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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    Serious sexual question.

    I'm 21, I love my boyfriend, we have a good relationship. Sex is good, but he's terrible with foreplay and to be honest it's killing me. He's never gone down on me, and doesn't really pay much attention to my breasts. Doesn't kiss my know, all the good stuff that gets a girl revved up. I've tried to steer him in that direction, but he's a male. :/

    The sex it's self is pretty good, no complains there. Is it so bad to want to pre-game a little? I make sure he's good and ready before we have sex, he on the other hand no so attentive.

    Advic e?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    MY friend and I decided we had wanted to throw a small party with my sister and her friend and it turned out to be more of a wild surprise than we thought and wouldn't have guessed that we would have ended up doing what we did and doing something I would never do even if a gun was held to my head.

    Here is the story about what crazy event happened that lead me into my first man on man experience with a plot twist that will knock your socks off or make you gag.

    To get things started
    Ive known my sisters friend " Maddy " for a while and knew she really really used to like me a while ago to the point of obsession but I never gave her the chance and always passed her off. Maddy is very short girl around 4'5 and around 110 lbs with bigger breasts, so its not like she had a bad body it was just her face that looked not unattractive. So to say the least about Maddy You could say she was that " Easy Girl " who you'd have sex with just because you needed to have sex.

    A few years later I was up for a big surprise... I ran into this Maddy by luck "WOW!" she had matured and was SO much hotter than she used to be, and she knew exactly how hot she was and anyone could tell by the way she dressed.
    High heel pumps,you know the kinds the strippers wear? Skin tight leggings that left nothing to the imagination and carved a beautiful tease of what was underneath and a tight tank top that could not even begin to contain her beautiful rack. To give you a picture of what kind of " HOTT " this girl was one could say she was sort of a rave going party girl.

    I tried talking to her this time around and knowing that back then I did not give her the time of day, she refused. " Damn, I wished I gave her the chance back then! " I thought to myself.This girl has massive sex appeal and I knew I had to figure out a way to get with this girl, she was so hot that it did not matter how many guys she had sex with, she was just that hott.

    The next few days me and my friend Steve purposely planned a small party with my sister and encouraged her to invite her friend Maddy as I was really focused on getting hooking up with her.
    Thankfully Maddy ended up agreeing and set the party up to be hosted at her moms house while her parents were gone.

    We were speeding to Maddy's house to get things started, It was like I was on my way to lose my virginity for the first time again, thats how bad this was. I brought up my phone and desperately asked my sister for Maddy's number and called her, as you can see I really wanted to feel this girl .
    I was really excited about this party so Steve and I were acting like fools already.
    I called Maddy and She answered, She and I talked for few minutes and I told her that we were on our way with beer and that when we got there she should run up to me and kiss me on impulse or without thinking about it and just to do it, this took a few tries but I could tell she was into it.

    We pulled up to the house and right off the jump I noticed Maddy in the front window dancing like a stripper to a rap song in a way that would make a mans mouth water, or an old man have a heart attack. "HONK" Maddy had came outside and like I asked she started to heavily make out with me tongue/spit in mouth and this is when I knew that this party would be more than I had expected, way more than I had ever expected and way more than I ever would want, oh how I wish that at this moment I could have seen the future.

    Me, Steve, My Sister and Maddy all went inside and began drinking, Maddy sat on my lap in front of my sister and buddy Steve. It was not long after a few drinks when Maddy began grinding on me hitting me in the right spots and let me wiggle my hand down into her leggings to play with her Kitty. I didnt even care that my sister was watching me do this to her friend, her Kitty felt smooth and wet and smelled so INCREDIBLE and natural.
    I wanted to escalate this party quickly and thats exactly what happened.

    After a while we were all pretty tipsy, all of us ended up naked in the bedroom on Maddy's bed.
    Really? With my Sister and Steve naked next to me? Yes indeed. I began kissing Maddy everywhere I couldnt contain my sexual urge to start exploring her body. My buddy Steve began working on my Sister next to me which was taboo. Before the party I told myself " Maddy is not the type of girl you want to eat out " because she did love having a lot of Sex. None the less and as your probably already expected we were both giving oral to our girls. Eating Maddy and knowing she was a little sex Kitten only added to how dirty it felt but in a kinky way. I loved getting into her filth and tasting what I had always been missing out on.

