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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Straight Female / 35

    I can't stop playing with my the office...I'm in my pants or up my skirt under my desk...or in the ladies room, tiptoeing against the stall door, terrified someone I know will walk the the morning, when I go, it is deserted...I sit on the bench press and watch myself cum inbetween home...well, just forget it...where don't I play with my pussy? I need a really good fucking, and if I don't get it soon I'm going to get busted...ooooh! Just the thought of that makes my lips tremble! Well...guess it's time to scoot to the ladies room for my 4th orgasm since lunch...later!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    Continuing #23329..........My lesbian affair with my bosses wife continues, we travel together 9,10 nights a month. We sleep in the same bed during our trips. As we lay recovering from an awesome fuck I confessed to Cassie I had wanted to fuck Jim(her husband my boss)she laughed and said he was lousy in bed and had a small dick and up until I came along she was considering an affair!
    The next night we went to the hotel bar for a glass of wine. I timed a trip to the restroom with a handsome younger guy that was across the bar. I "ran" into him as he left the bathroom, we exchanged hello's and I bluntly said....can I ask you something? he said sure....I said....Would you be interested in fucking me and my girlfriend? His jaw dropped ,he stammered and said "sure". I told him I would have to check with my girlfriend and if she was up for it I'd let him know. We went back to the bar. I told Cassie what I had done, it didn't take long to convince her,we paid our tab and I walked around the bar and handed the guy my key card and said...give us 10 minutes and let yourself in ,room 311. Cassie and I nervous and excited went to the room and put on our corsets ,thigh highs and heels....which we both like to do. We heard the key in the door as we stood making out when he came in. After some introductions Cassie started kissing him ,I knelt and started removing his pants. I pulled out his cock,it was HUGE maybe 9 inches and thick. I stroked it as I stood ,whispering to Cass.....your gonna like what he's packing. We worked our way down and took turns sucking his cock. For the next several hours he fucked us both,he was awesome. When it was over,he got dressed and Cassie led him to the door,I heard her tell him to come back at 9 am for a big treat. I asked what the treat was...she just said you'll see!
    The next morning when he showed Cassie said she just wanted to watch awhile and soon he was fucking me missionary. He flipped me over and took me from behind,Cassie was licking my asshole and started fingering my butt something she had done before. Cass moved up and whispered in my ear...relax baby. She told him to"do her in her virgin ass" Soon I felt his big dick pushing in my hurt...Cass lubed me some more and suddenly it felt good....soon he Was pumping me and I WAS LOVING IT! Soon he unloaded in me,I had cum several times. He cleaned up and left....Im sure we will have more fun..stay tuned

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    Straight Male / 28

    I took a job selling Life insurance after I passed the state lic exam. They gave me a guys route to collect and service. He had sold a lot of rural areas and a lot of black families. So I got to know them all and who was lonely and bored, and who wanted to pay and get rid of me.
    Many were alone and enjoyed me coming by. Would fix me a drink and some fixed me food. A few of them offered me a bit more. Sarah was one of those woman who enjoyed the company of a man. A well kept woman who lived alone in the middle of no where. This was long before the internet and social network, but She loved to see me come by. Once a month I would stop by on the same Monday of the month. She was prepared for me always. The money was quickly paid and I gave her a receipt. After that coffee and talk, then the clothes came off.
    Damn that woman could fuck, I mean fuck. She did not mind sucking my cock, but the second it was rock hard she wanted it in her. She did not want me to give her oral sex, she wanted to kiss me when we had sex. She did not like the idea of kissing me with the smell of her pussy on my lips.
    She had large breast and they had the feeling of water balloons. She would ride me and I would watch them swing over my head back and forth.
    I laid her on the bed and opened her legs, those lips were black as you could get, and when I opened them up the insides were just as pink. She had a nice nest of pubic hair, always soft and always well kept.

    If the boss knew the woman I went to bed with, I bet he would have fired me. But i seem to sell a lot of new policies.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Mrs Taylor has a stain on her blouse and her panties are soaked. And I did both in my office this morning early.

