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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Last night he said he couldn't sleep, and he was facing the wall. I love touching his butt, and he said do whatever you want. Id already given him a bj in the morning, so I tried something new. I started slowly rubbing his hole, and then I slid down and pulled his pants off and started licking him furiously. eventually I had his ass in the air and his dick in my hand, and I started sucking his hole. He practically shoved my face into his untouched hole, so I got a finger wet and gently inserted it to give him a little bit of fingering. He couldnt take much more so he finished by working on me.
    Is it normal that I cant wait to lick his hole again soon?

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    Straight Male / 53

    For this I will call myself Bob. I have been married for forty years to Mary, who I met in college. During my career I have started and sold three companies and my net worth is in the tens of millions. My wife has been a clerk in the treasury department of a large company in our city. My issue is that now I find myself looking for attention and affection from strangers. My current fling is with a young woman who is the clerk at the Glidden counter at the paint store.

    I have been faithful my whole career, but in the last two years things with my wife have gone south. She decided to volunteer with the Womens Voting people and that's where it is all centered. The women that work there are all NOW, Feminist, or LGBT. They have brain washed her into believing that I have treated her bad, notwithstanding that she lives in a 10K sq ft home, drives a new Lexus and has all the clothes and jewelry that she could possible want. I will also add that she has traveled extensively and she is generous beyond reasonableness with her sister and her niece and nephew. Not from her measly salary.

    I met with one of her friends from the Women's voter crowd, a lawyer in her early sixties just like us and she was a number one bitch. She got on my case, over lunch no less, about how I mistreated my wife and I was misogynist and an anti feminist and an abuser of women. I told her in no uncertain words that she was a bitch and she could take a hike. The fight got loud and I asked her right there in the restaurant when the last time she got laid, if ever. So she was either a closet lesbian or a hard up bitch.

    All this was two years ago and my wife took her side and that's that. I found this girl at Starbucks one evening while my wife was out with her new friends, took her with me and fucked her. I bought her a car and kept on fucking her. I have no illusions as to why she lets me fuck her, she has a nice car, gets nice clothes, money in her pocket and she gets fucked, not like that bitch lawyer that my wife is hanging out with.

    I have this need, urge, to get this girl pregnant and bring her home with a nicely engorged belly and show her off to my wife. It is a fantasy, but I dream of it, I pump it all in her, I want her to toss out her pills and just get her ass pregnant. I can afford it, I can support her and several kids if I want. Right now I want her belly pregnant. At times I feel like taking her lawyer friend to the woods and fuck her tied to tree and leave her there with her pussy oozing cum for the ants. I know these are all fantasies and will probably not happen, I really can't see myself fucking that bitch's nasty hole. I can see myself getting my Glidden girl pregnant though, I will probably do that.

    I just can't stand all the bull shit of these bitch feminist, they need a good fucking and a man with a whip. But that's not the way I should think.

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    Straight Male / 39

    I lived in my Fraternity's House on frat row on campus all four years of my undergrad.

    The best part of the house was the attic. There wasn't much in the attic other than a mini bar with all kinds of liquor, a tv, a couples sofas and some chairs. We called it the 'Grand Central' because that was where we pulled trains on girls on the weekends.

    We threw some bomb ass parties every weekend and there were always at least a couple chicks so stay back to "help with the clean up". Usually whores from a specific sorority who tended to go overboard with their alcohol and drug consumption for the night.

    Pretty much all the brothers would hop on the train except for a few who were too whipped by their bitches. We'd just go round robin all night and keep pounding away until everyone was done.

    Those were the good days.

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    Straight Male / 44

    As a teacher in a rural school district you see lots of poverty. You also see kids whose father took a hike and abandoned them. I had one of those girls in my class. Her mother worked as a waitress and she wasn't home after school. The girl was in the seventh grade and I told her she could go home with me until her mom got home. Her mom started going out after work and the girl slept at my place. I clothed her, fed her, medicated her. I saw her mom every so often. She was glad she was free of her daughter.

    Slowly the girl got more and more affectionate, she thrust her chest into me, rubbing herself, she came and got in bed with me. She undressed in front of me, nothing I said made much difference. She moved into my bed and I held her, kissed her, caressed her, including her breasts and bottom. She surrendered to my caresses and soon I was pressing my erection against her. I came on her back, her thighs, her belly. I eventually lost all control and penetrated her.

    No one said anything, in fact I was encouraged to adopt her. If anyone had thoughts of her lying naked beside me no one said a thing. Her schoolwork was excellent, an A student. I fell in love with her.

    She graduated and was awarded a full ride scholarship to college. Again she graduated with honors and earned a position with a multinational corporation. She is 26 now, mature for her age, self aware, poised. What a woman she has grown up to be. When she comes to visit, she crawls in bed with me, I caress her, kiss her, push her panties off and crawl between her legs and thrust myself into her to completion. We then sleep in a tight spoon with her body under mine.

    It's i****t in every way but one.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I worked as a bookkeeper for the utility in our city and retired after 30 years. After retirement I set up a small bookkeeping shop, I also became a notary, and did small EZ tax returns for older folks in town (I never charged for these as I felt it is an honor to help my fellow seniors). My wife died after I retired, a simple case that went horribly wrong, and I have been alone for these last seven years. I get lonely and I have wandered off and found company in all the wrong places on the internet.

    You see, I have always had a dark side of me that looked for physical satisfaction with other men. I just have this desire to touch a man and perform oral sex on him. I have at times, mostly when I was younger let a man perform sex on me. I enjoyed that.

