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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I have a good friend I have known since grade school. We are both in our 40`s now married with kids. Both very straight outdoors type men that no one would ever even think we would have sex together but we do.
    It started about 5 years ago on a fishing trip. We both drank too much and during a very hot conversation about sex we both hinted around about maybe being a bit curious. Since we had been friends for so many years and we had drank so much beer we were comfortable enough to shower together and try sucking each others dick in the shower.
    Once we were in the shower and both of us hard I was anxious as he was so we began to stoke each other and play with each others nuts and in no time at all I was on my knees sucking his thick 8" dick and found it very easy to swallow his pre cum and there was a lot of it. I guess we both got carried away because he was fucking my mouth and I couldn`t wait for him to cum in my mouth. I had both hands on his ass and he had his hands on my head and we were both enjoying it vey much then he came and it went right in my throat and I swallowed every bit of his thick warm load and stayed down on my knees sucking and licking on his balls and long fat dick.
    He returned the favor right after I finished with him and it was great. We are both about the same size and he sucked me good and swallowed my load and licked my nuts awhile. We dried off and just hung out naked drinking beer playing with our dicks and each others still talking. I had always wondered how the real thing would feel in my ass and had had a strap on and a few toys in my ass over the years and in High school a friend and I got very drunk one night and I talked him in to fucking me in the ass. He fucked me and came in my ass two times that night but wouldn`t fuck me after that and didn`t even want to talk about it.
    I just had to ask my buddy if he would like to try fucking me in the ass. I told him all about how I liked it and shared my past experiences with him and by then he was more than ready to fuck me. All we had for lube was some cooking oil so we used it on my ass and his dick and for starters I bent over the back of the couch in the cabin we were staying in and he got behind me and as I spread my ass open he slowly stuck his dick in my asshole then pushed until it was all the way up my ass and both of us were moaning and groaning then he began to fuck me and it felt so good right away I started pleading with him to fuck me harder. He fucked me good then I began asking him to cum in me and that excited him so much that he came pretty fast and shot a huge load deep in my ass and I came all over the back of the couch.
    The rest of the night was spent fucking in different positions all over that cabin and once he just stuck his dick up my ass from behind as I bent over the kitchen counter top looking out the window as we both drank a beer. he got hard in my ass and fucked me and he came deep in my ass with his cum dripping down my thighs. We fucked until after the sun came up then showered and fell asleep. He woke me up trying to stick his dick in me face down on the bed. It went in very easy and he pounded me hard with his big dick and came in me for the first of several times that day.
    We tried a few 69`s a lot of sucking and him fucking my ass and now we sneak off all the time to suck each other off and I am always ready for a good fuck in the ass. Lately we have talked about a 3 way experience and once I brought it up he wanted me to tell him what I wanted to do if we tried it and I told him I wanted to get fucked dog style and suck another guys dick at the same time and let both of them cum in me at the same time. When I told him I might want to try a DP in the ass he went crazy and told me to bend over so he could fuck me so I did and it was the best fuck ever. We are really good friends these days and I am looking for a third guy that will join us but I want him to have a huge dick so I am pretty selective and picky.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I'm probably the only one, but it's inevitable that I get a rock hard boner whenever I play video games. It doesn't matter what I'm playing, it'll at some point just happen. It's not one of those semi's or meh kind of boners. It's morning wood hard.

    Of course, there are moments that would warrant it anyway, but the content doesn't make a factor. It's like my dick knows I'm playing video games, and it decided to pop up and say hi.

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    Gay Male / 33

    I am at a hotel by the sea. It is not holiday season. I am here on business. Last night I was eating alone in the small restaurant and there was one other guest. I guess because it was just the two of us we couldn't help but make eye contact. After dinner I went outside to get some fresh air and he came outside and we struck up a conversation. He is a diesel mechanic and was down here to work on an overhaul of large engine.