    Mrs Taylor worked at our department and loves to help out with investigations. She is a bored woman at home who loves to come to work. I ask her to come in early this morning and help me sort the paper work of an investigation. She got on the floor in my office, she looked in boxes of documents and then turned to me. Her arms in my lap and on her knees she ask me, IS THIS IT? I looked and said yes it is. I told her she would testify in court with me. It was in the chain of evidence now she was part of.
    She got so excited she just shook. She hugged my waist and told me to lay back in the chair. She unzipped me and sucked me. When I finished a dribble rand down her chin and hit the ruffle of her blouse. She looked down and swallowed. Thats ok, it will come out in the cleaners.
    The next document I needed was shortly after that one. I told her we could do a statement of charges, she could come with me when the papers were served. I stood up and helped her to her feet. She hugged me and kissed me. I kissed her back and grabbed her ass with me hands. we cleared the desk and she dropped her panties and hose on the floor. Pulled up her skirt and got on the desk. I hung my cock in her and made her very happy in a short period of time. After a bit of more pleasure I started to pull out, she told me to just finish. i did as she told me. She grabbed a few tissues, wiped her self and then put a few in her panties. She got dressed, left and typed up the charging document.
    I think I may have found the perfect helper. The benefits are beyond any I have had at work before. I feel like a fortunate man right now. I did not think a woman so prime and proper would be so hot to be taken on my office desk.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I work for a couple that run a small company selling cleaning supplies. Jim runs the business end of things and his wife Cassie handles the sales end, I run the office essentially. Cassie travels 3,4 sometimes 5 nights a week.
    I have been happily married over 20 years but in my secret thoughts I have fantasized about having an affair, I had never acted on it and figured I never would. My husband was out of town for work as was Cassie,not unusual. As I prepared to leave for the day Jim asked if I could free up about an hour the next day he wanted to discuss some things. I said sure how about 1 pm. I went home to an empty house, Had some wine. My mind drifted to the "meeting" I started masterbating thinking about it turning into a sexual encounter. I came and fell asleep. I awoke the next morning still thinking about Jim. I decided if he made a move I was going for it! Nothing happened sexually but I was asked to travel with Cassie occasionally and help with sales paperwork and I would be getting a raise.
    On the fourth trip we had a big sale and went out for dinner a drinks. in the elevator heading back to our rooms Cassie invited me to her room she had some more wine! We got pretty smashed and the conversation turned to sex. Cassie asked what was the craziest sex thing Id ever done, I told her I had sex on a cruise ship balcony with my husband. I had to coax it out of her but she finally told me hers, she had slept with her female roommate in college...twice.I was floored! I begged her to tell me more....she did...everything they did she told me. She also told me she never told anyone,including Jim. I said wow Cass that's hot , if I did that would it be cheating? I laughed as I said it. She got up from her chair for more wine and came back and sat next to me on the couch. She leaned towards me and said "I don't think its cheating" and kissed me on the lips! Her tongue explored my mouth, I felt her tug at my blouse buttons. My mind raced ,I remember thinking..Im going to have lesbian sex with the wife of the guy I secretly want to fuck! She got my shirt unbuttoned and started feeling my tits ,she worked her tongue down to my nipples as I felt her unzip my jeans,I lifted my butt to let her slip them off....soon I felt fingers and tongue and I started cumming like I never had. She moved up and kissed me again, she moved to my ear and said" that's what your pussy tastes like now its your turn" She stood and stripped,I was scared but willing, she sat down and pulled my on her,we kissed passionately, she put my hand on her boob, I started playing with her boobs as we kissed. I slid my mouth down to her boobs,she had huge long nipples,I became fascinated with. She pushed my head down to her crotch and I ate my first pussy. I must have done ok cause she ground into my face and shuttered when she came...It was awesome.
    Cassie and I travel together several times a month now,sleeping together exploring our lesbian side, which it seems we both love. We steal moments to make out at the office,yesterday Jim had a meeting 3 hours away,when he called the office to see if we were busy...I told him I wasn't to busy but Cassie was really busy....I didn't mention she was between my legs with her sweet tongue in my the boss,her husband only knew!

