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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 48

    In my Junior year of college I got a summer job working as an intern for a bank. The company rented a small furnished apartment for me about three blocks from the office. It was all downtown and after work there were really not any places to go so I went to the same bar and grill to eat. The same waitress took care of me, we talked and got to know a little about each other. She was divorced and had moved to town with her ex but he had run off with another woman and she had stayed. We clicked and I spent the long evenings there and she would refill my glass and talk to me until I finally broke it off and would go back to the apartment.

    After several weeks she told me that her night off was the next day and if I wanted she would take me around and show me a bit more of the town and we could eat at this other place that she liked that didn't smell like the grill. She came by to pick me up, she had an older model Buick and we went around for a half hour or so and went to the small restaurant where we had dinner.

    We went back to the duplex and she said she wanted to come in and she straightened out the bed and sat on it and leaned back on her hand. I must have looked stupid to her, standing there looking at her, her boob sticking out of her chest pressing against her tight shirt. She saw me staring at her boob and she told me there was more of that if I wanted to look for it. He sat up and held her shoulders back and told me to come over to her and feel her up. While I was in front of her with my hands on her boobs she worked my pants and got my dick out and sucked it. She held my dick in her hand and asked me if I wanted to fuck.

    She took her shirt and bra off and showed off her boobs and then took off her pants and panties and laid back on the bed and told me to get on. She took her hand and held my dick and guided it into her and I fucked her. She figured out it was my first time, she was nice and showed me how to let her suck my dick and she took my hand and showed me how to feel her pussy. I had never touched a pussy so she was slow and deliberate showing where it felt good to her, and she told me that her vagina was still full of my juice, but I should eat her anyway and try and suck my juice out of her.

    We never turned the lights off, she said she liked me looking at her and she thought I had a cute dick. She helped me get on her back and she got over my hips and told me she was going to ride me and to get my dick hard. She got my dick back in her and she rode up and down and then she said she was going to give me what every buy liked, she got off my dick and walked up to my face on her knees and sat her pussy right on my face. After rocking on my face for a couple of minutes she got back off and said maybe we needed to do something else. She got on her hands and knees and told me to get behind her and fuck her pussy and then to fuck her ass, she really liked that so to do it good, you had to really fuck a woman when you fucked her ass. After a couple of minutes of fucking her pussy she again helped me with her hand putting my dick on her ass and she told me to shove it in, to shove it hard and fuck her.

    She spent the night with me, we showered after we had ass fucked and she gave me a short blow job before going to sleep. The next morning after showering again we went to Denny's for breakfast, she ordered me the Grand Slam and she told me she wanted me to get all my energy back. Kissing with her felt weird, she was in her late thirties and I was in my early twenties, but she liked to kiss and she liked having me eat her pussy and fuck her in the ass. She told me that after all the years of getting fucked she just liked feeling it shoved up her ass, it just felt good. I spent some time with her at her apartment and we spent time at my rented duplex. When I left for college she bought me a nice dinner at the restaurant she liked to go and told me that one day she was going to come and see me at college.

    I never did see her again, I sent her a Christmas card but never got one in return. After that summer I was never the same again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I love sucking a guys cock, I am not gay, but bi curious and only have sucked my friends cock about a dozen times. I really like it. I am married and wife does not know that I have a fetish for my friends cock. He's not into it as much over the years, wish I could find another older guy to suck off, jerk off, and taste your cum.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I was retired. I did not retire. My separation papers, package is what they called it, prohibited me from working for the competition in return for money and health insurance. With a year to play I got my four year old Camry ready, packed and took off on a road trip to the Rockies.

    Driving alone got boring and I found I stopped and stayed more than driving on to the next town eight hours away. At town X, a small farming community I was just plain tired so I stayed. I found the local café, stayed overtime at breakfast, the waitress had a long face so I left her a nice tip. Day two and she was nicer, we shared our life stories, and she invited me to dinner at her apartment that night.

    Dinner led to sitting on the sofa and two fifty somethings ended up in the sack. For me it broke a six month drought, for her the drought had gone on for several years. Not what you would call hot sex, more like a long warm up with a quick ending. I left that night, slipped put of town. I hope she remembers it as fondly as I do, I chickened out and ran, for that I feel bad.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I was blessed with a big cock. I love jerking off and shooting my load a good distance. My wife cannot take all of my cock into her pussy and even though I cum, I feel like I have to hold back in some way.

    I also like other men with big cocks. I have no desire to have sex with them but mainly to rub our two cocks together and jerk off against each other.

    I met a guy very recently, his name is Ryan. A fairly built guy and he has a large cock to match my own. Ryan and I cockfight and cum but he kept wanting me to fuck him.