    My dark side started when I was quite young, growing up as I did on a farm in Louisiana around men who worked the farms, some of them liked the company of younger men, some quite young and I found that I liked it. I fought it, especially on Sundays when I felt quite guilty, but I enjoyed it more and the word got around that I liked it and I was never at a loss for a man who was looking for that kind of sex. At that time I allowed men to have sex with me more than later on as I got older.

    My job was quiet, I worked in an office downtown and from time to time I stayed in town to work late, but really I took the time frequent a couple of bars I knew, bars where men went to meet other men. As I grew older I had to change my ways and seek out the younger men, much as I had been hit on when I was that age. From time to time, not very often I met a man more my age which I much prefer.

    So loneliness leads to finding company and I found it on the internet, setting up dates and meeting in public places, movie theaters in the afternoon, or at the food court in the mall, or walking down the gardening isle at Walmart, always wearing a specific shirt so that I would be recognized and when we met up we talked and if we liked each other we left to their place or mine. That is until that internet site was closed down.

    Since then it is a lot harder to meet a man. I try several dating for seniors sites, but those are not as reliable as men want to have a relationship and I am looking for to pass the time. However I do from time to time meet a man who just wants to have sex and move on. The last man I met is a preacher who was in town on a mission trip with a bunch of kids and wanted company at his motel room. My first preacher I must add. Really he was quite a sordid one, wanting to do this and that but I kept it to what I like, giving him a blow job and that it.

    I found one site which is from Mexico and believe it or not I got on a chat with this fellow and he was coming this way and he extended the weekend and we had a grand old time for two long days. He was more than happy to give me the once over, it had been a long time since I had real one and not had to depend on one of my rubber buddies for fun. I forgot just how much I enjoy a hard one up my ass. He knew what he was doing to and as I said we had a grand old time. We agreed to meet again on his next trip. That's the good news I wanted to talk about. I just want to squeal like a pig.

    Well guys, I presume that my readers are all guys who enjoy time with each other, that is all for tonight. Wish you luck out there.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I have been married to my wife for 7 years now. I always found her attractive and love her, but I'm finding myself more attracted to black women lately. My wife is white. What should I do?

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    Straight Male / 43

    After getting divorced I pursued my interest in obtaining a CDL. A trucking company sponsored my training for a one year commitment to work for them as a team driver. I was teamed up with an older, fat, black man. I wasn't a happy camper at first. His name was Chuck. He turned out to be a really nice guy. Several weeks on the road together and we got along great. Like asking me where I want to grab a bite to, Chuck told me that if I ever want a blowjob, he'll suck my dick. I was stunned speechless. After a couple days of thinking it over I brought it up. We had a very direct and stimulating discussion. Chuck assured me that only the two of us would know unless I told somebody. I went for it. It became a regular thing between us. Never had a woman suck my balls and lick my ass the way Chuck did. What blew me away the most, no pun intended, was that he always swallowed. I had no need to have sex with a woman as much and how good Chuck took care of me. That hit me like a ton of bricks one day. Come play time I told Chuck that I wanted to try sucking his dick. He told me that he doesn't stay as hard as he used to. I said that's fine by me as long as he enjoys it. Chuck pulled out his dick. No holding back, I got busy. I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. I was amazed how much I got turned on doing it. Even not fully erect it was large. By the sounds he made he was enjoying it. And so was I. I wanted to get him off and let him cum in my mouth. He did. I couldn't believe how much he came. I swallowed all of it. Now there are days I'd just as soon as suck his dick than he suck mine.

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    Gay Male / 42

    This began when I was 14.

    At my family home, my room was out in the backyard in a separate bungalow so I had quite a bit of privacy there. My Grandfather would walk around the backyard every day in the early afternoon as part of his routine. One day, when I thought I was alone at home, I had the window open and I was masturbating and did not notice that my Grandfather had come home and was walking around the backyard and he saw me masturbating. I quickly shut the window (frosted glass so it was not visible) and hoped that I would not get into trouble.

    After 2 days, neither he nor my parents said anything and I did not get into any trouble so I was curious. On the third day, when I came home from school that afternoon, I left the window just open enough for me to close quickly but to allow a view of me standing at my desk while masturbating. I undressed so I was naked and stood at my desk waiting. Soon enough my Grandfather came out and started walking around the backyard and I started masturbating just before he approached my window. As he passed by, he looked in but we did not make eye contact and he continued walking around the backyard. I stopped masturbating and waited until he approached my window again to start masturbating again. Every time he passed my window, he looked in. This excited me to no end, as I knew then that my Grandfather wanted to watch me. After a few rounds of him walking around and my stopping and starting, I started to moan. When I was near to cumming, I saw that he walked faster as he heard me moaning and he then lingered at the window to watch me cum.

    After that, it became nearly a daily routine with him walking the backyard and watching each time as he passed by the window. If family members came outside and I had not cum yet, my Grandfather would greet them loudly so to alert me and I would quickly close the window. When they left the backyard, my Grandfather would knock on the window. As we had both learned that I got extra excited from nearly being caught whenever someone came outside, he would stand there watching me masturbating as I always cummed very quickly afterwards.

    We never did anything else except for him watching me nearly every day. This lasted for about 8 years until I moved out of home at 22.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I am a straight Guy that enjoys jerking off I am happily married however when my wife is not around sometimes I like to jerk off watching videos of other guys jerking off I think if given the right opportunity I would like to try to jerk another guy off just to see what it would be like to feel stroking a dick other than my own Iâm making somebody come from stroking besides myself. When I was in college I saw my roommate jerking off and he made no attempts to hide it ever since I like to watch videos of guys jerking when I am jerking off .

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    Straight Male / 40

    I love to go around the house with my dick and balls hanging out of the open fly of my sleep pants, sometimes my wife loves it and the rest of the time she hates it. I will frequently go sit on our deck like this which is very private. Am I alone on this?

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