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    Straight Male / 35

    I hate my boss, but I want her.
    She is such a bitch, but I can stop fantasizing about her, especially when she wears such low-cut tops just about every day. I think I could spend hours just sucking on her breasts alone.
    But my real confession is what I have been doing to her for the last 7-8 months. A few times a month, she will ask me to run out to Starbucks for our department or to the Subway that is near by us. One time on my way back, I saw the sub sandwich that was there next to me that I knew she would be eating, and I got aroused. Just thinking that it was going to be in her mouth soon was a turn on. I could not help myself...I ended up pulling over and rubbing my hard-on all over it. Some pre-cum oozed out of my cock, and I let it drop onto the bread, where I rubbed it in so it would not be noticed. I felt so dirty, but it was so exciting knowing that she would be tasting me.
    From then on I have been obsessed at getting my boss, Denise, to taste as much of me as possible without knowing.
    Any morning that I am not with my girlfriend, I will masturbate into a tiny glass that I got from a restaurant once when they had beer samples going on. I cover it with plastic wrap, and put it in my car. If Denise does not ask me to go to Subway or a Starbucks, I will clean it out when I get home and try again the next day.
    But the days when my cum is there, and I am bringing something back for her - wow. At first I would just smear a drop or two in the lettuce or mix it in her coffee. Then when I realized she was clueless, I wouuld put more and more of my cum into whatever she was having. Denise has no idea how much of my cum she has had.
    I met her husband once, and just to be able to think to myself while talking to him "your wife has tasted my cum!" was very cool.
    We work for a small company, and our department is even smaller, so last Christmas they had people over for a Christmas party. I knew for weeks ahead of time exactly what I wanted to do once I was in their house. Even though I had my girlfriend with me, at one point I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Instead of using the bathroom downstairs, I went upstairs and into her bedroom. It took me about 15 seconds to find her underwear drawer, and I helped myself to a pair of her panties.
    Even they are super tight on me, I have worn them to work a few times. I have actually had meetings with Denise wearing HER sexy panties! lol
    If only she knew....

