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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 52

    I am involved with a young woman at work and she likes to roll in the hay. I am a lot older than her and she gets turned on by me telling her stories of other women that I have had sex with. "Fuck me like her", then we fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    After a military career and a stint as park ranger I took a job selling cars, the military is far less stressful. However the job offered a view into humanity that we usually don't get to see. And an opportunity to be propositioned.

    I have had more than one offer for substances, illegal substances of course.

    I have had propositions to meet the lady after work, including a very nice looking elementary school teacher.

    I have had A proposition to meet a man after work, a man that owns a flooring franchise.

    After twenty two years in the military, six years alone in the woods as a park ranger, a nice, good looking man with a head of white hair, stocky build, strong hands, nice bulge in his pants I accepted his invite. What a nite! The man has technique, the man made my head spin, the man brought out in me desire I had not felt for a very long time. Unfortunately a one night stand, no sale, but who needs a sale when you get tipped for the test drive.

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    Straight Male / 51

    Way back when, we were young, we worked for an important government agency, we were all straight laced, suited, professionals. On weekends, or holidays we got together for parties, wife swapping, sexual initiations, same sex experimenting. We never played with children or under aged teens, we never invited blacks, we much preferred Latinos and Filipinos, primarily women as objects of trade. These parties went on starting in our late twenties well into our fifties, recruiting young women to be our objects of pleasure.

    At some point, not by design there was an unspoken agreement to have a favorite young woman as a primary lover and sex partner, to keep, not to share. Any presence of these favorites was to support our activities with others, wife swaps, a new hire young man, the ultimate form of erotic pleasure.

    In 1986 I found my favorite, a young woman, a new hire from Columbia Law School, mine to teach, to bring along in her sexual awareness, to indoctrinate her, her role, to incorporate her into my personal family. I had her move in with us, instructing her to make herself available to my wife who had a particular attraction for intelligent young women.

    What happened to us, and to many of our founding party members, is that our favorites became our most precious possession. To this day, I am now entering my 70s and my favorite girl is approaching fifty, she is fully incorporated into our lives. My wife and I had a healthy sex life when we met, we enjoyed swapping, we enjoyed same sex adventures. But we never expected to fall so deeply in love with our favorite, and have her devote her life to us.

    One more time we raise a glass to our friends, we remember our party days.

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    Straight Male / 49

    Back in 2013 I hired a Worker's Comp attorney to help with the rising cost of claims. A slight woman in her late thirties, kept to herself but did good work. She drove a five year old Audi and she called and said her car was in the shop and she was waiting for a cab to get her to the office. I offered to get her, maybe fifteen minutes from the office. She was nice about it and at the end of the day she told me her car needed to stay overnight so I offered to give her a ride home.

    She invited me in, offered me something to drink. Her house was small, a typical three bedroom two bath that had been updated a bit. We sat in the kitchen and talked. She had been married out of college but divorced before she finished law school. She gave me the tour of the house, in the guest bathroom was black and white photo of a nude in a tub. in her room a photo of herself when she graduated from high school. I then stood trying to make out a painting over her bed. She stood beside me, and whispered "Yoni" in my ear.

    My stare put her off and she triangulated her front and said Yoni again, then she laughed and said "P U S S Y". A painting in mod art of her pussy. She walked out of the room and I followed, she told me this artist she met in Oregon did the painting. I asked her why she would even hang something like that? She said "why not" and did it make me uncomfortable. Yes it did, it made me uncomfortable.

    She took me into her living room and pulled a photo album out of the bookcase, all pictures of herself starting when she was around seven. Halfway through was the first topless picture at a pool, there were more topless pictures, and then some full nudes. Late teens, I hoped. A turn of the page and a Playboy Bunny picture, her legs held high, her pussy clearly visible. And there were more, a lot more.

    She offered to pose for me, she got out of her clothes in a half minute, she bent her back, her breasts silhouetted against the light. Several other poses, then she sat on the coffee table with her legs open, and asked me why I had a problem with nudity. "Don't tell me you don't like tits and ass?".

    Bend ing back, her legs spread, "kiss me, right there" pointing right between her legs.

    I got up to go, she asked me if I wanted her. I drove home totally emasculated. The next day I picked her up to take her to work, dressers like a lawyer, small talk, nothing about the evening. At five I drove her back to the dealership, she leaned over for a kiss and said she would see me the next day.

