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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Straight Female / 20

    Ma dad owns and operates a small engineering firm. He is a very off-beat man and father and my nanny, Addie, was a butch-dyke. I never went that route but she taught me that wimps don't get far in life. Dan,one of my dad's best engineers is a real hunk and I noticed him as far back as when I was ten, got an interminable crush of the man. He was married and to a cool lady, Nancy. This hampered my day-dreams about him. Fortunately for me I developed early and by the time I was 16 was fully developed.

    Dan and his wife were often invited to our place during summer weekends and they loved our pool and bathhouse by the pool. Dan shied away from me and the friendlier I got, the colder he seemed to get. When I turned 16 we had a birthday party at the house and poolside. As usual, Dan and Nancy were enjoying the pool and I was enjoying him, checking out the big package between his legs from my room, and masturbating to him like I had done many times.

    At dusk, I noticed that Nancy had to leave for some reason. She took their car and dad offered Dan a ride home later but he said that he would take up the second offer to sleep in the bathhouse. My heart began to pump hard and I had all kinds of visions. What drove me on was Addie's butch-style that was hammered into me. At 1 AM, Wearing nothing but a fleecy robe and nothing underneath, I sneaked into the bathhouse. I doubted that Dan would scream and I did not have a clue what I would say to him but when I entered the bathhouse I found him reading, completely nude.

    Dan said, I've known you since you were born. I said, "Yeah, well I'm not a virgin." He said, "Is that so?"
    He stood up and I grabbed his penis, which soon became erect. He said, "Om shit, oh, well," and started kissing me as my robe fell off. He slipped his hard penis into me while we were still standing up and we began to fuck like that. I said, "Oh...GOD...I've dreamed of this all my life. He pulled out, spun me around and I bent over the chaise for him to do me doggy style. It felt so natural as if we had done it before. It was marvelous.

    We kept going until 3 AM and both had multiple orgasms. We did not talk much but just made love. We decided to get together for lunch at a place we both knew the following Wednesday. That was all a few years ago and it all ended when I went off to college two years later. I'm still there, now in my senior year. As it turned out, Dan knew I was going to make some kind of move. He was no dummy. I just did not know how he would handle it. He told me several times that he loved his wife and I told him I did not blame him for anything. I regret nothing.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I work in a busy distribution business. Five males and 16 females. We are busy nonstop most of the time. It doesn't take long to get the nerve to flirt with the ladies. Two of the guys and I have been having sex with different women when we could arrange it.they always go for the younger pretty women. I find the less attractive are easier to get. My first fling was with a lady who had two children and started working to help make money. She was a little overweight but had it in the right places. She started the flirting and even would squeeze my butt sometimes. One day I was working an order and had my hand on some boxes beside me. She came to help me work and sat down on my hand. She then leaned over so I could move my hand but I just turned my hand over and started rubbing her pussy. After a couple of minutes she pulled my hand out from under her. We planned to take lunch together. We drove in her minivan to a shopping center nearby and had sex. We wouldn't last long because we both wanted the relief. Another lady asked me one day if I chased my coworkers like the other guys. I told her to meet me after work and find out. I would go to her place after work because her husband worked evening shift so we were alone. This lady finally got pregnant but I don't think I fathered the child. I had sex with 3 other women without much drama. The pretty knockouts always gave my coworkers a lot of drama.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 40

