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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Stopped in a rest area late last night with my girlfriend. Things got a little crazy as we had a couple of drinks after dinner when she started to go down on me. Off with all her clothes and she started giving me head leaning over the console of my truck with her ass in the air. After about 5 minutes another car pulled in right next to us and parked. At first she was a bit nervous but I assured her everything was cool and that i thought it was hot to have someone watch us ! She was into it to my surprise and continued going to town on me . I was watching the other car when i noticed a man get out and walk over to the window of my truck. He dropped his pants and began masturbating while watching my girl deep throat me. I was so turned on by this i told my girl he was watching and jerking off to her . She was wet and moaning as i fingered her i asked if i could open the window and let him touch her , she approved and i lowered the window and he reached in and started to finger her then asked if he could fuck her! She let out a loud moan and i unlocked the door. as i watched him standing in the moonlight i noticed how big and hard he was and told him to use her like a dirty whore. He shoved his throbbing cock deep in her hole and she screamed fuck me ! ! I was so turned on i shot my hot load down her throat while he pumped furiously in her wet pussy. She was loving every second of it and i sat back and watched him fuck her for 15 minutes until finally he shot inside her as she moaned and squirmed . After he finished he thanked us and asked if he could fuck her again sometime ,she replied how about tomorrow night same place and bring a friend or two if you like ! I can't believe what I've gotten into but i'm loving it and can't wait until tonight ! I'll keep you all informed on how it goes !

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    Straight Male / 34

    In law school I had a fellow student, a female with balls. She dressed like a guy, short boy haircut, no jewelry, competitive ad nauseum, not tall, not petite, around five six/five seven, icy blue eyes, she breathed testosterone. She was always first in the class and got some perverse pleasure from it.

    Go forward, she joins the Army as a JAG, I go to a commercial law firm in D.C. Then one morning I am running before sun up and I run into her, a short pleasantry and we run side by side. She won't stay back, I ran all my life, I can run till the sun sets, she keeps up, I can see the pain, her breathing, her face, she won't quit and neither do I until she falters and falls. I stood over her and thought what a bitch.

    She was in town on a case, I stood over her until she crawled, she tried to stand and fell, she sat and I didn't move. The minutes ticked by, I kneel and ask her if she wants to go on, it's at least ten miles back from where we hooked up. She says 'fuck you'. She tries again and can't walk, I force her to sit, examine her leg, it looked like a strained or torn achilles, I've seen my share.

    Against her will I picked her up and carried her to the street about a block away and called an Uber and took her to the ER. On crutches I took her back to her hotel.

    I went on to start my day. I called her in the evening but she had checked out. I called around to a guy I know who is also in the JAG. She's known as 'the bitch', she dates college girls, not surprised. I got her number through the alumni database and called and described her panties which were visible under her shorts when she was on the ground and offered to put her out of her misery, just call and I'd go fuck her. It was four months before she called, another two before she fucked. As to the college girls, don't ask.

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    Straight Male / 54

    We were in high school and it was the summer between the eleventh and twelfth grade. My friend who played tennis with me and I were at his house after a game, sitting out on the deck beside the pool outside. We were talking guy stuff of which much of it had to deal with girls that we mutually knew. His sister had turned 13 that summer and was sporting a new two piece and had come out to swim. Up to that point things were normal. He called his sister over and told her to show us her tits. She refused so he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back and she agreed to show us her tits. Not that she had tits, they were really just large bumps on her chest with hard nipples. After her tits he told her to show us her pussy. This time she complied and took off her swim suit and stood naked and we looked at her pussy. She had pubes, or the beginning of a good set of pubes but her pubes were still soft and you could see the outline of her pussy lips. He touched her pussy and asked me if I wanted to touch her pussy. He then put her on the lounge chair and spread her legs open and asked me if I wanted to fuck her. My dick was so hard by then and I pushed my pants down and as I started to fuck her, her pussy got wet, it was completely wet and my dick went in and out without a problem. When I finished I got off and she got up and took her swimsuit in her hand and went back in the house. When we got in the house her brother told her to fix us something to eat, she had on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I wanted to see her tits again and she let me push her tank top aside and look at her tits, grab them and then kiss them. In all my life I had never had a hard dick like I did that afternoon. I fucked her from then on and as she grew older and her tits came out completely and her pubes cover her pussy completely I would have her naked and remind of her of what she looked like when she was thirteen. You can't turn back the clock so I had to get used to her the way she was. She liked to fuck and have her tits played with and she liked being my girlfriend when I went over to her house. Of all the girls in my life she is the one I remember the most.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I went to a military institution, no girls then. The town girls were our only source of pussy. Being college and officer material the local girls were generally available, sixteen year olds were easy pickings. Why I picked her that late spring afternoon I don't really know. Like the rest of the girls she was hanging out at the park where girls went to get picked up. She wasn't particularly pretty, sort of ordinary, a home girl, never kissed, much less fucked, she covered her tits and crossed her naked legs, her mouth clammed shut. But never mind, she was naked and she got fucked.