    One night Ryan told me he wasn't going to be meeting me anymore because he wanted to find someone that would fuck him. I thought about it because I really wanted to have Ryan's cock again, it was a great match for me.

    Finally I told Ryan I would fuck him but I had no desire to kiss or anything like that, Ryan was thrilled about me fucking him. Ryan was fine with that, we would meet the following week at the same hotel.

    Ryan had the lube and everything was ready the next time we met. We blew each other and a bit of cock fighting as always. My cock was steel hard and Ryan jumped onto his fours on the bed quickly. I grabbed the bottle of lube and coated my thick cock with it.

    I jumped on the bed, spreading my legs and lowering my hips to align with Ryan's bare ass before me. I put the head of my hard cock to his pink hole and pushed my cock into Ryan's asshole.

    Ryan groaned loudly and I seemed to be moaning suddenly. Slowly I pushed my cock into Ryan's ass, I watched my cock disappear into his ass, and began to moan as I realized I had more cock into Ryan's ass than I could put into my wife's pussy.

    What a rush! To see only half of my cock now, and I was still pushing more of my hard cock into Ryan's ass. He moaned very loudly and squirmed under me, more of my big cock was still going into him.

    I put my hands onto Ryan's hips and forced more of my cock into Ryan's ass. He bucked and squirmed underneath but I kept pushing my thick cock into him.

    Finally balls deep, I began to fuck Ryan's ass. Ryan was moaning and I was too! Just knowing I had all of my cock inside of his ass was incredible. I began to fuck Ryan slowly but then the desire to fuck him harder was too much to hold back.

    I slammed my big cock into his ass and we both moaned with erotic pleasure. I pounded Ryan and he screamed he was cumming! I stopped and leaned over and his big cock was dripping cum like a leaky faucet.

    That sent a spark through me and I began to fuck Ryan harder and faster. Soon I was going to cum and I could tell I was going to unleash a torrent of cum. I fucked him a few more seconds and I pulled my cock out of his ass just in time, a rope of cum shot over his back and the back of his head.

    I fisted my cock feverishly, shooting cum in every direction but I didn't care. Oh god I can't remember the last time I had cum that good! Ryan flipped on his back and we rubbed our cocks together until Ryan finished emptying his balls.

    So now Ryan and I meet as always. We suck and cockfight and then I fuck him until I cum. Now I don't even bother to pull out, I just shoot my big load into his ass and he loves it.......

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    Straight Male / 44

    I hate myself for it happening, my daughter is in her mid teens, she wears short skirts and very brief knickers she isn't bothered about bending over and giving me a good eyeful or sitting indiscreetly with her legs open, I am sure she is aware of what she is revealing, but she is at home and I suppose you should be able to relax in your own home and stop being discrete, her mother does the same in the home, I have herd her mother telling her about bending over it in front of her father, her reply was you do it as well at home why shouldn't I, he is my dad I don't mind if he has good a look, I've seen you looking up my arse as well, I said at first I hate myself for it happening I constantly have a hard on when my daughter is around I cant control it, I think she is doing it to tease me and its working, opinions please goo or bad.

    C rawford

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    Gay Male / 52

    To the best of my memory I have always wanted to look at other guy's penis, in school, in restrooms, in gyms, when I was a kid especially penises of older men like teachers. Of course the teachers did not use the same restroom as the kids but on a field trip to D.C. I got my best chance ever, right beside me with his huge (to me) dark, hairy penis with a man pulling it back and forth as he peed. He was the Spanish teacher in high school and he didn't hide his penis from me. We looked at each other in the eyes, my white penis in my hand. He reached down and took it in his hand and rubbed it between his fingers and his thumb and offered me his penis to touch. Of course it was a secret, the next time he held my penis he sat in his chair and held my penis in his hand and sucked on it and asked me if I liked it.

    It was our secret, when his penis got hard it seemed so big for my hands, there was no way I could get it all into my mouth so I just sucked on his glans and held his penis tight in my hands. I liked holding his penis, he would tell me to go on and suck him. At that time we went to this room behind the library where they stored the books, I had to wait until he told me to go in. One day he rubbed his penis between my crack and it felt so good, he rubbed it against my hole and it felt so good, it took a long time for him to get it in and it felt so good.

    Of course I never told anyone. It went on to be a full blown affair, with lots of kissing and touching and I was real good at using my hands to get him hard and sucking on his penis. I was much more aware of my penis, I felt it had gotten big and he loved sucking on me. Looking back we were lovers, I was no longer in any of his classes and I had other commitments on campus, so we met mostly on Saturday afternoon. At his place we could get totally naked and role around naked on the bed. The sessions always included the coup de gras, you go to your lover for one thing after all, for him to let you know you are his for that moment, totally his and I was.

