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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 38

    A business associate, a builder, asked me to go with him on a fishing trip to Costa Rica. We stayed at this all inclusive resort, went offshore fishing, had some good meals, and the second night he suggested we go into town to this place I might like, a bit different scenery than you get in Raleigh.

    The girls were all young and the dancing was typical and the drinks were expensive and I asked what he meant by it being different. He called this girl over and paid her upfront and after she finished the table dance she got up close to me and lowered her G String and a dick popped out. She got on me real fast and started kissing me and grabbing for my dick while her dick got hard and rubbing her tits into my chest, she got up on her knees and pushed her dick into my face for me to suck her.

    My heart rate was going faster than you think and I already had a hard on and her hairless small dick was in my face, hard like a teenage boy and I took her dick in my mouth and sucked her and she let me suck her until she came. He paid for her for the whole night and he paid for another one and we took them back to the hotel and had tranny night, sucking boy dick and fucking boy butt.

    I didn't learn till later that some trannies had small dicks but others who started hormones later had normal size dicks. The tranny I had was cute, like picture cute, with nice boobs, smooth, small boy dick and tight little asshole. She said her name was Leticia, she spoke a little English and she sucked good and she was good with her hands and she kept me coming all night long.

    The next day we took them with us when we went offshore, kept them naked while we fished, drank beer, ate sandwiches and sucked tranny dick. It is just that sucking tranny dick isn't like what you think, it's not like sucking a gay guy, they are girls with dicks. In all other respects they are girls, the face, the tits, the smooth bottom, no beard, they do hormones from when they are like ten years old and become girls with dicks. At least that is what I am told, there are trannies that start late and have men faces and man dicks and some guys like that.

    I am not a guy who hasn't been here and there, I have fucked my share of church girls and whores, but I can safely say that fucking a little tranny girl is better than either a church girl or a whore.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I took a reporter job out of college in Beaumont Texas because that is all I could get. I rented this house from this woman who lived next door. She came over a couple of days after I moved in to see if I needed anything. She had a shirt on and no bra. I noticed. She had breasts, something I had not paid attention to when I first met her. She noticed me looking at them and she cupped her breasts and told me they were all hers, nothing fake about them. It was uncomfortable. She stood there holding her breasts and looking at me straight in the eyes until she broke the silence and asked me it I was a tit man or a leg man.

    She sat down on the couch and pulled her dress up and opened her legs, she was bare, no panties and she sat back with her tits in her hands and her legs open and asked me if I was man enough for her. Being all of 23 I didn't know what to do, she told me to pull it out and see if I was man enough for her. She won the day, she got my pants of and gave me a blow job before having me get on and fuck her.

    I have to say that all the nasty stuff I learned from her. I got to the point that I didn't even think of her as being older, I got to the point that I liked her tits, and I ate her all the time. One night after she had cleared the table she told me to get ready because I was going to get desert and she lay across the table and she told me to just lick it and make her feel good and I could fuck all I wanted later on.

    In her youth, she had been a dancer, a stripper in Dallas and New Orleans, and other places and she had married this man who worked in the refineries in Beaumont and that is how she had come into property, her house and the rent house, and his pension. She loved to suck cock and would stop and tell me about all the cock she sucked when she was working tables and dancing in the clubs. In those days, she told me, it was ok to touch, get a hand full of titi, or get a long slow suck, enough to make you want more and more always cost more. Clubs for the working man, she said she never liked the high end business clubs. That is how she met her husband.

    I lived next door to her for nine months and at that time I could fuck every day, and she had gone through the change, she was open for business all night long. When I left to go work in Austin she gave me a deck of playing cards, she said belonged to a gambler who had taken care of her after her husband died. She wanted something in return, something that she could say was hers. I left her my college ring.

    She drove to Austin a whole lot of times, she wanted to be with her boy. She had this Cadillac and she drove it on cruise control. The first night was always nasty, nasty stuff until we had gotten it out of our system, the second night was straight fucking with a little bit of foreplay, all the nasty stuff wasn't necessary the second night. She continued to rent the house next door but she told me it was strictly business, she knew where her bread was buttered and she wasn't going to mess up, momma was always there for her boy. Lots of hours on the road to Beaumont and lots of hours on the road to Austin. When I drove to see her she always had the house fixed up, she had bathed and showered and we fucked for the first hour after I got there.

