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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife has a thing for using a strap on on me. At first I thought she was just curious to try it so whatever, I let her fuck my ass.

    Well that grew into her fucking my ass 3 or 4 times a week over the past two years. And now she has me wearing tighty whities saying since Iâm taking it in the ass I need pantie like underwear.

    I donât mind her using the strap on but damn she could at least let me fuck her pussy more than once a week.

    Our daughter walked in on us one day. Now that was a weird conversation I had with her

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    Straight Male / 35

    I recently video'd me and my wife having sex, without her knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out and how much it turned me on as I watched it for the first time.

    Both of us have added a few pounds since we were married 15 years ago, but my wife is more sexy with the extra weight. She has 38C tits, a nice round butt, and a neatly trimmed bush.

    I especially enjoy the part where her tits are bouncing back and forth as I am screwing her doggie style. Also, the part where she is giving me head is fantastic.

    I just wish there was a sound track. Maybe I'll dare to share the video with my wife sometime down the road, but I doubt it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I know its not much of a confession but I want to scream it across the boards

    Listen!!! Im a guy, only been fucked once so im FRESH MEAT!!!
    tear me up boys

    I love Dick!
    I love Cock!
    I love riding dick and sucking cock
    I love looking at dick pics, send em!
    I love white, black and white and black dick...
    I love swallong cum and taking it in my butt , better nut deep and hard

    I love jacking other guys off and letting them jack me off
    I loved rubbing my dick with his, together <3
    Im okay with cumming in his mouth, but prefer him ejaculating in mine.
    sperm drinks? better be pure 100% cum
    my ass? oh, you mean a punching bag for your dick to anhihilate and destroy while you hold me down on the bed or against the wall? yeah thats more like it.

    mouth? oh you mean the only other place your dick needs to be rather than in my butt and your cum catcher? yep.

    using his sperm as lube on my dick.
    letting him rim me and playing with my ass
    letting him play with my feet

    feeling cute, sexy and hott, wanted and attractive.
    Riding dick makes me feel good

    i mean, it has to be cut, shaved or at least trimmed.
    Id prefer the guy to have scent to his penis
    im okay with sweaty dick
    i want dick on my face and in my mouth
    love to be roasted with a guy in my mouth while a guy fucks my butt.

    Peopl e everywhere, mom, dad, sis, friends, whoever...... this is to you.
    Im me, I love Vag, boobs, breats, hips, legs, cocks, dicks, men, dudes, guys....
    i love it all... girl or boy... ill fuck the girls, and the guys wil fuck me... a lot hopefull y:]

    im very faithful, loyal and honest so guys im yours for as long as you need.
    girls, ill treat you good but youll have to wear a strap on from time to time or agree to a three way with a guy of your choosing, must be okay with letting another dude suck his dick or fuck another guy..

    all hypothetical, not asking for advertising...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I had a friend who was gay
    over the years we became very close
    i was straight, only liked girls
    but over the years he gained my trust, made a move and i let it happen
    just to see what happens.

    Well, I let it go on to the point of sex.
    Actually, surprisingly I enjoyed it.
    I was the bottom, and it made me feel so great.
    I felt just like who i really was inside.
    Knowing i was able to make him feel that good,
    feel that sexy well riding on top, and knowing that i knew
    that he thought that i was so sexy.

    it was painful at first.
    i had to relax and go so slow at first.
    it felt like rippping, though no ripping happened.
    sharp pain that eventually faded.

    it feel really good surprisingly after a minute.
    I enjoyed it, but enjoyed knowing how he was looking at me.
    I felt so sexy, I let him finish inside of me every time.
    I felt so intimate with another guy and it felt so... different but incredible to have
    some of him inside of me, like i felt like a female who just got impregnated like natural
    still is the only guy i made love to, or fucked but id love to find another guy.

    other things i enjoyed with him were

    Blowing him, it took a while for me to be able to put his penis in my mouth.
    I was intimidated by it in my face, the smell was different, and when i put it into my mouth it was smooth
    it had no taste, just felt really nice in my mouth. the smell was nice, i also felt good on my knees in front of him.
    Usually id be grabbing the girls head, but he was grabbing mine, and i was blowing him.
    I felt so damn sexy.. It took forever for me to be able to let him cum in my mouth.
    The first time was rough, but the next few were so hott. Tasting sperm was amazing, its one of my favorite things.

    I enjoyed letting him rim me too,
    he loved it, he loves my ass too
    i love that he loves my ass because i love my own ass lol
    he even likes my feet, armpits and smells... he might be my soul mate if he didnt have a man.

