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If The Boss Only Knew
You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office manuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus?

Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)
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    Straight Male / 35

    I usually don't work weekends, but last saturday I had to. Toward the end of the day I found myself alone in the bosses office with a really cute younger co-worker that I have flirted with on more than one occasion.
    One thing led to another, and we ended up having a really hot fuck session on the bosses desk.
    I stripped her down, sat her on the desk and ate her sweet pussy while I sat in the bosses chair. She got so wet her juices were running down the crack of her ass and pooling on the desk. I then stood and fucked her right there. When were done we left our pooled juices on the desk.
    Monday morning after the boss came in she asked me if anyone had been in her office because something was spilled on her desk. I told her that no one went in there as far as I knew lol.

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    Hello. And Bye.

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    Straight Female / 44

    my freakin spooky weekend vacation.

    the beach view was heaven and I paid through the nose for it. just about broke my ass for it as usual living like a begger to give to others. so I paid for the holiday for me and my parents. we went on a wine tasting day outing that was bloody awful. by the first wine place I had had enough of tasting shit as I am not a drinker anyway.
    so we land at this joint called wiccabutts falls (just for the sake of this black ass page of shit). they had some weirdo halloween event scary scarecrow competition on around all the homestead and winery vineyards around the shitshow joint.

    so that night was worry about how my kidneys and liver and spleen would cope with an approx half a glass of blonk shit and the food I had to force down like as a kid for some toffee snot whore relatives wedding that was fine dining but crrap. yeh, you know what i mean.

    passted the bullshit stage by now and the promo garb and hard sell.

    so had to take a heap of liver cleanse pills and soak in the spa and heated pool and over night had a dream of a screaming woman or child or cat falling from the hotel as we were up 11 or 17 floors or so. we thought we seen MIGALOO white whale from our hotel balcony through the camera lens. so good a view. all the whales were out in the morning and afternoon.

    went to a cemetery some relatives were in and that freaked me out. found a grave with cement caved in - true sign of a vampire. several army plans and helicopters were patrolling around so worried the Koreans had planned to bomb us the fuckers. Asian fucking fuckers. they are the only fuckers fucking these days.

    then over night we hear on the news a kid fell from a hotel from the place the cemetery we went to was in same suburb - super freaked out by now.

    we nt to some pitiful farm thing that was not worth the money and a bloody serious poisonous snake freaked me out - a little too close for comfort as well as the few pythons for my liking- and then my dad falls out the train - obviously pushed by the witch at wiccabutts falls windery, however he was sober.

    shitty weekender !

    what freaky things will happen at the next shitshow break?

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    Straight Female / 52

    Along with Shirley, my colleague, I work in a small company as a general office assistant. The company owner, Fritz, is a sweet old fellow and I've known him for around five years. Sometimes his son, Fritz Junior who is a widower, having lost his young wife to cancer, comes in, says hello, looks the books over and leaves. He is a dream to look at and is a gentleman like his dad. I've had a maddening crush on him since I've been here (5 years). Shirley knows about it and has suggested I flirt with Junior but I lack the guts, mostly because he is 20 years younger than I am.

    I'm sure this is not much of a confession but I plan to quit my job. I just can't be around junior with this maddening crush.

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    Straight Male / 52

    My boss is a jerk. Or I should say my former boss is a jerk. I have worked for him for 24 years. This was my second job out of high school and it was a good job when I worked for his father. But the son is a jerk.

    So the reason he is a jerk is because in the 17 years since he took over he has not given me a single promotion and all the raises combined won't come close to adding up to all inflation that has virtually cut my standard of living in half in all that time. In that time I have counted nearly a hundred under qualified female employees get promoted into positions I was qualified for and should have gotten. The most recent one was last year. Now as I said I worked for this company for 23 years. I have 34 years of experience. I know more about the business than anyone there including the boss. I could run the place in my sleep but I put in 12 hour days and that includes a lot of hours I've never been paid for. She is 18 years old. This is her first job. She graduated from high school less than three months ago and she is triple promoted to senior manager making her my boss. I'm 52 years old and I have to answer to a clueless child who earned her promotion by taking the boss's cock up her pussy or down her throat or wherever it went.

    Meanwhile his wife shows up to the place recently pretty upset. She asked what time he left the previous night. I shouldn't have but I covered for him saying I think he worked late the previous night but she's a smart woman and I could tell she knew what was up. She mumbled something about an attorney.

    Later that night she came back and couldn't find the boss. I was still there because I always stay late working. I was the only one there when she came in. We chatted a while and then she invited me out to eat. Now Mrs. Boss drives a new Mercedes and I drive a 20 year old Ford. I'd never been in a Mercedes. Mrs. Boss is a good looking woman and much younger than me or her husband. But even a beautiful woman in her late 30's is no competition for a teenager when it comes to youthful beauty.

    But then I'm 52 so to me she's a youthful beauty herself and I paid her some compliments. It wasn't long before she was trying to cuddle with me and invited herself over to my meager apartment. One thing led to another as the cliche goes and in less than an hour I was boning Mrs. Boss.

