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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 48

    This is going to seem strange but it is a true confession.

    I became totally bald by the time I left High School and just dealt with it as if it didn't bother me
    but the truth be told, it bothered me a lot, my wife always said she loved me for who I was but I knew she liked men with a full head of hair too.

    A few months ago this Dr. started coming into my place of business pretty regularly and we talk a lot about everything, one day he asked me, why don't you grow your hair back? I said I wish it was that easy and he told me that he was bald and had the pictures to prove it, I asked him how?? what did you do get a transplant? and he said no.

    None of that stuff works, so tell me I asked him, he said how bad do you want to get your hair back? Bad I said.
    So he told me and I about fell out but he was dead serious, He told me that if I would do this every day for 2 weeks I would see the hair coming back and it would be darker and shiny young looking hair, he even told me that he would write me a check for 5,000.00 and if it didn't grow my hair back I could cash the check, so I agreed to try this a few weeks later as he kept persisting I do it, I was feeling kinda hard after his talk and thought what TF if nothing else maybe he will get me off, I never done anything like that before but my dick was getting hard so I told him to come back at lunch and I would try this hair growth thing out for 2 weeks and he wrote out the check and we locked it up in the safe.

    At lunch time he came back, I was nervous as hell so I asked what do I need to do first, he said lets go back here in the back and took his clothes off, he had about a 6 inch dick pretty thick, but I had the bigger dick so I felt more masculine but anyway he said just get on your knees and suck my dick until I cum, then I will shoot my load on your head just rub it in really good then suck the dew off the tip of my dick the stuff still draining out.

    I thought this man just wants me to suck his dick but it's to late now, so I just sucked his dick and rubbed his hot cum all over my bald scalp then he said suck the dew off it to thats the main thing about this, so I did and he had me to swallow it, wasn't much just a few drops of cum, then he had me drink some apple cider vinegar with a pinch of baking soda in it, we did this every day straight for 2 weeks and I shit you not I had to give him back his check back.

    I had hair growing all over my head, in 4 weeks my wife was going crazy about my hair, she was more excited than I was, she kept asking how I did it what did I do, but I would not tell her, 8 weeks into it I had to go get a haircut and I was so fucking happy to go but hated to cut it, so I told the barber to just do a slight trim, and he did, but
    I was so scared that if quit sucking dick I would loose my hair again so yeah to this day everyday I suck someones dick just to get his cumm on my head.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I tend to have some vivid dreams about sucking myself quite often. It feels so easy and wonderful in the dream, not to mention how real it feels most of the time. I can't do it in real life which always pisses me off when I wake up. What's more embarrassing it causes me to wake up mid-orgasm every now and then.

    Now, while I consider myself straight, I will say that I enjoyed the feeling of sucking a dick in the dream even though it was mine. I'm actually willing to revoke my straight card and experiment with another guy just to see if I enjoy it like my dreams. I know it's silly for me to believe I can recreate certain feelings from a dream into real life. However, no sense in not trying, right?

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    Straight Male / 44

    Watching Her

    I know its wrong and I shouldn't be doing it but I can not help it and I am going to be criticised for it,
    I am watching my daughter when she is bending over in her short skirt I like looking up her bottom, when I am at home I wear loose fitting pants and no underpants so my erection has room to swell without being restricted, occasional she has no knickers on and I get the view up her crack, she is oblivious of me watching, the reason I am like this is my wife I is no longer interested in sex at the age od 43, am I the only dad who does this and is taking the wrong interest thinking of i****t, give me your comments good or bad,