    Looking back for me it was the best sex of my life, by the time I had moved on I was self assured and I had the frame of mind of shoving guys away who were out for themselves or had problems with drugs. I went back to school for my twentieth reunion and he was retiring that year and moving to live with his sister in Florida. We had a real nice conversation, he was always genuinely interested in how I was doing. I have very fond memories of him, like I said earlier, it was the best sex of my life. Nothing else has come anywhere close.

    I heard through the gr**evine that he isn't doing so good, I feel bad about that. It is hard to think of him as being old and frail, but I guess we are all headed in that direction one day. I wish his days have peace, I sent him a letter with cryptic references but tried to tell him how much I remember my days with him. He was very much my first love and I have no doubt he was very fond of me.

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    Straight Male / 38

    A business associate, a builder, asked me to go with him on a fishing trip to Costa Rica. We stayed at this all inclusive resort, went offshore fishing, had some good meals, and the second night he suggested we go into town to this place I might like, a bit different scenery than you get in Raleigh.

    The girls were all young and the dancing was typical and the drinks were expensive and I asked what he meant by it being different. He called this girl over and paid her upfront and after she finished the table dance she got up close to me and lowered her G String and a dick popped out. She got on me real fast and started kissing me and grabbing for my dick while her dick got hard and rubbing her tits into my chest, she got up on her knees and pushed her dick into my face for me to suck her.

    My heart rate was going faster than you think and I already had a hard on and her hairless small dick was in my face, hard like a teenage boy and I took her dick in my mouth and sucked her and she let me suck her until she came. He paid for her for the whole night and he paid for another one and we took them back to the hotel and had tranny night, sucking boy dick and fucking boy butt.

    I didn't learn till later that some trannies had small dicks but others who started hormones later had normal size dicks. The tranny I had was cute, like picture cute, with nice boobs, smooth, small boy dick and tight little asshole. She said her name was Leticia, she spoke a little English and she sucked good and she was good with her hands and she kept me coming all night long.

    The next day we took them with us when we went offshore, kept them naked while we fished, drank beer, ate sandwiches and sucked tranny dick. It is just that sucking tranny dick isn't like what you think, it's not like sucking a gay guy, they are girls with dicks. In all other respects they are girls, the face, the tits, the smooth bottom, no beard, they do hormones from when they are like ten years old and become girls with dicks. At least that is what I am told, there are trannies that start late and have men faces and man dicks and some guys like that.

    I am not a guy who hasn't been here and there, I have fucked my share of church girls and whores, but I can safely say that fucking a little tranny girl is better than either a church girl or a whore.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Out of boredom or whatever my wife and I paid for this girl to come and join us. It was strictly male female with her and my wife watched. My wife admitted that it was intriguing to watch, intriguing not erotic or anything like that. She said watching some girl get banged was just not what she thought it was and now she can't get the image out of her mind of me banging the girl.

    We have tried videos, and still pictures, anything to get us going. In the end sex is usually in the morning and it is usually when she is half asleep. She is still in good shape, she was a swimmer when she was young and she has broad shoulders and she is not exactly small, she is five eight and weighs 170 pounds, but she works out and she isn't fat. She is just big. The girl we paid was small, like a five two and small.

    We are thinking of bringing the girl back, maybe the second time will be better. This time she is going to get involved too, she doesn't want any girl action she will suck and take the first fucking and then give me to her to finish fucking with her, she wants to watch me fill her up. She said she did like watching me finish in her. I tentatively asked her if another guy might do it for her, but she is adamant that she has no interest in having another guy, if she is going to get fucked it is going to be me.

    Your mind begins to race, and I have thought about getting out, away from home and trying the hooker in the wild, higher the girl to come to a hotel room and fuck her without my wife being there. Sort of try her out first, teach her want I want, give her instructions so that when she comes over she acts out what my wife wants to watch, my wife wants to watch her gag and she wants to watch her get anal. I don't think this girl will do either, she is pretty straight for a hooker.

    I did my wife's ass once a long time ago, it ended with don't ever touch me like that again, but she wants me to give this girl anal, not some other girl, this girl. I don't really get it, why anal? why this girl? She is a hooker, she gets paid for it.

    Sorry to take up your time with my problems, I would just like it if I came home and my wife was butt naked and she said fuck me. Not asking for much, but that has never happened. She says she isn't a piece of meat.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Yeah, this is kind of really bad. At the time my family and my mother's sister family lived next door. I was fourteen and my girl cousin was twelve. We were kidding around and I just wanted to see her tits. She didn't want to show me so I got on top of her and worked until I got her top off over her head and pushed her baby bra off her tits. They were milky white little tits with big brown nipples that stood out. I got to feeling the need and I pulled her pants off until I got to her pussy. I had never seen a pussy and she had stopped fighting me. I got my pants down and put my dick against her pussy and after getting on her I got her fucked with her legs open. It was my first real ejaculation and I couldn't get enough of it in her.