    Mrs. Boss and I had a few long conversations on the topic and we decided it was time for both of us to get even. Mr. Boss inherited the business when his dad died and while he did go to college he didn't earn his way up the ladder. Consequently he didn't know much about the business and after talking Mrs. Boss figured he couldn't run the place without me and she could run the place with me as general manager. I was getting excited. The general manager was a 27 year old woman the boss was boning a few years ago when she was a teenager and promoted her quickly to the top. In fact I was the only manager who was not a young female in a company with 300 employees and 30 members of management.

    My mission, which I accepted, was to gather evidence of the affair. Since I had unfettered access to the building for several hours alone every night 6 nights a week I installed surveillance equipment Mrs. Boss purchased for that purpose. There were cameras and mikes all over the place. A week later I turned everything over to Mrs. Boss. She invited me out to dinner and herself back to my place which was getting to be a habit and we went over everything. Turns out he was boning at least 8 managers including my immediate boss and her boss. And that was just one week of surveillance. He had fucked at least 5 different girls in his office alone. He fucked one girl in the ladies rest room and he was not limiting himself to managers. The worst one was the video of Miss. Boss fucking her step Dad and she was 19. Mrs. Boss's own daughter was in on the game betraying her own mother.

    Mrs. Boss filed for divorce the next day and demanded a 50% share of the business. Half the female managers sued him over sexual harassment. So they settled and his own step daughter got in on the sexual harassment lawsuit. So everyone settled. Mrs. Boss got her half. Miss. Boss won about 1% and then Mrs. Boss demanded she turn that over to her and that made Mrs. Boss controlling owner which made her the new boss. She then fired every girl she had on tape fucking Mr. Boss. Some had sued Mr. Boss so they made out OK. Then Mrs. Boss made me general manager promoting me to the top spot and then told me to change hiring practices to only include qualified people and fire anyone who did not meet that new requirement. Almost all the young female unqualified brats were fired and I got to do the deed. Ordinarily I would detest firing people. But I enjoyed firing all those bitches who fucked their way to my job.

    I now make 5 times what I used to make and I get a really good profit sharing plan which adds to that.

    So one day recently Mrs. Boss's betraying daughter saunters into my office asking for a job. I excused myself and called up Mrs. Boss and told her that her daughter just offered to have sex with me for a job. she told me to go ahead and have fun and she would protect me from any lawsuits. So I invited her into my office and still having the surveillance equipment in place I ordered her around sucking me and licking my ass and fucking me. I even fucked her asshole and came inside her. When I was done I pissed in her mouth. She swallowed in all. then I told her I would hire her. She thought I was going to give her a manager's job like her step dad had promised her in exchange for sex. Nope. I sent her down to the Janitorial department. her job now is to keep all the toilets in the building clean and she now earns minimum wage. I turned the tapes over to Mrs. Boss to use to blackmailed the little bitch. I'm not worried about Mrs. Boss betraying me. I've got her on tape offering to promote me to general manager in exchange for a good mouthful of cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I'm 28 and unmarried. I work in this company where a lady is our boss. When i was new here she acted all weird with me being a bitch most of the time. I needed money and knew i didn't have an option so i stuck around. I am Bi and my parents wont accept relations i have with women so here i am living with my girlfriend alone. She works too and she's a lesbian. Some of my workers know about this and its a hot gossip in the office. But basically my workers think i'm completely a lesbian and not attracted to men at all. I've been working there for 3years now and this confession is about what happened almost 1year and a half ago.

    After getting used to working everyday with me, she became comfortable to make me an assistant which involves working with her husband. not going to the complicated details of these companies, my boss and her husband are in two different companies in business together. What i could make of her, she's a suspicious woman and wouldn't let any women come near her husband. Since she assumed i'm a lesbian, she thought it's safe. The job required representing our company with other clients which her husband conducted. So i had to dress very modestly (short skirt and shirt with a blazer). I often found my HIM looking at me. Oneday, after a meeting he came up to me and said whether the rumours about me being a lesbian are true. i said 'Yes, i'm bisexual.'

    "Oh you have had men too!" was his response as he winked and left the room. i felt uncomfortable about it but i forgot about it soon. Next day my boss said she has an urgent meeting and will be leaving for Paris. She said her husband would take over her place for half the day and I SHOULD STICK WITH HIM and help him (She was obviously insecure and would bet on a lesbian to spy over her husband while she was gone). She also said that if anything seems suspicious i should contact her right away. I said okay.

    The next day her husband came in the morning. I had most of my work done by mid-day and i got free before lunch. i called up my girlfriend who said a girl asked her out (We are kind of in a flexible relation. We do others too sometimes). Just then i got summoned to HIS cabin. He told others he had urgent important work with me and we should not be disturbed.