    We walked across the street to the path along the beach front and we talked. Somewhere in the conversation he asked me if I remembered my first time, who the girl was, how old I was. I told him what I had not told anyone, my first time was not with a girl, my first time was with the doctor next door. The doc sucked my penis and he had me suck his. He was interested, he wanted me to tell him the whole story. I told him that the doctor was always nice to me, and that afternoon I was in the yard and he invited me in for something to drink. He told me I was a good looking boy. He told me he wanted to examine me to make sure I was growing up ok.

    He undid my pants and lowered my pants, he sat on the edge of the couch, and he touched my penis and started to run it through his hands. He touched my balls and asked me I had wet dreams. My penis was getting hard when he put it in his mouth and just sucked hard on it. He said I was a good boy and he sucked me and rubbed my behind. He helped me get out of my shoes and pants and underwear, and he sucked on my penis. I felt like I had to pee but I couldn't, I tried and I thought I had peed in his mouth. He sucked my head and said I was a naughty boy, and sucked my whole penis real hard until I lost control and I released it all into his mouth. He told me I was a real good boy.

    I was talking, and we were walking, we had walked a good ways, and we sat on a bench overlooking the ocean, he asked me I liked it, I must have liked it, I told him that it really felt good, just remembering felt good. He asked me if it was the only time, he asked me if the doc let me suck his penis, to describe his penis, to remember what it felt like when I sucked his penis, how much of his penis I could put in my mouth, if he ever shot his load in my mouth, he asked me if the doc ever tried to fuck me. I told him, I remembered his penis was hard and dark and it tasted funny, but I liked sucking his penis. I tried sucking him the same way, but he told me to suck strong but slow, and to hold his penis hard in my hand and to stroke him but not to let his penis out of my mouth. His shot hit the back of my throat, he held my face and pumped and he told me I had to learn to keep my mouth on him. His cum was strong and what I had in my mouth felt slick, he told me it was ok to swallow it, it was ok.

    It was a long time before we he fucked me. He always touched my bum, but it was a long time before he put his penis up against my bum. That day he asked me to lay on the bed and he put a cushion from the couch under me, he rubbed some slick stuff and pushed his finger in me, and told me it might hurt, but that in a little while it was going to feel good and he wanted me to feel good. It never hurt, it was just like a lot of pressure, and he told me I was doing a good job and he kept thrusting his pens in, I knew I was getting fucked, all the boys knew about getting fucked, except it was supposed to be the old farmer who fucked you, it just felt good in a strange sort of way, until he had his penis in far enough and he fucked me a little, and then some hard thrusting and he said he was getting done and then he pulled his penis out. He had a towel beside the bed and after rubbing my bum with the cream, he used the towel to dry me off. He asked me to let him know if I enjoyed it.

    The mechanic had his hand on my thigh while I talked. His hand was warm, he was real interested, he asked me if I still liked it, if I liked to suck cock, because he would really like it if I sucked his cock and he would suck my cock and maybe we could fuck. We went to his room, I sat on the bed and he took out his cock and I felt a feeling come back and when I put his cock in my mouth I knew just what to do. He told me to go slow, not ruin the evening by getting too far ahead of myself. He got undressed and asked me to get undressed and after we were naked he sucked my cock. We sucked each other, we held each other's cocks and he wanted to kiss. He went to his bag and he asked me to lay on my back and he lathered and fingered my bum and he leaned over me and he fucked me, that feeling from those days with the doc all came back, he was slow and drove his cock in and fucked me. I tried to masturbate but it felt too good so I let him just fuck me.

    After we showered he sucked me and helped me cum. He asked me if I wanted to spend the night, the bed didn't seem big enough, but it was just good to be naked, to feel his hand on my penis, to have him rub my chest and nipples.