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I love public place hookups. I'm married too and I can't get enough cock to suck, I insist on a Married guy with a clean cut ddfree cock in my ads, first guy I met it was in a train station car park, it was after the last train that night, only 2 cars were left when he showed up, we parked away from the other cars he already had his cock out for inspection as I got in it was about 7# cut, very pink, hard and dripping with precum he grabbed my head pulled me willingly into his lap I took him straight in my mouth until his knob hit my throat I didn't seem to have the gag problem, cool he started humping my face then realised I was doing it myself he sat back and I got my first load of man's cum I swallowed every drop and kept sucking for more until he pulled my head up saying that's it you've drained me that was so good are you sure it's your first time, I smiled said yep and It won't be my last I love that feeling having a hard cock and feeling it swell before hosing my mouth and throat. The 2nd was in a local shopping centre toilet, 3rd he cam to my home to quote On my shed replacement it was a really hot day, it happened So fast, I was in the pool naked the pool pump water was streaming over my cock he got naked sat on the edge in front of me he was huge at least 8# It was that thrill of, is anyone watching, I don't care, started stroking his pole then sucked him slowly taking 1 inch at a time, until my chin was pressing into his softball sac as his knob was lodged in my throat, as I still didn't seem to have any gag problem it was just tip to balls up and down it felt soooo awesome sucking this strangers big cock in my pool as the water gushed over my own hard cock. I must have had him edging for 20 maybe 30 minutes. Then on the down stroke he held my head firm and started pumping his warm sperm in my throat thats when I did have a problem I couldn't swallow quick enough and I could feel his sperm dribbling down my chin I could her droplets hitting the water beneath me, I had to push against him until he released his strong grip then I was able to gulp All his remaining seed down. So hot So erotic, So horny. Seeking number 4. We're will we meet.?

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    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 19 I worked in Disneyland Paris. I didn't expect to have so much attention from the gay guys there. So I thought, fuck it, let's play a little. Whilst I worked there I had sex with 5 different guys over 3 months

    It started with the first guy who rolled around in bed with me whilst naked until we cummed on each other.

    The second guy spread my arse cheeks and licked and tongued my hole whilst stroking me off until I cummmed in his mouth.

    The third guy wanked me off on my roommates bed and slurped the cum of my body.

    The fourth guy kissed me passionately whilst rubbing my boner through my jeans till I cummed.

    Then on the last night of my contract. The fifth guy got to fuck my arse until we cummed. It started with a suggestion at the bar, it's my last night here, make it a good one? So he took me home, undressed me, felt me up and lubed my hole with his tongue and loosed me by fingering me a little.

    My dick was raging hard by then so he pushed me onto my back and pushed my legs back, bent at the knee. He slipped his cock ever so gently over my hole. Teasing me with the entry of his girthy cock. I couldn't wait so I pulled him towards me with my hands on his naked butt cheeks and he started to slip his cock into me.

    'Uggggh' I groaned with pleasure. yeah this was my first arse fucking and I'm scared to admit I like it.
    He continued to slam his cock into me with great speed. I teased my cock to the point of orgasm and I told him to cum in me.

    Right before he was about to explode I gave him command of my penis, so he was jerking off my cock as we cummed at the same time. 'Ooohhh fuuuck yes' I came hard and fast. So much cum over him and in my arse.

    I have never had sex like that since that day. I'm nervous to go back to it as a straight guy, with gay experiences.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Unlike a lot of young teen gay/oral/anal stories on here I never saw that stuff as a teenager. Still had some gay/bi thoughts through puberty but no epic tales of 'experiences' or anything like that. We were all pale, awkward and had small cocks in our teens.


    I have always had some gay/bi feelings. Not as much as hetro feeling but never felt uncomfortable with bi/gay male porn. Not worried about other guys when in threesome or group situations.


    I was on a flight to Belfast which was almost empty. The steward upgraded me to first class and kept the drinks coming. I worked in the travel industry at the time so this was not unusual. This time he said his shift was finishing after this flight and did I want a lift to my hotel.

    I new he was gay from the way he carried himself but I thought he was decent looking and a laugh. Figured that if I am ever going to try sex with a man then an airline steward, in a hotel room would be a good idea.

    We were pretty open about it all. To be honest I did not get a thrill from being with him. He gave me a good blowjob and I reciprocated but it was a short/simple encounter. He was cool about it all and wanted more but it wasn't working for me. I assumed that despite my experience and open/curious mind gay sex was not for me.

    About 15 years later a male friend of mine who is half (ish) my age and I got a little drunk and high one afternoon. Guess he is 10st and 5.8"tall where as I am around 16st and 6'tall.

    Literally without any planning or expectation we were suddenly kissing and touching each other. Ended up doing some oral and since I have been sending him photos of my erect cock and offering (never done this) to deep throat him.