    Loud, moans filled the bedroom and Maddy sounded as if she were in so much pleasure that it was painful though hearing my sister moan at the top of her lungs while Steve gave her lip service was something that I didnt think to much about before getting into this, but little did I know it was the least of my worries at the time.

    Maddy had assumed the hands and knee position " which is my favorite " with her pink rear facing right towards me " Wow, I had no idea she had been designed that sexy down there and had such a beautiful ass, this is one of the most beautiful Kitties I had ever seen " My face dove straight into her cheeks which smelled like heaven inside of heaven. Steve began having full on sex with my sister and I followed suit and began having sex with Maddy, Condoms on.

    I grew weary of the condom and told her I was taking it off to really get to feel her. At the time the only thing in my head was me and this girl and her vagina and in the heat of the moment she didnt care that I was taking the condom off. I remember exactly how she said this " Get it the F**K off and F**K me! " The sex was good, and you could tell she knew how to move and has done this a few times before but still, I needed to be infected and absorb all the liquids from her vagina into my penis.

    I was getting closer to my finish and I told her " Im going to cum in you, I want to get you pregnant " and I really wanted to at the time. Making the HUUUGE mistake of getting Maddy, a girl I hardly knew but now am balls deep in, pregnant sounded like the hottest idea I ever had. Maddy said breathing heavily. " No, STOP! DONT, DO NOT GET ME PREGNANT! " She didnt know this at the time but I did allow some of my sperm to shoot into her before pulling out quickly to stop the orgasm. Im not sure how I got lucky and didnt end up getting her pregnant.

    I had to pause from the sex and pull before it was to late only notice Steve sitting on the edge of the bed playing with his well endowed penis. I felt embarrassed because he assumed before that my penis was MASSIVE but his was so much bigger than mine. I turned towards Steve and within the heat of the moment grabbed his penis with my right hand and began stroking his penis in front of my sister, which at the time didnt seem like a big deal at all " I also had no idea that I was Bisexual at this time " I didnt think anything about the Man on Man Handjob and simply thought it was kinky to jerk my friend of many years off.

    Quickly after Steve and I both finished but Steve messed up, he really messed up real bad.. he actually came inside of my sister who was not on birth control at the time so she freaked. I got the unlucky stick as Maddy said that I needed to lick " My Own Load " off her B-Hole,where I decided to put my load on her. I had a hard time actually licking my own load off her Rear End and from between he Butt Cheeks after finishing. I will always remember this moment that comes next as She smiled and said " Now it was all worth it yadda yadda yadda " implying that It was my Punishment or payment after getting to have sex with her as if it were a luxuary. If you are a guy you may know how hard it could be to eat your own load after you finish.

    Maddy and my Sister get up to go clean themselves up and Steve and I sit on the edge of the bed naked together. I kept trying to steal glances of his penis, at the time I didnt know I was Bi-Sexual like I mentioned earlier. At this time Steve had told me that I actually blew him, and reminded me that I gave him a hand job as well. The only thing I could do was smile. Me, being embarrassed I had said " well did you at least like the handjob ??? " " Yes " he replied.

    With the girls gone it was just the two of us sitting there drunk for about a half hour and in this half hour I blew him again not thinking that his penis was just deep in my Sisters vagina.

    The craziest orgy I have ever had in my entire life.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I moved to Columbus right after high school for school and stayed here for work. I live in a very nice apartment complex. Lots of wealthy people live here.

    About two years ago I stated getting fuckedin the ass by an older guy that has a garage beside mine. We started talking motorcycles and landed on personal life topics too. He had been divorced for 6 years and just liked to fuck guys as there wasn't any emotional connection.

    Both him and I say we're straight but a few times a week he fucks my ass and he pays me for it too. Not a lot of money just some extra cash. When ever he is horny he'll either text me or see me in my garage and go to his apartment for sex. Always bare and he always cums in me.

    No sucking cocks, no kissing, just me bent over his bed or in doggy taking his big cock. He's like 8" cock and has natural pubic hair, he's a hairy guy.

    Kinda odd because I look at it as a second job. He fucks me, cums in me, then I get cleaned up and dressed. He always hands me a little cash and says thanks.

    I went to this past World Series with him. He bought the hotel room. The few nights we stayed there he fucked me each night. I usually masturbate after sex to cum and he'd just go to sleep after sex.