    I'm grown up now. It is morning and I am naked in my room, I have to get dressed and go to work.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I have always loved women but often fantasized about sucking cock and swallowing cum with the right person and finally have done so. It started one day at work after he tells me again that his wife sleeps in another room as they no longer have sex and he's horny constantly. After running it thru my head a hundred times I finally took a deep breath and said, I've always wanted to suck a cock and feel it spurting hot cum in my mouth, would you let me blow you, there I'd finally said it, Fuck, it's out there, he stared at me and said are you serious, still not sure, Yep, I replied. Wow I was not ready for that he replied, you do not look like the cock sucker type, I jumped up thinking what have I done, I've just come out in front of a workmate, then said I was only joking and turned to walk away but he grabbed my hand gently and said if your serious I would love it and I promise I would never tell anyone, if thats what your worried about, then as if to reassure me he placed his hand on my pants and felt the outline of my cock, and placed my hand on his bulge that was getting bigger & harder in his pants. Now I felt confident and smiled as I realised my offer was accepted, then we both snapped back to reality as we heard a fellow worker open the locked door, later we agreed to hang back after work. When everyone had gone I just got on my knees next to him and said if your serious I would love to suck your cock right now, after a brief pause he stood up pushing back his chair turned to face me & just stood there so I reached for his fly and gently started to unzip him while I looked up at him for approval, I'm not sure what he was thinking he looked confused but I could feel his cock hardening none the less I let his pants just fall in a heap grabbed his briefs while still looking up at him and in one movement they too were at his ankles as his hard 7# boner slapped my face, Now his cock is out and I'm sucking him off and using my hand for all I'm worth it felt so wrong but also so Damn right I could feel my own cock straining to get out, He didn't last too long and was surprised after he stopped when I pulled him back into my mouth and let him cum in my mouth then swallowed it. We talked a little afterwards and he said he felt really guilty about what happened and left. A few days later, we stil aren't talking like before then as we are alone I touch his shoulder and said I'm sorry for putting it on you, it just came out, after hearing you always talk about not getting any sex at home, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, it's Ok I Loved it, I was just a bit confused about what comes next, am I gay he said, I don't think I'm gay I replied, the thought of kissing a Man repulses me I said, I still love sex with my wife, I just love the feeling of a warm hard Cock in my hand & mouth, I love to think that I Can please a man as well as a woman. I love pussy and cock, that makes me Bi Not Gay I don't care what anyone thinks. I'm not gay either he replied, I was just horny and I wanted to blow a load without using my hand for a change, after everyone left that day we spent a couple of hours sucking each other's cock and him tasting his first load of cum. Now we almost always suck each others cock when we are together on afternoon shift. Neither his or my wife knows about it and we prefer it that way. I don't mind sucking my workmate off and having him do me if he wants but I don't want the world to know either. Even though I'm certain I'm Not Gay, I now fantasize about being on my hands and knees with his hands firmly gripping my waist as he slowly pushes his well lubed cock inside me and taking me for the first time, I've read multiple stories of how good & bad it can feel, but I realise if he Fucks me slowly with lots of lube it could be Fun and enjoyable for the both if us. Any thoughts & comments are welcome, as I know ill be getting the You ARE GAY comments, but please explain why Or how I still enjoy sex with woman

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I'm married and have two kids. My wife is a dream with a great body and personality. The only complaint is the fact that she isn't a very exciting sexual partner. Pretty much missionary and vanilla sex. She will blow me a little but says her mouth gets tired. I on the other hand love kink and I have a computer filled with just about every kind of porn that's legal. I do masturbate often watching my videos when the wife is away.

    About a year ago a husband and wife moved in across the street and we became fast friends, Mike and Laura. They are in their fifties and Mike's wife still looks great! One day Mike and I were bs-ing and the topic turned to sex. Before the conversation ended I found out his wife Laura lost her desire to have sex anymore.

    Well come to find out Mike has a pretty serious collection of porn on his laptop as well and pretty much does what I do when his wife is away. I showed him my collection and asked me if I got off on Tranny's. I told him nothing is sexier than a big hard cock no matter who has it

    A few days later when Laura and my wife were out shopping he called me over to look at his collection of porn on his laptop. Right away I noticed that Mike's collection was mostly gay porn as well as Tranny Porn.