    I did top him once, I liked the feeling of him but it didnt feel as sexy as being the bottom.
    I popped him good and fast until a little of his... you know... got on me, i didnt care but he freaked.
    I almost came to, but he stopped.

    uhmm, i dont like kissing him, thats one thing thats not my fave but can do.
    uhmm, id have to say my favorite position with him was.... riding, me on top.
    I told him i loved the way i felt when i rode him with nothing but my Red High school hoodie on.

    Gosh, it was addictive.
    I want to trust another guy like i did with him so i can have amazing intimacy again
    its hard... i want to hook up with him now :[

    Im going to try, BUT a QUESTION

    If I can manage to get him to hook up with me SHOULD I

    A- ride him until he finishes in me
    B Take his sperm in my mouth
    C- use his sperm as lube to jack it with ?
    D let him give me a facial ?

    id prefer to taste it or to take it inside me... so please lol

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    Straight Male / 38

    I came home unexpected, to retrieve my credit card wallet that I had left behind, and found my wife naked in bed with Rhonda, our neighbor, years older than my wife, Pam. (two houses away). They were "tribbing" or grinding at each other's clits, like scissors. Rhonda saw me first and said casually, "stay and watch it you like" not missing a beat. My wife was quiet but I could tell, caught up in the sex because her eyes were mostly closed as she is with me when we are at it. I had not a clue that Pam was into women.

    I could not stay but I watched for a few minutes and jerked off in my car while driving to the office. With the ladies, after much angst, wasteful chatter and banter, I ended up where I wanted to be, fucking both my wife and Rhonda after they have a session. I love smelling Rhonda on my wife's mouth while we fuck.

    As for Rhonda's husband, Ted, whom I know well, he'll just have to be "Mr. Missing in Action."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I was m****ted twice growing up. First time I was 10-12yo, a older man and his wife being a willing participant. The second time I was m****ted by a senior member of the church I was going to at the time.

    It would take too long to go into the details of how this happened so instead I will just write about the results of being m****ted at a young age, twice!

    I'm married and have a lovely wife and a daughter which I love very much. Sex with my wife is good and really can't complain. I travel a lot for work and that has allowed me to release the other side of the happily married man that loves women.

    You see I love cock. I've tried to bury that craving since I was 18yo. I got married when I was 21 and I had hoped having sex with my sexy wife would quell that craving for cock, but it hasn't.

    When my wife and daughter would be out shopping I would be on my laptop masturbating to gay and Tranny porn. That would help for a few days and sex with my wife would keep me in check so to speak. However, that wouldn't last long and my cravings would return.

    I travel for work quite often and that's when I have the chance to satisfy my craving for cock. Once at the hotel I'm Online trolling for cock. When I go to NYC I have a Tranny more than willing to give me all the cock I want. There are times I can barely get to the office spending most of the night sucking a fucking with her.

    In Seattle there is a CD who is also married like me. He comes to my hotel already dressed and is very passable. She likes me to fuck her and I enjoy working her cock and sending her home satisfied as I want to be.

    In Tuscon there is a young gay guy that is hung like a horse. There isn't enough words to say how much pleasure I get from sucking and stroking his massive cock until he explodes.

    Every time I return home I have sex with my wife and each time I'm less satisfied. I have started to fantasize about the others as I have sex with my wife so I can cum.

    I've tried not troll online when I'm out of town. I masturbate almost daily, sometimes two or three times a day. I want to tell my wife about everything but I can't imagine what she would think about me.

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    1 / 28

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    SweenceRown Viogasp Omiffette

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    Straight Male / 36

    My wife finds enjoyment using a strap on on me. She bought herself a strap on one day when she wanted me to stop at a adult book store. I thought she was just buying another dildo but when we were in there she picked up a strap on. I was like whatâs that for. She said me to use on you. She bought it close to the size of my own cock.

    I let her get it and since we had no kids at home she used it on me that night. It wasnât bad Iâll admit. Come to find out she told me a couple were friends with does it too. She told my wife she should try it on me. As long as our kids never walk in on use doing it Iâm cool with it. My wife enjoys it so once or twice a week I let her go st it.

    One day I was hanging out with my buddy and I asked him how he liked his wife using a strap on on him. He looked shocked and said how do you know. I told him well your wife talked my wife into using one on me! We laughed and talked about it a little bit and both agreed if it makes the wife happy weâll do it. Although he told me I better watch out, it started off with a strap on close to his size and he said my wife keeps wanting to go bigger and bigger. He told me heâs currently at one that is 8â and thick meanwhile his dick is only around 6â.

    I told him well arenât you lucky. My dick is a little bit over 7â so my wife already uses a big one on me! He laughed and said our poor asses lol

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