    Maybe I'm odd. I'm straight and get my ass fucked by a guy claiming to be straight too. I keep my ass and pubes shaved smooth for him too, he likes it that way.

    I recently got a girlfriend and we have great sex but I probably will never tell her about that older guy that fucks my ass and pays me

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    Straight Male / 32

    My g/f Betts, moved into my home at my invitation a year ago. It's a four room, two story building so there is also plenty of room for both her and her 17 year old daughter, Mandy. Mandy is a skinny redhead with seemingly unnaturally large breasts. I've spoken with Betts about those tits but apparently they are normal while Betts, her mom, has average breasts. Betts is also not a redhead and has average brown hair.

    They also watched porn on line together and I had a negative reaction to this.

    Despite STD's and pregnancy issues, Betts indulges Mandy's overactive libido. I argued with her about it and explained that she should at least wait until she is of legal age for sex then find a job and her own home. I grew tired of finding nude boys walking in and out of her bedroom. One of the boys was friendly and sat down for coffee with me. his long soft cock hanging after having fucked Mandy. He freely informed me after learning who I was, about Mandy's reputation.

    According to the kid, Mandy has fucked dozens of boys in school, even one randy teacher who caught her then wanted his turn, and got it. The single saving grace is that Betts had made a deal with Mandy and Mandy kept her word in not indulging without condoms. She apparently allows anal sex, also, but with a condom as well. The kid also told me that the school boys had nicknames for her like, "Condom cutie" and "rubber dolly." Apparently, if you had a hard-on and condom in hand, that was your ticket in.

    After their first six months in my house, Mandy began to target me as a potential fucker. She started walking around nude then would rub her clit in front of me. When her mother left the house, she would often go into my bedroom where I would find her writhing on my bed, saying, "Oooooh, daddy, give it to me, give it to me, hard and fast," with her hips thrusting up and down." Her large breasts would flop up and down.

    I cannot say that I was not turned on. I found myself fighting wild impulses. It's like she could read my mind and knew exactly how to arouse me. I began to realize that she was a predator. I imagined going to jail with Betts and Mandy taking control of my house.

    One evening, I told Betts that she and Mandy had to go. I gave her $10,000 to locate another residence, and in three weeks, they were gone. Sometimes I actually wank thinking of all the possibilities in threesomes with them and wank thinking of the times I found Mandy nude in my bed, hips and breasts flopping, or the stories the kid told me about Mandy's school sex life. However, my final feeling is "good riddance."

    The influence Mandy had on me was powerful and dies slowly. I'm thinking that in a year or two I would locate her and fuck her brains out. In fact, I purchased two dozen condoms just in case.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I have been devorced for 21 years and 10 years ago met Glenda who has been living with me for 9 years. A year and 7 months ago Glenda begged me to let her grandaughter Erin move in with us after finding out her daughter was back on drugs for the 5th or 6th time. When Erin moved in she was 14 and we registered her in the high school a few blocks from my house. When I turned 65 I retired and thats when I started seeing Erin more often. I used to work long hours and even worked many Saturdays saving for my retirement so I wasn't home til late evening and saw little of Erin around the house. Glenda is 59 and has awhile to work yet so now I am around Erin more than I planned on. I golf as much as possible but am still home with Erin around. She just turned 16 and this kid for some reason dresses like a hooker and I have seen and still see her naked or close to it a few or more times a week. I have told Glenda many times about how Erin goes around the house but it has made no difference. Erin sunbathes in the yard wearing a bikini that leaves little to the imagination. I have told Glends about it and she tells me not to be an old fuddy duddy. I never tell Glenda that Erin has gotten me to masturbare a few times a week mostly when I see her naked. She leaves her bedroom door open and sometimes I think she is doing it intentionally. My house is only a 2 bedroom ranch house where privacy should be important to Erin. She's only 15 but is built like a young woman and she has to know I have seen her undressed many times. She thinks nothing of coming out of the bathroom with only a towel around her and wears short night shirts without underware on. If she sits down or bends over wearing them her ass and often her vagina are visable. I know she doesn't have a bra on because her nipples are always visable. I have said to Erin at times that she should put something else on and her response is that she is more comfortable wearing those night shirts witch are almost like a silky t-shirt. She is actually a nice kid and does well in school but just seems like she has no sense of privacy around me, presumedly thinking I'm so old. I am not a p**ophile by any streach and would never touch a kid and hate anyone that would. Saying that I can't help getting a hard on when I see her exposed and often naked. I usually jerk off about 3 times a week because of the way she is dressed or undressed. Glenda doesn't understand and I certainly can't tell her that her grandaughter causes me to masturbate. She has mentioned things to Erin about the way she dresses but it never changes anything no matter how much I tell Glenda about it. Sometimes I wish Erin was fat and ugly but unfotunately she is just the opposite. I go out to the store or somwhere a lot of times before Erin gets home from school only because thats when she changes clothes or often gets a shower. The summer so far has been worse and I'll be glad when she goes back to school. At least when she is in school and gets home about 3pm its only a few hours until Glenda get home from work. There was a time when I tried not looking at Erin when she was exposed or naked but I just can't help looking at her like that now. I hope she isn't doing this with the knowlege I can see her and hope its only because she is naive with no thought of her privacy.

