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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 46

    Sometimes, I feel that it is just too much trouble to try to get my wife in the mood for sex. So rather than try, I opt to jerk off instead. I mean, I love sex, but sometimes you go through all the trouble of flirting and doing things in hopes that she gets turned on, only to be shot down and left with nothing but a hard on. My right hand has never said no, and neither has my left now that I think about it. Does anyone else go through this delima, or am I the only one?

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    Straight Male / 55

    Not sure how I found this web site since I'm lousy with a computer but figure I'll share something I've been experiencing for almost two years even though its not any kind of confession. This didn't happen overnight and basically didn't start until I knew this woman close to six years. I'm 77, in good health, separated from my wife 20 years ago and financially stable. I live in an extremely nice high rise apartment building and four doors down the hall from me lives Joanie. She is 46 now and broke up with her husband 6 or 7 years ago and that's when we became friendly in a plutonic way. Over time when had dinner together, told each other our life stories and even watched tv or movies together in each others apartments. She is very attractive and has had a few boyfriends over time and is currently dating a guy but I still am her closest friend that I know of. When I would be in her apartment in the evenings she began a long time ago wearing PJ's or some kind of nightwear which is great even for a guy my age. I think everything started when I would rub her shoulders for her sometimes knowing she had a stressful day at work. It was like she trusted me and often lean over the table as I sort of massaged her back finding she had no bra on. I don't know how many men my age have the problem I do but for a few years I haven't been able to get a total erection, even though I can still ejaculate somewhat. When I would rub her entire back I always got what I'll call a semi hard on. Getting back to my apartment I began jerking off, sometimes able to cum, sometimes not. Guess my prostate is shot. That started about 2 1/2 years ago and didn't go much further for months. It must have been our age difference that gave Joanie so much trust in me because she began having me rub her down touching her ass and legs of course with her nightwear still on. Then one night she laid down on her sofa and that's when I half jokingly told her she had to many clothes on for a good massage. We joked around about it for awhile and I said something like is she afraid for me to see her in her bra and panties. I really was joking about it at the time but to my surprise she went into her bedroom and came out only in her bra and panties. That was the first time I actually saw her like that and gave her a massage at the best of my ability. I did take advantage of the sight of her and also touched her as intimately as I could get away with. I was able to have her lay on her back and again touch her in ways I never did before.

    Finally one night I was allowed to undo her bra as she laid face down. After rubbinbg her down head to foot I asked her to turn over. With her bra not attached as she did her left breast became exposed and she didn't seem the least bit upset about it. When I asked if I could take it off her she called me a dirty old man but pulled it off putting it on the back of the sofa. I didn't touch her breasts at first but after rubbing up and down the sides of her body I couldn't help myself and began rubbing her breasts. She never tried to stop me and just laid there. I then sort of tugged on her panties and began pushing them down and to my complete suprise she helped then kicked them off. I then realized she was aroused and began touching her vagina and eventually fingering her. She had no way of hiding the fact she was having an orgasm and then a second one. I was sitting on the floor by then with my hand still on her tummy and neither of us said anything for a minute or two. She was the first one to talk and just said she couldn't believe what she just let me do. All I said was how grateful I was to look at her and the fact she aroused me more than I had been in many years. After that she got up went in her room and came out in a nightgown. She made a pot of coffee and we talked for at least an hour. She already knew from many of our past conversations that my sex life was pretty much over. I had already told her how I can't get a full erection and even though I saw her naked and satisfied her I still only got a semi hard on. Back in my apartment thet night I was able to ejaculate more than I had in a very long time. Since that night we do this weekly and sometimes more often alwys in her apartment. When I go now she only wears a bathrobe and is always naked when she lays on the sofa. After the first couple months doing this she suggested I take my pants off letting her see my penis and semi erection which she now calls it. I not only maturbate her but over a year ago she started jerking me off. I still don't get a very hard erection but I do ejaculate every time she does it. I not only enjoy looking at her but it excites me knowing she is aroused and I am thrilled when she has an orgasm which some nights are numerous. She still has a boyfriend who I know fairly well by now but am quite sure he is not aware of how close Joanie and I have become. I don't know how long this will go on but hope until I kick the bucket.

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    Straight Female / 48

    NY husband is never home and I am all alone just need someone to take a walk on the wild side. 6013956305

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Well this all started when I was 16 years old living with my dad who was seldom at home for he worked 2 jobs and slept with his girl friend leaving me home to tend for myself and no one to talk with.
    Lived in a small house boat on Lake Union in Seattle and two older men moved into the vacant house across the dock where I lived and right away one Morris started in talking with me asking me where my dad was and I told him I haven't seen him for 3 weeks and I told him I needed to get home and patch a hole in the roof where someone thru a rock off the Aurora Bridge and crashed right on our roof knocking a 8 inch hole plumb thru landing on my bed, luckily that night I slept on the floor watching the little TV I had.