    Five years ago I re-entered the workforce. I was a stay at home mom and wife for twelve years and I couldn't take it anymore.
    It all started to get to me and it hurt my relationship with my family.
    This job is in an office and required some nights and travel.
    The President of the company liked me and my work from day one and showed me special attention because I could get the job done.
    When I was picked to head up a project, I was allowed to pick my team. I picked everyone for their talents except Mike.
    Truthfully, Mike is a mediocre team member at best, but every time I got near him I would get butterflies. He's not even that great looking, but there was just something about him.
    Anyway, we had to work late on the project several times and I would dismiss the entire team except Mike. This happened several times before he figured it out.
    On the last occasion, he asked me why he was always staying with me.
    I just came out and said it. "I was hoping you'd figure out that I wanted to be alone with you."
    He seemed shocked. He asked me , Really?
    I just smiled at him, doing my best to be seductive.
    It had been so long since I had even been with my own husband much less another man, I didn't know if I could do it anymore.
    It worked. He leaned in and kissed me. We peeled each other's clothes off right there in the office. We had sex on my desk.
    This went on for about a month. Even after the project was over, we would both find reasons to stay late.
    I was beginning to feel bad though.
    My husband is a good husband and I was taking out my unhappiness on him. I began to realize that what was happening was just a fling and I wanted my family.
    I talked to Mike and told him, that I wanted to be with my husband. He was very understanding and never made it akward.
    I went home and confessed what I had done. I expected to get yelled at, threatened with a divorce, but no.
    My husband just said he suspected what was going on. I asked him why he didn't say anything. He said he was just happy to have me back. Now I really felt lousy. I told him it is over and he never asked any questions.
    When I went to work the next day, the President called me in to a meeting. He told me that people were talking about me and Mike. He said he didn't believe the rumors about us, but that I needed to be careful about my reputation. I thanked him and said I will be more aware of how I come across.
    It has been several years now. Mike and I still work together and I sometimes think about what happened and wonder if he does too.
    I know this sounds awful, but it really turns me on when I talk with him and my husband is there.
    My husband says that my affair saved our marriage and never asked who it was. The truth is that sometimes I want to do it again.
    I've come close a few times.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 33

    I work as a secretary (yes, I know that's a boring intro but bear with me) and I firmly believe that as a secretary, if my boss wants to fuck me then that's part of my job. I know my employer can't legally require me to do so, but in my view being a good secretary necessarily means that if your boss wants to fuck you, or needs a handjob or a blowjob or anything like that, that it's your job to provide that. And I would still have that opinion whether my boss is young or old, attractive or ugly, man or woman even. I don't believe that sex is such a big deal, that it's so sacred and private that it should be left out of things like this.

    That being said, because I know it's an issue legally I won't openly tell my boss about this belief of mine, but if my boss wants to have sex with me (I've been a secretary for 5 different people, 3 have taken advantage of my sexual services, 2 of them men) I will not refuse.

    In keeping with this belief I also believe that this applies to other jobs where the employee is assisting or serving someone. Maids I believe should be sexually available to their masters and mistresses. Housekeepers at hotels for instance should be prepared to take care of any guests that request them. Nurses should provide patients with sexual relief if needed. Waitstaff at least in restaurants without children should service guests if requested. When it comes to massage therapists and spa staff happy endings should be a standard menu item. I can't think of more right now but I'm fairly sure there are more jobs that this applies to.

    Basically I think it should be not only legal but perfectly acceptable for many of these jobs to require the employee to perform sexual acts, and if I were working in any of these other positions I would still behave as if they do require it.

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    Straight Female / 34

    This whole Harvey Weinstein #metoo thing is a great thing for women who don't want to be harassed and assaulted and i support my sisters for that, nobody should have to do anyone they don't want to do, but it is really cramping my own style.

    Some women don't mind sleeping around at work especially if it gets you advanced. I am 34 and still a very attractive Latina, curvy and cute. And i don't mind flirting at work, or getting my bottom patted affectionately at work, it is a complement. I take it as proof my glutes and squats exercises are paying off. And for me personally doing some "favors" if it gets me a head of my male counter parts beats sleeping around for nothing. I am a senior photo editor on a pretty big magazine and while i don't put it on my resume, i am also not personally ashamed i've done lots of "favors" and out right put all the way out on my way up the ladder. And why not? This is a man's world, and unless I do something to literally take it, i'll lose it. I have something to offer my male counterparts don't so I use it and it works or ... at least use too work.

    Now with all the #metoo stuff senior men are running scared. The truth is they been fucking their employees behind their wives backs for years, it never really stopped even after all that women liberation BS. The have just been getting away with it as long as they found the right and willing employee and were discrete. I was that woman, but now even guys I "favored" or years are either scared to look me in the eye or are afraid i am going to rat them out. I wound never do that to anyone. If i favored you and you helped me out it is our secret. I don't kiss and tell and i defiantly suck and tell. And if we got further that then then you did enough to get me ahead that i am as grateful for the exchange as you were.

    I have never been forced or threaten, so i don't know what that would be like. I was always more the willing type, i want to reach the top. So i do feel bad for women who don't want to or who are faithful to there husbands, but me i only got a few years left before i start to loose my perks, and best selling parts. I am so close to the top, i just need to the heat to die down because i know a few more upward moves i favor on up too if executives where not all terrified right now. I know they men above me have done it before, if only there was a way they knew for sure i was safe.