    I went to his cabin and saw him sitting facing the window. When he heard me come in he asked me to sit. He offered me a diamond pendant and said it was for all the hard work i did. I really didn't know what to say. He got up from his chair and came and stood next to me. He bent forward and said "I know you have the fire". I was shocked. i turned and he grabbed my breasts and forced a kiss on me. The way he massaged my breasts gave me away and i gave in. he stripped me and soon we were fucking like animals on my boss's table. Since then we often meet and fuck. I have fucked him in their house, their bed, bathroom, kitchen, car, garden and the list goes on. He gifts me with stuff time to time and helps me with my financial problems. So i guess i'm good to go. I don't do it just for the benefits, i enjoy fucking him too. We even had a threesome with my girlfriend once. She enjoyed it a lot.
    oH, Only if the boss knew!! haa!

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    Hello. And Bye.

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    Straight Male / 23

    That if he tries firing me for filing workmans comp im going to OSHA about him running his car dealership in a way that breaks the law. He has mechanics that repair cars, shit cars, without having the proper licensing to be a repair facility.

    All of his cars are bad, they dont run or hardly run and all of them need batteries.
    He rips people off too, like bad and deserves to be ripped off himself.

    His building is far from being up to code for safety, he does not provide safety equipment for the job for hourly workers.

    He has 3 employees, one is leaving this friday, the other we hardly see... so if im fired hes going down.
    The boss actually told one of his employees that he just got in a GOOD CAR and wanted to know if the employee would buy it, AND HE DID. HE FOUND OUT it had a bunch of problems and a BAD BAD TRANSMISSION at the cost of $3800

    ill make sure OSHA OR WHOEVER runs through his corrupt and greedy business and picks him apart.

    Make sure guy, you know the crooked man in charge
    We know youre crooked, we know you live in greed, youve treated us like slaves and bragged about what you have more of amongst us, you have talked down to us and ripped us off and took our earned money for a ripp off trade.
    Now, youre in our court... and we have the ball on your future.
    I want to see everything you have taken away, as you watched me struggle with bills because you pay me so low, and know I cant find any other job ATM that will pay greater... use that though to your advantage and we will come for you boss....

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    Straight Male / 47

    While in college I took a job at a 24 hour cafe. I worked nights on weekends to afford college. The waitresses for night shift were a select type. One would walk in barely covered change into uniform and be a first class waitress. Another would arrive on motorcycle dropped off by her husband,after they had a long tongue kiss in front of door. She would hint sex with me but I really was afraid of std. Another (red head) while she and I was in back on break, opened her uniform and asked if I thought her breast were attractive. She had perky nipples. I put my hands on them and fondle those nipples approx 5 seconds then she closed her top and told me she was married and wasn't that type of person (she was weird). One came in drunk one night. We had her lay down in the back and sleep it off. I went to the back and another waitress had undressed her and tried to get me to fuck her. I thought one was a normal person. She was married with two kids. She was a little oversized but attractive. She came in late one night. I went into the back to get some stock and she was standing there with just panties on. She was getting changed but didn't go to supply room were most changed. I couldn't get her naked body out of my mind. I worked my next few shifts and she was working also. I flirted with her as much as I could. This night things slowed down I told her I was taking a break. She went with me. After we got through the door a reach and gave her butt a quick squeeze. While walking she turned and smiled and took my hand and led me to the supply room. She she sat on a box and started undoing my pants. In a short time she had me hard with her hand and mouth. She pulled one shoe off and dropped her pants with one leg out. She said she loved quickies. it didn't take long for us to cum together. She asked me to get her a napkin which I did and we went back to work. When we had shifts together I would try to get in her pants which usually happened. She finally quit working because her husband had a hard time keeping kids while she worked. It was a long boring shift so I think us workers did the behavior to help make the night pass better.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I never thought I could hate anyone but the boss's 15 year old daughter, Pam, who comes in once in a while to raise hell and havoc, is a perfect object of hate. She's a skinny, red-headed shit-head, albeit with large tits that are rarely held in with any undergarments. She has a foul mouth and has fucked half the men in the office and cussed out those who won't touch her, like me. I'm a supervisor and have my own office, often finding her fucking one of the younger men in my office when I return from lunch. I always throw them out to her torrent of foul expletives from her.

    I can't tell her father or complain since he is erratic and might just can my ass and throw me out. I've been here five years since I was in my late 20's. Pam was then 10 and had not started fucking guys. However, she was already a pain in the ass and dirty mouthed. How would you like it if you walked into the office, semi-happy in the A.M. and be greeted by, "Morning, shit-for brains," from a ten year old.

    Half a year ago, she walked into my office without knocking and said, "You are a piss-ant but I like your looks and can see you are probably hung so I want to fuck you and will not take NO for an answer. If you don't fuck me I'll tell my father you hit on me."

    Pam is a true evil bitch and I am, fortunately, bright enough to know that she would run to her father the minute I told her to go to hell. What I have done is told her that she has the most intense fucking ahead of her but when she is 16 and not before. I told her I'd give it to her up the ass, fuck her mouth and shoot my load into her face, etc. etc.

    So far, she's held off. However, like I said, I'm not stupid. I have started to pack my brown box and type my resume. Before I tell her to fuck off, I will first send her father a letter telling him why I quit and that I need a good reference.

    However, it's good-bye to this crazy hot-dog stand, thanks to evil Pam.

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