    Morris seeme3d really nice and I began talking with him asking him questions that I should have with my dad, then one afternoon as I was walking down the dock heading home a big boat went by really sturing up a large wake knocking me off the narrow walkway into the water pinning me between the two logs. I tried to get out on my own but the logs were to slippery and somehow I hurt my back and then I saw Morris standing and talking with another neighbor and I hollered at Morr4is to come and help me out which he did and he saw where my back had been scrapped by probably one of the logs and he asked what happened and I told him about the big boat and he said yea at times they even rock our house and asked me to come over and he'd clean and dress my wound so I did.

    Morris told me to go in and take a bath to get the lake water off of me and he handed me one of his bath robes and asked if I needed help washing my back and again accepted his offer. I got into the tub and really started to relax standing getting all soaped up I called out to Morris to come in and he did and he went right to washing my back then one hand took hold of my semi ridged cock and began sliding himself up and down like he was jerking me off but it sure felt different than when I did it and I got hard harder than I think I ever had before and I moaned then he asked if I lied and I didn't answer for awhile and he asked again and I said yes then he turned me to face him and he kissed me. Holding me against him I could feel his cock growing and before ling I was stroking him as he did me and that was the first time I ever came and god did I ever all over him. Morris took a bit of my cum and tasted it telling me I tasted really good and next time he was going to gobble me up and I kinda laughed it off.
    Well he rinsed me off taking a towel dried me off and told me to go lay on his bed and he'd dress my would, God I almost forgot about that but it still hurt bad and kinda burned.

    I layed down on his bed he came in still nude from getting out of his cum soaked clothes and dressed my wound telling me he was going to rub me down for I was so tight and he started and I fell asleep.

    Three3 hours later I awoke and Morris was holding me to him up against my back and his hard cock was in my ass and he was fucking me slow and deep and I said Oh god Morry what are you doing he told me kissing my neck to relax and enjoy, Oh Jesus Morry damn just then he came in me and every squirt I felt and his warm cum felt good and I told him so my breather became hard and deep and he continued to fuck me telling me I had the tightest ass and he loved it and then he told me he's fallen in love with me and I said yea my ass.

    We must have laid together for four hours and during that time he fucked me three more times and he told me that his friend would be home soon and if I wanted to get dressed I could, but there was no need to. at that point I was laying on top of Morry and he was kissing my neck which I totally love and holding me tight against him then he started in talking about Tim his partner as he called him and telling me4 he has a much bigger cock and asked if I'd like it to kissing me several times and I answered lightly yesssss. About that time there he stood naked and showing me his hard cock a good 10 inches and quite thick compared to Morris and he got over the top of me and started in rubbing himself against my ass, I was well lubed form Morris's cum and he pushed the head of his cock into me making me grunt and just held himself telling me I was one tight kid and pushed more into me then all of him and he started in fucking me slow and deep pushing all of himself into me and in no time he filled me with his hot cum and I said oh god you feel so good giving me your cum he kissed my neck sucking on it telling me I could have him any time I wanted him and I told him and Morris that they could have me any time they wanted me for as long as they liked then they both asked me to spend the night with them. I did and they both fucked me several times and Tim's cock I fell in love with especially the seven strands of hot cum he'd pump into me.

    Thee next day was Saturday and I knew dad would be home around 12 and I told them that and I also told them I'd return right after he left they both kissed me and Morris took one of my nipples between his lips began sucking, nibbling and I told him he'd better stop that's when he sucked rather hard pulling most of my budding man breasts into his mouth and his toung stared in teasing my hard nipple and I started in moaning again and my cock grew and became hard and Tim took it into his mouth sucking me making me cum again and it was nothing like theirs.

    For five years I became theirs to do with what ever they wanted to for I loved it all including setting me up with others and they all had their way with me time and time again.EjErgoQ

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    Transsexual Female / 19

    Is it weird that I want to suck my girlfriend's breasts all the time? I mean, even when I'm not wanting anything sexual in return? I feel like I could spend hours just sucking on her breasts. She lets me do it from time to time, but it really doesn't last long since she has things to do. She usually doesn't mind it, but I still feel weird how much I want to do it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I was sixteen when I had my first experience with cock. I have no idea why I let it happen because I did have a girlfriend and I never had any thoughts about cock, except when I would get to use it on my girlfriend.

    We were in a stockroom where we worked, everyone else had gone home for the day. Tom, was 22yo and sort of in charge when the boss was gone. I can't even remember how it got started honestly. I just remember he pulled my cock out of my jeans and began to stroke it.

    Being 16 and my hormones were going crazy at that time, I had no problem getting hard very quickly. I do remember how good it felt having a hand stroke my cock, not being my own for once.