    After a bit of discussion Mike reached into a drawer and handed me a DVD and told me to check it out when I had the chance. It was a few days later before my wife went out when I knew I would have time to watch Mike's DVD he gave me.

    The video opened with a guy standing in stockings, panties, and high heels. He pulled out his cock and began to work it. Right away I could tell he was rather large and not cut either, the skin covered the head for several moments until the cock became fully erect. I watched as the hand stroked and jerked and heard a moan a few minutes later, cum shot out of this large cock like a cannon and the video ended a few seconds later.

    It was a few days before I saw Mike and gave him back the DVD. He asked how I liked it and told him it was pretty damn hot! Then he looked me in the eye and said it was him. I asked Mike if his wife knew he was into cross dressing and he said he told her years ago. That's why Laura lost interest in having sex with Mike.

    A few months went by and one day Mike called and asked me if I had a problem letting my wife go with Laura on a gambling weekend. I told him no because that gave me time to entertain myself on my computer. He said fine he would get the tickets for them to go. I told Mike to let me know how much I owed him for Laura's ticket and he said not to worry it was on him.

    Two weeks later the wives were on a bus to Atlantic City. I got home and was already thinking about the videos I wanted to watch when Mike called me. He asked if I wasn't busy to come over he had something he wanted to show me.

    A few minutes later I knocked on Mike's door and I heard him say it was open to come on in and lock it after me. I walked in the living room and I didn't see Mike. I called him and then he appeared from the corner. I was about to say something when I just sort of froze.

    Mike stood there dressed in some slinky black outfit with stockings and heels on. He looked at my face, waiting to see my reaction I know. Then he came over and stood right before me and asked what I thought?

    Honestly I was in shock but I wasn't running out the door either. I thought of the video and Mike's large cock I had seen in the video he gave me weeks ago. I remember watching it grow as he stoked it in the video.

    He wore long black gloves and he began to rub himself through the slinky material. I looked at Mike and told him not to move I would be right back. Out the door I almost ran back to my house. I dug through the box I had stashed and found what I wanted. I was back at Mike's in a few minutes.

    Mike asked what I had in the bag and I pulled out a penis pump. He looked at it as I showed him and then looked at the smile on my face. Mike lifted the skimpy top that covered his panties, his cock was already thick and trying to break free of the panties.

    He slipped out of the panties and I stepped closer. He said nothing as I took hold of his semi hard cock and inserted it into the plastic tube. I told Mike to press it tight against his skin to get a tight seal. I began to pump the bulb and soon I could tell the suction was working. Mike's cock began to grow each time I squeezed the bulb. Soon the flesh drew back and the head of Mike's cock could be seen, I squeezed a few more times and Mike groaned with pleasure.

    Now I could feel my own cock throbbing inside my pants and I let go the bulb and let it dangle as I stripped out of my clothes. Soon I was stroking my cock and squeezing the bulb and then Mike reached over and brushed my hand away. He began to stroke my cock and now I was the one groaning.

    Mike said he wanted out and I released the air out of the tube, Mike's big cock slipped out and hung down in a erotic crimson color. We began to stroke each others cocks and then Mike took hold of mine and guided the head of my cock to his. Tip to tip and Mike's foreskin began to cover the head of my cock.

    He began to soften slightly and guided my cock deeper into the flesh. Suddenly I realized what he was doing and I was almost delirious with excitement now. His foreskin had now covered the head of my engorged cock and a bit more. It was like two cocks had been attached in some weird way. Mike began to stroke us as one, my legs felt like rubber suddenly and then he let me stroke us. The feeling was too bizarre to describe, we took turns slowly jacking each other.

    Suddenly I felt the release of my orgasm coming, it was too late to pull out and hold back. I guess Mike knew and he wrapped his hand around our two cocks and pumped. I thought I was going to pass out cumming, the feeling of the most intense release swept over me. I know Mike could feel my cock pulsating as I came, shooting my cum inside of his foreskin.