    I don't worry about this ^ but I am happy with my girlfriend. Have no other gay or even bisexual urges. I just want this one man.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I was once married to a pretty girl yet a controlling bitch and sex was her weapon of choice. It eventually became a sexless marriage. I remember leading up to no sex at all it was maybe once a month. Missionary only of course, she would get her hands under me and push me off just as I was about to cum so that I didn't shoot my sperm into her. She never said but I think it repulsed her. She would freak out with the wrath of kong if I masturbated. I was severely frustrated and depressed. You know what happens cheat! Then men get caught and the bowels of hell open up and the she devil comes out exercising immortal type bitch power.

    That was my life, it got worse and worse. I snapped one day during a bitch session and pushed her to the floor, pulled her pants down while she is yelling at me and I forced myself into her until I finished in her. After that she owned my ass and I knew it. I wasn't sure if she would call the law or what but she certainly owned me. Son of a bitch if she didn't get pregnant over that. I sometimes think she didn't call the law because I was so dedicated to my children and she didn't have to work anymore.

    A couple more years of me being a daily punching bag and workhorse it was me divorce her or do myself in. I certainly would have earlier but it would have hurt my sons which I have 3 now plus she said she would keep them from me if i left.
    I walked in one day and her mouth was running at me and I replyed I filed for divorce today. That shut her up for about 5 seconds. An evil type smirk came to her face as she was standing face to face with me and said "Someone gave you the strength for you to do that."

    That pissed me off to the max tho I said nothing. She knew she had broken me down. AN amazing thing about her, she would treat me like she did and then stroll out the door to church to be an ultra happy christian everyone loved. Awful divorce as most are, I bought my kids with a money settlement she was quite excited about.

    This leads up to me eventually marrying the woman that did give me new strength and hope in my life to leave the spawn of Satan. She new I was sexed starved and a serial cheater. This undeniably HOT woman fucks me when ever and how ever. She makes sure I am taken care of daily and sexually satisfied. I have a lot of sex with her for year after year but I am still catching up what I missed out on for 10 years. I was honest before we married that I won't be denied sex ever again or I will go out and get it. She replyed she wouldn't and has kept that promise.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I wish I could find a modern-day "Hellfire Club" of older males, who would exploit my submissive masochism mercilessly, with a strait-jacket, and heavy leather hood, with a small zippered opening at my mouth. No other outside contact. They would fuck both ends of me endlessly, and subject me to wicked orgasm delay and denial, after feeding me Viagra. I would really like both ends of me to be full of them, for long long periods of time, unable to even protest or beg for mercy! To NEED to come so badly it was driving me insane!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Reading all the stories on here has my cock so hard, I thought I'd share a story my wife told me she had done.

    To give some background, we have an open relationship and always tell each other the details when we fuck.

    So my wife was out with some friends (guys and girls) after work and they all got pretty wasted. Someone said jokingly that they should go to a strip bar and eventually they all agreed.

    After they got there, my wife says her guy friends encouraged her to give them lap dances. She did and then a table of guys next to them started enticing her to dance for them.

    She laughed it off several times but then with more drinks and a dancer she was eye-ing all night went to their table, she finally obliged. She started dancing with the stripper who was Russian, blonde and amazing according to her. They got her to go topless and then finally take off her skirt so she was only wearing a thong and tall black boots. To describe my wife, she is about 5'8", wavy blonde hair, full C cups, tiny waist and small perfect round ass. Super hot and super sexy.

    She and the stripper danced together for these guys and were giving all 5 of them lapdances. She said they were pretty young and one in particular was really good looking.

    They kept both of them there with shots and her lap dances for them turned into make out sessions with a couple of them.

    The good looking guy left and she thought he left and she was disappointing as she wanted to fuck him.

    He came back and whispered in her ear, I got the back room set up for us. She said she was so turned on by thinking she was going to be able to blow him in the club. He then tapped one of his buddies on the shoulder and they both got up and he lead her into the back.

    When they got into the back, there was a bottle of vodka waiting for them and he dumped a bag of coke on the table. They all did lines and then she said she was really horny.