    I was a momma's boy then, I never dated in Austin. I remember her most during the Holidays, because she took care of me seeing as my family was back East and I needs lots of taking care of. Her tits, how I loved those tits. After she died I sold the houses and used the money to buy a small place in Austin, which I still rent out to students and the like. She is buried in Beaumont beside her late husband. I wonder what they are up to, because I am sure she never slowed down.

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    Straight Male / 41

    Let's call her Yvette.

    First my same age cousin and I started fucking when we were twelve. She was flat chested then, and kind of skinny. But her pussy was all wet and she grew up around it. Boy we fucked when we were kids. We went to college and had our time during winter break, and holidays, and all summer long. She grew tits, she grew hips, and her pussy stayed wet. We took graduate degrees and went into the workforce.

    She got sent to Pau France on an assignment. I went to visit and we fucked until we hurt. She introduced me to her local counterpart, Yvette. Yvette was French, small. Petite. Pretty with deep blue eyes. She spoke English with her French accent, and surprise of surprises she let me get pretty close. Over wine we told her that we were lovers, from the time we were twelve. She didn't believe us so we kissed in front of her, grabbed some tit, and asked her if she wanted to join us.

    Yvette was all game, telling us that the French invented Ménage á Trois, she went both ways, and asked for some girl time with my cousin. When my cousin's assignment was over and she came home she confessed she and Yvette had continued to play around after I had left. Hot little girl.

    Yvette came over, she was hotter to be with me, playing with my cousin got serious when I got serious with my cousin. But she wanted to be with me, all over me, affectionate like a little girl with her daddy. We talked about her staying, which was kind of agreeing to get married. She was Catholic and I had to convert, marry her in her home town church, bring her home pregnant from the honeymoon. She was all Catholic, all married, making kids, three in three years, all girls.

    She gave her permission, only because she had met us before we got married. But she was a wife now and the most she allowed was letting my cousin and I to have a full blown love affair alongside our marriage. But as a Catholic wife she would not join us. And I have to say, the way she raises these girls, all little French girls.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I love men so much.

    I'm a happily married girl, but I love to flirt with men. I love feeling their lust for me if I'm wearing a cute dress. Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy because I feel like all eyes are on me, but I think sometimes they really are because men can sense my sexual nature. I would love to be in a group of men one day, all of them horny for me. I also think my neighbor is hot because he has this scruffy hunter beard and I would love it if he snuck inside and fucked me one day. I also love to suck cock, and I want to try to take two at once. I bet I could, my mouth is small but it stretches pretty wide. I also love really vocal men in porn but they're hard to find.

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    Straight Male / 41

    My wife died of ovarian cancer when our daughter was just ten. I needed help and on a friends recommendation I posted an add at the university for a full time nanny for her and in addition to room and board I would pay for her tuition. I got a couple of answers, one from this girl who was a senior in the music program wanting to be a cellist. She was stiff when we talked and said she knew this and that but really she didn't know very much but she at least was honest about needing the financial assistance as she had already run up over sixty thousand in student loans.

    She and my daughter got along fine, my daughter really needed a female figure in her life. The girl had duties in addition to watching my daughter after school, like help with her homework, and some light housekeeping that the maid service didn't get to and she had dinner duty. We went out to eat a lot because she didn't know how to cook. One day I overheard my daughter talking to a friend and told her about her 'step mother'. I questioned the girl about this and she told me she had not heard anything about it. Not long after that I heard my daughter call her 'mommy' when asking for a decision on what to wear to school. I didn't hear any correction from the nanny. I came to find out that when they were alone they played mommy.

    My daughter's referral to her nanny as mommy became the operative word in the house and her statement to her teacher that her nanny was her step mother as well as to kids and adults at church. I got asked about it, when had I gotten married and why didn't her step mom come to church with us. Correcting the misconception seemed to get more negatives than positives. Mommy became the word, she understood that her real mommy had died but to her this was her new mommy, a 22 year old student who I had hired as a nanny for her.

    On the Sunday following the conversation I had with the women at church I confronted the nanny and asked her if she didn't think this was bad for my daughter for her letting this go on. Her silence said more than any words and I told her that a step mother usually means that she is a wife in the house, not a nanny. Again her silence said more than words. I closed the conversation telling her that if she expected to be called mommy she needed to step up and take on the role of wife and mother, not nanny mother.