    My age said 48 but I am 66 years old.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    In my years I have engaged in sex with other men, not often, but sometimes the person and the time present it's self. I do enjoy women very much and have a wife of many years. I also have a daughter that's in the military who is stationed in Germany.

    My wife and I decided we would go see our daughter when our vacation time arrived. We flew to Germany and met up with our daughter and she took us around to some places when she had her days off.

    One day they wanted to go shopping and I took a pass. My daughter said there was a very nice park not far from our hotel and I decided to go check it out while they went shopping.

    It was a beautiful day and I reached the park in a short time. Since it was a weekday there were very few cars in the parking area. There were several walking trails and I decided I would take one and see where I would end up.

    About 30mins into the trail I stopped to look to my left, I thought I saw a puff of smoke coming from behind a very large bush like tree. I was just about to turn away when I saw the puff of smoke again.

    Worried that there may be a small fire trying to start, I made my way through the other bushes and small trees to get to the source of the fire. Once I got to the large bush I walked around to the backside and froze.

    Behind this large bush was an middle aged man standing there almost naked. I looked again and realized he was with no shirt, no pants, but was wearing black leather thigh high boots. When I looked again I realized he was standing there smoking, and I also realized he had a vacuum pump attached to his cock.

    He looked over at me, took another drag on his cigarette and then looked away. I stood there and looked at the vacuum pump with the black pumping bulb dangling from the end. The guy looked towards me again without expression and then went back to smoking.

    I suddenly found myself looking back at the trail, looking each way to see if there was anyone else around. Now he turned to face me and I realized he also was wearing a metal ball stretcher. His balls pushed down so they looked full and ready to pop.

    I looked at the trail again and then back at him, I slowly walked around the other smaller bushes and was standing next to him a moment later. He reached into the top of his thigh high boots and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit another one.

    He then looked away as if saying it was my move. One more glance behind me, I couldn't see the trail anymore behind the bush. I stepped closer to the guy and looked down at his shiny leather boots, I was also looking at the vacuum pump and the metal ball stretcher.

    I reached out and took hold of the pumping bulb and held it for a moment, the guy turned to look at me in the eye. Without a word I squeezed the bulb a few times, the guy didn't speak but I saw his expression change dramatically.

    I pumped the bulb again, I could see his cock being drawn up the clear tube, he made a soft sound of pleasure. I pumped the bulb a few more times, his cock growing inside the clear tube until the head of his cock was at the end.

    He looked away and took another drag of his cigarette, I reached down and cupped his balls in my hand. The ball stretcher made his balls rock hard, I rubbed them and now I heard him groan with pleasure.

    Now my own cock was getting hard inside my jeans and I let go of the his balls and unzipped my jeans. I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it, he glanced at me as I jerked my cock next to him.

    I stepped even closer, close enough to put my hard cock against the plastic vacuum tube. He seemed to enjoy watching me doing this, a small smile could be seen. I reached down and took the bulb again, pumping it a few more times. The guy groaned a bit louder, his cock beginning to turn a crimson color.

    The guy dropped his cigarette and crushed it in the leaves with his boots and then looked at me. Now he smiled and took the bulb from my hand, he released the vacuum and slowly pulled his engorged cock out of the tube.

    He turned slightly, just enough to let me know what he wanted. His cock was right in front of mine now. I took his cock in my left hand and began to jerk my cock faster. He never took his eyes away now.