    She got up into the small stage and started dancing for them. She slid her thing off and continued. She stepped off the stage gave them individual dances. The good looking guy was very muscular and she was so wet after dancing for him and feeling his hard cock against her. His friend wasn't very good looking and a little out of shape but she said when she felt his cock, it was enormous. That turned her on even more. She said she whispered in his ear that she wanted his cock in her pussy right now.

    He quickly pulled his pants down and she turned around and sat in his hard cock. She claims she came right there as it entered her. She started bouncing on his cock and the other guy moved over and started making out with her. He was pulling her nipples and she was in such ecstasy. She undid his belt and pulled his pants down while the guy sitting was thrusting her up with his jack hammering dick.

    She started blowing the other guy and she said the two of them started high fiving each other. She said that made her even more excited being their dirty little slut.

    She said they continued like that until the guy sitting said, Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. She let him cum in her pussy and said his load was probably the biggest she's ever had.

    She got up off of him and he left the room after a few minutes.

    She said to the guy she had really wanted, Good, just what I wanted, just me and you.

    She sat him down and climbed on top. They fucked really slowly and she came two more times as they stared into each other's eyes with such intensity.

    He asked her to talk dirty to him and she did.

    Here's what she told me she said

    Yeah? You like that baby? You like hearing me tell you how good your hard cock feels in my tiny pussy. Yeah? That feel good for you? You came for a lap dance and now you get to fuck me? Get to cum in my pussy or do you wanna cum in my mouth? Wanna cum on my big tits? Or are you naughty and wanna cum in my ass?

    After she said that his eyes widened and she said, Ohhhhh that's it? You wanna fill your cum in my ass since your boy already go the pussy. We'll get up then.

    He got up and she bent over the seat gripping the arms of the chair and he slowly slid his penis into her ass.

    She thought it was so hot that she'd have two guys cum inside her- one in the pussy and the other in the ass. She said he started firing away and she kept talking, Yeah baby, fuck that ass, fuck that ass fuck that ass yeah yeah yeah yeah

    And then he stiffened, grabbed her tits so hard and filled her ass with so much warm cum.

    They both sank into the seats in ecstasy.......

    She's had other encounters with that same guy that I'll have to write about soon.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I'm blessed somehow to be married to one very pretty woman with a petite hot figure with ample firm boobs.
    She was raised in a VERY conservative manner which led her to be ultra cautious about the way she dressed in public.
    Soon after we got together we discovered living at home naked. Of course I told my buddy all along we lived that way at home. He shared with me he not only wanted to see her naked but wanted to fuck her. I let him know he had my blessing and good luck with that.

    I knew her conservative rearing would not allow herself to ever fuck anyone other than me. My buddy did his best but could never pull it off. In fact as hard as we tried setting her up for him to "accidentally" catch her naked at the house we couldn't get that done. When we had him or friends over to hot tub we would be naked and she would wear a bikini. My wife is absolutely petrified of someone seeing her naked.

    That baffles me as she is leads the way with being the prettiest girl with a hot body around these parts.Hell her own brother knows and says she smokin hot. As time went on we gave up trying to get him a good look. He gave up trying to fuck her as she absolutely wouldn't budge on that. One day he and I were going to get in the hot tub, I asked the wife if she cared to get in with us. She said sure let me go get ready and went to the bedroom.

    We are standing there naked just talking and waiting on her when she walks by the both of us butt ass naked. Him and I were shocked but played it off like this is an everyday thing. What I found out is how excited I was when other guys saw my wife naked. That was several years ago. She has loosened up a little about someone other than me seeing her naked. No one and I mean no one has ever got in her pants and there have been a lot that worked at it.

    I find myself setting up "innocent" scenarios of her being seen naked. She has plans of painting room ceilings this weekend. Light bulb goes off...she always paints naked as not to ruin clothes. I asked her if she wanted me to call in some help as it is lot of work. She said yes. lol What is it with guys, a pretty girl would like you to help and they come running? I made a few calls a instantly I got all hands on deck.

    I asked her if she would paint naked with the company coming over and I would be naked too. She said she would.
    I know there is going to be a couple other girls coming in to help, I have already talked to them and they are good with getting naked too. This weekend naked painting party at the house.

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