    That is how I ended up getting married again to a 22 year old who was about to finish college, student debt and all. She had her family and her close friends from her growing up years and a few from college at the wedding. There is an 18 year gap between us, what we have in common is my ten year old. My ex in-laws are not happy with my daughter calling her mommy but there is little they can do about it. I do differentiate between the two, and we have pictures of her natural mother in her room and around the house. My new wife has no problem with the pictures of my deceased wife being on the mantle along with pictures of our wedding, we just put my first wife's wedding pictures away for my daughter when she grows older.

    When my wife died I never figured I would be married again in less than a year, but such is life.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I lost my job of twenty years due to a merger. I had never been home during the day. I networked and looked for a job but I was home during the day. There is this woman named Alicia who lives in our neighborhood. She has two kids who are in grade school and walks them to the bus stop in the morning. Since I was home I walked my ten year old to the same bus stop. One day after the kids had gotten on the bus Alicia tapped her tits and asked me if they looked real to me. She cupped her tits and told me that she didn't need to wear a bra and asked me if I was a tit or a leg man, which turned me on more.

    That was the beginning of fuck relationship with Alicia. She couldn't get enough, if she could get two fucks out of me then she got two fucks out of me, if it was just one she got just one but with a long face. She just wanted to fuck, a lot happened before fucking, kissing, massages, cock sucking, but to fuck she got on her back and became a wild woman and it was hard to keep up. If the conversation turned to her husband she shut it off, she told me once that she didn't fuck with her husband and he slept in the guest room. She never elaborated on why she and her husband slept in different rooms.

    She never fucked with anyone else, she had a sort of pride that she was a woman to only one man. Her body belonged to me, she had given it up freely and now I owned it. We talked about what was going to happen when I got another job and couldn't see her during the day. The day came when I was offered a job, much like my previous job it require a long morning and evening commute, gone from dusk to dawn. I needed the job, my severance had run out and unemployment just didn't cut it. Like most middle class couples we had a mortgage and car payments and all the other expenses. I had to take the job.

    Alicia came to my house on the following Sunday afternoon after I started my job and she said she wanted to talk about it. We stood outside and she told me that she and her husband had decided that they were getting formally divorced and he was moving on and that left her unattached for me and how was I going to take care of her. She didn't have any work skills, her husband had supported her and she had the two kids. She went on that she needed to be supported so before she got divorced she wanted to know if I was going to keep her in her house or was I going to move her to another house because she and her husband had to make plans. It took those ten minutes while she talked to realize that she wasn't kidding, she was there and she was serious.

    My wife was not aware of my messing around with Alicia while I was searching for a job. I was left with a serious problem when Alicia went back to her house, tell my wife, not tell my wife, I knew deep down inside that Alicia had meant what she had come to say. I decided to confess to my wife and take whatever she dished out. In the end my wife got me to agree to break it off completely with Alicia and not ruin my family. That was wishful thinking on both our parts.

    Alicia is now living in a smaller place that her husband gave her in the divorce, she doesn't have a house payment. She has child support and alimony. And she is not out of my life, not for one day of the week. I don't have any major financial responsibilities for her and her kids, but I have all the emotional burden for her and her kids. Somewhere between the front door of my house and the back door of my house Alicia has moved into my life, my wife has a strict curfew for me, in bed with her by ten, where Alicia fits in she doesn't want to know and she doesn't want to talk about it. And her strategy has become to drain me dry so there is nothing left for Alicia.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was a typical guy in the 80's. Sports, girls, sports, and girls. If any guys appeared feminine in any way we usually made fun of them at least among ourselves. We never bullied anyone, that was wrong, but we would talk. The world wasn't so PC then.

    As I got older sex at home got boring, routine, ykwim. The Mrs was never interested. We were always busy with the kids, in-laws, work, etc. Sex and me was always at the bottom of the list. Then the internet comes along. Porn, Craigslist, crazy stuff I'd never seen before, gay stuff, bi stuff, dress up, etc. Of course anything new seems to catch your eye and is exciting.