    I had to take her home, a small wood house in the lower neighborhood, I had never been in that part of town. Her father was a postman, her mother a seamstress. Dropping her off she turned to me with tears in her eyes, she got out and walked into that little house. I found out that day what a conscience is, she weighed on my mind all week. The following Saturday I drove to her house and knocked on the door and in the small parlor, her mother holding her behind her in the small kitchen, her father standing his ground I gave them my name, my status and I asked for her to marry me.

    That year was 1969 and junior officers found themselves in Viet Nam. I was assigned to Germany, where I spent the next four years, returning to my hometown discharged, unemployed with a young pregnant wife. Things worked out, never pretty, a good wife, great mother she was happy, glorious, sexual, adventuresome, outgoing, funny such that I never looked outside my house for sexual satisfaction. She not only held up her end of the bargain, she took us on a trip that embarrassed me, but not her. She read these novels, and put everything she read to the test.

    I just can't believe that any of my contemporaries had it better, no way. I got the diamond in the rough.

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    Straight Female / 25

    My neighbor is a much older man, married and drives a big truck. Iâve been thinking about sitting on my porch so he can see my legs when he drives by, do you think heâll notice?

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    Straight Male / 37

    We were at a birthday party for one of my wife's friends. A lot of people I didn't know. I was minding my business outside on the deck, a girl around fourteen came out and sat and played with a girl around three. She had on loose shorts and as she played with the child she opened her legs and gave me an eye full of her cotton panties. She sat forward and her panties stretched into her pussy lips. She reached in with her finger and adjusted her panties out of her pussy wedgie. I sat and watched her legs, her naked thighs up to her tight cotton panties, totally oblivious to her flashing.

    That night I screwed my wife. I didn't take no for an answer, bending her onto her back and nailing her. She asked what got into me, I kept my mouth shut about the girl at the party, telling her that when I wanted her she should comply.

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    Straight Male / 37

    We were at a birthday party for one of my wife's friends. A lot of people I didn't know. I was minding my business outside on the deck, a girl around fourteen came out and sat and played with a girl around three. She had on loose shorts and as she played with the child she opened her legs and gave me an eye full of her cotton panties. She sat forward and her panties stretched into her pussy lips. She reached in with her finger and adjusted her panties out of her pussy wedgie. I sat and watched her legs, her naked thighs up to her tight cotton panties, totally oblivious to her flashing.

    That night I screwed my wife. I didn't take no for an answer, bending her onto her back and nailing her. She asked what got into me, I kept my mouth shut about the girl at the party, telling her that when I wanted her she should comply.

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    Straight Male / 51

    There is no category for foolishness, so I am just putting this under the Men only category.

    I am 61 and I am a widower of my first wife. She died a couple of years ago. Down the street from me lived a young woman with two kids. She is 34 years old now. Her husband has a truck mechanic business and works on the other side of town. Because I was home following my wife's passing and she was home being a housewife we got to talking. Along came the question that got me in trouble. She asked me if I was lonely without my wife.

    Then came the confession, she hadn't had sex for a couple of years. Her husband had a girlfriend and he spent most of his time with her. They were talking divorce but he just didn't want to give up half his business, so he lived with the girl, fucked her and not his wife and she had to put up with it because she had no job skills and she had two kids. So, if I was lonely and she was lonely why not have sex together. She said it would be friends with benefits, she got laid and I got to fuck and she said she wanted to be fucked until it hurt.

    Generation thing, I had never heard a woman say those things, my wife never got undressed in the light. This woman took her breasts out and said 'fuck me'. Well I failed, I just could not get it up. She sucked and jerked and sucked and jerked and nothing. Then she bent over to pick up her panties that were on the floor and her wide open pussy and her asshole was right there, it was her asshole that gave me the hard on. So I fucked her and once I got started I had enough to fuck her hard, or so I thought.

    Now I don't want to belabor the point, but what turned me on was her asshole. I had never seen one up front like that, I never realized that women had hair growing around their asshole, or how close her asshole was to her vagina. Was she ashamed of her asshole? no. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her asshole, or lick it. She would lick my asshole if I licked her asshole, and she meant it. I ended up fucking her asshole. She had the lubes, she said her husband fucked her asshole all the time, before he got the girlfriend and she liked a hard dick but she wanted me lick her asshole too.