    With his eyes on me I stroked my cock faster, I could feel my excitement building rapidly as precum began to dribble out. He nodded his head, urging me to keep jerking my cock. I held his cock only inches away. I began to groan with my own pleasure, I could feel my orgasm on it's way. I pulled his cock closer to mine, sprinkles of cum were on his thick cock.

    I let out a rather loud groan and squirted all over his cock. The guy finally spoke in German I think he said "yes-yes!" I kept jerking my cock until my cock was spent. I rubbed the head of my cock against his, my warm cum sticking to the head of my cock. He spoke again but I don't know what he said, but he was smiling now.

    Then he stepped back and began to masturbate feverishly. He groaned and spoke in German as his fisted his cock feverishly. Then his head lulled back slightly, his eyes closed and he ejaculated a moment later. Thick strands of cum jetted out of his cock and I watched him jerk himself until his cock was spent as well.

    After he was done I took my cock and pushed it back into my jeans. He reached down into the top of his boots and took out his pack of cigarettes, he extended the pack to me but I waved him off, he just smiled. I turned to walk away and he spoke in broken English. It took a few moments to realize he wanted me to return the following day. I gestured that I wasn't sure and he nodded and I walked away, leaving him there behind the thick brush.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I have been working out of town for the last year or so and go home on weekends. here is a guy I work with that is a little younger than me. We started out drinking a few beers nearly every day after work. We had some good conversation and a lot of laughs for weeks.
    One evening after too many beers he told me he was very curious. That started a conversation between us that had us both a little horny and excited as we drank our beer and talked very openly. Needless to say we ended up in my hotel room where we removed our clothes then in the shower we touched and stroked each other then he went to his knees and sucked me off. I warned him I was about to cum but he just sucked harder and poked at my asshole with the tipoff his finger. When I came in his mouth He stuck his finger up my ass and I came like crazy.
    After we dried off I asked if he wanted to stay awhile and he said he did then asked if he could suck my dick again. He did and took his time and got his finger in my ass much earlier than before and as he sucked my dick he squeezed my nuts and fingered my asshole until I shot the biggest load ever and he struggled to swallow it then he licked and sucked my dick and nuts for awhile but still had his finger in my ass.
    After he left I was laying in bed naked just thinking about what had just went on and I got hard again and began to stroke myself and soon had my finger up my ass and it felt great. I couldn`t cum very fast and the more I played with myself the hotter I got and I got very curious and got out of bed and found myself searching around the room for something to put in my ass. After not finding anything suitable to experiment with I finished myself off with my fingers deep in my ass and after I came I licked my cum off my fingers then went to sleep.
    He and I got together almost every day and he loved sucking my dick and I was really in to him fingering my ass. A few days later I bought Vaseline at the drug store and after a quick trip to the grocery store found a couple of small squash that I wanted to try sticking in my ass. I hurried back to my Hotel room striped quickly shoved some Vaseline in my ass then slowly began to stick one of the small squash up my ass and I got the whole thing up my ass and stroked my hard cock and licked the pre cum off my finger tips.
    I tried the other one which was a little longer and thicker and it felt even better as I got myself off twice with it deep in my ass and didn`t want to tae it out but had to before I went to sleep. Seems every night after he sucked me off and he would leave I would put something up my ass and get myself off thinking about my friends long fat dick in my ass. Finally one afternoon he was there with me in his favorite position laying on his back with me right over his face fucking his mouth while he fingered my ass and he liked for me to gag him a few times by sticking my dick too far in to his mouth and in to his throat.
    I came in his throat and fucked his mouth awhile longer then took a chance by telling him with my dick in his mouth that I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. He pulled away in shock and just looked up at me few seconds and said "No shit man! You really want me to fuck you! damn I never thought you would go for that!" In a few minutes after giving him the Vaseline his long fat very hard dick was balls deep n my asshole and I could hear myself begging him to fuck my ass. He fucked me good and there was a steady stream of pre cum leaking out the head of my dick as he pounded my ass harder and harder until I came.
    I guess he got off seeing me so excited and knowing he made me cum he told me he was about to cum then almost begged me to let him cum in my ass. At the very last second I yelled out at him to cum in my asshole!! And he did and it seemed like a gallon and he continued to hump on my ass as we talked and he got hard again and fucked the hell out of me and shot another big hot load balls deep in my ass then went soft and slowly slipped out of my ass and I felt a huge amount of warm cum pour out of my asshole as it slowly closed up and held the rest of his cum in my ass.
    No one but him and I even know about this but I can tell you this I can never get fucked enough and I am always ready to take his long fat hard dick up my ass. He sucks me good before he fucks my ass and just a few days ago with his dick still in my ass after shooting my ass full of cum he asked me if I thought I might like more than one dick. We began to talk and come to find out he knew two guys that were tops and he told me he sucked them off too. The longer we talked the hotter I got and he described them to me and told me they were both well hung and just liked to fuck.
    He was fucking me again and kept talking to me about letting the other two join us because he really wanted to watch them fuck me and be a part of my first gang fuck. The longer he fucked me and talked about me being gang fucked by three big hard dicks he had me talked in to it and by the time he pumped his load up my ass I agreed to do it.
    Well it is now the morning after my first gang fuck. I am laying in bed after a very long hot shower with a wash cloth in the crack of my sore ass as the cum is still leaking out of my well fucked ass. I can hardly walk and the three of them were here most of the night and penetrated me countless times fucked me in every position and took me one after the other over and over and we all drank a lot.
    The reason my asshole hurts so bad is just 3 or 4 hours ago two of them gave me a very painful DP as they both held me in between both of them and after watching awhile the other one grabbed my hair and shoved my head back and forced his dick in to my mouth and they all 3 fucked me until they came in side of me then carried me t the shower and turned the water on. When I finally got out of the shower and walked over to the bed I saw this note on the bed and it said "Had a great time! If you ever want to try that again just let us know!"
    All I know is it was exciting very hot nasty crazy wild best sex ever. If I get over this first experience I figure I will have to try it again and spend another night being a slut for my 3 very well hung friends. My ass hurts !!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Lately I started traveling for business. Mostly two or three nights away. Divorced and alone I have been cruising the internet and found I like gay stories, first time stories. I like to relive my first time, I can get hard and masturbate to completion every time. I imagine other situations, but I lose my erection and I go back to my first time when I was in boarding school.