    Fuck. just such bad timing.

    Just frustrated and honest.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 21

    When my b/f Teddy proposed to me I told him we had to talk before I gave him an answer. One of the things I cleared immediately is that I went to work for a man after graduating from HS and the man, Mario, married, close to three times my age, was fucking me and I liked it. Mario had two daughters, both years older than me.

    Teddy took it in stride so I opened up my iPhone and showed him Mario and more importantly, his cock. Teddy said, "Good God, you mean you accommodate that thing, it's larger than a beer can." I told Teddy that it goes in and out smoothly and he always uses a condom. Teddy wanted me badly enough to go along with it, so we married. Mario fucks me between two to five times a week, never on weekends when he is home with his family.

    Mario is completely bald, has a potbelly and is about five inches shorter than me. He won't fuck me in a car but after Teddy and I married I selected an apartment with a nearby stairwell so Mario had a place for our fornication.
    each time he drove me home at night.

    To sum up the way it is just now, Mario comes in less than two minutes, just as I am warming up to really fuck. He is either sitting on a step where I ride him or I sit on a step and spread for Mario.

    I am 21, with natural, very light blonde hair and wear no makeup so I look like a child and when people see me with Mario they assume I am his child, never imagining that he slams me balls deep with his fire hydrant cock. Mario saw a film when anal fucking and he wants to try it since his wife practically blew a valve when he asked. Teddy is supportive and just told me to see a pharmacist about the right lubrication. Teddy, who has been fucking my asshole since day one, sometimes sits in the stairwell one story up, to hear Mario fuck me. He actually gets hot and hard so when Mario leaves and I go into the apartment it often means that Teddy and I will fuck a regular long one.

    Mario has not done anal with me at this writing, but intends to since I'm game for it. We will do it in a hotel room. My only problem is that Teddy exhibits no jealousy at all and seems not to care about Mario's fucking me. I causes me to think that Teddy does not really love me. Mario would die if I told him that Teddy knows everything even the size of his whopper and how often he drives it into me.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    ?i suppose it is best to state that I am as ugly as sin. My body is like a bale of hay and I have a flat chest and ass. I don't have a clue what is going on, but one young man fucked me in the office and passed the word. He was my first ever. Soon, five men (not all young) were fucking me. I loved it, and got an IUD to avoid pregnancy. One of the men invited me to dinner with his wife and we ended up fucking through the night, all three of us. She ate me for over an hour in one instance, while he watched and wanked.

    The word got out with the ladies and now I get it on with both sexes. I look at myself in the mirror and don't get it at all. I'm not quite a beast and out on the street everything changes and I become invisible. When I step into the office I start feeling gropes and grabs. This is weird but I'm not complaining.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 37

    I worked at a big business since I got out of community college. I never had an issue of having a fling with coworkers. Then a good looking man in his 30’s started work in my area. He was so sweet to me and I enjoyed the attention. My husband and I only had sex once or twice a month even though I was in bed with him every night. Kids, work and busy lifestyle had took us to this point. I had worked with the cute man about 4 months and we became really close. I started looking at him and craving him. I would masturbate thinking about him. We started flirting more and more and I enjoyed it. One day he had to work on the cables under my work station he was on the floor. He Said he wished I had a dress on. I told him he could look at it anytime he wanted. Later that week he asked me if I meant what I said and I knoded yes. He told me to meet him at supply room in 15 minutes. He was one of the workers with a key. I went and almost backed out but I saw the door slightly open so I knew he was in there waiting. He took me to the back corner. If someone came in they wouldn’t see us. He started kissing me and feeling my breast. I started feeling his penis through his pants. I thought this would be as far as we we go but he put his hand in my pants and started fingering me. I felt like a high school girl making out for the first time. He unsnapped my pants and pulled down my pants and panties. He turned me around and I leaned over some boxes and he entered me. Wasn’t long we both orgasmed. We would do this about twice a week and never got caught. I started wearing skirts to work to make it easier. We would collect a little money along and get a motel room about monthly. We would have hard sex till we had nothing left. I was feeling sexy again and my husband noticed. My husband started diet and exercise and started sex regular again. It really works the mind to be having sex with two men and both are good at it. At work we both got promoted so he lost our asses to the supply room so we only meet at motel occasionally now. I see my cheating about to end but have really enjoyed my body being used.

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