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    Straight Male / 26

    My boss Alex who's forty eight, is a self centered, arrogant bully. Who likes nothing more than belittling people just because he knows to answer him back, would mean being given stupid unreasonable almost unatainable tasks, which could result in demotion or possibly the sack.
    At the start of the February I helped him out, even though I didn't really want to. By arranging a band I know to play at his daughters wedding. They're fairly well known and his daughter was simply amazed they played for her at her wedding night. So you would have thought he'd have been just a little bit thankful, or just for a while lay off me. Not a chance. Two days later he reported me to his senior director for delaying an order, which I might add, he had the overall status request for (In other words, his responsibility).
    Completely pissed off, I did something which if he found out would mean my P45 heading my way (The sack). At his daughters wedding, I met Alex's relatively new wife, Sofie. (They've been married two years) We chatted about the band, my role in helping them set up, a little about work and then Sofie changed the conversation when she asked me if the rumours were right about me and my cock. The conversation finished at that point as Alex walked over, but later that night Sofie passed me a note which said "If it's true, ring my mobile (the number) and you can show me x".
    We were originally going to meet up at a hotel she knew, that was until she told me Alex was going to be away over the weekend playing golf. I arrived at their home at eight o'clock at night, by half past I had all nine inches of my cock deep inside Alex's wife arsehole. For a thirty two year old woman, she was, is one extremely dirty slut.
    I'd already fucked her mouth and her tight pussy as she lay on her back. Then she turned over pulled her arse cheeks apart, telling me she wanted me to fuck her back door as hard as I could give it to her. As soon as I emptied my balls up her arse, after fucking her arsehole for over ten minutes, Sofie turned around and took my cock back into her mouth, sucking my full length clean and then over a ten to fifteen minute period, Sofis gave me some of the best head I've been given, bringing me back to full hardness.
    Because I'd cum already, when she mounted my cock facing me, her gorgeous tits bouncing up and down in front of me, she rode my cock, using her pussy and arsehole, for the next twenty minutes like a woman possessed. It was my turn to watch my bosses wife orgasm as she came twice on my cock.
    Lay in the spoons position we fell asleep in her and my bosses bed. The following morning I felt Sofie's tongue wrapping my cock and woke upto the sight of her pussy above my face. The rest of the morning we spent giving each other oral pleasure, before we fucked in Alex's private shower/bath. It was her idea and one I now love the memory of, especially as some of my cum flew all over his football team face cloth, when Sofie asked me to cum on her face.
    Sofie and I have fucked on more ocassions since, but she and I both know it's only that, just a good fuck.
    She's told me this last week, the reason she seeks out younger men to have sex with. Apparently Alex has a small cock. Sofie won't tell me how small (I have asked) but she's refused saying it would be wrong (More wrong than fucking her?)
    If Alex ever finds out, I won't have a job, but then again I will have had the pleasure of fucking one of the horniest women I've ever met.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My wife and i have been married 12 yrs and really lead a normal life. She is 5'5'' and 126 lbs, redhair and in really good shape. Our sex life is still great after 2 kids and she has a great kinky side. She works at a dress and undergarment store in our mall and has to dress to the nines while at work . 2 nights ago she told me due to inventory they would have to stay late so feed the kids and shed be home when they wrapped it up. Well we decided to eat out, so i went to a local fast food place and grabbed some burgers and got her one that i was going to be nice and drop off on my way back home. I drove to the back of the mall and only 2 cars were behind her store. As i walked up i could hear music so i rang the bell, and noone answered, so i rang again and still no answer. It was dark out and the office light was on. But it was about 8 ft high , and the dumpster was under it so i set the bag down and stood on the dumpster to look inside. I was in shock- my wife was onthe carpet,dress up around her waist and her boss, a tall black man, was pumping his big dick in and out of her pussy with her matching him by slamming her hips into every stroke. I never seen her fuck like that - it was like i was dteaming. A short time later he quickend his strokes, and she spread her legs as wide as she could, and i knew he was about to come- in my wife !!! Finally he stopped and slid his dick out, covered in come , it was huge. Long thick and a big head and stroked the last of his load onto her shaved pussy. I couldnt hear them because of the music,but when they were getting up i jumped down and drove home. I came in gave the kids there food and went to the upstairs bathroom, closed the door and pulled my dick out and pumped it so hard when i came i was weak in the knees. It turned me on so much i could not believe it.

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    Straight Male / 31

    A few of us went out after work for a few drinks. Our boss came along, which she never does, and she had way more to drink than she should have. When it was time to leave one of the other women asked if I would help get her home since I was stronger and would be able to carry my boss if necessary. We got her home and my boss was so out of it. We had to go though her purse to find her house key and I threw her on her bed. The other woman suggested she be undressed for bed and suggested I wait outside the room while she did that. About a minute went by when she called me back in to help her get her pants off. When I came in my boss wasn't wearing a top and her bra was off too. The woman made me promise not to tell anyone I saw her like this which I did. She then asked me to lift her up while she pulled her pants off. My boss was only in panties now and I was told to get out by the woman because I had already seen enough and didn't need to see more. My boss is a little chubby and in her mid 50's but it was still an interesting site to see her like that. The woman said she needed to use the bathroom and once she was done she would check on my boss and then we could leave. The door wasn't fully closed on my bosses bedroom and the lights were still on. Since no one would know, I decided to take a peek inside. My boss was naked with her tits and pussy exposed. I decided to move one of her legs to give me a better view of her pussy. I stood there and figured that no one would ever find out if I took some picture so I did. I moved her body around to get me the best shots and if anyone ever found out I would be in deep trouble. I left the bedroom and put the door the way it was and waited for the other woman. She came out and checked in on our boss and we left.
    The next day my boss said she didn't remember much of last night. The other woman mentioned we brought her home and she made sure that I wasn't around when she undressed her. My boss said it was already embarassing enough for her let alone thinking how she would feel had I seen her naked.
    If only she knew how much of her I saw last night and had the pictures to prove it she would really be embarassed.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I have worked for a small city police department for seven years now. Some nights I am the only officer in the city working. I have had several dispatchers work with me since i started. of those I have had sex with five of them. Two of them were young in their twenties one black and one white. The black girl was the best of the two. She enjoyed sex and especially me it seems. The white girl had sex with me because he just wanted to, but was engaged to be married. We stopped having sex five months after she had wed.
    the black girl left the department for the state. I met with her a few times after and she ask me to have a serious relationship. I did not see that working due to her maturity level, the lack of anything she and i would have in common. She told me I would make a good father and she wanted children. I think it was that image and the fact she loved having sex with me.