    Her unashamed body, her legs, her wet pussy, her lips, her kisses, her tits, all brought me to my knees. I did what she wanted, picked up the tab, had more sex than I'd had in years. With the car I bought her, the safari trip to South Africa, the diamond earrings, the diamond ring. I added it up before the wedding, over 100K dollars, with more to come. I made good money but I knew I could not afford her. I told her I was going to go broke and she pouted off into the room.

    But I married her and worked twice as hard. A man only gets one chance at a woman like her, one chance and you don't blow it. A girl like her just doesn't walk into your life every day.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I took early retirement because the other option was worse, get laid off without a package. I tried a couple of jobs but just wasn't interested. Over Christmas I took a part time job at Barnes and Noble. I met another retiree, a little older, just as bored. We worked the Christmas rush, we hooked up after Christmas for lunch and now we suck cock, I suck his, he sucks mine, we watch gay porn in his man cave. His wife is a hospital administrator, my wife is an accountant downtown.

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    Straight Male / 47

    My one time was when I graduated from college. I had packed my car with whatever fit, gave away the rest and drove home to Iowa, about 700 miles. On the way I stopped for gas and a late lunch at a Denny's. A kid was asking for rides, and I stopped and asked which way he was going. He was headed to St. Louis, I could get him there with a detour so I told him to hop in. He told me he didn't have any money but he would suck my cock.

    After about four hours, the night was coming on we stopped at this truck stop for gas and a hamburger. When we got back in the car he said thanks and any time I wanted my blowjob he wanted to give it to me. He leaned over, helped my cock out of my pants and started to stroke me and suck my cock while I tried to get on the freeway and drive. I got hard, I had a hard time focusing on the road so I pulled off the road at an exit and found a spot and let him suck me dry.

    We drove on for a while and stopped at this roadside motel and after we showered we got on the bed and I sucked his cock which was hard while he stroked me. He asked me if I wanted to play pony, to get on my hands and knees he got up on me and fucked me. I fell asleep sometime later and when I woke up he was gone, he didn't steal anything everything was there, he was gone.

    I slept till sunup and got breakfast at a diner and drove the rest of the way home.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Back when it happened you bragged about it. I was a senior on the hokey team, she was a student teacher. The night I fucked her we were at a moonlight BBQ that the team had before the season started. Yes, it was a cool evening but not cold. She was a girl from down south. I put my jacket around her shoulders. After the BBQ I escorted her to my car and offered to take her back to the apartment she was staying at. I walked in when we got there, damn she was a real nice piece of ass, 21 and too good to pass up. So maybe she wasn't intent on getting her ass fucked, but she sure was a good fuck that night. Fucking a student teacher gets you more points than fucking the Jr. High cheerleader. It pushed me to the top of the pack.

    She was my fuck after that night, she had an issue with getting fucked by an 18 year old, but she knew she was my fuck, and I fucked her for the six weeks she was assigned to my school. Her goodbye fuck was so good she didn't want me to leave so I spent the night. God she was such a good fuck. I heard later that when I got engaged she went into a state of suspended animation, totally depressed about it. That's how good her fuckings were when she was at my school. Of course she wasn't girlfriend or wife material, she was a blue collar girl from Pasadena Texas, not really the kind of girl who was born to be my wife.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Last night I made the short trip over to the adult store arcade looking for a chance to get my mouth on a willing cock. I started out fully intending to be safe and had taken condoms. First up was an older guy who had issues maintaining his stiffy. Next came a blue collar type middle age guy, he took a little time watching his video and working his trousers down during which time I had a chance to get a visual of his nice clean package. He responded to my fingers and I rain-coated him and went to town. I worked and worked, but it just seemed like I couldn't get him there. So I popped off the rain-coat and went back to work. Oh man, did that ever feel much better for me, I loved his taste and texture and then, too soon, I got him there!

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    Straight Male / 41

    I did the unthinkable, I fired a woman for incompetence. Not her skill set, not her education, wholly her attitude. Divisive, bullying particularly younger women, sexist against any male, and to use an oft used word 'bitch'.

    Good riddance.

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    Straight Male / 37

    My weakness are tits. My secretary has tits, real woman tits, tits, real tits. I know I am not supposed to objectify, but I want her sitting on my lap letting me play with her tits.

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