    Tom pulled out his cock and began to stroke himself, he was semi hard already. He had his hands on his cock and mine, it was amazing to see his cock against my own. The feeling was exciting and within minutes I was aware of that familiar feeling of wanting to cum.

    I don't remember if I said anything oh not, I just remember my cock pulsating and me groaning loudly, I squirted my load all over Tom's cock. Suddenly his hand was jerking feverishly and then he moaned with pleasure as I did. The first squirt of cum blasted all over the top of my jeans and the bottom of my T-shirt, Tom kept stroking his cock and I saw his thick cum drench my cock.

    We did this several times until Tom got another job out of State. I still had my girlfriend and eventually another one, finally getting married. No matter how good the sex is with women I cannot forget the times with Tom and our jerking sessions.

    For a few years I kept this secret, looking at websites where I could find a jerk buddy, not acting on my desire until one night when I had to go out of town for a family matter. I was in San Diego and I went to a bar, knowing it was a gay bar.

    It wasn't long before a young guy sat down next to me. He asked me if I was alone and I said I was. He didn't waste anytime on asking me why I was there, he pointed to the wedding ring on my finger and laughed. I took a sip of my drink and just told him I was looking for a jerk buddy.

    His name was Dave and while we drank together, he seemed to know I was a fish out of water so to speak. Dave asked me how much did I have, I didn't know what he meant? What Dave was asking was how much Dick did I have, I told him Eight inches, never measured it and he laughed again.

    I was about to leave when Dave grabbed me by the arm and pointed over to the restroom over in the corner. Now I wasn't crazy about doing it in public, Dave could see it on my face. He told me not to worry, we would have privacy. Dave called the bartender over and pointed to the restroom, the bartender smiled at me and nodded at Dave.

    I followed Dave into the restroom and he locked the door behind us. He pointed to a stall and we walked in. Dave unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock, he was rather endowed. He asked me if we were going to do this or not? I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, Dave smiled and nodded with approval.

    We jerked our own cock, took turns jerking each other. I loved the way his hard cock felt in my hand. Dave introduced me to cock fighting, I loved it! Our big hard cocks against each other and making my cock harder than it had ever felt before!

    It wasn't long before the feeling of wanting to cum tingled deep in my loins. Dave worked my cock, teasing it against his. He jerked us together and that's when I was beyond the point of no return.

    I barely got the words out of cumming, the first squirt of my cock was a solid stream of thick cum. It hit Dave's cock dead on and he said something, not sure what, I was too busy relishing the pleasure of cumming all over this strangers cock. I emptied my load, squeezing every drop of cum on the head of Dave's cock.

    Dave put his hand out to my chest, pushing me back slightly. He fisted his cock frantically and unloaded a torrent of cum all over my shirt, cock, pants. He just kept cumming, droplets of cum splattering every direction, another hot load jetted out all over my cock. We stood there stroking our spent cocks, rubbing our cum covered cocks against each others.

    Then it was over. Dave looked at me and smiled as the last few drops of his cum dribbled out of his shrinking cock. We walked out and tried to clean the cum off of each other clothes, Dave asked me if I wanted to come over to his place, we could take this further. I thanked him but I told him I wasn't ready for that. Dave laughed and told me when I was ready to lose my virginity to call him.

    So I have great sex with my wife and I have found a few jerk buddies on the side. I still think about Tom, it would be nice to jerk with him again after all these years........

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    Straight Male / 36

    Financial circumstances made me drop out of college. I got a job through a friend at a fast food joint, and soon I was cashier. A Honduran girl who worked there came on to me and I fucked her one night. She got pregnant. I was in an all sorts of a crazy state until a friend of mine told me that these women always got pregnant. Tell her to fuck off and she will got get an abortion. My friend saved my ass. I never heard from that girl again.

    After my job at the fast food place I got a job working for the State in the CPS as a clerk. All day I handled the paperwork, filing, organizing keeping cases together. The things I read everyday made me want to jump off the bridge. Could that stuff be true? I could not believe it. Slowly I started to figure out that some of the officers wrote down clean short sentences and others wrote out alarming accounts. I hate to say it, but the alarming accounts mostly came from minority women. I got to the point of not believing what I was reading. The reports by the experienced officers who were not of color tended to be the truth. People are poor, really poor, and lots of families struggle with the basics. If the mom has to work she sometimes has to leave her kids at home. I was a latch key kid myself.

    By then I was 28 and I decided to try and go back to college. I left my job with the state and got a job as an evening cashier at Albertson's. At college I met this girl, nineteen, home style pretty girl, she was going to college and working part time at Albertson's. I got her off alone one night and I fucked her bad, I fucked her in the ass and made her sleep naked with me. She was just a piece of ass that night. In the morning with all the daylight she was skinny, pretty with small tits but I fucked her anyway. Turns out that she had never been fucked and she got attached. I pushed her away, told her I had other girlfriends, nothing mattered, if I had another girlfriend she would have watched.