    Then the city hired some older women with hopes they would be more stable and stick around. I got a fifty one year old black woman who had been married for eleven years. I knew my now and then office sex was over. So I went to the county police office when I ate. She told me she got lonely and wondered if I would eat with her. To be kind I did as she ask me. We ran out of things to talk about, then minor sex talk came up. She told me times were different when she was young. Black guys she dated wanted blow jobs but ran when giving her oral sex came up.

    So you have never had oral sex preformed on you?
    you are correct.

    So you gave the guys blow jobs and they were not willing to do the same for you?
    you are correct

    She told me her husband was a good man, but he would not do that for her either. But in return he did not want a blow job either.

    Do you wonder how it feels? want it done to you some time?
    Yes I wonder but I guess that is one thing I will live with out.

    Our office had the full cable package and we watched cinamax a few times. the fake oral sex and she told he she had to leave, it was getting hot in this room. I ask her to stay, and she said it might make her r**e me or something. I ask her to come to me and I put my hand up her skit, she opened her legs put her hands on my shoulders and closed her eyes. Moved her panties to the side and stuck my finger in her. She made a moan sound and another. I moved my finer in and out of her, she worked her ass for me. I pulled down her panties and told her to sit on the table.

    She said no that table might break. So she laid on the floor. I opened her legs and she got excited,

    Oh you are going give me some tongue!!!

    I sucked her clit and I made that woman make some great sounds. after the first orgasm she ask me to do it again and then again. after the third orgasm I got up to answer the phone. I reached for her hand to help her up, "just let me lay here for a while, I can not stand up right now"

    I had to check on a suspicious car and had to leave. I had plans to run up in her and get mine inside her. But those plans changed.
    I came back after i found that car was the news paper delivery. When I walked in she was in the office sitting on the sofa. She had her hand over her heart laid back, I worried she might be having heart problems, "are you ok?" yes I am but I need to just sit here for a while. She told me now she is sorry she missed out on that, yet had she known it feels that good she might have turned into a "lezzie" or something.

    She ask me to site beside her and ask if my nuts were sore? "A little but i do not need you passing out on me right now"
    "I am not ready for a lot of sex right now, I think I might have hit the bed if you did that to me right now, But I will give you a nice one" she opened my pants and I laid back on the half of the sofa. She gave me a pretty nice blow job. She told me if I wanted her to suck it again, she would. I had given her three nice ones, she figures she owes me.

    "I am satisfied, and glad you are as well" She got up and went to the front desk. She sat there with her head in her hands. I ask if she was ok. She told me that blew her mind. No dick ever made her feel nothing like that.

    While I share this, I say she grew to love the oral sex. and after three orgasm told me to come get what i want. that was either enter her and have sex, or move toward her head for a blow job. I usually just entered her and worked her out. Most of the time getting another orgasm for her before I had mine. Now and then two for her. Those nights were the ones where she would take a nap on the sofa after.

    The Chief of police told me i must be fun to work with, he had offered her the day shift she wanted, but she said she wanted to work the nights with me.

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