    Then Mike came, his hand squeezed tighter and a gush of his hot semen coated the head of my cock buried inside of his throbbing flesh. He jerked us both wildly as I felt his hot semen blasting over the head of my cock. Mike's load was massive and I could feel my hard cock swimming in his load of cum.

    Mike finally let go and our cocks separated easily, cum dripping off the head of my spent cock and a thick mass of our cum poured out of the flesh of his foreskin. I could barely stand I was so spent, it had been a very long time since I had cum that hard.

    From that day I can't get enough of that kind of sex with Mike. We get together anytime we can when our wives are away. Mike asked me if I would cross dress with him and I'm more than willing to do that to have the kind of sex that we share.......

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    Straight Male / 50

    I have been married to my wife (K) since I was 19 years old. While I went to school with her, she was 2 classes behind me, I didn't start dating her until the year after I graduated. She was the second girl that I'd ever had dated. The other girl, (G) was in her class and I dated her when I was still in high school. I loved and respected G and while we enjoyed some very heavy petting sessions, we never had sex. It wasn't that she didn't want to but she told me that she was only going to have sexy with her husband and if we got engaged I could make love to her. I guess that I had a bit too much integrity and honesty as I told her that as much as I loved her I was too young to make a decision like that.
    We broke up and she moved to another school district. I was finishing high school, I had earned a baseball scholarship and while I was 17 and thought that I was on top of the world there was something. I tracked down G and asked her if she wanted to go to my senior prom. She quickly accepted, I had told her how I was going to college and she was happy for me. It was funny as that time we were separated was nothing as we were comfortable with each other like nothing had ever happened. I was going to surprise her after the prom and ask her to marry me.
    I took her to my Prom, It was a great evening, when we danced we couldn't keep our hands off each other. Afterwards when I drove her home, I stopped at my house to change out of my tux. My parents were asleep and we started to make out on the living room couch. I don't quite remember how or why but she slipped out of her gown and shortly after I slipped her panties off. It was the first time that I'd ever seen her completely naked. I kissed all over her body and was going to beautiful pussy, I blurted out that I loved her and that I wanted her, not just now but forever.
    That when it stopped. She bolted up and told me that she was so sorry, she still had deep feelings of love for me but she wasn't going to be cruel and mislead me anymore. She was engaged to an older man and she was going to quit school to marry him, but that she wanted to go to a prom at least once. That he knew we used to go together but he was alright with this. I wish that I would be able to write that I had made love to her anyway, but that news crushed me so I helped her get dressed and then took her home. They got married a few months later and shortly after that she died in a car accident.
    I guess that affected me more than I thought as I had one very successful season, but my grades were horrible and I lost my scholarship. So I got a job and cut my schedule and started to enjoy life. That when I met K. She was going into her senior year. It was funny how we met as I wasn't looking for any companionship that night, she was with a friend and honestly I felt more attracted to her but K latched onto me. Had a lot of fun being with her and while we didn't have sex that first date, we did on the second.
    I guess that I got confused with lust and love, combined with the loss of G, I didn't want to make the mistake of losing out again so I proposed to her after 4 months. She said yes, but wanted to keep it our secret until she graduated. That April she toldmethat she was pregnant, I was caught off guard but really after I thought about it I was happy and started to plan how I was going to support her. I quit college and joined the service, as the job that I had was going to do anything for us and the medical and GI Bill would get us back on our feet and then we'd be okay.
    It wasn't an easy life. Ups and downs, We have 5 children and I made the service a career. We moved back home and bought a house. That's when some serious problems started. She became very detached from me. Wanted more time with her family and friends, Then menopause came and she didn't want to be intimate it was such a messy chore. I ended up having an affair with a coworker. All I can say about that is I am sorry but it's hard to say no when your with someone that wants to be with you.
    I lived with that shame and guilt for 8 years in a sexless marriage. Then I find out that she has been carrying on in an "emotional affair" for 4 years with classmate. That she was trying to get him to comitt to her so she could leave, she didn't want to divorce me till she had a replacement. Oh, and why or how can you reconnect to someone after all of those years? Well she was screwing him the whole time we were going together and there was a good chance that our oldest daughter was his.
    Now you would have suppose that I would have done the smart thing and divorced that bitch. No we are still married. Her man wouldn't have her, I honestly did not have the heart to embarrass her in front of her family and frankly am not interested in sex with her anymore either.