    She had a baby and her mother adopted the baby as her own and we went on with our lives, but she was always my girlfriend. For the first several years I wasn't allowed to be with her but when we were seventeen and fifteen, we were watching our girl and she just looked so good I got on her back and after fighting her got my dick in her from behind. After I got off she turned to me and put her finger in my face and told me that I couldn't do that because we weren't married. But we did it anyway, after that we did it anyway, all the time.

    Getting married was a huge thing, everyone had an opinion, from one of my uncles saying it was wrong and that is why we should have been separated after she got pregnant to our grandmother that said we were married anyway and no one can stop two people from coming together. She voted to go ahead and get the judge to give permission and let us get married. Her vote counted more than anyone else's and we had this private ceremony, not in the church but at her house and we got married, I was eighteen and she was sixteen.

    We are now totally on our own, our daughter is going to go to college and we have another couple of kids. She says she doesn't remember all that stuff of when I first got her naked but I do. I remember her little tits and her naked pussy when I pulled her pants off laying on the carpet on the living room floor. I can feel fucking her that day. She doesn't like getting stripped and exposed but I like to expose her for me, stripping her naked and just looking at her on the bed. Her tits are bigger now and she has three kids, but her nipples just wants to make me suck them and her pussy is right there under her light brown hair. She has never been a girl with a heavy bush, her pubes are light and soft and I can see her pussy, especially when I make her open her legs a little.

    My cousin, who is my wife, was the prettiest of all the girl cousins and still is. I get this urge to get on her, to strip her and look at her, I have to do it. She doesn't understand as if having looked at her yesterday takes away the need to look at her today. I get her wagging finger and she threatens me with my daughter but I told my daughter, one guy looks at her like that and I am going to make sure he never looks at her again.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I took a reporter job out of college in Beaumont Texas because that is all I could get. I rented this house from this woman who lived next door. She came over a couple of days after I moved in to see if I needed anything. She had a shirt on and no bra. I noticed. She had breasts, something I had not paid attention to when I first met her. She noticed me looking at them and she cupped her breasts and told me they were all hers, nothing fake about them. It was uncomfortable. She stood there holding her breasts and looking at me straight in the eyes until she broke the silence and asked me it I was a tit man or a leg man.

    She sat down on the couch and pulled her dress up and opened her legs, she was bare, no panties and she sat back with her tits in her hands and her legs open and asked me if I was man enough for her. Being all of 23 I didn't know what to do, she told me to pull it out and see if I was man enough for her. She won the day, she got my pants of and gave me a blow job before having me get on and fuck her.

    I have to say that all the nasty stuff I learned from her. I got to the point that I didn't even think of her as being older, I got to the point that I liked her tits, and I ate her all the time. One night after she had cleared the table she told me to get ready because I was going to get desert and she lay across the table and she told me to just lick it and make her feel good and I could fuck all I wanted later on.

    In her youth, she had been a dancer, a stripper in Dallas and New Orleans, and other places and she had married this man who worked in the refineries in Beaumont and that is how she had come into property, her house and the rent house, and his pension. She loved to suck cock and would stop and tell me about all the cock she sucked when she was working tables and dancing in the clubs. In those days, she told me, it was ok to touch, get a hand full of titi, or get a long slow suck, enough to make you want more and more always cost more. Clubs for the working man, she said she never liked the high end business clubs. That is how she met her husband.

    I lived next door to her for nine months and at that time I could fuck every day, and she had gone through the change, she was open for business all night long. When I left to go work in Austin she gave me a deck of playing cards, she said belonged to a gambler who had taken care of her after her husband died. She wanted something in return, something that she could say was hers. I left her my college ring.

    She drove to Austin a whole lot of times, she wanted to be with her boy. She had this Cadillac and she drove it on cruise control. The first night was always nasty, nasty stuff until we had gotten it out of our system, the second night was straight fucking with a little bit of foreplay, all the nasty stuff wasn't necessary the second night. She continued to rent the house next door but she told me it was strictly business, she knew where her bread was buttered and she wasn't going to mess up, momma was always there for her boy. Lots of hours on the road to Beaumont and lots of hours on the road to Austin. When I drove to see her she always had the house fixed up, she had bathed and showered and we fucked for the first hour after I got there.

    I was a momma's boy then, I never dated in Austin. I remember her most during the Holidays, because she took care of me seeing as my family was back East and I needs lots of taking care of. Her tits, how I loved those tits. After she died I sold the houses and used the money to buy a small place in Austin, which I still rent out to students and the like. She is buried in Beaumont beside her late husband. I wonder what they are up to, because I am sure she never slowed down.

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