    The wife would be gone and I'd see her bra in the laundry, would bring it in and JO with it. Then her panties. Eventually I'd slip them on. They felt soft and sliky, a thousand times better than our guy underwear. Pretty soon it got to be a regular thing. I'd slip on her silky stuff and JO. Then one week she was out of town and I got tired of her stuff never fitting, so I went to a store with self checkout so I wouldn't be embarrassed in front of a clerk and bought some stuff I thought might fit me. Went home and tried it on and wow, it was hot, I came like never before.

    After that I'd wear my stuff whenever I could, even bought some VS panties and wore them all the time. I knew I couldn't hide the panties from the wife so I told her about how much better women's felt, which is true. I was surprised she was actually on board with it and had wanted me to get rid of my tighty whities for some time. She wasn't real crazy I was buying VS, so I found some Chinese companies that make men's panties that are pretty much clones of women's but are tagged and marketed for men.

    That's when Craigslist came along. I took and few pictures and put up an ad and the response was unbelievable. I couldn't believe so many people wanted to have sex. I was nervous and couldn't pull the trigger but finally the opportunity came along when I'd be home alone and a decent guy talked me into getting together.

    I had on a white bra, panties, and thigh hi's. As soon as he came in I took off my sweats I had over them and he immediately got hard. We went downstairs and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he started moaning and I could feel his cock start to throb so I pulled off and jacked him off all over my face. We got together several more times after that and I eventually let him cum in my mouth. He loved it. He turned out to be pretty self centered and only cared about his sex so I cut him loose.

    After that there were a couple of others. Finally a guy I talked to seem like a really decent guy, we hit it off pretty good and he came over, once we got nude and started touched I sucked him for awhile and he begged me to let him fuck me. I was really horny but very nervous, but said yes. I put a condom on him, I had bought some just in case, and he slid his cock in me very slowly. When the head popped in and hurt for a bit but felt so good, I though I was going to cum right then. He stopped and let me get used to it, then started moving it in and out very slowly.

    After only about 2 or 3 minutes I could feel him getting harder and his cock started throbbing and he says "OMG I'm going to cum!!!" He started pumping faster then rammed it in all the way and grunted and moaning. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and feel the condom filling up. After staying like that a few minutes we collapsed on the bed and he started apologizing "I'm sorry I came so quick, I couldn't hold back!!!" I said dont worry about it, it's flattering you couldn't hold back. We met a couple of more times then we lost touch.

    The last guy I remember I met because he was a professional guy in the banking business. We chatted for a long time and I got to know him, he was married, even told me his name, where he worked, lots of personal information. I looked him up and it was all true, his picture was on the banking website as an officer. He had been tested and I knew was safe. I sucked him off a time or two, he begged to fuck me but I wouldn't let him, but finally I decided I would.

    One weekend our families were both going to be out of town so he rented a hotel room. I dressed up in a white bra, panties, and thigh hi's with sweats over them and went to the hotel. When I came in there was another guy there, an Oriental guy, which surprised me. My friend said "Don't worry I've known ______ for a long time, we've been friends forever". We all stripped down and their hands were all over me. I was on my knees switching from one cock to the other while they were playing with me and grabbing my ass.

    Finally my friend spun me around and started lubing my ass and put on a condom. I said "we can do it without it this time but only you, I will suck your friend". So he got behind me and slowly started working it in and out. I pulled his friend in front of me and started stroking his cock, he already had pre cum running down it. My friend start fucking me faster and I put the other guys cock in my mouth and started sucking him.

    We would speed up for awhile, then slow down so they wouldn't cum too soon. My friend was telling me how hot it was that I would give up my ass to him. That seemed to turn they both on, and he started fucking me harder and deeper. Finally we heard him scream out "I'm going to cum!!!" and he drove it as deep as he could and I could feel his cock spasm and squirt inside me. I could just feel warmth and a full sensation and feel it running out of my ass and down my thighs.

    That sent his friend over the edge. He grabbed my head and forced his cock as far as he could put it in my mouth and started cum down my throat. I tried to pull away but he just held my head and filled my mouth and throat with cum so I had to swallow it so I could breathe. We fell on the bed and laid there for awhile, my friend's cock still in me. He finally went soft and his cum was flowing out of my ass, they both started looking at it saying how hot it was.