    Now you just don't lick a woman's asshole, at least not people my age. She took a shower in front of me, washed her pussy and asshole with soap and water, she got out of the shower, dried herself off and had me sit on her vanity bench and she bent over and told me to lick her asshole, I had fucked it so now I had to lick it. Stomach churning event, but I did it and the moment I got my mouth on her asshole I got a hard on. Once I got started I went for it and started to send my tongue down towards her vagina and she said stop and we went into the bedroom and she got on the bed and told me to lick her asshole and feel up her pussy and clit until she had an orgasm. After her orgasm she sucked my dick and she let me fuck her.

    One week of this, fucking every day, always something different, she had these nasty clips she clipped her nipples with or clipped her clit, she wanted her asshole fucked in plain daylight, she wanted to be naked all the time, prancing around with her tits swinging from side to side, she licked my asshole in the shower, she shoved a dildo up my ass with plenty of lube, but most of all she wanted to be fucked.

    I lost my head and she reached an agreement with her husband for the divorce, he kept the business but gave her the house and she was available to get married. She knew I had savings, and I owned my house and I had a rent house and I could always go back to work and she wanted to get married and those tits and that ass and her constant fucking and I married her against my daughter's wishes and here I am with a 34 year old that needs constant parenting, constant fucking, and constant cash control. The money she gets for child support is gone before she collects, she likes clothes and I have to say she dresses well and she buys things that should never be seen in public, crotchless panties, sex toys of all kinds, tubes of anal lube, diamonds and other jewelry and she comes to my office (I am working again) and spreads her legs so I can see her 'snatch'.

    My daughter dislikes her, my coworkers think she is hot, her husband is happy with his new wife, her kids seem to want to get along, I check to make sure she is taking her pills, the last thing I need at my age is for her to come up pregnant. But it is at night, when the kids are asleep upstairs that she takes a bath in the whirlpool tub, has me wash her pussy and asshole 'just right' and she walks naked to the bed and gets down on her elbows and raises her ass and lets me lick and kiss and finger and touch her asshole and pinch her clit and finger her pussy and if I can get to her fast enough I can fuck her asshole before she starts to tremble and shake. Of course. she knows enough to clamp my nipples with those nasty things of hers, before she gives me her asshole to fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Once again, after resisting the urge for a few weeks I took a trip to the ABS with glory holes. It never gets too far out of my mind since I drive by it every day on the way to and from work. It looked to be a decent crowd of non-junk vehicles so that got my hopes up.
    First booth I tried had a small uncut cock on the other side, we traded for a while, he wanted to get a room, no thanks, I'm just going to wander around a little.
    Next booth I tried I ran into a guy who had a modest but thick cock, he felt fuller in my mouth and we enjoyed several back and forth suck sessions until we both decided to explore further.
    Last booth I tried a guy entered and acted like he was going to feel me out. I offered fingers and he came over and pressed his bulging sweatpants up to the hole where I took over rubbing his package. Then he pulled back slightly so I could work his pants down and his nice cut dick bobbed freely. Oh it was a nice hard cock with a set of smallish shaved balls. I worked his shaft over for quite a while taking him just into my throat entrance, then gave some concentration to those smooth balls, I could get them both in my mouth at the same time and after giving them a good tongue bath, I returned to his rock hard shaft. He gestured that he wanted me to jack him hard and I felt his urgency as I took over briskly jacking him into my mouth until he started giving me my warm creamy cummy reward. What a nice reward I had earned from that beautiful brown rod! I'll be back, just wonder how long I'll be able to wait this time.

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    Straight Male / 51

    I have been living in a house with my girlfriend and her best friend Tillie for almost 2 years. I work and am tired most weekdays but on weekends we not only drink a lot but smoke weed. That's where I draw the line but my girlfriend and Tillie snort coke, smoke crack and often take pills that I am sure are opioids. It first began with masturbation in front of each other but gradually turned into mutual masturbation and oral sex. There were many times we fell asleep naked which was awkward at first but after awhile it wasn't a big deal. After many months went by I became controlled by them and I'm not complaining but they have become abusive towards me. I don't mind them stimulating me with their vibrators but for months now they have been penetrating me anally with dildos that are so large that it is painful. Its not bad most of the time but they get so high with the drugs they become cruel and not just abuse me like that but insist on spanking me with a large paddle and a belt. I put up with it so far because of the way they perform oral sex and the ways they jerk me off. They spend a lot of time playing with my penis and testicles but eventually and dominantly abuse me rectally. It is stimulating most of the time but Tillie is the one who likes to use a strap on dildo to fake anal intercourse with me. I have yet to resist what they are doing but it seems they get most aggressive when they smoke the meth. Its gotten to the point where my girlfriend and I never have sex together. Tillie is always involved for the longest time now. Its not only that but my girlfriend and Tillie have sex together and have admitted to me. They have gotten so bad they do it in front of me sometimes which I don't mind watching. I try to tell them how they are abusing me and they always promise not do it again. As soon as they get crazy with the drugs it continues. Its become a hate/love relationship with the two of them.

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