    I found a man who will fuck me, he is a Turkish/Armenian man and he makes me feel the same way the assistant headmaster made me feel when I was in boarding school. He has to work it in, slowly until he is all the way in, and then fuck me. I still masturbate with my pants on, I like to cum in my pants and wear the wet spot around. Somethings just stay with you.

    Unfortunately this man doesn't like for me to suck him, I do, but he gets hard and wants to fuck. So we fuck. But I like sucking cock. I liked sucking the assistant headmaster. At the time his cock was huge, I close my eyes and pretend, I would love to suck a huge cock.

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    Straight Female / 20

    My husband is older than me and was married once before. I just want to be able to please him sexually and could use some advice. Like, what do you guys like? I guess, just so you know, he's pretty girthy. Not like freakishly or really long. It's just I can't really close my hand around it and it's about average length, but I'm pretty tiny so it can hurt a little when we start. He's more experienced than me and I had very limited before him. So any ideas and the like, fellas?

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    Straight Male / 34

    Part of me feels a sense of guilt. However, the animal within is powerful. I never married a lovely lady for a number of reasons, perhaps due to my character weakness. What it is, this is (other than a shrink who really gives less of a shit than you do) that I cannot do with just one woman.

    This reality came to me when I was engaged to Megan. She was, is, (still) a knock-out both physically and in personality and intelligence. She flew for an international airline as a hostess. Her room mate, Billie, was in business management. One day, walking down the hallway I passed Billie's bedroom. Her door was mostly closed but cracked a bit and she was holding up a garment, completely nude. It was like taking a hit of something strong. The picture was permanently imprinted in my brain and I could not stop thinking about her.

    Billie is short but beautifully put together. One day when Megan left for one of her London flights and I had been visiting, I was left alone with Billie and she had just gotten some tea for us. I looked at her, wordlessly and took her hand. She said nothing. Embracing her, I began to kiss her face, neck, mouth, like a starved man. She responded and I have no words to describe the feeling I had when my extremely hard cock slipped into her. I fucked her several times without having to recover after ejaculation. I could not get enough. I know you read me loud and clear.

    Our pairing did not last long as I had to take a job in another city. We had some phone sex and she kept me informed on Megan's life to some extent. It didn't take her long to find a replacement for me and marru.

    I know I'm a worthless shit-bag but that's me, really. I won't even try to help it. I don't want them all, just my fair share of them while I am young, and can get it done.

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