    We stayed and played a while longer and they came again, but not as intense as the first time. We met a couple of more times then he got busy with work and so did I and we lost touch. Now Craigslist is gone, it was fun while it lasted...

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    Straight Male / 47

    I am 67 years old and suffer from ED. Mostly I attribute this to medications as I am otherwise in good physical health. I also attribute this to my wife. I just cannot get interested in being intimate with her anymore. Physical yes, but has become hardwired with attitudes that can only be dealt with by shutting up. Unfortunately most of these are coming from the so called woman's movement. I can't stand them and either shut her down or leave the room. So I leave the room.

    All this to say something. I am retired, my wife still works. To stay occupied I volunteer at my church for various things going on. One of the things I volunteered for was sorting and cataloging items to send to Florida for the Hurricane. It is a day's work. Working with me was a young woman, nineteen, who had dropped out of college and her mother sent her to the church to volunteer. She and I were assigned the task of cataloging the boxes once they were packed.

    She kept yacking this and that and I told her if she didn't have anything interesting to say I preferred that she shut up. I also told her that her leggings were too small and every time she bent over I could see her c**t. In fact I could see her c**t when she stood up. I asked her if this was on purpose or if she was just stupid. I told her it was called a c**t because she was intentionally wearing clothes that outlined her c**t. She called me a name, told me I couldn't get it up and bent over to lift a box and I grabbed her between the legs and didn't let go. She wrestled but she was no match and once she was on the floor I put my knee in her back and asked her if she wanted more of if she gave up and was going to call me sir. I let her turn over on her back.

    All that excitement gave me a hard on, the first hard on I have had in God know how long. I was hard, I told her I was hard and if she wanted to find out if I could get it up now was her chance. She got up slowly and agreed to stop behaving the way she did, we finished our job and she went on her way. I got my things together and walked out to my car. She came over to my car and said I was a dirty old man for grabbing her that way, I reminded her that she asked for it, and she reminded me again that I was a dirty old man for grabbing her and no one had grabbed her like that before.

    The thing for me is this, I had not taken any form of Viagra or other medication and I got a hard on. The girl comes to the church and wears more modest clothes and we have a thing now. No sex, she just hangs around me and volunteers with me. I haven't gotten a hard on since that day. I suppose I have to feel bad for grabbing her but I really don't, she was offering it and I took it. I enjoy her company and I guess she enjoys mine. My job is to encourage her to go back to college she had no business having out with an old man. Deep down inside I wish I could move on her but that is adultery and I don't think I could keep it up long enough to do the job.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I worked with a divorced woman from California. She was 58 at the time and I was 61 at the time and being the two oldest members of the staff we sort of got along. I had been divorced for ten years and she had been divorced for twenty five. Both of us had put on weight, but she was obviously a woman who had been a looker when she was young, and her pictures of her teen years as cheer leader told the story.

    I guess when you get older you are bit more open and that one day I told her that her sweater really got to me, she had wonderful breasts and her nipples were clearly seen under the sweater. She was embarrassed but her nipples got harder and I told her I was going to touch them and I put my fingers on her nipples. I told her that the whole thing was making me hard too and she could touch to make sure. So there we stood she had her hand on my growing hard cock and I put my hands under her breasts and lifted them. I don't think I had been hard like that at work for thirty years. We went into the server room and groped and kissed, I told her I wanted to get my hand up under her dress because I hadn't felt a pussy in a long long time, she lifted her dress up high and I grabbed her pussy and felt her up as hard as I could. Two old people making out in the server room made us laugh and we agreed to break it off and go to lunch.

    This woman was from California, she was far more uninhibited than I was, she loved sucking cock and having sex and she liked to cook. In time I got the other side of her, she was a bit of bitch when she didn't get her way and she liked being in charge, she liked controlling sex and she sucked you off to get you hard and then denied you her pussy until you got pissed off enough to force her to give it to you. I suppose that in earlier times she would have been a tease. It took several weeks for me to figure out that the only way to fuck her was to turn the tables on her and force her down and fuck her, no making love, no eating her out, just fuck her and shut her up.