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    Straight Male / 40

    This is basically a confession to Steve, who's wife I had an affair with for almost 10 years.
    But maybe it will answer questions or put some closure to anyone else who thinks their wife
    may be cheating.

    Firs t of all - your wife still loves you. She has told me that, and she is not interested in
    losing you or your marriage.
    She just needed "more"....and no, I am not just talking about cock size. For what its worth,
    you have more girth than me which she loves, and I am about an inch longer. She had the best
    of both worlds between us.

    You never got "sloppy seconds" from me. Ever. Your wife always made sure there was at least
    a 12 hour gap between when we had sex and when she was intimate with you.
    On the other hand, there were dozens of times where she initiated sex with you in the
    morning, and then I was at your house a short time later after you left for work. And
    yes, I ended up enjoying eating her out, tasting your cum, and then replacing yours with
    my own. Thank you for all the times you went first and warmed her up for me. All the
    cream pies you left me were just icing on the

    I will admit I did a lot of mean things against you during the first year or so. I was
    young and the thrill of having sex with a guys wife in his own bed was very intoxicating.
    Before I left the bedroom, I would sometimes wipe my cock off on your pillow.
    Your wife sometimes allowed me to make a little "mouth" with the slit of my penis, and I
    would actually put the diamond of her wedding ring inside my cock.
    I would see a book on the nightstand that you were reading, and change the page you had am sorry, but that had to drive you crazy.

    Your wife has told me hundreds of times that she loves me as we laid in your bed - but its
    not the same kind of love you and her share. For that, I am jealous of you.
    You get to take vacations with her, spend holidays with her, and basically slept with my
    girlfriend every night. There was one night you were at a tradeshow in Denver I think
    it was, and I spent the night with your wife in your bed. For that one night at least,
    I got to be her husband, make love to her, wake up with her, have her make me breakfast.
    You are a lucky man.

    But honestly, our relationship was all about the sex. We could never really go out
    on a date for fear she would be seen with me. If you were home and she needed me,
    we would meet at a park or a secluded forest preserve and have car sex or sex on a
    blanket. You do not know this, but one time your wife and I were parked in the parking
    lot of a medical building that was closed on a Sunday. You rode your bike right by us!
    Luckily my car was in front of your wife's car and you did not see hers. I sometimes
    wonder if you rode your bike up to us, what it would have been like for you to see your
    wife, 1/2 naked, bouncing up and down on my cock in my car.

    Your wife told me you are strictly a missionary position kind of guy. Steve, she needs
    variety! She went crazy when she was on top of me, or when I took her doggie style.
    Can you please mix it up a little for your wife's sake? Do you even know that you
    can get her to squirt with the right clit stimulation??

    Your wife and I had anal sex one time. I know she never let you there, mostly because
    of the thickness of your cock. I was able to get about 2/3 of my cock inside her butt,
    but she did not enjoy the experience all that much. I will admit, it is still kind of
    exciting to think that I came inside another guys wife's ass. I guess that is one part
    of her that will always be "mine" at least.

    Our affair ended shortly afer your wife went back to work full time. I miss her.
    Its up to you to give to her, by yourself, what she needed from both of us.
    Try different positions!! Let her be on top! Be a little aggressive with her!
    You guys still have your marriage, and you still seem so happy together.

    I do feel a little guilty about my affair with your wife, but she needed something.
    At least do me a favor now though? The next time you give your wife oral sex, just
    think about the hundreds of times my cock was there, cumming inside her, satisfying her.
    You own me that much.

    I will always love your wife - and she will always have a secret love for me.
    We made a good team working together, satisfying her needs, even though you did not
    know it.
    I will miss taking my turn with your wife.

