought i'd die.

    We were closing, i was on close it was just the two of us left. Kane was going to meet my at starbucks in 30 minutes when he got off work. Everything was normal. Both Tom and I were about to leave and he'd walk me to starbucks to make sure i was safe, like ever other time i closed. I was getting my keys out when i felt his hand on my shoulder.

    "So, you still want the weekend off?"

    i froze. I thought it was over. I am fucking 18 this never happened to me before. I did not know what to do. I had no clue what to fucking say to a man considerably older the my dad who wanted me to blow him; no on ever covered this with me!

    "At first i thought you meant it, then i thought you were joking. Honestly, now i am not sure. But i googled it and i realize if i am wrong i'll likely get fired for sexual harassment but on the other hand you offered and your legal so as long as you consent it is worth risking if you still want that deal."

    &qu ot;I... I..." i stumbled no words came. I did not want to blow him. I just want to be clear on that. I was not turned on at all. What i was, was in shock and never having had anyone misunderstand me before and i was very unsure what to say because he was not only my boss but a really sweet guy and a good pal. What I did not say though was No.

    "I... I ... thought you were married Tom," I weakly mutter out afraid to make eye contact. I know i was blushing hard because my heart was racing.

    "Sure, but we are not fucking, its just head, and my wife stopped doing that for me years ago." He put his hand back on my shoulder and gently but clearly, lowered me to to my knees. I could not believe this was happening. I am on my knees in the fucking the back room by the coat rack just like in a stupid cheap porn looking up at my bosses buldge.

    He gave me every out but i was just in such shock. I froze. I'd only blown two people in my life and never imagined Tom as the third. "It is up to you." He said with his mouth but is hand flopped his dick out right to my face faster then his words came out of hie. I was an average dick but the first non cut dick i'd saw before. I am so stupid. I should said no a long time ago, now if i say it I'll be a total ass and if i stay in my job he will always hate me.

    I stopped thinking closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and he took the next move very fast, he clearly wanted to make sure id did it. For the second i close my eyes i felt him guide his already semi hard dick onto my tongue and into my mouth. He started to thrust like he was gonna face fuck me. Now i might blow him but i'd not let him tear up my throat and gag me up all over m clothes when i had to meet Kane. It is true he was only the third dick i ever had in my mouth but the other two i sucked the hell out of and often. So i took charge and lift my top and pulled my ample and very firm boobs out of my sports bra. He took the bate and his hands went right too them and I was in control of the pacing. I figured if i was going to do this i needed over fast. I grabbed his balls in one hand gently squeezing while playing around is ass. And got the other hand wet and helped "jack" my blowing
    and as predicted he popped really fast. But the stupid bastard thought i expected him to pull out and he got it all over my face. I'd rather swallow it, i had to scrub the cum off before i met Kane!

    Anyways, all he did after he cummed was thank me endlessly assure me i had the weekend off and kept telling me how pretty i look with cum on my face (here is a hint guys, girls do not want to here that shit! Duh!). Anyways, my problem is he thinks it is a regular thing. And out not being sure how to get out of it I am blowing him weekly (or more) now. And if i stop now i can't take back what he did, and i'll always see him longing for me and it will either creep me out or piss me off or both. How do you have a professional work relationship with someone you use to casually blow? I can't even make the excuse i want to stop because I have a BF now because I had one then, Tom actually knows him.

    It is not gross to me, it is also not something I really get off on or get into. But I don't feels grossed out or used, just that he does not turn me on much. Honestly, if he did i'd be into it cause it is kinda naughty. We are not fucking, he only wants head because his wife still fucks. This is just so awkward. The last time i fingered myself while i did it (which really turned him on), but i did not even think of him but just how naughty blowing a boss at work is and I almost cummed but it was not him i was thinking on just the idea.

    So what do I do?
    Anyone ever have this happen before?
    What if i get fired?
    It is not his fault i never said no, i suggest blowing him first. I am at fault. So should i just keep doing it and try to get from it what i can?

    Help? Advice? I need you help i can't tell anyone i know i am doing this.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I just recently started a new job. Finally, I have a decent paying, 9 to 5. It wasn't always like that. For a while, I was bouncing from menial job to job. That took a toll on the home life, and while the wife and I were separated I did find a few girlfriends.

    Things are better now, the wife and I reconciled, I'm clean and sober and I have a great family. So my problem? I just found out that my boss is married to a girl I dated while things were bad. Lisa and I met in a bar and after about an hour of flirting and drinking, we ended up fucking in the back parking lot behind the dumpster. Lisa had a crappy apartment, and I was in my car so I moved in with her until I got back on my feet.

    This might not seem so bad to you, but I treated Lisa like shit, and she always came back for more , no matter what I did to her. I would wake up after a 3 day binge and just walk up to her, pull her hair back and face fuck her until I came. She's just take it all and if she didnt swallow it all, I'd smack her or I'd cum on her face and tits and make her leave it there until she went to work.

    I did things to Lisa that embarrass me now. I had her sleep with my cock in her mouth, like a pacifier. IF I got hard, she was to relieve me. Forced 3 somes, anal, I even had one of my friends fuck her while I watched. Lisa never complained, she just wanted to keep me happy. The harder she tried to please me, the more I did to her. I fucked her friends, and came home to tell her. When she started crying, I'd laugh. Finally, I realized that I was the problem, I needed to straighten out my life. Si I told Lisa leaving would be the best thing for us.

    She cried, begged me not to go. She would do anything to keep me. I told her I would test her, and I took her to a park and fucked her as she bent over a bench. As guys came up, I told them to use her too. At least 8 guys had their way with her. Then I told her she was too much a slut for me and left her.

    So now, I have a great job, a good family and I'm happy with life. Until the first time I have to go to a function and Lisa is there. I think payback will be a bitch!

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    Straight Female / 22

    So, here's my confession. I'm supposed to be filing and answering phones all day. Instead, I come to confession sites and masturbate while I read sexy juicy confessions. I also take my own fantasies and make then into my own confessions, then masturbate when I read the comments.

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