    I would have her stand beside me and push her pants down so I could play with her pussy. Her pussy was interesting, especially after I got her to shave off most of her pubes. I taught her that if she bent over I could fuck her pussy that way. If I got my dick up into her ass she breathed hard and took it all in. She really liked getting fucked in the ass. It was the one way that she got aggressive, backed up into me until she felt my dick on her ass and she bent over long with her arms stretched out. She loved it.

    I spent so much time messing with her that I lost out on any other girls at college. She became a good cock sucker, she got good at giving sex, she was always ready. The Honduran girl had tried to trap me with a kid, this girl trapped me by being available. I never did introduce her to another girl because I never had another girl. I got used to her, she wasn't a piece of ass anymore, she was my piece of ass.

    All I am saying is this, you are going to get trapped. This girl has been with me a for a long time now, she is a great fuck, she likes to fuck, she gives great blowjobs and she likes getting it in the ass. I know, it is like a dream come true. And she can cook now, she is a natural. I tell her that she doesn't know what she likes because she has never had sex with anyone but me. She finished college long before I did. She isn't so skinny anymore, she gained a few pounds. She likes to stand naked in the bathroom door and twist and stick her tits out. She likes to watch as I get a hard on, and she comes and gets on and rides down until she has it all in.

    My friend, the one that told me about the Honduran scam, he tells me that she has me and like a fool I fell in love.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I started in general administration here right out of High School. A week later, the senior VP was paying me tip money to suck me off. That was my first bi-experience. I liked it. He was really into it and licked me all over below the waist, sucked my cock and balls like mad. He told me that his wife knows about his particular kinks and is good with it.

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    Straight Male / 47

    My wife and I have been together for over twenty years. But she confessed something to me on our second date that she thought would make me walk away, instead, I felt I had a dream come true. She told me that from 1976 until 1984 she was a prostitute. We met in 96. I told her that it didn't bother me as long as she was still open minded about sex and being shared. Though she was surprised with my response, she was more than happy to accommodate. Though through life changes and other things she is no longer into the lifestyle, for the first ten years or so we were always having a blast with my buddies. Between my imagination and things she wanted to try, my buddies and various others stayed busy. One of my favorite things to do, was after having group sex and waiting to recharge. My wife would tell stories from back when she was a prostitute and would get everybody hard again. Wife has admitted that her favorite thing to do back then was either when she got to stay the night with one of our friends, and she did that quite often, or when we'd go to the cabin. When we would go to the cabin, which was on private property way up in the mountains, it would be her, myself and usually about five or six guys that we had invited. We would spend the weekend getting drunk and taking turns fucking my wife. Even as a joke, we let a bunch of our friends watch us on our honeymoon, consummate our marriage. I have watched over forty different men fuck my wife, including strangers, friends, and family, and I know that long before I met her, thousands of men have stuck their cock in her pussy, and oddly I am actually proud of that fact.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I love playing with my asshole I love putting things in it big dildos,vibrating eggs sometimes 2 or 3 dildos also large sausages with a condom so I can shove it in deep once I put a whole 8 pack of hot dogs all were put I a condom which I knotted and my fingers I use to enjoy my friends fucking Mr and
    Coming in my Ass but now it's me and my sex machine with large dildos that squirt or go shopping with my ass packed it feels good and no oNE knows

    I been doing it since I was 10 I had a lot of my friends spend the night and they all wanted sex from me I'd just scoot my naked butt close to them or start rubbing their cocks or wake them by sucking them and ask if they'd fuck me and they would if I went to their house they'd have a bunch of their friends over we'd drink beer or smoke pot

    Next thing they'd be stripping me naked and stick my butt up we'd play with each other and dare each other to do stuff I'd fuck and suck everybody sometimes 2 or 3 times and we'd all have fun I loved cock but enjoyed having them put it in my Ass and shoot their load all had huge cocks one guy had a small cock and I did him cause I felt bad I didn't even feel him in me

    But they made it up to me by sticking 2 big cocks in My ass

    Nowadays if I want cock I have to go out of town because everyone knows me from being a musician so I'd go to the glory hole I didn't want to kiss I just wanted cock in the booth I'd strip and take care of the boys suck em and get cum up my ass last time I was there from 1 pm till 2 am had 14 guys doing me some repeats so I squat in the booth on my towel and empty out and do more my jaw was sore and I left with a full ass

    Put my buttplug in got dressed and drove for 45 minutes feeling the cum sloshing inside me get i n the house sit on the toilet and watch the cum run out and stick 2 fingers in my butt and pI'll cum out and suck my fingers maybe invote one of my friends to stay the night and sleep with their cocks in my Ass I'm either a cum dump or a whore I don't care I gotta have cock the bigger the better thanks for reading give me your cock

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