    I do wish you and her the best!

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    Straight Male / 35

    I am a straight male, but I have this irresistible fantasy of being held prisoner in my own house by a group of gay or bi males, who would lock me up in a latex suit, with no openings except a small zipper at the crotch, and another one across my mouth, and turn me into a house-slave, to serve them 24/7 in any ways they wanted. There would be almost ceaseless forced cock-sucking, and really wicked orgasm denial and delay, together with "milking" for the sperm bank, the proceeds of which they would keep. Maybe they would invite friends, and we would have a large group of sadists sharing my services, pretty much permanently! I hope one day to win the lottery, so to speak, and find at least one or two willing participants, to start with.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Limited experiences with men but quite a few as a young boy. My friends and I tried everything with each other. Jacking off, mutual jack off sucking each other off humping, nudity, and anal sex. I don`t know why but what I liked most was having a friend put his dick in my ass and I really enjoyed getting fucked and taking their warm slick cum in my ass. It made me feel very nasty in a good way.
    My best friend and I never told anyone but he and I sucked each other off all the time and we liked to cum in each others mouth and swallow it. We got off making each other gag on our dicks and shooting our cum in each others throat. He and I got rough and wild with each other and the first time I asked him if he wanted to fuck me I thought he would never stop. He fucked me hard and came in my ass a lot and held me down while he was fucking me and it felt great. I miss all the wild crazy things I did with my horny friends growing up.
    Ever since I was a teenager I have worked hard to suck my own dick. At first I could only lick on the head of it but after working at it and slowly stretching my body I could take about three inches of my dick in my mouth. I enjoy sucking my own dick and from the start I have never considered taking it out of my mouth to cum. I really enjoy sucking my own dick and shooting a huge load in my mouth and swallowing every drop of my own thick hot load.
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    If you can`t do this you might not understand why I like it so much but my dick is very long and thick and I cum very heavy. It just feels so hot to lay on my back with my knees on each side of my head with my lips around my hard dick sucking it like crazy taking all my pre cum in my mouth and a finger working on my asshole until I explode in my mouth and swallow it down. I have sucked myself off as much as three times in a row if I have the time. Just writing this has me hard and as soon as the wife goes out shopping later I will be sucking my dick as soon as she drives off.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I had some experiences with other boys back in my school days. Several of my young horny friends just wanted to play around at times so we did. In the 5th grade my friend and I played with each other after we watched each other stroke our dicks a few minutes. We went out behind this old vacant house almost every day to jack each other off.
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    My cousin asked if I would do something else with him and I was curious enough to ask what he wanted to do. He told me his friend from school liked screwing. My cousin told me he wanted to try screwing me so we tried it and I am glad we did. I couldn`t believe how much I liked it once I got used to him in my ass. He fucked me and came in me twice before he pulled his dick out of my ass.
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    I was shocked when he started to talk about sex with a friend of his and he told me all about it. I listened and asked questions and got very horny right away so being drunk I told him I might want to try it with him if he wanted to. He said he wanted to try it with a white guy so we tried to think of a place we could go and not get caught. I decided to drive out to my parents place in the country. We had some land and there was a barn there and an old house that was about to fall down.
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    After that about once a week I took that black dick in the ass but he always sucked me off good and said he liked my white boy cum. It was about 9 months or so he and I had sex pretty often then he had to move with his parents because his Dad got a better job. That was my one and only black dick and it was very good. I think about it often and sometimes watch Bi or Gay interracial porn and think back on my experience with my black friend in high school.
    I don`t have a lot of anal sex these days except with my cousin. I use a few toys and my wife loves to fuck me with our collection of strap on toys. Neither of our wife`s know that m cousin fucks my ass. My wife tells me it is her wildest fantasy to watch a man fuck me in the ass. She tells me all the details and how she would like to watch and join in. I asked my cousin to try this with my wife and I but he always says no. I have always enjoyed anal sex and it feels very nice and makes me cum like crazy when I am getting fucked up the ass. I hope it never stops.

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