    We had sex or we fucked a lot, it got to be a weekend thing, she liked the theater so I went with her as her date, I ended up buying her another car because the one she was driving needed to go away. From time to time she would get dirty and we would use chocolate syrup or whipped cream or strawberries to eat her pussy. She had all these things from the seventies that she liked, the mini dresses, the shoes, the hair style. Although time had passed, she did a good job of dressing up, the clothes fit and somehow they looked good on her. And she was a steady cock sucker, and a tease and it became a contest and she had to be thrown on her back on the carpet and fucked while she tried to fight it off.

    The lust lasted a good long time, months really and then she gave me the ultimatum, get married or we had to cut it off. Truthfully I was into the lust part, I had an ex wife with alimony, kids with child support, one in college and another one about to start and getting married wasn't really how I saw her. But the pussy door was closed, the cock sucking was over and no ring, no marriage, no more pussy.

    We went down to the jewelry store and she picked out an expensive solitaire and expensive bands, she chose a place that was overly expensive for the ceremony and the reception, she gave me her car and drove my Mercedes, she asked for a ten thousand deposit into her account and only after all that, after the ceremony did the pussy door open again. Her pussy, her mouth, her tits, she is all California girl and when she gets to teasing she gets fucked hard on the floor or the couch or the bed or against the kitchen counter, she has had to take it on the bathroom tile floor. I guess that when you get older being pussy whipped is a way to go, and for her getting force fucked is the way to go. I get looks, nasty mad looks after she gets fucked, but otherwise she wins and I don't like to lose.

    It's not a contest, she just got trained wrong when she was young and now I have to break her of her bad habit, it really pisses me off when she starts to deny me her pussy, and now that it is bought and paid for and it pisses me off even more.

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    Straight Male / 46

    The summer of my graduation I went to France to stay with my grandparents for the summer before starting college. My grandparents were both college professors and they lived close to the university and wanted me to attend the university in France instead of going to school in Virginia. It was summer so it was lazy and there were lots of weekend parties with their college professor friends and one of them had a daughter who had just turned sixteen.

    My grandmother pushed me into having to be her escort at all the parties, she pestered me if I had kissed her yet, telling me that in France girls liked to be paid attention to. One night she asked me how things were going with her and that the girl's mother had reported back that I didn't have any interest in her. The truth was that I was love struck and didn't know what to do. I told my grandmother and told her that I really liked her but I didn't know what to say to her.

    We were at her house and the grownups were all outside talking and she asked me up to her room. The girl kissed me, she laid back on her back pushing her chest out, she let her legs lay open making funny noises and asked me if I had ever made love to a girl. In spite of being tongue tied I said no and she said she had never made love but she wanted to. She asked for a kiss and she helped my hands get on her breast and she reached down between my legs and we were soon making love on her bed.

    The report got back to my grandmother and she asked me if it was true. I confessed to my sin and she said that this was a good summer for me. Over the next days she came to realize that I was love struck on this girl and she tried to convince me that I should be more mature about it, she had a life to live and she still needed to finish her school and I was going back to Virginia to go to college.

    But life isn't like that. I told my grandparents that I wanted to go to the university in France and if I could live with them. Although they would have liked that they knew that it was my feelings for my young lover and suggested that it was better for me to return to the States and go to college and that I might meet a girl there and I would have a good memory, but that they were sure that the young lady didn't have the same feelings as me.

    So I did what I needed to do. I went to her house and asked her father for her hand in marriage. Embarrassing her and her mother, embarrassing my grandparents, but I stuck to my guns and asked her father to give me his daughter because I loved her and I couldn't live without her. I guess I should have told her I loved her first, but never mind that, I asked for her hand.

    With that she was engaged and she was no longer free to meet boys and she had to be more proper. When she turned eighteen and she had finished her baccalaureate studies she was old enough to get married so I went to France to get married. She was Catholic and I had to convert, my grandparents helped with all the formal paperwork for a foreigner to be married in France, and at the end of the summer we got married and I brought my wife back with me to finish college.

    We have lived a good life, she adapted well to the States but on the condition that she would go back to see her parents once a year, taking back one and then two and eventually three kids under tow. We have grandkids now, and she reminds them all that they are French. I took retirement this year and we are using the time to travel a bit and it seems that no matter where we choose to go we fly through Paris and stay for a few days and spend time with her family.

    So I am here to confess that the best summer of my life was that summer before college started and I went abroad and found my wife.

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